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I'm absolute mediocre or bad at everything I do. My favorite hobbies, of which I have a lot of passion for, are playing videogames and playing guitar, and I fucking suck at videogames and my guitar skills are mediocre besides playing for some years. My grades at school were always mediocre or bad and I couldn't enter for the course I wanted at university. Besides that, i'm pretty much ugly while my brother is the opposite, and what irritates me the most is that we came from the same parents and while I have mediterranean skin color he is 100% white, I have dark hair and dark eyes and he has light coloured eyes and blonde hair. We both have spanish genes (besides not being born in Spain), but while he is intelligent, sociable and white, I look like a fucking mexican and I can't excel at anything. God, not even at smash bros which is a fucking children's party game i'm good at. If my brother told someone that he has celtic ancestry (part of the family comes from Galicia) everyone would believe it, now if I said the same thing people would laugh at my face and tell me i'm not real white.
I'm a fucking joke, i'm ugly awkward and mediocre at everything, I try my best to be optimistic but I simply can't cope with not being as smart, sociable, skilled an white as my brother is, knowing that I could be like him since we came from the same parents. Just for the record, my eyes and hair are the same color as pic related but my skin is darker.
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I knew a couple of fraternal twins in middle school where one was short and autistic with basically no friends and his twin was tall and super popular. The short one turned into some succubus-hating MRA dude apparently but if you ask me he should reserve his hate for the one responsible: God.



i was cursed with bad genetics. a 2/10 face, a 90 IQ, and a weak skinny fat frame. Which meant i was too ugly to do anything dealing with the public, too dumb to get one of these sweet IT jobs everyone on these boards claims to have, and the trades LOL yea i was laughed off in my face and told yea no sorry you'd be a nightmare on a job site. My career has been bouncing from one odd job to the next. Not to touch the mental problems and the bad family upbringing. I am a walkign disaster. Im a slow reader so books are boring. Im the worst player in the lobby at any competitive video games.

What was my purpose, but to be a failure in all things

A Failure in all things


How is our survival instinct, your will to live?
Imagine nature being so brutal as to give you shit genetics, iq and looks, but a chad-tier desire to live


Yeah, this is painful. Like even though The way TV shows put it you either had one or the other: superficially good stuff but weaker intelligence or great intelligence but dorky. The trades advice is the fucking worst because yeah, they expect you to be a normal person.

tbh personally I'm lethargic 90% of the time so getting it done is a pain when I can just sleep all day or browse the web. when I do end up homeless, I'll do it. I wouldn't say it's a chad-tier desire to live in my case but rather just if I don't have to do anything it's tolerable enough to rot but there's always the feeling of underachievement/cringe memories/impeding doom.


>The trades advice is the fucking worst because yeah, they expect you to be a normal person.

ahh yea i wasnt clear on the trades. on top of all my other problems, im weak as shit. That was why i got laughed in my face. Like how the fuck am i gonna lift heavy ass shit on a job site by myself, good point i guess, but they could of been less of dicks about it


when i was young, it was strong cause i had hope the future (our present) would be star trek. Now i dont give a fuck, because the future we were promised definitely isnt turning up in my life time

File: 1597164223824.jpg (14.77 KB, 285x177, 95:59, chill out.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


My elder brother had a baby boy some months ago and it has kinda ruined my plans for "exiting". I feel tenderness and warmth when I see him,id like to see him grow,and we have good interactions and a wholesome time.
I dont know what to do, wait until he's a teen normie? Think of it as capturing a good pokemon and wanting to evolve him. I really want to see him as a grown boy and play together.
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how? where can I get this done


when I see my brothers little succubus growing up in a big western european soon to be slum I only think about what a little slut succ she will grow up to be in no time


yeah that's kinda just all little succubi. Can't be helped.


same, I have two nephews, over 1 year old.

I have to wait for my parents to die, too, they are around 70 years old, so it should be a few years.

then I'll be around 40, it will be time.


File: 1594756969592.png (186.25 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ricardo-lopez-1.png) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else here "unlikeable and doesn't fit in anywhere or can't make friends
Everywhere i seem to go people genrerally think i'm weird or sense that something's wrong with me

I can't make friends and if i have a friend they end up hating me and just leave
Even my psychiatrist ghosted me

I look rather ugly as well so that doesn't help dempen my odd behaviour
I suffer from paranoia psychosis and shizophrenia and i've been casted out and bullied as long as i can remember

I just don't belong in this world, if someone has leprosy people avoid them and cast them out,
if you're mentally sick people sense that as well and cast you out

Sometimes i dream of living as a hermit somwhere all alone away from society

retaliation at some point is inevitable, i don't want to go down that path
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I experience something similar. It makes shit worse when I am out, but it mostly happens inside. In the shower it's pretty bad since there's no way to distract myself. Just would be good to forget since I've learned my lesson to be as reclusive as possible.


it's too true. like even on wizchan it feels like you're only supposed to be a covert wizard so if you are abnormal, it's just pathetic


Yes, it is physically painful to open up a bit here only to get mocked and called a larper, like my heart being squeezed by a hand. Wizchan is one of the best, from amongst the worst.


