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how do wizzard hold up with their health as aging occurs? mid thirties doesn't feel that much different then mid twenties for me. the normies in my city don't seem to age as gracefully, almost never do i get the impression that there is someone who is improving around. just walking sickness-, problem- and dramafactories.

when i read the posts on wiz i get the impression that a few wizzards are in bad health and most are at average health physically. my guess is similar when it comes to mental health: a few sick ones and a lot of medium. spirits also seem low but this can be a result of depression-seeking moderation of the site as well. when all the positive and life-affirming threads mysteriously get banished in the shadows, the desired atmosphere of dread is what remains.


no frogs


No sun.

But nah, really, I try to watch my weight and work out every now and then, and supplements.
>inb4 normalfag
I'm not doing it for 3DPD

>spirits also seem low but this can be a result of depression-seeking moderation of the site as well. when all the positive and life-affirming threads mysteriously get banished in the shadows, the desired atmosphere of dread is what remains.

The site might as well have been called depressionchan. I think it's irreversibly intertwined with the identity of the site now.

I do wish all the wizzies the best. I'm generally against anguishmaxxing, which doesn't have to mean that you should strive to be a normalfag drinking green juice every morning and do "dating" on tinder


I haven't really aged much at all since 18, I look exactly the same comparing photos, the only things are recently as I'm approaching 30 I'm noticing some small lines/wrinkles appearing near my eyes, but it's not really something that anyone would notice unless they took a bright light and closely examined my face, I also weigh 10 pounds more than I did at 18 but I can't really tell why. I've honestly been considering getting a chemical peel or dermabrasion done on my face at some point soon though, no one ever really sees me but the little lines appearing bother me I won't lie

File: 1674435899804.jpg (134.35 KB, 960x534, 160:89, prophicy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Which is worse in your experience. work or school?
Which one were you opressed in more for your autism?
t. on and off wagie.
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work by far. in school there is no pressure, no consequences, everything is easy, uncompetitive, there's no threat constantly hanging over you, no corporate bullshit or backstabbing co-workers, and most importantly no bosses. Learning stuff in school is fun and worthwhile but most jobs are just a soul sucking grind where you are reduced to nothing but a flesh-bot doing some mundane task in some automated system. It is dehumanizing.


For those who prefer school to work, would becoming a teacher, and thus staying in school forever, solve that problem?


For a bettrr vocational experience, I advise you develop a ubiquitous but valuable, discerning skillset. Common sense no? Not from my experience, majority of temp workers were skilless middle-aged louts.


Work. It doesn't take whole day to sit through the classes, even with the homework involved, it still leaves you with a lot of free time. Not to mention the stress that comes from studying is periodical. You get stressed when there are exams about, but you rest easy while on breaks. With work it is one constant pile of soul consuming shit.
I miss my school days. No the school itself or my schoolmates, fuck them. But I remember that during that time I still had optimism in me, life was beautiful, colorful, magical. Everything was brighter and brought me much joy. Even things like going to school early in the morning while listening to the spring birds singing in the park. I can't replicate that magical feel even with drugs, it is gone forever. And with each year life becomes duller and more painful. Even walking now feels difficult, like my bones weight a ton.


Middleschool was peak agony, I was stuck being a courtjester to normalfags since I didn't know any better.
I still thought I was a regular human and that my bluepilled disney dream teenage life was going to happen.

File: 1679946235240.jpeg (77.12 KB, 375x500, 3:4, D589268C-FE69-4741-A55E-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


As a neet for a maybe 9 years I enjoy parts of it such as essentially being invisible in society but it’s also something I hate at times I feel like I want a life like everyone else not that it doesn’t have issues. But I always come back to you are a neet you must make peace with this.

Being invisible to holes
Seeing couples
Seeing families

Being a chameleon is something I always wanted to be but I always was.

Coping with vidya and general exercise and looking into other things is the way for me do you have any advice older wizards I am nearly 30
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idk: how have you been able to neet so long? you are lucky.


We are wrathful against failed normals like you keeping here around and it's for a reason.


I've been NEET for 10.5 years time out of the past 13 and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Exercising is always a good thing. What more do you want? Temper your expectations


File: 1680304003639.png (623.22 KB, 600x598, 300:299, 0a70c042983a7da4d015f9846c….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Being invisible to holes

how do you get that? i'm thin and healthy and skate a lot and i am always in a beeswarm. there is all these succubi who treat me like i was the the only thing in the world and nothing else exists and when i talk about it on the internet i get banned by jealous mods who are too stupid to understand how lucky they are in their desirableness because they get to have a live, i don't.


