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R: 122 / I: 5

The true wizard celibate

Wizardcel or Wizcel for short is neither a volcel nor crab
It's an ascended state of wizardry.
It's a wizard celibate who truly believes in the definition of celibacy, advocates for it, and follows this lifestyle. Not a degenerate who calls himself volcel but does drugs, watches disgusting porn, chats with camwhores, and masturbates his brains out and has female friends but thinks he is any different from a crab or failed normie or some unthinking pleb.
It isn't either an in cel who can't shut up about blackpills, dating app stats, and how over life is for him and the rest of ugly males who got the short end of the stick when it comes to looks.

The true wizardcel is something you attain after naturally getting rid of labels and going your own way beyond what internet memes and society tells you.
It's someone like Nikola Tesla. You don't see him often but he exists. You won't find him posting on imageboards less on any social media. He barely communicates with others, he prefers to spend his time by himself, alone, and unbothered. He needs no socializing, his soul is entirely dedicated to higher pursuits beyond the mundane. He lives in his own world and his world rewards him with a wisdom that satisfies even hunger because at times he won't eat because of how engaged in his own thoughts and studies he is.

To quote, the biggest Wizcel of all time Nikola Tesla:
I recognize the importance that sex plays in the life of man. Nature has made its attraction irresistible to ensure the perpetuity of the race. As for myself, I have found that the thinker is confronted with the problem of perpetuating either the species or the mind. It is almost impossible, at least in certain realms of high endeavor, to do both. This has been recognized by the Hindus, whose adepts practice complete sexual abstinence, and by many of the great religions.

Before I produced the rotating magnetic field, I concentrated all my powers upon my experiment. The strain would have killed a hundred oxen. I certainly could not have survived it if I had permitted my energies to be diverted into the channels of sex.
R: 153 / I: 6

18 years old, never kissed a girl

I'm a 18 year old KHV. Not having any social interaction and not being able to enjoy youth is weighing on me a lot. I'm past the stage of dreaming with finding a girlfriend and more into a state of apathy. I can't interact with other people, I'm socially anxious and etc etc.

I'm working on myself and (sucessfully) trying to lose weight. But still, it's pretty dark inside my room. The light coming from my window, showing people my age, dudes and gals having fun hurts my eyes.
R: 8 / I: 0
Anyone here who just wants to talk about life?
Every evening I feel sad and sad for no reason, I started doing a little sports and finally learning English
R: 8 / I: 0


What should I do to maxx my happiness as a wiz? Yes, I'm a NEET, yes I'm 30 years old know, I wonder if there's any content happy older NEET wiz there could share some wisdom.
R: 86 / I: 2

I am life mogged by everyone and I don't care anymore

I am a wiz and I see everyone having better lives than me almost everywhere. I know that if I get life mogged by someone I always suspect they are normalfags.
these are my stats
-34 year old
-never had a gf
-never kissed a succubus
-never been on a date
-never had a group of friends in school
-no friends, not even online
-never invited to parties
-5'4 short, this is short in north america
-parents are dead
-wagie at a call center
-no college degree
-chronic disease
-no social media like fb, insta, discord, etc.
-hobbies are just watching anime, reading, and learning languages
-everyday is almost spent the same way except for the weekend where i just sit in my room and consume
-no sign of things ever improving and my health is deteriorating

I've come to accept that this is who I am going to be, there is no changing my fate.
Nothing will get better. I can't even relate to other people my age because they seem to love life or at least they have something that pushes them to do things. I've seen people come and go in my job and in general they all seem to be doing better than me. I'm stuck in this but I don't care anymore. Sometimes I feel lonely, my parents are gone so I miss them, sometimes, I have no social connections and really I don't like people too much. Never being a conversationalist or fond of small talk. I just go to the call center. Do my job. I have some colleagues and a boss who addresses my existence and the occasional reply from imageboards but that's as far as it goes when it comes to anything that can be remotely described as socialization. There is no waking up from this apparently, some of us were born broken.
R: 4 / I: 0

Anyone believe their body dysmorphia is deeper than ugliness

How many of you wizards see your appearance reflect on some antics that make you unique in personality that you just hate. That every expression of who you are is dysgenic as hell. When people say "god made you unique" doesn't make me feel better. What makes me feel better is knowing my identity is temporary and my real form is nothing.
R: 226 / I: 11
Is anyone else bothered by how much importance people place on sex?

I can't think of any other desire that you can satisfy entirely by yourself at no cost. And once you satisfy it you don't crave it anymore and might even feel disgust (aka post nut clarity/shame).

And yet because of sex people choose to ruin lives of others and their own, to ruin their health, to spend tons of money, to ruin relationships, to feel depressed and what affects me the most as wizard: also taint media with their horniness. Video games will have clearly cumbrained character design that looks stupid if you are not horny and if you criticize it you get called gay or a succubus. Movies have pointless sex scenes. They can't even comprehend people not being obsessed with sex 24/7. Imageboards are full with coomers shitposting and bitching and not getting laid.

Does no one else see how pointless it all is?
R: 9 / I: 4

an end for the feelings of jelousy and envy?

How can I stop feeling jelous or envious of my peers who have countless things that I lack (not speaking about muh sex or circles of friends), I recognize nature, genetics, and luck are not in everyone's favor and people are different hence it is irrational to envy someone else since we are different, you just thrown into this world and the rest is history, I wish to end my Īrṣyā:
R: 18 / I: 1

Wish I wasn't attracted to women

I have natural urges that still bother me porn seems so dry because I'm so obligated to jerk off. Females on screen are just another thing for added mental lubricant to prevent unwanted thoughts in and to take away from body image, that somehow anons use self compassion to fuel stimulation. It's gotten to the point I don't want a sex drive at all or the need to cuddle with my pillow. It feels trapping for my existence only to be based on my pillow or coming but then you realize mental stamina and coordination is shit and goes down after a while, so that's the only thing to look forward to. I genuinely think that sin is a coping mechanism for a shit mind and boring existence and not an actual harm. You see subhumans engage in sin all the time while well rounded mentally stable and intelligent people are able to self regulate. The only ideal life I can compare to is somewhat of an idea of some angel being where they don't have sexual needs or aren't governed by desire, reclusive and reserved but also gentle and beautiful but are creative and artistic to some degree. I'm not Christian but the angelic idea can't be further from the truth. Or maybe I'm too over my head at this point.
R: 3 / I: 0
I cant post in /meta because
"Please disable your VPN before posting in this board"

Pls help
R: 20 / I: 3
why most of the wizzies not happy with their life but always defend wizard/neet life?
why people attack when someone says "improve yourself"?
we hate normies, but why we always rant about that?
we disregard females but why we always rant about females?
most of us don't like "people" but why 10 of 9 thread is directly or indirectly about people?
nearly every fucking problem we face, is about wizard style life, we even have /dep/ board and suicide threads.
i know, this is just like minded people's community but are we really love to live like this?
why we always just complain about everyting but nevertheless defend this lifestyle?
are we just love to complain and not try to change anything?

i write all of that with my observation and from myself.
im 25 yo khhv, i just wanted to question our values and behaivours, if you don't act like this, and love wizard/neet life, you can ignore what i said.
R: 36 / I: 3

Semen Retention Thread # I

Thread dedicated for those who are practicing abstinence. Share the changes you experience in your journey of self-control and celibacy as you reject porn and masturbation. What you’ve learnt so far about yourself. Your struggles with self-control, and what you expect to accomplish. The numbers of days you plan to go without it and why.

I plan to accomplish at least 5 months without wasting my seed this year and that time I’d squander watching porn I want to use it to improve at digital painting and become better at japanese which have always been goals of mine.

Disregard porn and destructive habits, acquire magic
R: 19 / I: 3

I'm loyal to a piss bottle

I've had this bottle for 5 years since I became 18 and realized my life is in a slow decline of low motivation and self hatred. Got into the part where I started playing a game I couldn't stand up to go to the bathroom because bad bladder and needed something close by. I've grown attached to my companion after a while. After it was full I'd not throw it out but empty it, wash it, and reuse. I don't know why but there was a connection. There was a time I fought with my dad because he said it was disgusting and tried to throw it out but he gave up and decided it was not worth it going back to the bottle from the outside garbage everytime he tried to throw it out. I don't know what is wrong with me or why I'm so attached to it. But there is this sense of guilt when I throw it out or the thought of doing it. I tried decorating it a bit too so it doesn't look so bland. I need help ffs.
R: 5 / I: 1

Human Design

At this point I wonder if you took the test. Data about this can be easily found on the internet but my fav test was the mobile app.

