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where do you live?


not explicitly against chan-rule IMHO




Hypothetically speaking, let's say I have a clone farm, and because they're all my clones, we're shit at everything. Is there any way to subject my clones to tests/organ farming for money, until we can kickstart our own Outer Heaven, and maybe attract enough talented people to move on to designing video games/software for a living?


It would cost more to make, grow, and maintain the clones they you would be able to make from using them as subjects or harvesting them.
Outer Haven mostly supported it's self by providing services (they were basically mercs as a day job).

File: 1538269588989.jpg (331.22 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1200px-Good_Food_Display_-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I would like to discuss diet and nutrition with you guy, especially in relation to different wizard lifestyles.

For example what would be the ultimate low effort diet for someone who never feels like preparing/cooking food but at the same time doesn't want to have their health and wallet suffer from eating nothing but fast/junk food?

Or what would be a good diet for wizards that unfortunately must do hard labor?

Or what would be good for those that lay around all day?

And so on.

The tl;dl is bet way to feed a wizard thread.
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Not bad.
Simple, effective, and can taste pretty good with proper seasoning.


Well i tried.


your assumptions about vegan being (or wanting to be) a more or less normal wizchan poster were wrong


He is a known troll and the correct thing to do is report/hide his post and not give attention.
Otherwise he intentionally derails whatever thread he is in, like he did here.
Why the mods don't ban him for breaking rule 5 is beyond me.
Report and hide. Nothing else.


>report/hide his post
is there any point when in your own words
>Why the mods don't ban him for breaking rule 5 is beyond me.
nah. it’s pointless because the mods and the admin do the bare minimum to moderate this place, if that. It’s not like he has not been warned many many times, heck he frequently posts the warnings he receives and whines like a little bitch for being unfairly treated by them but they don’t seem to care one bit. The only rule that truly does matter is rule one, forget the other ones, they never are enforced.

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Post your favorite pictures of wizards/sorcerers/other magic users that you've saved
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Cute kot. Wish i still had my cathurt pics.
and that the mods wouldn't delete them out of HURT


File: 1562858573110.png (2.52 MB, 870x1400, 87:140, scientist_wizard.png) ImgOps iqdb

Got a new one.


File: 1562889403191.jpg (869.6 KB, 1198x1700, 599:850, il_fullxfull.1751216541_fr….jpg) ImgOps iqdb




File: 1564083311255.png (469.64 KB, 904x754, 452:377, 1501944250720.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1556927716016.png (646.87 KB, 1125x1600, 45:64, wonderousStool.png) ImgOps iqdb


Do you feel envious? Do you feel inadequate? Do you feel like you have no unique skills to offer to the world?

Might I suggest being a crackpot.

Crackpottery. I'm not being facetious with this answer. I'm being serious. Do something mystical or occult, or even just eccentric or off-the-wall enough. At first, start by imagining how it's like research for an incredibly powerful spell or something. I know it sounds like I'm making a "Wizards should work on their spellbooks" kind of joke, but I'm absolutely serious.

Now, you may think that you won't be able to convince yourself of this, but trust me, you will. If you work on something even for just a day, your mind will convince yourself that what your doing has to be worth it, after all, you've spent all that time on it! You literally do not have to do one iota of rationalization. The consequences are as follows:

- Whenever your envy gets triggered, you get to say to yourself, "Well, he may be doing X, but I'M doing Y, which is far more important/powerful/breathtaking/etc."
- If it's obscure/arcane/fueled by your imagination enough, you will be the only one in the world who is doing this. You literally have NO COMPETITION. YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT IT.
- You will probably never actually see your project to fruition. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. That way, your psychological crutch will stay with you.

Moreover, after working on it for a while, at the very least you will have something impressive. A very beautifully designed spellbook that looks like it's out of Lovecraft. Notebooks and binders full of bullshit equations. It doesn't matter. It's yours, you're the best at it, you're at the forefront.
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Ig they managed to avoid taxes they are an example to folloe. Nuff said.


self-help trash



Is this, a crab?


seems like it


This is just brainwash. If you want to live in your own imaginary world, it's fine, but don't convince others it's a good idea.

