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It can and it will always get worse.
No matter how the future plays out I can be sure that im gonna suffer in worse ways then I have so far, it can always always get that much worse the ride never ends untill you die, and from all of the bullshit that happens not even that is sure, its possible that this torment will continue forever damn it all
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the negative experience is more important than positive in a way. before one will enter into a heaven he must first experience an abyss.


Plenty of athletes peak in their mid 30's (boxers in particular), male artists (the only real ones) tend to do their best work around 30 as well. I'd say the decline sets in after 50, but if you have strong genes the mind and body will stay strong until the end. It varies too much to make a blanket statement as you did.


Prime is 30 when you reached wizard age and have calmed down your emotions

This is the biggest lie ever.
If I knew how bad getting old is I would have put more effort in my 20s to change something. If you're still under 30 I can't stress enough how important it is to get your shit together ASAP.

My health went to shit, my body hurts, I feel tired all the time, I see my parents getting older, having your life not figured out at this point just feels embarassing, I can't use being young as an excuse anymore, I get constantly reminded of how old I am. I never could have imagined it be that horrible. Every day I wish I could be 20 again.

Obviously if you are the cool wiz who lives on his own, makes a living with programing from home, works out and has hobbies you will be fine but then what are you doing on /dep/?


>male artists (the only real ones) tend to do their best work around 30 as well.

It's important to note that they have been doing art since they were young. They have like 20 years of experience by then. Not comparable at all to wizards who wasted their 20s.


Philosophers basically do all their heavy lifting from the ages of 25-30, Schopenhauer even went as far to say that the first thirty years of your life are the subject, the remainder is the commentary. Philosophers that continue writing into old age like Kant have most of their shit written in old age heavily criticized. There's a joke in STEM fields that Engineers over 40 are taken out back and shot.

For the best of the best, the reality of age is extremely apparent. You can see it with people like Linus and Stallman who went from top tier cerebral programmers to advocate boomers in their old age. They're coasting off the heavy lifting they did in their youth.

Of course, most people aren't top tier, most people are just Average Joes. You can pick up badminton at 30 and become a decent player by 35, decent enough for the local club. You can pick up engineering at 30 and graduate at 33-34, getting a decent engineering job and doing okay.

If you are getting your ass off the couch at 30 and escaping NEETdom after years of inactivity, then no, you'll never be the next world star athlete or top tier cerebral scientist. But you can make it to middle class with a bit of effort, and that's all you should really need in life.

File: 1682993605199.jpeg (32.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, images (21).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm a 25yo loser who share a room with my brother and let me tell you, he's the most annoying faggot on earth.

He spends all day talking and screaming to his faggot friends on Discord and I'm forced to listen to his shit all day if I am in the room.

He's literally gay. A dick sucking faggot and he isn't ashamed of dirty talking to his friends while I'm in the room.

When I want to read a book, I have to leave the bed room and go to the living room or to my mother's room.

I need to find a job asap and move out of this house.
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This. A good pair of noise cancelling headphones can do wonders for you. The best ones I've used so far, despite me hating the company, are the Apple Airpods Maxes. Don't pay full price for them tho, see if you can get them 2nd hand for inexpensive.


are you in the (((military)))?
why do you say "board me with" as tho someone else controls the process?


Sort of. I take care of my elderly mother. She pretty much lives her whole life in a reclining chair in the living room. I'm pretty much 5 feet away from her 24/7, in a reclining couch. It's been this way for a long time.

It sucks because I can't sleep uninterrupted for very long and can't even leave the house to go shopping for very long because she has to piss so much. I have to help her on and off a bedside commode AKA "the potty chair".

But my life has been completely based around her erratic napping schedule for so many years, I don't know how I'll transition to a life alone when she dies. Even when she is hospitalized (usually once a year or so) for a few days, I practically go crazy in the house because I just don't know how to adjust or what to do.


I live with my dad and we both take care of my mom who has dementia. We don't really take her to go to the bathroom. It's more of a guessing game of when she has to go versus she is just saying no. We have pads for her incase we miss something, but every once in a while we will miss our window and she'll start spreading shit around the house.

