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If my problems were purely emotional I think I could cope. But I have physical flaws that make me feel like a freak and hated by anyone who isn't family. I've got Seb derm on my face, and I've seen many dermatologists and tried every over the counter treatment possible, but nothing in the long-term has helped. It looks awful and the only option I have to is to wear cover-up (though I'm a guy), but that's noticeable too. I also have head tremors that look especially odd when I walk or drive a car. And on top of that i have a stutter, which can only be hidden when i don't talk (obviously), but is quite noticeable in most conversations. These things make me terribly anxious to be around people. I've tried to come to terms with my physical flaws, but I just can't. Every time I go outside I feel like everyone's eyes are on me. I'm jealous of people whose problems are just mental.
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I genuinely can't tell if you're being sarcastic


I know how you feel. I have seborrheic dermatitis on my face, acne scars and a fucking huge oily nose. I've been to many dermatologists and they just tell me that there's not much I can do. I can't even get a job because people act disgusted when they see me. The last job I had was in a factory and I only lasted like 4 days because the whole factory started to bully me for being too disgusting to look at. This shit ruined my life and my mental health. I don't know what to do so I just rot in my room all day watching my life pass me by.


File: 1712247387676.jpg (13.05 KB, 299x168, 299:168, how do we tell him.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A derm isn't the same as going to a doctor.
In most developed countries it costs a huge amount of money unless you are some kind of a burn victim that needs public assistance in the form of skin grafts.

If you go there for skin problems like acne or red skin, it's going to cost you like $150 just for a 30 minute consultation with no results.
And way more to get actual results.


a visit is expensive, yes. but you wrote:
> the most difficult thing to get besides an organ transplant
which is nonsense. you can get an appointment in one month.


Not that poster, but in Brazil you will pay USD 800 just to talk to a dermatologist, it's seen as a luxury service even if you have skin conditions.

That is before a single procedure is done on your skin which costs thousands or tens of thousands.
So most just suck it up and live with their horrible skin, except the rich. The wait times to talk to a dermatologist can be very long because there are so few of them.

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I'm literally repulsive, I've been doing it since pre-K. You have your quiet nerd introvert types, and they are inoffensive and can be friends with others like them. And then you have the true freaks, that no one, not even nerds can stand to be around.

I guess its classic Aspergers. Like if I was going to start with a list of my traits that annoy people, it would be a list down the DSM V. Obsessiveness, fixation, monologuing, inability to read people, inappropriate sense of humor. Its like I get so fixated on topics. And even if I'm trying to avoid my own aspie fixations, and talk about someone else's interest in the weather, I'll lecture on the theory of meteorology.

Even on the internet when I'm just text on the screen, even right here on Wizchan, I find myself annoying people and becoming X-guy. Even on the most innocuous topics I attract negative attention and irritate people. If I only talked about the weather they'd say oh look cloud-poster is at it again.

Not only have I never had a friend, I've never had anyone want to have a conversation with me for 5 minutes. Tons of times, I think we've having friendly chitchat, making a good connection, they are intrigued by me. But the proof is in the pudding. And however good I think an interaction went, no one ever wants to chat another 5 minutes with me at another time.

I think of myself as an open-minded guy, willing to chat with anyone about virtually any topic, and be friendly about it. Somehow millions of guys with terrible nasty personalities somehow have friends.

I also have a retard, monotone, flat lisp. And I'd blame it on that, except that I have the same experience even as just text on a screen. It just seems so terrible to be around me. Yet if I'm honest, I can't stand listening to 10 seconds of my voice on recording. So I don't have much tolerance for me either.
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I know how you feel. I do not get along with anyone. I rub everyone the wrong way. Even on this site I have been permanently banned multiples times for being too outspoken and abrasive. I am extremely irritating and don’t really fit in even amongst the most deprived losers. I don’t enjoy negative attention and I don’t seek it out but I’m just so weird and obnoxious that I’m accidentally an internet troll.


My opinions are perceived by everyone but me as insane. Everything I write looks like a shitpost even if I’m being genuine. Joining any game or forum or form of social media with moderation is basically a countdown until my participation privileges are revoked. I have had my ass beat multiple times growing up because it’s only a matter of time before I say something so egregious that people literally want to murder me. These days I mostly just stay quiet and don’t try to engage in any conversation with anyone in public because I know I’d probably end up unemployed.


I feel the same way I've noticed it is my ability not to keep up with people and mind blanks out so I start going auto pilot saying non sense that I think makes sense. I tried to fix it but it just shows this is who I am and I am doomed to not have deep human connection.


