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How did they affect you growing up?
How do they affect you to this day?
How do you feel about them?
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I know this is propably some data farming idc

I sometimes think being bullied properbly would have turned me into a better person.
Instead they got me into some child psychiatrist training and said it's the the other students fault when I got mocked. Always treating me like some special snow flake.
mother being teacher at the school didn't help at all at preventing me from my social degeneration.
In elementary school I even had few friends. Got more and more isolated after that.

Reflecting upon that I hate my past self and all that shit. Would rather have grown up in some regular workers family than that sneazy liberal academic shit that clearly did some damage to my brain.

But most parents have no clue how to raise children and they turn out fine - ie. normalfag - anyways in the end.

So there's the question about free will and shit. But I guess it's combined circumstances that made me who I am. Can't point it at one specific thing


*autism also eventually led me to drop out of college then.
having never really accomplished anything I have lost any confidence. mindlessly wasting away can't find any confidence beside that


My mom is the only person in the world who actually cares about me. Once she's gone, I'll probably turn into a crazy hobo and scream at lamp posts every day for fun.
>But most parents have no clue how to raise children and they turn out fine - ie. normalfag - anyways in the end.
Because they (the children) have friends and people who actually care about them other than their own parents. This is also how they get jobs and move up the social ladder once they turn into adults. Normalfags usually network their way to success.


Its pretty good


File: 1618905353603.jpg (228.73 KB, 750x1536, 125:256, recluse blackpill.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1616373377255.jpeg (91.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 29945B2A-1771-4C16-BC0A-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread
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add me


I keep nagging, biting and picking the skin on certain spots of my hands and the wound never heals. First it was a spot at the thumb for several years, later on both thumbs. Now it's a spot on the ring finger. It's not really painful but it is a permanent sensation that pulls me a bit more to reality and away from my mind. Sometimes in public I try to hide the visible skin rips. It was worse with the thumbs. The new spot is slightly more hidden.


At any moment, tragedy can strike. Maybe the family you're dependent on suddenly die or kick you out. Maybe you get a disease or you accidentally damage an expensive car and the owner sues you to debt. It's out of your control. You're never safe.


There was a time I used to care about being successful, I wanted to work at Intel or Microsoft or google or something like that, I wanted to be rich and be admired by everyone, I wanted to be loved by someone, I wanted to be happy.

Not anymore, I just don't care about all that shit anymore, now at 25 I feel successful If I don't have to work for the kikes and can spend the whole fucking day sleeping, this is what success is for me now, fuck everyone who says that I'm a failure, I don't care, fuck this fucking world in the ass.

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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread >>232813
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in my mind deep down jews hide the truth about death so people cant do it in great scale


Say someone failed what methods would lead to no long term effects?


I've been a NEET from the age of 16 to 23.
I now got a job and I thought that would make me happy but it's fucking awful to communicate with people and have absolutely no time for myself anymore.

I finally got the balls and money to order stuff from the darknet and tried Xanax to somehow make me feel better.
But it makes not much of a difference, life is still shit.

So please, help me find a drug I can get that makes me feel comfy and never wake up again.


you're looking for heroin. Could go good to start with weaker opiates that you can eat in tablet form - might actually keep you going for a few years. e.g. oxycodone, tramadol.

If they arent good enough then heroin will be, and it is a great suicide method


druggie pos.

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File: 1618298100099.gif (910.88 KB, 422x585, 422:585, 1407436915691.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Normalswine have no souls. They feel comfortable in a crowd. They are forced to work 9-5 jobs to survive because they are absolute normalswine scum and lack the ability to create anything themselves. They see the person next to them working 9-5 and think "they're doing it too, so it's okay" and their train of thought stops there. They cannot stop and reflect on their situation. It's impossible for them to think for themselves and must copy everyone else.

Then they latch onto the nearest succubus to marry and have kids with without having even a sliver on consciousness. The reason divorce rates are so high is because normalswine literally just marry for the sake of marriage. It's all an impulse and they don't realise it. They never realise anything, they just consume information and act like the person next to them. When they ask you something and get a non-normalswine answer they shut down and can't comprehend it. They think you're a freak if you listen to old music or don't have social media. Have you ever seen those "who's watching in 2021" comments on music videos? That's just normalswine clustering together to reaffirm each other that it's okay to watch the old music so they don't feel weird and alone.

