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File: 1707306481514.jpg (1.82 MB, 4022x2854, 2011:1427, 117c082afdb2eba31b0b0f5c7a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why are many here are certified /pol/tards ?
I do not Care About politics, I could never effect or change anything in my own country's politics, but I am wonderibg what makes many social outcasts, perma virgins, and Hikis attracted to that board's ideaolgy
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That's because of numbers. In terms of crime percentage it has no use to put white race as the worst to live with

they ignore data on purpose, as lefties do for an habit


what is a poltard?

is not wanting to be jewed, niggerfied, chinked, etc. a retarded? Whe Ending up as a beta passive liberal cuck blind follower of rules is peak retardation.
Lots of people don't know why they do the things they do or where certain trends come from, they just care about social validation and feeling good all the time. Mystic virgins are a different breed.

>In 2023, China will continue to maintain its advantage as the world's largest vape manufacturer and exporter, with total exports of vape products reaching US$11.084 billion, compared with US$9.854 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 12.50%.

>'NO FUTURE' FOR VAPING IN CHINA The government brought vaping companies under control of its state-run tobacco administration, beginning with a prohibition on online sales in 2019 and culminating in a sweeping ban on all flavors except tobacco.

>China has banned all flavoured e- cigarettes to reduce e- cigarette use among young people

If you can be one step ahead everyone by simply learning, then you should. Don't be a sheep.


it become a must be after 2016 4chan


Teh! Teh colonizars! They coloniz'd muh cuntrey! and.. and gave me electricity.? and… knowledge? wut… they're still evil doe..


spaniard kikes(sephardic jews) decimated and racemixxed with amerindians ruining a once based empire and continent and then lost their colony which didn't even last for 3 centuries.
Now look at Spain's population, they are all left leaning radical feminists with moor blood and without any fucking gold because their gold reserves was given to the bolshevisk, all that conquest for naught.

I have more respect for the Incas and amerindian people than any racemixxing spaniard nigger. Their so called civilization has proven to be a downgrade and they committed the worst crime of all, racemixxing. Spaniard colonizers are no better than niggers.

I don't have to call them evil like the other poster, they are simply animals and dysgenic, no different from white chicks who breed with niggers or white men who marry asians and produce a hapa offspring.

File: 1680250730107.jpg (111.14 KB, 453x604, 3:4, 1679593476138395.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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ok bros, i thought lolis were just a niche a topic that sweaty weebs get mad over when discussing it
but normalfags caught on and you really get in trouble when joking about it.
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File: 1714465708575.png (294.55 KB, 378x610, 189:305, sakura eh.png) ImgOps iqdb

well, but the more underground something is, the easier it is, to outlaw it. im genuinely afraid my collection of animu mini-succubi will be illegal soon. im not saying its good, that normalfags and the broader masses are into animu, but its undeniable, that with a growing fanbase, there will be more lolicons and therefor more people who would oppose such a law.


There's another wave of Fanbox purges for Loli art. Not for shota though. Never for shota.


But many of the comic book artist use cp as reference material for drawing the images. So at some point a real child was involved. Knowing that makes it harder to support.


Anti's like saying that but there is scant evidence and in actuality absurdly rare.


found the normalfag

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File: 1711472261650.gif (1.61 MB, 500x280, 25:14, enragen.gif) ImgOps iqdb



Previous thread: https://archive.fo/msC0D
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Worse than we thought, then


First half of the 10s: YEAH! Even if a new cartoon isn't as good as the old cartoons I grew up with, I can still at least enjoy its porn! =D
Second half: FUCKING NOPE!



File: 1718057204776.jpg (325.14 KB, 715x1468, 715:1468, Screenshot_20240610_160206….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>i dont think most healthy MALES
Good to know that even lolcow has a shortage on mops due to so many soggy tampons now lightly flooding wizchan with that same "winner's" immaturity -_-..


How do we know that poster is being genuine.

