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What's the reason you became a NEET/wizard? Do you believe is genetic or life circumstances led you to your actual life?


>life circumstances led you to your actual life?


I chose to reincarnate as a NEET, I just wanted some rest.


I became a NEET because I'm mentally ill


Mentally ill/evil mother


>What's the reason you became a NEET?
I worked and went to school, then after some time doing neither I discovered that sitting and pressing buttons to make colors change on a screen was more enjoyable when done at my own discretion.
>What's the reason you became a wizard?
I spent time alone for the reasons mentioned above, enjoyed it, and considered that the many duties and responsibilities necessary for maintaining a relationship probably weren't worth the payoff of having a succubus next to me, so I decided to keep doing things alone as I always had.


I don't like people so I'm always alone but you need other people to lose your virginity.
I don't like work, I think it's a scam.


>What's the reason you became a NEET/wizard?
My employer of 10 years lost the CVX contract. Layoffs hit hard when bossman loses the primary client.
>Do you believe is genetic or life circumstances led you to your actual life?
Hard to imagine bossman had a "lose the contract after 10 years" gene.


i'm as close to a neet without being a neet. i work a few hours per week and make very little money. i believe this to be the least corrupting way of life that is realistic for me.

i don't like succubi or people in general, they are very corrupt. i think being a hermit is better then having friends. being lonely i believe to be better then living with a succubi or having children. having a peaceful life is better then having riches and bitches no matter how you look at it. my life might be boring but when i look at the people around me, i'd always rather be me and have my life.


>i work a few hours per week and make very little money.
so a part-time job? you're a freeter



>In Japan, a freeter (フリーター, furītā) is a person aged 15 to 34 who is unemployed, underemployed, or otherwise lacks full-time paid employment.

bitch i don't lack anything. humans are not meant to spend their short life as full time employees, that is what the factory owners in their limitless evil have succeeded in training the dumbest of the dumb to accept as a life. it is a malevolent, unnatural invention harming the species so that a few psychopaths can profit and i resent how uncritically professional the manner of your inquiry has turned out to be.


what's your work, anyway?


>what's your work, anyway?

sorry you seem very dead inside.


>bitch i don't lack anything
Don't type like how a black person talks.


Please, keep your opinions for yoself. Be civile, this is not 4chan.


>this is not 4chan.
Which is exactly why this "bitch ass nigga" type behavior (and person) doesn't belong. The "anyone I don't like must be an outsider from 4chan" argument never really held any weight anyway.


Balding and autism


>Don't type like how a black person talks.

while you are busy advocating for how i am supposed to talk you are getting lost in the weeds; you dwell on the surface while deep down a much more pressing issue is lurking.

i called you a bitch in order to voice my disrespect towards you. i guess you criticize the choice of words and hide behind cultural conflict because you don't believe the message is objectionable.

in a way by placing your focus on such trivial matter, it makes me think you might be agreeing with me regarding your respectability.

i support this, i also believe the bitch has behaved in an uncivilized manner and could learn a lot from respectable people of dignity.



Hello Redditard


What was wrong with his post?



i'm not a tard, i explained you the good reasons for leaving space in text and it was too complicated for you, that's you being a bitch once.

then you suck at talking itt, you talk to people like they are in a job interview with you, meanwhile nobody is applying. that is you being a bitch twice.

then you were racist itt, that's you being a bitch thrice, denying that any black person no matter if jungle-black or ghetto-black would be more interesting to talk to then you.

again i proclaim: disrespect over you, you are nothing but a trivial bitch.


File: 1713350990635.jpg (311.94 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1708734612750045.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yeah that's some combo, I know that shit




i'm still wondering whether autism is real. it is such a conveniently thrown around term that can mean so many different things. what made you look at that term and say "yes! autism! i have that! the definition fits perfectly. finally i can identify my situation in a single word" because to me this is just what some medical people have decided to use as a label.

if you were really autistic, why wouldn't you instead just describe the actual experience you are having instead of the medical blanket term? i've said that to a few people who said they had autism and not one could make a good case for what made them agree that the term makes sense.

i don't see good arguments for the existence of the word. which problem is the term autism solving that could not be solved before? maybe you are just being fooled by language control mechanism. maybe that is what makes you autism, the intellectual inability to understand when you are being fooled and turned into a pawn to fit some malevolent modern agenda.


