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File: 1703393389192.jpg (359.35 KB, 1079x814, 1079:814, 1703277512795627.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Holy shit, got this really awful epiphany in the middle of the night, I'm a 30 years old man that never had sexual experience, by now, a man at my age has like maybe 14 years of sexual experience and relationship experience under the belt. I know, sex isn't everything, but still, it dawn on me that I never had some (in theory) fundamental aspect of human experience, or something. Honestly, I just don't know if I'm either sad, mad or just don't care. Feels like a door has closed to me.


File: 1703396375056.jpg (54.83 KB, 828x513, 92:57, IMG_7794.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

No, my brother. A door has opened.

You are beyond all that, and your mind has recognized it. Your spirit is telling you to embrace your wizardhood and think of loftier, higher things. Set goals and achieve them. Seek your place in the world and take it. Don't be bogged down in the sexual what-ifs, that life is not for you. Walk through the door and accept who you have become. It is a gift.


File: 1703402746875.jpg (56.86 KB, 568x568, 1:1, 1558304577928.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I just don't know if I'm either sad, mad or just don't care
You can imagine an ideal relationship that will make you sad for having missed out on it. You can find someone to blame for your loneliness who you can get mad at. You can not think about anything related to it and come to find there are no reasons to care.

You can go one step further and learn of how risky, short-livved, and superficial most relationships are these days. Then you can be happy. Happy that you endured and overcame the societal pressures and biological drives. You know "discipline", which is the most powerful spell a man can know. In solitude does a man find his peace, power, and personality.


File: 1703410564407.jpg (354.68 KB, 810x1214, 405:607, casual-dinner-party-ideas-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

One thing that makes me realize how much of a manchild I am are dinner parties I see in movies.

I struggle with cooking just for myself and most of the time it turns out edible but not presentable or tasty. I also end up overcooking stuff because I worry about food poisoning. My home is messy, with ugly cheap furniture. It just feels unthinkable for me to cook several tasty dishes at the same time and synchronize everything perfectly so nothing gets cold. To host several people and to entertain them with enough stories to fill several hours.

I'm just such an insane manchild. I am 32 but development wise I would say I am 16. It's surreal to think about. How did I manage to spend so many years with no progress? How did I let it get like this?


A wizard worrying about entertaining a large amount of guest at their dinner party!

Not gonna lie, this place sounding more and more like it's filled with housewives.


It's a modern era, these are different times, and life always have been all sorts of fucked up.

You never had sex? it was bound to happen, either through inaction, passiveness, traumas, fears, insecurities(you know which ones), dislike, hatred, all kinds of things that affected you and led you to your current state.
Right now, I actually hate succubi but it's not a virgin rage or anything similar, I hate succubi just as much as I hate life and society.
I spend my time alone as a result
and my hatred is sincere. I don't even think that much about sex and I don't watch porn. I have it kind of easy.

Here is some advice, you should find why you are a virgin. Actually, you should find or try to find an explanation as to why you are the way you are, not just a reason behind your virginity, that's what helped me. Take some time off and find why you ended up as a virgin and make peace with it. Find what really pains you, what you really care about, what are something you can't emotionally live without, mediate a bit, do some introspection.

It is your life after all you are talking about, something that you should take seriously. Make your own decisions and see what works best for you. If being a virgin or rather the lack of sexual and romantic experiences is something that you have a problem with or simply something you wish to change, then go look for those experiences. I mean, you are going to be alone either way, you know? Try what's best for you but never lie to yourself.


>You conquered the urge to breed
>urge to breed
That's a misunderstanding of what's going on. Do you know or have succubi who want to bear your children so that you have to fight your urge to breed them? I've never had an urge to breed in my entire life so this is a projection on your part.


>You conquered the urge to breed.
>implying urge for sex
>Rule 2 Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.


>he's missing out one of the most primal experience a human could have
>If he wanted, he could've done it.
>It takes discipline - innate or cultivated - to acknowledge and quiet a reptilian brain.
Being a neet virgin didn't take any effort of my part. Spending my time in my room instead of going out on the weekends and meeting succubi would actually take a lot of effort and mental strain for me, it would be too stressing, so no, I did not choose to be a virgin, it's rather comfortable and easy to keep safe in my own room using my computer, easy endless dopamine at one click.
You are so full of bullshit and have no idea what you are saying "disciplined"


>my brain wants sex, not me!
um, you are your brain. Do you have some sort of personality split disorder?


be careful with mentioning rules lest you get banned for discussing this site outside /meta/

sexual desire is too deeply rooted and is impossible to suppress until old age and even then it might let itself be known once in a while. it's your rational institution of brain whose opinion on sex matters. if you acknowledge your desire but do not direct towards real succubi thus not cultivating your internal crabwers you're a wizard. provided you're consistent, of course. otherwise you're not a wizard.


