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Why do guys always have to talk about sex in public like on the job or shit? Why can't they just keep that shit to themselves?
also why are we the most perverted gender?
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>how do you do fellow men, why do we do *thing that succubi hate* we as totally real men should keep it to ourselves
>since I have clearly established that I’m a fellow wo- I mean man, I would like to clarify that us men are inferior and perverts.


I imagine countersignalling male virgins on the internet is the lowest paying glownigger job of them all.


well, hopefully you'll make more more money in the future.




File: 1633672206262-0.jpg (62.48 KB, 475x662, 475:662, mtgH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1633672206262-1.jpg (56.04 KB, 475x662, 475:662, mtgI.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Remember when people won't re-gift? Social standards seem lower these days…

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First post on wizchan, never been here before so bear with me.

There was a shooting recently, where a white man named Ian Cranston shot a black man for flirting with Ian’s girlfriend and for assaulting Ian. The media is spreading complete disinformation about this, of course painting the white guy as evil, but that’s not the point.

I searched YouTube for Ian Cranston and a balding dude from Oregon came up. He’s a “musician, film producer, actor, comedian”.. basically just check everything on the list. I made a comment about the shooting to him, and he deleted it and the next day posted a video saying we need to stop all this killing and stuff like that. So I know he is real, because of that video. Like, I know he is a real person.

However you can go down a strange rabbit hole by researching him. Very strange. He has a large number of projects online, movies music and all that. They feature other artists.. but when you go look up those artists, the only place they are referenced is with Ian Cranston. Maybe he’s one of those weirdos that Needs to feel famous? But it gets weirder.


This guy is asking the same question. He is responded to by another presumably fake profile stating that Ian has a TWIN. So if he IS trying to just feel famous, or inject himself into the algorithm somehow… he’s also willing to lie. Which seems suspicious to me, considering how sane he sounded in the video he posted about the shooting. He sounded like a completely normal guy. Not retarded/autistic at all. Just a bit soyboyish.

So it gets weirder. If you look up his stuff, you will find other characters just like him. Movies, music and books that do not really exist. They are clearly creations of an algorithm. With characters and accolades that also do not exist. But I SAW this guy. I saw his very normal video yesterday.

If you can please YouTube Ian Cranston music and see if that channel is still up, and if that video about the mistaken identity is still up that would help me solve a bit of this mystery. Because the channel no longer shows up for me. Though, I think he may have just blocked me. If it’s Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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what the fuck am i reading


mradams, ,mrAdams,Mr Adams


I don't get what you're asking. You searched youtube and found some dude with the same name as a killer who is trying to pretend to be a famous musician? What about this is weird? Isn't youtube full of such nobodies? Looks like he may have deleted his channel since I can't find it. Makes sense if you have the same name as some killer.


This icizzle is also a part of a world of fake people with fake movies and "real" music. It goes on and on.


There are nearly 8 billion people on this Earth, why do you think this person is fake?

File: 1633216997081.jpg (14.53 KB, 320x180, 16:9, mqdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I love this video, it's nice and comfy. Makes me so nostalgic for the good old days of YouTube where I could browse all day and find hidden gems.
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Downvoted your faggy video normie, stop posting your trashy youtube to wizchan, try reddit instead.


It's a good video


Yeah that makes me feel better. The story of some successful zoomer youtuber who won at the algorithm casino and has 'found their own way' in their golden years of early twenties, when all the doors are wide open, seniors are eager to help and peers always reach out to connect. I can totally relate. Yep. And all that in A.D. 2021 America where the mainstream is bending over backwards to include, integrate, accommodate and flatter most types of retards, as long as they're young, hip and on board with supporting the correct political agenda. The comments filled with literal children and tweens who report overcoming and merrily chugging along despite having from their earliest years collected lists of psychiatric diagnoses so elaborate and extensive they could be mistaken for pokemon rosters.
Yep that helps. Very relatable. It's no walk in the park but in the end autism is just this quirky speed bump that will make you unique and valuable as long as you can beat the final boss of modern life, the dreaded microaggressions.
We're all going to make it, am I right guys, am I right.
I just have to get up and try again, and this time things will surely work out. I'm going to find my own way and I won't feel that uninterrupted suffering anymore, and this world will start feeling like home, and the wounds will disappear, and it will turn out I'm secretly special and valuable, and someone is going to like me, and good things will happen to me that will make up for everything I experienced up to this point. It's all going to be worth it. Right?
Ha ha.


