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File: 1636591196591.jpg (148.08 KB, 2121x1414, 3:2, pills.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


please post your experiences with anti depressants here

i'm starting on them (Citalopram) tomorrow and im scared that ill gain weight from it
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The studies suggest to me that they really are a failure for society. Even with all the corruption and broken study designs, at best the literature suggests they barely beat placebo


SSRIs are OK. They mostly even out the lows and highs and kind of work to numb pain. However, and it's a massive shame that it isn't prescribed more, Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is fucking awesome. It actually makes you happier and gives you more energy. It's also great in combination with an SSRI.


Depression and suicide rates are not decreasing so it's difficult to see them as anything but a failure. There is mounting evidence that they do more harm than good.


they made me fat


File: 1641879038219.jpg (50.94 KB, 494x498, 247:249, 2121121122.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is fucking awesome.
Agreed, besides potentially giving you super alzheimer's or a seizure.

The entire idea behind a dopamine reuptake inhibitor is radical genius, on top of that it does the same for norepinephrine. Bupropion is an a-typical antidepressant and handles totally different than your typical SSRI shit show. Most people don't have serotonin issues.

File: 1635111666431.png (83.09 KB, 250x282, 125:141, feels monkey.png) ImgOps iqdb


I can't seem to find a place anywhere, not in normal society not in niche neet circles, the only question left is where do I go? where can I find a place where I won't be wished to leave if I don't act like someone else,

I hate this how do I make it stop, I just want to be intimate with someone or want to have someone who cares about me(user was warned for this post)
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This, even here we're outcasts - is it my fault I'm not a happy loser?


>Try being truly alone and rejected and the only semblence of human connection you have outside family is the simulated friendships of people you work with
lol I don't even work with anyone any I'm fine, stop obsessing over dumb shit, talking to some people online is plenty social interaction for any human


Some of us Just need to stand by ourselves in this hard world. Keep pushing until you find a place that is yours or that you can be yourself and never leave ir just identify there like your place ir to change your battery.


In which manner? Desires like that can devour you unless you relinquish them by your own choice.

You sound like Thoreau when he did leave into the forests, tired of the city and the normgroids' greed


We are not needed here

File: 1640870463162.jpg (612.35 KB, 1778x1265, 1778:1265, 0a5819a3b0ee435cbeac92904f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Without being edgy, my biterness against humans is leading me to glorify dictators,crime lords, the lumpen
Anyone else going trough this?im turning into a dark perso
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>Are you retarded?
No, are you? btw, see >>252337


Share the rubbish your subconscious holds. We may find a link to your sane parts form there

Marx is an (((agent)))
Communists, mostly stalinists are prone to put more power into a sole person while making the rest more manipulated by such leader… making misbalances greater and leading to higher chances of corruption

You prolly love sigma memes in YT.

>implying communism is not an (((ideology)))
bluepill is strong with this one


>The thing is, they are normalfags too
That's why I get to feel good when they get caught and fry, too
The normalfag crimelord dies, his normalfag victims die, and his entire existence was an enormous bite out of normaldom


>glorifying turbo normies
why would you do that

File: 1641708882168.jpg (91.41 KB, 1435x951, 1435:951, theend.JPG) ImgOps iqdb


How can I (metaphorically) put down the gun? I'm so exhausted and tired from just about everything. I have no talent or prowess to offer anyone. How can I achieve ego death and just become a comatose husk?
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>Died at the age of 56.

>Ehret held a number of non-scientific beliefs that were documented by Butler and Rayner, such as:[4]

>White blood cells are decayed mucus in the blood that cause disease.
>Lungs pump blood through the body; the heart is merely a valve.
>Mental illness is the result of gas pressure on the brain from mucus decay.
>Fasting can cure insanity.
>Consuming rice causes leprosy.
>Dandruff is dried mucus.
>A mucus-free body never sweats.
>Nocturnal emissions expel mucus, but cease on a mucusless diet.
>Gonorrhoea is caused by eating mucus foods.
>A clean-blooded body sends electromagnetic radiation through the hair, which is important in sexual attraction.
>Hairless persons are sexually inferior.
>The white race is unnatural. The white skin colour is the result of mucus-laden white blood corpuscles clogging the system.

I don't know, this guy seems like a total quack, to be honest.


>Hairless persons are sexually inferior.
this is true though they help distribute pheromones


1-Ehret is obviously non-scientific because there's no damn way to really prove him but by experience. You give him a chance or you don't.

2-Yeah, that's the point: too much poison in blood makes white cells neccesary to rush, therefore he aludes such color of skin to the constant overflow of these.

3-Lungs are the motor of pneuma, the blood is simply an alchemical way to carry this force in an acceptable way. The rest of it, you got it right.

4 & 5-He is not the only one who claims that fasting heals the brain.

