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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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I hate amazon. They said my package would come friday but came today. My sister found it when she came back and announced and now my mom knows and asked me if I ordered something. She actually probably saw it but assumed it was for someone else because I had been careful for long but now my sister ruined it.


For discrete packages you can have Amazon ship to the local post office or any business that partners with Amazon to receive mail (Usually drug stores, libraries, community centers). When Amazon says it's delivered you can go pick it up.


I might do that even though it means quite a bit of walking.


Sounds easier to not care about what you mom thinks about your packages.


i don't get what the big deal is. did they open your package or something and find porn or panties or something damning? or did they just find out you ordered something… if they didn't open it, who gives a shit

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How do you feel about dying and having people discover certain personal things like lovedolls, so called "illegal" porn, drugs or any other unsavory things?

I think I wouldn't care too much because I'd be dead, though I know it concerns some people.
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using drugs to subdue and control people gives me the biggest heeby jeebys. especially when they surgically alter them to disable them.


my uncle died and we were invited to come over his place and gather what we want. Standing back it was kinda eye opening watching what people valued and what they didn't pick up. To us it might be trash but to the dead their might be some backstory or significance to the object that are now lost to history. But it has allowed me to purge stuff more easily reminding myself if I don't do it someone else will look at it and wonder why i kept all this trash.


I doubt my family would know how to properly sell my stuff, if they will sellf those crappy dvds and anime figurines anyways. I'm sure if they try to sell them they will get scammed because they wouldn't know the real price which is funny. But at the end I hope they never sell my stuff, I'm never selling theirs once they die either.


All niggers care about is muh dick and sex


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whatchu mean????


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Where can I live a real hermit life? It needs to have an environment where a human can survive.


The United States is probably the easiest place to live the hermit life. You can buy a trailer and just park up on the edges of the New Mexican desert on federal land, and nobody will bother you. You can have a cabin like Kaczynski in the forest of rural Montana and be fine.

Realistically you can drive the countryside looking for abandoned buildings, and just squat in one. Every small town will have one old business or home that's been boarded up. At worst you get chased out. There's a big thread on reddit I read about a guy who found an abandoned house in a small village, and got the power reconnected and just lived in it, keeping to himself.


Definitely not Europe because there is not enough freedom, it's expensive and they will hit you with taxes. I'd say your best bet is the USA as >>207601 wrote. If you got to any other place on earth you have a high chance of getting killed by low IQ natives and other risks.


>Definitely not Europe because there is not enough freedom, it's expensive and they will hit you with taxes
I agree with this. USA/canada is more suitz le because it's much more big, there is a plenty of abandonned houses and there's more freedom.



I hate how in my country the government won't let you fuck off and do your own thing. You can't just live in a camper somewhere and do whatever.
Your name has to be registered to an address, and you can only live on government allocated land i.e. even if you somehow managed to buy a piece of land you can't live there unless it's assigned to be 'livable' (which is impossible anyway, because that type of land has all been bought up and whatever remains is crazy expensive).
I'm very envious of Americans that can just drive a trailer into bum fuck nowhere and stay there, no questions asked.


What are you trying to say, your post makes absolutely no sense.

That's why there's hardly any Amish people in Europe despite their European roots because they can't even live the way they want there. The whole liberty and freedom thing about the USA is not just a meme, Europeans don't even know how that feels. As you said it's just retarded, Europeans can't even do what they want on the land they own.


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Wizardbros… We're living life in the wrong way… The path to happiness is having a job and a partner…normalfag life…bros…
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Yes, for normalfags. For outcast genetic detritus on the other hand this isn't obtainable. You're saying it as if it's a skill problem when it's a genetics problem.


Yes but that's not attainable for subhumans so stop talking about it like it's a flaw of our agency.



"the lack of money and the way of getting them (normalfags)"

What doth this mean sir?


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File: 1684781848188.mp4 (19.31 MB, 534x360, 89:60, videoplayback.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


It's all so tiring, I am hardly a bitter individual anymore, I don't feel any hatred towards anyone or any group, except my parents. You probably know who I am, a Turd Worlder, who literally can't get a job and is stuck with supremely abusive parents (it's hard to explain the life in the Turd World to a Chad First Worlder). Every time I post about my problems, I just receive platitudes and sympathies. (I am happy that an online stranger would take their time off to comment, or maybe I am just a worthless attention whore posting on anon forums).

