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Wizards or apprentices still living with your parents, this is our thread.

How's your life situation? Do you have a job yet are unable to move out for some reason? Are you like me and been sitting on that college diploma for a year already trying to dodge the "when are you going to get a job" questions?
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yeah that's odd…


no, shes got a nice job so i guess im not that much of a financial burden

hopefully her bf doesnt ever wants to marry her so i dont get kicked out. i can already see it and the new guy is gonna force me to abdicate my comfy throne. that would suck


bump for explanation, what was this poster banned for?


Look up what NEET means.


I can't see why this post deserved a ban,he just said he was a NEET that was trying to escape that situation,no hate against NEET or hikkis,he's still a NEET until he actually goes to school.

Meanwhile the faggot mods keep the "I'm a gay wizard,succubi have been throwing themselves at me and I consider myself very handsome but I'm still a wizard xD" posts around.

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File: 1585489771131.jpg (26.23 KB, 760x428, 190:107, ufo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you believe in UFOs?

I grew up in the remote countryside and was repeatedly abducted by extra terrestrials as a child. I was subjected to invasive and painful vivisection without sedatives or anaesthetics. Of course, I moved to the city as soon as I had the means, and I now sleep in a room with no windows. I do believe that my abductors continue to monitor my location.

Also, Jesus of Nazareth was an extra terrestrial.
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UFOs exploded after Roswell which I believe was an obvious psyop to distract people from any military experiments the US was doing. It was the Cold War and this country was never above doing such things. Then it snowballed from there to people wanting attention, schizophrenics, and people just using it to describe anything they can't really explain.
I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, there's definitely a possibility for them being out there. But I'm wary of a lot of it. Also ancient aliens theory is almost always bullshit but that's a low hanging fruit at this point.


>Also, Jesus of Nazareth was an extra terrestrial.
Would you like to explain, I won't really disagree because I have no opinion, but I would like to hear. Heaven's Gate had the same idea.


definitely a troll


The "Resurrection of Jesus Christ" from the grave or death by "GOD, the Father". According to the "Gospel of John" in the New Testament, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb where Jesus was buried and found it empty. An "Angel" told her that Jesus had "Risen". Meaning, Jesus "Rose" to return to the Mothership. The coming of Christ was announced by Angels who appeared from the Heavens. And, a shining star in the sky led the way. In other words, an extra terrestrial craft. Similar themes appear in Islamic theology wherein Mohammad and other prophets ascended to the Heavens on a "Winged Horse".


File: 1585589054975.jpg (84.8 KB, 291x512, 291:512, BurningOfHeritic.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think it might be time to gather the wood.
We got a heretic that needs correcting.

File: 1584056923335.jpg (66.73 KB, 1179x831, 393:277, WizardChan.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

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Wizchan was mentioned in a new CBS News documentary about far-right extremism.

From 3:10 onwards

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File: 1585421629711.jpg (65.53 KB, 563x640, 563:640, 6999906634069.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yup. I for one welcome Winnies to our community :)


File: 1585422399428.gif (1.54 MB, 285x279, 95:93, very scared and concerned ….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Oh god it's happening


>Just because I don't have a break down in a crowd doesn't mean I am a normie.
No, but it does mean you aren't a wizard. That's not a bad thing either, most people aren't. It's confusing to those of us who truly are wizards and have to suffer because of it that people like you are so defensive of the title.


>even with the prospect of female affection within their grasp
here's the difficult part for those of us, who, were we in the situation, would also turn it down, but never were in that situation. You may well in technicality be a wizard, for some reason a crown of thorns that is lustily fought over, but those of us who never were naturally lucky as you were now find it completely impossible to understand you. I have no idea of how to communicate to someone like you.


Time for all the social justice threads to come here too, saying "only black people can be wizards" or "trans people have it way tougher than wizards"

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File: 1585412183814.png (312.92 KB, 584x779, 584:779, w58zq41w9p541.png) ImgOps iqdb


any Wizards into Gnosticism here?
I think its the perfect life view for the wizard I don't really believe in it but I like the view that claims the world was created by an evil god and the goal is to escape it I first heard about it in the manga Eden its an endless world pic related it's filled with gnostics themes and references I do recommend it to all of you
if I had to choose a religion to follow I do go to Gnosticism

and here is a good book about Gnosticism I recommend to all newcomers https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/392722.Gnosticism
you can find it on Libgen.
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File: 1585573439667.png (738.81 KB, 1500x1286, 750:643, gnosis4.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1585573471047.png (129.95 KB, 1500x1286, 750:643, gnosis5.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1585573789325.png (1.06 MB, 1500x1286, 750:643, gnosis6.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1585575775868.png (314.24 KB, 1500x1286, 750:643, gnosis7.png) ImgOps iqdb


Are you from 4chan?

