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I'm finally done, I think I'm going to do it tonight. No more shit. Freedom.
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why even bother


Stop larping and scaring innocent wizards. This ain't /x/.


i have no interest in a full length description of your experiences, but i would enjoy a highlight reel.


>What are some people basing this on?
i dont know if there are any books that originate the idea of reincarnation since the framework for it existed pretty much everywhere. if you believe in a soul and that everyone and thing is essentially the same thing deep down, its easy to postulate that your essence is eventually recycled into new beings. just like how your body returns to the earth when you die if you have a soul it would make sense for it to go back to where it came from. one thing i disagree about though is that reincarnation is a must, there is nothing to suggest that you have to reincarnate, but i imagine everyone caves in eventually.


Translation: I'm too big of a bitch to commit suicide so I'll claim it's unwizardly to somewhat justify my miserable life


Since gun laws in my country sucks, I'm been thinking to go to a shooting range and kill myself.
What's the best gun? How'd I do it, to be fast enough so no one will be able to stop me?
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If you go ahead with that stupid idea, delete this and post it on 4chan instead. Then when the cops check your computer they won't bring down this place.


If sanctioned suicide is still up…


this has been cracked down on. now they put some oxygen in the tanks so you become a vegetable


There is a global shortage of helium, that's why the tanks for balloons only contain a small percentage.


make sure you get the angle right so you don't just blow your face off

File: 1623514329627.mp4 (24.82 KB, 184x144, 23:18, images.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Kiwi farms created a thread about me. its impossible to get a thread deleted in there,what should i do
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Someone socially engineered me for my information pretending to be a friend and I stupidly shared. We were going to be pen pals.


Start making and books art and selling them.

They will buy them to make fun of you, but you wise wizard, will have their money.


Isn't that strange, how these circles will incessantly mock somebody like KingCobraJFS for his behavior and yet he makes some decent cash from selling his handcrafted wands? Creating an autistic and belligerent lolcow character and merchandise for them might be a good way to get orbiter bux.


why the hell is this thread on wizchan


no idea. a stranded traveller perhaps

File: 1627870540449.jpg (39.83 KB, 556x660, 139:165, MS 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


One thing that really saddens me is the fact that i will never be able to live on my own. I have a decent relationship with my parents but im aware that my life lacks a lot of freedom. I have no room to pursue my hobbies, im constantly being bossed around… its like living in purgatory where i will never be able to live my own life and make my own choices.

Its too late now cause im in my early 30s and ive never had a job nor do i have any skills. The wages in my country are utter shit and the rents are astronomically high so its almost impossible to move out with minimum wage jobs.

I just wanted to have my own place to pursue my hobbies and explore new interests in peace… im so tired of the internet and computer…
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But you can't do what makes you happy if you have no money. And at that point let's be real, he is never going to get any kind of job.

After that it's just purgatory between the bed and the computer until you die.


I'm in your same situation, except I live with my mom and right in the next house are my 2 cunt female cousins and my faggot uncle. They all hate me and I can hear them from my room making fun of me all the time. All I want is a decent job so I can save enough to move far away from this place.


Kill them


File: 1628157288217.png (6.87 KB, 601x441, 601:441, E6to2r8UcAsotzG.png) ImgOps iqdb

Any person needs 2 private rooms to function properly , generally we only provide people with one, the room for leisure and sleep.
The concept of a private study or atelier is slowly being forgotten as an essential part of a healthy living space. It's all you need to feel perfectly liberated no matter how many people you share the building as a whole with.

If there is no such room you can convert into a study available, but your bedroom is large enough, you can consider splitting it in two. If your bedroom is also small (as mine is) the best you can do is temporarily take over another room. I will occasionally move furniture in the living room to make space for a larger table to do my miniatures and autistically large boardgames (my other interests I can fit by having two desks in my bedroom). If your hobby needs special equipment this is easier to do, as simply storing the stuff you need in the room in question and using it there now and then will slowly dominate the function of that room. Especially if there's few other people in your building with solid interests of any sort, they'll seek their light-entertainment in a different room since you'll be in the way.

If your family is horrible and disrespectful to you, then you should move out regardless of having a study, or you should make them move out instead. It's a great toll to exist near mediocre people and should be avoided at all cost. Since it'd be hard for you to move out, OP, I can only hope they're half-decent and that that "bossing around" is the generic demands to help out around the house any family would make. They ought to phrase these things more politely though.


You can ask your parents to pretend to be your reference so you have something on your resume. Even if they dont do this you could live with them while doing some part time job to get some money for your hobbies. That's what I do at least.

Your parents are assholes if they dont let you pursue your hobbies, I get not giving you money for them but not allowing them at all is ridiculous.

