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Marriage of Convenience

Just that, sometimes it's more financially prudent to do it… right? It kinda is preferred.
R: 2 / I: 2

My bedrom is just room now.

I've removed the bed from my bedroom, so I should just call it a room now. I'm sleeping on top of a couple of blankets I folded in a rather clever way and when I wake up I roll it and put it inside the wardrobe. Large furniture annoys me. So I also got rid of the big table and the chair, the computer is now on a small coffee table. Sitting on the floor. There's now two pieces of furniture in my room, the coffee table and the wardrobe, a small one. Inside there's 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants, along with underwear and socks, that's mostly it really. Still feels excessive. This whole world is one big clutterfuck. Watched this video on yt of a guy who collects old video games. He's depressing, hanging on to those fading memories, happy times drifting further away by the hour, by the second. Still he's going around ebay, trying to find that pristine video game manual he had when he was 12. Finally finds one and purchases it. He opens the box and his delight lasts for about 10 seconds: Indeed, it's pristine, 'this is so cool'. 5 minutes later it's inside a drawer somewhere to never be seen again. Someone will throw it in the bin some day and eventually another guy will come and put everything on a truck and take it to the dump. Then the house he lives in will collapse on its own, be brought down by a bulldozer or the weather.

This other person has a dog, dogs are his life. He feeds the dogs, he walks the dogs, he brushes the dogs… he gets a new dog. One of the dogs dies, there's a commotion, sure. He cleans his house daily since every inch of it is constantly filling up with dog hair. He loves dogs, it's depressing, just like the video game guy. Everybody is like this, putting their time into something ridiculous so the emptiness, or more properly speaking, the suññatā doesn't become apparent, except it's this exact behavior that makes it apparent. One huge cycle of suffering, even when it's not obvious it's exactly that, it's exactly that.

So I get up, away from the computer. Nothing. I came back. Same thing. "Aha!" I tell myself. "Aha! That's what it is, there's no escape. Of course not. Why get up or stand, there's nowhere to go." I'm glad I'm one of the few people who realizes this, who truly realizes it. I'm not bragging, there's nothing to brag about, nobody here I can use pride on. Just what it is. Can you imagine the chaos if everybody realized there's no escape, that their activities are empty and ultimately destructive? Good thing people are too busy to notice. Video games, TV series, movies, jobs, what have you. Yes, maybe it's a good idea after all to keep everybody occupied. Everybody getting occupied, maybe it's for the best.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide and by that I mean there's nowhere to fetch a self to be in this world. Every joy out there is clinging and concocted with misery. It really is. I'm not saying happiness doesn't exist, I'm saying happiness is a sort of misery, a blend of it. How could it be different? This is the cycle, this, all of this, is all manifestations of ignorance, clinging, craving.

So anyways, there's no escape, the good news is there's nothing to escape from. Isn't that odd? There's nothing to hide from, and that's because there's nothing out there you can truly call it yours. Even beauty, all sorts of beauty, are manifestations of ignorance. Yourself is nothing but a manifestation of ignorance. How funny to find funny that everything is exactly where it should be. Everything is apparent to me, nobody can hide anything from me, I know what everybody wants; they want to engage in the cycle of craving, ignorance and coveting. That's it, that's what it is. And everything is exactly where it should be.

That's the most whimsical truth. There's nothing wrong, nothing needs to be fixed. Everything is exactly where it should be and it's going to continue that way forever. Watch it unfold right in front of you. The spectacle of it all, not worth the price but you pay it anyways, because this is how it goes. It goes that way because everything is exactly what it is.
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What are the wizards view about determinism and free will? Do you believe in fate? As it meant to be or do we have a saying in the way our lifes unfold?
R: 87 / I: 15

how to keep em out of the company

herro rizzards,

i'm brainstorming on a company i am trying to start. never did this before, i studied business administration though. means i have heard about a lot but know absolutely nothing useful regarding the actual world. full of useless knowledge.

and since i am legitemately worried succubi will destroy, sabotage, misappropriate it as social capital or drown it in problems and control drama, i am wondering on actual ways to keep females away from my genuine effort to contribute something nice.

there is tons of political correctness theater i have to perform publicly to not be cancelled i guess. when i try to hire someone i have to advertise to all genders and stuff like that and then in the end i just don't pick the females that apply but i have to pretend that i do. that's legal i guess but i don't know if the law really exists anymore or if there is just some evil technocracy in place ensuring misery on the poor.

it's difficult to try to defend something that is still in the planning phase and thus shapeless but i guess it is not too soon to start thinking about it.
R: 9 / I: 1
What are some good self-harm forums? Especially ones focused on cutting? I love you guys but I want to chat with folks who have my self-destructive habits.

R: 82 / I: 8

ChatGPT General

How will you use the newly released ChatGPT from OpenAI to make a lot of money?
Or any other novel ideas on how to use it.
R: 140 / I: 13

Jobs that are well suited for shut-ins?

What are some jobs shut-ins can do from their basements? I feel bad for contributing nothing to my family's net worth.

Here's my list so far:
-content moderator
-furry porn artist
R: 36 / I: 3

Why some people get anoyed with NEETs?

I just don't get it, if I'm 'wasting' my life and it's fine for me, why some people care so much?
I work the bare minimum just to get by and have a good pc and internet connection, why some people get super bothered for me being frugal, I know this may sound crazy, but are they jelly?
R: 268 / I: 14

Chronic masturbators can't be wizards

masturbation and porn addicts are like normalfaggot alcoholics who critizice and look down on everyone who doesn't drink alcohol and partake in their vice because it's disgusting. Sex is disgusting and you're the crazy people for having sex and masturbating, not us.
Asexual pride
R: 78 / I: 6

Wizard internet communities

I've been using english speaking internet sites since 11 years already, im 29. My main language is spanish, and to navigate english based internet was certainly an advantage. The problem is that i've became disappointed and tired with the english speaking crowd, its really difficult to find communities that are not conditioned by anglo culture, and all the things that encompasses (consumerism, ruthless competitiveness, hollywood-style pretentions, politics, virgin hate, etc).

I want to explore new horizonts. I want to learn a language that lets me find more wizard communities or navigating sites that are more aligned with the wizard philosophy. From what i know at the moment, finland can be sort of there.

If you are a non-american wizard, do you think your country has internet communities that have better discourse than english ones, or even more wizardlike sites? And if not, which countries do you think are the closest?
R: 9 / I: 1

Newly Forty

Hello everyone,

A little about myself first. So not that long ago I turned forty. I have poked my head in every year or two to this imageboard.

