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I think I'm finally going to kill myself. what are the best methods for a painless suicide? I think normalfags put oxygen into helium tanks now to prevent suicides so that's kinda not an option. any better ideas?
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i think this is just excruciatingly painful but wont kill you, will probably just make you wish you were dead instead


Order heroin off the dark web and shoot yourself with like 5g and you'll be dead no doubt, or Sodium Nitrite, guide on how to use it:


They put oxygen into helium tanks because of that now? The fuck


don't do it OP, is much for live in this life, i love you <3


Just hold on, there might be a nuclear war.


i hate that overeating and depression often goes hand in hand. i always resort to food to forget about my worries. tried so many times to substitute it with alcohol (did not like the taste) and cigarettes (allergic to its smoke) but nothing comes close to relieve me like junk food does. i know that i should have put on some massive weight due to this.
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Depression goes in hand with weight problems, not specifically with overeating. Not all fatties are depressed like you.

I have underweight problems. I can't understand how you can't just change your diet to low caloric foods. You eat the same volume, you will eventually lose lots of weight.


Yep. I myself am 2m tall and only 65 fucking kg. I have to force myself to eat and even then I can barely retain my current weight, I think deep down I'm just trying to kill myself with this shit.


I really can’t understand how someone cannot gain weight easily in modern environment. All you have to do eat a lot of pasta or sweets like chocolate everyday and you will be fat in no time. I think you two are just humblebragging your metobolisms.


Not him, but I have hypocondria and start freaking out about diabetes every time I eat anything with sugar in it, or worry about being fat when eating too much bread.

Not eating sugar or too much bread is almost all it takes.


Anorexic mean succubi, wizchan 2022.
BMI has a stronger genetic component than homosexuality.


I am extremely angry. I had a psychiatric crisis in april, two weeks hospitalized. It took me a fuckton of harships to reach my current semi-stable state. I don't rely on parents for money or food.

Parents started arguing with me more about my newfound independence. For months the idea of suicide was non-existant in my head. Now it is back. I feel trapped and these two fucks that birthed me just make me more unhappy than needed. I can't just save money and move out, I am not stable or sane enough, the stress will make me snap and lose my job. My parents know I am severely mentally ill, they just choose to ignore it and talk to me as if I was a regular person.

I can't bear this pain anymore. Again, I've started dreading every single time I wake up. People hate me at work. Everyone hates me. My parents make sure I know I am a burden to them.

I am trying my best. I just want peace, I don't want anything else. Why is life so cruel? Yes it could be worse, it is getting worse.

File: 1661591760378.png (1.32 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, japan.png) ImgOps iqdb


I turned 28 years old this year. And feels hit me.
I hate my life. I hate my retarded upbringing. I hate my disabilities, which I was born with. I hate most of my memories. I hate people, who are similar to people that harmed me in the past. I hate my weak mentality.
But on the contrary, I m a weird person at the same time I feel lot of hatred towards humanity, but also I m emphatic guy with love inside.

In this world, in my situation I have 2 main enemies. Enemy inside of me and enemy outside. Enemy inside of my is my weak, passive mentality, which I was born with. Enemy outside are people who hate guys like me and who like to destroy person like me.
I cant change my mentality much, when I m already 28 years old.
My parents made many mistakes, when they breeded me. They teach me nothing useable. They taught me only useless and retarded stuff like:
>Always say good morning, when you see teacher, or some of my parents friends (that is retarded shit, they just wanted to make me polite). And polite men are just weaklings, who everyone makes fun of and they are never treated with seriousness
>They never taught me how to deal with bullies
>Never taught me that I should be assertive
>Never taught me anything, they just gave me food and shelter and forced me to go school, they didnt really care if I feel good at school, whether I get bullied, or not.
Some people should never have children. But at the same time I must say, even if parents are incompepetent, but child doesnt have dissabilities like me, he still has chances to be normal.
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You're a dumb redditor who thinks men complaining about being short is because of dating and succubi, that can be the only possible reason.
typical normalnigger can't see beyond its own mind.


But what other reason is there? The things about working and finding a job being harder and the alleged bullying are reasons I've already explained why I don't believe they exist. If you read my posts you will find my reasons.


>reported things backed up with plenty of evidence don't exist because I don't believe they exist


>Why? Is that not needed for it to fit?
There are surgeons that are willing to do it if you only want a cosmetic improvement of your jaw (mainly from the side) without improving the bite let alone fixing crooked teeth. The majority aren't willing because they work together with orthodontists and it's their long-standing policy to have this more comprehensive approach, so if you don't care enough about improving your smile/bite you'd have to put a little extra effort finding the ones who are willing, you can try looking for recommendations for surgeons from previous posts on Reddit and elsewhere from people who say they've done it without braces.
Of course, if you're willing to go through the pain, nuisance, expense, several appointments per year of a few years of braces, that awful headgear you're suppose to wear at night, and that retainer you're supposed to wear every night for the rest of your life (which hardly anyone actually does, and frankly I think it's overkill), then go ahead, but IMO braces are only realistic for kids/teenagers with wealthy parents (or have insurance that covers it) or succubi.