I've posted in forums and worked with people described here. Yeah, they usually weren't liked at all but I actually admired their alternative, admittedly sometimes retarded takes because most people are bots now.


I've been reviewing my life memories again, and the more I think about it the more true it is. And I know it might come across as self-pitying, self-loathing or paranoid. But I think it is objectively how people have treated me. And if anything for decades I had too much self-confidence. I believed there was good and charm in me, and that I just needed to put myself out there. Yet the more peers got to know me the more they disliked me.

The kids in elementary school were so mean. But they were honest and direct. It feels like adults are still just as disgusted by me, but more polite, subtle, indirect about it. I mean I'll take fake civility over honest niceness. But as an aspie its at times deceived me about just how disliked I still am.

Its like I'm a force of repulsive gravity. Even if I'm ignorant or delusional about my own essence. Its like I'm a black hole, and by seeing how all the planets around me react, we can see what I'm. I might think I'm great, but everyone reacts to me as if I'm a repulsive monster.

Delusion and a fantasy world were powerful drugs in getting me through this life. But facing reality head on, I just feel so overwhelmed by how disliked I'm. I want to use a stronger word like hated. But strangers don't care enough about me to hate me. Its like stepping on an ant, it would be a hateful act if intended, but they don't care enough to have intention towards an ant.


Why are there female apologists here, on the only website dedicated to wizardly endeavors, the only place on the internet that defends and respects male celibacy of all places?

Females are the origin of all our suffering and all the suffering of the collective human race, proven by the irrefutable fact of their unique role as stinky fuck holes that shit out children for their personal selfish enjoyment, desire, status and primal urge.

To them in their self serving justification, children should be grateful, but in reality females have to carefully conceal their sadistic, uncaring and casual indifference in their role of throwing a baby into this evil society to be logs of worthless shit, helplessly abused, used up and treated like disposable trash to be thrown away once they no longer have value.

Females are the bane of all wizardly existence, the origin of all wizardly suffering, the origin and the beginning of unquenchable wizardly desires, the dawning existence of the humble unsuspecting wizkids with aspirations of deserving their fair share of basic wizlet happiness.

Wizkids are naturally pure, innocent, busy with wizardly endeavors, wand enjoyers who love to conjure magic in their rooms, some evolving into wizardly figures recognized as a lively house ornament with unending loyalty and as a silent background figure always providing company for the house occupants to stave off their feelings of loneliness, some wizzies composting and blossoming into wise loyal hermit oracles, some a cared for sheltered recluse that has invaluable wizardly virtues. Some having to partake in the dog eat dog normalfag world of cliqued up social hierarchies all orbiting around female gynocentric pussy worship. The wizkid is a rare treasure in the modern world and must be protected.

The wizkid serves as a naturally innocent benevolent force of objective moral good, the entire existence of the wizkid stands in complete contrast to the naturally wicked existence of the human female, creatures that are unashamed in their sadistic self serving primitive impulses, unashamed in their vile intentions to scheme, lie, cheat, manipulate and swindle, but are instinctually smart enough to keep it hidden deep within, but eventually the infectious bio-waste that fills their souls leaks out in subtle almost unnoticeable slip ups that stupefies you into disbelief witnessing their casual cruel intentions. Once you finally learn how to notice thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I just realized that there are femoid apologistz and possibly actual females larping in this thread.


File: 1711544102590.jpeg (370.79 KB, 1974x2048, 987:1024, woman no name.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


>femoid piss of with your volcel lingo, the correct wizcel term is succubus


I didn't read all that shit but it's fucking retarded to pretend all succubi are the same. Absolutely retarded to pretend they're all evil or something. People who do this I look at like some sort of monkey that somehow gained use of human speech.


because they can vote and they now more than ever have a bigger involvement in society and the working place and policies and they're doing their best to ruin male spaces and male hobbies.


Im so tired of democracy and how giving life to a dysgenic mutt to be socially criticized for being "lazy" or "stupid" with a life of unfulfillment and emotional issues is objectively better than eugenics. The same douchebags that look down on us advocate to allow people like us to breed. Not to mention the whores YES WHORES AS IN LIKE ALL FUCKING FEMALES have a temper when you suggest they get sterilized. The SAME WHORES who look down on us the product of MUH FREEDOM AND BODILY AUTONOMY. and punish us for existing from the shit genes they gave us. it pisses me off the level of hypocrisy and sadism. Them having periods isnt enough suffering to equivelate to our suffering. Society is still sympathetic towards them and their issues so its not enough. They dont deserve human rights AT ALL if what the abominations they create arent human at all. Yes I see our kind "subhuman mutts" like me as disgusting but at least I am the sympathy enough to get a vasectomy I sympathize for them so much NOT TO GIVE LIFE TO THEM not to GIVE LIFE TO THEM AND THEN PUNISH THEM. IM SO SICK OF THEM THEIR ENTITLEMENT TO REPRODUCE NEEDS TO END NOW. I HATE THEM SO MUCH NO WORDS CAN EXPRESS MY HATRED. FUCKING NIGGER SPAWNS FUCK YOU I HOPE YOU GET RAPED BY THE SOULS OF THE ABORTED MUTTS YOU CONVIEVED AND BIRTHED, IN HELL YOU FUCKING WHORES.


