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51311Kaizo hacks Is kaizo smw hacks community dead? post your opinion and the hacks you think are good to noobs[View]
51281Old games >Dig through old games chest to try to find my old copy of "Misadventures of Tron Bonne."[View]
51206Learning social intricacies from media If you're not normie then people refuse to socialize with you past small talk, and books like 'how to make friends and influence people' require you to turn into some elite manipulator. In the end I've found media to be the only thing to learn the intricacies of socializing. Bloodlines the masquerade was great for this, but I haven't found any other non-cringe[View]
50967Dwarf Fortress Just inaugurated my arena. People in the tavern can see through wall grates. Haha at how the dwarves all ran. Gonna have to lock off the tavern so that they have to watch. [View]
50768Ocarina of time Who was he and what was his problem ? [View]
50751How i lost the ability to play vidya I was 4 or 5 when I first played vidya.[View]
50272consoles whose games you can pirate very easily i want to buy an old console but i don't want to buy games for it[View]
49816Terraria final update Yo, the final update for Terraria is dropping soon and I dont really have any bros to play with, so if you would like to chill just add me on discord. I dont really have other places where to look so might aswell give it a shot on my favourite site huh[View]
49017Single Player "Beatable" Games I get 1.5 months off from the corona virus memes so I figured it would be a good time to play some single player games.[View]
47796 Does anybody play Dominions 5? It is the most wizardly game in my opinion. [View]
47671 Post your ten most favorite NeoGeo games.[View]
4684730 year old boomer games Games for 30-year-old boomers: oldish stuff, some new shit worthy of attention. None of that zoomer shit.[View]