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Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?

I can't think of any other desire that you can satisfy entirely by yourself at no cost. And once you satisfy it you don't crave it anymore and might even feel disgust (aka post nut clarity/shame).

And yet because of sex people choose to ruin lives of others and their own, to ruin their health, to spend tons of money, to ruin relationships, to feel depressed and what affects me the most as wizard: also taint media with their horniness. Video games will have clearly cumbrained character design that looks stupid if you are not horny and if you criticize it you get called gay or a succubus. Movies have pointless sex scenes. They can't even comprehend people not being obsessed with sex 24/7. Imageboards are full with coomers shitposting and bitching and not getting laid.

Does no one else see how pointless it all is?


Yes I hate it as well. Zoomers now socialize by sitting in a voice chat call and posting porn with each other. So if you're not posting porn for them you're an outsider, troll, schizo. Coomers think you are a newfag if you're not constantly browsing twitter or pixiv for new loli coom to share with the bros on friday.


The entire Internet is now just zoomers coomer posting. It's a way for normalfags to find other normalfags by parading around their degeneracy like a gay pride parade. Except they invade already established places with their sickness and need to coom and share porn with others. Just fapping and not thinking about porn is not enough for these sick zoomer freaks they need others approval so bad that they will cater their entire personalities to align with other normalfag coomers in order to be accepted.

Want to just a play a MMO? Well first join this dicksword server where a tranny is admin and posts sick degenerate cunny porn for everyone to see. Want to find a guild or group of people to play with? Join the dicksword server inside the main official dicksword and also be ready to hornypost and voice chat to fit in with the regulars.
Want to discuss retro anime? Ok here open up this thread full of Sakura or Oremi cunny first bro before you find maybe one reply trying to discuss anything. Want to get away from this all and get into a series with no coomers? Too bad even Armored Core threads are at least half of people posting waifus that don't even exist in game and people made up just to coomer post.


>Does no one else see how pointless it all is?
Yep. I had a psychiatrist once ask me about my sex/romance life even though I'd never expressed any interest in either to him. Not sure as to why my psychiatrist would ask me such a thing. I mean, it's not like he was prescribing an antidepressant to me at the time. Only Adderall. And he wasn't my therapist, either. I already had a therapist working in that same building and he was a different guy. My therapist never asked me about my sex/romance life.

The psychiatrist wasn't the only health care provider to ask me about my sex life. I've had at least one or two other providers ask. It's just that one of them was an infectious disease specialist so it was kinda' obvious to me why he would ask me about my sex life. What does bother me was that I was referred to that doctor by another provider because I wanted to have a DNA test done at the time, and the infectious disease specialist told me that he didn't do DNA tests. I, of course, still had to pay the guy over $100 just to talk to him for less than fifteen minutes and have him tell me that he treats people with HIV and other STDs and it made pretty much zero sense to be referred to this doctor when I have zero sex.

I later learned that I could get a DNA test through Ancestry and get data on what I have a genetic predisposition for like epilepsy.


It is mildly annoying how much time people want to devote to talking about the topic. They act like it's some infinitely deep thing but really it's not that complicated or deep or interesting and the amount of words spent talking about it is really insane.


>sex, fapping, porn
yeah, they are apebrain source of FEELS GOOD. that's it, there is nothing else to it. we are just really smart animals

if you don't understand this you are either 8 years old, a saint, brain damaged, or you have ZERO testosterone


I came to express my agreement but >>211216 pretty much said everything that was left to be said.


>they are apebrain source of FEELS GOOD

I didn't say anything bad against fapping. My whole point is that fapping kinda makes sex obsolete. I also don't mind porn but my issue is people not having this clear seperation and letting their horniness seep into other areas.


>Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?

Who are these people who place importance on sex? Are they people on the internet? The media? Kids from school?

In my experience the average person isn't obsessed with sex. Like sure, they want it, but they don't really care about it as much as you think. Think about who you are assigning the term "people" to and you can probably easily find the answer to your question.


fapping is not sex and there's an entire element of intimacy and interaction with another person that is completely removed (thankfully) but normalfags seem to like this aspect a lot

to put it simply, for you, fapping makes sex obsolete… but for normalfags it is the other way around, sex makes masturbating obsolete


i think true wizards shouldn't be fapping. it's a degrading act. you lose your humanity while doing it. imagine how you look while doing it. sure there's many other degrading things about being a meatbag called human like taking a shit, but you can't avoid it while fapping if you have a strong enough resolve can be avoided.


all succubi should sew their holes close, and men should abstain. Really.
Sex is the most stupid thing i have ever seen.


not doing something simply because you are afraid of looking silly is called being a coward and you arent even a person if you let the potential opinions of others dominate your decisions


>how much importance people place on sex?
It is undeniably important. It is essential to our species. It's almost certainly more important than whatever you amuse yourself with daily.


File: 1695321515230.png (69.68 KB, 729x520, 729:520, FB28777E-C1C1-4043-ADC3-71….png) ImgOps iqdb

>It is essential to our species
See, I get that part, I really do. It's just that I can't help but notice that the sort of people who tell me to have sex are often times the same sort who tell me not to breed. In fact; I experience visual hallucinations specifically telling me–with text–to not breed. I shit you not.

So when I think something like, "yeah, I'm leaving the propagation of our species up to everyone else,"… I keep it to myself. Because I already know the sort of responses I'll get.

People seem to take it unusually personally when I tell them that I don't want to partake.


This comic is quite outdated. Recent research shows that the first two panels are accurate.


the last panel is most accurate, high IQ men are too insufferable for succubi to breed with them for the good of the species


Give it another 5 years and research will shift the narrative once more.
To be fair, even if they do use measurable parameters, the underlying ideas are subjective and that's why their results shift every so often.


>It is essential to our species.
would be great if they actually stopped doing it. reproduction is just a chain of mistakes creating more mistakes. but they won't because it's in the nature of the majority to be slaves to their bio programming (as well as their social and cultural programming). normabots don't know truly think. all their thought is just rationalizations of their bio drives and the cultural values they happened to internalized.

regardless of the validity of the claims made in the first half, the second half is just liberal propaganda by a smug atheist. still valuable tho because it illustrates very well what that group thinks, and that's the direction culture is heading.

>People seem to take it unusually personally when I tell them that I don't want to partake.

because of materialism and atheism most people evaluate and interpret their worth as individuals in terms of evolution and natural selection, and the put a lot of their identity in that.


sexhavers win in the end. they butthurt those who can't have sex and even the so called volcels who want to refrain from sex because they still live in a society that's dominated and culturally shaped by sexhavers lol


I had the opportunity to have a girlfriend and sex several times in my life and always preferred to masturbate and spend my time alone.
Any retard can get sex even without paying.


File: 1695344218307.gif (496.38 KB, 500x455, 100:91, 780.gif) ImgOps iqdb



it's not for others but for me. i don't want to be a less than an animal.


i find violence and murder and crime fascinations to be worse. people will shit on you for fapping, but then mindgoon themselves for 6 hours to real crime youtube and netflix garbage. obsessions with serial killers, mass murderers, just the most revolting stuff.


the ugly and uncomfortable truth is that sex is more often then not a dirty power play. Rarely is there ever any passion in sex. it is usually perversion. if sex was always passion there would be no fetishes. Every fetish has some strange meaning even ones like inflation and vore. what the meaning is i can't say but it all ties back to this power play.

hear me out when i say that what really distinguishes a normie from a non-normie is where they place their passion. Wizards, autists or whatever you want to call them place their passion(s) on external, abstract things like art, music, sonic the hedgehog or whatever. Normie's do not believe in that. They don't believe in beauty for the sake of beauty. Their passion is inseperable from sex and thats why they are normies. Thats why sex means literally everything to them. It's also why crabs will NEVER be considered wizards or anything other than FAILED NORMIES. They believe in the same doctrine as normies and would be just as godless as them if they could. Thing is. much like normies they don't believe in having passion elsewhere. And its why they think they are wizards when they are not. You can say being a wizard is about a lack of sex but if that were true then this would just be /r9k/ 2 with threads like
>would you fuck a [BLANK] succubus?
>why don't you just settle for a [BLANK] succubus?
>any femwizards here?
>why can't i attract succubi

you like wizards for their intelligence, thoughts and interests. their magic. them not caring about sex so much. In being purely sex-driven normies become dogs. less than human. thats why you hate them.


