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I think I might be racist, I don't really like other races besides Asians, I dislike Moroccan Turkish people etc middle east the least they're very aggressive and most of the time religious fanatics, I don't like their culture either.

I went to a Indian shop today and the dude cashier wa wearing a turband and had a beard, I felt really uncomfortable, I hate to be this way but I think races shouldn't mix
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This post immediately falls flat because the only way to be a NEET is in a high IQ mostly white or asian society. Anything else demands normality/conformity.


>Anything else demands normality/conformity.
Or you know, just a supportive family.

Those high IQ white or asian societies you speak of are notorious for kicking out adult male sons if they go NEET. So much for whites and humanism, huh…


>you have to like niggers because… well, because i said so!!!1


>I'm a wizard
>Been on nu/wiz/ for months
https://www.bitchute.com/video/xNcVPFMcf92H/ You don't even have to listen to the whole book, just the chapters summarizing studies on diversity

The summarized research on this topic is people naturally self-segregate and display implicit racial preference. The antiracist seminar stuff seems to only increase the salience of racial preference for aggrieved minorities. Go be a chump somewhere else


Well said wiz. I feel the same.

Sage because its a lame thread.

File: 1673518396035.jpg (1.95 MB, 3480x2339, 3480:2339, kjjj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I think doctors and healthcare workers in general have the most miserable, inhuman jobs. imagine not only interacting with with norpers every day, but also having to take care of them and save their stupid lives.
makes sense now that i think about it when i read on the news about nurses or hospital/nursing homes personnel going crazy and killing patients by unplugging respirators or spiking their drips. you really have to be a psychopath or mentally ill to some degree to hold a job like that.
i remember that my mom used to work in the same hospital with a doctor who made the news by getting caught breaking old patients' bones to practice his surgical skills and sell prosthetics of a multinational corporation he had a contract with
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tell me about it if they hadn't grindmaxx'd so hard they should be scrubbing toilets


no it's the ophthalmologists and dentists. the greediest, most unscrupulous specialists by far


True, It's soul crushing and mind numbing. Highest suicide rate no questions asked. Nobody wants to deal with norms but these people have to. Fucking disgrace to them.


They earn really well + excelent status


another bait post… sigh this site is going down the tubes

File: 1672884163761.gif (932.15 KB, 500x375, 4:3, future.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Do you ever think about how the progress of science and technology is changing everything about our society at such a rapid pace? Some of the changes are potentially quite scary to me. I just watched this video (https://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/the-technology-behind-understanding-how-our-br/) where a guy goes over some of the emerging research and technologies in neuroscience. Basically science fiction shit is now becoming a reality.

Scientists can map individual neurons and predict the motion of a mouse based on them. They can turn on certain neurons and change the mouse's behavior. Other stuff I've seen has AI being able to read MRIs and interpret text that someone is imagining writing and other similar mind-reading experiments. Darpa has a program where they use big ass magnets to change the function of the brain and produce fearless soldiers. So basically mind-reading and brain control are now actual technologies instead of fiction.

This is just one of many many many fields of research that are all exploding at once. Genetic modification of human embryos has started. Gene modification through medicine has started. Human cloning has been possible for ages. We have artificial wombs and lab-grown meat. Shit is getting crazy and all the while big changes that affect our day to day lives get implemented by corporations in search of profit. Possibly even the covid-19 pandemic was caused by technology progressing to the point where humans can genetically engineer viruses to be able to better infect humans. All of it is just too much. I don't really have a point or anything I guess just want to open discussion to talk about this little talked about reality of life.
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What is this ad hominem fallacy supposed to do, convince us to disuse the phrase, disbelieve in the concept?

Foucalt accurately described post modern control in society, but he was an active unapologetic pederast, should we ignore their ideas due to their sins? Obviously all ideas and objects have blood on their hands metaphorically, don't throw stones, glass house.


