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File: 1567963379751.jpg (453.53 KB, 1600x1078, 800:539, Ships-German-High-Seas-Fle….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This seems like an absolutely ridiculous question to ask here of all places, but…how the hell do navies really work? In particular, I was thinking about the dynamics of naval engagement in WWI. Short version of this question: who controlled which seas in WWI? How did navies functionally work in WWI and what did they do on a day-to-day basis? How the hell do you even 'patrol' something as ridiculously large as a sea?! You'd think seas are so large that you could sneakily pass a landing force through relatively easily.
Long version of this question: Is that fair to say? Is it even correct to say that one group necessarily “controlled” a sea in the same way that a country “controlled” a certain area of land? How did the strategy of navies work in WWI? It just seems like everyone tied up a lot of useless resources in them, aside from the weird adventures of Captain Falkenheim (please tell me there’s a children’s book series by that name)
Because of the massive German navy and the throat of Skagerrak, I’m guessing that post-Jutland, but pre-Italy the lineup looked something like this:
The Germans controlled the Baltic sea.
The Ottomans controlled the Bosporus straits.
The Russians controlled the Black and White seas.
The British controlled everything else.
Which pretty much held until the end of the war, does that sound right? Also, what about the Austro-Hungarians? Were they basically docked up the whole time? I assume so, otherwise Serbian arms would have had difficulty going through Greece, right? Or did the Austro-Hungarians have some sort of actual control over the Adriatic?
Also, I have a theory regarding the Italians joining the allies: they held off until not too long after the Ottomans decisively lost control of the Suez. Had the Italians not joined the Allies, they would have faced a blockade about Gibraltar and the Suez from the British.
Also, towards the end of the war, especially after the turnip winter, and especially into late 1918, you would have thought that the Germans would have hail mary’d with their navy. I mean, given how much they lost in the “peace treaty” and had to demilitarize anyways, you would think military desperation would have really sunk in.


Why not ask this question of the dudes in the history thread?


The Italian Navy is generally extremely underrated in these sorts of assessments, due to the poor performance of Italian militaries during their late 19th and early 20th century misadventures. On paper, the Italian Navy had actually been quite substantial. This is the personal blog of a professional historian:
>America had actually nearly gone to war against Italy. Now follow this closely, because this is all actual historical fact, although you will not easily find it in American or British textbooks. In 1892, a mob lynched thirteen Italian criminals of Sicilian origin in New Orleans. Public opinion on both sides was furious – the Americans because of the feeling that Italy was exporting their dregs to them, the Italians over the lynching – and the Italian government was, by the height of misfortune, led by a Sicilian, Marquis di Rudini’. The American ambassador was forthwith expelled and the Italian navy set on a war footing. American newspapers announced war. At this point, the Americans started counting units, and realized an alarming fact. The US Navy had no more than four ships of the line in active service. The Italian navy had 73, including what was then the world’s largest battleship. And most of the major American cities lay on the sea. The Italians could bomb New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco - even Philadelphia and Washington DC - into flinders, without any effective defence. America scuttled for peace, offering a settlement of 125,000 gold lire to the dead men’s relatives – not a small sum, but very little to avoid a war. Italy calmed down; and America started building ships.

>And while Britain scowled at France, she tended to smile at Germany. An informal understanding between Britain and the German bloc – made up, at the time, of Austria and Italy – existed through a naval agreement with Italy (the same which had allowed Italy to build up that tremendous naval potential that had humiliated the USA – which, in turn, hardly displeased Whitehall)

The figures for Italy's navy in World War I were superior to the Austro-Hungarian navies, though the Austro-Hungarians had some territorial advantages, as described here:
http://www.militaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1567998899492.jpg (4.2 MB, 3750x3750, 1:1, comfy94.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You actually answered everything.

Thank you. This is great. I never knew that stuff about the Italian navy, and also somehow never heard about the naval order.

File: 1567992533356-0.jpg (125.13 KB, 869x727, 869:727, hrzvw3hojpf31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1567992533356-1.png (909.87 KB, 1008x490, 72:35, qPyARnA.jpg.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1567992533356-2.jpg (144.58 KB, 854x842, 427:421, yavlgyrpr9l31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


just for fun, so as to ease the boredom for a lot of you.
find your weirdest bits and pieces and post them here.

File: 1563956766385.jpg (304.93 KB, 750x800, 15:16, 64e781fbeb8b4d63b7779f6a49….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Post the last thing you fapped to. Let's be tasteful and share the nice things!

Some places where you can search for the source before asking:

Last thread: >>215343
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so I checked out this show and not gonna lie, it's incredibly stupid and gets annoying after a while, but holy shit it's so fucking sexy. I jerked off to all the different webms alone like six times a few days ago.