>i had a gf and sex several times wizards
>I always preferred to masturbated and spend my time alone
If sex wasn't so important for you you wouldn't reveal that you're a nonvirgin in a site for virgins.

This is the great impact sex has on life and the individual, your post, the copes you mentioned, and your very sexual bitterness is a result of it. You're a failed normie butthurt because I called you out. You wish you could have a better place in society's hierarchy and enjoy more sex. You cope by saying the sex you had wasn't so good so sex has to be bad, maybe you have a small penis which makes you a bigger failed normie or your girlfriend was an orc.
in any case, this is a site for virgins, but do normies even read or care?


he said opportunity, meaning the circumstances could have been different if he acted on it, but he did not. learn to read, your post is meaningless as a result now


if you can't read between the lines it's your own problem. yep, he had the opportunity to have a gf and sex SEVERAL times and preferred to masturbate in his own room. It's as nonvirgin as they come. Basically a normalfag who hangs out with normies and females.


no, it's your problem. you assume something and get mad over your own assumption. you could have asked him to clarify, instead you went on a tirade. as i said meaningless, and even more so now that i had to reply to your meaningless post, you replied back, and now i'm replying once more. complete waste of time


We are animals. Sex is entwined in every aspect of our minds due to our biological evolution. To move forward in a rational, intellectual direction we still need to accept who we are.


Imagine not being able to tell virgins and normies apart on wizchan 2023 by the things they share. I feel sorry for you if you can't see that normalfags will come here and brag about the thousands of succubi they rejected and the million times they refused to have sex.


I fully agree with you and that's how I ended up a wizard (which I do not regret). I do NOT recommend edging because that might steer you away from the wizard path.


Absolutely giga based high IQ post.
Thank you.


Not really. It's an unnecessary longer articulation of "everything is about sex, except for sex. sex is about power" with an added dash of "we're superior cuz we're different" even though we're not. So-called "wizards" will start ERPing and posting about wizsex as soon as you turn your back to it. If there wasn't a specific rule, this place would be exactly like /r9k/.


File: 1695550613703.png (806.76 KB, 1020x1100, 51:55, c4baf9ea24d2055b21bd41e4f8….png) ImgOps iqdb

anyone ever wonder if the sensation of sexual arousal that dogs, cats, etc., have is the exact same one as that of us humans? sometimes i wonder about that when horny and it turns me off. maybe someone who knows a bit about the brain could shed some light on this for me. (i realize this can be interpreted as a variation of "how do i know my yellow is the same as your yellow?", but plz i'm not asking epistemology, assume same brain anatomy same sensation.)


Your pet cannot consent. Do not fucking do it.


and to think i was worried people would interpret it epistemologically…


>Normie's do not believe in that. They don't believe in beauty for the sake of beauty. Their passion is inseperable from sex and thats why they are normies.

i hate to use the word degenerate after all the politics fags here have used it to mean 'anything i dont like'

but artists are some of the most degenerate hedonistic normfalfags to ever exist. there is no single magical catch phrase to characterize normalfaggotry, and it is not "beauty for the dake of beauty"


File: 1695600027696.jpg (553.06 KB, 1200x1675, 48:67, 2a037b35c4a375bef6a0fe2c00….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My desire to watch my sweatdrops condense against Chiruno's forehead as I hold her down in a passionate session of heated lovemaking is not the same desire that Nazrin has to be anally devastated by an oni.

Humans are mono.. monorelational or something. We mate for life, like endangered gorillas or that one kind of bird that went extinct because they couldn't find mates. Cats and dogs have the goal of impregnating and being impregnated at all times, so their version of arousal is just a short-lived encouragement to hump. No different than your desire to cough after breathing near a smelly subhuman. For the males, whether they hump a pillow or another animal is no different, as long as the cum comes out. For a human, much of the arousal and sexual encouragement derives from the forward-planning capabilities we have. Will Chiruno make a good wife, who will care for our kids, protect them, and teach them to be good little HMFF (Human male Fairy female) Hapas? Yes she would, and it's through these considerations that my boner is not one of immediate wiz-on-childwife action, but one of an entire future of good times and nice fairy hugs. My hard penis is pointing towards prosperity. A dog's penis points towards a dog's ass (Dogs don't know male from f*male, they see a poopy tail and get thrusting) (Gross)


>Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?
Do they? I don't hang around 'groids much, so I really haven't noticed. Sure I see stuff about sex in movies or tv series and to an extent everywhere else but I figured that's just because that's a relatively common thing for them, and it just makes sense that they have it in their media as much as anything else. If anything, it is the romance part that bothers me most, like all the shitty love songs you hear everywhere that all say the same stuff just with different words, and it all sounds ridiculous and I can hardly believe people think, feel and act this way.
As for sex I go out to the street and I don't really see people behaving very sexually. I am told that some stuff normals do have sexual undertones and that's why feminists (who hate sex apparently) find fault in just about every social interaction out there, but I really don't see the relation and it has never seemed to me that some or other interaction I get or observe has much sexual content but then again I do not know, I am probably numbed to that perception by now.
The only places I seem to see a lot of importance put on sex is crab sites and wizchan and of course r9k, if that still exists.


low iq and pretentious post that comes from a deluded idiot. You dont even understand the meaning of the word passion and therefore you misuse it and create a laughable fantasy scenario where normalfags somehow aren't diverse and share more than one passion. This risible almost childish mindset of them vs us where you dehumanize and paint a black picture of your opponent is for the bitter and resentful who need to hate others to feel good about themselves.
> what really distinguishes a normie from a non-normie is where they place their passion
>wizards place passion on external abstract things like art music
This is so false. It's like you're living in a different world to come to this retarded conclusion. The most passionate people about art, music, and videogames tend to be normalfags 99 percent of the time. You're a lying fool. Lmao what cope is this. I hate coming to Wizchan and reading nonsensical garbage that is basically you trying to feel good about yourself.

>you like wizards for their intelligence, thoughts and interests. their magic

Most of the things you've consumed if not ALL have been created by normalfags, especially when it comes to art, videogames, music. 99 percent of cases is done by sex havers, and you love those normies for exactly those things you just mentioned.
>Normie's do not believe in that
They do, you are a fool who is denying reality.


>nonsensical garbage that is basically you trying to feel good about yourself
as opposed to yours because you felt offended by his conception of normies?



Reproduction is the mean but not the purpose.

Life in the sense of our millenium means computation. We are not restricted to mere biological style of living.

With everything you create, fragments of your mind will survive to future. With your birth, survival of your DNA was enabled.

You can donate to a sperm bank to reproduce.

The need for female companionship is a biological flaw. For most men, it decreases their chances of survival. One day, I hope, there will be medical procedures to either kill your outdated desire or to turn us all female.

But none of this matters in relation to knowing that in the space of potential conscious experiences your sense of things you want to experience will drow. The vastness of experience results in there being conscious experience which you don't necessarily know you want.

