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The place i used to live now has a CFA every 5-10 minutes 24 hours a day !
you can walk out the door with < $950 in merchandise and no one dares to stop you!
someone said there are 30K+ refugees from the fire camped around the town…
shootings stabbings b&e's 187's 647m's 51-50's local mental health services are crippled…
i am glad i passed on a job with the PD years ago, its a zoo !
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Good, what has civilization ever done for us? Tired of this shit.


File: 1628983309372.gif (3.67 MB, 600x325, 24:13, 2EBA6DE8-1503-45C8-A638-F0….gif) ImgOps iqdb

what happens when the zoomers and genz's offspring grows up? gen alpha is going to be lose cannons and psychopaths roaming the earth


>Having offspring in this climate.
How irresponsible.


Oh noes.



File: 1632343646761.jpg (297.46 KB, 1078x775, 1078:775, The-Amazing-Calico-Cat-Cat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Asshole neighbors moved away leaving 3 cats, the little female was skin and bones because her brother and the nigger kitty wouldn't share the food with her..
so i started feeding her by hand in the AM, she eventually snuck in so i bought her her own bowl, she looks way better now. (no pix,phone camera and computer are not on speaking terms…)
i have a new friend, that doesn't shit on me or my life.
(photo from net)
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Thanks for weighing in, I appreciate your insight.


>>277031the only thing i have to worry about is going thru boulder colorado.
they fear me who they have never met.
they cheated my father out of the property/hotel he built there.
the property is worth many many millions of dollars now.
the family is horribly afraid that as long as i live i could take it all back.
i could not care less, but my continued existence torments them.
i just realized i have to send a xmas card, it always causes binge drinking on the old bastards part
i can be cruel when provoked.


yes; she just came back to finish her dinner, she made it quite clear that she hates the dry food.
the canned costs bit more but she's worth it.
soft, quiet clean, i have never heard her meow or make a fuss.


old wiz why do they hate you?
I want a kitten also but I cant even look after myself and it would be cruel to have a animal depend on me.

have you told people you were a virgin at your age in person? was life better as a wiz when you were younger or now and do you like anime succubi?


they have my property/money and the nagging fear that i will come back to take what is rightfully mine.
a pet takes commitment.
dogs are mindless pack animals, the wolf has been bred out of them.
filthy dirty condemned by all major religions. i hate dogs. the cat walks by itself, if a cat chooses you, you are rich beyond measure.
i tell nothing to anyone, the only person who knows is a succubus i have known for 50+ years.
succubi have always tried to use me for their own gain.
i am immune to their BS.
it is easier now, no societal pressure to do/be/this or that.
i am what i am.
people come begging for answers to the simplest things, they are scared as i have never seen in this country before.
i like no anime or real succubi, i do not need the trouble real succubi
all i have learned from/of succubi is that they are trouble.
a friend of mine went thru 5 wives, what a circus !
i have peace and quiet which no married man ever had.
live for yourself, to hell with the succubi, they are at best intolerable, at worst they will cause you to die young.

File: 1626028117241.png (510.59 KB, 1100x450, 22:9, normieLutheransvWizardBudd….png) ImgOps iqdb


What would be your ranking of the various world religions? In particular how they are practiced, not how they're preached.
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>hurr durr resentment and hate bad because I never felt any myself



huh ???


it is an abomination designed only to oppress and control people.


