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241956Cessation of Auto-Erotism Thread For those who can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion, and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.[View]
241739Using wizardy to become a writer I want to use my wizardy (neetism+celibacy) to become a writer,my goal is to become a cult author known by few but loved by them.[View]
241722Nicotine I love smoking cigarettes. I know many of you probably do too, so let's get a cigarette thread going. (this also includes any other forms of nicotine such as dip, cigars, pipe smoking). Post your favorite brands. I myself like some grizzly longcut wintergreen cha with a nice pall mall blue cigarette.[View]
240958CRISPR, gene editing, and transhumanism Recently got interested in gene editing, admittedly due to a lot of the popsci hype I've seen about it, but I stumbled upon this video by josiah zayner, a huge proponent in gene editing, holds a PhD in molecular biology and biophysics. In this video he talks pretty in depth about CRISPR and gene therapy and what not that I think unshrouds a lot of the popsci [View]
240493Psychological profile thread What is your psychological profile? Has it been the cause of your wizardhood?[View]
240420Corona is a bliss If Corona wipes out the human race and maybe some other species, thereby saving possibly trillions of future sentient beings from being born and suffering, is it really a bad thing? no its the best thing that could happen[View]
240183what are your thoughts on wizchan as an internet forum? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_forum[View]
239934Politics Thread #47: Pandemic Edition This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.[View]
239342Coronavirus Thread 2 Looks like we need a new thread.[View]
238898Anti-Crawl Thread LXXXI No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.[View]
238685Grip power Anyone here like training grip and finger strength?[View]
238641 I'm gonna increase my carbon output to contribute to the progress of climate change to get revenge on my enemies. I want them to suffer like I did, and to die from famines storms droughts pandemics floods fires. I resent them because they ruined my life. They gave me mental illnesses and now I can't hold a job to become independent. Curse them to hell. I want to drag them down to my level. I will [View]
238357fatwheels on the run does wizchan have any response or reaction to the latest fattie nolegs drama?[View]
237226Jobs for Wizards I am currently a qualified physics teacher due to start work September. I am currently a NEET with a bit of money left due to fucking up a masters qualification. Oddly, the teaching qualification and teacher training is one of the few things I didn't fuck up at during my 18-25 period; they said I was actually good, but I think they say that to all physics and maths teachers as we [View]
236908Asians behavior and culture In the last 5 years I've traveled around China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia. I noticed that in most these countries the vast majority of people tend to congregate in big numbers, regardless of what task they're performing or activity they are partaking in.[View]
236899little insignificant stuff that makes you angry post about little stuff that makes you angry that doesn't deserve its own thread.[View]
236716The economy is going to crash this week. what's your plan? It's inevitable. We just dont know which part will crap it out. [View]
219866 Since Georgie Boy has left youtube (probably for realz this time), I have been utterly bereft with loneliness. His daily life and thought patterns were very relatable and raw.[View]
217203NoFap Thread Masturbation is unwizardly. Post about your experiences here. Don't waste your mana![View]