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I was arguing with some classmate today, who went on about how ugly people shouldn't have kids. And of course I am ugly too. Hence, eventually a wizard.

I don't know what happened to me today but I had almost a sudden change of mine, somewhere down the line of arguing with my classmates, I figured out that they don't give a shit about ugly people suffering. If they did they would do something to help them. Not fucking exterminate them.

It's like eradicating poverty by bombing people or eradicating cancer by shooting cancer patients. I don't know, now, I find myself of the opinion that if an ugly gut gets a chance he should have children. He too deserves all the happiness of having a child.

And who knows maybe due to the randomity of universe the child turns out to be Chad or Stacy. Do you guys ever have a change of mind like this? About a topic that you felt so deeply about?

Like I know my parents are ugly and responsible for my predicament. But I think that both of them have done a lot for me. And while it is their duty to do it. I feel grateful at times.
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>the way of Germanics
well, the nazis did not educate people properly into the real need for eugenism, being fond of making things forced from an authoritarian point of wiew, so the people just had no time nor calling to assimilate the deep tenets by theirselves… so when the lies got spread they just thought eugenics was a matter of racism, instead of saving it as deeper cultural tenet.

Metapedia does little thing if no one shares what it has to communicate, and even worse the damn woke mobs around the world are ready enough to harass whoever dares to so it has to be done very carefully, even if it is for the sake of inviting the masses to plan it better when they decide to bring the next generations of wizards into this planet.

So we might have helped our fellow wizzies even before birth, and the less people suffering here because of shitty genome, the better. Less weaponry given to autist harassers against us all.


I think this is a much better way to put things, it's better that ugly people die, but we the normies, we will not treat you with basic human decency, however we encourage suicide through our behaviour with you.

Man fuck the normies.


But shouldn't people just treat ugly people like people? I am not staying ugly people are owed or entitled to relationships. But in other aspects like work, school, and life in general.


File: 1716208098920.png (124.18 KB, 256x256, 1:1, HesitationMarks.png) ImgOps iqdb

This ideology is the result of fascism. It is the speech and the tongue of the wretched Nazi menace. According to the reactionaries, something is either beautiful or it is evil. There is no such thing as inner depth or context or meaning, everything is purely face value. This is why they destroyed paintings that may not have been a boring landscape or a river, but had genuine meaning. They preach the existence of an "Ubermensch" that is above all others, one that is both beautiful and perfect, inside and outside. And anybody who does not subscribe to this revolting belief is not human, and must be exterminated. Your classmates are quite literally arguing in favor of eugenics. You should ask them if disabled and poor people should also be sterilized and banned from having children. I can guarantee they will say yes. This is because they are nazis.


>This ideology is the result of fascism
> It is the speech and the tongue of the wretched Nazi menace.
yep, you are retarded and not a wizard.

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I think I grew to understand why normies are so fond of some philosophers whose ideas they do not follow at all, even worse, philosophers that even criticize the cattle mindset actively…

It's a trap to seduce the unexpert neurodiverse who really and deeply understands and agrees with these philosophers while still having traits of failed normie. They lure him into this deceit to mock and deceive him, praising what in depth they hate with demonic impotence.

Or that's at least the vibe I felt from watching comments about some philosophers on the internet.

Ever found yourselves in any situation like this one, wizzes?
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wtf is that pic
are you retarded


oh yea.


This is what oldfag / millennial versus newfag / zoomer looks like.


And who's newfag there?


OP here. Pls tell me more about these zoomers. I do not have firsthand knowledge bout them, despite knowing the meme

File: 1716135455257.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.06 KB, 617x596, 617:596, 4e131fed1f50a9736d4dba5de5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>mom told me to get a hair cut because I'll look better
>Got it anyway to have an I told you so moment
>Hair cut finished
>She sees me
>She resisted the urge to laugh



mogs me


Moved to >>>/dep/292345.

File: 1711918455532.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Captura de Tela (211).png) ImgOps iqdb

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I'm a 18 year old KHV. Not having any social interaction and not being able to enjoy youth is weighing on me a lot. I'm past the stage of dreaming with finding a girlfriend and more into a state of apathy. I can't interact with other people, I'm socially anxious and etc etc.