He must be that pro-natalist, lying piece of shit normalnigger his style is similar.

File: 1662757849265.png (258.07 KB, 512x497, 512:497, 469.png) ImgOps iqdb


Which sleeping pills do you recommend to suicide? And what dose? Thanks. I don't want to suffer


barbiturates are pretty good


File: 1662826533042.png (1.41 MB, 750x929, 750:929, catyoutubethumbnail.png) ImgOps iqdb

I advise you not to overdose on sleeping pills, the lethality of overdose on non prescription drugs is 10%, compared to 20% with prescription drugs and 50% with illegal drugs.
Personally i would try to overdose on heroin, just get it off the dark web and shoot yourself with a syringe 2 grams should be lethal for most people if its your first time shooting, but don't quote me on that, do your own research.
But do NOT do it if there is a chance of someone stumbling upon you while overdosing, you don't wanna be taken to the hospital and live with lifelong health consequences.
If you do manage to overdose on heroin it will be the most painless death possible, from what i've heard at least, it would be like falling asleep.
Also overdosing on legal drugs is usually a painful, not the worst but expect to feel really nauseous/throw up and have terrible stomach pain or shit yourself and such. At least those were my symptoms overdosing on metformin (diabetes prescription drug)


meant to say a little painful




I wish I studied STEM or IT instead, There's simply no jobs anymore for chemists out there. Take a look around, most people that call themselves 'chemists' haven't been able to hold on to a job for longer than 5-8 years. In fact, I bet most of the people I run into in the chemical industry have had 3, 4, or more jobs within the past decade. How can one ever expect to buy a house or be able to save for health insurance with that kind of job insecurity? The only thing this worthless degree in chemistry has gotten me are permatemp jobs with no benefits for $18/hr. I regret every single day of my life wasting time and money on this worthless chemistry degree. At this rate, it'll only take me the next 25 years between temp job after temp job to payoff all these student loans. I've done job search after job search and the only jobs out there are for A.)temps and B.) terribly mundane, boring, and low paying QC or method development work. There's a reason why there are so many listings for quality control/analysis/method development work–it's because people hate doing it and quit not long after starting which forces companies to constantly rehire.

For anyone who is reading this and has an interesting in the field, stay absolutely clear of chemistry and biology. It is a TERRIBLE career. There's never ending wave after wave of layoffs after companies get done their projects that fail after 5 years, more and more companies have moved to hiring people as low paid permatemps from the third world with no benefits, and there is literally no job security. If you truly love science that much, just be prepared to never be able to own a house or buy something nice every once in while because you will constantly be under the threat of job loss and may have to relocate at any time on a whim. would be better to have a back up plan–go to trade school, earn an accounting degree in parallel, or work for your state's police dept. etc. etc. Anything but trying to be a chemist is better. Believe me, if you try to delve into this crapfest you'll get to know the names like ManPower, Kelly Services, or Aerotek quite well as a permatemp.

Getting a PhD barely helped me either. I spent years and years slaving away doing worthless post doc after post doc for borderline poverty wages to have almost a slim to none chance at getting an academic position. A PhD in industry gets you almost no where these days also, I am simply be "too overqualified" fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You could try learning programming and do something interestimg with it. There's a field in bio called bioinformatics and it combines both biology and CS. I'd ponder there's something similar with chemistry.


A Chemistry degree would be a decent option in my case, I work in welding with poverty wages, I make no more then 30k USD a year.


I laugh when I see blue collar wagies cope about "da deep underwater welders that make $120,000+ a year".

The average wage for welders is like $40-50k a year, you can literally find this with a google search.


Just become a part of the 1/100 percent.


Programming / software "engineering" is oversaturated too. That's why companies, both large and small, can get away with 7-stage interviews and have you do computer science trivia pursuit and leetcode questions and then 8-hour take-home assignments.

File: 1663321288929.jpg (39.6 KB, 638x960, 319:480, 2125395aa16b24f216998bc835….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Family insults me for eating too much
>Also insults me for being too skinny
>I take care of their dogs and cats for 8 hours a day
>I clean their house, do their dishes every day
>They expect me to be neither seen nor heard
>They've threatened me with a shotgun, and to bury me in the backyard

Why. Why the fuck is it like this?
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Are you sure you are actually a family member and not somebody they abducted as a child?


Yeah, it's time to wage


Nah, op should burn alive them in their house.


Dealing drugs is a shit job.
It doesn't pay well, contrary to what people think. This is coming from a guy who grew up friends with a guy in the bosnian mob in europe.
You'll be dealing with the worst of the worst in society, never be able to relax, never know if someone is watching you, working the worst hours, have people calling you at 4 AM not taking no for an answer, risk prison or getting stabbed/shot.
All for likely making only 100-200 bucks a day (lets say you move 100 grams of weed a day, at a profit of 5 dollars per gram. Of which you might keep 2).
You'll be caught eventually


Not >264921 but I've done it before and burned out hard.