File: 1585300912782.jpg (38.37 KB, 560x482, 280:241, WizardOnly.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What to say?
I guess would just like a conversatio, yes?
Eh, I have nothing remotely even neutral to say about my situation….
ummmmm yeah
this isnt the easiest thing in the world of course.
But maybe can have some fun by actually cordially competing for person in worst life scenario, here goes:
*never any intimacy whatsoever
*no job, ever
*no car of own ever
*no place of own, ever
*no friends nor socia life whatsoever
*no prospects, no ambitions
*coward, loser, quitter, all in the absolute and since birth
*every and all hopes and dreams have become malignant miseries
*extremely powerful mind, and yet no means to improve anything solve any of the above or anything else
*try to sleep 18+ per day….
*everything slowly gets worse, EVERYTHING
*broke, always have been
*can nowhere and can do nothing
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Well I'll keep it mind, I guess. As long as I'm at home and in my room, I don't tend to feel anxious. The only exceptions being when my OCD flares up and the resulting ritual induced anxiety can cause me some major issues. Having something that's anti-anxiety would help a great in instances like that. I also have supplements like Ashwaganda, GABA and L-Theanine, but I've never taken them regularly. The only supplements I take daily are Vitamin D + K2 pills for the lack of sunlight, and pro-biotics to help with my weak stomach and digestion.

>uh no, this post alone your IQ is 101 very very very bare minimum

That's nice of you to say. I genuinely don't know how low my IQ is, but I feel like my posts can give a false impression to others that assume it's higher, when it's actually quite low. Thinking too much hurts my brain and I could barely handle the simplest of academic challenges for someone my age, assuming I could handle them at all.

>EVER tried or been asked to try to foster/attempt?

I don't get what you mean. Like foster a pet, or something? If so, no. I barely have the wherewithal to tend to myself, let alone a pet/beast of some kind.

>do your medical practicioners consantly try to recommend new meds or up your doses?

I see no medical practitioners. I haven't seen a doctor of any kind in close to, I don't know, five years (I think?). At the time he urged me to get my GED and to try going back to school, but I made a bit of an autistic response back and said that I think I should just try for a hands on trade, assuming I was ever going to do anything, since I told him traditional education doesn't fit me and that it would just be a waste of time and he just sorta looked at me and shrugged which then followed with him needing to see another patient, so I was pretty much shooed out the door to meet my parents in the waiting room and then I went home.

>define "bad" please

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Being verbose can be deceptive. It's possible there's a huge gap between your verbal IQ and your performance IQ and performance IQ matters a lot more. That's the issue I have. I'm in a similar situation to you. Only thing that's worse on my end is that my motor coordination sucks so I can't even do a trade or entertain the idea really.


>Have garbage bags and cardboard sheets taped up around my windows to keep the light out, since it bothers me (although the constant darkness has been feeling quite oppressive lately)
Nice meme man


Bullshit, if your verbal IQ is low you are doomed, what good is the greatest mind on the planet if you cant communicate it?



>performance IQ matters a lot more.

Yes, I agree. A person's ability to problem solve and actually be competent/reliable when it comes to accomplishing tasks matters far, far more than simply being able to talk "well", whatever that means. What the hell is verbal IQ good for anyways if you can't do jack shit? Explain really well how you can't actually do anything? "Verbal IQ". What a joke. Verbal IQ only matters if you also have high performance IQ to compliment it. Verbal IQ on its own is essentially the same as having nothing at all.