Yeah me too, sometimes i scream out loud and bash my hands against the edge of the desk to get it to stop.
I'm glad guns are banned in the UK, or there would be an accident



same, i think everyone , that s like us anyways, gets these. I'm an old man, i still remember the cringey fucking shit i did trying to join those outsider groups. Going to a group of outcasts to try and fit in and winding up sitting at a table by myself sipping a beer, like i was back in the highschool lunch room. Try to volunteer at stuff, and them not wanting to take my call, or telling me to show up on the wrong day and time, like some bad joke. Anyhow i learned my lesson, i dont want to be around people period. but yea i really hate when these things randomly pop in my brain

File: 1597198958527.jpg (115.25 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, ghosts-on-a-tree-1933-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The last suicide general has hit the bump limit. Previous thread >>222891
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She doesn't sound like a bad person at all. Oraguntan wiz.


is it possible to get a gun in a place in Northern Ireland, dont say "go to a hunting club" or bring up the black flint guns because you need to be a farmer to get those. Is there some trust worthy onion service or some backstreet alley guy you people know?




nope :))


More proof that money can't buy happiness.

File: 1597004554969.jpg (96.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, anton-cheglakov-z5-aedan-c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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This is just incorrect and i have no idea where to start with this



I don't get why my mom does this, but occasionally I'll take a small amount of benedryl before bed because I've been having trouble sleeping, and she'll walk up to me and ask me what I'm doing, then I tell her and she looks away like she's utterly disappointed in me, shaking her head like I just did something utterly reprehensible. I don't get why she does this, this medication is a sleep aid and she even uses it sometimes too, but she makes me feel bad when I just want to get some sleep. I don't know what her deal is, but it seems like she just wants to make me feel like a criminal for no reason.


It's just petty dominance posturing. She probably either senses that you feel self-conscious about taking it or she feels self-conscious about taking it and is projecting. Either way she thinks she has found a "weak spot" and is attacking it in order to gain social power over you. I'm guessing that your mom had an unhealthy childhood herself.


That implies that I tried in the first place

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Post your most relatable depression reaction pictures. I have a folder of these and looking at them, recognizing myself in them makes me feel better. As if someone out there shares my thoughts and feelings, even though the pictures are mostly cartoons and animals. It's an illusion, but somehow it helps.
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File: 1597270164851.jpg (90.58 KB, 546x896, 39:64, 1591081268255.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why is chuckling a rare occurrence?
What do you think about eunuchs?


File: 1597326285274.jpg (871.67 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, NoN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Because I have major depression.

>What do you think about eunuchs?

Omega males created by alpha males to entertain them (Italy), protect their succubi (Arab states) and finances (China).


>Because I have major depression.
Oh okay i understand now

Eunuch is like being a slave form birth right? I bet it's as old a tradition as slavery also. Do they cut the penis or just the balls?


Eunuch's got castrated at varying ages depending on the culture and circumstance. Most were adolescent, but not babies.

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File: 1596905619874.gif (1.52 MB, 435x250, 87:50, etuegwhu.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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not letting them get to you edition

previous >>221970
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Learn to brew your own drink, wiz. Palatable hard cider and a couple other drinks can be made very easily with a bottle from the store and the right yeast. You can make less tasty but stronger drink if you add sugar before fermenting, or even freeze distill to ~35% if you have a freezer.


Tomorrow I'll learn if I will get the position I applied for and go away for 4 months.
Little to no internet, unknown number of airports and people that have been on airports in-between, so the risk of catching covid is high and turning back will be complicated. I am probably being over-dramatic, but I am sort of seeing this as my final gamble.
If I pull it off I'll nearly double my savings and get my "career" back on track, possibly with long term employment and a slightly healthier rhytm of life and a more 'productive' mindset.
If I don't I'll rot or die.


>literal twitter meme
Please refrain from posting such things. Hope it turns out well for you.


Sorry, misclicked what I wanted to send because I'm entering panic mode, I saved it off of /v/ from one of the "weeb avatar = opinion disregarded" posts.


What career are you working towards long term?

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File: 1597201202798.jpg (438.24 KB, 372x501, 124:167, 10.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Let’s examine depressive self-destruction and blow the lid off what is actually going on. No witch doctors. First of all notice the fact that when the topic is brought up, it seems suicide is always encouraged. "Compassion" is offered, but that is often validation of the suicidal thought process.

>Not only do these frauds not try to tackle the basic problem, which is the why or reason to the victim, but by providing supposed "understanding" these people support the basic problem. One plus one equals two logic. Nobody notices because most people forgot how to do logic in elementary. And fall for all the scams.