>Feels like a door has closed to me.
There are prostitutes, if that bothers you. If it doesn't, then good, and you have nothing to worry about.
And you'll be very welcomed here.


Just start saying you did it out of moral superiority, maybe religious reasons. And you get the best of both worlds. You know you couldn't get sex if you tried anyway. But you get the feeling of being morally superior to all other men.


I am not OP but people need to realize that it's not about the pleasure of sex.

I am practically asexual with 0 interest in sex. I live in a place with legal prostitution but I was always happy just jerking off and felt like spending the effort and money for an urge I can satisfy myself is a waste.

But it's dehumanizing to realize that you are undesirable.


grow some self awareness please then talk to me


So it's not even about the base pleasure, but you're actually just a failed normalfag that feels bad because he wasn't validated by a succubus yet? That's even worse tbh…


He never said any of that.
It's just another case of being a reject and unlovable. Man, some of you have it so good you don't know what it feels being a real outcast, unloved and undersired even among your family.


I can understand horniness, but this belief that you need other people to love you or accept you in order to feel OK about yourself is classic failed normalfag value system. You won't last long as a wizard until you free yourself of such conditioning.


>this belief that you need other people to love you or accept you in order to feel OK
if you'd gone unloved and neglected as a kid you wouldn't be saying that. It's not a system of beliefs. It's a reality that you feel and experience.
> You won't last long as a wizard until you free yourself of such conditioning.
it actually has nothing to do with wizardry. Plenty of adult men have personality issues, drug abuse problems, and depression because they grew up in single mother households, without a dad, and an abusive mother. This is something that lasts for a life. Now add to that being a wizard. Shit gets heavy.


>It's a reality that you feel and experience.

It's a belief.
"I'm undesirable" -> "This is bad and my life is horrible and unlivable" -> *feel depressed about it*

A wizard simply doesn't care about whether naked apes are pleased with his behavior or appearance. It matters very little and part of the societal grift is that you get conditioned into believing that approval from your fellow apes is something so precious and required for survival, but in reality, it's just a ghost that you can see through and live more independently.


you can't easily undo the damage that's done by abuse and neglect. I don't know why you are bringing up wizardry in a matter that has nothing to do with it.

>It's a belief.

>"I'm undesirable" -> "This is bad and my life is horrible and unlivable" -> *feel depressed about it*

It's trauma but you are too ignorant on this topic.

Shit, if you could fix people by telling them to just be happy and forget about their problems this world would be a lot nicer.


If you were denied love and approval, you'd quickly learn to live without it. You just grew dependent on it like all the other normalfags. You freak out when your co-workers don't like you or your life doesn't match the cultural ideal of what "normal" is.

I'm sorry, but you will never be a true wizard. A wizard rejects all of these things. And if you can't, that just means you don't belong and you should be chasing the love and approval you so deeply need apparently.


low effort trolling during christmas.

>You freak out when your co-workers don't like you or your life doesn't match the cultural ideal of what "normal" is.

I don't have coworkers. I don't have a job. I am a neet wizard.

>If you were denied love and approval, you'd quickly learn to live without it.

No, kids who are denied love and abused by their parents learn to cope through the years, and grow up all kinds of fucked up, some copes are unhealthy, like you wasting your time to troll right now.

I feel bad that your life didn't turn out the way you wanted it to be so that it brought you to this.


Lol, you can't even believe that there's true wizards out there that aren't reliant on social approval and aren't perpetually caught in some depressive grief over "not being desired". You know guys, it's not the sex stuff that I care about, it's just gosh darn impossible for me to accept that Tiffany didn't think I was a swell enough guy!

It's funny. Half the wizards are out partying now, and half are crying about not being invited and unloved. And I'm apparently trolling for pointing out you don't belong here…


Not even that poster that you think I am.
You know what's real funny, that you are trolling with inconsequential true wizard shit on christmas, trying to even wrongly gatekeep some strawman you just built.

Being a wizard, I can tell you are one pathetic idiot but you already know that.
Man, I am glad that I am not you. You made your own prison.