Meh, it's just flavor of the month fap bait.


File: 1567783077514.jpg (99.84 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, tribal_blac-6320.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

there's not enough tribal lolis tbh


File: 1567909245970.jpg (126.8 KB, 983x1000, 983:1000, sample-84b131553a0953f35da….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Same, but it's not sexy? I've only seen some pantie-shots and the pasties were only for a second.

I got scammed wtf

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File: 1567466742502.jpg (19.19 KB, 335x292, 335:292, 1564177253350.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I lost hearing in my left ear and I don't think it's coming back. Has anyone else started experiencing loss of sensory clarity?
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That sucks wiz. 10 years of ear infection is crazy though.


i randomly started going deaf around age 17. not sure why. i had to wear a hearing aid when wage slaving.

i started losing sight around 20. im nearsighted so i can read the computer fine. i'll get glasses eventually. not any real rush since the only time it's ever an issue is when im reading the menus at restaurants.


I laughed because of the thread picture lol


This world is hell


awesome, i envy your situation. you basically have a permanent earplug now. you can sleep on your right side and not hear anything much, very cool

how often do you clean your ears though? a lot of old people just have loads of earwax causing their hearing impairment

File: 1566689105646.jpg (264.3 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, wizroom.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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File: 1567729908306.jpg (131.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, [mp4hentai]-16-00-04].JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>Rape is a crime, severely punished by law

Usually I saw simillar messages at the black background at the beginning. From Darling.


The men of our society are animals too so they won't do anything about it.


Society can eat my ass



Is that about the idiots who forced kids with severe autism to drink watered down bleach and shoved bleach enimas up them until chunks of their intestines fell out?

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File: 1567233289886.jpg (13.52 KB, 248x300, 62:75, 1557365546788.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Have you ever managed to get into any kind of leadership position?

It's frustrating to me, because I know I could fix a bunch of stupid stuff at work (IT), but the incompetent normie devs have formed a clique and run the show, and would never listen to guys less confident than them.

Most recently, they split a self-contained repository into a million sub-repositories, because they're very cultish in their thinking and always do things that seem to be trendy at the moment, without understanding the reasons for doing those things (or not doing them).
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I was once manager of around 16 peope and had to run an agency. I was also the in charge of maintaining relations with several back-offices and was also the go-to person for the company that appointed us as their agent. I liked the part that I could delegate all the day to day work. I didn't do much. I got to hire and fire people too. The part that sucked big time is that I had to do some public speaking and show leadership, I avoided that as much as I could. The agency made lots of money though, but I resigned the job because I really was too introverted to be a leader. Shame though. If I would be a normie, I could have gone a long way in corporate life and be fucking rich.


A few times and turned down many offers to be team lead too. There are pros and cons to it. The biggest pro is you get to call the shots. Sometimes you'll report directly to the CEO or CTO, and turn business goals into projects. You'll have more engineering freedom than anyone but it comes with some sizeable strings attached. You'll be responsible for delivering things on time, regardless of if its a massive project or not, and nobody above you will take the fall for it.

You can hire your own team (or manage existing hires) and delegate everything you dislike to other people. What really sucks is having to work with shit tier devs and people who barely speak English. You'll go from engineering to wasting all your time trying to get brainlets to understand the design. Working with people in an exposed position like that is uncomfortable in general. Anyone fancy taking point interviewing people or running meetings? Because you'll be expected to and it's awkward as fuck.

What you really want is to hire people who don't need to be managed. Then you can focus on important things while they read your mind and do everything flawlessly. But believe me - the bar is low. You want motivated people who care about the success of your projects and have the skills to contribute and most people won't show that. They'll send you generic bullshit and leave you to do all the guess work.

LMFAOO shud have gone STEM. smell ya later, poorfags


tbh i have had to fire multiple succubi for sucking at their jobs. specifically, they were designers that i tasked with building the UI from a bunch of wireframes. as far as the task was concerned they both did very poorly. i later saw on glass door reviews from one of them stating they were confused as they had previously been told their work was good and ended up being fired (i feel bad about that.) i later hired a chad designer from Bulgaria with an amazing profile and his work was fucking incredible. i will prob try steal chad for my personal projects as he really has a talent for making things look good

thats my wiz story. managing people is difficult. they dont perform consistently and you dont always know what you'll have to get. having to fire people is horrible. hiring them is almost as bad. its not easy being a wiz chad but someones gotta do it tbh


I would just say fuck em and do your job



your settling for a comfortable position take lead show them what you can do. make a difference!

File: 1566233487777.png (211.65 KB, 1140x694, 570:347, ec1d5145c023d136f4b0994f40….png) ImgOps iqdb



All he did was go beat off at night when no one was around at a construction site.

