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46695Paranormal thread Discuss aliens, cryptozoology, ghosts, and other such conspiracies. Leave your politics at the door.[View]
46299Mnemonics thread I am only a novice but I still want to introduce and talk to others about the art and study of memory. This thread is dedicated to mnemonics and several of the strategies relating to it. If you are new to this subject, firstly I don't want to mislead you, this is not particularly useful unless you are skilled in the art. Anyways I read the book Moonwalking with Einstein which was v[View]
45650 biographies about wizards or quasi-wizards like daniel suelo[View]
32111Tulpa Thread A bit new to wizchan, was tired of being in places where people obsess over normal fag stuff, and bully each other because of their insecurities. I'm a bit of an autist with narrow interests. I read about psychology, eastern religion, meditation, and tulpas often. [View]