She doesn't sit around a lot and prefers to walk, which I guess is good for her because it keeps her mind active. I don't know how to entertain her anymore.


time to euthanize the bitch

File: 1682022720076.jpg (53.8 KB, 480x480, 1:1, man-with-head-down.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Just wondering because there seems to be no way out and I want it just to end.
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Time. The days, the weeks, the months, the years, the centuries, will pass like a blink, and the sooner you realize it, you will be dead.


there actually is a fully painless method but I still won't do it cause mom


There's at least two active threads with the exact same topic. OP would have seen it if he scrolled down just a bit.



Okay does anyone actually know? Been suffering since I was nine and no faggoty normie solution has worked for me. There's no chance of escape or relief, just tell me how to end it as cheaply and painlessly as possible.


Overdosing on pills is for roasties who just want attention, most of the time you'll be taken to an hospital in time.


How many liters should the nitrogen tank contain? I am aware it shouldn't contain any oxygen. Anything else I should be aware of? I need a mask and a tube, nothing else, right?
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That sounds quite beautiful.


it's not as euphoric, you will get serious nausea and head aching


Do heroin before you off yourself


You should kill yourself before you have a chance to push heroin again.


You should kill yourself before you have a change to post autism again.

File: 1682496193652.jpg (31.12 KB, 800x418, 400:209, 8684-gettyimages-katarzyna….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Some people are born intrinsically evil. Sins are passed down to reflect the ugliness of their lineage choices. Layers of selfishness, impulsivity, or lacking thoughtfulness produces others like it. Or in this case "cursing your son's and daughters." Being raised christian I often wonder why. Why he didn't wipe them out. Make the sinners pay, not those who haven't sinned yet. How there are miracles that some children are protected from this curse, from the outside world and prosper in purity. While the rest are subjected to evil and ugliness the world produces. There is choice, but how far gone is that individual when they realize and return back to self sabotaging or tainted by the curse they inhabited by their degenerate ancestors.

Been months where I became aware, years of degeneracy soiled me. Even at a young age id feel an odd sense of comfort when someone compared me to being close with Satan or some other evil figure. Not once can I recall a time where I wasn't evil. Thoughts of inslaving, manipulation, or even instigating others was held tightly in my behavior. Years of degeneracy after that rendered me to a pleasure seeking loser. Laying in their own filth that of a subhuman.

I try to now find hobbies but can't help but feel disgusted everytime I'm in the sight of beauty. Feel uncomfortable and reject it completely. This is where I got into ariosophy. Now, I'm referring myself infertile to end this curse of future generations. Maybe the Nazis were right, without the racial realism. There are people who are inferior and who lack a soul. A hierarchy is not man made, but natural.

Chaos turns itself into deterministic observable things by weeding out patterns or sequences that aren't suited to continue. Same works with humans. Every revolution still has people of superiority, intellect, and drive to lead a revolution with the false pretense of equality, or to liberate. Rest follow and cling onto the one with a sense of purpose and drive. In order to sustain their own survival through the other.

Same goes for the spirit or soul, which is why I'm not against the divine right of kings and population control.

Maybe this is blasphemy, I don't know anymore. I just wish to be wiped clean into nothing. Just hate that some people are created just to bare the sin of their lineage while others are chosen to be protected from the world.
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I understood him perfectly, you just have shit reading comprehension


>Nazis were right, without the racial realism

Nah, that was one thing they got right. The rest of your post reads like true blue schizophrenia. Get on them antipsychotics brother.


>Some people are born intrinsically evil.

i don't know if this is true. it could be and could not be. i have heard valid arguments for either case. i suspect it is way more of a choice then people like to admit. evil likes to hide behind this and pretend choice doesn't exist. because if choice existed for people who hate themselves, there may have been a choice that would have resulted in them not hating themselves and somehow this is too dangerous of a thought. evil people say they can't be responsible for their actions because free will is an illusion. i don't believe them though.

>I try to now find hobbies but can't help but feel disgusted everytime I'm in the sight of beauty.

it's nice to see someone admit this. sometimes i believe this disgust is the only protection i have in this life. i suspect a similar relationship exists between evil and choice. freely choosing i imagine must feel as disgusting as beauty to those who do everything in their power to prevent choice from manifesting.

