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File: 1692464935361.jpg (345.69 KB, 3264x1658, 1632:829, ukim.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How is it that white people have become so pathetic and self destructive in modern times? They can't express pride or love for their own people and skin color without being called racist, every predominately white country is expected to be flooded with other ethnic groups, and when those groups begin to take over by way of gaining political power its celebrated as progress. Whites no longer being the majority in their own countries is seen as a good thing, when the inverse would be seen as colonialism. What the hell happened?


Well the most advanced lifeforms usually do things that are against their nature in favor of abstract things like pride or love, those ethnic groups are more animal and less pro-abstract stuff, hence why they are less indoctrinable.
The good thing about white people is that their brain is very malleable.
If you send white people and ethnics to war guess which group is going to have more desertion rate?
btw those ethics are the slave caste and the whites are an upper caste.


The people in power hate White people. It's not that complicated.


Why are normalfags so desperate to ruin a site for wizards? Is evrything else still not enough?


File: 1692515144343.webm (3.61 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1692402490485593.webm) ImgOps iqdb

We need to genetically modify a race of people superior to any existing race. The appearance of a hyper attractive white, with the mind of an intelligent compassionate autist.


There is no such thing as a superior race.
The most efficient race is the one that survives and reproduces its genes the most with the least resources possible.


I was thinking something more along the lines of a genetically-modified race of perpetually prepubescent females. Perhaps reproduces asexually somehow, like with the help of cloning and artificial wombs.


A rare sight. A literal shitskin Hindu cope.


I am not even hindu.
That's the conclusion I arrived to when I watched countless animal documentaries, humans are no different.



In the US you have the issue of the whole white identity having arisen in the first place from slavery. There was no concept of whiteness or white people before it became a thing as part of a racial caste system, before then everyone just saw themselves as their ethnicity, german, dutch etc. So to say you take pride in your identity as a white person just seems to most people like you're saying you want to go back to that caste system, which basically 100% of people who say shit like that actually do. There are a lot of racist as shit people out there and they are all pretending not to be racist and pretending to be the victims when their bullshit euphemisms are not indulged. You are not a victim for being racist and then pretending that your racism is actually not racism.


The Asians seems pretty superior


The two biggest culprits are College education and Mainstream media.


Human history has pretty much always been defined by what happened in the last major war. 80 years ago a group of white people stood in defiance of the leaders of the world. Jews and other rich people. The group of white people (Germans of the NSDAP) ultimately failed. To do so the jews and rich people threw a mass of bodies and war material that was unheard of in human history. They had to leverage the entire planet to do this. To beat a country that accounts for 1/300 the landmass on earth.
So here we stand in the post war era as the losers of that war. Ultimately until another war comes along that overthrows the jews and rich people, it will stay this way. This could happen in our generation, or it could happen in twenty generations.


If you simply stopped whining…


Jared Taylor, who spent his second half of his life doing white advocacy, can't even come up with a definitive answer as to why. There's a few speculative answers, but the facts are

>The early signs started appearing in the 1930s, and the open borders stuff hit all at once in the 60s

>The open borders hit at the exact same time as the boomers came of age, second wave feminism and the new left. The mid to late 1960s
>It was practically every western country at once
>The cold war insulated eastern Europe, the iron curtain kept this mental contamination out all the way until wall came down. Hence countries like Poland and Bulgaria being 30 years behind (but are now on the same path)
>Even East Asian countries in the American sphere didn't get hit, the Japanese and Koreans work to keep their societies relatively pure
>Western working class average people never wanted this, polling has consistently shown 75% of the population and above is opposed to mass immigration
>Even anti-racists that advocate for this move to majority white neighborhoods and socialize with other whites
>Israel is in the western sphere but is totally immune, they are chud and proud of it.