But sadly, I never get any 'real' help, I never get anyone giving me something which is understandable because when you're an adult and you just want someone to take care of you because no one ever took care of you as a kid, but now nobody is obligated to put you first so you're just alone and sad and trying to self soothe like online therapists tell you to do but it's not fair because everyone else has parents or family members' shoulders to cry on and you're just alone and hurting, for the millionth time.

A part of me really wishes that I got some real help from anyone. I think it's about time I put a final end on my attention whoring and suffering. It's impossible to make friends if you are not in a school, college, or a workplace anymore. I wanna die, but I also don't wanna die and I just keep waiting like a cuck for things to get better, I have tried literally everything in my power to do something good for me, but my parents have messed me up so hard that I need external help.
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>Stop romanticizing the "first" world. Walk long enough in one direction and you get to the "bad neighborhoods" where crime is legal, homeless shit and do drugs on the streets and police don't even bother visiting.
And that's usually where the third world immigrants live in western countries.


Not the Asians though.


Asians and Indians are the ones who make an honest living and then get robbed by the other immigrants


Good thread OP, although I don't have any advice to give you nor do I know about your country except for what I hear from immigrants.
This reminds of a movie, that I wouldn't recommend our resident crabs or wizard to watch. As it is kind of :soyed:
The movie was named "The corps of Anna Fritz".
What happens in the movie is three guys are tasked to dispose the corpse of this bitch, but the bitch was too attractive for them, and the bitch is alive but can't move, and if IIRC two of them rape her, and one dies in the scuffle with the other two. But the other guy just watches, he says everything to stop them but just watches. The bitch comes back to life and kill both of them. One for raping her and the other for just standing and not doing anything.

I believe that majority of normies are bystanders in life and we are the ones being raped by life, they see our struggles (although don't acknowledge them), they always offer futile advice but never do any real action as you put it to help us. I think that they are just as guilty as anybody else for standing there and not helping us, knowing full well that they can but of course in their world we aren't owed anything, not even basic human needs it seems. I'd like to think of our situation like that of the raped succubus with normies just watching and saying "Oh! Too Bad, I hope things get alright", Nah, you don't if you did, you would do at least something to help us.

That being said, this is where I think that none of us whether men, succubi, normies, chads, wizards, or crabs have a higher moral ground, because we wouldn't help the other either.


>alone and sad

i hope to be alone for a while one day, so far little luck. i have trouble understanding why being alone sucks because it is something i always wanted and never got. Now even when i am alone, it just never feels alone enough.


File: 1683553071609.png (167.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, wikipedia.png) ImgOps iqdb


Let's start with this interesting one I just found:

Previous thread: >>192836
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I read this recently.




I don't have that but I certainly dislike the number 7 because of the difficulty in quickly finding numbers divisible by it when you compare with any other single digit number.




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not caring edition

previous >>274532
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>16 hour shifts
You have to work at least (AT LEAST) 26 hours a day to get even negative 4 vacation hours. Ask yourself: If a company can manipulate the laws of time and space like that, how can they be anything BUT an evil entity?


Most companies are evil entities anyway. Hell mine makes it hard as hell to get a decent amount of vacation time without having to "purchase" vacation time that they end up taking out of your paycheck. It's the fucking worst.


Sounds pretty nefarious. Some companies will distribute vacation time to employees, but essentially force them into using it as "sick time" instead. Like they won't let you actually take real time off just to take time off, like vacation time is meant for. They simply won't approve it, or if they do, they indirectly punish you for doing so by giving you less hours or something when you get back. Instead, when you get dangerously sick, then they expect you to "cash in" your vacation hours so you can stay home and get better.

And that's only if you're visibly, obviously ill. If you're sick but could technically power through it with will power, then they'd still expect you to show up anyway. Only when it could give the company a bad image will they actually WANT you to stay home!


You stole from charity anon, doesn't matter how you try to spin it. Your qualms with Dollar General doesn't even matter in this case because it was not their money to begin with, not that stealing cash from the store would be less stealing.

I'm not here to give you give you lessons on morality, I pirate games, books and movies online every other day but you sound like a smart person and you know exactly what you did.


