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Gentle wizards, I invite you all to talk about the subject of hatred on this general. Abstract hate, concrete hate, big hate, small hate, whatever you are hating right now, why you hate (the list goes on).
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smoking a doobie just for u anon bump while high




My mom snarkily remarks how I need to get a well paying job soon and calls me useless every 3 days or so.
No i cant move out cuz i live in a poor country with high rent prices, Yes I'm thinking of killing myself soon.


i am somewhat distressed that the exact same thing just happened here, i will be seeing you in wizheaven too.

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Its kind of difficult these days, living is naturally a pain unless you are ignorant?

1.You must always do the "right" thing

Lets talk about whats right and whats wrong.
For someone to perceive whats right whats wrong, he/she needs to have a purpose,
(an end destination)

when you have an end destination you can know if you are doing the right or wrong by checking it logically.

with the end destination you could follow a series of logical steps to reach it.

what is logic?
logic is relation.
you relate everything that is new, to a past crystallized mental framework.

any logic you use, at the simplest level it comes down to axioms.

Mathematics is the only thing that relates to our reality almost flawlessly.
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>knowledge is information which gives enough understanding of a subject to do a task or to satisfy your curiosity.
i see no point arguing with you when you make up these crazy weird definitions. No shared language = impossible to communicate


>Btw proove your degrees and name your university,
you must be a fucking 12 year old to think someone would post that on an imageboard


>Philosophy is bullshit and is not relevant this day and time. It was once, but is no longer.
Your posts are philosophy. People have talked and written about these same questions for thousands of years. Stop shitting up the board shitposting about old questions if you're not interested in the arguments


Open a dictionary.
>knowledge is understanding or information about a subject that you get by experience or study, either known by one person or by people generally
You say our models are not real, but you do not explain what you mean. You put in some strange "approximations" with coins and pretend it proves we do not understand things. You try to say we don't know what happens on atomic level I say it doesn't matter. As long as our formulae are correct it's the reality. Our *explanations* may be wrong. We might misinterpret the meaning of formulae. But they are correct and they say what really happens, no matter how we explain it for ourselves. They are real. And you are coping.


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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.

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Just moved to another country and am feeling like I didnt do the right choice, one year ago this was my plan. Move to another country and suicide without a wallet. Not sure about this now…


I believe in you, wiz


That is such an easy problem to solve. Why would you even care about problems that are 100% within your capability to fix? The only ones I don't like are the things I can't do anything about by myself.


Go fuck yourself


Watched the movie Dances With Wolves (I also read the book some time ago). Why do some people feel the need to ruin everything? The white soldiers in the story just slaughtered animals for fun. "Hurr we have gunz boyz let's shoot everything lol" The death of Two Socks really hit me in the heart, generally all his scenes. I think this movie/book could have been perfect if the indian story-line was only a side story in the plot and it would have focused on Dunbar living alone with the animals, with his horse Cisco and Two Socks.

I posted this here and not elsewhere because I haven't been moved like this emotionally in a long while. I got teary eyed watching Two Socks play with Dunbar and almost cried at his death scene. The music was fantastic and the scenery was amazing in this movie.
Seriously, to hell with people like that who feel the need to torture or kill animals pointlessly. I'm not a vegetarian or anything like that but it always pisses me off when I see meaningless cruelty towards animals that behave in friendly ways. People like that are literal subhuman.

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Share your various traumatic experiences that still haunts you to this very day.
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they told you succubi will fall for you but in reality you're a wizzie completely irrelevant to them?


what a failed normal view and a disgusting anti wizard view.


sorry I just assumed he's upset about succubi and decided I might tease him a bit

I didn't mean that it's bad to be a wizard, on the contrary


Why would being lied to cause you to assume that? Are you a fucking succubus?


wiz it's just teasing. not very intelligible but I tried my best

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How do you deal with weight loss?

A lot of my self esteem really just stems from overeating from stress or just laziness. Has anyone overcame that, has it helped your general wellbeing?
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File: 1669411456964.png (328.33 KB, 484x642, 242:321, 456457235.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I used to be a fast food addict as a kid, now I'm just an obese guy that doesn't eat breakfast or lunch, but gorges myself with food at dinner time. Because I don't eat a lot of fast food, I've managed to stay just a smidge below 300 pounds, and have consistently stayed the same obese weight for about a decade. At this rate, I don't think I could ever pull off the "skinny white twink in his 20s" look, so maybe I'll start lifting and become a meathead? I envy you skinny turds that eat nothing but junk food and still manage to stay just a little above 100 pounds. But hey, it could be worse for me; I could be one of those fatties that smell like a barnyard, and have have lumpy cottage cheese arms and a greasy 5head. Most of my fat goes to my gut.


