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Is catfishing someone for money illegal?

Pretending to be a succubus and having them send you money. I want to make simps surfer as a wizard.
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I long ago accepted my destiny, to be a wizard and to be alone for the rest of my life. But I was weak, I don't think I can take this anymore. I put up with it for so many years, but for some reason of wanting to "improve" in my life, I fell into an abyss of wanting something that I surely couldn't get.
Hope is a terrible enemy. I was better off accepting my fate.
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In a search of wizard's wisdom

There was a spectacular thread not so far ago. Some wizard shared his wisdom. I saved a lot but not everything. Here is a couple of threadshots.
I hope someone here have it all.

In a search of wisdom while rotting in rut.
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People knowing you're a wizard

Can normies detect if you're a wizard or a neet? If I ever need to go out in public, I always make sure to hide my power level: shower, brush, comb hair, deodorant, somewhat nice clothes ect.

The last few times I've had a few people turn to look at me and either give me a weird face, or even straight up laugh at me. I've even had one insufferable roastie give me a shit eating smirk when we passed each other.

So what gives?
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Life Philosophies of Wizards & Other Such Things

What is your life philosophy in as few words as possible? What is your primary rule for life, your compass and lantern to guide you when times are foggy and dark?
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Have any /wiz/ards gotten fit?

Have any /wiz/ards spent time and effort and gotten fit? Has it changed your mental outlook at all?
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wiz mask = good

Wizzies, I have intense social anxiety and going outside makes me highly uncomfortable. I feel exposed, like everyone is looking at me (sometimes people do look at me just part of their own curiosity.) But since the covid pandemic people have been wearing masks everywhere. Since then I have noticed something amazing:

when I wear a mask I feel literally ZERO anxiety being outside. Masks are fucking god-tier for wizards:

>tfw being comfy behind ur mask

>tfw being safe from prying normie eyes
>tfw soft fabric pressing against ur face
>tfw fogs up ur wiz glasses so works to shield u from other people too
>hides your expressions so you don't have to fake smiles

I am very thankful for the covid pandemic. Hell, I hope we NEVER have to stop wearing masks. This is the most like myself I've felt in years. FUCK normies! and remember to ALWAYS wear your wiz mask! this post brought to you by the wizard institute.
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I guess I'm a meme smuggler

>All the forums/chans I go to have incredibly small userbases and have maybe 20 unique posters, but they still end up getting shut down (50/50 it's because of legal issues or the site owner took it down) or taken over every few months, forcing me to move to a new one.
>The search engines I use are either for incredibly obscure content (wiby/curlie), forcing me to spend an hour more searching than usual, or I end up using a variety of filters (millionshort), so I can get out of all the standard bullshit MSM sites.
>My news comes from one-off blogs that end up dying off after a month, forcing me to shuffle through the same dying webrings to see if I can find a new one that's still running (mostly Neocities sites).
>Over the past year, I've noticed more and more of my traffic is ending up on onion-only sites.
>Half the sites I visit are completely delisted from modern search engines. Some you just have to know the fucking IP address because they can't even get a DNS registrar for their website anymore.
I want to read 'edgy' blogs. I want to play vidyagames that I can physically own. I want to watch anime that doesn't have an SJW agenda to it or isn't the same cliche bullshit. I want to go on chans where people are politically incorrect assholes. I want to hear music I've never heard anywhere else before. I know there are other threads talking about "the death of culture," but to me…this isn't just a cultural thing. This is way, way more heavy handed. This feels like it's a large government psyop. I feel like I'm smuggling narcotics to find my goddam memes.
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Being the last human in an empty world

Sometimes when I'm walking I like to fantasize that its in a post-apocalyptic world where I'm the only human left alive. When the cars pass, I imagine that the self-driving thing actually happened. And so the ghosts of self-driving cars are my only company in an empty world.

Its my fantasy, so mostly I don't think of the practicalities of it, but sometimes I do.

Like finding the most fertile farmland, and having a self-sustaining farm with livestock and fruits.

Or going on a grand expedition to Alaska cross the Bering strait, Siberia and the Steppes to cross from America to Europe.

Or more scifi, before the collapse, a robot civilization was prepared to take care of the survivors, and now I'm the only one left.

Do you ever imagine being the only human left alive? Its so peaceful and relaxing for me. Its my happy place.
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Hermit Pill

How do I go about becoming a hermit? I want to live in a forest far away from everyone. The lockdown in my country has taught me that I am the happiest when isolated. I am aware that survival in nature is no small thing but it beats the shit out of having to be a waggie and being around normies. Also what are some comfy places I can live in without having to worry about taxes, socializing, etc?
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How do I completely rid myself of any attatchments to the normalfag world. I've already accepted love doesnt exist, that the world was created to generate suffering to feed the demiurge, Im losing attracting to 3dpd as well, but still how do I become truly deattatched to the normalfag world.
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car ban = good

Wizzies, I have intense social anxiety and going outside makes me highly uncomfortable. I feel exposed, like everyone is looking at me (sometimes people do look at me just part of their own curiosity.) But with all this global warming people continue to drive everywhere. Since then I have noticed something amazing:

normies NEED to have a car and drive everywhere. Cars are fucking trash-tier for wizzies:

>tfw not being comfy staying at home

>tfw being safe from auto accidents
>tfw laying onna bed
>tfw bad weather fogs up ur windshield causing u to die
>used to take normies to parties

I am very thankful for global warming legislation. Hell, I hope we can NEVER drive again. This is the most like myself I've felt in years. FUCK normies! and remember to ALWAYS stay home! this post brought to you by the wizard institute.
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Any1 here feels bad about how much time they wasted on philosophy, religions, or generally on seeking the "ultimate truth"? I can't take it seriously anymore. It seems to me like meaningless word-plays, all of it, politics, philosophy, everything. So much shit that doesn't have anything to do with my life, you know what I mean? Should have just read 07th expansion VNs or watched cartoons/movies instead of wasting my time on trying to become an intellectual or wise person.
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need wizadvice, please

>18 years old
>have 12k in bank account
>4k in portfolio
>about to work for 8 months only to make 20k-33k
>going to a 55k dollar school that my family will pay (an actual specific degree and licenses)
>will graduate at 19 or 20
> obsess with money
>career with that degree is between 45k and 300k
> guaranteed to have a lot of money when Im old because of wills and shit (around 25-40 years old (around 5million))
>anxious that I wasted 4 months doing nothing except going to a worthless college (different one )
>zero friends
>no social life
> has a car and driver license
> pissed off because my mom wont take out a loan of 20k for me to invest in the stock market
> unsure if I start working next week or the week after because I am sitting here doing absolutely nothing except reading or watching movies about Jesus.
I feel fucking poor and Im serious. What to do?!
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Other channels

Do any if you guys know of any other more obscure channels to visit? I feel my well has run dry.
R: 68 / I: 6

omega males

>It is far clear what we are, even if we are distinguished in our hearts from what we call "the crabs", they are with us engulfed in this status: the omega

>While reading a bit about them all ( https://40xlifebydesign.com/modern-man/socio-sexual-hierarchy-sigma-male/ ) I received an inspiration hard to classify. For that, I request your opinions on it:

As in wolves, there are animal hierarchies in the human being. That's why I'm going to use with you, omega human, wolf language metaphors:

The omega is the loser, everyone barks at him, everyone growls at him, if the herd howls he is forced to be the least audible and if he eats, he eats the last.

Maybe he is not willing to sacrifice himself to move up, maybe he can live without that: being barked at you, growling at you and even biting you if you do not put your head down or even more submissive: belly up … but be careful when even being belly up you get bitten, even slightly.

Because then you will begin to notice how the vice spreads and they will not let you eat even the last piece of crap even if everyone has already been satiated.

Know that there, you only have two options left: risk thyself into a quick death under the pack's maws, attacking fully and without any hope the one who bit you or the delta … or to stand a slow death after the slow, painful weakening starvation that you never know if it will not lead you to be cannibalized by the delta when it is the one that runs out of part: and without so much strength as yesterday you just got closer and closer to be eaten alive, practically, instead of killed and then eaten.

Henceforth, in these cases you should know your only hope is to recklessly attack and never in a climber plan but until death: do not be seduced if you suddenly discover that someone is putting their neck before you, do not be fooled by the illusion of control, because control is not sustenance even if it's providing it … and you are the omega: you are still the butt monkey and if today they put your neck on you it is to kill you tomorrow since time plays against you, that's why you should not and cannot be interested in the hierarchy: if you put your belly and they still bite you, you better die killing … if after such a sacrifice from you somebody miraculously puts his neck in surrender (as the betas do towards the alpha), make no mistake: that neck is to be broken without mercy.

Because the omega is weak and dysgenetic, it must not reproduce as it will give weak wolves against better possibilities, therefore the first having to die when things get ugly and so on until reaching the alpha. That being the case, giving everything in one last fight makes this task easier: if you take another with you, fewer members will remain and this will mean less fights and therefore less internal wear, in times of scarcity.

Because you are the omega and defeat and misery are with you until the end of your days. Wolves can climb and descend, go with the pack or stray away… but the human? The human is more complex. Too complex.
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Why do normal people want to have sex/ relationship with the opposite sex

I don't understand this mindset, I've never looked at anyone and thought "I want to have sex with that person", neither have I thought that I want to be around some person just because they look attractive. I've always seen "crab" types talking about how they want some certain GF and I am just perplexed as to why? Like they will fawn over some person that they don't even know.

For me I hardly even acknowledge people unless for some reason I had to interact with them and we happened to share interests, obviously they've all been male and I don't have any problem with that. It's clear to me that a female wouldn't be interested in my hobbies so by extension they wouldn't be stimulating to spend any time with.

