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Discuss the Nintendo Switch and its games here. Feel free to share friend codes with other wizzies.
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No it isn't.
I payed ~800 for mine and it still consistently blows current gen consoles out of the water and will continue to do so for many years to come.
A $500 dollar gaming PC could play Switch games with ease.
For fuck sake there are cell phones that can play PS3 games.
Your information is outdated.


List specs or lying.


Meanwhile dude plays switch games easier then xbox 360 games on a mini PC that cost less then $400




I don't think you even know how to compare specs

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How do you do the PS3 hair dryer trick? I have the yellow light of death.
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you have to turn it off and back on a few times, stand on it. count to 4. get off then stand on it again for 30 seconds. Get off and lay face down next to it, close your eyes and chant "fix, fix, fix" then grab this very specific tool you might find in the endless halls of home depot and attach a blah blah adapter to the then grab your sodering kit and start re-wiring the whole thing. then press the power button and voilà. Thanks for reading:) this worked for me. this worked for my friend. its a real life saver if you just have a drilbit, soldering mat, soldering kit and prior sodering skills and know a little about civil engineering:)




this takes 2 seconds on my pc


That shit made me laugh ngl

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Anybody play Fire Emblem? What are your thoughts about Fire Emblem Engage? Personally, i'm excited for it. We haven't really got a fire emblem game before that looks this colourful, and the entire premise just seems like it could be stupid fun even if the stories bad. It also seems like they're returning to more traditional gameplay ie bringing back the weapon triangle/a jaigen character and the maps looks like they could possibly have much tighter design than three houses. But who knows. Honestly who cares if the game ends up being bad, i'll probably still get some enjoyment out of it and we know that a genealogy remake is coming because of the leaks so it's not like the series is dead if this game sucks.

Also, what are your favourite FE games? Personally, my top 5 would be Radiant Dawn > Conquest > Genealogy > Path of Radiance > Three houses.
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They're pretty similar. Just that the pair-up system in fates has been rebalanced so that there are benefits to being unpaired and enemies can also use it now.


That's good to hear, pairing up is almost broken in Awakening, why would you not (ab)use it at all times when there is almost zero downside. It's like rescuing on steroids…


By the way, if you have been hanging around other imageboards or message boards, what were the general opinions on Echoes/Shadow of Valentia? I have played it earlier this year, not expecting much, and found it to be excellent, way way better than the DS remakes and the Radiant duology. Having played Gaiden beforehand made for an even greater experience, I was very pleasantly surprised they had remained so faithful to the original instead of streamlining it to make it more like of a 'normal' FE game. Some of the stuff they added was sort of useless (unpunishing stamina system and curatives/food off the top of my head) and running around dungeons was annoying at first, but it grew on me.
Anecdotally the character portraits totally blow those in Awakening (and Conquest, from what I have seen) out of the water, and so does the soundtrack.

It made me more optimistic about a potential Genealogy remake.


Mixed, but probably more positive than negative. The presentation is universally praised (often as the best in the series), and the story and gameplay systems are generally praised, but a not-insignificant number of people dislike the map design.
I'm inclined to agree, but it's probably more of a virtue than a vice that it was translated so faithfully, since I wouldn't be that amused if they changed a bunch of stuff in a Genealogy remake either, despite the gameplay and map design also being controversial in that game.


Played Fates a bit and it does look like a more 'polished' Awakening, I guess. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the japanese theme though tbh.

I wish they would have gotten rid of the character creation mechanic this time, is it going to be the absolute best unit in the roster again?

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last thread >>38161

I'm using this as background noise for the past week.
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Try out the Misao RPG OST.



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Thread for discussing games you're currently playing.

>What games are you playing?

>What games have you recently purchased?

Previous thread: https://archive.ph/kXUl0
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You can find mods for it here:
Don´t mind the Chinese language too much, after all the "Gold Edition" mod was made by hardcore Chinese fans. A well done pack portraying the game with an Asian theme. Some mods work with the Original Game ( flags, difficulty AI, gun smoke for ex. ) But most will require the Fight Back Expansion in order to function properly.


i can only play starfield in like 2 hr bursts, and often my sessions are forcefully terminated by bugs and crashes. no idea how people are 100+ hours into this game

i am half tempted to just wait a year for official mod support to fix a lot of my gripes. it isnt a bad game but it's extremely easy for me to save the game abd just and alt-f4 at any moment of annoyance. i cant think of a game ive played in this manner before, maybe old console games that were a slog. but this isnt even a slog, theres nothing difficult so far

bizarre gaming experience


you gotta be brave and patient to play a Bethesda game on release


File: 1695505786446.png (1.39 MB, 896x896, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


didn't pay for it so no worries

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Which Pokemon game is superior and why, Yellow or Crystal?
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Huge butthurt at Yokohama Worlds. Tons of players disqualified for using pokemon generated by third-party software. Cheaters are crying about rules finally being enforced. They're complaining that it takes too much time to train legitimately when developing monsters is the most accessible it's ever been over the franchise's entire existence (not like these retards have lives outside of scrimming anyway). They're also crying that lots of meta monsters are paywalled. They are, but kinda dumb to complain about a paywall when you're willing to spend thousands of dollars in travel expenses to attend a tournament with a laughably tiny prize pool (10,000 USD). The entitlement of VGC manchildren is ridiculous.