I'm working on myself and (sucessfully) trying to lose weight. But still, it's pretty dark inside my room. The light coming from my window, showing people my age, dudes and gals having fun hurts my eyes.
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Why would you wish anything bad on, OP? It's literally just a kid. I hope for him to have a good school life. Some angry idiots don't remember what a mess wizards were during our young years.


Thank you wizards for not deleting this thread, you convinced me to leave not by being offensive but by mere advice.
This board might not be for me yet if at all.



The mage above is not OP, which is the one who's posting this. You might be able to tell by comparing my and the guy's English. Of course there's no way to prove who is who. I'm posting this with sage because there


OP here. I'm going to my trip this Monday. Wish me luck. I won't take my phone there because I want to enjoy the trip. Hopefully I will get closer to at least one or two classmates.


Good luck. I am sure there is many other kids like you in your class who are friendless or want to make more friends or just have a good time.

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My take on narcissists is that are pathetic cucks whose selfsteem has no motive at all to exist, when they have so is just due to normies being so dull they just fall quick to suck cock on however employs the typical narcissist tactic on them (showing off and similar) since normies do not judge others based on their usage of power but merely based on that mere power itself, in an almost perfect bootlickery as they usually do, like animals.

The thing is, I think I just happened to find one of those disgraceful needy hypocrites in my way, while had the retardcy myself of trying to complete a career: we shared residence with some other normies.

The fool just came across me and gave me orders about how to do basic stuff as I had just been born yesterday. Some other times he just pretended to be interested in my life when he just wanted to extract data from me to criticize an lecture me on it, some other times he just left his shit without pulling the chain, or left his food in my shelf or similar crap to try triggering me out. My growing point was reached when the retard asked me something and I had still the inexperience to give him an answer, then he started laughing (on purpose) so I just decided to publicly give up on him as it is to be done upon officially handicapped turds and started to ghost him.

No more discussions were possible after I did this, no more corrections, no more paying attention to his imbecility, while also having spare moments myself where I just tried to talk to him and wait for an answer just to turn myself away without giving a shit to whatever he had to say (visibly triggering the fool inside) while he also started to manifest a growing despair for my attention, let it be my wrath or my interest, so I started to become more and more comfy about the fool spinning around my ass while hiding how crazy this was making him.

After simply realizing he was just another pattern to be solved (ghosting, triggering, baiting…) and therefore trashed like an used kleenex while feeling himself more and more frustrated about it he decided to pull a fight upon me, to become territorial. We ended up fighting and the best thing the fool could do after that was to try triggering me by putting an expression of pity, which I still didn't even react upon out of pure autism, and once the cuck had no more tactics left he just stayed there with a grumpy face all day like an utter cuck without nagging me anymore.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Whatever you were to hallucinate about it. Get lost.


Sorry we're trying our best but you just can't help finding us over and over again.




Wait. Did you just admit that you were trying to hallucinate? Inside an imagebord?
>but merely posting here prevents it
Well you can then be thankful about him stopping you from stuff liek eating your own keyboard or jumping out da window


Actually, I just couldn't help responding to the 'Get lost' statement, it just looked too sweet to ignore. I've no clue about the context.


This is something I'd like other young apprentices and wizards alike to know so they don't fall into the same trap as normalfags

People from all walks of life more often than not reward the already rich and successful with praise and adoration celebrating any of their small successes in various ways and varying degrees. This creates a positive feedback loop where the wealthy and high status garner more admiration, while those who are poor or average remain poor and average themselves. This behavior only contributes to their own miserable sorry state of affairs.