>I pirate games, books and movies online every other day
That's a bad comparison because it's not stealing. When you pirate a digital file, you're not taking it from someone; you're making a copy.

When it comes to charities, there are two kinds: Those which benefit people in need, and those who line the pockets of the charity organizers. UNICEF, for one, has long been known to send pennies to the g-note to the actual Afrikids, while the rest gets laundered over a few hundred New Yorker's payrolls under the guise of "spreading awareness".

>UNICEF wants a new ad campaign

>UNICEF CEO consults his good friend Mr. Goldblatt, a director
>Goldblatt can make some commercials for only $6,000,000
>Commercials made, Goldblatt gets payed
>UNICEF needs $45,000 "to extend the charity's reach"
>Goldblatt donates $45,000 to UNICEF, as a tax write-off
>UNICEF CEO spends that $45k on new Toyota Tundra
>Puts UNICEF branding on it, claims it as expense towards function of charity
>Free Toyoda

"Literally Fund" could mean literacy anything. It could be giving books to the homeless, or it could be buying a new printing press for the New York Times.


File: 1679412222765.png (1.03 MB, 1024x818, 512:409, hooray.png) ImgOps iqdb


Hooray! I made it.

Decided the event was worth looking up a bunch of normies from highschool. Almost all of them were clearly miserable and/or divorced.

The years we spent outside of the social game provide a far stronger foundation and coping skills for the increasing isolation of age. As long as you don't want kids, we are all gonna make it.
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lol imagine being 30 year old and still holding a grudge with people who already forgot about you a long time ago. Pathetic.


It would be cucked not to.


it shows you never grew past high school and are still mentally a petty kid with no control of his emotions basically a cuck cause you have to stalk normalfags in facebook to see how they're doing


File: 1685564781150-0.png (117.98 KB, 642x250, 321:125, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1685564781150-1.png (205.33 KB, 695x910, 139:182, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

whenever you hold a grudge this is the cure


i forgot to mention that you have to do it at night in a dark mirrorless room without photos anywhere, it only comes back to you if they know that you did it yet consider this, you are not there anymore, it's over and done, you are the one who goes back to that pain and suffering, forgive what happen, not them. (makes it less painful for
Focus on yourself, on your pain and conquer it (calm it down)


File: 1685536428190.jpg (55.44 KB, 400x573, 400:573, Hikaru-no-go-Luxe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


what are anime who are watching right now? I'm watching hikaru no go, I already red the manga but I wanted to watch the anime to catch up if I missed something


Watching the TouHou anime. It's good so far.


File: 1685488018395.jpg (811.4 KB, 3600x2299, 3600:2299, 1678538587955003.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why do I crave social interaction when I know that I am best to be left alone? Why do I feel envious when I see normies walking and laughing in groups? Is this my social human instincts rebelling against my destiny of seclusion? How can I get rid of these urges?
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The horrible state of online communities made me crave social interaction. I'm tired of shitposting.


File: 1685523730101.jpg (525.54 KB, 3300x2400, 11:8, d1b7f956a5522cd97111bab0ae….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

And ironically irl communities are not much better.


How do you know? I imagine IRL interactions are way better since people don't act unhinged like on anonymous communities since you have a reputation to maintain and you can get to know the person and judge better if what they are saying has value unlike online where you have people LARP as experts. Also irl there are entry barriers like the quality of conversation at a good college will be way better that online where anyone can participate.


Having a conversation 1 on 1 with someone who isn't insane or unhinged and who possesses a decent amount of intelligence is immeasurably superior to any online community.

finding such an individual though…


And then keeping in touch with them… I still run away from irl cool people.


File: 1684689209905.jpg (67.09 KB, 963x1280, 963:1280, 1234255324567567868978.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's not a secret that lots of wizards abuse alcohol and/or drugs for any reason (i.e. to cope), some might even consider themselves alcoholics and/or drug addicts. Using is a big part of our lives and we should have a space to express our daily experience.

Share whatever's on your head. Your latest favorite substance, the hardships of being a fiend on top of being a wizard, favorite drinks, worst drinks, substances you wish you had, drugs you wish you never tried, your experience with withdrawals, etc.

