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Many, many years ago, I think it was 2017 I really wanted to help fellow wizzies.

So I got rich off crypto, yes, one of those early adopter guys.

In 2017 or so Ethereum was just starting to take hold. It cost around 7$ to 14$.

I did some modelling and extrapolated that it has extremely high likelihood of replicating Bitcoin's initial success due to tokenomic system.

I made a post on wizchan back in the day (forgot which domain) and told you wizzies to buy ETH as it will most likely go up 100x and you will all be rich like me.

Guess what happened next? Admin deleted the thread for no reason. I tried to help and admin just deleted the thread and warned me.

Of course ETH did 100x at least. All what I said happened over the course of next few years. If any lucky wizards read the thread before it got deleted you'd be rich right now.

It's really sad and kind of disgusting moderators did this and shot community in the foot. I really wanted to help and nothing more. For wizards like us getting rich is the ONLY redemption we can hope for.


NEETforge 2.0


>NEETforge 2.0
What is that referring to?


Another crypto who tried to make wizards rich but was sabotaged


It's almost like certain authorities here WANT to keep wizards suffering.


Oh, by the way, I don't know what thing will pump next. I guess I'm all out of ideas at this point.


People shilling crypto was a problem and you got caught up in it, you attributing malice to the mods when there’s honest mistakes indicates you might have a shitposting tendency.
Everyone has an analysis and justification for their investments, the ones who make money and don’t.
I’m glad for you OP, but I remember people saying to invest in eth and chain link for many years here. I don’t think it was that hidden from wizzies, if we had the money to spare we would have when bitcoin first spiked.
I wish we all had too buddy, but I don’t think you can blame anyway.


> People shilling crypto was a problem and you got caught up in it, you attributing malice to the mods when there’s honest mistakes indicates you might have a shitposting tendency.

I didn't shitpost. I made one important post, I explained logically why Ethereum will explode (it did because of exactly those reasons). I wanted to hep other NEETs get rich as this was obvious at that point.
Mods cucked out NEETs out of potentially comfy life. Good job.


I was also not a deggie gambler. I made a bet on bitcoin and ethereum and maybe two other cryptos, THAT'S IT. Ethereum wasn't one of the hundreds of shitcoins I bought. Like 3/4 of my investments paid off bigly. I had very high conviction ratio.


File: 1705890042909.png (61.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


crypto gurus are the worst


yeah, who would ever want to get rich right


according to Efficient Market Theory any investment that guarantees wealth will become oversaturated until it regresses to the mean. Any investment that generates above avg profits is paid for in risk.


Yeah, except tell that to Warren Buffett.
Efficient market theory is a meme.
The reality is semi-efficient market rules and there are certain very rare exceptions that come once in a decade where individuals with know-how can outperform the market (potential gain massively outweighs risk). Ethereum in 2017 was ONE of such rare once in a blue moon occurrences. You had your chance and squandered it. Thank the mods.


anything related to crypto is extremely paid for in risk. survivorship bias, winning the lottery.


File: 1705936629510.png (196.3 KB, 811x523, 811:523, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

And how would we have known to get out in 2018?


laggie cope

You didn't have to get out in 2018. Ethereum costs $2,353.38 today and will only go higher with ETF acceptance. You just had to listen and buy at 14$. All you had to do. Just buy and then live off ETH for the rest of your days. You had one job.


So you suffered through the 2018 crash?



Yes, of course. What do you think "holding long term" means? I'm still holding and living off crypto. God tier life


>I did some modelling and extrapolated that it has extremely high likelihood of replicating Bitcoin's initial success due to tokenomic system.
>I made a post on wizchan back in the day (forgot which domain) and told you wizzies to buy ETH as it will most likely go up 100x and you will all be rich like me.
Repost it


How can I repost it? It was deleted, it was posted on wizardchan (orignal site before wizchan)


Can you at least post the summary on how you know the price will go up so much?


if ur gonna ride a bubble, AI chips r the next big thing


I remember that thread but didn’t go all in because I was way too risk adverse. I did buy some eth but I forgot all about them and am not sure where they are now


too late, priced in
you had your chance with nvidia but no more


who woulda thought that the GPUs that make games pretty would have the power to power bitcoin and AI


hey don't feel bad, i tried to help wizzies live cheaply by saying where the best groceries were the cheapest and got shit on for spaming… its nothing new here…


can you guys give me advice to make money from home that is very low effort and easy? I just want to be a neet but I am afraid of losing social welfare


Thoughts on Monero OP?