Put him into a young Brad Pitt's body tomorrow and deposit $50m into his bank account and see how many months, weeks or days it takes until he "magically" renounces being a wizard.
It's easy to talk the noble talk when you have nothing to lose.



File: 1686544324128.jpg (14.81 KB, 474x316, 3:2, th-57649278.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I would like to read your stories. How has your experiences shaped your worldview?
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File: 1716660036498.png (530.57 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, com hypo.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1716709719639.mp4 (368.37 KB, 460x574, 230:287, forgot to turn the filter ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

computers really did turn into deception machines for ugly females.


Yeah man and then they complain they can't find a chad to settle with when so many retarded simps give her attention over a false image. succubi are their own worst enemy


they're a can of worms that are never worth opening imo, unless she's gone through therapy and can handle her own emotions independently of you. not worth it


you speak true truthful wizzardom

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File: 1717883338297.jpg (27.65 KB, 612x408, 3:2, boxtruck.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


anyone wanna hear about my awesome boxtruck? i'm surprised i have never seen a wizard write about vanlife or RV because i believe it very much helps with living life outside the house.

i hated being out anywhere just on foot, i often was bullied or harassed or molested or tortured otherwise bothered by people. it always felt like i could never be anywhere before someone seeks me out, tries to find some way to bother me. i liked to run or wander or skate or train and since i am in a big city there is always someone who wants something.

it has so many advantages. i never have to go into places to pee or poop, i can do that in the vehicle easy. is just nice to head someplace and just having the ability to reliable and hassle-free pee and poop. when shit gets uncomfortable i can always just turn the key and drive somewhere else. hanging around and some asshole feels like interviewing me? noooope, i just drive away. some stupid whore wants to get to know me as to best figgure out how to take advantage of me? nope, i just drive away. everything i could possibly need i have on board. fresh clothes, warm clothes, rain clothes, umbrella, towels. you know how in dragon ball everything is so easy because the people have the capsule technology and can just summon stuff out of their pocket? it is kind of a low-tech version of that.

the boxtruck used to be an old delivery vehilce, similar to the one on the picture. is like a sprinter van but in the shape of a box and there is a sliding door between the trunk and the cockpit. it was very cheap and in good condition. the running costs per year are what i pay in rent for my 1-room appartment per month; so very affordable.

i did not bother to paint it because i want it to look like a delivery vehicle at a glance. is very stealthy and uninviting that way. i can drive it with a regular small-car license in my country. no need for some complicated driver's license. had i known how nice this is, i would have made a driver's license for large vehicles and busses though.

i pitty everyone who doesn't have this. my life before was shit in comparison! this car is like the nicest thing that ever happened to me in my life. had i known what positive difference having this in my life would have made, i would have never studied and instead just found any means necessary to get a car like that when i finished school.


File: 1717920821517.jpg (63.03 KB, 893x627, 47:33, 5f76fcf15ca7d222657291ba4c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How many loli can you it in your van?

File: 1692464935361.jpg (345.69 KB, 3264x1658, 1632:829, ukim.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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How is it that white people have become so pathetic and self destructive in modern times? They can't express pride or love for their own people and skin color without being called racist, every predominately white country is expected to be flooded with other ethnic groups, and when those groups begin to take over by way of gaining political power its celebrated as progress. Whites no longer being the majority in their own countries is seen as a good thing, when the inverse would be seen as colonialism. What the hell happened?
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You're misinterpreting what I said. You're defined by other people in the sense of you meeting them forces you to become cognizant of what you are and what's unique/different about you. In a world where only whites existed, nobody would talk about the "white" race as a thing because there would be nothing to compare it to.

It's a total projection that racism is caused by ignorance. "scientific racism" emerged because people noticed there were differences and tried to systematize it as best they could. The more people look into the world, the more different they find people.


>You're misinterpreting what I said.


>You're defined by other people in the sense of you meeting them forces you to become cognizant of what you are and what's unique/different about you.

that's just you being a puppet. you don't have free will so you don't understand the the force of cognition is transcendable. to you it is ultimate reality.

