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A clear, calm mind
How do you get there?
Obviously, the ingredients would be:
>Breathing deeply (proper air circulation)
>Letting go of thoughts and feelings, not getting entangled with them
>Accepting pains and annoying things instead of fighting them impotently
>Focusing on the present moment
But how do you get there? Also, are there other things to be aware of? Maybe proper food or avoiding certain things?

Currently I'm trying to restrict my conscious efforts to breathing and to observing. The result is that my body is moving on its own. I'm just observing it do it's thing, and making sure that I breathe properly.

How do you do it, if at all?
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supplements. Certain racetams with choline will produce a very smooth, cerebral experience especially after you've gained a bit of tolerance.


File: 1715374096362.jpg (260.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1695373571221.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

monks across SEA have rice gruel everyday and are the definition of mindfulness (dunno about dying early)


the more you use parts of your brain, the more neurons are assigned to it. Meditation is like doing reps for your prefrontal cortex


Yup but their cereals might not be genetically tampered


File: 1716918611504.jpg (114.16 KB, 1000x499, 1000:499, Vendetas.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wait a sec, OP. Are you oscillating between being
>serene, sharp, focused, creative
and being not at all any of these things?

I had a similar cycle once, the key was to not chase my bonus state all the time, stop doing what I did which needed that bonus state, so the energy inside me would not deplete before the downer part of that cycle.

>accepting pains and annoying things instead of fighting them

Maybe there is still a solution, still without fighting. Something surprisingly effortless. Take care of not draining yourself trying to constantly recover this focus you wish so much.


Guys do you know any underground websites for crabs or wizard or volcels or whatever the fuck there is that have some advices or informations about life or discussion places or looksmaxxing or whatever there is
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crab.is is a glowie site, where the crab are gathering now?


Now I am being called a sold-out for not wanting to suffer a mixture of fatness with acne.


>Now I am being called a sold-out for not wanting to suffer a mixture of fatness with acne.

who's laughing at you and why does it matter?


I love when the cucks get their faces frozen due to not being able to trigger nor mock me. It's an aura effect, you may not understand


>i think it is related to long-term health but also to psychology. to make a long story short if you are the type of person who can be tricked into taking an experimental medicine while people who take it clearly die of heart attacks, then you are not likely to be the type of person who has realistic chance of having natural human hair on most of your head. it is a psychological issue of domestication, your attitude towards violence and slavery that determines whether hair will grace you or not. has nothing to do with genes. more like an interconnected choice that is so interconnected that only few can see how far it reaches.

I also have this slight impression. Ever read something related to it?

File: 1716268166429.jpeg (138.05 KB, 1178x1163, 1178:1163, IMG_0917.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


How come you rarely ever encounter moderate dem crabs? I don’t mean wizards in general. Asexuals exist. I’m just talking about the ones who are angry about not being able to hook up.


Pray tell, what is a "dem crab"?


I don't know that the fuck you are talking about.

How about you stop making up terms and then expecting everyone to just click with them.

File: 1684615004994.mp4 (2.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Farewell..mp4) ImgOps iqdb

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Post wiz-centric WEBMs and MP4s in this thread. Politics, "rekd", or normalfag interests are NOT allowed.
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Good thing that's not the case.


Yeah bro she was paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Do you people even leave your bathroom


File: 1716233123513.mp4 (6.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, clang.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


are these broken for anyone else


They work for me.

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any wizzies have such projects?
i think it could be pretty meditative
making some sense of this life
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I've been thinking of starting a thread like this, but didnt have the passion to do it.

I just feel like before I suicide I need one last big passion project to throw myself into it. And that's it the finale to my life, good or bad, its what i existed for. but i just dont have the bipolar manic high for it at the moment.


>life long passion projects
it's so very rare
just having a hobby for a bunch of years is rare enough
at least for fucked up depressed dudes like me
I always end up abandoning my hobbies


When I go musing all alone,

Thinking of diverse things fore-known,

When I build Castles in the air,

Void of sorrow and void of fear,

Pleasing myself with phantasms sweet,

Methinks the time runs very fleet.

All my joys to this are folly,

Naught so sweet as melancholy.


I wanna learn every field in science. Haven't started yet due to many years of extreme depression and suicidal urges, but thinking of officially start studying on January since my mental health finally improved.

Using science, I can absolutely destroy everyone that I hate. Every faulty argument, every faggot nonsense and propaganda, every lie. Hell, I can even destroy entire fucking countries, all I need are the resources.


i like her. maybe not much for 12 years, but as of now shes cute.

