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I want to take DRUGS

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How much DXM were you doing? I've drank a few bottles as a kid but only ever felt drunk


can't remember. enough to get second plateau or so


I need a drug that will make me motivated and interested in doing anything but browsing the internet and refreshing the same pages over and over.


Psychedelics with the intention to change will probably be the most helpful. Ayahuasca , shrooms, etc. Living better through chemistry still requires better living.

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i need a new vice besides masturbation, junk food, drinking, and imageboards. i dont give a fuck if its bad for me. i like things that are bad for me. im not planning to live to an old age anyway
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Only people who have never gone deep with psychedelics or tripped at all would be ignorant enough to think they would want to try OD on them.
You have no idea what it does to you and what pain awaits you. Hell may or may not be real but psychedelic hell sure is.


Ever consider kratom? It's legal in many parts and feels pretty good if you don't already have a massive tolerance to opioids.


ODing on an nbome or any psychedelic is probably the worst thing to do if you desire to kill yourself via drug. Most likely you'd just wind up retarded and with survivable but painful organ failure.


Fent is the way then.


This is what I came in here to recommend. Kratom is cheap, plentiful and fun for a couple of weeks before it becomes painful and addictive

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Im considering starting volunteer/charity work because helping humans gives humans dopamine. Anyone else on this line of thought?
Do wizzies help the poor and the ill?
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I'd never help a normgroid, but if you think that'd make you happy then go ahead.


I do help people from time to time. Recently a homeless person asked me to buy him sandwiches in a shop. Cost equivalent of $6. I did that and he said he's grateful.

When people ask me for directions or I see they have a problem I sometimes offer myself to help. But I always make sure that I don't do something that would hurt me. I am allowing myself to say no and go about my business.

And I would only give people money / buy things if I had a lot of it and didn't have to work hard to get it.


I only give homeless money when they promise me they will spend it on drugs or alcohol as it would be wasted otherwise.


I'm the same way


And they never lie.

File: 1631249729638.png (872.84 KB, 488x658, 244:329, Picture1.png) ImgOps iqdb


What do you guys think of reincarnation? Of the possibility that existence might be sadistic enough to force us back into the game endlessly? I honestly would not put it past reality to do such a thing. Imagine reincarnating as an infant that chokes to death on his umbilical cord at birth. Or perhaps a dog being skinned alive by gooks before being thrown into a pot of scalding liquid. Maybe you'll end up as an oblivious rich person who is so protected from the world that he has no idea that such things even happen. I often wonder about such things. The sheer amount of torture technology that's been devised from the human mind is astounding. Maybe I'm just focusing too much on the negative? Look at all of the beauty humanity has achieved through artistic masterpiece and technology! What other species has managed to escape the floor of earth? I think this would be a cool topic for the /dep/ board to discuss, I like disturbing feelings. I want to see this thread crawling with horror and madness and unhappiness; make it reek like a death pit, wizards! I want to hurt some people!
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Yeah that's how I calm myself down when I get too panicky about this stuff. The prospect of experiencing excruciating pain sometime in the future is still scary though, even if you can't recall each previous time.


Yes this is how it works. Porkies take the surplus value from the wage cucks. Wage cucks only take a small fraction of what they produced. Da gobermint exists to protect the interest of Porky.


If I reincarnate but I don't remember any of my previous life why would I care? I won't be the same person. Death is the final end even if reincarnation is real, because if you forget all about your past lives then you will be a totally different person in your next life.


I can't believe someone somewhere seriously thinks this shit makes sense. Seems like TDMT or simple retardation.


Nice refutation

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Do you ever self-medicate depression through eating food?

I practically need chocolate, ice cream, pizza, candy bars, pastries, cake etc. daily or I can't sleep at all because my mood gets so low during the day.
The happiest I'm going to feel all day is 1-2 hours after eating, and during eating.

French fries and potato chips are also very soothing and improve the mood for a few hours. I do have to limit the eating to maybe 2000-2500kcal a day so I don't become obese.

At this point, I think eating is the only thing I look forward to in life. It's the only real thing giving me any joy anymore. Video games, movies etc. don't cut it anymore. I'm tired of them.
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I had to google it and seems you're right.
Some quality cheeses apparently act like opioids in the brain.

Huh, I was always wondering why I am almost addicted to cheese, or why it's so hard to stay off it.


Excellent article here on salt intake. Everything we've been taught by the school and media about salt has been a lie


File: 1632173671089.pdf (2.55 MB, Lies My Doctor Told Me Me….pdf)


Beware of eating thru all the day long, a couple of times without mixing much is enough. And beware of carbs and red meats.


File: 1632173762323.pdf (2.87 MB, The Salt Fix by Dr. James ….pdf)


There have been even entire books about it! Even Arnold Ehret claims salt to be "an excellent muci remover" in his own words.


Food makes me feel ok sometimes but the somnolence i get after eating fast food/cardbogydrates is too much so im glad i don't like food that much otherwise I'd be a fatty

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lost my father when i was 21 , live whit bedridden grandmother for decade , and just now my mother died ,i have noone,have no inheritance ,norelatives because i do not have bio parents im just picked from the streets just great, feels like Guts i cant conecnt to noone, feel odd,maybe im FREE now


Tbh, as someone who doesn't get along with my boomer parents, I kind of envy that, not that I want to be homeless though.


