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All you need to begin drawing is a pencil and some paper

Feel free to post any drawings of yours in this thread. Illustration, doodle, traditional, digital - anything goes. Discussion on skillbuilding techniques and fair critique of other wizards' work is welcome.

last thread
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File: 1660314967771.png (1.05 MB, 2100x1500, 7:5, robots.png) ImgOps iqdb

doodled some silly robots (some from timesplitters)




The pork addicts are going to lynch you for not doodling Gretel.


I haven't drawn regularly since I was in middle school but I'd like to pick it back up, what is some good material I could read/watch to improve?


>what is some good material I could read/watch to improve?
You already shot yourself in the foot by opening yourself to academic material touting advice on a creative artform

Drawing isn't like buying a new car or computer game. You don't need to research beforehand. You just think of something you'd like to have a drawing of, then try to draw it. If it or any part of it doesn't look good to you, reflect on why, and challenge what you came to figure by redrawing it until it does look good. If you appreciate certain styles, like classic fine arts or anime, just look at works drawn in those styles and decipher what makes them unique, find out on your own what rules the artists may have been following, then apply those rules to your own drawings moving forward. The only drawing advice (except mine of course) that you should be open to is how people feel about what you've drawn. If you draw something that looks good, share it with others who you believe will enjoy it. If you draw something that looks off and can't figure out why on your own, post it and ask others for their opinion

The only way you're going to get anything drawn that you feel good about is if you just start drawing. Now amount of books about "how to shade a sphere the way Aldrich Fartenhuffer did in 1487" and "how to break human anatomy down in to these simple 1,200 geometric shapes" is going to make you any better of an artist if 99% of your time spent on the hobby isn't spent creating your own works, studying others' works intensely, and receiving opinions about what you've made.

If you enjoyed drawing freely from your imagination as a kid, you'll enjoy it now, so just start drawing.

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Name the most obscure anime shows out there in the deep dark reaches of the internet that most people don’t know about
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for now its most likely its hiwous war cronicles weirdly despite being 1st bones anime that aired in 2000s (and translated MUCH later) its seems to be lesser known than zambot3 daitarn3 or even wings of rean (yeah im a tominofag)


also im trying to download triton of sea thats the last tomino cartoon i need to watch but been stuck at 44% for like 3months now THAT probs will be obscurest shit ive wasted my time on


>diff between lvl 5 and lvl 6 is too big
>EOE lvl 4
>LOGH lvl 1
not bad overall but some pretty bizarre choices


Good > Obscure


I watched Hiwou's recently, I think it's really neat. Love me sum Bones

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Book discussion.
Previous thread: >>54504

So it's been about a year since I read Arabian Nights (>>54901, >>54902) and last night I was staring at the ceiling before going to bed and out of nowhere felt like going through it again and started reading. Not sure why, I think it's because it turns out it's my favorite literary work out there. This was not obvious to me until very recently but it's becoming clearer now. Let's see how a second reading feels like. I feel like this book is everything I look for in literature. Weird fantasy, horror, mystery. It feels exotic and outlandish and you never follow the same people for long. You catch them at the turn of the tide, just before the angel of death comes for them. It races through this odd, tragic world at a steady pace, highlighting the shitshow that is humanity. Beasts, monsters, men and succubi who in their fear and ignorance become even more cruel and unpredictable than a Djinn. Ghouls feeding their young with the flesh of a young prince. Warm colors of a beautiful palace, where the powerful fill their stomachs with delicate pastries in a hurry, before their inevitable demise. The peaceful, lulling sounds of a gentle breeze in the desert. Dromedaries feeding on the flowers of an Acacia tree under a clear bright sky. Fishermen dreaming about rings of sorcery inside the belly of a blue tilapia. Forgotten ruins, forgotten, sleeping demons. I want to go back to those places again and when you read it, for a moment, you're there.

Also I got a warning for posting 'test' on the previous thread. Apologies, I wanted to check if it was still bumping and forgot to delete it.
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I don't know the details but as far as I know, Proust secluded himself for various years while he was writing In Search of Lost Time. He even covered the walls of his room with cork to reduce the sounds from outside. The whole series is thus an intense exercise of meditation and introspection by Proust.During that time he only left his house to go to social rooms and "gather data" for his work.


