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everyone complains about lonliness and i just wish to be left alone, I am already a hard-core NEET-Hikikomori, but i still have to deal with family interactions, sometimes my mmm would come seat in my room for no reason and i start to get irritated and angry at her (i feel guilty about this, because she is not doing anything wrong or annoying whatsoever) my relationship with her is not even too bad, the fact she allows me to NEET is a thing that i feel grateful for everyday, i know i have it better than many if not most of the people here, i cannot explain why i am like this, i cannot stand the least bits of social interactions, i wish to be left entirely alone, i fantasize about living in a cabin in the woods with 0 human interaction for life (outside of what i get in the digital world)


Cant relate


your brain will atrophy without stimulation and accumulate biodecay that doesn't get adequately flushed out. Social isolation is bad, it is a well known thing


100% relate to this
it's been a while since i started fantasizing about some escapism tier world where i am left alone and just wander around looking up some shit for no purpose. you know just spending your years on an endless road roaming. i don't think it's mental illness people were never meant to be stuck on one place for life wageslaving all the while. we are free by nature and had never been restricted by some retarded psychopaths. sure thing tribes had tons of shit as well, so i don't know. i think it's something natural to want to be fucking free of this shit and go wherever you want. maybe i'm wrong.


Same for me. It's like my clear prime directive. Zero sense of loneliness

Foolish comment. Plenty of stimulation is available without social interaction. Ability to socially interact like normies except will atrophy, that's all, and normies would call that "brain damage".


we're set up to talk to people anon. Simply stimulating your brain through self conversation or media is a substandard mental diet


who is this "we" you speak of


the carthusian order proves otherwise


File: 1715580364805.jpg (164.76 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1696276264853862.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

literally me fr fr. I want peace and quiet


>literally me fr fr.
There's plenty of peace and quiet to be had back in Africa where you came from.


What do you mean by "fr"? Front-engine rear wheel drive?


It means "for real", my ESL friend.


Not entertaining the validity of Instagram Ebonics on Wizardchan does not at all mean someone is lesser knowing of the English language.


>i was only pretending to be retarded

I'm sorry they didn't teach you real world English in your school textbook, champ.


You fantasize too much. Without television, computer, or any other screen you wouldn't last 2 days.


>rotting with envy at the mere idea of that photo being minimally real
>kiwifarmer or similar was triggered successfully


what does biodecay mean? source?


I'm sorry they didn't teach you to not be conceited. By the way "fr fr" looks disgusting and degenerative.


Senescent cells.
Let me annoy you all remembering the texts about it: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/291067.html#291423

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