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181045 Are any of you successful? I know that none of us will be considered successful by normalfag standards since that requires having sex but maybe some of you consider yourself to be successful by your own standards.[View]
180816I am back I lost the feeling for time long ago, but after what must be around 5 years I opened up Wizardchan for the first time again today. Back then I was ending my 20s, one of the banners up there was made by me. Yes, I was an "illegal" user, but who was I kidding, nothing changed anyways, I'm 32 now and still a virgin.[View]
180695More women than men live the glorious neetlife There was a report about the neets in my shithole country and I found that females are the majority of the neet population, that made me google if that was the case for the rest of the countries and this is what I found:[View]
180679 Any neet apprentice or wiz with only one parent and without any brother or sister, how do you deal with him/her getting old and the fear of when he/she dies??[View]
180662Total self control and willpower Has anyone here tried fasting and giving up everything? I'm thinking of giving up eating, drinking, fapping, pornography, computer use, video games. I feel that these things are controlling my life and I want to feel free of them as much as humanly possible. [View]
180390 What do you think about going back to college at 24 (or older)? It seems silly and I doubt I'll be motivated, but I have no other plans in my life.[View]
180380 I remember seeing this old slavic movie. It had color but you could tell it was old by the quality and just everybody in general.[View]
180335 To much of my own dismay, my sadistic tendency to see succubi suffer has metamorphized into a new kind of fetish. I love to see comics, movies clips and read stories and so on of scenes like these where succubi gets turned into animals/objects against their wishes and the more sadistic the situation is the more aroused I get(Like pic related to which I spent last few hours beating my meat to where[View]
180182Quitting job Have any of you ever voluntarily quit a job to become neet? Do you have any advice? I have a good amount of money in savings - nothing like enough to retire, but enough to keep me alive comfortably for a year or so. I just want to sit in my comfy chair and read all day for a while, perhaps play some old video games. My job doesn't leave me time to do any of those things and even when I[View]
179925Creativity I have lived my entire life with mostly parasocial relationships and only consuming content. The only things I've produced myself are related to either programming or translating, so not very creative at all.[View]
179488 At the very core of normie societies' moral fiber lies a tension between participation and toleration. Many many normies base their morality off of the participation side. I've come to realize this when i watched videos of NEETs getting yelled at by their parents in 2017 (all of which have mysteriously been shoah'd off the internet except NEET louis) where NEETs were being 'talked to' (interrogate[View]
179399why people defend normies here so much? Normies are manipulativer cold oportunistic like succubus they are nothing but NPCs they are different species than us[View]
178836Thinking of becoming an alcoholic to gain my family's attention and sympathy Thoughts?[View]
178644Dumb I'm currently struggling to find a job, and the reality of my poor life choice strucked me hard. I feel completely dumb facing the job market. I know I wasted my youth years doing useless things, like searching porn for hours, instead of improving skills that people are willing to pay for. [View]
178598Is this retarded to think about? I'm happy alone, dont talk to anyone irl or online, lack the desire to do so, blah blah blah.[View]
178346 I noticed that normies dont like to talk about some topics like conspiracy theories like NWO UFOS 9/11 its like their brain reject every thing that is controversial [View]
177545I like... I like being a wizard[View]
177533Lebesgue non-measurability What's the ontological status of Lebesgue non-measurable functions? If Lebesgue non-measurable functions 'exist' or if there is behavior that is modeled by Lebesgue non-measurable functions, wouldn't that be behavior that is 'deterministic' but not 'predictable'? If the phenomena of deterministic, non-predictable behavior exists in important ways in the fields of social[View]
177245Italy and wizardry How many fellow italians are here? I get the impression we have a lot of wizards here in Italy. I know IRL a pair of ex classmates who are wizards and from my interaction with italians in internet it seems very common than with other countries[View]
176168Smartphones for the asocial My mom forced a smartphone on me, even though i told her i didnt need it.[View]
171053books about people who overcome suicide/society (I know tyler didnt want to die but stil relevant.holyland is very well written)[View]
168935Best Wizchan Threads What are your favourite wizchan threads of all time?[View]
165864Sex Drive Is it possible overcome your sex drive? I'm 32 years old and I just can't seem to stop thinking about succubi all the time. I understand the pointlessness of erotica but I really can't help it. [View]
158798Exercise Any wizzies here exercise? Whether calisthenics, weightlifting, cardiovascular, or other. Share the reasons why you do/don't exercise, what you do, etc..[View]