You need to decide that a thing matters to you, and then to start enjoying and valuing that thing so that if you were alone forever, completely isolated from others, you would still want this thing and find value in it. If you cannot do this, your life truly amounts to nothing.

To deny the richess of your experience feels horrible to me. You really need to stand in the sun, sleep during the rain, roam naked in the snow, to listen to the animals, I cannot even list these, the experience can be so rich…

But indulging in politics is actually no good.


Everything you've come to adored in this world in regards to media, videogames, music, art. etc. has been done by normies and not wizards most likely. To say only wizards place passion on art is braindead and false.
You only want to hear and see whatever makes you feel good because you're immature. If you don't care about the truth that is your problem. You're more interested with a vision of the world that comforts you want to feel special, but that isn't the truth.


>One day, I hope, there will be medical procedures to either kill your outdated desire or to turn us all female.
>turns us all female
Of course the poster failing to deconstruct life in his post is also willing to troon out if there was a chance.


>there will be medical procedures to either kill your outdated desire or to turn us all female.
>turn us all female
kys if you want to be a succubus. Also what kind of retarded logic is that. Females are sexual beings and long for companionship more than males. You're retarded and a troon.


a post truly worthy of reddit gold.

you made at least two mistakes that i can identify in your interpretation of his post. (1) he couldn't have been more explicit and yet you still missed that he first DEFINED normies as X, and not instead CLAIM that normies (which you conceive differently) are X, as you misinterpreted him to do (X = the passion thing). (2) you thought that to him "non-normie" = "wizard", which is clearly not the case from the second sentence of the second paragraph. with that in mind, the two sentences in your first paragraph are loaded and based on those mistakes, and your second paragraph is basically a cliched "you're a weak snowflake who can't handle the truth unlike a REAL man like me", that can't even be addressed because it's purely emotional.

now, i don't even agree with most of what he said, but your response completely misses the mark and is clearly written by someone who feels some emotional identification with the label normie.


A completely misrepresentation of normies and wizards is what that post is all about and it's driven by feelings of insecurity and fragility because for some guys to be something means to hate on others and they make that hatred and resentment the main base of their identity but it's common to see such behaviour on imageboards.
>someone who feels some emotional identification with the label normie
talk about completely missing the mark on top of creating a straw man. You're the redditor here with that spacing.



I was wrong. Everyone being female doesn't solve the problem efficiently enough.

The logic was that with only one sex everyone would understand each other better and the sex market would be less competitive. Sex bots are not a "safe" option since they must be vastly superior to actual succubi to be nearly always preferred over those. Also a succubus may destroy the bot or electric supply or devise something.

Eliminating the neurobiological flaw entirely is the way to go.

But neither that or the point that caused your reaction was in any way relevant to the message of the original reply, IE sex is nothing in the space of possible conscious experience.

Also hahaha, kys, retard negro.


you're not wrong, just see allgirls schools. succubi wear acne cream and tampons to class and dont care how ugly they look without boys to distract them.


I realize the tampon thing sounds weird. I meant they would toss them back and forth in class, like no big deal, without being embarassed.

but yeah general point they didnt care about looks at all, didnt brush their hair, or wear makeup.

so all that sexual stuff just comes from boys being around.

but all-boys? that's no utopia. they start raping each other. And Elliot Rodger was briefly at an all-boys catholic school and started crying when a boy proved he had sex by playing her screaming orgasms to his name on his phone.


>misrepresentation of normies and wizards
you lack the minimum of reading comprehension to be able to argue with, and are too driven by emotions to even consider you made a mistake, even after it having been pointed out in detail you keep repeating it. you identify yourself and others more with style of spacing than with the actual substance of the content.

in that case it is not too surprising that this generic pop psychology interpretation is the deepest insight you are capable of,
>it's driven by feelings of insecurity and fragility because for some guys to be something means to hate on others and they make that hatred and resentment the main base of their identity


>The logic was that with only one sex
I don't know what kind of faggot you have to be to think that the solution to the sex problem is to turn everyone into females. >>211332 Oh, nvm. You watch shitty nigger female youtube content. Back to crystal cafe.

You're talking out of your ass and want to be a female.
>Also hahaha, kys, retard negro.
you should follow your own advice since you want to be a female. You want to menstruate, be weak, and controlled by your hormones. Seriously and I don't mean this as an insult or anything, kill yourself because your brain is fucked.


post is completely rational and you say it's driven by emotions while using more redditor spacing on wizchan and resorting to ad homs. You've lost the argument entirely.


I'm just a scientific empiricist who follows the data. Here we have a natural experiment to compare

Allgirls school- looks and relationships and hygiene dont matter anymore

all boys school- despite supposedly catholic values, Elliot Rodger had to drop out because chads would prove they were having sex with audio of her screaming their name

Also boy on boy rape



Elliot Rodger begged his dad to send him to a allboy Catholic school run by Carmelite monks. One of the strictest volcel orders. Surely there he would find an escape from sexuality. But alas it was not to be



Here we see the reality of an allboys school supposedly run on Carmelite Christian values-

As the end of middle school neared, the prospect started to loom over me more and more. At one moment I pictured what my life in high school would be like, based on how things have been for me in middle school. It was not a bright picture. I didn’t want to have to deal with the cruelty of succubi in high school, and I imagined that it would be much worse than anything I’ve ever experienced. I begged my parents to send me to Crespi Carmelite High School, a catholic all-boys school.

Father took me there for a tour, and it didn’t look so bad. It was a very prestigious private school. At least I wouldn’t have to deal with any fear of succubi there. We submitted an application. A few weeks later I received the news that I had been accepted to Crespi.

As I expected, I failed to make any new friends. I was so overwhelmed by the brutality of the world that I just didn’t care anymore. On the very first week, I had my first experience of true bullying, not just the teasing I had at Pinecrest. Some horrible Twelfth Graders saw me as a target because I looked like a ten year old and I was physically weak. They threw food at me during lunchtime and after school. It enraged me, but I was too scared to do anything about it. What kind of horrible, depraved people would poke fun at a boy younger than them who has just entered high school? I thought to myself.

After the first few weeks of high school, I concluded that my time at Crespi would not be pleasant at all. I withdrew further into the World of Warcraft, neglecting my homework and spending all of my free time playing it.

After being bullied so much in Eighth and Ninth Grade, I became more shy and timid than I ever was in my life. I felt very small, weak, and above all, worthless. I cried by myself at school every day.

The very last day of Ninth Grade was the worst. I was having P.E. at the gym, and one of my obnoxious classmates named Jesse was bragging about having sex with his girlfriend. I defiantly told him that I didn’t believe him, so he played a voice recording of what sounded like him and his girlfriend having sex. I could hear a succubus saying his name over and over again while she panted franticly. He grinned at me smugly. I felt so inferior to him, and I hated him. It was at that moment that I was called to the office. When I got there, my mother was waiting for me to take me home. I cried heavily as I told her about what happened earlier. That was the last day I ever set foot in Crespi Carmelite High School.

Crespi was finished. I thought I could finally relax. Little did I know that the worst was yet to come.


>i'm scientific empiricist
>here's some anecdotal shit about Elliot Rodger and some occurrences of abuse in a military academy to prove my point that turning everyone into female is good
man, just kill yourself.