It's just Internet short-hand for "I'm socially awkward and weird and I can't get along with people and don't really know why".



it makes sense when you say it like that, that's the best case scenario you describe, which would worry me the least. i suspect the word encourages people to build an identity around this very rough approximation of weirdness when they are young and try to figure out how to be and who to be.

also embedded in the idea of autism i see this putting oneself at fault for (how you call it:) not getting along. however it very well may be that the person who calls oneself autistic is actually awesome and the people are awful and corrupt. what if everyone is dead inside and the autist is the only living person? i don't believe the word sufficiently accounts for this.

i can easily imagine the situation where an awesome person is surrounded by beer-drinking idiots who flock to stadiums to scream at millionaires who call others autists who are focussed on doing their own thing in this world. i feel like it lacks possibility for arrogance, where it may be earned, as if the autist is the weird one.

have you ever talked to a normal person? it is dreadfully awful. it is like the movie groundhog day. nobody cares about the normal people, everyone only cares about the unusual people and autism i worry might teach people that it is a mental disorder to be different even though it is the solution to the disease of normality.


Both actually. I'm an ugly genetic freak and grew up in a household where my parents tried to kill each other constantly. On top of that I got bullied in school and my parents never allowed me to play outside. So here I am.
Some of us were just born to suffer from day one.


I can understand that, bro, huge hug for you and stay strong.


Not just internet short-hand, thats basically the medical diagnosis too.


>Not just internet short-hand, thats basically the medical diagnosis too.

i cringe when parents talk about their own children and call them autistic.

"I have a daughter who is 10 and a son who is 8 who is autistic".

when i hear that i keep thinking it means "difficult".


File: 1713472561891.jpg (3.46 MB, 2067x1915, 2067:1915, a56dea41ba34f35aeac387f871….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i tried working a couple of times and didn't like it, i'm too busy with my own stuff to work now


>i'm still wondering whether autism is real.
There is actual medically verified autism, then there is internet/self diagnosed non-verified autism.
It's sort of like the term retarded. There is legitimate mental retardation, then there is the insult of retarded.

The criteria for a real autism dignosis is actually pretty particular and it's a somewhat long prosess to be medically verified as autism. However some people just look up shit on web-md, or the DSM, check a few boxes that they think feels right, then declare they have a thing without a actual evaluation by a expert that actually knows whats what.

>why wouldn't you instead just describe the actual experience you are having instead of the medical blanket term?

Convenience and context. It be like instead of someone laying out every single one of their particular political positions they instead use a label that mostly fits and gets the point across in a single word.
Besides describing in detail how your personal experence of subjective reality is diffrent from someone else's is difficult and requires a huge amount of both self awareness and empathy/understanding of others to give a coherent answer. Something that many people with autism struggle with.

>i don't see good arguments for the existence of the word.

The condition objectively exist. Thus it needs some sort of label or name. This is for obvious functional reasons, as everything needs a identifier so that it can be coherently spoken and written about. Especially in the medical field.
>which problem is the term autism solving that could not be solved before?
It is a identifier for a observed condition.
Before the term autism was used it was erroneously lumped in with other mental disorders which made treatment and research on it much less effective.
> maybe you are just being fooled by language control mechanism.
Don't be stupid. That isn't how anything works. It is a name for something objectively observed, not a magic spell that makes things so by speaking.
It's as stupid as those people who talk about gender being asgined by doctors at birth. No nigger, the doctor is observing sex, which is synomous with gender fuctionally speaking. Word games don't change reality.
>maybe that is what makes you autism
So you really are stupid.
Objective reality exist. Words don't change reality like magic spell. Everything isn't subjective. You can't social construct the condition that is known as autism away by playing word games.
It be like expecting a rose to smell different if you changed it's name. Utterly foolish.
>the intellectual inability to understand when you are being fooled and turned into a pawn to fit some malevolent modern agenda.


It's honestly insufferable, and is more often than not a coping mechanism for the parent's (usually the foid) complete lack of a personality or identity outside of their child or said child's medical diagnoses. In social situations where said parents bring said children with them, they tend to be observably more well-mannered and neurotypical passing than their normshit virtue signalling parents.

My heart honestly goes out to the victims of these helicopter parents, and I hope they develop healthy coping mechanisms so that it doesnt affect their mental stability as they mature into adulthood. As if human society hasnt already presented them with a host of other bullshit to deal with anyway.