File: 1633427923596.jpg (24.54 KB, 513x447, 171:149, jkjkk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i am over 30 and feel that i missed out on something big, for me the internet turned into a thing when i was a teenager, nowadays babies are glued to their tablets, 10 year olds figure out software that took me years to learn, young people are able to talk about mental illness and stuff while they still have passion and get recognized for it.
I feel too young to enjoy seeing the world burn and too old to earn sympathy or proof for disabilities i strongly guess i have, instead i embarrassed my way through life that at least let others have laughs. On the bright side if you're sifting through so much shit you get used to shit, now my next milestone in life will be to not turn into a psychopath.


Totally not astroturf bullshit for big pharma at all.


i suspected that a succubus "friend" has been pocketing $kickbacks$ by recommending me to various doctors and other evil blood suckers.
aka $4000-5000 for hearing aids which nearly got me killed (another story).
sooooo… 22+ years of meds i never needed for blood pressure that is considered 'normal'.
Thousands of $$$ for Doctor's appointments exposing me to hideous subhuman plague carriers for from every shithole on the planet.
Horrible side effects that were treated as "normal".
Medication roulette with drugs that are now being pulled from the market.
Hundreds of hours in shithole waiting rooms with the gutter filth of humanity, etc.
I had a friend do an investigation, it turns out she's been paying HER mortgage using the kickbacks from years of MY shit and misery.
i have set the bloodhounds loose on the Hoor.
i will be working to put the Hoor and the Dr's away for life.
This is not a joke, she has gained access to my bank accounts, and $30K is unaccounted for !
Everything is going on hold as of tomorrow.
Every word in the curse word website strung together !
i am so screwed it isn't funny.
kids, look, I am not stupid, if i can get fucked over, i who have worked for some the crookedest pos's (all now dead) on God's earth, where does that leave you ?
i guess my first clue should have been when a part time employer of hers went to the po-po over a 'misunderstanding'.
She somehow 'walked' on that.
i have been informed that she has bought a gun, how sweet and considerate of her, not !
i got a text from her that she is coming to visit this week.
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Try leaving gluten, may be you are one of those cases…


what even is going on in this thread?


some guy larping as a boomer
and grain brain tard being unable to restrain himself from shilling for his quackery


File: 1633272501503.jpg (54.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, zat elditch eye.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

An attitude of stalking towards life does usually avoid these situations.
Why do you wizards do not expect this world to be full of traps?


Can you tell us about the hearing aid story, it sounds interesting.

File: 1633034654351.png (423.85 KB, 1182x515, 1182:515, Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 2….png) ImgOps iqdb


expert poverty timing has happened! i bought this diesel heater for living the glorious van life and just 3 days after i bought it, the thing became 15€ more expensive. i think a few months ago it was even cheaper.

i bought it for 165€ now is 180€. apparently during the summer they sell them for less. also there is no reason to buy this on amazon because it is only more expensive there…

apparently a lot of people swear by these china heaters and are frothing from the mouth talking about it because is so awesome. heats a lot while burning a little amount of diesel fuel. in the winter when it is almost freezing, these will make the truck warm for less then 0,1 liter of diesel per hour. that's nothing.

the price is still an absolute joke it seems and there are cheaper models and no good reason to buy my slightly upgraded version.

i have not tried it yet, will try it, not sure when but i want to continue to just park the car someplace during the day and work on the laptop and skate. very exciting technology!
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Keep it up Wizzie, this is a goldmine of a thread, and you're the real deal.

