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do any of you guys work in a non-coding job that can be done remotely? furthermore, and critically, could this job be done from anywhere in the world whether you had permission or not?

I can't stand living in America anymore and I have no reason to stay here. Initially, i thought i could just work for 1-2 years, fuck off, rinse, and repeat, but being here is just intolerable.

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my sister just moved back home and i can't fucking stand her and all the noise she makes
i CANNOT sleep at all before she decides to quiet down around midnight,

example around 23:50 she'll go down and up the stairs like 5-6 times before finally deciding to brush her teeth in the kitchen wearing nothing but a bra and underwear, then she will go back up to her room and she will sit there for 50 minutes until she will go to the bathroom and after she has been to the bathroom she will yell at my mom until she wakes up then she will finally quiet down.

but even if she went up and down the stairs only once i would still wake up, its like noise from her is different and causes me to become more sensitive

(i really fucking hate her)

i think i have some buried trauma inside of me from all the shit she has done to me and my mom in the past, shes also the most useless person i know (shes 28)
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> think having one dominant demon sibling can make you more timid because you have to coexist with them and find some social dynamic during the formative years of your life

Sounds reasonable. There's a lot of studies on the topic of sibling competition, but I have never bothered to read them.

For example https://oxford.universitypressscholarship.com/view/10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199692576.001.0001/acprof-9780199692576-chapter-8


File: 1655536434005.jpg (6.92 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 1630083897290.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

is there any way you can sound proof your room to prevent external sounds from getting in? ive thought about this before because ive got loud family members sometimes (little brother brings home succubi sometimes and loudly fucks them with music blasting while everyone is trying to sleep. boomer parents apparently just don't care). it's depressing and i don't want to hear that crap. those little earplugs you can get dont work that good for me and they always fall out


You could try over ear “noise defenders” from the hardware store - you can get high sound rated ones and as long as they seal over your ears they work pretty well.


Interesting thing is I also literally act like that , staying awake till 2.am listenining loud music and being totally useless except I’m a man though


Can't you combine that with playing some music in your room. It helps drown out a lot of external noise. I'm not saying it has to be blasting loud, but if they're fine with his noise, yours shouldn't matter that much, right?

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I cant jerk off. my cock feels nothing. no frenulum left, not even remanent. cut tight, my dick points to the left because skin is so tight. glans is dry all the time. my fetish is foreskin and phimosis hentai now because I want foreskin so much especially when its erect and the foreskin cover the glan then the bitch lick it to uncover the glans. no rigid band, no gliding sensation. I will have to resort to anal to feel good when masterbating now so I guess im gay until my foreskin grows back.

my doctor gave me a hand job with a knife when I was a baby so does that even make me a wizard anymore?
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Could you orgasm when rubbing the ridged band? Can you still orgasm just as easily when rubbing the frenulum?


>I cant jerk off. my cock feels nothing

same but I am uncircum it just feels so good especially frenulum stuff that I abused it as drugs and fucked up myself mentally and psychically


i could be wrong but apparently the procedure doesnt restore sensitivity much


Circumcision was pushed so that jews blend in better in the worst case scenario for them. Imagine, millions of men were mutilated at birth to soothe one group's paranoia. Evil world

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File: 1646508964496.gif (66.52 KB, 200x190, 20:19, 200w.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else have an anxiety order of some kind? It's gotten to the point where I just pace around in my room for hours thinking, calculating and imagining myself in various dark and worrying situations. Things that are permanent, like being outed as a racist, doxed or something and get fired from my job and harassed until I end up homeless or dead.

While I do this, I sometimes yell out "fuck" and other obscenities when I'm in a complete state of fear, panic and hopelessness. I'm always in a state of terror. I fear people are after me and looking to ruin my life permanently.

I'm so fucking scared and I can't help but break down and cry at home and at work. I don't know what to do.
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Actually did some research, it doesn't affect intelligence besides some potential memory problems.
They can take the amygdala away or destroy it. There's a 3% mortality rate, but that's on subjects that were mostly ill to begin with.


This is just reminding me of that guy who had part of his brain taken out with a straw.


in order to even get this done you need a referral from your doctor which won't happen and even if you do you need to find a surgeon willing to do this.
that's to say this even eradicates fear because some studies show in patients with ptsd there's still arousal regarding fear sensations.


