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File: 1608576240187.jpg (2.39 MB, 2353x1266, 2353:1266, bye bye NIGGA.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone here likes to daydream alot, or fantasize about stuff that could never happen while trying to fall asleep?
I often dream of time traveling and going back to the medieval period with modern technology and be seen as a god
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Yeah I like to read books maybe 10 pages at a time and for a few moments think about the scenarios and ideas in the book. I'm not so good at imagining I'm part of the story yet, but I want to learn how to read novels and reimagine them in my daydreams. Right now I can only do this for about 30 minutes at a time but I'm training myself to daydream even longer. Novels are a good way to start, I've also started drawing in the hopes I can create these places I can imagine myself getting lost in.


Yep I used to just sit on the porch daydreaming living a vigilante/superhero lifestyle for hours at a time while listening to music. Was pretty fun.


Occasionally when I'm doing work and listening to music. I'd have ideas for stories and scenes. Some are so dramatic and moving I'll even start to cry right there. Now that I don't have an employer over my shoulder I can take time to write them down, but most of the time I get so overloaded with work I end up having to throw it on the back burner and forget about it because the task at hand is important to my lively hood. Part of its more of an editing mechanism though, if I can't remember it the story was probably not worth writing down. There are some good dialogue scenes I thought of while waiting in traffic one time, but specific dialogue is hard to remember.

I can see now the server problems people are complaining about. This will be the last time I try to post this thought


File: 1618656586575-0.gif (330.89 KB, 200x109, 200:109, _wukong1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1618656586575-1.gif (308.26 KB, 200x109, 200:109, _wukong2.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I dream of being WUKONG


All the time, I often create entire scenarios and fantasies in my head, that would continue and grow for days. Most of the current ones revolves around me being God and thinking of different ways of smiting the shit out of this world.

>There is a stupid part of me deep down that thinks this will actually happen one day.
I'm guilty of this hope.

>Yeah I like to read books maybe 10 pages at a time and for a few moments think about the scenarios and ideas in the book.
I'm also guilty of this, thinking about how I would respond to the scenario and how that would change the plot of the story.


Let me elaborate
U can't really measure suffering or happiness objectively and even if we reduced them into ( pain) and ( pleasure) it's still very subjective and can't be measured, and even if we assumed that it can be measured by let us say hedons and dolons ( suffering unit) you can't really know the relation between them, because 1- it's subjective, 2 - they are different concepts you can't know how much dolons is equal to 1 hedon it's just like trying to know-how much meters are in 1 kg
So the whole notion is false, preferentialism is way more logical, and it proves that existence is indeed not suffering as 99.99% of people prefer existence to nothingness, that's why they haven't committed suicide yet
Also there's flaws in the measurements like even if life contains more (amount) of suffering, amount /= value
Maybe on minute of happiness can make forget days of suffering and that's the case in real life outside the heads of some pretentious melancholic philosophers
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>Objectively there is more suffering
What hard data are you using to substantiate this claim?
What metrics are you using to measure suffering?
What it's the methodology of the research that you used to arrive at this conclusion?
If you say objectively I expect you to have data to back it up.


I have rarely come across actually happy people. Life sucks and everyone knows it. The thing that really pisses me off is that breeders will bring more suffering into the world for selfish reasons or they simply don't care and pop out more kids for the hell of it. Like single moms who have six children and live in the ghetto.


The welfare queen thing is because single moms in the ghetto get per a kid by being dependent on the government.
So if she neglects them or is cheap with taking care of th the vast majority of the money goes to them.

Just another way your tax dollars are used to spread suffering across the world.
In this case by incentivizing and directly paying for broken homes.


>hedons and dolons
where did you get this? are economics classes still seriously teaching jeremy bentham's crackpot "pleasure accounting machine" stuff?


Not any less valid because you can't put fucking numbers to it. Most people are oblivious to their own suffering and ceaseless pointless toiling it would be against their own interest to be conscious of it as well

See what happens if you don't eat.
See the endless desires

File: 1617775822709.jpg (153.29 KB, 640x966, 320:483, laura-ockel-RoZWxeFL27k-un….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer.

