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I would like to read your stories. How has your experiences shaped your worldview?


>Why are some people on this site so misogynistic?
wömen are hardwired to detect outsider behavior and feel repulsion towards genetic dead ends and wizards are those two


As an ugly Male. I can confirm succubi are repulsed by ugly guys like myself.


I don't have anything against them, it just so happens that females are more likely to be normalfags than males are. So, more females are incompatable with my life experiences and I don't wish to interact with them, or males of similar roles for that matter. But, I've talked with females who were autistic or mentally ill or something and the conversations were just as if I was talking to a fellow male of my social standing. To me the most important thing is that the person I'm interacting with in a social manner is socially similar to me, their other characteristics don't ultimately matter, especially for someone like me who only really communicates through the internet with text.

I don't see why I should specifically care about females, they've never done anything more notably wrong to me than the males have, so I'm impartial


I'm obsessed with the 2D ones, but 3D females give me the creeps! Just weaker, stupider, emotionally stunted men with no beards! I'd sooner commune with gnomes!


File: 1686547728986.jpeg (60.97 KB, 900x900, 1:1, sussy.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like this thread is bait to get someone to make a misogynistic post and then screenshot it as proof so people think this site is full with crabs.


No,I genuinely want people to post their experiences and share their feelings.


>full with crabs

it is, tho.


it is natural to hate people that mistreat you.
for example, i experienced nothing but scorn and contempt from boomers since i am younger than them. it is natural for me to hate boomers.
a better question would be who still likes succubi (outside of a sexual way) given how succubi treat most people ( outside of a few she considers better than herself)


Exactly most succubi are worthless.


i don't care. i think it's dumb to generalize. as if half of humanity was some monolithic entity


It's easier to make a million dollars than to get a crumb of pussy


you could fuck:
a 50 dollar pussy 20000 times
or a 500 dollar pussy 2000 times
or a 5000 dollar pussy 200 times
or a 50000 dollar pussy 20 times
or a 500000 dollar pussy 2 times


The whole "people who have disregard for succubi must get no pussy and are crabs" thing is a statement that only reddit type fags come up with. Even men who sleep with a lot of sucucbi don't hold succubi in high regards. All the chads I saw who stacked up pussy were always "misogynistic" as well and acknowledged what dumb sluts the succubi they fuck are while some white knight faggot has to beg his slut girlfriend to give him a hug. Anything is misogynistic to these assholes and they try to bully people for having opinions as they always do.

Personally I am too autistic to handle fake behavior, it irritates me to no end when people act fake or insincere and succubi tend to put on acts that are easy to see through and the only reason anyone would pay attention is because of their pussy. Most succubi are not able to be dedicated or passionate about anything as well, they just superficially pick up on stuff to get attention from dumb men in niche subcultures or they do some other stuff just to get attention and validation. They would never make their own research or care about something enough to make conclusions, they just act like they have opinions to get attention from men who share the same opinions. succubi are turbo normies and rabid pop culture consumers, even stats from streaming platforms etc. show that men tend to explore new stuff while succubi just stick with what's popular already. Promiscuous succubi are always damaged BPD sluts and they act as if they are confident which is also irritating, of course I could go deeper but lets just say there is a lot insincerity when it comes to succubi.

With that being said I don't hate succubi, I even enjoy watching some female athletes or listen to female artists and stuff because if a succubus actually does some genuine cool shit without some weird motivation behind it then I can appreciate it. I just wanna see more cool succubi and less of these whores who just talk loud and show their pussies everywhere.


I am a misogynist in the sense that I hate succubi, I truly wish death upon them. But I hate men too, including chads, normies, crabs, whomever.

I am a 5'4 dark poor pajeet, in pajeetland, I have been mistreated by everyone from parents to classmates to doctors. Especially fair skinned pajeets and the worst of them succubi, have treated me like a subhuman. I wish I could genocide them all but I am just a man so.


>With that being said I don't hate succubi, I even enjoy watching some female athletes or listen to female artists and stuff because if a succubus actually does some genuine cool shit without some weird motivation behind it then I can appreciate it. I just wanna see more cool succubi and less of these whores who just talk loud and show their pussies everywhere.
It's funny how this would have been a feminist standpoint a couple decades ago but todays so called feminists are more concerned with defending exploitive whores instead of embracing succubi who have skills and talents or decent views. Somehow it's all about embracing the lowest of females nowadays instead of appreciating the ones who actually do nice things.


seems like every group of males hates succubi

crabs- for not giving them sex

chads- for giving them sex

wizard mgtows- stay away from what they dont like

the worst group is the red pill pua types whose line seems to be "we successful manipulate and exploit succubi for sex, treat them terribly and are proud of it, but we're the ones angry at them"


>the worst group is the red pill pua types whose line seems to be "we successful manipulate and exploit succubi for sex, treat them terribly and are proud of it, but we're the ones angry at them"
I always hated those deluded retards and usually they are not even successful with their manipulating faggotry and most of the time it only works on succubi with very low self-esteem or other issues related to that. Often they also complain that they can't get any succubi besides the ones they can manipulate. I think those guys are pretty much the embodiment of male daddy/mommy issues, the way they view succubi and pursue sex is like the male equivalent of a cutter succubus who flaps her tits everywhere and sucks everyones dick to get the missing validation of dad.

I understand that guys seek sluts for sex but I don't get why some guys exploit decent succubi though. Manipulative people in general are trash human beings.


When I was younger there was this guy who looked like a typical chad and he was always able to pull succubi but never actually slept with them because he wanted to stay faithful in that manner. He flirted and finessed succubi to boost his selfesteem but he always prided himself in not sleeping around which I thought was always kinda interesting but it was mainly something stuck from his catholic parents despite being an asshole otherwise. Sometimes he pulled and burned succubi just to impress other guys, he literally treated them like NPCs in a dating sim and then pulled jokes on them and it even disappointed himself at times. This helped me understand the psychology behind these things. crabs got a lot of things right but they are often unable to accept reality. Anyone who is not a retard knows that feminists etc. are talking out of their asses but hate is too much of an emotion to waste on something they cant control. There is no need to hate succubi for being shallow cunts or not finding someone attractive and there is no use in getting too upset with how sexually depraved and pornographic everything is getting, some people just need to learn how to let go off anger when it comes to things out of their control.


I was a delusional lolcow who thought that was me, but wasn't.

But from a volcel perspective, I would see why you would want to test, that you can actually attract succubi, and its not just a cope.

a wizchad like that is the best of both worlds, you get the social ego stroking of knowing you can attract stacies, and even rejecting them. and the moral superiority that you can say no to the prize that every other man craves. good enough to win the prize, and superior enough to say no.


>But from a volcel perspective, I would see why you would want to test, that you can actually attract succubi, and its not just a cope.
Personally im kinda blackpilled and accepting it. I'm autistic but I have attractive features and succubi used to attempt to flirt with me on several occasions but that didn't magically give me social skills or assertiveness so even if I wanted to I couldn't do anything and at the same time it proves a lot of things to me. crabs hate guys like me but looks are not all you need despite genetic truths to the blackpill stuff.


I don't hate succubi any more than I hate men. But men's faults are put on display and rightfully condemned while succubi's are not. So It's just a matter of putting criticism where it needs to go


having the social skills to attract females and reject them would disqualify one from being a wizard, this is nothing but simping for normalfags who larp as wizards here
as long as you are a virgin, 99% of normies will think you are a crab and there's nothing you can say or do to change their mind

you're not a le epic wizchan succubi rejecter you're a beta loser who needs to defend his ego from the painful reality of being a virgin


Do you even read? I wrote that I'm too autistic to have the social skills and can't communicate with succubi so I never claimed to be a epic succubi rejecter.


