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File: 1653610931420.jpg (36.85 KB, 750x714, 125:119, 5b20e491e7d08064.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Are tulpas the solution to loneliness

Seems like a based way to get company
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File: 1653995228205.gif (998.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1CRb.gif) ImgOps iqdb

My tulpa went silent on me after an argument on my mannerisms. She basically wanted to do all the talking for me but it ended up in me getting in trouble for the most part. Instead of being silent now I started responding more now and a lot of pressure from social interaction was relieved. This made her hate me and think I betrayed her. Oh well rest in rip it has been a fun few years.


Tulipas are sign that you could be a schizophrenic.


It takes me like 3 hours every night to fall asleep because my mind is so active and I can't stop daydreaming about my tulpa.

Definitely solves the loneliness issue, but has its own pitfalls. Mainly it takes mental energy to sustain and the periods when she's not there, you're sort of back to square one again. Still, better than nothing and worth exploring if you're an introvert with good visualization skills.


>is it wizardly to be so lonely and desperate for social interaction that i channel my mental illness into manifesting an imaginary friend/lover



Don't fuck with your subconcious or you'll end up like all the retards who had to kill themselves after playing with a ouija.

File: 1641057514599.png (234.74 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


What have you resolved to do?
What are your goals, both short term and long term.

While this thread was inspired by the new year, it could be about your goals and resolutions in general and year around.
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I am glad I kicked the habit, though for some dumb reason I crave getting into one again. But I just don't have that level of free time to devote to one even if I wanted to, and I have since played far better games that scratch the same itch.


I am the same with free time. I realized that the main reason I even wanted to play them was because of the progression and how mindless some of them are.. just grinding, no story or anything else to worry about and no actual planning involved.


I'm going to get a six pack to find out just how truly hideous I am


it turns out I have zipper abs but it also turns out that I like them :)


Land a job after an interview, start a micro-cred at the local university, and find a better charger for my electric keyboard.

File: 1640202724989-0.png (68.86 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1640202724989-1.png (839.8 KB, 836x2048, 209:512, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


over the past couple of months I have gained an obsession with getting thin, eating less and weighing less
I'm 5'10 and I have reduced myself from 178 to 150 pounds just by eating less but I want to go beyond that, I like the feeling of weighing less and it makes me feel in control

I want to look like corpse, I would look something otherworldly
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I used to get take away every day until I traveled and my schedule got so disrupted I was focusing on everything else over eating. At this time I'd mostly eat a cheese sammy for lunch and some low calorie soup for dinner. I initially still felt hungry doing this but after just a few weeks my appetite seemed to adjust and I felt satisfied eating like this.

Now it's common for me to skip breakfast and/or lunch and have something small for dinner. I've lost a nice amount of weight on my wiz stomach (im skinny fat so everything just goes to my stomach.) I think if I kept doing this for a few more months I'd mostly have a flat stomach again. I think that's a decent outcome considering it required no exercise, special diets, or cooking time.

I don't claim to be an expert: but fast food is bad not just because its 'unhealthy' but because the portion sizes are so large. If you see a certain amount of delicious food its not really clear that maybe you should only eat a small amount of it. The food is also engineered to make you keep eating it. Like you might have burgers that are salted to encourage you to buy their drinks. They've calculated all this shit to maximize profitability at the expense of health. Got to just be aware of these traps.


2 hours a day is a lot of exercise. You should take a couple of rest days per week. I've been doing one meal a day and if I feel like I need some extra energy I eat some fruit but not enough so that I'm no longer hungry. Seems to be working. I'm down 10 pounds since I started trying to lose weight.


>do not run
>run on treadmills!
lol just don't have shit form. use the balls of your feet. squats help you to learn how to clutch your knees together so you don't pound and ruin them.


Misrepresenting. Running is pointless self torture


A bunch of retards who don't understand CICO, apparently
>no matter how much I eat I can't seem to gain/lose weight!
It means you're eating more than you think or not eating nearly as much as you think

t. on diet and has lost over lbs since the start of the year

File: 1607846456821.png (209.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, high.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Is anyone on drugs? I'm high on weed.

