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inmendham has moved out of his old home and into someone's basement

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>It seems that you are operating off of the assumption that that which opposes natural instinct must always inevitably bring about suffering
Not quite. Acting against natural instinct is a magnifier of the pains accompanying death. Natural instincts exist in a complex hierarchy different for every individual but with certain trends. In which avoiding death is generally near the top and ensuring reproductive success more often than not below that, even in the case of the most libidinous norman.

So telling a norman to stop shitting out kids is telling them to quell a lesser instinct in exchange for the sparing of however many avoid-death instincts would be inevitably harassed coinciding with the death of their hypothetical children and childrens' children. Sorry for that sentence.

As for your latter point regarding the ongoing suffering of life versus the transient peak of death and its associate miseries. I think that depends on the individual as people have different problems and ascribe problems different weights. For some, the miseries accumulate to the point of outweighing the high-pain of the death pangs. They commit suicide and for the most part I consider that wholly justified in that context. For others, like myself, I tolerate my miseries and however far my mind has simulated the agonies of death those agonies far outweigh my petty problems as of yet. In other words, oblivion is not worth the high cost of death-pain for me. Some boons ARE worth sufferings to acquire and we can agree that for some people in certain contexts the suffering of death becomes a bargain. I cannot easily call oblivion a boon however as my current conception is that there would be no distinction between one thing and another after death.

Sorry I need to sleep now, but I'll check tomorrow for your response. I enjoy the discussion.


I do not believe that death necessarily has to be painful at all. You've stated that natural instincts manifest in different degrees for different individuals. A normalfag would probably experience a huge amount of agony if they were not able to engage in social interaction regularly whereas this would actually be a luxury for many wizards. These compulsions and aversions originate, I believe, from value/desire systems. We seek out food because we desire satiation therefore place value on it. Conversely, the opposite of this desire, hunger, is given a negative value. This duality can be seen in all desires: comfort and pain, security and anxiety, prestige and disgrace. We usually think of these desires as being fundamental pieces of our personality, but it is evident that they are mutable. Our goals and desires change all the time. There is evidence in those who do go through with suicide for philosophical reasons that even the fundamental desire, the desire for continued life, can potentially be altered through rational analysis and self-discourse.
But what is suffering? Suffering is when you fail to achieve your desires or avoid your aversions. Because desires and aversions are mutable, that which causes suffering is also mutable. Of course, physiological pain also exists, but there are methods of suicide that are completely free of physical pain. And it is perfectly possible to endure pain without necessarily suffering a great deal from it, especially if you know that you're in control and it will be over quickly. The suffering that is brought up most often is the suffering of contradicting the desire to continue living. If the antinatalist worldview that life is a moral negative is followed through completely, there is no rational reason to maintain any desire for continued life. To maintain such a desire would be contradictory with the beliefs and values consciously accepted.


Thanks for this, couldn’t agree more.


There's a lot of mistakes antinatalists make and a lot of it has to do with suffering and responsibility. They take responsibility for things they aren't responsible for and then work with mental constructs that make no sense outside of meaningless ook-eek emotional smalltalk with other humans.
Antinatalists conceive of a human life as an act they are responsible for, they are responsible for this creature that has a start and end which they try to construct as an emotional judgement. They intellectualize human experience of a lifetime when they cant experience their own that way. They consider themselves responsible for this weird construction of human experience.

Normal people don't even try that because it doesn't make sense. 99.9% of people don't even consider their kids could be disabled or sick. It isn't real, it's a perversion of experience and rationality. The concepts don't even make sense. If you have a sick and dying baby, you aren't responsible, you aren't God, you just think "ook eek this bad" you have no responsibility. "eek ook this bad, ook eek me make good". There is no "ook eek me created all bad" because we are not responsible, breeding is just "ook eek me make me make" and you should stop your rational process there. There is no rational understanding of birth and no responsibility in regards to these concepts of life, worth, and experience. Antinatalists are irrational in their rationality making up mental models that make no sense. If you have a negative prediction for the future you won't create children, OK. But that's just feelings - 99% of philosophy is just your feelings. We are apes ooking and eeking, that's all we are. Antinatalists are over-rational really. Embrace the eek ook.


>Antinatalism simply doesn't make sense
Dropped it right there.


Does anyone have the memories of inventing your own game to play when you were a child? I used to doodle a lot and play games with my imagination. It originally started with drawing stick figures to imagine brawls and fights when I was in kindergarten. But then it begin to get my own twist as time went on. It diversified into multiple forms of games I played in school and in my head while I was bored. For example when I was obsessed with immune system when I was in elementary after reading a book about it, I drew cells and imagined virus and immune cells fighting them as I drew them while scribbling on cells that I declared as dead with my pencil to show that they are no longer existent. Another example of game that I imagined was my own country rising up from Earth than killing all other countries(Like USA or Japan or China) with fighter jets and nuclear bombs. As I was seeing more media I also did one game where I created a 2D "ant war" with ants farming and fighting against random insects. Another one that I had done was the one where the zombies attack cities of other countries and then I draw army and city blazing with pencil while imagining.