Jared Taylor sometimes mentions the psychological toll of World War I and II on western countries. I personally think that white elites have always been idealistic and are relatively racially disloyal compared to the elites in other countries, and there's a genetic basis for it. Whites have less of a sense of an "in group" on a genetic level, and always have. With the abundance of wealth, this got to the point where it could express itself in a pathological fashion. Sort of like how hoarding is a healthy behavior in a tribe, but a hoarder in modern society lives in a house filled with garbage. An adaptive trait that made sense for like, the nobility of feudal Europe to make ties with other noble houses, or the germanic tribe to share food during the cold winter, but makes absolutely zero sense now and is actively harmful.

I'm sympathetic to the jew theory so I don't want to be too harsh on Kevin MacDonald. And jews definitely have been a contributing factor, the most horrid shit you see promoting this comes from Ashkenazi jews living in the States. Even in Sweden you have cunts like that Barbara succubus that /pol/ posts around, openly trying to dilute Swedish society so it "survives". They do seem to have some genetic instinct on some level to be subversive cunts. But I think it's not a sufficient explanation, because western jews outside of Israel are now succumbing to the same poison and are intermixing with whites at a rate of like 50%. If it was some genius gay-op to come out on top, they're failing, because western jews are going down with the ship. The white majority fading means the end of safety for western jews too, because no other race gives a shit about them or the holocaust.


I'm against racemixing but I hope the normalfags who bullied me get gang raped to death by shitskins after the collapse.


yeah it doesn't make sense for Jews to be the ultimate power behind it all.

It is Von Kalergi, the Hapa


I already explained the reason why. Racial identity did not exist until modern times. It only came into existence through the implementation of a racial caste system after the colonial era when african slave trade took off. The whites have been the ones that have been the oppressors during all this time. If you claim to be proud of your race, the only context in which that makes sense is that you are proud of your history as an oppressor. You are proud of being the ones on the top of the caste system. This is why it's considered bad form for white people to rally around racial identity, since the purpose and existence of such a thing was to implement a racial caste system where whites were supreme. People just assume that's what you're trying to do again if you do that which, let's be honest you fucking racists, you totally are. Everyone can see you are just lying when you claim it's not racist and it has nothing to do with white supremacy. White supremacy is predicated on the idea that whites are superior to the other races so taking "pride" in your "race" is a dogwhistle for saying you think white people are better than other people.

It's obviously different for the group that was the oppressed rather than the one doing the oppressing. If they take pride in their race, who cares, no one is going to use that pride to implement a system of oppression. It's only a problem when it's said by the oppressors because that is a primary tool and justification in implementation of their system of racial oppression which is the bad thing that no one wants.

This is reaaaaalllly not complicated. Stop pretending it is, it's quite disgusting.


>Racial identity did not exist until modern times
Most of the oldest documents archeology has uncovered are from all over the planet, and they detail differences in peoples based on where they came from.

>This is reaaaaalllly not complicated. Stop pretending it is, it's quite disgusting.

Mods ban this female


Very well thought-out. You've done alot of research. Israel wouldn't even exist today if not for Britain making it a country and kicking all the Palestinians out.
>They do seem to have some genetic instinct on some level to be subversive cunts
While that sounds fatalist, how else would we explain that the founder of BLM is a jewess?
>The white majority fading means the end of safety for western jews too, because no other race gives a shit about them or the holocaust.
It's already happening in culturally "enriched" Sweden, where 3 different Swedish synagogues have been set on fire by Muslims who moved into those neighborhoods. What Muslim would want to see a synagogue in their vicinity? They (openly, to this day) hate the jews. It doesn't make any sense unless there's a "jewish guilt" faction within the "White guilt" cult.


i was curious, and the very example you named, would suggest it is more ideology theology than DNA

as she is not half Jewish in genes, she is fully black, but has a Jewish stepdad



I'm not saying no one noticed race or spoke of it to characterize someone, I'm saying it wasn't a group identity or a personal identity. People didn't even have national identities until very recently, prior to that it was kingdoms before that, clans, before that families, each of these identities was gained as civilization matured and grew more complex and people started to associate these concepts with their sense of self. That identity was born out of the age of colonialism only once there was a racial caste system implemented and belief in innate white supremacy was a crucial part of justifying it.


well if a medieval white european, was to be told that all europeans, all whites are his brothers. that would be the equivalent of universal love today. everyone he ever knew was white. and all his enemies he hated was white. if he was told they are all one, and the only people he needs to hate are far away black, brown, yellow people. its the equivalent of telling today's man that his only enemy is green Martians.


