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File: 1575127904246.jpg (28.32 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, jigsaw-puzzle-blurry-rainb….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Ever since I read about that one Korean gamer who died from not sleeping (not the whole story, I know) 10+ years ago I've been so scared of not sleeping. Whenever I don't get enough sleep I get really worried.

Can someone tell me the real memes on sleep deprivation? How bad is it for you really? Any interesting personal stories?
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I was depressed and none of the drugs the doctors gave me helped, so they tried stronger and stronger ones. They put me on a drug called phenelzine one time and I literally did not sleep for at least two weeks straight. I would just like down in bed and wait for the sun to come up and listen to my college roommate talk in his sleep. Near the end I started to slip into hallucinatory states that were like waking dreams. I may have been coming off the medicine at that point, I don't really have a good memory of that time. I also had something I think called exploding head syndrome where I hallucinated a really loud bang. I read that the drug can completely inhibit people's REM sleep. It doesn't seem healthy.


I wonder if a man could cease sleep entirely and thus live in perpetuity in a fantasy world


Death from exhaustion is a shorthand easy to understand way of saying what they specifically died from. But yeah, extreme sleep deprivation can exaserbate or trigger things that directly cause death.
It is sort of like saying smoking doesn't kill you, the cancer does.
It has also been my experience that psych professors don't know what the fuck they are talking about whenever they mention anything that isn't directly written in the text book.


What would be the side effects for 6 hours of sleep indefinitely?


Depends on the person and their lifestyle.

Some people for whatever reason simply require far less sleep then average while still being totally functional and healthy, while there are other people who can barely function without 10 hours of sleep a day.
Generally I think your body tells you how much sleep you really need, though humans are extremely adaptable, so if you did it regularly and stuck to a schedul I am fairly certain the body would adapt without too many negative side effects.

File: 1568598581453.jpg (481.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1547929843686.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Hello. I would like to talk, or rather tell you about certain suspicions, hunches and experiences I’ve had and I’m sure some of you as well. Similar themes have been written about across imageboards quite a few times so I know I’m not alone in this.

My background is that of an oldfag. I’ve seen it all. I started going on 4chan in 2006, and followed all the natural roads this implies. I’m in my thirties and I remember when 4chan had a /l/ board, when /co/ was a trial board shunned by basically everyone, when #34 porn was an obscure interest with very few good artists and when moot changed the frontpage to that web 2.0 bullshit 4chan has to this very day. I was also among the first right wingers who were such before it was cool, and I’ve seen /pol/ rise and fall. I was there when it mattered, but rather than saying these things out of masturbatory pleasure I wish to stress that I’ve acquired a set of observational skills which other genuine oldfags share. I’m aware you have no reason to trust my “credentials” but I hope you’ll read this in good faith. Much of this falls squarely in the fringe territory with a healthy dosage of /x/ and conspiracy theory up the ass. My goal by posting this seemingly jumbled mess is to… how can I put it? I want you to think, I want you to be aware, to digest all this. Because on a basic level I love you all. I feel like we’re all in this together, this dangerous game we did not choose to play and which I think is kicking into high gear. I do not hold many answers and don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, but I AM aware there is a puzzle. Please feel free to go wild with all of this. Post it wherever you want, on whatever site you want or use. I am a nobody like you, and what matters to me is only that this reaches you and as many people as possible. At worst you’ll be entertained or kill time.

I tried to break this mess into points for brevity and because I touch upon many subjects. I imply more than I explain because if I go too deep this’ll turn into an even bigger wall of text.

The Internet feels empty and devoid of people. It is also devoid of content. Compared to the Internet of say 2007 (and beyond) the Internet of today is entirely sterile. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do, see, read or experience anymore. It all imploded into a handful of normalfag sites and these empty husks we inhabit. Yes, the Internet may seem gigantic, but it’s like a hot air balloon with nothing insidPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Internet bubbles quell revolutions. They force sheep to flock to the prism type sites. There no one is acting truly human, being overly watched and all. We originally had no money nor personal information online. Now all most use it for is personal infomration and money. It's pay per view number two plus the yellow pages. If you see.


File: 1573764470392.jpg (51.69 KB, 345x555, 23:37, 9781785784781.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Internet bubbles quell revolutions.
made me think of this book I've read recently, though I guess most of us were already familiar with the content to a certain degree
at least I can see where the people suspicious of tor are coming from now


>believes in gassings

You just lost some two or three lessons there at any chan's /pol/, wizkid.