File: 1563814578235.jpg (27.55 KB, 300x291, 100:97, 24d51ddb1ae8603b97ac6014ae….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


hi /wiz/, there was a device I saw earlier in a documentary but I can't find it again, and I don't know what to search to find it, as I remember only a little about it.
It was an electric device used by the US military and it was about waves as far as I remember, it made a very creepy sound that resembled a human voice. it generated a tone that sounds like an aggressive human voice giving orders. I don't remember the purpose of the device, but it sounded like voice in minute 2:44 of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnELNv-zqo4
It was either a weapon or an experimental device.
if any of you know what I'm talking about, can you name the device please?
pic unrelated
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File: 1563822177188.png (12.4 KB, 557x426, 557:426, untitled.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

unfortunately, this isn't it. it was a machine that accumulated something, got louder and faster, and at one point it was so fast that it made a very creepy sound resembling human voice


ok. what about this, "Instead of beaming a flashing light or shouting over a loudspeaker to keep people away from sensitive areas, new technology being developed could allow troops to fire a laser that can form a “plasma ball” that talks to the potential intruders."


You made a thread on /wiz/ of all places to ask such a thing?


/lounge/ fits better for these topics


This is probably completely unrelated and I haven't thought about this for years, but back when I was a kid I used to play this real-time strategy game called Star Trek: Armada. It was pretty fun, but what I remember most distinctly from it was the background music that played when you were controlling the Borg. When I listened to it long enough it felt like there were human voices speaking in a commanding tone to me, insistently; like the "song" impressed this sense of urgency upon me, and started to make me really uncomfortable. Here's a clip of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ8FIA2xMJQ>>222406


I miss AYB. Just that rush of seeing it everywhere, so many normies just being confused by it, before the word 'meme' came around and standardized it and made it all so cringeworthy. I'm split on whether I would want to see AYB make a brief, fleeting revival before disappearing into the sunset; or whether I wouldn't because I know normies would ruin the one pure memory I have.
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Go out and spray paint it on some walls


It's fine to feel nostalgic for it, but I don't understand what bringing it back is meant to achieve


>t. apprentice who is bitter he never got to enjoy them


someday all your "dank" memes will look old and stupid to your kids


File: 1564017719575.gif (354.34 KB, 640x472, 80:59, 196.gif) ImgOps iqdb

free my nigga jimmy

File: 1563680123158.png (145.54 KB, 500x326, 250:163, neet just b urself.png) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone know anything about getting on unemployment? I've been working my first real career type job for the past year and a half and I've come to realize that the working world will never be for me, I've worked a lot of different jobs and I just don't see me lasting with anything for decades and decades but I'd like to have some money to live it up a little during however long I have left.

Can I get injured and quit? Can I ask my boss to lay me off?


Depend on where you are I guess. I live In Australia and unemployment benefits really are not that great. It's not enough to live by yourself(it's $560 a fortnight) and you are constantly made to look for work, accept any work offered to you and if you are unemployed long enough you will be made to do work for the dole. As for how easy it is to get, it's really not hard you just sign up for it.


Unemployment benefits are specifically designed to make your life worse than it would have been if you were working. Do not see them as some kind of viable alternative.


What is with these people knowing about the catalog on /wiz/?



Maybe they just don't want to post on that board. Understandable, I don't.


i am slowly getting my health back after 18 years of being poisoned by corrupt greedy doctors with meds for illness's i did not have…
$$$$$$ was all that mattered to them…
i took my 1st completely 'normal' dump in years today, "i am growing stronger'' by the day…
the damage both financial and physical was immense.
rotten thieving filth.
i am getting the itch to go backpacking again, i have a 127-135 mile hike planned out that would take 10-15 days 1 way (with an possible extension of maybe 300 miles of linked
now; i am not young anymore…
i am pushing 70 closer than i like to admit…
i believe i can still do it…
i desperately need the peace and quiet…
I have been doing this since i was 13 years old…
rotten bastards pos's…
i have lost 18+ years of my life due to their greed…
it will be a bit of a slog as the damage from the winter storms took down maybe 1800-2000 trees blocking trails and etc…
i think i can do it…
would any of you attempt such an undertaking?
this will be my 1st real long distance hike in 23-25 years…
where the **** did the time go?
i really feel / believe i need do this.
this may be my last chance to be 'free' again…
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>i took my 1st completely 'normal' dump in years today
Actually it's the opposite for me.
Only antidepressants cured my IBS.


Weird. My docotor is the exact opposite. Shed rather try every other method before trying to push medication. I deal with bad anxiety and she gave me a medical marijuana licence to posess/grow


out here in kali they are mostly crooks/charlatans.
i remember when drs made house calls. yeah, really…
you are very lucky to have your dr.


Where i live you're lucky to have one in general. Theres a huge doctor shortage here. And the walk-in clinics are packed. I am lucky to have the doctor i do have though. A lot of people here dont have a family doctor.