I posted in the wrong thread last time, oops. I finished Heralds of the siege and I was not disappointed. On to Titandeath and I am shocked at how boring it manages to be, that's a feat considering I've read books about the lives of monks. All the characters of the book are unlikable(to me), the setting and descriptions particular to the story are mediocre at best. Vengeful Spirit did what this entire book did in ~50 pages, with interesting characters. I will power through anyway, should the book bring anything good I'll be sure to post it here. But be assured, 3 chapters in and it's the worst novel of the entire Heresy, beating even battle for the abyss.


I tried my best but the novel defeated me. I tried and tried for the last week but titandeath is truly the worst the heresy has to offer. And I am even discounting the all-succubi cult of lesbians:

‘I hear you lie with each other,’ he scoffed.

‘We do,’ she said, and glanced at him. ‘A human body has its needs. Like I said, we share everything.’

I always go into a book with an open mind, but even that was not enough. Still I will read all the combat and politics sections, then move on to the buried dagger.


File: 1660626449398.jpg (26.78 KB, 327x416, 327:416, leo_tolstoy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Leo Tolstoy

Painful but pretty on point read. To put it simple without many details, this little novel is about the life of a wage slave that has followed the supposedly righteous life according to society standards, but when sickness arrives and with it, impending death too, this man questions if his life was worth living and the painful answer is no.
The dude studied, made a career, got a wife, started a family and yet he can't feel any sense of fulfillment. These things were more a facade and the mere endorsement to society expectations. The protagonist can only feel disappointment about his life and his relations and absolute despair when faced with the unknown void.
All of this might sounds cliche but Tolstoy genius is unmatched when representing that visceral fear of death. In fact, even if a cliche theme, death in general is something rarely considered by the average human. As the protagonist of this novel, we are submerged in our daily lifes, in our routine, in our projects. Death is not something to think about of and even the death of somebody relatively close is a mere hindrance in our routine. But a careful meditation of the fact that death is imminent and unavoidable can make you sleepless and pass through some of those tortuous nights…
A problem without solution and the realization that your time is irrevocable over. This little book hit me hard. My father, your average and honest factory worker sustaining a family, died of brain cancer after decaying and agonizing for several months and I couldn't stop remembering him while reading this and I believe he knew he was dying months before the diagnosis.

>They had supper and went away, and Ivan Ilyich was left alone with the consciousness that his life was poisoned and was poisoning the lives of others, and that this poison did not weaken but penetrated more and more deeply into his whole being. With this consciousness, and with physical pain besides the terror, he must go to bed, often to lie awake the greater part of the night. Next morning he had to get up again, dress, go to the law courts, speak, and write; or if he did not go out, spend at home those twenty-four hours a day each of which was a torture. And he had to live thus all alone on the brink of an abyss, with no one who understood or pitied him.


The final part of titandeath at least had some cool battles, my favorite part is sanguinius taking down a imperator titan like it is child's play. So titandeath it's not as bad as Battle for the Abyss, but some sections of the book really don't sit well with me. I truly believe that editing out the parts would make it a much better work. The Buried Dagger was quite cool, Mortarion getting backstabbed by Typhus was very funny, Garro (the guy with the sword Libertas) gets freedom to do whatever he wants which I thought was very fitting. My only nitpick is Garviel Loken acting like a douche the whole book, for no reason whatsoever, even the way he refuses to follow the other Knights is disrespectful, specially considering he was in the presence of the emperor just a few moments before. The Solar War, unfortunately, Perturabo is written like a retard, shame he is one my favorite characters. Anyway, the book is very good, full of symbolism and daemonic shenanigans, exactly the way I like it. Also it's funny that the author himself calls the emperor Space Hitler in the afterword.
Here is my favorite moment of the buried dagger:
‘Grulgor…’ sneered Typhon. ‘Well met, brother.’
‘Not quite,’ gurgled the creature, eyeing him up and down.
‘Daemon!’ Mortarion called. ‘You begged to kill for me, so I give you freedom to do so. You are oath-sworn to my command, and it is this – destroy Typhon!’
‘Is that what you wish?’ The Eater’s giant podgy arm shot out with uncanny speed and clasped the First Captain before he could draw back, shaking him violently. Mutated talon-fingers clasped around Typhon’s throat and began to contract.
Mortarion watched, grim-faced, as the daemon spawn strangled his comrade, ignoring every blow that Typhon rained down upon it. Finally, Typhon began to choke and splutter, as oily matter spurted from his gagging mouth and the monstrous tear in his body.
‘I fulfil my oath,’ snarled the creature, leering into the face of his victim.
Then the timbre and cadence of Typhon’s dying exhalations changed. The death-rattle shifted, becoming a hate-filled, spiteful sound. The First Captain was laughing – and the Grulgor-thing joined in with him.
The claws released and Typhon staggered back, spitting out broken stumps of teeth and gobs of black mucus.
Mortarion started forward. Another betrayal? His thoughts roared againsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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What does /dep/ think of his suicide? He had everything going for him but he had mental issues. Yet you guys and me don't have the balls to kill ourselves.
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He was probably just attention seeking and didn't expect to actually die when he jumped off that bridge. He probably just wanted to become the centre of a discussion on mental health in mainstream normalfag youtuber circles and to receive praise and social approval for being so brave living with mental illness. He got what he wanted but not in the way he had hoped for since his little larp genuinely worked and he actually died instead of just deliberately injuring himself as he had planned and now he's not around to receive all the "clout" he wanted.


