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I don't know whether this has to do with me being a virgin bro, but I've always loved the trope in shows where a serious, angry female fighter, attacker, villain, or any upset and belligerent succubus blushes after being randomly kissed by the guy she is trying to physically hurt, or after receiving some form of affectionate treatment, whether by accident or on purpose.
I like that it shows more depth to the character, revealing that she is a vulnerable human, and has a softer feminine romantic side. It's also hilarious as well, seeing that a kiss can break her concentration and make her feel infatuated for a moment. I've enjoyed this trope ever since I was a kid. It’s a masculine idea that you can quell a succubus’s ire with a kiss, even if it's just for a mere second, and I think it works really well in fiction. It is a male fantasy I suppose but it is a funny and interesting one.

This thread is to share all those tropes that you like, virgin bros
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>i think anime people are weirdos
> most of them are weirdos
>BITCH WHAT?! these comic book bitches
I think people who write like niggers should be banned from wizchan and from life.
I also think that normalniggers like you who hate on wizards who like anime and call them weirdos have no place here.

Daily reminder
>The name Wizardchan is inspired by a meme of Japanese origin. As stated in the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai:
>If you pass the age of thirty as a virgin, you become a wizard

You will never be a virgin bro, you will always be a nigger with your mentality.

Virgin bros won, normalnigger scum lost.



>I also think that normalniggers like you who hate on wizards who like anime and call them weirdos have no place here.

i did not hate on you, you were unable to defend against my valid concerns regarding your dangerous passion, revealing how shallow your thoughts about it must have been. you act like all i did was ad hominem, but ad hominem was merely one of the many things i did and apparently the only one you were able to respond to while all the other things i brought forth went over your head.

you have lost touch with reality. you don't care if something is real. you are broken. you live in the pod already, probably getting ready to eat insects as i type this. that is why i look down on you. i think you did a poor job in writing itt. i would not trust you to bring trash to the trash can, that's how dumb i consider you.

>I think people who write like niggers should be banned from wizchan and from life.

i do think you are a bitch though and i can not think of a better way to describe someone like you. you are weak, you don't understand yourself and your actions, you live in a fantasy world, you don't have the mental apparatus of someone older then 30. you are still a child in the worst sense. not child as in innocent, unassuming, curious about the world and motivated to grow, child in the sense that you can not take care of yourself and child as in unwilling to care about potential danger.

>Virgin bros won, normalnigger scum lost.

i'm not normal, you are a caricature and what you just did with this sentence was escape to fantasy. you escaped the reality of this text exchange into a fantasy version in which you "won". you didn't won, but you just pretend you do. you create an anime of this conversation to escape into, which was the exact danger i was trying to warn about. you are not real.


if the two of you were both *really* as satisfied with your respective lives as you claim, there would be no need to come on here and defend your choices, much less belittle the life paths of others.


File: 1718541677303.jpg (36.98 KB, 728x410, 364:205, dystopian-cyberpunk-sad-vi….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


don't lump me in with someone who may as well put on a vr-headset and stay in virtual reality all day while real reality happens without him. just cut off your body, have your brain be kept in a glass filled with glowing fluid, attach it to usb and keep it alive so you can watch videos in your head.

if you don't think this should be belittled then you defend it, what's so great about a life based on illusion and without substance?. i'm just over here belitteling the concept of illusion and entertainment while you come up with something of substance, in the meantime (assuming you too can not come up with anything that justifies this life) i look down on you.


you are literally mentally ill lmfao

File: 1718230478939-0.jpg (213.71 KB, 2362x1575, 2362:1575, theater.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1718230478939-1.jpg (20.29 KB, 299x388, 299:388, giving up entertainment.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i notice a tangible disdain for fiction growing inside of me. there are stories told that are revolutionary, no matter the shape they ended up in:


>theater with live actors
>movies with actors
>drawn and animated
>computer generated
>video games

or whatever else. the shape is not so important. there are a few of those who are unbelievably incredible; so powerful they help to transcend the confines of the currently established illusion. they are worth watching.

but then 99,9% are just people who wanted to be artist as a way to make money and live boring lives and have children and be normal. they don't have the spark. they are trash, most of their ideas are trash and the few good ones are too edgy so they don't make it in the final product and instead they get notes on how to make their shit. propaganda. they are not worth watching.

