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Do you wizards know anything about removing metals from and killing pathogens or viruses in the brain? I am interested in whether this is contributing to personal issues I have at the moment and would like to try such an approach. There are many sources talking about detoxification, but I've yet to see one specifically talking about the brain.

my current speculated stack is
Natto - kills spike protein
Black seed oil - kills toxoplasmosis, broad spectrum antiviral
ALA - chelates some metals
DMSA? - chelates more metals

but I don't know much more than that. Sources, thoughts?
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Fasting and alkalizing diet, while eating all your daily food within a narrow interval (from 8:00 am to 2:00pm)

Remember that your detox systems are constantly working if you swallow starches and heavy protein. Also a mouthful of turmeric enhances liver functions before going to bed.


Killing pathogens? Mostly garlic, onion and ginger. Then you might turn towards advanced shit, like ivermectin and typical drugs.


>I can't see what else would produce long threadlike shadows when shined upon and would have a thick filmy appearance when observed normally.

hmm i can't think of anything. many people have parasites and fungus problems inside them but i don't know in what way they would show up in the urine.

>I don't have liver damage,

congratulations, how do you know? i did a liver gallblader flush. i drank oil, grapefruit juice and epsomwalt dissolved in water. and yes, green stones did come out, i should make another one soon to see if there are still stones inside of me, or if my health ambitions have "melted" them all already.

>I am concerned about pathogenic or excitotoxic presences in the brain.

you must have some sophisticated detection mechanism i am not hip to. lol i can't imagine how you would detect that. maybe there is a smell coming out of your ear ^^, i dunno.

>Chlorine Dioxide just came in the mail, I'll be trying to use the MMS formula next.

i know literally nothing about what chemicals and pharmaceuticals can do.

What sorts of detoxification programs are you thinking of when we have this discussion?

naturopathic herbal essences and teas is what i have studied and used on myself. most sophisticated one i've done was a 1500€ 14 week herbal detoxification protocol. i ate nothing but fruit, drank healing tea all day and swallowed capsules filled with herbs and herbal extracts dissolved in water. first two weeks was mostly antiparasitic and antifungal and then the rest was mostly strengthening the lymphatic system while keeping the detox 'up'. the underlying idea is that the body can clean itself as long as the lymphatic system is kept well functioning and herbs do a little bit of helping. i do the work in exercises and foodchoice, herbal tea adds 30% extra, expensive herbal tinctures and capsules add an additional 15% extra.
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I have that book. Did you see improvement in health after trying the cleanse?

Anyways, for me personally I am trying to get at certain neurological problems which could conceivably be caused by excitotoxic or brain pathogenic substances. It's quite different than standard detox rationales, and I am starting to think that my immune response to covid may be at the heart of it all? Covid antibodies = spike proteins in your body for a long time. I am hoping it isn't permanent and the body does expel these things with time/loses immune system memory of the disease. But there doesn't seem much written on that particular topic.


>I have that book. Did you see improvement in health after trying the cleanse?

i can never be sure what does the difference and what doesn't because i do a lot of health related stuff and i already feel good by default.

having said that, i do suspect that i did feel a good chunk better from it. after i did it, it felt like a noticable curse was lifted (not a gigantic curse but also not a tiny curse). like some limiting barrier was removed. like the training wheels were taken off the bike and now i ride on a real bycicle while before i didn't. after i had done it i found all these new ways to keep momentum in movements going. my skating and dancing become more seamless, more flowing; the individual movements became connected into movements that waste less energy; though i had felt this lifting of limits before. when i first lost weight from bmi 21 to bmi 20 i could not believe how effortless moving my body was, how much faster i could get up from a chair.

i do believe it is among the more beneficial things. not as profoundly lifechanging as breathing exercise, maybe on the level as a netipot.