I just thought it was funny you started foaming at the mouth about communism when the term isn't even theirs.


as usual, dumber than a fencepost


Even if it was coined by a Nazi its leftists that use it today and I'm tired of it. Everything under the sun is caused by late stage capitalism, from volcanoes shitting out fire into the atmosphere to why my neighbor is a jerk. One wonders if capitalism is so controlling and total, is it even possible to overthrow it? But it's just common sense that some of the biggest problems we have in society (environmental damage, mass rape, alienation) are simply the result of large scale industrialization and not free market economics. You can have a communist society, and it would have the same problems.

Foucault was an edgy contrarian hence his pedophile activism. I doubt he was a legit pederast. he liked being fisted up the ass by big men in leather. that's hardly the psychological profile of a pedophile. i believe he was probably raped as a child or something and reverted to some sort of child like state when it came to sex, which is why he became a homosexual and thought pederastry should be completely legal. whatever, he was one fucked up pervert either way.


>male faggot degenerate doesnt match the pedo psych

File: 1672081086406.jpg (170.87 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 62352342.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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any of you here have any ideas or are doing something online that's generating a passive income?
i'm not from a first world country and i live with my family so i'd be satisfied with 100-200 euros a month, enough to cover my food so i don't have to work
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>I don’t have that life and I’m poor as shit.

so i guess you just choose to participate in the denial of soul for free, without enjoying any of the worldly benefits which people usually get for selling their soul.

you wanted to have the lack of resources like someone with a soul but the suffering of someone who sold the soul. the worst of both worlds, that's funny to me.


I don’t want to believe in lies, religions are disproven nonsense.


It's impossible to convince someone that the soul exists.


>I don’t want to believe in lies, religions are disproven nonsense.

'selling the soul' doesn't mean someone reaching into their chest and dragging out a glowing orb of light and handing it to a horned being in exchange for a bag with dollar signs painted on it. it is a well established metaphor for corruption even the most experienced pretender can not deny. you are just playing dumb and reduce it to something purely spiritual.

>It's impossible to convince someone that the soul exists.

you painted yourself in a corner there, a rather unintelligent dialog choice. neither do you know what is possible, nor have you proven yourself to be someone worth convincing of anything. you are like the fat succubus at the party nobody tries to dance with who insists that she is a queen. don't wait for me to ask you to dance, i want to dance with the pretty succubi.


> selling the soul' doesn't mean someone reaching into their chest and dragging out a glowing orb of light and handing it to a horned being in exchange for a bag with dollar signs painted on it. it is a well established metaphor for corruption even the most experienced pretender can not deny. you are just playing dumb and reduce it to something purely spiritual

Moronic nonsense. Continue to believing bullshit lies.

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Police exist to keep society safe! Just call 911 if something happens and it'll be all ok
Officers regularly insult, threaten or belittle suspects, hand out fines they know will lose in court just to intimidate, overstep their legal bounds and often barely understand the regulations they enforce. If they get caught abusing their power the unions will cover it all up and they are almost never prosecuted.

If you call the police to report a crime that isn't life-threatening it will take hours before they get back to you and usually they'll tell you to drop it. If your case makes it to court you'll spend thousands hiring overpriced sophists while the judge attempts to rationalize an essentially arbitrary decision rarely even connected to retributive justice. Not to mention the entire criminal justice system in the west is weighted to explicitly take racial considerations in account and downgrade punishments against minorities while exaggerating punishments against whites. People with nothing to lose like the homeless or repeat offenders can easily assault or vandalize property with little recourse.

If you think Law Enforcement exists to protect the population from anything but egregious white-on-white crimes, you have never actually interacted with them.
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this guy knows. My law professor likened justice to a coin flip; the outcome is arbitrary


That's true. If you present yourself maturely to a judge, they are more likely to think it was a one-off mistake or something. If you act belligerent in court, they'll think this is an everyday thing for you and you just finally got caught.


It's not so different from trial by combat: instead of knights you hire lawyers if you can afford them.


I'm sorry that happened, wizanon. Niggers are truly subhuman, and their enablers are worse.


