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Im at college because of family pressure. Tried software development, failed misserable cause im a brainlet. Now Im on graphic design and animation, but I dont give a shit about it, cause most of the classes are dumb fillers of pure theory (which I hate cause im a brainlet), I just want to work with my hands, not listen to an idiot all day. I didnt went to class today because its so boring, I hoped ritalin would help but it didnt. Now what? Is it okay to be a min wage slave? should I go for it? or should I sacrifice my mental health so I can draw as a job?
And how can I deal with pressure? Help me Wizs
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> my dad says its better to be a drug dealer than work for minimum wage.
in a 90s Econ Chicago study about drug dealing gangs, a lot of the lowest level guys made less than minimum wage.


I've decided I'm going to be a wiz entrepreneur and start my own oil company. I think I'll be perfectly capable of everything on my own after hitting the books, don't need to make fortunes for anyone else (except investors I'll need) and only make 100k's a year.


It's pretty obvious from a lot of the answers on here that most you guys don't have any real life experience and giving advice to OP out of ur ass or what you've read on the internet. Like this guy >>197979 suggesting you to work for a startup. Startups are extremely competitive… this normalfag guy I know who's not even mentally ill or anything, has been fired out of 3 startups he was working for.

Also stop shilling the trades meme as well, 98% of the trades won't get you a job, It's only the really complicated trades like electricians, HVAC that get hired, others have a difficulty finding a job without moving to bumfuck nowhere.

I suggest to you OP to do whatever you feel like is least stressful, that pays OK amount of money.


>real life experience
Got me laughing somehow.


I agree i started my post with a little anomosity cuz i was pissed at the time but what exactly did i say wrong lol

File: 1668293697600.jpg (145.76 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1644383955756.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Sometimes I feel like there's no adult virgins out there. No matter where I go, be it discord, various chans, forums and social media, I have yet to find someone around my age(28) that's a virgin.
I could go to a small discord server of some obscure weeb game only a degenerate would like and everyone in there would have had friends and a girlfriend or three growing up.
Not to sound like an insufferable snowflake faggot but it sometimes makes me think that there's no people out there that grew up with no friends or a girlfriend like me. At least not online.
What do you think wizards? Would you say virgins are that rare?
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the hypergamous lie implies that succubi all have equal access, of course they don't. so low quality succubi keep a rotation of low quality men. the alpha chads fucking 20 10's can tell the rest to fuck off, so theres this drip down economics.


alpha chads have sex with the ugly ones too they just do it discretely


Not just about ugly, Chad wont tolerate ugly, fat, and crazy. Chad who has a picking, can only tolerate so much, and so on


The having children stuff is shilled because people are scared of what will happen if they get old and no one will take care of them. In a society of old people there is no one to be productive, to pay taxes or to take care of old people in any way. No one to change their diapers or to tuck them in bed or to help them shower. This is about egoism too ultimately.

Plus normals would be bored or even go crazy if they didn't have a family to keep them occupied. This is why jobs are pushed too, because the majority can't occupy themselves in nice and quiet ways. Having children and wageslaving are good things if we talk about normals or failed normals and I always support these things when it's about someone else and not me. We, the small-numbered wizaristocracy know the secret, that wageslaving and having children are waste of efforts and time so we avoid those things like the plague.

This is true. That retarded lie about only 10-20% of elite alpha males having all succubi is some r9k meme that's not realistic at all no matter how I inspect it. The sad truth is most males are so desperate to have se x or to get into a relationship that they will settle for anything. Even toothless, ugly, old, fat wymen with 6 children from previous marriages.

You can see relatively good looking men (who are too low status or beta to get laid with sexy succubi) with ugly females all the time.


>Not just about ugly, Chad wont tolerate ugly, fat, and crazy. Chad who has a picking, can only tolerate so much, and so on
>retarded lie about only 10-20% of elite alpha males having all succubi is some r9k meme
you are so naive about this world.

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File: 1667788512432.jpeg (227.61 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, FB62D193-8298-4D02-9B43-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Well wizards, this might be it for me.
I normally hate blog posters but I just want to vent my concerns I guess. I’m at a crossroads in life, I’m a few months into college and I really don’t like it.
I’ve decided to drop out and go fight in Ukraine (family reasons etc not gonna get political).
Flight is on Tuesday evening, I’ve already been accepted (for military experience and such).
Have any other wizards been at war?
The only thing holding me back is how my family will take it but I try not to think about it.
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File: 1668215228707.jpg (23.21 KB, 480x467, 480:467, 1647828143757.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can you make photo when arriving krasnyi lyman assembly area for wizchan?


