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Those who have had trouble living in the moment, what techniques, tips or remedies have you used to cope with the huge amount of overthinking and worrying?
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Managing to-do lists, dividing my day (or week) into a parts where and I allow myself relax, and when I should deal with smth.


tbh i barely do anything to cope, i just sit and try to suppress those thoughts


'dont think of a pink elephant'


not really. i'm quickly overwhelmed by thoughts even while doing other work. constant traumatic memories replaying in my head and "damn this is what become of my life" like squidward or any depressed shitjob character on the simpsons


When I got on antidepressants (specifically welbutrin and zoloft together) I found that the thoughts that swirled around in my head constantly were much much easier to suppress and eventually I no longer really had a problem with it really.

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This whole time I thought people were trying to be friends with me when they laughed about how I looked. It only just hit me tonight that for the past two years while trying to play normal fag, I have forgot who I truly was. I am the outcast, loner, depressed and ugly person everyone is supposed to look at once then look away. I have put on this fake persona, smiling and laughing, trying to be personable to only realize that this whole time I forgot who I was up to that point. Now everything is coming back to me. I am starting to feel the way I felt two years ago before I left this site. I am starting to realize my place in this world again. I am truly the person normal fags look at and feel sorry for. I gave it a run but there’s nothing like knowing who you really are.
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yes, I prefer the masks, but people still get upset due to my body language and eye stuff. it blows and I wish I never had to go outside.


>Has anyone else had an epiphany like this? The only people who will ever truly understand us are the people who lurk these boards
Yes. It's scary how much I can relate to everything posted on wizchan.


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File: 1593835381481.png (174.6 KB, 436x336, 109:84, norsebot.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Everyday after going to work and being around others I would feel so horribly mentally exhausted where all I could do is play shitty vidya and browse imageboards. Keeping a dim hope that I'll find a true friend someone who I can share my interests with and talk to without constantly fearing I'll slip up and say something that'll out me as an autist. Or a job that I loved with all my heart where I would hardly notice I was wasting away 40 hours a week of my life. That dim hope was finally snuffed out when I fully understood that all forms of work are nightmarish and the vast majority of people are programmed to be exactly the same and that the way how I naturally act around them would never fit in the public genome, unless I was up to the task of giving myself headaches and feel like a specter everyday from attempting to "fit in".
I don't know, the years have muddled my mind and I'm sure the vast majority of normalniggers would call me insane or say there's something deeply wrong with me. I don't want to die because I still find enjoyment in some things, but I don't want to live in this world.


What did it say?

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Two weeks ago my mother, without telling me, decided to get a puppy. "Quarantine puppy". That's the kind of stupidity I always expect from her. So during the first few days whenever the puppy cried she went and played with it, let it sleep in her bed, and stuff. Now as she started to get bored of it the puppy wont stop crying all day long when left alone. I don't care about the puppy, and I didn't say anything about it, or its noise. Though I did warn her to just let the puppy cry and not do anything about it that eventually it would stop, of course she ignored it.

Today she decided to complain about the puppy to me. Said that she cant get any sleep. So I told her that she obviously isn't qualified to even raise a dog properly and still managed to shit 3 humans from her cunt. Now she's threatening to kick me out of home. Lol
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Succubi are so fucking bad with animals I swear.


my parents started trying to do this shit when our last dog died and then they wanted two dogs to replace it. In the end they kept trying to dump more and more of the work on me until I snapped and told them the dogs where their idiot hobby and don't take on a hobby and expect other people to do the work you do not like for you. Told them if they wanted to play that game I had some soulless MMO grinding they could do.

Fortunately that put an end to it. I still help out of course but it was getting out of hand. They have always been this way though. They started a garden and gave up half way but instead of shutting it down they wanted me to water it multiple times a week and weed it etc. A guy with horrible allergies that time of year.


This. It truly shows how psychotic and lacking in empathy they are. Every pet I’ve ever owned my sister has treated like shit and my mother, though she treated them much better, would still at times do awful things to them.


Do they treat you like shit as well? Maybe the pets got the second class citizen treatment because they belonged to you so they were an extension of your own worth so to speak. That of course doesn't make it any better, in fact if anything, it's even worse.
Just something I've seen happening before, just wondering if that's the case here as well.


My sister is a bitch to everyone so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me she treats animals awful. But no they don’t treat me that bad, they just seem to truly be unable to understand an animal and treat them with love and respect.


Does anyone here have any experience with being diagnosed with ADD as an adult? Did it help you? How did you react to the medications?
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I was diagnosed at 18, medications for it are extremely addictive so I don't take them


I was diagnosed as a teenager I think, maybe a bit younger. I tried taking some pills but they killed my appetite and I started passing out from not eating so I stopped taking the pills. I have barely any appetite anyway. I want to try them again though. I'm pretty sure ADD is my main problem in life. If I could buckle down and engage in the tasks I wanted to I would be so much happier. I have so much shit I want to do but I have no ability to make myself do it.

