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wizzies working

are you working? what's your work? is they paycheck enough for you to live good? do you have goals?
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I am life mogged by everyone and I don't care anymore

I am a wiz and I see everyone having better lives than me almost everywhere. I know that if I get life mogged by someone I always suspect they are normalfags.
these are my stats
-34 year old
-never had a gf
-never kissed a succubus
-never been on a date
-never had a group of friends in school
-no friends, not even online
-never invited to parties
-5'4 short, this is short in north america
-parents are dead
-wagie at a call center
-no college degree
-chronic disease
-no social media like fb, insta, discord, etc.
-hobbies are just watching anime, reading, and learning languages
-everyday is almost spent the same way except for the weekend where i just sit in my room and consume
-no sign of things ever improving and my health is deteriorating

I've come to accept that this is who I am going to be, there is no changing my fate.
Nothing will get better. I can't even relate to other people my age because they seem to love life or at least they have something that pushes them to do things. I've seen people come and go in my job and in general they all seem to be doing better than me. I'm stuck in this but I don't care anymore. Sometimes I feel lonely, my parents are gone so I miss them, sometimes, I have no social connections and really I don't like people too much. Never being a conversationalist or fond of small talk. I just go to the call center. Do my job. I have some colleagues and a boss who addresses my existence and the occasional reply from imageboards but that's as far as it goes when it comes to anything that can be remotely described as socialization. There is no waking up from this apparently, some of us were born broken.
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Why do depressed people think that things like exercise, studying, finding a hobby, going for a walk, among others, are not good treatments for their problem?
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Meaningless existence

At some point it dawned on me that I've never been desired by who I was as a person, just whatever skills I had to finish some job or favor, even from my own parents who were never satisfied with what I accomplished.
I feel the final extension of being wanted as a person is consensual sex, someone accepting your most primal desires without any money involved.
Now approaching 30, I feel I've fallen into a spiral where I've become an unlikeable weirdo because I've never been loved, and because of that loneliness, I become even more bitter and unlikeable.
I daydream at work all day about me being the center of attention, being loved, adored, admired for who I am, then snap out of it to resume my shift.
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Post your scores results. I got robot, kek.
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Wikipedia Articles

Let's start with this interesting one I just found:

Previous thread: >>192836
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Living in countryside

Are any wizards attempting to become less dependent on normalfag society by moving to the countryside and living off of the land? I don't mean the meme with people talking about going "innawoods" and hunting for survival. I mean living in a very rural area and being as frugal as possible while trying to make things at home rather than relying on NEETbux to buy everything from stores.

I assume very few if any of you are, because most people think it requires buying land and a house and everything. But it really doesn't. The much easier way to do it is to basically go backpacking for a while until you come across some old man who needs help on his farm and is willing to provide you a room and food and, if he's generous, some cash as well to help him with chores and such. This way you have almost no expenses, aside from extra food and personal items.

The chores are typically stuff like feeding hay to animals, collecting eggs, milking cows, shoveling manure. Depending on the farm there's probably times of year you have to help the farmer to drive a tractor around or pick fruit or whatnot. It sounds like hard work but it really isn't once your body adjusts to it. It's just tedious. Most of the work I can do while I listen to music or audiobooks on my phone.

Then you can negotiate to have your own area to grow a garden and buy your own livestock. This is what I've been doing the past two years, on two different farms, and it is very comfy but also fulfilling. It only requires minimal interaction with some old man or couple who runs the farm, which tends to be more tolerable than the average normalfag. It would be nice if we could create a little wizard village where several of us can do this together, much like the mountain NEETs in Japan. But I know we're all probably too demotivated to pull something like that off.
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How do you cope with fetishes you cant control? A lot of failed normalfags couldnt even start sex lives if they wanted to, because their fetishes are so repugnant. Aside from that, having a weird fetish personally fills me with tons of anxiety, mostly because I'm always wasting my free time scouring the net for any type of new material that fulfills my needs. It's uncontrollable; even worse when your fetish is so obscure, not even the porn industry wants to capitalize on it.
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Holy shit, got this really awful epiphany in the middle of the night, I'm a 30 years old man that never had sexual experience, by now, a man at my age has like maybe 14 years of sexual experience and relationship experience under the belt. I know, sex isn't everything, but still, it dawn on me that I never had some (in theory) fundamental aspect of human experience, or something. Honestly, I just don't know if I'm either sad, mad or just don't care. Feels like a door has closed to me.
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Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?

I can't think of any other desire that you can satisfy entirely by yourself at no cost. And once you satisfy it you don't crave it anymore and might even feel disgust (aka post nut clarity/shame).

And yet because of sex people choose to ruin lives of others and their own, to ruin their health, to spend tons of money, to ruin relationships, to feel depressed and what affects me the most as wizard: also taint media with their horniness. Video games will have clearly cumbrained character design that looks stupid if you are not horny and if you criticize it you get called gay or a succubus. Movies have pointless sex scenes. They can't even comprehend people not being obsessed with sex 24/7. Imageboards are full with coomers shitposting and bitching and not getting laid.

Does no one else see how pointless it all is?
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Normies getting mad at things they shouldn't

have you ever been yelled at by your family for being quiet? or interrogated as to why you aren't a normie?
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Wizards, live with courage and open your eyes of justice

I was watching a movie set in high school and all the images, themes, and plot, resurfaced a bunch of memories from 15 years ago when I was still a young student.

I began to think deeply, at least more than usual, and realized many things that were not visible to me back then:

I thought I was widely divergent, in my mind, and at the same time self-deprecating of myself and entire existence.
Ironically enough, I was idealistic to carry with the burden of unfulfilled wishes, and at times, sarcastic which was mistaken as braveness by the rest of classmates. During recess, I even had a group of nerd kids who enjoyed my company deeply because I made them laugh. I was the funny guy but not a class clown, at least that phase of mine was long gone at that age. I was only a class clown before puberty, after puberty some remains still persisted but most of it had been taken away by a poignant depression that I tried to hide under a not so noticeable sardonic view of my peers, teachers, and school life in general.

Superficially and deep down, I was a nice guy and I couldn't hide my true nature of being… a nice guy, a good honest person. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that people are born a nice person while others are born to be corrupt and this is another flaw in our universe, after all, reality isn't meant for the idealistic and good guys and those who want to make things right.
Reality and nature is more shaped for those who are cruel enough to impose their will, be it through brute force, violence, manipulation, lies, or abuse of nature itself.

The worst mistake was to try and deny myself of that truth, hoping it to be a lie, that we humans are a flawed species. Corrupted to the very end. Every fiber of our beings, is almost predestined to be evil. Humanity's true nature is evil and if you leave us like we are we only sink to lower depths.

We have no choice but to die out. It's painful but I hope for everyone to be erased. I don't believe in the future. No future will make up for the horrible pain of each individual's past.

In that sense, there is nothing to fix, nothing to change, there is only things waiting to vanish, that is, we as humans. We have to erase us that's the ulterior moral responsibility of every human being that's awakened. A fool will say that I'm biased, that it's my feelings and negative emotions speaking, but rationally speaking, nothing you do for me or guys like me will ever make up for the pain, trauma, and lonesomeness experienced from so young. Humans deserve death and I don't care how it comes. I don't care how we get to this.

I'm alive despite the betrayal from this universe and I want my vengeance.

