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I was arguing with some classmate today, who went on about how ugly people shouldn't have kids. And of course I am ugly too. Hence, eventually a wizard.

I don't know what happened to me today but I had almost a sudden change of mine, somewhere down the line of arguing with my classmates, I figured out that they don't give a shit about ugly people suffering. If they did they would do something to help them. Not fucking exterminate them.

It's like eradicating poverty by bombing people or eradicating cancer by shooting cancer patients. I don't know, now, I find myself of the opinion that if an ugly gut gets a chance he should have children. He too deserves all the happiness of having a child.

And who knows maybe due to the randomity of universe the child turns out to be Chad or Stacy. Do you guys ever have a change of mind like this? About a topic that you felt so deeply about?

Like I know my parents are ugly and responsible for my predicament. But I think that both of them have done a lot for me. And while it is their duty to do it. I feel grateful at times.


File: 1706200412167.jpg (270.02 KB, 1476x980, 369:245, 1544599955132.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am an antinatalist which thinks the only morally right thing to do is to make humanity become extinct; a lost cause, of course. So, if that's not possible, eugenics makes some kind of sense because it tries to at least improve the condition of those alive (or the next generations).
So, yes, "mentally ill" and ugly people should not reproduce. Mind you that I don't believe in mental illness and that I think that mentally ill persons are the sane ones, but they suffer because they are too wise and self-aware of the hell that this existence is, so of course it's best to not reproduce (I will never breed for that reason - not that I have the choice anyway because I have no social life and so no gf, lol).
Option number 3, is what we are doing right now: nothing at all, in this regard.
So, society right now is doing the worst of all the options, i.e. not taking action.
Actually, society is doing even worse things, just take the Western LGBT madness for example, which is basically the opposite of eugenics.


>I am an antinatalist which thinks the only morally right thing to do is to make humanity become extinct
Then extinctify yourself.

It's nuts how after all of these years, any thread questioning the fair value of human life is still capable of drawing out antinatal cultists from the woodwork.


>"mentally ill" should not reproduce
>I don't believe in mental illness
>I think that mentally ill persons are the sane ones
>the mentally ill suffer because they are too wise and self-aware
Dumb as fuck.


> It's like eradicating poverty by bombing people or eradicating cancer by shooting cancer patients.

Well in my more pessimistic moments, I think that is exactly the solution to anyone suffering.

I guess everyone assigns value to their own life, and if they are happy, I wont tell them they are objectively unhappy.

But I don't really see having kids as an entitled happiness for the parent. Its more what does the parent owe the kid in the responsibility of creating new life.

Basically ugly parents better be rich enough to support their neetson for the rest of his life, if he decides that life as an uggo isn't worth working for.

Tons of humans irrationally have kids without considering the utilitarian calculus of their future lives. No one can stop them. But I will morally condemn them if their kids lives suck.


Ya force another being into this hellworld on the off chance it might be the thing that cures your unhappiness. You sick selfish fuck.


>mentally ill are wise actually

T. Never lived or working with mentally ill people

Love those people that romanticize crazy people until they get stabbed or killed by one.


People want to destroy the ugly, because life is enjoyable only by keeping what's good.

It's brutal for you, but in their eyes you are making the world worse by your mere presence.


The new trend among crazy people is to make craziness "quirky" or "appealling" as some kind of secret power.

For example they try to claim smart = crazy or smart = sad, to justify their craziness / depression.

Intelligence makes you mentally healthy and happy.
Stupidity makes you mentally unstable and sad.

Anyone fighting this truth is crazy.


what about aspergers?


You can have one or many mental illnesses while having one or many intellectual talents. You can be very smart for some things and very dumb for other things.

If your level of mental illness is too high, you will be considered crazy, even if you have some talent (mathematics genius or whatever).

The point is that a normal person is functional, meaning either she has no mental illness and either her mental illness is small enough to not become a huge issue when functioning in the world.


but in aspergers the intellectual obsession is directly related to the disorder.

so aspergers is like an IRL example of trading genius for misery.


