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File: 1651174329199.jpg (78.53 KB, 682x333, 682:333, Mexican_Tetra_as_Blind_Cav….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


…and the japanese are out to cure them.

>The blind cave fish Mexican tetra exhibits similar characteristics to humans with schizophrenia. The species as a whole is solitary due to a lack of natural predators. They have no need to join protective schools and are instead able to independently navigate underwater using variations in water pressure and vibrations.

>Despite their safety in the dark recesses, they remain anxious and restless. The fish repeat behaviors incessantly without sleeping.
>The fish show the closest behaviors of any animal researched so far to human schizophrenia. In fact, the fish seem to have about 90 percent of the genes with known risk factors for psychiatric disease.
>Yoshizawa has attempted to quell the natural erratic behaviors of the cave fish with fluoxetine, commonly branded as Prozac, and clozapine.

According to wikipedia, they are eyeless and have taste buds all over their head.

They are closely related to surface, social, normie fish. It's quite interesting. Perhaps it's really hard to lose sociability once it's been evolved, and the best natural selection for asociality can do is fucking your shit up.
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So if I were an animal I'd be a blind fish with taste buds on his head, cool. No seriously the fact that this creature exists is cruel and shows life is suffering.



As a first step toward assessing this new model, Yoshizawa and others have treated cave fish with several psychiatric drugs. Three years ago, a French team showed that the antidepressant Fluoxetine (commonly known as Prozac) caused the fish to become more aggressive toward each other. Yoshizawa has now shown that Fluoxetine—along with the antipsychotic Clozapine—made the fish sleep more and swim around less. "Overall, these drug responses in cave fish are very similar to what you see in human patients," he said last week at the meeting in Fayetteville. "These are strong evidence that cave fish could be a good model for human psychiatric disease."


That's fine but this study was posted in 2016, I doubt it made any significant improvements since.


no shit


I'm just saying, these studies usually lead to nowhere. It's interesting sure.

File: 1650221073308.jpg (12.35 KB, 267x189, 89:63, 142074-143334.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


As someone on the A cluster of personality disorders, life is very unmanageable and diminishing
i remember before my illness i was a different person, i used to not care much, i was pretty alpha.

Currently in life i've been more of a victim to my surroundings, admittedly because of me, but also because i'm an easy target.
I've increasingly become envious of cluster B more specifically dark triad or these days it's updated. I exclude BPD and histrionics those aren't beneficial (my sister has bpd)

I've done drugs to alter myself, i watch gore, i don't respond much to shocking imagery because of shizoid tendencies i have, but i do have feelings. I'm kind to animals etc.
My problems in general are of a social nature, i feel fine by myself, but anything with other people is no fun at all, i don't like people.
I would call myself a nihilist and a misanthrope but also a coward, i understand anxiety, i wish i would wake up as a genuine psychopath.

It sounds edgy and you can suggest i should top myself, but hear me out, in our society psychopathy is very beneficial, it's almost a cure all.

psychopaths have reduced connections between the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC). The part of the brain responsible for sentiments such as empathy and guilt, and the amygdala, which mediates fear and anxiety.
the neuroscientist James Fallon, he himself is a psychopath and he discovered this by reviewing scans of criminals brains. Abuse and bad upbringing is the difference between a pro-social and antisocial one. But also genetics. NOT solely upbringing.

I was always interested in psychology, if i was smarter i would've have studied it with criminology, it's just interesting. I'm not glorifying murderers, in a sense i think people should pay for their crimes.
All of this is meaningless anyway, but i just came to the conclusion in order to break the cycle of a abuse, the abused becomes the abuser, psychopathy CAN be the answer in certain situations.

Lobotomy, brain damage, drugs, callousness and exposure to violence, killing animals, it can all amount to advancing the spectrum of psychopathy. I guess i'm just a weak individual looking for a way out.
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psychological projection is very real, but irl psychopaths and narcissists especially, will most likely think there's nothing wrong with them because psychological labels are for "crazy" people


>my problems in general are of social nature
>anything w other people is not fun at all
Please do not take that as a problem. You are just on a way towards better types than those you are used to frequent
>envy of cluster B
Why? Such creatures are only to be caged and tortured, when not merely frustrated by stonewalling
>psychopathy is very beneficial
That's mostly due to some others doing nothing to make it fail, while the cattle falls for the tricksters.
>psychopathy can be answer in certain situations
Well, sometimes fools are to be paid with their own coins, aren't they? Just be sure they do not know where it came from, to stay safe yourself.

