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Previous thread: https://archive.ph/Rqjz4
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What criteria exactly makes you superior to everyone else to the point where it's okay for you to enslave them?


>It is bad to give guns to everyone unconditionally
you arent giving guns to anyone, are you retarded? the "aristocrat" blood sure does shine through here. people make guns, and then sell them, nowhere in this process are they given out, what youre proposing is killing or jailing anyone who sells a gun to a regular person or any regular person that has a gun. what you want to do is forcefully stop consensual transactions from happening, not "stop giving out guns".

>they have actual reasons to use guns in their work

listen here you fucking retard i have a reason to use a gun in my life, nevermind what kind of fucking job i have. im a living breathing person with a body and possessions, and every fucking day i live in the real world, with people capable of violence. i dont get to take a break, i dont get to go home, every single day i live amongst people capable of doing harm to me and so i need a gun.


Being able to form correct assumptions about the world, having visionary-tier ability to plan ahead, having natural charisma and the necessary cruelty to rule over others. Want me to go on? I could list my superior abilities all day and night.

Giving out and selling are the same, now you are just playing with words, whatever. If you legalize drugs and people buy them then it is like distributing drugs among the population. Selling drugs and prostitution are also "consensual transactions" by your definition, you think everything should be allowed? Society needs laws and regulations, without them it falls apart.

>i need a gun!!!

No, you don't. You only think you need to have a gun because you were raised to believe this nonsense by the gun lobby. It is the duty of the police to protect everyone, not yours. You aren't authorized to serve justice to anyone.
>bbb-but my right for self-defense
You are so paranoid because you live in a country where guns are piss easy to get. If people weren't going around with uzis then you wouldn't need guns either.


What kind of raging skitzo babble is this? Guns are easy to get in most of the world. Why are you so paranoid about them?


No, they aren't easy to get in most part of the world. My problem isn't with guns themselves but the people who could easily purchase them in case they were legalized. Look at the US and tell me it is okay to legalize guns.

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File: 1638692930332.jpeg (61.58 KB, 739x415, 739:415, 81F37F62-7C33-4F95-9EA8-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I think a lot about what the future will be like.

Feel like the future could be awesome with nuclear fusion giving everyone incredibly cheap energy for millions of years with no damage to the environment; automation increasing productivity, leading to universal basic income or everyone working fewer hours; life saving medicine extending life spans and fixing stuff like dementia and ageing.

Or it could be absolute shite. Environmental shit storm. Food shortages. Cold War with the USA and China. Increasingly authoritarian attitudes brought on by social media mutually policing everyone; more authoritarian politics.
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They don't work because everyone is an individual with their own wants and ideals. There's no such thing as anything that works but continuous stream of pragmatism, compromises, or conflict between each other of which we call modern society. The utopian back to the land attempted to reduce these to simple chores in effort to simplify away friction between individuals. We are not simple robotic agrarians.

Whatever "ism" paradigm is the style at a time in history can seem too overly complicated or contrived hence feeling like it's unnatural as demonstrated here >>290211. There's no such idealist system the "works". There's certainly those who squirm around in refusing to accept the meta-system revolving around pragmatism, compromises, or conflict. Wizzards have great difficulaty getting along with other people so of course there are those of us choose to sit it out or swear it off to the bitter end. Others who opine endlessly for a better more idealist system that suits their personal tastes. Perhaps owing to the black and white neurodivergent mode of operation. Everyone is different remember. We cannot escape the simple fact that human beings are complex varied individuals locked in an insane asylum with each other. The paradigm we live in happens to be the one currently arrived at through entropy of this collective of hairless chimps screeching at each other through the millennia. We will continue to grumble growl beat out chests as the apes that we are. In time through entropic transience we will arrive at a different paragigm where there are still those who refuse to accept the meta dynamics. This itself is a characteristic.


