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File: 1553903156559.jpg (24.7 KB, 660x440, 3:2, Vyvanse-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


was anyone here diagnosed with adhd? i suspect this might be the reason i never had motivation to do anything and have no education past elementary school, i couldn't handle focusing on anything. anyone here took adhd medication? i'm interested in giving this a try, anyone has experience with it?
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>i'm interested in giving this a try,
enjoy your brain damage, dimwit




Mental ilness is fake. Its all in your head. Not to say things like schizophrenia arent real. But things like add adhd axienty depression its all mind control mabye one day you will learn.


Imagine lacking empathy to this degree.


I've been using adderall for almost 5 years, i'm most likely "addicted" by now but I still enjoy the effects and even though they get less pronounced after a while it still feels like a net positive in terms of quality of life when I use them compared to when I wasn't using them. It basically serves the same purpose as coffee for me where it helps me sustain the energy I need to stay involved in a task for a long periode of time (it can be important stuff like chores or leisure stuff like gaming or reading.) I can only go like 3 hours before falling asleep when I do something without using the medication and I was already having issues with this before getting the scrip so it's not like it came as a consequence of the medication

File: 1559433299992.jpg (135.75 KB, 961x641, 961:641, file.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Are free hold apartments a wizardly investment?

There's a lot of shoe-box sized apartments in the nearest city between 100 and 200 k, that's around four and a half years worth of rent. The way I see it, if I live as cheap as possible and save all extra income I could potentially get one of these a year or two after I finish studying. This would enable me to
1) be where the jobs are
2) get rid of transport expenses
3) give me the option to go full hermit before I hit 40
Heck, I might even be able to get remote work, or do webshit from home.
Shit, I could even start buying multiple over the years if I keep saving for it and let the rent money fund my early retirement into NEET life
Any other wizzies got there own apartments or thought of buying one?
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Thank you, now I can finally work out what the housing market is, and there is a frame of reference.

I would still think that reasonable sized housing could be found at that price in most places, but as you eluded to before, the housing market where you live is shit so things might be overvalued in a housing bubble, or kept artificially high due to policy. Still seems way too high for a very small apartment, but as you said it would be directly center of the city.
I don't think it would be a good long term investment though. You might be better off renting and putting the difference in blue chip stock and bonds.


The home market in the first world is fucked, is a bubble, it will crash, don´t go into debt to buy a property that is going to devalue. 2008 is going to look like a babie´s game compared to the next housing market crash, the gringos learned nothing and it will come back harder.


all houses in japan decrease in value with age its not a big deal, i think thats the future for america. good newa for people renting i think


Probably has a lot to do with their population decreasing, it makes pretty much all property and land in general go down in price on average if there are fewer people that want any particular piece of land. Its probably why we are importing people at such a frenetic pace in the US. God forbid property values go up less than twice the rate of inflation every year. I'm sure there will be no unintended consequences down the line in the future. It will all be fine I am sure, whats the worst that could happen?


There isn't one momo market. It varies massively depending on city/state/town/country and has a lot to do with not just the actual value of the house and land but also to do with local policies and economic situation, which is can vary widely from place to place.

Those houses are littrally not built to last. That is why they quickly lose value. Same reason why in the US mobile/pre-build homes lose value at almost the same rate as cars, while "traditionally build" homes consistently increase in value.

File: 1550266913194.png (13.84 KB, 708x261, 236:87, Skärmbild från 2018-12-01 ….png) ImgOps iqdb


What's the longest you've ever held down a job? I seem to go about a year on each before I feel like I'm about to have a mental breakdown and quit.

Luckily I never travel or buy expensive things, so I save up a bunch of money and can neet for a year or two after each job, until I run out of money.
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2 or 3 years

It's not that difficult if your job is an easy stress-free job

i had a job wrapping silverware. It was great because i didn't have to deal with customers. I just wrapped silverware for 8 hours in the back while in front of a tv


In my experience, highly educated white collar people tend to engage in even more vicious social shitflinging and compete more intensely for social status. Maybe because the sorts of people who end up in those careers are more intrinsically motivated by social incentives in the first place. This results in a more vicious social environment in that kind of workplace setting.