>A hierarchy is not man made, but natural.

i don't think so. people who are blessed with a purity of heart have something in them, that gives them power, makes them attractive to the opposite sex (in a way that luxury or social status never could) and makes them feel good effortlessly.

hierarchy is the desperate attempt to organize and conspire violently so that purity of heart no longer outshines them in everything they do. if there is constant conflict, fear, uncertainty, doubt, problems, then this hierarchy that was born out of envy can seem like it is actually of service but a quick glance is enough to understand that the problems hierarchies solve are those created by hierarchies. hierarchy is a human motor powered by envy.

>Just hate that some people are created just to bare the sin of their lineage while others are chosen to be protected from the world.

i don't believe this is how it works. you might start this life moving in a certain direction but you alone have the power to decide who you want to be. an asshole could just stop being an asshole from one second to the next if the asshole expects all the change that comes with it both positive and negative.


Because he does not exist and if he did it , satan basically already won. No im not atheist


>Years of degeneracy after that rendered me to a pleasure seeking loser. Laying in their own filth that of a subhuman.
what you did.

File: 1684905516448.jpeg (68.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, hospital-blog.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone here went to a psych ward before? How was your experience there? I went 2 years ago because I was abusing alcohol and prescribed pills but realized I was almost dead from overdosing, so I told my psychiatrist and the very same day I was at the hospital. Stayed there for like a week and was a good experience overall. I felt like I had a purpose. I meditate, read, wrote in my notebook… It was overall an edifying experience. I'm even thinking on going back because I'm feeling like shit lately, plus started doing self harm some weeks ago. What about you, wizzies?
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I liked the food they serve there


I have been twice. nothing is really accomplished. I just spent most of the time sleeping and eating, and they stuff you full of pills.


My experience has been that it's definitely not useful at all unless you're so suicidal that you would immediately off yourself without constant supervision or when you are at dangerous levels of psychosis so no one dies. For anything else there is no benefit because they will just try to put you in shitty programs and get you on meds. I didn't saw a lot of totally insane people in there and most of them were dealing with other stuff so don't expect a bunch of schizo weirdos because that's usually not the majority of patients. There was also a lot of tribalism and high school style bullying, at one place there was one particular poor dude in his 30s and he got bullied by the same group of assholes literally every day and the people who worked there never did anything about it. There's also a lot of other things that suck like having no privacy, freedom and beimg surrounded by nosy workers. Avoid stationary psychiatry at all costs.


I got severely gaslit about release dates and in retrospect I know it was the male nurse having a bit of sport. My experience in there is that everyone knows it doesn't help, the nurses know, the doctors know, the patients know, and they're just legally required to hold them until they're patched up and thrown back on the street. There were a few types

>Chris Chan type middle aged autistics/eccentrics that would have a crybaby over not getting a cupcake for an hour

>Sociopathic criminal always flirting with the nurses, clearly just recovering from a meth binge
>BPD succubi with broken kidneys from a drug overdose
>Schizo men and succubi whose family have abandoned them there and forgotten about them.

The nurses were the biggest roasties around, just sitting around on their phones complaining about being bored. I don't think it's the worst place, and it's useful in stopping you from actually killing yourself, but the way they experiment with the drugs just makes you worn down. Everyone in there long term was morbidly obese, and they are all on controlled diets, so it's clearly the drugs doing it.

As soon as MAID becomes widespread and the euthanasia stuff gets underway, everyone in there will be killed off. There's a strong contempt by the staff for most of the patients.


I've been 4 or 5 times now, I enjoy it, the food is good and you get to be in a nice calm place and watch movies and draw or play videogames on the tablets they sometimes have

File: 1679607618077.gif (11.43 MB, 640x510, 64:51, rewrurewu.gif) ImgOps iqdb

 No.274532[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

stressed out from all the bullshit edition

previous >>272558
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Canada has exciting destinations like Edmonton or Calgary that immigrants don't go to. Once you embrace Canada's heritage as a cold, desolate, isolated frontierland the world is your oyster. There is more to Canada than Toronto and Montreal. Canada even has the Yukon and the Arctic Ocean you can live next to.


As most wizards (and possibly many normalfags) do, I hate my job and most of the people I work with. Lately, I have been thinking about my shitty job and shitty coworkers even when I'm not at work, and it's making me even more miserable than usual. What are some good ways to put work out of my mind when I'm not there?


