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205017How did you spend the day anon I have been reading a new book to help with coping strategies it’s called cbt in 7 weeks. Also did some exercise and cardio. It was sunny outside today still a neet but I am going to get resident evil 4 to cope with existence how about you all ?[View]
204969Never had a chance If don't have social skills and aren't good looking, you are doomed at uni and work.[View]
204789 recall one memory during school when you felt betrayed and/or shamed.[View]
204702The Whale A disgusting Anti christian movie shitting all over the christianity Brendan Fraser fr a fat fag with a wheel chair Movie about the average wiz admins life remmber kids don't eat alot not be like brendan [View]
204585Swinging between neetdom bliss and hell. As a neet for a maybe 9 years I enjoy parts of it such as essentially being invisible in society but it’s also something I hate at times I feel like I want a life like everyone else not that it doesn’t have issues. But I always come back to you are a neet you must make peace with this.[View]
204477 If you lived innawoods within 5-10km of a small town, could you get away with it? [View]
204406How do you not self delete as a neet ? For context I am a neet mid 20s went to college you know how the story goes. My mental health took a nose dive because I wanted to be a wagie so much to add value to society and be a cog. That was my thinking how do I rewire my self hatred and shame being a neet and nearly a wizard 🧙‍♀️ in a few years?[View]
204373 Truly the true pure blood wizard, where are they? I only see wizkkido, but where are the TruWiz? [View]
204288Self help Hi anons, im a 28yo kissless virgin here, i found this website today from the 4chins.org and was wondering if this site had any self-help information that isnt inherintly entwined with self deprecation and advocation of self harm or drug abuse[View]
204286wizard beard do you have a wizardbeard, wizards?[View]
204275 How do I convince my parents to let me be a NEET indefinitely? Theyre threatening to take away my PC and internet access. Have any of you NEETs ever had problems with your parents not wanting to enable you, if you have then how did you deal with them?[View]
204233Old & Interesting Websites So, motivated be the multiple threads that often appear in /lounge/ about the current state of modern Internet, I have decided to make something myself and start recompiling groups of old webpages or just interesting sites and posting them here.[View]
204150OLDER NEET Who is the oldest NEET here? Who did the guy survive for so long? What the story?[View]
204015 what's it like living in an apartment/flat for a wizard? can you get comfortable knowing that you're surrounded by people?[View]
203957Wizard Survival Guide You don't have to be miserable to be a wizard. What are your wiz opinions on this pic and what would you add? I've read the Alone Forever books and they weren't bad but I could use more tips. Depression and anhedonia have made it impossible to enjoy anything anymore[View]
203808 Any wizzie living in NZ want to rent out my spare room for $160 a week? I ask on here every time it comes up, I'll probably have some stranger in in a few weeks time and I'd rather get a wizzie in tbh.[View]
203766 Reentered college at 32.[View]
203705Schizo control of money Amongst many symptoms within the neet mind, some of us find ourselves resenting losses of money and even improving things or schemes to live with utter austerity. Usually these types are the ones with the lowest energy, for that implies low workforce and therefore low income.[View]
203554 What is the probably porcentage of true older virgins on this site? let the cut off be 25 and above, I do still think that people below 25 has a good shoot of becoming a normans or borderline normans, but people above 25 become rough. Anyway, what is percentage of true older virgins on this site? Like 95%? Don't seem likely, maybe 65%-80% are tru older virgins, the rest are wannabe wizzkiddo. Why [View]
203515Mindbreaking revelation I just thought about it: we are the ones who are social and not normalfags. Think about it. Most people here from what I gather are rather polite, quiet, kind, tolerant and have more empathy than normalfags. It's normals who are rude, aggressive, paranoid, overly-defensive, overly-private and who don't give a fuck about anyone else except for themselves. In a crazy world the[View]
203425HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH ENRAGING OPINIONS IN THE INTERNET When i come across with some opinion which i strongly disagree with or that i know is incorrect, and is written in a condescending way, i usually stay ruminating about that information in anger. Whatever im doing, the intrusive thought of someone saying that and getting away with it comes back to my head and ruins my moment.[View]
203176...For Nothing.. Is Indeed.. Worthy of Aspiration.. I shall aspire... just to make due with my promise..[View]
203056 Is there a worse faith than being a wizard in Eastern Europe?[View]
202889Normie jerk calls me a pedophile I recently called some guy out on all this anti-white racial hate he had been spewing over the years, so he went digging through my likes (Twitter) to find dirt on me. He found that I had liked a few tweets by an 11 year old actress from a show I used to watch, and decided that was proof that I am a pedophile. He also accused me of stalking the actress... all becaus[View]
202739Drinking or not drinking... I'm 28, and I stay long periods of time without drinking, because the only reason I see in drinking is to get the effects and so... to get near drunk. [View]
202591About 18-29 -> 63% Normie internet is so fucking dumb. Let me explain why 63% of young men are single. The raw disparity in men/succubi who consider themselves single is 4%, so its not due to polygamy or differences in reporting between the genders. Even now exclusive gays are like ~3% of men and ~1-2% of succubi, so it's unlikely that is a substantial contributing factor. [View]
202143My bedrom is just room now. I've removed the bed from my bedroom, so I should just call it a room now. I'm sleeping on top of a couple of blankets I folded in a rather clever way and when I wake up I roll it and put it inside the wardrobe. Large furniture annoys me. So I also got rid of the big table and the chair, the computer is now on a small coffee table. Sitting on the floor. There's now two p[View]
201929 ITT: Post any and all wizdoms about the struggle between so called autists (the real humans) and normalfaggots (the sociopathic NPCs)[View]
201815Modern warfare is a fool's game I just don't understand men that go off to fight in modern wars. There's no benefit, it's not the medieval era where you can crack open a monastery and plunder gold. You can't carry home a war-bride, there's nothing, there's no benefit apart from a shitty pension. There's no skill or test of strength, you're just meat being churned in a meat grinder. It's dehumanizin[View]
201101semen retention is saving my life I live a very simple and minimalist life as a wiz. I do not have a job due to my autism, nor do I have any friends. I do not leave my house or speak to people. I spend most of my time in my house by myself. And I love it this way. This is my dream life sort to speak. For the first time in my life, I finally feel at peace. I feel free from the burdens of the world. [View]
200838 how do NEET wizards who live alone do to get income enough to live in a house/appartment?[View]
200540Take the outdoor freelance pill A lot of you Wizzies need to follow in the steps of Alfie here, and get yourselves on the Odd Job Freelancer Style, riding a tandem bike around and offering your services. You'd be a benefit to your community and feel like your life has meaning then.[View]
200285Hedonism If the hedonic treadmill is a thing, doesn't it make sense to purposefully make yourself miserable as much as you can because resource-wise it's easier to stay in a state of misery than luxury?[View]
199438 I was forced to dance for some niggers[View]
199360Did you miss the boat? Why are people so cruel?[View]
190245Are you ashamed of your nationality ? I am a slav from eastern europe so yes i hate being a 'slav', why couldn't i be born in a country with actual achievements like france, america, spain, italy or even korea[View]