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Race-mixing selects for autism. When you cross DNA, what ends-up happening is masculine faced (low forehead/eyebrow) men look hideous to feminine faced (high forehead/eyebrow) succubi as the DNA is no longer the same race. The feminine faced, high-forehead/high-eyebrow men (who are also naturally higher IQ) become preferred. And the feminine faced succubi become too feminine for the men as they are no longer the same DNA. The X chromosome (female, XX) that has evolved from bacteria-to-man to be increased in males (XY) to compensate for increasing amounts of intelligence (steadily higher forehead/eyebrow with more estrogen/feminine bone structure) still prefers the male Y portion of the females as it is closer to the original life (likely pure Y without an X chromosome) and therefor sexually favorable. succubi, which are an increased XX chromosome (half-men), no longer prefer the Y due to the DNA change (they did naturally when racially the same, yet it was wired enough to keep feminine faced succubi from extremely masculine faced men), but still prefer the X as their own X in their XX chromosome has been biologically increased through evolution, and it is closer to the original female life (XX), so it is sexually attractive in other race men (Who have pronounced X in their XY chromosomes relative to other men) as it appears congruous. Having a pronounced X chromosome (high forehead/eyebrow) and being XY (male) relative to an XX female is essentially polish for the male face. In both genders, Men are originally Y and wired for X chromosomes (X chromosomes likely being Y chromosomes doubled over), and succubi are originally XX and wired to be attracted to Y chromosomes, so any blood-mixing soils this forced evolutionary wiring within the race. All that is left behind once the race is gone is sexual attraction to the self (Male XY to Y as the X is largely still Y, female XX to X) (which is in-line with the original asexual life.). Likely, it is so that the sexuality of asexual life is still wired into the brains of all sexual life today as it is the first thing to work with evolution with minor adjustments to prevent too much self-love. So what you see is high forehead males (which are naturally intelligent or else they would be schizophrenic and not reproduce) and low forehead females (which are naturally low IQ), and this creates autism in the offspring as it causes excess gray matter in the brain due to increased intelligence, so someone, male or female, wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Exactly. Can one of the mods come and clean up this nonsense?


I think there should be stastics to validate this, why do people believe afrowizs not fucking?


File: 1674609899392.png (587.76 KB, 850x1309, 50:77, admixture maps latin ameri….png) ImgOps iqdb

If race mixing selects for autism, are Hispanics the most autistic race?


You don't understand what he means by race.


File: 1660117349926.png (92.86 KB, 442x438, 221:219, 1657882194073.png) ImgOps iqdb

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why do people care if i have a job or not? i am a neet because i inherited enough money to not work for a while, my rent is 360 and i have a 150k, i could live like this for 5 years and not make a meaningful dent but everyone around me (family) bitches at me saying i should get a job, but why? why are normies so obsessed with work and being "productive" dont they want to be comfy as well?
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the end goal is to be comfy for the rest of your life, and that's easier when building up from +150k. drawing down from +150k to +0k will make achieving eternal comfy much harder.


2 reasons

1 no employer will employ some 30 year old wizard who has never had a job they won't give a fuck if it's because you had money now you don't really that just looks worse

2 keeping that large amount of money gives you plenty of freedom
Car conks out….no worry scrap it and get another one holiday….no worry you've got decent savings to pay for it and have a good time while there

Take it from this wizard you're far better off getting a job it doesn't have to be anything glamorous part time in a shop or something is fine


150k is not actually a lot of money and certainly isn't enough to retire.
>I rent
And then there's the issue of you not even owning property. You could have bought a decent studio apartment with that money wiz.


$150k certainly can subsidize you well. It pays out dividends at about $6,000 a year and is probably something like $4,800 after tax. That's a comfortable $100 a week that can basically be your grocery bills for the rest of your life.