I'm not that guy. He actually conceded your point. But I told him he folded too early, as my research on allboy allgirl environments supports his theory.

boys stay sexual, succubi get less sexual



And for adults, just look at prison, you never hear about lesbian prison rape


>you never hear about lesbian prison rape
Because we're never TOLD about lesbian prison rape. When a man rapes a succubus, it's the feeling of the penis in the butt that can't be acquired elsewhere that the man is after. What does a lesbian succubus feel from raping a succubus? Some wet bumpiness on the end of her hand? Big whoop.


well pussy-licking is even more intimate than dick-sucking as the tongue goes inside the organ. and prison dick-sucking is pretty bad.

i would assume the dominant succubus would be the one making the bitch kneel and lick like a lapdog


>the dominant succubus would be the one making the bitch kneel and lick like a lapdog
Now you're just using the thread as a vessel to elaborate on your fetishes, willfully ignoring my point. Any discussion of what makes succubi wet shouldn't even be had on this website and yet here you faggots are arguing over what makes Stacy shake in the sheets.


You just disproved your own point that lesbian sex isnt really sex


…What? Are you retarded or do you think there's only one person arguing with you?


> willfully ignoring my point.

means im talking to the same person


…What? You're going to have to elaborate.


1st of all i myself have been accused of being another guy ITT.

2nd I replied to a guy who said

> Now you're just using the thread as a vessel to elaborate on your fetishes, willfully ignoring my point.

by saying Im ignoring his point, he is saying we have been engaging in a discourse




the nigger saying that turning all men into succubi will solve war and attain world wide peace because succubi are better than men and never rape or bully or do evil acts is a fucking moron who is worshipping succubi. a tranny with gender dysphoria and bpd or some similar shit. This nigger literally thinks that if succubi were world leaders then we will live in some utopia as long as you get rid of the males. That's some hardcore pathetic feminism.

succubi do horrible things that go unreported because they are succubi and seen as children so their evil deeds no matter how horrible go unpunished in most cases and it's been like that throughout history because we tend to be more lenient to them by nature.
They more often than not are passive aggressive, manipulative, deceitful, narcissistic, vindictive over petty things, gaslight, and show a cruelty that's identical to psychopathy. They are basically little evil normalfags.
You dumb fuck don't have any idea of what you're saying.
Read more or kill yourself asap for being so stupid that you adopt a normie feminist worldview so easily. You're an npc.


> Read more

I'm not the guy advocating all men be succubi.

But I do have my research, and allgirl enviroments are much more peaceful and functional and less sexual than all boy enviroments


>I do have my research
What, ANIME?


I disagree.
I still think that this is the purpose and this is what allowed us to became what we are. Sex is life itself.
Well, I am too short to donate sperm lol
Well the fact of the matter is this, female companionship sadly greatly matters to me. I believe that a man can brave several problems in his life that he otherwise can't with the love and care of a succubus.


>I believe that a man can brave several problems in his life that he otherwise can't with the love and care of a succubus.
Got any examples so I can laugh at you?



I don't know how to explain it yaar. But it could be little things like, you can be excited to wake up the next morning, and to not miss your next classes because you actually want to meet someone.

After a long day of work, you come back to someone in your apartment, you leave with a kiss in the morning. You've got someone who can listen to you, provide a lot of emotional labour (although it doesn't happen anymore as cunts only want to be with you through thick but not through thin).

Yk like one of those excited and joyous feeling like that you have in your guts the night before the school trip or something. Idk how to explain it honestly.

I mean, sure you can do whatever you're doing without succubi but still. I guess I will never be a wizard and stay a crab.


The other thing is this some people whom I have seen in a relationship are absolute assholes. Why do succubi date assholes. And I am talking about guys who have no looks, no personality, and no fucking money. It's just wants to make me unleash Cyclone B on human race. God do I hate succubi.


>Yk like one of those excited and joyous feeling like that you have in your guts the night before the school trip or something
Yk? is that 2023 teenage slang?
I have never experienced a feeling like that


I hope you do. Luckily you don't necessarily need a foid for this.


You didn't actually answer the question.

You just said emotional states you would like to feel, only explained it poorly.
Like anticipation, longing, and emotional support/validation.

I mean you said "I believe that a man can brave several problems in his life that he otherwise can't with the love and care of a succubus"
so can you at the very least come up with a hypothetical example of such a case based on this believe?
Or is this just a faith alone dumb romance thing you heard from somewhere growing up that you thought sounded good but never thought about it?

I will encourage you to think about it. To gain wisdom one must question every and all of their beliefs and take nothing for granted until they have built a solid foundation on which to lay their first principles upon.


sex is everything. Even the nerds and virgins are simping for a crumb of online pussy, paying for subscriptions to succubi onlyfans, leaving comments praising them anywhere on social media. Sex importance and influence is everywhere. You just need to pay attention. Even those who say to be asexual make it a big deal because of how important sex is. This site is based on the utter lack of sex experience.


Ironic site to post this on.


I remember when I 1st discovered the Russian Wizchan I thought it was so superior to ours because it had no discussions of sex, relationship or succubi. I thought they have found trumonk enlightenment. only many years later did i find it has a NSFW board where they segregated all those topics to.


> Russian Wizchan
What's the name? Never heard about it.


>when I ask my mother why she keeps telling people that I have a girlfriend when it isn't true and she just does this annoying hand wave thing like she's telling me to forget about it and she then wonders why I don't like hanging out with family members especially when she's around


lying to normies is good


I actually don't have any problem with telling people that I've never met before or that I rarely see that I've never had sex nor have I ever had a girlfriend. I generally don't have a problem with telling people the truth in regards to anything.


being clueless as you are in social settings is a sign of either being a retard or having autism. You're only ruining your image.


I remember once having a black driving instructor asking me for relationship advice because he was dating a Hispanic chick and I'm Hispanic and I told him that I didn't know what to say to him because I had zero experience in those matters. He very quickly turned to look at me when I said that–in an almost cartoonish manner. Like in a sitcom.

I thought his reaction was funny.


I was in the volunteer firefighters, sitting shotgun with this big greybearded Irishman. And trying to fake normie, I compared succubi to a nice piece of roast beef. And he just ignored my comment silently. But hey I guess I invented the roastie meme back in 2006. My 40 Year old virgin moment.


or you could lie to normans about that stuff and manipulate them and in time it'd become completely natural. If you tell everyone the truth you become their bitch.


I very, very rarely talk to people. But every once in awhile–my mother obligates me into talking with people from her side of her family with whom I rarely speak with. The thing is that she doesn't ACTUALLY want me talking with them. What she'll do is she'll follow me around everywhere at family gatherings and talk FOR me.


I always use the analogy of how a Draft Board doesn't want to hear about your ethical philosophy of pacifism, but if you tell them you're a Quaker, they get it.

And its the same for virginity. Explaining the Wizchan philosophy of virgin wont get to them.

But if you tell them you're in a Shaker cult, they will nod along.


Dreary analogy.


masturbation is idiotic but at least it doesn't lead to life-ruining brain damage (attachment to a succubus)


porn leads to brainrot.


you're talking about s*x


No, porn leads to brainrot. coomers are beyond salvation, addicted to watching sex while touching themselves.


Explain the problem witb masturbating then getting back to life? You say it as though fapping for 15 mins prevents you from getting amythong done that day.


What if only 2 mins?


when ever anyone devotes an inordinate amount of time to anything, there are jokes about how he has never touch a womyn.

just confirming how succubi and sex stand in the way of true passions. and it has to be sacrificed to fit into the cookie cutter mold that fits into a vagina.


No. Not at all. Procreation is The meaning of Life. Only thing that can keep you waging shitty work For decades is your beautiful Life and a better Life For your children. Also seeing them play and laugh. Literally just sour grapes.


>the only thing that can keep me wageslaving is raising my own replacement wageslave


you got it backwards. sex is the good and kids are the STDs.

even the crabs dying from depression from lack of sex, arent crying about not working their ass off to come home to loud screaming brats.



>I dont want to Be Immortal

>Its better to wageslave For others children!


Having kids doesn't make you immortal, and you don't have to change the diapers of other people's children if you don't want to. Also what the fuck are you doing on wizchan you retarded normaltard?