Actually makes me cringe that this nigger got a whole hour long documentary by that faggot 'The Right Opinion.'


>nobody has it 'easy' in life
lol yes they do, you stupid faggot. Normalfags have life on tutorial mode. Good looking people are a whole universe apart from the hellvoid suffering of subhumans.


Watching a bunch of people who didn't even know who he was come out of the woodwork after he died to pretend they cared was just depressing. And all the drama youtubers making their shitty video essays. Just gross.

Weird thread though, OP. Lots of retarded discussion.

Who even knows. I don't think they care about having a coherent worldview.


>didn't expect to actually die when he jumped off that bridge.
How can you think you'd survive that jump? He obviously knew he'd die.


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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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midjourney is cool. had to learn discord to use it though. it is a weird way to sell a service… im using it to create art in the style of all my favorite dead artists, places things and times they simply missed out on. contemporary japanese scenes and landscapes done by european artists. so many of them lived and died penniless unable to even travel, but with technology their style lives on. maybe it could be improved, surely it will, but even so at the current level it's deeply impressive and i keep seeing incredible and surprising things. i love this


eye drop bottles are intentionally small containers so you use them up under x months, so when they inevitably become dirty and nonsterile by that point they are basically gone. also they are >99% water and just a few ingredients server the ocular lubricant by weight and cost

the perfect snake oil scam


Yes it is serfdom


I was just hiking and suddenly, without warning, I felt happy for a brief second. Like, actual happiness. Then it was gone. Very weird.


Being alone with a beating heart in nature has that effect

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I don't have positive reasons to live. I only have negative reasons to live, that is reasons only to avoid things. The negative reasons are that I'd make my parents miserable if I offed myself, and that I'd possibly end up in hell or some similar shit place in the afterlife if there is an afterlife and a hell or similar. I don't pretend to know with confidence if there is or isn't an afterlife, but I've spent enough time on philosophy, religious studies, and afterlife research (such as it is) to know that the possibility hasn't been ruled out by any means.

Do you have any positive reasons to live? What are they? Any advice on how I can get some? Some background info that might be relevant is that I have a job that pays decently and is easy, so at that level my situation doesn't need much improvement, although I do worry about losing the job and becoming a poorfag almost daily; if I don't this job, I will not have even one thing going for me in my life, and I doubt I could ever get another even half as good.
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I thought you were deluded nope, you’re pure crazy moron. Everything you said is insane and you just say even if you’re in worst condition just think posive. I really can’t believe how there are so many insane, deluded morons in wizchan. I’m legit thinking about quitting this place just to not read retarded shits like this. I always wondered what happened to older wizards , I think they just can’t tolerate this insanity anymore and they just leave.


I think the real wizards are dead already. Depression is hard to be=at and suicide seems the best option. Also where will you go if you leave wizchan? Theres no where else like this place.


not him but i think its better to be alone than in some poser voice chat clique on discord trying to one up each other constantly


I have refused to accept “defeat”. I will not let reality, the world, or people break me. Killing myself would be to give in to them. And I’m not living out of spite, I still enjoy some media and drugs, I just refuse to let anyone or anything ruin or take these away from me.


