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How is it that white people have become so pathetic and self destructive in modern times? They can't express pride or love for their own people and skin color without being called racist, every predominately white country is expected to be flooded with other ethnic groups, and when those groups begin to take over by way of gaining political power its celebrated as progress. Whites no longer being the majority in their own countries is seen as a good thing, when the inverse would be seen as colonialism. What the hell happened?
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And of course, the basic point which is that if there's no immigration, your population has to get used to shrinking, which at some point might actually spur succubi into doing their jobs instead of being dumb whores for all their reproductive years. But if you just keep importing brown people desperate to live in a White society, the need to have young workers to pay for social security, to maintain infrastructure, etc is lessened.


crab cope. the biggest crab countries with the lowest fertility rates (east asia and east europe except russia) are the most homogeneous countries in the world and have almost no immigration.

white people just hate having kids.


>crab cope. the biggest crab countries
>white people
So you not only cry about crabs in adjacent threads but you also hate white people. You can't go one day without spewing leftist feminist vitriol and your hatred for virgins and whites. get the fuck out of wizchan, mentally ill nigger.


>Why are normalfags so desperate to ruin a site for wizards?
They are vermin that hates anyone who isn't like them.


>mentally ill
This is leftist and normgroid word.


Thats because brown normalfags are even bigger wild animals than white normalfags.
And asiatics are just insectoids wearing human skin.


What the hell is the "white race", anyway?

I mean, what would you even consider to be the earliest documentation of "white people" in history?

When the Kassites first began showing up in Mesopotamia around 1700 BC?


being proud of something you were born with is silly


I agree, but i hope you realise that extends to pride of all kinds, since free will doesnt exist and all your achievements result from what you are born with


File: 1700521670728.jpeg (284.63 KB, 1023x716, 1023:716, B722F245-B2B7-444B-81BC-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I just noticed that Arabs have sometimes been considered as being "Mediterranean" which is supposed to be a "sub-race" of "Caucausoid". It's weird because it is sometimes said that Indo-European-language-speaking peoples originated from somewhere in the Caucasus mountains region hence why they're often referred to as "Caucasoid" or "Caucasian" but Arabs speak an Afro-Asiatic language and is more closely related to ancient Egyptian and Hebrew. Since Arabic is a Semitic language like Hebrew, this implies that speakers of Arabic and Hebrew are descended from Shem, one of the sons of Noah. Those who speak Indo-European languages are I suppose descended from Japheth, another son of Noah.


who cares, rabbi.


File: 1706392311257.jpg (49.63 KB, 598x1000, 299:500, 611GhIV8QSL._AC_UF1000,100….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'll like to follow up on this post, I spent the last few months reading the commentaries, texts, interviews and presentations of the higher tier white nationalists that have pondered this their entire career. Sam Francis, Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, Roger Devlin, and to a lesser extent Paul Gottfried.

The theory these types have that best explains it is the "Managerial Revolution" as detailed by James Burnham. Basically, in the early 20th century, technological progress and the sophistication of modern industrial methods necessitated the rise of the managerial class over the bourgoise, this class consisting of highly educated technicians and planners that are required to direct large companies. Individual Capitalist shareholders lost power to this class of people over time, as they were too isolated from the factors of production and how society functioned to utilize their wealth properly. The Managerial class came to power with FDR during the great depression, and their interest was the expansion of government power and the proliferation of their class through all of society. The culture of the old bourgois of self reliance, individual religion and personal responsibility got gradually replaced with the new managerial ideology of stakeholder capitalism, social planning and social engineering.

The denaturing of white people is undertaken by the managerial class because they want to divide and conquer society to better maintain their control. They feel safer in a Brazil where there's different races with grievances to play against one another to maintain government power, different inequalities to justify solving. The excessive focus on racial and gender disparities gives justification for more social planning, more resources, more bureaucrats and managers to maintain the social engineering.