File: 1575408814031.gif (11.11 KB, 519x354, 173:118, oscillations.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Your assumption is that a bot would have a specific goal set by a human user. Rather, it can have fluid goals and analyze trends, intensifying them.
The bots might decide daily goals by analyzing google trends, for example.
However, it's an unstable feedback loop since the initial suggestions feed on themselves. I have the suspicion every weekly meme on facebook is an almost randomized experience such bots push. They are always sight variations of a theme, which is blandness.


>I think Zuckerberg and other tech guys were all on 4chan as Anons at some point, maybe even now.
That feel when Zuckerberg probably called you a retard not liking his taste in cartoons

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File: 1569318131895.mp4 (1.03 MB, 592x1280, 37:80, BCFbtvRZIhwAwrlB.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


But while we are going on like this, a lunatic mob is out in the streets, promoting an idiotic doomsday cult with an insane fervor. And their goal is to stop the weather from changing with global government, open borders, meat bans, eating maggots, abortion for whites and ugly $90,000 sports cars.

Their leader is an angry retarded succubus who is beyond criticism and has placed herself above God Himself.
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File: 1575000019633.jpg (17.14 KB, 448x336, 4:3, what the fuck is this guy ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

based and schizopilled


drugs are bad



What fantasy land do you live in? Lay off the political boogeyman videos.


Because you lack active propaganda when and where you may give it. Even at the streets

File: 1550950839402.jpg (160.54 KB, 610x341, 610:341, anchorage-alaska-frozen-ci….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


A universal basic income is already implemented in america. you just have to go to the right state



any neets from alaska?

i wonder why mccandless didn't take advantage of this when he went to go live out in that bus
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Yeah, I made it work after all, but it's not possible long term. Any medical bill for example would fuck you over. Any emergency would fuck you over. It's just cutting it too close.

You can only make this long term if you don't pay rent. Without rent I can see being even "easy" to do. With rent you just have to hope nothing in your home will ever break, your clothing and shoes will last forever and you'll never get sick.


this year's payout is $1,606 and my mom just stole it all from me (neet, money goes direct deposit to their bank account)…as usual

my parents always forge my application but this time was the last straw, when the applications come back out next january I'm filing my own, I won't be able to cash the check the state mails me but at least these fucking thieves won't be stealing any more from me, I don't care how much retaliation it brings down on me, they can go fuck themselves


do you live with them, and are you legally their dependent?

i wish my family lived in alaska, i'd at least be gaining SOME money each year. currently my bank account is just on a slow drain.


What do you mean?


>i wonder why mccandless didn't take advantage of this when he went to go live out in that bus
Because he wanted to completely cut himself off from society and live as independently as possible. Taking handouts from the government would've flown in the face of that.
Also, there's not a huge point in having money if you're living in the middle of butt fucking nowhere with nothing to buy.

File: 1575285815744.png (997.76 KB, 524x751, 524:751, 1463450372793.png) ImgOps iqdb


I seek knowledge.

How can I lose weight fast without losing muscle?

Before I can get the surgery to fix my gyno I need to lose more weight first.
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No carb diet and only eat meat.


I genuinely have mental illness, is that sarcasm? it is hard to tell.


Eat only meat and water.

Alternatively, buy or pirate Naiman's new book, the PE Diet. It covers diet, exercise and cooking. I recommend it highly.


>Eat only meat and water.
And make sure to contribute to Jordan Peterson's Patreon.


eat foods lower in calories, higher in water, and higher in fiber in order to feel fuller longer. Food such as beans and legumes, especially lentils, are high in fiber and are have a higher water content than meats. Eat fruits and vegetables with your beans as well. They're also high in fiber, low in calories. Eat your fats, but skip the oils. It adds too many calories and is not essential for fats. Eat nuts and seeds, which, again, have more fiber to make you fuller. Don't eat too many nuts/seeds though since they're high in calories. Skip the soda, drink water, tea, coffee, etc.

Also exercise 150 minutes a week.

File: 1574996664210.jpg (10.75 KB, 466x466, 1:1, 71jkjxvOCVL._SX466_[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Post the last thing you bought that was more than $10 and not food, gas, alcohol, etc.
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In its/it's.


File: 1575274596647.png (225.07 KB, 380x320, 19:16, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

in slavic countries people actually hang rugs on the wall as decoration, it is strange


some say that it is to make place warmer, and it makes a bit of sense when you're living in a concrete box


I have also heard people use it as noise-dampening, I imagine layered carpets would serve some purpose in that direction. Also makes sense when you have to live in bleak as fuck commie blocks with a neighbour behind every surface unless you're lucky.



kinda make more sense than putting it on the floor tbh, some rugs are very expensive and beautifully ornamented, it serves no use to step on them all day long and getting them super dirty but rather display them as you would with a painting or any other domestic ornament.

