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I made a terrible mistake.

I don't know if you ever had trouble with remembering the multitude of websites you visit every month in the Internet, I really do. Among the things human beings made just right are: 1) bookmarks; 2) bookmark sync.

Well, I freshly installed my Linux but accidentally forgot the .xml archive with all my bookmarks in the live-usb -yeah? guess what - now all my sites are gone. It's been like two hours or so of a frustrated tentative of remembering them. I can't search Google either, they are of a very restricted kind of public.

Tried Google sync, only trash. Why…?

If I could only remember the name of the forums, there is information there that I was planning to use in some article in the future. One of them is a humorous site with a forum, it appeared for the first time as a newspaper column in a Chicago newspaper in 1986. The other is a small forum were I used to collect information on Ancient Rome.

I want my forums back.

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You can run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and maybe find it on whichever drive you had it. It's a program which recovers "deleted" files from drives, you can pirate it. Also make sure you keep disconnected from the internet while it's running, it will check and invalidate the license and you'll have to do the scan all over again.

Otherwise, >>221281 is very good advice.


Thanks, wiz. Maybe I'll give it a try.


Do this >>221284.
You'll probably get your files back that way.


I give it a look, it only works in Windows and MAc. I think that virtualization wouldn't work.

I have this pendrive where the particular file was copied, the problem: it is a Live-USB. I don't understand how data allocation works in these cases, but the fact is that after a reboot everything saved is lost.



Oh well, I just saw it. Files are stored in RAM, that was what I was afraid of.

File: 1552931347974.jpg (437.62 KB, 800x635, 160:127, she wants my plaque.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I just spent 40 minutes receiving continuous pain getting 2 fillings from my female dentist (looks to be in her 30s) and 60 minutes prior to that getting a cleaning (scaling of hardened plaque known as tartar) prior to that from a female hygenist (looked to be in her 20s). Since I am a virgin and don't even date or have any female friendships, this is pretty much the most intimate interaction I've ever had with succubi, and it is very strange to me.

Particularly because I haven't been to the dentist in about 10 years and only got around to it recently because of getting my NEETbux and seeing visible cavities in the mirror and feeling pain and realizing I don't want to lose my teeth because I don't want to restrict my options of eating or losing jaw stability in case I get punched during some supermarket chimpout.

I think this falls within the guidelines of rule 2. This isn't romance, this is paid professionals doing their job and me trying not to choke on my own saliva and mucous (I started a horrible throat/nose cold yesterday) or couch and get a hole punctured through my cheek.

That said… some of these pros do have decent mannerisms and even though I realize they must detest me, some primal part of me does kinda buy into it and feel relaxed and cared for. I believe it is part of their training to ask questions, get people to feel at ease, feign interest in their clients. I know that consciously but I have a very active imagination which runs away with me when I'm bored (for some reason they put Ellen on the TV and I'm not assertive enough to ask them to change it) which I think influences subconscious reactions to them.

What was embarrassing to me is casual questions they ask are kinda triggering for my being shamed for society about my lifestyle. She asked if I had plans after my appointment and I said no… then if I was working and I said no…

I think my shame is reducing though because in the past when people would ask me if I was working, I would be misleading and say I was a "temp worker" which is technically true (I worked for a temp agency about 6 years ago) but it implies I work for them recently, which I haven't, because I was late and got fired and I've been too embarrassed (or maybe lazy or prideful to work at minimum wage) to ask my agency if they'd led me try working again…

But since I simply said I wasn't working now, I think I've just gotten more comfortable (lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Last time I saw a dentist, after asking a few general questions about my life to make conversation, the assistant said that she would kill herself if she were me, and changed the subjects of discussion to things she could just ramble about on her own.


I find that hard to believe.


>always creeps me out though how overly familiar everyone is at the dentist though

Maybe they do that because putting one's hands inside someone else's mouth requires a good level of intimacy. It creeps me out too.

C'mon wiz, that didn't happen. People at the dentist are always as positive as characters in children's cartoons.


Once in a while you find a wiz posting some ludicrous event passing it as real you find yourself wondering just how isolated the guy must be to actually believe that looks real at all. The assistant telling him he should get out more, sure, that looks very unusual but passable, she saying she would kill herself in his position, yeah, that is ludicrous.



>It always creeps me out though how overly familiar everyone is at the dentist though.

>People at the dentist are always as positive as characters in children's cartoons.

Weird this is also the same at my dentist. I figured it was just a quirk, but maybe this is what they all have to do to compete because people hate going to the dentist.

File: 1558867485325.jpeg (108.23 KB, 736x1180, 184:295, 0C3117D1-EA3F-46E4-B8A0-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


For those who have beards, large or small, how do you grow it out? I’ve tried growing a beard, but my face just irritates the hell out of me when it’s getting long. If you know any remedies for this I’m open to suggestions.
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A beard looks sophisticated yet simple if you're skinny or average build and you don't really need to trim it just wash it a little but that could be a genetic thing because some beards are more wooly than others and might need a little more care. If you're obese you'd look like a slob which would have the opposite effect of the calming grandpa look and if you over-do it you'd be a sperg whose obsessed with his own beard.