After I went to higher grade elementary I developed a standard system of playing these games which is basically drawing continents then putting small images of roads and buildings than talking with your friend while playing for immersion. I did stuff like fighting zombies or fighting against aliens while playing the game. One time I also got a Sim City DLC pack with future cities than I immediately proceeded onto adopting megatowers into my games where I imagine zombies in a small, narrow alleyway preying on humans.

I still play this game but now I don't draw cities with buildings anymore. My games are far more abstract like a HOI3 game than the games I had used to play when I was a child. I also have no more creativity to imagine outside of modern Earth settings or fantasize coherent settings for an imaginary world. One thing that all of my "draw games"(name I gave to the games that I invented) had in common was that they all ended up in entire paper being covered in destruction and pencil marks to symbolize total destruction of the setting regardless it was a stellar empire or an ant colony. I wonder if I was the only one who did and created these sort of autistic games.


I played Fear Factor with toys. Height contests and a few times I put a hare/rabbit toy into a jug of water. Then I put into a fridge and he was frozen inside. I used squirt of warm water to make a hole in the ice to rescue him.

After school I used to bounce cigarette boxes I found nearby pretending to be extreme FlatOut-like racing cars sponsored by cigarette brands. Usually one but sometimes I could find two who would fight against each other rather than fighting for time in single competitions. Although all times were taken into account perhaps. I didn't actually used a clock or a stopwatch. Snow, rain, windy, usual weather landscapes, two different routes and four different endings. When I passed through other cigarette boxes in bad shape I painted that it had intimidating image of wrecked cars on the drivers. One stunt involved jump over the curb by hitting box from afar. Sometimes I hit it into the plastic bag. The finish involved hitting it into the basement ventilation hole near my house where other trash used to be.

Not a game but I used to put school glue on my plastic pencilbox and then put the dry layer away with a pen or pour some glue on the ground near a garage. The next day it was a dry mass with an interesting texture.


I invented a way to play Yugioh with a regular deck of cards. I've been working on it for a really long time and the game is actually pretty fun and viable.


File: 1565007229148.jpg (76.77 KB, 800x600, 4:3, svaberg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I had several relativly elaborate imiginary worlds growing up. As a child I imagened different pieces of the terrace of my familys summmerhouse as different warring city states, I think those ones followed a kind of roman theme. Different parts of rock by the beach would also represent different kingdoms. This fantasy world would get quite intense and i would spend hours pacing back on forth on the rocks as wars and events would play out.

High and low tide was incorporated into the lore of the world as certain sections of rock (kingddoms) would be swallowed up the sea. though I would't have thought of it that way at the time it was probably influenced by lord of the rings to some extent. All the minor kingdoms were allied against one huge evil kingdom.

As i got older these worlds stopped having anything to do with any physical representation, and my imaginary worlds were intearly in my head. They tended to have present day technology but but were still other wordly.

I would use one world a platform for many fantasies, there would be great wars, but also politics and the events of a few spesific families.

By the time I was 11/12 some sexual fantasies even took place in that world, but the stuff I was jerking off to in my head was still very much related to the internal politics and events of the world i was imagening.

I lost the ability to go to those places around my early teens and this is probably the first time I've thought of it in years. Thanks for starting the thread

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Wizchan is a pretty obscure board but the user base of this chan seems quite diverse and international. I wonder how did they all end up in this place.
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First heard about Wizchan from either Wrong Planet or a deep web invitation-only Randy Taylor69 fan forum. But I didn't actually start browsing here until after I was deported from England for "stalking." Anyway, I've been clean for years and am now 100% committed to the wizard lifestyle.


Still makes me laugh every time I come across this thread!


Every time i wear a hoodie this plays in my mind.


I heard it mentioned on facebook


When I heard that 8 went down, seems pretty comfy.

File: 1563632063200.jpg (27.1 KB, 310x278, 155:139, 3u0wr4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


why has 4chan become such a pile of shit nower-days? i used to be able to have an intelligent conversation on there about vidia/anime and what not. And now is just a festering heap of shit with a bunch of questionable porn and edginess.
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It's not all bad. Word is they're building a janitor capable of sorting and cleaning it.


reddit ruined it


File: 1565001134669.jpg (42.34 KB, 980x609, 140:87, 1536275741_670800_15362760….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

maybe I shouldn't have posted that


True, im an oldfag, been there in 2018. It had gone bad in 2019.


Well, that was pretty accurate. And now 8chan is dead because of this.