Just like AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS (uses radio, not sound) vastly nastier than StuxNet.

American military made a grave mistake by giving access to the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.


fueled by paranoia: who is that undercover?
after finding out the us military is behind anti cheat software, operating systems bugs, this one wonders how are these connected. nowhere is safe, everything is bugged.


evil always prevails


Whats anti cheat software?


Unless you provide evidence and sources you are just a crackpot and I am hiding the thread for wasting time with bullshit.

Post proof or fuck off.


sorry english is not my first language, I was just wondering why they got us to install all these anti cheats (for those of us that play video games) and what's in it for them when combined with the cpu vulnerabilities that op mentioned. "debunkers" like 266234 always show up, so weird lol

File: 1618519862565.png (414.22 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, app-icons-tumblr.png) ImgOps iqdb


I know this is an unusual request, but I'm bored as fuck and don't want to filter through tumblr myself.


I thought tumblr shut down


No they still exist and have a healthy amount of traffic.
They just lost a huge chunk of it when they banned all nsfw content.

File: 1616911347477.png (686.44 KB, 960x533, 960:533, 564986316.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Let's say there is sucesselful rebellion of wizzies in a country and they take over it.

What type of goverment you would put with your fellow wizzies?
What will be the policy and laws regarding normalgroids?
What laws would you put regarding succubi?
What other aspect you would change?
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If you're going to criticize shitposting by shitposting yourself, your shitpost should've been better than that.




The ultimate law of Wiztopia would be a requirement of having at least 150 IQ before the age of 30. Only then can you be admitted into the fold of superior virgin intellect. Also you will be thrown to the wolves if you fail to meet this standard.


>According to the research, an adolescent with an IQ score of 100 was 1.5 to 5 times more likely to have had intercourse than an adolescent with an above average score of about 120 to 130.

Make the minimum IQ for Wiztopia 130 so I can be allowed.


as a chilean myself I cringe everytime I read pol garbage like this

File: 1617836416037.jpg (105.1 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Conciousness_Burden.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I've noticed lately that normalcattle regard coherent thought as strange or a sort of illness. As far as I have observed, they react to answers further in-depth than "I thought it was good/bad" to questions like "did you like/enjoy <thing>?" or "what do you think about x?" as bizarre. They frequently use words incorrectly, and then get upset when you ask for clarification even if you make it sound like it's your fault by saying "I don't understand, could you rephrase?". If I say more than 2 sentences at a time, I am often chastised and told that nobody else can speak even if the conversation has just begun. It also isn't uncommon for them to stop paying attention to me, or turn and start talking to somebody else, or even in some cases to outright leave the room after only half a sentence comes out of my mouth in response to a question. They often dismiss observations like "if you come to your break 5 minutes later you wouldnt have to wait for the microwave and you would have a little extra time to eat" or "What your saying doesnt really make any sense/isnt correct, this report is saying the opposite" with the phrase "you would be a good lawyer".

As for why I have to talk with them so much, they wont leave me the fuck alone so I tried to be friendly but its like trying to relate to aliens. Sometimes its like im actually invisible, if there are 3 of us, the other 2 will talk as though they are alone. I need to find a way to get NEETbux.

Why do they behave this way? It's worse than children. How do I get a position where I dont have to interact with people like this?
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>If they don't want to hear it to begin with then why would they ask?
You ever heard of the term "philosophical zombies" and start to wonder how many people out there have aphantasia or a lack of an inner voice? That's my running theory for why they do this–they aren't actually "people."
If you don't believe me, ask someone who asks you bullshit like this whether they "can say words in their heads," e.g. when they're reading. The behavior I see in those who reply with an incredulous "Yeah[, of course]" versus "Ha! What, you think I talk to myself?" is pretty dramatic.
>Do you have a video or audio example of how to do the "I see" trick though, it sounds like a handy tool.
I guess I don't, sorry. But if I think of a better way to explain it, I'll reply again.


Normscum are horrible, OP. They pull all of that shit with me too.