Earth is the land of the room-temp IQ degenerates. It's okay to treat them like shit. These people are beneath you. Just let them suffer while you head for the light for they are blind and will live in the darkness forever. Genetics has made them irredeemable. Let them squabble in the streets over imaginary rules. They are all just a small labor unit, nothing more. They aren't alive and will never achieve consciousness.
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What makes you believe that in anarcho-communism no elite will be formed? How would anarcho-communism not exploit the weak? Why would the elite of the anarcho-communist system take responsibility? How would it be enforced to take responsibility?
>I always ask back "OK, then show me a traditional/non-anarchist society where leaders and the elite don't buttfuck the common people and play by the rules". The only answer I get is just awkward silence.
Looks like you are around smart people. The only one who didn't get it was you. it's not just our culture that's built around master-slave relationships, its all of mankind and pretty much all mammals worthy of mention. Dunno how whales work it out. maybe whales are the perfect citizens of an anarcho-communist society.

>But it is also delusional to think that the majority are sadists or psychopaths who are only waiting for a chance to torture others

You still didn't address how an anarchist society would deal with those people without a chain of command and enforcers. Oh helpful united citizen action? Alrighty, then.
>Where there is an elite and ranks, there is bound to be abuse of power and corruption.
You may be forgiven, since you are a fellow wizard. But even as a shut-in (or especially because I am one) I realized that rank is not just titles and medals. Rank already establishes itself in kindergarten. Rank is the reason you are here and rank is the reason why in an anarcho-communist society you'll be the first to get excluded by passive aggressive means until you get the message or those means turn into active aggression. And there wouldn't be a higher institution of enforcers who'd protect you because it's their duty and what their wage depends on.
>You can best counter vicious and selfish people by being meek and altruistic.
Worked so well for Jesus


File: 1618865006626.jpg (138.5 KB, 555x414, 185:138, Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>But let’s assume for the sake of argument that in the fertile regions of the world wild foods were once so abundant that it was possible to live off the country year round with an average of only, say, three hours of work per day. With such abundant resources it would not be necessary for hunter gatherers to travel in search of food. One would expect them to become sedentary, and in that case they would be able to accumulate wealth and form well-developed social hierarchies. Hence they would lose at least some of the qualities that anarcho-primitivists value in nomadic hunter gatherers. Even the anarcho-primitivists do not deny that the Indians of the Northwest Coast of North America were sedentary hunter-gatherers who accumulated wealth and had well-developed social hierarchies.[38] The evidence suggests the existence of similar hunting-and-gathering societies elsewhere where the abundance of natural resources permitted it, for example, along the major rivers of Europe.[39] Thus the anarcho-primitivists are caught in a bind: Where natural resources were abundant enough to minimize work, they also maximized the likelihood of the social hierarchies that anarcho-primitivists abhor


>So are programmers, space theorists and software creators.
most of those are normalcattle tho


Only when it started to pay. The normies are attracted by the shine of gold.

However they never end up real engineers. succubi, even with a CS degree, only stay in dev for, on average, 3 years. Male normies probably won't stay much longer. Normies will never be "individual contributor" and the reason for that is in its name.


engineers are not all autists, you failed normalfag


Anyone else feel like their world lost "colour"?
Somehow it seems that the world in my past was more colourful and beautiful.
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Yeah. After all these years, i'm starting to think I imagined the "colour", because it doesn't even feel like it was real anymore.

It makes everything feel so pointless. There's no point to hedonism, no point to pursuing goals, no point to doing anything. Even if i'm happy, everything just feels empty and grey and lifeless.


From what I can tell this is a temporary thing, there are some activities that lead to it returning, mostly outdoor stuff in my experience.


There's still lots of beautiful colors apart from humanity. Any time I go out in public I'm greeted by the grim reality of human nature though, it's all black and white there. I still mostly enjoy my family and time with them, I can filter out the noise and appreciate the good in them, but strangers get less of a pass, and meddlers drive me to seclusion and sorrow.