>Anyways, for me personally I am trying to get at certain neurological problems which could conceivably be caused by excitotoxic or brain pathogenic substances.

you probably mean get _rid off_ neurological problems? not sure what you mean by neurological problems. maybe like a feeling of slow response time from the brain, being forgetful, making mistakes.

my brain has been doing good lately because i stopped looking at memes so much. like a gambling addict in front of a slot machine i did not even notice that i was doomscrolling for hours every day. now i stopped looking at this nasty digital world so much and found the joy in tinkering, homeimprovement and using tools. i like it but because i am so inexperienced and slow, it makes me feel like i am 200 years old though lol. learning something useful is fun for a change. i make myself so busy, i can't even watch entertainment content anymore. i just wanna watch DIY stuff all day.

File: 1715109260392.jpg (52.76 KB, 620x499, 620:499, 1710569560350505.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Post your results from the big five personality test.


I suspect that many wiz are high on neuroticism and low on extraversion
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it serms the usual goes like that
4 on the left and 1 on the right


File: 1715214720419.png (83.85 KB, 884x773, 884:773, results.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am surprised at my disagreeableness though I suppose not being a normalfag means you are discordant in at least that sense.


File: 1715215966962.png (8.55 KB, 365x130, 73:26, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1715365023818.png (5.47 KB, 366x105, 122:35, ,.png) ImgOps iqdb

>hecking web 1.0 aesthetics


I'm extreme high openness as well. Conscientiousness and agreeability are pretty mixed for me. The high openness might have made college easier for me but probably also lead to me becoming insane.

File: 1714933240598.mp4 (2.34 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Mike Mentzer ,Tom Platz ,F….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I am from a third world country and I have saved 21.5 dollars (in my local currency

What could I invest (buy something and resell it) to generate extra income?
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You need a very powerful computer to do video editing in 2024.

Nobody with zero connections in a third world country is going to be hired as a translator by anyone.


File: 1715087986018.jpg (197.43 KB, 1382x386, 691:193, translation.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You need a very powerful computer to do video editing in 2024.

Nobody with zero connections in a third world country is going to be hired as a translator by anyone.
There are literally 10 million people for every OP trying to desperately squeeze $0.01 out of translating a line of text.



>You need a very powerful computer to do video editing in 2024.

Not as much as you would think, especially if you are doing simple shit like lining up audio to video, running the dialog through a noise filter, or moving clips around.
General computer intensive stuff is applying extensive digital filters and other high level features.
Even basic rendering can be done on a kinda shit computer now days.

>Nobody with zero connections in a third world country is going to be hired as a translator by anyone.

Objectively untrue.
>There are literally 10 million people for every OP trying to desperately squeeze $0.01 out of translating a line of text.
Litterally untrue.
>it's not stable
It's not meant to be. It's gig work. Gig work is inherently unstable.
This is just stuff to earn a bit of start up capital for something else.
It's better then doing farm labor or factory work in the third world for third world wages. That work leaves you too tired and poor to work on anything on the side.
Gig work for westerners isn't as demanding and offers relatively better pay. The trade off is less stablity, which isn't as much of a issue in this situation since down times will give the chance to work on stuff outside of gig work. Like building a proper business plan for your own independent business.

Regardless, you are just exaggerating to justify your defeatist pessimistic world view. Likely to make yourself feel better about giving up. So you want others to validate your choice of giving up and staying in your bucket of chosen helplessness.


People like you are funny with your cushy savings and i heritances.

Were you in a situation like OP you wouldn't earn a penny without hard farm or factory labor at $1 a day and you sure as hell wouldn't have a PC capable of rendering professional 4K footage.
You'd be posting here on the cheapest Android phone available using public wifi and crying yourself to sleep.


Now you are just spinning stories.

I actually went from homeless to a relatively comfortable life through hard work and self agency.
If I had your mindset I would have likely just given up and killed myself when things got hard.

Stop projecting your weakness on others.


I enjoyed the comparisons, so may you do. Even if entertaining I still don't get much willpower from this

File: 1714432367128.jpg (219.16 KB, 546x856, 273:428, Ear-439258369.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why does every time I dare to go outside something happen that ends up giving me anxiety?