I don't know why everyone obsesses over property ownership when the rent issue can be solved with an equal amount invested in the stock market. The average house here is like $500,000 US, $500,000 US in dividends would cover the rent for the same house easily and you're not responsible for upkeep and repairs. You're locked into place with a home and having a mortgage is like a giant ball on a chain locking you into a shitty career path and keeps you in the same city. Other investments don't burden you to one location quite as heavily.

Owning a home makes sense if you're a normalfag with a family, and you want to be secure in having that place for 20+ years while your kids grow up. Wizards are single and celibate, and are better off being more mobile.

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File: 1667840233560.png (416.83 KB, 512x512, 1:1, gendo real life.png) ImgOps iqdb


I can't fucking take people. I think if I was the only human alive I would at least lead a simple and content existence. But that's not the case and people just plague me. I hate them. I hate you. I've tried being open minded, I thought maybe I'm the problem. No, I just hate people. I can't stand their insipid thoughts and opinions. I want them to leave me alone. But as long as I'm here on the earth with the other 9 billion of them that seems impossible. Why can't I love people? I want to be able to sit and talk with someone without the feeling that I should leave or that they deserve their head caved in. How does anyone stand each other? I can't even fathom it. I just want lobotomy pills that will make me too stupid to even know what everyone else is saying.
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Well, from what you've previously said, you hate people because of the thoughts they espouse. You may just have crap luck with finding decent people, or you live among a dysgenic or otherwise mentally/emotionally stunted population (many such cases!) Have you evet met anyone who does not offend your sensibilities?


It is important to take care of ourselves during challenging times. This means eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and doing things that bring us pleasure and joy. Wizards are worthy of love and happiness, even when it may feel like everything is falling apart. Sometimes it's not a bad idea to seek support from others, there are many people who want to help and would be willing to offer their support. Have a good night wizards.


> Have you evet met anyone who does not offend your sensibilities?
Yes, multiple times. I don’t think my bar is that high in terms of capacity, but it’s definitely too high for most people I guess.


im exactly the same as you. idk how people like us even get made anon. ive been like this ever since i was a kid. perhaps were some weird genetic mutation. really wish i could fix it.


this realm may be overwhelming and just too much to process at once, crabs interpret every post as a chance to rub your nose in ridicule because it gives the crab dignity, they have to make a social ritual.
a human crab is a corpse, NEET is a spirituality but which put NEETs at a distance from society.
crabs have removed the NEET from society, it's hidden in mental hospitals (like andrew, cc and so on)
imageboards, almost empty servers.


My mum announced that she wants to euthanize after my 30th before Christmas. It was unthinkable and toxic. I suspect she does want to rape. I have an uncle out of prison that is on meth. I have never been anything but a suicidal threat to myself until recently when I had a leucotomy and got clean for me from the stuff. Now, she cannot stop with the genocide of my cortex and children. Ever. The royals euthanasia scandal on NBC was perpetrated by us and is neatly swept under a rug, though aggression, rape and unwanted marriage continues with a suspension on repeat sections. CMH is trying to euthanize too, at 32. They're genocidal, the lot. I lament her continued vestment in aggressive action in harmful interests. I lament continued media coverage. She used to 5150 and have me raped by her in psychiatric hold. Now she fosters no sexual interest - and they want me dead instead. I need help that only the president can offer. To think that I was married thrice unjustly and tortured by the euthanist in Kalamazoo rectifies my means to freedom and life. I sit and frown at the unwanted discourse. I feel - it is them driving me to my alcoholism. A bunch of dastardly addicts that inhibit continuation of my constitutionally protected rights for personal ease. I hate people and need to shut them out, I get so sick and vomit at refusal of decency that I'll charge. Fuck normalfags.(user was warned for this post)
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>the virgin /dep/ wizard
>the thrice divorced schizo wizCHAD

It makes you think.


interdasting, sounds like some kind of AI generated text using Wiz keywords.


how the fuck does a mod read this and go "yeah, thats a warn" 😂😂😂


>being this mentally ill


>how the fuck does a mod read this and go "yeah, thats a warn"
OP said something about divorce, the warning is very likely due to that.