File: 1549623279036.webm (2 MB, 840x630, 4:3, 1471236742335.webm) ImgOps iqdb

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Post video files in to this thread that you feel other wizards might enjoy. Please keep politics in the current politics thread.
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File: 1561723592653.mp4 (381.62 KB, 640x640, 1:1, glr.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


>its loud so its funny!!!1


it's the reaction that is funny, lad.


File: 1564905351628-0.webm (3.95 MB, 582x320, 291:160, slav pranks.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564905351628-1.webm (4.99 MB, 480x360, 4:3, cromartie internet troll.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564905351628-2.webm (2.14 MB, 640x352, 20:11, alchemist.webm) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1564981283655.webm (3.82 MB, 160x90, 16:9, wizards -- for whom the b….webm) ImgOps iqdb

From a movie whose title fits this site.

Full video: https://streamable.com/2vgbr

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Anybody on here satisfied or dissatisfied with their height? I'm just curious on how tall some of you boys are in here, maybe we got a gigawizard on here or something I dunno.
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>Funny that you imagine wizzies being here recluses when we have a wageslave thread, unithread, etc
Those aren't mutually exclusive with being a wizard. You can work a job out of plain necessity and still spend every second of your free time at home and avoiding normals, If you were to only qualify NEETs as wizards then the population of this site would drop even lower. This truwiz shit is for the birds, as long as you're abstaining from relationships/sex/general society that's good enough for me.

What a hilariously retarded post. You aren't on 4chan anymore, you can't just fling out a few "go back to reddit"s and expect to win an argument.


>aren't mutually exclusive
>still spend every second of your free time at home and avoiding normals
Never stated there can't be wageslaves wizards or unifags wizards, but that guy believes those people are the majority when we have no reason to believe that, and what's worse, he mistakenly believes that because wizards are 'recluses' they don't suffer from heightism, as if being a wizard made you a different species.


m8, fuck off imageboards, for your own well-being


178cm. I don't care about my height because I hide in my apartment all day long.


>being tall means you won't be bullied
Explain Dylan Klebold then. He was 6'3".

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Post it.

i'm also looking for something like this: ""japs have shame society so they dont give a fuck about programming, but west has guilt society so all the NEETs learn programming to feel "productive" and feel less guilt"
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Does anyone has or at least remember that wiz who posted about termite inspection in his house? He lived in the basement at the time and had a bunch of piss bottles and whatnot. He didn't want anyone to see it so he bolted the door and the inspector couldn't get in.
A couple of posts down some other wiz did a green text pretending to be the termine inspector and retold the whole event through the inspector perspective.
That was a pretty cool thread, pretty funny.


I remember that. Was only a couple years ago at most I think.


>Does anyone has or at least remember that wiz who posted about termite inspection in his house?
that was me, around 2 years ago i think. it was when we were moving and the house needed inspected, i think i posted it to the crawl thread back then. i forget how it went but i had a literal garbage dump of trashbags and junk in my room and blocked the inspector from coming in


Hey wiz, are you in a new basement now or you managed to have a room of your somehow?


not sure how if i was lying when i originally wrote that or if it just got embellished over time, but it was a regular upstairs bedroom in that house. inspecting the baseboards of a basement room for termites when all the walls are concrete doesn't make much sense. i am living in a basement now though, it's stays much cooler so i don't mind

File: 1560632207752.jpg (63.25 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, GeorgieBoi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Since Georgie Boy has left youtube (probably for realz this time), I have been utterly bereft with loneliness. His daily life and thought patterns were very relatable and raw.

Are there any Wizard vloggers (preferable mid 30s+) you watch?
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just eat some meat bro you'll be less annoying in no time.


acceptance is an important step in recovery


sadly untrue


Zoomer but still entertaining




I've been practicing complete celibacy (no masturbation) recently, I'm still getting a lot of involuntary sexual thoughts occuring, almost like a part of my self is trying to trigger me to find porn and masturbate. For anyone who's gone like a month or more does that start to decrease with time and if so what sorta time did it take for improvements for you?


Get a hobby or job to distract you. If you’re NEET you’ll get bored and your mind will go back to it.


It does happen after time, as long as you distract yourself and don't stimulate yourself like edging. Everyone needs psychological stimulation, you can't do nothing. I find meditation helps a lot to give you more control over your thoughts.

Despite this I personally decided not to abstain after succeeding at nofap for a few months. Seemed like depriving myself of pleasure for no reason at that point, since I got rid of the feeling that I was incapable of stopping.

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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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saw this morning, thought this was cool




File: 1565026685881.png (2.35 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, 2887Cartman.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder if South Park gonna mock the sh00tings again. I don't know how they got away with the shit in the last season.


>I don't know how they got away with the shit in the last season.
It's South Park. Everyone got used to it. I think they also tried to get themselves cancelled because Matt and Trey got bored.


absolutely not.

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