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53057Dragon Court and Star Dart I remember I used to go to this site called 'ffiends'/"Fred's Friends" or something like that that had a bunch of cool games like Star Dart, Dragon Court, Bugz, etc.. I can't find it anymore. Anyone else remember this? Are all the sites now dead? Are they really gone forever?[View]
51161Touhou For 2hu shmups[View]
51113ampere gpus What is your current idea on them? Will you be buying them when they come out?[View]
49477Post in this thread whenever you finish a game you feel like talking about. Other one's basically full, so might as well create a new one. OP length needs to be at least 75 characters long, which is why I'm adding this pointless extra sentence. [View]
48988Games you're currently playing I may have burned myself with this one. I wanted to explore every single nook and cranny of this game without any faqs and I have been doing just that. 80 hours in though, and I'm tired of the game and there's at least 4 other bosses and a whole area left to explore (that I know of). I really should have finished the game first and then do this heavy exploration on th[View]
38161Video Game Music Least thread >>28403[View]