It's always the holidays that bring out the failed normalfags crying about being "undesirable". NYE's going to be fun too :)



sex is just a small part of it, it's all sorts of experience I am lacking. If you think about how fundamental human interaction is and how often people do it the gap in experience between me and them is absolutely mind-boggling. I look at normies and see how effortless it all is to them and of course in reflection it makes sense, if they do something every day over and over while I don't of course they will become naturals at it while I struggle with it. That's only the most basic part of the experience that I lack too, it's all other types of experience also. I have never been in a meeting or sent work emails or even basic things like ride public transport by myself. I don't know how anything works in reality by experience, I only have things that I know about by reading about them or seeing them on TV.


>the gap in experience between me and them is absolutely mind-boggling
I've never tasted shit. I've never had a bucket of slop poured down my collar. I have 0 experience with this. Is this bad?


If you've never experienced it, your opinion on whether or not it's shit is moot. Much like your opinion on everything.


What seems to be missing in these kinds of threads is the horror of being gaslit since childhood about the reality of darwinistic society.


>t. black pilled evopsych female expert


I don't make such claims and I don't want to be associated with people who do make such claims. All I know is the patterns I've observed in my own life.


I miss being young as well, OP. The doors are closing and once shut you won't have a key to open them again.


He was just talking hypothetically, I don't see the big deal.


You mean that it's a doggy-dog world?


> being gaslit since childhood about the reality of darwinistic society.
you're supposed to learn the truth by yourself, wiz.


If you haven't woken up, now's the time!


It's pretty clearly "don't care" but you haven't come to accept that so much of this shit was always a lie. For what it's worth, I've heard enough horror stories to see that "experience" isn't all that great. All of the "real sex" is in the secret societies and clubs anyway. The "normal experience" was to get the bad news that it was all a lie, and be a sucker - and then be told you were obligated to enter a fake marriage to be a wageslave, and no one was happy with any of it or got anything out of it. When there were no more jobs, because the rulers never wanted us to live, the outcome is obvious.

If you really want to "know", I can tell you - this is something I reverse engineered and a few men have told me - there is nothing you would learn at 16 that you couldn't learn at 30 or even 40. We were given this ideology which said our life had to pass by us, that we were "on rails". That "on rails" life only led to the slaughterhouse, and the people who insisted that is what we should be have laughed that they made us obey that. It's a joke to them.

The point being - I do not believe in encouraging men, but if you really want "the experience", you can go out and try to find it. You'll find "the experience" is regulation rejections, until someone takes pity on you and you get this paltry and sad thing, knowing the whole time that she's probably been to the orgies. The succubi who aren't part of that usually find a man early specifically to have an excuse to participate less / separate themselves from the entire affair. The remaining succubi are either committed to having nothing to do with men, or are retarded succubi who don't have any "experience" to give you. Most of those are afraid, and even if you did fuck them, they're retarded. You would feel icky afterwards, and she will be unhappy, and nothing good can come of that. She knows it, and if are yourself retarded, you'll know it too. It would be better to let her find happiness, and these days the "retarded" succubi are expected to fully sterilize themselves. They do a lot of hysterectomies, and birth control is straight up chemical castration and practically mandated. They push the injections which last years very aggressively, basically treating the succubi they threw away like sex offenders. That's the sort of "experience" you'd get. There's nothing good there.

If you are thinking about the thing you might naively want - the thing most of us would think would be worthwhile - that's something you can build very easily. It doesn't take much to stick the penis in a vagina and learn the rhythm to cum. It's very mechanical and dry. Frankly, what the succubus says isn't terribly relevant. I've heard it described from other men that they just stick to the technique that works, and they have a sense of how to stimulate succubi generally. succubi are never satisfied because they're trained to look for the bigger better thing, especially in this society. But, the "pleasure" has always been overrated. What they really find pleasurable is the backstabbing and humiliation ritual, to mark who is rejected. That is why they glorify this - to specifically mark who is rejected and convince us we're missing out on something great. It's a way to twist the knife in people to remind them humanity will never actually change. Why anyone would find that pleasant, I have no idea. But, you're not going to find a succubus who thinks like us. Those succubi figure out the hard way that it doesn't work that way, especially for them. If a succubus is decent, I wouldn't want to put her through any of that. Better that way.


Poor thing if you allow succubi making you regret what you are just because you did not fulfill their standards.

They rule you.

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