>In a world where only whites existed, nobody would talk about the "white" race as a thing because there would be nothing to compare it to.

the skin is objectively light colored though. the people would refer to them as pale pink skinned maybe. what you talk about are all unimportant issues of identity though because you are a group puppet. you are so identified with your stupid group, you shouldn't even have a name. you should just be given a number.

>It's a total projection that racism is caused by ignorance. "scientific racism" emerged because people noticed there were differences and tried to systematize it as best they could.

the racism isn't the problem. there is nothing wrong with noticing differences. the problem is that you do not have control of yourself. the problem is that you gave up controlling yourself and instead decided to identify as the group you are in. you sacrificed your individuality to become some stupid cog in a machine hoping to gain advantages for your group and disadvantages for everyone else. that's how all atrocities in the world came to be. by assholes who sacrificed themselves for their disgusting group. groups are the problem in the world and you are just some (possibly even imagined) group's puppet. there is a whole other dimension to the human experience that you don't understand because you are limited to licking boots in a group. if your breath didn't stank of shoe-shine you'd have a whole other outlook and a different set of possibilities would apply to you.


What made lefties be the way they are? The mishandling of right wing politics carried out in an authoritarian fashion. If you mix that the natural weakness obvious to the entire humanity, you can't help them. And they do not deserve to be helped, just be sure you don't get beaten sharing propaganda about what's really happening with the world.

They deserve to perish under their own idiocy, let them do so. Save those who will listen, be swift, be discreet.

Your greed and pride will otherwise become a weak spot.


>What made lefties be the way they are?

Depends on the lefties. Most social democrats are just normal succubus with a nurturing instinct. Some rudimentary psychological research has shown the more radical ones are paradoxically more machivallian and sadistic despite their constant claims to virtue.

If you ask a leftist "why do you think you vote left and I vote right", they'll always answer it's because they perceive themselves as compassionate and caring for the little guys.

I've gotten in long drawn out political conversations with left wingers, mostly polite. And although they somewhat agree with me with some of my points about race, they're hesitant to endorse my views. I think they find comfort in the egalitarianism because it keeps them as "good people" without question. If they embraced race realism or the problem of dysgenics, then suddenly they are faced with some serious moral dilemmas that their worldview cannot address. So instinctively they avoid the point, shrink away from it out of fear.

Man is a social animal and radical individualism is a disease of the modern era. Even in the gilded age of cowboys where rugged independence was the norm, man was bound by his social duty and his community. The unfortunate fact of nature is that groups always win against atomized individuals. You can claim "I don't see race" all you want, but if the other side sees race, categorizes you by race, and targets you by race, you'll be left disarmed.


>What made lefties be the way they are?
>Depends on the lefties. Most social democrats

i don't even believe the distinction between left and right makes sense anymore. when i think of a rightleaning person, i think of authoritarians who want war and slavery. that's not true obviously but up until wokeness happened, the authoritarian elites cosplayed as rightleaning. now that wokeness happened all the authoritarian elites pretend to be leftleaning. they were never rightleaning nor leftleaning, it is all theater.

i thought i was leftie all my life, but it feels like i have 80% or 90% in common with righties. when you see these obnoxious genderless barking dogs these days, those aren't lefties, they are just authoritarian groupvictim npcs/shills/knaves currently identifying as lefties. don't watch mainstream lefties, they are all compromised disgraceful shills, watch dudes like jimmy dore.

>Man is a social animal

repeating this every chance possible doesn't make it true. i get it that most people avoid it but i recommend never to be fear being completely alone. it is a degenerative habit always to have others to depend on. it is a important fear to conquer and until you do, you don't even understand all the ways in which you will drag your group down and you don't understand how easy it is to seem attractive. nothing will make people notice and admire you as the ability to do everything yourself skillfully without despairing.

lol if i'm a leftie, i should not argue for self-reliance but obviously the left-right political distinction seems to be nearing end of life. rightleaning people from 2000 until ~2018 were really bad at memes but that is no longer true. 'the right can't meme' that was true back then. they caught up in communicating their ideas though. there are excellent memes making the rounds these days that help people see that rightleaning people have important ideas that are well thought out and contribute to the benefit of humanity.