Imagine breeding in current year and being proud of it


>There is actual medically verified autism
>real autism

i guess you were inside your bunker or some dystopian fallout vault while covid happened and the world got to see that what you call medicine should aptly be described as the medical establishment, which turned out to be a bunch of spineless impotent bootlickers who would rather lie to the entire world then risk being edgy and threaten their silly life of 60 hour workweeks and luxury. dumb spineless pillpushers who no sane person would ever respect. what do the doctors do all day? mostly keep idiots alive who can not take care of themselves. if doctors, professors, board members, ceos, politicians,… were the people who earned the kind of respect you are showering them with, ALL THEY DO WOULD BE TO PREACH PREVENTION. they would preach prevention 90% of the time and then 10% of the time they would actually work. because most diseases are preventable.

so what if the medical establishment comes up with a word? they come up with a lot of dumb shit.

>someone laying out every single one of their particular political positions they instead use a label that mostly fits and gets the point across in a single word.

unless it doesn't and then the point is not even getting across, it is getting away and confusion and further questioning are the result. i still believe "every time the teacher tries to get him to do homework he screams" is a way better description then "my son is severely autistic". when you use the word autism, you are not painting a picture, you do not bother to create understanding in the other person and at this point, why even communicate at all. to be polite? to seem normal? to keep up appearances i guess.

>The condition objectively exist. Thus it needs some sort of label or name.

to some christians, jesus objectively exists. he is not figgurative, they think he actually was a man who was magically born from a virgin and he is the sun of good and resurrected and sheit. the reason i mention is because you have a lot of "god says it, i believe it, that settles it" in you.

i guess you don't understand that whether or not something is considered a disease is something that can be decided based on political and economical interests or their related cultural pressures. a broken bone is objectively broken but there are good reasons for cancer not being real and depending on which health modality you listen to there are alternative perspectives of cancer. cancer is not the only disease of contention. there are good reasons for a variety of mental health related conditions like adhd to serve other functions. they can be labels that are used to trigger administrative responses. i guess you don't understand that the corrupt theater that is happening on this planet.

it could very well be the case that the condition does not exist. the infrastructure of the medical establishment can be abused to create desired outcomes under the blanked term of health and the overworked doctors and nurses would be too busy or too scared to discuss this publically. they did this during covid, what makes you think they have not been doing that before? ignorance. you are ignorant and you trust people who no smart person would trust.

>That isn't how anything works

so there are no conspiracies, no crimes and no propaganda. got it, smoothbrain.


>Imagine breeding in current year and being proud of it

imagine what evil shit they do to the children in school now to traumatize them now that they have data scientist which track the effectiveness of their given choice of tortures, experiments and demoralizations.

all i encounter from young people on the internet is suicide humor.


autism exists dude. Have you really never met an autist before?


Not sure if high effort troll or very mentally ill.
Regardless your irrationalism and extreme bad faith as well as the disregard to reality in the name of a obscure conspiracy narrative make talking to you pointless.

Also denying the existence of cancer is stupid when you can literally physically see cancer, touch cancer, and there are dozens of ways of independently verifying that cancer does indeed exist.
IF you said it as a joke it isn't funny.


Very sad and true. I don't have to imagine it either, considering that the sick details of this treatment are everywhere not directly under the thumb of their control. I would rather a million lifetimes of isolation as a NEETchild to what these Zoomers are subject to on a daily basis – the onus is clearly on the breeders and not the spawned.


>of a obscure conspiracy

it's not obscure, you are playing dumb on purpose. why do you call me a conspiracy theorist? you should call those that do the conspiring conspiracists. yet you don't because you lick the boot.

you'll never understand cancer if all you do is to look at one side's story. cancer is not a life form that appears in the human body for no apparent reason hellbent to spread in the body. there are more perspectives to it.

to me you seem like someone who is too dumb understand that there are multiple perspectives of things and you need to look at all the perspective and all the evidence and unless your model of reality accounts for everything you see and recompile it every time you encounter new evidence, you don't have a model. you just some follower-sheep looking for a leader to tell you the one truth that you can repeat without doing your own thinking. you don't have an understanding of cancer, you just repeat what the doctors say and when i try to point you towards their biassed view based on their monetary incentive structure you call me a conspiracy theorist. but i am not a conspiracy theorist, you are just dumb. low level basic bitch human trained to accept authority without question, perfect soldier, can tell every brand of shoe shine by the taste.


>don't go outside
>lose the tiny window to get the first job



you havn't lost shit. this window you speak off is illusory. the real window the only window is you being alive.