Kafkas not lengthy the metamorphasis is like 120 pages

File: 1672284202055.jpg (105.62 KB, 660x690, 22:23, ram_bahadur_bamjan_meditat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


oh hello there wizzerds.

can anyone recommend a nice way to organize time?

i feel like i am wasting time too much and don't end up spending it on the things i want to do. i lack a system i like for keeping track on what i want to do and end up wasting time playing steam and watching retarded video game content because i am stuck in indecision on what to do. i can't even find a way to list all the things i want to do. i can't even decide if i want to go digital or paper-based.

calendars don't seem to work for me because as soon as i go out of synch with the plan then the whole day falls appart.

maybe i need something more unique.
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still no progress on the time organizaion.

i had a silly idea though.

what if i had a little pond instead of a todo list and then inside the pond are little rubber ducks and then i write the items on the little rubber ducks.

seems like i would need a lot of rubber ducks and some special pen that i can just wipe off so i can reuse the ducks.

a system like that would be hard for me to disregard. maybe i can find something as silly but less impractical.


set alarms


You could put little whiteboards on the backs of the ducks.


>You could put little whiteboards on the backs of the ducks.

that'd be a nice way to live.


That's such a "for my instagram" looking picture.

File: 1672485287245.jpg (20.98 KB, 274x300, 137:150, Nietzsche187a1-274x300.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I read it and didn't get it. it's too complicated for me, can someone explain to me what are the camel,lion 1nd children phase?
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ok thank you for answering


I think this is one of the only philosophy books worth reading


This would be a less shitty post if it were a rick roll link


can't believe his quote are the most accurate things we can have and yet the mist edgy such as god is dead or what doesnt kill you makes you stronger


In english he might sound just edgy, but in German he sounds like a emo kid


Do you believe in Aliens, Cryptids, Mythical Creatures, Paranormal Entities, etc?


yes, i have been an /x/ tard since i was a wee lad. I have been following the slow disclosure of the alien phenomenon the past couple of years.

My personal view is that they are inter dimensional


Your previous thread on the subject is still open


File: 1672965279447.jpg (21.47 KB, 333x500, 333:500, anti internets.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


this is a request for personal help,but also insight open to discussion for all.
I wont ask to be spoon-fed;but rather to ask what serious books\lectures\essays and papers, I can read about all this.

>Where can I get torough,comprehensive, lists of taxes, their functions,applications, and legal shenanigans? Same for Permits, forms of ID and goverment tracking-down of people(welfare application? for example)

>Books about internets role in global finance, crime,privacy,goverment surveillance. Im about to install like 100 blockers,time-clockers ,delete 99% of my hard drive
>discuss fiction as a "thing" ie;its effect in daily life and mass culture. what would a fiction-less day look like for a modern human man in a western city?


Hebrew? Yeah Jew, go ahead and leave the internet.

>discuss fiction

The Holocaust of the 1940s


these requests are too niche for a forum this small. Try pol


What the heck is with the weird nonsense use of symbols?

I refuse to help because your post is irritating to read.

If you have a question then ask like a civilized person.


In order, my average day:
>some greek yogurt with raw oeatmeal, fruit and honey mixed together
>a green apple
>two cheese quedasillas with spinach, some hummus and a portion of fruit or avocado
>a snack, usually a fruit or a small portion of cookies
>a passion fruit
>protein shake
>quinoa with seafood
>sauteed veggies with some beans
>two toasts with a spread, cottage cheese and two scrambled eggs on top
>two cheese quesadillas with some pasta sauce
>one to three portions of fruit

I drink lots of water or low calory stuff, mostly water. Sometimes I eat any of those twice or more a day, sometimes I don't eat all of them.
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Too much cheese is unhealthy for you


i remember a puppy didn't want to eat, so we fed it with a lot of cheese. later it vomited. what a fucking mistake, what a fucking waste.




Milk, eggs, and sugar has everything the body needs. Corn has ups and downs


Had a deepy hearty laugh visualizing this but also an anon utterly confused and destroyed. I love cheese and my dog has a weak stomach, so even cheap food makes her puke and shit

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