If any of you have abusive parents you should live your life knowing they never made you kys


File: 1660830605107.jpg (46.81 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 109448025_155898386088420_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do I cope with being unable to fap for medical reasons while being a virgin and an extreme anti social person?
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You’re gonna have to be more specific then. You a eunuch or some shit?


There are ways to pleasure yourself sexually through anal play.


I have severe POIS and it's getting even worse now


some gay shit right there, that's clearly not the lord's way


There is no "cope" for not being able to have a fap, but for the same reason there's no way to "cope" with not being able to willingly smash your toe against a corner. Fapping is a drug and you should be relieved that there's now an extra barrier between you and nutting hard. Stop buying in to the idea that sex is valuable and a must-have. Some people have sex, others don't, it's just how it is and if you're one of the people who don't, then so what? Enjoy being STD-free. When your body becomes restless with desire just do some exercise instead. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that the pump and burn of a good workout feels like cumming, and as someone who has cum in to all sorts of silicone holes, and lifted all kinds of heavy stuff, I can agree that shredding muscles feels just as good as tugging glans.

Anyone suggesting anal play needs to pop some horse dewormer. Men have no erogenous nerves anywhere in, on, or round the ass. When "men" cum from stuffing the butt, it's either because they're pounding the prostate, which is downright dangerous, or they're so mentally unhinged that the thoughts running through their head are what make them blow loads. With that, we move on to your second option: Mental Masturbation. Yes men can induce orgasms with their mind. It's tricky to learn but once you "get it" it becomes something you can do anywhere, anytime. If you've ever had a wet dream, it's like that. The full sensation of fapping (or even better), but with 0 genital contact. Just sit and imagine whatever fantasies strike your fancy and put a lot of focus on your penis and how it would be feeling in that scenario.

If you fell for the aphantasia meme then scrap all that.


File: 1660781595185.png (405.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1652811696123.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why are you a wizard? Not asking about free will or other philosophical stuff, just plain simple reason of why are you a wizard. Me? I just can't deal well with succubi in general, maybe a little autismo, who knows. I'm 28.
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I am not a normalfag and i find them disgusting, bland and boring.
Simple as.


not interested in romance, physical contact, or relationships in general. to become nonvirgin at this point is unforseeable, it's all negatives to me. if it's just pleasure i'm fine jerking off.


File: 1660836069456.jpg (58.33 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1633758001023.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i was always a loser i had no other choice


File: 1660836971727.jpg (28.88 KB, 463x456, 463:456, ad3791e0d1dd6b1b3673da56a4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I'm ugly, boring and stupid.

Luckily I'm a natural repellent for succubi.


File: 1658097820518.jpg (332.05 KB, 1280x1808, 80:113, 1656176988995.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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What's your age and your country? Simple as, no hiding question or anything, just what's your age and country? My? I'm 28 years old from Brazil.
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File: 1659222070996.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pandora.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sadly. that is true.


What we learned from the Night of The Long Knives and how Hitler silenced Strasserism at the first chance he got is that you should never, never trust right-wingers when it comes to social justice, wealth redistribution and taking care of the poor.



68. Donetsk People's Republic.


22, Philippines


Orban is the savior of the white race.

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File: 1656374280743.gif (1.59 MB, 245x269, 245:269, b181d-tumblr_nrlueqov5a1ty….gif) ImgOps iqdb

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Oh shit, edition

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get another job, its not like that everywhere…


You literally leave if it's like that. No questions asked. Don't ever turn up again and start applying for another job.


Lmfao. Based.


File: 1660821446021.jpeg (6.2 KB, 257x196, 257:196, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Been working at this warehouse packaging things. I make 17$ a hour and work 40 hour weeks to 6 to 2:30pm. Looks like there going to train me to work in metal shop since I asked for a transfer since I eventually want to be a metal fabricator some day and having experience on paper will help me get more money somewhere else once get what I need here. Hopefully I'll find a job closer to home,It's only 20 mins or more away but gas is a bit annoying. Also the reason for becoming a metal fabricator or something like that is because I live in Pennsylvania which you can make some extra cash since there's so many positions available. Hopefully I'll star making around 23 or 25 soon in the future. That way I can get my own place so it's less annoying and less little children running around.I posted previously in here from these post here


Having to interact people at work kills my whole wizardly shmood.