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Do you guys have 'em? I've been binge watching videos on it but normies are darn awkward handling them. What causes them? Is it some gradual accumulation of stuff or do they come for sudden reasons?
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>how'd you know?
Because it's been extremely extensively studied, and the only "study" that claimed that it did was literally fraudulent.

> leave the multibillion dollar industry alone

Not a real argument.
The only thing I am defending is the true.

>you have not even understood how not to have meltdowns.

Insults aren't arguments.
Get fed dez nuts nigger.


>Because it's been extremely extensively studied, and the only "study" that claimed that it did was literally fraudulent.

they said the covid vaccine was safe and effective because it was extensively studied. that turned out to be a lie, they did not extensively studied it and the vaccine turned out to be neither safe nor effective. now in several countries (depending on the level of corruption) there are no legal covid vaccines.

when people who are above the law say something has been studied, this proves nothing, your argument is invalid. when proven liars come out with studies that are supposed to prove something, nothing has been proven.

you said
>Vaccines have nothing to do with autism

you have yet to prove that statement. just because a proven liar said something is one way, that doesn't mean shit. the opinion of known liars is excluded from truth seeking and say one more stupid and corrupted thing and you are excluded.

>Insults aren't arguments.

it is a fact unless you were lying, which is possible. obviously you have no allegiance to the truth. whether or not if offends you is meaningless, you admitted it in the op.

>Get fed dez nuts nigger.

you are certainly dumb, obedient and on the wrong side of history like a fed. you certainly don't mind lying because your boss told you so. you sound like you can tell every brand of shoe shine by the taste.


You are clearly and obiously just a troll who doesn't sincerly believe a single thing you just said.

Therefor I will not waste effort on your retardation.
Enjoy this documentary explaining in detail how autism is not caused by vax.


>You are clearly and obiously just a troll who doesn't sincerly believe a single thing you just said.

>Therefor I will not waste effort on your retardation.

you did waste effort though because i am not clicking on your stupid video. you did not adequately consider any of the points raised, you arrogantly dismissed them. i'll just go ahead and look down on you at this point and call you a shill. dishonor upon you.


It was crystal clear that the vax was gonna be a scam

File: 1702926107117.png (367.6 KB, 630x630, 1:1, R.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Post ideas or guides to improve life as a wizard (ignore the modern bourgeois concept of personal development), calithenics at home, learn to draw, write, read books, quit porn, or whatever you think fits this topic.
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File: 1717242779113.png (6.76 KB, 225x225, 1:1, relieved.png) ImgOps iqdb

Posts like this are still spawning here due to you taking them seriously, don't forget

>schizo used out of context, shamelessly mispelled for normalfaggotry
I was about taking this seriously, yup. About it.

>i'm delusional for believing meditation is better then not touching your dick so much?
You wizards should've already told him "ok fed" or something likely so he already stopped trolling you. No wonder kiwifarmers be laughing their asses off about this place


nope im not trolling. i just don't give a fuck, because of this i commit low effort post. and yes i know it decreases board quality. this "discussion" ended already, stop replying about that, wizzies.


>if i did give a fuck about "explain and prove my point" to you, i was gonna did argue properly

yeah maybe. or maybe everyone can only argue things to the point that they understand what they actually believe and what they took the time to think through. many don't do that. why do edgelords keep repeating "question everything"? because hardly anyone does… maybe you are one of those many and now that you are somewhat exposed, you don't like how this makes you look because this concerns your most pressing concern, your identity; which i always thought to be a curious thing to defend in an at least somewhat anonymous setting like an imageboard. at least here you should be free from the obsession to perform.

