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File: 1569267668964.jpeg (82.35 KB, 533x640, 533:640, EEB85514-FB4E-437C-84B9-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I’ve realized that If I would have enough money I wouldn’t even leave my apparent, bc job is the main and only reason why I do that. I also think the situation is very humiliating, so I have started to think how to make dissent income without investing to much time in it.
I Just kind of what to share my thoughts about it, and get some tips/feedback.
1. I play a lottery. Yes, I know this is dumb, but it only takes 10$ a week and gives me a small chance to quit the damn circle.
2. I invest in dividend stocks and bonds. Those are more or less low risk investments and you build cash flow with them over time. The only problem is I need a million to retire instantly, and it will take a long time. I use two apps for that. One is for stocks only and has no fees. The other one has access to bounds and let’s you buy expensive stocks partially. They charge you a dollar a monthly though.
3. I thought about landing clubs, but haven’t tried them yet.
4. I also thought about buying some collectibles and selling them after they grow in price. That seems like a good way to multiply your money if you know what you are doing.
5. The other thought was to create a bitcoin pull by hacking into people’s computers and cut the costs of mining down to 0. But that requires some knowledge, and I am not quite sure how profitable it would be.
So please share if you have any experience with any of it, or any other easy income ideas. Thanks.
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File: 1580173306484.jpg (22.91 KB, 526x348, 263:174, 111346.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

if you want that kind of life you'll need to be a creative person (animator,musician,author,editor…) so if you already have a skill that woulf fit that category work on it everyday till you become good enough to make money from it
i think it would be better to keep wageslaving for a while and don't spend money on anything you don't need to survive,then start your own small business to secure your income while you're practicing your skill
also you need random luck for any of this to work


>Depending on the study 65-80% of millionaires in USA did not inherit their wealth. Only 3% of billionaires inherited that money.

what they did inherit is good genes for brain development, which makes it easier to get rich. just one step removed really

>Depending on the study 65-80% of millionaires in USA did not inherit their wealth. Only 3% of billionaires inherited that money.


If they inherited their genes to get rich, then their parents also had good genes. So why did their parents not get rich?


I am making a website now as well for the first time.
I wasted years doing degrees in maths and computer science, now doing this basic shit i could have learnt thorugh a bootcamp feels disgraceful. University is such an impractical scam


The uni does give you a solid foundations in CS, and a lot of employers to tend to laugh at bootcamp babies, at least here in Europe. With Math knowledge you could try doing Machine Learning.


File: 1579413705058.jpg (129.04 KB, 700x450, 14:9, powerball-lottery-tickets-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Well… I didn't win it, again. Nobody has won it tho, and third time is the charm.

That being said, any other wizzies trying their luck and fantasizing about winning the lottery? Would you like to win the lottery at all? How would you deal with your newfound wealth and fame? My favorite pastime is to daydream and since I've been daydreaming about this all day everyday for a few days I thought I'd make a thread.
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You only get a sense of hope if you have a low enough IQ


Actually a lot of that money partially funds programs for the community. Like back where I used to live the door to door bus/van service for the disabled was partially funded with lottery money.
Totally private companies and individuals aren't even legally allowed to run lotteries.
Shit, a month ago a swat team was brought in to break up a church bingo hall that had a small raffle that legally counted as a lottery.


I'd suggest not wasting your money on that shit. Elliot Rodger tried a few too many times, and it didn't work so well for him.


He was upper middle class. What the fuck did he need to win the lottery for


He wanted his own personal money.
He personally didn't have shit. His parents were the ones with the money and everything he owned was in their name.


File: 1580187371009.jpg (62.31 KB, 1440x544, 45:17, neverknowsbest.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I feel like I'm the only person on this site who's glad that he's a wizard.

There's so many times I've been out onna bus, and some mother walks in with six kids. During the next hellish five minutes of screaming while I witness the mother barely keep herself sane trying to corral her herd along with her, all the while these six kids annoy and scream to everyone on the bus. And I just sit there like a creep staring, trying to wonder how I would even deal with one of them. I'm so meek that I could see myself trying to say, "Uhm, please don't do that–" as my hypothetical child would stick a fork into an electrical outlet. Or I'll be at the grocery store and see a wife just start snipping at every little thing that her husband is doing. While she's talking nonstop, I look at his face and catch a glimpse into his eyes that he's not only not there, but that he's been dead for years. I try to imagine myself lasting for even a day wading through a full day of meaningless, trite conversations that make me want to kill myself–and I can't. I'll be going back home and see some couple trying to get frisky in an alleyway, and meanwhile I can't even imagine kissing someone without feeling disgusted. I'll get back home and hear through the paper thin walls about the latest 'drama' my normie neighbour is having between his second and third gfs finding out about each other and/or his heroin addiction. I try to imagine every day coming home and just simply not having a moment to myself for even ten minutes and I'm pretty sure I would just break.

