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File: 1589928803181.png (67.11 KB, 326x245, 326:245, noreason.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Are there ever times when you have an imaginary conversation in your head which is really just you monologuing about something trying to explain it to someone, but at some point you can't find the right word for expressing the thing you want to say, and the more you desperately try to dig for the right word, the more the thread of discussion slips away until you can't even remember what you were thinking about anymore and the whole thing just dissipates and you go on with your day?


lately ive been talking to this cosplayer from my country in my head, never met her irl, but i've seen her livestreams and follow her on instagram. I actually do pretty well having conversations with her, yesterday I was trying to explain her why reproducing would be unethical in my case, and the reasons why it's impossible for a succubus to fall in love with me. She asked me why i had never have sex or a girlfriend, so i thought it'd be opportune to gave her my discourse on why I am a true wizard. Then to find what her humour is like I told how her about a funny anecdote that involved my aunt. I do this while walking, and it helps me to order my ideas.
I always find the right words to express my thoughts, people have complimented me on that before, that I can explain me very well.

But yours is a common occurrence that rarely happens to me.


no but I do the "explaining things to someone" in my mind thing, so when the day comes I can explain it perfectly, even make a retard understand


>lately ive been talking to this cosplayer from my country in my head, never met her irl, but i've seen her livestreams and follow her on instagram.
not good wiz

File: 1589214149588.jpg (44.63 KB, 560x710, 56:71, 3e08326c901266f12dfb596c7d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Good morning, fellow virgins of Wizchan. Today I'd like to discuss a topic I don't remember ever seeing here. It's got to do with looks and its relationship with virginity and the effect it has on wizardry and wizards. I'm interested in knowing your opinions. So here's a number of questions:
Would you recognize a extremely good looking wizard as such or would you consider him a nonwizard?
Do you believe attractive wizards can exist in modern times like this?
Is a handsome wizard an antithesis?

I strongly believe that the handsome are the least likely to grow into a full wizard or remain as one, unless they lose their good looks with the passage of time, as a result of ageing. Except on numbered cases where the attractive virgin in question suffers from a mental illness that prevents him from engaging with someone or has developed a type of personality that showcases a neutral disposition towards sex or relationships. Even so, a handsome wizard would be tempted to do it and may even have grown narcissistic due to their physical appearance, appearance over he has been complimented on many occasions, too many to remember and for which he has been treated exceptionally good.
This knowledge I think is something that puts me into a real conundrum since it will lead me to discriminate them based on their physical appearance which I consider to be rude and unfair, but using what little brain I have I can't ignore the fact that they are also human and can aspire to a wizard life, but then again, I cannot wrap my mind around it. Of course, here we are all anonymous, we can't see each other faces when we post, but what if we were to create a real haven for wizards. Don't you think there would be virgins who opposed to the admission of these attractive virgin males? My first thoughts is that a handsome wizard would be fighting the world and would be too easy for him to give in to temptation. Why would he choose to deprive himself from what's so easy and accessible to him?
That is because I believe that a wizard life is for those who already have problems and don't want anymore. Handsome people are privileged because of their looks, they might have struggles but in average they don't compare to that of a typical guy who chooses the wizard life.
It's hard to even consider for a second that the suffering of the average wizard can equate with that of the handsome wizard unless the latter is utterly sick and has been his entire life.
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The larpers seem to forget that you don't find wizchan, wizchan finds you, after years of debilitating loneliness and disconnect from society through NEETdom or other factors. That's why it's so hard to quit even though this site's moderation is shit, because there's nowhere else to really go. Most people came here through avenues like other imageboards such as 4chan talking about it, they weren't ideologues endlessly googling for a site for 30 year old virgins discussing being a voluntary recluse.


anyone who reads the wikipedia page on "imageboards" can find this site


Thank you mods. Though I'm a little puzzled as to why you'd clean up the thread instead of just deleting it outright.


They don't "clean up" they delete random shit and ban people for random shit even if it doesn't break the rules. This place is a shit hole LARPfest and the kiwifarms modclique is real.