>drinking or using drugs=social interaction

Using/acquiring drugs or alcohol is not inherently social (compare it to the act of acquiring and eating food, are those inherently social? not really).
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I avoided shrooms for a long time because I thought I enjoyed acid/tabs more, but lately I've been taking shrooms just about every week and I've been really enjoying it.

I've been smoking a lot more weed, too.

I'd like to stop drinking as much alcohol, that sbit is poison that ruins my sleep schedule.




I found enough dimes and pennies lying around my house that I can afford to go to Dollar Tree and buy a box of pure DXM pills. At my body weight and tolerance that's enough to make me feel good today.

But it's so hot and my car's AC doesn't work, I'll have to take a shower and I feel so depressed I don't even wanna do that.

I could take DPH pills. I got hundreds of those. I've never done a big delirium-inducing dose and don't want to. I've read that taking between 100-300 can make music sound better but any time I try anything in that range I just fall asleep after an hour.

Back when I worked retail years ago, I could take a 1st-plateau dose of DXM and function pretty normally. Then after a couple hours, if I had a cup of coffee, it felt a lot better than coffee usually feels. I kinda was hoping to feel that way again.

How did I ever get this pathetic? My entire day is spent trying to gather up a $1.37 and after hours trying to do that, I am too lazy to hop in the shower and drive on my empty gas tank to the dollar store. What would other rock-bottom wizards do in this situation?


please stop doing drugs it's not going to end good for you. Read your posts, you're going insane.


Well unfortunately, your post appeared about 3 minutes after I got back from Dollar Tree and had already downed the 15 DXM pills. But oh well, you know what's one more day wasted on kiddie drugs? Besides most people online would say 15 15mg DXM pills would barely produce any sort of high anyway…


File: 1683763456474.jpg (248.52 KB, 1554x2400, 259:400, 49552.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am.

But what is that thing observing itself? As soon as I become aware of it, I am then aware of the fact that I am observing myself. But what is that thing observing itself?
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>You're just being tautological to answer the question
youre just being a massive nigger. whats the point of the thread if you cant even refute the most straightforward answer to the question?

>Midwits try to dissolve philosophical issues by simplifying them and ignoring irreducible components of the argument

theres no issue here, youve decided for some odd fucking reason that people cant observe themselves, when clearly they can, and now you think youre wise or something? no motherfucker youre confused, youre asking evident questions and pretending like the answer staring you in the face isnt the truth. to everyone not playing along and deluding themselves into thinking theyre philosophical geniuses for being able to write incomprehensibly and elegantly, you look like a fucking idiot


why did you post this? this is such a retardedly confusing article, and the main subject of it literally has a grammar mistake. i dont know why ESLs are writing wikipedia articles on philosophy, but nevertheless i was able to decipher what the question actually was since i last looked at this article, and the question is a very poor one. the real question to be asking is why you dont think that you are everyone else? the answer i think is because you have a brain. if you do something like meditate or take shrooms you can circumvent the limited reasoning of your brain and many who do that come to the conclusion that they are everyone and everything.


my wiz


You're being arrogant, and it's fueled by the fact that you don't even understand the question OP is asking. By the way, if you could, you would almost certainly win a Nobel prize.

> Self-awareness has been called "arguably the most fundamental issue in psychology, from both a developmental and an evolutionary perspective."



>You're being arrogant
cry, please cry more for me bitch
>you don't even understand the question OP is asking
prove it then you fucking retard. if you could find an answer of your own to the question or even just tell me a singular fucking thing that was wrong with mine maybe i would reconsider, but instead you just want to whine about how im being inconsiderate of your mental deficiencies. you might imagine that OP asked a really profound question, and maybe in his mind he did, but as he typed it out into words it became semantic garbage. there is absolutely nothing mysterious about the question he asked, the answer is contained within the question by necessity of the words used. it really is logically simple, the only way you can fuck this up is by assigning some mystical quality to the words "aware" and "observe" and then shitting your pants in awe and reverence. because as long as youre using cloudy definitions you can pretend that your distorted logic is actually deep thinking, and if youre proudly and boldly confused by basic english words, other people just might think youre intelligent as well.
>By the way, if you could, you would almost certainly win a Nobel prize.



