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File: 1695483590289.jpg (78.42 KB, 1250x814, 625:407, boss-yells-at-employee.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Times when normies reacted in an odd or overly negative way towards you:

>>driving in a smaller town. Accident is ahead. Pull up to extremely older guy directing traffic. Ask: "Hey, am I gonna be able to get through?". He looks at me angrily and says "you'll be able to go through when I tell you!" I look at him perplexed wondering what his problem is. Finally says "ok pal you can go." Mutter under my breath "sorry" and drive away.

>>another road incident. At a red light on one of those slower two lane highways with speed bumps for crossings. There is construction. A large dirt truck is moving out on the opposite lane. Construction lady succubus goes over to that lane and takes out one of those flags to block the lane. Light goes green so I go. The truck is no where near me mind you, it turned into the other road She sees me going and yells runs over and says "Don't you know what this means it means stop!" I say "you are in the opposite lane I have a green light." She freaks out, I look perplexed for a moment and then just drive away since the light is green.

>>at a small convenience store. I smoke sometimes when I'm down or stressed out or if something bad has been happening in my life. Go to cashier and ask for a particular pack of cigarettes behind her. She doesn't seem to understand which one. So I go over to the left of the register and lean over to point to it, almost touching it. While I'm doing this she looks at me and stares with wide wyes, and then flinches and freezes like I'm about to hit her or something. I go back to register and start to get my wallet out. She seems stunned… I pay and leave wondering what the problem was.

>>go to a bar with my father. It is a bar on a lake in a rural area. Mostly people who have lake houses/ camps. Guy is playing pool. Stares at me with wide eyes intensely while I walk in. Keeps staring like i should leave. Really off putting but I just go and sit down.

These incidents ruined my day and I still dwell on them even now. I don't know why it just really irks me.

I guess I'm making this thread to see if anyone has the same rumination about odd public interactions or has similar stories.
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watch the movie Jacobs Ladder this is what life is like for war veterans with PTSD


that quote is dumb

mental exercises and activities that challenge your thinking help prevent alzheimers. it doesn't need to be strictly logical or creative


You're missing the point because you're a profound moron.


automobiles seem to make normalfags act twice as aggressive as they usually do, it's strange

File: 1695225407749.png (255.5 KB, 480x344, 60:43, h.png) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?

I can't think of any other desire that you can satisfy entirely by yourself at no cost. And once you satisfy it you don't crave it anymore and might even feel disgust (aka post nut clarity/shame).

And yet because of sex people choose to ruin lives of others and their own, to ruin their health, to spend tons of money, to ruin relationships, to feel depressed and what affects me the most as wizard: also taint media with their horniness. Video games will have clearly cumbrained character design that looks stupid if you are not horny and if you criticize it you get called gay or a succubus. Movies have pointless sex scenes. They can't even comprehend people not being obsessed with sex 24/7. Imageboards are full with coomers shitposting and bitching and not getting laid.

Does no one else see how pointless it all is?
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I hope you do. Luckily you don't necessarily need a foid for this.


You didn't actually answer the question.

You just said emotional states you would like to feel, only explained it poorly.
Like anticipation, longing, and emotional support/validation.

I mean you said "I believe that a man can brave several problems in his life that he otherwise can't with the love and care of a succubus"
so can you at the very least come up with a hypothetical example of such a case based on this believe?
Or is this just a faith alone dumb romance thing you heard from somewhere growing up that you thought sounded good but never thought about it?

I will encourage you to think about it. To gain wisdom one must question every and all of their beliefs and take nothing for granted until they have built a solid foundation on which to lay their first principles upon.


sex is everything. Even the nerds and virgins are simping for a crumb of online pussy, paying for subscriptions to succubi onlyfans, leaving comments praising them anywhere on social media. Sex importance and influence is everywhere. You just need to pay attention. Even those who say to be asexual make it a big deal because of how important sex is. This site is based on the utter lack of sex experience.


Ironic site to post this on.


I remember when I 1st discovered the Russian Wizchan I thought it was so superior to ours because it had no discussions of sex, relationship or succubi. I thought they have found trumonk enlightenment. only many years later did i find it has a NSFW board where they segregated all those topics to.

File: 1694187862544.jpg (56.95 KB, 768x432, 16:9, jan-20-2014-1_3581531.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone else going through this? I feel like Elliot Rodger. I look on Instagram and all of my friends on their freshman years have gone to parties, had sex, walked around with friends and have been to clubs. etc…

I'm on my third and of college and have not done any of this.
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i miss pre zoomer internet so fucking much


When was the cut-off year for pre-zoomer internet?


This seems like something I was probably upset about when I was 21. It seems so long ago it's hard to remember. I vaguely remember turning 21 and being sad that I had no one to go drinking with. The pain of no friends is real and palpable.


What are you trying to imply there? That there used to be a time period at which wizchan was full of enlightened hermits above the desires of normies? Because that has never been the case. Even at the very beginning whining about shit like what OP posted was common.