unless someone is so fortunate to see some of those rare gems, what excuse is there to waste the brief human experience on being a passive consumer of 'low quality unreality'? is it the attempt to escape the shit life the human is trapped in for a made up fantasy-life? maybe. like a fat boy pretending to be thin and good looking in a video game. like a rejected succubus playing with plastic dolls.

it doesn't add up to me. there is no time to watch fiction. fiction isn't real. enjoy real life while it lasts, it easily perishes.

reality is better then fiction. fiction sucks. only nice thing beside the few legendary masterpieces i can think of is that you can press pause on it. reality has no pause button and being used to having a pause button is the begin of the journey away from reality. you know the amish believe buttons corrupts people and i am beginning to see they may have a point. i think they mean buttons on a shirt though…

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About the neocortex and ability to recognize bullshit, I think that is the "fruit of the tree of knowing good and evil" that's written about in the bible. The ability to understand the concept of falsehood is the one thing that makes humans different from the rest of the animals. Animals may use deception or stealth, but only as instincts, with no understanding of what they are actually doing, and for what purpose. animal There is no "good" and "evil" anyway, only truth and lies. Not saying I believe the literal story of creation from the bible, but maybe the ancients figured this out, and the creation story was the best way they could put it, idk.

Anyway, here is an even more retarded crack pot theory: the male nature is that of truth; the succubus nature is that of lies. The succubus disregards any notion of objective truth, and weaves her words and appearance for her own solipsistic benefit. The succubus taints the man with the ability to lie, and thus she was the first to taste the fruit and pass it on to the man.

My experience with various people irl confirms this - the less experience with the other sex a man has had, the more truthful is is to himself. Men who have been in multiple relationships are deprived of such values and do not consider the well-being of others when waging their options. Only their ego matters.

That was one of my smelliest brain farts, thank you for reading it.


File: 1718565159062.jpg (20.99 KB, 500x517, 500:517, memri.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>About the neocortex and ability to recognize bullshit, I think that is the "fruit of the tree of knowing good and evil" that's written about in the bible. The ability to understand the concept of falsehood is the one thing that makes humans different from the rest of the animals. Animals may use deception or stealth, but only as instincts, with no understanding of what they are actually doing, and for what purpose.

yeah could be. when i am an owl and i can fly without making a sound i consider this 'ability', it has nothing to do with trust. when another bird pretends to be one-legged (as to appear weak and easy to kill) in order to lure predators away from the nest, i consider that lying. if the predator knew the bird was an actor and go straight for the nest, it has everything to do with trust. knowledge of that bird and the lying ways of one-leggedness would prevent the predator from being fooled. the owl can not be heard even if the predator tried.

fruit (as a source of electricity that the nervous system runs on) might also be a reference on what has made such a difference in the development of the human nervous system: a digestive apparatus that can harness the electricity and quickly digest it before it dissipates as biological electricity seems to be rather unstable and difficult to handle. i keep wondering if they could have known what the most electrical food was but then i remember how much ancestral stuff the industrialization made the people unlearn. the stories of 200 year old people are valuable clues in the fringes of naturopathy. they will have had cause and effect opportunity to see the difference in people who ate according to their biology and a sinful eater.

>the male nature is that of truth; the succubus nature is that of lies

i've been thinking in similar directions for a while now; just by seeing how succubi choose to use the digital space to express themselves and solve their most pressing needs: deceit and conspiracy. to succubi everything is theater and everyone is an actor. every place is a stage and every interaction is an opportunity for self-aggrandizement, climbing some imaginary social ladder that determines who enslaves everyone else. complete identification with the corrupt social hierarchy theater as if they were humanoid dogPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1718567036605.mp4 (6.26 MB, 320x176, 20:11, JRE 1780 relative truth.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


>it degenerates the advanced human brain back into a state of total unquestioning certainty and acceptance
Not atall. Humans are capable of differentiating fiction from reality, even children can, past a certain age. I agree that most fiction is crap, but a funny TV show is always enjoyable, are both entertaining.


>Not atall. Humans are capable of differentiating fiction from reality, even children can, past a certain age.

parts of the human are. those anatomically modern human parts are. the older mammalian and reptilian parts of the brain i don't think function that way. from what i piece together it appears the reptilian part considers everything it perceives real, this is why marketing is so powerful, suggestion, repetition, authority. the smart kids that use their brain can.