The world isn't hell you whiny groid. I'm sorry you personally feel that way but for the vast majority of humans, they're feeling alright and their children probably will too. Their kid will have his ups and downs like everyone does, but if at some point he decides that the world is too much to handle, he can see himself out.

You "antinatalist absolutist" are completely incapable of extrospection. You think that because YOU personally don't like YOUR life and because YOU'VE read and seen some dipshits on the internet talk about how THEY don't like their live, then you ultimately assume how YOU feel is the general consumes, and anyone who doesn't see it is lied to or "coping" (Things you types accuse anyone claiming to be happy as doing). You preach that the bottomless pit is good to jump in to, while you cling to the side of it trying to drag people in, refusing to fall down yourself. Emotionally destructive little goblin.


"Trading" doesn't exist.
If you cannot function normally as a human being, it's the sign of a mental illness.

It doesn't matter if someone is specializing into a field. It's not because someone dedicates his life to studying something, that suddenly he will forget how to be a functional human being.

When you talk about "aspergers", you talk about people that having one or multiple mentall illneses preventing them to function normally.

It doesn't matter if they are talented in something else. Being talented in something doesn't mean you have to become mentally ill in something else.

Some people are geniuses and function like normal beings.
Genius doesn't mean crazy.


well OP is talking about ugly people, how are their sons ever going to be happy?


Ugly people have 99% chance to be unhappy.

Imagine waking up and everyone finds you disgusting. Must be horrible.


>Ugly people have 99% chance to be unhappy
Source: Your ugly ass
>Imagine waking up and everyone finds you disgusting. Must be horrible.
Why care what they think? Answer for reals.


They could live a content hermit life and not reproduce, but OP is saying they should reproduce.


I'm not ugly lol.

But ugly people get no help from people and are often treated badly. If they do something bad, they are harshly punished.

Beauty privilege is real. They get love, help and tolerance defacto.


>I'm not ugly lol.
This [/b]"You made fun of me based on your perceptions and deductions in a way that was relevant to the discussion but your assessment was factually incorrect given that I am indeed not ugly, owned lol"[b] is absolute pure genuine autism.

>But ugly people get no help from people and are often treated badly. If they do something bad, they are harshly punished.

>Beauty privilege is real. They get love, help and tolerance defacto.
No, life isn't a god damn Disney cartoon.


Don't call other people "ugly ass" just because you don't agree with something.

It appears you don't understand what I said.

I told you that ugly people get treated badly.

I told you that good looking people get treated much better.

Good looking people are loved. They get help and if they make a mistake, they are easily forgiven.

Ugly people are not loved, receive no help and they are punished for the slightest mistake.

I grew as an above average looking person but I was aware enough to see how ugly people are badly treated and vice versa.







I found a list of ugly people who achieved greatness


> In origin, Socrates belonged to the lowest class: Socrates was plebs. We know, we can still see for ourselves, how ugly he was. But ugliness, in itself an objection, is among the Greeks almost a refutation. Was Socrates a Greek at all? Ugliness is often enough the expression of a development that has been crossed, thwarted by crossing. Or it appears as declining development. The anthropologists among the criminologists tell us that the typical criminal is ugly: monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo. [“monster in face, monster in soul”] But the criminal is a decadent. Was Socrates a typical criminal? At least that would not be contradicted by the famous judgment of the physiognomist which sounded so offensive to the friends of Socrates. A foreigner who knew about faces once passed through Athens and told Socrates to his face that he was a monstrum – that he harbored in himself all the bad vices and appetites. And Socrates merely answered: "You know me, sir!"


your cope is the same as saying
'look I found a list of poor people who become billionaires'
it means absolutely nothing.
Socrates was literally ostracized and he killed himself.