I am the OP of >>290199 and I change my mind on the video, some things he said I disagree with like him bringing up the suicide statistics as something that is wrong and can only be fixed via genetic engineering/neuroscience stuff when most of the suicidal would be fixed by doing what I said and the remainder that remain suicidal should have the option to end their lives painlessly since it is unfair forcing people to live through an existence they don't enjoy. I think his argument on people being against gene editing to be too simplistic, gene editing can be used for good but more often than not it's used to make crops pesticide resistant so more pesticide and the like can be sprayed which isn't good for us since pesticide and other artificial, processed chemicals have detrimental effects on the human body a lot of the time, one thing that would make the public accept it would be to reduce pesticide and fertilisers usage and be very strict on the political process so the sexually deviant psychopath doesnt get into politics (psychopathic politicians and elite make people distrust new tech more as they associate it with their actions). Lastly I think his argument of increasing amount of pleasure is absurd, we don't need to chase the hedonistic tread-mill even more, hedonism does more harm than good.
Other than these three, the points he made were good and you shouldn't have said "… so it might theoretically be possible to use genetic engineering or advanced neuroscience to re-engineer your brain so that you can no longer suffer." to describe the video since he never said we can eliminate suffering via gene editing alone at all.
For the majority, my idea of a utopia would be agreed upon. Like I said not everyone will agree and like life but since suicide would be legal/easy to do they can just off themselves and not suffer


You are what I mentioned in those who refuse to accept that's not the system we can dictate. It arises naturally. We are merely actors in a system.

>For the majority, my idea of a utopia would be agreed upon

>not everyone will agree and [..] they can just off themselves and not suffer

You are so sure about your own ideals not only that but absolute in imposing it which invites more resistance than you think.


>The paradigm we live in happens to be the one currently arrived at through entropy of this collective of hairless chimps screeching at each other through the millennia.
>You are what I mentioned in those who refuse to accept that's not the system we can dictate. It arises naturally.
my only question would be could you imagine a scenario in which an entirely antithetical system could develop, or have you already decided the course this so-called natural development will take?


It seems more likely the system will perish long before the death of the universe.

>have you already decided the course this so-called natural development will take?

The point of such entropic system is it cannot be predict with certainty.

File: 1641057514599.png (234.74 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


What have you resolved to do?
What are your goals, both short term and long term.

While this thread was inspired by the new year, it could be about your goals and resolutions in general and year around.
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I am glad I kicked the habit, though for some dumb reason I crave getting into one again. But I just don't have that level of free time to devote to one even if I wanted to, and I have since played far better games that scratch the same itch.


I am the same with free time. I realized that the main reason I even wanted to play them was because of the progression and how mindless some of them are.. just grinding, no story or anything else to worry about and no actual planning involved.


I'm going to get a six pack to find out just how truly hideous I am


it turns out I have zipper abs but it also turns out that I like them :)


Land a job after an interview, start a micro-cred at the local university, and find a better charger for my electric keyboard.

File: 1640202724989-0.png (68.86 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1640202724989-1.png (839.8 KB, 836x2048, 209:512, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


over the past couple of months I have gained an obsession with getting thin, eating less and weighing less
I'm 5'10 and I have reduced myself from 178 to 150 pounds just by eating less but I want to go beyond that, I like the feeling of weighing less and it makes me feel in control

I want to look like corpse, I would look something otherworldly
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I used to get take away every day until I traveled and my schedule got so disrupted I was focusing on everything else over eating. At this time I'd mostly eat a cheese sammy for lunch and some low calorie soup for dinner. I initially still felt hungry doing this but after just a few weeks my appetite seemed to adjust and I felt satisfied eating like this.

Now it's common for me to skip breakfast and/or lunch and have something small for dinner. I've lost a nice amount of weight on my wiz stomach (im skinny fat so everything just goes to my stomach.) I think if I kept doing this for a few more months I'd mostly have a flat stomach again. I think that's a decent outcome considering it required no exercise, special diets, or cooking time.

I don't claim to be an expert: but fast food is bad not just because its 'unhealthy' but because the portion sizes are so large. If you see a certain amount of delicious food its not really clear that maybe you should only eat a small amount of it. The food is also engineered to make you keep eating it. Like you might have burgers that are salted to encourage you to buy their drinks. They've calculated all this shit to maximize profitability at the expense of health. Got to just be aware of these traps.


2 hours a day is a lot of exercise. You should take a couple of rest days per week. I've been doing one meal a day and if I feel like I need some extra energy I eat some fruit but not enough so that I'm no longer hungry. Seems to be working. I'm down 10 pounds since I started trying to lose weight.


>do not run
>run on treadmills!
lol just don't have shit form. use the balls of your feet. squats help you to learn how to clutch your knees together so you don't pound and ruin them.