>i think you are decent person

i encountered this many times in my days. i like to be disrespectful towards people without being overly mean or hurtful and it turns out many people believe they should not be respected either and could never trust someone who respects who they ended up becoming. they appreciate the honesty without the devastation it usually brings along. i don't feel the need to bring devastation along because whoever ends up being an actor has a permanent subscription to devastation already. i'd feel petty to add to that.

outwardly a normie demands respect, secretly they crave disrespect. i believe this goes so far that a lot of unrespectable people (who are hidden behind their respectable facade) only care about the opinion of disrespectful people because they are disgusted with the necessary implied dishonesty involved in respecting someone's pretend-self. to be more blunt: they could never respect someone who respects them. they know they are nothing but actors on a stage pretending to be something and whoever respects this has to be an idiot.

they'll play along with whoever respects them but if they were honest, they are looking down on anyone falling for the theater. "what you respect me? but can't you tell i am nothing but an imitation? respect an actual person, not someone like meeEEEEee?"

>don't forget

oh you must be one of the smart people because of your dutyfulPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>20 heated posts in
>nope actually i don't give a fuck lmao
classical music


>oh you must be one of the smart people because of your dutyful reminding of what is important
Thank you very much.
>you know what i mean?
Pretty much nothing as usual.

>who cares if some stupid website makes fun of you

Sometimes normals just mock us out of pure rage, some other time they genuninely enjoy our misery. Indeed a short life to live making them happy, or too long to make them not seethe as much as we can.
>it will be as if you had never been here
Let us have our disagreement.

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File: 1714940018044.jpg (21.47 KB, 460x338, 230:169, aPA6PWP_460swp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


do other wizards by chance have a good system they use to keep track of all the things they want to do? seems like such a trivial little obstacle but i've only gotten better at it slowly.

i notice that i keep wanting to do things and then forgetting about it and then when i am bored and could spend some time on stuff, i don't remember it. when i don't have time, i remember everything, when i do have time, i remember nothing.

to do lists also don't work because i don't check them. physical to do lists work better then digital ones.

calendars i have tried on and off again but i do believe the cons outweigh the pros. there has to be something better.

i've noticed other carpe diem wizards in this place, i'd very much appreciate your stories on what worked for you.

what kind of helped me since spring is the attempt to stop being so nocturnal and live throughout the day because sunlight is so healthy and i have been missing out on it most of my life. i wake up as rush hour traffic calms down and i am ready to go maybe around 09:00 or 10:00. during the first half of the day i try to accomplish stuff and eat and drink ridiculously healthy and light. then i try to be back around 16:00 because much later then that and i can't find a parking space anymore, this shit is severely limiting my spontaneity. living in the dense city was a mistake i am hoping to change soon. then after i come back i usually do stuff around the appartment, keep it well maintained because i do not have the space to let just a single dirty dish lay around for too long. once i neglect stuff and stuff starts to accumulate, everything in my place breaks down. stupid cramped situation.

long story short trying to be active during the day made me progress from being able to accomplish almost nothing in a day to accomplishing a few things. i still have days where i am just on strike and can't do anything but recently the days appear where i work on stuff from morning to evening and then fall asleep tired and satisfied. it is very hard to accomplish stuff when i go to bed at 4:00 and wake up around 12:00.

also just always planning the next day has been working wonders for me.
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i didn't find those personalty types useful ever. i can somewhat agree with the basic premise of having the 4 categories but to imply that there are 16 different personalities seems ridiculously over the top.

there aren't 16 different types of people, have you been around people? there's no more then 5.

i consider normies and crazies much more useful personality descriptors:

>normies believe in normality, they want to be just like the people around them, imitate them, belong to them, seek safety in large groups and conspire with others to seek advantage over those who don't conspire. they want to study smart and successful people and imitate what they do without understanding it. they believe in normaliy, they order the videos on pornhub by top_rated or most_views. most people are normies. normies are boring, predictable, gullible and destined to become what they hate.

>crazy is everyone else.

another perspective i think is better is consumers and constructors and they largely match normies and crazies. most normies are consumers, a lot of crazies are constructors.

>constructors want to invent solutions to problems and they don't mind sharing the solutions for free.