>first drug/how old

>what are you on now

>what drugs do you want to try

>trip report?
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He used a 45.
>No lizard has the same vocal chords as a human
They use magic. All these entities know magic. People think the fermi paradox somehow disproves alien life but they are assuming that these aliens use the same primitive lever-and-pulley physical tools that humans do. They don't, they know how to utilize the astral and transcend physicality. Any time you see an attempted assassination thwarted by insane 'luck' like this you can be sure that the target had metaphysical protection. There was another case where an attempted assassination of a politician was foiled because the assailants gun jammed when he ran up to the politician to execute him point-blank.


I have seen a lot of videos of USA police shooting people 5 times and they dont die, they arent rich or elites but random crack addicts. A .45 pistol isnt that deadly, it might immobilise someone but it wont be guaranteed to kill them, the human body (especially the human male) is very resiliant and far from weak.
and let's just say you are right and these humans are just animals wearing 'costumes', with this magic they do, can I make an alligator speak chinese, hindu and english? Because the reptilian aliens talked about in conspiracy theories have the same biology as Earth animals so they'd be very similar to Earth lizard


I am not denying magic being a thing and practiced by the elite, there's a good chance that might be the case. I just don't believe animals are the true rulers of this planet, it gives an excuse to the asshole elite because you'd just say "oh they're just animals, no wonder they're mean, should we jail a dog for biting a man?"
I think the elite are human just like you and I, they are just disgusting perverts who worship satan or some pagan god and do all these evil acts for it


Benadryl causes brain damage though


I've tripped on benadryl a lot. This definitely explains some things

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File: 1647572753528-0.jpg (64.02 KB, 564x564, 1:1, photo_2022-03-18_00-01-42.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1647572753528-1.jpg (89.2 KB, 736x920, 4:5, photo_2022-03-18_00-04-21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Sometimes I find myself admiring some of these images, they keep me away from negative thoughts for a while

post some nice knives (and melee weapons in general)
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I bought a variety of 1x30" belts for my harbor freight belt sander in order to tinker with sharpening. It turns out like a lot of harbor frieght stuff it's not quite within spec and I couldn't get the leather belts on without drilling out the adjustment guides some more.

But I also didn't really need the leather belts. What I found was that even with just plain old carbon V steel from ontario machetes to practice on that I didn't go hard enough on heavy grits and wore down the 30 micron ones like mad in the process of trying to sculpt the blade. But at least I learned how to touch it up enough to be able to cut grass with a machete and then get the blade back in order after notching it on bricks and glass and fences and whatever else. I really don't understand the fascination with anodizing and silly shapes beyond looking tacticool.


I like kitchen knives


File: 1653709942528.jpg (80.54 KB, 691x792, 691:792, memebit.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I ordered this the other night while sorta drunk because its blade is under the legal limit for carry in my city and it also has a non-lethal option on the backside. I like it a lot and it feels nice in the hand but it's pretty impractical not gonna lie.


A man who ignores oppressive arbitrary defense tool length laws is a king every night except one, at which point he becomes a giga king

File: 1643671728218.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 1642468444009.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How the fuck are people complaining about food prices? I can survive on $150 of groceries/week, even less.
Fuck is wrong with people?

I baked and cooked everything It costs less, it tastes better, and you know what you are eating. Fuck corporations.
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You mean neoliberal.


Based. Wish I figured out making pizza in my cast iron when I still had a place to live and a stove, but at least I got to making other dishes and starting to figure out flatbread.

The hardest part of cooking imo is practicing your knife game until preparation doesn't take forever, and to find recipies where you can do the chopping and the cleaning within the time it takes to cook everything. Order of ingredients matters a lot if you're cooking instead of baking.


File: 1653692710346.png (241.57 KB, 354x380, 177:190, Dr.Oetker_Ristorante_Mozza….png) ImgOps iqdb

This shit is seriously good. Buy it if you find it from your local nazi store.


I got sick of these fast. But fwiw.. they go on sale for $2-3 so I would say they are worth. I managed to go a month eating 1 of these a day.


at the risk of sounding like a sanctimonious nutrition faggot this is unsalvageable garbage


any wizards here have sleep problems? what do you take to get a good nights sleep?
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I keep hearing about trazodone tbh. I will bring it up with my doctor. good post wizzie.