I'm sure I have a shitty life, but dear lord if I wasn't a wizard, I can't imagine how much more terrifyingly worse it would be.


File: 1580188044819.png (244.12 KB, 814x715, 74:65, lul.png) ImgOps iqdb

You are not alone. I am just incredibly lazy so I rarely post about positivity. Just now walking from the bathroom after a shower to my chair was an arduous task mentally.

Crying about grievances is much easier.
Also I'm a complete retard.


They do it to themselves.


A lot of socialization is boring to me, and it seems forced and contrived or something. I can force myself to engage in small talk at work when needed. However, I fail to see how people enjoy just hanging around and socializing after work.

This is why I enjoy being a wizard. I am not expected to socialize to any great extent, as I have no real friends


File: 1564031881623.png (3.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Any wizzies here exercise? Whether calisthenics, weightlifting, cardiovascular, or other. Share the reasons why you do/don't exercise, what you do, etc..

I tend to agree with Socrates: “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”.
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oh wonderful, you found it ok, enjoy :))


my only option is walking at night, i don't have a bike/gym ticket unlike normies on this thread
i don't even have a proper pair of shoes


Calisthenics is always a option.
With progressions you can get quite strong/fit with calisthenics and you don't need much at all.
The basics only require cleaning a bit of space for yourself to do a work out or going out somewhere that you can do it.

No excuses man. Don't cheat yourself. When you play yourself and cheat you are the one that loses.



Any comments on how I can improve or otherwise maximize the routine I have? Such as what additional exercises I could try or how to improve my form? I feel like I can do the goblet squats properly now and, in truth, I'm pretty sure I was doing them right all along, just that I wasn't keeping my back as straight as I could be.

I'd say my main exercise goal would be to get rid of what remains of my stomach fat. A lot of it is just excess skin at this point though, so will exercise really help get rid of saggy/somewhat flabby skin?

Just as an aside, but do most wizzies even take the time to read posts as long as mine was? If not, then that's really just depressing.

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Does anybody play Dominions 5? It is the most wizardly game in my opinion.

You play as a God, fighting other gods for domination over the world. Single player is really fun, but multiplayer is amazing. You design your own God. Examples of gods:
>Giant obese bbw mommy
>Multiple different dragons
>Sentient black monolith like 2001:space Odyssey
>Giant carp fish that swallows people whole
>Fallen Jew angels
>Fallen Jew demons
>ArchWizards trying to achieve godhood
>Fountain of blood that demands child sacrifice

There are hundreds of them. There are also thousands of spells:
>Rain of Toads
>Cast entire world into darkness
>Awaken Treelord
>Sacrifice virgins(f) to summon imps that invade enemy province
>Freeze the entire ocean trapping underwater players inside
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bump. Any wizards play this game?


last bump, just in case anyone plays


1. why did my post got deleted

2. i bought dom 4, gimme your steam account or mail address




because 4 was on discount and 5 wasnt
and it didnt seem there were enough changes to warrant a new game full price


File: 1579986839334.jpg (15.86 KB, 255x221, 15:13, 08bc1bb2675c498301a8dedc78….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


in relation to the fellow anon who heroed using this method to produce Carbon monoxide. Here is the archive: https://archive.li/tT1Qs#selection-1271.18-1271.29

Which sites can one aquire Formic and sulfuric Acid Within the EU. I'm having a real hard time finding sites that will sell these acids without lots of identification and ordering it as a retail customer and not a business or education instition.

Any fellow anons that could help me. Since this does seem like a really good method.
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> If you die and there is no one else to feed them they will eat your corpse without any sign of hesitation or regret.

That's actually normal and completely understandable,If I was locked up somewhere without any means of getting food and my human best friend just died I would probably eat him too,people have resorted to this kind of behavior before when there's absolutely no other way to get food,and it's gross yeah,but survival is survival.


Since you're all a bunch of lazy fags i've been doing some research on alternatives for CO poising. If there are any anons who want to contribute and or know chemistry please post.

All right, since not everyone may have access to sulfuric acid. Phosphoric acid seems like a viable alternative however i will need some more conformation if it even will work. It is readily available in most parts of the world and dirt cheap.

