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269226 social isolation is the best form of live fuck other humans being alone is the best way[View]
268982Unemployment Benefits Does anyone here get them? How did you do it, don't they want your parents to pay for you? [View]
268463Politics Thread #66: Untitled Links literally no one cares about:[View]
268267 Anyone know where I can find all of Sam Hyde's stuff (Hyde Wars etc.) for free?[View]
267901How to avoid or deal with having to talk with people you don't want to talk to ? Like family relatives and such. I don't want to seem like an underage who cant say the *no* word to others. but I am a NEET and some relatives always bother me with education/skills or doing stupid shit I don't care about. I as well try to avoid conflict or arguing with them since they're too close-minded for that so I[View]
267896Anti-Crawl Thread XCVII No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.[View]
267544Ironybrahs Yesterday I made a thread talking about how "ironicposting" of any subject like anime, movies, books or music should be banned because is peak low quality posting and it degrade the sites.[View]
267489 I seriously have brain damage from antipsychotics, i get mindblanks, i have low attention span and i can't comprehend certain things.[View]
267354Cool kids and social groups in highs school What was the make up of your school social groups?[View]
267148 Have you ever been banned from normie/neurotypical sites?[View]
267021I hate females Why I hate females[View]
266806 If an observer made a movie with cuts from your life, which keywords would describe your life?[View]
266149Working and studying You guys ever worked and studied at the same time?how did you manage? (sleep etc) [View]
265672Keep it up! You can do it![View]
265323Last Fap Thread #62 Post the last thing you fapped to.[View]
265037Wizartica This place is known for people suggesting absolutely insane and crazy schemes. Here's another one.[View]
264382Wizardly movies i know there is movies thread on hob but there is no Wizardly movies thred[View]
264141 So suicide threads are for the most part an ongoing joke, no one's gonna kill himself because of having no gut to jump a big leap. I think a gradual passive suicide is more affordable to die young not dragging out another 60 years of even more suffering awaiting and then you die a meaningless life anyway. Then aren't drugs a rational choice? Your monkey brain won't recognize you're destroying your[View]
264116The Koresh Effect I went down the whole "Flat Earth" rabbit hole the other day, and I feel it's a good example to use for the bigger issues of censorship and conspiracy theories in general. In particular, I was interested in the subset of flat earth people who go BACK to believing that the Earth is indeed not flat because of someone telling them a rather simplistic argument. E.g., one of my paren[View]
264063Did you refuse to attend school? >How was your school attendance record?[View]
263940Is Pro-City Posting a Psyop? I escaped the city a few years ago and have found life to be not just 'a little bit easier', but orders of magnitudes easier. I actually have disposable income and savings without having to decide which routes to take to avoid gangs and deciding between eating ramen for a month or cutting internet for the month.[View]
262886Cryptocurrency Thread A thread to discuss anything related to cryptocurrency.[View]
261749does anybody actually care about ethics except to virtue signal? in 2021, the year of our lord, why should i do the right thing? when i try to keep my word or follow universal moral laws i am branded as a "simp" or "cuck" or "neckbeard". it seems like a lot of people dont care about ethics until something happens to them or something they identify with, like the self serving retards that cry on twi[View]
256692Against Schools Pic related is John Taylor Gatto, he was a teacher and then wrote a bunch of books about the history of public education and how awful school is. A lot of people today talk about increasing education, more people going to college, etc, but after studying some of the history of public schooling and thinking about my own experiences I'm starting to think school is mostly a bad thing. [View]