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File: 1573841696449.jpg (37.25 KB, 474x249, 158:83, tmx.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Everyone knows this movie is real, but not everyone has taken the time to truly appreciate the veracity of its concepts and how it REALLY works, in a bit greater detail, particularly what the Matrix programs deprive us of.
I think most of /dep/ is too controlled for this information, so I'll post it here on /wiz/, but even here I don't expect a very good reception due to the amount of self-reflection needed to truly appreciate this sort of information.

Source is http://www.universe-people.com
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It's easy to become attached to the pointer concepts and move to one illusion to another without seeing Truth.


Which is why you never treat ANY piece of text or teachings as the sole truth, also because language is imperfect and what the author said vs what the author meant can have different meanings. But some texts are much more promising than others and adhere to the truth very closely. I firmly believe what I read on that site is very close to truth and so far I haven't seen it buckle under pressure.


at the first glance it's all "preaching to the choir" but the text itself is deeper than that


>very few types of meatless meals (which are aligned with Laws of love).
You are not evolved to consume plants only and there no such thing as "laws of love", new age faggot.


>Scientists claim that meatless food is unhealthy
And it is, look at your typical vegan

File: 1574103797239.png (190.91 KB, 1024x585, 1024:585, anime2.png) ImgOps iqdb


I've been thinking about it and I think i figured out why normie advice is so shit (Just be happy, talk more, be youself). Normie advice is always shit because they've never faced a true outcast of society. The two examples I have off the top of my head are social skill forums and 'just be your self'

Most people on social skill forums are simply average people (social skills, looks, everything) with confidence issues or lacking a bit in one skill. They post on the forum melodramatically with stuff like 'I think everyone hates me', 'I'm ugly', 'I can't talk to people', and they come in with their bandwagon anxiety/depression shit. I'm not saying their emotions aren't real, but they're only real in the 'teenager crying over not getting an iphone because they don't know what true pain is' real.
So to fix their problems normies go into social skill forums and come out with 'just be confident and talk more' because thats all they really need. They're just slight odd normies who need a pep talk. The problem is when a true outcast or wizard comes in.

The wizard/outcast complaints of 'everyone hates me', 'I'm ugly' ,'I can't talk to people', and barrage of mental issues gets categorized as another melodramatic normie. Even melodramatic normies try to debate they're not melodramatic normies so the wizard can never explain why normie pep talks don't work on him. To make it even worse you can't debate normie advice without getting a 'oh you're just cynical' because edgy/melodramatic normies have tried to co-op the idea.

'Just be your self' is standard advice given in childrens movies. The advice works if the charatcers self they are hiding is just over something they are to self conscious, in the standard melodramatic normie way, or it's something only literal boomers would hate, people thinking they are weird for liking 'mario'. This is what normies assume someone is like when someone doesn't like themselves, so when an actual outcast comes in it's brushed over as another 'melodramatic normie'. To bring myself as an example I want to change some of my interests (I like obscure stuff in general) so I can have a baseline of communication with normies (watch some MCU ore read up on pop culture). I tried to look for resources on this, but I was booed away with 'just be yourself'. They probably thought I was some 'insecure with liking pokemon' dude, but I was 'all my favirote artist have <1,000 views' type dude.
What do you think wiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Of course, I've known this for years. Same thing with therapists and psychiatrists. They are good for retarted normies who can't consider any perspectives or challenge their own thoughts, behaviors, or rationality and need to pay other normies to do it for them.


That image is so outdated and only someone with serious issues would think that.

Like, the japanese entertainment industry is fucking huge, billions of dollars a year huge and only second to the burguer entertainment monopolies (hollywood, Disney, etc). If japanese media and videogames are too obscure and autistic for you in 2k19 you are the problem, i can only imagine the type, guetto trash that only listens to mumble rap? undeucated latinos that only know reggaeton and Chavo del 8 exist? who the fuck else would fit the archetype?, possibly boomers maybe because even turbonormies from gen X onward already take anime and videogames for granted as mainstream forms of entertainment even when they only casually indulge themselves. Not to mention all turbonormies are simbiotic beings attached to a fucking smartphone screen 24/7 so its not exactly an argument they would make unless they suffer from cognitive dissonance, it may be the case, i´ve seen plenty of millenials who think they are boomers or something.



even though i agree with >>162090 your point is still valid. Normies live in a bubble, and have never faced truly isolated people. Its also not their fault, they are hardwired in a way in which they cant possibly understand you or any wizard. I´d say it´s a combination of stupidity, ignorance and shortsightedness.