I think a lot of the female haters are crabs, but going by your retarded responses and what others have concluded about your thread, this is just some shitty bait. To answer the question, I'm an equal-opportunity hater of humanity. I've never hated females in particular.


volcels are just crabs who used pua tactics but couldn't get to the actual sex, they believe they are above crabs when in reality their crabbism is what stops them from losing their virginity
you have to have some hatred for succubi if you are a virgin

anyway if you still think of yourself as a crab or volcel you are not wizard material and need to fuck off, wizard is simply virgin(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


it's cool to know you are not a hater of succubi and not one of those cringe crabs…i can totally respect that
but it just means you not a real one


I don't hate succubi, I hate people in general. But what makes me a wizard and a volcel is my absolute hatred for casual sex and cheating, both of which are common amongst normalfags, so I want nothing to do with them.


I don't hate them, but since I'm very ugly they see me as a roach. Not only that but they seem to have an irrational fear of me, to the point they don't sit anywhere near me on the bus or they cross the street when I'm passing by. So in response I find them annoying and tiresome to be around.


i have the opposite problem of feeling too sympathetic or white knight towards them.

i realize that in seeing succubi only as helpless easy to manipulate victims, i actually have a lower opinion of them than misogynists do. if succubi were as weak and guillible as i treat them, they wouldn't be deserving of rights and a public role. at best they would be cute pets to keep caged and protected.

the misogynist who rants about succubi being manipulative, evil, devlilish she-bitches. thats the kind of cunt who is actually fit to ruthlessly run a country. not my damsels in distress. there are cops serving as firefights, police, army.

so i realize my protective view towards succubi was actually more insulting than the misogynist. his she-devil can actually run a country with ruthlessness, while my angels should be declared mental incompetents for their own protection.


they are emotional and crazy and their behavior doesnt make sense to me. they are like large children. they bleed out of their vaginas every month which is gross. becoming pregnant is diaturbing, a new life forms within them, absolutely bizarre. they receive special attention and are expected to be dumb and worthless at practical things. they get all the social security and they just blow it on useless succubus garbage. they are boring. they like violence, crime, gore, true crime stuff, serial killers, like primitive fucking apes

i dont have anything against them, im just describing to you the female family members in my life. they are annoying creatures


I think that succubi should stay outside of male space, that's it. They alter the dynamics of them so radically that everything becomes corrupted. I don't use emotional ressources to hate a biological constant, but if the truth is considered misogynistic, whatever. Every sex has it's purpose and sometimes I only hate the people who want to change that and ignore the devastating results this has for societies.


>they are boring
succubi really are extremely boring and predictable. succubi don't really need social skills or a personality to proceed so they often lack with these things. It often feels like a succubus spends all her time to make herself seem more interesting because she actually isn't. If you're not interested in a womans vagina then you automatically have no use for her because she has nothing interesting to say or do.


>succubi really are extremely boring and predictable. succubi don't really need social skills or a personality to proceed so they often lack with these things. It often feels like a succubus spends all her time to make herself seem more interesting because she actually isn't. If you're not interested in a womans vagina then you automatically have no use for her because she has nothing interesting to say or do.

This is the main reason why autists tend to only get along with men. There really is no single reason to interact with succubi unless it's about sex, validation or affection even if some succubi manage to weasel themselves into autistic spaces they still can't provide anything more than their basic succubus things. They are not interested in anything and only act like it to create an illusion.

I still don't hate succubi but I also don't act like they are awesome. Their fake behavior rubs me the wrong way at times but I can avoid most of the dumb stuff they do.


males have better social skills than succubi? lol


succubi are total garbage they are just mindless sex beasts


certainly true according to my anecdotal evidence. They are like children which are incapable of handling their emotions or empathising with others. They simply get through life by using their vagina


None of the stuff succubi pull off requires good social skills or competence, let alone high intelligence. They can be completely socially unhinged, boring or cringe and still not face negative consequences for it.


social "skills" for both sexes is just looks. its almost a perfect correlation of looks and social "skill". that's just an accident?

literally the exact same body motions and words are awkward or smooth from different looks


>There really is no single reason to interact with succubi unless it's about sex, validation or affection even if some succubi manage to weasel themselves into autistic spaces they still can't provide anything more than their basic succubus things.
Pretty much this. If a man is not interested in chasing after sexual stuff then a womans presence pretty much becomes irrelevant because she won't be able to do, think or say anything interesting to the autists mind even if she tries super hard to be that gamer succubus with autistic interests and if she doesnt get enough attention she will get frustrated. The type of succubi who try to hang out with guys all the time and try to do guy stuff are still just succubi who wish to appear special and it's usually the ones who are not hot enough to just compete with very good looking succubi. succubi even pretend to be nazis or radical religious followers just to get that special niche attention. For the same reason succubi ruin group dynamics as well because their behavior will always bring sexuality qnd duplicity into it, no matter if it's a nerdy type group or a party with normies. succubi can't be part of any male group dynamic without becoming a stinging foreign object. It's just how things are and not even something that makes me hate anyone. I just think a lot of succubi need to finally shut up and stop complaining just like wizard types have to accept their place in life, there is something extremely childish and annoying about a succubus who cries misogyny at every consequence of her actions and expects the world to wipe her ass.


should volcels be platonic friends with succubi?


>should volcels be platonic friends with succubi?
Not really and most of the time they aren't anyway since most succubi lose their relevance to men once sexuality is out of the mix and most succubi equally lose interest in a guy when he's not entertaining their succubi ways. Most succubi also disappear once they are not in the center of attention anymore. Try to have a discussion about something or talk about a specific topic with a succubus, usually its much less interesting and boring because they don't give a shit about stuff that doesn't involve themselves or pop culture mainstream stuff.


Does all your misogyny apply to your moms and sisters?




Can confirm. In high school I was a crab, I was friends with a chad ('twas a small school, Chad didn't have so many options, I think), and both of us, approaching it from totally different perspectives, fucking hated succubi and lambasted them at every turn.


I went to the female imageboard and I don't know if it's all men and transpeople roleplaying but I could actually relate to their complaints about men. Like all the complaints about aggression, lack of empathy, coomer behaviour was something that annoys me too.


>Does all your misogyny apply to your moms and sisters?
Of course it does apply to all succubi and it's not misogyny but acknowledging things. There's hardly anything in this thread that is hateful towards succubi, it's really just basic observations that anyone with half of a brain can make. Hating succubi because of how they act is dumb and like getting upset at a dog for shitting in the grass but there is nothing wrong with making observations without being emotionally invested.


> Can confirm. In high school I was a crab, I was friends with a chad ('twas a small school, Chad didn't have so many options, I think)

You expect that to cover you? What is this some kind of all succubi school with 1 crab, 1 chad?


>there is no use in getting too upset with how sexually depraved and pornographic everything is getting, some people just need to learn how to let go off anger when it comes to things out of their control.

>there is no use in getting too upset with how sexually depraved and pornographic everything is getting, some people just need to learn how to let go off anger when it comes to things out of their control.

what kind of retard shit is this…? as if it's impossible to enforce obscenity/decency laws…everything okay in your brain mate?


you should stay over there, and donate your income to e-whores while you're at it. you're a natural simp in the making!


>what kind of retard shit is this…? as if it's impossible to enforce obscenity/decency laws…everything okay in your brain mate?
You're rather quick with calling people retards when you're too dumb to properly read and understand a post before replying.