>Coping with …

dude just become hot and don't listen to anyone who tries to hold you down. what you want is within your ability to achieve. especially the older you get the easier it becomes because everyone is getting ugly and sick and if you don't you automatically stick out like a undigested kernel of corn on a poo.

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masturbation and porn addicts are like normalfaggot alcoholics who critizice and look down on everyone who doesn't drink alcohol and partake in their vice because it's disgusting. Sex is disgusting and you're the crazy people for having sex and masturbating, not us.
Asexual pride
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Trying semen retention, seeing positive things. I fap to porn, and get the incredible pleasure and none of the post ejaculation depression. Yes there's precum but feels good and gives me alot of energy. Maybe limit ejaculation to once a week? Dunno, but this is so much better than i was doing the paradoxical nofap.


Does any of you use cold water to supress the urges? I do not have urges but pollutions. The only thing keeping them apart is a veggie diet and it requires a very strict following.


What do you mean? Do you just push back semen when coooming through using kegel muscles?


Just a reminder that porn addicted volcels have been spotted in the wild

Gavin McInnes founder of Vice and the ProudBoys, encountered one at his office, and was not happy.

You would think someone who loves porn, would love to fuck a porn star. But not this millennial


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File: 1677609584243.jpg (309.82 KB, 1112x2473, 1112:2473, 1667662017209.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Post your Big Five personality test results, wizbros. I bet many wizards here have high neuroticism.
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damn i'm the opposite of you in everything but introverted/disagreeableness. wonder what that would manifest as if you compared our lives directly


Give up already.


The most useful thing I found about mbti is that your own type are the ones who can give you the life advices you need. When mature, of course


I will try to explain my personality by reflecting about my actions and what others have said about myself Instead of doing a test.
I am a highly sensitive person and family members always told me that I should be more "thick skinned". I can't sleep when there is the slightest disturbance, I get emotionally affected very quickly by words and interpersonal relationships and conflicts, for me the meals always taste too salty when they cook it and I can absolutely not stand perfumes or fabric softeners in the slightest, the smells feel like an intrusion, an foreign object. I do enjoy a good company and I love my family, but maintaining a relationship outside my family feels so exhausting to me that I rarely even meet up with the few acquaintances I have (which is probably why I am a Wizardapprentice).
I feel very intense emotions but at the same time I am very inhibited when it comes to negative emotions like showing anger or sadness. It sometimes feels like a lid, and especially when I am tired and stressed I can become quite explosive, but in a setting outside of my family I am inhibited enough to not be reckless.
If some confrontation arises and I am not shure who's at fault I always look at myself first for faults, only when I am shure of my guiltlessness I will argue back. It makes what I have to say thorough but I also need some time to think, so in those situations, I can't counter attack fast.
But all those characteristics also have their good sides. I am a perceptive person that finds much enjoyment in art and who likes to be creative himself, I especially enjoy drawing in my free time.
All in all I would say that I am a happy person who likes to think a lot or, better put, who can't help himself but to think a lot.


File: 1680285974057.png (24.31 KB, 545x223, 545:223, 8754254218.png) ImgOps iqdb

The only things I can tell that this quiz got right is that I'm shy.
Idk, the results vary so much each time I do these kinds of tests.
As of late I've been more anxious, etc. so there'll probably be biases.

Maybe they should be done multiple times and added up to get a more accurate result, but what's the point anyways.
I know who I am, and I don't see any value in any of this astrology type shit

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Great blog you have here.. It's difficult to find quality writing like yours
nowadays. I seriously appreciate individuals like you!
Take care!!
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based if true


Don't get so invested in other people next time. Keep your expectations on the floor, and you won't be disappointed.



mods are friends with kiwifarmers, most of them gay who have had sex


r/NEET is actually healthier than this site


May he enjoy it.


Who is the oldest NEET here? Who did the guy survive for so long? What the story?
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It's fucking scary how fast time can pass if you don't do anything all day every day. Every once in a while I will get a wake up call only to ignore it and get back to my routine of doing nothing all day. When I look back it seems incredible to have wasted so much time. After all just spending 1-2 hours from the 16 hours I am awake day every day doing something productive could have brought some returns by now. Why was that so hard to do?