>>>/b/ I guess


not a bad wish, wizard friend.

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I've been on finasteride for 2 years and I just lost my job and had to move back with my parents and I noticed that my hairline is receding it looks bad, my hair is thinning too, even the back and sides are thinning so I will never be able to get a hair transplant. I've always been anxious about going bald because I have a really bad head shape and I just don't look good without hair, or well, i look worse than with full head of hair.
Balding young is fucking brutal and I don't feel like wearing a fedora or beanies it will make it all more obvious, i feel a pain in my chest and all this stress is causing me to lose more and more hair im in my early 20s but i look now like my male relatives who are full in their 50s.
I can't hide it and I don't want to be that bald guy everyone mocks.
Why it had to be me, wizards? I'm short and now balding, fucking life sucks and did nothing to deserve this.
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>every true wizard
revealed, you're the truwiz / wizcel guy who thinks someone can only be a wizard if they are a crab


Nobody said they will be killed. They will face ridicule, passed over for jobs or promotions, they will be ignored, for nothing else than being unlucky in the genetic lottery.

All of the above have happened to me on a nearly weekly basis and I hit the jackpot (I'm both short AND balded before 20 years of age).


not Homer Simpson


Homer lived in an age where an uneducated dumb blue collar guy could own a house and financially take care of a wife, 3 kids and a dog like in the cartoon.

That same guy today is NEET against his will & lucky to be able to afford rent in a 300sqft condo while crying to sleep watching anime alone.


>A lot of wizards hate the idea of looks discrimination because it is very, very real
it is more real than ever with smartphones and social media, they will take pictures of anyone that looks "weird" and upload it. Anyone who is out of the norm can potentially become a meme, a person the entire internet can be ridiculed.

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I don't think this has ever been done before. I also don't know what fellow wiz will think of this idea (but that doesn't really concern me). I just thought to make a general prayer thread for all true wiz so that every worthy reader of these sentences might feel just a little less alone in having understood that he has been prayed for. Be it known that I've prayed for you guys sincerely. I also wrote a brief latin poem to that end.

nos non recte sapientes senes qui intellexerint
dehinc pedibus invenire debeant velocibus exitum.
Unicus unicis detur animis locus serveturque
quoi vixdum aditum morio titubans unquam
seipsum supponat adeptum esse verum;
etiamsi erro per errorem in fallacem veniens
occultum gloriabitur intellectum rarorum campum.
parumper verestur huc dum plane nesciens,
magis modo initiatis veridicus ceditur thesaurus.


jesus the amount of christianfags here
how can one be so deluded to be religious in 2024
the middle ages is long gone


denounce the talmud.


I had to translate, although I recognize many cognate words
I like the thought of this even if still remaining unsure about believing or not. Lovecraft wrote something to the effect that the traditions of our forefathers have moulded out a place for us in the cosmos; whether or not they are true or not, I enjoy contemplating Christian literature. Its a shared cultural sphere of thought and the spirt of Christianity has created much literature I find highly poetic and beautiful; even if ultimately its meaningless

File: 1698049633086.png (873.3 KB, 718x800, 359:400, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


In this thread, we shall discuss everything SSRi-related.

I've tried the following:

Fluvoxamine, Sertraline, and Fluoxteine are SSRIs.


Desvenlafaxine Venlafaxine

I'm going to talk about each of them and how I feel about them.


The first two weeks on Fluvoxamine are complete torture; I'm anxious, tired, and have terrible focus due to anxiety and panic episodes.


When I first started on Sertraline, I had no side effects, it was OK till it pooped out, but it truly works but it can screw with your motivation, plus the weight loss is fantastic on this medicine, I was 78 before taking it, and three months later I was 69-70.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You've mistaken me for someone else.


I'm not having sex anyway so who cares.


you get more wiz points the more sex you could be having but arent


I got on vilazadone and it actually increased my libido. I measured how much I fap and went from fapping around every other day to fapping once or twice a day.

