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228376 Hello new here! Am I a wizard in training for liking anime succubi? I dont necessary like 3d succubi but I do like waifus. What does that make me wizbros?[View]
228298 Are the Kings returning?[View]
228175 Already wizards i need neetbux[View]
228137 any IT guys here? i'm an apprentice electrician and tomorrow i have to wire some ethernet cables and i need to know if i should use A or B and i can't remember which one is the one thats more prolific. like which one is the go-to? hate to waste a thread on this, and i would've just asked cuckchan, but i'm banned right now[View]
227239I'm fed up J'en ai marre de ceux qui pleurent. Qui ne roulent qu'à 2 à l'heure[View]
227053 How do you deal with the inquisitions when they find out you don't have a girlfriendd or wife?[View]
227030Star Trek How do wizards feel about Star Trek? I'd think it was a popular franchise but never see it discussed here.[View]
226530 How do you consume media and get absorbed into it? The only satisfaction for consuming media for me was always the dopamine rush of checking it off some list after I'm finished. I barely enjoyed the actual media itself. It would be nice to actually get lost in something and forget about reality for a bit though. How do you guys do this?[View]
226501wierd vids clips stills just for fun, so as to ease the boredom for a lot of you.[View]
226466WWI Navies This seems like an absolutely ridiculous question to ask here of all places, but...how the hell do navies really work? In particular, I was thinking about the dynamics of naval engagement in WWI. Short version of this question: who controlled which seas in WWI? How did navies functionally work in WWI and what did they do on a day-to-day basis? How the hell do you even 'patrol' somethi[View]
226452Dark Web I want to go darkweb for a month. There are ideological reasons for this, but really just pragmatic ones. Namely, most dark websites I've visited tend to be slower, more thoughtful, more engaging, etc.. Also, I just want to see what happens to me and how it's like.[View]
226071Consumer General What cool shit have you bought recently? What cool shit do you want to buy? Let’s out those NEETbux to good use![View]
225374Politics Thread #40: This account has been terminated Edition This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.[View]
225153Anti-Crawl Thread LXXII >Ambient sounds to wash away distraction[View]
222452Fap Thread #52 Post the last thing you fapped to. Let's be tasteful and share the nice things![View]
221257 I made a terrible mistake. [View]
221197Wiz Beards For those who have beards, large or small, how do you grow it out? I’ve tried growing a beard, but my face just irritates the hell out of me when it’s getting long. If you know any remedies for this I’m open to suggestions.[View]
218269Dog hate thread. Anyone else REALLY hate dogs?[View]
212974Quitting music >Search up people's experiences with quitting music[View]