>why doesn't piece of conventional advice X apply to highly rare circumstance Y, fuck normos amirite?

Social skills is 99% blending in and doing what is expected. If you are a genuine weirdo, doesn't matter how good your jokes are or how interesting your personality is - you'll be automatically off-putting to most people. Dress like a normo, talk about normo things and react "properly" to things i.e. laugh at people's jokes, pretend you're interested when they bring up something personal and don't engage in debate because 99% of people think it's "rude" (despite being more interesting in my opinion), they prefer when you say "Oh, that's cool", "That's nice", "Haha wow and what happened next?" enthusiastically so they have an excuse to keep yapping about their lives. You can boil down most social gatherings as just a bunch of people pretending to be excited and interested in each other's lives.


>stupidity, ignorance and shortsightedness.

i agree on the ignorance part because of course they are, they have no reason to understand me or other mentally ill rejects, if they are succesful and doing fine sexually and socially it adds nothing of value to their lifes to put themselves on the shoes of people who are not, it can only harm their wellbeing in fact, it pollutes their sanity. At least if we are talking about normies who are well adjusted, productive and generally think positevely of their lifes, of themselves and are optimistic of the outcomes of their actions, i envy them, i don`t consider them stupid or shortsighted at all, they are simply healthier and better adapted to social life as our species is supposed to.

But just as with everything there are shades, there are normgroids who do fall on the lowest common denominator category and get no benefit or added happiness to their lives of complacency and low standards, like slumdwellers and trailer trash and some religious fundamentalist from the boonies, they are just comfortably numb and could probably benefit from more self awareness, theyd just wait in line for some wii u game that puts them into debt instead.

File: 1531750326798.jpg (40.78 KB, 432x335, 432:335, 1441592012452.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Any fellow wizards from Argentina? How do you cope with living in this hellhole?

Any other discussion about wizards around the world welcome too
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I hope you don´t do the same as argentinians and go back to PT and elect Lula´s cronies again. In Argentina Peron and populism are a revolving door and always come back but i hoe Brazil finds a way out and can get alternatives that are not between just shit and bolivarian XXI century socialism ultra shit


File: 1574099202028.jpeg (60.94 KB, 474x549, 158:183, 23A675F0-3747-41CC-9AA2-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

good evening my friends,

i need advice as soon as possible, you gentlemen seem to be very wise so i thought i’d ask you for help. i want to go off grid and start living in the middle of nowhere by myself. should i go through with it?


If you post on wizchan, odds are you are not the kind of person who an survive on their own in the woods.


File: 1574104866872.jpg (808.61 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1553623252237.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pacific north west in the USA seems like the obvious choice, there´s also Alaska,the Rocky mountains, the Appalachians. If you cant go to USA then go to the alps or some shit also. BTW read pic related


File: 1574105766757.jpg (85.24 KB, 800x579, 800:579, 1562612127656.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The worst part of all is that the people that live in these slums are not poor because "muh inequality". If you go to slums, invaciones, favelas, etc.. you´ll see that even tough their "houses" are made of cheap metal and mud or non-painted brick and lata, EVERY HOUSE has 2000 dollar sound system outside blasting reggeaton and every one who lives in that house has the latest smartphone. They much rather live in misery and send their kids to shit public schools than stop buying commodities.

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File: 1569267668964.jpeg (82.35 KB, 533x640, 533:640, EEB85514-FB4E-437C-84B9-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I’ve realized that If I would have enough money I wouldn’t even leave my apparent, bc job is the main and only reason why I do that. I also think the situation is very humiliating, so I have started to think how to make dissent income without investing to much time in it.
I Just kind of what to share my thoughts about it, and get some tips/feedback.
1. I play a lottery. Yes, I know this is dumb, but it only takes 10$ a week and gives me a small chance to quit the damn circle.
2. I invest in dividend stocks and bonds. Those are more or less low risk investments and you build cash flow with them over time. The only problem is I need a million to retire instantly, and it will take a long time. I use two apps for that. One is for stocks only and has no fees. The other one has access to bounds and let’s you buy expensive stocks partially. They charge you a dollar a monthly though.
3. I thought about landing clubs, but haven’t tried them yet.
4. I also thought about buying some collectibles and selling them after they grow in price. That seems like a good way to multiply your money if you know what you are doing.
5. The other thought was to create a bitcoin pull by hacking into people’s computers and cut the costs of mining down to 0. But that requires some knowledge, and I am not quite sure how profitable it would be.
So please share if you have any experience with any of it, or any other easy income ideas. Thanks.
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>living in a tent in the woods
until the blizzard comes and freezes you into a block of ice at -23 degree centigrade