>you don't find wizchan, wizchan finds you
yeah funny how that works

File: 1589608090680.gif (72.04 KB, 287x344, 287:344, 1447551972240.gif) ImgOps iqdb


How many people browse this?
Is it dead? This is a good chan, i hope it stays alive and active.
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ye, a punk-ass bitch


coping faggot.

as a one wise b poster said


I wish this website would die already


Lurking is better


You sounds like a mod

File: 1574351910525.jpg (85.84 KB, 297x282, 99:94, mom-and-son.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


We were in the health center and after I left the doctor's office, she began to ask me what the doctor said, and then she asked if I had told him everything, then her voice took a different tone when she said "did you tell him that you not engage in sexual acts?"
I didn't know what to say so I kept silent. She then followed and said "you had to tell everything to the doctor"

I wonder what she thinks of her son being a virgin. Is she ashamed of me? I think she might think that I'm a failure, she's a normalfag after all and had expressed her desire for me to have kids and a family in the past.

When she sees her friends and they talk about their children, the topic must come up, her friend's children must be big normalfags unlike me so I'm sure she is embarrassed of talking about me.
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>I'm pretty autistic
>anime picture
Every. Single. Time.


*teleport behind him*
>you think you could have okaa-chan all to yourself?
*slit his balls*
>now who's got castration anxiety? baakaaaa
*proceed to make love to mother in front of him*


File: 1589468726289.mp4 (146.27 KB, 640x360, 16:9, nigga what the fuck is thi….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1589538318592.jpeg (96.42 KB, 1125x850, 45:34, D6A43C67-6FDD-4966-A6C7-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Please could you use this site a bit more, your newfaggotry is showing.

File: 1589370964641.jpg (146.24 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2a16ef08180ac593fff7e84fc1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How cleanly are you? I'm a filthy disgusting slob (pic related, though not quite as bad), and only ever clean in the rare case that I'm expecting relatives, just to keep up a facade and avoid drama. Dad went apeshit over some stains years ago, which is when I realized that uncleanliness is a major personal sin in normiedom, beyond just personal disgust.

I haven't been sick once in over ten years, and filth doesn't bother me as I tend to not notice my surroundings anyway.
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File: 1589377293744.gif (576.18 KB, 500x342, 250:171, bedroom-clipart-animation-….gif) ImgOps iqdb

My room is neat and immaculate - like a well-kept grave.


I do spontaneously clean up sometimes just to have a project to do. Gets rid of some visual clutter.

Most of the time I don't notice what the rest of the room looks like though, while I'm starting at the screen.


fairly clean, change my bed every 10 days or so, clean surfaces in room once a week.


I have OCD so any kind of filthness make me go into panic mode. I wash my hands and face all the time, even my feet when I step somewhere around the house without my slippers on. I bath at least twice a day and brush my teeth regurlaly. As I became extremely depressed my room got really messy in the past months. It's clean but has a lot of useless stuff I need to get rid of.


I always want to clean and organize my house and throw away all the junk that is never used or even seen 99% of the time. But I live with my mother and she fights me every step of the way if I ever try. I can't throw ANYTHING away without her throwing a tantrum. If I do anything loud or that would be visible to her while doing it, like vacuuming or any cleaning task that ACTUALLY NEEDS TO BE DONE she says "no it stresses me out do it another time". The only tasks that I can manage to accomplish while dancing around her needs is superficial shit like washing some dishes that piled up or taking out the trash.

And she is disabled and is home more than I am. So she's never not home unless she's in the hospital for an extended period of time.

File: 1585662859624.jpg (581.65 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 0987654321.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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What's with this random one-upmanship? If you don't care, then don't post.


Thanks for the warning but I like the river.


Put a pony buttplug and walk around town with it. Thats a trje sissyfean task


My brain is my biggest enemy. I need to antaganize my brain at any given time until it shuts the fuck up.