Apart from this Metallic zinc powder and Calcium carbonate mixed together and heated up also produces CO. I haven't checked yet. However, i'm pretty sure these are easily accessible and shouldn't cost much.

now let me repeat. If you fags really want a painless and hassle free death. Jump into this thread and contribute. because we will find the answers much faster and easier. Perhaps by next week we could all secure ourselves a painless death that isn't too expensive or complicated.


>>213827 Yeah but only to certain extend. So if primitive behaviours are justified, why do you pussies cry when the strongest creature kill the weak one? The humans are the strongest creatures. So why do you judge them when they kill weaker animal than them?
You double standarts hypocritical liberal cunts.


Survival is pointless. You are just prolonging the inevitable - death. And by doing this you are causing just unnecessary suffering to yourself. Because the basic law of this world is that every creature kills another one in order to survive. And by doing this it cause harm and suffering to the other creature. Every living thing does that - from single cell bacteria to a multi cell organism. Plants kill too. You do not see it , because it is a slow process. Most of the poisons and toxins originates from plants.
Survival is a primitive behaviour.
If you forbid to someone to kill, to exercise his power over another creature, you enslave the person, you remove his free will to do whatever his conscious allows him to do. A free man kills. The slaves cant. That's why you see in the movies all the time one kills another. Because movies are propaganda, a distraction, a fairy tale for adults, from real world of slavery you are living.


So formic acid contains C carbon, you need the another element O oxygen. So you should look at the chemical formula of the chemical compound to find out if it will produce CO at the end or more precisely said have chance to produce it.
Sulphur acid H2SO4 has O in it, so it works.


File: 1561056650103.jpg (1.27 MB, 3328x1894, 1664:947, IMAG0339_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Since Nr. 5 is on auto-sage a new one is in order.

I tried drawing the opening scene from 雪国 earlier today. It's a train compartment if you can't tell My linework is still shoddy, the human figure eludes me and the perspective was hard but it turned out ok I think.
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The detail on this one is captivating to say the least.


File: 1579750345930-0.jpg (175.6 KB, 1224x866, 612:433, gyro bot and an evil engin….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1579750345930-1.jpg (190.89 KB, 1224x866, 612:433, crabot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1579833954278-0.png (140.46 KB, 800x600, 4:3, dadasda.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1579833954278-1.png (92.59 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sketch(33).png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1579833954278-2.png (131.94 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sketch(56).png) ImgOps iqdb

this is the last last


File: 1580115827365-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1818x2178, 101:121, LYNNE001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1580115827365-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.57 KB, 1178x2010, 589:1005, P0101101.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1580115827365-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 480.36 KB, 2048x1398, 1024:699, P0101102.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

dodgy wapanese drawings from 2014
the idea was to draw on paper than finish them on PC but I never got around to it


These look great. Have you drawn anything else since?

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File: 1522078449628.png (9.42 KB, 300x300, 1:1, twitchoffice-profile_image….png) ImgOps iqdb

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And so the wizard streams thread returns after a long absence. Feel free to plug your own stream here, discuss active streamers and so on. As far as I can tell I'm the only active one currently, https://www.twitch.tv/stream_wizz (yes I just added another z to the old name, I'm not very creative), if I'm missing anyone just let me know and I'll delete and remake the thread.
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gonna test TOKYO GHOUL re CALL to EXIST for like 15 mins now



Some good ol dark souls


streaming a bit again I guess


streaming Hatred modded with this cold it should be ok


File: 1580199572380.jpg (278.82 KB, 1071x1000, 1071:1000, sample-f61e5b90e41a5045a61….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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File: 1579716200481.jpg (5.18 KB, 298x169, 298:169, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


NEET and Hikikomori General Thread

Have you had any success in trying to change your life?


>The acronym for (Not In Education Employment Or Training)


>Hikikomori is a Japanese term when translated into English it means pulling inward being confined (Acute social withdrawal) hikikomori is a distinct psychological disorder that refers to the phenomenon of reclusive adolescents and young adults who have withdrawn from society seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement due to various personal social and psychological issues in their lives. (A shut-in who stays at home in their parents house does not work or go to school and lives in isolation in their bedroom for 6 months or more)

>Contrary to popular belief most hikikomori go outdoors but are just isolated socially and still spend most of the day and nearly every single day confined at home in their rooms

>The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents house, do not work or go to school and isolate themselves away from society and their family in a single room for a period exceeding six months

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That just means you're not a normie. If you don't go places and do things they will call you functionally impaired.