They're extraordinarily insufferable people to be around and their inclusion in most social spheres and institutions has generally been a net negative, I dont think it needs to be said at this point how cancerous feminism has been for society especially if you're a right winger. As others have mentioned they can be absolutely awful to wizardly men on levels even male bullies typically aren't. Honestly I think many of their annoying traits could easily be overlooked were it not for those things.

Also, they will cover the fuck for each other in cases of abuses and degeneracy, especially against boys. It's why I believe female groomers are grossly underreported, because they won't necessarily groom him/her for themselves but for other people.
We've all seen men making excuses for them in public cases because "she hot bro lucky him hurrdurr" but many of the revolting things they do is often not reported, especially things they do to their sons and male relatives.


>We've all seen men making excuses for them in public cases because "she hot bro lucky him hurrdurr"
Everytime a news story about female teachers sexually abusing students pops up the majority of people think it's cool which really shows how fucked and depraved everyone is, people think this is some kind of milf porn fantasy. If a man does it with a female student they somehow suddenly grow a brain and realize that it's sexual abuse.


The insane double standards.


I was bullied by succubi. In some instances it was the entire class laughing at me.


i don't see that much of a difference between men and succubi in terms of value, if you analyze succubi you will observe many traits and attributes which are specific to them, but when you boil it down you come to the conclusion that men are just as barely sentient and repulsively retarded, manifesting in a different form but effectively the same, therefore i have little incentive to hate one more than the other


File: 1686852872752.jpg (74.4 KB, 762x575, 762:575, crime rates.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I never got this focus on hating succubi tbh.

I'm not a simp. I exclusively watch content made by men but not out of misogyny but simply because I find them more entertaining. You would have to get really unlucky to have exclusively bad experiences with succubi to hate them. Every time I had a bad experience with succubi it was also balanced out with good experiences so I've not noticed any gender specific pattern of bad behavior yet.


the only positive really



Go to reddit faggot



i'd expect an autistic space to become hunting ground for succubi where they play their dirty social theater, create little monarchies and dependencies, bully others into submission, turn the men into cattle to fight over or find even more ways to ruin everything.

they have to be kept away from everything precious and beautiful because they'd wanna play empire with it.


>You would have to get really unlucky
No you dont, the issue is people tend to afford them considerably more leeway with regard to bad behaviors so they write it off.

Pretty funny to bring up crime rates, as its been proven succubi have lower conviction rates regardless and receive vastly lighter sentences for the same crimes, an effect even larger than whatever disparity exists for race. I'd argue sexual abuse is grossly underreported too.


I started to get irritated by certain types of succubi when all these females and weird simp guys started popping up everywhere online and even wizchan got targeted for no reason by some insincere feminists during gamergate which was straight up bullying. It feels like they invaded the spaces that autistic guys and other outcasts have created just to shit on them and use it for their weird self-centered benefits. I grew up with the old internet, there were already camwhores and femanons but they weren't able to take so much control and there were less beta simps but even back then succubi never added anything significant to anything and it was just self-centered baiting for attention type behavior. I guess I had resent for a lot of succubi when I was younger but I grew out of that realizing that it's just how most of them behave and it feels like getting mad at a child for being childish because ultimately their behavior is pitiful, it's like watching a fish wobbling around on land desperately trying to get into the water.

What I really dislike though are simps who fall for their games and every time I see one of these guys who pride themselves in being cuck betas I just want to hit them in the head with a tire iron. These guys who look like stereotypical redditors and act like they are better than 'crab' imageboard autists because they behave like complete boot licker fake nice guys are pieces of shit. What makes them even more pathetic is how they don't even realize that their behavior doesn't get them anywhere and they are just left to pick up crumbs even though they think they are sitting at the dinner table.


File: 1686867269628.jpg (355.37 KB, 2666x1436, 1333:718, PXL_20230615_221258830.MP~….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't get it. Is this thread a failed crystal cafe dupe that backfired because no one wrote any really hateful stuff or are they just talking about this thread?


i wouldnt say i was overtly misogynistic, i have just stopped thinking about succubi cause they do not factor into my life.


What? Did I imply that? I said he didn't have 'many' options. I did not say that he had 'zero' options. Obviously there were other males around, but Chad wasn't into being friends with them for whatever reason. . Me and the guy bonded over a lot of things besides hating succubi. But I still have the feeling that if the school was larger there would have been more people he would be interested in talking to, thus meaning we might not have been friends.


I think he's just pointing out their shitty porn board.


>there were already camwhores and femanons but they weren't able to take so much control
Back when camwhores got pressured into putting shoes on their heads and sharpies in their assholes by /b/tards. It's funny how these sluts degraded themsleves just to get attention from schizos and autistic guys on the internet.


It's weird to me how succubi do not factor into my life at all. I don't read any books by any female authors. None of my hobbies have female creators. None of my friends were ever female. No one who ever had any interest in communicating with me (beyond family) was female.

Even my female relatives don't really care and take no interest in me. It's weird that 50% of the human population might as well not exist.


>What I really dislike though are simps who fall for their games
Why when they are arguably more like the "fish wobbling around on land desperately trying to get into water" than the succubi seeking attention online. Attention whores already get attention irl, they aren't deprived of it they are just insatiably greedy and selfish.
At least the simps are doing it from a position of profound loneliness,desperation and need.

You ARE the simp, wizzie


simping for simps


Exposure and shaming, wizanon. It is quite simple to chastise them, for they are sensitive to such movements.


You must be one of them, you justified their soyjaking with their fear of loneliness , it's damn sick.


PUAs are not true redpills. Yet quite interesting, their sadistic behaviour, yet they still fall for the pussy, they don't have much honor.


PUAs are also extremely cringe inducing. And yeah they really are thinking about succubi all day as if they have some kind of unresolved mommy issues. I had to endure one of these fags irl and like most of them he spent hours of his life practicing approaching techniques and he still never had any success. I also noticed that these guys always have some kind of shortcoming that they try to compensate for. Most of them are also insecure faggots who lie a lot and try to make themselves look confident when they aren't.


They are usually people who suffered discrimination because of their sex when they were children with messages of "All men are useless", "All men are shit", "men are all pigs, but at least you can make sausages with pigs and They don't cause rape, wars, and chaos everywhere they go."

Anyone who hates the opposite sex, or hates a person in general, is mostly caused by childhood trauma. He is constantly exposed to the hatred of his sex by the opposite sex, or for having suffered some really unpleasant experience such as rape, physical or mental abuse, they really mark people. And if you add different problems such as low self-esteem, you can generate deep hatred.


i don't think its all that successfull. i mean it started with the alt.seduction boards of computer nerds in the 1990s. after 30 years of it, if it was really the elixir promised, western succubus would be tamed, and nerds would have a harem of stacies.

these days its hard to tell the difference between red pill and black pill. and you can see the ex-pua influence on black pill in terms like amog and a lot else. the black pill crab is a failed red pill pua.


bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks


I simply pointed out how you justify and forgive female behavior by saying "that's just how they are" but don't extend men that same courtesy.
No expectations for succubi, putting the responsibility on men.


The responsibility falls solely on these men because they are the enablers of this. If these guys would stop being retarded then these whores wouldn't get any attention, it's quite simple. Whores are gonna be whores but these retards could choose to not be simping for them. They write thirsty comments, buy videos of succubi getting fucked by other guys and actively defend whores on social media like complete cucks. You might as well be one of these fags yourself if you are so eager to defend these idiots.