2/10 here,

if ya wanna be a NEET,

if you re ugly like me,

if you dont wanna ever work,

you have no friends,

you ave tons and tons of mental problems


thats why i exist. cause my moron Dad actually hooked up once or twice


i never go out, but yes, never doin anything Me, cops get excited could bust me til realize im just some sad nerd


>Imagine waking up and everyone finds you disgusting. Must be horrible.

it is


Guys, I think I should've explained this in the post, I am not denying that ugly people suffer, hell I am the biggest proponent of it. I also understand that life for an ugly child could be extremely hellish, as time passes by and the society get's insaner and more looks-based and gender-based by the day.

It makes immensely good sense to desire for a kid who is good looking, I understand all of that. What I am asking is this, by doing all of this what even is the difference between us and the normies, I truly believe that ugly people are oppressed cause they don't stand up for themselves, as a matter of fact they hate themselves and each other the same way the normies hate us.

Besides ugly people, can also be good people. Now, I obviously understand why all of you don't like your parents, it's cause you see yourself in them and they bought you into this world which well has made us what we are today. The thing is, I feel like we are awfully similar to the normies in this regard, the normies will say all about looks don't matter and then proceed to reproduce on the basis of looks, it's the same with crabs and virgins who say looks do matter and hence, we can't reproduce. I can't help but feel like as a group we are giving in to the normies. Maybe I am wrong. I will think this through some more.

And secondly, normies are hell-bent on keeping ugly people alive, why? So that we can act as measuring sticks, hence, the refusal to act on genetic engineering.


well its very hard for an ugly man to attract a mate. if he does attract a mate in a legit manner because he has some good quality, then maybe he should reproduce and spread that good quality on. or if he's rich.

if you're an ugly millionaire I guess your fugly kids will be OK.

but some poor talentless ugly guy who cheats the system, not being very fair to his kids.

and then theres ugly succubi, they are pretty much guaranteed to reproduce.


>Then extinctify yourself.
You need to study more. You seem very ignorant on the topic of suicide: it's the hardest thing one can do for psychological and biological reasons. You are a normalfag so you can't know that because you have never been suicidal in your life.
>antinatal cultists
lol, being antinatalist is just being rational, and thinking that stopping the cycle of suffering is a good thing.

>mentally ill are wise actually
>T. Never lived or working with mentally ill people
I'm talking about personality disorders and things like that. If your brain is literally fucked up and you go around killing people, that's a different kind of mental illness, I was talking about mentally ill people like society would define those browsing this board, hikikomori dudes, NEETs, etc., not extreme cases.

>Intelligence makes you mentally healthy and happy.
>Stupidity makes you mentally unstable and sad.
It's the exact other way around lmao, every intelligent philosopher and writer has been depressed lol
I guess historically recognized and respected pessimistic philosophers and writers are wrong and stupid then, and you're right, congratulation for being smarter than all of them.

>The world isn't hell you whiny groid.
no point discussing further. you seem out of place on this board, though, but go on, 90% are outsiders anyway
how do they do it, usually, wait… oh yeah:
>the world isn't hell
>wizchan 2024

>and anyone who doesn't see it is lied to or "coping"
Yes, you are extremely delusional.
Realization comes for everyone anyway at some point, for you it's going to be at old age, apparently, because you are a normalfag. Nothing wrong with that.
I mean, I don't know what you are doing on this board, but whatever.


it's time to accept that it's you who doesn't like life. Look around you, normalfags love life and WILL reproduce and WILL defend their love for life and their right to reproduce despite the suffering that according to you is insurmountable and should stop them from doing so, you can't convince a single person to accept antinatalism unless they were predisposed to do so, and those are a minority and will always remain one.
Smart and healthy people actually enjoy life and succeed in society. This is a fact, don't ignore your mental illness and other health issues, don't ignore your past and try to look at others, fix what you have to fix and if you can't, don't blame it on the world.

not everyone should suffer because you do, they never cared in the first place, so you are not going to change anything. That's the truth.