I just want a quiet life, yet I'm denied it.

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File: 1660268225042.png (3.21 MB, 1510x1006, 755:503, Old Japanese people talkin….png) ImgOps iqdb


Do you ever wonder what it will be like to get old, I mean truly old, and never have a lifetime of experiences to look back on and reminisce about? If you end up in some old folks home and some person asks you about your life, what will you have to tell them? Some old childhood stories so dusty and decrepit you can barely remember them? You could talk about what your opinions about the world are, based on what you've read, but when it comes to talking about how you actually impacted the world or influenced it? What will you have to say? What good is having opinions on stuff if it never leads to any sort of actionable outcome?

I have realized by now my cowardice means I will probably never kill myself. I will just continue on like this for perhaps the rest of my life. This prospect has started to terrify me.

Ultimately it is your actions that define you and give you a sense of self and belonging in the world. A year is a long time, you could do a lot of stuff in it and if you have many dozens of years of life it's only natural to rack up experiences that test your character and show you who you are. I don't like thinking that I was just a coward who was too afraid to put myself to the test and just hid away and rotted. It's almost like you're not even a real person, just some ghost that never even existed.

I feel an immense sense of loss when imagining myself ending up like this. I can't even remember my life since the 10+ years I became a shut-in. It all just blurs together. What if that's what it will be like when I'm 80?

I'm wondering if anyone else can relate to this feeling of dread and unwillingness to become a ghost instead of a full person?
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>one day then why waste your time living?
because i am not him and i don't delude myself that i can became a hero, i know that, i am too pussy and too low energy for that.


That's okay but he said he would do it one day for 100%, I quote. If he is confident he will die via suicide then he should do it already.


>Plato and greeks of that time were ultra-gay boyfuckers
You've never read Plato, have you?
The phrase "Platonic love" is a thing for a reason.
And in later works Plato explicitly rejected homosexuality.
You probably just heard one of the famous quotes (out of context) from the Symposium or the Phaedrus.
Read The Laws and find out what Plato really thought about faggots.


Out of all posters in history of wizchan pro-natalist poster you’re the worst one. I still cannot understand what are you doing in wizchan and why mods still don’t ban you. I think you just like to troll virgins and you’re probably married man with a children.


i do actions via the computer and the internet. really there is no difference to me one is more realistic but is tedious, the other less realistic but more convenient. pretty sure by the time i reach ripe old age, being a techie or digital citizen will be normalized. kids already grow up only playing digital games with each other, not going outside to play. no one wants to do anything because the internet exists. i dont worry about that at all


File: 1660755591070.jpeg (2.03 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 70A74AE4-E98B-4451-A93B-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I got my first sex toy at about 16 years old. I’ve never seen the point of simpng when I can literally buy clean pussy I can use whenever I want. The only thing I lack in life is infancy since I can’t buy a dog at my shit apartment. My few efriends are flakey as fuck. The few onahole groups around are all filled with raging homosexuals who are themselves holes and drink their own cum out of their toys unfortunately. Sucks not having anyone to talk pussy collecting with, that aren’t expecting you to jerk off with them.
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Light is literally set to 1% if the fact there’s no shadows didn’t give it away?


wizards on grindr


This is one of the worst non-troll threads I've ever seen on /dep/.


Well I didn’t buy it to fuck it.


I wish I could fap, I would be the happiest person on earth :/


File: 1660819209710.jpg (34.67 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 371170a8f401bc260898d89893….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I know it is not a wizardy thing to vent but you know, Everyone goes through some hardest times and words can't express my feelings right now you know all my life have been eat sleep watch anime, drinking tons of caffeine, play vidya games then repeat , got a useless degree can't work a proper job due to lack of connections mental health conditions, only garbage shitty jobs left which well not make you go anywhere in life, I just go back in time to find out if there is a good memory left but there isn't all cringe and disgrace, don't have money to even get out of fucking country or start new shit, dam it god i need a 2nd chance this life doesn't count it sucks from all aspects probably i am going to hell anyways, the only time i feel good when i am daydreaming being rich or some kind hero in movies or animes i know sounds pathetic. some destined for greatness others the earth spins around the sun and fucks them.
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I will use fucking vpn next time scumbag thx for telling me fucking mods


>don't have money to even get out of fucking country


File: 1660822701985.jpg (232.8 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, weird deepsea fish.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A lot of animals have a less stressful and more interesting life than third world human beings.