>Whores going to be whores
>Simps gonna be simps? Why are you defending them
I'm just pointing out your hypocrisy. Simping isn't even an inherently bad behavior unlike whores being whores.


If 1 succubus out of 100 succubi is a whore, it does not mean that they are all whores, or bad people.


Objectively speaking even if you disregard the direct consequences of sexual dynamics succubi as a group are bad people.

Net tax drain
Don't do any 'real' jobs that are necessary to sustain civilization
Bulk of consumer spending, mindless consoomers.
Very politically and socially selfish ( campaigned to get female circumcision banned internationally but no effort for getting male circumcision banned; white feather campaign and related behavior inclinations, but never attempted to get draft banned or have it be inclusive of succubi )


I don't hate them, I "nothing" them, I want as little to do with them as possible, but then again, I want as little to do with men as possible as well.

My philosophy is "nice to look at, but wouldn't want to touch". For example, during my monthly shopping trip a few weeks ago, I saw one of the most beautiful succubi I ever seen, she was an absolute pleasure to look at, but I felt absolutely no desire or longing for her, no desire to approach her or dream of marrying her or whatever. To me, she was like an incredible painting in a gallery or an emotional piece of music or a spectacular view from the top of a mountain, just enjoy the view, appreciate the beauty, and move on satisfied.


you talk as if organizations represent people.


What are organizations comprised of?
Put another way, if they don't represent people, what do they represent? Whales?



I like to spam cc with scat porn. They think I'm a troon.


And money represents what



File: 1687820422566.jpg (117.11 KB, 767x1024, 767:1024, DZ2LxcnXkAAHvV7-767x1024 (….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

To make money. succubi do not really control feminist organizations, they are controlled by large capitalists with fertility clinics, abortion clinics, among others. It is also convenient for the states that their population is alone, since a solitary person spends more because of expenses that were previously made together, such as a car, a house, prepared food, electricity, gas, water, a streming account, furniture, etc,
The idea of empowered succubi is also promoted so that they do masculine things, such as slave labor for a miserable salary but with the idea that it is "your money" that is barely enough to buy what you need to survive, having your own car , house, furniture independently without depending on anyone, or the famous advertising campaigns to promote the use of cancer in succubi


This advertising campaign was over 100 years ago, imagine what they can do and what they do now.


That filter is annoying, the translator doesn't translate the word "succubus" well. Voy a usar chica, mujer, mina, para referirme a ellas, ya que asi no se puede. Lo mismo pasaba en kc, le decian "grill" a las "succubus" pero el traductor de mierda me traducia como "parrilla".


All of that is peanuts when you take into consideration the male enhanced intelligence and compassion.

Thanks :D


I see that you did not understand my comment, read it back until you understand it.


If you guys dont like something dont read it


My misogyny comes through as part of the greater misanthropy. Femininity is part of the spectrum of people and it is to be loathed for its unsightly qualities like everything else. It becomes misogyny because specifically highlighting a feminine quality as being repulsive implies in the simple mind a glorification of the opposite, so in this case like I would assume some male quality was superior. It's classic tribal-think. Always looking for allies and enemies, rather than ideas.


File: 1687986549792.gif (1016.59 KB, 640x360, 16:9, scrubs-where-do-you-think-….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Why do you think?


my misogyny comes from my misandry. males are such disgusting beasts, that any being that takes pleasure in being penetrated by them, must be extremely degenerate


My misogyny comes from a lot of sources, and was a bit of a downward spiral. I have been raised by and surrounded by nothing but succubi my whole life. No dad, rarely interacted with uncles, no brother. I have male friends but men who are the same age cannot learn from each other, cause they are both trying to figure out what the fuck to do. So I resent my family, and by extension grew to resent succubi. I was bullied by succubi in middle school, and then I found 4chan and saw tons of MGTOW posts and reactionaries to feminism, and it fit so nicely with my previous worldview I ingratiated it. I'm slowly trying to shed it, but I know it will never fully leave because I will never forgive the succubi in my life. My interactions with succubi will always be tainted by my expectations of disrespect and callousness from them.


I feel you anon.


I'm equally misogynistic and misandric


I was brought up to hold males and females to the same standards.
I was also brought up that males and females were equal.
succubi rarely meet even the lowest of universal standards.
succubi are objectively not equal.

Also the whole lack of responsibility but still wanting authority thing has been a constant irritation all my life.


File: 1693921356591.jpg (18 KB, 283x283, 1:1, coke.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just don't understand why the most expensive tool known to man, an incubator, is left in complete control and mercy of those that are the most stupid and vain.


>males have better social skills than succubi
Generally speaking yes because they have to actually work on their social skills to get by in life unless they go full NEET. From what I've seen succubi are just given a pass for everything they say/do and are almost never actually good at talking or charming people.


men have muscles and brains, succubi only way of getting someone to do what they want is words and emotions


It's actually pretty amazing how in western societies so many succubi have carved out a parallel society and economy just for them.

My mum divorce-raped my father, went crying to a feminist succubus's shelter, then lived on single mom buxx my entire childhood. All my life from her I just constantly heard how
>Her father was horrible and controlling
>Church priests were horrible and controlling
>Old male bosses were all horrible and controlling
>My dad was abusive, horrible and controlling
And finally, how I completely lack empathy. There is nothing more to her personality than victimization, she's utterly obsessed with it.

Growing up all my teachers were succubi, all my mum's friends were succubi, all my other male friends had similar broken homes with just one parent. It was normalized for them to all sit around the coffee table absolutely trashing and slandering other men and their exes.

succubi at school used to have a sort of smug arrogance at the double standard the system sort of had in their favor. I was humiliated and put under a tutorship of another succubus to catch up, despite having higher grades and doing better than her. It was astonishing when I found out upon reaching high school how she was in the average class and I was in the advanced learners.

This seemed to disappear as all my friends started dropping out (I was the only one that made it to graduation), and suddenly I was the only poor child to a single mother in my class. I noticed how they had happy homes, how none of their parents whined and moaned about everything and how they didn't eat absolute zogslop in front of the TV.

The Obesity crisis with kids is because of single mothers, almost 100%. They all feed their kids absolute zogslop, pies, supermarket pizzas, microwavable instant meals, cheese and pasta. No vegetables, not much meat, just carbs carbs carbs and cheese. I remember having low blood sugar in my senior years, and then upon working and eating a healthy diet I found myself with twice the energy.

I don't think succubi as a whole are entirely worthless, but holy fuck do they have a lot to answer for with how they've damaged society.


File: 1695994004342.png (71.25 KB, 500x380, 25:19, ann.png) ImgOps iqdb

Don't ask me why I hate succubi, tell me why I should like succubi.


they respect the non-aggression principle more than males do

if you got to pick between a succubi prison and a mens prison, youd pick the succubi prison


Believe me, if succubi were as strong as men they would be Just as violent. Do not confuse restraint with lack of opportunity.


well a succubi prison is all succubi, so they are of equal strength there to aggress


Yes, if I only cared about direct physical aggression I suppose you are right. But how much misery is actually caused by that? And how much is caused by passive-aggressive behavior, manipulation, gossip, emotional abuse, and indirect violence?