I spent a long time after I stopped taking the ADD meds taking different antidepressants trying to find one that would fix my depression and none of them ever worked, but I think maybe if I had just tried the stimulant drugs again my depression would go away because I would be able to make myself do the things I wanted to do. No psychiatrist will prescribe them for me though because I told them I smoked weed and it's been forever filed in my chart that I am an addict drug seeker.


Diagnosed at 16, i dont think that counts as an adult, but i was really aware of my situation.

I used to have an enormous motivation for progress, i loved doing things, but i just couldnt, i get brainfog every 2 seconds, its imposible to concentrate on anything. So i ended up with anhedonia, i just cant.

Medication is fucked up, it doesnt cure add, it just gets you high, everything is easy when you are stimulated. Any type of stimulant will work, methylphenidate, adderal, mdma, cocaine, whatever.
It also gets you sad as fuck because of homeostasis.
I used to save the pills and use them recreationally.

If i wouldnt have this shit i would be pirate king.

Although i dont really see it as a mental illness. Every human is different.


yeah, it's not my only problem though. basically I feel more stimmed but it isn't always directed at soemthing worthwhile. the usual advice is you have to already start the task before the adderall kicks in. That said, it doesn't make you smarter, so you won't be able to do anything you can't already do in your best state and you feel beat when it wears off.


Maybe works when your young to wire your brain into doing stuff like normies but getting diagnosed this late i dont see how im gonna change this habits

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Anyone else feels like not made to function?

I was never good at anything. Period.
School was a nightmare to me and I'm not even talking about social dramas or bullying but because I sucked at every single subject you can think of. I still think from time to time how I managed to get a high school diploma. Maybe because some teachers there actually pitied me since I was just a quiet student that never bothered any classmate. My life hasn't progressed much since then. I'm still the same, almost mute person like I was 15 years ago.
I envy NEETs that are smart enough to have something they are good at, like drawing, video editing or 3d modelling and are even able to make some good cash out of that thanks to people commissioning them. I've been doing nothing but randomly browsing the internet for many years and nowadays I don't have enough energy to play videogames anymore. Normal people feel like super-humans to me.

Putting this text together was such a huge mental effort to me.
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This but anything. It's really dismaying getting trounced in everything you spent time on.


I enjoy studying some things but I always end up encountering a difficulty that is very hard to overcome and start feeling useless.
Today I attempted to study, but as soon as I opened the book I remember that I can't solve an exercise and it made me close the book feeling like I would be better having a min wage job in which I don't have to feel this sense of useless the entire day.


depends on what job. they can be pretty stressful and the feeling of useleness and interacting with customers is the worst. felt like moe syzlak


>I was never good at anything. Period.

I feel so sorry for you mate. Your mission in life should be to just find happiness.

Lots of talented people are miserable. Plenty of people with learning disabilities can be happy. You don't seem dumb to me.

Just live your life and aim for happiness. Don't let others make you feel small.


I agree.
There is no difference to society whether you are a SAD useless person or a HAPPY useless person.
So do the things and think the things that make you happy.


Parents will constantly bitch and moan about how my brother and I still live at home, yet, when we were kids never support anything we were good at. I remember being around 8 and asking my dad if I could play little league and his response was "Im not driving your ass to practice." Anytime my brother and I would be committed to something whether it was art or playing video games, it was always deemed stupid by our parents. "Theyre hiding in their room doing their stupid [whatever we were interested in at the time]" Pair that with my moms OCD and we never had time to learn skills or get good at anything.
And, well, what does having zero skills get a twenty something?
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>Breeders looking after pets for 18+ years
>Breeders looking after their own children for 18+ years


Few pets live past 14.


that's not the point you redditgroid


Yeah it’s not. The point is that a pet dog is not the same as a human being you wingnut.


It kinda is. Pets die when you get bored of them, Wizards don't.

File: 1593288373062.gif (2.52 MB, 276x240, 23:20, comfyykk1.gif) ImgOps iqdb


I know there’s already a suicide thread, but this is more of a philosophical thread. I don’t want to ask, “How should you kill yourself?” or “Should you kill yourself?” but rather, “When should one kill oneself?” or really more of a “Shouldn’t EVERYONE consider eventually committing suicide?” And I also wanted to bounce these thoughts around because it’s not exactly like you can have a straightforward conversation with your mom about suicide.

Let’s say I have a desktop computer that I really, really like. I have the games and all the files on it that I want. As time marches on, I’ll have to do repairs on the computer. A power cord might fray, a power supply might go out. A floppy drive will need to be cleaned up. A hard drive will slowly pick up bad sectors. At some point, the net present value of expected repairs exceeds the cost of a new computer. However, say I’m really attached to this thing, and I march on. Eventually, as components become more and more difficult to find, the cost of singular components become more than a brand new computer. And, at some point in age, maintaining a truly authentic, original computer to the one I like begins to exponentially increase in cost. Into the far future, the infrastructure supporting development of old motherboards in an age of quantum computing, would require me to develop an old-school chip processing fabrication shop just to maintain this old computer. At some point, and although that may be far, FAR into the future, the cost simply becomes too much to be justified.