I remember years ago a big thing about getting sort of wizardly powers and certain things happening that never seemed to materialize. So now I am forty, I want to step back and inquire if I missed something or is something going to happen now that I am forty or is it more of the same? Thank you.
R: 72 / I: 2

semen retention is saving my life

I live a very simple and minimalist life as a wiz. I do not have a job due to my autism, nor do I have any friends. I do not leave my house or speak to people. I spend most of my time in my house by myself. And I love it this way. This is my dream life sort to speak. For the first time in my life, I finally feel at peace. I feel free from the burdens of the world. I feel complete, and finally happy. This started thanks to abstinence which I thought was a meme at first. Now I see it is a form of mental training for wizards. It can help you build up mental fortitude, and make you more resilient when it comes to dealing with temptation and other evils. Abstinence can also help you practice self-control in other areas of your life, such as how you spend your time and your money. It can be a great way to build confidence in yourself. If you can stay faithful to your goals no matter how silly or small it might appear to others, then you will feel better about yourself and you will be more likely to achieve them.

By practicing abstinence, I can prove that I'm strong enough to resist temptation and focus on my wizard grind. You can also learn to trust yourself more, and feel more confident in your abilities as a result. When you know that you can resist temptation and completely ignore succubi, it's easier to say no to things that would otherwise tempt you. You become more disciplined and accountable for your actions and have a better life full in the wizard path. And finally, you can use abstinence as a way to build self-respect—which can make you more likely to be proud as a wizard. I no longer feel bad about myself or pity myself I know I'm in control and it's up to me to be happy.
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I have an idea, we should create a rumor and spread it to the internet and watch it grow
R: 40 / I: 1

How to accept your age?

I used to browse here years ago and being a wizard seemed so far away. I thought that as I would get closer to 30 for sure a drive to achieve SOMETHING will awaken in me but nope. Now I'm 30 and it seems so surreal. I have not changed at all in like the last 7 years except I feel even more low energy and anxious now. I remember reading how as a wizard you stop caring but I feel like I care more than ever now. I keep noticing the ages of accomplished scientists/engineers/ceos/artists and it scares me how many are 30 or younger. Or just people who have a good job and live by themselves and not with parents which is like most people my age and younger. I still feel like I'm 20 when it comes to life experience. I have no idea how day after day I managed to get 0 progress. Now if I want to learn something I am at a point where the teachers are likely to be younger than me. But I got no wisdom to show for all these years. I don't even know how to talk to people when there is this big hole in my life resume that I can't logically explain. Confronting this reality just makes me want to withdraw more into distracting activities which is not sustainable and makes things worse. I just want to stop feeling this anxiety every time I think about how old I am. Any advice?
R: 29 / I: 1
is the desire to be a cute little anime succubus a common side-effect of the wizard lifestyle?
R: 24 / I: 0

Why are you devoting yourself to the wizard life?

I think this board could use some inspiration, especially the younger apprentices. Let's discuss the following:
>What made you become a wizard? Was it life experiences, enlightenment or a specific happening?
>How do you deal with the societal pressure?
>Do you stay as a wizard intentionally for a greater cause or you're just rolling with life?
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>retard logic gets called out
>n-no ur butthurt
>bans+full post history deleted
>ignores faggot, pedophile, tranny and generally sexual garbage on listed boards
>th-this website has endured for 11 WHOLE YEARS!!1 e-everything is going fine, j-j-just ignore the rapidly diminishing engagement which has nothing to do with anything…
Just about the only value left in visiting this shit-heap is to see exactly how low it can sink. I've seen countless better boards die long before this point. Quite literally, intestinal parasites run this place.
And that's the only reason I'm called an "outsider": actual wizards are outsiders on this gay sex chat for failed normalniggers. If you did a little Jonestown kool-aid tasting with your discord ERPmates, the world would probably wind up about 4.18% better. I can imagine that I'm not the only one who would celebrate your suicides.
Clean it up, autistic faggot.
R: 9 / I: 3
ITT: Post any and all wizdoms about the struggle between so called autists (the real humans) and normalfaggots (the sociopathic NPCs)
R: 27 / I: 0
how do NEET wizards who live alone do to get income enough to live in a house/appartment?
R: 52 / I: 3

Why is the average magician against the use of psychiatric drugs?

I know many have pretty bad side effects, but between being crazy and depressed, low libido, increased appetite, migraines, or the like, I'd pick the latter. They look good, of course it takes time to find one that really does you good, but it's worth the risk.
R: 33 / I: 0

Dead internet theory

its not just the internet

when i go out at night to buy a tea or something from the store everyone around is deathly silent and unthinking, old bright stores and landmarks imply a past happiness that's no longer there

theres an abandoned pool in my city that has its logo from the 2000s still and its become nothing but a dark hideout for homeless and junkies

every store or market is occupied by machine-like pajeets, man-like succubi and people with genuinely no personality and even the washed up old white people who used to be the progenitors of western pop culture (like metallica, jackass, harry potter, lotr, austin powers etc) are all drugged out or not living in my city anymore
R: 41 / I: 4
What does wizchan think about Crystal Cafe? I just discovered this place exists.

>crystal.cafe is a female-oriented community. Comments from male users are not desired. If you state your gender in your comment or post in an otherwise identifiable manner, bait, or thirst-post, you will be banned and your comment will be deleted. Encouraging male posters by responding (including calling them out) may result in a temporary ban.
R: 17 / I: 1

Modern warfare is a fool's game

I just don't understand men that go off to fight in modern wars. There's no benefit, it's not the medieval era where you can crack open a monastery and plunder gold. You can't carry home a war-bride, there's nothing, there's no benefit apart from a shitty pension. There's no skill or test of strength, you're just meat being churned in a meat grinder. It's dehumanizing, and it's the way two colonies of insects would wage a war, just lobbing sterile drones of sexless males at each other until one side cracks through attrition.

Nobody lives in a tribe anymore and your family and friends aren't going to benefit at all due to dying for a country, at best you're dying for an ideal, at worst you're dying so some oligarch can fatten himself.

Personally, if I was in Ukraine or Russia and at risk of being conscripted, I'd just demand to hide at a relatives house, and I'd kill any relative that tried to shame me into fighting or ratted me out. It's absolute disloyalty to your own flesh and blood to manipulate them into fighting in a meat grinder.