> oh i love your sweater

> secretly thinks its vomitrocious

how will we ever survive such a brutal beatdown?


they are ok, they are just very emotional and society enables them to be big wo​manbabies. if their emotions are directed toward you, and are positive (ie mom), they can be great

but all the while, they can be very annoying at times because they were raised and brainwashed to be 'gir​ls'. there is such little overlap for their culture and men culture, very alien and strange indeed. but some can grow up understanding the culture we men associate with, and some just aren't as 'girly', so maybe they wouldn't be as annoying

i wouldn't say i hate them as a whole


succubi are more violent indirectly, they utilize men for their violence through societal structures. In Ceausescu's Romania, if you listen to dissidents, you hear that it's the wives of the upper classes that were vindictive. If you crossed paths with them they'd ruin your life. In East Germany, they were all those Stassi informants you heard about, gossiping about what their neighbor was doing.

Part of the reason feminism isn't taking off in China is because of the Cultural Revolution. The worst redguards were succubi, when one of the wives of the leadership arrested another succubus she hated, they ordered men to rape them everyday in prison and insisted that they "don't go easy on her".

When World War 1 hit, who were the ones on the street openly advocating for war and shaming men that didn't fight? succubi. In the Cultural Revolution, when it turned cultish and cannibalism occurred, who had the loudest voice? succubi. Today in Russia, all the support for the war comes from demented Babushkas watching Sputnik all day in their shitty apartment, worshipping Putin, cheering on as men get fed to the meatgrinder.


in 1st grade i was bullied by the entire class as a freak. but the only time it got so bad that i was terrified to go to school and missed class was over this hulking giant Puerto Rican kid.

it was partially my fault as i drew all over his desk, with this 5 year old aspie lawyering that it didnt really count because i used a broken piece of lead instead of a full pencil.

he probably would have just forgotten about it. it wasn't the giant puerto rican ogre. it was the little italian succubus daniella who escalated this whole situation. constantly reminding him that i needed to clean his desk.


Did succubi play any role in the violence of the Nazis or KKK?


Yes, succubi were fanatic nazi supporters, something that really gets glossed over. Every single authoritarian relies on middle aged succubi as a demographic to be IRL jannies, enforcing social norms for free. In Iran this takes the form of them being the hysterical demographic that's calling for the stoning and beheading of apostate succubi.

As for the KKK, I'm not entirely sure, I haven't read up on the era, but from what I've gathered succubi were the biggest advocates for segregation before switching to "racism is bad guys".


My experience at school was that all bullies were just instruments of the succubi masterminds.


IIRC there was even a study looking into domestic violence and it was found that in many cases succubi were the ones who attacked their partners first. It seems like contrary to the prevailing notion of domestic violence being "evil husband beating poor wife for no reason" its more like "couple gets into a fight, often started by the succubus, but the man is who usually ends it".


>Why are some people on this site so misogynistic?
- -


File: 1696184273649.jpg (350.08 KB, 841x639, 841:639, who_does_this_honestly.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are all the lolcow retards just succubi and I never knew? Who are these people that post this.


I also recently discovered that it was a succubi-only site. But it makes sense since celebrity shit, gossip, and things like that in general are very common among succubi.


how are succubi okay? even as a kid most males didn't want to play with females.


Contrary to what feminist niggers say

MEN ARE ALWAYS MISOGYNISTIC BY DEFAULT because every single female is a nigger. You have to brainwash men into not hating females.


i always found females to be like niggers even as a kid so i never wanted to be near them with their faggot bullshit.


the entire purpose of that site is drama.. it's a very succubus thing. ones used to post here on wizchan trying to talk and their chatroom was filled with succubi, they were trying to get wizards to dox themselves by prying for personal info and baiting them to reveal info. they were also heavily involved with suicide shit on /dep/ and trying to get wizards to kill themselves. for this and some other reasons i've got that entire board hidden and don't visit it.


I don't hate succubi, when I was younger? Yes, I was bitter because I couldn't get sexo or succubi attention, now I'm older and really accept my lot in life and so I don't waste my time hating succubi anymore and unironically after that succubi actually are nice to me in non sexual way.


doesn't matter if you like or hate niggers, they will behave like niggers all the same. Females are no different.


I don't hate them but they're basically mindless insects that the elites use to enforce whatever status quo they want in society. Currently that means the hatred and oppression autistic, ugly and socially awkward males such as myself.


females are the reason for this decadent world. They choose to mate with literally subhuman males who carry no adaptive value merely out of sheer sexual preference.


females were never human, indeed.


succubi tend to be cruel to ugly wizards. They deserve the hate they get.


>succubi tend to be cruel to ugly wizards
Life isn't one of your bully femdom romance mangas.

Furthermore, a wizard who takes the mean words of rude succubus seriously enough as for it to make his day any worse is always lowlier than the rude succubus itself.


> a wizard who takes the mean words of rude succubus seriously enough as for it to make his day any worse is always lowlier than the rude succubus itself.
>a wizard
>lowlier than a rude succubus


File: 1701106050922.png (1.11 MB, 800x727, 800:727, Fty6vrHaQAc32wk.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I personally think the men who wish to stoically embrace solitude would do better to not obsess over the opinions of random succubi; neither the good nor the bad. I believe it's important not to take personally something so impersonal and standard as a yappy dog aggressively barking at everything that moves but the bitch it wants to mount. A man should derive pleasure mainly from his own accomplishments, and should challenge to justify for himself why him not meeting the standards of attractiveness for degenerates should at all infringe on his capacity to perform in his areas of interest.
Is what I've said here, have said a lot in the past, and will continue to say so long as female-approval-dependent metrosexual limwprists such as yourself keep giving me the opportunity to point out how flawed your philosophies are.

why should a wizard care that a succubus goes ew?
how do succubi make living "hell" for the wizard and why is he so powerless to do anything about it?'
These are the questions your kind are being asked, but never answer outside of ">LARPING COPING NORMALFAG MODS MODS MODS MODS"


>worshipping females on wizchan
>posting that females are superior to wizards who feel offended after being insulted
>strawmanning to keep defending succubi and calling wizards "metrosexuals"
wizchan 2023. Kill yourself.


>posting that females are superior to wizards who feel offended after being insulted

I never said that, but for someone who generalizes that "only WEAK boys who cry over NO GF are WIZARDS", it would appear as though I was indeed disparaging wizards. But I'm not; I'm disparaging normalfriends AND virgin men who allow themselves to be at the mercy of condescending succubi's approval. Any MAN who gets bummed out when BITCH_YANK_420 goes "ew" at him ought to be ashamed. He's worse than BITCH_YANK_420, because he's the reason BITCH_YANK_420 is able to derive pleasure from such crass remarks. It's in succubi's nature to condescend against those not up to their standards. It's not in men's nature though, for us it is a learned trait. To be altered by these audible rejections, that too, is a learned trait. Unlearn it, for it was taught to you by those who hate you.

>why should a wizard care that a succubus [insults]?

>how do succubi make living "hell" for the wizard and why is he so powerless to do anything about it?'

Answer these. You're going on a year no without being able to. I updated the first question to reflect the new words you're using to insinuate that only sad crabs can be wizards.


One thing I will say about succubi is they have 0 interest in what I would call "philosophical" judgements. They have no interest in Justice, Consciousness, Existentialism, etc. They have no interest in questions which deal with things outside the immediate physical experiences. They have no passions either, and care little to know something to its fullest extent, usually discarding something as soon as it serves its purpose. That purpose being sex, money, or children.