This world truly is hell.


I can easily live off $1000 a month or so.

I'm a Scandinavia-wizard. Despite high taxes, it's surprisingly cheap to coast here. I only need to pay cheap rent and food when I'm neeting. Daddy state covers health insurance, and the extra VAT doesn't add up to that much.


7 months at walshart


It usually takes me a year to hate everyone at the job, and the longest I've lasted at one job, is about a year and half.

File: 1556505992025.jpg (739.5 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, 302c724b9fb8fc2573cbbd26bf….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Serious question: Are there any hobbies left that haven't been invaded by groids? It seems gaming, coding, and even anime have long been gaining ground in the normgroids circles and are in serious danger of being watered down/ruined.
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before anyone suggests it, just know that tulpamancy is 100% normalfag inside and out now. don't get into it thinking it's a cool wizard thing, cause it isn't.
it is cool and very rewarding, but the community's been taken over and transformed it into a giant advertisement for their cult of personality Discord servers. don't trust any of the tulpa guides, they're written by normalfags. and they don't even have tulpas themselves, they just know the lingo enough to fake it till they make it.


It's self induced schizophrenia, but if it makes you happy that is all that matters I guess.


>self induced schizophrenia

Given that's like inducing yourself to change your haircolor or grow taller, I would say he's pretty safe, it's just role-playing.


It's nothing like that. I'm not sure if you are aware but it's a mental condition, not a physical trait.


Play a board game like Checkers or Go. You can play against bots, but if you don’t want anyone else involved, try something like Solitaire or Minesweeper. Games like DnD have the potential to norm up since there’s a social aspect to them. The former games have absolutely zero chance of being tainted. Every now and then, hop into a game like Uno or Exploding Kittens with fellow wizards. That’s what I do.

If you want to play together, get Tabletop Simulator. It’s very comfy and currently on sale for $10 on HumbleBundle.

Take it easy, wizard.


Is this the most wizardly profession on earth?
This guy is living the dream
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>there's no fucking way regular people could ever get this shit if that is who they hire
You sure? Because they obviously aren't hiring based on qualifications if they gave it to a useless desk jockey.


Where does it involve magic?


Maybe in a developed country, here if you don't have another source of income, you'll just delaying starving to death with the below minimum wage you get.


File: 1559463258661.png (1.46 MB, 1414x2000, 707:1000, 1559411514475.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is what I observed too. Requirements are there just so you fuck off and don't waste time of HR bitches, if they need anyone they get recommendations coming from managers, and if they don't have those - slaves recommend their brothers and family. They're on the inside, so they know where and when they need people, and can tip off their friends.
If it's a cozy job like that, for sure they've got people lined up.


Perhaps few people apply and they take what they can get?

File: 1556041320656.png (255.18 KB, 500x501, 500:501, monk.png) ImgOps iqdb


I wish I was religious. Living an ascetic monk life in some Greek monastery seems like the perfect life. Instead I'm stuck here in my study destroying myself with no hope for what lays beyond the void if theres anything at all.

article is from the 30's I believe iirc
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I wouldn't want to go to the extreme that a real monk does, but a simple life filled with meditation and other spiritual practices would be cool as long as I can still watch anime and enjoy some of the other perks of modern technology. I wouldn't want to go full monk in a cave except for brief periods of time.



Vipassana retreats are the answer.


Man that reminds me, we used to have some really informative van threads years ago. Might want to learn how to work on engines too.



Two monks, one who is content with the wiz life, and one who is restless and leaves to see the world


Just go out and live in a cabin in the wilderness like what Uncle Ted did.

File: 1556254066404-0.jpg (66.03 KB, 968x681, 968:681, swimming-mental-health.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1556254066404-1.jpg (1.66 MB, 1200x1056, 25:22, bikes-trails-photo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I never learned how to properly swim or ride a bike, these things make me feel completely incapable.

Did anyone here manage to learn these skills in their adult years? How did you do it?
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I don't really understand how swimming needs to be "learned".