But I literally do have garbage bags and cardboard taped up in here. Are you saying I'm just a living meme? The problem is that while I have heavy curtains it doesn't stop the light from bleeding in through the top. In my case, I just have a couple garbage bags up there to stop that light from getting in, since the curtains do the rest of the job. I need to clip the curtains with bull clips though, otherwise the gaps between the curtains let in too much light. When it comes to my side window, I just have a single sheet of cut cardboard which runs across the top, since a garbage bag there just isn't necessary. I also have a couple curtains placed over my door from the inside of my room, since I had a rod installed there for me to do so, in an attempt at sound dampening, but it really doesn't do much of anything, sadly. I have a white noise machine running 24/7 in here and that really helps on this front I've found.

File: 1585138641503.gif (885.65 KB, 282x194, 141:97, everyday.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Seriously, i dont get it.

This should be the golden age for disregarding other humans and being able to sustain yourself in a hugbox of your own creation, and yet, after 15 years of trying, i have not made a dime through online work.

> Tried selling on eBay in the mid-2000s, products eventually went out of fashion or competition blew me out

> Tried 'justcodebrah' more than 5 times, including one compsci attempt, we all know how that turned out kek
> The other four attempts were blends of online courses, FCC, codepen, some git stuff etc
> Familiar with basic procedural and OO code structures, yet this was all 10 years ago and may just be a meme now
> 5 years ago looked into ecommerce again and likely got scammed
> Getting scammed is a common occurrence in my online endeavours

I simply don't get it. I'm dumbfounded at my inability to wrangle even pittance out of the norman webuser, yet, it is i, someone who has limitless amounts of time to work on this, that end up out of pocket and frustrated.
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Im the guy talking about the ecommerce store. Im going for neetbux, then im putting the company in my fathers name. He should be giving me cash gifts less than 10k so non taxable and doesnt disrupt neetbux. Idena should net me another grand untaxable income (ill never take it out of crypto). That puts me at 20ish grand a year to sit on my ass.


>>166440 is right

Shopify is about 29.99 a month, and you have to have about 200 bucks for a theme. Plus you have to be able to run some ads on google or facebook. If you can get your hands on about 500 bucks it's possible. But it's easier to work a job. I worked countless hours trying to get my store running, and I have loads more work to do. There's over 5k unique products so entering them manually, creating software to automate orders, configuring google ads, etc, can take months and thousands of hours. It's not worth it unless you're like me and would rather be doing this than working per diem. Plus I had to learn a bunch of HTML, CSS, etc, to even be able to understand it.


Also OP, it's hard to do it alone. Having nobody to talk to and bounce ideas against makes everything difficult. A good partner is worth it. Also, I got scammed a lot too. Lost a lot of money on some random currency, and I had a shopify store that never made more than like 20 bucks. Live and learn.


I'm going to guess the best and easiest way is to make games with microtransactions intended for young children.


Honestly there is no easy way. The best thing you can do is adapt the latest technology and most fantastic system in order to create a fantastic service. Something lightyears ahead of the competition . I have a product ive been developing for over 2 years and its in its infancy. People call me a loser and such but i know that im learning and getting better all the time. A product idea wont come to you if you think super hard, its a natural process of finding underserved markets and collaboration with others.

File: 1577800526299.jpg (428.69 KB, 1422x976, 711:488, Gandalf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Yes it's that time again when I post this beautiful picture and we talk about what are we going to try and achieve for the next year. It doesn't need to be any specific goal, sometimes you just want to change your behavior in general.

As for myself I think I managed to lower my procrastination levels and want to continue in that direction if possible. I began writing a novella with a 1000 word per day goal so hopefully that will help. Other than that I plan to finally go through some courses to get a certificate or two and improve my wageslavery life a little bit. I tried winning at the lottery but unfortunately I kept picking all the wrong numbers, so. I was going to give myself a Switch or PS4 for Christmas but realized at the last moment my interest towards video games are in an all time low and it's probably going to continue this way for some more time. It's better this way as I want to be more productive anyway.
Other than continue with the same shit like saving money (the remaining crumbles that is) and take my language learning more seriously as I neglected it a lot this year. Also read more books for an hour or two before going to bed.

What about you wizzie?
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It's a good excuse to pick yourself up and give it another try.
We all know it doesn't make sense, but it doesn't make sense to live the sad way we do either.


It's been 3 months now wizzies, how your resolutions coming along?


Nothing changed. It still feels like it's January.