My heart is predisposed to goodness like many wizards but I'm trying to change that. I've had a vision of The Wizard God. HE follows one intention for the chosen few who can see this world without rose tinted glasses and with pure naked eyes. It's one ideal, the ultimate form of love. The purifying from a corrupted life only possible through death.
Those of you who are still afraid, don't be. The time for evil to be eradicated will come, we have to be patient.
Live with courage and open your eyes of justice. Shine bright and look everywhere with eyes of justice with all your passion and all your courage. Focus on not betraying the ideal. That is our personal victory. Nobody but us can see this. Be majestic until that time comes. The light of justice will illuminate the darkness, illuminate the future and we will defeat all evil. We will overwhelm everyone into silence and then we will finally have found peace.
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Fat vs Skinny vs Skinnyfat

Which one of them is the worst?
I am skinnyfat and I think it is the worst, I am a puny little manlet and look like a golem.
I am 164cm/5'4" and weigh 64kgs/141lbs. No matter what I do, I have a weird figure, people have v shape and I have this shape <> with fat in my belly.
Doesn't help that I live in a goyed country where it's impossible to weigh your food, cause the lack of data, and no other foreign or better food alternatives.
I went to the gym for five fucking months and saw no difference in the physique and eventually left it cause I hated seeing the normies. My inner-shutin kicked in. I don't even know how to get a calorie deficit, cause can't count.

What are you guys' experiences with your weights, have you ever faced bullying, snarky comments, effects on self-esteem? Or just like me is someone here pulls their stomach inwards and bloats their chest and raises the chin to not look skinnyfat lol?
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third worlders wizards

if you're a third worlder wizard living in a first world country, you may post here.
>How much do you struggle in life there?
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I'm way too ugly to get a job

What the title says. I have tried many different jobs and my coworkers always bully me out of the place for being too ugly. I have worked in factories, offices, workshops, restaurants and as a printing press operator, but the result is always the same, my coworkers don't want me around and I end up leaving the place after a few weeks because the bullying becomes unbeareable… I'm so desperate that I even got an interview a few weeks ago to work in a funeral home as a crematory operator, but they haven't called me back. I'm just gross to look at.

What kind of jobs can I do where I don't have to deal with people at all?
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So, I'm entering my 30s soon as NEET, what thing should I look out for to maximize my comfort and lower te probability of problems as I become a more older NEET? So, what wisdom older NEET can share with us?
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New wizard expectations

In less than a year I will be a bonafide wizard and I have already started to feel at peace I feel great all the sadness and worries of my mid 20s are melting away. I love this new state of mind. What other powers come with wizzardship? One minor one is the general sexual disinterest in porn and the succubus that pass me by.
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Any other wizards kind of hate these creatures? Normies seem to love them more than anything, and they don't even seem to mind the loud, incessant barking these fucking creatures make 24/7.
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So, ex-NEETbros, how did you do it? I need to work ASAP, but I don't know how to do it, I'm almost 2 years out of workforce, need advice on how to proceed to reenter and became a wagie again, I will miss my NEET free time, but life come fast at me and need working, so, any successful ex-NEET that become a well off wagie can help me here?
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Am I the oldest male virgin here?

66 years old. Retired. Comfortable because I know how to live frugally (by first world standards). Anyone here older than me?
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Why is pic related so popular among wizards? He was anti-tech and most of us derive our only enjoyment in life from technology (vidya etc).

He despised losers. One of the reasons why he became anti-tech is because technology helps the weak survive. This is scumag ideology even if we put the terrorism aside. He would have hated us.

I think wizards like him because he was a hermit. They like the man, the aesthetic. But what should matter is his bullshit views which would be very negative for wizards.

May his ideas rot with his corpse.
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I'm sure many of you have struggled with various forms of fear and anxiety. How have you coped with it? I'm especially interested in situations where you have a GREAT opportunity if you can fight through fear, or situations where doing what you're afraid of is the moral move.

Have any of you used alcohol to help, and what was your experience? Would you recommend it?

I have a difficult social interaction I have to get through soon and I've deeply considered drinking for weeks, but I've decided to just do it sober, fear and all. But there's a problem - just because you've chosen to do something, it doesn't always guarantee that you'll muster the courage to do it. Fear can paralyze you.
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Imageboards are dead.

Old internet is dead. I don't even bother anymore but when I do I just end up wasting time on the same old sites which aren't even fun to begin with. I tried to quit and go out instead and for a while I think I became a normalfag and even sorta enjoyed it for a while. But then I got disillusioned with it all and realized that it's not for me, so now I am back here again but everything is dead.
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This is something I'd like other young apprentices and wizards alike to know so they don't fall into the same trap as normalfags

People from all walks of life more often than not reward the already rich and successful with praise and adoration celebrating any of their small successes in various ways and varying degrees. This creates a positive feedback loop where the wealthy and high status garner more admiration, while those who are poor or average remain poor and average themselves. This behavior only contributes to their own miserable sorry state of affairs.

Poor and mediocre people love to play the victim and blame things on inequality while being the very same actors who play a fundamental role in furthering the cycle of accumulative success the Matthew effect makes mention of—the aphorism that says the rich get richer and the poor get poorer:

“For to him who has will more be given; and from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

This dynamic is visible in many contexts, from simps who worship, defend the honor, and donate money to e-thots who think nothing of them and are already millionares; fanboys who fervently defend multibillion dollar comapanies and rich celebrities, and even to those foolish peasant and vermin alike who attend political rallies to support candidates and engage in pointless debates all for the sake of a stranger, as if they will get anything substantial in return, or even worse, the stupid soldiers who go to war and die for the interests of the rich and powerful fully knowing that death is the end.

This people ignore that even if there’s a soul, wandering the world of the living as a spirit isn’t a continuation of life. When you die, that’s it. There’s nothing more yet this people feel compelled to serve and throw away their lives, their free time, serving others who have better lives than them.

I’ve concluded that it’s in their DNA to be servile and stupid so I don't feel sorry for them, this is what they love to do and there is no saving them.

It's a paradox where, in their pursuit of supporting others, they inadvertently reinforce their own status as mere pawns in the game.

They are nothing but mindless drones and pawns, willingly serving the interests of those already in high positions of power, who will not even remember their names or faces.
No pity for that vermin who never learnt such a basic lesson, don’t cry when your decisions comes back to bite you.

You reap what you sow.

Both in the present and future, they are nothing but slaves.


Anyways, every real wizard and loner have good day and may God bless you.
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Wizard origin stories

What, my friend, made you a wizard? Was it ugliness, mental issues, being ethnic or a combination?
The first day of being born I knew it was over
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Normie males and every single female are entangled with the devil. They protect each other and benefit from one another.
They are the ones trying to silence you whenever you speak up against the evil of this world and its supporters. That’s the normies and females who want you to suffer and become blind and apathetic and finally unwillingly accept the matrix and its horrors.
They are deceitful and turn delusional despite the fact that a few among them have glimpsed, even if only briefly, the human condition in which most of us find ourselves, exactly like Sisyphus.
But ask yourself this: do they care? No. They’re similar to Cypher in this regard. Just like him, they betray the enlightened and justify this betrayal and the pain it brings us through the most egotistical of pleasures. They savor the taste of that sweet steak, indulge in wine and drugs, and conveniently forget their evil deeds. To absolve themselves of guilt, they resort to fallacious rationalizations. Oh, they love to explain themselves through illogical arguments and hasty generalizations. “You would do the same”, "it's your own fault". The burden of blame is too weighty for them; they always evade accountability or offer brief moments of contrition to a false deity, seeking forgiveness. However, lo and behold, how swiftly they return to their evil ways like nothing ever happened. They love absolving themselves of any responsibility for the suffering they have caused, always shifting the blame onto others.