This is a vent post and probably doesn't answer your question

I was a skinny active kid but during high school owing to immense stress I started eating a lot and became fat and because my self esteem was so thoroughly damaged I became dispirited and did not care about my future since I imagined myself dead. When the environmental factors that caused me stress are no longer, I was finally able to address my weight. I fasted plenty and within 6 months I went from 99kg to 75kg. I found it all very easy. But the damage I've done to my body, my only friend, is harrowing. I have awful stretch marks staining my body on my stomach, back of knees, groin, thighs, shoulders, armpits… hips and loose skin that makes me feel like throwing up. I feel that I have so completely betrayed myself since I liked being thin and taut taking some pride in my body as a kid. What's acutely distressing is that I feel that I had no part in this that I had been in a stupor, a whirlwind. Even my fasting felt like a compulsion, I'm a puppet that had seen its strings. I can't bear to live with a body like this. I don't believe in the future now.

I guess the message is take great care of your body! It's all you have.


For hours. It's time spent outside when you wont snack and you will burn some. May also make you sleep extra, which is also time when you wont snack.


>How do you deal with weight loss?

The main issue is accepting yourself, there's nothing wrong with being fat. Being fat is bad when there's health issues though (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc). See, even if you don't want to exercise, just change your diet. Don't try retarded fad diets. I advice going vegetarian, pescetarian or eating meat only ONCE a day. Drink only water or low-calory beverages. Find healthy food that you actually enjoy.

Meat itself is NOT the problem, the problem is the sides that usually come with meat. Sides that come with seafood are usually healthy.

I'm pescetarian myself and because every single thing I eat is high protein and low calory (unless I'm eating pasta or grains) I LITERALLY eat 5-8 meals a day and I'm physically fit. I don't eat anything that I don't like, every single thing I eat is tasty as fuck to me. Here's my usual day:

>greek yogurt, raw oatmeals, honey and a fruit I like, all mixed in a bowl

>big portions of my favorite fruits
>cheese quesadillas with veggies for lunch, I eat my favorite cheeses
>my favorite nuts or crackers as snacks
>protein shake that I actually like
>pasta, shrooms and pasta sauce or pesto
>a protein and quinoa or the same pasta again
>my favorite sauted veggies with garlic pasta
>a bowl of my favorite legumes or beans
>more fruit

You can infinitely eat like this every single day and you'll lose weight even if you binge eat. Now imagine if you eat like this and exercise.


Getting sleep sorted out is very important. Getting into a ritual where you get atleast 8 hrs of sleep, wake up and have coffee, do a brief 10-15 minute workout, go on a 30 minute walk (or longer if possible) in the sun (which also helps with sleep).

Cutting out food that has bad effects as well for me it was dairy, eggs, alcohol and sugar.

Keeping a couple staples around that are healthy you can have easily has also been helpful my standards are:
big batch of chili, just meat/beans/vegetables.
roasted chicken thighs and broccoli
chicken terriyaki with lots of vegetables and rice.

another useful rule of thumb I like is trying to get a base level of vegetables everyday, can have things like saurkraut/pickled stuff in your fridge or canned vegetables soup as a minimum.

If you decent protein shakes you can use those for meal replacement as well, high protein helps with weight loss as well as is low calorie and filling so you are less inclined to eat other stuff.

The weight loss helped a bit but really the biggest effect for me is just the psychological impact of being healthier in general, when i'm keeping up with stuff I have way more focus/energy but when i'm eating badly and not walking I have basically none and end up wasting every day.

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This situation causes me a lot of depression. Wonder if anyone here has experienced the same and can help.

Years ago when I was a neet and had infinite free time, I indulged in fapping like a psycho. Was doing it ridiculously often and was chasing the "high" of finding new stuff to fap to that didn't just "do the job" but excited me, which was getting progressively harder as my tastes have never really deviated much from things you'd find on mainstream sites, there were just very particular qualities I was looking for, and the "stock" of new material that hit the mark was dwindling fast. One day I woke up after a particularly excessive multi-fap prior day and was having trouble getting hard. Could only fap until I came with a limp dong. Started freaking out. I waited a few days without porn or jacking and then my cock was behaving well and was super hard for a while. Went back to business as usual and by a month later my dick was shit again.

Ever since it's been pretty mediocre, hit and miss, takes a while for me to finish and is often an annoying amount of effort.

Urologists can't find anything wrong so based on how it all started I'm guessing I've fried my brain's arousal centers with porn.

Problem is if I don't ejaculate before trying to sleep it's really fucking hard to get to sleep and stay asleep, because as part of the shitty habit formation with this stuff I started cooming before sleep daily.

I hate being in this fucking hole so much and wish I could just stop with porn and fapping completely but then my insomnia gets out of control.

Anyone been through this? Any advice? It's driving me fucking mad. Fapping was one of the few simple pleasures I had, being a super loser, and now it's just a miserable chore.
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If I don't jack off and cum at least 3 times a day, I become a simp and I can't stop thinking about beautiful succubi.


do you use porn or fantasy?


Why do you use porn to cum so much if it drains you? Sounds like you my screw yourself up.


i just do stuff because i dont have much else to do, so porn and movies and jacking off ends up taking a lot of time.