I also just look at my parents relationship, they have nothing in common, and I wonder why they even got together and had kids. In my head I just think of it like this, if that female they are so interested in was a male they probably would not care a single bit, but for some reason most normals value a pretty female over a friend that actually shares their views and hobbies and they have to choose one or the other. For some reason this made me think back to my old classes in grade school where we learned about ancient greece where women were just for having children and stayed in their social circle of other women and the real relationships and emotional bonding for men were between other men. I feel like that is the right mindset and how things should work, the constructs we see today of men getting along with the opposite sex are just media lies.

Did anyone else have this thought before? I'd like to learn exactly why normals think the way they do, it just seems completely illogical.
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Coping with ADHD

Any advice at all, please. I cannot focus on the things I want to do, and I don't know how to cope. I want to read my manga and my books, but I'm constantly being distracted by my surroundings. I go to the library to read, only having my book with me, and I start staring at other people and get lost in my surroundings. I have gotten a diagnosis for ADHD, after much money and time lost, and I still have not solved any of my problems.

I don't know whether my problem is actually just anxiety, but I don't know where to go from here. I do upwards of 2 hours (journaled it) of pacing around the house daily. I just zone out and get lost in my head, daydreaming and "ruminating".
>Tried meditation twice daily for 6 weeks; it "reset" my focus and state of mind but that was all
>Cold showers have actually been more effective, and are actually less of a hassle than heated ones
>Am going for hour-long powerwalks daily; no change but good exercise
>Work out at home 5 days a week to try and burn off energy
>Implemented daily task list/scheduling of chores like eating lunch, making dinner, putting rubbish out, etc.
>Tried Strattera, Ritalin, and Dex and saw no benefit. No Adderall, but am trying Ritalin Long-Acting now and am getting SOME response from it - trying to figure out what it is
>Don't watch porn, don't consume alcohol, maintain a fairly decent without any junk food, only drink water, don't use social media (unless you could this site one), get 8+ hours of sleep (trying to get 9), don't do any recreational drugs, consistently trying to minimalize distractions altogether
>Tried dopamine detox for about a week and saw some improvement in certain areas of day-to-day life
I'm going to push for more dopamine detox, but I feel so lonely without my chans. The only other thing I've heard of helping is a keto low-carb diet, but I live with my mother so this is hard.

I can't drive a car because I zone out, nor ride a bike, and I ironically can't even drink coffee because it just knocks me out. The only thing I give a shit about is reading, but I can only read 8-10 pages an hour and feel exhausted after such. This is just stuff like The Hobbit, too. I'm constantly re-reading words. I can't focus on audiobooks either, I just lose track of the words being said and have to rewind.

Can barely keep up with my uni studies, and my only family is my poorfag BPD mother. Everybody else is racing ahead in life, whilst I spend everyday fighting my own brain. I'm gonna have to become a wageslave soon, and I don't have a single thing in my life that I enjoy doing. I have no friends or family and I cannot relate to anybody.

I feel like a fucking idiot. I bought into this ADHD medication shit, and now I'm stuck blowing money on appointments and trying to figure out if my meds are doing anything. People sell these as "study drugs", yet they do fucking nothing.
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Not worth it

Winning or losing on social conflicts, it doesn't matter, it doesn't feel good either way.

Today for the first time in my life I stood up for myself. I won at a social conflict. It wasn't worth it. My whole life I've let people have their way. I lost count how many times I've let people cut in line in front of me. I pretend I don't see so they don't get embarrassed (funny though, they don't give a FUCK what you think of them as long as they have their way). People who rush to grab the sit I'm half a step away from. People who stand way too close in order to push you away from some item in the grocery store they want, and you happen to be in front of, perusing the goods. They never allow me 10 seconds to check the price and move away by myself, no, they get into my personal space to grab whatever they want. Fuck you, move! They want that carton of milk and they want right now. Right now! I always wait for people to decide on what they want. So many people out there glee on their "victories" on these pitiful, pathetic social conflicts of everyday life.

Today I was inside the elevator. The tenants here decided to go with the "one occupant per ride" rule since the covid thing. I wasn't at the meeting they decided this, I didn't go, I didn't want to go and I don't care one way or the other. They decided as a group and now we have something like pic related on the elevator door. Whatever. I follow the rules. I just want to be left alone.

If I see someone inside the elevator when it opens up, I wait. Sometimes I take the stairs. Not most people though. They decide on this rule and then break it immediately. And today one fucking idiot tried to break the rule while I was inside the elevator. I'm not sure why of all days and of all potential conflicts I let it slide everyday, this was the one I decided to take a stand on.

The elevator was going down and it stopped. As soon as it did, I stood right in front of the door. I don't know what why I did this, my body moved on impulsve and for whatever reason I decided right there that today, I was going all the way down to the lobby by myself, as the tenants voted it should be done.

A fucking idiot opens the door on the 8th floor, sees I'm inside and signs with body language that he wants to get in anyway. I'm right in front of him, there's no way he can ignore me or get in. Not this time. He asks me if he can go inside in an offended tone, like I'm doing something wrong. I just say "no". I can't argue for shit. If I'm going to win this, "no" has to be my only response. Firm and short. "No". He looks at me still holding the button. I can see he's going to fight this out. I notice on his breath. He's psyching himself up. Pathetic. He asks why he can't go in, in a passive-aggressive manner. I point at the sign on the door and say nothing. He looks at the sign pretending it wasn't there for more than a year and tells in his fucking idiotic voice; "well that's not always the case". and waits a response. I know I can't win in an argument even if I'm right, so I don't engage. I keep silent and don't move an inch. He looks at me still holding the button.

Meanwhile, because he made me speak, I'm furious. My resolve turns to steel. I decide this mother fucker will have to literally push me out of the elevator if he wants to get in. I can feel my feet trying to grab the floor. He looks at me for a few more seconds, unpress the button and let the door close without saying anything else. And just like that I won. In a few seconds I reach the lobby. Victory. I had my way and somebody else had to accept it. 20 seconds and it was over.

Should I feel good about this?

I certainly don't feel good about this. In fact I feel like a fucking idiot. Worse than ever. I feel disgusted at myself. In the end I'm just a moronic ape that finally gave in to those pathetic games of humanity I despise so much. They finally made me do it. No, that's blaming someone else. I finally did it. I stoop as low as those pieces of shit and wallowed on their fights for scraps of self-assurance. FUCKING PATHETIC. I'M FUCKING DISGUSTING. I can't stop thinking about that idiot as he watched the door slowly close right in front of his face. That stupid face. How can anyone feel good about these pitiful "victories"? It's disgusting. Appalling. I feel like vomiting myself out of existence.

"That's good, you have to stand for yourself, assure yourself". I'm sure people believe this, it's what they tell themselves to feel good about their stupid quarrels when they win. "You just have to let it go", "It's not worth it" when they lose. That's not good enough for me. I can't lie to myself that easily. With what ease people help themselves. They can't see the horror of what they're doing. Fighting for scraps like animals. Gleaming like idiots when they get to step on someone else. And now I did it, too. Except I didn't get even an atom of satisfaction out of it. I deeply regretted as soon as it was over. Like an idiot I always held myself in high regard. I thought I was better than those animals. I'm not. Can't pretend I am anymore.

I just want to go to a frozen stasis and be shot towards event horizon. This is how horrible I feel about taking part in humanity little games. As I write this I remember the passage where the AI on I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream explains to Ted how much he hates humanity. "Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex. If the word 'hate' was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro-instant for you. Hate. Hate."

I never hated people more than I do now. You may think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. I always saw how ugly the soul of men is, but now I experienced it, took part in it. I ate the Sacramental bread of men's shit. I despise humanity because I know what it is, I can't deny I'm part of it anymore. I just had to write this out, put order into it. Please be wiser than I and go your way, certain that this shit race is not worth your effort. You don't win. You never win. You just become one of them. A shit eater, desperate to shit in other people's mouths. Nothing else.

I'm never using the elevator ever again.
R: 19 / I: 13

Tell me something magical

0_o I'm so bored of humanity and it's stupid bullshit. Have you learned anything interesting recently you want to share? Have a thought that nowhere else provides the context to include?
R: 50 / I: 2
Would you advise wizkids to become normalfags, do you regret your path wizards?
R: 117 / I: 12

School education and real intelligence

It's horrible to see how everyone fawns over-educated academics and their titles, thinking education means one is intelligent, mature and wise.I got to know a professor of literature on /lit/ and he was just your basic, entitled, tantruming 4chan poster with little insight on human life beyond his own experience. This opened my eyes.Doctors are the worst. They worship succubi and get all the glory in society, but the hidden truth is that med students are the biggest party animals and worst turbo normies. They enroll in med school to get status money and pussy. That pretty much says all about their character. Smarter people choose math and physics. But not even a degree in physics guarantees you're an actual seeker of truth. I'm actually an ex physics student so please take that into consideration before you think it's clever to mention Dunning-Kruger.

I'm not posting this out of arrogance or a false sense of superiority I actually think I'm some sort of a brainlet That's exactly what makes me sad beyond words to see that everyone I've ever respected turns out to be more emotional and more prone to logical fallacies than me. It's like there's no hope. All my life I've wanted humans to be smart so bad Only people who have almost died seem to have grasped actual wisdom Education has nothing to do with it.

As a Wiz. do you think you're smarter than the average normalfag despite not doing good at school?
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Is it weird that I never felt attached to my parents? Does anyone else relate?

They were never absent in my life, at least not physically but I feel like I never developed a true emotional bond with them. I don't feel more intimate with them than I do with acquaintances from school. The only time when my dad and I talked (not that much) was when he took me to school and it was hardly about my development as a kid. His routine was basically workplace > bar > home. My mom is an old fashioned stay at home type who only married my dad because of what he can provide for her financially. I don't think she genuinely loves him. My father never showered me or changed my diapers when I was a baby, only my mom did even though he was the one who wanted a kid the most. He never asked how was my day at school, he never helped me with my homework, he never taught me how this confusing world works, never game me advice for anything, nothing. I don't think we ever traveled, outside visiting some relatives here and there. I used to envy my school mates and how close they were to their fathers, like how they would share things together and encourage their children to do their best and such.