I wonder if any wiz here is a manifestor, that sounds like peaking bux where the rest of us is usually a wagecuck or a NEET who cannot find a job even if putting himself on it.
R: 9 / I: 0

I never took emotions seriously

I'm not an edgelord but I genuinely never seen someone's crying or anger as something to take seriously to me it's like a game I must exploit and observe closely, or something to brush off, or for the most part they are joking about their emotions because I don't see it as necessary to deal with which caused me to do very horrible things. But there are moments where there is a weird feeling or thought where that person's emotions are genuinely felt. Like as if it's not a game anymore. That I was somehow expecting a prank that was never admitted and that's when it messes with me causing me to feel what they feel. My brain is messed up.
R: 83 / I: 5
>Dietary guidelines recommend a maximum of 455g cooked (600–700g raw weight) lean red meat per week, in order to meet iron and zinc recommendations. That's about one small portion (65g cooked/100g raw) if you're eating it every night of the week, or one larger portion (130g cooked/200g raw) every second day.

I literally eat 500-700g of red meat every single day, or a bit as canned fish. Typically lamb shoulder chops, rump steak or mince, the cheaper cuts. I feel compelled to do this or I start feeling really sickly.

I remember being arrested and having government goyslop, and there was a tiny slither of meat a day, and I just felt sick. I felt low energy and faint. They told me it was not a problem because the diet was designed by nutritionists and experts.

Is there something wrong with me? I don't feel so, it's not an addiction it's like instinct. I feel like garbage if I eat too much bread and noodles, I feel unsatisfied if I have a meal without meat. If there's not at least 200g of meat on my plate at a meal I'm not happy with it.
R: 25 / I: 0

I'm way too ugly to get a job

What the title says. I have tried many different jobs and my coworkers always bully me out of the place for being too ugly. I have worked in factories, offices, workshops, restaurants and as a printing press operator, but the result is always the same, my coworkers don't want me around and I end up leaving the place after a few weeks because the bullying becomes unbeareable… I'm so desperate that I even got an interview a few weeks ago to work in a funeral home as a crematory operator, but they haven't called me back. I'm just gross to look at.

What kind of jobs can I do where I don't have to deal with people at all?
R: 117 / I: 6

Do people really not think that ugly people deserve happiness?

I was arguing with some classmate today, who went on about how ugly people shouldn't have kids. And of course I am ugly too. Hence, eventually a wizard.

I don't know what happened to me today but I had almost a sudden change of mine, somewhere down the line of arguing with my classmates, I figured out that they don't give a shit about ugly people suffering. If they did they would do something to help them. Not fucking exterminate them.

It's like eradicating poverty by bombing people or eradicating cancer by shooting cancer patients. I don't know, now, I find myself of the opinion that if an ugly gut gets a chance he should have children. He too deserves all the happiness of having a child.

And who knows maybe due to the randomity of universe the child turns out to be Chad or Stacy. Do you guys ever have a change of mind like this? About a topic that you felt so deeply about?

Like I know my parents are ugly and responsible for my predicament. But I think that both of them have done a lot for me. And while it is their duty to do it. I feel grateful at times.
R: 21 / I: 4


>normalfag: people who generally lead normal lives and have a social life, its connotation varies widely between users; aliases include normie or normal
>its connotation varies widely between users
what id for you a normalfag? I'm asking this because I'm not sure anymore about the definition; enlighten me
R: 1 / I: 0
A lot of Christians talk about ressurection, does being a perfected version of you really cut it or do you hate yourselves so much that even being a perfected you sounds miserable
R: 2 / I: 0

Neurotypical is disassociation

Talking to overly passionate autists ad ADHD is overly stimulating despite being an autist. They are just as bad as normies when they jump to conclusions or the smallest detail sets them off for being the people who supposedly have poor social ques and difficult keeping up to their conversations. Maybe high functioning autists they are but still I've talked to normies a lot of them just accept information at face value it just doesn't make sense of people with lower neuroticism to be the ones that have unforseen consequences to socializing and that keep each other in hostility to make sure people behave. A lot of people arent neurotypicals and this normies meme behavior portrayed as hostile are very hyperactive impulsive or neurotic behaviors. Sure they are tribal but that is because it's more fun to engage in drama if you are mentally ill. Society is mentally ill and no ADHD is not normal behavior or memed, it's psychotic and dangerous. We have our human history as proof of this. Blood eagles, ancient torture methods, mob purges, reactionaries, witch burnings, genocides, etc. No, ADHD is a subhuman behavior. If it is natural then nature is corrupt and isn't fit for gods perfection.
R: 13 / I: 1
>deformed eyes since childhood
>dark brown acne ridden skin
>only redeeming quality is being 192 cm in height(at least that made me safe from being seen as a punchable pathetic maggot by normies, I would haveprobably roped sooner if I was short.). (Not hating based shortcels, I cannot experience it but understand that there is suffering)

It's been 23 years in this earth without touching succubi bros. When do I get my wizard powers.
R: 18 / I: 0

Theory on narcissists

My take on narcissists is that are pathetic cucks whose selfsteem has no motive at all to exist, when they have so is just due to normies being so dull they just fall quick to suck cock on however employs the typical narcissist tactic on them (showing off and similar) since normies do not judge others based on their usage of power but merely based on that mere power itself, in an almost perfect bootlickery as they usually do, like animals.

The thing is, I think I just happened to find one of those disgraceful needy hypocrites in my way, while had the retardcy myself of trying to complete a career: we shared residence with some other normies.

The fool just came across me and gave me orders about how to do basic stuff as I had just been born yesterday. Some other times he just pretended to be interested in my life when he just wanted to extract data from me to criticize an lecture me on it, some other times he just left his shit without pulling the chain, or left his food in my shelf or similar crap to try triggering me out. My growing point was reached when the retard asked me something and I had still the inexperience to give him an answer, then he started laughing (on purpose) so I just decided to publicly give up on him as it is to be done upon officially handicapped turds and started to ghost him.

No more discussions were possible after I did this, no more corrections, no more paying attention to his imbecility, while also having spare moments myself where I just tried to talk to him and wait for an answer just to turn myself away without giving a shit to whatever he had to say (visibly triggering the fool inside) while he also started to manifest a growing despair for my attention, let it be my wrath or my interest, so I started to become more and more comfy about the fool spinning around my ass while hiding how crazy this was making him.

After simply realizing he was just another pattern to be solved (ghosting, triggering, baiting…) and therefore trashed like an used kleenex while feeling himself more and more frustrated about it he decided to pull a fight upon me, to become territorial. We ended up fighting and the best thing the fool could do after that was to try triggering me by putting an expression of pity, which I still didn't even react upon out of pure autism, and once the cuck had no more tactics left he just stayed there with a grumpy face all day like an utter cuck without nagging me anymore.

Time passed and I moved to another place, we just were coincident in some place where he visibly laughed like a maniac around some normies. I geninuinely felt insulted by such tactic, yet quickly felt relieved after realizing how the cuck got even more triggered after giving me quick a look to see if I was burning with envy, rage or whatever the fool wished to feed his inner filth with from my emotions. I was not even looking at them and I still don't when I find him. From this little sperging adventure I learned some bunch things:
>to ghost people who minimally wrongs me
>to stop giving excuses
>to stop answering to every question I am asked
>they have empathy, and they need to feed the lies they use into the world and theirselves to hide away from the reality of being such cucks
>normies are indeed traumated and fatally flawed since they fall to such pathetic tactics in a way they get seduced and depressed by such tryhard losers

Did any of you had similar odysseys? Eager to read you, muh wizzas.
R: 4 / I: 0

Women ruin fun things

I just hate seeing succubi in media and id rather go mentally ill from lack of entertainment. Stopped playing games that are RPG, especially elder scrolls. Communal games are cucked. Maybe if elder scrolls made it so that I could kill everyone then ig it wouldn't be so bad. I don't think elden scrolls is bad but my laptop is shit and keeps crashing the game, plus it requires coordination. So I'm stuck with low end games.
R: 2 / I: 0

Christmas is almost there

There are less than 6 months until Christmas. Gifts, cider, and good family times are coming :^D
R: 13 / I: 0

problem as a virgin pervert with women

as I am a virgin, and have never had relationships with succubi, when I see one, I can't help but look at the succubus in front of me in a sexual way. and when they speak and there are words or sentences that are a little tense, it reminds me of sexual innuendo. and I think you can see it on my face. suddenly I feel that the succubus I'm talking to knows (succubi aren't stupid, they know) what I'm thinking about and that bothers me and therefore the conversation becomes awkward for me too. how do I get out of it?
R: 81 / I: 3


This is something I'd like other young apprentices and wizards alike to know so they don't fall into the same trap as normalfags

People from all walks of life more often than not reward the already rich and successful with praise and adoration celebrating any of their small successes in various ways and varying degrees. This creates a positive feedback loop where the wealthy and high status garner more admiration, while those who are poor or average remain poor and average themselves. This behavior only contributes to their own miserable sorry state of affairs.

