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i want to have sex


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Any wizzies that used to be atheists but stopped? If you are willing to share, what made you change?

File: 1660040982245.png (1.39 MB, 1500x1396, 375:349, 1659409717089467.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why the hate against inc*ls? Never truly understood why wizchan has a hate policy against inc*ls, why can't we get along? From my point of view wizards are inc*ls, for they don't have any sexual experience just like an inc*l, so why create a fake dichotomy for basically the same thing?
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Pretty based, that guy character is a kike so its another jewlywood fantasy of thr kike with the goy succubus


Normalfag got offended because his precious love isn't real. LOL What are you even doing here?

Some people are really bored, huh?

Honestly, I don't like wish fulfillment garbage, it pisses me off. Like how autistic or weak anime MCs get a harem of succubi chasing after them or how in some movies or literature romance is depicted in plainly unrealistic ways. Yes, this does give people retarded wishes and hopes. In this sense I prefer realism.

I hate those pieces of entertainment where some loser guy ends up with the perfect succ. The world never worked like that.


I really don't get what all these dumb terms mean I just know that I'm suffering and most people aren't
I just want to stop being autistic


>The world never worked like that.
lol here's another one who simply doesn't understand what fiction is. It's bizarre how you miss the most fundamental aspect of fantasy. How can so many people fail to grasp something so simple? It's everywhere.
>plainly unrealistic ways
Fantasy is so unrealistic! I simply don't get it!

I do wonder if people are getting dumber or the internet just exposes you to how dumb people always were. Maybe too many people are indulging in entertainment when they should be paving roads somewhere. Turns out fiction is not for everyone, it's the root of so many problems we have with media today. Like those idiots who demand representation in fucking cartoons. It's comical and exhausting at the same time. This is the revelation of our age to me. How so many people are intellectually unfit to even do something as simple as watch a cartoon. It's honestly amazing.

>this does give people retarded wishes and hopes

It's the people who are retarded. You're the one to talk, obviously.


crabs are bitter fucks who make this website even worse.

File: 1660268225042.png (3.21 MB, 1510x1006, 755:503, Old Japanese people talkin….png) ImgOps iqdb


Do you ever wonder what it will be like to get old, I mean truly old, and never have a lifetime of experiences to look back on and reminisce about? If you end up in some old folks home and some person asks you about your life, what will you have to tell them? Some old childhood stories so dusty and decrepit you can barely remember them? You could talk about what your opinions about the world are, based on what you've read, but when it comes to talking about how you actually impacted the world or influenced it? What will you have to say? What good is having opinions on stuff if it never leads to any sort of actionable outcome?

I have realized by now my cowardice means I will probably never kill myself. I will just continue on like this for perhaps the rest of my life. This prospect has started to terrify me.

Ultimately it is your actions that define you and give you a sense of self and belonging in the world. A year is a long time, you could do a lot of stuff in it and if you have many dozens of years of life it's only natural to rack up experiences that test your character and show you who you are. I don't like thinking that I was just a coward who was too afraid to put myself to the test and just hid away and rotted. It's almost like you're not even a real person, just some ghost that never even existed.

I feel an immense sense of loss when imagining myself ending up like this. I can't even remember my life since the 10+ years I became a shut-in. It all just blurs together. What if that's what it will be like when I'm 80?

I'm wondering if anyone else can relate to this feeling of dread and unwillingness to become a ghost instead of a full person?
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You could look at it that way and say someone who stays inside all the time is 'wasting their life.' That's certainly one way to look at it. But whose perspective is this really? A normal person thinks its sad because they value doing things like travelling and going to concerts.

But another way to look at it is staying inside all the time is a life of absolute serenity. Your environment is quiet. Clean. Orderly. There's no people to get in your personal space. You can just enjoy the peace of your own company. Online you're free to talk to anyone or no one at all. If anyone bothers you its easy to move on. The Internet has endless entertainment. Or if you're more creative: you can build stuff and share it with people all over the world.

I don't see spending every day on the computer as 'wasting my life.' I see it as an absolute privilege. When I'm old I'll look back on these days and feel lucky to have had the amount of peace like this. At other times in history life would have been much harder.


The idea of me in an old folks home sounds preposterous. What would other wizards do at age 50, 60, 70? The same thing? Are there any elder wizards who can tell us about their lifestyle? Do wizards even reach that age?