>I agree that most fiction is crap, but a funny TV show is always enjoyable, are both entertaining.

there are shows that are fun, but even those, every hour you spend watching them is an hour that you are not living in your real life. you could have watched a documentary, at least that's related to reality. currently i watch a lot of independent news and conspiracy theories which is toxic in other ways and i wont do it much longer.

entertainment could be dangerous in the sense that it detaches you from reality, i think i was watching so much entertainment in my life there is just lots of stuff i never figured out about real life. like seasonal awareness, how to cease a day and stuff like that. whenever i was uncomfortable i would watch entertainment until i felt better. that's a terrible way to deal with a bad life. the bad life gets better not by avoiding it but by trying to improve it. life can be so nice that entertainment becomes meaningless because you already feel good being active and creative. entertainment can feel like driving through a car wash even though your car already looks like new and you wonder "why am i doing this, this is a waste of time?!"

File: 1712239321763.jpg (72.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1681905128474115.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Let's have a "official" NEET/Hikikomori thread on /lounge/.
If you're a NEET or a Hikikomori, feel free to post something you think is worth sharing.
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made by a japanese doctor (or psychatrist, don't remember) but yeah the terms he uses are pretty harsh


It's that sly shifting of all blame into the individual as opposed to the society that created the individual.

>inb4 personal responsibility

Sure but there's only so much you can do by yourself if your circumstances suck.


File: 1717761093679.jpg (3.82 MB, 3840x2360, 96:59, 1658713150584842.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

being a hiki/neet had become a lifestyle. but. soceity donnt lile when someone live like an modern hermit, so specialist pressure soceity telling it being a hikikomori is a illness and he must go back to work.
they want us to feel bad about our life and are jealous because we are free from societal duties (like working)


File: 1717789159029.png (396.08 KB, 640x448, 10:7, d86353a1ca733eafe3e115e195….png) ImgOps iqdb

I can't stay calm, I'm always worried about going back to work. I don't think I'll be a neet forever, so I have to consider the work scenario and I'm stressed because of the pressure (from society and loved ones)


Being a wagie who barely scrapes by and is tormented by normies all day is a far worse fate imo. You could always prepare cheaper food to eat. Sadly, as neets we're going to have to improvise and find other ways of surviving this inflation.

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I saw this movie and it is one of the saddest and most decadent things I have seen in a while. A guy who was biologically designed to be submissive and follow orders, with the sole objective of killing his race, where his only consolation is an AI that appears as pornographic propaganda everywhere, at the same time that it is used in the worst possible way to be nothing more than another mercenary, making him believe that he is somehow the chosen one or some shit like that.

I haven't seen such a decadent movie in a while. The characters are dead inside, they are simple machines for killing and following orders, they lack freedom and are nothing more than puppets used for other people's interests.
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Yeah I have some unique kinks and fetishes. And yet I don't need to seek out a very specific type of porn. I watch very generic porn but just impose my own story on it, like my plot was what lead up to the current events. So power of imagination + 4k production combined its explosive.


glad it works for you, my fetishes would require something visual, not just a background story, so I'm a bit more unlucky I guess


hey, I do this too.


the media provides you with that, you're meant to self-insert by default



File: 1715539403727.jpg (146.78 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, osu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


wizards itt i try to channel a spell. since i am a legit health wizard, my focused attention can manifest physically. there is surprisingly few magical activity happening in here but i am not willing to take example of that.

the spell i am humbly attempting is healing. these are the magic words:

>may every wizard who wants to be more healthy find a way to become more healthy.

the idea is i keep posting in the thread, having the thread serve as a reminder for you; of your power to create positive change in your life and not succumb to the general direction of decay. i intend to hold high the proclamation that you can be both the architect and the builder of a better life if you so choose, it is up to you. you can just decide to be more healthy, demand it from yourself and watch the gears start to turn as your intelligence comes up with ideas to improve your situation and then your muscles turning the ideas into actions.

i've said this before, don't mind me repeating it: the number one most important aspect of healing is the belief that it is possible to improve. everything starts from this positive expectation, this confidence and if you boil it down and look into why some people have it and others don't, it is that those who have it decided to have it. choose health.
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Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what every man wishes, that he also believes to be true.” - Demosthenes

i resent this labrat perspective on humans. that's the kind of potential-denying oversimplification of the human experience that only someone can arrive at who oversees humanity without being a part in it; from outside a window. that's how you'd talk about your grain reserves, not about humans.