You can suffer just fine while not being "functionally impaired" by the way. That all just has to do with your ability to conform to social norms. They will say a man who worked and lived a normal life until one day blowing his brains out had no signs of functional impairment, but you know he had to have been suffering for a long time. I have suffered for a long time and been functionally impaired from my heavy depression to the point where I literally couldn't do anything but lay in bed even if I tried, that was what made me neet in the first place, but my suffering has been reduced as I've adapted to the lifestyle.

For me there is no way to not suffer in the normalfaggot world. I cannot simply close my eyes to all the shit I know and play their stupid self destructive game. If the human race is going to commit suicide, I am just going to sit out in the comfort that all their stupid games have produced for me and I have made peace with that. I no longer pay any heed to any social norms at all or care what a single normie thinks of me because I just think they're literally insane and I value my sanity even if it means being less happy because I am not fulfilling certain requirements that trigger evolved instinctive feelings of happiness like being respected among ones peers and socializing recreationally with them, or accomplishing goals together. What do you want more? For the norms, it is the good feelings, but I have learned to make due with supplements available on the internet like entertainment media because I do not think it's worth it because the social norms that you have to adapt to in order to get those things are all fucking insane, self destructive, pointlessly cruel, unfair and endlessly enigmatic. It provides plenty of drama and plenty of opportunities to trigger those good feelings that we've evolved, but fuck that shit, I want none of it at this point, my eyes are too open, I can't shut them again, it would be like trying to swim in the ocean with my eyes open, it will only bring me pain.


Sour grapes don't talk to me fakeneet


>That just means you're not a normie

Hikikomori are failed normalfags technically speaking.


He's not even a hapa. Hapa means half asian. If his great grandmother was half japanese, then that would make him 1/16th japanese. Too insignificant to even mention, much less make a part of your identity.


>Have you had any success in trying to change your life?
no it's too late for me and my only option is to kill myself
i live in thirdworld and i've not even a dollar
all bridges are burned for me



I don't really have much to say. That's somewhat the problem. I'd rather not say anything, but the feeling of wanting to vent so as to relieve the pressure of my thoughts/emotions is still there, despite the fact that I can't find anything to say about them.

I feel like I just can't make the right words happen. As if I were pointing at something and somebody tried to ask me what it is and in response I just let out a bunch of "Umms", "Uhhhs", and other assorted exasperations. A proverbial form of duct tape over any sort of expression or communication I make, or would like to make, that I just can't seem to rip off without extreme difficulty or effort, or at least an extreme sense of those things, even though it never truly comes off. Like, even right now, there's something I'm feeling that's bothering me. Simply putting it as, "another night of me feeling depressed & lethargic", would essentially sum it up, but there's more to it than that. Something deeper that I can't grasp or put words to, trying to rearrange it all in such a way that I feel I can say what I really want to say instead of something that feels off the mark even though, "I'm depressed, bored & lethargic", is essentially all it is. Maybe it's just that words, no matter how well they're chosen or put together, can never convey the full breadth of one's emotions or perspective, so there will always feel like there's something missing, leading to a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction & muteness that can never be alleviated.

The lack of articulation, vagueness, beating around a perpetual bush, is exemplified quite well in this clip from TD. That's always how I feel, all the time. Never getting out what I want to say. Just a bunch of, "You know it's….I think what I'm thinking is…..I really just….I don't know." I got a rotten fucking brain of shit that's decayed into advanced ruin after nearly 13 years of perpetual stagnation and to say I can't think clearly would be a massive understatement, so maybe that's just the reason. I was pretty retarded & inarticulate before though, so I don't know. Just shut up. There's a course of action for me to follow. It's all a waste of time and no one cares anyway, so just shut up.

Look at all this shit I wrote. A lot of shit for someone who says they can't communicate. Well, whatever. Just because I typed a lot of shit doesn't mean I suddenly feel like I'm communicating or saying anything of note. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The foundation of fruitful communication is common ground. Wizards have very little common ground with 99% of people, but as you can see from this board, once wizards are given the means to find and communicate with one another, satisfying conversations can occur. This is because wizards often have common traits and interests stemming from similar life situation, mindset, and experiences. Due to isolation and leisure time, we may follow our interests to strange niches, populated by few if any others. The Norman, who is satisfied at the common trough, continues to gorge at it as it has brought him happiness and value, while the wizard has long since abandoned it due to painful experiences, disgust, lack of satisfaction, curiosity, boredom, or whatever else. Personally, I have met few people in real life who kind of know where I'm coming from with my tastes, worldview, or hobbies. I could talk with them freely, because we had things to discuss. I desired to establish friendship with them. With everyone else, even with parents, I am tongue-tied like OP. However, this no longer bothers me, because I know that my tongue-tiedness stems from my abandonment of the common trough. Most insights gained from conversation with the norman only pertain to the intrigues and absurdities surrounding that trough. So these are worthless insights, making the hypothetical conversations worthless, meaning there is nothing lost for wont of conversation with most folks.

