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The Wizard's source for knowledge about events in the mundane.

As always, try to keep politically-charged news in the politics thread.
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Rejoice muh comrads, for the time has come! Soon we will live in the neetheaven of mother russland, while capitalistic pigs around the world gonna suc dic to pay for their meme college depts.


What makes you think it means anything? It's just talk.


Just let me dream a bit.



very well might have been. subtract 20 years from that guy and he doesn't seem too different from neet wizards.

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ITT, post the last thing you fapped to.
Let's be tasteful and share the nice things!

Some places where you can find an image source before asking:

Previous thread: >>248171
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File: 1600609234683.mp4 (9.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, loli at the pool.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

What about 3D Western artists like >>254163 and


File: 1600615095527.jpg (42.32 KB, 512x718, 256:359, bump-horse.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1600621393029.png (1.21 MB, 672x846, 112:141, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1600621538562.png (1.45 MB, 1080x720, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



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File: 1600385015742.jpg (71.23 KB, 750x430, 75:43, recom letter.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am going to fake my recommendation letters for graduate studies in another country. I got the letters all set and ready. I don't know signature of professors so i will just randomly sign them. The names and positions will be real but the uni i apply requires e-mail and phone to be on mail as well.

now i got three options and please show me an alternative or pick one option

a) Put professors correct contact info and hope they don't check. This is quite risky.

b) Put professors correct contact info with typos. Mails won't be sent and phones won't go through. If they realize it i will just say prof made a typo. Still risky but not as much.

c) Make my own gmail/outlook with profs name. Problem with that is that mail has no @edu prefix so they could outright reject it.

Show me the correct way please. By the way i am from a third world country applying to another third world one so chances of it getting checked are less than 0.1% however i'd still like to be on safe side.

I am from Pakistan and i am applying to universities in China and South Korea.
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A chinese wiz? Now that's a first for me.


You could look into fake reference companies.



Don't worry, I've been the only Chinese in Internet communities a million times.


Are you using a VPN or what? arent worried about surveillance?


ballsy move. I like it.

also if you get your phd or whatever, hop on by to america, that's the type of bold initiative we love.

File: 1599494660934.png (320.5 KB, 960x3641, 960:3641, compass.png) ImgOps iqdb

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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

Archive link of last threads
#1: Politics Thread https://web.archive.org/web/20170404000746/http://wizchan.org/lounge/res/133215.html
Politics Thread #2: Wizlam Edition - https://web.archive.org/web/20170404000634/wizchan.org/lounge/res/135806.html
Politics Thread #4: Wizpilled Edition 5/12/2017 - https://archive.fo/3wlfT
Politics Thread #5: All So Tiresome Edition 7/3/2017 - https://archive.fo/QlRs1
Politics Thread #6: World on Fire Edition 8/18/2017 - https://archive.fo/6YxvY
Politics Thread #7: Temptations Intensify Edition 8/31/17 - https://archive.fo/Y0JQu
Politics Thread #8: Left and Right Edition 10/11/17 - https://archive.fo/H0llg
Politics Thread #9: Reading Anything Online Edition 11/7/17 - https://archive.fo/yxGrJ
Politics Thread #10: The Truth Will Set You Free Edition https://archive.fo/UrurS
Politics Thread #11: someone had to make it edition - https://archive.fo/y71b2
Politics Thread #12: Fuck the pastebin edition - https://archive.fo/wD4il
Politics Thread #13: Ironic Marxist Edition - https://archive.fo/xfWZY
Politics Thread #14: Civil Discussion Edition - https://archive.fo/Ck8Xe
Politics Thread #15: OverPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Propaganda is bad
All news is propaganda. Literally most things are propaganda.


what does that have to do with trump picking a succubus you fucking nigger moron


China and the Washington Oscars


…People in the US speak of China’s brazen aggressiveness. Chinese aggressiveness? Did China invade Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands? Has China spent almost twenty years butchering Afghans, militarily seized Syria’s oil, supported Saudi Arabia in a murderous war against Yemen, supervised the destruction of Libya, bombed Somalia? Does China try to starve Iran and Venezuela into giving Washington control of their oil? Does China push its (nonexistent) NATO vassals ever closer to Russian border? Yes, China is an international menace. No one can doubt it.

Aggressiveness? True, America has only a piffling few military bases around the world, a mere scattering of about 800, while the aggressive China, always shameless, has one, at Djibouti. Today, the Horn of Africa. Tomorrow, San Francisco. My God, we must gird our loins, send more money to the Pentagon. Next thing we know, the squinty-eyed bastards will be dating our daughters at Harvard….