You don't want to go into an old folks home.

All the registered nurses and assistants there are nigger succubi that are the lowest human scum.


i'll just retell them republic of plato or something and put them in awe because by the time i get old i bet there'll be sensory simulation via internet and society will move towards collapse


>What do you base this on?

The people I know that have committed suicide. My old neighbor did it and I was the last person he ever talked to, he was going back to his apartment and he offered to buy me beer and alcohol (I was 18 at the time and still a kid kinda) and I kinda blew him off because I was busy on the phone sorting something out with my family. The guy was 45 and he overdosed that night.

There was a guy at work who did the same thing. He was going on about wanting to hang himself for years, year after year. Then he finally hung himself in the forest at the age of 38.

Even if it appears to be set off by some thing, it's been in the back of their mind and prepared for a long time and it's just the final needle that drops.

File: 1659825041155.jpg (129.31 KB, 1200x850, 24:17, german mustache guy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Let's face it, no one here will commit suicide most likely so might as well embrace life with all its bad stuff, illnesses, poverty, horrors, pains, sufferings, humiliations. Can any of you say with 100% confidence that you managed to say Yes to existence? I admit I'm still struggling with it but slowly making progress. This is the only life we have for certain so I'm trying to get used to it. My tolerance for suffering has been going up steadily, I'm training myself mentally. Life is shit but still better than death or non-existence.
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Say the guys who are praising death and non-existence despite the fact that they continue to exist. Funny!

>I’m gonna kill myself one day don’t worry. Its just a matter of time.

That is just c-o-p-e. You are like the jews who are waiting for the messiah to come save them or the christians who are waiting for judgment day or the socialists who are waiting for the revolution that won't come. Lol At least those people are waiting for external factors to deliver them, you, what is your excuse? You are waiting for yourself…to kill yourself?
>My existence is mistake and I should never been born.
Yes, being a virgin friendless man is the end of the world, oh woe, how horrible a fate…I was being ironic in case you didn't notice. You are just a self-hating failed normal like the rest of the pessimists.

You can always look at people who are more successful than you and get butthurt. "Johnny Depp is richer than me, shit, fuck life" You people don't appreciate how easy and good you have it. Like you said, it is worse everywhere around the world. Westernfags simply have ridiculous expectations when it comes to life. "Oh I'm not a millionaire by 30, I don't have 5 cars, I can't afford a trip to the Bahamas every year, shit!" To the rest of us from all over the world it comes off as spoiled people not knowing their privileges.

Excellent post.



> Being content in life is a choice. It starts with you deciding to change your perspective.

>The good times justify the bad things in existence
> I'm a pro-natalist because I want more wizards and weird people like us to born. This world should be ruled by wizards or wizardly characters. Only we can achieve the cultural golden age of civilization

You’re utterly crazy and evil. I see no point to argue with you and yes my existance and people like me should never born.

Pro-natalism is the most evil ideology in this world and should be a bannable offense. Wtf are you doing in wizchan if you’re even pro-natalist? Gtfo to 4chan .


>You people don't appreciate how easy and good you have it
I never said that I don't appreciate some of the perks of living in the West or that I don't understand how bad people in the rest of the world have it. I was just countering that anon's claim that high depression rates in the West 'proves' that hedonism is not a valid philosophy for life. You need to be insanely rich to live like a true hedonist. Working in a warehouse for minimum wage, coming home tired to your cramped-up apartement, to spend what few hours of free time you have looking at a screen doesn't sound like an existence centered around pleasure.


We can look at the higher circles or classes then. If material stuff and plain hedonism should make everyone happy then why are rich people depressed or suicidal lots of times? Obviously hedonism isn't a satisfying ideology for mankind in the long run.

>yes my existance and people like me should never born.

Then you acknowledge that you are a failed norm who thinks that only the norm life has any value. Go to r9k, you can meet with plenty of self-hating losers there.


We are quite literally living in a specially designed torture chamber that is set up to maximise our suffering but if we kill ourselves I believe it would doom us to a worse fate, we aren't allowed to try to escape

File: 1660507929837.jpg (592.41 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 307851_source-scaled.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you have driver's license? What car do you drive? I got my driver's license 2 years ago, it was a terrible struggle to get it during a the Covid-shutdown, but it was one of the best decesions of my life. It really improved my situation and helped a lot with my depression, gave me massive freedom to be able to drive wherever/whenever I wanted to go, without my parents.