I am not even against hacking monsters, but it's so easy to make them appear legitimately sourced that I have no sympathy for players who got caught. They're just lazy retards. Why someone wants to attend competitions to play a game they don't enjoy playing is beyond my comprehension. I could understand if the prize pools were Dota 2-level. But really, I can't understate how easy it is to build a team nowadays. This is shit you can do while multitasking. The game is on perpetual cruise control now. Or maybe just get better at cheating, that's another option.


i only played the first one


I loved them both, but if I were to replay them nowadays I'd be bored to tears.
I bought Pokemon Scarlet not too long ago, beat the game in 11 days, and now I regret that I ever spend 60€ on it; but a game like Chess has stayed with me until this very day.


I haven't played any Pokemon since primary school but my favorite's then were HGSS and RSE. I cared for Gen 1 and 4 the least because 1 was too vanilla to me and I didn't like 4's new Pokemon, otherwise it's a solid generation, while 2 and 3 felt more exotic and lively. After gleaming at what fans say about the series' mechanics and history for a week it seems like it was never actually good and was well-liked for being a nice journey especially for children, there's a step forward and back with each new generation that disappoints people and keeps them endlessly waiting for their perfect game. Never majorly innovating its mechanics or premises nor upping its difficulty are the biggest ones. I got Gen 5 around launch, saw the Pokemon in it, and decided I didn't need to play more of these games because it's just the same as last time. The remakes don't expand the regions either, and I think they should've kept refining the first 3 or 4 gens like Yakuza does with Kamurochou before moving on.

Another big turn off is Nintendo jewing fans (who were/are mostly children) who want to complete the Pokedex with two versions of the game, needing to buy more main games and spin-offs, and having to go to Gamestop for some employee to swipe a card that let's you access content already on the cartridge.


Ruby and Sapphire are my favorites personally. I have re-played all the first 3 gens on occasion since growing up from kid. Comfy games

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Previous thread >>53822

Thread for games you managed to finish and your thoughts on it.
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I love this game so much.


I was trying to play this and 100% it, but I stopped because the damn gym ghost is so hard to succ in your first try. I ended up giving up. However, when I was a kid, I was very close to the end. The game's nice and fun, but like a lot of Nintendo games in the Gamecube era, it's difficult / annoying to 100%.


Karlach is the character they fucked over the most. She has no good ending and either dies or cucks you and goes to hell with Wyll, since it's not possible to fix her engine.


File: 1694886012656.png (288.42 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Starfield-PC-Xbox-Series-X….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've played Starfield for 150 hours and have seen most of what the game has to offer.

The biggest difference you'll notice compared to previous Bethesda titles is how disjointed it feels. No longer is the game entirely on one big coherent map, you have to fast travel with your ship everywhere. It hurts the immersion because you can't talk everywhere, but on the plus side it does give the game a bigger variety of locations.

The procgen stuff is okay in my opinion, I had fun landing on different planets, scanning minerals and aliens, clearing out some dungeons and then leaving when I got bored. I saw a couple of repeating locations not many. A vehicle option would be nice because the locations are far away from each other.The combat is a decent shooter, it's main downside being a lack of enemy variety. Also the gore and dismemberment from Fallout 4 is gone. The ship building and ship combat is reasonably fun when you get into it.

There main quest and factions are alright, better than the Skyrim faction questslines I'd say but nothing that will blow your mind. There are 4 main companions involved with the main quest who are probably the best companions Bethesda has ever written, they actually have good voice acting and decent writing, a large amount of reactivity in terms of commenting on quests you're doing or places you visit. The other followers are basically just Skyrim tier guys to fill out your crew. There's a lot of timewasting fetch quests where you have to just fast travel somewhere to pick something up, fast travel again and hand the item to an NPC. Previous Bethesda titles also had fetch quests but you could turn them into a sort of grand adventure if you were playing without fast travel and walked everywhere, you can't do this in Starfield so it's just loading screen filler.

In terms of roleplaying it's a minor improvement over Fallout 4. No voiced protagonist and you're not forced into any set background. Can choose some nifty traits to customize your character (like your parents being in the game or having the Adoring Fan from Oblivion join you as a companion). Main downsides are a lack of reactivity in quests and a truly obnoxious number of essential NPCs, this has been an increasing problem in Bethesda games since Oblivion and it's kind of reached an intolerable level in Starfield. Someone needs to convince Todd Howard to respect player choice and let us murder people in TES VI. Skill system is okay, not hugPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


yeah i'm really disappointed in this game. the distances between random generated places on the planet is too far to comfortably explore, you spend like 5 minutes running in a straight line every single time. the base building serves no purpose, spaceship combat isn't fun, space travel is annoying, everything to do with space ships is lame, all the starting perks aside from the background story ones are pretty much worthless, even on max difficulty enemies are pathetically weak, you can rarely ever make decisions in quests, the lockpicking minigame is aids, picking up a hamburger on accident results in the entire city picking up their weapons and firing at you, the npc crowds in this game do nothing at all, npcs dont seem to have schedules (like close shop, go to bed, walk around town) and the world feels lifeless and artificial, succubi rule the organizations, fight alongside men, and there's a 50% chance that someone's race is some flavor of brown