Misrepresenting. Running is pointless self torture


A bunch of retards who don't understand CICO, apparently
>no matter how much I eat I can't seem to gain/lose weight!
It means you're eating more than you think or not eating nearly as much as you think

t. on diet and has lost over lbs since the start of the year

File: 1643671728218.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 1642468444009.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How the fuck are people complaining about food prices? I can survive on $150 of groceries/week, even less.
Fuck is wrong with people?

I baked and cooked everything It costs less, it tastes better, and you know what you are eating. Fuck corporations.
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You mean neoliberal.


Based. Wish I figured out making pizza in my cast iron when I still had a place to live and a stove, but at least I got to making other dishes and starting to figure out flatbread.

The hardest part of cooking imo is practicing your knife game until preparation doesn't take forever, and to find recipies where you can do the chopping and the cleaning within the time it takes to cook everything. Order of ingredients matters a lot if you're cooking instead of baking.


File: 1653692710346.png (241.57 KB, 354x380, 177:190, Dr.Oetker_Ristorante_Mozza….png) ImgOps iqdb

This shit is seriously good. Buy it if you find it from your local nazi store.


I got sick of these fast. But fwiw.. they go on sale for $2-3 so I would say they are worth. I managed to go a month eating 1 of these a day.


at the risk of sounding like a sanctimonious nutrition faggot this is unsalvageable garbage


I have noticed that many times with my family members:
whenever my mom seats with my aunt or any of her female friends they start backstabbing other people and can spend hours and hours talking about nothing other than other people and sharing all their secrets, news, and even insulting them and would go to say things behind their backs that I would never imagine they could say 5/100 of it in heir faces, When family members meet and females sit together in a special room, they start doing this, and I just start to wonder about how empty their lives must be, if the only thing they talk about is other people and their private secrets. personally, when texting people online I usually talk to them about vidya or computers.


That’s just a succubus thing. They exist on gossip.


A lot of men do it as well, especially gymbros and lgbt types


That's mostly a female thing, they live for that shit.
Some estrogenated men behave the same way but by and large it's usually succubi pulling that shit.

Working with them is truly eye opening they despise one another deeply but will smile to their faces.


My family was exactly the same (mother and sister). Literally 6 hours every night talking like that. I know now they must be bitching about me since i dont talk to them anymore, it is a bit scary. Males usually dont do it much at all afaik


When I was like I don't know 12 or 13 the local church had us go through this program to prepare us for a decisions as to whether we thought the church was a load of crap or if we wanted to be confirmed. One of the things that blew my mind was when they handed out an assignment that we were not to talk about other people behind their backs for a week.

I was like
>wait what do people really live like that
cuz I'm just autistically honest. and yeah boys had easily as much problem avoiding constant gossip as the succubi.

File: 1624525646240.mp4 (3.34 MB, 480x480, 1:1, voyage.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Be weird, be (You).

Most wizards at this point have probably already figured out, understood, that this material existence is an illusion. That none of this human shit matters in the slightest.
Stay gold, stay true. You're gonna make it, Wiz.
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Why not follow your line of thinking to its conclusion and reject such labels as "us" and "them", "wizards" and "normans"?


I am ME!


Go back and never return.


I'm glad there's still places like this on the internet away from all the shitty judgement most people sport (yes I used those words in that fashion, I don't need to tell you the reason so don't ask me why)


File: 1650542830414.jpg (225.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, thumb-1920-142559.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I am a former atheist. I decided to convert to the protestant faith and abandon all nihilism and pessimism in favor of salvation in the hands of Christ. now I pray daily and read the bible my goal is to achieve salvation through Jesus christ It might have started as a response to a general sense of nihilism, but talking to a priest didn't help move me anywhere in that regard. It might have started as a cry in a moment of despair, but when I did that, there was no response. It might have started as an acceptance of philosophical arguments, but while I find some of them viable, I don't think they're compelling enough to move me from one category to another. It might have started as an outpouring of welcoming from religious people, but I'd always received that welcoming.

Maybe I decided that religion (in its broadest sense) is intrinsic to humanity, and in order to have a human existence that made any sense, I'd have to give this religion thing another shake. Maybe I decided that, even if we are cosmic orphans, it is the role of the orphan to long and cry out. Maybe somewhere in the depths of my humanity, somewhere immeasurable and small but more there than anything else, my cries received a response and I have never been as happy and content as I am right now in my life faith is comfy
Anybody here has any similar experience with faith and religion?
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>If you are powerful you can do anything.