If I perform the same actuarial analysis on the human body, there likewise appears to be an exponential degradation. For the vast majority of people between their 20s to 30s, medical procedures are relatively benign. But, as time marches on, eventually someone gets a bad knees. They stop exercising, the medical problems begin piling on, then they get a heart attack that sets back their mental function to that of an 8th grader for a few years, then they get cancer, and so on. There’s a similar exponential takeoff in cost to keeping our human bodies running.

One strategy is that you could save as much resources as possible, or move somewhere where medical procedures are much more plentiful and cheaper, but even then the same principle applies. There’s an ultimate limit on the available resources available to you, and medical problems grow at an accelerating rate as one ages(*), no matter where one livesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>we don’t have enough information
>except that everything our perception tells us leads to said conclusion
I know you’re arguing that our perception is misleading, but our perception is all we have. We can’t just start perceiving what we can’t perceive. We must work with what we’re given.


Insurance? For peace of mind. If you're fucked, you're fucked, but you hope that they won't ruin you financially at least.


You may lose to a 8th grader in a 8th grader quiz because they recite those useless informations everyday, but your experiences and your strategies should btfo any 8th grader. Like in a duel of wits.


Okay, but that won't happen until the entire universe gets restarted, because the chasis for your conciousness in this world is currently rotting in the earth, or in case of someone who wasn't born yet - isn't prepared yet.
(You) can only fill one person's role, and that person is you, born to a specific lineage in a specific time.
If there is any sort of reincarnation then life is just cyclical hell, if you suicide in this life, you'll suicide in the next.


You're missing the point. When it comes to that specifically, there is just way so much more that we don't know compared to just about any other subject. Yes, you can take any conclusions you want based on what you perceive, they're ultimately pointless either way. This is just like our knowledge about some specific matters pertaining to the Universe are just rebuked and changed all the time, because we're not even close to getting to the big picture and we probably never will. You can spend forever clinging to a microscopic perspective of something we don't understand, it barely makes that any more likely to be reality than just about anything else. We simply don't have the tools to understand it. This is like a little ant postulating on what the little finger of a human foot could be.

File: 1593619201912.jpg (154.5 KB, 1297x1959, 1297:1959, 71UJUPccD9L.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone have a epub or azw3 of this ?
I remember it was requested here a long time ago and a kind person ocr-ed but I have no idea how to find it.
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>If we succeed, then coming into existence will be intrinsically good.
They haven't answered why existence ought to be; merely that this conceptual future state of being would be harm-free (which is impossible, of course), not that there is any intrinsic reason to be. Pro-existence people have to prove that existence is necessary. But existence is void of meaning, unless you buy into the theory that, as nature's most efficient regulators of heat, our job is to accelerate entropy and achieve a null state as fast as possible.


Non existence is equally meaningless, so there’s no need to justify either.


I guess you're right. That conversation would go something like this:
>Why bother?
>Because I want to.


T-that's not fair!

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Post your most relatable depression reaction pictures. I have a folder of these and looking at them, recognizing myself in them makes me feel better. As if someone out there shares my thoughts and feelings, even though the pictures are mostly cartoons and animals. It's an illusion, but somehow it helps.
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File: 1593675704909.jpg (145.26 KB, 499x758, 499:758, _status_IMG-20191122-WA000….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1593675786689.jpg (3.09 MB, 4093x2894, 4093:2894, c36ee33f1d827fb4b2b3035c1f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1593675850735.png (296.92 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Screenshot_20200615-211253.png) ImgOps iqdb


Where will you post them?

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I'm not sure if it's due to Anhedonia or ADHD

But does anyone else have "get it over with" attitude when it comes to media? any time I read, watch, or play something I just wanna finish it as quick as possible. it's like I get more satisfaction in saying "i finished this" rather than actually doing it. I can't even play games like persona because of how long they are and I get happy when I find out a game or movie I want to get into is short even altho I'm barely depressed anymore and for some reason my mind thinks getting into a show is more work than a youtube video
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>"The essential problem is that the rhythms of the technological mutation are a lot faster than those of the mental mutation,. Hence the expansion of cyberspace is incommensurably faster than the human brain's capacity to expand and adapt (cybertime). We can increase the length of time an organism is exposed to information, but experience can't be intensified beyond a certain limit. Acceleration provokes an impoverishment of experience, given that we are exposed to a growing mass of stimuli that we can't digest in the intense modes of enjoyment and knowledge. Spheres of rationality and behaviour that require an extended period of attention such as those of affectivity, eroticism or deep comprehension, are disturbed, subject to a contraction."

-Franco Berardi, 'Precarious Rhapsody (p.89)


Even if I'm really enjoying something I have to watch it in segments of 2 or 3 minutes


Been trying to get through some material lately and I still can't stop doing this. Having any amount of the thing left makes me jittery, even if it's just an article rather than a whole book.

Same, sometimes I watch just a few minutes and then pause it for days before coming back to it.


Just keep in mind OP it's not all your fault. We are saturated in media and there is too much of it coming out for anyone to keep up. Our culture encourages us to quickly consume without thinking too much and then open our wallets for next product.


Yeah that tends to happen you keep lists. You end up caring more about the total number going up rather than enjoying what you're doing.

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