My opinion is that they hate you, and that this is how they interact with people that they hate. They play dumb games like this in order to bait you into saying shit to them, so that they can paint themselves as “victims” and paint you as an aggressor. Or at least that’s what they try to do. It all just makes them come off as really low IQ and stupid, but that’s what I think their motivation is behind that behavior. I’ve seen them talk normally and introspectively with certain other people, just not me. They always get aggressive and rude around me. I’ve had people ask me a question, and then after the first word comes out of my mouth, someone else interrupts me shouting
And then both of then will walk off laughing. What was the point of asking me the question in the first place? I barely could even say a word? I think there never was a genuine intention to hear my answer, they just wanted to bait me and pull that shit.


Normies always greet me with some bullshit story they heard on TV ("have you heard about that mexican cook that got his business license revoked…"), then I'm standing there waiting for the punchline, then after five minutes there is no punchline and when I then ask them "why did you tell me this? what am I supposed to do with that information?" they go "well I am allowed to talk to mr. high and mighty! gosh you're weird" like I'm sorry you're the one who went on to ramble about a mexican cook out of nowhere for five minutes straight.
Worst part is that normies do give a fuck if you just leave, but don't give a fuck if you don't listen. I would understand if it's a personal problem, but no it's always just some story that was on teevee, so therefore it's important to normgroids


>Normies always greet me with some bullshit story they heard on TV ("have you heard about that mexican cook that got his business license revoked…"),
Normies run on Radient AI or something I have noticed this myself.
I think a large portion realize these topic of interest icebreakers for what they are but some people seem to have no actual personality I am sure they do but it is overshadowed by continually morphing themselves into whatever they see as the ideal personality type others around them would like.
Do they even try to be themselves is there a self to be hidden behind the mask? a wizard may use a mask to avoid unneeded hassle and conflict but I strongly suspect the normalfag does not even know whatever they are anymore their self has been effectively removed it is as if when they reflect on themselves it is the reflection of others that forms the image they see.
>Worst part is that normies do give a fuck if you just leave, but don't give a fuck if you don't listen.
Have you noticed the following among the normals: 1. As you mentioned they do not care if whoever they are talking to is listening they see others as receptacles for speech as thoughtless and it is equally endless and valueless. The normal will shout into a crowd just to hear themselves speak they only want to know someone heard the noises they made and not the meaning of the sounds itself as if they are animals I consider this a part of their psychological needs just look how the covid lockdown affected the normals.
2: There is a distinction between phrasing yourself in a polite way and being cold but the normal takes this to another level and it is very interesting because they are consciously engaging in word bending to be "nice" which goes beyond being polite and is a total misconstruing reality itself but this fact alone is obvious what is interesting is when you consider that they are aware they walk around throwing sweet smelling bullshit at others and are totally unaware that the same exact thing is being done to them they cannot even consider it and I do not think it solely their ego to blame it seems to be how they function.
An additional observation is how you will see outside the cattle will frequently share the same space despite obviously not liking one another at all in any meaniPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Extreme lack of sleep sorry for the errors I made in writing this.

File: 1614383090629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.28 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 3ek26hcree561.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What's the state of your teeth, wizards?
How many cavities do you have?
How many filling?
Did you lose any teeth (wisdom doesn't count)
I'm terrified of dentists and on top of that I'm poor.
In fact most wizards are poor and depressed which means most of you don't really care about your teeth, I know I never did. It was a mistake.
Now I have one broken molar which needs to be extracted, 10+ cavities some of them are really old and Demiurge knows what else. Implants are too expensive and dentures are pain in the ass.
I thought I was safe because I never drink or smoke or do meth, I was wrong. Take care of your teeth.
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this might be the most important decision of your life. please take care of your teeth fellas, heed my warning guys because it is much too late for me. listen to what I'm saying, it's not worth the pain.


I wash my teeth in the morning and before going to sleep, sometimes I'm too lazy to wash them at night, but you guys are scaring the shit outta me. I went to the dentist on december to fix a filling that cracked after chewing on a piece of bone that came in some cheap minced meat I bought and he told me that I needed a cleaning. I used to drink a LOT of coffee and it made my teeth yellow, so that's probably why he said that.