I'm a poor wagie so I could only afford an old Open Astra, but it does the trick perfectly and cheep to maintain.
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My grandmother died and now I use her car even though my Dad technically owns it. Still doesn't have 50k miles on it yet despite it being built in the 90s because I hate driving so much. The alternator just failed recently and I had to pay $800 to get it fixed. I think my dad also applied for an extension to the emissions testing and then I just never went so I have been racking up fees. He expects me to pay for everything of course because I use the car even though it's not mine.


Guys how do I fix >>194007


My license was suspended for "medical reasons" whatever the fuck that means. So I can't drive even if I wanted to. Honestly I'm amazed how people are able to get one in the first place. The driving test these days is super difficult in most US states.


im not sure how any of those buzzwords apply to this situation. are you esl perhaps?



You just have to drive long enough to get used to it. It is good that you are anxious; that means you are cautious and won't be one of those dangerous drivers who change lanes without looking.

File: 1636999993949.jpg (70.35 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, de2osg0-3c70c1c1-f26e-486a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hi wizards I wanted to ask how life is going for you right now.Did you do anything fun recently,are you happy or sad with your life.How are you feeling about your life right now?
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>The thing that gives me my happiness and joy is my belief in God and Jesus Christ

Holy schizo


File: 1658866540940.jpg (69.85 KB, 1070x905, 214:181, FW281h1VEAAokG5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

pretty good. neeting with older sister is 100x better than my parents. she has a sweet job working from home, i just do something like babysitting or cooking meals every now and then and i am appreciated by everyone, aside from that i'm just in my room in the basement all day. living the life




File: 1660521012967.png (314.16 KB, 937x775, 937:775, froge.png) ImgOps iqdb

the froge in question:


Fucking super based and redpilled

File: 1656397934282.png (3.09 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a64218cb5472ad7.png) ImgOps iqdb


What are some jobs shut-ins can do from their basements? I feel bad for contributing nothing to my family's net worth.

Here's my list so far:
-content moderator
-furry porn artist
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It's a merchandising job, you work for a company that owns about 100 around town, and you just drive around in a van and restock them. The same people that own vending machines often own those frozen ice cream fridges you find at the gas station.


That said, merchandising is not really wizard friendly though. I did it.

>You get complaints indirectly, nobody will stop you and tell you you're doing something wrong, they just ring your boss

>You get set up constantly, all the time
>Cunts that own the stores treat you like a retarded peasant
>Your normalfaggot boss, who is inevitably a giganormie with a marketing or business management degree, holds meetings with you once a month and you get every accumulated complaint just unleashed at you in a stream of consciousness
>It's a foid industry so on the days you don't work the cunts just find ways to blame you for everything going wrong
>You have twice the allotted time to do your job, but because everything is tracked through faggot apps and site sign ins, it's impossible to bullshit timesheets and just relax in the van.

It has a bad reputation as an industry, even among normalfags. It has an extremely high turnover rate and they just get by with the same succubi they browbeat into submission.


the only job well suited for shut-ins is being rich and retiring young. Everything requires socializing and if it doesn't it is a scam or dominated by 3rd world professionals. Just waiting for my parents to die and for me to mismanage my inheritance till I am homeless.


most philosophers were shut ins anon, and they weren't just wagies, they changed the course of history


>I feel bad for contributing nothing to my family's net worth.
It's like you came from bill gate's family and we don't know that.
just whore yourself.

File: 1658879474351.jpg (42.65 KB, 506x652, 253:326, pino.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm 35 and have never worked a day in my life. Nor do I intend to, despite being overly qualified. Spend my whole day playing old vidya and reading manga.
I've only had 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shoes for the past 10 years, which I wash alternatively.

Modest inheritance + don't spend too much. 50€ a month in food give or take, 10-20 running water, 15 internet. Thank fuck I don't pay for energy, I bought solar panels and batteries a long time ago.
I don't eat much because I have my sugar spikes under control and am not too tall. Most days I just eat a few eggs and some veggies. I try not to overexercise in order to eat less, too.
24 eggs = 4 euro here -> I eat 150 eggs a month, which means I spend 25 euro in eggs, that's half my protein
chickpeas are 2 eur a kilo, I eat 3 kilos a month, which means I spend 6 euros on chickpeas
This with olive oil is over half my calories and all of my protein, and I still have around 15 euros to spare on leafy greens and nuts every now and then, when they're cheap because they're about to go bad. When I do eat meat I spend a bit more than 50 though, but I eat it rarely.