Climate Change, multi-culturalism, racial conflict, gender issues, feminism, LGBT rights, etc are all problems for the managerial class to have justification for solving. Climate Change denialism isn't seen as bad because it's anti-science, it's seen as bad because climate change as a threat gives justification for the proliferation of managerial power. They want to have commissars ruling over the economy.

What the ruling managerial class most fears is a Caesar type figure and a populist revolution from the white working class and "middle america". Trump was seen as terrifying to this class because he was a harbinger of what was still possible. With demographic replacement, there is no easy possibility of a single populist figure taking control and sweeping this bloated and parasitic class aside. "The Great Replacement" essay finished by quoting "Wouldn't it be easier for the government to dissolve the people and elect another". And that's literally what western governments are doing, the next step is foreigners serving in the army and police, loyal to the managerial regime.

The Trucker Protests in Canada are an example of how conscious the managerial class is to a white backlash, and how they freak out and shit their pants when it happens (Trudeau fled the country like Causescau attempted to do so). Notice how it was 95% white faces in those protests, Indians and Asians lived in their ethnic enclaves looking on with fear, secretly happy when the government cracked down on them, knowing the displacement of white people benefits them too.


Most things fall into place if you use this analysis, which is why the entire educated racialist right does so. The exception being Kevin MacDonald who replaces the Managerial Elite with "the jews". Paul Gottfried wrote a reply to him saying it's all managerialism, and I have to say I align with Paul Gottfried on this one. The Jews are disproportionately represented in the denaturing of white people only precisely because they, being educated and in major city centers, were disproportionately in the managerial class.

Covid, I interpret through this lens as the great "cultural revolution" of mangerialism. A total regulation of society and attempt at grand social engineering, the fanaticism of racial BLM protests being greenlit as hypocrisy was total gaslighting, but social engineering and fracturing social relations was always the goal. Kids being stunted due to being isolated learning through Zoom calls means more social workers, more funding for education, more teachers. What ended the cultural revolution wasn't any realization they went too far, it was the risk of the Chinese state literally collapsing. What ended the covid era wasn't any realization that it was wrong, it was that they were risking widespread economic ruin with all the money printing.

I think in the end two things will end Mangerialism. The class will grow so large, so fat, so bloated that will be too much of a fiscal drain on the society in infects. A fiscal crisis will necessitate the end of all the comfy benefits it uses to keep the population docile, necessitate a culling in the class numbers. And the unstable coalition against white people, the homosexuals, coastal elites, muslims, blacks, etc have nothing in common and hate each other, only united by their hatred of the white majority. With the passing of the white majority I think social engineering simply won't work, only whites are vulnerable to it, and more ethno-nationalist groups like Pakistani Muslims will simply be immune to the attempts.


Fuck off back to /pol/, stop ruining every imageboard


The instant I see climate change denial I know someone has just believed everything some retard oil spokesman has told them


The point still stands, the main driving motivation for climate change awareness is its usefulness to the managerial state. The idea of climate commissars regulating every facet of the economy is very useful to their class interests.

The Managerial State can get by without all these things, but they wouldn't have such control over the economy without these aforementioned problems. Sweden is a good example. Sweden was pretty much a utopia on earth from 1960-2000 with no real problems. The managerial state struggled to justify its existence and was getting beaten back by rounds of privatization and deregulation. So they imported not just foreigners, but the most poor and incompatible foreigners they could from war torn shitholes like Somalia, who promptly burrowed away in ghettos. More work for the managerial state, more problems for them to solve. Extra employed translators for schools, bloated bureaucratic staff for the education and healthcare system.


>The point still stands
No it doesn't. You are so concerned with someone have any power over you that you refuse to acknowledge the very real problem that needs addressing.


File: 1706483105927.jpg (113.34 KB, 828x722, 414:361, kalergiplan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hitler has become secular Satan.
Anything resembling Hitler is opposed.
Such as ethnocentrism, dislike of outgroups etc

Original sin has become White Guilt or better called 'Original White Sin' often this is just called "Whiteness" Whiteness is often talked about as if it were a virus or a parasite and sometimes explicitly called such.