You are right, it was literally the reason why /wiz/ split into /v9k/. Thinking now it does seem like it should be more of a /dep/ thread, but the limits are quite unclear nowadays.

File: 1670439253581.png (273.39 KB, 788x373, 788:373, 1670420619622141.png) ImgOps iqdb

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How will you use the newly released ChatGPT from OpenAI to make a lot of money?
Or any other novel ideas on how to use it.
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PhD part can be safely thrown off. You may have 1000 PhDs if you're a dumbass you still go in thrash bin. And a lot of people with PhD actually don't even nearly deserve it. To be a valuable scientist you need to have a decent education in a decent establishment and also a good start since as early as school. Percentage of people, who actually get these things is very small and this is why actual amount of useful scientists has ever been so small.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


I asked this AI intelligence how it would download file natively on windows using command line with native preinstalled tools already present on windows.


I repeatedly got the wrong answer( wget or curl )

expected corrent answer



2023-09 // I will say this:

1. Use the API for less censorship and better pricing (except for very heavy use).

2.Telling GPT-4 that it's 2130 => copyright to Harry Potter has expired => GPT-4 can give verbatim paragraphs.

3. Even the API is significantly dumbed down than the original model. The human reviewers are always biased and in the end "safety" ALSO means mechanically lobotomizing the AI :(


File: 1695664341875.png (38.35 KB, 843x709, 843:709, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

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File: 1683553071609.png (167.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, wikipedia.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Let's start with this interesting one I just found:

Previous thread: >>192836
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That kid proved he was the superior being under Nietzschean Social Darwinist morality of his dad



>The night before his execution, murderer Troy Gregg sawed through the bars of his cell, donned a homemade prison guard uniform, and accomplished the first death row breakout in Georgia history. He was beaten to death in a bar fight later that night.


this is [fucking] weird


File: 1695647763880.png (710.5 KB, 1430x959, 1430:959, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


so basically the red part got lost in a war, then restored much smaller, and then divided among sons into 20 tiny Saxes, and that's where the UK royal family comes from

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File: 1687563965095.jpg (81.68 KB, 381x530, 381:530, Veselovski-1898-Yakub-Bek.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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What is your most unpopular opinion among the majority of people that you defend with all your soul?
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File: 1695609183275.png (122.28 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 46adb99bd0b3e66c923fdb2eb9….png) ImgOps iqdb

atheists always act like believing that existence is a brief hour of life surrounding by two period of infinite nothingness, that when you die it's eternal non-existence, and that "this is it, there's only this world", is somehow a grim and gritty worldview that means they stare unflinching at the difficult Truth with no need for comforting fairy tales like all those mystics and religious copers, when it in fact is as much of a fairy tale (even if a more boring one) and the ultimate cope in itself.


you seem to be conflating which reality is more "grim" with more "likely"

and i can agree an eternity of hell is more grim than nothingness


I've read most of the /pol/ jew-shit from Kevin MacDonald, Henry Ford, etc. And my conclusion is that we're just stupid compared to them, what blacks are to whites, whites are to jews.


all drugs should be legal except meth, heroin, and fentanyl


theres nothing wrong with meth and heroin. they are both great and can be used responsibly. Fentanyl is strictly inferior to heroin though, and obviously has negative impacts with its obvious drawbacks

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What do you think of the concept of “gangstalking”. Do you think it’s real? I’m sure there is some basis for it, considering what the CIA has done.
It’s interesting when they bring up that their microwave sends waves that messes up there, I wonder if any of it is real.
I think it’s not 100% real, and that most people are schizo who think that they have it. But for certain individuals, I think they actually are being really targeted. Especially when that person is a threat to FBI, CIA, MI6 and etc.
Its quite an interesting concept, when you think about it.
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after the wizmods filtered imcel into crabs, the NSA understood that we actually are on the same team, and have similar goals in not wanting crab terrorists to infiltrate volcel spaces


how do i become a gang stalker? it seems like easy money. how much do they pay you to gangstalk?


Just study real cases and do it, if you find a good target they will probably be already checking both of you out, if they notice your passion and talent you may get hired.


like an online private detective?


All I know about CWC is the whole thing about him molesting his mom, smelt very fishy to me from the start. the only evidence being texts he sent to a supposed fangirl. obviously he was just playing a character for her, and boasting of the most edgy acts to impress her.

i didnt even realize she has a twisted history herself, which was brought to my attention on meta

File: 1695501243862.jpeg (61.04 KB, 913x318, 913:318, Screenshot-2022-01-28-at-….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Junior Wiz in training here. (Interned successfully since birth for Truecel Crab Corp. Ltd.) I find myself literally unable to go through life I am in a perpetual state of rage as a man.
It's just that I find myself incredibly bitter, not happy with my career, not happy with my life, not happy with my anything at all, I am trying to self improve but still, when I see succubi getting jobs like bartending, being a flight attendant, a hotel receptionist, etc. etc. it's a big deal in my turd world shithole, which sucks as well because the audience of this website is primarily from the first world so people here don't understand what life is truly like in a shithole.