In practice all religions equally fail, because the common NPC can't live up to the ideals of any of them. Most people just call themselves whatever their parents were out of conditioning, then proceed to indulge every sin imaginable


maybe you should look in to the faith. try to be open to it. probably pride


Anyone here have Kallmann syndrome? Pretty much means I never went through puberty and have practically nonexistent testosterone. I found out at 27 after I was taken off my mom’s insurance so I can’t afford treatment. Needless to say this condition has kept me pretty isolated after the age of thirteen when everyone started changing and I didn’t.
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Have you received treatment? If you havent you should tell us how much you can lift (maximum) and your grip strength (you can use a mechanical weighing scale to find that out) since I was under the belief that not reaching puberty would make one have the same strength as a prepubescent boy but the fact you're above average height disproves that belief of mine


I’m untreated but doc said I’ll never be able to build muscle properly so lifting is out of the question. With all my strength I can move a 40lb bag of concrete and bench pressing I can do twenty pounds comfortably. With hand weights maybe fifteen pounds per arm? Haven’t checked in a while. I don’t Have a mechanical weighing scale but opening a jar of sauce is sometimes a struggle.


But at least I can’t grow a shitty soy beard that’s be the worst. I don’t even own a Switch so maybe that keeps the follicles at bay



You may take higher levels of HDL fats to help that.


Isn’t the entire treatment for this basically testosterone injections?
You can order that off steroid sites for ~$40-80 for a vial that lasts 4 months depending on where you live. I know someone that has a prescription and still gets it off the internet because it’s cheaper than paying without insurance.

File: 1629033487872.png (169.33 KB, 674x420, 337:210, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone else here feel like they got a stunted mental age? I feel like my brain is stuck in 13-14 year old maturity level. Of course I've learned things and information and attained some wisdom along the way, but I still like things that a younger teenager would. I still think girls are stupid/gross, I enjoy simple nintendo games, I like plush toys, I like to hug my parents/animals/pillows, and I don't understand people my age, you get the idea. I am approaching my late twenties and I feel really disconnected from other people my age, it is really strange. I'm not sad about it but it feels weird. Does anyone else think they have this sort of brain damage?
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its a sign of autism (really)


I am almost 27. I feel like I am at the mental age of maturity now that I should have been when I was 18.


there are lots of reasons why someone would grow up with a so-called stunted mental age, the modern world is sick, not the people reacting to it in ways like distancing and clinging to youth, you're a real piece of shit when you psycho-pathologize someone for not being "normal," you know that


Same here. It was that year, at the age of 27 that I woke up to the mental stagnation I was in. I believe it has to do with life cycles and the disturbances of the postmodern world.


autism is the leading cause of it


it doestnt make anyone a piece of shit if you are too scared to face the truth, then fuck off please

File: 1595958506605.jpg (384.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jails america.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Jail is a real good motivator not to commit any crimes

Like seriously,
>however if i was in solitary or had a room to myself like in norway/scandinavia jails i'd prob be go for it
USA seems horrible depending on which section you're in, strickt rules, inside politics, fuck that, i'd hate to share a cell

I'm not mentally competent so i might be sectioned in a ward which let me tell you is a nightmare

>I'm european so i'm not familiar with jails except scandinavian one's, does anyone know what it's like ?

Seems to me being a high profile offender get's you a cell alone, tv and a radio according to stuff i read (talking US) like the btk killer
Which seems odd to me, a street punk needs to share cells and buddy up get's no tv, yet a child murderer get's a fuckin tv a cell alone and a radio ?
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>he had notoriety
You just answered your own question.


Well this is obvious I think I made a mistake and argued about something else instead of what you were talking about. Of course succubus like serial killers but there is a few theories as to why.


guy was still a manipulative psychopath and did attempt to kill someone but failed


> I suggest reading his writing he was a wise man.
I have and you are a fool if you think him a wise man or sane. His own words quite clearly shows he is mentally disturbed and his actions in life prove him to be a fool even at the best of times.


Go to JAIL. Do not pass go; do not collect $200.

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File: 1631844248169.jpeg (398.88 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, 55741E8E-4A5E-4194-BDAB-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


An acquaintance of mine growing up was a piece of shit, and wound up getting into drugs. Eventually he overdosed, but if you talk to people that knew him they’ll say that a guy he fucked over actually force-injected him with a lethal amount after he’d nodded off on a normal amount. Having known the guy, I don’t doubt it, and it makes me wonder how often this happens.
I think it’s probably common. I’ve seen the toll crackheads/methheads/heroin-addicts take on their families, and I couldn’t blame them for just saying “fuck this” and suiciding/overdosing them just to not have the millstone around their neck anymore.
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>There have been many cases where nurses in hospitals do just what you are talking about.