Odd behavior? Sure.

Disgusting? Maybe.

Punishable by jail or prison time? Come on.

No one would give a fuck if it were an attractive Chad or Stacy doing this instead.

If it were an attractive Stacy the Jew media would just laugh it off as a "succubi just wanna have fun" type of thing.

And if it were an attractive hunky Chad stud muffin Jew media would have some broad write up an article that instead of calling for the "stud's" imprisonment instead "wondered why he was out there pleasuring himself when instead he could be in this female author's bed being taken care of?" etc, etc.

The lesson of course is all that matters in ZOG is if you look good, have lots of money or better yet both.

If you don't have either you're considered the scum of the earth, worse than a nigger.
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Who is that guy?


the star of somewhere around half of the threads on /meta/ from 2016-2018


post more about racial issues and white genocide please


File: 1567563326355.jpg (57.21 KB, 720x388, 180:97, 285f8df0-c5ee-11e9-bdbf-67….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Not sure if sarcasm or serious.

If serious you must understand that when I posted my beautiful and heroic posts of white racial truth and justice on Wizchan, I did so within threads that I felt badly needed my golden words of aryan wisdom to illuminate the minds of the Wizchan masses to the glorious National Socialist truth.

Over time I noticed more and more aryan Wizards picking up the slack for me in this regard as well it seemed not as many topics were set up in such a way whereby they'd warrant racialist comments and Jew awareness from me.

I know the Bugmen of the forum might say that this has never stopped me before but I suppose to make things as clear as possible for you if you are seriously craving my aryan wisdom that I can only spread it when and where inspiration strikes and Wizards doggonit just are not creating the types of threads/topics/what have you that evoke that kind of passion to respond with such diatribes any longer or at least for the time being.

I assure you I will most likely be back in force, so to speak, with such dialogue should Wizchan ever become too communist once again as it once was before I joined and sent the filth scrambling back to their hovel on revleft and various other I'm sure "red" friendly platforms.


He probably just has to share a room with a brother or something

File: 1566232245027.jpg (211.37 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, e59ae797f39e606d590249453e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Has anyone tried the uberman or Everyman sleep schedule?
I sleep 10 hours but want to sleep just 4 hours so I can have more time than normies to be productive.
My main issue is time to actually fall asleep.
Also I want to lucid dream and this method gives me 4 chances a night to lucid dream.
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Ohh. And this was an Australian study. I really should have just spend more effort in my first post…


average doesnt mean ideal. Most people are sleep-deprived wagecucks. 8-9 is typical


File: 1566549678755.png (27.61 KB, 465x318, 155:106, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


sounds like torture. Sleep is lovely


File: 1566554767376.jpg (14.46 KB, 463x480, 463:480, Screenshot_2019-08-21-23-5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


is there any wizard who had an eye surgery? I have astigmat and have peoblem with farsight and want my eyes burned with laser to get rid of glasses. I read some people reported that their eyes reversed the process and ended up having worse eyesight than they had, only now with thinned layer due to laser threatment.

sorry for my english.
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the doctor has said it will reduce from 3,5 to 0,25, completely mend astigmatism and it wont be gone worse in approximately 15 years. I'll be 40yo then and I'll be wearing glasses already. she said I have pretty eyes and gonna jew me out of my glasses in 10 minutes.


File: 1566587822772.jpg (28.99 KB, 500x409, 500:409, AAAGAS-224-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I kind of wish it was reasonable to wear goggles so I could wear them in the rain when cycling or doing other outdoor activities, but since they are so rarely worn they are super expensive (like $700 last place I checked).

look into "gas mask inserts" perhaps


>wearing glasses doesn't bother me all that much
i get infuriated when looking around me and this is like a daily thing. basically, i realized that most people only pay attention to around 0.5% of their field of view. so one day i go outside and i try to pay attention to the full scope of my vision and its beautiful, whenever i do this its like im looking at a masterpiece work of art wherever i go. my glasses take up around 1/3rd of my field of view and you can see why this is a problem. i feel that if i could see 100% of my field of vision i would be able to see an unimaginable beauty in this world.

does anyone know if contacts enhance your full field of vision? ive tried google but i guess it isnt a really common thing to ask.


>she said I have pretty eyes
sue her for sekuhara


I don't see why they wouldn't. The entire pupil is covered.

File: 1564988926521.jpg (65.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1564988633639m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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8ch.net is finally down. Good riddance. /tower/ was a comfy board while it lasted.
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Take your meds


Killing leeches like you isn't immoral either.


I'm going to miss that board, the only place you can be a politically incorrect leftist in the entire universe.


>murders still happen even if we make it illegal so we should allow murder


File: 1571036442016.jpg (219.33 KB, 1000x400, 5:2, 4f3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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