>Smart and healthy people actually enjoy life
NTA. There are only a few smart and healthy people by definition because they are at the right side of the natural bell curve and societal pareto distribution. Most people are in perpetual conflict within themselves and with others. If that is not obvious to you then you are either unaware or you are so aware that you have the enlightened perspective that everything is how it should be and nothing is wrong. However: if you come from a tradcon christian / Jordan Peterson type of perspective…
…may God help you to higher wisdom.


imagine if cavemen were anti-natalists, they would have looked at how much their lives objectively sucked and drowned in the nearest river instead of crossing it, settling the world and inventing the iphone to make life more comfortable and easy.


> you can't convince a single person to accept antinatalism
No serious intelligent antinatalist is an activist. It's laughable to assume that antinatalists are activists who expect normalfags to change, we're not stupid.

>normalfags love life

Not really, they have a lot of problems and they suffer a lot through their life, if you think that their life is what you see on social media is because you've never lived among them IRL for real for a certain period of time, some, like me, did. They delude themselves all the time in order to keep going on, because death is scarier and accepting reality is even scarier. So they dismiss nihilism and pessimism and they pretend to be happy.
There are some truly happy people out there, and they're a laughable small percentage of the population.

>Smart and healthy people actually enjoy life

Not all of them, intelligence can be an issue for some very smart people.

>not everyone should suffer because you do

Everyone is already suffering by definition, I guess you never looked out of the window, and I am not involved in it at all. It's human nature that's suffering, by definition. But I guess you've never read a book in your life.

Please stop being a normalfag here, you're embarrassing yourself.

Yes, it might be one of those Christian wizards, would not surprise me lol


Actually, to be fair, even Jordan Peterson (who I hate) at least recognizes that life is fundamentally suffering (his own words), so just imagine how deluded this anon is, lol
Proof that virginity alone doesn't mean that you're wise.


He debated David Benatar of anti-natalism, and all the youtube comments were saying he got wrecked, he ain't debating blue haired 19 year old SJW this time


No one likes life. You'd convince yourself the gambling addict loves what he's doing too. Biology is structured this way. The anchorings and compulsions glide us towards the easiest path and that path does not contain anti-natalism under average circumstances which requires confrontation with the bigger picture. We are built to stare at our feet. To stare at our feet is smart and healthy. Just sit still and wait for it to pass. But don't delude yourself that this is out of love for life. The love for life is a narrative we must fiercely reinforce and defend from the onslaught of the mundane and the malicious.
Often people don't think life is good at all, but there's no reason to vocalize it, while there is plenty of reason to say otherwise. Think of it like exercise vs sitting still under the awareness of the inevitable decay. For most people, this awareness that they can't escape decay is not enough to not still exercise and delay it. Not because they believe it's a solution. But it lets you not think about it.
This is old news. Whether you see the puppet strings or not, it doesn't change your movements.
Also for fun "not everyone should suffer because you do" is the exact reasoning under which antinatalism rests. You already agree to it, you simply feel the deep futility of the world going its course compared to your own minimal agency. Accepting you'll get eaten by a shark is not an endorsement of it. We're just helpless. Blame whatever you want as long as it makes you feel better and helps with that self worth and what not. The creation of yourself is always behind the chain of events you're pointing at anyway.


>no one likes life
lmfao even
this is just delusional thinking at this point.


I actually love my life, my wizparents, and my wizself. Will enjoy this life until the day I die and see no problem if people choose to reproduce because I am not some neurotic loser who is focused on what others do. As long as I get to enjoy my wizard life, I will be fine :)


>20 year-old shut-in crab who never had a look at the outside world except through Facebook keeps embarrassing himself
go on, whatever


>I am not some neurotic loser who is focused on what others do.

How to fail at understanding a (wizardry-related) concept and using logic.

