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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

#1: Politics Thread https://web.archive.org/web/20170404000746/http://wizchan.org/lounge/res/133215.html
Politics Thread #2: Wizlam Edition - https://web.archive.org/web/20170404000634/wizchan.org/lounge/res/135806.html
Politics Thread #4: Wizpilled Edition 5/12/2017 - https://archive.fo/3wlfT
Politics Thread #5: All So Tiresome Edition 7/3/2017 - https://archive.fo/QlRs1
Politics Thread #6: World on Fire Edition 8/18/2017 - https://archive.fo/6YxvY
Politics Thread #7: Temptations Intensify Edition 8/31/17 - https://archive.fo/Y0JQu
Politics Thread #8: Left and Right Edition 10/11/17 - https://archive.fo/H0llg
Politics Thread #9: Reading Anything Online Edition 11/7/17 - https://archive.fo/yxGrJ
Politics Thread #10: The Truth Will Set You Free Edition https://archive.fo/UrurS
Politics Thread #11: someone had to make it edition - https://archive.fo/y71b2
Politics Thread #12: Fuck the pastebin edition - https://archive.fo/wD4il
Politics Thread #13: Ironic Marxist Edition - https://archive.fo/xfWZY
Politics Thread #14: Civil Discussion Edition - https://archive.fo/Ck8Xe
Politics Thread #15: Over My Dead Body Edition - Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This whole Blizzard and China thing just shows how corporations are more than willing to cooperate with rival authoritarian dictatorships if it means making more money. Meanwhile we have ideological dunces who think that unfettered free market and trade with China would save freedom, rather than destroy it. Be my guest, when you start getting censored by monopolies in US to appease the Chinese it'll be way too late.


God you are retarded.
>Corp does shitty thing for short term profits
>In order to appease a ultra athoritarian government
>The free market immediately punishes them for it without any need for other government forces to step in
>Making it a example of "relatively" free market forces working
>And you somehow see this as proof capitalism is bad or something


Nice, so you mean we will have less gay shit in our onanistic media consumption, which will enrage redditors, or get people to stop consuming megacorp """popular""" culture garbage out of spite and live an actual life of quietness away from all audio-visual over-stimulation and over-socialisation ?


>The free market immediately punishes them
And that's why you're an useful idiot. Most of Blizzard profits come from China, the Chinese government can simply tell them to fuck off if they do something they don't like. Meanwhile, they hold no accountability towards US, no one will stop them from doing business and consumers are drooling idiots like you who won't stop buying something because of stuff they don't care about.

China will make all tech companies bend over while you're splitting hairs about the "true libertarian" way, until the Chinese basically own you.


Christchurch is the columbine of right wingers. Despite these failed attempts im 100% certain there will be more copycats, unfortunately.

It's sad to see, really. Whites feeling depressed because society - mostly their own race - treats them like shit think a few boomers praying in a synagogue or a mosque are the problem

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File: 1569019229049.jpg (43.22 KB, 674x338, 337:169, Jordan-Peterson-Room.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


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Back to your shithole faggots. I'm getting tired already with the same bullshit generic ad hom slurs.
>take your meds
Are you a bot or just here for baiting for no reason at all? Come up with some real argument, faggot.


It's weird how mods let posts like those stay up when rule 5 exists.


OP here, I'd rather mods enforce rule 5 as little as possible, it's not a cure-all for anytime someone's bitching stupid shit. He made a mistake that I was another user called fatlink, that I corrected, then he gave an opinion this doesn't belong on /lounge/, fine, that's his opinion, but I'm just saying if fap threads, dog hate threads, and in-cel height threads are welcome here, I don't see why this can't be.


All of them should be removed. The state of moderation is such that I'm fairly confident that those types of threads are made by mods themselves, and rule 5 is used only to give mods a monopoly on the destruction of this site. So as to carve it into the shape they desire, presumably some sort of circus for them to laugh at in their kiwifarms discord or whatever the fuck they use.


basically nobody comes here anyway, except reporters.


Anyone else feel tired and dont like to take a shower? I just feel like I could use the time spent taking a shower into better use. I just want to do something else other than to take a shower. I find it boring and hard to sift through the whole process that I just wish that showers would take less than a second to finish.

Anyone else feel the same way?
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>I am pretty sure he was making a gay nigger joke since you brought up friends in order to make a anecdotal defense of your argument on a anonymous website for loners, which is kind of a no-no.
isn't it's a hypocrisy to say that while having friends yourself? because i have none.
>Besides, been around enough Africans and Viennese to know they stink just like everyone else.
their race doesn't matter, it is just that in rural areas they wash themselves rarely(like once a month or don't wash at all) and their bodies adapt to this routine.

everyone's shit stink, but my body is not. whatever, i can't prove it to you.


>isn't it's a hypocrisy to say that while having friends yourself?
Where did he mention having friends?
> it is just that in rural areas they wash themselves rarely
This is literally false.
Who the fuck told you that because it is wrong. You would know that if you ever actually been to a rural area or talked to people from such places.
You think they work in the fields, get covered in muck and dust, then just leave literal shit on them for weeks at a time? You truly don't know what the fuck you are talking about when it comes to rural life.