Still like colour but because i find it interesting and not monotone


I feel as though my time perception has fucked up as I've entered my 30s. As a kid time seemed to drag on, which I understand why. Then at 14 time was at the right pace. I was young enough to still feel anxious anticipation for holiday breaks or the release of a new video game, yet mature enough to be patient and understand why I had to wait for things. 15 - 18 were a complete blur. Before I knew it I had graduate high school. 18 - 29 was spent being sleeped deprived and working hard for money so the days just flew by. Now that I'm almost in a comfortable position at 30 it feels as though time is just dragging on again. 2019 was when things lost color for me.

File: 1600551821727.jpg (56.49 KB, 1493x1063, 1493:1063, lol.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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>worthless polisci degree (2015)
>didn't work a job until 24
>have had 14 jobs and quit them all within a year or less
>haven't worked more than 2 months at a job since almost 2 years ago
>live at home, never paid rent
>never made more than 16/hr doing almost entirely what amounts to stocking shelves in grocery stores
>lack the natural affect and social fluidity that makes interactions with people smooth due to years of isolation
>can't stand interacting with people in a professional way
>get really anxious, feel panicky, etc
I got a job where I had to go into 711's, convenience stores, etc and talk to the store managers about shelf space for our candy bars and buying displays. I couldn't handle it. The idea of having to ingratiate and grovel to someone i don't want to talk to so some anonymous faggot company can make more profit just made me so angry. I ghosted after 2 weeks of training and one week of sitting in my car outside the stores to spoof the companies GPS on our tablet.

Is it over? Should I just move to some small town in the midwest and stock shelves at the local grocery store and hide from the vicious judgement and shame of the east coast yuppies who i was supposed to be a part of?
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>Yeah, I have a great job, make six figures, and I'm surrounded by friends and coworkers who don't bully me all day long. So what? I'm still a virgin! Silly crabs.


they probably alread drive better than most of the morons I have to share the road with


>Not only do I fit in with the normalfags, but I also became promoted to the leader of the normalfags! Truwizzie btw.


>At what age can you not turn your life around?
This is not 4cuck, if you wanna become a groid go back there


Not to be an 'improvebrah' or anything, but I know a wizard who turned his life around at 38. Up until that point he was working shitty line cook positions and playing WoW during all his spare time. He now makes six figures as a chef and lives much more comfortably now.

I would say maybe mid 40s but you never really know.

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File: 1614845398830.jpg (113.86 KB, 690x1000, 69:100, crying.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is it better to be a normalfag? a non thinking drone content with the simple pleasures and thus immoral to lead others to questioning the world around them and having an open mind?

My family thinks the former so let me share a story of recent and ask your opinions my magik brethren. My mother is very upset that I have been talking to my younger brother about philosophy and just how to think as she claims it will alienate him from being able to converse with the average person and that it is harmful.
For some context I have "complex mental health issues" rendering me dysfunctional however I strive to be logical.
My mother in her wisdom has expressed she does not want my brother reading books or learning to think about anything beyond a surface layer as he has expressed how awful the world appears to be.

Is it wrong to open someone's mind and help them think for themselves? Are normalfags correct in intentionally limiting their perception and questioning honing a wilful ignorance?
What is to be gained from being able to deconstruct reality and point out the "facts" as they appear to be.

I hate to come off as grandiose and conceited so keep in mind I personally disagree with the following but my Mother claims as psychiatrists have that I am highly intelligent something I disagree with since I know so little and others know much more than I do about what I know plus may have interests which are foreign to me yet she says she does not want my Brother to end up special needs like myself and claims that thinking is wrong and bad for you.

My mother quipped about how I am unable to relate to men in a club/bar(never been) yet able to play the part but wont enjoy their company and this is bad I tried to explain that having an open mind and learning about various things allows me to interact with anyone and discuss various ideas learning from a diverse range of people yet she is very angry I have been encouraging my Brother to read "strange books" which to her means anything at all that you will not see promoted on television or her normalfag facebook group I suppose.

Do normalfags truly hate thinking? I strongly suspect that the regular person is very aware of the realities of life being horrible yet are excellent at remaining optimistic and I do no think we are better as wizards perhaps we are in the wrong because after all what worth does misery have when you can be ignorant?
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yeah, great thread for real


OP here talked to my brother once since making this thread.
Mom doubled down on being anti intellectual declaring everything I think or read as "woo hoo" and dangerous.
I do not bother to try encourage my brother to read and think maybe I tried to encourage him to think in the first place so I could have some stimulating conversations off the internet as I only talk to my mother when needed and mentioning anything at all that goes against the norm AKA the latest trends of thought broadcast to her through the TV or social media is met with hostility.


