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I am now 30 years old. Still a virgin. Strangely, I don't really care about this point, I even stopped wishing for a girlfriend about 5 years ago. I'm completely satisfied with my situation.


Humble brag thread. You just dunked on all the "wizzies" still yearning for the flesh. And you are completely satisfied? Ouch!


I still masturbate at least once a day, so it's not like I don't have a sex drive, I just treat it as a bodily function like shitting


Wait long enough, and the urges will (mostly) go away.


It's not my experience, but you can eliminate it with masturbation and it's very easy. It's like maintenance ultimately, like taking a shower.


Jerking off is not at all like bathing you cumbrain


I'm much the same now, though I went through a really hard period for a few years. It's nice, just coasting alone, living one day at a time.


This post made me consider and I realized I have never wished for a girlfriend at any point in my life. I just knew I couldn't handle it and it wasn't an option for me. It is a bit weird now that I think about it.


File: 1704848672432.jpg (150.02 KB, 1071x699, 357:233, 1704766854328384.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Start practicing nofap, wizards have no place to grow but spiritually or intellectually and nofap is elementary to both if you actually wanna get far. The magic thing is actually real but only if you do nofap, it also depends on your soul, the more material ones might have to do it for 100 days to notice effects but for some it's just a few days, reality will start bending to your will as it were. Some great examples of people doing nofap cquiring legendary greatness is Hitler, Newton and Tesla and there's probably many more, these people were true wizards.


That's crazy man…you ever tried DMT?


yes a bunch of times in fact, even broke through I did not like the DMT jester demons.


Congrats. I see more newfriends of wizardly age are happier than we were in the past (40yo here). The lying has turned on itself.
The desire for the flesh isn't all it's made out to be. It really does go away if you're not in a caged environment dominated by humiliation. Even relatively benign slaveries are better than school, and that's the point of course. Now, most people, normies included, are done pretending about the nature of this society, and this is really terrible for normies.
I don't bother with the wank or see it as much any more. I'm not "nofap" but I'm pretty damn close, and my goto is a simple fantasy. I can't look at flesh and blood humans any more as potential partners, and in the fantasy I just admit beforehand that this is better than going "out there" for really no reward or purpose. It's worked far better for me, considering where so many men are now. Just remember you're never going to find a succubus (or any human for that matter) who will see it our way, because that's not what sex is or can be. It's a disgusting act, and I view it as disposal. In a different world, it might have been different. I don't think I'm that bad a human being or that my genes are any worse than those who "succeed" at the game, and succubi are poor judges of that. They almost always follow dictums telling them what they're supposed to like, and that's worse in modern society which polices behavior. It really isn't worth it to look for succubi "outside the system" - such ignorance is in the past and it never turned out good for anyone, anyway. It would be natural long, long ago to not place on this any of the ritual and believe that it would work out, but that's not what humans have been for a very long time.

Really, what I hope for now - and this is already happening and is the reason I have it better now than many of us did - is for this filth to be described as what it is, to accelerate the number of men who drop out of this rat race and find literally anything better. Maybe then, humanity won't suck so bad. It's too little too late, but of all the problems in the world, this shitty ritual shouldn't be one of them.

I believe in the not-too-distant future, it will be standard operating procedure for men to turn away from the ritual. They're very desperately trying to sell the prostitution rot while the bottom falls out, but without a monetary economy - without people who have anything to take - the flesh trade has nothing going for it. It will be the province of rich assholes who want their orgies and torture session. No one wants that or needs that, and when they run out of money, they will - already have - resort to slavery and rape to keep the ritual going.


>true wizard
The nazis put actual wizards in concentration camps


>The nazis put actual wizards in concentration camps
No. There's no shred of evidence of any such thing at all, or anything like it. The concept of concentration camps at all is iffy with the only "evidence" coming out of tortured and drugged Axis soldiers. Your Eastern-European communist fairytales aren't evidence.


File: 1704890226150.gif (2.33 MB, 2056x2733, 2056:2733, 1704220552937100.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Go back to /pol/


That's the guy with the delusion that every anti-Nazi is from Eastern Europe


Nice try Shlomo.


why does everything needs to be a conspiracy? the world is just chaos and war and suffering, it's very complex but it's simpler than crazy conspiracies.


i reached that point about a year ago on my birthday. you get to a point where just start asking yourself "whats the point of stressing over something thats probably not gonna change anytime soon or ever?". At some point it your life you just stop caring and learn to enjoy the little shit you have like coming home to comfy bed and watching anime or some shit.


File: 1713462277961.jpg (67.01 KB, 500x578, 250:289, wizpost - 6 spell grimoire.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I am completely satisfied with my situation
Oh, rly?

Yes, you seemingly go down the drain. Wait for some years when consequences of lowered mana capacity starts hitting your door.

Holotropic breathwork has same benefits without the risks


xD. It's funnier to be ready.
>so you better shut up. let us be batshit crazy crackpots


>hated salacious jokes
>spoke about physical purity as though he believed in some higher law
Wow, Hitler is just like me.

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