Aren't solar panels, however, contrary to the idea of stealth van? Plus aren't they damaged easily?


I'm not interested in this thread but the housing of the panels are what gets it killed or Nasa's panels would not survive in literal vacuums and all that radiation. Bombardment of heat and water and wind kills them so one would not want to just leave it outside, cheap electronic devices.

Also if they bend they crack their cells so the bendy kind makes me roll my eyes. It's meant to have an aluminum backside and shatterproof glass in the front if done properly that can withstand a vacuum, so proper sealing too.

But yes they break. At the same time cheap panels average to even on overpriced amazon a dollar per watt for the panel itself and not including the inverters, controllers, batteries, wiring, nor whatever else I'm leaving out such as a frame to angle it towards the sunlight but keep the wind from throwing it around.

Even if it all breaks your computer probably breaks every several years now days anyway as it's cheap too. At least mine are, so you have to keep buying them, but at least you choose when to use them and it's not as dystopian as paying an electric bill that's out of your control. They could just cut it off if they wanted and let you die. Water straw compared to a city's pipe. Way different ballparks. About diesel, you need to beg society for that too and they can cut you off and such a thing doesn't last long even if the machine is sturdy, and they are not as the filtration systems of diesel engines are hard to maintain I have read. I'd just make a suit out of 5v electric heating pads myself rather than use some gas engine to heat things. Cooking, I'd ideally, though are a bum with a ferro rod and canteen with wood stove burner under it, would use a 100 watt panel and batteries and such to power on a 200 wattage stove burner, the ghetto portable kind, and the inverter should be able to pull that from the 12v battery, though I do not understand how the minimal amps and volts become that amount of wattage, lead acids go by how long they operate and how much voltage but never say their top amperage, the top actual flow, they say amp hour instead. I wonder how that works as a bum? I have tiny 5v panels and tiny 5v lithium batteries and other cheap foot-soldier tier things and a go-bag. Or rather in a go-bag.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


100w is the maximum range in direct sun, if any part of it is shaded you will get much less than that.


My van had a propane heater and the issue was that the fan it used took up a lot of battery. You probably need well over 100wh to run it all night long without over-draining the battery. The batteries should only be discharged to halfway or else it's bad for them unless you have super expensive lithium batteries or something.


Perfect for a tiny house


I feel like I have trouble remembering various things from names to even where I put something I set down a minute ago. Lately, I realized that I avoid specifics when talking simply because the proper term for something isnt encoded in my brain (IE the name of a musical artist or a certain date). Its super annoying and even when I place extra emphasis on trying to remember something, my brain seems to function counterintuitively I even forget the names of common objects and foods in my mother tongue, and only serves to make me more cognizant of the fact the information isnt there. Im only in my early 20s so I know it isnt a function of cognative decline, and I feel like I never experienced these kind of feelings when I was younger (perhaps because I was less aware?). Does anyone else feel this way?
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Chronic stress, depression and/or anxiety can damage the brain and in particular your memory. So can lack of stimulation and perhaps lack of fulfilling social interaction. Our brains are designed by evolution to optimise for a lifestyle very different from that of a modern wizard


Check your vitamin levels maybe b12 deficiency




Yes. And someone around here has been giving advice into the causes and remedies, sharing books


Not in the slightest, it's actually completely the opposite. I'm much more aware of everything around me now.

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We've got a very short time window until it's too late to change. The average person doesn't care about global warming because of how many personal sacrifices it'd include and how little benefit they'd get in return (in the short term).
Everybody is just sitting on their hands waiting for the magic solution to be conjured by scientists but it hasn't happened yet and there's nothing to indicate it's coming.
The planet will be uninhabitable soon, and we're in for a painful ride to that deadline.
All the signs are there that it's occurring yet it's still under debate, which makes about as much sense as debating whether or not the Holocaust happened, and it's just a thinly veiled way to push agendas.
It is without a doubt the most important issue on the table right now, and even though most people are conscious of it, they're not actually doing anything to help.

