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aka the inability to feel pleasure from ejaculation/orgasm. I'm curious if anyone else here has this. Generally it's caused by anti-depressants but I've had it my entire life.
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My addiction was so severe that I had strong urges to watch porn whenever I randomly stumbled upon something lewd and this way I also wasted time and it kept interfering with the things I was doing. I watched so much porn and I wish I could just delete all of that from my memory.

I used to go on masturbation and porn binges as well, the impulses were really strong and I kept doing it even when my member started to get weird and I'm glad I never damaged my dick completely.

My porn addiction started when I was in my early teens and then it just stayed with me for over a decade. It feels like I'm one of those heroin junkies who's life went downhill once they got in touch with drugs at a very young age because seeing porn at that age really did something with me and I just know it's one of the things in life that did the most damage to me.


I apologize for being ignorant on this, but I literally _can't_ masturbate after I've already masturbated in a day. That sounds like some kind of hell.


my toenails are too long


I heard of cases where men stop experiencing pleasure from ejaculation after years of smoking weed.


A lot of stoners complain about ED and a lack of libido


I can't read more than 2 pages before I space out or begin to feel headaches. My attention spam is ridicule, especially in my school days. I couldn't study for more than 30 minutes without suffering diminished returns.

I want to learn so many things but I can't even finish some articles or threads of this site.

Maybe my brain's RAM is fried or something.
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Out of curiosity, are any of you able to remember the first phrase or even the first word of a paragraph you have just read? I can get the idea behind a paragraph, but unless it's something really memorable, I can't remember how it started.


text is just a means to an end, you shouldn't expect to remember the text completely as long as you remember the idea. For example, many people misquote movies with lines that convey a similar idea but weren't actually said and most people don't even notice, I think the mandela effect is a good example of extreme cases of this happening


I finished reading welcome to the NHK, you should try to train yourself with this book (pdf)


Honestly, I hate reading books on phone/tablet. Which is a shame because pirating books is easier than ever. But I can't focus if I know I can check the internet any time I want. I bought an e-reader a few years ago too and only managed to read 1 book from start to finish. I guess you could print it anyways so if anyone else has the same problem with internet addiction, try printing the book.


fix your dopaminergic system. Stop fapping and watching media/social media for about a week. Also mind your diet during this as you could try to compensate for declines in aggregate use by drinking more coffee/eating more in general sugar etc. You will get improvements, ADHD is characterized by low dopamine. If you still are having problems take L-tyrosine and research dopamine raising supps of which there are many

File: 1680280760674.jpg (830.07 KB, 850x1260, 85:126, sample_a99979ed0e118cc6def….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


imagine we're in a high school and we decide to gather together, what kind of friends will we be to the group
I'd be the one who ask lot of questions,
what about you my friend?
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>he doesn't know how he's going o know
If you knew, you'd know. But you'll know when you know.


I'd be friends with anyone who isn't a cunt.
I ended up in the weird group at school.
Maybe I was unfortunate, but they were all fucked in some way or another, more than usual people, mainly dark triad stuff.
But some were also autistic in the way that they didn't really care about friendship.
Not that they weren't social, but they really didn't have any interest in forming any kind of connection.

The group sort of split in two at the end when it was time to choose the next school, and I definitively regret my choice I think.
While the group I chose to join had more interests that aligned with mine, they were definitively not good friend material.
But back then "the kind weirdos" were so incredibly embarrassing. They were sort of the more weeb group.
It was dumb of me to let that get in the way, even though I wasn't into weebshit at all.

A bit depressing to think about


yeah even the stereotypical geek always has his group of weirdo friends as if by nature. I don't compare myself with the normies or jocks, but just with the nerd crew. But somehow I was so repellant even to them.

but like you said even geek weirdos have that dark triad shit. i might be a little too sensitive and thin-skinned for male friendship. always trying to dick swing and 1-up each other. the friendly bullying.


I'll be the guy who'll try to befriend people by being a doormat people pleaser. Afterwards, I will ghost everyone.


Thin skin is one thing, yeah.
Bants are natural, but it's something different when it's one-sided over multiple years

File: 1643226788001.jpg (69.7 KB, 612x768, 51:64, eyr6bgjosod81.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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A thread to discuss anything related to cryptocurrency and investing

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File: 1680367051545.png (212.25 KB, 472x818, 236:409, 75mt4.png) ImgOps iqdb


what can i as a wizard do to help defeat bitcoin?


Be a leftist retard


artists are going to be opposite of paid/safe/healthy thanks to AI replacing any garbage "art" that lacks any imagination or talent people like this produce. that guy's profile photo looks like something Dall-e can create with a three word prompt under five seconds.