File: 1713809567151.png (4.02 MB, 2036x2028, 509:507, IMG_0661_88_0c_pr0mpt.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone know of any solid free AI image generators?

In particular ones for making portraits, I use them in games like Baldur's Gate, Pillars of Eternity etc.

All the ones I can find seem pretty hit or miss.
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>Anyone who can laugh at the expense of black "people" is a 4shit /pol/tard invader


Nta but it's just cheap and annoying and a failed normie tiers behavior.


I love you. Its so rare to see true Wizards nowdays. Fuck racists.


File: 1713957257714.jpg (98.11 KB, 490x491, 490:491, wizchan-logo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This. Wizards can come in all shapes and forms.


>when our eugenic morals lead us into deprecation of other races so they may loathe them even more than our former enemy



Any of you guys do deep creative inner visualization? I'm talking seeing the apple in your mind, being able to recreate and interact with worlds you create. It's a skillset taught during gateway meditation and "astral projection".

I enjoy reading/memorizing d&d modules and then imagining travelling and playing the game inside my head sometimes. It's also fun to take a well-remembered video game world and traverse it mentally from a first person perspective.

Anybody else do this?
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Yours is healthy brain. Keep it up.


it's quite easy to accomplish. The meme that people can't see internal objects is quite wrong, it's a skillset like any other and related to serotonin levels. Take 5htp for a bit and sensitize the 5ht2a receptor and you will be able to vividly "see" in your mind's eye. The tricky bit I've found is that sometimes your mind automatically wants your inner world to work in certain ways whereas you might want to do something totally different. Control of the frame without totally breaking the sequence is a skill for sure


You tell me? Extroverted intuition is my auxiliar cognitive function and I daydream almost whenever I can.

Probably other types find this much harder.


hah, be fair I couldn't have known. Did you practice it or did it just happen naturally?


>lots of memes there about Ne aux daydreaming


IE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evs0nFCufNM

Did your thoughts originate from your head?
The universe, and our planet in particular, is a constant electromagnetic field of signals and frequencies in transference. These unseen pulses interact with and upon the human bio-electric field, subtly tuning them to various states of consciousness. The higher level coordination of this signalling is the Schumann resonance, which is the sum total frequency of ongoing electrical activity on earth. The qualia of Consciousness itself, for instance, is ultimately bioelectric. Does it therefore imply that at some level the electrical activity of one consciousness may actually in some indirect way subtly transfer through this field?

Around the turn of the century when occult thinking became vogue, it was quite popular to speculate on collective consciousness. The theory of the noosphere was coined by Chardin and others for instance. Simultaneously, occultists deduced the concept of the Tulpa, Egregore, or thought-form; Theoretically generated by the ongoing mental activity of a group of practitioners. According to the occult view of the world, the collective mental energy of human beings could create a God on the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Schizo posting



The more wizards work together, the more our “god” will begin to take shape in reality. Really I think mutual cooperation between many men sharing the same strategic end is what effectually makes a group god. Without potentially offending any wiz here, I do not believe in the abrahamic god, and so in saying that, and without owning to atheism (which I won’t), I may also say that the “rise of the west” likely had more to do with men discreetly leaguing themselves together under terms of common political and philosophical positions rather than the broad sponsorship of some abrahamic deity.

Also this notion of morphogenic fields, to me, sound very similar to the original pythagorean belief in the tetractys, and the four separate world-levels that this illustrative triangle encodes. The kabbalists used the ancient Pythagorean model when they created their theory of four worlds.

The word "morphogenic" when understood etymologically means "shape-creating", which is in line with what I will talk about below. In any case I will try to draw the tetractys for you, thus:


It was kind of hard to align it properly, but as you can see, it's essentially just 1 triangle with 10 points. however, it was taken by the original pythagoreans (of whom Aristocles, aka Platon/Plato, was one) to be a diagram of the emanation sequence that gave birth to this world, something which the greeks called aporrhoia, which literally means "off-flowing", just as emanatio (emanation) in latin means "out-flowing". The triangle can be interpreted in many ways. Looking at is as a series of "morphogenic fields" is also plausible. I will get back to this in a second.