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>Fertility rates decrease with average income

This is literally the opposite of reality.


The elites aren't malthusians which is why they see no problem with continuing to expand the productive capacity of the economy year after year and therefore require immigrants to keep it going. They're just capitalists who are interested in making money and rich people don't make enough babies to supply their demand for low-tier wage slaves who will do degrading dangerous and repetitive tasks for minimal pay. They don't care that it's literally not physically possible to maintain that growth because of the limits of the earth to supply the real inputs to the economy, but they're going to try anyway because finance is literally a pyramid scheme that will collapse the minute they stop.


Just wondering. Have you ever in your whole life read any book on economics?


His post isn't really wrong, and neither is it particularly refuted by modern economics.


Get companies reined in especially mega-corps reined in; they're the cause of most of the pollution anyways.

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File: 1622036109419.jpg (50.63 KB, 930x700, 93:70, 3719.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


"why bother" the wizard thinks to himself, "Life is a sea of clashing egos - souls suspended in suffering and in death I am equal to a king - a corpse that once knew it was dying!"

We all cast a shadow from the same source there is no escaping that we are human.
It is conceited to think of ourselves as better than normal folk we are different but essentially the same in many ways only differing in how we express our existence.
What is it you crave? what do you want from life?

We all want something
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To be content if not happy.


Me too. But the solution lies in patience. We just need to wait, and endure. And it will come to us.


To be content.


He's 100% right, you're the normalfag trying to push diversity everywhere.


File: 1633185011110.mp4 (16.86 MB, 400x300, 4:3, Michael Santos vs King A.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


i present to you this rare cultural artifact from the past. a short video. it is from a televized show from the ~late 1990s germany where people could call into the show and talk live on air.

not unlike twitch streamers who have the donation messages announced. of course people call in to troll and be mean even though the poor dude who hosts the show just wanted to talk about art on the smallest local tv channel available. mostly people calling to yell insultes but one guy calling himself king a. the a is short for the german "arschfick".

you can understand the dynamic of the interaction just from intonation, no need to understand the words or have knowledge of the language. he just yells insults and says he will cut a threading on his cock so he can do a corkscrew assfuck. grown man calling in a show proclaiming his intent to fuck everyone in the ass.


I wouldl ike to see all the troll shitposts letters newspapers would possibly get back many years ago.


There are a bajillion comments on this already, but whatever, let me add another one to the pile. All my information on the subject pretty much only comes from the attached, and I just wanted to have some fun and play amateur Conan'O'Doyle with it. Anyone who wants to pontificate on who Jack the Ripper was feel free.

I just wanted to question John Richardson once more here. I think the video dismisses John Richardson as the prime suspect for the Annie Chapman case way too easily. He was at the scene of the crime when it happened according to one ear-witness, and his own admission/coroner reports, and he admits he had the possible murder weapon (a knife). More importantly, though, and this is what I wanted to bring up, is that his story doesn't check out.

Fact 1 - He said he trimmed some leather from his boot on the back porch stoop.
Fact 2 - They conducted a sweep of the backyard and found a lot of miscellany, but no leather trims or shavings from a boot on the stoop.

I just wanted to point this out.

Also, I just wanted to say that Charles Lechmere/Cross does sound REALLY sus. I think a more reasonable reason that Paul said, "Oh, I don't want to miss work," was because he saw Charles Cross in the act, played dumb, and didn't want Charles to fucking shank and murder him.


File: 1633140603752.png (124.02 KB, 300x333, 100:111, 1625338420557.png) ImgOps iqdb




Yeah, the video actually covered that case. The thing is they didn't use direct DNA samples of Kosminski, they used maternal-line mitochrondrial DNA, which can only really be used to exclude subjects, not conclusively pinpoint them.

As usual, journalists are awful.

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