>You think they work in the fields, get covered in muck and dust, then just leave literal shit on them for weeks at a time? You truly don't know what the fuck you are talking about when it comes to rural life.

yes it is exactly how they life. i know it because i watch alot of travel shows and had read some books which featured those people. like if they get their foot dirty, they just wash it with water and then go to sleep. same with any other body part. because they're ofte doesn't have soap and any kind of tap water there.


You know shit.

I don't know what books or shows you watched but I have lived in rural areas and talked to people from such countries, including those that used to be farm workers.
They washed every single day just like most other people around the way. And yes they have soap because soap is cheap even in developing countries where people live on a subsistence level of extreme poverty.
Fun fact, people from the rural poor often had better hygiene and lived in more hygienic conditions then the urban poor.
You even see similar situations in "developed" countries like the US. See LA compared to rural Appalachia.

But whatever, you are clearly ignorant on a great deal of things.


No, he's right, I saw it in a documentary called Monty Python and the Holy grail

File: 1570419812595.png (146.56 KB, 485x461, 485:461, Skärmbild från 2018-10-31 ….png) ImgOps iqdb


Did anyone notice the "nice guy" meme crossing over into general hatred of people who are nice lately? It's like the assholes of the world decided that people who are genuinely nice, non-confrontational, and helpful are pathetic. Especially if they have low confidence.

They misunderstood the original meaning, and use it to justify themselves.
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Yup, been taken advantage of too many times, because I never say no, because I think it's basic decency to help people out if they ask for it.

And then it's my problem for not standing up for myself, for having no spine, for being a pussy.

Fuck those people. You are the problem, not me. I'm not a saint. I'm just a fucking baseline decent guy.

In coding, you get the people who don't give a shit that they make their colleagues' work miserable and unproductive by writing unreadable code and never writing any documentation. I have to step in and fix the damage they do. It's the same kind of psychology in those guys. It's fucking taxing.


Men's hearts will grow cold


boys's hearts will grow warmer


This is it. Despite how much equality is touted as if it was the highest value of our age, many, if not most, people are status- and hierarchy-obsessed and view all other people through that lens. Submissiveness (and many consider others being kind or even just non-confrontational as being submissive) is considered by those as an acknowledgement of their (the submissive person's) lower status. And once they get that idea they are unlikely to relinquish it, their "inferior" suddenly demanding equitable treatment is outrageous. This often works out for them, because those who from the outset seem pliable and easy to take advantage of usually are like that, but sometimes they have their "servants" suddenly putting on airs and they really, really don't like it when that happens.

>They misunderstood the original meaning, and use it to justify themselves.
There was no misunderstanding or perversion of the original meaning, it was always like that, it just might be that the "nice guys are actually bad" meme is spreading from one population (bitchy feminists complaining about their insufficiently slavish orbiters) to a broader one.


What's fucked up about it is that helpful people are just way more useful from a cold utilitarian perspective, even if you put aside the squishy sentimental stuff.

The fuckers who lock up and protect knowledge inside themselves and work against the success of other people instead of lifting them up decided that their more useful peers are shit and should be despised for not being like them.


Cant find the wage thread rn,hence i am at work so move it there.
Got a job as a clerk today being the first day, you know the drill (i dont know how else to start this) and my team consists of me and 3 succubi.
I dont know the job is demanding as fuck (my first job too), im working with sucubbi and the pay is shit.
That being said I cant quit. At least I dont know how, my mother forced me to fet a job and i dont know how to confront her. I dont even know if i cant quit after my first day. Should I just stay home tomorrow and wait for them to call and call it quits? Should I call them and sign the resignition papers? I am too emberessed to do that in a way.
What should I do?
I fucked up so hard and I dont know how to go back to my neet life.


i think if you don't go in anymore then you just get passively fired, you won't have to talk to anyone. but they will consider you an asshole so keep that in mind if a future job wants to know where you worked

you could also perform poorly and maybe they will fire you for that, then you wouldn't have to explain anything to your mom other than "they fired me"


File: 1570276765768.jpg (82.38 KB, 864x400, 54:25, 864x400.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Just got back from the public swimming pool. When I was showering in the locker rooms there was this old men who kept pacing in front of my cubicle shower, pretending to forget his personal effects or somethin. He did that like five times, walking very slowly and basically staring at me. I could notice it because there's no screen door.
So anyway, before noticing him I was about to take my slip off but at that point I was pretty uncomfortable and kept the speedos on. It's not the first time something similar happens to me.

Daily reminder to always shower at home instead of locker rooms, especially if you are young, tonic and hairless. It's full of stealthy old gay perverts around there. Hell, if I had the courage to take the slips off then he would've see my naked butt and probably tried to rape me or whatever floated his boat.
Fucking normalfilthies. I'm little upset and want to punch that old bald piece of shit in the face right now
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The Decline of the Wizchan


Edge was once taking a shower after a match and JBL started soaping his ass. He thought "whatever" and didn't react. Could've been a wrestling rib to test the rookie.