Monero is the best cryptocurrency and that is exactly why you shouldn't buy it.
Let me explain.
So Monero is flawless. It's actually, legit, 100% anonymous.
This is what Bitcoin wanted to be.
But Monero being SO GOOD is what makes the government HATE IT. That is why gov is slowly banning off and on-ramps to monero.
No legitimate companies can purchase and hold Monero.
Yes, there are DEX exchanges, but those are used by criminals (because Monero is actually so good) and big companies and normies will never buy it for that exact reason.
Monero is also harder to store. Yeah you can store it with trezor but its pain in the ass.

TL:DR: Monero is functionally the best crypto. This makes Monero ostracized and a bad investment as the system will try to get it banned.

Bitcoin is good enough to be a hodl crypto, but shitty enough for gov to allow it due to totally transparent blockchain.

This is why Bitcoin is the best investment (but not best crypto)


> OP got lucky, now he brags about being lucky like he's in a position to give other people advice.

COPEMAXXX3000. It makes you feel better saying "I was lucky", because it would hurt so fucking bad knowing someone did the math and picked the right horse for fundamental reasons.

Suspicious being lucky three times in a row eh (BTC, ETH and S&P).


> someone did the math

What math did you do?


If you read between the lines, the purpose of this thread is just to humble brag about how he got rich and how smart he is for picking red on the casino table. He doesn't give a shit about wizards and doubt he's a virgin.


Show wallet/paypal/account or its just larp


He does this from time to time. Next he is going to talk about his houses.



He also isnt a virgin


I feel extremely bad about missing out on crypto gains. I knew about it before the normies and it felt like this one reward for being an imageboard browsing weirdo but I just never had the brains to do the math and balls to invest and hold and I was afraid of listening to advice out of fear of getting manipulated by shills.

The knowledge that some people became millionaires just by buying and selling some imaginary numbers while people make 0.1% of that money while breaking their back just makes me feel depressed. It feels like you are a lower human if you work for a wage.


There are certain cursed people whom whatever they invest in crashes and whatever they dont invest in booms. if you are one of those cursed ones, then crypto would have crashed just as you entered.

you can go test the theory out right now if you dont believe me.


I'm one of the mods who deleted those threads, sometime in late 2017 or early 2018.

>Admin deleted the thread for no reason.

The reason was that there were existing cryptocurrency threads, but you insisted on making your own thread.
>I tried to help and admin just deleted the thread and warned me.
Crypto shilling and investment trolling were a big problem during that period and your posts came off as spam. Then you remade your own thread after being pointed to the general and have since reminded us of your persecution on several occasions.


any advice on flipping stuff from china ?

Do you buy on alibaba?
why don't you send it to amazon instead on ebay?


if you buy counterfeit or knockoff goods from alibaba, even if it claims to be legit, be prepared for 100% of it to be confiscated by customs and not be able to get any sort of refund or compensation from alibaba

if you want to buy something in bulk, and they send you samples and it all looks good, when you commit to buying, you should be prepared for 100% of the actual bulk to be lower, defective, broken, or used

basically any money you spend on alibaba, be prepared to lose it all, before you even have a chance to resell the thigns you buy


I cashed out my $50 bitcoins when they rose to 120 each. Why? Because I have living expenses.

Expecting the average person to hold until it hits 10k or 40k is delusional.

Most people are dirt poor and are just extremely happy if their desperate 1k crypto shot turns into 3k and they hurry to cash it out.

The only people who held their single or double digit bitcoins until they were worth millions of USD are those who were rich to begin with. For whom a random 10k bitcoin gamble loss wouldn't even make a dent in their daily finances.

No poor person ever got rich through crypto because the temptation to cash out once your holding gains 3-10x value is too high for someone who faces daily financial uncertainty in real life.


I'm one of those people. I've literally caused permanent market crashes on certain assets just by opening a moderate position in them like a few hundred or few thousand dollars. Like a smaller stock that never recovered the day after I invested in it (even 6 years later, it just slowly slides down)
Even in sports betting, really weird shit has gone down after I made a substantial bet. Like the 3-0 winning soccer team at 88 minutes suddenly suffering a 3-4 defeat in the last two minutes plus three minutes of extra time.