I think I was born with some kind of genetic anxiety disorder because I remember that even in preschool I sat in a corner afraid to play with the other kids


genetics and brain structure, just as some people are born psychopaths with low activity reduced connections between the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and the amygdala
You don't pick how you turn out, it's just random, same with appearance and intelligence, you can be a chad or a normie or a genetic failure.

File: 1636591196591.jpg (148.08 KB, 2121x1414, 3:2, pills.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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please post your experiences with anti depressants here

i'm starting on them (Citalopram) tomorrow and im scared that ill gain weight from it
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is Wellbutrin only way to ever feel happy again without taking hard drugs?


How do I push my psych that I want a certain drug I feel is safer? Or will they just think I’m a druggie


Not sure if I should quit amitripyline. Probably. No effect on mood at all (I've used it on and off for a year, but only daily for about the past 2 months at most). I never expected a mood boost anyway, I know the deal with these sugar pills however initially it was REALLY fucking good to sleep. Now, tolerance has already built in a relatively short time. It's fucked my sleep if anything by now. I sleep 14 hours and wake up at 5pm most days. Does that really matter? No I guess not but it is a little depressing. Amitripyline itself gives side effects like headaches, BAD dry mouth, I believe what happens is it knocks you out so much initially you don't notice them. But I've woken up a few times and felt diabetic. Not a fan of these pills. Insomnia is garbage too though.


Other side effects I forgot. Despite(because of?) sleeping so much I don't feel rested at all. My brain is cloudy as fug, constantly feeling dizzy and basically retarded. I don't drink alcohol, but somehow back when I did drink quite a lot I don't remember ever feeling this completely monged out.


More side effects from this. "Brain zaps" which in reality is a lot more disturbing than the almost cartoonish medical term implies. Like you feel electricity radiate throughout your body. And extremity numbness - my fingers are actually numb. Great… well I've committed to quitting this shit but I know quitting will mean I can't sleep at all, which leads to its own problems. Why is it always a rock and a hard place instead of a rock a hard place and a decent option. Always 2 extremes of bullshit and other bullshit. I quit fluoxetine last year cold turkey. No more trust in doctors.

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File: 1646365952984.jpg (918.91 KB, 2300x1700, 23:17, HOJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Right now I have a lot of trouble concentrating, but since I was in deep depression and had intrusive thoughts, when I took some adderal I had massive stomach aches but still felt sort of good, now that Im a bit better I was wondering if any wizzies who have experience with simulants if it helped them?
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File: 1655069540510.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280, 249:140, 32901894-0AE2-4EF3-A241-1F….gif) ImgOps iqdb

day 2 of no Vyvanse and my brain is going crazy. I stopped my medication after 3 years.


i did moda, adderall, concerta, intuniv. none of them fixed my primary problem which is starting tasks.


File: 1655260283161.jpg (363.11 KB, 1208x1200, 151:150, 1417812401664.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The acute short term withdrawals that take place during the first couple weeks of going cold turkey can be pretty agonizing and feel like pic-related so I hope you have an arsenal of non-addictive and or functionally different drugs to help balance things out. But it's the long term necessary reprogramming of the mind that ends up being the real battle.

Have you planned this out with your doc or are you just saying fuck it?


>These are pills that have almost a complete success rate in treatment.
I bet you cant find even one example of that because there isnt any such case


don't got any other drugs, i'm ridding myself of them because soon i won't have a way to get access too them and what i fear the most is being dependent on them to the point of me not having them will make me do stupid shit. While these drugs helped me get shit done, they've given me sleep problems that have impacted my life even worse the past few years.

on day 6. and i think it's getting better. i sleep for like 10 hours a day now and actually dream. after the 3rd day my head stopped hurting but i eat whatever i can get my hands on.

File: 1655222350908.jpg (59.38 KB, 415x645, 83:129, younges man in bolivia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Ive been reading Demausse's "journal of psycho-history" and the Big Bad Book of humanity. coupled with my readings on sentience,of for example plaknton,sperm cells,viruses etc..im becoming a very pessimistic person,philosophically.
I see sentience as both suffering,but also impossible to escape. Humans have been serial killer pedro tier en masses for thousands of years,since recently we got better but we're still brutally cruel to sentient life and specially fellow humans.
im not talking about reports on the news of evil..but systematic,deeply-rooted tendencies within the brain which plague millions of millions
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>preserve you and your bloodline
do you forget where we are?