>50¢ has been deposited into your account


Huh, that is kind of amazing. Now that I think about it, having a website find and fix small errors to links is a brilliant idea.

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File: 1599063091683.png (43.58 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 01.png) ImgOps iqdb

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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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Do something actually productive that will benefit you in the future.


big red flag right there


File: 1600590103243.jpg (43.7 KB, 425x351, 425:351, y.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>mindfulness and CBT


Why are you a retard?


File: 1600614381517.png (98.78 KB, 1000x596, 250:149, Sin título.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you check this map you see the some of the areas with lowest income are in that area, so maybe any person who could afford to leave already did?

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File: 1599602800831.jpeg (182.91 KB, 800x1058, 400:529, George-W-Bush.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Has anyone else noticed how boomers have started blaming the newer generation for their lack of success because they followed boomer’s directions? The argument I’ve been hearing goes something like this:
>Yup. You abstained from alcohol, just like we asked.
>You abstained from drugs, just like we asked.
>Got into trouble with the law less than we ever did.
>Less partying than we ever did.
>More studying than we ever did.
>And that’s why you’re so fucked up. We were expecting you to be normal human beings and break the rules more, but you never did, and that’s why you’re so fucked up.
>It was all a giant shit-test and you failed it, it's all your fault, not ours at all.
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you’re a nice person


File: 1600568601842.jpg (65.95 KB, 600x719, 600:719, Cy2YMk4VQAAJjrr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm just glad that despite being unhealthy chainsmoking, drunk slobs boomers are being kept alive by heroic medical intervention to live in the hard times they created.


are the times supposed to be hard right now?


My tendies were slightly overdone today, hard times indeed


Declining but still decades, perhaps even over a century, away from anything resembling hard times. You can tell because clearly we still have resources but most people are not very happy or living directionless/meaningless lives.

A great indicator of hard times would be when you begin to see succubi take on a more submissive and supportive rle (Hard times = Unsafe = might get hurt or die; Stay at home with the children = Safe). The men become more dominant and take lead to face uncertainty and change it to certainty; Look at Americas, Africa, SEA, China, Russia, Europe, ME, etc. both history and modern events.

File: 1600463766485.png (5.02 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, suffocating.png) ImgOps iqdb


I am a black wizard apprentice from Atlanta. While I am tall and somewhat attractive, I have zero interest in interacting with a succubus. I am also autistic, and having one of my special interests be hip hop allowed for me to be at least somewhat socially capable when I needed to be. If I had to make small talk with another black male, I could just go on about the production techniques of Atlanta Trap vs Chicago Drill. and they would be interested enough. I never really had an interest in succubi, nor could connect with anyone around me, causing me to spend most of my time as alone as possible.

I'm just wondering is there any other black wizards/wizards apprentices on here? I know our culture sucks and we're loud and annoying, but there's some of us out there.

Pic unrelated, just something I drew up.
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You didn't even acknowledge my post writing to you while being the only black person to answer your post but would rather autistically write about something unrelated to the question?


HAHA he got you!


What happened to his videos? The last i saw of him a couple years ago he was crying in a bangkok apartment or something, where did he go?


File: 1600608186620.png (52.03 KB, 249x238, 249:238, 1418557144403.png) ImgOps iqdb

What a coincidence.

I too am tall, attractive and quirky autistic wizard. Even though succubi find me attractive, I'm simply not interested in mingling with them outside of work let alone my own time.

>I know our culture sucks and we're loud and annoying, but there's some of us out there.

Yes, that voodoo sounds you call music are of poor taste. But hey at least you can get trashy whites to lap that shit up for brownie points.


>I too am tall, attractive and quirky
>succubi find me attractive


File: 1582100333273.jpg (107.55 KB, 540x959, 540:959, f13m9xs3poh41.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I like animals, I like seeing photos of them. I know we already have a comfy image thread but I want to share my animal folder with everyone. Show me animals you like.
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File: 1597596598735.jpg (96.7 KB, 896x504, 16:9, WWE.Extreme.Rules.2020.Kic….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1599044157169.webm (3.5 MB, 301x301, 1:1, give me a ping.webm) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1600195500432.png (1.09 MB, 901x676, 901:676, Screenshot_2020-09-15 scal….png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1600590901512.jpg (50.91 KB, 382x680, 191:340, EiVcmyhUwAEEDC9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nobito, known as Nobirutan (or Longcat in the West) has passed away.


