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294141chat Hi, after years away from this place I remembered it existed. I remember there was a chat? is it still alive?[View]
294079DIY Guns Does anyone know how to make DIY guns?[View]
294025 How do you deal with boredom and procrastination? I saw there were 4 main reasons people procrastinate. Low self confidence or ability, low value in task or task being boring, too many distractions, bad time management. Useful info but what now?[View]
293925youtube monotony / algorithm i wish there would be a website to filter youtube results to avoid watching the same topics and partner channels over and over again.[View]
293898 >Be Aragorn[View]
293759I have become a wizard What lies on the road ahead? Should I travel? [View]
293716where da wetbed gang at ? i proudly wet my bed and only change the covers once a week, live free or die.[View]
293637Fake it untill you make; will it work wizards? I fucked up, big time, I'm 27 and I have to do all the work I didn't do when I was 18/20, go to college (yes I want to, and it's my best option), college is free where I'm at, I didn't do it way back because I was a dumb, delusional idiot.[View]
293213What makes a fictional character someone's favorite? The internet parrots "relatability" endlessly, but that can't be all there is to it.[View]
293148Total # of Wizards? How many total Wizards you think frequent this site regularly? I would like to organize a meetup of some kind if we have enough.[View]
292696What is it like being a wizard/extreme introvert I'm brazil So.i noticed this place has a lot of fellows from brazil. And it's a bit ironic given how much of a normalfag-ish that country is. It's like the most sex haver and normalfag-ish country i can imagine. So I am curious about the experiences of wizards there.[View]
292580 I am a 26 year old virgin and work in IT. Should I learn a programming language and git gud at something in that field?[View]
292119 ==They're screening out the wizzies.==[View]
285709how much of an npc are you look at this fellow companion, didn't he really mastered larping to an extreme?[View]
278264How do i convince my mom to let me NEET? How can i convince my mom to let me not work and just live in some peace and quiet in my cave? How did you convince your parents to let you live with them without working anons? i have been a NEET since i was 12 because i refused to go to school after moving to some basketball american infested rat hole and being severely bullied. i snapped and quit going to[View]