You're treated like a fucking idiot afterwards too. Nobody wants a PTSD addled cripple, you have normalfags turning into wizards due to the horrific experience.

This of course doesn't apply for the US curbstomping shithole poor countries, but for modern conventional wars like Iran-Iraq and Ukraine-Russia where yes, it always regresses back towards WW1 styled infantry tactics after enough time.
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I dont know about you, but this is the only place where i can find like minded people. This place feels just fine.
R: 247 / I: 25


Do you have driver's license? What car do you drive? I got my driver's license 2 years ago, it was a terrible struggle to get it during a the Covid-shutdown, but it was one of the best decesions of my life. It really improved my situation and helped a lot with my depression, gave me massive freedom to be able to drive wherever/whenever I wanted to go, without my parents.

I'm a poor wagie so I could only afford an old Open Astra, but it does the trick perfectly and cheep to maintain.
R: 302 / I: 17

any wizards with schizoid personality disorder?

after recently discovering that this disorder existed and just so happened to exactly describe the hell I've been living in. I began to wonder if any other wizards are suffering from this as well.

furthermore, if any of you do suffer from this I want to know how you deal with it?

>inb4 hurr schizo tread hahaha.

just for the record (and anyone who does not know), schizoid personality disorder is nothing like schizophrenia, no voices, no hallucinations, nothing like that.
the disorder causes a person to withdraw from life via the usage of maladaptive daydreaming, normally leaving them as a husk of a person.
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Why is my dog so nice?

Almost every dog I see is a cunt to strangers. And I'm not even talking about when they are in their own territory, I'm talking about outside when they are with their owner getting walked.

They bark and behave rudely with me and other people. Don't know if they actually would bite if it would get to it but they are assholes.

Almost every dog I have had was extremely friendly with strangers. It has embarrassed me and irritated me a lot. I had a german shepherd at some point that would go to strangers as an adult to get attention and love.

Currently I have a 2 year old dog and I'm not sure if she is mean or not because she doesn't leave the house and does her necessities in a room.
I don't go out with her specifically because I am sick of people coming to my dogs and it's usually succubi too. I hate those whores so much and I hated when the dogs I had in the past were nice to them.

If 90% of dogs would be friendly to strangers I wouldn't complain but literally they are all pieces of shit and mine are always faggots.
And it's always the fucking whores that come to my dogs.

Society would think that what I'm saying is weird I'm sure, maybe even you wouldn't understand. I just want a dog that's as disgusted at the world as I am.

I'd like to know what your theories are on why my dogs are always so gay.

I mostly have had big dogs. Is it because of that?
Is it because I give too much love to my dogs? Which I do by the way…
Is it because I didn't go out with them enough?

And why are people more interested in my dogs than in other dogs? It could be because its a big breed but once I saw an extremely cute Shar Pei puppy and he/she was getting ignored whilst when I go out with a dog people go nuts especially young sluts.

Help. Also I would appreciate tips on how to make my dogs more aggressive to strangers please.
R: 23 / I: 0
Which is worse in your experience. work or school?
Which one were you opressed in more for your autism?
t. on and off wagie.
R: 17 / I: 0

What do the wizards of kc think?

Do you think it is a good board of images? What I like is freedom of expression, and that in general I have good people posting
R: 16 / I: 3

I want to fertilize 1000 women without having sex with them

I want to donate my sperm in exchange for money and to be able to have an extra income to help my family, I would also like my genes to spread throughout the world. My genes would be dominant, and useful, instead of jerking off just for pleasure, I would jerk off for money and to procreate succubi that I won't see in my life, who don't have the same culture as me, and possibly don't even speak my same language He would be the man with the most children in the world, and at the same time he would be more virgin than olive oil.
He just imagines the possibilities, the number of children I will have, the amount of money without working, the number of genes I will implant in society, just think about it.
R: 79 / I: 5
Happy new year! My fellow wizniggas!
So, what's your plans for 2023? Become a wageslave? Or becoming a NEET? Finally getting a GF? Roping?
R: 168 / I: 15
Are you spiritual or religious in any sense?
I'm nearing killing myself, I've been spiritual/religious most of my adult life despite an atheist phase when an adolescent, I'm thinking about confessing myself in a church before jumping.
R: 0 / I: 0

Forced meds

Has anyone been forced to take meds by a court? Did you end up swallowing or is there anyway to trick the zealots?
R: 27 / I: 4

room of wizards

Are you ok to show us your room, wizzies? if yes I hope we fill the thread with a lot of pics, if no we'll let this thread die.
>why didn't I post pic of my room first
I will when there will be pics of rooms and people will be trusteful
R: 118 / I: 4

Are we just destructive or toxic people?

Any community I visit on the internet or I'm forced to be a part of in real life ends up telling me subtly or not so subtly that I'm an unpleasant person. In the case of internet communities I get banned very soon usually because I come into some kind of conflict with others. In real life too I can't avoid confrontations and conflicts with others and I realized only relatively lately in my life that I enjoy conflicts. Even though I don't have useful skills or talents I'm an extremely competitive person. I feel the need to force my will onto others around me all the time, to "mentally rape" them so to speak.
You know that guy in movies, right? The kind that is the asshole uncle whom everyone hates and avoids and he similarly hates everyone else. Yeah, that's me.

So I've been thinking, are we wizards just people that are unpleasant to be around? I confess in a manly manner that I quite frankly hate everyone and would gladly send most people to torture chambers. If I could hurt someone's feelings during the day then it was worth waking up. I never apologize to anyone meanwhile even the meanest normals apologized to me once in a while for this and that. I feel disconnected from others and lack any sort of empathy towards normal people, I only have empathy for animals and other wizards.

It's weird because people like us tend to think of ourselves as the victims of normal society and etc. I think that's true too but lately I feel as if this thing goes both ways too. I remember bullying some of my classmates, breaking some kids' noses in fights as a kid, stealing from the school, etc. Even as a kid I was anti-social and despised both my classmates and teachers. I remember rejecting the friendly approaches of others, other kids always wanted to befriend me or know me better but I dunno, I never felt like doing stuff with them. Even as a child I was a HUGE edgelord, my heroes weren't Batman or Superman but The Joker and Darth Vader and other negative characters mostly, I always liked the villains better and could relate to them more than to the heroes who always had friends and were pretty normal and boring in comparison.
R: 55 / I: 4

What happened at 30? 40?