I wonder how the general publics reaction will be when AI has replaced 90% of artists, will they just get more butthurt on twitter or will they resort to radical measures.

Guess the dream of an utopia in which everyone makes art and fucks each other in all holes will be cut short, at least theres more time to stay home and jerk off to AI generated porn which is also very cyberpunk.

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Hey fellow Wizchads, sorry If I posted this in the wrong thread I'm a lurker and this is my 1st post.

I am greatly in need of some advice for an Upcoming SSI CDR Review. I have Been on SSI since 2006 (Got put on AutismBux as a kid) but this is my first time doing a review by myself. I am nervous & worried for the worst outcome. I was curious if anybody has had experience with SSI reviews and is willing to share their advice.

To try to make it short I suffer from Anxiety, as well as PTSD, Depression, Anger Issues and a Neuron Imbalance (similar to ADHD) all due to Physical & mental Abuse I suffered From My Parents as an Infant. (They'd do f*kd up shit like pour bleach on my head or burn me with a Clothing iron because I cried. Was Taken in by my Grandmother around 2-3)

My medical history is pretty well documented. But I haven't been in the medical system for about 1-2ish years due to covid so I am calling my clinic Today to get an appointment to get back on Prozac and Vyvanse. And am contemplating seeing a psychiatrist for a Schizoid/Schizophrenia Diagnosis. Any advice to pass the review Would Greatly Be Appreciated.

Like most Wizards I have NO family or Friends to turn to for help, NO source of income besides Skitzobucks, I don't even Have a License because I don't know how to drive.

Thanks Bros
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If you google Uncle Remus Autismmaxxing it comes up


If you have the original (not the main cropped version) he says that he had diagnoses and other stuff in his child hood so he had an easier chance of getting it. You cant do what he did and just get it i think.

If im wrong has anyone used his strategy to win?


It honestly varies wildly depending on where you live and who is dealing with you, no two cases goes exactly the same way.

I personally was very lucky, I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 28 and successfully claimed bux a few months later. I didn't even need to do an interview or talk to anyone because I am an agoraphobic shut in, I just filled in the forms.


Just did my first review the other day. It's like >>300824 said, no two cases are the same. Be honest about your condition, meds you take, and how it makes life hard for you. Don't exaggerate too much. Keep it short and simple


Thanks Bros, I greatly appreciate it.

File: 1679511939201.png (205.31 KB, 889x500, 889:500, anarchy.png) ImgOps iqdb

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I know we have some leftist thinking wizards here. Come, let's discuss how to destroy the middle class capitalist normalfag dystopia we live in. Who are your role models and biggest inspirations? Mine is probably Bakunin. When did you become a leftist and why? How do you think we can wake people up to revolutionary ideologies? What do you do to fight the oppression?
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Nazi Germany was officially socialist (National Socialists) as was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Their practices ideologies were fairly similar, but in the USSR the primary political powers were city bourgeois, industrial workers, criminals, and Jews. They were bitterly opposed to the royals, middle class, kulaks (middle class landowners), bourgeois upperclass men, and rural peasants,

The NSDAP Germany was a union of Military, middle class, industrial workers, rural peasants, and a select few rich businessmen (primarily ethnic Germans that agreed to partially nationalize). They bitterly opposed Jews, globalist businessmen (they called international hyenas), the bourgeois upper class, genetically inferior people,and anyone that wasn't ethnically Western European.

Both of them arrested, punished, or killed most of their upper class and rich bourgeois. In the USSR, select businessmen transitioned into heads of bureaus as apparatchiks and kept wealth while most businesses were nationalized, this includes middle class family owned businesses, and in NSDAP Germany they did fairly similarly, nationalizing a lot of businesses (like banking and transportation) while wildly supportive large corporations were able to stay privatized so long as they swore total fealty to the Nazi party.

They were honestly pretty similar, with Nazi Germany taking a more sensible pro-middle class approach. I don't think the middle class is bad, and small businesses are really helpful especially for the community. I think the USSR's big fault (one of the primary reasons their economy failed) was their virulently anti-middle class sentiment. It just wasn't realistic to nationalize every mom and pop shop in every city and village, and a lot of rural people became increasingly bitter and resentful when their "liberators" indiscriminately killed people that simply owned an acre or two to grow vegetables.


