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ok bros, i thought lolis were just a niche a topic that sweaty weebs get mad over when discussing it
but normalfags caught on and you really get in trouble when joking about it.
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Criminals worship dudes who kill kids and succubi if they’re still powerful and rich after lmao don’t believe that criminals have a great moral code, they’re ok with raping succubi and sometimes other criminals teen daughters too.


Yeah which is why they came up with their own word, "chomo", for pedos and routinely kill them behind bars right?


Almost like they’re manipulative criminals who shift and change morals when it suits them. Notice how people fawn over the idea of criminals having a moral code? Excusing their violence against innocent people? They do not care about violence against kids, they allow it in other circumstances fine.
The mafia give food to the poor you know…


Lmao, this guy is complete delusional, pedo and people that kill succubi and other weak people, get routinely kill, raped in jail by other criminals. Go on, kill a child and tell that to an another inmate, just don't act surprised when they are stabbing you next day, delusional nigger.


File: 1702928288030.jpeg (52.7 KB, 480x358, 240:179, IMG_5199.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

> Go on, kill a child
Lmao, yeah I’ll just go do that. This is a situation I am often in and is quite relevant to the real world.


For a wizard you sure are putting a lot of stake into the moral code of sex having criminals because…some losers masturbating to cartoons?


this is what awaits to whites in general


File: 1702969961305.jpg (121.28 KB, 874x685, 874:685, rizz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


You're the retarded here saying shit out of your ass

"criminal respect child killers" Jesus, motherfucker never spoke to people that went to jail or work at a jail, complete delusional.


> never spoke to people that went to jail or work at a jail,
Yeah I haven’t, cause I’ve never been jailed and don’t associate with retards that have been. What’s your excuse?


Doesn't matter, you still retarded says shit you don't know.


>you are still retarded person who talks about shit that you don't understand

Gentlemen please. May we get back to the topic at hand (Preteen succubis' flat chests)?


File: 1703129957106.jpg (572.68 KB, 3270x4096, 1635:2048, 1698821122919110.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

5 nights


It's annoying how they cater the dialogue in these games to autistic people. And I say that as someone with asperger


File: 1703151626190.jpg (478.67 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, d78665540fb33362c6b10547d5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb





Paypal etc have pulled from DLSite because of loli..


It's a cartoon. Actual pedophiles rape kids and trade real photos of the stuff with faggots who "adopt" kids. Normies just don't want to admit the problem and blame cartoons.


And all of the major CC companies too.

It's crazy how middle men can collaborate to censor whatever they want and no one can do much about it because it's beyond impossible to create a alternative.


That might have been the case ~10 years ago.

These days it's possible to circumvent the global monopoly and oppression of Mastercard/Visa by accepting cryptocurrencies.

Some content creators are tech illiterate though and don't understand how to accept cryptos or how to turn them back into fiat cash.


File: 1713389470402.jpeg (24.2 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 1442799.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I literally just got banned from 4chan for posting a joke about lolis in a lalafel thread on /v/. They banned me for a month for "being a pedophile". I swear that place is worst than reddit at this point.


Nothing wrong with being "pedophile" normalfags are deluded beyond belief.


Crypto isn't Realistically a alternative for doing actual regular business.
It's extremely inconvenient to work with, doesn't scale, is ultra susceptible to scams, and almost no one actually accepts it nor uses it as a currency.
Even cryptro bros don't give a shit about it as a currency.


Dealing with credit cards and the processor middlemen is even worse. The only real issue is lack of adoption and the other issues would resolve with it.
In the future it will definitely be absolutely hilarious to look back at how people used to type their whole credit card number into computers every time they buy something and it can just be leaked by the merchant


>The only real issue is lack of adoption and the other issues would resolve with it.
That is wrong.
There are hard limitations on transaction volume, transactions are extremely slow relative to normal options, and the fees are pretty bad.
Not to mention huge fraud risk and the basic issue of it's volatility makes it useless as a medium of exchange.

Again, even the proponents of crypto don't use it as currency. They use it as a unregulated security or investment vehicle in hopes of getting rich quick.
It's largely just a scam, not a functional solution to any real world problems.


NTA but I've been paying for digital services like domain name registration, hosting, VPNs etc with crypto since around 2015 so it's surreal to see your take that it is not doable for regular businesses.
Crypto serves two purposes, as an alternative to traditional payment processors and as an alternative to bank-controlled fiat currencies. Companies that accept crypto don't use it as a currency, they don't leave their coins depreciating in a volatile asset, rather they swap to a stablecoin or cash out in their exchanges as soon as possible.
Regarding fees, it's dependent on which blockchain you're using. BTC has absurdly expensive fees as its design is primitive and indeed not usable for daily transactions. People have tried to build scalable systems and L2s on top of BTC like LN but it always wind up a failure. Bitcoin is just a speculative asset. On the other hand, Monero has some of the lowest fees out there, fast transactions (first confirmation takes less than 2 minutes in my experience) and the bonus feature of being a private currency. So it's all about which currency is best suited for your business. You seem to think blockchains all work the same which is an outdated understanding of the technology.
For a business like DLsite, they should've had implemented crypto as a payment method eons ago


>stable coin

Oh, your that guy.
Opinion disregarded.