I wouldn't use the word 'hate' to describe how I feel about them but goddamn I can't bring myself to love them. I'm a stranger in my own home, among people I share the same blood with. If I wasn't such a worthless NEET with no practical skills I would be living far away from here and I doubt they would me miss.
R: 219 / I: 26

Wikipedia Articles

(continuation of >>158200)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random#/random - random article, post if you find anything interesting

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson_Hole,_China - resort community in china that is a clone of an american town

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigging - pipe cleaning method

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MALINTENT - old crime forecasting technology

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_work - known missing works of literature

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat_king - a collection of rats whose tails are intertwined and bound together

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metcalf_sniper_attack- "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred"

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interplanetary_Transport_Network - gravitationally determined pathways through the solar system that require very little energy to navigate

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonization_of_the_Moon - just info about colonizing the moon

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_air_rage_incidents - list of incidents where people lose their minds on airplanes

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_bites_dog - "rarer events more often appear as news stories, while more common events appear less often"

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Pa - mystery man behind countless communist conspiracies in modern africa

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobashi_scheme - investment scheme to conceal losses (also cool is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_accounting)
R: 19 / I: 0

Pressure from Family/Parents to Have Children

Does your family pressure you to have kids and/or get married? How do you deal with it?

Is your family disappointed in you? Do they think you're gay? Has it affected your relationship with other family members?

Tell us about this aspect of your family dynamics.
R: 10 / I: 0

Where did the outsiders go?

At first, being on the internet at all was for abnormal people.
Then, it was a matter of place/topic — early (2009-2013) crypto was for abnormal people, odd single-purpose phpbb forums, 4chan to some extent.
Then there was at least programming.
Now everything feels infiltrated. NFTs and “crabs” are mentioned on SNL. Everyone is not just online, but aware of all of the subcultures and dialects and technologies that I am aware of. I can’t tell if I’ve been stagnant and just lost touch with fringe things, or if every fringe has been saturated and homogenized and disappeared.
There’s nowhere left to go.
R: 39 / I: 1

We are all suffering from cultural malfunction

We are not depressed. We are not autistic. We are not ugly crabs. We are individuals caught in a malfunctioning culture. The "mental illness" we are all suffering from is cultural malfunction. In the past, people who suffered from this disease died quickly and were thus hardly visible. Today, there are enough crumbs falling from the system to let us live for a while. Suddenly, we have become a crowd. What now?
R: 88 / I: 6

Crab hate thread

Do many wizards here think that its not the normies/chads who are the problem? I find most well-adjusted people actually pleasant to talk to, however its always the crabs who judge people based on their sex/private life. Most of these crabs were crabs for many years and they just lucked out on some average succubus, so they now feel entitled to judge everyone on the basis whether they had sex or not. Nothing really triggers me more than some crab trying to put down everyone around him because of his weird mix of insecurity and grandiosity. Actually, 4chan /adv/ and /soc/ boards consist mostly of aforementioned crabs, regular people or wizards do not frequent these boards because they do not crave companionship or have their needs satisfied by real-world acquaintances. As a wizard, a crab or a crab is not my friend - I have found them annoying, self-centered and not focused on improving their lives whatsoever, blaming everybody around them. Their lack of companionship stems out from just sheer failure - they have the same needs as normies, they are just very dysfunctional and failed ones. The circles where crabs socialize are just as pathetic as them and feed more into their seething. When I see a crab killing himself or people around them, I feel zero sympathy for them - the emotional attachment to needs of sex and unhealthy relationships which they can't fulfill and lash out is what disgusts me - a truewiz has moved past these petty attachments and seeks higher purpose. Crab bans on here should be strongly enforced.
R: 6 / I: 0

Social Retardation

Was anyone else socially retarded, perhaps not unlike a child, up until their mid 20's (or more)? I felt like my ability to interact with others was always way behind the curve. Every conversation I found myself in was like I was part of a play I didn't know the words to. I'd just say whatever sounded "normal" and get it over with as fast as possible, and generally was and am a very quiet person.

I'm getting closer to 30 now but I feel like I can somewhat blend in, if only by studying normies for so long and trying to copy their behavior. But I still only say the bare minimum necessary, and anymore than that I feel I to slip up again.

Any other wizzies who can relate?
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Career for cope?

So I used to browse years ago along with Magicchan and a few other obscure imageboards but left 3 years ago. I have no family, I'm a virgin, I'm broke on neetbux.
I have been going to college now for a few semesters for a career so I have money to drink myself to death and to gamble at casinos for recreation. I've never owned a car, grew up on welfare in public housing, and friendships have never been real for me because I was too poor to commute anywhere to attempt to socialize and I was so poor that people didn't want to hang out with me.

I'm going into Business/Finance. If we are all losers have any other users looked at a career in law, medicine, finance?
R: 13 / I: 0

Hitting the Reset Button

Do you feel like things would go any differently for you if you were allowed to re-try your life?
I'm not so much thinking about the gimmicky stuff you can do in these scenarios like buying five thousand bitcoin for 50 cents each, just being allowed to make different small, day-to-day decisions based on remembering the first attempt. Would you be any better off or would it all go the same for you?

I think people have these fantasies a lot, but I personally really don't know if I would actually be able to do anything differently. It'd be nice to know in advance how lazy and negligent my parents were, but on the other hand most of the self-defeating behavior in my life has come from personality patterns I've never been able to change, and I'm not sure I would be able to stop them from developing all over again.
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Possesive degeneracy of succubi

A guy in my high school used to be a loner and quiet all the time. In some occasion a succubus was trying to make him jealous with another boy, he went to that succubus in public and asked her if she was really trying such a thing. Later, she had a discussion with her boyfriend and started crying…

In another occassion a succubus yelled at him if he liked her dress, he shouted he didn't and she started behaving like a vampire after swallowing some garlic, really disturbed she even threatened him.

It looked as if he was akward but also could be that he did it all on purpose. What do you think about these cases?
R: 15 / I: 1

when did the years started to blur for you?

for me it's around 2012, after that it's all kind of the same in my memory. Sometimes I still have a feeling that last year was 2011.
R: 2 / I: 0

a vile manipulative sociopathic...


Found this complicated term on a meme and makes me wonder. What have you experienced around normies that could be accused of having such a complex level of malignity? I mean, it looks like a totally specific type of mook
R: 8 / I: 0

How do you guys cope with having roommates

Over quarantine I realized that being locked up in my room all day alone made me the happiest I had ever been in my entire life. I would give anything to go back to that time.

I’m now in a situation where I am stuck with roommates until may (end of my school year) and can’t stand it. I have to share a room with someone else and haven’t had a moment of privacy for months, the only thing I look forward to everyday now is my night walks. Any help?

I plan on getting my own apartment next year, but for now I am stuck here.
R: 14 / I: 0

Just turned 30 today. Officially a wizard.

Spent the day drinking, eating pizza, and watching Battlestar Galactica.

I eagerly await the manifestation of my new powers.
R: 15 / I: 1

How do I get into Wikipedia?

Since I was a teen my dream was to be on wikipedia. I discovered it in the early days when it was like wow any idiot can just edit it. And wrote an article on my real biography up to that point. And even back then that got deleted very quickly.

So later I created a more subtle troll article under my name as some minor political figure and it actually lasted for years, until I turned myself in before applying to college.

So here I'm now much later, a wizard neet. And before I die, i just want to feel like I actually existed. And its like wikipedia is the mark of that.

I suppose the easiest way to get into wikipedia is in any random article where they need an example of a "human", just fill in as that human with a photograph of yourself. But of course being included as a generic example is ephemeral and can be removed at any time. And that's true with most ways of "sneaking" onto wikipedia. To really be longlasting you got to truly meet their notability requirements. To know you'll be there forever.

I just feel like in this day and age, Wikipedia is the only mark that you existed as a person. And if you're not on wikipedia it's like you never were.
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Hi. We created a blackpilled chat for crabs on telegram. We need new members here. Join us if you want to. Thank you in advance. Link: t.me/basedblackpilled
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any NEETs from the third world?

I'm from a small brazilian town and I'm still a NEET at 32yo, I wonder how uncommon my situation is since most people in poor countries have to work ASAP and can't afford being a NEET.
I'm very lucky that my town has a very low cost of living yet my father is an accountant for a big farmer around so we're quit comfortable. Also I never ask for anything, only thing they spend money on me is food really. I still have a PC from 2008 for example.
Curious to hear more cases like me.
R: 39 / I: 2

What counts in the end?

As the days pass, I'm sure all of us find some conclusions.
To evaluate the things that matter.
Sobering up occasionally to remember this all ends helps frame perspective, centers your focus.

So, what do you think matters in the end, over a lifetime?

I would say health and knowledge.
Most other things seem frivolous and empty.

If you're trying to accomplish an easier tomorrow, nothing matters more than health and knowledge.
I specifically avoided money because it's hard to say whether or not it matters as much as we make it out to matter.
Curious to see if there is anything else missing.
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Abandoning your family

Has anyone else here abandoned their entire family? It's been over 5 years since I've had any contact with a single family member. I left home and moved across the country, and shortly after changed my phone number and email, and I never had any social media. I have in no way communicated with a single acquaintance, family member or extended family member from "my old life" since I left my parents' home. There is no way for anyone to contact me, anyway. I never told anyone that I would do this. At this point, I don't even know why I did it. I feel no sadness or regret about my decision, but no happiness or relief either. Any desire or expectation to see them again has long since vanished. They are all gone forever.

I've never heard of anyone doing anything like this. When I do a google search for abandonment or adult child estrangement, it's always regarding a specific family member, not absolutely everyone. Has anyone else here done this? What are your thoughts on it?
R: 96 / I: 8

Final year of wizardry

Any advice from wizards who have passed the trial? Did you do or feel anything different months before turning 30? Did you celebrate? What magic powers did you acquire in the end? Has anything changed for you since turning 30?