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does anyone have the save of the old wizchan/lizchan minecraft server world? from around 2018 or so, I think
I know the server owner was around for a bit, he might have it
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File: 1649711921016-0.png (1.38 MB, 1916x1041, 1916:1041, 2017-10-10_00.21.48.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1649711921016-1.png (2.65 MB, 1920x1052, 480:263, 2022-04-11_17.18.26.png) ImgOps iqdb

An old image of spawn, and one from the save I uploaded. It's from pretty close to when the server went down, though some progress I had on my mob system is gone.


This one took forever to upload, but I think download will be faster: https://box.patchouli.moe/pMZQwNB.zip


anyone wanna play minecraft



This is a blast from the past

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what is the best FF game for someone who never played a FF game of his life?
To my perspective of an unplayer, I would say the story is meh, the combat are too boring and the worldbuilding is average. the objects/magic are average,etc…yadayada
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Best combat system in the series, but the story is absolute hot trash. But it's hot trash in an enjoyable way that borders on schlock, it's extremely hammy, it's like a DM going off the rails and throwing everything in, going "fuck it". It's not meant to be deep or taken seriously.

>and i can't stand that "spam attack button to win" loop where you have lots of systems and options that are mostly useless

There's a few useless jobs, like Chemist or Geomancer, but there's no OP job that becomes "spam X to win". At parts of the game certain classes have certain advantages, but nothing too ridiculous. You need to balance your party evenly and develop multiple classes with each, because you have return to the "freelancer" for the endgame and utilize all the jobs you've mastered.

It's not a perfect system, but it works extremely well if it's your first playthrough and don't know all the bells and whistles.


The job system sucked, it was like some sandbox game. I didn't know what to level, what composition to use, when to return to mime/freelancer etc. Often the bosses were trivial by switching to 4 black mages.


I'm playing through the pixel remasters. The first one was a fun old school romp. Currently on II and it's a miserable slog. I'm looking forward to wrapping it up and moving onto III.


15 unironically


The rest are all trash.

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This might sound strange -or probably not- but has anyone acquired lucrative knowledge from video games? If so, please kindly share it, whatever it is.
I'll start.

I was playing a rpgm game which was tackling a narrative of an existence shimmering between awareness and non-awareness, where the overall antagonist together with a surprising other character –an ally, at that– were in a plot to reduce the world of awareness into a barren 'non-awareness' and what consequences would occur thereafter.
The game's journey towards the inevitable clash against the non-aware perpetrators alongside its thwart-evil conclusion were typical and yet I couldn't relent from thinking about the dualism it was tackling until it hit me what a perfect descriptor it is for a lot of problems, common and difficult alike.

In my understanding, a problem is always interpretable in two facets: problems brought by problematization which are caused without being any the wiser or 'aware' of causes to infelicity and problems that are unavoidable through one thing or another. Now, I'd like to think that the dividing line between these two is easy to draw but I'm sure argumentation is anticipatable so I won't elaborate on that further.
What interests me here are problems as a result of problematization.

I'll take something like social media addiction as an example.
It often is the case that a person addicted to social media has an obvious realization of this and yet cannot help but continue to tolerate it. Occasionally, he or she will take breaks propelled into action by external circumstances, not least of which are other people inclining them to do so, but will desist shortly after even if said external measures are still present. They simply cannot help but come back to it, no matter what.

Why is this? well, it's an addiction for a reason right? If just 'stop doing it' was enough, the label 'addiction' wouldn't be warranted. Similarly, culling the ignorance of the harmful 'consequences' and emphasizing them again and again are equally ineffective if not entirely meaningless as they do nothing to sway the person in question from avoiding social media.
Ignorance is not the issue, it never is and never was just like a guy who cranks it 5-10 times a day knows he's going overboard, so too does someone who spends 20 hours on 4chan, to give an example.

What's going on then? The game's narration construct has anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Undertale taught me English as it was the first English-only videogame I ever played. I think Stardew Valley was the second game I played in English, long before it got translated. There are some other examples such as visual novels or even Minecraft which also helped with my English. I think that's about it.


File: 1691268179434.gif (20.62 KB, 160x327, 160:327, 160px-Fire.gif) ImgOps iqdb

How to get this fire started!!!


As the wiz above mentioned, I learnt English from games, don't know if I could say I learnt something else


I taught myself quaternions in an attempt to 3d-ify the math behind torpedo fire control computers so I could ambush players who were flying their space ships in a straight line from max render distance, but it turned out the game's in-game goto language didn't natively support imaginary numbers and I realized that by the time I worked all that out the game would be dead.


What game, sounds cool.

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