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File: 1558320555277.png (131 KB, 640x400, 8:5, flclpiece.png) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone have weird pieces of images, videos, audio, websites, media, etc. that seem inconsequential, insignificant, and/or but mere snippets that still, for what ever reason, stay stuck in your mind? Stuff that over a decade you not only vividly remember, but more importantly vividly remember with this nagging everpresent sense of, "Why is this still in my mind? Why does this seem so important to me?"

Can we share them?

Attached is my contribution.
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Yes. Absolutely!

If the video/link/embedding works you'll all get to share my affliction.

For years after seeing the "Capoira" martial arts movie "Only the Strong" as a child/young teen the "zoom, zoom, zoom" song from the film has been forever stuck in my head popping up at random times.




What I was actually referring to ie the zoom, zoom, zoom starts at 3:13 in this I think longer version of the song/video, etc.


Holy shit that look on his face. The red of his eyes.
Why not? But personally with a lot of these I get this…weird stilted pause you get when you remember it.
This definitely hits the spot.. I can definitely see this as being one of those scenes if I saw it when I was younger.

Attached is one of mine.


Just the way the store owner laughs so over-the-top, like he has whooping cough@0:33.


I think the brainworms exist for a reason, in my experience they always turn out to be things i found somehow peculiar or interesting or meaningful, and they just run in the background for years till my brain comprehends them or why I thought they were so jarring. They linger because the brain subconsciously notes their significance but cant quite grasp it, and theyre small enough on the surface that they dont get processed, so they remain in limbo

File: 1565788270970.jpg (29.43 KB, 473x337, 473:337, Minke Whale.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Well. Whales often breach out of water for fun. Would they be able to fly if they adapted to a thicker atmosphere on another planet?


I guess those almost good art of whales in space came from this idea. Nice find.


File: 1565790710920.jpg (30.99 KB, 405x300, 27:20, Sky Whale.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Did you watch Extraterrestrial: Blue Moon?

File: 1564714042569.jpg (43.26 KB, 640x425, 128:85, 2a3b2a6e29b84f7f8dbc7b7c89….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So after not cutting my hair for almost a year, I felt like cutting it myself the other day. It's also been at least 2 years since I had it cut this short, so maybe it's because my hair was so big and curly that I wasn't able to see this, but it was only after cutting it the other day that I noticed how much my hair has been greying in the past few years, which I wasn't expecting. I had already noticed a handful of grey hairs on each side of my head in my early 20's, but you could only see it if you standed very close and under some light. Now I have dozens of them and you can probably see them even if you're standing 10 feet away.

I'm only in my late 20s and I already have as much grey hair as people in their late 30s and 40s. My 40 year old cousin actually seems to have less greys than me right now.

To make matters worse, my hair is also thinning/balding at the top and I'm getting fine lines on my forehead and around my mouth and nose (which is annoying since I rarely leave my house and get sun so at least my face/skin could be fine). At this rate, by the time I reach 40 I'll look like a balding and uglier Anderson Cooper.

Any fellow wizards also aging sooner than "normal" (be it greying hair, balding, wrinkles, etc)? If yes, does it bother you?
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I'm not ugly.
>Being attractive and good-looking is to be desirable to other mates.
Retarded evolutionary psychology materialism. Doesn't even merit a proper rebuttal. Ook ook.


Wasn’t calling you ugly and wasn’t the point either, why would being ugly matter to you?


You can't even comprehend it, can you.
You people really are a different species.


>Retarded evolutionary psychology materialism.
Not him but why do you think it's retarded? Don't believe in evolution?


He’s just resorting to trolling after being called out on his bullshit

File: 1564072146419.jpg (211.37 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, e59ae797f39e606d590249453e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I want to go to USA to enjoy the food and probably start a good blog.
I unironically enjoy fried,fast,high calorie food.
I want to try the major ff chains and shop at walmart.
Now, which city is best for this goal?
I'd prefer a white conservative city where my camera won't get stolen.
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Texasfag here. There arnt any majority white major cities left in Texas, altho Austin feels kinda close. Plenty of tasty chow tho.


DFW niggers are the worst in the state.


jesus christ that's the worst possible reason I've heard for touring this country

stay home
throw random shit into a bag
shake it around
deepfry it

there, you just experienced amerikan "cuisine"


You should try to get to a Whitecasle.
The locations are pretty sparse so it is a fun exuse for a mini road trip. Food is alright. And there was also that movie, if you are into stoner humor.

I remember my sister and dad going like 60 miles to find one for her birthday. They cracked jokes the whole way and had a great time.


you could try touring down the east coast. Maybe starting somewhere in Maine.

File: 1565366250589.jpeg (11.38 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images2.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Do wizards still use newsgroups and Usenet besides alt.binaries.*?

I think that eventually when every chan becomes an extension of the inferior quality shitpost hive that we've been experiencing trough the years, maybe the only alternative to still have good discussions will be the resurrection of newsgroups.

Should we be pioneers, wizzies?
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Maybe because the distraction of the rest of the boards filled with images?