I am
So far I got a few stocks during the crash. Want to get more but my bank is in lockdown mode and I haven't felt like arranging a appointment (I should have used a online banking option in hindsight but oh-well).
Still have been saving up to maybe buy a small house outright or put a down payment on retail space.
Want more silver, and to get a little gold, and have it saved up in my budget for more, but then this bullshit virus happened and all my normal suppliers dried up due to panic buying and a major price drop. I know the stocks will preform better in the long run but I still love physical shiny precious metals. Plus they are great for holding out against the up coming inflation that is about to hit.

I have been a little lazy when it comes to the martial arts/heavy bag thing. Sometimes I am just whipped out from work or have some other thing I need to do and put training on the backburner that day. It sucks and I should recommit to going at it every single day, but realistically sometimes I am just ether dead tired or in a rush and it ain't happening that day.

Security, I hardened the frame of the front door, added a few blunt weapons in convenient places around where I stay, built a new gun and got plenty of ammo for it, stockpiled a few months worth of food, and have been keeping the volume low enough on my headphones to pay attention to my surroundings when out and about most of the time.
Oh, I also have some pepper gel on my belt for quick access in case of animals like dogs.
Made some hidden password protected folders but still haven't updated encryption, made backups or bought a VPN. I mean I found a hyper cheap vpn that fits all my needs and is super fast, but I just never got around to signing up for it. The link is buried somewhere in my bookmarks.
Haven't made backups out of laziness, and I just haven't made up my mind on some of the newer encryption programs to use so have stuck with my old no longer being updated shit.
Still haven't got backup power because no car makes getting such items to my place difficult, and probably would involve calling in some favors or finding a place willing to deliver at hours when I am both home and awake.
Oh, and still need to buy water filterPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


At this point the ability to change anything might as well be magic to me.

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File: 1585402770488.png (1.47 MB, 1873x1040, 1873:1040, wiz debut shitty meme.png) ImgOps iqdb


Haven't really been browsing the site much (if at all) over the past year and a half, but since I had promised back in the day that once I reached the Wizard age I'd make a post about it, here you go. Even made a shitty meme picture to boot.

So, what else can I say…

Disregard succubi;
Acquire magic;
Enjoy escapist hobbies;
Never work (unless you want to);
Don't let normniggers shame you into/out of anything;
Last but not least: be ready to embrace death at any moment. Remember that the fear of dying is the main mental, emotional and physical shackle employed by this rancid existence, so purge it out of your systems asap.

Peace out.


File: 1585403434409-0.png (188.32 KB, 416x379, 416:379, gs1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Easy for you to say.

>Enjoy escapist hobbies

Too depressed
>Never work (unless you want to);
What if I HAVE to?
>Don't let normniggers shame you into/out of anything;


Happy bday yasha


>Too depressed
Depression is either hormonal and you have to take pills to offset it, or it's psychological and you have to transform your value system so there is nothing you deem bad enough to be depressed about. Pretty simple.
>What if I HAVE to?
Most 1st world countries have neetbux. You can leech off your parents. If you're vehemently against working you can live/eat at a homeless shelter. If you want a bit more comfort you'll have to work, sadly.
Strange question. If normgroids ostracize you for not doing normgroid shit(e.g. following the news, sport events, latest tv shows, gossip), you just have to ignore them back. Past high school, bullying doesn't get physical, so why would you care? I don't find socializing with normgroids enjoyable so I simply don't bother trying to fit in. Should be the same for you too.


Just stop taking anyone seriously, it helps you to not talk and or be pressured. But if you get pressured just stare off and think of anime or something.


great picture op. I laughed at the dude part.

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This thread is for the wizards who are already homeless or are about to be. Please be sure to give useful and relevant tips and information for survival and safety.
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Idk how you do it wiz, i feel like i would be the dinner of some experienced hobo in 2 days if im homeless in this shithole. Maybe in the fisrt world you can be homeless but i dont think a true wizard would last very long in a place like this.

Where have you been homeless??


Sell everything you have or steal something to buy like a bus ticket to some place better.
If the border patrol shoots you, well, why bother at this point.


I feel bad for the homeless people during the quarantine.