Hope this is not word salad and is helpful.


Well, communicating is hard when one has nothing to communicate, as is my case. I've nothing to say, because I'm a drone, have always been.


a lot of people have trouble communicating, it's not uncommon. or rather, a lot of people have trouble communicating effectively. you might find that people say a lot of words, but oftentimes those words don't really mean much and tend to amount of rhetorical and semantic nonsense. it's pretty normal, i find that a lot of conversations i hear in public are very aimless and "meaningless." it's not just you.


File: 1580126718674.png (342.17 KB, 394x394, 1:1, 1424610250030.png) ImgOps iqdb


Your post is a good example of the sort of extra things I wanted to say, but couldn't find the words for, since I also experience & struggle with everything you described. On one hand, it's nice to see it laid out, but on the other, I just feel somewhat depressed & frustrated because I wasn't able to communicate it myself.

Like yourself, my thoughts can sometimes feel quite clear & coherent in my head, even downright flawless, but the moment I open my mouth I end up actually hearing what a retarded fool I sound like. All the arguments/points of interest I thought were worth bringing up and were of value, suddenly sound dull, obvious and just generally stupid. I experience this a lot whenever me and my brother have a conversation (which is only a handful of times a year, whenever he comes to visit). Both he & I have somewhat similar interests (mostly just anime, although we rarely watch the same ones), but half the time I just cringe at my lack of anything to say. The last time we spoke, I tried to discuss Star Trek of all things with him and, despite being a massive fan of the franchise, having watched the original series and most of the spin-offs to death, I literally sounded like someone who hadn't watched a day of Star Trek in their lives, simply because my brain freezed up and I couldn't fucking remember or articulate anything I wanted to say. It didn't really matter though, since my brother was just looking at his phone the whole time and wasn't really giving two shits what I had to say, even if it was just verbal diarrhea. He actually does that a lot and is part of the reason why I actually hate the prospect of reciprocating any sort of communication with him at all.

And, again, even the illusion of me sounding coherent inside my own head is starting to fade because of the reasons you already mentioned. I also can't leave the house for the reason of sensory overload. I can't even lurk fast websites or image boards because of sensory overload. It just gives me a proverbial, or even literal, headache and I can't process any of it. It absolutely overwhelms me and I just shut down and feel like I need to stare at the wall for like 20 minutes straight just to reset myself. Information overload I guess would be a better way to put it and something like that definitely applies to books or anything intellectual asPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You can take classes or read books about interpersonal communication, there is a whole academic field dedicated to different theories of communication. There are also lots of books about writing composition if that's how you want to communicate. Effective communication is a skill like anything else that needs to be trained and learned. Although normals often have better skill in communication naturally than wizards, we can still learn to communicate effectively to suit our needs, whatever those may be. All skills are a question of knowledge and practice. You can actually learn a lot of these skills relatively easily, assuming you aren't clinically autistic, even if you are you can improve past your current level. Life is like an RPG where you start out with certain base stats and have to train to improve the ones you're weak in if you need those skills to achieve whatever your goals are. If you want to get past a locked door you level up lockpicking, if you want to communicate something you level up communication. I would also add that your posts ITT seem very clear, so you may be underestimating your own communication skills due to cognitive distortions from depression.



Post songs that actually help recover some will to live in you. Most of you probably have few or none, but here is the one for me.

I never really went to church, was raised atheist, don't listen to beatles, but this song really soothes the pain.
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I'm only here to share this song. Bye.



Because my life right now feels like a deja vu.


Best song on megalomania.


For me, music feels like taking a glimpse into a new world that you cannot fully immerse yourself in, like a tease most of the time. Here are a few songs which have made me feel a certain way for a few moments and have left me chasing those feelings years after.