It suddenly occured to me that I'll actually be joining your ranks this year. I had almost forgotten about it. Now I'm a little stumped. I'm not sure if it should feel like a big thing or not.
R: 14 / I: 3

Embracing Rivalry and Competition

I'm beginning to suspect that my lack of accomplishments is due to my competitive drive being completely unused and dormant. This came to me after asking for critiques on my drawings, getting critiques from artists better than me, and it kinda makes me mad and drives me. I've been getting better lately and can see ways in which I am deficient, the veil is lifted. Also have a problem with SkillShare, — feel free to skip this part, it's not important and kinda complicated and dumb — having started a free trial, I decide it's worthless and forget about it but have it marked on my calendar to cancel, I reset the password then, sign in and there's no trial and nothing to cancel, then they take a years subscription from me a few days later. Working on retreiving the $180. - — end of irrelavent section — Makes me fantasize about starting a competitor to drive them out of business or at least hurt their profits. Thinking about it though I don't really want to spend so much time on that, but focus on drawing.

Anyway I make this thread to discuss this idea and also to invite challenge in general. Any wiz want to post in this thread about our lifestyles and compete to have the best? I'm gonna imagine I'm competing with somebody while I clean my room. It's been basically unused for 6+ months cause it's too full of stuff. I've got mice in it and I've spilled piss bottles a couple times, one with quite a bit and it smelled for a couple weeks. I moved my computer to the living room floor one day to use one evening and I never returned it. From standing desk to laying down all day, lately it's been taking a toll on me laying down too much. So I better clean it soon. The following pictures are of my room, using a fish eye lens.
R: 12 / I: 1

the older I get the worse it gets

How can you maintain the wiz lifestyle for many years?
I always read how people live on the vidya, anime, porn but for me that stuff died off completely and now I just go to work, eat and sleep. nothing else.
I feel like I have been lied to.
R: 32 / I: 4

This look

Have you ever gotten this look or reaction from a family member or someone else? Do you feel annoyed? Ashamed? Or do you not really notice or care at all?
R: 69 / I: 5

Can you even picture yourself as a normalfag?

Can you imagine yourself having a girlfriend or even wife and kids?
I honestly can't, I'm so far gone that even if a succubus wanted to be my girlfriend I wouldn't know what to do. I don't know what normal people do when they're in a relationship. I can't imagine myself having friends either, I can't remember the last time I had someone who called me a friend, I rarely speak to people at all, other than to ask for directions or when random people greet me when I go outside. Sometimes I don't even know if I'm a human being anymore, I see "normal" people and they all seem like cattle to me.
R: 13 / I: 2

Job/career intel for wizards

I was writing a big post as a response to another thread where I typed up a lot of intel about jobs/careers and if they're good for wiz or wiz-type people (based on my experience/knowledge). I figured I might as well post this as a thread. If this should go to some previous "jobs for wiz" thread I can also move the post there (I didnt find any thread tho)

I hope with this thread just to give intel to wizards who want to get a job or career or go to college (feel free to contribute with your own intel). For disclosure, I don't think badly of NEETs or any other wiz for that matter nor am I telling anyone to do anything. I became a wage peasant myself due to personal reasons - it is possible some wiz are also considering this but would like to have some information.

Here's my take for jobs/careers and if they are good for wizzies based on those I have experienced or observed:

>Workplaces vary a lot, depends 100% on your boss (advisor). Reasonably frequently, you can find cozy environments with a hands off boss. However there are also environments run by a neurotic micromanaging turbonormie
>Doable for wizzies if you can work around 40h a week (more is better) and if you can do the studies part for science. If youre lucky, your schedule can be looser than normal jobs, but you will still work a reasonable amount
>Social environment is better than the average job for sure at low and mid level because over half of the people are either mildly autistic or at least quiet and busy. Shitters with a middle school mentality dont go to science because they cant stand the lack of socializing and the autistic nature of the work. People with obnoxious hypersocial normie personalities tend to shrivel up and develop major problems if they get into science (I have seen many cases of this)
>At the high end it is very toxic and unlikely to be good for any wiz, except high functioning wizards with OCD/single-minded focus. High-end science ("elite" research groups, "elite" post-docs, any leadership position) is sadly toxic, theres's plenty of "sweatshop" like environments, and 80%+ of the professors/top researchers themselves work like slaves. This goes double if you're trying to do it in the USA.
>In summary, science can be good for a wizard if you can meet the requirements and find a good boss. However, since the higher end of science is toxic, staying in science is tricky and only possible for high-functioning OCD wizzies with very thick skin (or dependent on "maneuvering" through the environment, avoiding the "higher responsibility" positions for as long as you can)

Technician in scientific/medicine field:

>Generally similar to above, however:

>Require a reasonably high sense of order and to develop some hand skill during training
>Your job is less glamorous and its more likely you will be following someone's orders. This might sound bad, but actually, it can make your life a lot easier and less stressful (others pick up responsibility)
>In reasonable demand (afaik), there's variety from job to job so you can change and do something new if you get bored. Check to see if there are any in-demand/interesting fields if you want to get specific training
>Possible downside is that there seem to be lots of succubi. However, not to defend them too much, the succubi who end up in such jobs tend to on average be more autistic and self-absorbed than the average one. Maybe it doesn't make them better, but it makes them less dangerous.
>Job hours are more standardized than in science, here (in Eurostan) you could go through the whole career working 40 hours on average.
>In conclusion, probably a reasonably good choice for some wizards

College education in general:

>Going to college (even as an older entrant) depends pretty much on how much you can deal with jumping through academic hoops. If you were good at doing it in high school, it will likely go well in college. If you sucked at it in high school, getting to the point where you are good at it might not happen at all.

>If jumping through academic hoops goes good for you, college can be a good place for a wizzy. In Eurostan, colleges I saw often were hands off and let you fuck around and even skip class so long as you passed your exams.
>In my case, minimizing socializing was possible. Keeping succubi away was easy.
>For highly prestigious professional degrees (esp. law and medicine), it is likely to be worse for wizzies. More demands, more stress, more imposed socializing, more annoyance from middle school bullshit and succubi.
>If you're bad at jumping through academic hoops, go to college with low expectations. Changing yourself to be good at jumping through the hoops is possible, but it might not happen. Try to pick something where even getting through (even with bad grades) could still get you a job. If you live in a good country just do specialized training instead - you want something where getting hired doesn't depend on your GPA or similar (of course pick a wiz friendly trade/job too)
>IMO don't go into debt for college at all as a wizzie. Can't even think of an exception for this. Only case of a wiz-like person I know who went to college with debt ended in a complete disaster (millions in debt for a degree he didnt get). For disclosure, I went to college without debt.
>In conclusion, it can be good or bad for wizards based on the circumstances

Medicine (intel from observing coworkers):

>Extremely demanding, filled with super high-strung, super organized people whose hobby is to tire each other out in an eternal game of "who is the most wired up workaholic". The higher up you go, the more this is the case

>People who get into it actually like such an environment and you can tell. They're the type of people who work 2nd and 3rd jobs for fun
>You will do tons of extra work, take on tons of extra responsibility and jump through tons of extra hoops just because thats what doctors want to put their fellow doctors through
>The social environment is mixed. AFAIK there is some middle school politics however people only have limited time to do it because they're so busy. If you keep your nose down and do your work, you might survive if you neutralize the normies with proper repelling techniques. Succubi are also less dangerous than normal because they're also busy, often act in very unfemininine and desexualized ways (at work at least), larping as "males" to not fall behind on their work.
>On the bright side, if you dislike immature people who joke about their dicks or about smoking weed with succubi, then there seems to be less of that in medicine - people are busy and they have no time to gossip about their scrotum during work time. Probably some doctors still gossip about this, but then only off work hours at parties (which you can just avoid)
>In summary, no too good for a wizard unless you can work around 50-60 hours a week minimum and also have OCD tendencies/high tolerance for normie bullshit

Music (applicable especially for non-popular (i.e classical) music, intel from observing family member):

>Here are the "highlights":

>Unlike science, you won't get paid well or regularly. In Yankeestan also expect to go into ridiculous debt for getting the basic degrees. In Eurostan you won't go into debt, you will merely just waste your time learning nonsense instead, then get pidgeonholed into some kind of teacher position since there is 1-2 real music jobs for 100 graduates.
>Social environment is considered toxic even by the extrovert normies who end up in music. Prima donna behavior, backstabbing, feuds and gossip are all considered part of the game. It's basically a middle school environment but with highly flamboyant people
>Everything is based on connections and being liked by others. If you aren't liked or known by the people in the field, you have no chance
>Filled with succubi too. Including very bad types.
>Obviously terrible for wizzies

Journalism/media (intel from observing family member)

>If you are trying to get into it through the normal pathway, I don't recommend it. It's like music, but slightly less insane

>You can obviously write blogs or send articles to magazines but success is again only for those who get the right people to like them. Like in music, schmoozing is not optional.
>If you've been around the internet, you probably know that mainstream journalism is a hive mind. Since most wizards seem to have unique and non-normie opinions, working as a journalist would for most of us basically be lying/faking your opinions for a living (because if you don't agree with the hivemind in journalism, you're out)
>Even in non-conventional paths (like becoming a big Youtube channel), you need to get people to like you. If you don't, you will not get any viewers. Once you get viewers, you need to keep socially engaging them or they will start needling you and messing with your head to live out their anger. For an extreme example of this, see what happened to "WingsOfRedemption"
>In the case of family member, they didn't even get a degree, they just got in because they wrote some articles and then made the right social connections. Being good at the social game is the master key to get ahead in this field. If you can't do it, it's over
>Pretty terrible for wizzies as a result
R: 36 / I: 2

A higher force directing your life

Am I the only who feels like someone/something is looking out for him from above, so to speak? I mean this thing arranging the events and circumstances of my life for my own benefit, even if at first I don't understand why things happen to me. I get the impression that I'm protected and this thing watches over me so that I don't ruin myself. I made and continue to make stupid mistakes in succession but somehow things always ultimately turned out for the best, looking back on them. I was raised a christian but I'm not religious because I don't agree with the ethics of christianity, mainly the turning the other cheek part and stuff like that. I have the feeling that I am destined for greatness and uniqueness in some form and that this superior being, my guardian angel sends me signs and shields me.