Probably just wandering around, or just waiting to die.


or experimented by norms as times before since they have no one who cares


I admit I was homeless in a first world country.
While it sucked it was certainly doable and at no point did I feel like I might die, ether from lack of resorces or violence. I did stay aleart and there are a few situations where if I didn't handle them correctly it could have ended bad, but mostly I stayed fed and most people ether steered clear or were nice. Only a few were assholes and none got to the point of violence with me.

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Do you think being a wizard is a good thing or a bad thing? Ignore your own tendencies. Let's say a child was about to be born. You could choose for it to be a NEET or hikki and volcel. Basically archetypal wiz. Or you could choose for it to be a mildly successful average normie who eventually settles with a succubus and wagecucks and has kids.

Are normies better off? Regardless of whether you desire to be one. I don't desire to be certain things but I admit those people are probably happier and have better lives.
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Plus dying young means that I can get my life over with quickly.




File: 1585441368590.gif (474.78 KB, 886x643, 886:643, amish mormons population.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>The more pressing thing for most policymakers is declining birthrate.
Which is a testament to the fact that policymakers are brainlets who don't understand demographics or natural selection. Due to current selection pressures, fertility rates will almost certainly see a resurgence.



File: 1585441459471.jpg (214.5 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, uncle ted.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>204. Revolutionaries should have as many children as they can. There is strong scientific evidence that social attitudes are to a significant extent inherited. No one suggests that a social attitude is a direct outcome of a person’s genetic constitution, but it appears that personality traits are partly inherited and that certain personality traits tend, within the context of our society, to make a person more likely to hold this or that social attitude. Objections to these findings have been raised, but the objections are feeble and seem to be ideologically motivated. In any event, no one denies that children tend on the average to hold social attitudes similar to those of their parents. From our point of view it doesn’t matter all that much whether the attitudes are passed on genetically or through childhood training. In either case they ARE passed on.

>205. The trouble is that many of the people who are inclined to rebel against the industrial system are also concerned about the population problems, hence they are apt to have few or no children. In this way they may be handing the world over to the sort of people who support or at least accept the industrial system. To insure the strength of the next generation of revolutionaries the present generation should reproduce itself abundantly. In doing so they will be worsening the population problem only slightly. And the important problem is to get rid of the industrial system, because once the industrial system is gone the world’s population necessarily will decrease (see paragraph 167); whereas, if the industrial system survives, it will continue developing new techniques of food production that may enable the world’s population to keep increasing almost indefinitely.


File: 1585580259520.png (643.36 KB, 1912x1044, 478:261, 58789759847598.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


>Would rather be a dirt poor normnigger African than a wizard

>Literally having this much contempt and disdain for one's own wizardry

I honestly don't understand this website anymore. Couple years ago a thread like this would've been frowned on heavily, or at the very least largely slanted towards wizardry. Yet almost everyone here is like, "Yeah man, fuck wizardry. Shit's a curse. I'd rather be a normie for sure.". I think this thread is proof positive that, at this point, wizchan is mostly just comprised of former /in-cel9k/ and shitchan posters and everyone else from before must've just gotten fed up and left. I wonder what they're doing now exactly, since where else could they have gone as an alternative other than here? Maybe they just forsook the internet entirely and just sleep all the time now. Something like that, I'd imagine. It's not like you can really fight off hordes of tourists forever though, so them eventually taking root here was inevitable. So I also can't really blame wizards who just decided to walk out and wash their hands of it since, really, what else can one do?

To me the topic of this thread is merely a way to paint wizardry in a bad light, since if one admits to the fact that it would be better to not be a wizard, then that would leave us all as nothing more than a pack of failed normgroids wishing we were normgroids, or that because wizards largely tend to lead solitary, miserable and unsatisfying lives, given their inability to adapt or be a part of normgroid society, this therefore means that there's mostly nothing redeemable about being a wizard and that if one tries say that there is they're just coping/delusional. Is this really the most general and pervasive attitude amongst the users on wizchan these days? My how things change. For the worse it seems.

I guess this all stems from the fact that people just want to be happy and enjoy life, but I still can't really get behind this idea of it being the fault of wizardry. Just because one is unhappy as a wizard, doesn't automatically make normgroids superior, since normgroids also tend to be quite unhappy and suffer with FAR more baggage attached to that unhappiness. Like with failed relationships with crazy succubi ruining their lives, or whatever. It can be said that wizards arPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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