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>decide to start exercising
>start with the "plank" since I figure I first need to strengthen my core
>knees, lower back and shoulders start hurting before my muscles get tired
The ride never ends
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Static holds aren't going to tear up your joints, however sore they feel, compared to compound movements.

If holding a plank hurts your knees, that's because your quadriceps are working to keep you legs straight. Tough it out and you'll get a good workout. My quads are so muss that I never feel them when planking (always abs) but that's because I do a lot of casual squatting and stairclimbing. You probably haven't done much of that and have narrow thighs.

If your lower back is in pain, make sure you're not letting it extend.

Also perhaps consider getting an inversion table and doing crunches on that, much less discomfort than normal ones since your spine joints get to stretch apart from gravity and your discs get to fill with liquid.


I hate a similar experience when I first started exercising. After a month my joints stopped hurting and I hadnt had any problems with them since.


Spend more time at the gym.


Maybe you should start with walking everyday.


Human torture machine. Volunteer for human torture machine. Sit in torture machine until you don't feel it.

File: 1566831489695.jpeg (62.03 KB, 700x385, 20:11, 823CADFF-0A6E-4BA0-93F0-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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Ugly anons, tell me about the impossible beauty standards you wish you could fulfill, how you wish you could look like and why, what you would do with your life if you managed to look like your ideal selves.
My beauty standard for myself is something like an older Tadzio from the 1971 Death in Venice movie, a beautiful, androgynous young man, with a godly face and a slim and pale body.
Instead I was cursed with an average face, a big nose and acne as well as bacne, which is a death sentence for a vain, looks obsessed guy like myself. Despite knowing that beauty fades and means nothing in the end, I feel hatred and jealousy towards every handsome man I see, especially those who come close to my own ideals.
How is life for other average or below average looking wizards going, especially those who are vain and very appearance-oriented like myself? What impact does the feeling of never being good looking have on you? Does it bother you or have you made peace with it? How do you cope?
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Oh you're so handsome lad


Thanks to based moderation for deleting obvious troll and bully.



Start a mucusless diet. Stop eating cereals, practice some colon irrigation.

>so ugly

But the real trouble is how much afflicted you are about it. Accept it, embrace it, even if you were to combat it. The thing about acne lies in what you eat, in your blood substances. That's why you have PUS even in your back.

Alcaline diet, man. For long term, also. No bread, no doritos, no roasted chicken, no breaded meat, no chocolates, no dairies…


Also backne sufferer here, I don´t eat half of the things listed there, so that´s a good start. Diets tend to be difficult to maintain because I´m autistically picky with food and a lot of diet food seems to be hippie-vegan tier shit that is expensive and also difficult to incorporate into cooking. Any good recipes wizfriend?


The purpose of Beauty is to take the eyes away from the Abyss. Beauty is sublimated Suffering. For example, seeing two birds seememly playing with each other in a beautiful manner is only a parallax view of animal rape that goes on daily to satisfy an insatiable Will. All beautiful things are the same.
Furthermore, do you not understand that Death ends sickeness and old age? Eternal Life, without sickness and suffering, is merely an euphemism for Death. All religions are like this and since you're here you're smart enough to realize that God is just another name for Death - it is everywhere, nowhere, and all things came and go back to it.

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File: 1569478161584.mp4 (4.77 MB, 608x1080, 76:135, He told his mom to “Shut u….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Were any of you ever spanked as children? Do you think it influenced you becoming depressed?
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>from not having faith
B-but muh spare the rod spoil the child


I was spanked and hit whenever I did something wrong. It didn't change my morals or general understanding of right and wrong, it just made me do anything I deemed questionable as covert as possible.


People your parents' age also brag about getting grifted and exploited when they were teenagers because they used to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week at some bullshit deadend job so don't spend too much time trying to find logic in the things they say.


Sometimes I wish I was physically abused so I'd have an excuse for being such a fuck up tbh.


Ive got the shit beaten out of me fairly regularly. In my parents defense however, i was a pretty insufferable child. I dont think that thats what did it for me though. As other anons pointed out, psychological torture is much worse in this regard

File: 1571891175741.png (60.54 KB, 529x529, 1:1, hiki.png) ImgOps iqdb


The day mom died, what should I do if I do not have the courage to commit suicide?
i would have to find work and reintegrate society? That will be the real end? Is there a method to maintain the hikikomori lifestyle?
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>what should I do if I do not have the courage to commit suicide?

You can find the courage to commit suicide. For this you have to do the following steps:
1) You have to prepare your suicide. This means you choose a suicide method. Lets say you want to hang yourself. Then it is curcial that the rope is already knotted and at hand. So that you just have to hang yourself. Or if you want to shoot yourself, then it is crucial that you have a gun and bullets etc. Everything that takes longer than a few minutes is too long.
2) You have to visualize your suicide everyday. Just meditate and think how you are going to kill yourself. If you do this regurlarly and everyday then you will most probably find the courage to kill yourself. This may last 1-2years.

There is one last thing you really have to know. Once you have a moment where you are ready to kill yourself you have to do it immediatley (look at step 1), because noramally these mental states are fleeting. If you miss it then it might take another few months until you are ready to kill yourself again.