>What's the reason you became a NEET/wizard?
Whenever I went normies try to make me feel miserable and ignored me when in need, bullied at school for being poor and quiet, too malnourished to fight them, when I become a wage slave I have been ridiculed by coworkers and called names like dystrophyc for being skinny and malnourished, succubi being indifferent observed the bullying from distance and didn't do nothing, all of this made me to self-isolate and currently at my 3rd year of neetdom surviving of the little money my mom gives me


File: 1713977416135.png (363.39 KB, 705x540, 47:36, coldstone.png) ImgOps iqdb

Don't expect my pity. I expect you to make them pay, it's not always necessary to make it real via direct confrontation


In my country due to war, it's easier to get jobs for senior citizens and succubi. As they said, they take everyone. If my NEETing ends, I don't how I would survive there even physically with obesity, blood pressure, and fibromyalgia.


>make them pay, it's not always necessary to make it real via direct confrontation
the only way to make them pay IS a direct confrontation which is suicidal for me, I don't want to occupy my mind with them and enjoy the remaining quiet time I still have.


Did you know this man?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdbbuFODlas

His channel is full based on what doctors dont share about obesity.

So you do not know how make explosives nor flammable stuff, huh?


Honestly it's pretty depressing how accurate this is. The NEET life is easy to fall into but hard to escape.


Because I wanted to joined the military only for the training. Got rejected because I got nothing of shit to show to prove myself. If societies standards are allshowing-off and doesn’t care about dedication or passion at work, then I might become a NEET until I lost my resources to live


>What's the reason you became a NEET/wizard?
Circumstances that i was born with, abusive dad and enabling overprotective doormat mom, school staff who never gave a shit beyond their fucking paycheck, no friends that stuck around past school, if they ever were friends to begin with, school not teaching me jack shit that they were supposed to fucking teach (not academic crap), being thrown out into the adult world with no support whatsoever, the list goes on
>Do you believe is genetic or life circumstances led you to your actual life?


same for me to the letter


Rest before the end


I forgot to mention that my father was a drunkard as well. He would literally drink every 2-3 days for the first two decades of my life, and had done it years before i was born. At times, he would remain drunk the next day, having stayed up all night, screaming, yelling, banging pots and pans together, throwing crockery around and breaking it, and whatever else have you. Sometimes he would sober up, but still just get drunk the next day, as if a hangover wasn't a deterrent to him.
I talked to school staff about it often. They never did fucking anything. I don't know why the hell they didn't do anything. I don't think they even understood that he was doing it so often. "Wait, he's drinking again?" Yes, he was, did i not mention that he was doing it so fucking often?
It didn't end until i fought him, which was my third attempt at his life, after becoming an adult. He's still a piece of shit for a human being that i unfortunately have to call a fucking father; the alcohol just worsened it.
I don't know if i would've managed to kill him if my mother didn't intervene. I don't know why the hell she remained protective of him. She claims that she didn't want me to ruin my life, not understanding that he had already succeeded in doing so.
She doesn't understand my problems in the slightest, claims that she "did what she thought was right", and offers no solutions to my problems in the present. She, at the very least, admits that she's part of the reason why I'm a fuckup.


Don't EVER drink alcohol in your life, if you wanna try beer or other alcoholic beverages, try zero alcohol, if you drink alcohol you will be in a world of hurt and long term life problems


I only drank alcohol if I accidentally ate a food with seafood on it (allergic) to get rid of that itchy effect before it'll turn into a coughing phlegm. So far I never got addicted because I programmed my mind to use it only for medication reasons


I've consumed alcohol. It does not drive me to do anything that my father did.
I'm happy and carefree for a few hours, then I sleep. He would enter a near endless state of rage, remain drunk for days on end, piss and vomit everywhere, and God knows what else.
We are not the same.


Genetics is a bitch, don't overplayed your hand, stay away from alcohol, at least that what would I do.


A lot of people aren't violent drunks. The main problem with alcohol is the long term damage.


My father had yellow sclerae throughout the 2000s, and probably a bit before and after. He had more bad falls than i can bother to count, and provoked random people on the street several times, almost resulting in him being beaten up by a mob, were it not for him being rescued by someone every time.
When I finally did beat the alcohol out of him, he quit cold turkey and suffered no ill effects whatsoever. No tremors, nothing.
He defies all logic. He is indestructible, invincible, and immortal.

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