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I would like to read your stories. How has your experiences shaped your worldview?
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I used to think there was a divide between Red and Black pill on that. But now I see its a unity.

The same high-t traits that gives you a chad face, also gives you an asshole personality. chads are biological assholes in their face, that some ugly crab with PUA can't fake. crabs can do evil things sure, but they can't dominate like tribal chief the way chads can.


why shouldn't we be?



They are ALL crabs. Very few exceptions.


>foid detected



why you disgrace call him crazy as if you don't know how much the undesirables want the sexual validation. that's not crazy in the least and i can't think of a more obvious sign of a absent minded fool who relies on inheriting ideas from others.

if you don't like it then stop your screaming to defend a culture that literally produces undesirable people.


is that what you center your thinking around? normal and crazy? that's a pathetically low level of mental involvement. comparing everything to the pre-established concepts of normal and crazy that have been beaten into you is not thinking. that's functioning. like a machine.

you must believe the whole world is crazy because your eyes can tell it is not what your dog-owners (the dog being you) told you it is or should be. but the whole world is not crazy. it functions according to reasons but when you keep insisting that everyone is crazy, you never take the time to wonder what those reasons are, subsequently you never find out, so you never understand what is happening around you and you remain dumb until you (quoting a poetically racist meme here): gracelessly expire.

this is what i imagine your conditioned undignified centralized thoughtprocess is like:

12:05 perception: beep this is normal
12:05 perception: beep this is normal
12:06 perception: beep this is crazy
12:08 perception: beep this is normal
12:10 perception: beep this is crazy
12:15 perception: beep this is normal
12:16 need: poop detected
12:17 need: poop process initiation
12:18 need: poop excreting in process
12:19 need: poop excreting in process
12:20 need: poop excreting in process
12:20 perception: phone call
12:20 action: answer phone call
12:20 speak: "yes sir"
12:20 speak: "yes sir!"
12:20 speak: "yes sir! of course sir! this is very normal!"
12:20 speak: "affirmative!"
12:20 speak: "of course sir over and out!"
12:21 need: poop excreting in process
12:22 need: poop excreting in process
12:23 need: poop excreting in process
12:24 need: poop excreting completed
12:51 perception: beep this is normal
13:05 perception: beep this is normal
13:15 perception: beep this is crazy
14:05 perception: beep this is normal
15:39 perception: beep this is crazy


Most people after a while realize succubi are shitty, stupid, choosy, entitled people who are living on easy mode and also quite stupid because of their hormones. The odds are so heavily stacked in the modern age the buy-in is not really worth it past a point for people frozen out of the market

Leave this site communist faker



>Leave this site communist faker

you are shooting the messenger on this one. i'm not the one who posted about the crabs but i have been banned plenty of times for daring to speak about how some people are single because they choose to while others are not.

females are interested in males who take good care of themselves. it is not necessarily the superficial things that someone like you falsely believe attracts them, it is things like health, outlook, mood, aura. if you are a good manager of your life, the females will notice and surveil and scheme. if a modern female likes a male she will become like a totalitarian government, gather intelligence on you and then orchestrate one or several planned infiltration moment that is supposed to look casual and innocent.

example she will bring conflict in your life so she can judge how you handle the conflict. so when you are attractive to females, prepare your life to turn into a nightmare and constantly get hostility wherever females are.

and you may have never experienced this and in turn this tells me that you are not a good manager of your life. see how deep the crabbarrel goes? if not for me you would have never known so don't shoot me too, it is bad enough you shot the other guy out of ignorance.


lol. The last paragraph betrays what this "apprentice's" mindset is. Crab is a discord clique demoralization tactic to unperson the concept of a wizcel and you need to go the fuck back


>this much butthurt over a short post
It's always hilarious to see that most leftists feminists scum are mentally ill and all of them hate white people and men.

PS I did not read your garbage and nobody cares.


I assume this is the same guy who was derailing the politics threads and trying to mainstream communist philosophy crap. leftypawl cyunts are desperate for recruitment these days



>this much butthurt over a short post

i can't write short anymore once i understood how complicated communication across cultures and languages is and how often the message doesn't even stand a chance of surviving being encoded by someone who is very different from me. (when i try to speak the way i write, i constantly bite off thoughts bigger then i am able to chew, lose track of what i wanted to say and sound like i have dementia)


>lol. The last paragraph betrays what this "apprentice's" mindset is.

could you point that out so that i have a chance of knowing what you mean?