File: 1617721629279.jpg (107.19 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 3b3a1acade370d9059484a9f1b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Don't even try.

Normies are born and raised to be competitive, parasitic, psychopaths.

If you're failed normie, just giveup they'll never accept you, normal logic is, feign morality, kindness etc when there's something down the line, someone who's destined to be a loser not a threat so keep to yourself, with them it's a cycle of sympathy, deception, use and discard, that's why being white or brown doesn't matter if you're loser or homeless , you're the all the same to a norman, they don't care about your efforts to appease them, if you're stupid enough to fight back, they will mock you call you retarded, cringe, etc and go back to hedonic treadmill.

Pic rel, mass-killer became lawyer, had the gf who loved him, still went ER, had scores of them show up to his trial.
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A homeless person with Donald Trump's behavior and mental characteristics would be institutionalized within days.

The more money and position you have, the more deranged and loony you can be and nobody dares to tell the truth. Nobody will label you. Nobody questions you.

You can be as disturbed as you want and people just suck up to you because they want a piece of your money or influence.

They truly do only stigmatize those who have been destroyed by society: Born poor, laid off from multiple jobs, lost home, beaten by random street gangs etc., they enjoy labeling these victims because there are no social repercussions for doing so.


Exactly. Even then they'll pin you with it if they think they can beat you socially. Look at what happened to Britney Spears vs Kanye. Spears had a father that knew he could figure out a way to enslave her with that conservatorship, so here come the diagnoses. West has the same manic behavior and was allowed to run for president because no one thought they had a decent chance at enslaving him.


Your Kanye example was pretty good.

Make it any of the 99.99% of other black men in America and he would be in a mental hospital, not on an election ballot.


File: 1625857775703.webm (1.23 MB, 460x458, 230:229, 1625820754906.webm) ImgOps iqdb



It sounds like you are describing a distopic movie, like Brazil or a Woody Allan comedy.


What do you think of the Wheat Waffles channel /wiz/? If not him do you watch any other blackpiller?


What's the point of watching that stuff?


Never heard of


Hes an advanced version of faceLMS and I agree with almost everything he says. Regardless, there is no point to watch it.


He tries too hard to monetize the blackpill. I find other channels like crabmatics are better blackpill channels

File: 1625358766534.jpg (22.18 KB, 610x300, 61:30, 1602522974397.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It might be a bit redundant to ask on a page like this, but let's assume you had access to a button that immediately kills you. No pain, just instant lights out. Would you got for it or already have pressed it? What would it take to make you press it?
Let's take it further. Every human being from the moment it is born has access to this button. Even the most normal of normalfags sooner or later, especially in their teens, has moments were they are frustrated and contemplating suicide. With all the obstacles like having to set up your death and possibly suffering out of the way, would they overhastily die?
How would this affect suicide numbers and humanity in general and assuming they would go up, would this expose our society as much more instable than it wants to admit?
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File: 1626846298707.jpeg (3.8 MB, 5940x3964, 1485:991, cryonics.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Same. The only reason why I didn't is because I was a transhumanist for many years.


How can suicide be illegal?
They're gonna throw your corpse into jail?
Or does it mean the law will fuck with your surviving family members?


Suicide is legal but assisted suicide/right to die laws aren't.


I guess it meant different things across the ages. Right now in the US if you try to commit suicide, or even tell someone that you are suicidal you can be put in an involuntary psychiatric hold.


It's illegal in a lot of countries.

Suicide was illegal in the UK up to 1961.


File: 1627948167179.jpg (3.34 MB, 3269x4763, 3269:4763, Transfigurazione_(Raffaell….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


One thing that has depressed me is the bunch that wanted life and could not get it.
Sure, it is up to you whether or not you wanted this existence.
But isn't it the strangest thing to think that there's someone out there clinging so hard, hoping for another day, while you're looking toward the exit?
What could be said?
To the starving child, to the bedridden teenager - you may call them naive, but how horrible it is that they look up to you. Hoping to have your healthy organs.

I can't give you much but I can part you with some pleasant memories to make your passing quick. Who knows when we'll say goodbye.
I hope you enjoy your stay.
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I don't think it's physically possible to pull off because our brains are this way from birth.

Though maybe some very highly functioning and high iq autists can figure out a way to "hack" their brain circuitry and unlock normie mode, who knows?
If you pull it off you are a god.

It's basically being reborn as another human being. Nobody who knew you would even know who you are if you met them 5 years later.


No doubt that life would be a lot easier as a normalfag. But there's a reason a place like wizardchan exists. There's no point in trying to "fit in" if you're fundamentally different.


>There's no point in trying to "fit in" if you're fundamentally different.

The alternative is living for almost a century with no real human contact or touch. Do you really think that's sustainable?

