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192657How do I help my mom fall in love? Her love life is dead because I live with her. Moving out is out of the question, but maybe I could become less of an embarrassment? What's a good way of explaining to a new person what's wrong with me?[View]
192464Active v. Passive I read >>192412 and >>191880 and I kind of thought this phenomena should be its own thread.[View]
192250 Why are we the way that we are? Just why? Born that way? Environment? Just why, wizbros? Serious thread, no low effort or schizo replies.[View]
192182 Why is whenever the subject of automation comes up, it inadvertently turns into a bunch of nerds jacking themselves off about how blue collar workers will be rendered obsolete. They always think they're somehow immune for some strange reason because their work is "hard". That work isn't so much hard, it's that the human brain is shit at doing it and gets tired of doing it after 4-5 hours. The uppe[View]
192116I don't think you're that dumb. I wanted to spend some time here to point out an elephant in the room: there is an EXTREME disparity between people here calling themselves low IQ or very dumb, and the quality of the posts in explaining how dumb they are. Like, I get the whole "muh Dunning-Kruger" thing, but what I've seen here over the years is a whole different level that I don't feel is suffici[View]
192097I orignally wanted to betabuxx but I couldn't My family legit hired tutors on me and I studied every week and every day but I still turned out to be 5 ft 5 and ethnic - which means betabuxxing won't even work at this height. JFL if I was 3 inches taller like my brother I would have at least gained SOMETHING out of studying. Instead I'm forced to cope or[View]
191959 "I'm gonna turn my life around tomorrow"[View]
191874My rant against a 5'7'' bluepiller You like text walls huh?[View]
191842 What other categories of oucast people dto qualify them do exist?[View]
191740 anyone else feel as though life is just a dream? i know this may seem like i'm going through a basic existential crisis, but still, i can barely envision stuff that happened just moments ago, as if it happened in another life[View]
191587 Who's a shut in? For how long have you been a shut in, bros? Tell me some stories.[View]
191462Fasting anyone here do this?[View]
191440Single Motherhood How has single motherhood affected you? Was anyone here raised by a single mother? I was and it made me a beta half of a man. Probably the biggest reason I became a wizard.[View]
191069 I'm seriously sick of the internet. The people and the media. I'm worn out seeing all this blatant sadism, idiocy and sheepishness going down every day, all day. However I have nothing that is keeping me away from it. If I don't keep my mind occupied, I will go suicidal over my miserable life instead. How do you disconnect as a shutin with nothing going for you? Literally and mentally. Are there a[View]
190977 Life is pointless, struggle after struggle, a brief breeze of happiness between, still all in all, is pointless in the end, can it be different? I don't know the answer for that, only hope for more hope, more smiles, less cry - yet here me(you, we) are here, brief journey through it all - enjoy it or despise it, it all will end some day. [View]
189868Anti-Ambition After hanging out around here for probably too long, and continuing to watch anime, etc., there are a number of pieces of cultural media, fora, and movements that appear to be coalescing together into the same idea that I wanted to point out. In particular, I've been looking at:[View]
189854How are normals so good at everything? I feel so frustrated whenever I'm sucking in a game or something and realize the people I'm losing or comparing myself to probably have a job and social life on top of being better than me at this. High chance they're also younger than me with other hobbies they're good at as well.[View]
189195Sverigetråden thread for swedish wizards[View]
188860 Are you afraid of someone injecting you something without you noticing? Do you think Is possibile?[View]
188748Older NEET NEET above 30, even above 40, do they exist? How is your life? What are some main concerns that you have? [View]
188432Free at last My libido is completely gone. It all started 5 days ago. For the first 3 days I just couldn't cum, then on the 4th day I started being disgusted by the thought of sex and if I tried to force an erection by playing with my penis it was hard to maintain. Today I didn't even try to masturbate for the first time in a while. I ran into porn images and ads while browsing the internet and I f[View]
186716Hitting the Reset Button Do you feel like things would go any differently for you if you were allowed to re-try your life? [View]
178442Yet another anti-natalism thread. What do you do when someone asks you (e.g., your mother), "When are you going to have children, anon?" Have you ever wanted to have kids? Why? Have you ever thought about how fucked up your life would be right now if you had kids? About how fucked up your kids would be?[View]