>Humans have been serial killer pedro tier en masses for thousands of years,since recently we got better but we're still brutally cruel to sentient life and specially fellow humans.
No, people didn't get better, unless you consider civilization and its hypocrite system to be a progress which I can't see how is possible. People are still assholes, in fact even more so, because thanks to civilization people like you or me with weird habits, low social skills and ugly looks are bullied and abused day after day without us being able to defend ourselves. Pre-civilization wiz types could murder a norm if he taunted them, nowadays you have to grin and bear it or go to jail. Pre-civilization in-cels could just rape succubi, nowadays they are doomed to eternal frustration without being able to live out their desires. Civilization and its knightly morals (defending wymen, children and giving them equal rights) plus its class system and having to play in the team (society) really destroys our chances at survival or enjoying life as autistic wizards.

If I have to use Dungeons and Dragons example, I'd say humanity went from Chaotic Evil to Lawful Evil. Both are arguably awful but primitive and unorganized, stateless societies would be better grounds for us.

>preserve you and your bloodline
What the hell should we care about bloodlines?


File: 1655247233121.png (1.61 MB, 773x1167, 773:1167, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


batman's cowl is green in the first panel


its because Bane, this force of pure chaos, whose only morality is strength, has penetrated even into Bruce's wizcave where he is just cozy chilling in his robe

File: 1654954315708.jpg (7.87 KB, 184x274, 92:137, scalpel-bald.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


money isnt real, vehicles and buildings are cages,we are automatons of flesh, social media is cancer. everything is just a fart of the big bang…we are a fart.
I no longer even enjoy anime or vidya .Im not even bothered that I dont enjoy it. i would like to believe in eternal oblivion after death but honestly that seems unlikely even all religions are wrong.
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Like I said, your narcissism isn't your own fault, nor is it a morbid form of self-love like you call it. The concept of narcissism has a certain connotation in surface cultural level which is wholly different from its original intent. It's a pretty common misconception, made by idiots. The original myth of Narcissus was a tragedy, and his death was revered by all the gods of Olympus. It's sad, more than anything, that you act the way you do. I'll try to explain your retardation in simpler terms than I've tried so far. Your narcissist identification, along with self-accusations which you parade like some gay pride flag, is specific to melancholia in the psychoanalytic sense of the word. In depression with psychotic elements as you display, what is happening is the delirious awaiting of punishment (my brain is doing this, not me!! I'm not in control!!). The mourning is the disinvestment of the object of desire, bearing the idea that testing reality shows that, what you loved, does not exist anymore. This manifests, in your case, as a sort of negative narcissism.

In an individual such as yourself, you are not afraid of getting sick and dying as a hypochondriac is, but of being guilty. You spend your life constantly worried about your guilt in things your have done wrong, sins you have committed, etc. Although to the outsider and to yourself, you may seem particularly conscientious, moral, and even interested in others, the fact is that you are only interested in your morals, in your conscience, in what others may say about you, etc. The narcissism underlying the physical or moral hypochondria is the same narcissism of the vain person, except that it is less apparent, as such, to the unprepared eye. One finds this kind of narcissism particularly in a state of melancholy, characterized by feelings of feelings of inadequacy, of falseness, of self-accusation, things you blatantly display (maybe not so blatant to yourself, since you are consumed by a specter of narcissism unfortunately). This will be my last time replying to you, though, since I am aware that narcissists, generally do not listen to what others say, nor are they really interested in what others say. All I recommend is that you make some serious changes from within, though given your age if you are being truthful, it's probably too late for you.

I've also recognized you as such Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Funny you accuse him of sounding like a succubus when you sound like a normalfag with your "man up kid eheh" cringe shit.


