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213504"Good luck" is not just a function of luck I've been thinking about this lately. Often when I hear successful people interviewed on podcasts or something they will talk about how they had good luck to get where they are. A typical story will be like, they were at a bar and they got to talking with someone who turned out to be a powerful guy who offered them a job. Now at first glance, yes this seem[View]
213468PLEASE DONT MOVE - THIS IS RELATED TO WIZ if you are low IQ don't bother reading these images. only high IQ people will be able to grasp the abstract concepts presented here. you'll need some basic level of understanding in philosophy, metaphysics, the occult and Christianity too. if you don't get it, that's okay...this thread wasn't meant for you[View]
213434 I've lost feeling to my body can't feel certain feelings and I'm terrified especially knowing my anxiety makes me over productive or active I won't be able to sit still in over exhausting my body to the point I might die. Or even lost the feeling of going to the bathroom. But I feel how my physical form is a pain in the ass. [View]
213371the wizflag i created this flag to represent wizchan and wizardry in general. what do you think?[View]
213349Calisthenics Why haven't wizards started doing calisthenics?[View]
213165Self-love Love is based on 3 fundamental pillars, respect, sincerity, and acceptance. You can never have love if you are not honest with yourself, if you do not accept your mistakes, or if you respect yourself. There are also some issues such as condescension and forgiveness, both related to acceptance. For example, if one day you make a mistake, you accept that you were wrong, but you also know th[View]
213074 How do you know when you're out of the cave? How do you even determine which way is up?[View]
213025 Is having no social connections a indictment on your character?[View]
212914 Anyone else wish they could just hop into a spaceship and leave Earth forever, never to interact with another human again? This thought bubbles up in my mind every time I hear about some political garbage, or have to hear about some heinous crime or the ongoing wars. It'd be nice to do some interstellar travel and just chill on an exoplanet.[View]
212858Dream Thread Share any and all interesting dreams you've had.[View]
212846LONELY, OLD, NEET AND WIZARD 30 years old now, full wizard, alone and NEET, I don't know how to feel at all about that, bittersweet feeling, I don't know, bros, just need it to get it out.[View]
212539I think it's time to start changing my life. I could start with simple things like hygiene, bathing every day, maintaining healthy oral hygiene, shaving daily. Then I would have to look for an alternative to these places that, even though they are simple messages, more or less help to have some coherence, maybe books are a good option, some novels to start, then little by little I will get into the[View]
212344Nostalgia: The future and past are now I see a lot of norm norms who talk about nostalgia. I've never had nostalgia because i know well that my life has always sucked.[View]
212312 I’m a 30 year old neet and haven't slept in a clean bed for 14 years. I never washed or changed my sheets, blankets, covers or pillows. I stay up all night till complete exhaustion at 5 a.m. so i just fall asleep and don't have to think about my life[View]
212150Thoughts on transhumanism and mind uploading Anyone one here wish they werent human or a animal. I'm frankly somewhat disgusted with humanity and just being a human in general. I hate having to take and shit and pee all the time. I hate feeling negative emotions and i hate feeling physical pain. I wish i wasn't a animal. I don't hate being human and having a consciousness i just hate being a animal[View]
211818Palestine happening ...soon[View]
211259 Times when normies reacted in an odd or overly negative way towards you:[View]
211088Do normies really have feelings I was raised in a pretty normie family. I guess all families are normie. I had a Brad tier older brother who abused me growing up, a sister who was basically born to be a whore who hangs out with the dregs of society and one sister who’s just a regular normie.[View]
211001I'm 21 years old and I've never been out with friends. Is anyone else going through this? I feel like Elliot Rodger. I look on Instagram and all of my friends on their freshman years have gone to parties, had sex, walked around with friends and have been to clubs. etc...[View]
210938Trannies I hate trannies. I hate the society we live in that enables them. I hate them for ruining my comfy communities, while feeling sorry for the losses of strangers transitioning had they not become ill with this psychological epidemic. Friends I won't be able to make now that they either become completely lunatics and/or kill themselves.[View]
210307Would Sexbots Help Wizards Picrel..kinda[View]
210001I HATE SOCIETY I HATE PEOPLE Once you peek behind the curtain, and see what drive people behavior most of the time,and you realize that what drive people is just pure self interests 99.9% of time, you don't see people as good anymore, you see them as bunch of meat machine wanting to maximize their utility and fitness over this earth and over other people, and even you too is moved by those instinc[View]
209792LARPing as a solution to life Have you ever thought about trying to LARP as someone different than who you are, for example an assertive domineering asshole? Somehow I have always had an instinctive fear of acting like this, but when I look around at others who act like this, I realize there really are no consequences, in fact people seem to end up being subservient to the assholes in life and they[View]
209260Psychiatry What's your experience with the psychiatric institutions?[View]
209133 Being positive is good. Being optimistic is good. So this is an optimistic thread.[View]
208292 Are we all a bunch of social outcast, weirdos, friendless, job shy, virgins? That's it? What's the genesis of such type of people... Like us? Sure as hell I remember since 14 that I was somehow different from the other kids.[View]
207803 is anyone else trying to de-niggerfy their speech?[View]
204925Do you guys suffer from maladaptive daydreaming? Being born in a turd world country where my house is on the "street" like picrel, all I do is watch YouTube Channels like Nomadic Ambience in the free time pretending that I live in the first world. Being poorcel poojeet cashier who lives on 112 USD a month, and suffers from malnourishment due to lack of proper food and sometimes the lack of food ent[View]