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222406 hi /wiz/, there was a device I saw earlier in a documentary but I can't find it again, and I don't know what to search to find it, as I remember only a little about it.[View]
222378ALL YOUR BASE I miss AYB. Just that rush of seeing it everywhere, so many normies just being confused by it, before the word 'meme' came around and standardized it and made it all so cringeworthy. I'm split on whether I would want to see AYB make a brief, fleeting revival before disappearing into the sunset; or whether I wouldn't because I know normies would ruin the one pure memory I have.[View]
222063 Does anyone know anything about getting on unemployment? I've been working my first real career type job for the past year and a half and I've come to realize that the working world will never be for me, I've worked a lot of different jobs and I just don't see me lasting with anything for decades and decades but I'd like to have some money to live it up a little during however long I have left. [View]
221898Sleep paralysis is hell Lying in bed and can't sleep because I know ill have another terrifying nightmare. I've been getting them a few nights in a row. It got especially bad last night when I got sleep paralysis, I even wet the fucking bed, embarrassing at my age. It was the most horrifying feeling I ever felt in my life that I almost started vomiting out of fear when I woke up[View]
221505normies are insane! https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-10/pod-life-costs-millennials-1200-month-california[View]
221381An explanation Could someone explain this wizard banner to me? It says "Wizard of Chains" but I don't see any chains in the picture.[View]
221318 Is it weird that I get really angry at marketing-speak? I just find it so unmindful. Like it was written by a robot. [View]
221195 Apprentice living on his own eight months now. Is “adult independence” a meme if you don’t have normie interests? Living same if not worse quality just more bills, and don’t know what to do with myself. [View]
221032 I had a dream last night. I was transported to the past in my school. There I saw one of my bullies, but this time I was stronger, I was towering over my bully with my large frame and size. My bully was much smaller than I remembered, he cowered like a rat in a corner about to accept his defeat. With my left hand I grabbed him by the neck, I then took my right hand and used my fingers to shove int[View]
220900 Why do normies always call instead of text? I've already told them I prefer text unless it's something that requires immediate attention, but they insist on always calling. Don't they get that they're just making me feel awkward by impling that only weirdos text?[View]
220833 I bought some of these unrefrigerated cakes (not a twinkie that's just an example) and it contains eggs (doesn't mention if they are pasteurized or not) but no preservatives. So how the heck can it be stored unrefrigerated?[View]
220576 I'm 26 years old, what is the feeling inside feeling after turning 30 years old?[View]
220568philantrophy thread does any wiz use his extra money to help others?[View]
220460Politics Thread #37: Political Manipulation Edition This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.[View]
220360 What fucking incantation do I use to get a degree in physics?[View]
220025Anti-Crawl Thread LXIX No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.[View]
219912solitary improvement I believe in self improvement trough work outs.[View]
219862 Brothers I need help. I am looking to switch from Windows 7 to Ubuntu/Linux mint/whatever is easiest. I don't do any gaming or use many programs but am completely tech illiterate. Is it possible?[View]
219832ESL Teaching Oveseas I have a TEFL that I got in Thailand. I want to go teach in the easiest shithole to teach in, Cambodia, and see if I can tolerate it. If I can, I'd like to go elsewhere, perhaps Japan or something. Is this feasible long term? Any Wizzies have experience doing this?[View]
219199General Happiness Thread /#1/ Are you happy every day wizards? What makes you happy? Depressed pessimists please stay out of this thread, only happy people encouraged to post.[View]
218462 Is it worth following modern politics for wizards? Frankly I don't really see the point.[View]
217964Brightburn Guess no sequel based on angry wagecattle scoring. [View]
216111Washing hands I don't get it.[View]
214208 What are your crypto holdings?[View]
213497Female dentists I just spent 40 minutes receiving continuous pain getting 2 fillings from my female dentist (looks to be in her 30s) and 60 minutes prior to that getting a cleaning (scaling of hardened plaque known as tartar) prior to that from a female hygenist (looked to be in her 20s). Since I am a virgin and don't even date or have any female friendships, this is pretty much the most intimate i[View]
212083 Where did all the nerds from the 90s internet and earlier go? Everywhere you go on the web is full of normalshits just like regular life and it's been that way for a long while now. Where are all the internet old timers holed up?[View]
199209Subsidence I would like to discuss diet and nutrition with you guy, especially in relation to different wizard lifestyles.[View]