Get a beard comb if you want it to come in full and without ich.


I have tried to grow a wiz mane and beard but always end up cutting it down to a buzzcut and shaving. They usually only last less than twelve months and two months respectively.


I have one because I just don't care anymore to shave it. It can be fun to play with too.


There are awkward inbetween stages where it's either patchy or itchy, you can't really avoid this and have to just let it go. Just make sure to keep it clean and if you have to trim try and do it places where it grows more naturally and leave the weaker parts alone.

File: 1562310041276.jpeg (7 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 1B41AF1B-5A3F-4DF6-8DB9-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Apprentice living on his own eight months now. Is “adult independence” a meme if you don’t have normie interests? Living same if not worse quality just more bills, and don’t know what to do with myself.


Do you at least enjoy living alone?


definitely a meme in my opinion, unless you have enough money for everything. Otherwise it's better to leech of as much as possible. If you have good parents.


Depends on how much you can stand living with your parents really.


I lived completely alone for almost 2 years.
I had to stop because reasons, but if I could go back to that life style I would in a heartbeat.

Living alone was one of the best things I ever did for myself.


This, if you have good parents there's no real reason to want to move out other than "every normgroid says I should do it". But if your parents are a pain in the ass then moving out is amazing.

File: 1561485014227.png (79.19 KB, 349x302, 349:302, end.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


I'm 26 years old, what is the feeling inside feeling after turning 30 years old?

Is it really worse than twenties? I sincerely believe that my situation can not be worse than it is already
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>Kids, a family, owning a house, a successful career : It will never happen to you.
You sound like one of those shitty tabloid female "journalists"


I consider that to be one of the few utterly and inarguably evil things a human could do. I'd rather rip my penis and balls off with bare hands than knowingly create new life. I try to stay objective and not get emotionally attached to my opinions, but this, I will hold and defend until death.
I had a family when I was a child, and my experience both with them as individuals and family as a concept were so negative I've disowned those groids and have remained alone for decades, and have no plans or desire to change that.
>Owning a house
I could see this being something worth lamenting over, if we're talking about owning your own home such as a small apartment in a commieblock, or secluded house surrounded by nothing but forest but with internet connection. If you meant owning a massive american single story semi-mansion with gigantic backyard then no, I see no point in owning a such a large plot of land and house that you have to care for.
>Successful career
Again, what do you mean by that? Working night-time security / convenience store or something relatively relaxed like that, yeah that would pretty nice. Office cubicle rat or CEO or Wall Street banker? Hell no, why, I'd earn many times more money than I'd ever know what to use it on with no kids or family to pass it on to. Fame or recognition or feeding my ego? Making long (shit)posts on wizchan disguised as some sort of scrolls of arcane knowledge with eloquent wording satisfies that plentifully.

And none of those are needed for a "life of variety". There are multiple lifetimes worth of content accessible with a computer ranging from watching anime and reading manga to building bombs and nuclear reactors to basic research and study of subjects you're interested in. If that doesn't satisfy you, go on a trip on foot across your country or continent you will have plenty of variety and interesting encounters and experiences. With decent preparation and some luck you can live the rest of your life like that - wandering the world, exploring the planet not from books but with your own eyes and hands. Are you certain you're not just a groid who deluded himself into thinking he's a wizard, and is now waking up to the truth? Or perhaps yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Those bitch ass niggas used CG for a lot of those shots, and unless this was from a movie they blew a fuck ton of their budget on this and it ain't even good.


Mixed feelings. Disappointing from you passing the point of no return and never making it, but also relief that you can just resign yourself to a peaceful life and not worrying about normie bullshit


>Halfway point

I have some bad news for you…


I had a dream last night. I was transported to the past in my school. There I saw one of my bullies, but this time I was stronger, I was towering over my bully with my large frame and size. My bully was much smaller than I remembered, he cowered like a rat in a corner about to accept his defeat. With my left hand I grabbed him by the neck, I then took my right hand and used my fingers to shove into his eyes. My fingers wriggled around his sockets and moved around the wet round balls, it felt warm and slimy but it wasn't unpleasant. I felt a great release of delight in getting back at my bully. After years of be oppressed by him I had finally overturned my position of being a victim into being the dominator. I heard his cries for help, his mouth was wide open screaming in pain. Without his eyes he wouldn't be able to see anymore, crippling him made me smile in innocent glee. Now, he would be able to feel as I did when he abused me. I thought it was a fair punishment for him, to pull out his eyes, and letting the blood drip down his face. But it wasn't over. I wouldn't let it end here. I had much more to do, he still has his limbs in tact and his organs remaining. I would have ripped him apart in the next moments but it was then my dream ended and I woke up. I was disappointed that I couldn't continue my punishment. After all, dreams are just dreams, made-up fantasies. I couldn't let go the feeling of pure pleasure when I tortured my bully. I want to feel it again.


hey op, i have a question for you

do you think its morally wrong for your bully to hurt and abuse you when you were still in school? do you think it was unethical of him to do so?

do you think school bullying is unethical?