apart from that i resent the implied schizophrenia aspect. not everyone is 20 different personalities that are all blind to each others thoughts and actions and can act independant from each other. what are you, some kind of video game from the 90s where people take turn in hotseat? who is at the seat now? where did they touch you, show me on the doll…

to put it more bluntly: THE MOMENT YOU INTEND YOU LIE TO YOURSELF, YOU ARE AWARE THAT YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. that implies that you have to find away to be unaware of your own actions as to better lie to yourself. HOW IS THAT EASY? "Nothing is easier than self-deceit." oh really Demosthenes? you sound like you have not understood what this implies because this implies a split personality or at least some other way to circumvent awareness.

how many people are there? for a liar to to lie to a victim, there needs to be a liar and a victim, that's two people already. there is probably a third person to help hide the liar from other people, someone who seems normal and inconspicuous. man what a mess. that's imaginary friends.

>I’m sorry but I’m not really interested in discussing it further, I shouldn’t have said anything at all.

i am always disappointed when someone contributes nothing to a thread and makes no attempt to communicate his perspective and instead just points to some website: "here, whatever they are saying".

if this is your approach for communication, why even bother to say anything at all, just point to the most prestigious university always and rest assured in the conviction that they must have figured it out.

the only thing i agree with you is that you should be sorry because you were not able to back up your original post with substance.
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after a while of putting effort into maintaining a positive habit, it no longer requires the effort. it just becomes normality. everything becomes effortless and quick and suddenly there is space to do other things.

in the beginning making a big change costs willpower, a short duration of climbing up a hill. the hill is never as big as it seems though. after walking up this hill carefully, making small steps, the top is reached and after that it goes downhill and everything becomes easy.

the willpower only needs to be summoned in the beginning. i keep wondering if most people's perception of willpower is just wrong. they think of it as a genetic attribute. an adjective that you are either born with or not. that's idiocy to me, all willpower is keeping a thought in your head. thinking it often. thinking about it, imagining it. that's all it is. achieving something is thinking about it for one minute today and for two minutes tomorrow. it's a verb, it's an action, it's a skill and the more you do it the better you get at it.

every time i completed something using willpower i am left with the same feeling: this was easy, i thought it might be difficult but it turned out it wasn't, had i known how easy it would have been i would not have procrastinated it for so long. complete a few things that way and you are already deep into using your potential and everything seems like it is easy and possible. that's how a positive upward spiral that can lift a person out of depression/ nihilism can begin. just by holding the thought.

i already eat healthy but recently i put a bit more effort in and bothered to get stuff i believe is even better for me and stopped eating a snack here and there once in a while. my father wanted to buy me dinner in an indian restaurant today and i tricked him. i said "sure come over at 11 and then later we can go eat there" and instead of having him buy me cooked dinner in a restaurant, i made a big ass salad with this increadible sauce from sesame paste and raw tomato. been feeling good the last few days, i know i am over the hill now and maintaining eating like this and rejecting all sinful food will be easy now.


time is the only currency. there are other currencies that pretend to be the currency but they are not the currency.



time is not money

one thing (which arrogantly insists on being called currency) decides how big and luxurious your bedroom is or how shiny and new your vehicle is. it can be measured in pieces of paper, or variables in a computer. mostly just bytes on a memory.

the other thing (which humbly doesn't advertise for itself) decides whether you will be here tomorrow.

one can be easily regulated, manipulated and stored.

the other one is just and righteous, it is distributed to everyone fairly. similar to the sun who shines on everybody unconditionally. it is so perishable that it can never be stored. it can only be used fresh.

through the theater of 'work' one (the fake one) exists as a desperate attempt of those who don't have the other, to trick people out of their fair share of the other.

money is just a complicated, cruel, deceitful method of holding other people's time hostage.

don't be tricked into giving your fair share away. you can not hold it, only slightly bend it in your favor. keep it and use it while you have it.