Yes. In fact, the entire Western medical system is designed to be socially-darwinistic. Also, it doesn't help that conventional medicine hasn't come up with even an actual treatment for cancer, diabetes, dementia etc..


I often wonder why more cyclists on desolate roads don't get shot by random psychopaths…if they know the area and choose the right time, it'd probably be easy to get away with. There's quite a bit of stuff like that, actually…


Random psychopaths are self interested and would get nothing at all from doing that.
They generally have "better" things to do that benefit them directly.


I dunno about that, I think a lot of people have murderous impulses and psychopaths are not exempt. Maybe it just takes too much planning and they tend to be impulsive or something


Is that cat drinking red rum?

File: 1628599492298.jpg (61.3 KB, 904x473, 904:473, T0NkVGlFQ1M2WXJVZ0NabllHUk….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Another day, another remnant of the old internet sinks into the sea (this time because of some fucking mods who tried to "update" it and failed).

I swear as a millennial (actual) wizard being on the internet feels like I'm floating on rafts composed of the vestiges of the old internet, on a sea of garbage that comprises the modern internet.
And each one of them, without fail, sink into the sea.

Trying to find an island of sanity or authenticity seems almost impossible.
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everything is wrong with it.
the admin has a sekrit club mentality and something hides his favorite galleries and puts them in a special gallery that only donors can access.
he also responds to take down requests from fakku


Never had any galleries go missing on me, never had to donate, don’t even know who the admin is.


File: 1631829183160.jpg (173.04 KB, 597x625, 597:625, 1c8199f649257d212d52439f34….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Never had any galleries go missing on me
Not him and I don't know if the "special gallery" allegations are true because I don't really follow site drama, but I've seen lots of galleries get removed over the years. I've got a bunch in my favorites that no longer work. Kairakuten and Shitsurakuten anthologies in particular seem to get nuked often and CG sets from some popular h-games like Taimanin are nonexistent so I have to assume those were removed at some point as well. Implying that nothing goes missing is just retarded.


Wasn't there a surge in demand also from stupid zoomers who wanted 3080s to play fortnite and minecraft?


all the old websites I used to entertain myself with have gone to shit and become insanely stupid and boring lately, I can't believe I used to waste hundreds of hours on shitty game websites like IGN

File: 1629898740686.jpg (108.15 KB, 850x762, 425:381, dwPgODJ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



They're still blaming wizards lmao
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He doesn't. He just wants to lick those girlboss jackboots.


>guy makes one (1) furry thread
>Oh my god the site’s being destroyed!
Go take a gander at /b/, and then tell me who’s destroying wizchan.


Not being retarded enough to mindlessly hate someone for being born a female doesn't make you a feminist doormat, nigger.


Good job


I see you're samefagging.

>Do you even know what you’re arguing about?

Yeah, I'm arguing with (probably falseflagging) morons who turned a non-event into an event. Now you tell me what you want?

File: 1630122891181.png (854.8 KB, 932x1100, 233:275, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Share and discuss furry media here.
My current obsession now is Vi from Bug Fables. What furry characters do you like?
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what are the other wizards gonna do? make fun of me? autistically spam this shit >>276709? None of that can hurt me.

I hardly even post here, this site's a big waste of time


Because these people don't deserve nice things.


That's actually pretty good.
You can kind of get lost in that art imagining their lives from the snap shots that include such rich backgrounds.
You can also kind of tell that it's the artist long term fantasy world, which is has it's own interesting nature to explore. To see someone else's mental fantasy life I mean.


art is kind of shit reminds me of Shion who is good and does not do fur shit though


Everything online seems to be invaded by them no matter where it is.

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