File: 1553783207370.jpg (476.6 KB, 2048x1364, 512:341, bear-market.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What are your crypto holdings?

Any good projects to invest in during this bear market?
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coinbase madness. Going back down again as I type this


Whoever it was on here that suggested buying link back in 2017, thank you


Yes. You can buy the only thing it is intended for, decentralized data feeds to smart contracts. That may not be useful to you, but it is to someone.


If you're like me you would have sold it long before it was worth lots of money. I had a load of crypto when I used to visit anarchist communities and they talked about economic secession just after it was released. Back then you could literally only spend bitcoin to pay 5% of a couple webhosts bill and nothing else existed. I bet I had a lot even though I stopped but I would have sold when I was broke in university, I would have sold when I came home broke, I would have sold to cover debts a year later, I would have sold when it was enough to pay my mothers debts. That was long before it would have made me rich - if you're like me you would never have hung on to it.



Same, I remember reading about BTC in 2010 and could punch myself for not buying any, but realistically I probably would have panic sold after the first crash and stopped bothering with it

File: 1555823443620.jpg (272.7 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, washing hands.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't get it.

People wash their hands when they come home. But then they touch the things they brought home from outside with their washed hands like groceries or phones.

People wash their vegetables before eating yet don't wash their hands after handling vegetables at the supermarket.

They don't wash their hands before eating a hamburger after handling money.

It all seems a bit inconsistent to me.
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File: 1562036171439.jpg (326.59 KB, 770x627, 70:57, i8cn8fqfzkt21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My brother rarely washes his hands. His smartphone, originally gray, has a brown-yellow hue because of all the dirt that has accumulated on it after years of usage.

Thinking about accumulated filth on objects gave me an almost autistic obsession with keeping my stuff clean. It just doesn't sit well with me for things to be dirty. Can any wizards relate to this?


>that thumb shape
Absolutely disgusting.


Yeah I take hygiene and organization in high standard and high priority also.


depending on what you've been eating (some foods can raise your ph), stomach acid can be as low as 1 on the ph scale, that's just a step above sulfuric acid which is used as an industrial cleaner, your gut can destroy shit easily, it's like a vat of lava




this probably isnt true for your brother's phone, but i always thought grey plastic turning yellow/brown, especially for old electronics, was due to dirt and dirty hands, but it turns out it's an additive in old plastic that browns with exposure to uv

File: 1558964292198.jpg (20.14 KB, 323x430, 323:430, 1534810608660.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.218462[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Is it worth following modern politics for wizards? Frankly I don't really see the point.
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Thanks Russia for letting starve under a banana republic regime forever!


I used to follow the alt-right, but I stopped caring about politics and the news in general some time ago. I have to admit though, things are looking pretty chaotic at the moment from what little I'm hearing.

What's this about a WW3?


>What's this about a WW3?
israel-firster trump and the evil john bolton are trying to false-flag us into war with iran, round 1 failed with last month's transparently phony attack on some ships so now they've deployed some grunts into a sensitive area and hollering shit about DONT YOU DARE ATTACK THEM IRAN OR ELSE!!!1 hoping to achieve casus belli next time by attacking themselves

iran is not iraq and war with them won't be a "cakewalk," it would quickly engulf the whole region and draw in china and russia


The first thing that would happen is that the straight of hormuz would be mined and impassable. Which would draw in every oil producing nation in that area.

I'd really recommend reading books about the iran-iraq war. The economic parts of that war would be pretty much the same now. That war only lasted so long because both the US and the USSR were supporting iraq. It was weird.


here's a little broader idea of what resurrecting the persian wars in the 21st century would look like, written by a neocon jew who doesn't like the idea, which tells you how freaking bad it is
"…Even if you don’t put a single U.S. boot on the ground and stick simply to airstrikes, the war would not be an antiseptic, push-button exercise for the United States. A 2011 report from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments outlined how Iran could hit back with “asymmetric” tactics.

Iran could employ a combination of antiship cruise missiles, drones, submarines, small boats and mines to “swarm” U.S. naval ships in the confined waters of the Persian Gulf. It could target U.S. bases in the region with its arsenal of some 2,000 missiles. It could cripple U.S. computer networks with cyberattacks. It could employ Hezbollah and other groups to stage terrorist attacks abroad. It could send local militias armed with missiles and car bombs to attack the 19,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. It could tell the Houthis in Yemen to unleash a missile barrage against Saudi Arabia and it could order Hezbollah to fire 150,000 rockets and missiles at Israel…."

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File: 1561800108149.gif (1.3 KB, 24x24, 1:1, Phone number.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Why do normies always call instead of text? I've already told them I prefer text unless it's something that requires immediate attention, but they insist on always calling. Don't they get that they're just making me feel awkward by impling that only weirdos text?
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it's so natural to their generation they take it for granted, like breathing or sleeping, they blab about it here completely incognizant


family members perhaps?


I was thinking family members or coworkers too, but you never know


You like talking to your family members and co-workers? I literally only speak to my parents and my uncle on the phone and I've never been the one to call them.


Coworkers is going way too far

Not really, I don’t even reply when they text me (family that is, i dont work)

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