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44349 i love jeff. he is an underrated vidya shota. more people should play his game. [View]
44027Wii I'll be hacking my Wii soon and I would like to know your favorite and recommended games for the system. I've played the zeldas and marios of it, so I was looking for something that don't usually come up on top 10 lists from gaming sites out there, but if you feel like telling me about your favorite Wii game and it happens to be a popular titles I don't mind at all, I would like to know about i[View]
43902Games that left a lasting impression on you My dad got me a Playstation and I was gifted an interesting game with smokey, aesthetic and obscure cover. I always loved the obscure, photographic covers over the colourful cartoony ones. It seemed more mysterious that way. The game was Silent Hill.[View]
43852 Can you recommend me some games where you can never really be sure if your main character is gonna make it, and the tone of the game is rather depressing?[View]
43820 what are some fun games I can play on an ubuntu computer? I used to play mmo's like tera or runescape but they won't work on my operating system. I don't have money to buy anything. [View]
43554Maplestory 2 Anyone playing this game?[View]
43351Collaborative wizchan game Ok, I know this might get a lot of shit at first due to the way wizardchan has often handled any prospective group projects in the past, but I'd really like to make this work. I'd been staying up kinda messing around all night and I had just been thinking how, in the past, I was really interested in the idea of helping create a wizchan VN or some kind of game. The inspi[View]
43266 I've just finished both Little Nightmares and Limbo. Is Inside worth a shot? I'm having more fun than I expected playing those kind of games.[View]
42802 What would you guys recommend for a laptop for working my way through older singleplayer games? I mean stuff like Dragon's Dogma, Rabi Ribi, the one I currently have barely runs Worms WMD.[View]
40254General Game thread II The last thread has reached 300 replies. Discuss games here that don't deserve their own thread.[View]
39618Can't enjoy video games anymore... I really want to enjoy them again, but no matter how hard I try I can never get any enjoyment out of them. It's the same with any other kind of media really... Does anyone else suffer from this curse? Is there a way to undo it?[View]
36664Post in this thread when you finished a game. (Continued....) Say something about it.[View]