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What should I do to maxx my happiness as a wiz? Yes, I'm a NEET, yes I'm 30 years old know, I wonder if there's any content happy older NEET wiz there could share some wisdom.


1. Do new things that can be done by yourself
2. Keep doing them until you find something that makes you happy
3. Do that thing for 71 years straight

What do you do now to make you happy?


Def do not play ffxiv


Happiness is a lie. It's the carrot normalfags follow all their lives until they become old and bitter. The best thing you can do for yourself is to try to live your life as comfy as you possible can until you die. If you are on NEETbux then good for you. If you need a job I suggest working in something comfy like a WFH job or being a night shift security guard.


Happinesss is a fleeting emotion. Sure, chasing it is good but there is no such thing as eternal happiness.

Just stay true to yourself and follow your heart. I wouldn't say chase happiness but rather minimize your suffering. Like if you want to be a NEET and do fuck all but jerk off and play video games all day but your parents are always up in your shit, then find a way to live without them. You will probably have to trade one form of suffering for another, but one choice will always lead to less suffering than the other.

I say that minimizing suffering is important because if you remain in an environment of suffering, your desires will likely tend towards avoidance rather than fulfillment. Once you actually achieve that goal of minimizing your suffering then, you will likely be more open to challenging everything you know about life, and that is when the real life changing stuff happens.


My suggestions are the following:
1) do not take psych drugs
2) get neetbux
3) rent a cheap room for yourself
4) take night walks
5) sleep at least 8 hours daily


neets get lost sometimes I think it's a population at risk of drug use and other addictions. Also renting a room for yourself while only receiving neetbux is hard.
I don't know how come nobody has recommended exercise, the most important thing for happiness.


Do not chase happiness. Chase WIZdom.


WIZdom implies happiness. but you're right happiness itself cannot be pursued, but things which lead to happiness. all hail magic!


File: 1718838230412.png (634.4 KB, 600x763, 600:763, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Happiness as normalfags have portrayed it is a meme. You just need to be content with your lot in life and understand your place in the universe. Also let go of any regrets and self-doubts. Most importantly, stop comparing yourself to others. Only then can you truly live happily as a wizard.




What's the essential components of a good wiz life?


Neetbucks, reasonable 5 figure savings (in usd, gbp or eur, not garbage currencies), extra bonus points if on top of that your parents help you or you get inheritances.
A good comfy apartment or home.
As you can see a lot of it ties down to money.
Money makes or breaks a wizard, enough of it and he flourishes despite living in a normie hell.
Lack of it, and suicide risk increases thousandfold.


I vehemently disagree. I noticed that the less I spend, the happier I am. Buying new things is like a drug. It makes you feel good at first but when the high wears off you feel even worse than before. And the less I spend, the less money I need. Likewise, physical comfort only makes one weak. I'd be happy living in very destitute conditions as long as interaction with others can be minimized. Art and entertainment is free through the power of internet piracy nowadays. A fairly modern used business laptop costs about $150 and a decent internet connection costs $10 a month. Other living expenses are astronomic in comparison.


It's not about buying stuff.

The main thing is having a secured good apartment or house, and guaranteed income to pay for bills and food every month.

Everything else is just gravy on top.


You cannot be happy and be treated like shit because of your looks and lack of job. And being alone no matter how hard you try will never ever make you happy, sadly.
Whenever you'll se a couple play with their son or thotter and buy him or her an ice cream only to be shown a weird twig by the kid that he found in a park, and his or her parents pretended to find it funny, so that the kid could be happy. This is what true happiness is, nothing more. You need a house, job, and a family of your own to be happy, this is the truth of life, it's just that I will never be happy because I am at the bottom of the male genome, and because of my "race" I can't even become a passport bro. And that is why I try to disregard females and post here every three months and then fall back to other non-wizard media.


File: 1720028593278.gif (1.49 MB, 763x535, 763:535, afa4087f4d06f.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>You cannot be happy
>YOU will NOT be happy if people don't find you attractive
>YOU will NOT be happy if people don't have a HIGH-STATUS JOB
>YOU will NOT be happy unless you have many FRIENDS
>YOU will NOT be happy when you see other people happy
>YOU will NOT be happy unless you OWN a HOUSE and CAR
>You will be SAD FOREVER
Fuck you and your projective language. The word "you" is not a valid substitute for "I".


People are happy when they are free from desire. You aren't goign to be unhappy without a family if you do not desire a family.

However if that desire is making you unhappy then you should pursue it instead of getting wrapped up in some silly ideology that causes you to suppress your emotions until you reach your breaking point.


>People are happy when they are free from desire
lol people are happy when they can get what they desire.


You would think so, but it seems to be more common to people to remain unhappy and constantly chase new desires once they achieved previous ones. This shows that getting what you think you want doesn't make people happy. It is the lack of desire for more than people are trying to go after, and it takes quite a bit of mindfulness and gratitude to get yourself there.

That or you just happen to be born into a life of extreme privilege, get everything you want from a young age, and are in a position where no one expects anything from you.


rich people are happier than poor people, rich countries are happier than shitholes and that's because in the former people can meet their desires and live fulfilled lives unlike in the latter :)

Getting what you desire is important to attain happiness and not be miserable


>rich people are happier than poor people, rich countries are happier than shitholes and that's because in the former people can meet their desires and live fulfilled lives unlike in the latter :)
wise words


None of that is really true, it is just a perspective that is easy to believe when you are focused on obtaining things. I suppose it is hard to see what I am saying when your life is currently filled with a lot of suffering.


Some people are deluded and will deny the truth like this other poster >>218220

I hate it when niggers say it's all just a "perspective" No, you fucktard, being poor isn't a perspective and neither is being affluent and leading a pleasant life because you don't have to live in a slum among low life people. Being an stressed and depressed wagie that lives in what constitutes a favela in a miserable Godforsaken country isn't a perspective as much as having terminal cancer and dying as a result is.


Happiness is unobtainable


Happiness is easily obtainable.




The world is more than hapiness


The world is pain and sorrow,no matter how well off you are. Not sure if happiness exists, maybe a temporary break from suffering.


File: 1720164719041.jpg (252.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1647234276532.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Good point.
It's just a matter of your outlook on life. The only people who have trouble with this concept are mentally ill white liberals who think society has to change for them to be happy, meanwhile they would be just as unhappy regardless of their environment.


We were not meant to be happy in the first place. Each one of us only has around 70 years to live on this planet and time flies very fast, especially when you are a wizard. 70 years is not enough time to figure out anything. Most people die without ever having their shit together. Anyone who sells you the idea that you need this or that in order to be happy is bullshiting you. All of us are different and we don't want then same things. What could be very important to me could mean shit to you and same goes the other way around. We all have to find what makes us "happy" on our own.



I believe that happiness comes from freedom, from being able to do what you want without being conditioned to anything or anyone, and there is no better way than to find freedom than through knowledge, since knowing ourselves, and accepting who we are. we are, we will be able to live in peace. As well as learning useful things that allow us to acquire material wealth, so as not to be subordinate to anyone. Focusing mainly on your life, and stopping giving importance to social, cultural, and political issues, or simply other people's thoughts, since at the end of the day, the only and most important thing in this world is yourself.

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