File: 1718441601103.jpeg (96.98 KB, 800x770, 80:77, short term health mindset.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1718315092019.png (363.62 KB, 626x885, 626:885, bridget2.png) ImgOps iqdb


I am looking for interesting/funny youtube channels and podcasts in spanish to use for input/immersion about ANY topic/subject, would be grateful for your suggestions
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File: 1718360759554.png (362.6 KB, 481x720, 481:720, todim.png) ImgOps iqdb



Discord is a social network for gay parasite ridden children
Bridget is a man


File: 1718367331076.png (268.42 KB, 736x481, 736:481, tv.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you for the suggestion, I never played those games, I know he is basically a trap (in some game they even made him a straight up tranny to pander to the woke mob) i still think he is cute and love his character design + I believe Discord is good if you want to text someone in private,, joining public/major servers is another story


> I believe Discord is good if you want to text someone in private,, joining public/major servers is another story
Yeah, it's solid for one-on-one communication if not for the file sharing alone. Steam used to be good for this but it's stuck in some anti-Goldilocks zone of neither being simple and accessible or advanced and feature-rich
>in some game they even made him a straight up tranny to pander to the woke mob
Oh my, no. The most recent game has him finally come to terms with the fact that he's a man, and then he decides that he's going to stop being pushed around by his parents who wanted him to be a succubus. In the Western localization (botched on many levels), his lines are watered down to him "accepting who he really is", which retards interpreted as him "accepting his troon identity" or some shit.

>Side character in off-beat indie fighting game

>Made to mock a Chinese philosophy of daughters born under X circumstances being unlucky
>Mocks the idea of parents trying to decide their kid's futures
>In spite of obvious predetermined factors such as sex
>Never included in another game for 20 years
>Comes back, denounces transvestism and child grooming
Transvestites: Oh my sciences she literally affirms me cutting my femdick off


File: 1718369495721.png (832.03 KB, 1300x1244, 325:311, la.png) ImgOps iqdb

Trannies are sadly fucked in the head and soul

File: 1703158172586.jpg (231.35 KB, 833x856, 833:856, 7Lrh5QYvuoJSRJV4k_16IV__PG….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Some seriously evil people in this world, what do you gain out of purposefully shitting on people's lives? Your life is not better than ours, quite the opposite if you're going to harass wizards…
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I hope not. Look what happened to 4chan. I just want to have this


If i was living some fulfilling normie life i honestly don't think i'd bother shitting on wiz's with such venom. They'll laugh and tell you "LOL, IT TAKES NO TIME OR EFFORT TO SHIT ON YOU!", but it seems like such an odd thing to do if you're genuinely happy with your station in life. I guess modern life has reduced everyone to an online schizo and all that's left to do is signal to everyone how totally above it you are.


>Look what happened to 4chan. I just want to have this
wait, you want the same thing to happen to wizchan?


No sir. I just want to have wizchan be free from the riffraff


The internet is just the facilitator. In reality most people were such demons thousands of years before the internet existed.

People are just vile and disgusting.

File: 1712507973083.gif (225.28 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 19e8e10d98b44c80531ad96b55….gif) ImgOps iqdb

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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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All these years I never knew this had sound.


Yeah I think I've only ever seen it as a .gif before. I like it better with sound.


something deep inside me is trying to tell me something but I don't know what. I think it's the answer to whether there is a life for me outside this neet wizcel life, but I certainly don't know or perhaps i just don't want to know. I oppose change because I am way too comfortable. I oppose a different life when this modern society is not worth living for, less contributing to. The only way is the neet way.

It's been like that for more than 10 years now.

Better not think about a different happiness, not this late in the game.



When in the fuck we getting new wikipedia thread?

[Last 50 Posts]


I'm a 34-old permanent virgin and my future looks bleak. Strangely enough I'm not really bothered by all that.

I fully realized one truth today however, and it hit me like a sledgehammer: Succubi, surely not all of them but the vast vast majority, are boring and predictable as some cutout cartoon character. I don't dislike them, I masturbate to pictures and fantasies including them on the daily, I've got really nothing against them. But I don't appreciate their prolonged company, as most of them are shallow, overly fixated on looks and trends and are really touchy … If I were gay (and this thought keeps echoing in my mind for some while now), things would be so much easier.
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They're like a pet that can ruin your life and has the whole legal system on their side. On top of that they're chronic liars and cheaters. I don't understand why normalfags chase after them. The only difference between a female and a demon is that demons are much nicer.


File: 1713449868480.jpg (5.59 KB, 214x236, 107:118, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A coomer's future always looks bleak. You could at least try edging or SR but like no damn way, so there is your life force going literally down the drain.