Poor and mediocre people love to play the victim and blame things on inequality while being the very same actors who play a fundamental role in furthering the cycle of accumulative success the Matthew effect makes mention of—the aphorism that says the rich get richer and the poor get poorer:

“For to him who has will more be given; and from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

This dynamic is visible in many contexts, from simps who worship, defend the honor, and donate money to e-thots who think nothing of them and are already millionares; fanboys who fervently defend multibillion dollar comapanies and rich celebrities, and even to those foolish peasant and vermin alike who attend political rallies to support candidates and engage in pointless debates all for the sake of a stranger, as if they will get anything substantial in return, or even worse, the stupid soldiers who go to war and die for the interests of the rich and powerful fully knowing that death is the end.

This people ignore that even if there’s a soul, wandering the world of the living as a spirit isn’t a continuation of life. When you die, that’s it. There’s nothing more yet this people feel compelled to serve and throw away their lives, their free time, serving others who have better lives than them.

I’ve concluded that it’s in their DNA to be servile and stupid so I don't feel sorry for them, this is what they love to do and there is no saving them.

It's a paradox where, in their pursuit of supporting others, they inadvertently reinforce their own status as mere pawns in the game.

They are nothing but mindless drones and pawns, willingly serving the interests of those already in high positions of power, who will not even remember their names or faces.
No pity for that vermin who never learnt such a basic lesson, don’t cry when your decisioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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christinsanity comes full of delusions that are useless for wizards.


You praise a religion which denies vengeance and wealth for its victims.


I can tell that most losers deserve to be losers when they worship or defend whoever is popular or in power based on their popularity.


>healthy fear
>like paranoia
>like prepperism
>like useful pessimism
Sorry about you being too blind to see how basic is such concept, to have obviously been possible since intellect exists regardless or religious influence.

Religion can be what twists it away from being healthy anymore, that's a different thing


religion is worthless.


Guys do you know any underground websites for crabs or wizard or volcels or whatever the fuck there is that have some advices or informations about life or discussion places or looksmaxxing or whatever there is
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acne gets regulated through stopping starch and dairy into your tummy, fatness by keto and intermittent fasting, face issues through mewing

I am also delving now about microneedling scalp while using rosemary oil, to stop baldness, but that is still under research


You guys are unfathomably useless


why bothering to be useful for someone like op


I already had myself for the most acknowledgeable user around here without you trying to convince me that I am.


File: 1687124321074.jpg (224.7 KB, 1023x1021, 1023:1021, 1670979301685.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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What do you think of nofap, does it make sense or is it all a lie, is it worth abstaining from pornography, or is it not worth the effort?
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>ts not chemical,
There are brain chemicals and synapse patterns which are released exclusively when performing or watching acts of sex. Try harder when trying to downplay the unhealthy consequences of pornography.


File: 1714209047792.webm (1.1 MB, 640x638, 320:319, 1710589419299374.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>discord server and twitch stream


It makes a lot of sense to stop watching porn as a virgin for your own mental well being.


People should stop having this kind of discussion expecting immediate result. Pleasure is designed to addict and fool, it is not trivial, not even mildly hard, it is insanely difficult to see through it and abandon it.

We need to let the seed grow. An individual confronted with an opinion contradicting his infatuation with porn, no matter if he wants it or not, will pay attention. The notion will worm into his mind and remain there, waiting. If you start gaslighting him with some dumbass retarted reasons to stop jerking off NOW, he will mentally mark your opinion as invalid and thus the seed dies. Let him bear with it. Let him be angry with you. Just wait and remind sometimes. And the day comes when he is put exactly in the right life situation, where he can clearly observe the bad influence of porn on him. And when he notices it, he will stop watching porn.

I never thought much of you furious nofappers, most of you act like a bunch of retards. I'd never quit watching porn because of your retarded opinions and fixations. It was not until I started paying attention to my feelings that I discovered that porn and jerking off give me immediate pleasure, but in longer term make feel much worse. And then I quit. It took months to confirm the patterns, but I was consistently arriving at the conclusion that gooning is killing me mentally and physically and raw occasional rubbing fails to satisfy any particular needs at all. At this point I jerk off simply because I do not want to occasionally coom in my bed after a wet dream. Cleaning up that mess is abominable.