>You need to be X by having X in your name


niggerlovers thread


leftists are dangerous people. their mental illness dictated fantasy is to take everything people have and burn it in a huge fire, force upon them a state that is more oppressive and coldblooded than the usual crony capitalist one and create a country that is driven by it which will inevitably grind to a halt every single time because it runs on an all powerful centralized government that is a source of monstrous inefficiency and its planned economy is destined to fail as empirical evidence shows and economic theory constitutes. they dream of solving all social problems by switching to an unethical order where property rights are abolished involuntary action precedes, a man who can own nothing and only can justify his value by the service he provides for others, in order words can only exist as a slave. they will let this mental illness erode their minds their whole lives while the state robs them for the benefit of the others and everything they are given will be the byproduct of the efficiency of capitalism, and who do you think they will spend their lives blaming for everything bad happening in this world? the sole perpetrator of wars, source of all financial crises, a power hungry entity that only wants to grow its borders at the cost of millions lives, or a guy who built a factory with the money he inherited from his father? I think you guessed it right.


reasonable people

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Let's go full schizo for a minute.

Over the last two weeks there was a big increase of posts and threads with a user activity that is unusual for wizchan. Some threads are always based on the same topic and the replies are very frequent and always with a similar amount of characters. Very often it just looks like there is an AI involved. Somehow it feels off.
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Example threads that have a unusual amount of posters in am unrealistic time frame. It's either a raid or AI. Also note that on all new threads there are way more posts that have more than average characters.





Good notes.

By the way, use three ">" and then /lounge/ and then the post number to cite other boards. For example:


Wizchan isn't immune to robotic spam. Sometimes a thread will appear at 3AM that's not at all relevant to the board. After a few minutes it gets replies that look like honest interaction but without any of the particular language, attitude, or nuances one would expect from an imageboard. Logging in to the mod panel reveals all the posts to be made from the same IP, so we chalk it up as a spambot. We get the same SEO / Grow You Website / CSCAM spam that similarly shaped boards get.

I say similarly shaped because it's quite literally the layout of the board's interface that determines if we're going to be robospammed or not. Boards that are using the same software, generating the same familiar pages, and are all meant to replicate 4chan, are going to be easy targets for anyone who wants to code a bot. If all the boardnav, post input, and error messages are the same across multiple sites that don't require signup and are reputable for allowing all kinds of topics, programming a bot for one of these sites will give the miscreant a bot that can spam many other boards. There are even prepackaged web browser and extensions designed to allow users to navigate and post on several boards in the shortest amount of time.

Te point I'm trying to make is that yes, we do get spammed and it is likely a piece of software dishing out the posts, but it's not easy for these bots to hide among the wizards.

The conversations in those threads aren't ingenuine or even a far step from what arguments normally look like here. Snooping at the belligerents' histories shows them to be common users who don't show any signs of being spambots or here to troll. These three subjects have historically been capable of generating a lot of steam. No board is too slow in general to be free from arguments that a couple people decide to sit down and involve themselves in over the course of a few hours or even days.


File: 1680189847510.jpg (112.53 KB, 864x450, 48:25, schizo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I feel bad for schizos who have to live in the modern era. It must be hell. There are emerging technologies that make all sorts of things possible.


I was wondering if posting pic of itself is bannable? It isn't written on the rules so I was wondering if we could post pics of ourselves to see how the average wizzie looks like, m'kay?


Moved to >>>/meta/63771.


Wizchads…What the Fuck is it with Normgroids And their Undying Slavish Obsession with Work & Productivity?

Crab, Capitalist & Communist alike. Absolutely EVERYTHING with Normies is focalized around their Collective Stockholm like Love-Hatred of Working. They cannot fathom the possibility of an individual NOT spending every waking moment producing & consooming.

Their entire life consists of being Gaslit and subsequently Gaslighting their children to effectively become the best
Bootlicking gelded jackass for Mr. Shekelberg.

They will endlessly talk about how they hate their jobs, their coworkers and boss. How they despise working, yet always arrogantly carry a smug pious pride about work. ESPECIALLY toward NEETs, Wizards, crabs and anyone else who does not produce or covet this outdated 40/40/40 working model.


The look of revulsion from crabs when they find out someone is a NEET or God forbid that they don't spend every waking moment they suck air working to consoom or produce is baffling. They are little more than Drones Operating a Script for the sake of preserving The Hive.

Crabs have clearly demonstrated that they don't care about NEETs, crabs & Wizzies. That they hate us for the crime of existing and actively go out of their way to ostracize and eliminate us for our way of life.

IMO The self-improvement cope is a psyop devised by normies purposefully to maliciously weed out & attack Wizzies.

The workplace social dynamic is Kryptonite to us wizards. Like a Rabbit trapped in the Jaws of a Wolf, Wizards are Helpless in this Gynocentric Crab Dominated Workforce. Normies instinctually recognize that and in their demented evil will to destroy us they gaslight Autists, Neets, wizards and crabs demanding that we "lEaVe tHe BaSeMeNt" and get a job.