Good luck getting your face blown off.


At least call out the real kike


The famines happened, but it was the Kulaks who were targeted and more people died in Russia than in Ukraine.

Calling it a genocide is just the Ukrainians trying to jump on the victim train.


Good for you. It's a shame people don't appreciate nobility anymore.


Happy Birthday to me. I can't believe i'm a wizard now. Now i will look forward years of continued deterioration. Anyone here hit 30 yet?
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I was long thinking of going that way with alocholism, but it wound up just making me too low functioning to even organize a clean ending. Careful what you wish for. A lot of parameters change as time goes on, and it doesn't necessarily wind up ending you on time or in the way you still want to.

Just something to think about.


42. when i turned 40, i went to a lawyer and got a will set up, picked out a trustee service to settle my estate, and a health care proxy to make sure the plug gets pulled as fast as possible.


As a wizard, who is your will going to?


wizards are virgins, they dont have to be anti-social assholes with no community.


File: 1669746140893.jpg (34.11 KB, 684x960, 57:80, soft_serve_smoke.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are we doing this shit again?

File: 1669573686398.jpg (115.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, help.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What does wizchan think about Crystal Cafe? I just discovered this place exists.

>crystal.cafe is a female-oriented community. Comments from male users are not desired. If you state your gender in your comment or post in an otherwise identifiable manner, bait, or thirst-post, you will be banned and your comment will be deleted. Encouraging male posters by responding (including calling them out) may result in a temporary ban.
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I don't know about the tranny thing. Apparently these crones absolutely hate trannies and shoo them out like pests.


File: 1669704236418.jpg (29.42 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Cries in otaku.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



yeah but thats just because trannies infilitrate spaces


almost all the techie and geeky content i encounter on the internet made by succubi… is actually just tranny shit. i don't think /b/ culture was ever popular enough among femanons to enable them to have an entire imageboard. it it's not 80%, it is is surely still something significant


File: 1669743185365.jpg (424.02 KB, 1756x2479, 1756:2479, 20221127_082156.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In my observation I've found that all the succubi on CC, from the fat ones to the fit ones, the white and the brown, young and old - they're all very sweaty for some reason. Just dripping 24 hours a day. Very weird.

File: 1660507929837.jpg (592.41 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 307851_source-scaled.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Do you have driver's license? What car do you drive? I got my driver's license 2 years ago, it was a terrible struggle to get it during a the Covid-shutdown, but it was one of the best decesions of my life. It really improved my situation and helped a lot with my depression, gave me massive freedom to be able to drive wherever/whenever I wanted to go, without my parents.

I'm a poor wagie so I could only afford an old Open Astra, but it does the trick perfectly and cheep to maintain.
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I started driving nearly a decade before smartphone maps.

I use to get lost all the fucking time. If I got a new job I would have to take time out of my day on the weekend to drive there so I know the route or I'd be late for work. Avoiding traffic was also a luck thing. Yeah, there was the news but that was only useful for extreme backups that had you sitting in traffic for hours. The world was so shit without GPS and I don't want to go back.

Now, that said, living without GPS did kinda make driving more fun. I used to go out and drive for fun because it was like a little reward to unlock new routes in your brain. Now I don't even leave the house unless I have somewhere to be. What is the point of exploring irl when you can just open up google maps and explore the world there?


File: 1668225621927.png (465.63 KB, 834x958, 417:479, ducks-2022-11-11.png) ImgOps iqdb

Having lots of fun driving. Driving on the highway in heavy rains, listening to music such as The Pillows. The last couple days I've driven to a place overlooking the city. Kinda scary cause the roads going up are quite narrow and go both directions. There are vagrants sleeping in trucks at the top. Today while I was there I ran uphill to the peak and it got my heart going. Pic is ducks I drew at a pond today.


those are very nice drawings anon <3


living the wizzie life. good for you anon


File: 1669691318519.gif (168.8 KB, 390x290, 39:29, 1361774427775.gif) ImgOps iqdb

congrats wiz.

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File: 1669639187324.jpg (32.6 KB, 1000x914, 500:457, wizard.webp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any tips for evaluating your life and finding things to be proud of? I *think* I can handle being a forever alone autistic faggit but I hate the idea that I have nothing to show for my life.