Poor and mediocre people love to play the victim and blame things on inequality while being the very same actors who play a fundamental role in furthering the cycle of accumulative success the Matthew effect makes mention of—the aphorism that says the rich get richer and the poor get poorer:

“For to him who has will more be given; and from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

This dynamic is visible in many contexts, from simps who worship, defend the honor, and donate money to e-thots who think nothing of them and are already millionares; fanboys who fervently defend multibillion dollar comapanies and rich celebrities, and even to those foolish peasant and vermin alike who attend political rallies to support candidates and engage in pointless debates all for the sake of a stranger, as if they will get anything substantial in return, or even worse, the stupid soldiers who go to war and die for the interests of the rich and powerful fully knowing that death is the end.

This people ignore that even if there’s a soul, wandering the world of the living as a spirit isn’t a continuation of life. When you die, that’s it. There’s nothing more yet this people feel compelled to serve and throw away their lives, their free time, serving others who have better lives than them.

I’ve concluded that it’s in their DNA to be servile and stupid so I don't feel sorry for them, this is what they love to do and there is no saving them.

It's a paradox where, in their pursuit of supporting others, they inadvertently reinforce their own status as mere pawns in the game.

They are nothing but mindless drones and pawns, willingly serving the interests of those already in high positions of power, who will not even remember their names or faces.
No pity for that vermin who never learnt such a basic lesson, don’t cry when your decisions comes back to bite you.

You reap what you sow.

Both in the present and future, they are nothing but slaves.


Anyways, every real wizard and loner have good day and may God bless you.
R: 8 / I: 1


The Internet isn't even fun anymore. It feels like a chore, a pain in the ass to use.
Online discussion on the Internet is dead. It's subpar. It's pointless!
Useful information on the Internet is kept behind paywalls and, free information of low quality and often plain wrong. Going to a library is more useful.
Content on the Internet is now strictly made for money. It has no passion or care behind it.
All major platforms are ridden with censorship, bots, and, scammers.
So what's even the point of using the Internet as a whole anymore? Just to throw money and time away?
Maybe someday I'll build up the courage to cancel my Internet subscription and dump my P.C. into the trash.
Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday.

The Internet fucking sucks, and the only reason I still use it is because, for some elusive reason, I keep expecting worthwhile discussions on IBs and other watering holes of the former Umman Manda. I must be retarded or insane, probably both, to expect that in CY+9.
But yeah, at this point the only real solution is to drop the Internet and go full Ted or something IDK.
R: 9 / I: 0
tell me anon was there ever a thread that changed your life? and if yes what was it about
R: 10 / I: 4

Whats your favorite spell to cast

Mine is a spell of archane fire. Sometimes I like teleportation spells, but I find those diffcult to cast.
R: 83 / I: 2

wizards are always anti cultural

during my true wiz night walk like I saw a lot of normalfags outside partying and doing drugs to loud music. They did look happier and some even extremely healthy which got me thinking this people probably have some serious diet and go to the gym or exercise. The guys looked bigger than me and I've been going to the gym for 10 years by now and take protein supplements and creatine. You know, they looked like athletes and some succubi like models or sportswomen or runners. It got me thinking how can this people smoke, drink, and party all night and look like they were celebrities.
I've never experienced anything close to the type of fun they were having and it was a strange feeling because I've never seriously paid attention to that kind of social activity until this night. Drinking in a group and celebrating with music and beers, cigarettes, screaming, and talking loudly, etc. It's so odd to me how this is part of culture but I've never done it or being involved in it. I've never done something that's so big in my culture and so I started to feel a bit strange. My conclusion from this is that true wizards are anti cultural intentionally or without awareness.
R: 7 / I: 0
Because being a wizard is related closely to NEETdom and other alternative lifestyle, usually a lazy one, I wonder if there's any wizzies here that are hard working and strong self disciplined?
R: 10 / I: 1

Lost in life?

Lost in life? Come in I'll revive you
Become a locksmith, or if not a plumber or electrician, that way you can solve the economic problem and lift it with a shovel. Then you take a language or dance course, there you will be able to learn a new skill. From there, with what you earn from work, you allocate money to investment, which can be in things related to your field but can be anything that makes your capital grow. Hence, it is essential to never stop training and acquiring new experiences, so not only will you find more and better jobs, but you will also find happiness in knowing that you are useful members of society, generating value for it and above all for ourselves. .
R: 21 / I: 3

New wizard

I am now 30 years old. Still a virgin. Strangely, I don't really care about this point, I even stopped wishing for a girlfriend about 5 years ago. I'm completely satisfied with my situation.
R: 177 / I: 15
What do you think of nofap, does it make sense or is it all a lie, is it worth abstaining from pornography, or is it not worth the effort?
R: 8 / I: 1


I think I grew to understand why normies are so fond of some philosophers whose ideas they do not follow at all, even worse, philosophers that even criticize the cattle mindset actively…

It's a trap to seduce the unexpert neurodiverse who really and deeply understands and agrees with these philosophers while still having traits of failed normie. They lure him into this deceit to mock and deceive him, praising what in depth they hate with demonic impotence.

Or that's at least the vibe I felt from watching comments about some philosophers on the internet.

Ever found yourselves in any situation like this one, wizzes?
R: 2 / I: 0
>mom told me to get a hair cut because I'll look better
>Got it anyway to have an I told you so moment
>Hair cut finished
>She sees me
>She resisted the urge to laugh

R: 7 / I: 0

Underground websites

Guys do you know any underground websites for crabs or wizard or volcels or whatever the fuck there is that have some advices or informations about life or discussion places or looksmaxxing or whatever there is
R: 28 / I: 4


I'm 22, I'm an asshole, and I've basically wasted my entire adolescence being a friendless loser who stays inside and online 14 hours a day. I also don't have any online friends, so I don't even talk to people during those 14 hours.

I've lived like this for so long that I don't even know how to start dating. I don't even know how to make friends. I have tried, but when I get closer I feel that they are somewhat annoying since they only tell their shit, or about things that they like regardless of what you have to say, so I end up giving up trying.

I don't want to waste my 20s the same way. I just want one friend, just one friend. I just want… any contact with someone outside my family, but at the same time I don't want it, and I prefer to lock myself in my thoughts, and although I can extinguish the feeling of loneliness with books, series, work, or learning new things, the reality is that it feels nice to share something with others, even if it is within an anonymous forum.
R: 6 / I: 0

Don't some of you believe spirit act as some weird environment or thought

It wasn't until a year ago until I had a weird dream when half asleep. A lucid dream of some kind where my thoughts and each scene were separate from me and fighting them felt like I was being held down by a hand or something. As of I wasn't supposed to know or not ment to know. Other moments id have screeches in my mind talking about something I'm not sure what it was about but it id have a suspicion that it was trying to annoy me. Another one is where a clump of patterns would try to communicate with me it had some weird African pattern/aesthetic to it or maybe Mayan I'm not sure. But I get the feeling that some cultures, aesthetics, or whatever we make artistically expresses a spirit of some sort. I'm genuinely terrified of realizing this and I don't think I'm ready mentally for this.
R: 18 / I: 1

The will to maximum isolation

everyone complains about lonliness and i just wish to be left alone, I am already a hard-core NEET-Hikikomori, but i still have to deal with family interactions, sometimes my mmm would come seat in my room for no reason and i start to get irritated and angry at her (i feel guilty about this, because she is not doing anything wrong or annoying whatsoever) my relationship with her is not even too bad, the fact she allows me to NEET is a thing that i feel grateful for everyday, i know i have it better than many if not most of the people here, i cannot explain why i am like this, i cannot stand the least bits of social interactions, i wish to be left entirely alone, i fantasize about living in a cabin in the woods with 0 human interaction for life (outside of what i get in the digital world)
R: 33 / I: 8


So, I'm getting closer to 30, like, couple of months alway, anyway, I got this "flashback" of from my life since 13 or something, and I realized how bad I'm with female, I always being bad dealing with succubus my whole goddamn life, I stopped trying around 26~27, and somewhat accepted my lot, but still I wonder why I was so bad with female? I don't harbor hate, like crab, or "le beta nice guy" too, I was just awkward, unnatural around them, it felt wrong. Does one had felt the same? Now I'm almost 30 and the feeling isn't that strong for succubus anymore, but I got me wondering why? Autism? Some form of strong shyness?
R: 18 / I: 1

Catholic wizards

Is there ONE SINGLE COUNTER EXAMPLE against the gnostic claim that the entirety of this reality isn't inherently evil?