The universe simply blocks some people from advancing and makes sure there is utterly no way to bypass or cheat the system.

Once or twice can be chalked up to a statistical anomaly or statistically insignificant coincidences. When it happens dozens of times through your life (an event with 1:1000000 or worse odds keeps happening against you) you just know you are cursed and not meant to obtain wealth.

Meanwhile there are people like that guy who bought a few tickets and won the powerball lottery twice in a row. The universe ensures certain people simply can't lose at life even if they put in minimal effort or resources. It's all a chaotic, random hellscape with no method to the madness.


>Even in sports betting, really weird shit has gone down after I made a substantial bet
Tell us what you've bet on next time so we can bet against you and share our winnings with you (we won't hahahahahahhahaha!!!!)


Anyone with tips for neetbux/ssi disability? Was in iep in school, have autism/cptsd/mdd


Even ChatGPT coldly admits that a certain level of astronomical bad luck opens the possibility of being cursed by an Evil God

> If we controlled for all other factors and still found a consistent pattern of astronomically low probability events happening to an individual, it might suggest that an evil god is at play. However, it is important to note that even in such a scenario, we cannot prove the existence of a god, let alone an evil one, with empirical evidence or scientific inquiry.


>Even ChatGPT
has less rationale than a 4 year old succubus. It doesn't admit or agree on anything. If you ask it the exact same question with a fresh session it has a 50/50 chance of telling you the opposite of what it has just told you now. The belief in bad luck is only put in to practice by automotive insurance brokers, the quintessential underminer.


When etherium was $4 or $5 each I asked my dad if I could by some and he said no. I was a kid but had saved up allowance. It peaked at $4000 and bounced around $1000 to $2000 for a while. I could have been rich.


File: 1706599411814.jpg (96.44 KB, 893x1005, 893:1005, GDWIty0XsAEfxTN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i had a chance to buy bitcoins from TOR when it were 0.00000001$, but i bought a microwave dinner instead. if i had bought the coins instead of that dinners, i would have $999-999-9999 ext. 9999


I sometimes play a game where I think about the bitcoin that got stolen from me when a drug market closed and they stole all the money. I think in theory, the amount they stole is growing each year, and when they stole $100 of bitcoin in 2010 when I was a student it would now be worth millions now. Each year what they stole increasing in immense value.
Of course it's a joke, because I would have wasted that money and never kept it until now because I'm a poor retard.
It just puts a spin on the idea of "oh I could have bought some". Of course, I did have some because I hung around political forums that invested heavily in bitcoin when it was worth nothing for ideological reasons, but I lost them.
The idea someone stole it from me though is more amusing, but it's all the same thing, it would have been converted to rent money long before now.


I was mocking Bitcoin as a stupid idea in 2011


I'm not OP but another early crypto adopter. I think in the long term it may be incredibly good, but it may have a tough 1-2 years ahead. Currently it is very cheap because there are no good decentralised exchanges, and there is fear it is gradually getting removed from the centralised exchanges by regulatory pressure. Tainted/illegal bitcoin and eth will become more of an issue; it will be harder and riskier to use those in the grey market. Hacks of billions of dollars worth of crypto will continue, which will need to be laundered. Societies will become more and more cashless.

Good decentralised exchanges are inevitable and being developed right now. That will allow monero to be interchanged will bitcoin and ethereum, regardless of regulations. It is inevitable that a market will emerge for a more private currency that is safe in the grey and black market. It will remain a niche currency but it will at least be a lot more valuable than now. It is just difficult to time it.


plus people seem to have long forgotten that the whole point of bitcoin was to be a currency, and only use it for gambling


it always was about speculation


Not really. The main use was and still is buying illicit drugs from the dark web, specifically methamphetamine, cocaine, weed and various pills like ketamine.

The second largest use is people speculating on the worth rising or falling.

The third and nonexistent use for bitcoin is, was and will always be payment usage, form of salary payment, car payment, house payment etc. (these happen, but in a such minuscule amount that it may as well not count).


right. is it any wonder no one takes cryptos and their zealots seriously


well who would want to use such a volatile currency to buy groceries? sure its nice when it goes up. but you don't want your daily spending money to go down by 90% in an hour


I vaguely remember that thread. Was pretty cool, at least. Shikata ga nai~

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