I was walking in the city when something hit my ear. It didn't hurt but, and I'm starting to forget it already, made a sound. At first I thought a pigeon grazed me but I heard no flapping and saw nothing. Then I thought as I was walking under trees maybe something fell on me but I didn't see or hear something falling down. I looked around and saw nothing. I'm thinking it might have been a fly as it was warm but I don't know if it would feel that way.

I can't check closely of course and had to use my phone but I can't see any wounds.

Now I can't stop thinking about what it was and assume the worst that I am going to get some kind of infection.

And shit like this happens like 50% of the time I go outside.
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Yall Just need a routine. Once you get used to external envitoment, those things eventually stop happening. If you are neet, choose a time of the day to take a walk and then do I
it everyday


>like I look like a fucking thieving nigger
Doesn't matter if you live in a high theft area stores start treating everyone like thieving niggers.
Meth is a thing. It causes whites to act like niggers in regards to stealing shit and acting a fool.

Only option is to shop in nice neighborhoods. Then you are treated civilized.


Whats worse is you live somewhere where normies try to talk and bother you.



oh lawd i hate it so much. was working on the truck yesterday parked near a public naturewalkway, 2 groups of children/teenagers approached, one of them knocked. then later some nosey middleaged asshole who wanted to interview me knocked and proceeded to just bombard me with questions before i rejected that ugly motherfucker.

where i live many people have the disease of seeking interaction with people who are not seeking back. like bad salesmen who look for a good deal for themselves, not giving a fuck if they swindle the customers with the notable difference that i am no customer in their store.


I had something similar happen to me.

I was changing the oil on my car and some middle aged boomer retard started asking if I was having car trouble and I said no and that I was just changing my oil.

He then started ranting about the parking lot being private property, asking where I lived and threatening that he was going to call the police on me because I got some oil on the asphalt.

File: 1701689930266.png (610.02 KB, 680x1280, 17:32, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


It is often said gifted individuals have powers either to help or to harm. Intelligence, creativity, and talent can steer toward both negative and positive ends of the moral/ethical continuum. Bright individuals can be either creatively malevolent or creatively benevolent depending on the interweaving of their values and behaviors. Gifted individuals are possibly at greater risk for adjustment difficulties, especially during adolescence and adulthood, due to their heightened sensitivity to interpersonal conflicts and higher levels of alienation and stress as a result of their intellectual and creative abilities. Some gifted students struggle in their school and community environments due to emotional intensity, motivation and achievement issues, lack of peers and isolation, identification problems, sensitivity to expectations and feelings, perfectionism, and other difficulties. These gifted students endure and survive in school rather than flourish.

what you think about it wiz? are you gifted?
i think there's 50/50 in wizard community, some just not able to get in to normie life or don't want to.
and some self isolate himself because his IQ creates huge gap in social harmony this basically alienates him and makes impossible to get into normie life because he sees normies as subhumans.
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just ignore him. Anyone that hates white people is stupid by default.


you're quite right, It's just irritating to see this kind of cancerous thought-policing spread to previously open spaces once quite receptive to alternative topics.


>terminally roasted liberal
What are you even doing here. Get to kiwifarms with all the other itchy asses


You need to go back


File: 1714833943786.jpg (11.73 KB, 255x252, 85:84, crabs at wizchan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Back to tell you back to kiwifarms, cuck

File: 1702937706331.png (244.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1702925265105185.png) ImgOps iqdb


Este es una especie de experimento, he visto a algunos hispanohablantes por aca, veamos si podemos crear un hilo(please remember this is an english-speaking website. posts must be in english.)
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why are catholic cultures such party animals when they are supposed to value volcels?


File: 1703118013085.jpeg (36.71 KB, 602x337, 602:337, main-qimg-1b85614608e8b60….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Uy, hicieron esto cuando decidi pasar la navidad en EE UU. Pos bueno, aqui estoy de tal forma (aunque obviamente aqui es un poco mas leve que lolnada, al menos que vayas a /b/)

Welp, bad timing on my part, but this board welcomes anyone so long as they're not too wild..