Right now I can't help but think God made a huge mistake with this retarded creation, I basically resent Him for creating me. I grow even more resentful for the fact that He will never cease my existence, instead, driven by my own hatred, I will end up rejecting Him and condemning myself to Hell if I don't come to terms in time.
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it seems that im finally going through the mid 30s crisis, exposing some thoughts might bear some fruit

i remember being worried about having the groid hability of speaking and connecting to people with ease more for the sake of survival, to have a good life than anything, my hands sweats around succubi to this day so i don't see myself fit for such creatures. i also expected some happiness to come from a few friends irl because i have really strong avoidant tendencies (we often equate it to autism), if it was possible for me to stay within a bubble for the rest of my life, i wouldn't be happy, just like i am not happy now. as part of all this process i was exposed to this avoidant tendency being talked about in imageboards and how there is a bunch of lonely men fapping to loli, yuri, ponies and what have you to cope with the loneliness that accompanies it and how religious communities are the ultimate medicine against all of this. i later found out that people can be assholes to you, which i brushed off as some paranoia, until i was also exposed and learned about the quality of people who actually works in such congregations, it is an universal phenomena, their hypocrisy (which is a given) does not affect me, but i am thoroughly disappointed about the fact that a community of anything will never bring the potential to gather likeminded, sane individuals not to flaunt their superiority, but simply to enjoy and cherish the company of each other, to retreat from the insanity of this modern hellscape. or at least a community of people who improves themselves as people and im not talking about improvebrahs although it is a close concept. if there is anything good that came out of this illusion is my control of the urges towards the succubic body, i always felt shame about getting hard and i would fap like a maniac to make sure it never gets up at inconvenient times, nofap has zero benefits other than that. i cannot befriend anyone because eventually i will find that friend a nuisance or some other kind of craze will strike my mind. i had momentaneous joy when i was stuck in my bedroom with no job, wailing only about my excessive computer usage because i thought this brings me a lot of sadness. computer usage doesn't bring sadness, it is the existence of shitty people that does. i should have never left the bubble i found myself in, back to the bubble it is, despite the world shouting at me how evil such individualism that harms nobody is (except me, according to them). back to the bubble it is.
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How is it people create something so warm and complete while my shit always ends up cold and soulless.
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369 from Tesla is just saying AUM so hum with a spoon in your mouth and your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. Do this laying down and nose breathing. Congrats. Tesla coil. You are now a genius. Nice trick.
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Genius of the crowd

There is enough treachery, hatred, violence,
Absurdity in the average human being
To supply any given army on any given day.
AND The Best At Murder Are Those
Who Preach Against It.
And The Best At Hate Are Those
Who Preach LOVE

Those Who Preach GOD
Those Who Preach PEACE
Do Not Have Peace.
Beware The Knowers.

Those Who
Beware Those Who Either Detest
Poverty Or Are Proud Of It

BEWARE Those Quick To Praise
For They Need PRAISE In Return

BEWARE Those Who Are Quick To Censure:
They Are Afraid Of What They Do
Not Know

Beware Those Who Seek Constant
Crowds; They Are Nothing

The Average Man
The Average succubus
BEWARE Their Love

Their Love Is Average, Seeks
But There Is Genius In Their Hatred
There Is Enough Genius In Their
Hatred To Kill You, To Kill
Not Wanting Solitude
Not Understanding Solitude
They Will Attempt To Destroy
That Differs
From Their Own

Not Being Able
To Create Art
They Will Not
Understand Art

They Will Consider Their Failure
As Creators
Only As A Failure
Of The World

Not Being Able To Love Fully
They Will BELIEVE Your Love

And Their Hatred Will Be Perfect

Like A Shining Diamond
Like A Knife
Like A Mountain
LIKE Hemlock
Their Finest
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A community of the disconnected

I will start by saying that I don't know if this post belongs here or is better suited for /lounge/. I trust the mods will locate it accordingly.
Inspired by a song (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=sIXYPjIWPGY) of the musician Aphex Twin and a poem by Arthur O'Shaughnessy of which a few lines the electronic song echoes, I'm looking for a community of people who are somewhat removed from the current zeitgeist.
I'm looking for a community whose members are somewhat removed or to a certain degree unaware of the present (both online and offline) cultural atmosphere. People who don't keep up as much as possible with social media, news or popular imageboard culture. Such a community might be centered around a particular hobby or interest, but it's not really up to date to some cultural aspects concerning that hobby. People who barely found out yesterday that Trump was president, they might not have heard of TikTok, they don't know what a crab or a libtard is, that there is a war in Ukraine/Palestine, the interest rates or how large language models are going to take people's jobs. It's fine with me if something of the mainstream culture happened to reach the ears of some members of such a community, but all remains an abstraction. These people are so involved with their own lives, interests, passions and dreams they don't know what's going on in the world (online or offline). Living in the world is natural for them to be affected by some of the cultural changes, but they don't really engage with them on deeper levels (they might see the prices rising as a result of inflation, but don't read articles on what Jerome Powell has to say, they might not even know who the chairman of the Fed is).

This is the result of their seclusion, not because they are mentally retarded. They are coherent intelligent individuals, but they are just removed from the flow of culture to a considerably large degree.
Naturally, this sort of people or communities would be hard to reach, being somewhat off the grid (the Amish), but I'm looking for online communities. They could be religious in nature, I don't mind, but I'm looking more for people who are so focused, that culture just passed them by. They is no fear of missing out on anything, they already missed out a long time ago and they are not even aware of it. It doesn't matter to them and it doesn't bother them.

I'm asking here because wizchan is the closest to community that I know of and yet, I would argue that even here mainstream online culture sweeps discussions away at times, even hear the twitter screenshots find their way. So, I'm asking you wizzie:
Do you know of any such online communities?
Tell me where to find them. I'm looking for the music makers, I'm looking for the dreamers of dreams.
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Brain fog and cognitive decline, signs of dementia

You better start lifting and changing diet. It grows slowly and tough symptoms are shown when it's too late
R: 43 / I: 3

thread to share true wizard quotes

Cursed be the day I was born!
May the day my mother bore me not be blessed!
Cursed be the man who brought my father the news,
who made him very glad, saying,
“A child is born to you—a son! ”
May that man be like the towns
the Lord overthrew without pity.
May he hear wailing in the morning,
a battle cry at noon.
For he did not kill me in the womb,
with my mother as my grave,
her womb enlarged forever.
Why did I ever come out of the womb
to see trouble and sorrow
and to end my days in shame?
-Jeremiah 20:14-18

Contribute to this thread by sharing similar quotes from any book or media.
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Post your score on the crabDOM scale and prove that you aren't a crab.
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Storing food

Calm down, im not a Crazy tinfoil hat guy and i don't think the society is ending any time soon.

Im talking about saving for a period of money shortage. You never know when you will be unemployed or when your relatives will stop supporting you.

I have a free empty room in my house and I'm thinking about using it to store some food, specially when i find a good discount. Im open to suggestions.
R: 27 / I: 8


Post your results from the big five personality test.


I suspect that many wiz are high on neuroticism and low on extraversion
R: 26 / I: 4


What job are wiz friendly? I need a to have good idea of jobs that are suitable for a 30 years old wiz.
R: 28 / I: 2

Why do you want to be a wage slave?

Why do you want to be a wage slave instead of starting a business, finishing a degree, or learning a trade?
R: 16 / I: 2

Meaningless existence

At some point it dawned on me that I've never been desired by who I was as a person, just whatever skills I had to finish some job or favor, even from my own parents who were never satisfied with what I accomplished.
I feel the final extension of being wanted as a person is consensual sex, someone accepting your most primal desires without any money involved.
Now approaching 30, I feel I've fallen into a spiral where I've become an unlikeable weirdo because I've never been loved, and because of that loneliness, I become even more bitter and unlikeable.
I daydream at work all day about me being the center of attention, being loved, adored, admired for who I am, then snap out of it to resume my shift.
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the trouble with Woetomen....

70+ years experience; summation: the creatures are not worth the air they breathe…
they bring nothing but stress aggravation frustration deceit greed misery treachery lies betrayal illness and death…
if you let your dick do your thinking, you are already fucked.
everyone i know who married wishes he hadn't, the creatures are evil incarnate…
i could provide all kinds of examples, but i will keep this short and to the point…
it isn't worth it, never has been never will be…
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I'm a mentally ill NEET loser and the person I've been dependent on is dying of cancer. When he is gone, I will have no way to support myself. I need a way to make money and fast. I'm open to literally any suggestions. I have no skills or college degree. I have severe social anxiety and was a shut-in for over a decade, though I am able to leave the house now. I may or may not be open to illegal suggestions. If I don't think of something soon, suicide is my only option.
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Hello bros, help me generate an extra income

I am from a third world country and I have saved 21.5 dollars (in my local currency

What could I invest (buy something and resell it) to generate extra income?
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Yeah, we all know that we aren't the most happy go lucky bunch, like is rough and tough, so the point of this thread is gather aways of maximizing happiness even as wiz, not I'm not saying become a normies or arrange a female, what I'm saying is seeking happiness even as wiz and inside the wiz context.
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Lack of feedback (form me)

I ma this type of schizo who does not give feedback when others are clearly waiting for it, nor I disp`lay my emotions openly so they confuse me with a robot. I love being this way since it's my curtain of privacy against nosy normies and their shitty dynamics, but I read this:

"Emotions are critical to becoming socially fluent because they carry an extra layer of meaning that is inextricably woven into the fabric of verbal and nonverbal communication. Attempts to remove emotion from daily interactions does not minimize its effects, but rather amplifies consequences because other people expect certain emotional responses. The absence of expected emotional responses tends to trigger uncertainty, and when people feel uncertain their emotions can run wild."