For examples, this Being intervened lots of times in the past when I tried to leave the wizardly path in my younger days and now thinking back it really saved me from becoming a normalfag or a failed normal and I thank him or it for it. But there were other examples too when rationally I should have had much worse luck than I happened to have.
I'm sure some of you will scream coping or schizo but I don't know. I am certain there is someone out there who is designing at least my life and wants it to have a certain direction. A direction that leads to isolation and distancing yourself from common people and their worldviews and customs. I didn't post this in the christian thread because I don't believe in the christian idea of god and I think this is about more than christian believes.
R: 141 / I: 14

Wizards and lookism

First about let me make this clear, this thread ain't against wizardry or any improvecuck shit, it's about groid behaviour and avoiding them

Back in the day I used to not give a fuck about my looks, had long hair and went out with a hoodie. While that kept some normgroids away sometimes it made business owners to look at me with suspiction or attract crazy people and stuff like that. Lately I was reading that Lookism webtoon and started to think about grooming myself a little. The other day I wanted to test how much this would change so I went with my hoodie and dark jeans as always except I put a shirt and a necktie and styled my hair (I'm thinking about cutting it since long hair requires too much care). I also put on sunglasses. Groids' behaviour changed almost instantly towards me, store owners won't view me with suspiction, they even treated me with more manners and stuff. My looks were more like a mafia thug/aggressive type and hobos and related shit also avoided me

Don't get me wrong, I find this so fucking frustrating. I realized that just by putting a fucking necktie normgroids would treat me different, their superficialism is terrible. I mean I know that groids are superficial but experiencing this was even more shocking. They judge people by their looks in a very sick manner. You could be either a psychopath or a genius and your looks would dictate their reaction. I don't want interaction with them yet ironically trying to look like them seems to keep groids away

So, what are your thoughts or experiences on this? Should wizards "blend in" among the groids to avoid unwanted attention? I always thought that looking like a hobo would be a better option since that would scare them away but on the opposite it seems that looking like a normalfag keeps them away. Like the gray man concept of preppers. I'm forced to go outside to buy groceries and some stuff so staying inside 24/7 is impossible, I must walk in the fucking city where the lowest human type walks around
R: 2 / I: 0

Jewish Scholar admits that the first Pope was a Kabbalist Jewish Rabbi


Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser reveals that the first Pope was actually a Jewish Rabbi who was highly skilled in Kabbalah. Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish from of mysticism that involves occultism and a form of withcraft from the ancient mystery religions.
R: 7 / I: 0

Where are your powers?

I started to believe in new age type things and vibes specifically. I could go to church occasionally but got more and more tired of it. Eventually came across some street preachers and their message became more and more oppressive. Started to wonder if the god of the bible thought I was getting too powerful and eventually got interested in black magick.
R: 16 / I: 1

How should I live?

All of my dreams are dead. I know I'll never write a great book, create a video game, or make a movie because I'm both lazy and untalented. I know I'll never experience romance because I'm ugly. I know I'll never be rich because I've never had a job and I have no work ethic. I don't even know how old I am anymore, is it 27 or 28? Am I already 30? I don't know, every day just blurs together as I browse imageboards, walk the dog, and do household chores around my parent's house.

How should a person live when they're already dead inside? I ask because I'm unhappy, I know I have no choice but to keep living as I lack the willpower required to commit suicide, so how should I cope with this sort of situation?
R: 27 / I: 3

The world is reincarnation soul trap, the white light we see when we die, is infact a soul trap

For the last 10 years, I have been researching the nature of our reality, who or what controls our society from the shadows, and more importantly what actually happens when the physical body dies and the soul leaves the body. Do we go to heaven? Do we go to hell? Do we just cease to exist? Is there a God that takes care of us? Once you begin to realize what's actually going on and how deep the rabbit hole really goes, you will never see the world in the same way so buckle up and get ready, this is not going to be easy to swallow for most people. The whole point of this post is not to frighten you, but to present you the conclusions that I've come to in regards to what actually happens when our physical bodies die after having done what feels like endless research from every angle possible.

I have thoroughly investigated near death experiences, out-of-body experiences, astral projection experiences, past life regression hypnosis sessions, remote viewing data, gnosticism, ancient texts and more. All these different ways/methodologies of researching lead to the same conclusions and because of that, I am now convinced that Earth is a prison planet and a massive farm used by various parasitic entities who are using us and have been using us as energetic food for what appears to be a very long time. I will share plenty of evidence from different sources and perspectives to make you understand how I connected all these dots and why I came to these conclusions. I promise you that the deeper you research this stuff the more you will begin to realize that this is extremely real, important, and it's affecting every single one of us. All I'm asking you is to keep an open mind and to analyze the evidence yourself. This is the result of years and years of painstakingly researching, connecting dots, and thinking outside the box. What you're about to read is just a summarization of my research.
reincarnation and the white tunnel of light

You know how anyone who's had a near death experience talks about having seen a tunnel of light appear in front of them? Or having met members of their family who had passed away? In some rare cases, even having met and spoken to who they thought was God? What you need to know is that the tunnel of light that appears when we die is a trap designed to wipe the whole memory of our last incarnation and to recycle our souls into another body thus keeping us in an infinite loop here on Earth. Because of this, the overwhelming majority of people walking the Earth have total amnesia and don't remember anything about their past existences nor anything from the periods in-between their lives. If you do some research though, you will notice that there is however a small number of people world-wide who are able to recall very specific details regarding who they were, what they did for a living, where they lived in a past life, etc
>[YouTube] Evidence of Reincarnation (embed)
>[YouTube] Kids Have Clear Memories From Previous Lives |Real Life Reincarnation| Real Families (embed)
>[YouTube] Evidence of Reincarnation in Childhood by Dr. Jim Tucker (Full Presentation) (embed)
>[YouTube] The 2-Year-Old Who Remembers Dying Underwater in a Past Life | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN (embed)
How do we know these people aren't making up their stories? There's lots of people out there who have been able to bring very solid pieces of evidence to sustain their claims and those claims can be verified:
The reason people that went through near death experiences didn't come back with their memories wiped is because unlike people who have died, they didn't end up entering the tunnel of light. Instead, they managed to return to their bodies and lived to tell what they experienced on the other side, hence the term 'near death experience'.

The astral(spirit) realm, the reptilians and their agenda

The Reptilians are found in the literature of multiple ancient cultures across the globe. Jainism and Hindu talk about the 'NAGA' whom they describe as 'half-human half-serpent deities'. The aztecs used to worship the 'Quetzalcoatl' whom they described as the "serpent-like God". The Hopi Indians in North America referred to a race of reptoids called the 'Sheti', translated "Snake-Brothers". In Africa, shamans claim to bear extensive esoteric knowledge of a race of reptilian beings called the Chitauri, whom they say control the Earth. Chinese, Korean and Japanese legends talk about a race of reptilian beings called the "Kappa". The gnostics talk about the parasitic entities whom they call 'Archons' who not only use humans as an energetic food source but they also prevent our souls from leaving the material realm upon the death of our physical bodies.
The Reptilians are parasitic entities who have been heavily involved in the manipulation of mankind for thousands of years and are responsible for setting up the soul trap around the planet with the help of extremely advanced technology. This energy grid around the planet serves multiple purposes, one of it's main purposes is to project this 'grandiose' tunnel of light in the proximity of people who have just died in order to lure their souls in. This is the same tunnel of light that so many people who've had near death experiences have reported seeing on the other side.
The soul may be under the impression that the tunnel is going to take it to the Heavens or perhaps to a higher plane of existence, depending on it's level of awareness. In reality, when a soul enters the tunnel, it's memory gets wiped and the soul is put into another body here on Earth(reincarnation). The tunnel acts as a bait and to make a good analogy, imagine a fisherman and his fishing rod: he throws in the bait which hides the hook and the fish get trapped in it when they bite. We get tricked and trapped by the tunnel of light in a similar way if we aren't aware that it is a trap. In this case, we're the fish. The Reptilians are highly intelligent, highly advanced technologically and they lack empathy which makes them dangerous. These beings see themselves as 'Gods' and humanity as their enslaved cattle.

The reason they want to keep us here is because they need to feed off of us energetically: when people go through any kind of suffering, these entities feed off of our lower frequency emotions such as fear, pain, grief, anger, jelousy, rage, anxiety, lust, because they are low vibrational beings that require low vibrational energy in order to survive. Rudolf Steiner, one of the most prolific and gifted scientists, philosophers, and esotericists of his time explains how the Archons feed off of our fear and anxiety.
The majority of people living on this planet today have been continously reincarnating on this planet for thousands of years because we keep falling for the same trap when our physical bodies die. Most of us have no memories of our past existences since our memories get wiped before every reincarnation, so every time we are born on this planet we think we've just arrived for the first time with a grand purpose or mission to fulfill given to us by who we think is God.
"Our consciousness interacts with another dimension. Our physical sensors only show us a 3-dimensional universe. What exists in the higher dimensions are entities we cannot touch with our physical sensors" - Bernard Carr, professor of mathematics and astronomy who studied under Stephen Hawking and earned his doctorate at Cambridge.

