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235036Humorous 1.How many of you were class clowns when kids?[View]
234801 There's this image I used to see here. I think actually it was a user here who made it, or at the least edited it. So if that guy who made it is around, or anyone else knows of what image I speak and can post it for me, I'd appreciate it. Description:[View]
234775new book what do you guys think of that new book "From Heaven to Hell"? It sounds like a /b/tard on steroids wrote it, LOL. I read it for free here[View]
234743 goddamnit they've been following me, probably trying to catch me using drugs or something illegal enough[View]
234659Your first day of the year as a NEET Wizard It's the first day of the decade and I'm sure we all have a strange feeling. Perhaps it's the kinda silly idea that something new it's beginning and that it could be exciting. So, how did you guys spent your first day of the decade as NEET's? To me it was really cozy[View]
234629 What's your new years resolutions? Mine are get big and that's about it. How about you guys[View]
234350 Rate my NEET Christmas party for one.[View]
234283the most DIE HARD season of all. Season's greetings fellow Internauts![View]
234255 If I eat myself would I become twice as big or completely disappear?[View]
234189 Do you hold on to things for a long time? I never got why people replace perfectly functional things with new things.[View]
234178Smoking Do any of you wizards smoke? I only smoked one or two times in my entire life without developing addiction nor anything but lately I've been smoking like 2 or 3 by week for a month. I'm very aware it only harms you and all of that but somehow I lately need it to "relax" a bit[View]
233625Do you ever feel like you unconsciously became a fictional character when it was years too late? I'm not going to get into (too) pervasive detail, but:[View]
231641Does having a religion help? Have any of the wizards on this site considered religion as a means of escape/solace, instead of basking in depression? I remember a time when i was feeling really ugly and lonely and religion and the hope of an afterlife really gave me hope. What if all of us were actually wrong about the truth regarding how the world works? Have anyone of you considered that, or have [View]
230524Weed Thread Do any wizards use weed? I don't smoke but I love to chill with some edibles and video games occasionally.[View]
229496Where can I get windows 10 for free? Please help. Did you guys pay for yours? I hear most people nowadays don't.[View]
228704Thread to express your hatred for dog Worshippers or dog people Comment on some of the stupidest things you've heard dog lovers say about their dogs, dog ownership, or anything dog related in general. [View]
226352Smartphones General Hi /lounge/ do you have a smartphone? I think I'm addicted to mine (and no I don't even use social media).[View]
223076Aging thread So after not cutting my hair for almost a year, I felt like cutting it myself the other day. It's also been at least 2 years since I had it cut this short, so maybe it's because my hair was so big and curly that I wasn't able to see this, but it was only after cutting it the other day that I noticed how much my hair has been greying in the past few years, which I wasn't expecting. I h[View]
215931 inmendham has moved out of his old home and into someone's basement[View]
210595Webm / MP4 Post video files in to this thread that you feel other wizards might enjoy. Please keep politics in the current politics thread.[View]