Go argue with the eggheads, dumb fuck. As far as it appears, the person is less than its brain. Ironically, you are a narcissist and believe everybody's brains are slaves to their ego instead of the other way around. Your CRP Premium™ guidebook matters nothing to lions, dogs, ants, etc.
You just sound like you watch a lot of Dr. Grande with how much you mindlessly throw around the term "narcissist" like a chimp throwing its own turds lol.
Quite funny that you try to backpedal and claim "n-no i care about things, U don't!!!!12222" immediately before conceding that you're a butthurt bitch with a damaged ego. You are a legitimate psychopath and that's why you continue to troll many people on a depression board with how apparently hypermasculine you personally are and how everybody else is an effeminate communist and mentally a child. You are actually the most visibly fucked up piece of shit despite your filibuster of youtube psychoanalysis. There is no plea. Your suicide is a necessity, for the board's sake lol.


injected the alcohol drug and put a couple youtube videos on simultaneously while playing an old rpg. the cacophony kinda helped, just wished i wasnt trading one headache-inducer for another (this one is probably better though, less shit overall but remains to be seen if i can get to sleep and what i will see during if so).
have a good evening or day.


memes are psyhops

File: 1654962036176.jpg (47.08 KB, 600x383, 600:383, Screen_Shot_2018-01-31_at_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Since Im gonna die soon anyways, I dont care much about health issues. Ive been wanting to stay awake for at least 48 hours but I always pussy out and back out and dont do it.
ae there any trips,if meditating correctly etc,activated when seel deprived? will REM-rebound make me dream super trippy shit once i DO sleep?
will it merely make me feel miserable?(i read some studies saying SD causes mania tho)
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magnetic fields i suppose. Or you know, it doesn't.


It's easy and odd if you take amphetamines. You can be awake 48 hours and not even feel tired. But you start to interpret shadows in your peripheral vision as people etc. Shadow realm imo


hey hi
I just put 4 alarms, once every 2 hours..for my 8 hour sleep.
i hope it goes well. i HATE waking up with an alarm…but i need dem lucid dreamz


started sleeping with my head heading south my woke up with a sore wizhole


I recommended not to do that. But at least try to get up for some minutes and not let your mind fall asleep once you get back in bed. Focus on the sensations of your body and the light behind your eyelids. The first alarm is probably pointless since it's somewhat later in the REM cycle that you start to have more vivid dreams, at least some 4.5 hours deep into your sleep according to a diagram I saw in that textbook. It's waking up while in a REM stage and then letting your body fall asleep without your mind going to sleep with it that helps you enter a lucid dream.

File: 1654423840370.jpg (236.2 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, fbvr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm nearing my 30s and if I look back at my life, I see how getting on the internet ruined everything forever.

It's not just the addiction, it's the kind of information that makes it into your head.

The ultimate evil in this world is any type of media. The distraction from what is real or construction of any new reality is just sickening.

Anyone who claims the internet helped them cope or escape is suffering from stockholm syndrome.
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nice to see the monk larp thing is still alive. I did not know being a sanctimonious asshole was part of that lifestyle though. Sounds like a waste of time you could dedicate to reading philosophy™ or doing arts™ n shit. It does lose its appeal when you can no longer humble brag on the internet doesn't it.

And TV/radio/newspapers/magazines/comic books, but I know no one will acknowledge it because it's impure easy to consume entertainment.


If i was supreme dictator i'd find some way to bring back dial up cables. I don't care how dumb it sounds. i guarantee you the net would improve somewhat if you just made it slightly inconvenient to get back on again.


>TV/radio/newspapers/magazines/comic books

yeah, we always forget about old mediums. TV and Radio were pretty insufferable pre-1980, only during prime time could you get somewhat some entertainment. Comic books were a kids thing back then as well and were very immature, this is before the 80s grimdark stuff made them more adult. After the age of 18 you weren't really going to derive entertainment from them (Although there were some obsessive comic book guy types).

The reason you had Star Trek and Star Wars fandoms was because there was so little good entertainment for nerds to latch onto. The TOS is unwatchable at this point, yet it was considered amazing shit when it came out.

Radio wasn't passive entertainment either, it was something in the background when you did other shit.


Not even a Star Trek nerd but TOS is amazing. Special effects are obviously laughable now but the storylines are great.


>Comic books were a kids thing back then as well and were very immature

>(Although there were some obsessive comic book guy types)

>The TOS is unwatchable at this point

Am I on an imageboard or some normalfag social media platform?

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