Correlation does not imply causation. For the people question everything, a lot of them probably do it BECAUSE their lives suck. For high IQ people who live miserable lives and distrust others, eventually at some point they will ask themselves "Why does my life suck so much?". When people question the status quo or are drawn to things like conspiracy theories, it's often because they feel like there's something profoundly wrong with their lives and want to confront it. Happy people have no incentive to question anything, because from their perspective, their lives are good as is. Personally, I have hated almost every moment of my entire life, even as a young child.


Knowledge is actively harmful, but like a druggie you will still seek it out anyways. Your mother is right and clearly cares for her child. I once spoke to my normalfag brother about philosophy and he only replied "yea, but are any of these people happy at all?". He is of course correct, philosophy leads only to pain.

All conversation is manipulation, all motivations selfish, all interactions meaningless, free will doesn't exist, the mind exists only to torture itself, "hard work" is just genetics, being born with genetics is the same as being born with money, ultimately you know nothing and merely assume things are real or truthful. I could go on, but you can understand already I hope.

There are three kinds of people
1) Idiots too stupid to recognize anything
2) Delusional copers that create spectacular mental gymnastics in order to survive
3) Those who see reality for what it is, will experience suffering, pain, and possibly suicide eventually.


Personally I found knowledge to be harmful.

You cannot change the nature of humans, nor can you wrestle down the powers that are.

The small benefit is that you avoid common traps and misplaced trust- but at what cost? Knowledge is despair.

File: 1610768924955.jpg (249.37 KB, 799x775, 799:775, 1604630500567.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Shunned by "friends" /any group I've ever tried to be apart of
When did you realize you were destined to be alone forever?
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>Better alone than having shitty people around you


I was only shunned from a "friend" group once. They weren't really friends, just people I kinda just stuck around with so I wouldn't look like a loser.

Turns out I just never really put in any effort to make any friends.


I'm that orangutan. I've been that orangutan my whole life


I didn't realize that I would be alone forever as much as realize that I would 'feel' alone forever. I can be around family, I can be around 'friends' it doesn't make me feel complete. I constantly feel like no source of conversation will ever feel sufficient or worthwhile. It's just pointless whenever I bother I feel unfulfilled, I compare I judge the topic, the amount. I'm getting fed up with trying. There's an emptiness in me that simply can not be filled, why feed it?


some time ago

File: 1617690132624.jpg (18.49 KB, 460x276, 5:3, Video-grab-of-Cho-Seung-h-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Lost my job because libtards said I was a racist and provided no evidence and been homeless before, not doing it again.
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but were you racist or not?


Does it even matter? In which country would this be a legal reason for termination? It's just a cop-out reason anyway. they know such an accusation would not result in an investigation. racists are dangerous because normie society depends on the illusion that everybody is the same and that blood doesn't matter.

Where are you from?


File: 1618768940946.mp4 (5.76 MB, 426x236, 213:118, 5294-a3261802b739f11f63cb8….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


This was one of the few things that I really enjoyed on 8chan.


Full video?


Especially when it comes to games, I've lost all motivation to do anything with my self. Even getting up in the morning is exhausting.

I don't know what to do with myself. It's an endless cycle; work, go home, sleep.

Everything is just fucking empty and hollow. It just feels like I've wasted 20-odd years of my life with nothing to really 'push' towards.

I can't even find anything that interests me anymore. Everything's just so over saturated and plagued by normalswine who have the conversational depth of a fucking plate.
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neetbux is always an option. Everyone here could easily get an autism disorder diagnosis and get ~$1,000 a month to just exist. As long as psychiatry is bending over backwards for their fake illnesses, we'll be safe


see some shrink and get diagnosed with some imaginary disorder and get on neetbux


>neetbux is always an option.
Not in here.


More like $800 per month here in burgerland. Also it takes time and dedication to get the bux. For some wizards, being a severely depressed hikki is enough to convince the government that they can't work. For others, they would have to fake it cuz they have normal brains.


Many of us are the same I do not even know how I manage to spend all the time shitpostng or sleeping I wasted this life.

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