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157657the last stand of a wiz Im being forced by the circumstances to give private english lessons in my spanishphone country.[View]
157506running a BUSINESS (to hide ur bux) I would like some advice on how to do this from anyone who has experience with it and can give some vague guidelines. I am currently getting welfare bux and the government will reduce my bux if I earn income, so it seems pointless to try because I will only be able to get minimum wage shit jobs not worth my time. There is also a problem with asset limits (though [View]
157444 this is what hermits looked like in the early days of christian monasticism[View]
157201Popularity I wanted to take a moment to discuss the topic of popularity. As a child I noticed that all the popular kids all followed the same trends. They used special lingo, they dressed a certain way, had common interests, they were basically walking memes. Whatever was trendy was what the popular kids were doing and that was influenced more by the culture outside of them, the artists and musicia[View]
157013 If any wizard here wishes to obtain independency one day (as in moving away from your parents home and having enough steady income to live a decent life), I urge you not to enter college or uni and pursue a degree. The job market for these types of jobs is very oversaturated and extremely competetive, since the whole "go to college and become something"-meme has gone way, way overboard in mainstre[View]
156833Tiny House Movement Any wizzie here looking to get a tiny home?[View]
156637 You've shunned succubi.[View]
156523Wizard Think Tank and Academic Journal What would you think about establishing a Wizardchan Think Tank and academic journal?[View]
156501 Hi Wizards[View]
156118parental wills & testaments Anyone dealt with this issue before? My mom wastes hours of my time asking me to review documents like these only to completely ignore the problems I highlight in them and completely puts her trust in some fucking stranger who just wants to burn the retainer she gives them while not carrying out her wishes in the slightest. She even admitted she didn't even read the thin[View]
155942Imagined group and imagined armies Does the thought of having an army, or being part of a giant army, give you comfort?[View]
150346Do you think there could be something to positive thinking, bright siding, silver lining? I know its the epitome of the happy shiny normie people. Just turn that frown upside down. Smile. Look on the bright side. Find the silver lining in the best of all possible worlds. Dr.Pangloss. Pollyanna. But maybe theres something to it. [View]
147819 After many years of waiting, I will finally become a wizard in two days, August 24th[View]
144601Family sit-downs How often are you subjected to them where you are interrogated by a parent, and for how long, if you had to gander? I just had to suffer through about 3 hours of it tonight. She can't grasp the irony that as she tells me not to worry about what she wants, to take time for myself... she is communicating the exact opposite to me by engaging me in personal conversation related to me ([View]
144352Homelessness Survival General Inspired by the long popular and useful Absolute Homelessness Survival thread (archive link here - http://archive.is/FSyGj) and thriving interest and ongoing utility of the topic, a general thread about homelessness and survival in the harsh, sometimes cruel world is in order. [View]
142349 Anyone else didn't learn to drive until your late 20s or even later in life? I haven't because I never had friends or family willing to help teach me or pay for lessons, and the costs of actually owning a car were, and are still, cost prohibitive.[View]