>yang gang

he is one of the lowest ranking
based mommy warren and bernie are also socialists and more likely to get the party nomination

but I do get the UBI thing
imagine if we could get everyone a UBI. That would be paradise on earth
the funny thing is that jail inmates get more comfort than homeless people


Luck and also their background.
If your parents are rich and can land you in a better place, your "career" was built even before you were born. Compare that to some wageslave landing his first McJob, and it looks like you're already 30 years ahead of him.



luck plays a major role but you´d still have to come up with something, work on projects and have a set of skills to do the work most of he times. I´ve met people like that, to some level they are very aware they owe a lot in life to their background but they still take credit for the hard work because that is still the base factor that allows the luck and all the rest to play a role, its a combination of both.

To put an example, if you want to be an amazing guitar player is easier when you are a rich kid with leisure time and money for the best instruments and best lessons but the thing is, you still need to develop the actual skill and put in the time, if you want to be recognized you`d have to record something and put it out there, all easier with money but its all stuff you don`t even have to do if you are rich, you could just be a lazy slob spending his days smoking weed with his parents money and not do anything constructive.


Even if UBI was implemented this slimy retard would probably still find a way to fuck us over.


>Vote for Andrew Yang and hope he implements UBI

then the hperinflation hits and it makes it all worthless and even worse than before.

File: 1573881735711.png (465.83 KB, 501x712, 501:712, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb


The ‘Wizard’ meme is now among the most enduring traditions of the imageboard, with entire sites devoted to the practice of sorcery now available for young apprentices to study on and evade the jealous gaze of the succubus who has laid many a powerful apprentice low. But did you ever consider, even if for a moment, if there was more than the meme? Did you ever consider that there is a reality behind this powerful illusion, a core truth upon which this is based?

One might begin the argument by witnessing how many of these supposed ‘wizards’ are complete losers. Ugly pariahs who fail to even use their untouchable status to ascend to a higher spiritual plane. I will tell you now of their folly. Simply abstaining from sex with the feminine is not sufficient to maintaining a pool of mana required for entering the world of wizardry. Many of these supposed wizards, who claim to have given up on succubi entirely continue to expend mana, for the internet provides perhaps the sweetest, most unassuming and most cloying traps for the magickal apprentice.

Of course, I speak of pornography. Let us not speak ill of masturbation, for it is a pleasurable and sometimes necessary act, but the pornography that is today available is able to cast a more potent spell over the male mind than anything our fathers had to deal with. Rather than a still image of a succubus, we are presented with thousands of high definition videos of succubi engaged in sex acts. When we see a human body in motion rather than a static one, the mind has a much more difficult time distinguishing a nonreal entity from a real one, in some sense we respond to the moving succubus on our screen as if she was moving before us in person.
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wow your cool


Very wise.
Is this a pasta or did you actually write this?


This is not a pasta.
>our fathers had to deal with.
Two spaces in between words instead of one.

Also ‘countless Arabic príñcélings’ became "countless Arabic prcrabings". Funny.


3d pornography has good effect on the mankind. More and more men get erectile dysfunction at the early age. Less poor souls to suffer in this natalist world. And prostitutes are so happy to be called sex workers and to get higher probability of being legalized in some countries. Imagine them getting it at last only to be completely of no use because people get erectile dysfunction, indifference due to abundance of content and bigger use of sexbots. It'll be as good as watching Hillary supporters crying like bitches when she lost. If suicide rates go up drastically that would include failed attempts too and maybe then normalfags would finally push for right-to-die implementation. The revolution of Brave New World will eat its children all while we're just enjoying media/waiting for our peaceful exit in our rooms laughing at normalfags and crabs.


This is some hermetic stuff. I recognize your wisdom, but I choose not to follow it. Though they may have been a very good path to truth, even if blurred, it was still muddled and ridden with tenuous cause and effect and confusing relationships.