>I am cluster A

Come on! This site was designed for you. What are you ruminating so deep to not be shared with these comrades?
>easy target
So they are. The trick is to not be seen, while attacking always critical points in such a way that they may never recover. I think you are just being too merciful towards someone around… cluster B hates something the most: to be shown impotent and endangered publicly, without knowing what to do.

I was also bullied. Until decided that it was me the one to put the rules while discarding normos away due to their foolishness and vanity. It worked better as I went on improving details about it.
>probably deserved most of it
Maybe, but not under their hands.
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The research on dark triad shit shows that they're perpetually unsatisfied with life and suffer from boredom more intensely than everyone else. The people with the light triad are the ones more satisfied with their lot in life.

The poor impulse control that usually gets packaged results in drug abuse. And because they think they're "special", they ignore all the bad aspects of their drug abuse and live in a lala land of thinking they're immune to the worst effects. This is especially common with bpd succubi who go from pretty and pristine to toothless meth addicts within a decade.

Their intrigues often fail because they're not as smart as they think they are. You can see this with Kiwifarm weens doing little gayops on retarded individuals that often blow up in their faces. The bad ones perpetually burn through jobs and really are only found in high risk, dangerous industries with high staff turnover rates. They get fired, burn through relationships and just keep on starting over again and again.

ASPD is heavily correlated with low intelligence. The "le smart ones don't get caught" is a cope because juvenile delinquency happens before they get smart and is when most are detected. The prisons are filled to the brim with ASPD tards that test between 80-95 on a test. It's a dummy's disorder.

When given a podium and interest, they love to play up their disorder and make out there's no downsides. It's part of the need to feel superior and impressive. ASPD people have a tremendous amount of negative emotions. They're perpetually jealous and sensitive to criticism. You know the old people that put razor blades and screws through slides on kids playgrounds? That's them when they get old and close to their death, they're so vindictive and jealous of kids they just want to destroy their health.


You're probably right about how they downplay the negatives, it's part of their disorder.


((Personality disorders))

File: 1643737772155.jpg (199.33 KB, 1314x586, 657:293, kdvek82hp8w51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


ITT: things that make you nostalgic
>Warrior Cats
>Guardians of Ga'hoole
>First iPad demo
>Pokemon Black and White
>Troll face
>Nyan cat
>iDubbbz gaming
>Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
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Literally the hyperreal


I can't even remember my past clearly enough anymore to be able to feel nostalgic about anything.


Same here


Baudrillard was onto something wasn't he?


>things that make you nostalgic
Nu Metal
CD Burning
MP3 players with 256 MB saving capability
Gameboy Advance later Nintendo DS lite
Modem internet
not having a phone to my teens
shitty music my dad used to play but except i enjoy it now
Analog TV

File: 1658575459966.jpg (88.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1581259159973.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i'm moving into my aunts former apartment, though i'm grateful and the rent is cheap, not particularly happy. I have a bad reputation and relationship with the small town i live in (small close-minded suburbs).

Some people like staying in a small town where everyone knows each other, growing up with people you've seen all your life.

I really dislike it. I'm moving in next week, my parents won't like it but it's temporary, they just don't know it yet.

I'm planning on moving to another state and cut my connections to my former life to a minimum, just got to get my act together, stay a year here after that i'm outa this bitch. Currently my family is helping me move.

It's painful knowing they put so much effort into helping me settle in, they recognize it as something big because of my condition and living as a neet finally having a job and overcoming struggles.

The truth is i don't want to be around them. I would set fire to the town i grew up in. Guess i'll just play the long game, i'm an adult anyway, after a year getting accommodated i will move to another state.
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BPD is a way for undiscipled hypersocial emotional wrecks to disempower themselves from changing their ways by offloading their personality traits as a 'mental health condition'.

