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260025wiz fitness I have always been extremely disgusted at my body. most of my life I have been consuming a diet of fast food, packaged food, and sugar. every once in a while I have enough of it and try to get in shape, and go for a couple months with perfect discipline before I peter off. im on one of these cycles right now and am so close to getting the last bit of fat off but I have been eating a lot[View]
259776Dream Thread Share your dreams with me, I will share mine with you regardless.[View]
259409Politics Thread #61: Gardening Edition This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.[View]
259250subliminals/shifting realities? Have you tried to escape/change your reality through subliminals?[View]
259101Christmas Thread As you may have noticed, christmas is getting close. Share stories or talk about any christmas related topic in this thread.[View]
258930 Anyone else dislike at how many people there are in this world?[View]
258702 What makes people behave like they're the victim? I just came back from the beach after a day with my mom, aunt, uncle and their kid. In the car my uncle talked about some severe autist that got beaten badly by his father. My cousin then accused his dad of doing the same thing, but to some other random child (He's a teacher). He obviously didn't do it as he'd be fired or in jail, and then the kid [View]
258690Anti-Crawl Thread No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.[View]
258590 This documentary reminds me of human society. Only the most selfish, barbaric, and unrelenting creatures survive by taking advantage of others. Every decision, every situation effects your chances of survival.[View]
258107Politics Thread #60: Fraud Edition This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.[View]
255827Religion What are your religious views? Do you follow a religion strongly and/or are agnostic/atheist?[View]
255552WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY I'm not working nor studying have no friends and family is virtually inexistent.[View]
255471giving up everything for(literally)dreams I have decided I will start a comprehensive life regime for the only valid experience I have left:dreams. i dont mean "dreams" as in travelling the world,etc, but the brain state known as dreams.im keenly interested in lucid dreams too. Here is what my regime would look like in its peak[View]
255428I hate social media I have never been a fan of social media websites. The entire premise of social media exists just to appeal to narcissists while they share so much private info about their lives to make tech companies billions of dollars in the process.[View]
255057Supplement Do you take supplements in your daily life? Is there any benefit that you really feel? [View]
247836multitools Which do you own/use the most ?[View]
232243Wizard News, Issue 6 The Wizard's source for knowledge about events in the mundane.[View]