Hey all,

Been a long time since i've been back here. I turned 40 last month. I remember 10+ years ago there being this big internet thing about turning 30 and gaining wizardly powers if a virgin. I haven't really seen or felt any differently the last ten years.

What happens at 40 now? What should I have done and what do I need to do to have those abilities present itself? TIA!
R: 10 / I: 1

Live-In (or not) Assistant

Hey all,
I was wondering if there were any other "wizards" out there that either inherited money and/or are now doing well if you have ever considered a live-in cook, housekeeper, landscaper etc?

I currently live in the home I was raised in on 282 acres. Through a deal after my father passed away I got the ranch. I also have quite a bit of money coming my way over the next 10 years. I've never been inclined to do heavy home repairs nor am I the best cook. When I was young we had a live in maid and helper. Things don't get too dirty in the 6200sq ft. Home I live in or the other buildings on the property.

It seems unlikely I could find someone to do it all, but have any of you considered some kind of help with things? Especially if you have alot of land? My mom moved to Florida and I am alone alot, she visits though. I was never a shut in, I was in the military and had my own life till my father passed away and lived all over.

I just think it could raise the quality of life a little. Thanks,
R: 19 / I: 0


Beside the wizchan, what are the other place that NEET, wizards and outcast in general gather online?
R: 23 / I: 0
Anyone else's parents bully them for being wizards? Dad makes fun of me for having no gf.
R: 63 / I: 7

Trying drugs (as a Wizard)

Most would agree the biggest societal peer pressure is to lose your virginity, and have offspring. But what about the pressure of losing your drug virginity?
I'm a loner, and I've never been to college, aka the breeding ground of all beginner drug addicts. I live in the city, and my entire family is full of drug addicts. I live alone now, and lately I've been itching to experience life a little more. The only social event that relates to interests of mine is live music, and that got me thinking. What if I was offered drugs at a music show? I've always been wary of peer pressure, but thankfully never had to deal with much of it, since like I said, I'm an unapproachable loner. From what I've seen, most drug addicts are insufferable normalfags, that want to spread their misery and get people hooked on bad shit. I'm a casual, I only want to try psychedelics and any other drug that you don't have to physically sell your entire life and soul to. Before this gets too ranty and personal, what do wizards think about taking drugs, and how should a wizard approach their very first drug experience?
R: 32 / I: 1
I was forced to dance for some niggers
they laughed at me and filmed me
I think they posted me on tiktok
I can't find the vid
I don't use that chink Spyware anyways
Idk what to do
R: 24 / I: 2

Give This 20-Year-Old Magician's Apprentice Some Advice

I am 20 years old, and I constantly think of business ideas to be able to earn enough money and thus be able to dedicate my life to study, sports, or some hobby.
R: 32 / I: 2


In all these long years, I learned that who will always be there for you, who will always support you no matter how hard times are, who, even though sometimes we have our misunderstandings, will never abandon you. The family is going to die, people come and go, but the only true friend, the only person who will really have your friendship, respect, and affection, is yourself.
R: 23 / I: 7

Fading memory of a personality that never came to be

This place is depressing as fuck, and yes this belongs here and not in /dep, why? Because I said so, I'm no dep, and I'm old enough to be a "wiz" and I've been long enough on this site and on the one before this one, that is now dead, I've been even longer on the net… in a way, it shaped me on who I am now more then I care to admit.
There is a name for this, for what we do here, I'm too tired to recall, but it's not interaction, it's something else, something to 'fool' interaction, and no, I'm not one of those, yes, unfortunately I'm still human, but no, I don't think interaction is the way to go, I think the way we are going will become the norm in a way in a couple of years, well it already did really, not noticeable enough for the masses to acknowledge, but I think it's pretty clear now, for anyone on the first world or that is hyper connected, yes, this is the norm now, and there is no coming back, why would we even want to? Even if we could go back, why would we? Would we disassemble the work of hundreds of thousands? For what? A misguided ideal of a imagined bygone era?
I don't think so, the people were even conditioned to accept this, not that they needed any encouragement, kek, I'm one to talk… All the work that went into this project would culminate into one single final logical solution. Yes solution.
R: 0 / I: 0

Double Standard

(Oh, oh) oh, succubus I'm gonna show you
When you're mine, oh, mine (mine, oh, mine)

Treasure, that is what you are…
R: 6 / I: 1

i suffer irl

hey folks, it's my first post here. i'm enjoying this place in the world wide web. can i ask questions here?

the question is that what i don't feel valuable for myself. how can i change that? i suffer into finding job, i'm scared of not passing studies another time, but this time i try do it different (fx. i blocked sites, that are disturbing me, writing down things on paper, writing 15 gratitudes/day), but can't sleep well and have no stamina to do anything (i eat clean, workout, but i wake up at night 3-4 times).

thank you for being you
R: 45 / I: 12
Life is likely eternal. The Universe is fundamentally unstable as there is something instead of nothing. If there were total peace in the Universe (no dimension/force of time to create space and upset everything), there would be nothing instead of something. There are only so many ways for a big-bang to begin (or a massive hot energy release, maybe somewhat like light at first, because of the dimension/force of time (see #27 for a more thorough explanation of space/time) that eventually compacts and cools because of time and forms into all matter), so that is a finite number of variables. Because the universe is fundamentally unstable (likely because of the likely eternal/infinite force of time) it is likely eternal. What is happening is a finite number of variables (potential ways for a big-bang to materialize in response to the force of time) in an eternal Universe (the dimension of time itself, which may be physically impossible to not exist) at the very start. The big-bang can only begin so many ways, and even if there is a 1E100 in 1 googol of a chance of you, an evolved chemical computer, being re-assembled, it will happen. As soon as it starts, it is all pre-determined to make you no matter what happens due to simple cause and effect. Due to the expanse of the Universe (which may extend into an infinite multi-verse because there is likely infinite time beyond the big-bang itself as time, the fabric of space itself, presupposes the big-bang for more instability/big-bangs), each big-bang has somewhat of a high chance to create you even if it is very unlikely to be so. Do not live your life like this is a guarantee even though it likely is. Assume oblivion on death. This has been called Eternal Return. There are people that say 3 wheels can be set so they never synchronize in small systems, so it's possible for a finite number of variables to never recur, but the Universe is a very big system unlike 3 spinning wheels set to never synchronize, and the Big-bang itself likely has a finite number of ways to begin like lightning or fire, so there is extremely high potential for recurrence given an infinite amount of time and space as a byproduct of time.
R: 44 / I: 2


If the hedonic treadmill is a thing, doesn't it make sense to purposefully make yourself miserable as much as you can because resource-wise it's easier to stay in a state of misery than luxury?
R: 1 / I: 0

Blood pooling

Anyone else have this? How do you deal with it? Also general health problems thread.
R: 3 / I: 0
Voluntary isolation is the best thing ever. I got no one pestering me. I just keep to myself and people usually leave me alone.
R: 27 / I: 0
Do you think it is healthy to Romanticize your life? Or should people try to be in as grounded a state as possible and perceive reality as closely as they can? Is reality too harsh for anyone to truly perceive? Do we all just cope? Should we cope or face the truth? Or is coping a healthy way of facing the truth?
R: 119 / I: 7


Ok, bros, just a simple question: are you ugly?