Normalfags and every female, like I said, are entangled with the devil. The devil and its minions wants you to become oblivious and deteriorate and ultimately forget that you posses a RIGHTEOUS SENSE OF JUSTICE given to you by God.
Normies think they are cheating life by deceiving themselves and others, they’re violently pushing us to walls with spikes and then pretend to lend us a hand. They will back you into a corner and then pretend to be a savior and ask “don’t you see life is so beautiful despite the suffering we inflicted on you, see, now that you’re free of pain you can finally see life is beautiful”
False friends, no real saviors. Snakes in the grass and wolves in sheep's clothing.

The humans I pity the most are those who get the short end of the stick and decide to side with the evil powers if it translates in them having the opportunity to enjoy a bit of life.
It’s unfortunate that the very unfortunate want to side with the powers that be, and be part of the mindless horde.
They are helpless cases basking in a false light of glory. Their lives and spirits darkened as their minds can’t see right from wrong anymore. It's all subjective for them.
Even here, you will see them trying to attack you for your honest thoughts and persecute you, call you names, they could be a brother to you but they will decide to fight you because they need to feel like normalfags and use you as a point of reference to think “at least we’re not that loser”.

When the time comes, they will burn. Those who sided with the normies and females, who protected them and vouched for their lies, virgin or not.
All of those who stonewalled, gaslighted, guilt-tripped, isolated, lied, deceived, physically attacked, or gave the cold shoulder to us real wizards. You delighted yourself with inflicting pain and treated us like animals, lesser than human. This is human behaviour after all so in your mind it’s justified and just as doing good can bring satisfaction so does evil. Someone has to be a victim, right? You ensure this pain and do nothing to prevent it with the rest of worms who clique it up and are proud to be human, and so happy to be alive.
But the time will come when the tables are turned. What goes up has to fall.
Being the wizard that I am, I will forgive you but I won’t help you. No, I will not help you…
Suffering is a great teacher, I know that now. It’s taught me about demons. It’s taught me about females real nature. It’s taught me about who not to trust. It’s taught me everything I need to know about life. So you will learn too.
Whether you like it or not, you will have to learn just like I did.
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Wizardry is literally just viewing the world through a symbological lens and applying it practically under the guise of being 'magic.'

Example: "Succubi are Evil" as an assumed misogynistic generality is just a synthesis of etymology with astute observation.

["succubus - late Middle English: from medieval Latin succubus ‘prostitute’, from succubare, from sub- ‘under’ + cubare ‘to lie’."]

The succubus is an essence-stealer; it does not matter what her gender is because on a BASE level the words UNDER & LIE have negative connotations. Archaic colloquial term for succubus 'Paramour' is more evident, lit. "Illicit Swamp" aka BITCH PUSSY STANK! Pee-Yew Nigga! Eve lied by distorting Satan's truth to Adam → succubi corrupt institutionally without direct assumption of power → Able-bodied men become paradoxically 'soft' after settling DOWN with duplicitous harlots.

"She plays boys like a game of cards." Emphasis is not upon the play but the intent of it, to CHEAT an otherwise fair game. Subversion of the role of Tarot, inequality as egalitarian ideology, turning mysticism into MUH WICCA 4K HD makeup tutorial. "Goth GF" as a reactionary aesthetic instead of post-tradition, both fantasies, both abused by succubi. Red and Black are the same color if you squint, succubi have black blood before & after menstruation / pregnancy → Abortion / "Let me kill my baby!" = siphon the tar out so I can absolve myself from a self-fulfilling conflict → "Struggle session" as feminine succubus bastardization of war, famine, strife, once again turning man's own nature against him.

Eden was the dream snuffed out by Nightmare Cunt. Snake Coils = succubus's Embrace. Ergo, true misogyny is fear of XX Chromosome and all its derivatives (you know what this alludes to). THE ZOHAR IS SCARIER THAN ANY HORROR PICTURE.

Poison & Potion are the same thing. In Soviet Russia succubus drink from you and make you sick. Potare is a 2ND-PERSON imperative/indicative therefore even in a dominant role the man is a submissive. Potare also can mean PRUNE as in cut off branches as in CASTRATION. A serpent only constricts, a succubus finishes the job. Pure femininity is a fang, a knife, a dagger, eyes bleeding black. Add another X to "XX Chromosome" and well, you know the rest…

They don't teach Latin in schools anymore because they replaced literacy with orality, while ignoring both their synergistic elements PLUS the entire oral tradition and phon(em)ic acuity. Modern education is pedophilic succubi conspiring to preemptively castrate young men by cutting off the tongue. Circumcision doesn't stop after the child is born. Emasculation IS modernity from birth to death. You were taught to think of horns and wings as being Hellish because the true maleficence is contained within those meaningless accessories. If succubi could actually fly we'd be back in Heaven, you know damn well Lilith didn't have wings.
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how's your life?

Like, how your daily life?

I'm NEET recluse, rarely go out and mostly stay online, watch anime, read manga or play games.
R: 15 / I: 1

Learn magic

I got my hands on the satanic Bible. I want to ask any wizard frens if I can learn magic from the book or not.
R: 9 / I: 0

Saint Anthony

Nearly every spiritual current in history describes resisting temptation as the main trait that distinguishes a good person from a bad person, high spiritual value compared to animalistic mediocrity. It is a struggle that every single human must deal with and, ultimately, it is what ends up defining a person – on Earth and beyond.

While this struggle is as old as time, we are living in a time of “weaponized” temptation, scientifically crafted to make us weak, unhealthy, unstable, and demoralized.

Some are constantly tempted by garbage processed foods that are purposely addictive yet destructive to their health. Others cannot help but ogle succubi on social media and porn sites, to the point that they’ve become debilitated. Others are obsessed with social media likes, comments, and online validation and cannot help but constantly check on them. Others spend enormous amounts of time winning video games while losing in life. Others need to consume opioids, cocaine, and other narcotics just to make life bearable.

All of these temptations have one thing in common: They were purposely engineered to activate the reward center of the brain and to release “feel good” hormones such as dopamine. Over and over again.

None of these things are natural and all of them trick our brains into thinking we are doing something good while it’s the exact opposite. Instead of achieving great objectives through hard work, sacrifice, and delayed gratification, society trains us to seek quick and easy dopamine hits that provide temporary pleasure … followed by a nasty down … followed by the urge to seek more dopamine.This nefarious cycle is turning us into weak individuals. And that’s what they want.
R: 69 / I: 2

Do people really not think that ugly people deserve happiness?

I was arguing with some classmate today, who went on about how ugly people shouldn't have kids. And of course I am ugly too. Hence, eventually a wizard.

I don't know what happened to me today but I had almost a sudden change of mine, somewhere down the line of arguing with my classmates, I figured out that they don't give a shit about ugly people suffering. If they did they would do something to help them. Not fucking exterminate them.

It's like eradicating poverty by bombing people or eradicating cancer by shooting cancer patients. I don't know, now, I find myself of the opinion that if an ugly gut gets a chance he should have children. He too deserves all the happiness of having a child.

And who knows maybe due to the randomity of universe the child turns out to be Chad or Stacy. Do you guys ever have a change of mind like this? About a topic that you felt so deeply about?