Am I walking on thin ice or are they just assholes? Tell me what you think, wizards
R: 18 / I: 1
I am 26 years old and have never had a relationship with a succubus. (Honestly, it doesn't bother me that much anymore) The only thing that bothers me is that I'm still NEET, I don't have a job and I live with my old parents. I don't have a good education. Still from a small town. All my life I literally didn’t know what I wanted from life and what was interesting to me. I don’t even have a hobby, my only activities are studying, reading books and surfing the Internet. I have no friends, all my friends are acquaintances from the Internet. Honestly, I love being alone. I just wanted to know if I could consider myself a wizard?
R: 76 / I: 8
Normie males and every single female are entangled with the devil. They protect each other and benefit from one another.
They are the ones trying to silence you whenever you speak up against the evil of this world and its supporters. That’s the normies and females who want you to suffer and become blind and apathetic and finally unwillingly accept the matrix and its horrors.
They are deceitful and turn delusional despite the fact that a few among them have glimpsed, even if only briefly, the human condition in which most of us find ourselves, exactly like Sisyphus.
But ask yourself this: do they care? No. They’re similar to Cypher in this regard. Just like him, they betray the enlightened and justify this betrayal and the pain it brings us through the most egotistical of pleasures. They savor the taste of that sweet steak, indulge in wine and drugs, and conveniently forget their evil deeds. To absolve themselves of guilt, they resort to fallacious rationalizations. Oh, they love to explain themselves through illogical arguments and hasty generalizations. “You would do the same”, "it's your own fault". The burden of blame is too weighty for them; they always evade accountability or offer brief moments of contrition to a false deity, seeking forgiveness. However, lo and behold, how swiftly they return to their evil ways like nothing ever happened. They love absolving themselves of any responsibility for the suffering they have caused, always shifting the blame onto others.

Normalfags and every female, like I said, are entangled with the devil. The devil and its minions wants you to become oblivious and deteriorate and ultimately forget that you posses a RIGHTEOUS SENSE OF JUSTICE given to you by God.
Normies think they are cheating life by deceiving themselves and others, they’re violently pushing us to walls with spikes and then pretend to lend us a hand. They will back you into a corner and then pretend to be a savior and ask “don’t you see life is so beautiful despite the suffering we inflicted on you, see, now that you’re free of pain you can finally see life is beautiful”
False friends, no real saviors. Snakes in the grass and wolves in sheep's clothing.

The humans I pity the most are those who get the short end of the stick and decide to side with the evil powers if it translates in them having the opportunity to enjoy a bit of life.
It’s unfortunate that the very unfortunate want to side with the powers that be, and be part of the mindless horde.
They are helpless cases basking in a false light of glory. Their lives and spirits darkened as their minds can’t see right from wrong anymore. It's all subjective for them.
Even here, you will see them trying to attack you for your honest thoughts and persecute you, call you names, they could be a brother to you but they will decide to fight you because they need to feel like normalfags and use you as a point of reference to think “at least we’re not that loser”.

When the time comes, they will burn. Those who sided with the normies and females, who protected them and vouched for their lies, virgin or not.
All of those who stonewalled, gaslighted, guilt-tripped, isolated, lied, deceived, physically attacked, or gave the cold shoulder to us real wizards. You delighted yourself with inflicting pain and treated us like animals, lesser than human. This is human behaviour after all so in your mind it’s justified and just as doing good can bring satisfaction so does evil. Someone has to be a victim, right? You ensure this pain and do nothing to prevent it with the rest of worms who clique it up and are proud to be human, and so happy to be alive.
But the time will come when the tables are turned. What goes up has to fall.
Being the wizard that I am, I will forgive you but I won’t help you. No, I will not help you…
Suffering is a great teacher, I know that now. It’s taught me about demons. It’s taught me about females real nature. It’s taught me about who not to trust. It’s taught me everything I need to know about life. So you will learn too.
Whether you like it or not, you will have to learn just like I did.
R: 38 / I: 5

true wizards have souls and normies hate it

Wizards never lost their morals unless you count degenerates as wizards but hear me out.
If we were able to have sex at a young age we would’ve lost our morals and become putrid but by us not being able to because we were not Neurotypicals we were able to keep our morals.
We still think morally and in terms of what's ethical or unethical and normalfags don’t. They are soulless and want to corrupt the rest of us who who have souls.
Have you ever noticed how someone might be EVIL and still be liked by males and females? That's because they are soulless. They are demons with no regards to justice, truth, or love. This means they’ll be accepted into big groups of people where everyone has signed a contract to praise the devil.

THE SOUL IS A REAL THING. Whether you want to believe in it or not, we the true celibate virgins are closer to GOD we are like monks and can get to heaven while they don't we are hated for it by normies and females.
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So, I'm entering my 30s soon as NEET, what thing should I look out for to maximize my comfort and lower te probability of problems as I become a more older NEET? So, what wisdom older NEET can share with us?
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Catfishing as a NEET/hikki career option

Have any of you guys tried catfishing? I've come to the conclusion something like this is my only hope of acquiring a little bit of money. I don't have a degree or any viable skills, and I have such severe social anxiety that I've never been able to work a real job (I was a shut-in for a decade or so). The people I'm dependent on are elderly and in poor health. They could die at any moment, and although I hate to think of such things and make it about myself, the reality is if that happened, I'd be in a pretty terrible spot. I need to start planning for that eventuality.

Morally, I suppose it's not the best thing, but I don't think it's the worst, either. It's not like I'm ripping off senior citizens or stealing from an orphanage. My victims would be, yes, horny, lonely guys much like myself, but unlike myself, these guys tend have enough disposable income to blow it on whores. They also seem to be completely delusional and lacking in self-respect. It's not even just paying for content. Some of these guys actually buy these chick's shit! Sometimes really expensive shit. Or just flat out give them money. Sometimes hundreds, thousands of dollars. If anything, I'd just be teaching them an expensive lesson, and it's not like the money would have otherwise been put to good use. They would just be financing some millionaire roastie's parasitic lifestyle. Better it goes to someone in need like your truly. And catfishing isn't even illegal!

The biggest potential hurdle I see, and I was hoping you guys would help me out ironing out some details like this, is reverse image searching. I mean, obviously, anyone with remotely any intelligence or common sense knows to just do a Google reverse image search of the image. The ultimate would be to perform some photo editing tricks on so that it beats GIS but it would have to be done in such a way that the edits are subtle and don't destroy the overall image quality. I've tried some tricks that are recommended for this purpose, like transparent layers, but nothing seems to work. Probably this stuff worked 5 years ago, but now GIS is extremely sophisticated, and it's harder to fool. But yet sometimes I'll do a GIS for a pic of some succubus, and nothing comes up! So obviously, it doesn't detect everything. There has to be some way around it. I mean, the image recognition software is basically just detecting similarities in the image data. Surely, there has to be some way to subtly alter it enough that it throws it off.

What do you guys think?
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Arcane word: flames (in the ass)

I lived my days having a special itch against all the retarded shit normies pull, defend and throw not only on their own but also against me, extracting pleasure from breaking it down into pieces or flipping it upside down to gloat on their seething. It seems I got addicted to this, anyone relates? Should I stop or am I fine?
R: 20 / I: 2

Wiz guide to life

So, I was thinking if already exist a guide to maximize happiness and tranquility as a wizard, I'm looking at the idea of guide made by older and wiser truwiz to help younger wiz avoid major troubles and problems, does a guide like that exist or not?
R: 95 / I: 10

Wizard origin stories

What, my friend, made you a wizard? Was it ugliness, mental issues, being ethnic or a combination?
The first day of being born I knew it was over
R: 26 / I: 1
why is so hard to connect with people?
everyday it seems like im different from other people, as if im in a different dimension from them. its almost like i was incompatible with them. the way they act, what they say and etc. i somehow feel close yet really distant from them.

why is that?
R: 55 / I: 19

How to disregard females ones and for all?