File: 1575182862380.png (302.57 KB, 521x376, 521:376, cubicle.png) ImgOps iqdb


Wizards who aren't currently neeting, what do you work with? Do you enjoy it?
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I work with various gis softwares doing mostly raster analysis. I enjoy working with grass gis. Esri software is overrated crippleware.


>what do you work with?


>Do you enjoy it?

no one enjoys anything in Hell.


Isn't this kind of the point of the wageslave thread?


Nice, lumber jobs have always seemed relaxing. Even better since nowadays the process is simplified to an extent and requires fewer workers and worker interactions.


>I intend to have no days off so I can say in the future to potential employers that I am reliable

Only in america

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Just post videos you think are wizardly, no particular theme or genre outside of that. Don't post things that will be too shitposty, but they can be funny
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This is so basic but I see so many complaints from wizards where people put upon them even when the simple solution is available to them.


Stoicism, in an academic context.


I enjoyed it. The last one he discussed, about consciousness, shows that modern science is essentially Stoic, surprisingly this video I just posted relates to it. Despite stoicism not be precisely right, it's interesting and worth listening to (also, ironically, stoics had a more interconnected idea of consciousness, but the resulting view is kind of a dumbed down version):

Isn't it odd that both stoicism and your video could be inspiring? I can be inspired by McKenna ("Give me one free miracle") & stoic hymn to Zeus, in the same evening.


Checked. The MGTOW solution. ciao bitches!

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File: 1574332501700.jpeg (63.69 KB, 427x640, 427:640, 3D3BF9BA-7F9A-40E2-AB5D-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I think I’ve figured out a big reason why I don’t get along with most people, and it’s going to seem very stupid, but I’ve realized I just can’t understand what the hell they’re saying most of the time. As soon as I enter a more noisy uncontrolled environment (which is most places), I just can’t understand what the fuck people say to me, but everyone seems to understand each other just fine. And I probably just sound like a retard to everyone else, because I just nod along whatever they say even though I have no idea what they just said. I don’t want to ask them a hundred times what they were trying to tell me, so I just leave it at that. This might seem idiotic, but I’ve only just realized how much this probably affects interacting with normals. I’m not sure if I should go to the doctor and try to remedy this, if anything can even be done about it, but I’m starting to think I have an actual hearing impairment of some sort.

Does anyone here have a similar story?
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You might want to read about sensory processing disorder also called sensory gating. It's a pretty common thing for people with autism, schizophrenia, and bipolar


It's definitely the over stimulation with me, there's too much to focus on at once and if someone tries to have some sort of conversation with me it can go horribly wrong to the point of not understanding them fully at all so finding anything to say at all while that mess is going on in my head is very hard. I'll only later when I have some quiet time know what I actually should have and wanted to say but those parts of my brain we're already working at almost full load dealing with everything else. Some days I get too much at once more so than others, very irritating.


people sometimes really suck


I can't tell what people say in noise environments either. I wonder if I might be autistic and have trouble with filtering. I get pissed off when people talk over music too.


I remember reading something about this being a problem with people who are on the spectrum or have developmental disorders. They had some program that helped people by like slowing down certain phonetics and then playing them faster and faster as you progress to help people train their brains to be able to better recognize the speech. I wish I could remember what it's called.

File: 1566203682372.jpg (214.1 KB, 1116x1539, 124:171, buddha111.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I wanted to create a thread on Buddhism here as I believe it's a good religion to end the suffering of the average wizard.

> What is Buddhism about

Buddhism is about ending your suffering in life and finding true happiness. It's about ending the cycle of rebirth and to free oneself from it. Buddhism is understanding reality as it truly is.

> What are the core teachings of Buddhism

The Four Noble Truths and The Noble Eightfold Path

> How can I start

I'd suggest to start with the books:
Then read:

> How can I trust Buddhism?

You don't. You can see for yourself and come to your own conclusion, as long as you approach it with an open mind. Buddhism is just a path like many leading to the top of a mountain, but it's a path that is easy to follow if one commits oneself to it.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1571862246337.png (496.4 KB, 552x600, 23:25, d2224d29f96708bdcd95410722….png) ImgOps iqdb

>If the barking of a dog disturbs your meditation, it is simplest to shoot the dog

even Crowley was doghurt


Why does a Buddha want to save all sentient beings from suffering if suffering and not-suffering are just illusions?
Such a desire seems to be to be just as much clinging to the ego as wanting to torture all sentient beings.


who's that old guy and why is he spanking someone in the original meme?


He's Daddy Howard, a gay fetish pornography actor.


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