> After all just spending 1-2 hours from the 16 hours I am awake day every day doing something productive could have brought some returns by now.

easier said than done. I've had the exact same thought process. But once you actually try some of these big projects, you see how impossible they are.

but yes i too have seen how fast time goes as a neet. im pushing on 35 now. when i 1st started on wizchan, even being a 30 year old wizard seemed a ways off.

oh well i dont really care if im 10 or im 50, its all the same DNA, my interactions with normies are the same . Its just the unfolding of a script written from birth.


You guys need to stop stressing me out. I come here to relax in despair


It's not all bad. At least if you don't like life, it might not be good, but it's at least much faster than you realize. The K-12 years of each grade seeming like a chapter of life is very misleading to how fast a year passes in your 20s and 30s.

I'm not sure if it's an age thing or a neet thing. The few times I've worked, time went slower. But it's possible once it becomes a routine it's fast.

And if I do end up suiciding, it feels less tragic in my mid to late 30s than in my early 20s. Looking over all those WW1 graves of boys who died far younger.

Sorry if it stresses you, but I think it can also bring mental peace


The key away from NEETDOM is getting a car (and energy enough to withstand both job and driving, if you do suffer from warp)

Failed normal. Unrelatable.

File: 1680202977645.mp4 (2.64 MB, 480x480, 1:1, fc.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


i am an 18 year old kissless virgin, i had many times the potential to begin relationships and potentially lose my virginity but just strained away from it out of fear for the responsibility granted. i had succubi interested in me but i still shied away. i am not that socially awkward and i do have friends and can easily force myself to make some new ones, but i believe my emotions when it comes to these stuff would align with the schizoid personality. honestly speaking i don't give a fuck that much about succubi but societal norms are kind of indicating and forcing my subconscious that i should be searching for one soon, pretty sure it won't go well either.

what is your advise for me, i really don't know how i should feel. do you have any advise for me? is it maybe even over for me? i do have a sense in me that it's kind of over, i didn't take my chances.
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Now we have one schizo claiming wizchan staff are nazis while the other schizo still claims they are trannys


The only possible revolution is setting up another imageboard where wizardas actually rule or going for reddit so we can downvote trolls to oblivion


No succubi has laments for not taking choices, think about it. That's what you need, the mindset and stop giving care for whatever you think you missed or achieved.

This desire is consuming you and you don't stop running after it like a fool. You cuck after undeserving people due to your inner misery instead of battling it away, of opposing it with actions.


Exactly fuck off to reddit where you radical leftist belong and open a subreddit so you can try to groom autists into drugs, porn and deluded poltics some more


File: 1680265286299.gif (663.12 KB, 498x280, 249:140, anime-crying.gif) ImgOps iqdb


recall one memory during school when you felt betrayed and/or shamed.
For I, It was during last year of college, teacher asked me what I was going to do next year and at which school should I go, I was complete silence too ashamed to speak and the class was silent and everyone was watching me


Please, no. Sharing these things unless they be current situations where other wizards can assist with advice is unhealthy.

I'd better share those occasions where I roasted/shamed someone back, it's more instructive.



Are you being homophobic now? That's not very leftist.

File: 1678902493062.png (101.14 KB, 1123x1204, 1123:1204, 1615629699789.png) ImgOps iqdb

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You don't have to be miserable to be a wizard. What are your wiz opinions on this pic and what would you add? I've read the Alone Forever books and they weren't bad but I could use more tips. Depression and anhedonia have made it impossible to enjoy anything anymore
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I don't remember the majority of conversations revolving around neeting until I came back to the Nu wiz.


Suggesting that watching porn and drugs might be a bad idea is not the same as opposing the NEET lifestyle.


The term "Neet protection act" implies he would like to insult neets but is held back by a stupid safe space rule that babies them


I've been here since Gamergate, and there has always been a majority of conversations about NEETing, and people have always been using rule 4 as a shield. Stop making shit up.


This thread has decomposed in to a swamp of rule 4 violations, /meta/ complaints against rule 4, and bait copypastas. OP seems to have given up on his own thread after it received negative attention so I'll be locking it.

Additionally, the local "leftist wizard" was found to be ban evading in this thread so he has been removed from the site permanently.

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