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216788THE LEGENDARY WIZ SUBRACE: THE NEET SHUT IN Plenty of wiz here are WAGIES, now what percentage of Wizchan user are actual NEET shut in? I think this sub race of wiz is actually a minority here, are you this rare breed of wizard? How is your life? What lead you to become a NEET shut in? [View]
216772 My heart hurts. I've seen too much, felt too much, slept too little, and my hair keeps falling. I'm so close to buzzing it off and just abandoning my identity, my personality, everything. I won't be a person anymore. I'll wage for a bit, pay off my debts, and see if any temple will take me in. I don't even care anymore. I'm not attached to anything. Just let it all go.[View]
216687Wizard friendly places So some anon made a virginity poll on the /a/ board of 4chan a few days ago then posted it in various threads. According to this sample, it seems that the board still have a majority of virgins.[View]
216626NEETsphere Beside wizchan, what are some other communities about NEETdom still around online? [View]
216549Magick and the occult Do any of you have magical powers or use any magical tools to assist you in your wizarding life day to day life?[View]
216459 Is there wizards here who genuinely don't care at all that they've never been in a relationship? [View]
216411wizards poll/survey I've made a poll to know better what is wizards situation in life. please, feel free to comment on the results.[View]
216161Loss of a Mind I don't wanna make anybody paranoid, but Alzheimer's/dementia has gotta be the worst possible death for a wizard. It is for most people. But for wizards in particular it's bad because who's supposed to take care of you when you can't take care of yourself? When there's no "self" left, really?[View]
216135High specifity criteria for sperg What are highly-specific criteria for autism?[View]
215297New wizard expectations In less than a year I will be a bonafide wizard and I have already started to feel at peace I feel great all the sadness and worries of my mid 20s are melting away. I love this new state of mind. What other powers come with wizzardship? One minor one is the general sexual disinterest in porn and the succubus that pass me by.[View]
215072Imageboards are dead. Old internet is dead. I don't even bother anymore but when I do I just end up wasting time on the same old sites which aren't even fun to begin with. I tried to quit and go out instead and for a while I think I became a normalfag and even sorta enjoyed it for a while. But then I got disillusioned with it all and realized that it's not for me, so now I am back here again but e[View]
214571Fetishes How do you cope with fetishes you cant control? A lot of failed normalfags couldnt even start sex lives if they wanted to, because their fetishes are so repugnant. Aside from that, having a weird fetish personally fills me with tons of anxiety, mostly because I'm always wasting my free time scouring the net for any type of new material that fulfills my needs. It's uncontrollable; even wors[View]
214361CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH OLDER WIZARDS AND OTHER TYPES Do you know any, in real life, truly older NEETs and wizard? Like dudes in their 40s or 50s that spent most of their life as NEET virgins?[View]
213869Normalfags stealing hobbies and culture Have you stopped enjoying things that you were once into because of tiktok and normalfags driving them to popularity? I've lost interest and appreciation in a lot of old media and hobbies that I grew up with because these unwanted parasites find out about them, form communities around them, tell more people about them, and turn them into mockery. You can't ha[View]