>Having kids doesn't make you immortal
It objectively does.
>you don't have to change the diapers of other people's children if you don't want to
Contributing a positive net amount to society is contributing to other peoples children at your own expense.


when crabs fantasize about having sex, its with a hot coed in her 20s. they dont fantasize about her being fat in her 40s, her pussy roasted from all the big-brain baby heads shoved out of it. coming home to a sexless marriage, slave to the kids.

that's the worst part of being normie, and you're pedestaling it as the best part. that's not the part of sex, that crabs are fapping to.

they don't make porn about being a respectable middle aged, middle class husband working hard for his wife and kids, building their college fund.


take your pills, redditor


Just because I'm not having children, it doesn't mean i don't want to see the species to flourish. Please explain what is wrong or shameful about working for the betterment of a society you have no children in? Let's hear it.


All he's going to be able to say is something along the lines of "cucking for stacy's kids and a system that hates neets lmao cuck simp crab"


One fundamental aspect of life revolves around the processes associated with DNA and its REPLICATION.
Your very own make up and genetic material carries the instructions for the development, functioning, and reproduction of human organisms.

The primary purpose of life is to ensure this continuation of your genetic information by producing offspring and replicating genetic material. That's the central feature of life for most organisms.
In simpler terms, you can say that one of the core meanings of life, in the biological sense, is about propagation or reproduction.


Nope, wrong again. How can you be so stupid? Are you a normie?


Just because something is inherent to life doesn't mean it's the purpose. All life produces waste, does that mean it's my purpose in life to poop?


>The primary purpose of life is to ensure this continuation of your genetic information by producing offspring and replicating genetic material. That's the central feature of life for most organisms.
This. Retards act surprised when their bodies are designed with the purpose of reproduction and then ask "why do most things revolve around sex?" It's like they never finished high school.
t. can't argue
low iq with no reading comprehension.


Thanks for your post, you made me feel better about myself because you are so stupid.


You don't see normies very eager to replicate, do you?
Myriad methods have been invented to not reproduce as a consequence of having sex.
How do you explain the emphasis on sex when it's primary purpose is removed from the equation?


He's a breeder normie so he'll simply tell you that you're wrong because you don't want to shit out more wageslaves for the demonic entities that want to harvest loosh.


>How do you explain the emphasis on sex
The reason sex is so pleasurable is because fundamentally you are an organism created with the intention to replicate and pass on your genes. The pleasure associated with sexual activity serves as an incentive for individuals to engage in procreative behaviors, ensuring the survival and reproduction of their genes. Sex is a procreative behavior, whether it ends in pregnancy or not. It's designed to be.

Pleasure is a mechanism that encourages individuals to engage in activities that are essential for the survival and propagation of the species. This is why sexual desire and pleasure and powerful motivators in human behavior.


>betterment of society
Just say you want to help normies and that you're a failed normie yourself.


>Pleasure is a mechanism that encourages individuals to engage in activities that are essential for the survival and propagation of the species. This is why sexual desire and pleasure and powerful motivators in human behavior.
So men being capable of having very strong prostate orgasms means that gay sex is (to quote a retarded subhuman) more "essential for the survival and propagation of the species" than heterosexual sex or abstinence?
In other words, go fuck yourself.


cucking for stacy's kids and a system that hates neets lmao cuck simp crab


I think as a so called schizoid one will never be able to understand.
Personally, I nut and never want to see a succubus ever again. I bypass the risks of relationships/sex just like that.


Imagine being this mad over simple biology but you are gay so you're basically mentally defective and degenerate. That explains your poor reading comprehension, why you're so low iq and chimp out when faced with the truth.


Imagine being a retard. Just imagine it. Oh wait, you're already stupid, no need to do anything!


Good on you for admitting defeat. I don't have to imagine what a retard is, I have you already posting adhoms and being butthurt over biological facts. Funny how "gay sex" and "prostate orgasms" is the first thing in your mind when thinking about sex. Talk about being a failed wizard.


You're not capable of responding to my arguments so I'm treating you like the nigger you are. Do you get it, nigger? Nigger dumb. And I gave you the gay sex example to show you how laughably bad your understanding of both evolution and the meaning of life is. You're clearly to dumb to follow an argument and I'm not here to waste my time on a retarded normie who thinks genitals are gods.


Nice 0 arguments presented so far. Keep crying about DNA and reproduction being its primary purpose. Also you are ESL and gay lmao. You clearly are lost if you can't understand something so basic about life. You and every living thing were created with the intention to reproduce, it's in your genetic code.


>using the term "ESL" will magically improve my nonexistent literacy skills
Nice try you Indian subhuman. You're still brown, stupid and poor though.


lol gay is butthurt


Nigger he's a white. I was the Indian who posted the initial posts. I just arrived here RN after that.


hush, monkey


>Even those who say to be asexual make it a big deal because of how important sex is.

That makes me cringe so much. I am not asexual but my drive is so low I basically identify as one and people making it such a big deal they have their own flag and want to be part of the lgbt alphabet soup is so fucking lame.


you are a stinky crab


As opposed to?


ignore the female. She has no arguments so she will just insult the wizards.


well asexual =/= volcel

just look at all those monk paintings about how tortured even volcels are by their temptations


can you not post that retarded soyjak tier shit on /wiz/. this board has standards


The older you get the less you see normies value this. It's all a joke and ideology told to losers. It really doesn't matter if you reproduce - just means more slaves and some other asshole is really no different than you. Unless you have actual property, which you probably don't, there is nothing to pass on. We are being exterminated so it's pointless to think you're actually winning anything. Everything will be moved to artificial insemination in the future and they're so confident that they brag openly about how they'll make everyone slaves.

I can think of nothing less pleasant than this farce, and the less I have to do with it, the better. Since the people who rule just hate us, it's pointless to think too much about any future at all as long as they're around. Only way this ever ended is if they're utterly eliminated and that is not likely to happen. Even if you did that, unless you have a plan to not do the same thing again, there is no point to ruling. These people don't envision themselves not ruling - that would be worse than death or slavery to them. They would make themselves slaves to something to rule over a shit heap because that's how they think.

I have no "desire" to begin with. You can suppress or destroy it if you really want to, or better yet not start. Humans usually desired sex because they grew in a world where that was acceptable for them and expected, and since that world no longer exists for most of us, it's pointless. That's why the rush of degeneracy - the rulers make people addicted to the chemical rush and tell them "this is you" as part of their effort to destroy us faster and make us suffer. I could satisfy this spurious "desire" if I wanted to but there is nothing there to "desire". I'd rather be drunk or get some opiates than do that. It's actively unpleasant to think about such things, and if it weren't for a society designed to make people suffer as much as possible, I probably would have listened to younger me and found literally anything else to do.

Maybe in some sense I value living and resent that I have to suffer and die for the stupidest shit imaginable, and given who "wins" I don't see how I'm that much worse. These people don't appreciate anything but violence anyway. It's the only thing humans were ever good for. Sadly the humans won't be eliminated (and "transhumanism" doesn't count, that's the most normiecore faggotry I can imagine and they're particularly retarded humans in a cult). I'm more disgusted that these are the people selected to live and rule over us than afraid of dying. I would rather not die because the world is still good. It wasn't the world or even most of the people in it that created this problem. It's a few people who decided they could make the world suffer and tell us there is no alternative.

Really though, in the past decade more men have figured out the lie and stopped caring. Used to be they pretended you had to be a "man", but that was a myth shattered. They pushed it most when the depopulation project was locked in. Now that they got it and the screamers will kill a lot of us before it ends, there is no point in pretending and no point in forcing people to maintain kayfabe. The same liars selling "sex-positivity" are now selling full depopulation because that's what it always was for. That's what this failed race is for. It's really sad that they tell us how great they are as they do this, yet they uphold the stupidest cult shit and can't even say why.