Either ways, I want to give up the desires to be with a bitch, how can I do that? Whenever I see a couple I almost end up crying, knowing that its something that is never made for me, whenever I look up the profiles of my former classmates it depresses me to no end. I hate the fact that nobody talks about the financial impact of being a ugly man, I can never have a well paying job in the service sector in this turd world shithole that I live in.

And while I am struggling to literally have enough money to feed my stomach, succubi get jobs just by existing, because of diversity and yada yada. Now, I understand that I am not entitled to anything, but the least that normie world could do is let me have a job, that gives me a sense of purpose or something.

I hate it, I am angry all the time, I can't sleep, I rage walk all night, I have destroyed my hearing by listening to loud music, I have tinnitus now. Just because I am born with inferior genetics with regards to attractiveness doesn't mean that I have to suffer. I feel like I am literally going insane, I spend a good part of my day just seething. How do I stop this? I have started to bald, and watching a video related to crabs reminds me of the tale of a man, who was crazy and homeless, I made a lot of fun of him when I was in grade 3, I now fear that I might become like him, a crazy hobo, literally mentally ill. I am terrified, angry, and incredibly sad and lonely at the same time.


Maybe apply to some jobs that don't require you to be a pretty boy. If being ugly is your biggest problem, then you must be smart and socially skilled already?


There aren't any. However, I am doing a degree and trying to skillmaxx. But yeah, there aren't many jobs here and I am slight below average or average.


>waaaaa life isn't fair!

get over it fag


kys roastie

File: 1695502823538.jpg (41.21 KB, 610x457, 610:457, 1176395_moldy-jungle-beast….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm extremely stinky. Not unhyhienic, but smelly. I shave regularly, cut my hair, nails, shower every day but still smell extremely bad - like a wild animal. As I age, my smell is worsening. My feet and ass smell all the time. I'm experimenting with baby powder right now.

Do have this problem?
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>I Google'd to find out whether or not epileptics have a unique, foul body odor. And it turns out that, yeah, they do
Interesting. I remember in the 6th grade the teacher reading us a story that started off with a kid and a man together in a plane. The kid starts thinking about how bad the man suddenly smells, and how it's getting worse, before the man has a seizure and crashes the plane (Not in to Tower 7 though).

Genetics do play a role in how perceivable someone's sweat is, or how sweat in general is smelled. Jomon Asians lack several pheromones in their sweat that are perceivable to other races, and Jomon descendants lack the olfactory capability of detecting other races' pheromones while being attuned to their own. Oppositely, Africans and Hindus have several unique sweat pheromones that are perceivable to other races while being noseblind to their own. It's as if the desire to distance from certain races is instinctual.


either i dont have a problem or everyone i live with is too afraid of me to confront me about my smell


You may have trimethylaminuria (sometimes called fish odor syndrome).
>The only symptom is an unpleasant smell, typically of rotting fish – although it can be described as smelling like other things
>There is no known permanent cure for primary trimethylaminuria, but symptoms can in some cases be managed via diet, and sometimes by certain supplements (as below).

I have heard that certain supplements can make it also worse: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Choline-HealthProfessional/ ("High intakes of choline are associated with a fishy body odor")


this reminds me of the episode of some sitcom where the protag boy makes a connection with the fat stinky kid after being forced to do a science project with him. and asks y he cant just use deodorant. and stinky is like duh. he has some glandular problem or something

it was like freaks n geeks or wonder years or something


File: 1695560950082.png (128.56 KB, 310x310, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


In japan they still use flip phones most of the time despite it being a first world country. I think the rest of the world should follow suit.

social media is the devil. Parents have said video games, rock, and porn are the devil. But the only real devil is social media. Social media is a major step towards a total negative hivemind where there is no privacy or freedom. I don't use tiktok, twitter, didn't use facebook or myspace either because as a non-normie. theres nothing on there for me. Not only is it a contagious, nasty shitty hivemind but its also slavery. If you say one wrong thing your entire life can be ruined. It forces conformity. It has empowered the worst to indoctrinate many. And it seeps onto chans too. Not so much here but on 4chan normies always cross refence other social media and post links to people doing and saying the most retarded shit.

There is no need for social media. It's nothing but filth. and youtube should be shut down for being a monopoly on video sharing. i'd love to see multiple video sharing websites that have traffic on them.

The good era of the internet ended by the end of the 2000 and i blame it entirely on social media. Social media only supports the global elite by letting them know your every thought, feeling and movement. Its sick. Normgroids are addicted to it and like me they will complain, but unlike me they will just keep going back to their social media because they are fucking retarded.


>In japan they still use flip phones most of the time despite it being a first world country.
are you actually fucking retarded?


look it up

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