Instead, I give you this, a sentence that succinctly summarizes your superfluous spiel.
"Every action and thought is learning. The more you learn, the harder it is to unlearn".

Your brain is made out of millions of self-reinforcing pathways, pathways that carefully remember every action you complete, every thought you imagine. The more memorable a thought is, the more likely you will be to return to it. The more successful an action is, the more likely you will repeat it. Silently, always watching, your own pathways are studying your own behavior, determining which work, which doesn't, and selectively reinforcing those that would better help your survive. The stronger the sensation, the more likely you will remember the sensation, whether bad or good. Your brain is quite adept at acquiring new information, judging, and storing the useful.

You are a machine of meat, specialized in information analysis, prediction and reaction. No other animal is as good as the Human in those departments.

The interactions on the spiritual and mental plane between succubi and men in your example can be explained through the extremely powerful perceptions and conclusions of your brain. Though it is unnoticeable, every movement, every slight voice inflection, every small behavior change is dully noted by your subconscious and then used and reused as situations demand, the ones that bring out the most success are reinforced, relearned, and then systematically become your self.

The succubus doesn't "absorb" your mana, but rather your own self, your mind, becomes tainted by the chemicals in your brain that reinforce the selfless behavior of giving, of sex, of masturbation. It rewards you positively because the circuitry in your machine are hard-wired to do exactly so, so that you will seek out to repeat the action whenever possible.

One must realize this simple fact: We are all biological machines. That is why there exists men that fight back, men that are not slaves to their own circuitry, men that exercise true Will. Once a man realizes he is merely a machine, he questions himself, not the world. He begins unraveling his truths, his wishes, his fears and his lies. To truly pierce Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1565958544719.jpg (68.09 KB, 1140x762, 190:127, 0405241571.JPG) ImgOps iqdb


Hi, I'm a 27yo french neet wizard who've been put in mental asylum by his father two years ago.

Psychiatrics gave me antipsychotics drugs with a needle in my ass.

I'm out of hospital right now but I have a mandatory case who said if I don't get the needle every three weeks, cops come to me and put me back in asylum.

I've met the judge twice but he says I'm mad…

There are more than 100.000 people every years put through strength in mental asylum each year in France. Doctors says everyone of those is insane, they says 12.000.000 people have mental disease in France.
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ok normer


You people haven't done a great job at convincing me otherwise. Just look around you.
It's the same religious-like rot, bottom of the barrel coping mechanism thinking you are so right and better. You are all fools clinging to a rotten fruit and calling it panacea.
I doubt most of you ever will reach a higher level of consciousness.


I'm actually inclined to believe OP. In France the prevailing psychiatric establishment is based on the works of Jaques Lacan, who was a freudian. They lock up autistics because of some freudian bullshit about autism being a manifestation of poor psychosexual development in infancy due to an absent mother.


i mean were talking about the government that swatted vargs house because he got a letter from a mass shooter


>thinking you are so right and better.
lol look who's talking

File: 1565071771379.jpg (689.97 KB, 1168x1600, 73:100, Grigory_Myasoyedov_Creek_i….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Can we have a thread where we discuss the death of our parents or other significant relatives? Please make a post in this thread about your experience dealing with the death of a parent or other relative. What advice do you have for other wizards? How did you handle things like funeral arrangements, sorting things out with other family, finances, inheritance, housing, nursing homes, hospice care, insurance, or emotional issues. How did your other family members handle any of these things?

I'm not dealing with this yet but my parents are old and unhealthy. I know I need to plan ahead. I'm autistic and I can't stand when unexpected things happen, so I need to game out various scenarios in my mind before they happen. It is likely that my father will perish first and that my mother will eventually need some sort of nursing home.