This thread went baaaad


nice adhom. Now where is the proof that NOBODY likes life. That statement is peak delusion. Females more than anyone LOVE life.
>wizardry related
antinatalism is not even wizardry related. Wizards have no business in the affairs of normalfags, less sex and reproduction, you wanting to pass moral judgment on them is a waste of time.


what if ugly parents abort sons and only have daughters?

they will do good in life, get married, reproduce. nothing wrong with being an ugly succubus. ugliness is actually charming in a succubus, makes her more down to earth, sensitive. lot of guys put uggos on a pedestal thinking they have kind personalities.


File: 1706298884162.jpeg (644.99 KB, 1400x991, 1400:991, 1654096259876.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>wanting to pass moral judgment on them
ah yeah because a wizard has no / can't have morals or ideas on humanity or the world
which is the whole point of the /wiz/ board btw

>Now where is the proof that NOBODY likes life. That statement is peak delusion. Females more than anyone LOVE life.

That anon wrote tons of words and you focus on that 4-words single sentence ignoring the rest of the message, which explains the meaning of that very sentence.
Ask that same succubus if she still likes life when she's old and suffering, asks yourself how much she needed ILLUSIONS and DELUSIONS in order to love life. The discourse on human suffering cannot be ignored and discarded just because people are DUMB, and succubi are known to be the dumbest of all people, as anyone on this board should know.

The fact that they're dumb IS what proves what we're trying to say.

You're turning the argument upside down, either 'cause trolling or because you don't understand it.

It's not because normalfags look happy that you can throw away TONS of books and philosophies and ideas on the condition of human life written throughout all history which say that life is suffering by default and by definition.
And they only LOOK happy: the majority of people live miserable lives, work crappy jobs, since they're normalfags they suffer from relationship issues, they get in love and then they suffer a lot from the inevitable decline of love, they get ill with age, they fear death, etc.

I honestly don't know how you can be so blind to the reality of the world.

And that's why I've been using "ad hominem" at some point, because there is no other explanation to justify your ideas if not by assuming that you are:
-very young
-never had any close and deep enough contact with normalfags, which is ok for this board, of course, but in your case is so extreme that it gave you a distorted view about their lives
-probably religious


Like, the most dumb form of a religious person, I mean.
Because actually the whole Christianity idea is based on the fact that life is suffering and that we are afraid of dying.


>claims that NO ONE LIKES LIFE
>can't prove it
>ignores that FEMALES who make up more than 50 percent of the population LOVE LIFE and reproduce



Ok, then, you're trolling.
Have a nice day, sir, my fault. I should have remembered the "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you."


you can't prove half the shit you say and you cope in the weirdest of ways by deluding yourself that no one likes things, no one enjoys things, no one loves things, everything is horrible, life is horrible. You are fucking delusional.


why does anyone deserve happiness? who owes it to them?


It is as according to nature. Ugly people are not only not able to achieve happiness for themselves but unable to contribute to that of those around them. Would you buy an ugly painting?
Exceptions exist for everything which prove the rule.


>fellow nihilist pessimist antinatalist wizard is called delusional
Wizchan 2024


As a Kantian an act is only moral if you advocate that all do it. therefore as volcel wizards we must advocate that all men be volcel wizards, and it is more moral not to reproduce.


normalfag idelogy actually they are the biggest sexhavers and antisocial psycopaths
sexhavers too
> antinatalist
sexhavers, just look at the subreddit


shouldn't trolling like this be banned


Honestly, the "neurotic" losers in this thread are far more convincing than the self-absorbed losers


Wizards just assume that being a wizard means hating life.

I'm a wizard and I'm more happy than a lot of normies.

Does being wizard increase your chance of being depressed?

For sure. Being a misunderstood minority + neuroatypical = higher chance of loneliness and being mistreated by society.

Also wizards have much higher chances of being a wizard due to being ugly.

For me the true wizards are wizards that are not ugly (neutral or above average looking), because it means they are on the wizard path due to their soul and not due to being physically forced because normies don't want to fuck you.




its lookin to stir shit between people like me, legit 2/10 ugly, livin in hell

vs. team Normie role players pretendin to live my life


Anyone who unironically classes another as "neurotypical" should rope immediately. Your desperation to be a special other will serve you well in hell.