>I'm not saying no one noticed race or spoke of it to characterize someone
Yes you are.
>I'm saying it wasn't a group identity or a personal identity.
Yes it was.


Cause white people are coddled pussies that's why


You're putting the cart before the horse. It was only in the age of sail that whites had to contend with the Negro question, because exposure necessitates the Negro question. Before then, you only had a handful wandering up from Ethiopia to Rome once a generation to ask questions about religious doctrines, and you wouldn't even give much of a shit to think about it.

White supremacy was the foundation for white racial identity at the time because whites genuinely seen themselves as superior, it wasn't all just some post ad hoc justification for chattel slavery. The theories whites came up with about negro inferiority were based on observation of the negro for the most part. The same stereotypes we have for them now, they had for them back then. They're indolent, petty, irresponsible fathers, they have low intelligence, etc. You can't really say they were wrong. Even the Christians who did charity/missionary work across the continent in the 19th century recognized this behavior and talked about it. With East Asians, mass exposure came a little later, and with them whites were quick to realize that although they had undesirable characteristics, they were in a position to challenge white supremacy and were of about equal intelligence to whites.

Besides, it doesn't even matter if whites are a legitimate category or not, because our race is under attack on the basis of being white regardless. My racial enemies see me as white and attack me simply based on that, saying it's a "social construct" doesn't dissuade them in the slightest.

Also, other races do not see it as morally wrong that whites dabbed on the planet, they're just salty at losing. It's only the ones with enough exposure to whites that see white guilt as a moral vulnerability and learned to exploit it. I remember reading a book about some South African that travelled up and down the continent asking black africans about race, sometimes just asking them on the street, and most would openly admit they're not as smart as whites and are incapable of developing things like computers and aeroplanes.


File: 1693624464180.jpg (82.01 KB, 660x778, 330:389, ee6b78189dc03f643a1d2e870a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'll follow this further and say that, to the extent white moralization and justification over slavery occurred is due to the inherent need for whites to moralize their actions. Whites are idealistic, and are universalist with their idealism. This means that we often have a missionary like approach where we force our beliefs on other countries, like with how LGBT stuff is being shoved into the third world despite them hating it. The truth is us whites can be intolerant rude cunts with our "everyone must live like us" thinking. It's why western analysis of modern China fails so hard, they think Asians see the world like white people do. They don't realize that China isn't doing some grand strategy geopolitical maneuvers to spread their ideology and influence around like the Soviets were. China is behaving like a healthy country that's proud of their history, can accept other people and races have different government structures and just wants to do business.

The Negro doesn't have this moralizing instinct developed, and hence when they practiced slavery in West Africa, they were blunt about it being "we won, you lost". The whole reason the slave trade developed was because of West Africa's hyper-polygamous nature. Warlords in the region used to kill all the men and have a harem of like 20 wives, as soon as they realized the men were of value then they started selling them off to the Europeans.

>if he was told they are all one, and the only people he needs to hate are far away black, brown, yellow people

The mahometan faith on the other side of the Mediterranean was the great civilizational enemy for white Christendom at the time. There's a reason the Alliance of France with the Ottomans was called the "Unholy alliance". It was seen as an embarrassing betrayal of Christendom.


File: 1693645010930.png (261.9 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 1571662672286.png) ImgOps iqdb


Wizardry (and Crabism) is a threat to the system. I mean think about it, a bunch of able-bodied men choosing to not wageslave for a pittance, choosing not sire a bunch of future wageslaves, and choosing just to exist in their own small world possibly on NEETbux? Not good for the system.

Call me crazy, but I think nerds/geeks/outcasts/wizards were one of the last groups of people capable of independent revolutionary thought. They had to extinguish that. That's why a lot of zoomer *would-be* nerds are either tranny faggots or alt-right nazis. They've become useful patsies.