>"I'm not a bitch who needs to get her emotions under control, I have BPD ;^) "

Assume anyone diagnosed with BPD is not only emotionally unstable, but also incapable of taking responsibility for any of their wrongdoings. A total write-off.


it's a cluster b disorder so yes anger is the key component, anger and outbursts. But bpd "people" are neurotic as well and suffer from separation anxiety at times.


I moved in, already I just realized I made yet another huge mistake, now I'm stuck in this fuckin town. Obviously my parents are mad as hell, saying I'm toying around.
I'm seriously this close to fuckin topping myself or someone else.
I just worked myself into a corner and I'm having anger outbursts.


>Yeah, you can't live in America without a car.
There are several American wizards here who get by without a car, without a truck even. I for one enjoy my 4 hour beer runs by foot.


Who says i am or want to live in america ? Thats besides the point.

File: 1657954610439.jpg (550.91 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 583311e0-d545-11e8-aa22-36….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Serious question, why are brown people incapable of building and maintaining a safe prosperous first world country on equal footing with (previously) predominantly white countries like America or Britain? Is it genetics? Culture? White supremacy? I don't know I just find it fascinating that brown people do not have a non shithole country to call their own.
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Oh look it's another /pol/ invasion. When did wizchan became so mainstream?


Ah yes the great resources of tea, spices, and chocolate are what allowed europeans to dominate the world. Do you think the british went to india and just found steam engines lying around there?


> the great resources of tea, spices, and chocolate are what allowed europeans to dominate the world
Dude what do you think the opium wars were fought for?


first thing I thought of was that the one hominids gang that takes over the waterhole in 2001 a space odyssey lol


>When did wizchan became so mainstream?
When redditors and normalfags invaded this place.
And there good chances that you are one, faggot.


Does anyone else do this?

I think most people realize that I’m a failure but I try to show an image of a hard working person that is studious but in reality I should have graduated college 3 years ago but have not and just rot in my room playing xenoblade chronicles on my switch.

I have bad anxiety problems..
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I did this but for myself, not for others. So I deluded myself that I was someone I'm not. To be specific, I deluded myself into thinking I was some nietzschean superman material while in fact I'm as pleb as you can get. Glad I finally realized this. I'm the opposite of a nietzschean if anything. The wisdom of classic philosophers like Socrates, Buddha, the stoics or christianity are more my character. Or even socialism/anarchism is a more fitting match than being the epic strong aristocratic individual.


>owns a switch

do you at least have a little brother that you can pretend owns it? no one's falling for your adulting routine if you're being seen with one of those.


>xenoblade chronicles on my switch
I hope you are not talking about the "definitive edition" or as I like to call it the Derivative Edshition the original is so much better even the 3ds version is preferable


what's so bad about the de? reply in this thread please >>>/games/46282


Over the years I've been refining my social skills to the point where I can make a separate character with which to interact with different normgroids.
I think I've succeeded in the sense that everyone at my current job does not absolutely hate me, because I've employed a facade good enough to fool everyone. Shit, I think if one were to stop and talk to me on the street, they would think I'm like anyone else, just a bit more eccentric.
It definitely helps that I'm still <25, and my brain hasn't crystallized; I can keep morphing these pseudo-personalities into whatever form I please, so as to keep them relevant to any social environment in which I may find myself.

Is this a gift? It may be a curse, since I think these personality cores are starting to ingrain themselves into my true self. I sometimes find myself speaking in a normalfag manner when I'm by myself and thinking out loud, though my internal monologue remains the same.

File: 1652201384025.jpg (101.73 KB, 500x635, 100:127, 1652194194799.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How NEETS contribute to society:
-consume little due to low spending power, hence they have smaller carbon footprints
-leaving opportunities for others by being out of the rat race
-not contributing in harmful, exploitative industries like big tech, big oil, big military
-likely won't breed which brings more misery to this world

What else?
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I've been spending a lot of the money I accrued over the course of my non-NEET life back in to the economy. In my own drop in the bucket way, I'm helping to fund jobs and production.


I don't care about anyone, family included, I actually don't like my family. My mother and sister can die for all I care


In times past we were poet-warriors, priests, shamans, etc. But the modern world has no soul


That is only self-delusion, no? I mean if you are really exceptional in a superior way then you would be an artist or intellectual, regardless of what system you were born into. And you can be a monk or priest even nowadays if that's what you want.