>Your desperation to be a special
NTA but this is so retarded that trolling is indeed likely. You pretend to not understand that bell curves exist.

> an act is only moral if you advocate that all do it.
Weird perspective because decision-making is grounded in (un)conscious cost/benefit analysis which depends on what you value and how much. The word 'morality' is a fantasy build on top of that reality.


>will serve you well in hell
ah so you are a christianfag like we correctly assumed


Go back to reddit, normie.



Neuroatypical = doesn't think like most people.

Wizards are neuro-atypical. Their mind don't function the same, for better or worst.

The dude is probably not trolling. Just crazy dude.


If I could, I would make the universe spawn me a kid out of thin air, who then became a handsome faced 6'4 jock/chad athlete.

Then I would parade him around my subhuman parents and show them my superior creation, while all they could produce was a constantly bullied balding 5'3 wizard.
Then maybe, just maybe they would realize it never began for me and they are to blame.


even with all that magic, you wouldn't prove any point


I would, they would realize it was better if they never bred. They need a lesson.

My life has been non stop suffering for 38 years


I agree with him, my parents should have been sterillised and ugly subhumans who reproduce should be brutally tortured to death.



i dont blame my mom. so much as my dad. my mom was just this typical shy quiet nerd succubus of 20th century

My Dad however, seriously mentally ill, almost was forcefully committed, druggie, weird hardcore drugs, never wanted to work a day in his life. AND, wants Kids? like dude wtf? why in the fuck did you try and make me. And here i come, terrible genetics o plenty. 2/10 face, 93 iq, etc… etc… Dude disappears, to try and make more fuckin kids. my family despises me cause of this fuckin shit bird was my dad. im stuck raisin myself in poverty. few times i see dumb fuck it s to complain lifes not fair cause people want em to find a job. Dumb Fuck , you pull tis crap now you will be put in prison. i despise em i hope hes underground, no desire to look. if my dad sounds any like person reads tis. DO NOT MAKE A FUCKIN KID.


Yo Bart is your complaining about neets wholesome?


I think in this actually existing society, neets who have kids do an injustice to their kids.

there are different standards for bachelors and parents. A single man is free to dispose of his life as he wishes even to suicide. A parent suiciding is immoral traumatizing the kid he chose to have.


as i said, and as i will reiterate,

If my Dad sounds Anything like you.

Dont make a Fuckin Kid.

born into poverty, never taken to a dentist, never taken to a eye doctor, never taken to a doctor, no money for food most of time. And, even family didnt want to help me out cause my dad was crazy moron retard of family. So i was stuck dealin w/ adult BS as a little fuckin boy.

And fuck tard actually made 2 more kids pulled same crap on.

It all could of been prevented if my uncles were able to get my dumb fuck dad committed. But, nope parents want stigma of a kid locked away in a mental hospital.

you want a kid like me?


Yes, they hate ugly people. They don't care about personality or good intentions.


They hate being around ugly people because it brings their status down


what does ts even mean?


Who the hell are you. You're probably on the wrong site.


uhh you hang out with dorky mcdork face?? haha wait till the guys hear about this one.

basically, you're only as cool as the people you hang out with. didn't you go to high school? that kind of shit never really stops, just gets hidden under a certain layer of politeness and etiquette. the shit talking just gets moved behind private doors and becomes passive aggressive. you'd think adults wouldn't be so petty, but that's just how groups operate, because everyone has a certain need for belonging, self-esteem, etc. the most fucked up part is how society gaslights you that this is not how it is and that you're simply paranoid schizo that's imagining it. even on here, some wizzies won't believe you if you say that complete strangers verbally harassed you on the street. you must have done something, right?? no, i just look ugly, weak and like i won't fight back. that's often enough to attract the most sadistic normies.


i think everyone thinks eveyone deserves happiness
its just that many ugly males have nothing to bring to the table


Ugly males have plenty to bring. Look at most tech bros, look at most stand-up comics, look at engineering dorks, look at any number of finance dipshits. Ugly males can bring the same as handsome males in the money/fame/power department. Often more – how many truly handsome and powerful politicians are there? Not many. A succubi's worth is in her looks, a man's is in what he can do.