File: 1685530691923.jpeg (43.99 KB, 400x400, 1:1, B7C63EDD-F6EF-4EAB-9285-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I am trying to finish learning to drive so I can go foraging in places outside of major cities biking is fun but takes so long


Well done so far and good luck in the future

And if you plan on drinking and driving, practice 180 degree skid turning. Police can go fast in straight lines but they fall apart when it comes to backing up and turning.


File: 1685098682675.png (320.69 KB, 445x583, 445:583, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.

Previous: >>276114
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File: 1685540067114.webm (2.91 MB, 324x240, 27:20, 1658806965161861 (1).webm) ImgOps iqdb

Feel like I'm dying. Everything is getting worse in my life and everywhere around me. The economy is slowly imploding and everyone is becoming more jaded and cynical. Only the rich and corrupt aren't struggling. I'm withdrawing off heroin and I genuinely can't find anything to cheer myself up with I just want to disappear and end this pointless existence.


Real talk, you need to wait until you're clear from the WDs.
I went through the same thing with heroin years back, and it took me a while to get to baseline.
Of course, if your baseline is terrible, then that is what it is.
But opiate withdrawal, like alcohol for me, always had vague, spiritual connotations. It was always very intense, and veiled everything else in my life.
Good luck


You drug addicts always have a simple answer though - where to find your next dose. Kinda enviable.


>I genuinely can't find anything to cheer myself up
I don't think you should cheer up, I think you need to find a lot of things to do and focus on.
Think about it as an onion. Until you get to the rotten bulb, delay yourself with questions (why did I quit? because it made me feel sick), maybe say a prayer (any Entity will do, even Conan's Crom), hell, you can even recite the litany against fear.
When the urges come remember, that part of you is dead and what is dead will never come back to life. Maybe visualize this craving moment as a duel in some old b&w chambara movie.
Focus on yourself for the time being and stay away from news and TV.
Find distractions that accomplish something (painting miniatures, gunpla, hobby electronics) - basically do something with your hands.
Reality hits very hard when your're off and you remember that next hit will never come, but then again, you'll never stop fighting.
At some point you'll feel like a veil has been lifted from your eyes, just as you learn to use them.
Awareness is the perfect drug. Be ever vigilant, brother.>>277814


File: 1684564113863.png (245.48 KB, 363x375, 121:125, Screenshot (42).png) ImgOps iqdb


I was a victim of childhood psychosis, my entire life I've been bizarre, my thoughts have been pure nonsense as long as I can remember. My behavior has always been disorganized and strange and I can remember speaking complete word salad at many intervals.

Kinda waking up to it now, really on the edge of suicide and unable to cope with it, obviously. Seriously hating life and everyone around me, can't even drink because I gave myself heart and liver damage getting drunk so often.

Why? What purpose does any of this serve? What framework of morality or philosophy or religion can you construct where this type of meaningless suffering fits in?
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not true you can inherit a purpose or meaning like becoming religious or adopting certain philosphies. its not self made.


File: 1684678002475.jpg (75.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, check this out.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What framework of morality or philosophy or religion can you construct where this type of meaningless suffering fits in?
you can easily construct a framework that integrates psychotic and mystical experiences dummy, but your entire problem is you take constructionists far too seriously


I'd strongly recommend you start writing. The goal should be to avoid repeating words on a full page, forcing you to use the thesaurus. Furthermore, by reading existing material you can get a better grasp of grammatical rules and patterns. Communication is difficult if you are stunted socially, but this is such a superior way to attacking a diminished vocabulary that the social side of the equation becomes irrelevant. It will also help you learn to focus your thoughts, but still allow your mind to rapidly move around for creative descriptions and scenarios. Know that the output is satisfied as a pure learning exercise, but if you find you love it then perhaps you could think about serious writing projects.

One bonus to this is that your typing skills will improve too.


I'd suggest a Prefrontal Lobotomy which works far better than believed by modern day doctors.

Look up Howard Dully, he was miraculously cured of schizophrenia through a lobotomy.


you are suffering right now because you don't look out for your self, your own good and pleasure but for a point in life, fuck life and its point, live for yourself.


File: 1684649360065.jpg (648.86 KB, 2865x2026, 2865:2026, SzPD1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


We had a schizoid thread some time ago. I thought I'd continue it again because some of the conversation there was pretty interesting.

Basic intro… Schizoid != Schizophrenic.