Don't fall for the shame blame game, do what is best for YOU fellow Wizard.
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> Crabs have clearly demonstrated that they don't care about crabs

Aint that the truth


Why is this written like advertisement spam?


Because they have goals and hard work is the only way to achieve them? Some people have ambitions and they accurately observe that working towards your dreams is how you reach them.

Lol, that was my first thought too.


I really wonder if not playing the meta and just saying "I'm here to clock in, clock out and get money for my family, I do a good job, have a reasonable pace, but don't make work my identity" would get you by further than all those obviously insincere grindmax grifters.


i don't think this is a normie thing tbh.

File: 1677279178016.jpg (881.07 KB, 1480x7441, 1480:7441, part 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


does any of this appeal do you? i made this screenshot of covers for tv shows and movies from a streaming site and i just could not care less about any of this mainstream garbage. i just stare at the page and shake my head in disbelief.

when i was younger i would watch a movie once in a while and had several tv shows i liked and followed but now it seems like i have seen it all. i definitely have not seen it all, i just can not imagine caring about this profit-driven conveyor belt art. it reminds me of sweatshops. it feels so empty and soulless. i start to watch something and as soon as any characters get introduced i yell at the screen "OH MY GOD WHO CARES" and then i turn it off and just watch youtube videos instead. i dont enjoy those either lol.

the entire world at my finger tips and nothing seems good enough. it is all just predictable, exactly what i would expect it to be.

as if someone made the cover and then the movie or show was just produced by artificial intelligence based on default data and idle-animations. could be me being grumpy, could be just how meaningless something is that is this widely available.

with some of those "artpieces" i expect them to be like the lower levels of twitch. there are (or used to be) thousands of people streaming themselves playing video games on twitch hoping to 'make it' and sustain themselves financially from playing video games and they would stream themselves and nobody would watch. there would be hundreds of people with 0 people watching. maybe some of these movies or shows are watched by 0 people. it is all automated and the movies get made in bulk, maybe some of them really not a single actual human clicks on and watches.

if a movie is cut down in the forrest and falls to the ground but there is nobody there to hear it, did it make a noise? i dunno.
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I like stream of consciousness + unreliable narrator, it reminds me of hanging out under bridges with homeless NEETs


File: 1679436467093.jpg (356.8 KB, 2000x1270, 200:127, Wilson-ball-from-Cast-Away.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Need some help here and would rather not create a whole new thread.

I'm looking for a very specific movie that I saw about a decade ago. Stars a guy named Wilson who lives with a friend of his and the latter's Asian GF. One of the first scenes is of Wilson shooping a pic of the GF onto a model's body to jack off to, much to her amusement when they walk in on him. A later scene involves them dressing him up for a night out, and the GF strongly approves of his outfit, saying "I'd fuck you". Wilson later calls his mom and meets up with her at a restaurant.


The only modern media I currently follow is Nintendo because their games are still fun and apolitical. Everything else I try reeks of globohomo, it's awful.


It's the only video game dev that still makes games aimed at kids, no wonder they are still fun and apolitical. I miss the times devs would try to make hard, but fun games aimed at kids. But no, now everything has to be a movie and has political topics all over the plot. The gameplay? It's just one button between cutscenes.


That's because game developers don't know how to make games anymore. They will literally put out press releases about how game development is too hard for them and how we shouldn't get our hopes up for their next game. Even though 99% of the work has been done for them already with premade engines and assets and even gameplay. Devs used to create original ideas and execute them properly. Now they can't do either of those with 1000x the man power and 10000000000x the tooling. Devs and players both blame publishers for having so much "crunch" time. But what do modern game developers even do all day? Gen X devs didn't have these problems even though they made a game engine from near scratch for most games they made. And with like 10 people on the project.
Movies have the opposite problem in my opinion. Film making is so well understood that it's like kpop stars all looking identical because the plastic surgeons can turn anyone's face into the same clone of what's considered 100% ideal. AVGN is a good demonstration of the old and new. New AVGN always uses the exact same camera angles. The cameras he uses are literally fixed in position and you will never see the nerd or the nerd room from a different angle. So even though the nerd room is a real place, it starts feeling like green screen. Sure it's a lot more "correct" in terms of composition but it doesn't feel real or engaging in any way. I rewatched the old Mario Bros movie and found it extremely engaging. The part where they have to jump into the fungus hole felt real and treacherous. I could imagine myself being there. It's like it's easier to accidentally make a good movie than it is to make one the "right" way.

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