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My take on narcissists is that are pathetic cucks whose selfsteem has no motive at all to exist, when they have so is just due to normies being so dull they just fall quick to suck cock on however employs the typical narcissist tactic on them (showing off and similar) since normies do not judge others based on their usage of power but merely based on that mere power itself, in an almost perfect bootlickery as they usually do, like animals.

The thing is, I think I just happened to find one of those disgraceful needy hypocrites in my way, while had the retardcy myself of trying to complete a career: we shared residence with some other normies.

The fool just came across me and gave me orders about how to do basic stuff as I had just been born yesterday. Some other times he just pretended to be interested in my life when he just wanted to extract data from me to criticize an lecture me on it, some other times he just left his shit without pulling the chain, or left his food in my shelf or similar crap to try triggering me out. My growing point was reached when the retard asked me something and I had still the inexperience to give him an answer, then he started laughing (on purpose) so I just decided to publicly give up on him as it is to be done upon officially handicapped turds and started to ghost him.

No more discussions were possible after I did this, no more corrections, no more paying attention to his imbecility, while also having spare moments myself where I just tried to talk to him and wait for an answer just to turn myself away without giving a shit to whatever he had to say (visibly triggering the fool inside) while he also started to manifest a growing despair for my attention, let it be my wrath or my interest, so I started to become more and more comfy about the fool spinning around my ass while hiding how crazy this was making him.

After simply realizing he was just another pattern to be solved (ghosting, triggering, baiting…) and therefore trashed like an used kleenex while feeling himself more and more frustrated about it he decided to pull a fight upon me, to become territorial. We ended up fighting and the best thing the fool could do after that was to try triggering me by putting an expression of pity, which I still didn't even react upon out of pure autism, and once the cuck had no more tactics left he just stayed there with a grumpy face all day like an utter cuck without nagging me anymore.

Time passed and I moved to another place, we just were coincident in some place where he visibly laughed like a maniac around some normies. I geninuinely felt insulted by such tactic, yet quickly felt relieved after realizing how the cuck got even more triggered after giving me quick a look to see if I was burning with envy, rage or whatever the fool wished to feed his inner filth with from my emotions. I was not even looking at them and I still don't when I find him. From this little sperging adventure I learned some bunch things:
>to ghost people who minimally wrongs me
>to stop giving excuses
>to stop answering to every question I am asked
>they have empathy, and they need to feed the lies they use into the world and theirselves to hide away from the reality of being such cucks
>normies are indeed traumated and fatally flawed since they fall to such pathetic tactics in a way they get seduced and depressed by such tryhard losers

Did any of you had similar odysseys? Eager to read you, muh wizzas.


>my take pathetic cucks normies suck cock normies bootlicker retardcy normies his shit triggering retard turds giving a shit triggering the fool comfy my ass ghosting, triggering, baiting used kleenex triggering autism cuck utter cuck normies cuck got even more triggers sperging cucks normies tryhard losers muh wizzas

You need to be at least 18 to post on Wizchan.


Guy probably spend a few hours writing his post and no one is even going to read it


You are mostly right, OP. This is the reason why foids world crumble when they are not getting that external validation they crave so much, this often happens when they get older. Or for some who are big narcissists someone simply opposing something small will hurt their egos and they will get mad.


ah, the ol hater of buzzwords
>still alive
>and whining around here as usual


Narcissist has become a buzzword that barely means anything anymore.


same as schizophrenia


Whatever you were to hallucinate about it. Get lost.


Sorry we're trying our best but you just can't help finding us over and over again.




Wait. Did you just admit that you were trying to hallucinate? Inside an imagebord?
>but merely posting here prevents it
Well you can then be thankful about him stopping you from stuff liek eating your own keyboard or jumping out da window


Actually, I just couldn't help responding to the 'Get lost' statement, it just looked too sweet to ignore. I've no clue about the context.




Disappointment, isn't it?


Not an inch. Go get some ice, poser.


W-what? What are you trying to say?


Never argue with a narc they cannot admit defeat their brain is so rotten


>Idk rick it smells like a samefag


Narc is slang for snitch, or someone who tells on people to the authorities for their own benefit.
It isn't short for narcissism.

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