Everyone who ends up like a NEET without ambition, locked in a room and wasting time doing useless bullshit is to become >>268791. It's only natural. You need to be busy with something brain or muscle intensive to avoid the desire to jerk off.

That's why I say that while you're still relatively young and have at least some possibilities go for them in the name of magic. If everyone locks up in a jerking room for the rest of days who'll indoctrinate and promote magic?

Remember: wizardy is not about being failed, wizardy is about preserving virginity.

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to truly die,I must die IN the life.I will please myself all I want for a few months now;doramas,webnovels,animes and comics. I will marathon,vidya all night,days in a row etc. and THEN I will un-become. it will be incredibly painful,brutal, destruction of the Self.
Ive been researching organs a human doesnt need and others which one can live without(not stricly neccesary vs totally unneccesary organs/bones).I will abandon language,IQ, entertainment,patriotism…I will get rid of all 18 sense(daz right,we dont only have 5 sense). I will get rid of property,of shame,of money ,of dreaming and of Time.
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Sometimes I wonder, what if the demiurge is a roko's basilisk to which we gave time traveling powers and now it's present in the entire multiverse of humanity tormenting us for eternity?


One day computers will be so powerful that we can teleport ourselves


>I will please myself all I want for a few months now;doramas,webnovels,animes and comics. I will marathon,vidya all night,days in a row etc

Why not just continue this way until you can? The demiurge is your buddy, he gave you all these pleasures you can occupy yourself with.

Moral duties don't apply to gods, that stuff is for humans only. Job could only enjoy his good chill life because God gave all that stuff to him. If he gave that then he can take it back too. His children, servants, his health, wealth, these were all gifts from God. Oh and at the end he gets most of his stuff back anyway so no big loss, all ends well, he even gets more rich and receives more from God's help.


> Moral duties don't apply to gods, that stuff is for humans only.
My knee jerk was to disagree, but that's kind of a scary thought. I'm glad I'm not a god, in this case.

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I think I'm finally going to kill myself. what are the best methods for a painless suicide? I think normalfags put oxygen into helium tanks now to prevent suicides so that's kinda not an option. any better ideas?
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File: 1669653921734.jpg (4.58 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 523523453465734.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>what are the best methods for a painless suicide?
See, the problem with suicide in this board is that it's unpractical to the point people don't attempt it. People come with retarded, complex, impossible ways to off themselves here, and eventually no one off themselves.

I'm not advocating for wizard suicide or death, but be realistic, you won't be able to off yourself with expensive obscure shit you can't afford and/or get shipped to you. Classic stuff like jumping from a bridge or hanging always work and have work through countless centuries. Retarded shit like getting chemical X, Z and Y won't work because you're a wizard that never leaves his room and you won't actually get those chemicals.

Most importantly, if you're willing to kill yourself, give life another chance. Live life on your own terms for a while, then off yourself if you still want to.


Buy somnifacient and drink it in one go. Maybe you'll wake up. Tell me if you do, so that I know it's not a reliable way.


Ring-a-ding-ding, baby


Classic suicide is exit bag. When I did my research, I needed something that was cheaper than gun, less possible for medical professionals to resuscitate, available to be bought on line or transferred via bus, painless. As far as I can tell, exit bag is the best solution.



live life on your own terms for a while and see if it gets comfy enough

if it doesn't, stop looking for obscure chemicals, and rope/jump/train

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return to tradition edition

previous >>264658
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dismissive and rude comment. why not share some extra tips for a wiz then.


Oh sorry I forgot the part of getting into some very expensive bootcamp or creating 500 open source projects.


File: 1669674144139.jpg (87.02 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 3757353558385.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

read this book, it will teach you the basics of sound investment principles. It was written by the guy who created the first index fund and started the Vanguard Group, so you know he knows his shit.


>Do not just walk into school thinking you will figure it out
That's actually what I did years ago. I felt like I just needed to do anything, so I dove right in (granted, the people at the school were pretty pushy about getting me in there) without much thought. Funnily enough, I chose to do programming and realized that although I was fairly decent at it, I wasn't really in love with it. I ultimately ended up with an unused associate's degree and a lot of debt. Fortunately, I recently received an e-mail from the department of education informing me that my loans were discharged due to the schools bad business practices, so now my debt is gone entirely which is why I've been thinking about getting more education.

I'm going to take some time to figure out what I want to do this time. 3D modeling and graphics design sound pretty appealing, video editing might not be bad either, so I will probably look into those a bit. I also like writing, but here in the US most courses in that category are poisoned by modern 'activist' nonsense.

A final note: I will be seeing a doctor some time this week about my recent health issues. If they're about as bad as they seem, I may be able to quit my job and collect disability while using my free time for school. Then again, I'm probably not lucky enough to make the cut, but I really do miss being a NEET. Wish me luck, wizzies.


> I recently received an e-mail from the department of education informing me that my loans were discharged due to the schools bad business practices
Lucky bastard, when is this going to happen to me?


post your an hero music
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linked on here or another chan. surprisingly enjoyable music for coming out of china.



I always think of this song when I think of my life ending.

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