I doubt the future will be what these assholes want it to be, but they will succeed in destroy anyone who wanted a single shred of decency. Sometime before "total victory" they will turn on each other - they already do but know never to align with people outside the club. Eventually their great plan will degenerate into what humanity always was - a bunch of Satanic apes killing each other for nothing. They were never meant to be anything else. We were never meant to by anything else either, but the world decided we could have something for a brief time and make of it whatever we could. It turns out the most influential people chose, for no real reason, this faggotry over anything else that would be worthwhile, and it never occurred to them that it should be different. The moment anyone comes close to suggesting this as an idea, the Satanic screeching begins because they know if we started living outside of that system, it would be the end of all hitherto known society and they will go to unlimited war to protect their orgies and parties. This is more for a fanatical minority that wins everything, that has everything handed to them and laughs at the fools who struggle. Their guiding philosophies literally make struggle against the institutions impossible, yet exhort the lower orders to struggle for pointless "rewards" and never let anyone abandon this "struggle" that they laugh about behind closed doors. It's insane any of it was allowed to happen.


as a teen my nightmare was being the guy in the 40 year old virgin. not the virgin part. but being around normies in a wagie job who judge you for it.

but by the end of the film, the normies realize he was living the best life of all of them, not tied down by the drama and costs of succubi, he was enjoying his own life and hobbies the most.


"oppressor and oppressed" is a form of collusion. The oppressed want to follow like a herd, their whole destiny depends on someone else: if things go wrong it's the fault of the oppressed and they are to blame. But the oppressor needs the oppressed as much as the other way around. A life form has offspring so that it will "continue their ways", perpetuate a strategy, to stay in the game. An oppressed will breed so that the strategy of "symbiotic" relationship with an oppressor will continue, people are like lychens. The fact that such life is nothing but suffering to most (the wretched) does not deter them from reproducing their "failed" strategy. In fact they are not a failed strategy because it is perpetuated by the body. The wretched may sometime change their situation (or have their situation changed by chance, such as a change in the political wind, or the birth of a talented and bright individual), and at any point they are detritivores who can subsist on the wasteful remains of the machine. The whole relation is, after all, only possible by the accumulation of crop, of grain. It is in such accumulation (the pyramid) that the whole organism rests.
Incidentally, it has been the most successful social strategy so far, the emergence of such societies has had a steady increase ever since it's first instances in a handful of alluvial plains.


Two aliens really don't need each other in that way. One vampirically lives off the other and insists that their prey are actually the parasites, despite the lack of any benefit to the prey for this relationship. The more vampiric the relation and abject the slavery, the more the parasites double down on this moral high horse.

Germanic philosophy is designed to internalize the political logic of a warmongering slave race. It was something designed to push it eventually into the global empire and its value system, and short-circuit the ideas of democracy or nationalism that the ruling elites really did not want.


but did not Fichte invent nationalism?


Nobody "invented" nationalism. Somebody may have quantized common political sentiments regarding borders and identity and given them the blanket label of "nationalism", but the feelings and beliefs covered by that term are the default and most common held by anyone who benefits from civilization and their nation's interested in their wellbeing. Just as different species, and within the same species herds and packs make their own natural borders and mutually segregate, do humans do the same. It's the borderless, globalist idealogy that must be taught, nay, enforced. An unnatural integration policy forced upon a naturally divided people, to the benefit of nobody.


Did medievals have a concept of nationalism?



What about when Churchmen spoke Latin, and Russians spoke French, and felt closer to their fellow aristocrats than to the peasants?

Austria's greatest general Prince Eugene was born in France, but no one considered him a traitor.


What about when you ate fried chicken instead of lifting weights?


I got less respect. I guess you could call pounding metal the industrial revolution in my stages of development


I lift weights, get tired, then eat McDonalds fried chicken. Is that so wrong?


>I (((pay))) to do dissipate energy, then I (((pay))) to replenish energy to dissipate again tomorrow.


If you're not lifting weights you failed as a wizard. You will never know the beauty of knowing yourself as a strong man, of your muscles and blood pumping everywhere, it awakens a wizard sense in you, you feel confident like you can destroy every normie in your path. It's a feeling failed normies will never know


>I (((pay))) to do dissipate energy, then I (((pay))) to replenish energy to dissipate again tomorrow.

Wrong, exercise makes you more efficient at maintaining low entropy with high complexity. Those that don't exercise are more entropy, generating relatively more heat than useful work compared to one who regularly suffers to maintain his structure/system-wide integrity.

Eating after is important so one can recover and continue to resist increasing entropy within the closed system of the human body/mind.


Working out is based. you have more energy indeed you age less your brain doesn't deteorioate at the same pace of sedentary wagecucks and you produce more dopamine, you're body in general is healthier


i remember pumping iron in the college gym back in 2007, thinking all these wannabe chads are just doing it to impress stacies, but i'm volcel, im stronger and more masculine than them but still dont want sex, im the Man of the New Type


a wizcel who lifts weights and studies is unbeatable. he is a GOD


File: 1697146168263.jpg (41.06 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1693463375059.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

agreed fellow exercise chads

on my fifth fap today wew cardio am i right


I accepted my lot in life and I'm trying to let go. I don't blame normalfags for being sex obsessed and treating everything as either a step or the door that opens an opportunity for sex to occur.


No and yes. No because I understand the importance of it, reproduction is the biological meaning of life so of course everything from squirrels to humans focus on it. But yes, I loathe the cheapening and commercialization of it. Porn, tinder, public displays, in media like you mentioned, its use as a tool for selling things and for succubi to control men, it's like they've degraded it, stripped away any intimacy to it and just made it a vulgar act. This is partly what turned me off the whole thing in the first place.


Everything is pointless in the end including posting on wizchan. If you don't enjoy the ride might as well kys


>they dont fantasize about her being fat in her 40s, her pussy roasted from all the big-brain baby heads shoved out of it.
>they dont fantasize about her being fat in her 40s, her pussy roasted from all the big-brain baby heads shoved out of it.

a lot of them actually do, heard it from them first hand.


I agree that it can be really irritating and annoying but it's all just meaningless noise once you can see through the layers.

The people who produce movies and shows are often hypersexual coomers themselves. The entertainment industry in general is full of reddit tier coomers and they are the ones who usually add this rather pornographic stuff to regular media. It's the same with games, basically the people who would do NSFW illustrations and create Skyrim porn mods are also in the general entertainment industry.

Recent surveys show that young people often feel uncomfortable with the amount of sex shown in shows and movies and many normies don't even wanna see that stuff. The severe pornographic stuff will eventually fade away because it might be just a trend after all but the effects of it will most likely last for quite some time.

I just think all this stuff is kinda crazy now, we literally have charting female artists rapping about getting throat fucked and doing anal or artists doing straight up porn. Movies and shows also have crazy sex scenes that are basically porn without showing the penetration. You can't even play a fantasy RPG without being confronted by genitals and pornographic sex stuff. It's all just so surreal lol.

If you are undersocialized it's very easy to fall into a false reality however. Most normies still prefer classic relationships and the average 'bodycount' is still 4-8, then there's also an increasing number of adult men and succubi who never had any sexual experience at all. The internet and media in general always just shows the vocal minority of really hypersexual people but that's still not normal. There's definitely people who hook up and fuck around a lot but most people don't even do that but it's hard to realize that if you live in a casual sex bubble or if you don't know any people irl and get most of your social input from the internet.