Like I know my parents are ugly and responsible for my predicament. But I think that both of them have done a lot for me. And while it is their duty to do it. I feel grateful at times.
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Anyone else have tooth problems and are scared shitless over it? Currently I can't chew with any part of my mouth or I'll get a tooth ache, but I have no money for any dental work…
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Does anyone here did a welfaremaxxing and now are living the good life away from being a wagie?
R: 18 / I: 0


Well, is it? I'm talking about the avarage person, not some rich dude that makes 500k per years or some female supermodel. Is the life of the avarage norman superior to a luck wiz on bux? I see a lot of wiz dreaming of the norman life, but I think many actually dream with the life of "Chad", not the actual lives of the most people, so, in the end many wiz are unhappy because they want to live something that even the norman doesn't live.
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By now, the field of behavioral genetics has showed that virtually all of human behavior suffer influence of genetics, 50 years of adoptions and twins studies proven beyond the shadows of doubt that genes are important.

Point is, interesting, how can two adults reproduce and create a celibate human? Of course if you think a little genetics are probabilistic, not deterministic, for every 1000 born kids from adults, 1 will be born with a "different", aka: a wizard, but you still need the genes coming from somewhere, in another way: someone in your family was a wizard before you were, probably some weird uncle or grand uncle.

Question: do you have, or know, any wizard in the family beside you?
R: 84 / I: 5

The true wizard celibate

Wizardcel or Wizcel for short is neither a volcel nor crab
It's an ascended state of wizardry.
It's a wizard celibate who truly believes in the definition of celibacy, advocates for it, and follows this lifestyle. Not a degenerate who calls himself volcel but does drugs, watches disgusting porn, chats with camwhores, and masturbates his brains out and has female friends but thinks he is any different from a crab or failed normie or some unthinking pleb.
It isn't either an in cel who can't shut up about blackpills, dating app stats, and how over life is for him and the rest of ugly males who got the short end of the stick when it comes to looks.

The true wizardcel is something you attain after naturally getting rid of labels and going your own way beyond what internet memes and society tells you.
It's someone like Nikola Tesla. You don't see him often but he exists. You won't find him posting on imageboards less on any social media. He barely communicates with others, he prefers to spend his time by himself, alone, and unbothered. He needs no socializing, his soul is entirely dedicated to higher pursuits beyond the mundane. He lives in his own world and his world rewards him with a wisdom that satisfies even hunger because at times he won't eat because of how engaged in his own thoughts and studies he is.

To quote, the biggest Wizcel of all time Nikola Tesla:
I recognize the importance that sex plays in the life of man. Nature has made its attraction irresistible to ensure the perpetuity of the race. As for myself, I have found that the thinker is confronted with the problem of perpetuating either the species or the mind. It is almost impossible, at least in certain realms of high endeavor, to do both. This has been recognized by the Hindus, whose adepts practice complete sexual abstinence, and by many of the great religions.

Before I produced the rotating magnetic field, I concentrated all my powers upon my experiment. The strain would have killed a hundred oxen. I certainly could not have survived it if I had permitted my energies to be diverted into the channels of sex.
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I don't think things are going to get better… unless I do something drastic, like, talk to people
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Dead internet theory

Apple vision pro is the future of media consumption. Soon it will replace all smartphones and computers and /wiz/ will deny this.
R: 178 / I: 30

ChatGPT General

How will you use the newly released ChatGPT from OpenAI to make a lot of money?
Or any other novel ideas on how to use it.
R: 120 / I: 10
What do you think of nofap, does it make sense or is it all a lie, is it worth abstaining from pornography, or is it not worth the effort?
R: 89 / I: 3


How may of you are ACTUAL OFFICIALLY diagnosed with a mental illness? Not "I think I have mental illness", but a doctor officially told you that you mind doesn't work well.
R: 37 / I: 2

thread to share true wizard quotes

Cursed be the day I was born!
May the day my mother bore me not be blessed!
Cursed be the man who brought my father the news,
who made him very glad, saying,
“A child is born to you—a son! ”
May that man be like the towns
the Lord overthrew without pity.
May he hear wailing in the morning,
a battle cry at noon.
For he did not kill me in the womb,
with my mother as my grave,
her womb enlarged forever.
Why did I ever come out of the womb
to see trouble and sorrow
and to end my days in shame?
-Jeremiah 20:14-18

Contribute to this thread by sharing similar quotes from any book or media.
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The opertunity cost of you wizard life

What part or aspect of the normalfag life do you wish you could experience? Personally, I wish I had friends to play TTRPG and other board games with.
R: 26 / I: 6


So, I'm getting closer to 30, like, couple of months alway, anyway, I got this "flashback" of from my life since 13 or something, and I realized how bad I'm with female, I always being bad dealing with succubus my whole goddamn life, I stopped trying around 26~27, and somewhat accepted my lot, but still I wonder why I was so bad with female? I don't harbor hate, like crab, or "le beta nice guy" too, I was just awkward, unnatural around them, it felt wrong. Does one had felt the same? Now I'm almost 30 and the feeling isn't that strong for succubus anymore, but I got me wondering why? Autism? Some form of strong shyness?
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Rare problems

Do you guys have any problems you believe nobody else has?

I do. For about 10 years now, my brain's reward system has been broken in a way that prevents me from enjoying most things. This is known as "anhedonia", but it generally only occurs as a minor symptom of things like depression or schizophrenia, or as an effect of antipsychotics. In those cases it's temporary, but for me it never, ever ends. All food tastes like cardboard, all games just feel like pressing buttons. Even if I had a million dollars, there's nothing I could do to enjoy myself because my brain cannot produce feel-good chemicals anymore. I just sit around and sleep all day. I have really bad stomach & sleep problems related to this.

No doctor has a clue what's wrong with me. They put me on drugs, and none of them did anything. Only on really high doses of caffeine + exercise has it improved a little, but the changes always revert soon. Honestly, not knowing what the hell is wrong scares me a little. Lately I've been getting a little dizzy at random times with no explanation why. I fear one day I'll drop dead out of the blue, thanks to whatever disease I have. It appears to be something totally unknown to modern medicine, but if you tell a doctor "Hey I have this disease no one's heard of" obviously they just ignore you. So I'm just kind of screwed.
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What is your most unpopular opinion among the majority of people that you defend with all your soul?
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Do we have many actual "Asexual Wizzies here"? It seems most here are struggling with their sex drive and have to cope with cooming or porn addiction, i always wanted to know what it feels like being asexual, it seems alien for me, I am not a blessed one, I would love to learn and read more from gifted Asexual Wizards
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30 years old.

We're already in a digital matrix i don't get why people contemplate this as some sort of "possibility". The pre-spatial lattice of reality manifests matter in conjunction/interaction with neural fields or groups of neural fields (hyperfields). When the lattice isn't interacting it has a value of 0 meaning it possesses infinite potential and everything is nowhere and everywhere at the same time (the void), and when there's an interaction with a neural field or observer the wave function of the lattice collapses and it becomes 1, its state is fixed.