File: 1673841724408.png (517.54 KB, 768x576, 4:3, lenny.png) ImgOps iqdb


I feel like I trolled myself.

In my 20s I had a depressed monk mindset where I didn't feel like I needed more than a computer with internet access so I didn't have much motivation to work if I don't enjoy it and lived not thinking about the future.

Now that I turned 30 I got bored of the internet because I feel like all the interactions and content there just repeats themselves, I stopped watching anime which was a cheap way of entertainment, I feel like I watched all the interesting movies and the new ones suck.

I started watching a lot of youtube and got exposed to all kinds of niche obsessive communities that are about perfecting something. For example I was happy using a $10 keyboard all my life and now I started looking at $300+ keyboards. I didn't care about how my room looked but now I wish I could move out and decorate it properly and give it an actual aesthetic but that would require money.

But years of not doing anything not only left me with 0 skills and an empty CV but also lazy habits that seem impossible to change.
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There's a bit more to being a film buff than just watching movies imo. Being able to discern a film requires having an understanding of the production process, medium, the technology involved and genre. In fact, I think just mindlessly watching a film a day is probably detrimental to getting a proper understanding of film if you just consume mediocre garbage. It's like how reading nothing but female romance novels would not give a proper understanding of the medium of literature.

The best way to watch film is to select good ones or ones representative of the genre, and then watch it once to get the plot, and watch it a second time and think over how they filmed it and what they did and why. If there's a commentary track available, watch it with that, and (for any pre-2010 film) watch interviews with the actors. This doesn't work for modern Disney-shit because they sanitize all their behind the scenes work now.

If you care about the Film Industry, there's also a need for understanding mass appeal. Film snobs are always confused as to the popularity of Michael Bay flicks, but can't fathom that his films are aimed at an audience of 13 year old boys and r-slurred blue collar workers that want to nap across 3 hours and not miss much.

Idk I feel like most film buffs miss the mark because they're either consuming nothing but goyslop mindlessly or they're english majors that are too focused on themes and symbolism. The 30+ minute film essays on youtube breaking down the themes of every childhood film makes me cringe. Sam Hyde kinda said it best, the human brain is wired to find the same sort of narratives and stories entertaining and much of the actual quality for movies comes from the effort put into cinematography, pacing, special effects, etc, themes and symbolism and all that other gay english major shit is just one piece of the puzzle.


Have you considered applying for neetbux? At this point, you have nothing to lose.


They make new ones though. Looking at my Letterboxd I've watched 48 movies with a 2022 release. Thankfully I'm not too picky about my movies.



when you ve seen every movie, TV show, read every book, played every game, etc…. etc…. etc…..

and it actually starts to feel like work to do it,

it happened to me, after 8+ years of NEET i was disgusted by myself. and debated a job to distract from my hobbies, til my parents told me to get a job or leave. eventually you will become sick of distractions and amusements, they werent meant to be purpose of life.

you need to find and make your own purpose, a talk for another time


nah fuck wageslavery

File: 1673139738083.gif (69.78 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 0.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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I have no proof or medical studies to show that this is the case, but I also have no doubts. I believe that to get out of depression, tiredness, fatigue and all that shit, you first have to work your body, since a healthy body is a healthy mind, for that it is good to do sports, whatever it is. it is as long as it keeps our body busy. Another important factor is studying, it doesn't really matter what, it doesn't matter if it's for university, school or for yourself, you have to do it to keep your mind occupied with something productive. I would also say that looking for a job, or generating income with a startup, as this will keep our mind and body busy, while giving us money, in itself gives us a reason to keep going, especially when you are working on something of your own.

Another important point is to stop comparing yourself to others, stop thinking that the other is better than you because you have more knowledge, money or physical condition. It is also very silly to think about issues such as superiority or inferiority, we are all human, we all have problems and difficulties in life, of course there are degrees of this, but this does not have to be a limitation. You have to focus on yourself, on your problems, on your virtues, on your life, and not on that of others.