>consumers want to throw money at problems, which turns them into humans who relate to other humans mostly monetarily. consumers love when they personally get something for free but hate when others get something for free, which is why they like to criminalize whenever there is something for free.


>but to imply that there are 16 different personalities seems ridiculously over the top.
Cognitive stacks, man. And lots of memes of detect common patterns, it is not so hard to learn that branch of psychology.

>there's no more then 5

Also agree, but due to having myself more labeling systems than you even tend to open yourself up to.


>Cognitive stacks, man. And lots of memes of detect common patterns, it is not so hard to learn that branch of psychology.

to me difficulty is downstream from usefulness. if it is useful then i'll learn it no problem. the problem with the Myers-Briggs stuff is that it is not useful.

do the memes explain you stuff that you had no other way of making sense of or do they best describe something complicated? from what i have seen are they aren't. the memes i have seen seem like useless empty modern clickbait attentionfarming content.

to put it into perspective: Myers-Briggs is more useful then astrology but less useful then the concept of identity.

>Also agree, but due to having myself more labeling systems than you even tend to open yourself up to.

no idea what you meant by this. i guess a better way to try to use the MB stuff is to focus on the one of the dimensions and find commonalities between all people who judge or all people who perceive. it also strikes me as odd that a balance between these dimensions does not seem to be part of it.

with the lawful-neutral-chaotic | good-neutral-evil at least you have neutral, how come there isn't neutral in MB? i conser this to be a genuine weakness in the system to pretend that everything is polarized and nothing is balanced.


File: 1716919674221.jpg (438.5 KB, 1725x2048, 1725:2048, human design aura types.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>mbti stuff is not useful
You do not need to insist me, I already know it is.
>more labeling systems
Being NEETs lets us quite of a whale to explore these data: ennegram, tempers, ayurvedic doshas, dsm clusters, human design's aura types….


>Being NEETs lets us quite of a whale to explore these data: ennegram, tempers, ayurvedic doshas, dsm clusters, human design's aura types….

post some infographics if you have some please.

generator, projector, manifestor, reflector was cool, i have never seen this before. i don't think i quite get most of it yet.

File: 1713191676672.png (16.81 KB, 534x534, 1:1, 1710936196124787.png) ImgOps iqdb


What's the reason you became a NEET/wizard? Do you believe is genetic or life circumstances led you to your actual life?
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Genetics is a bitch, don't overplayed your hand, stay away from alcohol, at least that what would I do.


A lot of people aren't violent drunks. The main problem with alcohol is the long term damage.


My father had yellow sclerae throughout the 2000s, and probably a bit before and after. He had more bad falls than i can bother to count, and provoked random people on the street several times, almost resulting in him being beaten up by a mob, were it not for him being rescued by someone every time.
When I finally did beat the alcohol out of him, he quit cold turkey and suffered no ill effects whatsoever. No tremors, nothing.
He defies all logic. He is indestructible, invincible, and immortal.


File: 1716919061342.jpg (78.6 KB, 640x836, 160:209, Come in and go away.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Normie succubi are snowflaky, deceitful, whimsical and exhausting. Not to mention how quickly disregard morals when their pussy gets hungry, throwing theirselves into the arms of whatever scum gets to learn the dance steps required to make them wet. Mostly to end up player at by those same guys, without ever learning anything at all from the experience.

They ain't worth even a brief look upon their bodies.


It was never even my own decision, I simply had no alternatives.
>forced to go to school
>get shit grades and other students and the teachers are sabotaging me in all kinds of ways
>try to fight back and get steamrolled by the system
>get out of school and try to get a job
>literally nobody will hire me no matter where I applied
>years go by and if you are out of the system for some years your chances go down even more of finding employment
regarding the succubi it was similiar, Succubi never showed any interest and I never felt like trying to pursuade someone that has literally 0 interest in talking to me, always seemed pointless from my point of view.

and thats how I ended up as a NEET wizard.
no clue what I could have done differently.

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