File: 1589466267918.jpg (301.31 KB, 820x547, 820:547, rru4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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File: 1587523138664.jpg (57.91 KB, 427x526, 427:526, aa9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else hate "ironic" culture? Ironic this, ironic that, ironic memes, irony bros, ironically being a fan of something, ironically being a part of a political ideology, ironically taking the other side of an argument thinking you're making them look bad, "post-ironic" memes, old memes coming back "ironically", ironic use of emojis, and the list could go on forever.

It's one of the many forms of cancer that killed the internet and there's no escaping it. It's not funny, it's not clever, it's just annoying. I know someone is going to accuse me of being a "boomer" who "doesn't get it" but there really isn't much to "get" to begin with.
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Both are cancerous. Irony should not be used to shield your awkwardness nor should it be used as a political weapon. I honestly have more respect for someone who is openly awkward than I do for someone who constantly goes through the same old ironic self-aware and self-deprecating routine.


I don't really encounter these kinds of meme in the websites I browse but I have a feeling your definition of ironic encompasses more than mine so please provide more examples. Is listening to gachimuchi without being gay ironic? Is roleplaying and making impressions of something ironic? Is pretending to be stupid/gay/degenerate/etc ironic? Is repeating meme phrases? Am I not even allowed to joke about fucking Shrek and barbed Khajiit cock if I don't find them arousing in real life?


so uh, basically, you can't deal with the fact that your life, and human condition in general, is just an absurd comedy? What's the point of being frank and sincere if someone perceive that himself and his surroundings are a joke? Everything will fade away like ashes carried by a gust of wind.
I don't think taking yourself and your beliefs so seriously is a beneficial thing considering the world you're living in right now.
But most importantly, if you don't like modern society, why are you still part of it? Just drop out and disregard everything instead of telling everyone how they are supposed to live and behave.
After all why would a wizard care about mundane things such as normalfilth culture and behaviour?


>But most importantly, if you don't like modern society, why are you still part of it? Just drop out
Many of us don't have that option. Not everyone has parents that will support them so we have to go out and get a job, which generally entails interacting with others.
>After all why would a wizard care about mundane things such as normalfilth culture and behaviour?
Because normalfag culture infiltrates everything, including even this website to an extent. Obviously we could avoid normalfag culture if we opt to live in the mountains with no internet but most of us either cannot live like that or just wouldn't want to. Also since you seem to admit that ironic culture is "normalfilth culture" why are you defending it? Don't act like you're actually neutral on the issue because you're clearly not.


Postironic nihilism is possibly the hottest trend of recent years. The culture behind it is invasive and ubiquitous. It's even prominent in a lot of popular media most notably Rick and Morty. So now even preteens are trying to emulate this behavior. Half are doing it just to fit in or because it's the only socially acceptable way to express certain thoughts and the other half are trying really hard to act cool while also trying to give off the impression that they don't care what others think when in reality they are among the most self-conscious and approval seeking normscum members of society.

File: 1585161196032.gif (1.22 MB, 704x416, 22:13, yorigami_jo_on_touhou_draw….gif) ImgOps iqdb

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ITT, post the last thing you fapped to.
Let's be tasteful and share the nice things!

Some places where you can find an image source before asking:

Previous thread: >>235670
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File: 1589245915831-0.jpg (994.9 KB, 1449x1200, 483:400, EXTw7tpUEAAi5FW.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1589245915831-1.jpg (128 KB, 940x768, 235:192, zjjamqqup5y41.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1589245915831-2.jpg (773.28 KB, 905x1200, 181:240, EXimA2EXgAEMJ8E.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


jesus christ


File: 1590151111521.jpg (107.56 KB, 620x625, 124:125, capt-shmo-s6nql-8d1dfc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb




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File: 1568388678236.png (238.25 KB, 467x536, 467:536, 4353CF84-528C-4F73-9CAA-83….png) ImgOps iqdb

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Because laughter is the best medicine.

Both funny videos, photos, songs, comic strips, jokes, etc.
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JP discusses Touhou


File: 1595011011254.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, transnigga.webm) ImgOps iqdb

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