>Crab is a discord clique demoralization tactic to unperson the concept of a wizcel and you need to go the fuck back

i don't use discord though and i don't care to unperson people. seems like you have not thought about this problem too deep to me. all i decoded was: "some people say this to be mean". ok but i don't care to be mean and i also don't care whether you are a person, i can't possibly respect identities because i don't believe in them and i don't automatically respect everyone. my respect can only be earned and for most people it is out of reach.

>leftists feminists scum

bitch i have a full homeless-style beard.

>all of them hate white people and men

if i did hate men why do i tell you secrets that only attractive men know then. wouldn't i want men to stay dumb, Einstein? i don't particularly care for white people though. white people made the computer in their image. the computer is a little white person that can be turned on and off with a switch.

>PS I did not read your garbage and nobody cares.

read it you bitch. you aint nothin but a nappy-headed hoe.


show screenshot or shut your whore mouth.


you're simping for succubi in your reply. That's really all there is too it, kick down gatekeeping bullshit to keep users on this site from waking up to the WQ


>you're simping for succubi in your reply. That's really all there is too it, kick down gatekeeping bullshit to keep users on this site from waking up to the WQ

i'm not. i'm saying if females don't show you any attention it is not because they are trash, it is because you are trash. like you eat pizza and drink beverages kind of trash. the kind of trash that says "i am dead in X0 years anyways why should i bother to live healthy, you want me to be a pretty corpse?!"

unless you understand how females behave when they are attracted to you, you simply do not know females enough to have an opinion about then. how can you even hate them, they have not even shown how evil they are.

succubi are way worse then you uggo can possibly imagine. they are organized and conspiratorial and they trade men like they are commodities on a stock market. i can only piece together as much as i can verify but as i understand it, they must have established kind of markets where they buy and sell males and then instigate theater that realize the purchase.

they are trash but you have not even seen their worst side, you have not seen their slave-owner side, you have only seen the side with instagram filters or makeup on. the polite fake pretending to be human side. you never had to invent your way out of constantly being molested or harassed so to me you are nothing. you think i am gate keeping you? your choices in the supermarket and how you spend your limited time on the earth are far better gate keepers then i could ever be.


You're a feminist retard who hates white people and wizards. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say about anything :)


this wiz knows


>You're a feminist retard who hates white people and wizards. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say about anything :)

you have the communication style of an ugly female. the ugly females, what do they do? they behave exactly like you do. they seek conflict because otherwise they would be ignored. so they just live in constant hostility with everyone around them and they never get any negative consequences form it because this would mean spending more time with the ugly person. this is why you can behave as undignified, outrageous, unhinged and disgusting as you want because anything else would mean not getting away from you as quickly as possible. the social invulnerability of ugliness.

when you're low effort 'everything is so tiring' kind of posting outrages someone, you celebrate this as a win (similarly to when a tranny has tricked someone in believing they are a female) because you have not been ignored, which is what people usually do to you. and they want to ignore you. it is only natural to want to ignore someone like you.

see the attractive females they don't have to seek verbal conflict to get attention because they are confident that at least some people will be interested in them.


File: 1714249489086.png (207.48 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Charlie_Puth_Done_for_Me.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I never cheated
And I never played Benny Hill over all the deaths in The Pianist sped up 2x. :D


>the threads that are suddenly bumped.
See how Kehlani never gave Mr. Puth a proper answer? :D


>I relate very much to the crab/blackpill "movement" and I can only verify their experiences.
Then go post on a blackpill crab forum instead of Wizardchan. You complain about succubi shitting on crabs while you're here lathering in that shit and enforcing the idea that other guys ought to as well. "Sub 5 male" doesn't mean anything to men who have rejected succubis' vapid male rating systems. And again with the lookism graphs and /r9k/ lingo. Fuck off and troon out already, Ms. "Blackpilled-because-hot-succubi-won't-suck-me-and-that-equates-t0-them-making-my-life-HELL"


how do you "people" even find this site?
>Google: The Scientific blackpill
Read and weep. Only the newest of kuns cannot be awake to the wimin question and their lies


the youth communist-socialist league types who get their information or undergrad from the humanities are just really, really stupid. It is funny because as you imply they usually outsider tier freaks and losers, but still doped up on systemthink and acting like normies. The word for them is bioleninism. Whereas the early 1900's communists were peasant chads with arms and testosterone levels thicker than 2x4's