>Let's ask some basic questions. The victim explains that he feels that he doesn't want to go on anymore. Well, we can ask him WHY that is, can't we? The answer is simple. He doesn't want to go on anymore because he doesn't feel that life is in fact positive. Here the frauds might validate him on this, trying to sell him some kind of solution. Instead, let's try the art of the argument.

>The victim says he does not value his own life. The question we should really ask is, is this kind of attitude at all human? Let's assume we're arguing with someone who is basically sane. Hopefully the patient accepts some standards of good and bad. Well, there is such a thing as a "crime against nature". There are monstrosities. Maybe most importantly, there is a difference between sanity and insanity, being true vs. being false. We know what "fake people" are like. The victim is stuck in false thinking. So the attitude of this person is wrong because it is monstrous, unnatural, and inhuman, as well as fake and false. And requires a repetence maybe. But not more validation. Like the "Joker" movie, which is actually a sick joke.

>Maybe the reason some of the frauds cannot handle the problem logically like this is because they are themselves not sane. And the victim shares their attitude, of some vague fear of death, maybe from the domineering feminine, and has really no standards of logic or behavior. Of course Jordan Peterson will not save anyone.
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Probably some *antinatalists* made this thread


who are always parroting out some quotes


Gaslight the gaslighters
Low IQ takes tbh


File: 1597344897541.jpg (340.1 KB, 588x363, 196:121, d.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

IQ can be redefined as "intelligence". So higher IQ people can be reclassified as low IQ.


what nonsense are you spewing?

File: 1597346751393.png (220.95 KB, 470x261, 470:261, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


"Suicide is selfish"

What the fuck does this even mean? Is it just one final kick in the balls from normalfags before someone goes and does it? Is it supposed to make the person feel better? If I were contemplating suicide the last thing I would give a fuck about is the same people who drove me to do it in the first place.
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It's a passive-aggressive way to force you to consider other people's feelings and how your suicide is going to affect the people who cares about you.


nothing wrong with being selfish every once in a while


When all else fails and the groid is desperate, they resort to "speaking from the heart", aka being honest for once, and saying shit like that. Ultimately they couldn't care less about you - only about the effect you and your choices will have upon them. Since they are slaves to their emotions, your death would negatively impact them unless they're a psychopath, and thus in the end that's all that matters to them. "Don't exercise your liberty to choose death over life because it'll bother me". They demand you stop being selfish so they can be selfish themselves while completely ignoring your circumstances and that death may be the only rational choice left.

ust ignore them, don't talk to them, especially not about serious topics such as suicide or religion or politics.


My favorite part is how if they even took this logic one step further, they'd be the selfish ones for condemning suicide based on how it would make them feel and not how the person killing themselves feels.


It means there are taxes to pay.
Are you that selfish to leave the tax burden to others while you lounge around in Valhalla?
Plus, religion says you'll go to hell :^)


Do you wizards ever get frustrated by your family or peers in your community pushing the self improvement meme on you when you know, aswell they do that you're a mentally I'll socially stunted recluse with no real chance to live a normal life?

I'm diagnosed with bipolar 1, schizo effective, major depression, agoraphobia,and social anxiety. I dropped out of school completely the first month of middle school and just isolated my entire life, along with drug use like smoking pot I'd get from ants and step father I basically turned into a mental cripple.
now at the age of almost 32, people think I should be able to get off disability, get a job, and be able to be a social butterfly and be part of the community.

sorry for the blog post. I just humbly seek your council and wisdom, Wizards. Thank you
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What you need to do is generate your own goals. Spend some time in total isolation thinking about it. That's what I did. Eventually things start popping up that seem to have intrinsic value and are worth doing.


>things start popping up that seem to have intrinsic value and are worth doing.
Unless you understand reality the way it is.


>they think its like a fucking broken leg and that treatment always works and in time it will go away. I was in treatment for two decades the same could be achieved by taking a pile of money and burning it

This was my experience too. No treatment ever did anything to help my mental health. I suffered extreme anxiety issues for like 6 years, therapy, shitty SSRI drugs did absolutely fucking nothing, it wasn't until I just straight up broke the law and bought some real drugs (xanax + valium, basically impossible to get prescribed in the UK) where I actually had some relief. The difference was fucking night and day. It was like holy shit, I took some anxiety medication and I ACTUALLY feel less anxious!!! Did…did it actually work? It was uncanny, I'd reached a point where I basically thought nothing would work. I'm not saying wizards should just go and use drugs because the ones I bought were extremely addictive, it seems everything which works has a downside, but fuck me they certainly did work.


I'm very clumsy so I think anxiety helps somewhat. idk if I'd be too relaxed on anxiety drugs. scary to think about.


follow your blood

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