Another issue is guilt and remorse, which depending on the person can be the easiest part, or difficult to overcome, because it is easy to forgive others, but sometimes it is difficult, if not impossible, to forgive yourself. No matter how dirty your hands are, they can always be cleaned. You have to accept your sins, accept what you did wrong and live with it. Go to a priest, a psychologist, or tell someone you trust what you did, this can help, it doesn't matter if you think psychology is a joke, or if you don't believe in God, the important thing is to somehow get the weight off What are you wearing.

My least favorite part of this thread is going to a psychiatrist and being prescribed medication, which in itself sucks. But these in some cases are necessary to be able to do the above. Non-magical drugs, and you can't expect them to solve all your problems, but they are a great supplement to doing some of the steps mentioned in this thread.
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And yet people like you are no where to be found or make the constant excuse of "Not trying enough" when it doesn't work. Fuck you, and fuck
>>270616 Normie tiered advice only works for normies. Sorry but "Hurrrr just be yourself" isn't going to work. I don't wallow in self pity but the kind of pain many people feel here is esoteric. And thus that advice needs to be proportionate as such.


I stopped eating bread and it cured my depression.


the bread tastes good


>t. Perlmutter
He claims to have reversed dep in patients doing this. Argument is basically insulin resistance and most people being influenced by gluten despite not being celiac. Little skeptical as well but the general argument about sugar/grain products is legit



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File: 1674546229983.png (65.31 KB, 1468x1356, 367:339, 1674458591178092.png) ImgOps iqdb


>As a kid everyone thought I was a good boy with a bright future but then….
Holy crap this is accurate.
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That’s what the drugs are for


Who cares, society sucks, drop out. Good parents protect their childs form the terror and horror of social life.


>Good parents protect their childs form the terror and horror of social life.

Yeah right, "good parents" don't prepare you for life and shelter you like a manbaby until you're a social retard who can't get shit done.


Fuck off normalfag.

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I wish I studied STEM or IT instead, There's simply no jobs anymore for chemists out there. Take a look around, most people that call themselves 'chemists' haven't been able to hold on to a job for longer than 5-8 years. In fact, I bet most of the people I run into in the chemical industry have had 3, 4, or more jobs within the past decade. How can one ever expect to buy a house or be able to save for health insurance with that kind of job insecurity? The only thing this worthless degree in chemistry has gotten me are permatemp jobs with no benefits for $18/hr. I regret every single day of my life wasting time and money on this worthless chemistry degree. At this rate, it'll only take me the next 25 years between temp job after temp job to payoff all these student loans. I've done job search after job search and the only jobs out there are for A.)temps and B.) terribly mundane, boring, and low paying QC or method development work. There's a reason why there are so many listings for quality control/analysis/method development work–it's because people hate doing it and quit not long after starting which forces companies to constantly rehire.

For anyone who is reading this and has an interesting in the field, stay absolutely clear of chemistry and biology. It is a TERRIBLE career. There's never ending wave after wave of layoffs after companies get done their projects that fail after 5 years, more and more companies have moved to hiring people as low paid permatemps from the third world with no benefits, and there is literally no job security. If you truly love science that much, just be prepared to never be able to own a house or buy something nice every once in while because you will constantly be under the threat of job loss and may have to relocate at any time on a whim. would be better to have a back up plan–go to trade school, earn an accounting degree in parallel, or work for your state's police dept. etc. etc. Anything but trying to be a chemist is better. Believe me, if you try to delve into this crapfest you'll get to know the names like ManPower, Kelly Services, or Aerotek quite well as a permatemp.