File: 1615390192574.jpg (237.55 KB, 1200x779, 1200:779, 1615357353206.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you'll get teeth problems anyway the closer away from age 25 you are, i haven't known anyone without any tooth problems by 30

there is also such a thing as over-brushing look it up it actually ruins your teeths natural ecosystem that kills the bacteria left over from food
when you overbrush you are leaving your teeth exposed like that

if you're going into super hypochondriac mode right now then you should go with less frequent brushing but with added flossing/mouthwash after as well


i was lucky my mom literally would floss my teeth for me if i didn't. I floss every time i brush i brush twice a day and floss three times a day my teeth are perfect. That was the greatest thing she did for me


My teeth are the reason I'm a wizard. No cavities luckily, but my retarded religious parents never took me to a doctor and told me "if your teeth are misaligned that's how God made you, there's nothing wrong with your jaw you look beautiful" gee thanks now I have a double jaw surgery lined because of a completely recessed maxilla. And that's in country with public healthcare.

Lost 8 healthy teeth in the process (4 premolar, 4 wisdom teeth) because insurance only pays if the surgery is included and for some reason they don't do lefort 1 without pulling teeth (at least my insurance). Complete bullshit if you ask me and it was a mistake, but I need the surgery because it may ascend me.

My goal is to save up money for implants so I can get a "free" jaw surgery and then get implants for the 4 premolars, but surgery costs way more than the implants. Pulling teeth was my mistake of being convinced by "doctors", but the real blame is on my parents

File: 1618080315400.jpg (96.17 KB, 840x700, 6:5, 196dd7e2632fd6770d06d14c2b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>pissed in a bottle again
how do i stop? i can't go to the bathroom because thats were the bathroom demon lives at night.
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I swear I use up more toilet paper wiping my dick than I do my ass. Every time I have to piss, an extra gallon drips off my tip


Try to let it drip for a little while afterwards before trying to squeeze the remaining portion out.



Back when I lived in my parents I pissed in a bottle to avoid interacting with anyone.


I just let my underwear absorb the piss drops


My undergarments have a thick stench of piss but no one in my family has said a word I consider possibly I am hallucinating the smells because they do not fret to remind me of everything else wrong being my fault.
>wizzie we have ants in the kitchen
I live in my room and do not use their dishes or their food but blamed on me this wizard abuse neeeds to be stopped..


I've found that I really, really like scenes from film and anime that employ _silence_. Either in the form of 0 tension, or literal silence, or just focusing on ambience.

I've also come to realize how rare this is. It makes me think, do normies just constantly _need_ noise or something?

Maybe "silence" isn't the right word. So, I just want to share a few of these, if you don't mind. These have always stuck with me. Maybe someone can describe better what I'm getting at and why these things stick with me so badly.
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Apologies for the doublepost. Here's what I meant.




Not sure if it's what you mean but David Lynch usually has long contemplative scenes in which nobody speaks and "nothing happens" in his movies or show. A notable example is this scene from the last season of Twin Peaks.


I really like this one too, although it has a bit of dialogue at the begining.

File: 1615572793829-0.jpg (4.56 KB, 178x284, 89:142, asahi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1615572793829-1.jpg (117.33 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 5905187101296.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's Friday night. Do you enjoy Friday night? Or is it just another day to you? As a wageslave, the feeling of shutting down my work laptop and opening a cold beer is the highlight of the week. Even when I was a NEET, Friday night felt special. Pic related is my settings right now. I'll probably order a chicken burger later.
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If this reaction comes from my picture >>265106 well then, im 28 and no luck and no care with anything with succubuss. I just happend to like flowers too. I think the whole bullshit of having a dirty aprtment is what a true wizard is, or maybe im just different from everyone..


Good, this is why we have to gatekeep. Keep the number of poster down and increase the quality of this site.


Active, regular posters =/= good posters


This is the only true answer. When you have depression everything is the same and means nothing to you


I thought it was wednesday this morning, then saw this thread and I'm like "oh shit it's already friday?" … then I checked the calendar and it's actually saturday

not that knowing the date matters, every day is the same miserable thing

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