I'm very interested in hearing the experiences of other wizards relating to this topic. I'd imagine that there are others here who are interested as well.
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>grandma died
felt nothing
>grandma 2 died
felt nothing
>grandpa died
felt nothing
>daddy became sick
felt nothing
>mommy had a stroke
felt nothing, didnt even visit her in hospital

I know that I am mentally ill
I know that I should feel something
I know that my behaviour is wrong but I don't understand why

I told my mother I was sorry for not visiting her in hospital and she told me she is not mad about me.
I wish I could understand why I am fucked in the head


You're stupid for calling your behavior wrong.


i had a cousin get mauled by a bear. they used to bring their homemade wine every christmas, like tons of bottles. i relied on the wine to get drunk and pass out on the couch so i could time travel and skip the day. it sucked when there was no more wine for christmas

thats like the closest person to die? aside from grandparents but who cares about them, they never brought me wine

dad had a stroke a few years ago but he was super overweight. he seems fine now but hes abused ibuprofen his whole life so that will probably be the first family death

brother attempted suicide a few times to escape his horrible decisions regarding marriage/kids, but thankfully he divorced and got a vasectomy so he seems like he'll not make retarded decisions again

there was also a lady who helped raise me during my childhood, she got t-boned in traffic by a semitruck and was killed a year ago. i could hardly remember her though so it wasnt a big deal

i just want my parents to retire already before they die without doing what they want. dad has worked his entire life and is now 60 or something


Dont be so sure that your parents will have it better at this age even when they stop working. They might resort to some pleasures to escape realty of life and will just feel purposeless


well i mean my mom has never worked in her life, i guess i should have said that. my dad cannot retire because of her basically. he already retired from the military 15 years ago but couldn't afford to stop working. his dream is to own big rural land just hunt and stuff all day, it's boring as hell to me but it's like a god damn videogame for him. he'll never be able to do that though i'm sure

File: 1551619042386.jpg (135.67 KB, 500x454, 250:227, 1551539176196.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Many of you despair at the state of the world and modern consumerism society, but I am here to tell you not to fear because the world that you hate so much is about to end.

The truth is that the data coming back very recently, within the past few years or so has confirmed what climate scientists feared when we first found that methane levels were rapidly rising with no discernible cause: the arctic sea ice is melting and releasing trapped methane into the atmosphere.

Now if you don't know what that means, basically methane is like this evil carbon dioxide you hear so much about except a hundred times worse in terms of the amount of global warming it will cause. As the ice melts, two things start to happen that will result in a runaway rapid warming effect that will completely destroy the current peace and cause billions of deaths including the extinction of other species besides humans. The first is that the physical presence of the ice over a large area in the arctic acts like a kind of reflective mirror that helps reflect some of the energy coming in from the sun. With that melted, that light no longer gets reflected and instead absorbs onto the surface somewhere and radiates heat into the atmosphere. The second thing is that pockets of methane that are trapped in the ice shelf will release into the atmosphere. Both ice on land and in the sea contains large amounts of methane and any instability in that ice is game over and the ice has been destabilized. The last time we had a mass extinction, an event where over 95% of all species on earth went extinct, the cause was because of rapid increases in methane from the arctic ice melting. We're already seeing mass extinction happen with estimates of the current rate of extinction at about 1000 times higher than usual.

Most of our climate change models predicted a slow and steady linear increase in temperatures, but that's not what the data show is happening at all. The effects appeared slow and linear for a while, but now we're seeing a sudden acceleration that is corresponding to an exponential increase, not a linear increase in atmospheric methane levels that has been happening for over 10 years now. We fucked up. It's too late now to ever prevent large scale social collapse. There will be famine and drought and war, billions displaced and starving. No doubt there will be a revolution and the current order will fall.

Here is a good paper about this by a scientist who haPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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it is both a problem and a crisis, but one that affects the working class citizen.

For corporate is one of those short term profit schemes in disregard of ethics and morals that will end up blowing on absolutely everyone's faces, they say its leftism but its actually Randyan at its root.

It is a lie that developed countries are depopulating or don't have enough work offer for their demands, everywhere in the develop world has seen growth in population and increase in labour force, what certain elites want is cheapening the labour force in every field by flooding the market with immigrants willing to work more for less money. What the develop countries lack is a populace willing to work full time for below subsistance levels and that is a crisis for parenthesis guys that also handle the strings of politicians.