And not a single one of them could help you learn to write intelligibly either. That's the biggest tragedy in all this


File: 1632125328014.gif (1.34 MB, 346x200, 173:100, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb


i go to lidl today with the intention of using my 10€ coupoun. i use a calculator to ensure that i spend exactly 10€. once the items are scanned it comes out to 9,45€, the prices listed are not the same once scanned. i cant walk back and grab items to make it go above 10 because there is a huge line behind me.

this shit ruined my day. im on welfare i have to save every fucking penny that i can. i screamed my lungs out once i got home. why does literally nothing i do go right? everything fails, how is that possible? how?
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are you german? swedish?


Dude next time go back get the items!


I know this feeling. So many times I've been too broke to even afford a coffee so I've had to search the streets for coins just to get a my fix. Then it turns out sales tax went up overnight so I suddenly don't have enough dimes to get a regular size and wind up with a small little baby cup of sip of closed beta no dlc coffee tease.

Lidl is a big chain; do they not have those scanners intermittently throughout the isles that let you price check things? The ones in my nearby Wal-Mart let you scan multiple items to see exactly how much it will cost. Doesn't work for per-kg goods though. Also steal from Lidl they'll never know. If caught tell them Welfare isn't enough to live off of.

>why does literally nothing i do go right? everything fails, how is that possible? how?

It's not your fault, it's the sales industry. selling things for $1.99 instead of $2 to make noobs think they're paying only "a dollar-something", and then selling things for like $2.03 (which here rounds up to $2.05 if paying cash) so you need to give them nickles so they can make change. Not including sales tax on the sticker price so you forget you're actually paying like 15% more per item. So much crap they do. Just make everything 1/10th or 1/4th already.

Do you have access to food banks OP?


Is this worse than wageslavery?



File: 1631552132082.jpg (53.03 KB, 400x395, 80:79, a39efi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anything related to therapy cna go here >///<
Have you found therapy helpful at all and if so why and if not why.

It seems to me that a therapist can help you if you have some things you want to achieve or gain in life but for whatever reason you will not go for them and also therapy can help people learn how to manage and identify their feelings but people who are self aware can do this by reading a book instead.
general therapy seems centered on establishing yourself within the community socially and working so you can buy things you want but what can it do for people who dont want anything? is it so crazy to think that just as some people like X and others Y there are also people who dont enjoy life at all. Do you think there will ever be therapy that helps people let go of life and end it peacefully.
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Sounds like he's just trying to appeal to your ego by saying you're really special. Also, someone taking a keen interest in your inner world and personality can be quite attractive if you otherwise never get that kind of attention or "intimacy" in the real world.

Personally I think therapy is a waste of time and money, but if you get a kick out of it and actually look forward to sessions, there's no harm in indulging in it and satisfying that curiosity. I think it would be fun to go to therapy and just run circles around the guy and put tiny little baits in your conversation and lead him down some path. It probably wouldn't take more than a wikipedia skim through psychoanalysis to do that.


It's as accurate as palm reading, don't waste your money on that hogwash.


He never said I was really special but in general I have noticed psychologists will take an interest in me (even when not paying) and want to prod around. The same psychologist claimed I was "highly intelligent" and I disagreed with him it does nothing but annoy me when I get praised and there was no validity to it anyway so I dobt it was to appeal to my ego but alas it may have been. It would be strange if this gentlemen was trying to appeal to me by taking some interest in my inner going ons as it does not appeal to me not that I am resitant but I am very much sealed off in ways and don't care to talk to people. Typical wiz I guess very loner yet content being alone.

I have self studied a lot over the years on the subject so I am sure I could have some fun if I wanted but I am older and I am past that it would only fuel my petty ego if I did and I had done that in the past but now I would not find that fun at all.

I will tell you what though, this guy was using free apps from the app store on an ipad to administer tests to me which are all self reported and to do with ADD and ASD. I am aware he would have to apply his professional opinion to when talking to me and deal with the data but the experience with him was not much different than doing personality tests online for a laugh. What a crock.

He asked me what I was listening to when I walked into the session and I told him it was Harsh noise and he did not get what that was so I tried to explain and in the end he insisted he hear the song I was listening to and well I can only guess from that alone he thinks I am odd. I attached the MP3. https://vocaroo.com/1cYU98o63GFj

I won't go I don't think.


I've been peer pressured to be in therapy for many years now under the assumption that it will get me on SSI. Rejected three times so far from it. But about talk therapy, they just expect you to take care of yourself. Advice is for shit unless you are literally retarded, opportunities are what matters and they generally don't give out those, just pills. About the pills, generally the doctors in the USA that give them just never mention the harsh side effects. I prefer to suffer generally but do take an ace inhibitor and a benzo now that I've decided to lose weight and not drink booze (age 32). If I get off the ace entirely, on 10mg but was on 20, then I'll be a happy camper. I plan on, if I can't, to possibly try hawthorn extract after leaving this gestapo hellhole that gives me free things just for being indigent. I'll have phenibut and hawthorn I suspect and a dog. Maybe a cat. Actually dogs are dangerous and food whores and loud and you have to go outside a lot and I'm allergic to cats, so what I'll do is have a rabbit… but they don't play. Ferret? Maybe a corvid. Actually, rather than teach some corvid how to think and talk I may as well finally learn minor programming and just have an application telling me things and meowing. I've wanted that off and on since I had a win9x computer anyway.