Agreed and Harvey Weinstein is just tip of the iceberg.

When you look at all the interviews of people making most mainstream series, it's all a bunch of fedora hatted 330lbs redditor-looking crabs.
Not only do they have zero experience of actual succubi, or any kind of relationships with succubi that doesn't involve the exchange of money, the female characters they write are cringy and unrealistic.

I miss 80's and 90's cinema, when it was still being produced by highly talented gifted individuals, not coomer-crab-redditors.


everything revolves around sex whether we like it or not. Females are hyper focused on sex more than men and now they control society so no wonder.


>If you are undersocialized it's very easy to fall into a false reality however. Most normies still prefer classic relationships and the average 'bodycount' is still 4-8, then there's also an increasing number of adult men and succubi who never had any sexual experience at all. The internet and media in general always just shows the vocal minority of really hypersexual people but that's still not normal. There's definitely people who hook up and fuck around a lot but most people don't even do that but it's hard to realize that if you live in a casual sex bubble or if you don't know any people irl and get most of your social input from the internet

If you don't never engage with people irl and only learn about sex stuff on the internet and media or from porn, you can very easily get deluded into thinking that everyone is fucking everything and that everyone has a 50+ bodycount which is far from reality. Most people aren't like that but they also don't draw a lot of attention on themselves while you're getting baited on the internet for engagements with a false reality.


>Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?
No. Life is ultimately about reproduction. Even aesthetis of art might just be a by-product of sexual selection like a peacock's tail.

It's truly fucking over, I'm fucking rotting here in this genetic prison sentenced for life. This is hell and death is the only true freedom.


I’m sick of seeing your crustaceous ass post about sex being the meaning of life all over this site. Go bitch somewhere else.


the biggest motivator in animal life is reproduction, humans are no different and most aspects of culture is motivated by the desire of humans to reproduce or protect their offspring.

The worst part is that we are cursed with hormones and sexual desires so there is no way out.


Your understanding of biology is sub-highschool.


humans just exist to reproduce so no surprise there. Dying a virgin is something no man wants and I understand where all that interest in sex is coming from.

I knew the moment I hit puberty.


You're just stuck in an online bubble and applied a black/white thinking that doesn't apply to actual reality. Most normies are not hypersexual and most of them still have a rather normal partner count. Sex really isn't the number one priority in most people's lives, it just gets pushed in your face on the internet and media which can cloud your judgement especially if you lack actual irl experiences.


defending normalfags on wizchan and denying what's common knowledge by now just makes you sound delusional and like a bad faith actor.


This man has been sniffing farts in his own bubble for so long that he forgot that the air outside didn't smell like shit


Most normies may have low partner counts but they definitely get into relationships and do not want to die alone.

It's not actually all about the sex, it's only about sex when you're young, when you're older it's about having a partner and a family, the sex is just necessary for that for obvious reasons. People have a complex about sex because it ties into that, for obvious reasons. People don't like being virgins because on an instinctual level it shows they're not breeding and are failing, it's why losing your virginity is considered a validating big deal.

Apparently, already on /o/ on 4chan you have 40+ year old users bragging about having kids and going "u jelly" to those without. I'm expecting on imageboards you'll soon start to see….

>I took the kiddos to sports today, don't tell me you're spending your weekend by yourself again

…posting to start up in 5-10 years time.


normies are obsessed with sex and later in life they just settle down cause they want to reproduce and secure a family, indeed. Even on here I suppose there are users who once they reach a certain age they will look to mate or at least get rid of their virginity and stop coming here or just come here to brag.


Dogshit take.


Opinion, post, belief, trolling attempt.. So many ways words you could have used but you default to some Tyrone Instagram word. "Take" pfft


Odd accusation coming from someone who reduces life to "muh dick". I think you're the same moron that spams every thread with this idiotic life = sex "insight".


No, the guy who wrote that post over a week ago is not the same guy who pointed out your outsider attitude just now. Belive it or not, if you type like an asshole, you're going to attract negative attention from everyone. To just "think" everyone who dislikes you is actually the same obsessed guy is a genuine paranoid schizophrenic strawman.


You are a sad, lonely boy.
I'm sincerely worried about you… truly.


Just ignore that retard, imagine not being able to come to terms with some basic facts about animal life.


Nope, you're still stupid and you still don't know shit about grade school biology. Try again!


File: 1702143842945.jpg (67.53 KB, 744x752, 93:94, connorr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>reduces life to "muh dick"
>don't know shit about grade school biology.

So what exactly is the primordial basic function of all organic life? How can it be anything other than "make more of me"? Can you explain?


lol that's a nice connor meme.



The double helix does what the fuck it wants


You're a reductionist NPC because you have a tiny peanut brain, lil bro. This is the explanation.


File: 1702323787663.jpeg (210.81 KB, 647x528, 647:528, 902ED1FE-E841-46DB-978A-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I was at the doctor the other day and they recommended that I get tested for HPV. Among other exams. I could only afford to pay for the consultation that day ($50). Thank goodness I should finally be getting health insurance again next year!

…you can't get STIs without any sexual contact, can you? Hold up lemme' look it up.


>…you can't get STIs without any sexual contact, can you?
Stay away from public bathrooms. Entire pools have been closed due to aids.


File: 1702325557703.jpeg (958.88 KB, 1536x888, 64:37, B0B7A3AD-A7CB-40D8-BD5D-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Doubly awkward!

…I'm not sure I can recall when the last time was that I made any physical contact with another person.


I want to take a potato peeler to a plantar wart.


File: 1702732771403.jpg (11.85 KB, 250x186, 125:93, old man.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>you can't get STIs without any sexual contact, can you?
All of them stay on towels/ toilets/ dishes for a long ass time.
If you have roommates and they are the type to use a glass to get a sip of water and then put it back in the cupboard without washing it with dishsoap, you have a very high chance of catching something from them.
Hand soap doesn't do shit against viruses either. If you want to disinfect something properly use alcohol.
The information online on STDs is pure bullshit. If you manage to catch herpes in your mouth it WILL creep into your eyes eventually. """Research papers""" claim that it is not possible due to "developing immunity".
What is also claimed is that "most people don't know that they have it". They do, it's a wild and massive infection.

tl;dr don't share bagels/ water bottles/ towels/ drinking glasses/ beer bottles with your buddy. It will fuck you up.


yes yes and once more yes


so are you saying normalfags get to have sex and infect wizards with stds?


Can you get an STD from sniffing and licking your female roommate's dirty panties? (Hypothetical)


I noticed that in some groups of friends, talking about sex, they almost "fake it", meaning that they talk about sex "because that's how it works", even though in reality, in that particular moment of their life, they're for example very focused on their job or studies and they couldn't care less about it.
So you enter a vicious cycle where you end up really thinking and talking about it all the time.


hi this is my first time here


I realize social life is a pendulum between arrogance and hypocrisy so i go back feeling superior.

Sex havers because of the way they lived have such a wrong and juvenile perspective on literally everything from orange man bad to scamdemic to psi, soul and consciousness to how human life should be to videogames to their inability to change philosophical paradigm fuck them big time. And worse than all this shit of a low awareness low life soyciety rewards their robottism much more than our awareness.

I fucking predicted nearly all the trends we see today in 2013 while normies either laughed at me or thought i was exaggerating or crazy and now i see them fucking adapting to the globohomo trends i already understood in 2013.

I came to the point where i search my normies ex classmates or uni colleagues just to see how much of a non thinking normie conformist they are. It’s funny how i don’t envy even the most accomplished of them and i would NEVER trade places with them.