Getting a PhD barely helped me either. I spent years and years slaving away doing worthless post doc after post doc for borderline poverty wages to have almost a slim to none chance at getting an academic position. A PhD in industry gets you almost no where these days also, I am simply be "too overqualified" fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you can't just retake the year?
>muh kms
you're not even working 60 hours a week yet


>I try and try and I never get to anything
What are you having difficulty with comprehending? Are you self-taught?


serves you right for getting a normie graduate/doctorial degree. only a normie minded person would do that.


All degrees are useless when you're trying to get a job in order to contribute to a ruined society you don't belong in


>I studied computer science and now do programming for mid-tier pay. It may sound strange, but I regret it and wish I had studied a less career-centric major. Mainly because I lost all interest in it and now barely have motivation to do my job. Also, I think the whole tech sector is way overvalued, with the sciences such as chemistry perhaps being undervalued. But maybe I'd think differently if I didn't have a secure job (for the time being at least).
This. Tech is oversaturated with people who get told to "learn2code bro" and overestimate their intelligence and/or interest in the field. I learned a little bit of comp sci because I like computers/have an internet addiction, but ultimately I found it was sort of pointless

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File: 1674524649073.jpg (682.23 KB, 3000x4000, 3:4, c0efe6812b6997c576a3cbb3fc….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Parents keep asking how I'm doing keep just saying I'm fine saying anything else will just worry them for no good reason
>Read this reddit story about this succubus who told her autistic asshole brother to fuck off and he killed himself because he couldn't take it all throughout the post she's talking about how her family is doing better since his death although she wouldn't say it again but that she also wouldn't wish him back to life
>Reinforces my anti natalist beliefs realize I'm probably like that asshole kid only instead of being an asshole I just never make any progress
>In therapy group for exposure for my anxiety
>Have meds
>Don't take them scared of what they will do to me
I scream into the void everyday and I don't hear anything back


if u dont wanna die… live out of spite


What are you doing reading that crap on reddit? Possibly they are made up stories to annoy people, if you want to read sad things go to reddit cancer or some other sub about terminal illnesses. Your parents love you and only want the best for you, listen to them.

File: 1661591760378.png (1.32 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, japan.png) ImgOps iqdb

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I turned 28 years old this year. And feels hit me.
I hate my life. I hate my retarded upbringing. I hate my disabilities, which I was born with. I hate most of my memories. I hate people, who are similar to people that harmed me in the past. I hate my weak mentality.
But on the contrary, I m a weird person at the same time I feel lot of hatred towards humanity, but also I m emphatic guy with love inside.

In this world, in my situation I have 2 main enemies. Enemy inside of me and enemy outside. Enemy inside of my is my weak, passive mentality, which I was born with. Enemy outside are people who hate guys like me and who like to destroy person like me.
I cant change my mentality much, when I m already 28 years old.
My parents made many mistakes, when they breeded me. They teach me nothing useable. They taught me only useless and retarded stuff like:
>Always say good morning, when you see teacher, or some of my parents friends (that is retarded shit, they just wanted to make me polite). And polite men are just weaklings, who everyone makes fun of and they are never treated with seriousness
>They never taught me how to deal with bullies
>Never taught me that I should be assertive
>Never taught me anything, they just gave me food and shelter and forced me to go school, they didnt really care if I feel good at school, whether I get bullied, or not.
Some people should never have children. But at the same time I must say, even if parents are incompepetent, but child doesnt have dissabilities like me, he still has chances to be normal.
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Everyone daydreams wizzie, but not all of us write it down as fact LOL



I didn't daydream it. Besides, my school life was full of stress even though I never got caught for sabotage.

For example a teacher pushed me during PE class so that my knee broke. I was also ridiculed constantly for being small.


I believe it.


i wish i did something similar, except for the part in which you cause harm to innocents, though i wouldn't blame myself too harshly if i did (which i did as well), school is basically a fucking prison and it reduces you to your base instincts


I have the opposite problem where I'm too happy and confident and that makes people seethe so much.

It's like they expect me to come into the workplace groveling and miserable.

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