There have been Men who have cried out about the problem of Evil as an abstract but no succubus is ever disturbed by suffering unless it is happening to her personally. They lack the ability to ponder about things bigger than themselves


>Answer these.
Practically no-one on this site receives disability, and if they do in any part it is only going to cover part of their living expenses with the intent of making low-wage jobs survivable rather than replacing the necessity of employment. And the remainder lack the supportive well off parents who took on the financial responsibility of sending you to college and paying for your current housing, my 22 year old friend. Survival in the real world depends necessarily on maintaining and sustaining prolonged direct social contact with succubi, which you will learn once you either graduate or drop out.
Another entirely unfounded collegiate expectation that I expect from you in response will be the naive idea that "bullying" is a product of immaturity and a high school experience. Even though high school bullying is the least common variety, and even though organized social hostility has obvious career benefits for perpetrators at all levels of an organization, particularly the lower wage rungs where it helps grant security in precarious jobs. The reality is that the adult workplace has been documented by the Workplace Bullying Institute with statistics that show that high school is a coomparative island of placidity between the physical violence of late elementary and middle school, where male bullying matters the most, and entrance to the social malice of the workforce where socially astute and organized female social hostility suddenly matters.


>How has your experiences shaped your worldview?
Pretty much I hate succubus because I was bullied a lot and the accursed demons reward with sex those bullies giving them huge incentives to keep tormenting me


haha crab


females ruin nations. Feminism has destroyed society for wizards.

Womben are subhuman filth worse than niggers. What you're seeing happening in your society wiz is more or less the same as what would happen if we were to elect horses into office. Total pandemonium. Cultures all throughput human civilizations knew females were inherently destructive beings and kept them out of any role that dictated anything in that society. Most womben leaders were just pampered princesses and window dressing at best while they didn't do anything that was substantial in the least. succubi should be controlled for their entire lives. It's been recorded that they feel a deep subconscious urge to degrade themselves out of no real reason other than that they're not reigned in and given 'freedom'.


Putting your ramblings in bold doesn't make them more convincing.
Stop acting like a attention whore in need of validation.


You're right, but the bold hurts my eyes.


How do succubi ruin nations when men are in power? I really want to hear the mental gymnastics for this one. They control men from behind the scenes with their succubi magic? So the mighty superior men are nothing but easily influenced pawns in the end?


I watched a lolcow thread on some e-celeb and suddenly the whole thread was about the guys girlfriends looks instead of the actual guy and the way everyone gossiped about her looks made it seem like the whole thread was full of succubi and gay men.

There were also old-school gossip forums on the internet like lipstickalley that had shitloads of succubi in them gossiping about their friends and celebrities. Gossip/lolcow spaces are the type of niche that attracts a lot of succubi and it makes a lot of sense.


that's all females are good for. They are literally niggers who gossip, backstab, create unnecessary drama, play the victim, act abusive and controlling, throw tantrums, compulsively lie, degrade themselves and others, and go around like the world owes them everything and mistakenly believe that they are always right. That's why feminism is cancer and we should take away their rights. There are females right now on school brainwashing kids with gender theory and other degenerate propaganda that destroys the mind of kids. Females saying they are equal to men or just as good as men or that men can be females. Females crying and protesting to kill their babies so they can be as promiscuous as ever everywhere and without facing any real life consequences. Seriously, females are the niggers of the world like John Lennon once said, but for real. Nigger brains and parasites who destroy civilization.


I hope you get the boot for using bold Letters and for being a retard


"Hey guise look at me trolling those alt right crabs on wizchan by acting like a retard"


>how do nations become ruined?
Through the actions of the populace, sometimes because of but often despite the actions of the elite.
>How did Constantinople fall?
When the Turk marched upon the gates in the last days, less than 1,000 Imperial citizens stood to defend the Triple Walls, despite the Emperor's furious and desperate efforts.
>How did Yugoslavia fall?
A single newspaper printed a story in which a Serbian man claimed to have been sodomized with a glass bottle by two Albanians. Thereafter an Albanian military officer claimed to have interviewed (tortured) the Serb and found the sodomy to have been self-inflicted through highly improbable mechanism, which was found impossible by medical examination. Being Eastern Europe, each racial group had their racial honor to defend, and being a Marxist state, no one in Yugoslavia could accept the existence of homosexual deviancy under socialism as an individual perversion as such degeneracy was a product of bourgeois delinquence. The Serbs had to defend the honor of all serbs against accusations of sodomy, the albans likewise. Despite the heroic efforts of the leadership of the Yugoslav state, the nations went to war beneath them, from thee bottom up, beginning with a single act of sodomy.

Democracy IS correct. It IS the will of the people that becomes manifest in the actions of the state, and it IS in shortening the distance between the people and the state, and heightening the responsibility to which the people are held, that the state becomes most efficieent. King Louis who declared "sum stato" was incorrect, as his lineage's abrupt decapitation showed. It is impossible that succubi should play any role in the existence of a people or constitute part of the daily life of any culture while having no role in their collapses. When you look at the role that succubi play in your local social structures, your family, your education system, your workplace administration, do you think they are excellent teachers, or generally inferior to their male counterparts? Do you think they are any better at upholding entire states? Even though they all ostentatiously deny any responsibility of citizenship by pointing to the men that they appointed to represent them as though no leader in human history had ever been deposed?


Enslave the succubus, kill the simp. This is justice.


you think enslaving succubi beats them? even in slavery they return to form with their catty backbiting cliques end up running everything, while the men labour. see the ottoman harem.


File: 1701342996650.jpeg (18.65 KB, 236x200, 59:50, DEE88F0E-52DC-45E5-BE20-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

succubi are bad to me and always have been so I hate them except my family


Love and morality are men traits. If there is evil in the world, it's thanks to vagina havers. Evil men should have died out long ago, but females kept compensating bad behavior and sociopathic traits.


I honestly don't consider succubi human. They are as subservient and stupid as dogs or any other pitiful animal.


Spoken like a wizard with a moral code and standards for himself. Absolutely breathtaking.


All real men are misognystic. It's only natural.


Extreme bullying, acting like a bunch of children, no morals, no self-respect, avoiding responsibility, their entire existence revolves around selfishness. They're fucking disgusting.


Females can get away with bullying because other men are always behind them and they think of them as saints who do nothing wrong.


I tried to avoid misogyny despite years of being in Wizchan-type spaces, where misogyny is just the default. Red Pillers were just big meanies preying on the weaker sex. But it was harder to argue with Black Pillers who showed that succubi are the ones making their own choices and assigning social status to men. And Feminists actually said things echoing the Black Pillers, that it is misogynist to suggest that succubi are just puppets of culture and not making their own choices.

Learning that male social status comes from succubi made me blame and hate them. And even being a volcel I'd rather be a high social status volcel than low. You can avoid sex, but you can't avoid social status unless you're a hermit.

The more I read of the Red Pill, the more sympathetic I got towards succubi, The more I read of the Black Pill the more I despised them. It was easy to feel sorry for succubi as passive victims. But BP really taught me how they are the choosers and free agents who shape the world rather than passively suffering it. I guess my current view of succubi, she is more evil but also more competent, cunning, capable than a helpless damsel in distress to pity. It was easy not to hate succubi, when they were just pathetic easy to manipulate victims. So I hate them more, but I also respect their power more.


>even being a volcel I'd rather be a high social status volcel than low
nice "wizard" priorities you have


They're dumb and evil


are you new how is that even a question…


succubi are the preservers of culture, and modern culture is disgusting.
succubi will dedicate themselves to preserving something good long into the future, after western civilizations kill themselves.


>succubi are the preservers of culture.
They didn't preserve 2000 culture.
Roasties are simply bigger conformists than male normalfags.


i cant say that succubi are more boring than chads, when sports is the most boring topic on earth.


Females are nothing like us. They are natural outsiders to male only spaces.


