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58992Nothing even compares I played Final Fantasy II/IV when I was 5. This was the first real "story" I ever engaged with. The whole "the villain is actually your relative" trope that most people get introduced to with Star Wars? That happened to me with FFIV. Every minor plot twist blew my mind ("What? Kain is against me? What? Kain is being mind-controlled by Golbez? What? Golbez is actually [View]
58957Made a Vtuber AI game Made a Vtuber AI game and posting it here for you to shit on and rip apart. [View]
58659 I love beating the absolute piss out of succubi in RDO. MacFarlane's Ranch has to be about the best place to catch succubi alone. Anyone else do this?[View]
58227Boomers and multiplayer >tfw 34 y/o and have to solo queue because I have no interest in getting in discord with a bunch of teenagers or early 20 somethings[View]
55253Playing online with a wizard group? How possible do you think it would be to assemble a group of wizards together to play an mmo or similar co-op type of game? I tried years ago and many years before than and I never managed to get more than 3 or 4 people to play at one time. Do you think this is an impossible goal? I sit at my pc basically all day long, I don’t see why there aren’t any other w[View]