File: 1693662019842-0.gif (199.01 KB, 625x893, 625:893, utopia.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1693662019842-1.jpg (81.89 KB, 700x744, 175:186, refugees.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1693662019842-2.png (316.37 KB, 657x705, 219:235, 1664591559378.png) ImgOps iqdb


something happened after ww2


White Jihad now


>Despite the careful planning and intensive training, on the day before the attack, Meade, who lacked confidence in the operation, ordered Burnside not to use the black troops in the lead assault. He claimed that if the attack failed, black soldiers would be killed needlessly, creating political repercussions in the North. Meade may have also ordered the change of plans because he lacked confidence in the black soldiers' abilities in combat.[12] Burnside protested to Grant, who sided with Meade. When volunteers were not forthcoming, Burnside selected a replacement white division by having the three commanders draw lots. Brigadier General James H. Ledlie's 1st Division was selected, but he failed to brief the men on what was expected of them and was reported during the battle to be drunk, well behind the lines, and not providing leadership. (Ledlie would be dismissed for his actions during the battle.)[10]
>Grant subsequently gave in his evidence before the Committee on the Conduct of the War:
>General Burnside wanted to put his colored division in front, and I believe if he had done so it would have been a success. Still I agreed with General Meade as to his objections to that plan. General Meade said that if we put the colored troops in front (we had only one division) and it should prove a failure, it would then be said and very properly, that we were shoving these people ahead to get killed because we did not care anything about them. But that could not be said if we put white troops in front."[26]
White men have always preferred to lose over a victory gained by nonwhite hands. And they have always put the blame for failure in such cases on the white media for white guilting them. This is not new. You are all retarded.


Everything leads back to WW2


What about WW1?


Nope, white, I'm just not an idiot that can't see through a flawed dichotomy


File: 1694055373528.jpg (81.89 KB, 660x778, 330:389, 1693624464180.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1694058916186.jpg (24.96 KB, 400x300, 4:3, tumblr_7d98f01e6dedc8c276f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1694838680965.webm (3.92 MB, 848x464, 53:29, camp_of_the_saints.webm) ImgOps iqdb

The death of Europe


Friends, I am praying to Hitler ^~^


/r/ rule 34 of this grill



I'm fapping to hitler
Nazis are good people


harness that Vril, mein neger


> They can't express pride or love for their own people and skin color without being called racist
I don't love normalfags whether they are of my race or not. In fact, I hate them.
>Whites no longer being the majority in their own countries is seen as a good thing
I guess that's bad for white normalfags. As for wizards, there is no country for us. I don't see the relevance personally.
The life of a single brown or black wizard is worth more than the life of every single white normalfag that has ever lived in all of history.


Well said. Normies should be exterminated as they are all arrogant filth that fuck everything up



>Canadians have put Canada on a path to inevitable destruction.

>There is no history in human affairs when a society willingly gave itself away to foreigners. There is no history of a society maintaining any values once foreigners overtook it. Indeed, there is no history in human affairs where muti-culturalism and ethnic diversity have not led to massive civil conflicts, but Canadians love romanticizing these anti-values.

Browns that most love the west are the ones pointing out how close we are to the end. I watched Jayant Bhandari's presentation and interview of this article, and it was filled with whites trying to cope and say things aren't so bad, and with responses from libertarian minded Indians sharing stories from their childhood and saying "you don't know what's coming, and idealistic people like you are always the first to suffer".

The truth is that the replacement is a lot worse than what people realize because people live basically segregated in ethnic enclaves. People's social circles are pretty racially isolated too. Thirdies coming to the first world aren't coming for values, they have their own values that they prefer, they're coming for money, land and resources. It's colonization, pure and simple, this more deep and permanent than what came before.

Furthermore, the talk of Universal Basic Income in Canada is a thirdie thing. It's the importation of the Indian red-tape, the same sort of welfare parasitism that plagues the subcontinent. Despite memes that white people don't work and are welfare leeches, thirdies are pretty desperate to leech the system dry. This is an expansion of the system from the white minded "help for poor and sick people" to the indian minded "Gibs for my social class".