File: 1580049847789.jpg (47.34 KB, 330x218, 165:109, Tianasquare.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What have you ehard about coronavirus? In my mind it is just SARS 2.0, but I have heard some stories that the coronavirus was a virus engineered in a biolab in Wuhan, and that the bat soup thing is just a cover story. Also, that the Chinese are hiding the real numbers as to how large the epidemic is. It seems odd that you would quarantine a city of 30 odd million when it seems that a few hundred have the flu.
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107 dead
63 recovered
that's a good ratio though if it keeps doubling, means more than half will die


If people have recovered already, it means that it's not very hard to cure. Those that have recovered likely have antibodies now and manufacturing a cure or vaccine is a small step away. This disease is gonna be squashed in its infancy.


well lets make a bet just for fun

im a super optimist in life so i bet it goes to at least 1 million infected within a month, with 50,000 dead


it can be transmitted through physical objects though and your relatives are not that immune

feels good to be a kazakhstani citizen at least once in my life, hope i'll get to see the society's collapse before i'll die tho


File: 1580187964718.jpg (28 KB, 650x405, 130:81, Ncov-vs-SARS-2020-01-26_20….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well, it should be far far more infectious than sars at least. I bet if it ever gets going in africa things are gonna get very interesting. I wouldn't be surprised to see double the death rate in lots of african countries.


File: 1578703451605.jpg (52.23 KB, 590x442, 295:221, funeral-638041.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread:
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How do migrants deal with the hell of life but we can't even life in a comfy room surrounded by treats?


File: 1580112645469.jpg (25.47 KB, 534x480, 89:80, 460.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is twofold. I get a perverse pleasure from the anticipation of complete liberation from a oppressive, meaningless and perishable existence, but I also don't enjoy waiting for the last day for me. Realizing that I can hang myself at any time, I still postpone suicide, because I know that there is a better method that is still not available to me, which will someday become available if I take any actions for this. It's unpleasant to have to wait a long time. I may have to wait more than a year or more. This is terrible. In short, I would say yes.
What about you?


File: 1580119077806.jpg (11.14 KB, 500x324, 125:81, strange-game.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Have you considered the "jumping" method? There's not too much requirements, just climb on top of a very tall building, then jump

I'm russian too, btw


File: 1580153860738.jpg (178.84 KB, 862x1280, 431:640, 458.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Have you considered the "jumping" method?
Естественно. Я рассматривал практически все возможные методы.
>There's not too much requirements, just climb on top of a very tall building, then jump
Физических требований не так уж и много, однако нужна невероятная сила воли, чтобы спрыгнуть с высокого здания. К тому же где мне найти высотку? Даже если я её найду, то как мне забраться на крышу? В моём городе есть 25 этажные здания, но я не знаю, как забраться наверх, а с хрущёвки прыгать не хочется.
Мне не терпится именно застрелиться. Не хочу ощущать течение времени перед смертью. Не хочу чувствовать падение, я жажду, чтобы всё произошло мгновенно. Даже если будет адская боль от пули в голове, то это будет длиться не больше одной секунды, что выигрышно, можно потерпеть.
>I'm russian too, btw
На каких бордах ещё сидишь?


У меня просто батя как раз живет в 15 этажном доме, вот я и думал воспользоваться случаем и спрыгнуть с крыши этого дома


Это было бы идеально, но требований для получения огнестрельного оружия реально много

>На каких бордах ещё сидишь?

На бордах почти не сижу, иногда только захожу на форчан и лэйнчан



I'm surprised we never had a poetry thread. The nice thing about short poems, is that you can do more than recommend a good poem, you can post the whole thing right here and it can be read in 2 minutes.

I've never been able to fully understand poetry, its strange to me. Its like a combination of essay, fiction, and music. It dwells on the same topics as philosophy but in a more indirect symbolic way.

For me at least, the technical aspects of poetry, the rhyming was a distraction. The sing-song nature of it takes away some of the seriousness. And I never understood the point. Although now that I enjoy music more, I at least partially understand the power of rhythm.

I think a good place to start for people not into poetry, is with non-rhyming translated poems. Then you don't have to focus on the lyricism or the formality. You can just listen to the story, or comprehend the philosophy. Its like a strange stream of consciousness prose writing. Translated poetry that does rhyme is a different beast. It feels like the translator is writing a new poem.

If you have any original new poems, feel free to post them here.
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Enjoyed that book too. His collected letters are also quite interesting. Great poet.


i've been reading a lot of wallace stevens, here's one of his most famous poems, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird"


Among twenty snowy mountains,
The only moving thing
Was the eye of the blackbird.


I was of three minds,
Like a tree
In which there are three blackbirds.

The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.
It was a small part of the pantomime.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



“Our life is a false nature,—'tis not in
The harmony of things, this hard decree,
This uneradicable taint of sin,
This boundless Upas, this all-blasting tree
Whose root is earth, whose leaves and branches be
The skies, which rain their plagues on men like dew—
Disease, death, bondage—all the woes we see—
And worse, the woes we see not—which throb through
The immedicable soul, with heart-aches ever new.”


