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File: 1585704385044.jpg (963.74 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, Reki.(haibane.Renmei).full….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What even is the point of morality?
The most violent, brutish, and cavemen-like men are still the most successful financially, socially, and sexually. The most amoral ppl
are always the CEOs, politicians, gang leaders, and other people in power. Doesn't help that the majority of the population supports or admires those kinds of ppl, and the succubi especially are attracted to them meaning they get to pass on their genes and corrupt ways. Why even have morality if we're still apes dominated by instinct and no one will follow it?
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not a *moral


>Morality is nothing more than a contraption made by the elite to control people
Do you actually have independently verifiable evidence of that or is that just something you heard somewhere that just "feels right" to you?


>2,000 years of christian tyranny didnt happen
Here's your (You) retard.


not him, but how the fuck isnt it??? seriously, christianity teaches people not to kill people but at the same time christian majority countries have constantly went to war with other christian countries over interpreting the tanakh slightly differently than each other. and who profitted the most? the money lending crooks. to say that morality is not an institutionalized concept is fucking horseshit and contrary to occams razor. why else do so many people think its bad to have more than one sexual partner?


Because it works.

File: 1587762182373.jpg (53.13 KB, 500x561, 500:561, 1586120290853.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What categorizes someone as a norp? Get specific with it. I feel like I know one when I see one but I want a list I can make to help others realize it.
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I hardly fap, the last time I fapped was a month ago to some torrents I found and even then I forced myself to jack off with a semi


I did, what's the problem buddy? Don't you understand the meaning of the word 'just read on 4chan'? Methinks you're just an annoying elitist. I'm done with this cancer


ignored from here on out


yeah whatever you say wiz


Pretty sure doja cat used chans.

File: 1595996798596.jpg (149.52 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12242317733_55eea0ddeb_z.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Recently, I've taken a liking in torturing insects (bugs, lizards, spiders, frogs, worms, etc.) As a child, I deeply enjoyed impaling lizards with sticks and ripping their heads off. So with grasshoppers i like to rip their wings out and dismember them, leaving them in a helpless, immobile state. Don't get me started on spiders! It's like playing hide-and-seek with fire. SOmetimes I catch them before they duck into their den. Occasionally I'll find their nest of spiderbabies and incernerate the bitches to hell. Any other sadists out there? I know it's an acquired taste so don't judge me automatically, and please don't presume insincerity or sarcasm in my post.
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File: 1596114601018.webm (2.41 MB, 734x480, 367:240, 1595912551375.webm) ImgOps iqdb

same, but all animals for me


Attemping to escape without a functional upper body, shame on you, Mr Squirrel.


That reminds me of the first time I shot a rat, in your head you think it's just gonna drop and die like a video game with ragdoll physics, but in reality there's blood spurting everywhere, the body ALWAYS does this weird 'vibrating' for a second and then goes disturbingly lifeless, and then it starts violently seizing. It's shocking


Do you fucking know what insect means, literal retard?


Do you know what the etymological definition of the word "retard" actually means? You stupid narcissistic twat

File: 1595958506605.jpg (384.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jails america.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Jail is a real good motivator not to commit any crimes

Like seriously,
>however if i was in solitary or had a room to myself like in norway/scandinavia jails i'd prob be go for it
USA seems horrible depending on which section you're in, strickt rules, inside politics, fuck that, i'd hate to share a cell

I'm not mentally competent so i might be sectioned in a ward which let me tell you is a nightmare

>I'm european so i'm not familiar with jails except scandinavian one's, does anyone know what it's like ?

Seems to me being a high profile offender get's you a cell alone, tv and a radio according to stuff i read (talking US) like the btk killer
Which seems odd to me, a street punk needs to share cells and buddy up get's no tv, yet a child murderer get's a fuckin tv a cell alone and a radio ?
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Maybe if you're getting isolated for stabbing another prisoner like a nigger. It's different in high security prisons with default 23h confinement in solitary cells only.


I heard somewhere solitary is basically listening to crazy norms bang on the walls screaming more than peace, they do it all day and night. I would still opt for it but keep it in mind.


Try *one day* without the internet first


>Maybe if you're getting isolated for stabbing another prisoner like a nigger.
The biggest niggers of all, white nationalist skinheads


File: 1596132557226.png (76.97 KB, 400x155, 80:31, white_wizzard.png) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome to wizchan, now git out.

File: 1590893650650.jpg (139.59 KB, 1025x684, 1025:684, the big boy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why are all of the best foods invented by poor people? Sanders, Montañez, etc. have made a lot of great foods, and I've never seen anyone rich do something similar.
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no u level response. Over for midwits of your calibre.


Eating healthy is eating cheap and simple, that's why they could be poor… for their vanities.