File: 1685333677297.webm (2.86 MB, 540x302, 270:151, Genshin Impact.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I'm going to have to pick up a second job at this rate. Everything is getting more expensive and I'm having troubles paying for my rent and utilities. This shit fucking sucks and I hate the faggots that's ruining this country.


Very important to read this. Also - Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People". ALL combative normies read these two. Some of the more hardcore ones also know Machiavelli at least in quotes. I confirm this from overheard real life conversations. This is the holy normie triad of psywar, know the enemy.


I posted here months ago that i was warned because i took too many sickdays. Well i kept on taking em because of overwork/burnout and the consequences are here, i'm summoned for an "official" talk with my supervisor and management. I've been working here for many years and wouldn't mind getting fired, it's all so pointless.

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File: 1679206792119.jpeg (106.44 KB, 619x800, 619:800, facepalm.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


How do I stop thinking about my lost years?

I spent the last years on imageboards, video games, tv, random youtube videos and got 0 skills or life experience.

With 31 people my age who either have a job or skills already got 10+ years of experience in the said thing. So I feel hopelessly behind and every time I want to learn something I start kicking myself for not doing it sooner when I had better conditions. My life was pretty comfy compared to now 10 years ago and I feel terrible wasting it. Now I can't say I'm ~finding myself~ anymore, I get less financial support and my health is getting worse and past 30+ the odds of random health issues increase on top of the constant regret over wasted time.

I know the robotic answer is that I can't change the past so it's pointless to think about but how can I really make peace with it mentally instead of trying to suppress these negative emotions with logic?
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Stop this avataring. Not every post of yours has to start with this word.


??? Doing those hobbies are probably the best thing I have done all these years while bouncing inside this crapsack ratracing job market


it's over for you.


Around 10 years ago I was convinced into getting a real job at a relatively 'prestigious' office doing grunt work. I tolerated it for 5 months before sinking back to my world, because living a day surrounded by the normal was like a bad taste and smell, with the panic of being unable to get fresh air. These people were on good wages doing 'skilled' work. They were the most braindead, vapid souls that knew quite literally nothing. They worked their way up to performing the same task week after week from a position of complete cluelessness. The only reason they go their jobs was because they got a degree and said the right things in their interview. Not a single thing other than their "skills in excel" would be transferrable to another career in any way shape or form. I considered it a not-unreasonable assessment that everyone else on that floor of some 300 high grade workers was exactly the same. The team I was in was actually considered a critical role and a high performance team.

If you truly think normalfolk are skilled in a job, then you are kidding yourself. Yes, there are builders and plumbers and electricians who had to get their qualifications and work experience. They are retards that spent 1-3 years, and then bodged their way through from job to job until they came out half-decent. The 10-20% in a field who are actually talented and able find their pocket and don't improve more than they need to. And really, why should they? They do well enough at that level, and it gives them more time at the pub or watching their sports, pursuing their hobbies and outings or time with their families.

We are a different breed. We have the benefit of time without distraction. A wizard's age is but one of two abstract values: apprentice or wizard. Where the normie has 1 hour a day to study or practice, you have 16 AND a good night's sleep. You have no obligations, no risk factors to fuck it all up by stealing your time or bankrupting you. You are you and nothing else. I don't even say this as a motivational piece, it's just fact. You have 16 times the time to play with. Start now and in one single year you could theoretically achieve 16 years worth of their efforts. I can't speak for what you did in the past, but it got you through the day, didn't it. More than can be said for some.


File: 1684894525204.jpg (73.23 KB, 736x736, 1:1, doglasses.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The logic is that feeding those thoughts serves no purpose to you, it's a waste of time. Forget what you lost, what you need to be thinking about is how to break the cycle of procrastination.

The reality of the matter is that you're not actually that far behind. Most people stop learning and improving themselves after their mid to late 20s simply because they opt to stop progressing. They don't really keep progressing forever. I'm well into my 30s, slowly but surely changing my situation, and this is something I've noticed around me. Most people out there stall themselves because they're too embarrassed to go back and learn things from scratch, and they're too busy with other shit and people they filled their lives with, something that isn't usually a problem for us.

