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255435 Looks like this wizzie managed to get a job. Which one of you faggots did this [View]
255321Online classes In this lockdown period, I am sure many of you would have studied/worked from home and used some online platforms for that. How was your experience?[View]
255206hemi sync/lucid dreaming adventures Anyone here learning "astral proyection"(im using quotation marks) and/or lucid dreaming.[View]
255040 Don't have kids and just be a NEET who takes care of your hopefully /kind/ parents that plays games, watches anime, reads good fiction, watches nature documentaries, and so forth. You're doing more for the world this way then.[View]
254910Being obese and laziness Since one year ago I stopped working and just stayed at home. I have gained about 20 kg (currently 160cm / 120kg). I've been fat since I was little. In recent years I have always felt lazy to do something even in my job.[View]
254196How to make my brain work faster? my brain is so slow at comprehending philosophical and scinestical texts it makes me feel like a retard, but my brain works fine when I'm just thinking by myself like this.I am sure it is caused by spending many years NEETing and doing absouletly nothing beyond consuming short attention span friendly media and wihout doing anything at all that requeres any sort of[View]
253647Philosophical Dichotomy Test https://dichotomytests.com/test.html?id=0[View]
253367 Politics Thread #57: Esoteric Ideology Edition This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.[View]
253046 Are there any techniques to enhance your visualization and imagination when reading? When you read fiction, how do you imagine things? Are they crystal clear and realistic? Or are they more artistic like a painting or a drawing?[View]
253043is beauty everything Im feeling that,more and more,beauty is at the center of the development of the human species,no matter how hard the modern world tries to deny it.human breeding, societal norms, advancement of technology,it's all related to how aesthetic your face is, isnt?[View]
251529 How do you sue your parents for your circumcision? It has destroyed my life and made me developed crippling avpd.[View]
250136overpopulation I fucking hate people who think that overpopulation is a problem in the first world, and think that insane, immoral, fascist measures should be taken to combat it. I know a few people who argue (against anti-abortion me) that abortion should be legal/mandatory because of overpopulation. It's the most asinine thing because overpopulation is not even close to being a problem in the W[View]
244370Anti-civilization thread This thread is against civilization and "progress." Everything before the Anthropocene era - the first agricultural revolution, the birth of states, hierarchy, and private property - is before civilization. Back then, which was the vast majority of human history, people lived in primitive communism - egalitarian, stateless, classless, moneyless tribes based on a sharing eco[View]