I try not to think about them. I don't know what's inside of me, that keeps kicking me. Like I have to go out everyday, cause I can't be a NEET, so lot of my time is sadly spent out of my house, and I like nature and seeing things.

But all I see all the times are couples, get my blackpilled views vindicated, which sucks cause blackpill is killing me. It hurts knowing that you're trapped in a chain. But it hurts even more knowing that there is no prospect of losing it.

And I find it hard to hold back tears when my coworkers and trainees talk about succubi, I just feel so inferior. Years of being mogged as a child has destroyed my confidence. I want to live myself and I can't even do it.

All I do is spend most of my time in the imaginary world that I have concocted in my imagination and it's killing me. It's truly killing me. I see no meaning of life, perhaps no one.

But I see the purpose of life, which is to continue itself, every creature does it.

I hate the fact that I will never have a son, I saw a man with his son on the back of a scooter on a mountainous road. I will never be able to pass down the tenderness of the old and wise to the young and brave. I don't know why I live and what for and why seemingly everyone is out to punish me online and offline. My biology and longing for companionship is killing me. I wish I was born earlier or later when there will be Android Femoids.
R: 100 / I: 6
Did your social anxiety ever get better?

The main reason we are wizards. As kids they thought we would grow out of it. But did it ever get better for you?

it is a legit curse that i thrash against every day. But it never leaves me. I did martial arts, sports, had jobs where i basically just was just barely able to act normal enough to not break down. Anyone could take advantage of me, ruin my week with an insult and i know it and it tortures me everyday. I often wonder what faculty actually controls it. But i never find answers. I am convinced i am oppressed by god or some other universal powers that be like nature. It's ruined my life.
R: 21 / I: 0

Hatred is killing me.

Junior Wiz in training here. (Interned successfully since birth for Truecel Crab Corp. Ltd.) I find myself literally unable to go through life I am in a perpetual state of rage as a man.
It's just that I find myself incredibly bitter, not happy with my career, not happy with my life, not happy with my anything at all, I am trying to self improve but still, when I see succubi getting jobs like bartending, being a flight attendant, a hotel receptionist, etc. etc. it's a big deal in my turd world shithole, which sucks as well because the audience of this website is primarily from the first world so people here don't understand what life is truly like in a shithole.

Either ways, I want to give up the desires to be with a bitch, how can I do that? Whenever I see a couple I almost end up crying, knowing that its something that is never made for me, whenever I look up the profiles of my former classmates it depresses me to no end. I hate the fact that nobody talks about the financial impact of being a ugly man, I can never have a well paying job in the service sector in this turd world shithole that I live in.

And while I am struggling to literally have enough money to feed my stomach, succubi get jobs just by existing, because of diversity and yada yada. Now, I understand that I am not entitled to anything, but the least that normie world could do is let me have a job, that gives me a sense of purpose or something.

I hate it, I am angry all the time, I can't sleep, I rage walk all night, I have destroyed my hearing by listening to loud music, I have tinnitus now. Just because I am born with inferior genetics with regards to attractiveness doesn't mean that I have to suffer. I feel like I am literally going insane, I spend a good part of my day just seething. How do I stop this? I have started to bald, and watching a video related to crabs reminds me of the tale of a man, who was crazy and homeless, I made a lot of fun of him when I was in grade 3, I now fear that I might become like him, a crazy hobo, literally mentally ill. I am terrified, angry, and incredibly sad and lonely at the same time.
R: 39 / I: 3
Holy shit, got this really awful epiphany in the middle of the night, I'm a 30 years old man that never had sexual experience, by now, a man at my age has like maybe 14 years of sexual experience and relationship experience under the belt. I know, sex isn't everything, but still, it dawn on me that I never had some (in theory) fundamental aspect of human experience, or something. Honestly, I just don't know if I'm either sad, mad or just don't care. Feels like a door has closed to me.
R: 65 / I: 3


Does anyone here did a welfaremaxxing and now are living the good life away from being a wagie?
R: 8 / I: 1


There is a lot of talk here about what normality is, about how normal people live, and all that, and the reality is that normal people are mired in miserable jobs, immersed in a fictitious reality and completely consumed by social networks, where They are told how they should behave, what they should yearn for, and what trend they should follow, completely dominated by hedonistic pleasures such as masturbation through pornography, which is becoming more and more degenerate. In the best of cases they will have sex, but not before dealing with imposed insecurities such as penis size, height, appearance or money. And all this without talking about social shit, where false friendships, deception, and increasingly worse communication due to social networks, is the daily bread, completely destroying the sense of camaraderie, and self-love. since the normie prefers to always be in company, no matter how bad it may be, rather than being alone.
R: 3 / I: 0
I realized that having a lot of experience with succubi, having succubi pine after you, and sexual experience simply isn't a true reflection of your character, but something society constantly tells you is. Life can just be that unfair and that's ok. Some people just have that come constantly without any effort. Some people claw at the chance of a relationship their whole lives. I have found comfort in realizing that I can do the best for myself, work on my own personal interests and endeavors, and still be a kind person regardless of what everyone else says I should be.
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Am I not born to talk to god

I've reached a part in my meditation where I'm found having conversations with beings but everything is such a blur that it's difficult to get details on them or what happened. On one of my shifts at work I took a small nap on my desk having a conversation with a being in my half baked dream, it was the most I've felt connected to anyone, by the way it was going it was as if I was somewhat more well spoken but after I woke up, there were parts of that could be remembered but it was gibberish non sense/remember it differently Or I forget it entirely. I get god doesn't discriminate but is it possible our build keeps us away from being connected. I'm not smart, and have bad memories.
R: 1 / I: 1

universe 25 experiment

What strikes me the most is those rats who gave up on female rats and take care of themselves only. this is clearly us, wizards.
R: 1 / I: 0
My mother bought an arcade machine with 80s games on there. Like the gift she's a good mother.
R: 24 / I: 1

Learn magic

I got my hands on the satanic Bible. I want to ask any wizard frens if I can learn magic from the book or not.
R: 306 / I: 54

Wikipedia Articles

Let's start with this interesting one I just found:

Previous thread: >>192836
R: 17 / I: 1

Inner monologue and intelligence

I want to share my experiences of having an inner monologue and somewhat losing it later on.

For most of my life up until I was 17 I had an inner monologue. This was almost constant, always some kind of monologue occurring in my head. It was almost a little bit overwhelming, and while I was not diagnosed, I'm 100% sure I had OCD. Would constantly check stuff even though I knew it didn't have to, repeating things in my head to calm anxiety etc. - textbook OCD.

I remember at my "peak" I scored 128 on the Norwegian Mensa IQ test on the first attempt. Not saying that means I had that high IQ, but I'm mentioning it because nowadays I can't score more than 100-110 on the same test.

Anyways, when I was 16-17 there was a lot of fucked up personal shit I don't want to mention, but it was out of my control. I did not use drugs and I wasn't particularly irresponsible, not more than others at that age anyway.

I had gone to the doctor because I was experiencing fatigue. This was shown to be linked to low vitamin D (though it was had more to do with my home environment). The first day I took this supplement, my inner monologue quieted down. It was still there somewhat, but not as active. The next day I took the supplement again it was even quieter. I think I took for a month until I stopped because I didn't feel like myself, inner monologue was basically gone. Even though I stopped it did not return fully. This was compounded by the fact that I decided I needed to lose weight, so I did lots of water fasting, not eating for 2 days at a time. While fasting does provide some benefits, it is not recommended for someone who's brain is still developing. Malnutrition can have permanent effects on your development, which it did in my case. My inner monologue was basically completely gone at this point.

After awhile I actively tried to quiet my brain down because I had such an awful home environment, I would just watch YouTube videos with sound on full blast so I didn't have to hear what was going inside my head or in my living area (family issues). This was right before turning 18.

Ever since, things have not been the same. This was 5 and a half years ago, and things have never been the same again. I do not think as quickly, I don't "get" or understand things as quickly. Like if I read a text or hear someone say something, I may have difficulty understanding it (reading comprehension). This was almost never the case before. I also suck at arguing, if someone counter my point, I can't think of a counter argument immediately. Back in the days I would get 5 counter arguments in my head when I heard some argue against me, I would almost become overwhelmed because I wasn't sure what I was gonna throw at them first. It takes a lot of time for me to understand something, even if it's explained to me a million times.

There are some minor benefits. I am less anxious, but this could be simply due to age and teenagers being more anxious. But my OCD which I suffered from since age 12 or so has been severely diminished, it rears its ugly head occasionally, but it never gets as obsessive as it did before.

I'm generally happier, but this may be due to improved life circumstances, as I now live alone and don't have to deal with others.