That is the very definition of digital.
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wizards are always anti cultural

during my true wiz night walk like I saw a lot of normalfags outside partying and doing drugs to loud music. They did look happier and some even extremely healthy which got me thinking this people probably have some serious diet and go to the gym or exercise. The guys looked bigger than me and I've been going to the gym for 10 years by now and take protein supplements and creatine. You know, they looked like athletes and some succubi like models or sportswomen or runners. It got me thinking how can this people smoke, drink, and party all night and look like they were celebrities.
I've never experienced anything close to the type of fun they were having and it was a strange feeling because I've never seriously paid attention to that kind of social activity until this night. Drinking in a group and celebrating with music and beers, cigarettes, screaming, and talking loudly, etc. It's so odd to me how this is part of culture but I've never done it or being involved in it. I've never done something that's so big in my culture and so I started to feel a bit strange. My conclusion from this is that true wizards are anti cultural intentionally or without awareness.
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true wizards have souls and normies hate it

Wizards never lost their morals unless you count degenerates as wizards but hear me out.
If we were able to have sex at a young age we would’ve lost our morals and become putrid but by us not being able to because we were not Neurotypicals we were able to keep our morals.
We still think morally and in terms of what's ethical or unethical and normalfags don’t. They are soulless and want to corrupt the rest of us who who have souls.
Have you ever noticed how someone might be EVIL and still be liked by males and females? That's because they are soulless. They are demons with no regards to justice, truth, or love. This means they’ll be accepted into big groups of people where everyone has signed a contract to praise the devil.

THE SOUL IS A REAL THING. Whether you want to believe in it or not, we the true celibate virgins are closer to GOD we are like monks and can get to heaven while they don't we are hated for it by normies and females.
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Hatred is killing me.

Junior Wiz in training here. (Interned successfully since birth for Truecel Crab Corp. Ltd.) I find myself literally unable to go through life I am in a perpetual state of rage as a man.
It's just that I find myself incredibly bitter, not happy with my career, not happy with my life, not happy with my anything at all, I am trying to self improve but still, when I see succubi getting jobs like bartending, being a flight attendant, a hotel receptionist, etc. etc. it's a big deal in my turd world shithole, which sucks as well because the audience of this website is primarily from the first world so people here don't understand what life is truly like in a shithole.

Either ways, I want to give up the desires to be with a bitch, how can I do that? Whenever I see a couple I almost end up crying, knowing that its something that is never made for me, whenever I look up the profiles of my former classmates it depresses me to no end. I hate the fact that nobody talks about the financial impact of being a ugly man, I can never have a well paying job in the service sector in this turd world shithole that I live in.

And while I am struggling to literally have enough money to feed my stomach, succubi get jobs just by existing, because of diversity and yada yada. Now, I understand that I am not entitled to anything, but the least that normie world could do is let me have a job, that gives me a sense of purpose or something.

I hate it, I am angry all the time, I can't sleep, I rage walk all night, I have destroyed my hearing by listening to loud music, I have tinnitus now. Just because I am born with inferior genetics with regards to attractiveness doesn't mean that I have to suffer. I feel like I am literally going insane, I spend a good part of my day just seething. How do I stop this? I have started to bald, and watching a video related to crabs reminds me of the tale of a man, who was crazy and homeless, I made a lot of fun of him when I was in grade 3, I now fear that I might become like him, a crazy hobo, literally mentally ill. I am terrified, angry, and incredibly sad and lonely at the same time.
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Potential or confirmed wizards in Your family

Do you have any people in your family who you suspect or Can confirm that they are wizards/virgins ?
Can be Because of chronic health Issues or mental Issues that make them too "retarded" to be with succubi. Or just too poor/low statuts or even religieuse to have sex outisde of marriage.
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Optimistic thread.

Optimism is a way of seeing the world that means that no matter how bad things are, one can always look forward, accepting reality, knowing that it can be treated and improved. Optimism is about being honest with yourself and the world around you, looking at things objectively, and within that objectivity rescuing the good.
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Do you know any, in real life, truly older NEETs and wizard? Like dudes in their 40s or 50s that spent most of their life as NEET virgins?
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imagine this

You are walking through a garbage dump and you find a time machine, which allows you to send a message to your 10-year-old self.

-what would you say?
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New wizard

I am now 30 years old. Still a virgin. Strangely, I don't really care about this point, I even stopped wishing for a girlfriend about 5 years ago. I'm completely satisfied with my situation.
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Why is Relationship the center of attention

Why the Media focuses solely on objectifying succubi as the center of attention, Why having relationship something that is necessary for Society nowadays to be labelled as a person who's not a "failure", Have our principles in life been so lowered to just satisfying our instincts? Normalfags and niggers who wear the same fucking attires and have zero intellectual creativity are now praised as the "Normal" of the society meanwhile a person that lurks in 4chan or Wizchan unironically possesses more wisdom but sadly are doomed to being "failures" of society for not doing the same as "Chads".
Are we doomed?
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Long term wizardry

Have you considered your life 30, 40, 50 years from now?

I ask because it seems a great deal of wizzies here either live with parents, are on some kind of neetbux, or work minimum wage. These folks are on borrowed time, and I'd like to know exactly how you envision spending your life from 40-90 years old.

For every wizzie, even the few of us who are gainfully employed, there are also some thing worth considering. Mental health, social drifting, its all going to catch up to you eventually. Do you genuinely believe you will spend your senior years alone browsing the internet indefinitely as you rot away?

I'm fucking 28 and I already realize my "hobbies" are insufficient to sustain a meaningful life in the long-term, no matter how alluring the idea is. The isolation and lack of relationships, love, and acceptance are going to deteriorate any mind regardless of how introverted you are. There may be some exceptions, but even with the lack of social needs, you will still suffer to live in isolation in your older years as you become capable of less and less.

A wizard is always imagined as an old man, but quite frankly, I don't see how a lifelong wizzie survives in the later years.
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Catfishing as a NEET/hikki career option

Have any of you guys tried catfishing? I've come to the conclusion something like this is my only hope of acquiring a little bit of money. I don't have a degree or any viable skills, and I have such severe social anxiety that I've never been able to work a real job (I was a shut-in for a decade or so). The people I'm dependent on are elderly and in poor health. They could die at any moment, and although I hate to think of such things and make it about myself, the reality is if that happened, I'd be in a pretty terrible spot. I need to start planning for that eventuality.

Morally, I suppose it's not the best thing, but I don't think it's the worst, either. It's not like I'm ripping off senior citizens or stealing from an orphanage. My victims would be, yes, horny, lonely guys much like myself, but unlike myself, these guys tend have enough disposable income to blow it on whores. They also seem to be completely delusional and lacking in self-respect. It's not even just paying for content. Some of these guys actually buy these chick's shit! Sometimes really expensive shit. Or just flat out give them money. Sometimes hundreds, thousands of dollars. If anything, I'd just be teaching them an expensive lesson, and it's not like the money would have otherwise been put to good use. They would just be financing some millionaire roastie's parasitic lifestyle. Better it goes to someone in need like your truly. And catfishing isn't even illegal!

The biggest potential hurdle I see, and I was hoping you guys would help me out ironing out some details like this, is reverse image searching. I mean, obviously, anyone with remotely any intelligence or common sense knows to just do a Google reverse image search of the image. The ultimate would be to perform some photo editing tricks on so that it beats GIS but it would have to be done in such a way that the edits are subtle and don't destroy the overall image quality. I've tried some tricks that are recommended for this purpose, like transparent layers, but nothing seems to work. Probably this stuff worked 5 years ago, but now GIS is extremely sophisticated, and it's harder to fool. But yet sometimes I'll do a GIS for a pic of some succubus, and nothing comes up! So obviously, it doesn't detect everything. There has to be some way around it. I mean, the image recognition software is basically just detecting similarities in the image data. Surely, there has to be some way to subtly alter it enough that it throws it off.

What do you guys think?
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Wizards on Jury Duty

I'm 35 years old and just got my 1st notice for jury duty ever today. I got it once in college, but was able to delay it as a student and never got called again till now.

And it made me realize its something we've never talked about on wizchan even though it takes a neet out of his natural habitat. All of a sudden he's sitting in on a murder trial. Takes you out of the ordinary.