>>264983 is right. The not having time for yourself and always being on-call wears you down, the clients are all shitheads and it's too much risk for too little reward.

If you must insist on taking the risk then do a "white collar" crime and learn when to get out at the right time

File: 1663029392035.png (673.65 KB, 1100x702, 550:351, 1659627213117.png) ImgOps iqdb


I am severely mentally ill. This is painful to write.

I got hospitalized this year. I survived a rough crisis. Things were rough those first months of leaving the hospital. I eventually managed to find stable employment, started taking the proper meds, stopped self-harm and heavy substance abuse.

My parents didn't like me being independent from them. I have severe BPD comorbid with severe depression (recurring, not episodic). A person that knows me can easily manipulate me through intentionally triggering me. I am permanently paranoid of everyone, everyone is always trying to harm me. My mom is crazy too, she only wants me to have an emotional bond with her and no one else. She intentionally triggers me when I stand my ground on what I should do with life. She keeps doing it every single day now.

This is painful and scary. This succubus physically abused me all my life, a strong beating every single week, for years. Then she got a grasp of my mental health problems. She punishes me by intentionally triggering severe symptoms on me. I'm completely docile when I snap.

Suicide is back on the menu again. I tried my hardest. This is just too traumatic and painful to bear. Imagine being mentally raped by your mother over and over again non-stop for days, weeks. By your own mother. You snap. The succubus that birthed me genuinely hates me and I genuinely hate her. Today my father triggered me on purpose as punishment, right before being carpooled to work. So I arrived at work in a psychotic-like state. I was paranoid of everyone at work. I'll off myself, I'm too tired of life. I hate life.
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Sounds like classic narcissism.


>command respect
Actually I told you something which was the opposite, but anyways.
>muh parents
You are fortunate as long as they do not kick you off like a dog. It's a cheap price for that.

I agree.


How do you exactly command respect?
I used to piss off people by spewing infuriating things or ignoring them like trash. I still do, many times.

You sound like one of those crybabies who threatened me in high school due to being unable to cope with my backlash. Whenever I managed to intimidate them you could just see in their faces the classical stupidity of "this is a bad man who does not let us cuck him down boo hoo".


So save up enough money to move out. It's not rocket science.


Holy shit! my mom is exactly the same, She'll tolerate literally everything till I try to move away from her and define myself as a separate being, independent from her and her influence.
Don't you have boarding houses in your country that you can rent for dirt cheap?
I live in a third world shithole, since they exist here I assume they're almost everywhere.
You can go there for few months till you've enough money to rent a proper place.


I know it's finally time to kill myself and there's nothing else for me to do, my only problem is whenever I wanna try it (By jumping in front of a train) my body kinda shuts down and makes me unable to move, my heart beats goes through the roof, I get extremely stressed out and I sweat and shake like crazy.
Even thinking about it seriously does this to me.
I don't know if it's mentally or just my body's will to survive that prevents me.
Mentally I've been preparing myself for years to be able to do it when the time comes but so far I haven't been able to do it.
I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give me tips to try.


Go to the liquor store, buy some vodka or other smooth high volume alcohol drink and get drunk.

Get so drunk that you feel at peace with yourself and nothing scares you anymore.

That is the time to jump.


I live in Iran, also I don't know anyone that could get me alcohol or any types of drugs.
I've to do it sober.


I was doxxed about one year ago and I am losing grip on my life and reality.

My life is circling around me and I don't know how to cope anymore. Almost everyday I cry knowing nothing I do will change the fact that I was doxxed and that my name is permanently attached to humiliating and embarrassing things online.

I'm completely ashamed of myself and I don't think I can live a happy or fulfilled life anymore. I've tried everything to fix this, but it is a problem that isn't fixable. I tried moving and getting another job, but I'm just as miserable as I was before.

I'm a paranoid mess that just wants to die. I'm living my own personal nightmare.
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I'm not blaming you that faggots who want to harass people exist but you are doing something wrong, I'm also never sure if these are schizophrenic posts or not.

There is no way people could find out where you are after moving out unless they physically follow you moving to a new place or you post it somewhere online and the latter seems to be more realistic. If they are able to find your new profiles, whatever that means, most likely social media, you must be doing the same thing over and over again when you're supposed to create a completely new identity online and then stop interacting with idiots.


>There is no way people could find out where you are after moving out

Everything is public record in America and databreaches mean almost everything about you is on the internet.

Through databreaches, people can find your SSN (Social security number), birthdate, passwords, IP addresses, usernames, emails and other information.

With this information, they can gain access to your utility bill accounts, mobile phone accounts (also port your number and gain access to all accounts using this number as 2fa) and government accounts.

You're completely clueless.


They found me through voting records, they just had to put in my dads name and then found me
It’s a long story and I don’t want to go in all the way because it’s very traumatic to me.


>They found me through voting records

Voting in America completely doxes you. They can find out your birthdate and where you live from voting records.


I'm in the long process of finding a new place in a new town, i live in mental ward for the time being. I regret the things ive done while being in a trance like state.
My reputation in my hometown is finished. I can never live there anymore, i couldve had an easy life.

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