Are you saying the rich eat cheaper food than the poor? How can you be brainfarting this hard?


Probably a vegan or fasting nut shilling


Or just plain retarded

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This thread is against civilization and "progress." Everything before the Anthropocene era - the first agricultural revolution, the birth of states, hierarchy, and private property - is before civilization. Back then, which was the vast majority of human history, people lived in primitive communism - egalitarian, stateless, classless, moneyless tribes based on a sharing economy of mutual aid. With this in mind, this thread is partly made in the spirit of the previous socialist thread >>240753 . Some of the guiding conduct rules for that thread, which will also apply for this thread, were as follows:
>no bootlickers
>no statists.
>industrial socialism outside of the statist conception was encouraged

Now, since this is an anti-civilization thread, I also want to disallow all industrial apologia. This includes all forms of industrial socialism (including humanism over bio-centrism. Anti-natalists and efilists, however, are welcome too). Of course, I doubt people will respect these rules and the thread will likely be trashed with propaganda and straw mans just like the thread that this is based on.

Luddites, anti-vegans (in context of industrialism), localists, primitivists, tribalists, perma-culturalists, rewilders, ecologists, anthropologists, and anyone else against civilization should post here. I haven't read him, but I have heard Ted Kaczynski is a sort of "eco-fascist", and so I discourage against posting any of his bigoted ideas.

Like the last thread, this will be made up mostly of videos. To start, Here is a video with the self-explanatory title "Introduction to Anarcho-Primitivism (ft. Socrates, Plato, Rousseau and Nietzsche)."
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your mom


One of the best farming channels on youtube, though not exactly pre-agricultural revolution, still a very informative and meticulous channel. Here he describes his polyculture garden.



Short zine by Fredy Perlman in audio.

Ten Theses on the Proliferation of Egocrats

Read it here https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/fredy-perlman-ten-theses-on-the-proliferation-of-egocrats


I'm increasingly of the opinion that humans are largely failed creatures, and that the structures we create and maintain are monuments to failure.
It sort of feels to me like the ever-recurring pattern of empires/civilizations rising to a peak and then rapidly sinking to their demise through a process of snowballing decadence can be abstractly considered at different scales and in different domains, and that human civilization itself (with the accompanying elements of information (theory) and technology) are themselves rapidly deteriorating, in a really long process the end of which I kinda hope I won't be seeing (because of cowardice, truth be told), though for which I really wish to happen once and for all.

I too think human thinks very highly of himself for being able to change his enviroment, and creating "culture"; I'd like it if we could be like dolphins, roaming unbounded and unchained by material burden of attachment and instead singing our songs for the development of our creative drives. Reality, however, has come to show two things: one, humans simply cannot be kept from innovating, and this means civilization is bound to unfold naturally; second, physical reality is crude, raw, the kind of magic seen in fiction such as the vedas and fantastic literature mere fantasy. Were this real, were we able to chant a mantra and invoke change through it, technology would not need to happen. But we were put in a shitty world.
But by the creative power of men, the ability to change his enviroment, his ego has found it necessary to enlarge the scope of his material monuments, his influence on others, leading to centralization of power, one that agglutinates ever more to create the social structures that we now know.
Now the whole range of social and political theory has lead to a total state of disarray, one which ironically emerges from an anxious need to order and subject reality to one's limited perception and one's biological secretion of hormones.

The only solace I can ever find is in the ever continuing of a tradition of thought. The immaterial traditions of the word and the platonic idea. It is, of course, a part of both culture and technological development, ever by it stimulated, ever from it drawing inspiration, ever through the very fabric of society being transmitted, refined and ordered. And yet in this state of global spiritual misery, seems to be a golden thread worth partaking in, joining the collective effort fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1595192545222.jpg (14.61 KB, 199x254, 199:254, bol.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else struggle with atheistic thoughts?
i dont know if this is intrusive ideation/OCD or an honest quest for truth but i feel i cant be a devout catholic anymore.
Anyone else feel this struggle?
I dont believe in nothing-after-death tho, I bouch for big-world immortality.

>pic unrelated
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File: 1595993312004.mp4 (360.55 KB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

do you know where i can buy an atheist bible?


I get the impression that you grew up religious and are probably American.
In Europe, hardly anyone takes Christianity seriously. Being a Christian does seem somewhat counter cultural; this is a bad reason to become a Christian but it I certainly not normalfag behaviour to convert to Orthodoxy or Catholicism.

I think many European wizards who grew up in secular households, such as myself, are fascinated by traditional Christianity, partly for aesthetic reasons but also because the teaching of Church seem to go against everything that has gone wrong with western culture. Of course, again, this has no bearing whether Christianity is actually true. However I would be wary of arrogantly proclaiming that any Christian can never be a wizard. The monks of Mount Athos seem to be the most wizardly people imaginable.


