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179101Imageboards After digging through several more obscure boards it dawned on me there's nothing, never was.[View]
179018 This world is so cucked how can NPCs cope in doing the same shit everyday work trying to get money succubus material things same crap [View]
178880 What are you wizards going to do when they make vaccines so compulsory you can’t go outside without getting in trouble with police?[View]
178850 Its amazing how the internet started as a tool for wizards and outcasts to communicate and share knowledge and know is the normie world and you are weird if you dont put your real face in the internet every place on the internet if full of NPC normie crap even 4chan and the Deep Web is amazing that somrthing with a lot of potential become shit so quickly[View]
178686 Who else here felt comfort and excitement after obtaining magical powers and major losses in life? I feel like my life is a sandbox and that I can do whatever I want to, no matter how small or big, if it's within my magical grasp, I can take it. [View]
178654What do you think the rest of the 2020's will be like? I predict that most of this decade is going to be disastrous where each year gets worse than the last year and 2020 is just a preview of what will come in the 2020's. And to think, all of this happened is because people overreacted to some glorified flu with a high survival rate.[View]
178357Money Advice In a few months, i get access to a trust fund with around £700 in it.[View]
178321 >pissed in a bottle again[View]
178255Phones vs. Computers What do you prefer using? [View]
177903Wizoomers Who else here a Wizoomer? Or as old wizards would say, an "apprentice".[View]
177868Ugly people Are ugly people the most opressed group in the world? No one chose to be ugly yet people will treat you like shit. They can be the butt of a joke in every media from movies to comedy and no one will bat an eye yet when it’s about something such as obesity or race people get riled up. Why is this? Do people just enjoy making fun of anyone other than them because it makes them feel bet[View]
177575I am planning my life to be a "wizard". I realized that I am making my life revolve around loneliness, having to interact as little as possible, being isolated from the rest of the world literally speaking.[View]
176657Growing Old and Weak Anyways, my stepfather is going through cancer right now and its got me thinking a lot more about how I'm going to handle this sort of stuff when I get older. My stepfather has family and friends he can count on to drive him around and get him things. I am most probably not going to have this. I did have a great aunt who died in solitude, and to the best of my recollection, [View]
176012Hermitary Any wizzard living the hermit life? I know of the thread about a cabin in the woods but I'm considering buying a small house and I wonder if any wizzards that live like that have any tips. The house has electricity, is in one piece. It's a bit dusty but that can be cleaned. Because it's on the outskirts of a small town it's both completely secluded but close enough to get to town to buy t[View]
175347Stimulants for productivity What is your experience with using stimulants for productivity? I mean proper stims like amphetamine, methylphenidate, other ADHD meds, etc. While I can't get these drugs easily I can order research chemical stimulants that are chemically similar to these drugs, for example the image is a picture of 2-FMA, which reddit says is better than Adderall for productivity. I've[View]
175178A comfy life or a worthwhile one? I'm facing a dilemma whether to live an easy, comfortable life or a harder, perhaps more worthwhile one. I understand that I'm privileged to even be faced with such a problem and most people on this site have it worse than me. If you're in a bad situation and struggling to make ends meet this post may be annoying to you, you have been warned.[View]
174461The lustful wizard Why do lusty people tend to be kinder and loving, whereas puritrons tend to be bitter and hateful?[View]
168849Celibacy Before I begin, I want to mention that I’m using the word celibacy to mean NO SEX, NO PORN, and NO MASTURBATION.[View]
168364Stagnation Anybody else feel like their tastes in life have stagnated? I keep looking back at shit that used to make me happy at earlier points in my life. Rereading the same old books, playing Ratchet and Clank and some old C&C games from when I was younger. I keep looking back at Albino black sheep and reliving those crappy flash animations trying to feel something again. Anybody else reliving th[View]
156522Forced Asexuality Have any of you guys tried "forcing" yourself to become asexual? People on quora (https://www.quora.com/Can-you-become-asexual-by-trying) say that you're born asexual, just like you're born gay, lesbian, trans etc. and that you can't make yourself change your sexuality by you power of will.**they also say that being asexual is a hassle in this oversexualised society, but wizards p[View]