I pay for basically everything via monero and it works fine. Processors take about 5 seconds to acknowledge the transaction which is much faster than bank transfer or even credit cards which take days to settle. Crypto transactions are not reversible so they are immune to chargeback fraud. You have literally no idea what you are talking about. There are serious issues involved but your comment in particular is simply ignorant of it all.


Yep, knew it was you.
Go shill somewhere else with your constant bullshit and quit derailing the thread trying to scam people again.


That might be a new term for you hence the failed attempt at deanonymization through stylography, but stablecoin is a common term in crypto.


Anyone pushing the joke that any cryptocurrency is stable is one of the same retard hivemind


Stablecoins are a special type of crypto in that they use blockchain technology for transactions but their value is derived from a non-crypto asset overseen by a centralized entity
For example the USDT is a stablecoin, because it's backed by a privately owned dollar fund that oversees the emission of new USDT tokens. This company and its fund have been audited so 1 USDT is always 1 USD. Another example, there's PAXG which is backed by gold assets in London vaults and therefore 1 PAXG = market price for gold, etc. That's what makes these coins stable, their valuation is completely different from BTC/ETH/etc


show off


I think it's great to put up some fight against normalcuckoldry out there. TO never stop spitting about something they hate to hear. On the otherhand, why would anyone share these things?


Show off?? These are common terms in the crypto world, I assumed a person who has such a strong negative opinion about crypto would understand them
In non "show off" words: stablecoins are stable because they're backed by something real in contrast to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum
To wrap things up my point is that crypto is the only reliable alternative to services being censored by traditional payment processors and There's no risk in using a well established and well designed cryptocurrency (LIKE MONERO) *as a payment method*


DAO is another popular example of stablecoin that would be worth looking into cryptocurrency from a completely outside perspective.

That said, the most stable of currencies will be the one that outsiders will need to prize from your dead hands in order to deprive it from you (i.e. precious metals in their various forms). Valueless as it may be in its current state, the once-prized USD was initially pegged to the value of gold bullion – when this became inconvenient for certain (((political forces[/spoiler])))[/spoiler], this went away, but the fact that this was a concept at all speaks volumes to the efficiency of gold / precious metals as a currency commodity. Although more expensive ounce-by-ounce than gold or silver, palladium is an intriguing third option that has already gained some popularity in those circles.

If one's frame of reference for crypto is simply that of Bitcoin, stablecoins, and possibly ETH, BTC (Bitcoin Cash) would be another possibility to consider. Its price per coin is a mere US$514.82, versus the staggering US$64,654.26 demanded per BTC, and a mere search engine query will reveal the swath of retailers adopting the currency for face-to-face transactions on a global scale. At the end of the day, self-education and a heaping dose of skepticism is what is needed for treading ground in sensitive financial matters such as this , and not what some wiz said on an anonymous IB.


>certain (((political forces[/spoiler])))[/spoiler]
Fucked that one up. what I'm saying is the juice lmao


File: 1713656161570.jpg (74.08 KB, 750x560, 75:56, 1708741990574051.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's quite bad, but not nearly as bad as when they call bean-headed, noodle-limbed westshit "lolis"


>The crypto scammer is still shilling and derailing the thread even more

Dude seriously fuck off. No one wants your scam funny money.


>Having a simple back-and-forth conversation about a topic that is organically being talked about is "shilling and derailing"
Why don't you fuck off, nigger? It's called a discussion.


You only pop off with your scammer bullshit every time the gambling tokens are up then get real quiet when it inevitably drops again or the newest scam blows up.
And no the topic didn't come up organically. You started shilling and everyone else basically called you and your gambling tokens out for being bullshit.

So how about you fuck off with your niggerly behavior of trying to rip people who are already poor off even more while the rest of us discuss the topic of the thread.
Which is about normies reaction to loli in Otaku culture among related topics.

Not shilling useless scam bullshit that isn't remotely relevant.


I like how you are unshakably set on thinking we are one person.


Konata-chan absolutely despises you for not dumping your life savings into Monero.


I do find it amusing and interesting how there are multiple monero users here (or at least one more other than myself)


A derailed thread on wizchan? how shocking


File: 1714465708575.png (294.55 KB, 378x610, 189:305, sakura eh.png) ImgOps iqdb

well, but the more underground something is, the easier it is, to outlaw it. im genuinely afraid my collection of animu mini-succubi will be illegal soon. im not saying its good, that normalfags and the broader masses are into animu, but its undeniable, that with a growing fanbase, there will be more lolicons and therefor more people who would oppose such a law.


There's another wave of Fanbox purges for Loli art. Not for shota though. Never for shota.


But many of the comic book artist use cp as reference material for drawing the images. So at some point a real child was involved. Knowing that makes it harder to support.


Anti's like saying that but there is scant evidence and in actuality absurdly rare.


found the normalfag

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