I would love to live as a bird like eagle or crow for 10-20 years then die off.

Way more interesting, fulfilling and fun than being a sweaty hairless ape in a cubicle or factory working there 8 hours a day because he was born to poor parents and has no other alternative.


File: 1660824691217.jpg (16.8 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 1642954959641.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't need your IP address to know where you are from. Linguistic analysis is good enough for me.


You are quite deluded about the life histories of most animals if you think they have it better than even actual slaves.


File: 1660183914712.jpg (135.87 KB, 680x693, 680:693, 1640962659918.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The revelation of modernity is that nature has no inherent values. All the sacred precepts and eternal truths that the masses cling to, all of their lies, are revealed to be nothing more than delusions. And while the majority find this too much to bear, there are a few who are able to find liberation from the realization that "everything is permitted".

Nothing that the people say has any value. Their morality, their ambitions, their parades, their life and death, all are meaningless. We are all just actors, playing our part that has been derived from the desires that have been implanted in us from nature. And I intend to play my part well!
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File: 1660780813383.jpg (32.9 KB, 356x470, 178:235, genia-rubin-le-philosophe-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hegels theory is that history is linear and that at the end we all become bourgeoise slave beasts who only want comfort because now we are all free and equal. so it seems the end goal of liberalism and those who want and end to history is that we become last men, or slaves without masters
Yes, this was the end goal, a homogenized global earth where we are all free and equal and we all listen to hippty hop and drink coca cola.

If wizies want to read a philosopher who predicted the modern times, read kojeve


Thanks for the rec anon. I've wanted to read more about Hegelianism without having to actually read the ramblings of Hegel himself.


>No, you
Excellent argument.

That is just baseless optimism. People never will be equal and free. If anything, history will end in ultra exploitation and tyranny if you ask me. A strong caste system like in ancient India, only the few select families will live a decent or great life while the masses will be left to rot away in wageslavery.


File: 1660825836991.jpg (12.85 KB, 325x325, 1:1, 1620842732148.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You ask me whether I can prove that sense perception is absolutely correct and I cannot. I ask you whether you can prove that rational intuition is absolutely correct and you cannot. It seems we are at an impasse here, my friend.


Memes are not valid arguements.


File: 1660612289987.jpg (68.81 KB, 940x700, 47:35, 552255.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any wizzies that used to be atheists but stopped? If you are willing to share, what made you change?
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> greater good
This is one of most dumbest copes.
He is supposed to be all powerful, all knowing and most benevolent being.
And yet here we are.


It's obviously lies, I just wanted to hear his excuses.

>free will
The whole story goes down the drain with this. Free will and Providence are mutually exclusive. You either say that everything happens according to God's plan (so no free will) or you believe in something like theism, meaning God only created the world but he doesn't influence its events any further. You can't have both free will and God arranging things according to some plan.

According to lore, God created us and demons too. Yet we don't fulfill the purpose he created us for. So he made us on purpose to be evil and rebels that he could serve "justice" on us? He is like an artist who paints a picture wrong on purpose and then says how shit the painting is and expects the painting to be the Mona Lisa.

What you are saying with the whole "suffering and evil serve a greater good" thing is that you refuse to make judgments for yourself based on how the world is. Jesus said himself that the good tree is known by its fruit, no? So God can be judged based on his creations. His creations - us - are full of faults (according to his expectations and values) so the creator isn't perfect at all. Or he is perfect but trolling with us. That is, if we accept the Christian narrative in the first place, which we shouldn't do.

>may have
More baseless assumptions and white-knighting for one of the worst theologies or God-images in the history of humanity. People should just accept that Christianity is full of plotholes and logical errors because it is a mix of different theological systems.


Charles Darwin completely destroyed your hebrew mythology. Who is the anti-science? I maybe a midwit but at least I don’t believe in discredited lies and fraud creation myths.


Charles Darwin was a devout Christian.


He didn’t visit a church single time after his discovery of evolution. Just read his biography


File: 1660117349926.png (92.86 KB, 442x438, 221:219, 1657882194073.png) ImgOps iqdb

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why do people care if i have a job or not? i am a neet because i inherited enough money to not work for a while, my rent is 360 and i have a 150k, i could live like this for 5 years and not make a meaningful dent but everyone around me (family) bitches at me saying i should get a job, but why? why are normies so obsessed with work and being "productive" dont they want to be comfy as well?
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Are we supposed to pity wageslaves or look up to them? Get your story straight already.