>mods have no problem with shitposting threads from /b/ spilling over into the rest of the sit
>posting "predetermined to reply" in a free will thread gets them irrationally triggered for some reason


>Criticizing others for not caring about love on wizchan
Wizchan current year everyone.


Moved to >>>/b/402365.

File: 1567916331005.png (3.8 MB, 1280x1267, 1280:1267, Animage_85.png) ImgOps iqdb

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ITT, post the last thing you fapped to.
Let's be tasteful and share the nice things!

Some places where you can find an image source before asking:

Previous thread: >>222452
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More Shinji as a succubus please


>Shinji as a succubus
Do you just mean him getting fucked or wearing asuka's clothes? Cause he clearly still has his dong in that pic.


Wearing succubi's clothing, that shit turns me on.


File: 1569840026309.jpg (202.75 KB, 985x1400, 197:280, 1519207400384.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Same here

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File: 1567836087700.png (571.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 8b118dd0-dd89-4b5d-9edc-03….png) ImgOps iqdb


Hi /lounge/ do you have a smartphone? I think I'm addicted to mine (and no I don't even use social media).

I can read wizchan and "that other Imageboard" on my comfy bed,I can watch anime pretty much anywhere,I can read 800+ manga using my phone,and some mobile games are not bad,they can be quite good sometimes.

I have a Redmi Note 7,what about you?
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I get that but just prefer a clean, minimal look to the clutter of most people's homescreens and desktops. My PC is the same and it's how I organize physical things as well - neatly kept in drawers or cabinets rather than laying about. You could argue it's inefficient but an extra tap or click has never made any difference for my casual use.


I have a Redmi Note 7. It's basically fused to my hand now, I don't even use my PC anymore since all the games I play are on consoles.


I'm really tempted to buy new Xperia 1.
I was using some really really cheap Huawei phone for years, then switched to Sony, which was pretty cheap as well. And let me tell you, you guys say that smartphones aren't that useful anyway…that's bullshit.
Migrating from Huawei to Sony, and to more expensive phone in general, made a world of differences to me. Way faster, way more intuitive. Expensive, - yes, but it's worth it in most cases and saves a lot of frustration.


I've got a Nexus 5X flashed with Pure Nexus. It's already pretty streamlined and after purging the remainder of Google shit, the battery lasts for almost two days the way I use it. It's mostly stuff from F-Droid (Calendar, Maps, Feeder, Overchan, NewPipe, Kiwix) and a few other utilities. I bought it refurbished at the beginning of 2017, I'll likely use it until 5G becomes widespread and my carrier tells me to switch phones or fuck off.


Liar, you can't even get a job without a phone.

File: 1553447349184-0.png (85.23 KB, 246x246, 1:1, 1 (58).png) ImgOps iqdb

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Any sites you guys visit except this board?
Sometimes it becomes too boring to sit in one place.
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>most of 4ch is porn
I was really shocked when I visited 4chan /b/ for the first time in almost ten years this year and found out it was 99% porn threads


>admitting yourself that you're browisng Reddit
And somehow you faggots don't realize it? Hahaha go back.


What's the problem? This is not 4chad


Well, that's the result when you act like being in social medias. Americans destroyed the imageboards for the sake of being the biggest and getting tons of money. Who cares about anonymity, no talking about the chan, no accounts, no succubi and etc, while you are getting tons of money?! Congrats, fellows. That's the recipe the create the biggest cancer.

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i am slowly getting my health back after 18 years of being poisoned by corrupt greedy doctors with meds for illness's i did not have…
$$$$$$ was all that mattered to them…
i took my 1st completely 'normal' dump in years today, "i am growing stronger'' by the day…
the damage both financial and physical was immense.
rotten thieving filth.
i am getting the itch to go backpacking again, i have a 127-135 mile hike planned out that would take 10-15 days 1 way (with an possible extension of maybe 300 miles of linked
now; i am not young anymore…
i am pushing 70 closer than i like to admit…
i believe i can still do it…
i desperately need the peace and quiet…
I have been doing this since i was 13 years old…
rotten bastards pos's…
i have lost 18+ years of my life due to their greed…
it will be a bit of a slog as the damage from the winter storms took down maybe 1800-2000 trees blocking trails and etc…
i think i can do it…
would any of you attempt such an undertaking?
this will be my 1st real long distance hike in 23-25 years…
where the **** did the time go?
i really feel / believe i need do this.
this may be my last chance to be 'free' again…
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out here in kali they are mostly crooks/charlatans.
i remember when drs made house calls. yeah, really…
you are very lucky to have your dr.


Where i live you're lucky to have one in general. Theres a huge doctor shortage here. And the walk-in clinics are packed. I am lucky to have the doctor i do have though. A lot of people here dont have a family doctor.


My anxiolytics helped me a lot
if it was not them i would not function

And they are very cheap


finally made it up there , they want !!!$30.00!!! just to drive thru the park without stopping (unless you spend MORE money)
ef them in the ass with a root-rooter !
i am so out of this shithole of a state!
greed, nothing but greed!
over 250 miles driving the long way in insane traffic just to be extorted!


just found out that sept 28 was a 'free pass' day at LVNP waaaaaahhh?

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