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49706multiplayer steam games I bought a GTX-1060 and will upgrade my PC so I can actually play modern games now[View]
49500Video game rage Please tell me i'm not the only idiot on wizchan that rages/scream at video game characters or even react physically (digged a hole in my old desk with my fist). I can feel it in my guts when the rage builds up and explodes, i feel pathetic afterwards but deep down i can't say to myself "it's just a game" and may feel devastated for days following some frustrating defeat. Of course [View]
49479Watching longplays I can't believe I'm the only person here who is too passive to play video games and just watches playthroughs of them on Youtube. Very relaxing to put on a longplay and experience the game as a movie or something. Strictly no-commentary playthroughs, please. I hate normals who think that they have to comment and talk about unrelated stuff while playing.[View]
48771Animal Crossing are you excited for New Horizons? have you played any other animal crossing games? [View]
46178Post in this thread when you finished a game. (Continued....) Other one's basically full, so might as well create a new one. [View]
42821 Thoughts on recording gameplay and uploading it to Youtube? I've been doing this recently and it's a lot of fun. It makes things feel more official and it makes you actually pay attention. All of my videos have 0 views and I don't even tag them correctly, but something about making it public in some way increases my focus and overall makes me happy. Just played through Half-Life, a game I've been [View]