They are succeeding, prices are going up, specially rent and homes, salaries are going down, professional competition is trough the roof in the first world but every day they are fighting harder for dog shit wages with no leverage to improve because "hey, take it or Pedro or Abdul will and they are used to being screwed over for pennies"


>professional competition is trough the roof in the first world
Not only in the first world. I live in Chile and both here and in Argentina and Uruguay is the same, we get flooded with venezuelans, colombians and other foreigners with dubious degrees who work qualified jobs for lower salaries (even lower than the already low ones) and in inhumane conditions and more hours, only destroying us and specially the youth. We have venezoniggers lowering wages even in IT and medicine



i am venezuelan actually, and you are right, everyone here is going there with only their backpacks and no money saved. I see the cost of living there and Chilean wages and honestly they are pretty bad, you pay way too much and earn little, of course people here are literally starving so they go there and won´t care to live with 10 other people in a one bedroom apartment and working for half of what a chilean makes.

There is simply no way anyone can spin it and say its good for chilean economy to receive all the lumpen from our country, absolutely not, even culturally it will wreck you, as many venezuelans are still chavistas and many even not being chavistas still carry all that made Venezuela a shithole in the first place, like viveza criolla, a worldview ehere everyone who is nice to you deserves to be scammed and a disregard for ethics and laws in all aspects of life. Most chavistas and crooks i ever met in this country have fled to Chile , US , Spain or Argentina.

>We have venezoniggers lowering wages even in IT and medicine

thats the shitties part for you i think, that is not just bottom of the barrel jobs, but the professional jobs the middle class depends on for social mobility too.


It's depressing how we in Latin America try to emulate the first world so hard we end up copying all that is shit about it.



latin american culture is just the absolute worst traits from gringo culture without any of the positives or without any of the institutions that the us have that offset the stupidity, like representative democracy instead of direct.

All the criminals here have a street culture that is imitation of american gangsta shit, same grafiti, same music, clothing and movies and all. Normies from the middle class consume american media 24/7 and imitate everything as a symbol of status.

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File: 1574015604002.jpg (67.53 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1573242898189.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Science is religion for the current age.

People who think themselves to be intelligent refer to high level concepts in quantum theory and in Biology but have not done calculus 2 or 3 or even studied biology at a college level.

We live our lives the way our elders did. We go to the priests and learn from them the truth about the universe without understanding the base concepts ourselves and repeat what we're told to ourselves for comfort.

The priests are not fools but they do fool others, when they want they will drop misleading information to steer people into a direction they wish.

Science relies on trust, if we do not trust each other, we no longer have science,
if we trust without doubting, we allow these bad actor to enter and start manipulating.

Do you expect a 50 year old bus driver to spend his nights reading up on the latest academic papers, do you expect a succubus with two children to have time to read and understand articles not aimed at the masses?

How can we expect people to fallow science but also not believe through faith alone? Its not possible, science always requires faith, not only on the bases of data and analysis but also faith that people being put into high positions through merit.


Notice how scientists shit on Demiurge existence by saying then who created him only to get butthurt when their opponents say then why does it happen to begin with at the very beginning before anything. They can only say we know it happened and that's what only matter. And some would create theories about Earth being a simulation without any evidence.





the process of conducting scientific experiments is useful but i hate journals, it's like a form of knowledge gatekeeping. people are incentivized to twist and contort their findings to show positive correlations because they need tenure to feed their families. "i don't fully understand this, but X amount of people reference this so it must be true!" which in turn gets cherry picked and referenced by another person and so on until it's impossible to even understand anything, you have to just take everyone's word for what is being said.

File: 1568781745850.jpg (113.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 12313.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I can't believe it's about to be 2020 in less than 4 months. It went by too fast. Still feels like 2009 was barely 4 years ago.
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Antisocial and asocial are different.

This is so tired. You are so boring.


File: 1573911909078.jpg (971.6 KB, 1500x1136, 375:284, 2000s.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Emo was gay as fuck dude, and so was most of 00s music and pop culture
I do have 00s nostalgia myself, but that's because it's the decade i grew up in as a kid/early preteen, before everything went to shit



its just a false flag to excuse for more taxes, regulations and controls on the daily lives of people by government and corporations. Its also the go to excuse they are putting forward in advance to justify the decline on living conditions and spending power the western working class will experience in the next decade.


File: 1573917700726.jpg (18.84 KB, 512x369, 512:369, 20090602_140523_72AE713E_d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>but that's because it's the decade i grew up in as a kid/early preteen, before everything went to shit

I miss Berlusconi so much, those were the good old days.


File: 1573998432770.jpg (37.65 KB, 600x703, 600:703, Silvio compiaciuto.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, we will never have someone like him back
But that's ok, we shouldn't cry because it's over, we should smile because it happened

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