The reality of life is that most people are retarded and have no idea what they're doing, but they'll jump into those situations anyway and just wing it. It took me a long time to figure out that life just comes down to winging shit while pretending you are in full control of the situation, this is actually what EVERYONE is doing until they grow used to it. I'm actually starting to become adept at this too, and people now find it convincing somehow, even though I've always been the most awkward and inadequate trash imaginable. I think most people here have way more potential than the average joe, we basically can only go up and have nothing to lose, the issue is just never going after it.

File: 1679363489014.jpg (550.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jesse_aa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't think I have a happy memory that involves leaving my room. Most of my life has been spent in front of a glowing box. I didn't even particularly like it. I don't have anything worth talking to anyone about. And now I'm so depressed I don't even want to play games. I could have had a good life, or I could have had a shitty life. But instead I had no life. I threw away my chance before I even had it. At least most meth addicts had lives before they started smoking meth. At least most meth addicts had a reason to start smoking meth. I didn't have abusive parents. I didn't grow up poor. I didn't get shoved into lockers and given swirlies and pantsed. I didn't get beat up. But I almost wish I did. I almost wish I knew why I was so miserable today. Such a shell of a person. Instead, I have to wonder what it was that made me so "weird." What made me prefer spending all my time in my room playing video games and browsing imageboards? What lead to me being here, in front of my computer, high as shit, typing this faggy message to a bunch of other losers on an imageboard?

I'm not sure if anyone will understand how it's possible to hate yourself this much. If you do, I'm sorry you're not dead. But I'm not surprised. I'm a fucking coward. I don't know what I'd do if anyone I knew in real life read this. All I know is I can't believe I typed this out. Because now it's real. You'll say I'm a faggot but I don't care. I know, but I still posted this anyway. Hoping that maybe another anon understands so at least I'm not so fucking alone.

I'm not even a person, really. I'm just an amalgamation of all the stupid shit I've spent my time on over the years. A thing that looks like a person but lacks some essential quality. Something unique to living things. Even if I knew what it was I couldn't replicate it. I'd just be copying like I always have.

Maybe I should copy some of the smarter ones and end it.
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Oh I feel this, I was hooked on vidya growing up but I've lost interest as I've gotten older. Unfortunately most of the people I talk to irl are still hooked on vidya and thus, I can't leave it behind me without truly becoming full hermit. And like you said, there's very little leeway for people trying to start something new past their 20s. Normal life is development is like getting your identity figured out in your teens, spending your 20s refining it and developing your skills, and then getting settled down and riding it out in your 30s+. I feel like I'm just getting out of being a teenager and figuring out what interests me besides vidya, but I'm way way behind "schedule".


Failed normgroid


I'm not sure, but I don't think most people really figure themselves out.
They just keep going along the path without dropping off it.


Indeed. They just do what was told by their parents and teachers. When Then when they're 40, they have a mid-life crisis and realise they wasted their 20s and 30s not doing what they really wanted to, and are trapped in it by their relationships.


Makes you wonder who really is happy.


Despite being a Neet and having all day available I still fail to meet the goals I set for myself.
Its not big thins, even someone with a job could easily get them done after work but somehow I always manage to squander all day doing nothing.
And I dont mean nothing as in watching TV all day, watching an episode of a show is on my daily list of goals to meet, I do nothing.
Despite all this I manage to be sleep deprived somehow despite spending the majority of my day in bed.
Its not just depression either, I have motivation some of the time, its just that the day runs away from me
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are you fucking retarded or something?


Why are you saging? Scared?


kill yourself newfag


So instead of attempting to push myself to achieve what I want to do with my time, because I might fail, I should just slave away my days, being forced to interact with bottom feeder normie scum?
Thats some genius reasoning right there


>This modern quest for "meaning", "motivation" etc is so navel-gazing and fundamentally indicative of the luxuries we have at hand

Existentialism is one of the oldest philosophical schools known to man. Ever since man could reflect on his inner life, he was existentially philosophizing, far, far before the inception of the term as such. Back in Sumer, Egypt, Greece. Thousands of years ago before 90% THC vapes, Skip the Dishes, Netflix, and Meta. Stop shilling.

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