All that being said, has anyone else experienced similar things in their life? And is their anyway to get their inner monologue back? Is it even worth it?
R: 24 / I: 6

Bad Teeth

Any other wizards deal with bad teeth? How do you manage? I don't have dental so I don't know what to do.
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Are we missing out on key experiences?

I lack the "social thirst" and have an avoidant personality so isolating myself felt like the natural thing to do and the only thing that bothers me is how the lack of connections prevents me from having a successful career. With all the drama and the demanding upkeep that comes with relationships I felt like I was doing the right thing but then I read some comments about how the lack of life experience from current zoomer writers results in boring stories and in an argument online I was told my opinion on topics related to society doesn't matter since I am like an alien with how isolated I am and that hurt me at my core. I've shared my philosophy before and got told I need to "touch grass" because it reveals how autistic I am.

Do you think that's true? Are our views on human matters irrelevant? I want to make art but I worry that my autistic perspective will make it speak to no one as my lack of life experience will be visible through it and the ideas I will be communicating are not in touch with what people feel.
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Dear wizz
Im having a serious problem with my mind, this is happening usually but like 5 time in 2 weeks.

>The problem :

It started when i was in a late night cyber cafe, i was chilling as usual, smoking and use my computer. Then a voice in my mind launched a very loud mechanical voice like a train or a washing machine
> i said : wtf
>my mind :*started to remember a past memory that didn't even exist but it seems familiar to me
>my head start getting warmer and warmer and my vision gets blurry >i runed up a notes software ( it was NotePad+++) ig
>i wrote what i remembered and my mind telling me ( just the main ideas cuz i wasn't able to see)
>keywords : god - tech - flapjack - owl - craft - 20 - 6703
>suddenly an anon touched me and said
Did you need help i saw that you dropped you pc in the floor
>me : what flo..
*see what anon told me*
>me : im fine tysm
>anon : you need take a rest
>laying down to get the pc
>walk in the cafe lookin for the good anon that helped me
>is not there

From that day and this feeling comes to me also i had a depression, that happened again the last 2 days.
Any wizz can help or share an info about this illness i didn't find it on the internet, suggesting some things to feel good aftermath i will appreciate it too.
Thanks for reading, wizard.
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Am I fucking developing schizophrenia

I stop stimulating my mind races with so many thoughts rapid firing to weird familiar things from my childhood clustered into one thought. There was one where it showed SpongeBobs texture on a fence. Another was a succubus mixed between my grade 1 science teacher and my mother. Another one was homer Simpsons mouth as his entire face holding corn on his upper teeth. Is my subconscious fighting back or am I slipping into a psychosis state. Sometimes I'd have words pop into my head in talking almost like a whisper, except I know it's not real voices. It lasts for a few seconds but it's usually random. There are microseconds of realization that my mind wandered off into a dream state. I'm genuinely scared.
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Bullied at work: proper usage of wizardly features

Do you miss the old time when greentexts made imageboards funny? Not a joke but here goes something:

>be me

>stressed for not finding a job after doing a grade I hate
>suddenly le wild job offer spawns
>great factory with different zones, quite complex
>they require someone with certain knowledge I had, casually
>I quickly get into there, everything looks fine, job is boringly easy, they don't fit their nose in my life etc…
>all workers have lunch time inside a stenchy kitchen with TV on, but the window is open so I don't bother much.
>a week passes before my boss (not the owner) starts playing games at me
>he asks me what a thing is
>I kindly answer
>he gets angry af, claiming I disrespected him etc etc
>does this several times, I am getting confused
>starts insulting me at lunch, making filthy jokes
>we do all the work, this little boss just smoking and playing shit online, even if he is also suppossed to work along with us

>I start feeling really sick

>he constantly threatens me with firing me no matter if the job is well done
>he makes me hurry even my times are fine and job is done perfectly
>I realize this is mobbing and many normies usually flee from this situation
>then also realize that enterprises pay you some amount after firing you undutifully
>he already talked nicely about me to the owner, since I was submissive
>but shit just started hitting the fan


>4 hours there, doing my stuff
>lunch time
>he makes jokes on me with physical threats included and telling me I'm getting fired like for eleventh time, playing openly aggressive
>I tell him to be a retard who will stay as he was, without anyone making the job so he can loiter his ass all day
>in front of everyone else, including workers from other zones of the workshop not only ours
>he loses nerve and increases threats
>I mock him, also taunting him
>he yells how fired I am while going away, yelling crap
>I stop feeling sick, more like totally the opposite

>back to work, nothing happens

>he asks me what X thing is
>I don't want to give him any chance of doing as usual so I despise him by saying "the boss surely knows"
>he thinks I'm cucked again
>puts me to sweep the floor like 80% of time, to humilliate me
>I actually find this much less stressing than my actual job
>he starts playing games at me again next days, sometimes yelling me again
>I answer back all the times, also yelling
>he backs off, starts looking insecure
>the relief inside grows, I even have great stamina and disposition before entering
>me sweeping all the time, normies start making pressure on me about the situation
>I don't give a damn, I am even happy every morning I go to work. things changed
>starts bringing the normies around me to play deeper games on me
>production gets stopped while we all make ridiculous tasks
>normies laughing at me, playing also his games
>I fall for nothing, just doing my shit
>he gets anxious, plays more stupid jokes to bait me, to taunt me
>normies start to resent him, also turning against him softly sometimes

>before getting fired, the owner saw me sweeping while all machines were stopped

>workshop weirdly empty
>after getting fired I go to him and explain everything
>got my salary along with the extra for getting undutifully fired

>two months after, another worker from adjacent workshops tells me how all normies from where I was got fired, only the boss is there, now he is working alone the entire day

>played too hard on me, it seems

And that's how I used my arcane aura shiftings to ruin a stupid normalfaggot who dared to make a bootlicker out of me
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This is something I've been thinking about but can't find a conclusion on.

I hate pain and suffering to a point where I envy the people who have the disease that stops them from feeling it even if they end up injuring themselves. I remember in school the philosophy teacher saying how being in a happiness machine would be bad because it's fake happiness but I just thought how great it would be.

But at the same time I love art and science and to reach greatness a lot of people had to suffer.

Like how an elitist art school might create an amazing artist while other students might crumble from the stress. Meanwhile a school that coddles everyone will produce medicority. That's just an example so don't focus too much on it but you get my point. All these scientific/engineering achievements couldn't be created if they didn't have high standards that filter out mediocre people.

We got 3rd worlders suffering in sweatshops and mining rare minerals for all this technology.

I feel like seeing all the heights humanity is capable of makes life worth it and yet I don't know if it's worth the suffering of the many. I wonder if I should stop giving individual suffering so much importance and see myself as a tiny part in a big mechanism. I wonder if I am overthinking pain when it's just a mechanism we evolved to control our behavior.
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Why do depressed people think that things like exercise, studying, finding a hobby, going for a walk, among others, are not good treatments for their problem?
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Am I the oldest male virgin here?

66 years old. Retired. Comfortable because I know how to live frugally (by first world standards). Anyone here older than me?
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Tooth health investigation

This be my current data against severe cavities I keep under control in my mouth:

To brush your teeth:
-Coconut oil, neem toothpaste, moorish siwak.

To kill bacteria:
-Clove oil is the best. Vinegar and salt do something too. Never brush thyself with these substances tho. Both are edible, yet you might need some water after using some drops of the excellent clove oil (it's damn strong).

To alleviate acid-forming conditions of your mouth and head lymph which decide the inner strength of hair and teeth against scalp and bacteria:
-Nearly-ehretist diet. Avoid industrial foods, avoid cereals, avoid meat. eat raw as much as you can.

FEEL FREE TO ADD WHATEVER. Casual toothpastes are poison…
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how's your life?

Like, how your daily life?

I'm NEET recluse, rarely go out and mostly stay online, watch anime, read manga or play games.
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I want to tell you my story

So I've been lurking here once again, re-reading the same old threads one more time, like I did yesterday. Suddenly, I thought about how did my life turned out to this specific state. It's nothing special but at the same time I would like to read something similar. Sorry If you find this post garbage, feel free to ignore it. I'm not going to whine about anything or asking advices. I just got a little bored and decided to write something that I myself would be interested in reading.

Heres my story: I'am a young 20 lvl old NEET, from blue and yellow coloured flag country. Both of my parents are active 'jehovas witnesess' which I think, played a decisive role in my life. I spent most of my life with my mother, who are a good person but have no sence of reality because of her religion. She have no social contacts or relatives outside of her commune, and she also never had a job because of her back injury and poor health. I just sat home with her all the time, never coming to kindergarden or anything. So of course I was't much social too. I spent my early childhood in front of TV and started to read books early, also going to the religious (sessions)? twise a week, (Id'k how to say that in ingurish). There I had to sit for 2 hours straight and endure to listen to their extremely boring sermons. Coming home to watch boring 4 tv channels. My parents also were poor, very old fashioned and not into technology, so I had no computer or internet. It was a comfy childhood but I suffered of boredom a lot.