Capitalism, fascism, and the patriarchy, we're coming for you!


yep. Wizimer Lenin would have shot every one of these modern socialists as menshevik class-traitors. OG marxist-leninism was extremely based, entirely founded on the autistic obsessive hate of people who disagreed with them


lmao where do you even think you are posting


they have far more in common with your average natty polack in outlook, perspective and beliefs than modern "socialist" degeneracy. Imperialism the last stage of capitalism was a great phamplet


I know both of them are auths. But seriously this is even worse


every one of his pamphlets is about hating liberals and degenerates. Marx does the exact same thing, it's like a never-ending pathological hatred of liberalism and the monied elite. Keep in mind what the period was like when ML became a thing, the ruling class worldwide really was just an extractive, evil system that kept average people in perpetual poverty while occasionally throwing them out to die in various wars contrary to their interests.

Neither one could have known Communism was going to turn into a disaster. Lenin tore down liberalism, destroyed the power of the moneylenders, won a civil war funded by the entire capitalist world, and instituted the NEP when it became obvious socialism wasn't going to work. He also warned against Stalin in his last testament. I don't see him as the enemy, the early Communists were very different than the modern ones and answered a legitimate historical need that went all the way back to the Black hand against the Tsar


This is what happens when you are foolish enough to think conspirationists are theories
>doesn't know shit abt the big picture


>t. apprentice cliquer teenager with limited life experience outside destiny podcasts who thinks "crab" is an insult


Crab is an insult and I be an elder wizard


you are mentally a child with unfounded faith in the system only found amongst the poorly educated "college" literate and younglings. The guy who wrote commie-cube was operating at an IQ of about 105 at best.


it really isnt


Amongst every retarded filth harvested out of pure crab hatred I often see here this was peak


>succubi's brains are about 11% smaller than men's, in proportion to their body size.
>resulting in posts like this
It's time to go back


Is it not? Ok then go show your face telling everyone how proud you are of living pissed by others success while you fail once and again at this exact thing, whichever it be.


this user is:
>a succubus
>a kiwifarmer
>a normie
>a midwit



You did become pretty at imitating our speech, filth.


File: 1714420891927.png (65.82 KB, 704x578, 352:289, Screenshot 2024-04-24 1524….png) ImgOps iqdb

this. so much this.


File: 1714490706242.png (110.32 KB, 522x323, 522:323, Screenshot 2024-04-15 1533….png) ImgOps iqdb



with all the memes/abreviations/code words you are using i can't even understand what you are trying to say. leave some space, agitated chicken, it doesn't matter if your post is 2kb or 3kb. i can only make out some vague frustration or similarly nasty emotions because you don't write like a human, you write like half a robot.





you write like you live in a 3m*2m*2m prison cell.


a basic prerequisite to being a loyal wiz


File: 1716334773752.mp4 (2.55 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 1698539920579.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Based wizcomrade


Great post.


i am not misogynistic because i never had an experience with a succubus. if i failed to get a girlfriend i would have the reasons to hate succubi, but as it stands i don't.
i am sexist. you'd have to be deluded to deny that the sexes are biologically unequal and different, or claim that the said difference is in the past, when there is a relatively major land war going on in the europe, with men unable to leave the country and involuntarily mobilized as cannon fodder.


can you tell me more about bpd succubi???? where can i find concrete, valid info on how to deal with them without bringing suffering to myself?


File: 1716660036498.png (530.57 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, com hypo.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1716709719639.mp4 (368.37 KB, 460x574, 230:287, forgot to turn the filter ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

computers really did turn into deception machines for ugly females.


Yeah man and then they complain they can't find a chad to settle with when so many retarded simps give her attention over a false image. succubi are their own worst enemy


they're a can of worms that are never worth opening imo, unless she's gone through therapy and can handle her own emotions independently of you. not worth it


you speak true truthful wizzardom

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