They only failed because they didn't have the technology. Only way im seeing the failure is the depletion of resources and calamities.



McDonalds is exactly the type of employer that will hire you without work experience or references dude. Any minimum wage job will really. Some jobs, like Uber/Lyft, won't even interview you. Alternatively, you could also try a temp agency, which might be easier. Either way, it doesn't matter if you have no social skills at these jobs. At the end of the day McDonalds wants cashiers to take orders, not make casual conversation with customers. You just have to get comfortable with the fact your coworkers aren't going to like you.

Commit suicide because wage slavery will suck out any semblance of life left within you. Don't commit suicide because you're unemployable, because that's bullshit.


File: 1572355221716.jpg (3.28 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20190719_183202434.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>That only means I have more to lose
Damn that hit me hard. But by your boasting I believe your mind still has the ability to cope so either you'd do some drugs or find another female to talk to after all that's what we all do, we cope.



>But by your boasting I believe your mind still has the ability to cope so either you'd do some drugs or find another female to talk to after all that's what we all do, we cope.

What exactly do you mean by, "find another female to talk to"? As in a therapist, or are you seriously suggesting that I, who's been a hermit for nearly 12 1/2 years and who has spoken to less than 5 people beyond my family in all that time (only once by myself), somehow get a girlfriend? If it's the latter, then I don't even know what to say to that. The former is also just as silly. Just because my mother is a female doesn't mean other females, or people in general, are going to give a flying fuck about who I am, or what my problems are. People simply do not care unless it benefits themselves somehow and, honestly, is that itself really even caring or just self-interest masked as caring? Plus, I'm also an unlikable asshole myself who has zero tolerance for other people's horseshit. Why do you think I'm a wizard in the first place? It's all more trouble than it's worth and I'd rather feel like shit alone, than feel like shit other people. A mother, or parents/family in general, are the only ones a wizard can count on to truly care for them and wish them well. No one else could fulfill the role of my parents, or more specifically my mother, and you suggesting as if they could, even on simply a conversational level similar to that in which I share with my mother now, is completely ridiculous and, frankly, beggars belief.

You also mention drugs as a form of coping, but marijuana, as an example, gives me derealization & intense panic attacks and any other drugs that are out there I don't know how to get, nor do I really wish to get them given how bad my experience was with marijuana. A wizzie in another thread recommended I try Eitzolam, but it's illegal, not to mention addictive, and I'd need to get it through the darknet. I'd imagine I probably will have to resort to such measures and it would do me well to have something like that on hand when the worst happens to allow me an escape from the grief, agony and general emotional fallout from that future ordeal. Even though I already somewhat know my way around darknet markets I'm also, unfortunately, a complete lazy fuck who'll just keep putting it off & putting it off Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Does anybody know of or experienced being dead for a short time and came back alive? Did you see anything or feel anything? I’d really like to know because it creeps me out.
Happy 18th birthday wizzie yeah I know.
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Life is made of atoms and elements. The past is also proof that there is only one possible outcome.


I vaped super high doses of nicotine held it in and meditated on it. Literally died there for five seconds. Literally.


I am not too worried about reincarnation. As long as you forget about your past lives it'll be no different from living only once. Maybe my "soul" have been reincarnated in countless lives before but I still feel no different than if this is the first time I've been alive.


You should worry about it the same way you should worry about your future.


If "you" don't have any of "your" memories then how is it really you? If you lived a different life you would be a different person.

File: 1564944554849.jpg (127.14 KB, 750x732, 125:122, e9503ae20b95bfb2e789b3246a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


anybody else fail to see the point in posting anything anymore?
i used to write 100 posts a day sometimes on various chans. as time went on, i got more and more cynical and hated people so much i wanted to lessen my interaction with them. the first signs of this were when I'd subconsciously stop writing helpful, kind posts with good grammar, and began writing half-assed shitposts instead. now people accuse me of being a phoneposter but i don't even own a phone, i actually just don't give a fuck.
the few posts i do write now (about a dozen a week) get very few/no replies, even the ones i work relatively hard on or think are funny or want people's opinions on. this is like confirmation to me i shouldn't bother.
i had more to say but i lost motivation around half way through writing this. im just gonna post what i have even though it's unfinished.
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>if you like something for a long time you're autistic!

Wow is this the power of modern psychology?


Hey shut the fuck up faggot, I answered a question that you asked. I didn't tell you that you could change the goalposts like a little bitch. And yes, for your information my tastes have more or less stayed the same my entire life. So what if I'm autistic, that's besides the point. Maybe that just means the problem with people on imageboards is that they aren't autistic ENOUGH. Would I really want some casual fuck posting on a hobby website? Not really.


you arent making any sense at all. look around retard, do you see any names here? this is an anonymous website. you cannot find out someones status or wealth because everyones post has the exact same name on it, Anonymage. everyone is judged by their idea, not their identity.


yes, I'd say that's an accurate description of how psychology is practiced these days.