It makes sense, but only on the surface. If you study history you'll realize that to be powerful you have to become part of a 'chain of wills' because nobody is powerful alone or become powerful by doing anything you want. In fact, you have to play a very strict game of power, doing all sorts of shit you don't want in order to climb the chain of wills, appeasing here, forcing there, scheming endlessly. And then when you're at the top, you still don't get to do what you want, you do what you have to do because even at the top you're not free from the chain of the collective wills of all the people you rule. It's almost like you don't get to decide what to do, but how it's going to be done.

I hope I'm not too vague here (probably am), but read about the lives of Roman emperors and kings, it becomes very clear how pernicious power is and how it's nothing at all to do with doing anything you want.


If you have power you can do anything so maybe those roman emperors weren't actually all that powerful at the end of the day? It doesn't matter if you are in a high position or not if you are too afraid to live out your desires and to shape the world into what you'd like it to be. To be really powerful you have to be brave and cruel, ready to fight anyone who opposes you.

That is exactly why I said our leaders need to be strong warriors and people who claimed power through violence, confrontation or war. If you hand people the staff of rulership then they will be weak emperors. The Roman Empire suffered from the same disease we suffer from nowadays: civilization.

If someone can't do what he wants then he is obviously not free. What I dream about is a society where you don't suck up to people in any form or way but take what you want by force.

Collectivism is always the safe solution that leads to corruption while individualism is harder but has better rewards in the end.
Meh, /pol/ and the liberal left seem pretty much the same to me, both argue on the grounds of slave cattle morality just in different ways. Both care about "justice" and other spooks like that a great deal. Both dream about some utopistic society where people will help each other and obey the CORRECT laws and morals, heh, which is ofc their laws and morals.


Caligula and Commodus disagree


It's too narrow and influenced by ancient middle eastern desert cults. Life is more universal than any single ideology or religion.


Yet everyone is locked into his own subjective experience of life and subjective view of things. Life is just what life is like for you at the end of the day.

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Previous thread: https://archive.ph/NjswH
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File: 1653414673286.png (910.2 KB, 1406x1188, 703:594, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

"colored" is badword again, "black" is back to acceptable


File: 1653415745755.png (872.02 KB, 1164x1160, 291:290, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

just imagine the russian conscript who spent nearly a year of service at the bottom of a conscript brothel who's going to be put in charge of re-educating these ukrainian soldiers' thighs when they are captured as prisoners of war


Y'know what they say
Nigger's the new black.


File: 1653515513554.jpg (183.29 KB, 900x865, 180:173, feds-rally.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

how are these guys glowies exactly? They look really normal (and whats the story behind this pic)


They all look the same

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File: 1653353997597.jpeg (449.47 KB, 3170x3022, 1585:1511, 1D60A0EC-9A9B-45DA-AE67-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Completely honest post, does spirituality (a less cheap version than the one in the picture) have any single meaningful thing to contribute to a man's life other than a false sense of well-being for some hours? Why do people irl get into shit they don't understand and defend it to their core?

What is there to gain?
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I worship the Arrow of Time, Fifth Force, primordial Chaos, Entropy.
It's omnipresent and omnipotent, blind, uncaring, the true God of humanity. I know it's futile but it still gives me comfort.


In what sense worshipping entropy gives you comfort? That's curious.


Not him, because it's likely the only known way we can actually see nature "acting" as a higher force. I don't see Jesus of Nazareth or Odin doing shit. Formless gods tend to be more believable


The desire to worship something always leads one down the wrong path. Insteading of worshipping forces or gods or entities that don't care about you it would be better to learn to use other beings for your own gains, no? I mean supernatural beings. Like angels, demons, spirits, that sort of stuff.

Well, according to their faith, everything moves thanks to God. Abrahamic religions suppose that God is an active participant in our lives. So everything good is thanks to him, everything bad is because of original sin/humanity/demons etc.
Paganism is always about Nature Worship and so Odin was what, the god of death and wisdom if I remember right? So he is death and since death exists he is doing shit.

>Formless gods tend to be more believable

You think? I don't know, I think humans are more likely to follow a god that is similar to them in some way or another. This is exactly why God The Father or the gnostic God is hard to grasp for people, because they are unlike us so much. While Zeus for example could be understood much better because he was much more human.


I worship it out of fear and respect. I recognize it as the supreme entity.

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