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Because being a wizard is related closely to NEETdom and other alternative lifestyle, usually a lazy one, I wonder if there's any wizzies here that are hard working and strong self disciplined?


laziness leads to being bitter unhappy crab. a wizard is diligent in cultivating his magic and is always keen as to external stimuli, always ready to reject and mock them. he might appear lazy, but that's simply because this world's affairs are nothing to him and he is employed in work much more important and divine


hard working and self-disciplined when it comes to my hobbies, yeah. actually putting in effort to make some other jew money? nah.

re-evaluate whether you're "lazy" or whether you just don't care. when you're doing something for yourself and your own goals, it feels different than forcing yourself to do someone else's bidding. even if you get into it with a genuine passion, the reality of working life eventually burns you out, as you realize that most of your work is meaningless busy work and you produce nothing of value. you work for a fixed paycheck and you realize you should do the bare minimum and nothing more.


Anti-work makes no sense for me. Yeah, i hate work, but my love for money is bigger than my hate for work. Maybe one day ill become a thief.


I was never actually "lazy", every shitty job I had I was trying to do as good as I can and I always put some effort in it.
Problem is if you are a virgin male with no support network and no friends and the outsider at work it doesnt matter how good you do your job, you will never get praise for it or a raise. you always remain a joke to the normalfags and other normalfags will get promoted because they are friends with the guy who makes the decisions.
and this is assuming you actually get the job to begin with, getting a job as a low status virgin male is almost impossible as HR roasties gatekeep every job worth a shit for some years now.

so eventually I had lost my job back in 2016, all I had were a couple thousand dollar in savings and no plan for the future.
then I began working for myself and stumbled into Crypto, I read whitepapers, studied trading and how all that shit works and eventually made the right decisions (or lucked into them) so nowadays I have enough passive income that I dont have to wagecuck anymore and can pretty much do whatever I want all day and now I'm really lazy.


>I wonder if there's any wizzies here that are hard working and strong self disciplined?
For the most part, yeah.

I have no one else I can rely on other than myself, so for something to get done I have to do it regardless of how hard it is or how little I want to do it.


Would you mind sharing the whitepapers you read and studying materials you used to achieve that? It's my dream but there is so much info that I never really know where to start.


Correct. I did think I was lazy but I realized I simply don't really care about my job, besides that it keeps me alive.

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