Just because people are less Christian or not Christian at all does not mean they aren't effected by cultural Christian morality. We have not broken from the Christian system it's aesthetic merely morphed.
Not even Christians themselves are immune to this new religion.
I think humans are basically a religious animal at heart.

Morality is weaponized against Whites and empathy is exploitable we are told we are inherently evil and guilty that our ancestors were sinful and we can redeem ourselves by defeating ourselves; giving power to minorities, speaking up for them, bullying other Whites, apologizing, fraternizing with non-Whites, inter marrying etc


the hapa mastermind who pulls the strings even above the Jews


I don't blame arabs though.

Just looking at the political map of Syria is mind boggling let alone other states in the region like Lebanon.

There is no clear "homeland" to fight for like in Ukraine. When war erupts you're just in feudal Japan fighting 200 other small clans.
The war never ends because there is a constant stream of thugs and soldiers from other clans threatening your family, kidnapping each other and blowing each others homes up.

At least in Ukraine's case there is a clear opponent: Russia. If you live in Syria your opponent is just a weird faceless menace, a mixture of mercenaries, foreign agents, your own countrymen from different families, etc… You can't win no matter how much you fight.

I don't want them in Europe, but I understand *why* anyone with more than 80 IQ simply chooses to exit that hellhole.


If it were me I would try to make my way to Egypt, seems like the nicest place that is still inside the Arab world.


you just described the area so well. i really have a hard time understanding what the fuck is going on over there, but what you said has 'stuck' perfectly. thanks


I don’t know, ask all of the Latinos and Blacks and Asians in the United States who seem to have a clear idea of who it is and who they need to punish. You know you’re white because you’re not allowed to live in the US inner city - a Mestizos or African-American would almost immediately mark you. Look at this comedian Mark Normand - tells his story growing up in New Orleans as the only “white guy”. White guy in quotes because some might even look at this guy and decide that he’s not white do to his less than Nordic characteristics but the blacks in his neighborhood did not make the distinction. He was white so him and his family were regularly targeted for home invasions and theft.


It really doesn’t matter what you think “white” means, all that really matters is what other people are perceive you as and if your ancestry is from basically any country in Europe, you’re the devil. And maybe this doesn’t matter much now but as our institutions become more and more “diverse” thanks to affirmative action and DEI, I think conditions will get increasingly bad as anyone who they decide is white. I don’t think African Americans and South Asians and Mexicans and Hondurans and Arabs and Somalis will make a distinction between Nordic and Mediterranean and Irish and Iberian like a lot of online Nazis enjoy debating about. What matters is how you look and how you speak. Soon you’ll be going into Emergency Rooms and intentionally getting ignored by non-white staff - I have seen anecdotes of this in online that in some majority Hispanic areas that white people are noticing they’re getting ignored and pushed to the back of line for medical care by Hispanic staff


I feel so much safer going into the inner city seeing it full of Hispanics instead of Blacks, I give an audible sigh of relief wooosh that Blacks are being Great Replaced by Browns in the ghetto.


If you're going to let minorities define the white race for you, they also universally consider Jews whites, the most white of whites even.


Yes and Jews should understand this but they won’t. And that’s the biggest problem with them.


Iirc, most do go to Egypt and Turkey. An extremely small minority has the money to travel around Europe.


The Elon Musk/ DeSantis coalition trying to win over Jews to fight DEI


Wealth. Notice that poorer white nations are always more racist and less accepting of foreigners on average.

>We shan't agree on anything, because we shall lack everything; we shan't avoid neither Hunger nor Racism, and we shall only be able to be free from one by giving in to the other. One day we shall become Racists just to eat; we shall be men of need in the worst sense of the word, we shall be Materialists and Racists.


That theory makes little sense considering Switzerland, Finland and Austria are the most racist nations in the EU and they are also some of the wealthiest.