I don't know, man, there could be many explanations for the failure of a textboard. Online forums go on well, even when filled of the most common/everyday average posters with attention deficit. If we look around, the great majority of posts in all boards don't seem be accompanied by images. It's just the culture of imageboards, we are used to them and expect them sometimes, be it because they are fun, cure or whatnot.


>be it because they are fun, cute or whatnot.


thank you, fellow citizen
anime desintegration squad is on their way


I used to. It's fun to play around with.


I stopped using them in the late 00s when all the ones I was interested in at the time died or slowed to less than one post a month.

I strongly doubt there are any I would find interesting and active enough to come back full time. The format is basically dead. There are better options now, and better still likely in the future.

File: 1557202371626.jpg (112.01 KB, 404x600, 101:150, wizardpower.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Masturbation is unwizardly. Post about your experiences here. Don't waste your mana!
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I'm the one who does chaos magick, and I did not post >>223474 . Whoops. Apparently, being le critical thinker materialist who don't believe in no magick doesn't make you as smart as you think.


No fap is cool for low t guys but if I get horny I can barely concentrate until I jerk off.


File: 1565294653521.jpg (301.73 KB, 865x1055, 173:211, 09816436.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>went 148 days without
>went 28 days
>went 15 days
>went 6 days
>currently 6 days without


In what condition do you win?


File: 1565297568593.swf (1.11 MB, dagobah_Dio_No_Escape.swf)

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File: 1560984809844.jpg (995.55 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, broken egg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


A new day and a new phobia.

Was walking under a tree when right in front of me a broken egg shell fell down. It was windy so I worried that part of it fell on me but I didn't feel or see anything hit me. I washed my hair and took a shower just in case. But still I don't know how good shampoo and shower gel is for dealing with germs. Now I will try to avoid walking under trees.
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seats are pretty clean, the only thing you really have to worry about is touching stuff which people put their hands on a lot, things like door handles are a big one, I always put doors with my shoulder or elbow, if I have to turn a door handle I use my knuckle or wrist to push it down enough to open the door with my shoulder


>seats are pretty clean

Really? Despite being close to butts?


it is, the modern notion of hygiene and cleanliness is a complete scam. just wash your hands every now and then and you should be fine unless you have some actual disease or disorder that is crippling your immune system


the majority of the butt is more clean than hands, most are cleaned in the shower and then sit in a double layer of cotton protection all day and the part which produces poop isn't out and touching things, it's tucked away between the two cheeks, whereas hands are out all day in the world touching things, being sneezed and coughed into maybe picking noses or ear wax, coming into contact with pee and possibly poop from directly touching the butthole, you don't get hepatitis from touching butts, you get it from people who touch poop from their butt with their hands and then touched your food or something that you put in your mouth


>the part which produces poop isn't out and touching things
except on your average /b/ poster

File: 1563043276285.jpg (152.1 KB, 961x541, 961:541, D_K-kWBXYAAYyR_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

Archive link of last threads
#1: Politics Thread https://web.archive.org/web/20170404000746/http://wizchan.org/lounge/res/133215.html
Politics Thread #2: Wizlam Edition - https://web.archive.org/web/20170404000634/wizchan.org/lounge/res/135806.html
Politics Thread #4: Wizpilled Edition 5/12/2017 - http://archive.is/3wlfT
Politics Thread #5: All So Tiresome Edition 7/3/2017 - https://archive.is/QlRs1
Politics Thread #6: World on Fire Edition 8/18/2017 - https://archive.is/6YxvY
Politics Thread #7: Temptations Intensify Edition 8/31/17 - https://archive.is/Y0JQu
Politics Thread #8: Left and Right Edition 10/11/17 - https://archive.is/H0llg
Politics Thread #9: Reading Anything Online Edition 11/7/17 - https://archive.is/yxGrJ
Politics Thread #10: The Truth Will Set You Free Edition http://archive.is/UrurS
Politics Thread #11: someone had to make it edition - http://archive.is/y71b2
Politics Thread #12: Fuck the pastebin edition - http://archive.is/wD4il
Politics Thread #13: Ironic Marxist Edition - http://archive.is/xfWZY
Politics Thread #14: Civil Discussion Edition - http://archive.is/Ck8Xe
Politics Thread #15: Over My Dead BodPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anyone know how many of the Walmart spics killed were illegals?


this is warped to the point to being funny. Twitter Suspends McConnell…for posting a video of leftist yelling rude things at him. They banned him for hate speech, for being the target of hate speech.


No, they haven't released many details about the victims to my knowledge.


The most upsetting thing is how warped people's conception of history is, as if ancient europeans are the only people guilty of conquest and other violent historical practices. You're supposed to believe history is nothing but evil whitey slaughtering helpless brown people when they aren't busy slaughtering each other. Some peoples' eyes will just glaze over if you mention anything about the moors in Spain, north african pirates raiding the european coasts, inter-tribal genocide in africa, etc. The funniest one is how many people seem to believe north america was some sort of epicurean heaven on earth until the evil white man came along, and while i'm not arguing that foreign interference didn't hurt them in the long run, it's not like they didn't have a long history of conflict with other war mongering native tribes either. Actually, the only reason some tribes were able to survive to this day is because they were sheltered by european pioneers when they were at their most vulnerable. That's probably too much cognitive dissonance for a lot of people to comprehend, though.