Isn't sex like the best feeling ever according to normalfags?
>once you satisfy it you don't crave it anymore and might even feel disgust (aka post nut clarity/shame).
kek where you getting this from some puritan subreddit of religious cucks?
Everything points out to the opposite, people love it and continue doing it till they die and even find excuses and lie in order to get sex.


I mostly hear it's overrated without a intense emotional connection, and the drug users I have known consistently say if given the choice between sex and certain drugs they would pick the drugs every time. Though the gay/bi people said meth+sex was best.

I highly doubt I am missing out on much not having sex. I don't get emotionally invested or close to people and universally normies say physically masterbation feels better than sex. It the emotional and psychological stuff that makes it so valuable to them.


> and the drug users I have known
>the gay/bi people said meth+sex was best.
you seem to know a lot of degenerate niggers.


spoiler: the gay/bi people is himself


most likely, I don't know where a "wizard" would meet gay/bi meth users and have sexual discussions with them.


sex outside of marriage is devoid of substance and only damages people in their spirit for the pleasures of the flesh. to the extent that a person derives other worldly pleasure from scandalous encounters, that damage done to their spirit is likened.

celibacy is an absolutely integral part of any deep spiritual practices or meditations. not everyone is destined for, or cut out for this.


>Does no one else see how pointless it all is?
it isn't pointless and that is the point. it is by design. sex sells, literally. money. money. money.

it's brainwashing. when you put sex on a pedestal people have to become hyper-competitive, that decays, causes all kinds of rife, and most importantly it fosters economic competition and growth and the spending spending spending of money.



Not all of us have privileged backgrounds.

I grew up in a not great neighborhood and was even homeless for a bit.
Of course I knew fuck ups and degenerates.


Go fuck yourself.


so how exactly do you know so many gay druggaddicts and bisexual and homosexuals who do meth? You haven't answered that, and why do you talk about sex with them.
It seems that you don't belong here.


I wouldn't be suprised if the guys who always come to wizchan to defend succubi, fapping and porn are also hanging around drug addicted faggots irl. They definitely know such people online as well.


I have answered that question retard, in the post directly above the one you replied to.
Again go fuck yourself.


File: 1709724363384.jpg (179.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault-2722299252.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do you guys find meaning in life if you hate sex?

Maybe I am losing it but I realized that everything in some way is tied to sex.

Even if you do something wizardry like math or engineering all it does is in some way help people get laid. Your math discovery may lead to faster algorithms which will be used in dating apps. Your contributions towards more efficient processors will be used for smartphones that normies use for sexting. Your AI contributions will just lead to more AI porn. The new car you helped design will be used to drive to their mistress or have sex in. The bestselling book you wrote will lead to some people connect over it and then have sex… it's actually inescapable.


Why do you hate sex? We need it to make new humans and it's fun and pleasurable. Yeah, I get that we don't get picked to participate but no reason to make that your life obsession.


It's disgusting. Do I really need to explain it? I'm an atheist but it feels demonic. The aggressions sex drive leads to supports this.


It's objectively disgusting, but there are many disgusting things in the world that you aren't currently thinking about or worrying that you are contributing to them. Maybe your math discovery ends up making better toilets that fit the ass better or revolutionizes plumbing and transportation of literal feces. The fact that your mind is preoccupied with sex in particular means there's more than just a simple disgust response. Often it's just a way to hide other, more unpleasant emotions like shame and insecurity. People might be fucking! The horror! While beneath that, you're just pained that you might be missing out, or worried what your sexlessness means about you.


what comparison is that? shitting is not a choice. meanwhile sex drive can be dealt with by just jerking off. you dont even need porn.


Meaning of life is to endure suffering, sex just creates more suffering under the illusion that it will alleviate it.


My point is that you don't have to think about sex if it disgusts you, but you do anyway, and the idea of other people having sex disturbs you emotionally. There's no doubt in my mind that there are people eating literal shit on this planet, but I don't think about it. I'm not secretly wishing I was eating shit. There's something disingenuous about saying "sex disgusts me but i can't stop thinking about it and it hurts me that other people are engaging in it".

If you don't like golf, don't play it, don't watch the golf channels, it's that simple.


again odd comparison
you cant compare deviants to something almost everyone engages in

>sex disgusts me but i can't stop thinking about it

you get constantly reminded of it. its very commonly featured in media and in geek circles people can be unhinged with their horniness


>How do you guys find meaning in life if you hate sex?
What a odd question.

There is so much more to life than sex. I also don't "hate" it. It's just not apart of my life. It's a non-factor.
And no, not everything is in some way tied to sex. Most of the things most people do is in no way related directly or indirectly to sex.
To argue otherwise seems irrational.


there is reason evolutionarily for crabs, You're many siblings have many kids, now they have an extra parent.

you swab up the family fuck pit and get to pick up the leavings and orphans.

Isnt genetics wonderful fellow uncles!




Don't be that guy.


That is just one reason for having children. The crabs are just the extra hands that never found a mate to create more people with.


>Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?
pooping is very important. not pooping is also extremely important. importance by itself is meaningless

you must specify important to what. i think you are speakingly generally and mean positive value, for example people positively value having sex. you seem to hold the opposite, a negative view/value of sex

but a positive or negative value of something both mean the thing itself is important to you. for it to be unimportant, you must be ignorant or uninterested. i am this, uninterested, and i don't value sex positively or negatively. it's an irrelevant aspect of life, like driving a car, or fashion


It's an agenda. Take care of yourself.


An agenda that started since the beginning of mankind? I say it's genetic.


File: 1718602540130.png (423.92 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

NTA but, we must overcome our natalist programming


>muh antinatalism activism
>overcome our natalist programming

you really make a big deal out of it when any virgin bro in here will probably never reproduce or let alone have sex, definitely the wrong site to preach. Meanwhile people will keep having sex and kids, that's just something you have to accept about life.


Trying to push antinatalism as a philosophical position will never work because normalfags cannot conceive of having children as being a bad thing, at least in that way. They have to be tricked into it, like through abortion advocacy.


This. Neurotypical and normie communities will always and forever consider babies the greatest blessing life can endow on someone.

Ironically the only people pushing antinatalism are guys who were never going to be accepted for procreation by any succubus in the world.
And maybe 1% are old academic spinster succubi who were highly undesirable to men all their lives.

I'm an antinatalist, but at least I admit I was always going to stay a virgin anyway because nobody wants me.
I also think the world is vastly overpopulated at 3 billion humans let alone 8+.


>Neurotypical and normie communities…
…have children who are embraced by the village and don't need to burn it down to feel its warmth.


File: 1719172769708.png (644.61 KB, 720x825, 48:55, F_lDvyBWgAAdE4p.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes. I'm very bothered by it.
My generation may not be entirely responsible for it. But they're certainly complacent to normalizing sex to the same level of stigmatism provided to an ordinary hand-shake.

You can tell others that you're a virgin in even your early twenties and they'll draw their faces as a grain-fed fluoride stare. You'll then be spoken to as if there's something wrong with you. Then assumed it's either because of religious implications, or that you're impotent, or that you have no 'game'.

No, because you don't want to surrounded rubbed against, shoulder-to-shoulder by complete strangers in a claustrophobic room with blaring noises, epilepsy-inducing lights and take mystery pills YOU'RE the freak.


File: 1719314751708.gif (616.52 KB, 664x550, 332:275, 404.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw am impotent and have no game as well as religious implications

It was truly over for me before it began.


File: 1719804290363.jpg (31.4 KB, 500x481, 500:481, Diogenes_-_La_scuola_di_At….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I can't think of any other desire that you can satisfy entirely by yourself at no cost.
"If only it were as easy to banish hunger by rubbing my belly."


>I can't think of any other desire that you can satisfy entirely by yourself at no cost
imagine thinking that masturbation is the same as sex lmfao

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