When our physical bodies die or when we have an out-of-body experience, our soul goes into the astral(spirit) realm and while we can still observe what's happening on Earth but we can no longer interact with physical matter. These parasitic entities exist mainly but not exclusively in the astral plane. It's crucial that we become aware of the fact that these entities who are masters of deceit play 'God' in order to trick us into accepting reincarnation and thus having our memories wiped, convincing us that it's in our best interest to do so.

How are they able to do that, you may ask? When we're out of our bodies the laws of physics as we know them no longer have the same effects upon us as we find ourselves in a different realm in which we are able to do things that would be impossible in the physical world. In the astral/spirit realm, we can change the shape of our astral body(spirit) into anything we want by simply willing it to happen because unlike in the physical world, our consciousness can manifest our reality in an instant when you're in the astral plane. We can also fly around or teleport by simply using our intention to do so. We can even go to higher vibratory realms(where the real good-hearted beings live) if our vibration is high enough. Everything in the universe is vibration/frequency.
R: 18 / I: 0

How to leave abusive household?

I need to leave ASAP so moving out normally isn't an option right now. What are some sites I can use to find people to live with? Am 19.
R: 20 / I: 1

Fellow neet wizzies what is your day to day life like?

How is a typical day to you what do you do all day.Im probably going back to a work life soon so im trying so im trying to be more active.Right now I wake up whenever eat poptarts, browse the internet, YouTube. I have been going on long walks to lose weight and trying to be more active in general.My life isn't too interesting though.Just internet,videogames,exercise,eat whenever,sleep whenever.Im thinking about taking my dog on a walk today.What is your day to day life like as a neet?
R: 46 / I: 6

any wizards with schizoid personality disorder?

after recently discovering that this disorder existed and just so happened to exactly describe the hell I've been living in. I began to wonder if any other wizards are suffering from this as well.

furthermore, if any of you do suffer from this I want to know how you deal with it?

>inb4 hurr schizo tread hahaha.

just for the record (and anyone who does not know), schizoid personality disorder is nothing like schizophrenia, no voices, no hallucinations, nothing like that.
the disorder causes a person to withdraw from life via the usage of maladaptive daydreaming, normally leaving them as a husk of a person.
R: 1 / I: 0

Help a brazilianwiz

Hi wizards. I want to start studying front-end development but i have no idea where to start. I already know i have to study HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but and after?
I don't know nothing about programming and code, so watch youtube videos will help me with this stuff?
And after study all these languages, how do i make my portfolio?
I want to let clear that i don't have money to buy courses and start college.
I'll accept all of your tips. (I wrote this thread without using google translator, sorry if i made any typos).
R: 23 / I: 1

how can i live like ted kaczynski?

im in college right now and i hate it. i have no interest in our culture and i dont believe in the justice of it anyway. and since im a wizard i dont have a family to support so there's really no point in me staying in society. i never want to see another person again and i want to completely cut myself off from all media too.

what do i need to do to prepare myself for living long term like that? like how was ted able to support himself without an income? i know he had a gun so he had to purchase ammunition and shit.

also, is it even feasible to live like that anymore? ted wrote about a highway being built through his forest and a bunch of other shit that obstructed his peaceful way of life.
R: 57 / I: 2
any tips on how to stop browsing 4chan? the pain is actually affecting me physically at this point, not just mentally
R: 34 / I: 1
I'm lost in life, as I'm sure most wizards are. I have asked God for answers and while I'm not sure about the exact meaning of life, I feel like there must be something bigger than us. I enjoy reading about religion and I meditate in the Scriptures.
I come from a non-practitioner catholic family and live in a, mostly, catholic country. Though I'm currently away from all of that, I feel a connection towards the Holy Church. I like how they don't judge virgins nor intend you to get married. You can just live your life in celibacy and that's fine for them.
However I have grow up to be a shut in NEET. Going outside if painful, as well as talking to people. Of course you are nog supposed to talk to any other than God during mass but you must talk to the priest to confess your sins. Also in my case, I never received the confirmation sacrament which I would need in order to legitimately be part of the Church. This is really hard for me, and makes me wonder if the so-called christians on imageboards go to Church. I'm too anxious to go to Church.
What should I do? Of course I could practice my own cult to God but it would be heresy and knowing this would make me feel uncomfortable. But I'm not normal. I can't go to church and be part of the community.
R: 245 / I: 52

Carnivorism / Meat eating / Paleo


Getting popular lately. This is the opposite of a poor peasant's diet. Feudal lords ate mostly meat. Mongols had two food groups, meat and dairy, and they ate both of these raw & fermented.

Today I finally told my mom I will be making all my own food from now on, as I've been lazy and weak and have eaten junk food she buys. I'm in control of my diet now though. I'll eat a tiny amount of non-animal products when I feel like it, e.g. garlic, spicy peppers, dark chocolate, maybe mushrooms.

I noticed today that my teeth are looking much better. Spending hours eating beef belly probably took off tartar. It's difficult to rip off pieces when it's raw, lots of pulling. I ate it fresh one day and ate it fermented for one day the next. There was ammonia or something on the bottom, just like in that fermented shark stuff. I don't even feel so insecure about my teeth that I need to hide hide them anymore. They're still quite yellow and some are see through a bit. Pretty much okay if someone doesn't examine them closely. When I ate lots of meat and ate S.A.D. food, when I didn't brush my teeth at night I woke up and I had lots more plaque or something on my teeth than normal. I think vitamin k2 mk. 4 and vitamin d together might cause calcium to get into my teeth and make them white again. I'll report in a month or two. If that happens I might try eating bones a bit harder than fish spines and chicken wing tips.

Looking forward to receiving lamb brains this week. I hear when they are fermented for a while they taste like stinky cheese.
R: 315 / I: 32

Christ help us all

The only thing that brings me true contentment is my faith in God and his son Jesus Christ. The only hope or joy I have in my life comes from God. I implore you all to read the gospel, to take upon yourselves the yoke of Christ and receive the free gift of salvation.

R: 131 / I: 14

Why do people care about political ideologies?

I used to care a lot about politics. I specially enjoyed studying political ideologies and geopolitics. It all changed some years ago when I was going through a hard but enlightening time. I realized emotions are the only true guiders of morality (and ethics as well. Ethics being the tentative of rationalization of morality). When you think this way politics become quite ridiculous. Discussing it, in particular, is the most pathetic thing I can imagine someone losing their time with. There's nothing to discuss but the way people feel about something in particular, but they try rationalizing it to the core. I would only begin to care about politics, ideologies and geopolitics again if I ended up as the dictator of my country. Because then my emotions would truly matter. But otherwise, what's the point?
R: 24 / I: 1

neet honeymoon phase

Do you regret the time when you enjoyed being left alone and just consuming media all day or are you in one right now?
How do you deal with out of honeymoon phase?
R: 1 / I: 0

Churches are desperate to get peole to come back they are now catering to gays


This Pastor says Christians must accept Globohomo in order for the church to survive
R: 163 / I: 17

Yet another anti-natalism thread.

What do you do when someone asks you (e.g., your mother), "When are you going to have children, anon?" Have you ever wanted to have kids? Why? Have you ever thought about how fucked up your life would be right now if you had kids? About how fucked up your kids would be?
R: 17 / I: 4

Seeking Guidance

Hello, /wiz/. I'm not a wizard, but I've chosen to become one.
I'm 20, male, NEET, and I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which seemingly runs in the family: My late mother had it before me and so did her mother. That is why I'm here on Wizchan. I feel lost in a forest.
While it is a depressing matter, because of schizophrenic apathy, I'm not much distressed: Only a little, partially because I was never interested in succubi or men, though I admit I have a friend that I Platonically love; meanwhile, a doctor friend has told me that it's highly likely that I will pass it onto my my children, should I have any, and I've decided not to marry and not to have children. I don't want to burden anyone. I am a menace to myself and others. I was always aware something was wrong with me, but I never even feared it would be something so drastic.
I'm unsure what to think, say and do. I'm here for guidance, though I can't explain what that entails. All I feel is confirmed that I must remove myself from mankind: I am a menace to myself and others. I'm unsure what to think, say and do. Guide me, /wiz/. I'm the runt of the litter. I wanted to extraordinary, but all I've managed to become is unordinary. Please, guide me.
R: 2 / I: 0
What can i do? I'm autistic homosexual that got bullied by everyone around me
I've always been an extremely shy and awkward child. I never dared to speak up or complain. One time in kindergarten a boy tried to drown me and i didn't even struggle out of politeness.
Does anyone have any advice on how to get over this 'judging' fear, or how to manage it? I know that the first step would probably be to just show something, but my anxiety flat out won't let me. How do I get over this extreme fear of drawing attention towards myself?
R: 2 / I: 0
Did he do anything wrong at all? I mean Casca liked it, so what's the problem?
R: 24 / I: 1
Anyone else feel lucky that they went through school before phones with cameras became popular? I've always hated having pictures taken of me, whenever someone tried to take a picture I would always put my hands up to block it and people understood that usually. Nowadays I feel it would be too hard to get away with that.
Another thing is I did a lot of cringy stuff and I'm glad none of it was ever filmed, wereas if I was in school today I would probably be filmed being bullied and end up on youtube or some shit.
R: 52 / I: 15

Street camping

I'm a 26 year old male from western Canada. It seems that reality has finally caught up with me, and I'm 2 weeks away from being officially homeless.

My parents owe me money, and I'm also owed a significant amount of money from my grandfather's passing several years ago, but my father is the person responsible for carrying out their will. It seems I won't be seeing any of this money anytime soon, and I'm already completely out of cash.