One of the most eye opening things I saw is a video where a bunch of mixed race buzzfeed writers with ambiguous origins received their DNA test results, and how every single one of them cringed when they got something resembling "white european" among the results (bitch, you work for buzzfeed, how much whiter do you want to be?) They were insanely happy when they saw that 1.6% "native american" though, and bragged about how excited they were to start reflecting on their deep connection with the first nations. I always get uncomfortable when I start to think just how much the modern socio political narrative must be skewed by people like this who are desperate to play the noble savage card, and who maintain that pride is inseparable from belligerence. There's no shadow government conspiracy or anything at the heart of it, it's all just individual ego rubbing. The most brainwashed liberals would rather hold everybody back than actually open the door for progress because fighting against a theoretical oppressor is just so much cooler than peaceful coexistence, just like how juvenile internet socialists always seem to be more preoccupied with killing cops and wagecucks with epic guns than actually doing anything to help the working class

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File: 1552422133991.jpg (10.75 KB, 227x222, 227:222, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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>Search up people's experiences with quitting music
>Only normalniggers who "literally CANT and would DIE without music" come up as results
Any wizward quit listening to music here? What is your experience? It's been 2 weeks since I stopped listening to music and the earworms are getting better. My train of thought and focus improved too.
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I like music a lot, however I think I enjoy it more as background rather than an activity. I've never just sat there and listened to music whilst doing nothing.


>Find new artist/album/music
>Listen to it on repeat for few months.
>Get fed up with it to a point of experiencing headaches when listening to it.
>Search for new music


The Jews are traditionally a tribe of magicians. The abilities that this gives them makes people distrust them, and this is not entirely unfounded since they do have a view that goyim are sub-humans and tend to have pretty strong victim complexes besides. Their magical traditions also grants them the ability to secure positions of power, and this seems like it must be due to corruption or foul play to mundanes. Seems that lately thought they Jews have been neglecting their magical traditions; most millennial and gen Z Jews are atheistic materialists. This will likely lead to their downfall in the end.


>downfall of the jew rats
Let's hope so


I don't like music. It just reminds me how old the song is I am listening too and this makes me too emotional. Melancholy and sadness of all the time that has passed since I first heard the song and the current time. I can enjoy music when I am disracted and light hearted, but this is rarely a mood that I am in.

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File: 1564338137468.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, feedin tiger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Shall we discuss some interesting articles or podcasts?

If you find something really interesting or containing beneficial information or viewpoints why not post it and have others discuss it with you?

I've most recently watched a talk between Doctor Gabor Mate and Russell Brand, it starts with talk about addiction and they both have a similar psychological and compassionate outlook on the subject. Gabor Mate also has a very pragmatic description of what an addiction is - Something that gives short-term relief or pleasure that you can't stop (I might have missed something there, maybe that it does harm). But they also end up talking about politics in an extremely deep way and then onto parenting for a little near the end of the podcast. I think the parts on parenting would be particularly interesting to Wizards here where poor childhoods are ubiquitous.. but also their talk on politics and economics and how are society is functioning to serve those interests is very enlightening , even for someone who knew all about that area it still adds colour to my understanding.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-mJnYmdVmQ is the link.
Always looking for more things to learn from and help me pass the time.
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How is it dumb?


Heheh I love this etymology. Hits the nail right on the head.


Almost everything the writer says is stupid… All of his conclusions are not supported by any evidence he puts forward, the small amount and low-quality evidence he does use are more like useless illustrations than foundations for any argument. Rather than I criticise it point by point and waste a lot of my time why don't you tell me which parts you find particularly intelligent and I can reply to those?

I will however say that the final paragraph of the part 1 where he puts forward: "My supposition, which will be expounded upon in the next post about the Age of Malthusian Industrialism, is that the core of these differences [fertility rates] is now (though not a century ago, and barely so 50 years ago) genetically determined."
- Despite claiming to expound upon this in the next parts, he doesn't, he never actually gives any supporting evidence or rationale as to why he believes this supposition later in the article. Therefore it's incorrect for him to argue that the causes of the current fertility rates are genetically determined and use it as the basis of his entire article. Even if the supposition were to be true, the rest of the article just continues to be full of unfounded speculation and illogical conclusions


File: 1565116159176.jpg (26.85 KB, 449x299, 449:299, tetm6245.f2t.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is similar to my sleeping posture except that I put my right arm down next to my groin and I tuck the left fist under my chin. I can only sleep on my stomach but since I have a penis it's uncomfortable so I have to make space with the leg and hand.


I like the Darknet Diaries podcast by Jack Rhysider. The stories told there are amazing! Jack has a way of telling super technical stories in a way that even laymen can understand

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