That's it, not hidden question or anything, just wanna know if you're ugly.
R: 26 / I: 2

Are wizards religious?

Do you believe in supernatural things, like gods, daemons and spirits? Maybe you had some form of communication with them?
Atheism is religion too
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I have been tricked by the devil

I am the cat anon of this thread

Yesterday I gave up on my cravings and did something really bad. I wanted the hurt a cat really bad without killing it or it being obvious by an outsider who might invest. I brought a little milk to this cat who is very human friendly because she was fed in the campus regularly. This particular bitch doesnt like me and bitten me a few times in the past which my friends found funny. Yesterday I pulled her with a treat then grabbed her by scruff. I carried her to this toilet nobody would use at 11 pm and forcefully opened her mouth. I got scratched a little but was feeling too good to actually release my grab on this cat. I brought a sizable tweezer and with it I ripped this cats tongue off. She twitched uncontrollably as if having a seizure for like 50 seconds. I cant explain how good it felt, like popping a 50 year old pimple or shitting after two weeks. I was dripping profusely and kind of scared so I released her in the ventilation which she quickly ran away. She kept meowing and squirming, wasnt quite in balance like tripping.

Today I woke up, I feel extremely bad but I know there is more to come.
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I am fucking sick

Guys there really is no easy way to say this.

There are sevral cats living around my university. I am a cat person and usually feed and pet cats a lot. Only reason I dont have a cat is because my family absolutely hates it.

Recently I got this strange urge to abuse cats. I thought it would go away as long as I spent more time with them playing and feeding but no. It got a lot worse. I started little casually scaring cats and what not. Then it got to trapping them in closed spaces and chasing them like in a hunt game. Then I started picking them by scruff and hurl them in the air. Pull and spin by the tail. Things like that.

But I am not satisfied. Right now I am in the campus and its night time. I brought a plier. I want to first lure a certain cat who is very docile and trusting in a confined space. Then I will shut the fucker up with the duct tape I brought.Then I will proceed to crush each limb bones/tails and what not one by one with the plier. I am thinking first cripple it a little then shoot the fucker as he tries to escape with a sling shot. I really really want to hear this cat squirm in pain but this might lure in people.

I know I am sick. I repressed these feelings for so long. I have been bringing this exact set of tools I described plus some cat food with me for a year now. I cannot sleep fantasizing about this at night and I get the must pleasent rush from thinking it. My teeth are clasped and I am ready.

Tell me something anything to sway me from this disgusting thing that is about to happen. I am writing here because I have been bullied a lot when younger and this seems to be healing those wounds. Yes I am KHV.
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Take the outdoor freelance pill

A lot of you Wizzies need to follow in the steps of Alfie here, and get yourselves on the Odd Job Freelancer Style, riding a tandem bike around and offering your services. You'd be a benefit to your community and feel like your life has meaning then.

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Fixing musculoskeletal back pain

I get back pain and inflamed ribs whenever I start lifting aggressively. Between the shoulder blades and my left/right ribcages in particular resembling costochondritis. Also flares whenever I turn my torso aggressively left or right. The problem is basically tight muscle fascia rather than spinal to the best of my knowledge.

Any wizanons have advice on stretching routines or books on this topic? I have checked the mcgill technique and didn't find it particularly relevant for this sort of problem
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wizard's life stories

So, wizbros, what's your life story? Are you "odd" since you're young? Trouble with family? Drugs? Never actually fit in? What's your story?
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Why is the internet full of such good people?

I use the internet a lot, I post photos of my food, photos of my dogs, of my achievements, of my failures, of my dreams, my opinions, and many things, and people in general tend to be kind and pleasant, they support you, and they give advice, or in the worst case they are sincere and post their true opinions without filters.
It will be 6 years since I found the image boards, these being my first contact with another human being on the internet. I tried using forums like reddit, discord, facebook groups, but in general people are crap, and it's full of censorship, apart from the fact that your posts never have many comments.

And you contribute by being a good user on the internet, providing your well-founded opinions, being respectful, and supporting the ideas of others, or you only dedicate yourself to giving sage and posting pornography
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I know i know sounds like schizo topic but for real don't u get feelings of being alienated and people like fucking robots, cogs in a monster machine and you ask yourself is everything real?
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Iyashikei lifestyle

Im looking to take up Mental Diet ( a form of dopamine fasting), peacefulness, calmness and virtue as a lifestyle,as opposed to my current state. I dont commit any s-xual inmorality(nofap,noporn,etc)but I harbor grudges, Im unironically racist with IRL consequences, Im bitterly envious of richer people my age. I watch war footage \beatdowns footage,even gore,and listen to extreme violent music.
How do we wizs. embrace a Iyashikei lifestyle?
So far I think,for the next months:
>only animes allowed are Iyashikei ,precure series and ,Beyblade ,Digimon,etc
>only listening to classical, hindu classical music,or in general to nothing with lyrics, with guitars,or that sprung up from Revolutionary currents
>no cussing,no telling anyone that the poor are poor because they want to (I do this like 20 times a day)
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International legion, wizards at war

Well wizards, this might be it for me.
I normally hate blog posters but I just want to vent my concerns I guess. I’m at a crossroads in life, I’m a few months into college and I really don’t like it.
I’ve decided to drop out and go fight in Ukraine (family reasons etc not gonna get political).
Flight is on Tuesday evening, I’ve already been accepted (for military experience and such).
Have any other wizards been at war?
The only thing holding me back is how my family will take it but I try not to think about it.
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I just want to know a bit about wizards and cruelty

>were you generally a cruel child?

>are you a cruel person now?
>are you kind to animals? are you vegetarian/vegan?
>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person? Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim?
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follow me


follow me on tiktok wizzies
itll b really funnnnnnnn
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Are you ashamed of your nationality ?