South Korea, Israel and Japan go against that theory.


this is going to happen to any other race once they achieve what the white men have. Once their whole idea of "we're punishing whites for slavery and wars" then their own children will become weak


Where the Transylvanian wizards at?


do u wish u were part of hungary?


EU should have open borders with Slavs to replenish their blond supply


So true. If we just keep putting more taxes on white people for everything they do, we will surely save the planet.


you all are a bunch of normalfags. the fuck it have to do with being a virgin.


Maybe you were speaking loosely but I'm "mentally ill" (schizophrenic) and vehemently hate normalniggers. I get that succubi have made mental illness cool but that's not the same as actually experiencing psychosis. And I'm a 29 year old virgin NEET



are you eating real food that is good for you or have you been tricked into believing it does not matter?

are you exercising in a way that makes you sweat around once or twice a week?

have you discovered that dancing is essential for a healthy human?

are you getting better at something?

do you refuse to do things that make you hate yourself?

do you refuse to comply with evil?

do you refuse to drink alcohol and other harmful idiocy?

do you refuse to be a whore in one way or another?

do you spend time in nature?

have you discovered the benefits of deep meditation?

do you refuse to believe things things that don't add up just because someone important tells you to?

if you answer all the questions with yes and what you were trained to describe as mental illness still persists, then there might be actual more complex mental thangs happening but regardless i hope you believe that it gets better. that's the number one most essential principle of healing anything. you have to believe that you have the ability to make things better and then seek out what you can do to help that process along. it's difficult to heal trauma and abuse but not impossible.

most people live like shit though and they feel how you would expect them to based on the choices they made. they'd have it easy to improve their life, but they don't do it. bummer. human life can be nice.


that isn't it


truth about the need for an eugenic culture must be kept in secret while also spread, this way the leftists wont detect the righteous



Everyone is defined by other people, that's part of identity. Self hating Blacks that consider their people irresponsible and lazy call attention to how other races behave. White people do the same thing to criticize whites, they will draw attention to how clean Japan is to draw attention to how dirty their own country is, for example.

Families do the same thing, "Why can't you be more like X's kid, X's kid studies every day for 2 hours after school" is used to define their child as irresponsible. Who you are is defined by how other people are, white people in all white areas don't really think much at all about their white identity, same with blacks in all black societies. It's only when you meet another group does it become obvious. If aliens existed we'd contrast ourselves with them to get a sense of what it means to be human.

And the point is yes, other races and the government face no scruples or difficulty selecting out whites for discrimination. It's only when the threat of white identity is there, will they pile on insincerely with "well what exactly is white anyway?". But when you are playing meta with definitions, you've lost the argument.


File: 1717141493714.png (836.89 KB, 821x835, 821:835, marionetten.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Everyone is defined by other people

if puppets could talk, this is what they would say. the puppet is just the empty container and the definition of others is the liquid filling the the container.

when a bunch of literal retards have an opinion about me, does that define me? does that make who i am? do they get to shape me into whatever they see fit just because they are a group? no, because i refuse to be a puppet. groups are trash.


You're misinterpreting what I said. You're defined by other people in the sense of you meeting them forces you to become cognizant of what you are and what's unique/different about you. In a world where only whites existed, nobody would talk about the "white" race as a thing because there would be nothing to compare it to.

It's a total projection that racism is caused by ignorance. "scientific racism" emerged because people noticed there were differences and tried to systematize it as best they could. The more people look into the world, the more different they find people.


>You're misinterpreting what I said.


>You're defined by other people in the sense of you meeting them forces you to become cognizant of what you are and what's unique/different about you.

that's just you being a puppet. you don't have free will so you don't understand the the force of cognition is transcendable. to you it is ultimate reality.

>In a world where only whites existed, nobody would talk about the "white" race as a thing because there would be nothing to compare it to.

the skin is objectively light colored though. the people would refer to them as pale pink skinned maybe. what you talk about are all unimportant issues of identity though because you are a group puppet. you are so identified with your stupid group, you shouldn't even have a name. you should just be given a number.