Sholmo not sending his best

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Thread dedicated for those who are practicing abstinence. Share the changes you experience in your journey of self-control and celibacy as you reject porn and masturbation. What you’ve learnt so far about yourself. Your struggles with self-control, and what you expect to accomplish. The numbers of days you plan to go without it and why.

I plan to accomplish at least 5 months without wasting my seed this year and that time I’d squander watching porn I want to use it to improve at digital painting and become better at japanese which have always been goals of mine.

Disregard porn and destructive habits, acquire magic
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>not touching the dick somehow will make you a Ubermensch

The sheer titanic size cope of that idea is beyond belief


no I'm not on any medication and originally I started doing nofap/semen retention because I got tired and bored of jerking off.
I see it as an annoying chore, its basically just body "maintenance" so you can be more at peace, kinda the same that you feel better after taking a big shit or empty your bladder.
but overall annoying and a waste of time, then you also have to clean up after yourself, take a shower etc. shits annoying.
so what are you supposed to do? what did I do wrong?


>I got tired and bored of jerking off.
isn't jerking off supposedly fun?
>kinda the same that you feel better after taking a big shit or empty your bladder.
that's a retarded take. Masturbation is a self-pleasing act and is connected to orgasm which results in a large spike of dopamine in the brain.
Your entire post comes off as someone who is denying the fact that he enjoys masturbation and wants to be above it.


It is rather: "not touching your dick delays you turning into a rotten piece of shit"

Listen the elders, will you?


I've always thought it's better to be a sexhaver than a porn addict. At least the former actually fulfills his wishes and sexual desires whereas the other just rots eternally and becomes more and more depraved.

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Wizardcel or Wizcel for short is neither a volcel nor crab
It's an ascended state of wizardry.
It's a wizard celibate who truly believes in the definition of celibacy, advocates for it, and follows this lifestyle. Not a degenerate who calls himself volcel but does drugs, watches disgusting porn, chats with camwhores, and masturbates his brains out and has female friends but thinks he is any different from a crab or failed normie or some unthinking pleb.
It isn't either an in cel who can't shut up about blackpills, dating app stats, and how over life is for him and the rest of ugly males who got the short end of the stick when it comes to looks.

The true wizardcel is something you attain after naturally getting rid of labels and going your own way beyond what internet memes and society tells you.
It's someone like Nikola Tesla. You don't see him often but he exists. You won't find him posting on imageboards less on any social media. He barely communicates with others, he prefers to spend his time by himself, alone, and unbothered. He needs no socializing, his soul is entirely dedicated to higher pursuits beyond the mundane. He lives in his own world and his world rewards him with a wisdom that satisfies even hunger because at times he won't eat because of how engaged in his own thoughts and studies he is.

To quote, the biggest Wizcel of all time Nikola Tesla:
I recognize the importance that sex plays in the life of man. Nature has made its attraction irresistible to ensure the perpetuity of the race. As for myself, I have found that the thinker is confronted with the problem of perpetuating either the species or the mind. It is almost impossible, at least in certain realms of high endeavor, to do both. This has been recognized by the Hindus, whose adepts practice complete sexual abstinence, and by many of the great religions.

Before I produced the rotating magnetic field, I concentrated all my powers upon my experiment. The strain would have killed a hundred oxen. I certainly could not have survived it if I had permitted my energies to be diverted into the channels of sex.
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The greatest thing is when you just let things be demonstrated by theirselves upon those who usually laugh at claims. They seethe like rotten shit.

I didn't reject lots of succubi, but yes, ghosted many. I spit upon these games and… they had not much tolerance for losing their own games, you see.

Suspicious. A schizoid is himself deattached and avoiding normie bullshit.

>bluepill seethe
/pol/acks welcome, overflow this place!


Kek the IQooo of the white race is declining. Sexual selection has outdone natural selection.


>Kek the IQooo of the white race is declining
Can you post a source to back up that claim? And in that case, is it just the white population whose iq is decreasing?


You're a sheep in this life, Seek to be a wolf.


this society doesn't benefit from people being leaders, it's better to have sheep. Hence why we might only find another Tesla in one billion men, if we are lucky.

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