I am a slav from eastern europe so yes i hate being a 'slav', why couldn't i be born in a country with actual achievements like france, america, spain, italy or even korea
when i go outside my shithole and when some other people recognize I am from an irrelevant eastern European shithole they just have nothing to say and sometimes they look down at me.
god i hate being myself, at least Wizards and NEETs in other countries can take pride in being a certain nationality.
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What do you guys think of reddit?

Why does 4chan hates reddit so much? Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while (just like 4chan come to think of it). You can't even mention reddit without 5 posters telling you to "go back", it's really annoying.
For the record I've been on 4chan since 2009 and only really started browsing reddit about 3 years ago, and don't even have an account. But I'm of the opinion you should enjoy good content no matter where it comes from. If some gay SJW with pink hair cured cancer, I would be thankful for it even if he's a retard.
What is wizchan's optinion of reddit?
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clearing antipsychotic brainfog

Any misters here have experience or knowledge of tapering off antipsychotics?

I (the legit tru wizzie) got put on them following a psychotic episode. Now that I'm off, I have kind of a lightheaded brainfog and it's clear I'm not exactly operating at baseline anymore. Pill-pusher claims it's high dopamine

Mister, Haaaaaaalllp!!!
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Asperger similarity

As far as I have been reading, I find quite little differences between schizoids and aspies. Not to mention that r/aspergers could totally replace this site except for how much failed normies they also have inside there.

Why do you run away from these lost, clueless souls? Do you like the crabs around here better? Please take note that crabness is not allowed (or at least not seen even from afar) there in r/aspergers
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Studies and book on wizards

I don't know if is this the right place but do you people know of any studies or non fiction books that talk about people like us? I'm really curious about the topic, but I never found anything.
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What was your bad influence in life, bros? Like, what was something that mess you up? Bad parents? Bully? Rough childhood? What was it? Do you consider that they are a strong factor that lead you to your today's life?

Open up, bros.
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Are adult virgins THAT rare?

Sometimes I feel like there's no adult virgins out there. No matter where I go, be it discord, various chans, forums and social media, I have yet to find someone around my age(28) that's a virgin.
I could go to a small discord server of some obscure weeb game only a degenerate would like and everyone in there would have had friends and a girlfriend or three growing up.
Not to sound like an insufferable snowflake faggot but it sometimes makes me think that there's no people out there that grew up with no friends or a girlfriend like me. At least not online.
What do you think wizards? Would you say virgins are that rare?
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christmas songs

How are you going to spend christmas eve and new year? what a wizard do during this
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I am a seeker coming out of wizard psychosis in a quest to turn the saturn moon matrix off and along my path I have fucked myself up with a kundalini awakening and my spine is electrified and I have triple layered lucid paralysis dreams and a bunch of other shit trying to kill me
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I can not adequate myself to the system

Every time I tried I lost a little of myself, until I realized the truth, that I, don't even exist, I know you'll probably never read this or know the why, but the truth is that there is no why, there is not one single why, it just is.
It will never be enough.

I'm sorry mom, but I tried.

-By Anon age 27, 2022-12-10
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NPC theory

There was a thread about NPCs that was censored, but this is an interesting topic.
NPCs are absolutely real and are the vast majority of the population.

They were created by the excesses of agriculture and industry.
Because everything is abundant there isn't much evolutionary pressure on most people and they don't have to work or explore or develop themselves to survive.
They just consume.
Their easy habits become ingrained in the DNA of their line as they choose mates like themselves, and the predisposition to sloth and stupidity turns into genetic compulsion. This happens much faster than "science" anticipates, it only takes a few generations.

NPCs were a bad enough problem when all we had was agriculture, but now industry, especially the media, is filling these humanoid abominations' lives with illusory experiences (weaponized according to psychological principles) and frenzying them into profound insanity.

Agriculture and industry would be fine if there was anything else for people to do and strong laws to compell them to be productive and punish them for degeneracy, but so far the elite classes of various societies have been very weak and greedy favoring large numbers of slave-cattle humanoids and basically ignoring the necessity for sufficient men of quality, assuming that they themselves are all that really matters, when actually society depends on strong middle and lower classes.
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Did you miss the boat?

Why are people so cruel?
I tried to make friends with people IRL, we have similar interests, converse a bit, then one day it's like they just decide they don't like me and ignore the last message I sent. And block me out of their existence.

I feel like when people get to know me a bit more, they eventually find out I was trying to form a connection from a place of having none, and they reject me on that matter. Like, if someone has no connections it's the reddest of red flags for normies, it's a sign that someone is meant to be alone because he's a horrible person. In the eyes of a normie, popularity is a simple and 100% accurate metric for determining how good and likeable someone is.

In life it's like from the earliest points of childhood, when children begin to socialise with people outside the nest of their families, networks of nodes (people) begin to form, smaller networks forming parts of ever larger networks, growing to the network of humanity as a whole. But it seems some people just can't and don't keep up with this, they can't form even a single connection due to not being on the right wavelength or whatever, and they never form part of even the smallest network. So they fall through the cracks, and become the loser loners of society. As time goes on, they grow from seeming a bit odd as kids and teenagers, to seeming like a weirdo as an adult.

And if, as an adult, they grow a stronger desire to have any kind of connection with someone (and so they should, because humans are social creatures, unfortunately for these loners), they might try to act on it and start to speak to people, but through years of outcast-ness and isolation they have become very different from most everyone they try and form connections with, and so even though they might share similar interests and talk in a similar manner with similar words, a developed normie - a person truly part of the network of connections - will begin to sense a difference in this person, a difference thought of as dreadfully negative, will prior into their lives a bit and, after finding enough suggestive evidence that this person isn't part of any friend groups, will detect them as being a threat to all that is good, not even a person but more like a parasite and virus, and cut them off mercilessly and cruelly.

It's brutal. So it seems like social status compounds, positively or negatively - as you make friends (connections) successfully, your skill and success in forming them grows faster and faster. But if you don't, and lose what little you have made (if any), your ability to form connections will diminish to the point where it becomes quite literally impossible to make any. You become the modern untouchable, acceptable for performing low-responsibility low-status jobs, but not to join in any of the social pleasures of life. You are a weirdo and a creep, acceptable only behind doors, behind a screen, doing your best to contribute financially to the parties of all normies with friends. But don't try and make any yourself, because if they knew from the beginning that you didn't already have any friends, they'd cut you off immediately and ruthlessly from the get-go, determining you offer nothing to them.
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today I was diagnostic schizophrenic from my psychatrist. but I know I have nothibg its over
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We're the last generation of autistic loner virgin men that are not bitter about it. In 20 years, most of us will be dead, either because of poor health habits or suicide.

