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160849Predictions What are your realistic predictions for society in the next decade or so?[View]
160824Urban v. Rural I don't know if this belongs in the wageslave thread, or if I shouldn't be making this because it sounds like 'bragging.' I left the city about three years ago to somewhere with a population <10k, and I have to say HOLY SHIT HAVE THINGS GOTTEN EASIER.[View]
159759 Hello wizchan, I have a visit with the state doctor in a few hours and I'm rather nervous about messing this up. I followed Uncle Remus guide last year, got myself admitted and I'm now diagnosed with schizophrenia and severe anxiety. It took awhile but now the fated appointment is here, this will decide if I'm free from work. How can I perfectly mimic a schizophrenic person at this interview? [View]
159525Psychology Thread INTJ Master Race Most therapists are delusional normans, too trapped in their own complexes to help us. I google different forms of therapy and try them on myself. Most don't work, but they're fun.[View]
159260Is there any point to the universe? Like does it have any real reason to exist? What really, is its sole reason of being? Without intelligent life, the universe doesn't have a chance in hell to make sense of itself.[View]
159128 Is paying attention the root of satisfaction?[View]
158942 Well tonight is the night guys, I get my wizard status tomorrow. Wish me a happy birthday, maybe. I don't feel happy. [View]
158831How strong is the immune system? I am somewhat of a germaphobe but it's also coupled with lack of energy and money. So even thought I want to clean everything thoroughly and regularely I find it too exhausting. But I have yet to get sick (knock on wood) except a cold once in a while. [View]
158592Pets What is your opinion about having pets as a wizard? Do you think they help you or do you think they bother you?[View]
157539 how can someone be so sophisticated? If i ever tried writing something like notes from underground it would come off as whiny and melodramatic. I think it was due to his time being in the renaissance that he could articulate what was on his mind. is there any writer like this guy?[View]
157370Real Life Truman Show Does anyone else feel like they're living in a world-sized play set? A lot of events in my life, the way they play out, follow each other and "coincide" simply makes no sense. Unless there really is a cosmic deity, or a number of them, simply being fond of throwing all sorts of hurdles before me and tormenting my mind for laughs.[View]
157303Parents and personal responsibility I've been thinking about how I blame my parents for my lot in life. And yet at the same time the normie answer would be "you're a grown adult man, stop being a crying snowflake, and take responsibility for your own life". [View]
156996Can psychiatrist know everything about from conversation with me? Look, I ve never been to psychiatrist neither psychologist. But I know that something wrong with me, I know for sure that I had strong social phobia for many years and perhaps I may have aspergers syndrome and some kind of neurosis? Also I m introverted male. I ve never had any friend.[View]
152782What does Nofap and Super AI have in common? A lot of Wizards hold to an EvoPsych, Sociobiological, Darwinian worldview. But then where does that leave us as Wizard virgins? The whole goal and point of this viewpoint is sexual reproduction. [View]
152519dads, siblings' dads, stepdads, maternal boyfriends I would like to know my fellows' experience with dealing with these categories of people in your life. I've had encounters with all 4 (separate individuals) at various times in my life and found them upsetting in various ways. They've all let me down. I've never felt loved by any of them. I feel like I'm the inherent target of all of their hatred,[View]
150776NEETbux, Autismbux, Gibs etc. Does anyone here in the USA have food, housing and money provided to them by the government due to a successful disability claim?[View]
147750 How do you look back at the early 2000s now? Specifically the years 2001-2006?[View]
144059Military thread What's your opinion on serving in the military? I know there's been some military wizards on here before, so I guess I was curious about your experiences if you have had any. Though there's a lot of 3rd world wizards who browse here, I guess this is obviously geared towards experiences in the western militaries. Or we could just have a general /mil/ thread for discussing topics and [View]