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309943 feels like im suffocating in here, like the rooms filled with DUST for some reason?[View]
309667 lets say i want to move to Australia from USA, is there a life hack to avoid homelessness?[View]
309562 Where do I go now that the internet went to shit?[View]
306744Literally me characters Name a more wizard-pilled character than Ichi the killer bros[View]
304478Beautiful landscapes Post beautiful landscapes here.[View]
304310Bad luck with technology? I can't tell if modern technology has just awful quality control or if I'm unlucky or pedantic. Every time I buy something there is like a 80% chance that's something is wrong with it but not in an immediately obvious way.[View]
302289 Most humans are evil, which causes a conundrum for non-evil humans. I feel bad for a random human who is the victim of bullying, but considering 90% of humans are bullies, there is a 90% chance the victim would bully other humans if given the chance. Stupidity is a cause of evil behavior, which complicates the conundrum. If you can convince a normal-minded human that its ok to inflict suffering on[View]