We're the last men of our kind. Does that mean anything to you? You're part of "this" community.
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I know there are a lot of wizards that identify as asexual, and that got me curious. Do asexual wizards indulge in their own unique fetishes? Not to be confused with sexual kinks, fetishes are an uncontrollable turn-on that you didn't ask for. Of course, it's incredibly taboo, so much so that I don't think I've ever seen a thread on the topic. So, now that the ice is broken, what are your fetishes, /wiz/?
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Paranormal experiences?

Any of you guys have experience with ghosts, aliens, cryptids or the supernatural?

A coworker of mine lives in a house where the lights turn on and off without reason. He has security camera footage of his locked Truck cab passenger light turning on at 5am in his garage…
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I’m new here Sorry

So can I please ask. I know everyone hates newbies but you all remind me a little of how people USED to be on 4chan and best case scenario you have none of what ruined the platform. Do you guys all actually practice magic, like any fucking kind or is it just a metaphor. Please tell me because I want to be included too
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hikkis. are moral heroes

The Paralysis Argument
ABSTRACT: Given plausible assumptions about the long-run impact of our everyday actions, we show
that standard non-consequentialist constraints on doing harm entail that we should try to do as little as
possible in our lives. We call this the Paralysis Argument. After laying out the argument, we consider
and respond to a number of objections. We then suggest what we believe is the most promising
response: to accept, in practice, a highly demanding morality of beneficence with a long-term focus


imagine you’re deciding whether to redeem a coupon for a free movie. If you go, you’ll need to drive to the cinema. By
ffecting traffic throughout the city, you’ll have slightly impacted the schedules of thousands or tens of thousands of people. The average life is about 30,000 days, and over the course of a life the average person will have about two children. So — if you’ve impacted at least 7,500 days — then, statistically speaking, you’ve probably influenced the exact timing of a conception event. That different child will now impact all sorts of things as they go about their life, including future conception events. And then those new people will impact further future conceptions events, and so on. Thanks to these ripple effects, after 100 or maybe 200 years, basically everybody alive will be a different person because you went to the movies

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I need Advice. Should I go for minimum wage?

Im at college because of family pressure. Tried software development, failed misserable cause im a brainlet. Now Im on graphic design and animation, but I dont give a shit about it, cause most of the classes are dumb fillers of pure theory (which I hate cause im a brainlet), I just want to work with my hands, not listen to an idiot all day. I didnt went to class today because its so boring, I hoped ritalin would help but it didnt. Now what? Is it okay to be a min wage slave? should I go for it? or should I sacrifice my mental health so I can draw as a job?
And how can I deal with pressure? Help me Wizs
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What was your xp on college? Should I drop out?

I know this site is for 30 year olds only, but thats why Im here, to ask you a very important question.
I am a 21 year old crab. I know Ill turn into a wiz in 9 more years. Heres the thing…If I cant make connections with people in college and am the scum of society, I dont think its worth contuining my major, reddit says I shouldnt drop out, but reddit is full of normies who have it easy at life making connections.
What should I do? Drop out or stay?
Whats the most wise thing to do?
I have diagnosed schizophrenia and my parents and theraphists already said that it was okay if I drop out. Honestly, Im considering it because Im hating it, I already tried 2 times and failed the first majors I chose, I dont have hope for the next ones.
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how does a wiz become a neet?

been working for a couple years now in manual labor and feel like shit all the time because of it. couldnt care less if i get paid well my health is invaluable compared to work. How can a wiz manage to live without having to work? or at the very least work as little as possible in a job with little to no stress? welfare? office job?
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Let's settle this once and for all

What's the wizchan consensus on the idea of functional wizards? Are they failed normalfags? Or is just a cope from malfunctioning schizos that can't accept the ideas that maybe exist volcel wizchads out there.
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What will become of all of us when we become truly old? 50? 80? I'm scared.
R: 125 / I: 7


Well, I'm a NEET, again… I'm 28 years old with little employment history, what's stored for me, wizbros?
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In which country did you study and how was your studies at school? I've watched a few videos about American schools and I think it's normie hell. In the schools of the CIS, for example, there are practically no activities besides studying, and this is good.
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Your current opinions

We have these threads every once in a while. What is your current worldview, philosophy, religion, opinions in general about life, etc? I think I'm not the only one around here who changes his worldviews or modifies them quite often.

In a few sentences: I'm an anarchist/left-libertarian, anti-materialist, I prefer asceticism over hedonism, I'm an atheist but I am interested in spiritualism, I believe in souls and free will and that death isn't the end, I reject reincarnation or the idea of eternal recurrence though. I think morality is subjective and that universal morals don't exist, I also think that people can't be anything but egoists. I reject hollow pacifism and believe that lots of bad things could have been avoided during history if people were more decisive and aggressive in certain matters, in other words I think violence has its place in life, we just need to know when to use it and against whom. I hold the belief that animals have souls too and indeed, everything in existence, even plants and rocks and artificial stuff. I view vegetarianism and veganism as feel good morality crap and since you can't exist without hurting other beings at all might as well enjoy our place in nature and eat meat. I am anti-racist, anti-nationalist and believe in equal rights and responsibilities for men and wymen. I have a soft spot for those who are weak or useless in the eyes of society but I have a burning hatred for persons of authority of any kind (teachers, doctors, policemen, politicians, religious leaders, lawyers, judges, etc) and privileged/rich people in general. I think our world is only a reflection of a higher dimension, including us too. Everything we can think of exists on a higher plane of existence and everything that exists in this world has a true essence that exists outside of time and space. I maintain that reason is only a tool in the end and that emotions matter more and our every choice and act is motivated by our feelings rather than our rationality.

What about you?
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Happy Birthday to me. I can't believe i'm a wizard now. Now i will look forward years of continued deterioration. Anyone here hit 30 yet?
R: 77 / I: 10

Do you have friends?

Do you have friends or are you all alone? of course beside your family. What happened? Be honest, you're anonymous here.
R: 9 / I: 0
Do you think that being ironic about everything is a sign that someone is insecure?