Sip on a glass of whiskey before bed (make sure it’s good shit), do not down it, sip it before bed (start one and half to two hours before bed) and then go to sleep and you’ll be lights out. Make sure it is not a big glass (about half a cup)


no coffee after noon and sleeping pills when I need it


I tried melatonin in my mid 20s for a while with basically no good results. Then an old guy in the family told me to double or triple the dose and try again, and that plus a few more years seemed to help. Valerian root very very mild but a little easier to let myself slip off into sleep.

I think sleeping position, switching to boxer shorts with nylon gym shorts on top for plenty of comfy room to move around in, sheets that don't make me sweaty, and leaving low-volume internet talk radio or trance on at night to key in to when I'm only half wwake all did a lot. Plus keeping a regular schedule with bright light first thing in the morning and shutting down an hour early at night.


Unless you have genetic disorders you can fix it all with proper nutrition, exercise and living conditions

File: 1652201384025.jpg (101.73 KB, 500x635, 100:127, 1652194194799.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How NEETS contribute to society:
-consume little due to low spending power, hence they have smaller carbon footprints
-leaving opportunities for others by being out of the rat race
-not contributing in harmful, exploitative industries like big tech, big oil, big military
-likely won't breed which brings more misery to this world

What else?
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Yes, if you ask me it is much more deluded to assume that autist/schizoid wiz types like us could just norm it up and become part of a society that actively seeks to mock and harm people like us.

I don't trust all the "success" wizzies on this site with university degrees and well-paying jobs and whatnot. Because if you can blend in that much and that well then you must have social skills and some instinct for socialization, which wizhermits like me lack. Even if I was capable of doing it I'd not do it, simply because I hate people.

So a Metro Exodus type world for me, please.

This. There are much better alternatives for people like us in a world like that. We could just steal or go hunting gatherer etc. We could actually defend ourserlves and could play on equal terms with normals. As long as you can walk and raise your hand to use a knife or gun you'd be fine.

Much more wiz-friendly than this over-protected society we live in with all its normal laws and customs. Preventing us from using violence while still allowing us to be abused verbally and harassed/mocked by normal herds. Fuck civilization.


University degrees dont require socialisation at all. Some do, but some don't. I think it's possible for some jobs to be done with only some sort of zombie socialisation. For a whlie i had a job where i only communicated via email and it was only a few hours a week, but this is obviously extremely rare, and i still could barely cope with it.


>University degrees dont require socialisation at all. Some do, but some don't.
Rather most do, but not all.

Still don't trust uniwizards and those who work some high status job.



I've been spending a lot of the money I accrued over the course of my non-NEET life back in to the economy. In my own drop in the bucket way, I'm helping to fund jobs and production.

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Just post videos you think are wizardly, no particular theme or genre outside of that. Don't post things that will be too shitposty, but they can be funny
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Andrés Gómez Emilsson is worth watching if you're interested in psychedelics and the philosophy of consciousness.





didn't expect seeing Makłowicz here


oh man peanuts

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I have noticed that many times with my family members:
whenever my mom seats with my aunt or any of her female friends they start backstabbing other people and can spend hours and hours talking about nothing other than other people and sharing all their secrets, news, and even insulting them and would go to say things behind their backs that I would never imagine they could say 5/100 of it in heir faces, When family members meet and females sit together in a special room, they start doing this, and I just start to wonder about how empty their lives must be, if the only thing they talk about is other people and their private secrets. personally, when texting people online I usually talk to them about vidya or computers.


That’s just a succubus thing. They exist on gossip.


A lot of men do it as well, especially gymbros and lgbt types


That's mostly a female thing, they live for that shit.
Some estrogenated men behave the same way but by and large it's usually succubi pulling that shit.

Working with them is truly eye opening they despise one another deeply but will smile to their faces.


My family was exactly the same (mother and sister). Literally 6 hours every night talking like that. I know now they must be bitching about me since i dont talk to them anymore, it is a bit scary. Males usually dont do it much at all afaik


When I was like I don't know 12 or 13 the local church had us go through this program to prepare us for a decisions as to whether we thought the church was a load of crap or if we wanted to be confirmed. One of the things that blew my mind was when they handed out an assignment that we were not to talk about other people behind their backs for a week.

I was like
>wait what do people really live like that
cuz I'm just autistically honest. and yeah boys had easily as much problem avoiding constant gossip as the succubi.

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