7-Dandruff is the result of awkward efforts by the body to uselessly excrete mucus through skin cells. Like acne. Some other claim that dandruff is the result of inmune weakness at these zones produced by phlegm stagnant at lymph.
>which is kinda likely

10-Eased, fed. Not caused. Read carefully.
>but pretty much the same to any other sickness: muci make the way for germs to grow inside

About 11 and 12 I don't see why they are so unbelievable. And 13 is like 2.


grain brain tard believes this lol


File: 1635604323353.jpg (207.13 KB, 1079x1341, 1079:1341, 0bbdfab75fc20593e119005b36….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am killing myself within the next month

How can I ensure that I will go to heaven when I die? I haven't been to church since childhood and I am a bad person.
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What are the requisites for "grave fear of suffering"?


I'm guessing being discovered with a grave disease like rabies, being sentenced to prison in some third world country, having cartel/mafia knocking down your door. Basically when you know you're fucked and that's it.




there's no heaven or hell, just the same before you were born nothingness.


U dead yet, homie? If you are then you are probably in hell since that is where suicide gets ya.


Anyone else feel like normal people literally cant imagine what it's like to be an ugly autistic genetic dead end. They think it must all be in the person's head and that if they're sad for years it must be depression. They refuse to face the fact that some people just had no chance in life as that makes their place in society feel more valuable; like they acomplished not being one of us failiures rather than get there by chance.
There is mental illness, when an otherwise normal person sees the world scewed. Most common is depression, and god do I hate "depressed" normal people. They have it otherwise good and it all being just in their head is basically part of the diagnosis (sad for no real reason).
But I am not mentally ill, I am fully aware of my surroundings. I can try to view the world objectivly while still realizing that my worldview always will be tainted by my own experiences. I am not sad or """depressed""" because the chemicals in my brain are out of wack but because I'm disfigured and have very strong diagnosed autism. Why do I have to be classed as mentally ill for just seeing the situation as it really is? Unless I am wrong, which they can never demonstrate how, they will simply say you're depressed and not think further about any of your critisisms.
I fucking hate how """depression""" has been nestling its way into normal people's lives. Any time I hear someone joke "my therapist X" I think of this, a deeply troubled society.
Its very hard to put into words these feelings so Ive tried making them less abstract here with the example.
But does anyone else feel like this? If so maybe you could word it way better, expressing it is so very hard. I have a lot of feelings and thoughts I cant put into words on paper, maybe someone else is like this?
I hope my rant doesnt make me out to be a condesending "better than them" post or shit up the board.
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Slave mentality that you are suggesting is boring. OP should make a killing spreee or something ridiculous.


glowing brighter than the sun


>Shut up, don't cause trouble and make product citizen
Whatever you say Mr. Smith.


What we hold to be "reality"–a continuous superstructure, with no faults or breaks or variances between individuals regardless of their percept systems and/or worldviews–is in fact divided into multiple strata, almost like the circles of hell. The lower you go, the harsher things get; we don't know if there is a "base" reality of which all others are epiphenomenal. Some depressed individuals might say they are seeing reality for what it "really" is. I am hesitant to agree.


I feel the same here, people just don't understand any of my feelings all they do is thinnk about it some seconds and then say some shit like ¨well um sweetie get a hobbie¨ fuck off with get a hobbie, you think I haven't tried?, you think I haven't put the effort just to fail miserably?; no you don't think so because your stupid normal brain can work well watching the new netflix series or listening to the new song on fucking spotify, ¨lol you're not depressed get a job, I have a job and is fuckin shit, jsut like everything, waking up is shit, wanking it is shit, brushing my teetu is shit, sleeping, eating; for fucks sake I can't eat my food without feeling disgusted just by the feeling of my food going down my throat, not smart enough to find away out of this hole but not dumb enough to live happy in ignorance, the best part of this whole joke is that people will say in the end ¨he was so depressed¨, depressed?, my reality is a curse and I shouldn't be sad about it?,

File: 1641437887436.jpg (248.21 KB, 771x1200, 257:400, 1641151061839.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm just so tired of it all. All the politics, all the insanity, all the soulless people, all the puppeteers moving everyone's string and feeling like I'm the only sane person around me. The worst is how I envy the puppets, they seem so happy and carefree, while I suffer in silence, slowly being consumed. I want to die, yet I'm too weak to do the job myself. I'm a hopeless romantic, and yet I am a ghost, invisible to those around. Even online, where I should be among others like me, I'm alone and cast away from the groups. I'm """good looking""", yet only see my rotten remains. It angers me so much how crab types are usually right, I want them to be mentally ill nutjobs, to not take their outlandish convictions seriously. It feels like I was specifically cursed from birth to have this shadow over me as punishment or simply to entertain whatever or whoever casted it. I'm hardly a religious nor spiritual man but I can't help but *feel* it. I try to improve myself, take my meds and go to my therapy. It only dulls the pain, the sickness is still there. Beside, I find it more and more difficult to keep going when I'm broken beyond repair. Why waste everyone's time when the outcome will be the same? The worst of it all, is how deep down, I know it's all my fault.

