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188968Fake Internet I know this was featured on here before and this was also posted on /x/ before and I have made a thread on /g/ about it as well. Please, give me all info you have on this. [View]
188934NEET and sports Im a 29 year old virgin and NEET. I dont have any offline friends, and the only human contact I have are with people at the supermarket or pharmacy omce in a while. I have an extensive home gym, and I enjoy sports in general. Even though some of tou might consider this a normie obsession, I enjoy watching athletics and the drama behind it, especially soccer. [View]
188919No friends and proud Anybody else here not have any friends? Or are you all just normies?[View]
188886How to be Alone Forever. I'm looking for a .pdf of a short book wrote by a wizard about how to be alone forever. It was just over a hundred pages long. It was posted on here and I was in the middle of reading it when my device was bricked. Does anyone know where I can find it? [View]
188774 I have no desire for life, for work, for relationships, for family; I just want to be left alone. Once my parents pass the streets await me. This is a reality that is approaching soon, any advice is welcomed. [View]
188617 You can trade all of your mental illnesses and other quirks for a chance at a normal life at the cost of losing all of your niche and "weird" interests/hobbies and become a normal.[View]
188605do wizzies enjoy life more than normalfags is your life filled with more happiness and pleasure than the normalfags you know?[View]
188602 if you wanted to explain to others why you're a wiz[View]
188500 I don't know how strict rule 3 is and I don't know if this thread will be deleted, but I will give it a shot. What is your approach to and opinion on friendship? When I was in my teens I used to lie to myself and tell myself I was fine with having no friends, but as I got older I began to admit to myself that I was very lonely and that was what was causing my depression. What followed was a crab p[View]
188476What happens after 30? So do you guys like uhhhh feel anything once you're 30? Like a mana boost idk. Do you guys still have the wizard mindset? Or does it vanish after 30?[View]
188302Questions on buddhism: does buddhism strives for veganism? I tried to ask a monk whether having a vegetarian diet (like true buddhists should aim for) would be somewhat hypocritical, but he only gave ad hominen arguments. [View]
188199 How does wizards earn some good money online? I've been doing online surveys, but it takes too long to earn good amount. [View]
188157 https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/186035.html[View]
188147the end of NEETs How do NEETs plan for the long term? Mum and Dad won't live forever, so how do you plan for that? Are there NEETs above 35 here to speak some wisdom? Is the NEETs future to become a streetNEET?[View]
187464Positiwizm Thread Wizardly Optimism, positive thinking, good vibes, etc all that here. What gives you strength wizards? What helps you through the dark times? How did you overcome your most horrible despairs? Share all that positive energy with fellow wizards.[View]
187220car ban = good Wizzies, I have intense social anxiety and going outside makes me highly uncomfortable. I feel exposed, like everyone is looking at me (sometimes people do look at me just part of their own curiosity.) But with all this global warming people continue to drive everywhere. Since then I have noticed something amazing:[View]
186402Job/career intel for wizards I was writing a big post as a response to another thread where I typed up a lot of intel about jobs/careers and if they're good for wiz or wiz-type people (based on my experience/knowledge). I figured I might as well post this as a thread. If this should go to some previous "jobs for wiz" thread I can also move the post there (I didnt find any thread tho)[View]
186377Career for cope? So I used to browse years ago along with Magicchan and a few other obscure imageboards but left 3 years ago. I have no family, I'm a virgin, I'm broke on neetbux.[View]
186140What counts in the end? As the days pass, I'm sure all of us find some conclusions.[View]
185314Fellow neet wizzies what is your day to day life like? How is a typical day to you what do you do all day.Im probably going back to a work life soon so im trying so im trying to be more active.Right now I wake up whenever eat poptarts, browse the internet, YouTube. I have been going on long walks to lose weight and trying to be more active in general.My life isn't too interesting though.Just intern[View]
184589Not worth it Winning or losing on social conflicts, it doesn't matter, it doesn't feel good either way.[View]
184550Being the last human in an empty world Sometimes when I'm walking I like to fantasize that its in a post-apocalyptic world where I'm the only human left alive. When the cars pass, I imagine that the self-driving thing actually happened. And so the ghosts of self-driving cars are my only company in an empty world.[View]
174305People knowing you're a wizard Can normies detect if you're a wizard or a neet? If I ever need to go out in public, I always make sure to hide my power level: shower, brush, comb hair, deodorant, somewhat nice clothes ect.[View]