Any Wizard jury stories?
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Are we missing out on key experiences?

I lack the "social thirst" and have an avoidant personality so isolating myself felt like the natural thing to do and the only thing that bothers me is how the lack of connections prevents me from having a successful career. With all the drama and the demanding upkeep that comes with relationships I felt like I was doing the right thing but then I read some comments about how the lack of life experience from current zoomer writers results in boring stories and in an argument online I was told my opinion on topics related to society doesn't matter since I am like an alien with how isolated I am and that hurt me at my core. I've shared my philosophy before and got told I need to "touch grass" because it reveals how autistic I am.

Do you think that's true? Are our views on human matters irrelevant? I want to make art but I worry that my autistic perspective will make it speak to no one as my lack of life experience will be visible through it and the ideas I will be communicating are not in touch with what people feel.
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Psychedelics and mental health?

I haven't been to wizchan for a good while, I remember there being a thread about psychedelics and drugs but it seems to have gone so… I will just create this thread to ask this question. Please excuse me for any spelling mistakes or anything, I'm sleepy af right now.

Anyways I want to use psychedelics to treat my OCD. I've always had a very mild and ignorable case of OCD that I think I inherited from my father. It consisted of very rare intrusive thoughts and some compulsions. But since 2022, shit's gone to hell. It all became extremely frequent and intense, and has take a toll on me. My life has been drastically affected and I'm feeling like crap due to it.

I have heard that psychedelics are extremely effective at treating OCD so I'd like to hear insights from anyone who has used those drugs before. I'd like to try this before going to therapy or whatever. Btw have a good year, wizards, peace.
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>Dietary guidelines recommend a maximum of 455g cooked (600–700g raw weight) lean red meat per week, in order to meet iron and zinc recommendations. That's about one small portion (65g cooked/100g raw) if you're eating it every night of the week, or one larger portion (130g cooked/200g raw) every second day.

I literally eat 500-700g of red meat every single day, or a bit as canned fish. Typically lamb shoulder chops, rump steak or mince, the cheaper cuts. I feel compelled to do this or I start feeling really sickly.

I remember being arrested and having government goyslop, and there was a tiny slither of meat a day, and I just felt sick. I felt low energy and faint. They told me it was not a problem because the diet was designed by nutritionists and experts.

Is there something wrong with me? I don't feel so, it's not an addiction it's like instinct. I feel like garbage if I eat too much bread and noodles, I feel unsatisfied if I have a meal without meat. If there's not at least 200g of meat on my plate at a meal I'm not happy with it.
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Are any of you bothered by today's meme culture?

Since like 2016-2017, memes and meme culture have rose to the mainstream and it got really fucking unbearable. Your average person today thinks of themselves as some pure comedy genius and that whatever fucking trash they come up with is considered so funny to the world. I fail to see how any of them are funny because they don't really tell us anything and the "funny" factor doesn't exist or make any sense. Are they considered funny because they're random and we have to figure that out on our own? Or pretend that they're funny and laugh like we're eight years old?

What bothers me about is that these current meme formats has been adopted by everyone on the internet and they're forced down your throat no matter what site you are on. Whether that would be forums, social media, video games, video streaming platforms, you have this shit spammed everywhere in many different variations and it's inevitable. Including on image-boards like 4trash. It's like they exist to piss you off.

And that's not it but every month or so, a new "meme" pops up out of the blue that I've literally never heard of and people are already posting about it and expect that you know about it already. Then people start dropping it for the next pile of shit that starts trending and the cycle repeats. This is a plague and I'm so sick of it. The whole internet is fucking cancer.
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Of Contentment (or how you inflict misery upon youself)

Concerning the gods, some affirm, that there is no Deity : others, that he indeed exists ; but slothful, negligent, and without a Providence : a third sort admit both his Being and Providence, but only in great and heavenly Objects, and in nothing upon Earth : a fourth both in Heaven and Earth: but only in general, not Individuals: a fifth, like Ulysses and Socrates:

/O thou, who, ever present in my way,/
/Dost all my motions, all my toils survey./

It is, before all Things, necessary to examine each of these ; which is, and which is not, rightly said. Now, if there are no gods, how is it our End to follow them ? If there are, but they take no care of any thing; how will it be right, in this case, to follow them ? Or, if they both are, and take care ; yet, if there is nothing communicated from them to men, nor indeed to myself in particular, how can it be right even in this Case? A wise and good Man, after examining these things, submits his mind to him who administers the Whole, as good Citizens do to the Laws of the Commonwealth.

He, then, who comes to be instructed, ought to come with this intention: "How may I in every thing follow the gods? How may I acquiesce in the divine Administration ? And how may I be free ?" For He is free, to whom all happens agreeably to his Choice, and whom no one can restrain.

What! then, is Freedom Distraction ?

By no means : for Madness and Freedom are incompatible.

But I would have whatever appears to me to be right, happen; however it comes to appear so.

You are mad: you have lost your senses. Do not you know, that Freedom is a very beautiful and valuable Thing ? But for me to chuse at random, and for things to happen agreeably to such a Choice, may be so far from a beautiful thing, as to be, of all others, the most shocking. For how do we proceed in Writing ? Do I chuse to write the name of Dion (for instance) as I will ? No: but I am taught to be willing to write it, as it ought to be writ, And what is the case in Music? The same. And what in every other Art or Science? Otherwise, it would be to no purpose to learn any thing; if it was to be adapted to each one's particular humour. Is it then only in the greatest and principal point, that of Freedom, permitted me to will at random? By no means: but true instruction is this : learning to will, that things should happen as they do. And how do they happen ? As the Appointer of them hath appointed. He hath appointed, that there should be Summer and Winter ; Plenty and Dearth; Virtue and Vice ; and all such contrarieties for the harmony of the whole. To each of us he hath given a Body, and its Parts, and our several Properties, and Companions. Mindful of this appointment, we should enter upon a course of Education and Instruction, not to change the Constitutions of Things ; which is neither put within our reach, nor for our good ; but that, being as they are, and as their nature is with regard to us, we may have our mind accommodated to what exists. Can we, for instance, fly Mankind ? And how is that possible? Can we, by conversing with them, change them ? Who hath given us such a Power ? What then remains, or what Method is there to be found for such a commerce with them, that while /they/ act agreeably to the Appearances in their own minds, /we/ may nevertheless be affected conformably to Nature ? But you are wretched and discontented. If you are alone, you term it a Desart ; and if with Men, you call them Cheats and Robbers. You find fault too with your Parents, and Children, and Brothers, and Neighbours. Whereas you ought, when you live alone, to call that a Repose and Freedom ; and to esteem yourself as resembling the gods : and when you are in Company, not to call it a Crowd and a Tumult, and a Trouble; but an Assembly, and a Festival; and thus to take all things contentedly. What, then, is the punishment of those who do not? To be just as they are. Is any one discontented with being alone ? Let him be in a Desart. Discontented with his Parents ? Let him be a bad Son; and let him mourn. Discontented with his Children ? Let him be a bad Father. Throw him into Prison. What Prison ? Where he already is : for he is in a Situation against his Will : and wherever anyone is against his Will, that is to him a Prison : just as Socrates was not in Prison ; for he was willingly there. "What then must my Leg be lame ?" — And is it for one paltry Leg, Wretch, that you accuse the World ? Why will you not give it up to the Whole ? Why will you not withdraw yourself from it? Why will you not gladly yield it to him who gave it ? And will you be angry and discontented with the Decrees of Jupiter; which he, with the Fates, who spun in his presence the Thread of your Birth, ordained and appointed ?Do not you know how very small a Part you are of the Whole ? That is, as to Body: for, as to Reason, you are neither worse, nor less, than the gods. For Reason is not measured by Length or Height; but by Principles. Will you not therefore place your Good there; where you are equal to the gods ? "How wretched am I in such a Father and Mother !" — What, then, was it granted you to come before-hand, and make your own Terms, and say ; " Let such and such Persons, at this Hour, be the Authors of my Birth ?" It was not granted : for it was necessary that your Parents should exist before you, and so you be born afterwards. — Of whom? — Of just such as they were. What, then, since they are such, is there no Remedy afforded you? Now, surely, you would be wretched and miserable, if you were ignorant to what purpose you possess the faculty of Sight, and shut your eyes at the approach of Colours : and are not you more wretched and miserable, in being ignorant, that you have a Greatness of Soul, and a manly spirit, answerable to each of the abovementioned accidents ? Occurrences proportioned to your Faculty (of discernment) are brought before you : but you turn it away, at the very time when you ought to have it the most open, and quick-sighted. Why do not you rather thank the gods, that they have made you superior to whatever they have not placed in your own Power; and have rendered you accountable for that only, which is in your own Power ? Of your Parents they acquit you ; as not accountable : of your Brothers they acquit you; of Body, Possessions, Death, Life, they acquit you. For what, then, have they made you accountable ? For that which is alone in your own Power : a right use of the Appearances of Objects. Why, then, should you draw those things upon yourself, for which you are not accountable ? This is giving one's self Trouble, without need.
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Sustainable wizard communities