>It's a total projection that racism is caused by ignorance. "scientific racism" emerged because people noticed there were differences and tried to systematize it as best they could.

the racism isn't the problem. there is nothing wrong with noticing differences. the problem is that you do not have control of yourself. the problem is that you gave up controlling yourself and instead decided to identify as the group you are in. you sacrificed your individuality to become some stupid cog in a machine hoping to gain advantages for your group and disadvantages for everyone else. that's how all atrocities in the world came to be. by assholes who sacrificed themselves for their disgusting group. groups are the problem in the world and you are just some (possibly even imagined) group's puppet. there is a whole other dimension to the human experience that you don't understand because you are limited to licking boots in a group. if your breath didn't stank of shoe-shine you'd have a whole other outlook and a different set of possibilities would apply to you.


What made lefties be the way they are? The mishandling of right wing politics carried out in an authoritarian fashion. If you mix that the natural weakness obvious to the entire humanity, you can't help them. And they do not deserve to be helped, just be sure you don't get beaten sharing propaganda about what's really happening with the world.

They deserve to perish under their own idiocy, let them do so. Save those who will listen, be swift, be discreet.

Your greed and pride will otherwise become a weak spot.


>What made lefties be the way they are?

Depends on the lefties. Most social democrats are just normal succubus with a nurturing instinct. Some rudimentary psychological research has shown the more radical ones are paradoxically more machivallian and sadistic despite their constant claims to virtue.

If you ask a leftist "why do you think you vote left and I vote right", they'll always answer it's because they perceive themselves as compassionate and caring for the little guys.

I've gotten in long drawn out political conversations with left wingers, mostly polite. And although they somewhat agree with me with some of my points about race, they're hesitant to endorse my views. I think they find comfort in the egalitarianism because it keeps them as "good people" without question. If they embraced race realism or the problem of dysgenics, then suddenly they are faced with some serious moral dilemmas that their worldview cannot address. So instinctively they avoid the point, shrink away from it out of fear.

Man is a social animal and radical individualism is a disease of the modern era. Even in the gilded age of cowboys where rugged independence was the norm, man was bound by his social duty and his community. The unfortunate fact of nature is that groups always win against atomized individuals. You can claim "I don't see race" all you want, but if the other side sees race, categorizes you by race, and targets you by race, you'll be left disarmed.


>What made lefties be the way they are?
>Depends on the lefties. Most social democrats

i don't even believe the distinction between left and right makes sense anymore. when i think of a rightleaning person, i think of authoritarians who want war and slavery. that's not true obviously but up until wokeness happened, the authoritarian elites cosplayed as rightleaning. now that wokeness happened all the authoritarian elites pretend to be leftleaning. they were never rightleaning nor leftleaning, it is all theater.

i thought i was leftie all my life, but it feels like i have 80% or 90% in common with righties. when you see these obnoxious genderless barking dogs these days, those aren't lefties, they are just authoritarian groupvictim npcs/shills/knaves currently identifying as lefties. don't watch mainstream lefties, they are all compromised disgraceful shills, watch dudes like jimmy dore.

>Man is a social animal

repeating this every chance possible doesn't make it true. i get it that most people avoid it but i recommend never to be fear being completely alone. it is a degenerative habit always to have others to depend on. it is a important fear to conquer and until you do, you don't even understand all the ways in which you will drag your group down and you don't understand how easy it is to seem attractive. nothing will make people notice and admire you as the ability to do everything yourself skillfully without despairing.

lol if i'm a leftie, i should not argue for self-reliance but obviously the left-right political distinction seems to be nearing end of life. rightleaning people from 2000 until ~2018 were really bad at memes but that is no longer true. 'the right can't meme' that was true back then. they caught up in communicating their ideas though. there are excellent memes making the rounds these days that help people see that rightleaning people have important ideas that are well thought out and contribute to the benefit of humanity.

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