I've read a fair share of poetry, but I don't get anything from it. I don't understand its appeal. Like, why do people like Les Fleurs du mal? I don't get it. Can someone explain why they like it?


File: 1580183549931.jpg (7.89 KB, 186x293, 186:293, 412JLKqvNCL._SY291_BO1,204….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Late in August 1914, Trakl left Innsbruck for Galicia as a lieutenant attached to the Medical Corps of the Austrian army. After the battle of Grodek, he was put in charge of ninety serious casualties whom–as a mere dispensing chemist hampered by the shortage of medical supplies–he could do almost nothing to help. One of the wounded shot himself through the head in Trakl's presence. Outside the barn where these casualties were housed a number of deserters had been hanged on trees. It was more than Trakl could bear. He either threatened or attempted suicide, with the result that he was removed to Cracow for observation as a mental case. His last poems, "Klage" (Lament) and "Grodek" were written at this time. (13)
Sleep and death, the dusky eagles
Around this head swoop all night long;
Eternity's icy wave
Would swallow the golden image
Of man; against horrible reefs
His purple body is shattered.
And the dark voice laments
Over the sea.
Sister of stormy sadness,
Look a timid dinghy goes down
Under stars,
The silent face of the night.



This thread is for the wizards who are already homeless or are about to be. Please be sure to give useful and relevant tips and information for survival and safety.
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this post reeks of feminine typing. everyone can tell you are a succubus, your retarded succubi way of thinking is manifested so deeply within you that you cant hide it. also, you are not obliged to respond to every post directed towards you.


File: 1579937069137.jpg (437.3 KB, 2008x1503, 2008:1503, 1578889372566.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't feed the trolls, please.


File: 1580152885345.gif (495.72 KB, 400x361, 400:361, 1551980125497.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Do any of you try to go to school while homeless? I've been studying at a community college for 2 semesters now and I will be living in my car again soon. Before when I was homeless and not in school I never told anyone and had no problem but now I'm getting money from the government to go to school and I'm afraid they will stop paying for me if I don't have an address to use. I've heard that if I talk to a homeless shelter person and ask if I can use their address I will be alright if they let me use it, but I'm too shy to ask and I don't have the money to rent a p.o. box. Anyone with similar issues? what did you do?


Some churches and shelters are cool with you using their address if you tell them your story and that you are actually trying to get back on your feet.

I am guessing you can't reach out to any family in town to at least accept your mail even if they can't/won't house you.

Thing is, when it comes to shyness you really have to get the fuck over it in certain situations even if it makes you uncomfortable if you want any chance of getting off the streets.
It may be hard but it ain't no where as hard as the shit you end up having to go through living on the street for extended periods. Just get it over with and talk to the people you need to talk to so you can be done with it and be on track to a better life. Don't trap yourself due to bad decitions related to avoiding mild social discomfort.


Did you have to explain your entire life to them or do they just want proof of your homelessness with a short story? Will something like "I live in my car and need an address" work? I really don't like talking about personal life, even on here I'm hesitant, and telling them about my entire life just to get a fucking street address is unimaginable to me, I would break down in shame.

If it's just a little backstory about my situation I may be able to muster some courage to do it, but I'm not willing to talk in deep detail.

All my family lives in other states or overseas. If I use their address then I won't be able to apply for in-state tuition here, which would make school unaffordable for me. I hope bernie wins so I won't have to deal with this fucking scam anymore.


File: 1579429232293.jpg (140.63 KB, 850x638, 425:319, 1578619828783.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


ITT, post the last thing you fapped to.
Let's be tasteful and share the nice things!

Some places where you can find an image source before asking:

Previous thread: >>232639
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>Googling for hentai on a surveillance phone
100% pure concentrated plebian



truth hurts


Right back at you.


File: 1580201173716.png (258.17 KB, 549x560, 549:560, 1515017868298.png) ImgOps iqdb

>no one gives a shit what you fap to
>ITT, post the last thing you fapped to.


File: 1578182785910.jpg (364.23 KB, 1160x774, 580:387, download (2).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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it's really embarassing to have bipolar episodes, just yelled at some succubus in extreme anger because she wouldn't mind her own business even though i was already pissed off, when this happens i yell all kinds of shit that makes me look like a total crazy dude and i can't control it. afterwards it feels extremelly uncomfortable to think about what happened in a clear state of mind and eventually something like this will get me in trouble even though i would never physically attack someone and i just want to be left alone. i am pretty sure that some people in my area know me as a crazy retard because they saw me snap at some point


I’m so fucking sick of dealing with chronic pain. My life is just an endless stream of suffering. Just make it stop, please for fuck’s sake I can’t take it anymore.