You see the issue is that you write it for the sake of the responses, not for the sake of writing it. I personally started typing out comments (something i wouldnt have otherwise gotten into at all) because i wanted to improve my english and the ability to put my thoughts into language - which ive had a massive issues with at the time, to the point of being legit unable to express myself in any way or form. It was like being mute. Anyways, tens of thousands of posts/comments all over the nets later it still is an activity i enjoy even though it fullfiled its purpose a long time ago. 7/10 i dont even bother checking whether ive got any responses
Remember anon, expectation only leads to disappointment. If you expect nothing, the only kind of suprise that can meet you is a positive one

File: 1571982138722.jpg (35.01 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 6666666666666.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


/proxy/ thread
who here knows they're not real anymore? how do you come back without the curse totally leaving? do I need stimulant drugs? how do I stop being blamed for things other people have said and done and been responsible for? I think that's why it's happening.


What the fuck on you on about?


I'm confused about it, too. Sounds like OP is suffering from derealization, alienation, paranoia, or something along those lines.

Not sure I can help him

File: 1571765988877.jpg (36.52 KB, 780x405, 52:27, The-Truman-Show-780x405.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Recently I discovered that the only friend I had has been lying about everything to the point where the person they presented themselves as to me is mostly fictional, my whole family has npd and has been lying and gaslighting me my whole life and most other people I meet in public or had met in school always ignored me or treated me different, as if they put on a mask only when interacting with me. It seems as if this is done collectively by countless people everywhere, as if the whole world is conspiring against a select few such as me. Does anyone else expirience this? It makes me question how real the world I live in is, it seems as if everything was scripted and planned out. pic related. Does anyone else feel this way?
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Childish insult. Maturity has taught me not to react to delinquent behavior as this. I would like to know why you think me a "Retarded succubus?"


Altruism is a communal instinct that succubi must unilaterally adopt in order to survive. Thus it is a feminine trait. You are retarded because you lack the ability to analyze such beliefs for veracity.


The ability to understand others is not inherently altruistic. I would be more inclined to identify it as 'empathetic' in that the ability to understand a human without misinterpreting their behavior or cynicaly judging it. It's a much more practical exercise I believe; when succubi are for more adept at expressing their emotional input on other and pathologizing them as autistic for not being one of the typical societal archetypes.


too bad equating selfishness with evil has nothing to do with empathy


Yes, unfortunately my cynicism has affected my pragmatism; an unfortunate side-effect of an all to often reinforced experience with human beings. I must admit my idiocy on those invalid comments.

File: 1571607374575.jpg (7.1 KB, 200x200, 1:1, thief.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Roommates, landlords, family, family's guests? Am I alone? I want to know what others have experienced. To not feel so alone in being victimized like this.

I bought a lockable doorknob and made a copy of the key it came with for my mother at her request. Supposedly for emergencies, if I was ever locked out.

When I finally was locked out, she would not produce a key. She always keeps her keys out on display near the front door for her live-in boyfriend to grab. The most logical explanation to me is that he took them, because he has little respect for boundaries, and acts out maliciously towards me to assert his dominance.

She of course, won't accept this, and gives him the benefit of the doubt, and assumes they just fell off or something. I remember putting them on securely.

This morning, I was accused by this boyfriend of 'hiding' my keys in my room. I have a copy of the mail key and he feels he is somehow owed access to the mailbox whenever he likes, even though I pay rent and he doesn't, he gets mail here.

I know this was malicious because mail isn't even delivered on Sundays. I said as much but he said he wanted to check it anyway, even though I had checked it TWICE the previous day.

I brought my key down for him to use to just try and make it pass… and he just takes it and DRIVES OFF WITH IT. Those are keys I need to be able to leave the house… to lock the front door, to lock my room…

He came back something like an hour later but hasn't replaced the keys by the door yet. I looked below and they had not fallen off.

I simple seethe with anger because I refuse to start a public fight. I know my mom must get horny for this kind of drama and it makes me sick. But eventually I'm going to snap. I shoved the fridge after he left and I noticed he had taken the keys… I will feel an urge to break things again and again, and I have been giving into that urge over and over.

I hate how he just plays nice, talks chipper, meanwhile having secretly acted out against me and not telling my mom he did that.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1571607947014.jpg (93.34 KB, 848x611, 848:611, Ricin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

use this


no thanks, I don't want to go to jail. I appreciate the thought though. FPBP.


You have no options but to confront this snake with its own very poison. Beware of him being ready.

File: 1569825618534.jpeg (146.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A0F49252-B4DB-4C76-8A19-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


How do you stop being obsessed with a person or thing? Obsession and addiction are major sources of depression for me and I need to break my downward spiral.


I think you know or can know the answers to this question.


Addiction is beaten thru distraction, but obssession sometimes requires to focus even harder on what it has inside.


you don't really, everyone here is obsessed with some aspect of himself, even those looking to "destroy the ego," that's still a self-obsession to a degree. the difference between wizards and normgroids is that our self-obsession is completely inward and mostly non-performative (i don't think the symbolic interaction in self-identifying as a wizard grants any sort of social reward, it's more of a coping mechanism (misery loves company, as they say) than anything)

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