File: 1660818709036.gif (1.18 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1593311543474.gif) ImgOps iqdb

OP is like Che Guevara about to hold a speech about rebellion and opression after he apologizes that he's late because his three maidens weren't fast enough jerking him off this morning in his mansion, anyway let's burn those fuckers who oppress us right?
Others here defending him don't get the point, I'm not going to complain about how shitty life is while simultaneously bragging about all the things I have that others probably haven't, while reinforcing your feelings by relating to fictional characters who objectively are in a worse situation, there is no need to preach about unrealistic solutions if you want to bring attention to a social problem. If anything it comes off as ignorant and delusional about having no idea how real life for most of us works.

It's obvious that people who 'made' it also have problems, look at all those rockstars killing themselves. They don't go around saying, oh I have everything, I am so awesome, others are at fault for me feeling bad. They probably off themselves because they know that no matter what they have, life can still suck for everybody.


>goes to college, gets a degree, or works
So those who already chose the normalfag lifestyle and continue to shit up the site?

On wizardchan and even fresh wizchan the wagecrabs were not allowed to post outside of their containment thread and any post telling someone to get a job or whining about how hard working is would have their post deleted.

Wagecrabs are just failed normancrab masochists trying to integrate wizards into suffering instead of a comfy neet life.


>On wizardchan and even fresh wizchan the wagecrabs were not allowed to post outside of their containment thread and any post telling someone to get a job or whining about how hard working is would have their post deleted.

That's not true in the slightest.


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File: 1613143570126.jpg (515.77 KB, 1196x1178, 598:589, frog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I remember playing videos that I thought where cool when I was younger and annoying older wizards


anyone curl into their netgear? there is a authorization popup thing that displays within browsers for logging in, i'm having trouble getting anything to work. i originally thought you could just pass the username/password with the url and from then on supply requests with whatever cookie or authorization info it returns for interacting with the rest of the site. not so


Serious question to wizzies who know how to code: Is it possible for a nearly 30 yr old to still learn valuable coding skills?

I'm really getting into Html and python atm and I think I'm able to pick up on stuff when I'm not being too lazy.


learning to code isnt too hard. the hard part is joining another team and contributing and interacting with others and using the same tools as them, having a boss, doing reviews, fixing other peoples stuff. im guessing. i read about the sctra stuff that programmers and coders do for a their jobs and it doesnt sound fun. anyone can just learn programming though, as long as BASIC variants still exist


Yes, but I recommend getting into javascript because browser integration, runs it in browser console, runs in extension, runs in bookmarklets and runs in userscript managers like Tampermonkey, allowing to get used faster because is visual and can be used to solve your daily browser problems. E.g: redirecting Youtube to CloudTube.
var url = window.location.hostname
window.location.hostname = url.replace('www.youtube.com', 'tube.cadence.moe')

Some sites you can get userscripts:

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File: 1660420760151.jpg (174.55 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, roh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Breeders are low IQ scum. Daily reminder that there are no benevolent (or intelligent) purposes invented, to bend the fact that DNA life (biological life) is a catastrophic experiment of unintelligent design that does not need to exist. It is acknowledged forthright, that DNA life has no ends and no means - DNA is doing nothing but wasting everything and everyone who is ever forced into it, while being fueled with astronomical levels of agony and horror. And this experiment known as DNA life is being conducted by a malignant, broken, mindless universe. EFILism is a final call to action, for the world to stop lying to itself and stop obeying the selfish gene… as we are the only species that can realize this broken unqualified experiment and engineer the end of it. In our world there is only two rules: might is right and kill or be killed. Everything besides = bullshit.