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>get back from mental hospital after about 2 years
>excited to tell my NEET loser online friends about it
>they're all normied up. One has even become a gay furry living with Tyrone
>they keep giving me improvebrah advice and telling me I'm too negative
The only people I can relate to now are you motherfuckers. I wonder how many Wizards have done this and left the site. Both these guys were old 28, and 35 respectively.
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I mean, they're half of the world population
Not really, but, pretty much


They destroyed the whole internet



I hate curries too man.


Fuck curries

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I genuinely cannot see how this world could be anything but hell. It's as if everything has been finely crafted for my suffering and misery. I'm not even in an incredibly poor or war torn area, but I know that I do not, and could not ever have the means to do anything with it. If you took any random street shitter from Mumbai, they would be more capable than me. They are stronger than me, and are more fit for survival in this world than me. The same could be said of nearly any person if you were to choose someone random 1000 times. I am weak. I am hideous. I am mentally deficient. I am utterly incompetent and incapable of doing anything that could make my life better in any way. My life is just a train crash that I am forced to slowly watch while knowing there is nothing I can do but take a seat and wait for oblivion. I do not see how this could even be an accident. I got one in a couple billion shit luck, and you mean to tell me this is just the result of randomness? No, there is definitely something out there that sent me here to suffer. There's no way. I can't accept anything else.
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The only difference is I am 7 years younger than you


With Wageslaving I can buy cool stuff

But nothing beat waking up every morning at any time you want and not having to go into a job

Having all day everyday to play as many videogames as you want

A small amount of money set aside by your family or the government to buy just enough games and food

I think NEETs have it made


oh wow another optimistic fag with a hostile tongue get over your own problems before trying to preach your bullshit


Being NEET while also getting generous donations from parents is like the ultimate life form unless you count being a rich trust fund kid which is less than 0,0001% of the planet.

No responsibilities, no job, no nagging boss or work agencies, just total freedom and a good standard of living.

Neetbucks alone probably isn't going to cut it these days due to high costs of living and inflation.
You need like $500 or more per month from your parents on top of neetbucks for a comfy life.


>Having all day everyday to play as many videogames as you want
Yeah, like I care about that as a 37 years old. I have no hobbies, I don't get pleasure from anything other than alcohol.

>I think NEETs have it made

I'm as fucked up and depressed as I was before.

I should be livin' the dream right now, but I still feel like shit.

There is no salvation.

>just total freedom
To do what? If you don't care about anything and you have no goals, no hobbies?

Don't get me wrong, I keep recommending getting NEETbux in any appropriate thread. Wageslaving is pure death.
But the NEETbux life is not going to fix your fucked up brain if you have a fucked up brain.
The fact alone that they gave me NEETbux because of my mental health is proof of that.

File: 1712035012959.jpg (286.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 246985-971115357.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I suffer from this and I don't know why.

My parents didn't really spoil me. I had mediocre grades in school and no one told I was gifted. I even remember that at a young age I read books like "how to become smarter, how to learn creativity, how to talk to people" because I knew I'm worse than others.

I wonder if it's because I didn't have friends and instead escaped into anime and games where the whole focus is on the main character and everything that happens happens for a reason and any challenge is there to be overcome.

But life is not like that obviously. It's clear as day. It would be incredibly arrogant of me to look at all the people who die in war, suffer in 3rd world countries, lie in the hospital and think that somehow I am special and protected from this.

I guess it's because of consciousness making me experience everything in such an intense way but other people are not less conscious.

Maybe it's because years of isolation I lose touch with life and instead of being concerned with worldly issues like going to my job, coming home exhausted and watch tv, isolation and depression makes me look at life from a distance.

Realistically I exist for no reason, consciousness is just what humans evolved to make better decisions and desires exist to motivate me into action. Yet knowing that it's hard to say no to desire. I'm not religious but I can't help but feel like there is more to life even if it can be explained as a coping mechanism for dealing with chaos and your own mortality.


File: 1712036511955.jpg (192.26 KB, 1080x825, 72:55, reality is a dish best ser….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you familiar with that one scene from the first episode of Goblin Slayer? God forbid life ever checks you like that nightmarish scene, but misfortunes around that caliber will break or sober you up from any delusions you have described.
Some variation of, "I never thought such a thing would happen to me!" is so often expressed its almost funny.


I actually hated both the anime and manga from what I watched and read before binning the entire franchise for good. That scene I'm talking about was tasteless and literally developed so animanga newsites would leap on and give the series exposure.
Still leaves quite the impression however.


Well like I said I've been reality checked since Day 1. I know I'm not special. But I just don't know how I can really accept it and stop resisting it which just makes me suffer.

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