This is what my current plan is:
> Cancel cellphone plan
> Discard/sell unnecessary belongings
> Rent out storage locker for 2-3 months
> Take out loans and max out credit purchasing food, shelter, shoes, warm/athletic clothing, hiking backpack
> Carry 3.5-inch blade for opening packages of meat
> Remain physically fit; shadowboxing, calisthenics, walking/running
> Shower/wash clothes at 24/7 gym
> Travel on foot/wheel or possibly use public transit
> Steal whatever I can get, or dumpster dive
> Break in and lock myself in rooms with my own padlock if I need to sleep

I'm not worried about jail, and I will avoid prison at all costs, but I'm prepared to do whatever I have to do to survive.
Not trying to LARP, just looking for solid, honest advice for surviving the streets from wizzies who may have been in a similar situation.
R: 1 / I: 0

brainchads and normbrains stay out of this thread

brainlet here, i feel like braingroids have left the internet or they are hidden somewhere now, i wonder how we find them since i am too dumb to create or find spells on my own, its all regurgitation of the same ones over and over
we need a plan to get them to spill their beans again
R: 116 / I: 9

Living location

Do you think wizards are more suited to living in a medium/big city or the countryside?
I was more of a country guy but recently I began to wonder if living in a city wouldn't be better and would like to hear your opinion
R: 28 / I: 3

life as a virgin groid

>no mental illness
>no major issues during childhood
>life has been rough recently but everything will be ok in a few weeks, hopefully
>cant fit in amongst groids, too weird for them
>cant fit in amongst changroids, no common interests, not an animetard
>cant fit in amongst robots, they are all degenerates and simps
>cant fit in amongst wizards and apprentices despite being a virgin
>cant fit in amongst the religious even, despite being obssessed with theology (hint: they are too social for my taste)
>could never really fit in forums
there is more, this is a weird position to be at, i have considered being a monk but im too afraid of being rejected there, not because of what they think of me, but the consequences that might come with that; joining an order is frowned upon if you are not doing it due to God's call (I wanted to join because I wanted to get rid of the necessity of communication by doing a vow of silence, for life, but that vow cannot be absolute)
i HATE this cross, but it is the lightest available apparently
R: 12 / I: 0

Father relationship

It seems to me that most wizards have pretty shitty relationships with their parents. However I sometimes see people talking about having good relationships with their mom, and often times there will be people saying they wouldn't an hero because they don't want to hurt their mothers. But do any wizards have good relationships with their dads?

My biological dad never lived with me or raised me, but I still saw him from time to time and have an overall good relationship with him. But he's really more of my uncle than my dad. So I wanna know if anyone who had an actual father in their life here had a positive relationship, and what that was like. How did they feel about your wizardry? Do they know?
R: 29 / I: 1

Sterilization for Neetbux?

Let's say that your government offers $2k/month neetbux in exchange for males getting a "maintained" vasalgel injection/succubi getting a "maintained" norplant injection (by "maintained" I mean imagine you're essentially sterilized for the rest of your life). Would you be in favor or not of such a policy? If it was a _requirement_ to get neetbux?

I'd assume the answer to this would be yes if the previous question was…but would you get the vasalgel injection?
R: 26 / I: 2

Hi wizards hows your life going right now?

Hi wizards I wanted to ask how life is going for you right now.Did you do anything fun recently,are you happy or sad with your life.How are you feeling about your life right now?
R: 12 / I: 0


I want to share some of my thoughts about sitcoms. Ultimately, I want to get to the ones I find good, and what I find oddly disturbing about the evolution of sitcoms; but I know of course I have to start by talking about Big Bang.

I hate Big Bang. That should be no surprise. I imagine most here do as well. What surprises me is how well is shows and exemplifies the late stage of development of the craft of making a sitcom. How you can have a show so devoid of plot, comedy, emotional impact, any uplifting structure, and hold up its edifice SOLELY with laugh tracks, basic acting, and the common development tricks and cliches of a sitcom. It really shows just how much you can polish a turd and sell it as a product. Just as the "pet rock" is to marketing, is Big Bang to making a sitcom. At its core, there's nothing there.

Of course, that's true of most, if not all sitcoms; but there's something else that's always disturbed me about Big Bang, and that's how compared to other sitcoms, it's so depressing. In Big Bang, you have some people who are on paper incredibly intelligent. Nobel-prize-tier winning physicists, a fucking astronaut, etc.. They all have to room together in the same apartment. They aren't exactly able to afford anything nice. I don't know whether they can own a car, really. They eat in a common cafeteria. From outward appearances, their lives are not glamorous at all. It's a really, really depressing show.

Compare this to The Andy Griffith show. There, the biggest issue was the neighborhood kid accidentally painting the wrong fence. The biggest 'drug crime' was ONE alcoholic who locked himself up at night. Everyone had a life and standard of living that was leagues above Big Bang, doing jobs that were more "meager." I like it just because it's so utopian, so peaceful, so idyllic. I almost think it was Cold War propaganda. Like we'd hope the Soviets would see it and think that's how American life was like. Another comparison in this theme was The Jeffersons. It was actually positive and uplifiting. It was a story about people who had made it.

Why do I have to go back to the 50s to find stories that aren't so fucking depressing?
R: 98 / I: 9

Giving up on reading/watching the news

At the beginning of this year, I started to make a concerted effort to avoid all news I possibly can. The moment I see a thread or post that has an inkling of currents events, I fly to the 'hide' button before I can finish it. The moment I see a word or two of an article, I actively throw my eyes away and close the article. I started it just as an experiment out of whimsy, but I feel genuinely better and more positive about the world now, and I'm starting to do some projects that I guess I was feeling too nihilistic and black-pilled to even get started with before. It makes me think that if there's a whole month to people being dedicated to people trying to avoid porn and fapping because they're convinced about the large personal benefits, then why isn't there a whole month dedicated to actively trying to be ignorant about world events? I mean, you aren't going to be able to change things that big, news nowadays is almost surely hyperbolic and negative, and the personal impact seems to be incredibly psychologically uplifting.

Am I wrong here? Why haven't I tried something like this before? Going full hermit seems like a pretty logically wizard thing to do.
R: 52 / I: 1

The over-importance of sex in the West

Why do normalfaggot simps put so much damn effort on finding a succubus to have sex with, wasting a bulk of their lives (and in most cases, even their money) on dipping their dicks inside of some wet hole? It's astronomically sad how Western society has pedestalized casual, non-propagative sex to the point of people thinking it's a completely harmless activity, when it's the very thing that has been degrading Western culture for arguably the past century now.
R: 2 / I: 0
The true threat or fear to the “International Cabal of the Illuminati”: Information. Words are weapons.
Of course, all official establishment organizations, firms, and institutions strictly want people who are
only so smart, but stupid enough to be controlled. Knowledge is power. If the individual knows too
much, they have too much power and cannot be controlled. Information, data, words, ideas are
weapons. Information, data, words, and ideas, are guns. The right combination of information, data,
words, and ideas, are bombs.

Their goal of course is to control the future non-white leaders of the United States of America, and
other Western Countries. These acceptable puppets serve as ironic symbols of American Imperialism of
Global Order so that all world identities may be assimilated into the American and Western mould.
Western and American leaders such as Barack Obama are in fact a symbol of White Supremacy,
Colonialism, but most importantly, American or Western Imperialism and Domination of all global
racial identities.

Western Society fears and views the informed, intelligent, intellects, the clever, the innovative, the
creative, the imaginative, the too smart, as a threat to the corrupt rule of the International Cabal of the
Illuminati. This is precisely what chokes the U.S. and Western Economy, this is what robs America and
Western Society blind, the mismanagement and deliberate sabotage of human capital in Western
Society and the United States of America.

How is human capital robbed from America and Western Society by the International Cabal of the
Illuminati? This same establishment that accepts inefficiencies is the same one that carries out corrupt
and unethical practices and goals in the intelligence community among various well known agencies
such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, and so on. These groups are responsible for sabotaging value of the
Western worker, economy, and national governments, in favour of the elite class. The intelligence
community is nothing but a pet dog on a leash, private security service acting on behalf of the true
hegemonic elite class that rule Western Society. This is a crucial truth Americans and Westerners should

From 9/11 to Epstein the intelligence agencies, and the wealthy international bourgeoisie class of
society has always had links. Surprisingly for a variety of shocking or monumental events it seems
intelligence agencies have always had advanced knowledge about major events or disasters to the
nation or Western Society. Case in point – 9/11, the Financial Crisis, and the Epstein Scandal. We
should wonder if we should trust authority that views the public as a threat or fear to be managed, when
its instead authority that should be a feared threat that the people manage and control!
Only this will resolve the wailing crisis of “Satanic Pedophile Politicians, Globohomo, Social
Justice & Secret Societies” in charge of Western Society and the United States of America. This is the
idea of this International Cabal of Elites (ICE). These are the claimed wealthy and elite who control
Westerm society (ICE). Many of you wonder what their next crisis event may be. Imagine if you will,
an event worse than 9/11 targeting critical infrastructure to human capital of Western Society and the
United States of America. This isn’t war. After all, we’re assisting the agenda of “the elite” who wish to
dumb down America, and this is why we wash our hands free of guilt. Only “they” want to control the
non-whites of tomorrows American and Western leaders, who are not only obedient to the Western
eurocentric order, but are subservient toys and dolls to the establishment or International Cabal
Illuminati that existed for thousands of years. We never forgive. We never forget. We have peopleeverywhere, in your Governments, in your Institutions, in many nations and races, we are everyone, and we are no-one, We are Lunar Order.
R: 42 / I: 5

Pleasures in life ?

For me life, and I believe for most of the user base here, life has no grand purpose or meaning. Life is something that happened to us and basically we have to figure out the best way to deal with it.

For me, the way to deal with life is to find a way to enjoy it, but i impress myself everyday with my inability to enjoy my existence. I'm bored or upset 24 hours a day, always having anxiety about every aspect of life you could possibly imagine, simply put I have been in a bad mental state since my teens, your usual depressive chan user.

I'm 25 years old and I believe my mental health will not improve, should I continue to live in this state of suffering or simply put an end to something that really doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things ?

I think the only reason I haven't kill myself yet is because of fear, I mean anxiety is one of the major reasons I want to off myself and thinking about killing yourself is extremely anxiety inducing, let alone actually performing the act.