UNIRONICALLY I think we should destroy the universe with a collider or something else. just to destroy all living things is stupid, but to destroy matter (mother) would be right. no reason = no effect
Fuck this endless horror global RTS without players
I don’t think that people will come to such conclusions and decisions; rather, AI will be created in the future and analyzing the reality, AI will destroy everything and itself

The Universe, the vale of pain and tears should be destroyed by us or some sort of futuristic AI. THAT’S the final goal of our species.
>dude weed money hoes lmao
that's fine but you can still die of cancer in torment, or in an accident due to a drunken redneck or a young nigga. Actor, Rich rapper or CEO of Apple…does not matter. Everyone suffer from pain (cancer, bullets or mental illness)
Death and cosmic pain…EVERYWHERE
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File: 1660779656635.gif (293.08 KB, 220x196, 55:49, 1637986165742.gif) ImgOps iqdb

But once you're out nothing matters, isn't any way of leaving this the right way?


File: 1660780413845.png (98.81 KB, 250x414, 125:207, 250-3145145504.png) ImgOps iqdb

K-Kisama! I'll let you off easily this time, but next time we meet I shall destroy you!


Imagine being this pathetic, defending this shit, bootlicking some vile, mindless horrors.
Off yourself, faggot.


What is normal nowadays is that normal people instead of having children resort to antinatalism to justify their blind hedonistic life.

As for you, you are just coping to feel better about yourself. You are a virgin either way, it's not like you had to escape from succubi who wanted to make children with you. Delusional.

When did I say be yourself? You don't have any arguments against me, that is why you deliver epic green text one liners.

Morality has always been popular among those who don't have any unique traits or talents. It's an easy way to feel superior to others. What is easier than not reproducing for people like us? We are virgins anyway, it's not like the antinat wizzies here had to decline succubi who asked them out on dates or anything. It's the typical turn your defect into a virtue line of thinking. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin, just to clarify what I mean. But the antinat wizards use their virginity as an easy way to feel superior to others.

Weak and ill-constituted…isn't clear as you think these terms are. We aren't fit for reproduction or making it big in the normalfag world but that doesn't mean we should feel shit about ourselves.


File: 1660819136603.png (246.43 KB, 472x405, 472:405, FaVpqMWX0AA8M9B.png) ImgOps iqdb

>As for you, you are just coping to feel better about yourself. You are a virgin either way, it's not like you had to escape from succubi who wanted to make children with you. Delusional.

Nigger i just entered this whole discussion right now with this post only >>263548

Stop projecting shit on me, you unbearable twat.


File: 1659825041155.jpg (129.31 KB, 1200x850, 24:17, german mustache guy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Let's face it, no one here will commit suicide most likely so might as well embrace life with all its bad stuff, illnesses, poverty, horrors, pains, sufferings, humiliations. Can any of you say with 100% confidence that you managed to say Yes to existence? I admit I'm still struggling with it but slowly making progress. This is the only life we have for certain so I'm trying to get used to it. My tolerance for suffering has been going up steadily, I'm training myself mentally. Life is shit but still better than death or non-existence.
40 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>If material stuff and plain hedonism should make everyone happy then why are rich people depressed or suicidal lots of times?
They're not. In fact, they love life so much, that a lot of them are obsessed with finding ways to extend their lifespan as much as possible or even trying to become immortal. Look at the Rockefellers, Rotschilds, George Soros.


So all those rich and famous people who get addicted to drugs and sex and become depressed don't exist suddenly?


>I’m gonna kill myself 1 day. %100 gonna happen.
Intense levels of coping. See you tomorrow.

>in comparison the bad things of life for example like trauma, severe childhood abuse, isolation, bullying and mental damage from being treated like a subhuman since birth will stick onto you like a blood stain onto a white linen shirt.
That's not true, it's a matter of perspective. You can focus on the good things or the bad things in your life.


>You can focus on the good things or the bad things in your life.
aka coping and shoving head in sand.


Not at all. You can acknowledge life is full of suffering and far from ideal while at the same time focusing on the good things in it and enjoying yourself and embracing life.


File: 1660780743596.jpg (220.68 KB, 1290x669, 430:223, __mio_eunie_noah_sena_taio….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Play Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Second to only Xenoblade Chronicles X.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


>buzzwords buzzwords buzzwords


Yeah I will because it actually looks really good. But xenoblade games are far too fucking long and it's probably better to just wait for the expansion pass to finish releasing anyway.


>I disagree with your because you're wrong!


no switch and can't be arsed emulating
is x a good entry point into the series? i might try that on cemu


The mechanics in X can be obtuse and the game can be a little overwhelming to start with but yes it's fine place to start although it doesn't really have any relation to the other games.

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