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166351HELLO Nearly Warlock, or Something, Here What to say?[View]
165987low-income wizards that live on their own Where is this even affordable? Where I live minimum wage even with 40 hours wouldn't be enough to rent an apartment even a studio. There's also little prospect of getting 40 hours at a min wage job here. [View]
165540 Have you cut your hair before? What tools do you need? I'm balding and I hate having to pay $15 every month just for them to trim the side of my head. Youtube videos make look it pretty and I don't see how could fuck it up that bad worst case scenario I give myself a buzzcut.[View]
165504Euthanasia why shouldn't euthanasia be legal? no one chose to be born, therefore we should have the right to leave peacefully at any moment.[View]
165274Mobile Home/Trailer/RV Lifestyle What do you guys think of living in a motorhome? Have you lived in one? Do you curerntly own and travel/live in one? Do you feel this is a good lifestyle for wizards? [View]
164899olanzapine , antipsychotics A popular thing that should be known among us here downside, sometimes some of you will be "invited" to receive treatment for some schizo-whatever thing you have.[View]
164585Endless Noise If there is anything unbearable about this dystopian hellhole that we're finding ourselves in more and more, it's the endless noise of modern civilization. Wherever I am, regardless of whether it is in my own house, where the TV blares 16 hours a day, or in a store where the radio too blares out endless generic and soulless tunes about fucking succubi, nigger and crime and of course m[View]
164288 What to do if you truly lose hope? Is it possible to regain, and if it is, did you lose it in the first place?[View]
164123 What kind of life do you lead now? How often do you leave your home and interact with live people (relatives, strangers, for example, sellers or taxi drivers, no matter)? How often do you post on this site?[View]
1630852020 Resolutions Yes it's that time again when I post this beautiful picture and we talk about what are we going to try and achieve for the next year. It doesn't need to be any specific goal, sometimes you just want to change your behavior in general.[View]
162131The Famous Awkward Question Has anybody ever asked you if you are a virgin? If so, what did you answer? As for the rest, how would you feel in that situation? How would you answer that question?[View]
159869Goodbye NEET life About to get a call back for my first "real" job, it's IT tech support.[View]
148096Small town heroes Who are your heroes? My heroes are the kind-hearted souls who are passionate with their modest hobbies and live a life of eternal adolescence. Think the guy who lives for anime or the collector or the toy train enthusiast. And who are so genuine gentle and not of this world that they are seen as fossils to the outside world. [View]