Andrew Anglin always finds the right words when it comes to succubi


Yeah but unfortunately those words are in Vietnamese because that's the only kind of succubus he could ever land


I have been lurking the female IB this evening and it's mind boggling how men just live rent free in succubi's heads. At least 7 out of 10 threads there revolve around men or relationships in one way or another. succubi are very lame.


I have been lurking the female IB this evening and it's mind boggling how men just live rent free in succubi's heads. At least 7 out of 10 threads there revolve around men or relationships in one way or another. succubi are very lame.
Females only care about validation and attention or how others perceive them etc. and its hardly about doing or being interested in something unless they get attention from it.

A lot of men are acting the same now because everything nowadays bows down to these female impulses which is also the reason for a lot of the nasy shit we see now. It's a shame how they managed to bully autists out of their own spaces just to turn everything into something feminine and nasty.


Many succubi just tend to be selfish because everything is cut out to serve them. They do a lot of dumb shit in general which is usually sexual as well. Female teachers keep getting caught fucking students and there have been several cases of female correctional officers fucking with murderers and rapists in prisons. Maybe it's the dopamine they get from all the attention and validation because succubi don't even have the actual sex drive and rather just use their pussies to fulfill their personal bullshit no matter the consequences.

Personally I wish that succubi would just shut the fuck up and relax, theres just too much "my pussy" and "his dick" bullshit and its all because succubi have nothing else to offer other than fiending for social validation all the time which they usually do by being dumb sluts.


>there have been several cases of female correctional officers fucking with murderers and rapists in prisons

Theres this guy who raped and killed a succubus a few weeks ago and now fucks three more on rotation while hes serving his sentence. Charles Manson also fucked and married some succubus while he was in prison and theres a lot of other cases like that.

This feminine world helps sociopaths because they play into this dark feminine attraction, bullies and psychopaths get mad pussy and affection. If youre an assertive sociopathic type you will get female attention. Its basically just like the bible has layed it out which is kinda funny and I wouldn't be surprised if other ancient cultures also figured out that succubi tend to get attracted to dark stuff.



They say male feminists are miserable, but I was so much happier then than now.

I felt sorry for how abused and exploited succubi were, and thought I was morally superior to all other males, that I would never hurt or have sex with her. Sex is the worst way to hurt her.

Getting black pilled and learning that they are the evopsych privileged sex because they have eggs, and I'm actually the one in poverty despite my wealth and strength, really turned my world upside down. Instead of pitying them, they should be pitying me. But of course they don't.

It was easier to think I'm part of the superior class, but just too moral to use my power, than to know I'm part of the inferior class.


I used to think there was a divide between Red and Black pill on that. But now I see its a unity.

The same high-t traits that gives you a chad face, also gives you an asshole personality. chads are biological assholes in their face, that some ugly crab with PUA can't fake. crabs can do evil things sure, but they can't dominate like tribal chief the way chads can.


why shouldn't we be?



They are ALL crabs. Very few exceptions.


>foid detected



why you disgrace call him crazy as if you don't know how much the undesirables want the sexual validation. that's not crazy in the least and i can't think of a more obvious sign of a absent minded fool who relies on inheriting ideas from others.

if you don't like it then stop your screaming to defend a culture that literally produces undesirable people.


is that what you center your thinking around? normal and crazy? that's a pathetically low level of mental involvement. comparing everything to the pre-established concepts of normal and crazy that have been beaten into you is not thinking. that's functioning. like a machine.

you must believe the whole world is crazy because your eyes can tell it is not what your dog-owners (the dog being you) told you it is or should be. but the whole world is not crazy. it functions according to reasons but when you keep insisting that everyone is crazy, you never take the time to wonder what those reasons are, subsequently you never find out, so you never understand what is happening around you and you remain dumb until you (quoting a poetically racist meme here): gracelessly expire.

this is what i imagine your conditioned undignified centralized thoughtprocess is like:

12:05 perception: beep this is normal
12:05 perception: beep this is normal
12:06 perception: beep this is crazy
12:08 perception: beep this is normal
12:10 perception: beep this is crazy
12:15 perception: beep this is normal
12:16 need: poop detected
12:17 need: poop process initiation
12:18 need: poop excreting in process
12:19 need: poop excreting in process
12:20 need: poop excreting in process
12:20 perception: phone call
12:20 action: answer phone call
12:20 speak: "yes sir"
12:20 speak: "yes sir!"
12:20 speak: "yes sir! of course sir! this is very normal!"
12:20 speak: "affirmative!"
12:20 speak: "of course sir over and out!"
12:21 need: poop excreting in process
12:22 need: poop excreting in process
12:23 need: poop excreting in process
12:24 need: poop excreting completed
12:51 perception: beep this is normal
13:05 perception: beep this is normal
13:15 perception: beep this is crazy
14:05 perception: beep this is normal
15:39 perception: beep this is crazy


Most people after a while realize succubi are shitty, stupid, choosy, entitled people who are living on easy mode and also quite stupid because of their hormones. The odds are so heavily stacked in the modern age the buy-in is not really worth it past a point for people frozen out of the market

Leave this site communist faker



>Leave this site communist faker

you are shooting the messenger on this one. i'm not the one who posted about the crabs but i have been banned plenty of times for daring to speak about how some people are single because they choose to while others are not.

females are interested in males who take good care of themselves. it is not necessarily the superficial things that someone like you falsely believe attracts them, it is things like health, outlook, mood, aura. if you are a good manager of your life, the females will notice and surveil and scheme. if a modern female likes a male she will become like a totalitarian government, gather intelligence on you and then orchestrate one or several planned infiltration moment that is supposed to look casual and innocent.

example she will bring conflict in your life so she can judge how you handle the conflict. so when you are attractive to females, prepare your life to turn into a nightmare and constantly get hostility wherever females are.

and you may have never experienced this and in turn this tells me that you are not a good manager of your life. see how deep the crabbarrel goes? if not for me you would have never known so don't shoot me too, it is bad enough you shot the other guy out of ignorance.


lol. The last paragraph betrays what this "apprentice's" mindset is. Crab is a discord clique demoralization tactic to unperson the concept of a wizcel and you need to go the fuck back


>this much butthurt over a short post
It's always hilarious to see that most leftists feminists scum are mentally ill and all of them hate white people and men.

PS I did not read your garbage and nobody cares.


I assume this is the same guy who was derailing the politics threads and trying to mainstream communist philosophy crap. leftypawl cyunts are desperate for recruitment these days



>this much butthurt over a short post

i can't write short anymore once i understood how complicated communication across cultures and languages is and how often the message doesn't even stand a chance of surviving being encoded by someone who is very different from me. (when i try to speak the way i write, i constantly bite off thoughts bigger then i am able to chew, lose track of what i wanted to say and sound like i have dementia)


>lol. The last paragraph betrays what this "apprentice's" mindset is.

could you point that out so that i have a chance of knowing what you mean?

>Crab is a discord clique demoralization tactic to unperson the concept of a wizcel and you need to go the fuck back

i don't use discord though and i don't care to unperson people. seems like you have not thought about this problem too deep to me. all i decoded was: "some people say this to be mean". ok but i don't care to be mean and i also don't care whether you are a person, i can't possibly respect identities because i don't believe in them and i don't automatically respect everyone. my respect can only be earned and for most people it is out of reach.

>leftists feminists scum

bitch i have a full homeless-style beard.

>all of them hate white people and men

if i did hate men why do i tell you secrets that only attractive men know then. wouldn't i want men to stay dumb, Einstein? i don't particularly care for white people though. white people made the computer in their image. the computer is a little white person that can be turned on and off with a switch.