Face it, we may be more educated, creative or intelligent than many others but we are either too lazy, unmotivated or too asocial/anti-social to reap the benefits of our talents. We are the people who can't live in community. We aren't Superman material, we are outside the social hierarchy or if forced to interact with others then on the bottom in that case.

In times past we would have been beggars, outlaws, wanderers, literal "wizards" who would have been burned alive for being weird or plain old lunatics. We would have been the hanged man type because I am sure in stricter societies we wouldn't have lived past the age of 20.


Worthless cuck

File: 1658134294605.jpeg (170.52 KB, 900x675, 4:3, PlaneControls.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Hello fellow Wizards/Wiz-Apprentices, I am interested in hearing what the employed among you do for your occupation.
If you are not currently employed but have been in the past then you're free to share as well.
As for a bonus, how did you get your specific job and how did you get into your line of work?
This could be an opportunity to compare which jobs better fit a wizard personality.
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I used to be a programmer, but I burned out hard 1-2 years ago when it became too obvious that my skills would never outweigh my social problems and I’d always be overworked and underpaid compared to normal people.
Since then I’ve been scraping by algotrading, but it’s a fraction of my old pay and will probably implode eventually leaving a huge employment gap.


avionics for few years then woodworking for only a few months. there was barely any social interaction required but it was still enough to completely drain me and make me want to die. i want an online job so i can earn an income, as good as neeting is, money is necessary


I work security.

The worst part of the job is having to deal with people, including my co-workers, boss and other people I have to interact with.

People are hell.


Night shift?

What kind of setting? Retail sounds absolutely terrible.


Welding is pretty cool op. I hear you can do pretty well for yourself.

I wish I could weld for shit. I literally tried to join two 1/4” plates in flat horizontal with 6013 and it just broke apart.

File: 1651529762075.jpg (117.2 KB, 640x640, 1:1, i03t4ital1751.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why is chasing the next high, thrill or feeling a bad thing for you guys. Normal people live their lives and then they die. So why are they to be ashamed of themselves for living life the only way they knew how to?
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what do you mean 'next high, thrill or feeling'? you mean constant experimenting and trying new things, drugs, life experiences?

that shit is tiring. my brain isnt wired to constantly be doing new things. i dont have the money to blow on constantly trying new foods and drinks and drugs


I simp for chinese lesbeans


You are confused. There is no thrill for us


If by thrill you mean sex, then even Bobby Shmurda and Vince McMahon proclaimed that their promiscuous experience led to negative mental consequences in succubi. And Alex Jones bragged about being promiscuous, yet confessed that some succubi in his teens got pregnant from him and got abortions.


File: 1658775658916.png (115.62 KB, 860x921, 860:921, mother of meme.png) ImgOps iqdb

Normies apparent joy or success is usually a façade. I once started acting as truly believing it out of pure disgust, to only prove myself how deeply true such a disgusting reality has always been.


File: 1592078384381.jpg (163.32 KB, 775x518, 775:518, homeless-addiction.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.245792[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

How the fuck do I curb my internet addiction? Im online every hour I'm awake. I browse my phone until I fall asleep, I wake up and browse, I watch porn on my phone, I use my phone to listen to music while I shower.
Its everyday every single day. I can't take it anymore. They purposedly make everything addictive so you get trapped in the shithole that is the internet and they get fat checks and bonuses because ad revenue went up.
Please help me, I get insanely bored offline. I tried greyscale and uninstalling apps but I always go back
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installing linux[//b]
[b]brick drivers

don't try this wizzies! my pc has been gathering dust for months now :'( can't torrent or grief f2p games


continued ^ hit new wisdom too soon, can't even format or do basic proof reading but seriously why unplug from the matrix? (no homo-erotic pun)
its the best invention ever and you guys want out?


this has been my life the last month. i just go on my smart phone and browse celebrity social media gossip and stuff and pretend i'm part of it


no. i only play vidya


I feel this whole post is a joke and
>Then always have a list of things you could be doing OFF the computer. Another anon already mentioned ebook readers, you can get decent ones for $100 or so I believe. IMO they're worth it, I've been reading old r9k threads from 2008 on my Kindle Oasis recently and it's very comfy, no distractions.
is the punchline.

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