I can relate anon, Try to write reviews in a notebook or your head in order to feel productive, but I don't think you're gonna make it tho


are you sure you're bipolar? it sounds more like people and strangers keep fucking with you, anyone would snap and constantly be on edge under those circumstances


bipolar episodes last for weeks at a time and have a ton of other symptoms. What you had was a momentary loss of control of your emotions. That's normal.

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File: 1525011872786.jpg (315.88 KB, 1000x1098, 500:549, DBFZ_2D_PS4_Pegi_150851362….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I seriously want to play fighting games but i fucking suck at them, how do i get good?
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File: 1579513225303.webm (395.29 KB, 594x360, 33:20, _video.webm) ImgOps iqdb

DJ's TOD variation


SC6 is going guest-star a Samurai Showdown character…


File: 1580087493131.webm (2.33 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 21000101 212aaa24e3.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Wooooooo… Watah!


File: 1580088161378.webm (3.56 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 21000101 21151224aa.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Dictator TOD


File: 1580177973650.webm (4.73 MB, 320x240, 4:3, _WellmadeDamagedGuineapig.webm) ImgOps iqdb

SSFIIX combos


File: 1578797236748.jpg (55.25 KB, 770x510, 77:51, metallica.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Are there any underground forums/chans/means of accessing the internet?

I have been browsing forums and such for 10 years but things have been really boring for the past 7. I do not know if I just got old or what.

I dont know anything about programming but I was wondering if there were darknet/zeronet type forums/imageboards out there, especially after 8chan got shut down.

These days even YouTube is 100% normified and it is impossible to find anything without sifting through dozens of videos of
people who make dozens of vlogs and post their face in every thumbnail.

I also feel like Im too old for the general internet, and video games and anime became so mainstream even that stuff is alienating.
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Why was >>235251 included in your response?


Not really funny since most of those faggots are probably jailhouse fags. I don't think "billions" of females browse 8chan.


why is there no /pol/


File: 1580163329860.png (18.65 KB, 1809x116, 1809:116, woah.png) ImgOps iqdb

/pol/ is /pnd/ now
Looks like it's filled with feds and agent provocateurs now. I think writing posts like this can get you jailed.


How the hell is front 242 popular? Wtf am I in twilight zone?



Since the 2016 election, 4chan has been increasingly pushed into a paradigm where 4chan has to be the opposite of reddit. That sentiment and paradigm existed before but after the election, the identity of 4chan became about being as racist and Xphobic as possible and really nothing else. 4chan previously had been about free speech, which naturally tolerated racism, and secondarily it was a place for socially marginalized individuals. Normalfaggots had been seeping in through the cracks but there was always an undercurrent that what distinguished 4chan from reddit was that it wasn’t for “normies”. All that changed after the election. When 4chan started using the “soiboy” image, the identity of the site shifted to an entirely political identity and in fact this new political basis would lead to the disenfranchisement of the oldest and truest 4chan users. Since the identity of the site was now about the conservative chad vs. the liberal basedboy, the floodgates were flung open so normalfags could really flood in and feel at home like never before. Naturally a concurrent event was a new association with Christianity and capitalism. 4chan had finally been entirely subsumed into the monstrous paradigm of politics. If you protested, you’d just be called a basedboy who can’t find a succubus to marry and have kids with. Just the same as if you protested to the political identity of reddit, you’d be called a virgin neckbeard who can’t find succubi to party with. Thus it was only natural, the avatar of that socially marginalized oldfag, wojak, would become the ultimate symbol of this new “soiboy” political effigy.

Tl;dr: 4chan’s goose was cooked as soon as it endorsed a political candidate
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This is true. Read books if you want intellectual honesty. This entire culture and the entire internet is about entertainment for emotionally deprived people in a poisonous modern environment. The internet has just amplified this unification of entertainment and the intellectual. Institutions are necessary for human intellectual experience and the internet is just a sludge of the craven needs of psychologically fucked up populations.


Ban this fucker. Nobody should be allowed to call anyone a “loser” on this site.


>There is rarely any intellectual honesty involved.
not disagreeing with you, but intellectual honesty is an incredibly rare virtue. majority people are too proud to admit one of their beliefs or thoughts was wrong or ill-conceived, ESPECIALLY in the an argumentative context, like the one that perpetually clouds the internet. not to mention the fact that almost everyone is stupid and uninformed and quite content with it.


That’s okay. If anyone considers themselves a crab instead of a volcel at this point then they need to fuck off.


It's divide and conquer in the internet age.

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