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48814Collaborative writing thread Let's try our hand at this. I know there are a lot of wizards here filled with imagination and creative impulses but it can be quite hard to start a thing on your own, to carry all the process by yourself. Having no direction or initial spark to work with can be a huge impediment as most of us here know. This thread is an attempt to fix that, giving you an initial build[View]
48715 You guys ever get sad that the most Wizardly hobby of all time is also one of the most expensive? It costs 2.5 Million Euro to enter the Vendee Globe but I feel like true wizards would be great at it. I have sailing certifications and its not that hard but of course the documentary is going to make it look as harrowing as possible.[View]
47491False Pseudoethymologies I like written words because they rarely attack me physically nor can they hurt me mentally when I close my eyes.[View]
46353Movies Movies you watched, plan to watch, recommend, don't recommend, etc. Remember to use spoilers when applicable. Thank you.[View]
43800Drawing Thread 5 This is the fifth drawing thread on /hob/. Post any of your drawings here.[View]
42763Learning english Hello wizzies, i want to improve my english. I understand spoken english and some basic grammar but my pronunciation is not good, what should i do to improve it? Already tried languages exchanges around here but being an asocial wiz its pretty hard to find people to teach you for free[View]
40522Bicycle Thread II It's time once again to talk about bikes.[View]