A topic that seems to be coming up with increasing frequency is what to do once you get older. At the same time, there are increasingly more men who are celibate, either voluntary, or involuntarily and who drop out of society. So just being a normie is also not just unwizardly, but also increasingly more unrealistic and hard to accomplish.

I believe the big issue with the NEET life is that NEETs are dependent on society while also not fulfilling any important function that could give them power. There is no way to go on a strike or to buy lobbyists to negotiate with society if you live off welfare or your parents. We also can't go on a hunger strike or burn ourselves to gain sympathy as society doesn't care about men and even actively demonizes men who don't have sex.

Considering how living conditions are worsening and falling birthrates are getting more attention, celibate men might very well become the big scapegoat throughout most of the world.
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How many of you are true NEET and Hikki? Is the majority of the users of this site wageslaves?
R: 12 / I: 2

How do you cope with consciousness?

Considering it evolved and humanity is thriving looking at the numbers it seems useful yet it feels out of place to me in a cold, random, uncaring world.

Not everyone can be special. Someone has to do the boring, unpleasant work to keep society running. Not everyone can be great. Only the few get born with the talent to achieve greatness. So the way it works is that you get to do the boring job to earn money and in return you get to enjoy the fruits of the exceptional people.

But I can't help but feel sad over this state of humans being born just to get filtered by life. I do this myself when I search for things and filter by best rated. Someone might have put a lot of time and love into a work of art but if it looks bad I don't care about it. But seeing all these people who just aren't gifted be ignored and never get to experience glory makes me sad. Like seeing someone try hard to get their youtube channel off ground with 100 videos and they all got like 10 views each simply because they lack the good looks and charisma.

It just seems cruel to me that there are a lot of people, humans with a consciousness and not simple automatons, sitting in a factory doing extremely monotonous work for 8+ hours a day. But that's how we get everything made so cheap and of course I lack the willpower to relinquish all these comforts.

I can't help but feel "main character syndrome" as I experience life from my POV and intensely feel all these stimuli and desires and yet I know my limits and place in this world too well.

How did you guys make peace with it? Is the trick to just not think about it and distract myself or immerse myself in some hobby or job?
R: 16 / I: 2

Evolutionary perspective on wizardry?

The only ppl that can't integrate into society: wizards, the mentally ill and criminals.

What are your thoughts and views on why we can't integrate? I think it's mental illness, undiagnosed schizophrenia. I have noticed from my years here a lot seem to have some psychotic disorder, which might explain why criminals fail to integrate also.
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Wizard bedroom thread

Where do you live? Post bedroom
This is my peruvian temple
We are all poor wagies?
R: 8 / I: 1


I'm a wageslave, but I'm starting to get real tired of whole wagie life, unfortunately I can't claim NEETbux. Well, how life under NEETbux? Just tell how's life as not being a wagie.
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First psychologist session

My parents book me a session with a psychologist. It's going to be the first time I've ever been to one. What am I supposed to say to her?
R: 35 / I: 1
It is often said that love is the greatest emotion humans can feel. It gives life meaning. It's not a hedonistic kind of pleasure, but a fulfilling one that inspires good and brings out the best of us.

It doesn't have to be romantic, and that's not what I'm considering at all. I don't think (I may be wrong) anyone of us here would argue against the love of a mother to child, or lifelong friends.

As wizards, I'm sure you're aware that you're going to miss out on SEVERAL moment of what is often described as the greatest and most meaningful thing possible to humans - love. You will not know the love of a child, a lofelong friend, or a wife. You won't experience someone loving you and displaying that love to you on a daily basis.

Do you think about this at all? Is it the ultimate argument against wizardy? Not just the feeling of love but its entire effect on the human psyche and world.
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City of cainan and ancient summeria being 100 years off is just a coincidence r-right?
R: 5 / I: 2

Virgin Literature

I'm going to read through this and check some references to see how it goes. I've been wondering what the specific tenets of virginity are and how they are given value in societies.
R: 4 / I: 0
wizzie might be forced to touch the yucky grass outside… state mandated smile sharing and wave changing at the town square, you get fined 100 bux if you don't do that on the grounds of being a threat to the state's health care costs, just like being a fattie. be social, be happy or ELSE
R: 54 / I: 3


Any permaNEET here? Any tips and advices for someone going the permaNEET route?
R: 25 / I: 1

Normalfags stealing hobbies and culture

Have you stopped enjoying things that you were once into because of tiktok and normalfags driving them to popularity? I've lost interest and appreciation in a lot of old media and hobbies that I grew up with because these unwanted parasites find out about them, form communities around them, tell more people about them, and turn them into mockery. You can't have a niche space or interest without the whole internet finding out about it. This really pisses me off.
R: 54 / I: 9

Christmas Discussion Thread

The holidays are coming up, it can be the worst period of the year, or just another day for some. I'd like to put up a thread for those to vent, and for those to possible commune via penpals if necessary to get us over some of the torment of the holiday period. It doesn't have to be a sordid, crushingly lonely holiday.

What will you be doing over Christmas?
Gift discussion?
Will you be participating?
Fond Christmas memories?
Christmas survival strategies for the wiz?
What's your favourite thing to do this time of year?
R: 38 / I: 5


Have you identified a "purpose"?
Do you have a singular, motiving goal, or thing that compels you toward anything in particular that provides some sense of meaning in your life?

Some people are inspired by a totalizing mission or desire that orients the direction of their life and it underpins their thoughts & actions. This might take the form of a theological, philosophical, technical/professional and/or political endeavor or code of conduct.

If not, are you content with merely languishing away with the passage of time without meaning or purpose. If this is the case, do you not feel yourself discomforted, empty, or uneasy?
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i first came to the original wizardchan back in 2011, i was was on the old irc with eru and everyone else, and despite it being the 26th as i type, merry belated christmas to all of you, the remnants like myself, those who came here long after GG and any other cunt,
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The joy of not financing the enemies of mankind

God be thanked I am not giving any single coin for cinemas, weed, booze, onlyfans, mortgages, meds, crypto nor other scams of this psychotic modern world. Seriously, it's pathetic how carelessly individuals allow these businesses to grow rich at their expense (this is, not in an exclusively economic way)
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Real morality is not about what you do. It's about what you don't. Charity, generosity and so on has nothing to do with the purity of a person's heart. Anyone can do that.