Perhaps they are trying to avoid the possibility that their ideas/jokes/statements may not be liked but it doesn't matter because they were "just being ironic"

It seems like there has been a huge decline in sincerity. Should people be more sincere?
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Any tips for evaluating your life and finding things to be proud of? I *think* I can handle being a forever alone autistic faggit but I hate the idea that I have nothing to show for my life.

Any advice is welcome
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sorry for schizoposting but I'm a schizomage =3

>u just w8k up 1 morning&ur liek
>lol this is so fuckin epic
>and that's how u know u became an enlightened being
>and that's when you realize u literally just became a wiznormie
>and literal Hell ensues
>and honestly warlocks have it the best
>>dear alchemist pls look up stravt410n
>also "trying not to be quirky here but I'm just so fucking new under the face of the sun.

>>"lole u guyse r'e so fok3ni6 epik mane"

>u damn rite
and that's how u do an le epic winrar.exe!

>inb4 kek

haha lol i'm a battlemage am i doin it rite guys?
>you can tell he's been observing the normies to the point where he's practically indivisable from them..
>$$mo n0rm135$$mo m0n135#K3K

and that's the lay of the land, turn that into sharkfood for me will u? kthx.

>inb4 do 5h4rk5 3v3n 34t i mean LEET lole im so funny guys right k me one time? ok pls just get me that something a (you) or something at this point i've spent my life serving you guys and this is what I've become?

My own cruel joke?.
>yes now step into my shoes normie get the fuck off my w1nt3r NOW!!
OK but how are we gonna bane u most apporpiately because wow we need too becuz i mean look at ur FUCKING POST MY DUDE THAT IS NOT OK HERE AND U SHOULD KNOW THAT IF YOU WERE ACTUALLY INTO MAGIC LIKE U SAY YOU FKN D KKKKKK!!!
>nigger =)

>yep im the alpha around here and that's why I decide that he's a permabanned cow from now on

>>but that's just hims 2cents ;3
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years ago, wizardchan made a list about what wizzies learn through their years of knowledge about diverse thing they learned about. but alas, I lost it. does someone knows what Im talking about, can someone have it?
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This is a rant, I'm tired of pretending suicide is wrong

As long as I can remember all I always wanted is to rest, give me a fucking break I'm 32 years old, yes. if I do it, it will likely shatter my mom, and be a blow to siblings, but why should I care? I know that seems heartless to ask and stupid, because I do care, but my point is, why should I bare all of this weight? Jesus fucking Christ, all I want when I go to sleep is to not wake up, yes I've done therapy, took medication and what not, it's not wrong, I'm not sick, I just don't see what the big deal of life is, everything is a distraction, an illusion to deviate you from the truth, you, me, and everyone else is a byproduct of exposure and environment. I'm not a lonely, angst teenager, I just don't want it, it's fine, there is people that likes life, I don't. I just don't see the point, and no, this is not about being a wiz, if anything, in many regards being a wiz, saved me of a lot of unnecessary headache.
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Smart phone addiction

Anyone else hopelessly addicted to using smartphones? I hate it, I feel like it makes me dumber, it undoubtedly lowers my attention span and disturbs my sleep.

I smashed my iPhone 7 earlier today in a fit of rage. I'm thinking about buying a dumb phone. Has anyone on here made the switch to a dumb phone?
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Am I the only one that actually attaches a sense of weight to the word 'friend'. Like for fuck sake a friend isn't just literally anyone you interact with socially regularly. But I guess we all got that pampered into us as kindergartners the adults see us playing together and they're like aww wiz has a new friend.
And as we go on to school we just mimick that like those three are friends because we hang out at recess. But I feel like friends should have a connection, a deep interest in each other. But what most le 'friendships' are, is just for fucking mutual entertainment or social status. Idk I just call them buddies, just like drinking buddies are gone when the booze is, so are these 'friends' gone when the entertainment or the status is. Just like in modern relationship - when muh sex is gone, you get it.

Wizbros I tried.. I really fucking tried. Probably very abnormal here as I am (well it's declining with my isolation in adult life) swuave and very handsome, the succes love me, and I think that's the only reason I am here.. you learn a lot more about the normfest socializing with the succubi. Well they're all trailer trash and the men are worse in my opinion.

I grew up incredibly talented, but relentlessly bullied in school by the entire class. I don't think there was a single day where the whole class weren't playing 'run from wizzie' in recess. It's like tag except these fuckers just run from me hhahah..
Idk why it didn't make me want to massacre them it just made me want to kms so they'd know how I felt.
Well for some reason I still tried my absolute best socializing. And all of a sudden puberty hits like a truck. Of course my class are still being niggers because that's what niggers do they nig and nig and nig. So the succubi from the class above me start talking to me, so the succubi from my class start talking to me, so the guys from class try to get really close to me. Oh yeah up until this point I had a 'BF' who'd just treat me like a dirty rag because he needed someone to hang out with, and we'd barely hang out. But all of a sudden whole school knows me(close knit school) I'm super popular everyone wants to talk to me, they find out I'm super hilarious my class already knew I was gifted. Do you know how that feels? Not a single one of these motherfuckers GENUINELY want to talk to me and get to know me they're just fucking opportunists. I didn't realize this yet though so kept socializing just could never get to the level of intimacy for the deed, sure was trying horny little teenager. Looking back it's because they wanted all these things ABOUT me, like the swagger or the hair or the humor or the status or specific personal traits. Like fuck I'm still the social fucking reject, just trying to please everyone. This shit keeps on going I started at a new school.. no one really talks to me except for the hotties who quickly realizes I'm not your typical Chad. So I just kinda gravitate towards the loners.. needed somewhere to be you know but that was just killing time. The popular gang relentlessly bully me(posh boarding school so almost anytime any day). Not like I give a fuck I've practically become immune. Well i get stuck with the leader of this group for a math project, and he realizes I'm braindead funny so they kinda keep me around as a lolcow. Whatever ffw to high school no one talks to me but I slowly mingle with the succubi through group projects - people realize there's 'something about me' and all of a sudden I'm the class darling but I just break down in high school wearing this mask catering to and humoring all these people, I couldn't explain it it just didn't make sense and I just wanted to be home on my PC. It also didn't help that i stopped giving a fuck about school and getting b plus or above on autopilot until HS where you HAVE to write le one bajillion letters, all of a sudden that shit is taking time.
I don't even think I'm a failed normies just a wizkid who tried to become a normie. Seriously they're just fucking apex cattle.
And yet I still like and respect them, but I have a hard time looking up to them.