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Do you think discovering imageboards early in life fucks you up?

I already had ADHD symptoms when I was young but I feel like imageboards made them worse with how fast they are, the ability to jump through boards each discussing different topics and the total lack of barriers for making new threads. I got used to making a thread for whatever question or thought I had instead of trying to think a bit for myself first. Also something I thought about is how my PC is full with images from years of imageboards and how that made me a very visual person. I just feel like imageboards molded my brain and behavior and every time I think I can quit them because I am tired of the shallow level of discussion that comes from the fast pace and lack of barriers I somehow end up back and spending my entire day on them even if it makes me regret it at the end of the day.


how can you spend most of your time on imageboards when they are mostly dead ?


They are not. They're as slow and calm as they've been since 2002. You've been spoiled by your 4Chans and your Discourse Nitro.


I use neither, and most boards are either dead or slow, you can't be addicted to them.


4**n is pretty fast still. Also even wizchan used to be fast enough that you could spend your whole day here.

But anyways does anyone feel the same about the impact of imageboards on your behaviour?


most boards are neither dead nor slow, I can be addicted to them.


I think being a visual person is probably a good thing, but the soyjacks and other shitty pics popular in imageboards rot your mind. I avoid those like the plague.
Also imageboards do have a culture of not opening threads gratuitously, barely ever open a thread, instead I post my question in a related thread.
Even in fast imageboards (which I stopped using years ago) the content gets old pretty fast. I don't think they could keep my attention for more than 20 minutes. I do sometimes find myself checking all the boards I like to see what's up, there's rarely anything of interest. I visit mostly slow boards but even the faster ones with new comments have lite to offer most of the time (in good part because I'm not interested in most of the topics bumped.)
I do have a tendency to blogpost. I am thinking something and feel the impulse to write it in some related thread. But I usually don't, sometimes I do write the stuff but I don't send it and it dies right there.


No, my ADHD fucked me up from birth.


>I think being a visual person is probably a good thing

The problem I see is that it makes you shallow because looking at images is fun and easy as opposed to reading dry text.


I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post
is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble.

You are incredible! Thanks!


no it helped me realize things of this world


I'd say that back in the day most probably not, at least didn't fuck me up that bad. But nowadays the social media shit will fuck you up.


Are you trans?


I don't think imageboards or even the internet in general has been around long enough to say whether or not it fucks you up.

Give it at least another 100 years or so.


i only started going to 4chan in my late teens. wasted a lot of time there, question is what other things would i have done in that time.
it made me think about my life and role of family/parents. or i do that anyway and shifts my focus more towards related posts.
maybe the stories of others could have given me a bit of a precognition about my future. a lot of things could have been fixed with a bit of desperetion and not looking for a better opportunity


I remember discovering 4chan around in the late 2000s as a kid. I saw the rise of many memes the “Internet Hate Machine” produced before most died by 2012. I was curious as to why 4chan protested Scientology back in 2008 as an 8 year old at the time. It was fun. I wasn’t an active member on the site since I didn't know how to use it. Some of the stuff confused me. I turned out fine.


I was a fucked up kid going through a edgy phase in life and was recommended imageboards.

So I was fucked up before hand and directed to them. Not really the other way around.
I don't think they fucked me up more. The worst that came of it was that I wasted (and still waste) a fuck ton of time. Time that I could have probably spent doing something meaningful or at least actively fun.

Helped my typing and writing though. If it wasn't' for them I would probably never have a reason to write much outside of a educational context.
I have gotten to the point where I went from totally hating writing to actually sort of enjoying it.


They made me realize how shitty life is


one way that IBs have affected me stems from the way one can just dump their thoughts on the void without any link to any identity whatsoever, precluding the possibiity of keeping registry or even mantaining continuity. Especially in vent threads.
Whenever I had some unresolved thought process, sometimes even with processes that were just starting to form, I would go and dump it in a vent thread and sort of truncated it, but also by virtue of typing it out, I would cement it in it's embryonic state. This meant that it was both cast as a statement about me, contributing to a sort of self-assertion, while also forgetting it and never developing it further. Sometimes I would read an old vent and realized that I'd written it and that it was something stupid that just came out in the spur of the moment. But by writing about it I gave it more force, at least at that time. I also developed the habit of rushing into the vent thread whenever my thoughts would start to spiral. I stopped doing this when I realized what Im as doing, but traces of this remain, and I often go and repeat my issues on random posts across several boards, always writing some version of the exact same message, in a long wall of text ramble. This is not it, though, this is a meta commentary of my own awareness of this ongoing issue.


if it weren't imageboards something else would have fucked you up, don't you think? Neuroplasticity is a thing so you can still quit if you want to, but what will you replace imageboards with, it's up to you.


It can, but if you lived as a normie you'd probably be having to pay child support for kids you're not able to see.


I discovered imageboards way to early. I was like 12 or so. It blackpilled me to no end. I was a bright, optimistic kid and became a protowizard in like two years of lurking. I am 26 now and there is no way back, my brain has been molded by the imageboards and their pessimism regarding existence.


Those are just are the first phases OP. Read more schizo stuff and you may end up adapting.


you eventually will learn media literacy and start questioning whether the answers are coming from, who the truth-tellers really are and which communities are stupid or fake.

Anyways, get into nootropics. They're surprisingly cheap and unleash your genetic potential for intelligence and concentration.


you can reverse the effects of cocaine addiction is little over half a year of abstinence. And that's without interventions. There is no way computer brain is a premanent adaptation, just walk away from the screen and spam plasticity promoting supplements while doing something more healthy for a change


by repeatedly scrolling through and half reading the same posts over and over


Yes, i do think.

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