Any advice is welcome


>I have nothing to show for my life.

Show it to whom? All alive humans will be dead and nothing in some years, future humans will die one day too, all memories will be gone. Even Elon Musk will be food for worms one day, that's life and entropy. The less serious you take life the better. Living the comfy NEET lifestyle not giving a shit it's a heroic feat by itself.


>Show it to whom?
Himself of course you monkey?
Who doesn't want to be able to wake up every morning without having to avoid your mirror in the bathroom to take that top of the morning piss, just because you can't look at yourself, smile and pat yourself on the shoulder. >because you're a piece of shit that never worked on himself but only for himself
>any tips for evaluating your life?
yeah meditate.. and that goes together with working on yourself. I mean shit what do you think most Hermits throughout time did? And with the work the things to be proud of come naturally. Go do it wizfam yoga chi kung meditation buddhism daoism whatever the fuck


who wakes up proud in the morning? why would you think that what you did yesterday justifies your existence today?


Your comment starts off glorifying some sort of hierarchical ego trip, then you finish by recommending schools of thought that argue the exact opposite and that holding onto and stroking such ego is a mistake. You seem very confused.
You write like a retarded teenager.

Btw, no reason to look in the mirror and call yourself a piece of shit if you see through the illusion of hierarchy and ego. An enlightened person doesnt even play that game. If you cccept who you are, you don't suffer in an endless striving trying to be "proud"


i am not experienced enough to say, but an enlightened person (someone with persistent, non-self sensory experiences) they would not even get distracted with wanting to be or being proud. but a practiced meditator can go to many different regions and cause themselves to feel anything, probably proud, though I don't know of any pride-growing meditations.

File: 1665932239358.jpg (354.71 KB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, 1494599514-17973612-138450….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I just want to know a bit about wizards and cruelty

>were you generally a cruel child?

>are you a cruel person now?
>are you kind to animals? are you vegetarian/vegan?
>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person? Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim?
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>were you generally a cruel child?
>are you a cruel person now?
>are you kind to animals? are you vegetarian/vegan?
I'm kind to pets, No
>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person? Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim?
Yes, Yes


>were you generally a cruel child?

>are you a cruel person now?


>are you kind to animals?

yeah, although i don't own any because im irresponsible and lazy

>are you vegetarian/vegan?


>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person?

no. i understand the feelings of others perfectly fine, but i dont share in them like a succubus. i see a person crying but can offer no comfort to them, my brain is only able to think in terms of problem solving. i think "instead of crying about X, you should be thinking of how to solve the problem of X". i see their emotions, and the only emotion stirred inside me is annoyance

>Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim?

if im sitting around and someone starts kicking a dog or bullying someone else right next to me, yeah it is bothersome


> i see a person crying but can offer no comfort to them, my brain is only able to think in terms of problem solving.
lacking empathy



It is just the ability to imagine oneself being in a similiar life situation as someone else, theorize what they are feeling right now. It is not some gay ass womanly 'its gonna be okay', muh big sad for you, don't cry sweety shit


no its real and its when u feel someones experiences.


>u just w8k up 1 morning&ur liek
>lol this is so fuckin epic
>and that's how u know u became an enlightened being
>and that's when you realize u literally just became a wiznormie
>and literal Hell ensues
>and honestly warlocks have it the best
>>dear alchemist pls look up stravt410n
>also "trying not to be quirky here but I'm just so fucking new under the face of the sun.

>>"lole u guyse r'e so fok3ni6 epik mane"

>u damn rite
and that's how u do an le epic winrar.exe!

>inb4 kek

haha lol i'm a battlemage am i doin it rite guys?
>you can tell he's been observing the normies to the point where he's practically indivisable from them..
>$$mo n0rm135$$mo m0n135#K3K

and that's the lay of the land, turn that into sharkfood for me will u? kthx.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is this a cheap AI or a 13 year old I can't tell


even worse, a brazilian


Moved to >>>/b/854239.


Moved to >>>/b/854245.


Threads on /wiz/ should aim to encourage discussion.
For some reason even /b/ doesn't want this one.


years ago, wizardchan made a list about what wizzies learn through their years of knowledge about diverse thing they learned about. but alas, I lost it. does someone knows what Im talking about, can someone have it?


Bumpy for the info, I got interested too.


Is classical greek on that list? I need to know


bumpy for answer


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