A lot of people will snap and do really desperate things. It's completely unnatural.
It's a mental state of emergency.

Not trying to learn out of aspergers or autism is practically suicide (if you were born male - it is not an issue for femaIes)


If you've leveraged your autism into getting NEETbux, like I have, then it is much easier to embrace solitude.

Yet it is still difficult and I cannot say that I've come close to mastering it.


>But there's a reason a place like wizardchan exists.

wizardchan or wizchan? Cos I'm sure the original one hand slightly different rules.

File: 1628433737568.jpg (74.35 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20-best-bad-movies-time.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone here not play vidya? My parents were too poor to afford vidya for me when I was a kid so I never really got into it. The best I had was a gameboy and some freeware PC games. I know it's a huge facet of many wizards' lives, and I wish I could fit in in regards to this. I'm trying to get into gaming now, but I think it's too late, I don't really enjoy anything anymore despite being a wage slave but I have no time or energy for vidya. Does anyone else relate?
I really wish I had the chance to play as a kid, maybe it could've turned into a serious hobby that I actually enjoyed.
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I grew up playing world of warcraft and I have really fond memories of that game. A few years ago I tried to play the game again but It wasn't the same, the magic was lost. The difference between the first day when the world looked huge and unknown and the day I tried to come back to the game and I was just sitting pointlessly on elwynn was abysmal.
I accepted the fact that games will never give me again the same level of enjoyment but still I prefer to play games rather than poisoning myself with the rancid, ironic, edgy content that internet has to offer these days.
I downloaded some emulators and now I'm playing chrono trigger, final fantasy, metroid. I don't feel ecstatic but I enjoy it somewhat I guess.


I'm 29. I liked playing with video games when I was a kid but I slowly got burned out from it (same with watching anime).
I spent most my 20s playing with solitaire while watching yt vids.
I play out triple A singe player games once when they come out and never touch them again.
The funny thing is I feel guilty wasting my time on "childish" activities but I still waste my free time doing random shit. It's not like I'd learned to code or learned a new language or something that is actually useful


I feel like I am wasting my time whenever I play video games, for every hour of video games I should put at least 2 hours in to my personal studies, but it’s not really how it works out. I actually wasn’t as in to video games as a kid and the first time I actually beat a video game I was like 22 years old. Video games suck but I do have my go-to’s where I can casually jump in and play 45min~ then go do something else. I don’t like the competition that comes with many of these type of games so I only play casual kinda ones if I do


Also had Jak 3. No point from how it looked to me against what I feel (not) now while using the pscx2


File: 1628523793816.jpg (75.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, vidkid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

vidya is a nice cope

File: 1627713951276.jpg (127.52 KB, 990x742, 495:371, 120897407.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So we all know equality is a scam, and the economy is a pyramid scheme, so how do you cope trying to find security in an inherently unsafe world?

Is there a way to hack the system like Kevin Micknic or just be a slave in Kaczynski's world. Sorry if I sound like a moron im an actual Dog.
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Really I don't think that most people have to worry about money. If you look at what people spend their money on a lot of it is fairly easy to cut out. If you don't go to the bar every day that's easily a hundred bucks saved. Learn to cook your own food instead of buying it, another 100 dollars. You see what I mean? A dollar saved is a dollar earned. When I were 17 years old I applied to 20 different places for menial work online. Things like "land maintaining" (cleaning and such), gardening, the local cemetary and such and the cemetary is where I managed to get a job. I basically spent 7 hours a day going there to clean tombstones of moss and debris, throw out dead flowers and burnt out candles e.t.c.
The pay was pretty shit (about 1.6K USD after taxes) but after paying my rent I realized "holy shit, I have this much money?". Even after paying food, internet and such I still always had more than I could or wanted to spend. I don't know how people in developed countries struggle with money.
Of course if you're in some shitty asian or southamerican country this does not apply


Rent, insurance, gas, utilities…
You're a moron.



Could you please email me so I can ask more questions about how to set up vending machine business?


They all shit out seven kids and then struggle with child support.


I just said this was the big expense (along with food).
Electricity is cheap in most of the civilized world, so is water. Don't be wasteful and these costs will be minimal. Wifi costs more than electricity and water combined here.
Depends where you live, I have a shitty old car but it's faster to bike almost anywhere. I know it might seem like a meme but biking is pretty great. You never have queues, breakdowns (if you take care of it), keeps you in good shape e.t.c.
Almost in all cases where I see people complaining about a lack of moeny they have a bunch of shit they don't need. "I cant even pay for food" they say with subscriptions to entertainment for 100 bucks a month and they eat out every day. Passive bills like rent, wifi and basic utilieties are the only thing really eating a hole in my pocket

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