The Sikh/Indian conflict happening in Canada right now is the first harbinger of what's to come. Bhandari predicts literal ethnic conflict spilling over into the street in less than a decade if things continue down this path, and I don't think he's wrong.


you dont want to know how nasty white people are when shit goes bad.

once its Bad,

eventually white people will rise up and expel non whites from ever european country,

Canada and US, idk.

Australia not sure.

SA was an abandon ship situation


every single aspect of this jewish system is anti-White


That pic is funny. Lots of conscripted russians are chechens, buryats, udmurts, tajiks, dagestans, etc
So much for the "White race"


I think they are supposed to be ukrainians


as a wizard now I'm sick of hearing this whole Israeli versus Palestine thing. On the news Palestinians are complaining about their poor babies dying and I'm just like "congrats on the sex, why should i care?". Both are complaining about antisemitism and anti-muslim sentiment, when those words are only ever used against white people. You fucking hate each other just admit it. Then Israelis with 3 children are asking I should care while I can barely support myself financially.


Kevin MacDonald who hates the jews with a passion went to Palestinian Arab Anti-Israeli meetings in the west and just realized this wasn't for him. He seen it was an ethno-nationalist thing and as much as they hated jews for demographically replacing palestinians, they were also chuffed at the demographic replacement they were doing in the States and Europe.

White people really shouldn't care about the conflict, both sides hate whites.


It's the jews.


it's white people (like you and everyone else itt) not having kids


Which wouldn't be possible without Jewish involvement in race replacement immigration.


how does increased immigration affect your ability to have kids?


Lowering wages, reduced social cohesion stemming from diversity (Bowling Alone, or, alternatively, brownoids overrating white succubi increases white succubi's SMV) increased competition for housing, etc. It all goes in one direction.

Apparently my post looks automated? Nigger nigger nigger.


And of course, the basic point which is that if there's no immigration, your population has to get used to shrinking, which at some point might actually spur succubi into doing their jobs instead of being dumb whores for all their reproductive years. But if you just keep importing brown people desperate to live in a White society, the need to have young workers to pay for social security, to maintain infrastructure, etc is lessened.


crab cope. the biggest crab countries with the lowest fertility rates (east asia and east europe except russia) are the most homogeneous countries in the world and have almost no immigration.

white people just hate having kids.


>crab cope. the biggest crab countries
>white people
So you not only cry about crabs in adjacent threads but you also hate white people. You can't go one day without spewing leftist feminist vitriol and your hatred for virgins and whites. get the fuck out of wizchan, mentally ill nigger.


>Why are normalfags so desperate to ruin a site for wizards?
They are vermin that hates anyone who isn't like them.


>mentally ill
This is leftist and normgroid word.


Thats because brown normalfags are even bigger wild animals than white normalfags.
And asiatics are just insectoids wearing human skin.


What the hell is the "white race", anyway?

I mean, what would you even consider to be the earliest documentation of "white people" in history?

When the Kassites first began showing up in Mesopotamia around 1700 BC?


being proud of something you were born with is silly


I agree, but i hope you realise that extends to pride of all kinds, since free will doesnt exist and all your achievements result from what you are born with


File: 1700521670728.jpeg (284.63 KB, 1023x716, 1023:716, B722F245-B2B7-444B-81BC-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I just noticed that Arabs have sometimes been considered as being "Mediterranean" which is supposed to be a "sub-race" of "Caucausoid". It's weird because it is sometimes said that Indo-European-language-speaking peoples originated from somewhere in the Caucasus mountains region hence why they're often referred to as "Caucasoid" or "Caucasian" but Arabs speak an Afro-Asiatic language and is more closely related to ancient Egyptian and Hebrew. Since Arabic is a Semitic language like Hebrew, this implies that speakers of Arabic and Hebrew are descended from Shem, one of the sons of Noah. Those who speak Indo-European languages are I suppose descended from Japheth, another son of Noah.


who cares, rabbi.

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