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175669 How much of peoples lives do you think are determined by outside forces in their life that are above their own will and that largely affect their subconscious? I'm talking for example about people making major life decisions not because of, or even in spite of, their plans and ideology, but because their body or world was moving a certainy[View]
175469 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_siJRgDlddY[View]
175304 Why do most people(normalfags) look at voluntary celibacy as something bad? Why do they think like this? [View]
175292Possible future of humanity. I asked this question on other chans, but I haven't acquired meaningful responses. So, the topic I want to discuss with fellow wizards is human cloning. If humanity will go by this path, sex will become practically useless. We will be able to be wizards, but it won't affect the population growth, as cloning facilites are going to be controlled by the government. To make[View]
175022 [i]Researchers identify a new personality construct that describes “an ongoing feeling that the self is a victim”, the Tendency for Interpersonal Victimhood (TIV). It involves 4 dimensions: moral elitism, a lack of empathy, the need for recognition, and rumination.[/i][View]
172864Any wiz living with richfag parents? My parents are very wealthy (for the country i live in) and im a 27 neet.[View]
170189Truck Driving >I just want a solitary job.[View]
168312 How do you prepare to survive during this crisis?[View]
160486Your thoughts on the 2010s? I can't believe it's about to be 2020 in less than 4 months. It went by too fast. Still feels like 2009 was barely 4 years ago. [View]