>I remember years ago discussing with a neurotypical friend our 'ideal' partners. Some stuff I said were shared niche interests, being able to discuss things deeply, reserved and loyal etc. He just looked at me and said "Dude you're not looking for a girlfriend, you're looking for a bro you can fuck".
He was spot on when he said that.
What you described is definitely not something a succubus can offer and it sounds more like a buddy or roommate. succubi and relationships like that only exist in anime.

You came to the right conclusion as you chose to not be a nice guy weirdo and instead disregard females as any self-respecting man would. If you can notice a hostility in their expressions and remarks you are most likely right about that as well because that's how they act.


> If I were gay (and this thought keeps echoing in my mind for some while now), things would be so much easier
you will most likely be on some medication, have mental disorders, and be a sexhaver with a high body count, if you were gay.


There are some succubi like that but they are usually fat and a bit masculine, i. e. the polar opposite of the ideal most men go for.

They are basically just guys who happen to have female private parts.


We really can't stop winning wiz bros while dumb cattle who follow blindly the media fell victim to one of the biggest pharma corpo scams of the century and to this day, they keep losing.
They bought into the psyop, wore double masks, took the jab and got triple quadruple boosted, and even got into fights with people who did not want to take the deadly jab. These npc cattle shilled for it as well on social media, it wasn't enough for them to take it themselves, they wanted everyone to be vaxxed.

On the other hand, every intelligent wizard was able to tell from a mile away that it was fishy, you can just do a quick research and see that Pfizer CEO is a kike and kikes have a bad reputation, as liars and fraudsters. The kikes behind the media were pushing for this state of emergency and lockdowns due to a harmless virus that supposedly came from china, yet wizards did not fall for it because we knew it was bullshit.
Everyone that took the vaxx might as well be dead, because in their compliance for the powers that be their human freedom was gone as well. Their spirit to be free from mental slavery was not there, maybe it was never there in the first place.

I did not fall for it and wasn't afraid because I've been gifted with foresight. Now, almost 5 years later, the sheep have to admit they were wrong and got manipulated, that the vaccines were not safe and effective. That the science was more concerned with money than with saving lives.

>AstraZeneca withdrawing Covid vaccine, months after admitting rare side effect. The Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is being withdrawn worldwide, months after the pharmaceutical giant admitted for the first time in court documents that it can cause a rare and dangerous side effect

>AstraZeneca has insisted the decision to withdraw the vaccine is not linked to the court case or its admission that it can cause TTS. It said the timing was pure coincidence.

Stay strong, wiz bros, and remember: the biggest hoax is reproduction.
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/pol/ was right
>Excess strokes
>Excess cancer
>Excess blood clots
>Excess heart attacks
it's already happened and keeps going on



>violent resource conflicts? that is darwinism 101. it is exactly what we have been programmed to do based on millions of years of evolution.

that's not universally agreed upon. look into hunter gatherer communities, their culture, values and social norms. you fell for the psychopath's theater, trying to insist that everything is war all the time. the hundreds of thousands of years when anatomically modern humans climbed down trees were not one big war and rape orgy, that's just what warriors and rapists say because they don't want to be considered mentally ill.

>again, darwinism 101.

fuck your darwinism you teacher's pet. it is not the golden key to open all doors that you want it to be.

>groups enable better odds at survival. all human knowledge/progress is based on cooperation and the sharing of knowledge. no groups means all individual progress is lost when the individual dies, meaning knowledge cannot compound over time.

it's all about the group size. there are group sizes that make sense and then the large the group gets, the more ridiculous, centralized, psychopathic, illusory, injust and dystopian the group becomes. there are group sizes that are mutually beneficial and then when the group becomes too big, it turns into slavery and war.

dunbars number suggest human group size is organically around 150, which sounds a bit too big for me but i could handle 150.

millions of people, billions of people, that's automatically slavery. that's people licking public toilets.

>everything you are bitching about is the result of natures plan. all human instinct/behavior is just reactivity to our environment… you know, nature?

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I love how there are "mysterious" excess deaths in many, many countries and also how constantly ill vaxxed normies are now. In my country now I constantly see normalniggers with WEEKS long flu or colds. And that is the fun part, they now say it's a cold or flu, they don't even think about covid when 3 years ago they would get diagnosed even if you got shot in the head lmao. The vaxx destroyed their immune system. Hopefully they start to die soon so housing prices go down. Total Normalnigger Death.


Fauci cried like a bitch in COVID hearing.


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