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163411 What's it like not living in a rat-hole? Any good places to live? Where Iive it doesen't really feel safe even going outside( living in a EE hole) I'm curious about cities like L.A and such[View]
163362 I am a Russian anon and I just want to say that I love this imageboard very much. I think this is the last refuge for a person like me. Despite I am newfag and only 19 years old (do not judge strictly), but I already understand that I am non-standard (in a bad way) and that I have embarked on the path of a magician. Thanks for all. Good people are sitting here. For Russian anonymous there is a Rus[View]
163278 Does anyone else use any other communities? Has anyone ever used communities that have either died/or they moved on from them? I was wondering the other day while using another imageboard if any of the anons I was talking to could possibly be from here, or if the rest of you guys are interent hermits that only lurk here.[View]
163257 Does anyone else get deja vu or precognitions? I have been having those feelings ever since I was a little kid and they can range from mild to slightly intense.[View]
163165 Thoughts on this guy?[View]
162933Wizards opinion on fascism and the holocaust What’s your opinion on Hitler and the holocaust? Did it happen?[View]
162908Wizcave Show your cave. Neet so no furniture, im disorganized but clean, Live alone and love to Cook chicken and potatoes[View]
162087 I've been thinking about it and I think i figured out why normie advice is so shit (Just be happy, talk more, be youself). Normie advice is always shit because they've never faced a true outcast of society. The two examples I have off the top of my head are social skill forums and 'just be your self' [View]
161653Solo dining Is this a thing? have you done it before? I know coffee shops/cafes it's normal to go alone but actual restaurants i'm not sure. I used to love to go out to eat with my parents, by myself though I think I would feel uncomfortable.[View]
161128"Anon, are you gay?" How many here have had the "Anon, are you gay?" talk or just people in general being convinced you're gay?[View]
160797Society Would society be better if becoming a wizard were encouraged? If virginity were socially accepted and encouraged, and sex were seen by everyone as gross and animalistic, would our world become better, more free of desire?[View]
159386Psychiatry Hi, I'm a 27yo french neet wizard who've been put in mental asylum by his father two years ago.[View]
159196Ordering things online Does anyone on here order things online? Does anyone use amazon? I always wanted to try an Amazon gift card online but never got around to it.[View]
158521 Tell me everything I need to know about night shift security. [View]
158275Stoa Thread Stoicism is a school of Philosophy with roots in ancient Greece. It is believed that its founder, Zeno of Citium, came to invent it after a unfortunate shipwreck turned him from a prosperous merchant into a very poor man. The story tells that after this unlucky event Zeno became an assiduous reader of the life of Socrates, and that instructed by the example of the old Greek philosopher [View]
157691Leaving the Internet Internet browsing has been an enormously important part of my life. From my young teenage years through to my late 20s. I have spent a tremendous amount of time browsing all kinds of forums and archives. For me it was a great way to learn about the world, and these creatures called humans that inhabit it, from the safety of my room. Especially as someone with autism, reading co[View]
156295Genetics I'm wondering how much of our condition is genetic. [View]
155841 people over 20, how do you still manage to enjoy imageboards when more than 90% of the population is obviously underage or just slightly above the threshold? do you even realize that you're trying to have a discourse about life with people who never had to deal with anything more complicated than math homework? are there actually any people here over 20 who enjoy staying here because you can relat[View]
153066High reliability Autism test Anyone else never officially diagnosed with autism? Your RMET score is supposedly a strong predictor of autism. I thought most questions felt impossible but still didn't do as bad as I thought.[View]