An anon said there are two fundamental kinds of morality and i think he was actually onto something, he used a lot of intellectual jargon but to summarize he said that a person's morality is based on one of two principles, theres the real, actual good morality which is based on toleration and the fake, made up by society normalfaggot one which is based on participation. People who base theirs on participation are the ones who think that you not smiling or saying hello is mean. They are expecting a social custom that they think is god basically. But they have no actual sensitivity, conscience, principles or good nature. A lot of them routinely get into arguments, are multiple time divorcees and child abusers. Toleration respects a person's individuality and dignity wheres participation always seeks to accuse people for their short comings. The participation morality is also arbitrary and depends on your culture.

I'd even go as far as to say that good emotions like love and happiness aren't even good by themeselves. A lot of people love others it doesn't mean they won't kill or do mean shit to get it, or create a negative relationship dynamic to keep milking love out of the other, slavery basically. No. the only real constant 'good' is consciousness.

going back to my first point being a good person by society or religions standards is just being a conformist. Being as superficially nice as possible with no real pleasantness inside, like a car salesmen. giving to the poor because jesus said so. But a real saint is someone who is at ease and pleasant on the inside. I personally have never seen a real saint. only miserable people and the aforementioned fake niceguys.
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Imagine if you were 16 today growing up with Zoomer culture

Older Wizards, you ever wonder how your life would be different if you grew up Zoomer? Like sometimes when I redo what went wrong in my youth, I sneak in stuff from today and have to remind myself it didn't exist back then.

I was using dial up internet until I started college.

It felt like I had to discover everything myself back then, and construct my own philosophy. I'm not sure how I would have reacted to crab culture, much less Wizchan itself. I came up with some semi-volcel ideas on my own. And if I had had a whole community like Wizchan, then volcel might have became my primary identity.

I'd probably be a whole different person if I grew up with today's internet. Geez and 10 years from now, it'll be even weird with AI taking over everything. It's like I didn't even relate to fellow millennials back when I was a youth. But now everything is so much weirder.
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wizardry in your own words

let's discuss the elephant-familiar in the room. what does wizardry personally mean to you in your own words? of course i'm sure everyone here knows of the baseline definition from the front page:

>someone who has maintained his virginity past the age of 30

but surely there must be more to it than that. there are some additional clues on the front page:

>thoughts … interests and lifestyle as a virgin

>people who have no sexual experience

as well as the rules:

>must be a male virgin and at least 18 years old to use this website.

>Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
>Do not post about voluntary real life social activities (e.g. going to a bar or party).
>Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.

from this we can piece together so far that wizardry must:

>be male, at least 30 years old or older

>not state, suggest, will have, or intend to ever have sexual or romantic experiences
>does not engage in any real life social activities
>does not go against celibate/NEET/reclusive lifestyles

but this still leaves so much room for interpretation. is wizardry to you also mean:

>a community?

>a lifestyle?
>a state of being?
>a philosophy?
>a coincidence?
>a fate?
>a choice?

or all of the above? none of them? some of them? pray tell brothers, let us reach a greater understanding together as respectfully as possible
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I need more wizard images

Need more wizard images for my collection. Hard to find good wizard images with the pointy blue hat. Can also be other colors I guess
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friendship conundrum

after trying to make friends with others, i've come to realize that i do not want friends with similar interests or hobbies – no, i want friends that share the same disposition, fears, and dread that i do. someone i can share values or common principles with. how the hell do i go from there? can anyone else relate? am i looking at this wrong.. do i need to change my outlook? it seems as though i cannot relate to others wholeheartedly and that common interests or likes do not help me feel a closeness to another person.
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Did your social anxiety ever get better?

The main reason we are wizards. As kids they thought we would grow out of it. But did it ever get better for you?

it is a legit curse that i thrash against every day. But it never leaves me. I did martial arts, sports, had jobs where i basically just was just barely able to act normal enough to not break down. Anyone could take advantage of me, ruin my week with an insult and i know it and it tortures me everyday. I often wonder what faculty actually controls it. But i never find answers. I am convinced i am oppressed by god or some other universal powers that be like nature. It's ruined my life.
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So, it all fun and game when you're a 20s something recluse NEET apprentice, even better when you are on NEETbux, anime, games and some side hobbies is what keeping you afloat, but then, you're in your 30s, and still thing are fun, but a little less so, and then again you're late 30 and early 40s, life is gone by, but the question is: what can keep you afloat? Anime, games and your hobbies? But you live a recluse life, travel is rare to you, the few kilometers beoynd your house is what is seems for years, but a normalfag life has another problems too, a sick baby or a bitchy wife, hellish in-laws, life is complicated. How do you keep afloat after you become a older recluse wizard? How do you keep sane?
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What kind of man would you like to be?

Regardless of your current situation, what kind of man would you like to be in this world?
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I think this is a important state but gays can't be wizards. if there is gay around here, just go away
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Tired of all negatives thread about being a wizard, where's the pride? Where's the disdain for normies? Where the acknowledgement of being above running around trying to impress succubi? WHERE'S THE WIZARD PRIDE WORLDWIDE?

Share some the good side of being a wizard.
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I was on /b/ on this thread and it cross my mind…what would a wizard meeting will look like/be? what do you think? would be cool
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I may as well be the poster child for wizardry. I am asocial, fucked up, schizoid to the maximum. I could never dream, especially in todays economy of being financially independent. I live in a fucked up. shitty house with my dad. My family is dysfunctional and abusive to make sure that i stay as unhappy as possible and wake up feeling nothing but dread and fear.

Since highschool ended, i've been NEET 70% of the time. I have had multiple wagie jobs that sucked. I have no hope to move out, i have no hope of climbing the corporate ladder. But recently i've found a way to make a significant amount of money, like 50k+ which would allow me to move out if i can invest it properly. If this works i could have my own apartment and only have to work like 20 hours a week at a cool job like a gaming cafe or something, just to mitigate the costs of living. Like use that work money for gas and food.

My plan is to sue jobs through osha violations. Its an untapped legal hustle that nobody does because they are too scared to do it. But i have nothing to lose. Each jobs laziness, negligence and abuse of employees could net me 10k to 60k and nearly every fucking job violates osha, HR and EEOC. I could have defiantly sued my last job and they would have 100% deserved it with the way they treated me. I have no morale qualms about suing greedy corporate giants like walmart or whatever.

say i get 60k. If i live modestly thats roughly 2-3 years of living alone. If i can invest it properly and find ways to earn passive income, i can pretty much retire early. You don't need 7 million dollars to live a life of no work or little to no work. you just need to somehow earn a passive income of 3000 a month or make sure you earn 24k a year somehow.

every company leaves itself open to being sued. Every job i've worked has cut corners or done shitty, legally questionable things. Its just that everybody keeps silent because its part of the social code to not tell on boss man.

this plan would allow me to do something that i previously thought unreachable, having a life of my own. I haven't had a life. I've always been abused and under the thumb of my family. Just to do basic things and be free, just to go to the mall or walk in the park and not be in hell… if i wasn't the man i was i'd tear up. Anyways If i can do this i might not fucking kill myself in the coming years. what do you wizards think?