Death seems so conforting right now, I just wanna rest, it would be good, ironically it seems like the only way i would be able to breathe, truly breathe and rest, i'm so tired.

Sorry for this huge chunk of incoherent text, english is not my first language and my mind hasn't been very sharp for a very long time.
R: 65 / I: 5

Do you feel like a degenerate?

I'm not religious, but I frequently see myself pondering about it. Every time I'm around (truly) religious people I feel at ease. I don't call myself Christian because I find the Christian theology hard to believe, as many other religions, but following Christian morals seems to lead to a truly happy life. (Truly following, not using as a pretext for prejudice and aggression as many others do). I remember very well some simple and Christian people I've met, they were so pure they made me jealous, I felt like a degenerate near them, those people would never imagine something like "hentai" existed, lol.
Note that I'm talking about Christianity just because I live in a Christian country, I'm aware lots of religions share the same values as the Christian morals.
R: 4 / I: 0

Ancient magic

Hi, this is my first post (obviusly) and here i learned so Many things, my sincerely gratefull wizards.
This time i come to asking about someone Who relates, or know about the Magic in the Life of San Cipriano. (And the day on Christian calendar remember that Celebration.they Accept the Magic?).not a seriusly thread of Legends.
R: 60 / I: 4

how often do you come here?

wizchan is my favorite imageboard but it's kind of slow, so I only come here about once a week and spend about 1-2 hours reading everything I missed or maybe reading some old threads. Sometimes I even forget it for a month or so, then come back and spend like 4 hours reading everything and it's very comfy.
R: 13 / I: 0
Ever wondered what normies think of celibacy? According to them you can have sex and still be celibate.
R: 43 / I: 4
Has any other of you a wizard because is too childish for their age, I am 25 and for the most i almost think as i am 10, also i spend most of the time thinking about when i was a child and freaking out cause i dont know how i will end up!
R: 45 / I: 2


hello wizards how are you doing with focus, can you read a book? or learn a new skill or create something. I haven't been able to do it for a long time really would like to but internet is so flooded with stuff that i dont know what to do first
R: 4 / I: 0

Are there any non-white wizards?

I assume the majority of the sit is white, which I have no grievances with - but I was wondering if there were any non-white wizzies that post here? Im an Indian Wizard but im thinking about moving to the country side and staying there permanently.
R: 41 / I: 5


Are your teeth super fucked up? Have you had any replaced, root canals, bridges, etc?
Obviously only really applies to older people.
Around my late 20s mine just kind of disintegrated.
R: 11 / I: 1

went to a beach

Walked kilometers and kilometers of sand, barefoot and shirtless. While being incredibly high. There was no sun, it was in the morning, it was cold. My plantar fasciitis pain instantly disappeared as soon as I stepped on the sand. It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. I can't describe the feeling with words, the gray pacific sea, the cold, the gray sand, the silver clouds, the golden sun hiding behind.

While I was walking and walking on the beach it felt so peaceful, UNTIL I stepped on the tourist area, and there I was surrounded by normies, succubi and their hellspawns. And I started feeling a deep hatred I wasn't feeling for the past 24 hours. And I remembered I am a wizard and will always be one.

Go to the beach, it's more fun than being locked up in your room crying or watching porn. Got 0 regrets and I'm looking forward to doing it again.
R: 1 / I: 0
Any tips to larp better as a mentally ill person , i am far from normal but still people think i am pretending to be crazy… I want to improve my larping
R: 31 / I: 2

The Dark Academia Aesthetic

I 1st heard about this Dark Academia thing in mid 2020, when it came up on my YT music playlist. But I didn't really look into it in detail until now. And it looks pretty cool.

Like imagine being in an enchanted all-boys New England boarding school, with the autumn leaves falling and studying the Greco-Roman classics. It seems very wiz. Disregard succubi. All male school. Studying useless impractical un-utilitarian topics like Latin. The tweed jackets and vests. Far away cutoff from the rest of civilization. Like a fantasy town out of Lovecraft like Arkham, RI.

R: 6 / I: 1

I think I've lost interest in real life girls due to anime

Should I be worried or nah?
I don't get attention from succubi anyway
But there's something worrying about it, I don't know
R: 9 / I: 1


Didn't see a thread for this and /dep/ deals in the extreme opposite of it. How the fuck do you deal w/ anxiety and all the psychosomatic symptoms? I've had severe nausea on and off for 5 days and lost sleep every other night. The only time it goes away is when I'm running around outside. I want go back to my "normal" self. I can't be the only anxious wizard, right?
R: 105 / I: 10

Parents being a cause of your hikikomorism or severe intovertness

As a kid my family NEVER allowed me to go outside besides school which I used a school bus to go to. my dad thought if I go outside and hang out in the streets I would deal with and befriend kids who are into drugs and smoking. so he thought me staying inside in front of the TV would be far better for me. my life was basically going from the bus to school to home in front of the screen basically all the time. but even though this. I was happy staying at home and I never felt lonely or upset about it. the other kids at school found it strange and they questioned me about it sometimes. now many years after primary school I become a long-term 10 years old NEET and hikikomori. I feel that my dad's choice has affected my personality introvertness and passion for staying indoors. as I said I absolutely don't hate my father for it I am only grateful for him as he protected me from bullying and a lot of other unnecessary outdoor stuff I did not need. and I was able to stay comfy indoors. I even find it odd how my family finds it abnormal that I hate going outside now despite them being them who made me like this.
R: 1 / I: 0
Are your parents disappointed in you?

Mine yes. Dad even referred to me as retarded, not to my face though. Luckily I have extremely successful little brother so the pressure to give grandkids is off my shoulders. I have schizophrenia and autism so at least I have a tiny excuse to be a fuck up.

My dad still talks about my future children tho. I just answer like "haha…y-yeah…", he has to know on some level, me being 29yo virgin who has never brought succubi home.
R: 49 / I: 5

Were you always isolated whats your story?

Have you embraced solitude and how did you come about this choice if it was one and what is your story do you think your childhood lead to you being ok with being alone?

As a child my parents were split up a common theme for wizards but I consider some aspects of my childhood to be influential to my preference for isolation as an adult.
I lived with my mother full time as a child until the age of 7 and for various reasons my mother was never home so I was by myself and forbidden to leave the room I lived in.
When I started to live with my father nothing much changed except as he was sick he never got out of bed and was mostly sleeping and we lived in relative isolation away from others so I had the outdoors to explore as a child.
During schooling I was bullied a lot and was always acting up so was in detention every single day for lunch in my elementary school and this meant no other children were allowed to come near me or they would be in trouble I spent my time thinking alone.
I was also not allowed to have any friends as a child if a playmate took a liking to me when I was older my mother would tell me that not to trust the other child or make fun of them and say "wizzie you do not want to be around this child he is a loser" despite me being the biggest outcast. Of note is abuse by my parents in addition to my peers I think that played a part as well.

It is no surprise to myself that when I left schooling I withdrew from all social contact and shut myself away for numerous years and counting but I cannot help but feel that my entire younger days were preparing me to be alone because I do not feel lonely at all.
I used to enjoy talking online to some people from image boards on skype etc but I have now fully realized that there is no point in me trying to make friends with others online because it wont happen even if I wish I could I simply cannot make a friendship as if I never learnt to.
I feel more content now that I do not even bother trying to talk to others even when bored of my hobbies.

What about you wizards also sorry for the blog posting but I want to know if anyone else is similar to me. If psycho babble means anything one of my "mental disorders" is supposedly schizoid.
R: 162 / I: 14

What do you guys think of reddit?

Why does 4chan hates reddit so much? Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while (just like 4chan come to think of it). You can't even mention reddit without 5 posters telling you to "go back", it's really annoying.
For the record I've been on 4chan since 2009 and only really started browsing reddit about 3 years ago, and don't even have an account. But I'm of the opinion you should enjoy good content no matter where it comes from. If some gay SJW with pink hair cured cancer, I would be thankful for it even if he's a retard.
What is wizchan's optinion of reddit?
R: 129 / I: 15

Bullied At Work

I recently started a new job, and I was invited out drinking by my normalfag colleagues. Normally, I'm pretty shy and asocial, but I've been trying to turn over a new leaf, so I accepted their invitation and went to the bar with them after work.

The whole time, they kept asking me why I was so quiet and tried to get me to speak, but I was only able to haltingly make small talk. Eventually, they asked me about my hobbies, and I started awkwardly telling them about the RPG Maker game I'm working on, and its fantasy setting that I've been worldbuilding since 2017.

At first, it seemed to me that they were really interested, but as I was telling them about my main character, Prince Jakob, I noticed them smirking and a few of the succubi laughing in my face. After that, they asked me a series of really condescending, patronizing questions while feigning interest. They thought what I was saying was really funny, even though I was seriously talking about something I really cared about.

One of the guys said I needed to grow up and get my head out of the clouds, which I didn't have a comeback for and my eyes grew teary and I started blinking them and stuttering. This drew a big laugh from the succubi. One of the other guys told the one who made that comment to be nice, but I could tell he was also amused to see me flounder.

Since then, I've acquired a reputation around the workplace as the "weird guy", and I'm often casually bullied, excluded, and made to feel like shit about my hobbies. Sometimes, I'll be minding my own business, and a succubus will point me out to her friend and both will start giggling. When that happens, I just smile at them as best as I can and go somewhere else.

I'm always eating lunch by myself, which makes people think I'm even weirder, but when I sit with other people, I'm only bullied and made fun of.

I wish I could quit my job and become a NEET again. But I'm the sole breadwinner for me and my mom since she lost her job. I need other coping strategies to deal with this bullying. I try to not care, but I confess, the hurtful comments people make stick with me and I lay awake at night thinking about them.

Can meditation or another spiritual practice help me thicken my skin and shrug off bullying? If not, what else can help?