>I think many European wizards who grew up in secular households, such as myself, are fascinated by traditional Christianity, partly for aesthetic reasons but also because the teaching of Church seem to go against everything that has gone wrong with western culture.
I think you nailed the reason as to why I'm interested in it myself (sans the European part). I'm to the point where I've never been in a regular church service, but often wonder about going before I realize that that requires socialization, so my brain nopes out of that. Well, that and the numerous "le 234 IQ fedora" objections my brain keeps bringing up, but I feel like that's almost beside the point now because it seems almost every Christian has these objections but just keeps them to themselves.


>You cannot be a wizard if you're religious.

If the strawmanning before was not enough, this secures it as a bait. To be giving you the benefit of the doubt. There is more to spirituality than dogma and the dogmatic, but it's understandable people only focus on them. I can feel you because I was like you before. Religious organization has been corrupt and is open to corruption, use critical thought and spiritual discernment instead. Take a measured look including putting aside emotional reactionary statements responding to stereotypes. Your entire post is an angry emotional response to a stereotyped view.


Yeah I fail to see how any of it is bad.

File: 1595871166512.jpg (76.57 KB, 500x575, 20:23, intensifies.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone know wtf is mentally wrong with me, like as a clinical diagnosis

So i have allot of things in terms of illness, i also have intrusive thoughts and paranoia

Now that's just for context, my issue and something that really bothers me is this, i have what i'd call a "shock reaction" it's some autistic annoying thing that happens sometimes .It's usually i guess fight or flight,
i anticipate something i fear in my mind, that certain thing appears and i get this weird senation and i get visibly shaken, like i guess startled

I have this when i try to hide something, like hide an intrusive thought and someone mentions a word related to what i'm thinking and it triggers a startle response. I sometimes have this when i lie,
like for example i didn't do something i was supposed to do and that person says did you do that when i didn't and that would inliced a startle response

I also have this when i know something about a person and i try to hide a certain feeling, when i see that person like randomly i would also get a startle response

Now this al sounds like i'm some jumpy easily frightened guy which oddly enough isn't true i usually don't care about anything and i don't get scared easily . It's just some autsitic compulsive thing i have that i just can't control or rather i try to control and it makes it worse.

I tend to hide what i'm feeling and thinking, so i find it really annoying when i get a visible response to something going on internally


File: 1595872725732.jpg (60.27 KB, 516x604, 129:151, 1595808363931.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i think u are a cat


File: 1595969145113.jpg (90.04 KB, 800x871, 800:871, cat-introverts-watching-ex….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this is now cataru thread

File: 1559861467660.jpg (197.13 KB, 500x690, 50:69, wizard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.219269[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post your favorite pictures of wizards/sorcerers/other magic users that you've saved
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File: 1595894376642.jpg (255.49 KB, 769x1024, 769:1024, 24958494634_afb093a0ca_b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A Frazetta one. Really like this one.


I always thought of the Washington Wizards as our sort of unofficial sports team.

Or maybe that's just me.


File: 1595943806361.jpeg (283.83 KB, 885x1232, 885:1232, lich.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I mean second one looks awesome, but i cant imagine him using those without cutting off half of his clothes, beard and also losing the hat in battle.


I mean second one looks awesome, but i cant imagine him using those without cutting off half of his clothes, beard and also losing the hat in battle.

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File: 1595663979773.jpg (38.2 KB, 660x497, 660:497, naruto-eating.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What's worse for you physically. Smoking a pack of cigarettes once a week, or eating and throwing up once a week.

Whats the most amount of times you could throw up in a month before you'd see long lasting adverse effects physically? I can't imagine throwing up once a month could cause serious harm. Maybe once every two weeks? People binge drink and throw up way more than that all the time.

Please no "Bulimia bad stahp it! answers. Scientific answers only.
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what an arrogant word
you cannot "admit" to something you have no knowledge of and are only pretending like you have in order to speak negatively on behalf of people

it's time to stfu


Radiation is far, far worse if it comes from the inside of your body.


yawn, tell us how Big TObacco conspired to keep the IAEA and atomic energy commission from talking about this radiological pandemic


Polonium-210 undergoes alpha decay, which is considered completely harmless because alpha particles cant even get through your skin. Theres no skin in your fucking lungs though, is there? Inhaling any amount of that shit is just retarded. Every last one of those atoms can just randomly decay and give you cancer. I dont know why those organizations havent picked it up but the physics of the situation add up very nicely. Also theres the lung cancer stats.
How about you stop coping about your unhealthy habits


What about all the other plants that need phosphate fertilizers?

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