Firstly and most exoterically it describes basic geometry with the topmost dot representing a point in space, the second line of two dots representing a line in space, the third line of three dots representing a plane in space, and the fourth line of four dots representing a three-dimensional solid in space. Secondly, it can be taken to be representative of perfect numerical wholeness/unity, as all levels of reality (visible and intelligible, or in greek, oratos and noetos) can be seen as encompassed by the perfect number of 10. Also if we add 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 we get 10, again demonstrating how the levels form one perfect whole. “«μέχρι γὰρ τῶν δέκα πάντες Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


maybe it's just as simple as intensified electromagnetic interaction between human bodies working toward a common purpose which is then subjectively perceived by the group to have affected reality in some intended way? but there would be no way of actually measuring this. the ancients did believe that a thinking concentrated mind could physically alter the realty it resides in, so I have no doubt that many minds working together to reify given change in reality could produce a greater alteration. but even with that stated, I think any such psychical power (if it were real) is probably very limited and cannot literally meaningfully change reality in the way you are imagining. take "covid-19" for instance. jewish and masonic occultists were behind this worldwide fraud, and you can be utterly certain they employed whatever "pan-psychic" group influence they possess in order to have yielded the greatest possible power that would have resulted in the largest share of the public taking their injection. yet their power is nowhere near absolute, as there were sufficient numbers that avoided their "reality-bending" illusions. also, the earth is not a convex spherical planet, it is a flat torus in 3-sphere. we are on the inside of the earth between two bodies of water. and demons are very real.



I hate cyberpunk 2077, it failed at depict a cyberpunk. it mimics cyberpunk and looks like a gta game in the future they should have made the game based on the genre and not only mike pondsmith's table top rpg game.
It is lame compared to other cyberpunk games (example: deus ex).
I hate cyberpunk 2077 for another reason too; it is that when you type cyberpunk 2077 in the search bar, every results is about cyberpunk 2077. the results are 99% of the time about cp2077 (it completly broke the genre on internet). cp2077 was a mistake to me and a burdden for the genre.
But now that the game exist, it is good because now you can separate the bad cyberpunk media from the good ones (and cp2077 is a bad one!).
about cp2077, is now normalfags think what is cyberpunk is what they saw in cp2077 (neons, shitty rap music,…).
anyway, enough of cp2077. I only played 10 minutes of the game.

>What cyberpunk media (game, book, music,etc…) did you consum?

>Is your life High tech, Low life?

"The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet." William Gibson
there's some elements of cyberpunk in real life but cyberpunk is just far away from reality. just take surfing in the virtual world (cyberpsace) and using internet on the computer or even cyborg arms/legs. Or megacorporations, but yeah william gibson is right, we have cyberpunk things in reality.

-I like the neo-tokyo city in Akira. it make so much sense to me to build an artificial island on tokyo bay with neverlasting buildings.

-I also like Kowloon walled city. maybe the most cyberpunk area to ever exist. If I was about to make a video game on cyberpunk, I'd add a kowloon level haha!

-One thing I don't like is flying cars. when you see cyberpunk cities, they have roads but if flying cars exist, better make all cars flying therfore not making roads. I don't want to it to turn into the fifth elements. The cars must no fly. or only for ambulances, firefighters and police. so to me cars shouldn't fly

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Same reason there are so many crime shows in general.

Most jobs are extremely boring, so you ether have to pick one of the very few intresting ones, make something up, or keep the job as just something in the background of interpersonal stuff.
There are exceptions but something like cops or criminals are common because it's inherently interesting and sets it self up for certain genera.

For example blade runner is a Neo-noir film inspired deeply by detective pulps.
PSycho-pass is in part a mystery that also addresses issues of state/police power and the idea of thought crime taken to the extreme, among other things.
And gits is also largely a mystery with a mystery plot structure. Both the movies and most of the shows.


It's because they inspired in blade runner. and blade runner took themes from noir movies, which often had cops/detectives as main characters.

Wish there where more media from the view point of marginalized groups or outlaws like neuromancer or cyberpunk 2077 nomad and streetkid paths.


>marginalized groups
Oh no.
Only a certain kind of people use that particular buzzword. The kind who are actively toxic to any and all communities they interact.
Please, wherever you came from, I beg you, go back.


I agree with >>313233. That phrase is government propaganda to a tee.


cut the soy pls


Every tool, as in constructing implement, was created using another tool. So could you theoretically trace or map an evolutionary tree of every different class of tool. Back to perhaps stone tools like arrowheads which were created using other prices of stone.


every tools come from stones and sticks


But do you really feel like learning toolsmithing?

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