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File: 1592075933808.jpeg (50.07 KB, 575x383, 575:383, D6B101A3-A7FE-447B-A0BF-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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Who else here is diagnosed with autism/aspergers/ASD? What are your symptoms? What are your special interests? How long have you been diagnosed for? I hate how autism is used as a joke now, especially on the internet. It’s like people who say they have OCD because they like organizing things.
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File: 1600542602345.jpg (85.99 KB, 1440x1088, 45:34, 1594889494742.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have aspergers and I'm honestly glad I do. My obsessions have made me prioritize my hobbies over perusing hopeless relationships with succubi. From early on I realized that this world isn't meant for me, only problem is that the world I have retreated to, the internet, is being infested with succubi and normalniggers trying to make it more like their realm.

>What are your symptoms?

I hate light and touch. I have to write a schedule of things to do everyday or I will have a melt down (even though I am a NEET). I get wrapped up in one or two interests and don't do anything outside of those things. Also the normal shit like eye contact and crowds. And most importantly I don't understand most people's emotional reactions toward things.

>What are your special interests?

Music and anime. Anime was something I got into in my teens where as music has been a lifelong interest.

>How long have you been diagnosed for?

Not very long actually. My entire school life consisted of my teachers telling my mom that I should get tested, but her refusing because she wanted me to be treated like a normgroid.

Autism is a joke because normalniggers hate us. They hate that we see through the bullshit of their social interactions and emotions. Their propaganda doesn't work as strongly on us because we have our own specific interests and routines. This is why autists should aim for wizardry, because groids will forever want us dead and succubi will moralize at us for our reclusive ways.


I have autism. I get obsessive thoughts and find it hard to emotionally connect with people (as I’m sure many wizards do), among other things. My special interest is walking. I’ve been diagnosed for a few months.


I am kinda glad to have it but without it I would probably had ended up a normal but it's impossible to know that.

>What are your symptoms?

I don't feel love or show much emotion. I don't want to express them and don't exactly know how it feels wrong doing so. The worst thing about my mental situation is being dyslexic and having challenges with calculating things just doing basic mathematical actions so I am not just autistic I am retarded autist as well which makes life just wonderful. Hate touch, crowds very loud sounds all the usual stuff though I don't have meltdowns. I have high functioning variant.
>What are your special interests?
It's sort of changing over time focusing from one to another over the years but I still keep some interest in what I liked. I was heavily into history at school but learning I won't make a career out of it I stopped being so into it, not being able to remember dates required for it was a cut off as well. Then it was old technology, computers but after dropping out of college I became fascinated by drugs. I have tried dozens of drugs and know a shitload about them. I like purifying, creating one type of drug to the other and course the effects they give. I like to think they are the this world's magic potions.
>How long have you been diagnosed for?
since highschool. I knew something was off with me I wasn't just a loner as other loners still had friends and were social. Went to psychiatrists and found out. They say I also had some ADHD symptoms as well but since my countries mental institutions were a joke at that time I just got diagnosis and that's it never been to the psychiatrists since then.


IIRC Tony Attwood said the autistics who "only" have the classic core social issues and perhaps a few mild sensory problems are the subgroup of ASD that has the best outcome. After reading many ASD memoirs and countless blogs and articles it's my opinion that most of those upbeat "autism is my superpower" types are reasonably high IQ members of this subgroup. One ASD YouTuber I watch has taken to calling them the "autistic aristocracy."

If you have more severe sensory issues and co-morbids like anxiety, OCD, depression, etc., your likelihood of a good outcome is far less certain.


People like Temple Grandin make our live worse.

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File: 1596307669930.jpg (2.24 MB, 3096x4128, 3:4, 20200801_134537.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else pee in bottles or jugs?

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>Assessment of quality of piss
>Aiming for a bottlecount high score

This is likely the real reason. Something about collecting bodily fluids gets you off, either sexually or emotionally, and the rest of these reasons are just convenient excuses to do it.

I understand doing it once in a while, when you really can't go to the bathroom, but there's no excuse for storing it in your room and not dumping it on the same day.


if you have a big supply of bottles, they just add up. emptying them all becomes a hassle. it reaches a point where it's like fuck it, it's just another bottle when you have a hoard already

i doubt you really understand what it means to be lazy


Nah, I used to do it when I had crippling social anxiety and my mom would bring her friends, but nowadays I would piss on their faces if it wasn't a crime.


File: 1600508561444.png (916.18 KB, 1095x730, 3:2, sniper__almighty_piss_lord….png) ImgOps iqdb


I had to piss in an empty soda can once because I had to access the living room to reach the bathroom, and my mum decided to sleep on the couch. Of course, this meant I had to sneak around and she complained if I did so anyway, so it was easier to just use a soda can.
Never done it again though, using the bathroom is insanely easy otherwise and not nearly as vile, while I don't have to worry about the piss accidentally hitting off the can or overflowing and dirtying the room.

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