Schizoid chan image will explain what it is in the next few posts here, but:



I can see why normies would label it a 'disorder' (because it is considered bad by normie success metrics), but I don't think I buy that it's 'bad.' Do you think it's bad? If you consider yourself schizoid, is there something you're trying to do to 'fix' yourself?

Anyways, SzPD general, I guess.
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I just realized something: how does the internet influence the schizoid diagnosis?

If you enjoy being alone but also like participating in online communities (but not 1to1 chats) are you still a schizoid?


Good question.


I think it's mostly about the depth of interaction. Many schizoids can enjoy online discussion because it doesn't require much from them interpersonally. They are mostly having surface level interactions about one topic or another, people can be tools to bounce thoughts and ideas from or to entertain oneself, and there is always the possibility to leave at any moment. People come and go from these communities and the transient nature is appealing to the schizoid. But as soon as someone wants to take the interaction further and start chatting one on one and foster a deeper connection, most schizoids will recoil and feel as though someone is encroaching too far into their personal space. Some schizoids will feel the need to remove themselves immediately, others will find a way to keep the person at arms length. Many schizoids can seem quite normal on the outside and they can play the part if needed, but underneath they are always detached.


Schizoids aren't just super introverts.


File: 1685553092415.jpg (51.11 KB, 732x898, 366:449, 9a80ac820f09277b6eb85d6d62….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

here is a list of all the possible forms of human interaction. pick a few you like and a few you don't like.

>well i like these 2 and this and this and this

>i don't like these or this or this or this


>bitch what?


File: 1658684364220.png (4.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

 No.57966[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread for discussing games you're currently playing.

>What games are you playing?

>What games have you recently purchased?

Previous thread: https://archive.ph/kXUl0
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File: 1684786708695.png (14.4 KB, 718x574, 359:287, 2FF1BED16EB724C6DCA0097D4D….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Plus shitty proprietary sony memory cards are cancer.
We can purchase a PSVSD to MicroSD adapter for $11


Nevermind, it turns out it was just because there were planets infested with prethoryn scourges that I had to bomb first. This game is fun but the "tutorial" leaves out a lot of stuff.


They do? I've got a lot of games but I figured that it must not be worth a whole lot since everything is available on other systems.


File: 1685499684528.jpg (736.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DSP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm enjoying this a lot.


Alright so I've put 10 hours into this game and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The only problem I'm having is the intense urge of periodically starting over again since you get better at logistics and organizing the machinery around the resources and every time I look at a convoluted tangled mass of belt conveyors I feel like going to another planet and resetting the whole thing but some of the research you have to do takes a long time so I'm holding onto my current mess.

I really liked the idea of Factorio but the theme and general atmosphere of that game never really did anything for me, DSP on the other hand has that optimistic sci-fi feel to it and the idea you can build a Dyson sphere as your ultimate industrial triumph is awesome. Really curious to know what else the developers are going to implement.

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File: 1684695256121.gif (32.44 KB, 1360x1060, 68:53, Image1.gif) ImgOps iqdb


In most countries that permit abortion, the cut-off is at 24 weeks. The reason is as such:

>Consciousness requires a sophisticated network of highly interconnected components, nerve cells. Its physical substrate, the thalamocortical complex that provides consciousness with its highly elaborate content, begins to be in place between the 24th and 28th week of gestation. Roughly two months later synchrony of the electroencephalographic (EEG) rhythm across both cortical hemispheres signals the onset of global neuronal integration. Thus, many of the circuit elements necessary for consciousness are in place by the third trimester. By this time, preterm infants can survive outside the womb under proper medical care. And as it is so much easier to observe and interact with a preterm baby than with a fetus of the same gestational age in the womb, the fetus is often considered to be like a preterm baby, like an unborn newborn.


You put cum inside a succubi and 24 weeks later, it can self-experience. Literally, the universe has a new bud by which to experience itself.

My wizards, I have but two questions.

1. In the process of development, where did the consciousness come from?
Is an emergent property of complex neurology, like heat from a flame? Or does the brain develop enough complexity to attune to consciousness?

2. What is consciousness precisely?
Is it material or immaterial? When one is immersed in imagination, is that an extra-reality experience?

It is not like I come here to vomit my thoughts. These are topics I have tried to research on my own. Surprisingly, there is not even a concrete definition of consciousness to be found. Science hasn't even reached a consensus around defining it.