Seriously though I think I want a ferret and a mud-hut in some national forest and then I'll be okay. AFTER having SSI of course, and I'll need a motorcycle to go to and fro. They require precious little insurance money and can zip around in woodlands better by far than some larger vehicle. That and you can die suddenly rather than the other two main ways: heart issues (renal failure and such) or cancer. The big two. Cancer, or dying of renal failure while gasping for breath as you end up with thick veins and such. But with a motorcycle you can just *POOF*.

I made a shitty mspaint image to relax me in regards to living in the national forest and also have a list of things I already own to take with me of which weight approximately 20 lbs. If not for plantar fasciitis and somewhat uncontrolled hypertension I'd already be off and happy. I would say it'd be lonely but one of the happiest times I had was when I lived on my own before moving back in with my parents back when I had an apt in college, that only lasted less than a year. THAT'S wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>middle finger isn't as long as
*if your ring finger is longer than your index finger

Or if your pointing finger is too long that says something too, like yin and yang.


File: 1631876625679.jpeg (602.41 KB, 1215x464, 1215:464, 5CFCA81D-49DB-4362-9314-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I mean I already know there’s a suicide thread but I needed quick answers/opinions from different wizards who may or may not obtain the necessary knowledge to guide me through my exiting plan involving the method of overdosing on a combination of prescription and non-prescription medications, DXM, and alcohol. I, know it’s the “pussiest” and least possible way of holding a chance of working-out but I’m in the third world, I do not have access to guns, fentanyl, heroin and most drugs that could actually make a legit effect with the aforementioned combination, but like I said I’m denied access to guns by country’s laws and I’m in a Muslim majority country where drugs are a strong taboo and require a huge freaking amount of connections with people who are already drug addicts and as you might have already guessed guys I’m a wizard or else I would’ve asked one of my connections to hook me up with a drug dealer right? However, I have access to trains and hanging, I’m too trained for hanging though it requires a vast amount of time to plan it in the right way at the right place&time and honestly I don’t want my parents and siblings to see my hanging corpse, a crooked out one on the ground would be far less of a horrible scene “imo”. And death by trains/cliffs/high-places causes a escalation of social media debate of religious people whether they’re Christians or Muslims that develops into a racial-debate about the copts being the natives of Egypt and islamic people being a bunch of colonizers (yeah I’m Egyptian) and of course the atheists take place and defend the suicidal person, saying it’s a human right and get into massive debates with the religious people. This happened with almost every person who died by heights and trains heres then his corpse was discovered later on and be dissected and classified as a suicide case, if you died by your hands here and you weren’t covered up and quickly buried by your parents/friends/relatives or whoever the fuck, your whole family’s members get fucked for life, especially in the neighborhood they live in. And for sure I want to avoid bringing any unnecessary additional burdens to my family, my death is of a big enough cause of remorse to them. So, as I’ve explained my options and situation, could you support me through this wizzies? I really cannot see no other place on the internet where I can find people who don’t think suicide is a taboo and is so shunned. All I have is, 120 pill of 0.5mg Xanax, 30 pill of 7.5 mg Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Death is easy. Living is the tough part. He needs to stop cooming, toughen up and find God, not kill himself and suffer in hell or as a ghost for a thousand years


There’s a possibility for me to get my hands on fentanyl tablets here, I just learned it’s actually available in pharmacies but needs a prescription. So, if I managed to get some I’ll get rid of the antidepressants and antipsychotics in favor of the fentanyl pills. All in all, I may very likely be using (xanax, hypnotics, fentanyl, dxm and alcohol) combined by a antiemetic and wait for a pleasant exit hopefully.


I honestly can’t tell if you’re being serious.


Being dead is easy but the PROCESS OF DYING is not easy.


A friend of my sister's fiance had his mum go braindead from a drug-related suicide. As far as I know, it's hard to die that way. Can't you just advocate your worldview to the Muslim masses or pronounce homosexuality and get killed that way or something?

File: 1632050225911.jpg (68.84 KB, 500x494, 250:247, sweet.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any of you use any drugs to cope with life and depression

I would be an addict but i don't have connections or many options to get drugs
>I would use uppers like adderal but that stuff turns me psychotic so i can only do downers

What would be a wizard drug, to me it seems like opium would fit, mdma would be something of a normie drug
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>Do opioids help with sleep?
Morphine is named after morpheus, the greek god of dreams


I smoked weed all my teen years all day every day and it is a meme drug for wizard needs because you get hit with a tolerance and cant effectively abuse it.


I dont understand what youre saying. what is a meme drug?


when someone refers to something as a meme they mean it's false, overrated a joke etc


You can get a tolerance to literally everything…

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