I have an old PC, I only play old vidya, But I try to get as much out of them as possible.
Same few games for ages:
Fallout New vegas
TES: Morrowind and Oblivion
Project Zomboid
Darkest Dungeon
Hollow Knight
M&B: Warband + mods
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File: 1660036255236.jpg (1.89 MB, 2400x1708, 600:427, pandora hearts stuffed ani….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You sure have been inside my head when I made this thread, to be able to tell and be so sure about what my intentions were.

But. I don't care about wizards who get triggered by the thought of another Wiz being happy and doing well in life.


Good thread.

Always remember minimizing your cost is almost always far more easy than increasing your income. If you own a home/live with your parents you can live with roughly 1000$ a month at the very most, this would include food,gas,basic healthcare insurance. In some rural places you can even live with 500$-750$ including rent. I know someone who was spending about 7k a year.
Changing your lifestyle can also benefit you financially, eating healthy and cooking your own meals tend to be less expensive than chugging in restaurants or even buying fast food.
Being minimalist gives you freedom and flexibility plus you don't worry about many problems that emerge with too much stuff.
Any wizard who has some bit of sense to himself should also learn how to pirate. Do not pay for entertainment unless it is absolutely necessary. Every movie and tv show can be found online. Most books and almost all comics can be found online if you dig some russian websites and telegram and torrents. Video games are a given but I even start to play board games on VASSAL which is basically an emulator for hex and counter games. Rather not pay 75$ for some niche ww2 simulationist game.


File: 1660147568009.png (203.23 KB, 489x538, 489:538, 1658022631025.png) ImgOps iqdb

>play board games on VASSAL
You can play board games online?


Yes you can! Two softwares are used commonly, Vassal and Table Top Simulator.

Vassal is a free software designed for hex and counter games mostly, Tabletopsimulator (TTS) is on steam and mostly for other type of board games, but I think the price is worth it. You can find many if not all board games on TTS, many of them are scripted too, you can play gloomhaven, kingdom death, secret hitler, cards against humanity even 40k miniatures or rpgs. It is far more difficult with vassal as many hex counter companies do release vassal versions of their games but do not share scenario booklets online, but with some search you can find pirated versions and play maybe 1/3 of all hex and counter games online for free without paying anything. You can also design/upload your own images/maps if you have the time. You can also play cardgames for free, few years ago it was a software called cockatrice I dunno if its still around but I recall playing quite a lot of mtg there.


>I'm 35 and have never worked a day in my life. Nor do I intend to, despite being overly qualified

The biggest mystery is why OP thinks he's 'overly qualified' if he's never worked a day in his life at 35?

File: 1627176559116.jpeg (37.2 KB, 620x248, 5:2, reddit.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.182307[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why does 4chan hates reddit so much? Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while (just like 4chan come to think of it). You can't even mention reddit without 5 posters telling you to "go back", it's really annoying.
For the record I've been on 4chan since 2009 and only really started browsing reddit about 3 years ago, and don't even have an account. But I'm of the opinion you should enjoy good content no matter where it comes from. If some gay SJW with pink hair cured cancer, I would be thankful for it even if he's a retard.
What is wizchan's optinion of reddit?
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Go back


The whole site has a weird anti-male/pro-female mindset.
Outside of a few smaller subreddits succubi are pretty much considered divine infallible beings that can do no wrong. A succubus could have stabbed her entire family to death and you can guarantee there will be more than several posts either defending her outright or trying to make up excuses.

Meanwhile men are deemed as disgusting lazy failures at best and demented monsters at best.


*monsters at worst


>Whatever you type on reddit is literally archived forever.
You know in recent years I realized that nothing on the internet is forever.
The days of the wild west internet are over for some time now and those forums and archives that stood since back then are now closing down or breaking apart. I know this because it has happened to me.
One day the same will happen to Facebook and all its data is lost and then the same thing is going to happen to Youtube and Wikipedia and so on.

What is a single HDD of some autist? Just a fading spark in a sea of ash.


assfucked niggerfaggot

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