I was very excited attemping to school (foolish me) ((in order to talk and made friends with other kids)), and my mother sent me to one when I was barely 6. It turned out to be a hell of a place. Other kids were very far from what I imagined in sense of communication, and lessons was as boring as my religious meet ups. Despite at first teachers were praising me of how well spoked and able to read I am at 6 years, I turned out to be really retarded. To sit through a 45 minute lesson was a torture to me and I had no interest in learning the subjests, except of drawing and creative ones. At first kids were trying to bully me because of how melancholic I was, but I almost shoved no reaction so they gave up on me, and also I were bigger one even being one year younger, so resisting physically was't an issue. So I were kind of like a ghost in school, doing nothing there.

I started masturbating at the age of 7. After feeling suddenly aroused after seing very erotic scene in a movie, I rushed to my bedroom to rub my dick at the pillow immitating what I just saw on the screen, I felt strong sence of pleasure and the fear of being caught made me even more aroused so I cummed quickly and felt so much ecstasy. After that I was dumbfounded for a few minutes, and not actually realizing what happened, I understanded that I will repeat this. So I've been stealthty fucking with pillows and plush toys till around age of 10 (I guess?) Then my dick started to shoot a huge loads of semen, and I didn't want to stain things with it. There were when I learned to do it properly with my hand, and using wipes or toilet paper like a normal person. (if it's considered as normal to jerk off like a madman at 10). Since then It became really comfortable and even more stealth, so I was jerking off manicaly till 10 times per day. I still haven't internet at my house so I was downloading ero pictures (mainly with asian succubi) to my samsung duos 2 using school wi-fi, also found out about hentai around that time. I wasn't even able to hold it till home, asking to go to the bathroom during lessons, to masturbate of course.
During the 7-9 grades I had 2 succubi classmates confessing they liked me. Maybe because I was taller and had long hair, still I think I am a freak externally and internally. It doesen't matter anyway, because I never really felt any affection or arousal to real succubi even feeling kind of repulsion towards them, was very insecure and anxious, partly because of my stupid relligion and lack of social experience and lack of father figure in my familly. So I just ignored them, and they lost interest in me as well. I never regret it, indeed I still think a person like me doesn't need any relationship. I am some kind of schizoid or psychopath, idk, I don't like people making diagnoses to themselves either. I never felt empathy for anyone, never loved anyone, and don't like when someone showing 'love' towards me. But I actually can experience these feelings in my own manner to fictional characters of anime or visual novels.

So I became NEET after not even finishing the 9-th grade at the age of 15. (Because of the chink virus everyone was graduated 2 month earlier). Everyone went further to 10-11 but I told my mother how I struggle at school, so she let me become a neet until at least 18 years. I have never studied much anyway, skipping school with my only 'friend', drinking cheap beer and DESTROYING packs of cigarettes together. I was able to afford it with my lunch money and some money gifts from grandma, which I had collected earlier and stored for a 'better days'. At that time I had a shitty PC and already had internet so It was my dream life, compared to boring and exhausting school. Also I already were atheistic and stopped attending religious parties at that age, to which my mother wasn't complaining much to my surprise. I was lurking on the net, reading russian image board 'dvach' 24/7, taking my first steps to the western internet culture, became fascinated with old internet, anime, imageboards etc. All this while laying in front of my pc (yes laying, I have a tricky setup for my lazy ass). Also I am writing this without help of translator, seriously, I have a hard time figuring out how I learned Ingurish so well, considering how retarded I am.

Three years flew by like this. My mother started to talk to me about moving to my father to find a job. I was terrified of working, (as you people say here 'wageslaving'), because how lazy and undisciplined I am, and also because of my severed social anxiety etc. I was praying to universe or whatever for salvation, and it was given to me. Russia invaded our country, and all the job market collapsed, with men being mobilized recklessly, everyone started fleeing to europe and all around the world. Of course my mother fears of my ass being mobilized too after which I'll get shot or blown or crippled. So she's completely fine with me continuing to lay my ass in my room for now at least.

Another two years flew by and here we are in present time, finally. 20 lvl, skinny, smelly, virgin (which I feel ok about) NEET, with very long hair and beard. No skills AT ALL, (except my perfecto engurishu)(or maybe it's shitty idk), unable to learn anything because of severe depression and adhd, having hard time with developing anhedonia, tottaly falling apart, going insane. Even masturbation which is my favourite thing to do doesn't give me pleasure anymore, and I almost feel no orgasms. There are two things that actually keeps to make me wake up after sleep, which does not come easyly to me. It's reading visual novels and watching anime, I feel almost alive in this imaginary worlds, I have no strength to engage with them for now, but I'm currently trying to start over again and watch and read many nice things to feel alive again. What I usually do is re-reading posts on various imageboards, in read only regime. This is actually my first post here, even though I did one for my short russian internet friend here while ago, called 'my reflections on height', on depression board. Sorry I know that post were awful, but he wanted it to be posted here so much, since I told him how great this site is.

Also I have to confess, I really like the spammer guy here, you probably know of who I mean, the one that goes: 'I WANT TO DO MATH AND DRAW BUT I CAN'T", I was reading all of your shitty posts, my brother, I am just like you. Let's marry. I bought a drawing tablet almost a year ago and drew litteraly NOTHING even though I really wanted to. I guess there is no salvation for us. I think people like me is a human waste and I should be exterminated, since If I can't feel any joy anyway, and we can't do nothing but suffer from ourselves. I'd like to believe in determinism and all this bullshit, but lets be real. All that could have been. It's me who is the actual problem, and this problem would be solved once I stop to exist. I don't plan on commiting suicide while my body is still functionate and while I still have internet to lurk. But I like to think and fantasise about death a lot, that calms me, and gives a sense of resolution to my weary mind. I hope I will be able to at least finish reading a few more VN's, before becoming an actual vegetable.

I don't know If I even allowed to write such a long pasta here, but Wizardchan is like home to me, I'm okay being virgin, (Also gayuri is a cool site, hehe) I hope I will be able to make it till 30 and become a real wizard. I need 10 more years for that, and to become like an Odesu from Oldboy who were shut in the room for 15 years. Hahahaha. Sorry. Thank you. I hope I'll stay here until me or site dies. DON'T BAN ME please, I swear I'll behave. I will not make shitty posts like this anymore, I hope it was at least a little interesting, since I never saw wizards from post soviet union space here. Yay, Wizardchan, let's party! Here we go!
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The opertunity cost of you wizard life

What part or aspect of the normalfag life do you wish you could experience? Personally, I wish I had friends to play TTRPG and other board games with.
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Well, is it? I'm talking about the avarage person, not some rich dude that makes 500k per years or some female supermodel. Is the life of the avarage norman superior to a luck wiz on bux? I see a lot of wiz dreaming of the norman life, but I think many actually dream with the life of "Chad", not the actual lives of the most people, so, in the end many wiz are unhappy because they want to live something that even the norman doesn't live.
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Does anyone have seen a case like that, a handsome man but he's a wizard? I have hard time picturing a attractive male becoming a wiz, also do you consider yourself attractive or ugly?
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All imageboards and forums have been ruined

Practically every place on the internet has been ruined with complacent normies.

I unironically have no choice but to visit Wizchan daily to get away from the enshittification of the internet and the world at large
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Normies getting mad at things they shouldn't

have you ever been yelled at by your family for being quiet? or interrogated as to why you aren't a normie?
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Help remaining a NEET

Long time no see. Been living the NEET life for quite a while now. Was living with my grandma and between her pension and my NEETbux we made it work. She died back in February, and now I'm here by myself.

Monthly expenses under her amounted to around 610 bucks a month, give or take. That's a rough estimate. 500 for rent, 73 for cellphone bill, and around 33 bucks for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix can probably go, but I buy a lot of books with Prime so I'd prefer to keep that since it'd save me money long-term.

A cousin has stepped in and discussed buying the house. Which eases the tension of my situation quite a bit, as she's cool with me continuing to pay that $500 in rent per month to her. The catch is that I'll now be responsible for the utilities and food. I get around $120 bucks a month in EBT benefits, so that helps a little, but with the constant price-gouging in grocery stores these days, it's still a bitch and a half making ends meet.

Basically, what I'm here for is to ask any more experienced and resourceful NEETs out there if there's a way I can save myself here without getting thrown to the wolves and forced to get a job. Any kind of assistance programs for low-income people that could help get these utility bills down to something manageable on my monthly allowance (around $943/month, $1,063 when EBT is factored in). Or, alternatively, if there exist any additional programs I could enroll in which could increase the amount of money I get per month without interfering with my NEETbux.