My anxiolytics helped me a lot
if it was not them i would not function

And they are very cheap

File: 1563497196712.jpg (612.04 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1559432759841.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Lying in bed and can't sleep because I know ill have another terrifying nightmare. I've been getting them a few nights in a row. It got especially bad last night when I got sleep paralysis, I even wet the fucking bed, embarrassing at my age. It was the most horrifying feeling I ever felt in my life that I almost started vomiting out of fear when I woke up

Any others got it before?
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Also like I wrote in the post before yours. Sleep paralysis is beneficial and a sign of good health. It's better to have it from time to time like between a week or 3 months if not longer even if you're always exercising,eating well or don't have anything bothering you but not everyday. Only in the case of someone suffering from PTSD can it actually hinder them. In fact PTSD may trigger excessive sleep paralysis because of the way the mind is always keeping the body on edge expecting some threat.


>Sleep paralysis is beneficial and a sign of good health

can you please link some medical literature that shares the same point of view as you do?

because im pretty sure people look at sleep paralysis as a health problem that they suffer from. as in it's undesirable and causes them to mentally suffer

according to my simple knowledge on the subject, literally all of medical literature on sleep paralysis looks at it like a problem, but according to you, my understanding is wrong. please link me any medical literature that says its healthy and desirable "and a sign of good health"

like, dont get me wrong, i dont know what causes sleep paralysis, and im sure vegans suffer from it too, but i find it hard to believe its healthy and desirable to have it. i remember when i had it i had a strong anxiety attack every time i had it, it was a negative experience


I study it and use myself as a subject. You could say I'm infatuated with the workings of the mind and body. Don't get me wrong but I don't plan to write down or publish any of my findings. It's mostly pure curiousity that drives me rather than academic pursuit. If I feel like it I randomly lecture people or point them in the right direction.

>because im pretty sure people look at sleep paralysis as a health problem that they suffer from. as in it's undesirable and causes them to mentally suffer

Psychology is still a very young science and has many stages to go trough before it can transcend into the Noophism of the future. Modern day psychology is still stuck in the light and dark dualistic nature of deduction namely along the lines of "if it makes you feel bad then its bad and shouldn't be there" while completely disregarding everything else mostly due to a lack of perception or foresight. Sometimes a little pain can prevent a greater one or worse and at times that little pain is what defines you as healthy and not a numb corpse.

>i dont know what causes sleep paralysis

Neither did I but I found it was just a mental mechanism mostly driven by instinct. Like resting but inverse. In a normal healthy human sleep paralysis shouldn't be a constant but it shouldn't be a rarity either unless something was numbing their capability to tap into their intuitive thinking via the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. This might sound even more controversial than my claims sleep paralysis is healthy and beneficial but there's a high possibility plenty of people due to genetics or environmental factors aren't able to make proper use of that region or invoke it during the maturation of their body. Think of it as built-in "rite of passage" everyone is skipping in more numbers than ever or simply not understanding it. The cause could simply be humans not having any natural predators or just because we're too comforted and sheltered compared to our ancestors which isn't really a bad thing but it's still fascinating in my opinion and how much of human culture it shaped.


just your own experience is not valid to take any conclusions
psychology is not young
why do you think sleep paralysis is normal when few people experience it and it's related to sleep and mental problems?


>just your own experience is not valid to take any conclusions
I have my ways to compare them to other's.
>psychology is not young
When I consider the final stage of development it could be at I'd say it's in its infancy right now but that's a point of view more than anything.
>why do you think sleep paralysis is normal when few people experience it and it's related to sleep and mental problems?
On its own sleep paralysis is a natural occurance in the development of the mind and later on its balancing. The problem these days is that most of the time it's caused due to neurological issues rather than healthy development or status but those same people actually benefit from having a sleep paralysis because it prevents those neurological issues that triggered it to have more worse effects.

File: 1558276804307.jpg (57.17 KB, 539x800, 539:800, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Guess no sequel based on angry wagecattle scoring.
i'd like too see a sequel showing how he slowly burns this cancer world to the ground. Pisses me off how wagies are brainwashed that justice and good always wins and off they go to their cages happy and delusional thinking they win at life.
Disgusting and angering.
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Remember to always memorize the new buzzword of the day and repeat it ad nauseaum in any context you come across, thats what really makes you a free thinking high IQ individual separate from the herd.


despite your overuse of buzzwords, you're not wrong.


File: 1562535801562.png (370.8 KB, 800x1150, 16:23, 276EAAF2-DC19-4933-9FBC-6A….PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Shouldn't have been a crab then. I'd conquer countries and use my powers for fun if i have powers and not to be some attention seeking crab.


man i dunno i find this film too edgy and try hard heh whatever ease your frustration

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