It was very intuitive to me as a kid. I was able to tread water without any instruction. I mean breast stroke is so simple. If you can type a coherent sentence on this website then you can probably figure out how to do breast stroke. I'm literally autistic and even I have sufficient motor skills.


I don't think they make training wheels adults/adult bikes. I could be wrong though. I just never seen them.


you will need them to be a certain length to practice swimming. swimming with a floaty jacket, if his primary concern is looking dumb, isn't even an option. you can practice swimming in water that isn't higher than your neck and still be safe


All autists are naturally drawn to water. No one knows why. Not all autists know how to swim naturally though, I think kids running off to some body of water somewhere and drowning is like a big issue with autistic kids, but then again, maybe they were swimming but then they just got overconfident and went out too far and got tired or something, you never know.


I'm unsure if there's evidence of them being actually drawn to water, but I'd be interested to read any documentation you can provide on that.

I think the incidence of drowning among autistic children is simply a consequence of their tendency to wander off. Even neurotypical children are prone to drowning when unmonitored.

It's funny you mention this because as a young child I was notorious for wandering and in one instance, that I know of, my parents had to get the authorities involved to locate me.

File: 1558913000549.jpg (33.21 KB, 450x300, 3:2, jail.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any wizard here was jailed? I think I will be a murder next few days and will spent at last 30 years inside some Brazilian prison.
There is nothing I can do about it and if I don't go to jail they will lock me up at some mental hospital for life.
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there will always be someone taller, stronger, more muscular than you, oh, and even worse than that, someone who can excell at anything that took you months of work without breaking a sweat.




The bigger you are the less people there are who will try you, sure someone could always cave your skull in and take your booty, but the fewer people I have to worry about the better.


Apparently it's brazilian, so i'm going to write in portuguese (because I am also) / Posso te afirmar uma coisa, prisão nesse país é o tártaro na terra, tenho uma caralhada, a.k.a dezenas de familiares que já foram presos e alguns até mortos lá, por conta disto visitei prisões durante anos da minha vida além dos contos dos meus próprios familiares, então quando matar alguém, mude sua nacionalidade e saia do país (k)


The truth is that a guy with that frame is fucked in prison, no matter how ripped you get, anyone bigger than you can easily wreck your shit. Maybe in Japan he'd be fine, but not in the US where you got a lot of 300 pound hardened criminals.

File: 1559211894896.jpg (123.46 KB, 1920x816, 40:17, Griffith_Pre-Eclipse_Anime.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


From the porn threads I can tell that we have a couple of fags here, but that has me wondering, why do you choose the wizard path when gay sex is so easy to get? I've been coming to terms with the fact that I'm very likely bisexual, but the thing is I just have no interest in having sex with men, (granted I'm not all that attracted to them to begin with, but I'm certainly a fan of digital dicks). I've racking my head for months trying to make sure I'm not repressed or in denial, but I genuinely feel like having sex with men would be the most pointless shit ever outside of the base pleasure of it all. I think the societies negative view of gay men who don't embrace their sexuality has gotten to me because of the relentless shaming of closeted fags like myself, but of course saying no to sex with succubus is much more acceptable since its seen as a admirable feat for a straight man to control his sexual urges, unlike the fag who is then just self hating.
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>in theory dating men should be much different than dating succubus.
Oh, so there's a theory about that now. Is there an essay somewhere we can read that describes it? Or are we really just talking about your gay date fantasies here.


well if you think gay sex is so easy for men, and yet they still choose to be wizards, then I guess their volcel status is higher than hetero virgins who believe they couldn't get sex even if they tried their hardest


>then I guess their volcel status is higher than hetero virgins who believe they couldn't get sex even if they tried their hardest

Yeah, I'd say they deserve a bit of extra credit since their sexual desires are a lot easier to fulfill, its nothing to be a straight virgin when succubi are so picky and out of reach, but dick is as free as grass.


an objective measure would be how the price of gay prostitues compares with succubi. its not like they are free


You can clean an asshole better than a vagina.

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