you can ask me anything.
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Oh boy, another "Why am I not normal???" thread. Don't worry though, from what you wrote you aren't really different from normalfags, if you still envy normal people then you belong to the herd. You will probably "man up" after some time and get settled with an overweight, ugly, sociopathic succubus and then you can fuck to your heart's content and make more normals and you will also find friends and a good job and you will fit in nicely…

God forbid that you actually look for a meaning to your life that doesn't involve relationships and normalfag things, o god no, succubi/friends/reputation are everything, yes!

Seriously op, they aren't worth it. I mean normals in general. Forget about them already and ignore their values and make up your own shit.


We're all tired and the more you live this shitty life, the more tiresome it gets. I'm 33 and I feel like I'm 60. Hell, I've seen old people who enjoy life more than I do. I just want everything to end.


Cool theory, but self-preservation and self-perfection are the same thing depending on the means.


File: 1641644428773.png (14.79 KB, 1118x838, 559:419, 3927f0279ed109e35afa4ed190….png) ImgOps iqdb

the part where he calls hitler a level 5 made me laugh a lot harder than I have in awhile



File: 1637081438708.jpg (61.95 KB, 1000x820, 50:41, wp5184012.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


31 years old and the copes I used to go to no longer really entice me.All I do all day is lay in bed will get up to eat,browse the internet,sleep maybe go on a walk sometimes. I could play a videogame,but never feel like it, anime, YouTube,twitch, nothing interests me.Food and sleep are the only two things that interest me anymore.
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1. Stop viewing every joy in life as "coping". This line of thought is self-defeating.
> Food and sleep are the only two things that interest me anymore.
2. Obviously not if you made this thread in the first place. You feel something is wrong.

The only advice is get your shit together. Or don't. Nature will take care of you either way. I would advise you to experience with new things, but knowing the fatalist mentality here you will just say something like 'why bother' or 'you weren't depressed like me!!4 you don't know my pain!'. Only you can fix your own life or learn to live with it, we can't do it for you, sorry. Everyone is on their own in life. Either you are strong enough or you aren't. Like I said, nature will take care of you either way.


Were you experiencing the same symptom as a child or did you just have fun without even caring for inspiration?
>Your mind needs something else, but it is too obstructed in depth too even dream it properly


I'm sure you're a 4chan tourist or something lots of people like you have appeared these last few days for some reason.
Either way fuck off.


He seems more of a native than you think.
Greetings, alchemist.
Why don't we make our own board?


I'm a veteran wizchan/wizardchan user. And I've seen threads like this over and over again. They are nothing but whining usually or low-quality posting.

Gladly, if it means there will be less crab whining or low-quality posting there. Should be called /truewiz/.


I literally just did nothing but sit on the computer beating my dick all day. Again.

Tired of this shit.
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Bout to crank out my third one today and it's still morning. I mean what better is there to do?


How do you even find the strength to do that? I lose interest after one time, unless I haven’t touched myself in weeks.


When you do it to pass the time rather than to get rid of horniness, it's not that hard to imagine.


I only came five times a day once in the 1980s and twice in the 2010s in middle age.


Good that you focused on other things it's a waste of time

File: 1641012366779.jpg (16.25 KB, 522x429, 174:143, 1640919102737.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone else growing insane because of total isolation? I don't even feel human anymore.I sleep away the days and stay up at nights. And i keep repeating. I don't even know anymore what to do. I haven't seen sunlight in long time. My mind feels so broken. I am so tired
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Aye, I am also waiting for a miracle. I would volunteer for experimental personality altering brain implants or something if I had this choice.
I've been like that until this point, I've lost even that. I'm just blank, I'm surprised when I recall any memory or 'know' anything. I've been scrolling imageboards for decades.


But do you ever know what you wish?

People uses mostly what hurts them, rather than what hurts you. Deflect. Attack back. And watch out white knights

Focus on what you want… or rather about what you want not. Up your grindset.

Leaving starch and industrial sugars improves your brain… or saves it from slow paths to degenerative illnesses.


No it's a fucking Redditor.
>reddit spacing
Fuck off. You aren't "influencing" anyone here.


He probably posts the same kind of nonsense on other imageboards, can't be hard to recognize his disjointed style and his high-quality "featured on Oprah!" PDFs.


Emerging from my cave after several days of being immersed in a creative hobby is akin to surfacing for air after being underwater for a very long time. Sometimes it's the opposite.

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