>PS I did not read your garbage and nobody cares.

read it you bitch. you aint nothin but a nappy-headed hoe.


show screenshot or shut your whore mouth.


you're simping for succubi in your reply. That's really all there is too it, kick down gatekeeping bullshit to keep users on this site from waking up to the WQ


>you're simping for succubi in your reply. That's really all there is too it, kick down gatekeeping bullshit to keep users on this site from waking up to the WQ

i'm not. i'm saying if females don't show you any attention it is not because they are trash, it is because you are trash. like you eat pizza and drink beverages kind of trash. the kind of trash that says "i am dead in X0 years anyways why should i bother to live healthy, you want me to be a pretty corpse?!"

unless you understand how females behave when they are attracted to you, you simply do not know females enough to have an opinion about then. how can you even hate them, they have not even shown how evil they are.

succubi are way worse then you uggo can possibly imagine. they are organized and conspiratorial and they trade men like they are commodities on a stock market. i can only piece together as much as i can verify but as i understand it, they must have established kind of markets where they buy and sell males and then instigate theater that realize the purchase.

they are trash but you have not even seen their worst side, you have not seen their slave-owner side, you have only seen the side with instagram filters or makeup on. the polite fake pretending to be human side. you never had to invent your way out of constantly being molested or harassed so to me you are nothing. you think i am gate keeping you? your choices in the supermarket and how you spend your limited time on the earth are far better gate keepers then i could ever be.


You're a feminist retard who hates white people and wizards. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say about anything :)


this wiz knows


>You're a feminist retard who hates white people and wizards. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say about anything :)

you have the communication style of an ugly female. the ugly females, what do they do? they behave exactly like you do. they seek conflict because otherwise they would be ignored. so they just live in constant hostility with everyone around them and they never get any negative consequences form it because this would mean spending more time with the ugly person. this is why you can behave as undignified, outrageous, unhinged and disgusting as you want because anything else would mean not getting away from you as quickly as possible. the social invulnerability of ugliness.

when you're low effort 'everything is so tiring' kind of posting outrages someone, you celebrate this as a win (similarly to when a tranny has tricked someone in believing they are a female) because you have not been ignored, which is what people usually do to you. and they want to ignore you. it is only natural to want to ignore someone like you.

see the attractive females they don't have to seek verbal conflict to get attention because they are confident that at least some people will be interested in them.


File: 1714249489086.png (207.48 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Charlie_Puth_Done_for_Me.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I never cheated
And I never played Benny Hill over all the deaths in The Pianist sped up 2x. :D


>the threads that are suddenly bumped.
See how Kehlani never gave Mr. Puth a proper answer? :D


>I relate very much to the crab/blackpill "movement" and I can only verify their experiences.
Then go post on a blackpill crab forum instead of Wizardchan. You complain about succubi shitting on crabs while you're here lathering in that shit and enforcing the idea that other guys ought to as well. "Sub 5 male" doesn't mean anything to men who have rejected succubis' vapid male rating systems. And again with the lookism graphs and /r9k/ lingo. Fuck off and troon out already, Ms. "Blackpilled-because-hot-succubi-won't-suck-me-and-that-equates-t0-them-making-my-life-HELL"


how do you "people" even find this site?
>Google: The Scientific blackpill
Read and weep. Only the newest of kuns cannot be awake to the wimin question and their lies


the youth communist-socialist league types who get their information or undergrad from the humanities are just really, really stupid. It is funny because as you imply they usually outsider tier freaks and losers, but still doped up on systemthink and acting like normies. The word for them is bioleninism. Whereas the early 1900's communists were peasant chads with arms and testosterone levels thicker than 2x4's

Capitalism, fascism, and the patriarchy, we're coming for you!


yep. Wizimer Lenin would have shot every one of these modern socialists as menshevik class-traitors. OG marxist-leninism was extremely based, entirely founded on the autistic obsessive hate of people who disagreed with them


lmao where do you even think you are posting


they have far more in common with your average natty polack in outlook, perspective and beliefs than modern "socialist" degeneracy. Imperialism the last stage of capitalism was a great phamplet


I know both of them are auths. But seriously this is even worse


every one of his pamphlets is about hating liberals and degenerates. Marx does the exact same thing, it's like a never-ending pathological hatred of liberalism and the monied elite. Keep in mind what the period was like when ML became a thing, the ruling class worldwide really was just an extractive, evil system that kept average people in perpetual poverty while occasionally throwing them out to die in various wars contrary to their interests.

Neither one could have known Communism was going to turn into a disaster. Lenin tore down liberalism, destroyed the power of the moneylenders, won a civil war funded by the entire capitalist world, and instituted the NEP when it became obvious socialism wasn't going to work. He also warned against Stalin in his last testament. I don't see him as the enemy, the early Communists were very different than the modern ones and answered a legitimate historical need that went all the way back to the Black hand against the Tsar


This is what happens when you are foolish enough to think conspirationists are theories
>doesn't know shit abt the big picture


>t. apprentice cliquer teenager with limited life experience outside destiny podcasts who thinks "crab" is an insult


Crab is an insult and I be an elder wizard


you are mentally a child with unfounded faith in the system only found amongst the poorly educated "college" literate and younglings. The guy who wrote commie-cube was operating at an IQ of about 105 at best.


it really isnt


Amongst every retarded filth harvested out of pure crab hatred I often see here this was peak


>succubi's brains are about 11% smaller than men's, in proportion to their body size.
>resulting in posts like this
It's time to go back


Is it not? Ok then go show your face telling everyone how proud you are of living pissed by others success while you fail once and again at this exact thing, whichever it be.


this user is:
>a succubus
>a kiwifarmer
>a normie
>a midwit



You did become pretty at imitating our speech, filth.


File: 1714420891927.png (65.82 KB, 704x578, 352:289, Screenshot 2024-04-24 1524….png) ImgOps iqdb

this. so much this.


File: 1714490706242.png (110.32 KB, 522x323, 522:323, Screenshot 2024-04-15 1533….png) ImgOps iqdb



with all the memes/abreviations/code words you are using i can't even understand what you are trying to say. leave some space, agitated chicken, it doesn't matter if your post is 2kb or 3kb. i can only make out some vague frustration or similarly nasty emotions because you don't write like a human, you write like half a robot.





you write like you live in a 3m*2m*2m prison cell.


a basic prerequisite to being a loyal wiz


File: 1716334773752.mp4 (2.55 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 1698539920579.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Based wizcomrade


Great post.


i am not misogynistic because i never had an experience with a succubus. if i failed to get a girlfriend i would have the reasons to hate succubi, but as it stands i don't.
i am sexist. you'd have to be deluded to deny that the sexes are biologically unequal and different, or claim that the said difference is in the past, when there is a relatively major land war going on in the europe, with men unable to leave the country and involuntarily mobilized as cannon fodder.


can you tell me more about bpd succubi???? where can i find concrete, valid info on how to deal with them without bringing suffering to myself?


File: 1716660036498.png (530.57 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, com hypo.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1716709719639.mp4 (368.37 KB, 460x574, 230:287, forgot to turn the filter ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

computers really did turn into deception machines for ugly females.


Yeah man and then they complain they can't find a chad to settle with when so many retarded simps give her attention over a false image. succubi are their own worst enemy


they're a can of worms that are never worth opening imo, unless she's gone through therapy and can handle her own emotions independently of you. not worth it


you speak true truthful wizzardom

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