File: 1703485406139.png (269.47 KB, 616x1090, 308:545, 44-TitanTVMan.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1703974210373.gif (978.33 KB, 430x228, 215:114, winnie-the-pooh-GTA-CJ-San….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Being a Wizard in Latin America is different than in the Anglosphere countries since Hispanics families and people in general are commonly closer and force you more to interact with people instead leaving you on your own.


that's why hispanic wizards are extremely rare yeah.

File: 1692766943137.jpeg (41.73 KB, 640x582, 320:291, 3d-render-now-4067401557.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you think discovering imageboards early in life fucks you up?

I already had ADHD symptoms when I was young but I feel like imageboards made them worse with how fast they are, the ability to jump through boards each discussing different topics and the total lack of barriers for making new threads. I got used to making a thread for whatever question or thought I had instead of trying to think a bit for myself first. Also something I thought about is how my PC is full with images from years of imageboards and how that made me a very visual person. I just feel like imageboards molded my brain and behavior and every time I think I can quit them because I am tired of the shallow level of discussion that comes from the fast pace and lack of barriers I somehow end up back and spending my entire day on them even if it makes me regret it at the end of the day.
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Those are just are the first phases OP. Read more schizo stuff and you may end up adapting.


you eventually will learn media literacy and start questioning whether the answers are coming from, who the truth-tellers really are and which communities are stupid or fake.

Anyways, get into nootropics. They're surprisingly cheap and unleash your genetic potential for intelligence and concentration.


you can reverse the effects of cocaine addiction is little over half a year of abstinence. And that's without interventions. There is no way computer brain is a premanent adaptation, just walk away from the screen and spam plasticity promoting supplements while doing something more healthy for a change


by repeatedly scrolling through and half reading the same posts over and over


Yes, i do think.

File: 1707632583179.jpg (29.06 KB, 474x497, 474:497, sweat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else have tooth problems and are scared shitless over it? Currently I can't chew with any part of my mouth or I'll get a tooth ache, but I have no money for any dental work…
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If you are so low IQ you rather die of an infected dental cavity instead of taking a simple ethanol remedy… That's just natural selection at work.

Why would someone capable of creating entire universes and planets care whether some random arab in a desert puts ethanol into their mouth?


Didn't Muslim arabs invent distilled spirits mainly for medical and perfume uses?
I just think they aren't allowed to get drunk for fun.
Sort of like Mormons banning basically anything that can have a effect on the mind unless it's for medical reasons.


>Didn't Muslim arabs invent distilled spirits mainly for medical and perfume uses?
No. Alcohol has been found in tombs all over the desert, but not in those associated with Islamic burial practices. It was likely carried by silk road travelers and militaries not of Muslim stock. They do use it to disinfect wound todays, but again, dental hygiene isn't considered a wound and the wrath of allah for putting alcohol in the mouth outweighs the benefits it has for decontamination.


Clove oil makes great. No need for booze, but be sure you have a nearby glass of water when taking the drops. Some people also claims vinegar and salt make do, some other use baking soda.


ive never been to the dentist my entire life. i drink 3-4 energy drinks a day and i dont have a good outlook on how long my teeth are going to last. i was supposed to get braces as a kid and i never did, and i dont think my front teeth have stopped projecting outward. fucks sake lol

File: 1697822059100.jpeg (134.61 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 2-products-containing-caf….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


>been drinking sugarfree energy drink (160mg caffeine) or a large cup of coffee in the morning
>energy drinks are becoming too expensive and I worry too much about all the other stuff that is in them
>try caffeine pills instead (200mg)
>feel nothing
>try a 2nd one (400mg)
>feel so sleepy I have to lie down

What do I do now to get some energy?
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>poor knowledge against fatness
"MetabolismoTV channel in English"




Diet is to lose fat, exercise is to increase blood flow and heart health, which improves mental clarity and increases energy while also decreasing the amount of time you need to sleep to feel rested and decrease the feeling of tiredness you feel throughout the day.


contains it and several other components. Very very legit noots vender, although they don't seem to have phenylpiracetam hydrazide anymore for some cursed reason


No need to demonstrate a thing to me. Just letting you all know where help can be found

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