>About forty meanings attributed to the term consciousness can be identified and categorized based on functions and experiences. The prospects for reaching any single, agreed-upon, theory-independent definition of consciousness appear remote.

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I think its a serious unsolved question. I heard two realistic solutions, panpsychism and idealism.
Panpsychism seems wrong. It says matter is conscious, but everyone also says that matter is made of atoms, meaning seperate things with gaps between them. How come atoms, separate things when organized into a molecule, organized into a neuron, organized into a brain can unite into one consciousness, wouldn't there be a huge number of tiny separate consciousnesses simultaneously?
Idealism also seems wrong, if idealism is true, the substance of the world being mental, you should be able in theory to do all kinds of telekinesis, things like prayer would work, magic might be real, you should be able to affect the mental world with your mental mind, but none of that seems to work.


>you should be able to affect the mental world with your mental mind
>you should be able to affect the mental world with your mental mind
can you not? Sure, not like the movie Lucy but our physical actions are a manifestation of our mental processes and ideals.


>What is consciousness precisely?
>Is it material or immaterial? When one is immersed in imagination, is that an extra-reality experience?
Here's an article I found on probabilities of different metaphysical consciousness theories being true:


>What theories do I think are probably true, with probabilities, as of today:

>1. Neutral monism/Panpsychism(60%)

>2. Interactionist dualism(30%)
>3. Epiphenomenalism(10%)
>4. Idealism(~epsilon%)
>5. Non-interactionist dualism(~epsilon%)
>6. Identity theory(~0% as it rejects consciousness as real)
>7. Eliminativism(~0% as it rejects consciousness as real)


File: 1685494855824.jpeg (101.05 KB, 720x960, 3:4, circ problems.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>In most countries that permit abortion, the cut-off is at 24 weeks.
Meanwhile, the same countries are totally fine with cutting part of a baby's penis off with no anesthesia.


It could be seen as a "user interface" in some sense, in that there is no other obvious way to integrate all the things a human body (or any other body) does when it is continuously active. We could view ourselves as something other than "consciousness", but that is the way in which we construct any knowledge we possess of the world. Strictly speak, "we" don't have any existence as ourselves, and "I" don't have any inherently shared consciousness with anyone else. If I did, I would be a very different entity. Shared consciousness would be some form of telepathy basically.

Consciousness or "the self" is not constrained to the body or a strictly biopolitical definition. We are what we eat, the tools we use, the communications we have with others which allow for any language. We are not intimately tied to anything external to our body in the way the body's functions are integrated. But, we can view limbs or parts of the body as external. There is no identifiable "center" of consciousness like the brain, if that's what you are thinking, that is inherently what "consciousness" is. Without any of our tools, humans would just be slightly more advanced apes. We only are what we are because we live in a society where language and tool use are ubiquitous, to the point where without that we would barely be recognizable. Said tools and language in many ways modify us during life, and affected human development compared to what we were before tool use developed to anything like the extent we practiced it in any period of civilization. That process didn't end - we are still changing, and quite profoundly, up to today.

So much of this stupidity is about defending a conceit about "humanism" that is rooted in biopolitics, which is intended to destroy concepts of political equality, spiritual universalism where all men were equal before God, and things that are hostile to a social order that emphasizes political and social inequality as much as it can. In a political or spiritual sense, humans are remarkably similar in their basic functions, and humans haven't changed significantly from what they were thousands of years ago in that regard. In abilities and how humans live, we are barely recognizable from someone 3000 or 4000 years ago. Someone in Roman times would be far more recognizable, and they noted their distinction from peoples who were barbariansPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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Share the 2D pics, videos, or gifs, you enjoyed in your recent fap sessions

Some places where you can find an image source before asking:
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See >>300224, it unironically is. Anyway, these pedophiles will play dumb all day. The retard who had that image generated clearly had to supply specific keywords to have it turn out that way.


god i love thicc anime bitches!


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40 year old man turns into a wizard



wizard and the golden banana

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Anyone here talks to random strangers online? Ever since 2016 or so I noticed a pattern. About 99% of people have now same views, say same things, like similar new popular media. Everything'a feel like hazy dream. I have been talking to same person the whole time.

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