If you are ugly and also a social retard autistic dork who doesn't wash his hair and has forehead acne like a teen but you're actually pushing 30, then yes you bring nothing to the table. So don't be that.


why you posted a pic from r9k of a succubus with a septum piercing?
Also, having the potential means nothing when other people want nothing to do with you. It's like being the best player in a team but you're always benched.


Those who are happy are attractive and people often assume everyone gets what they deserve, so.



attractive people ive run across usually seriously believe they in some way earned their attractiveness.


It cannot be overstated how much “normal” people value their social status. There’s lots of studies demonstrating how much social status threat impacts behavior, and how much they feel intense disgust response in regards to it . Even if a loser dude is nice to them after an unpleasant event, the idea the loser thinks they’re equal creates a disgust response as it threatens their social image. I can’t remember the studies name.
For losers who don’t think in those terms because they’ve got nothing to protect it makes no sense.


Ugly people are evil in the eyes of normies. We are bad people for being ugly and we deserve being treated like shit. There's a reason why the bad guy in movies is always ugly or deformed. For a normalfag, there's no greater sin that a person can do than being ugly. There are succubi simping for literal serial killers, but if an ugly guy would approach them, they would treat him like shit no matter how much of a good person he is.
And you know what's the worst part? They're not wrong, it's not their fault. That's just mother nature telling you through the normalcattle hivemind that you're not good enough and she wants you dead. I'm not sure about you, but I'm not planning to give the bitch the satisfaction.



100% true to both points


>fefail hands typed this


The latter is definitely not true. How old are you? You sound about 12.


Yes, they've always hated us uglies or had us as jesters in the past, now we are comedians and clowns or someone to beat down


Normalfags will never be human.


They already do, it's called Critical Race Theory. The whiter you appear, the better you are treated in this society.


you really think they gonna give a rapper a white collar professional office job even if hes qualified?


Niggers are the gods of americans. You know the kinda messed up racial stuff soyjak teens post to troll each other? Thats the average amerimutts day to day internal monologue. 99 % of this godforsaken country should just be nuked


Wizards shit on me when i say money is the most valuable thing. EVEN MORE for a Wizard than for normies.

Money is freedom. Freedom to live the way you fucking want.


You should not mind what normies believe about things like this as they are pests that deserve to be exterminated.


Such an inversion of values. To want to destroy an innocent person merely because of flaws they happened to gain by happenstance is truly evil. If they were truly interested in maintaining good, they would try to help these misfortunate people look better through any variety of methods. The fact they don't not only implies they have a crude villainous nature but that THEY are the ones making the world worse by their mere presence.


>I was arguing with some classmate today, who went on about how ugly people shouldn't have kids. And of course I am ugly too. Hence, eventually a wizard.
>I don't know what happened to me today but I had almost a sudden change of mine, somewhere down the line of arguing with my classmates, I figured out that they don't give a shit about ugly people suffering.
It's not just ugly people but they really would make an example out of you if you happen to be ugly because in their evil rotten normalnigger minds you deserve it and so does everyone that doesn't fit in with them.


It's not so much as they "think" but their actions which reveal how they operate on a fundamental level.
They hate virgin men. They assume the worst of silent types if they don't look good. The short guys get bullied. The ugly are always being taken advantage by females.


Even if they look good, I tell you after experience: it's the same.
They need pain


Misleading title, its kind of hypocritical to compare happiness to reproducing at the expense of another life form on he offset they might find love like the parent did, spreading the traits you dislike about yourself and impose it into your children.

Sterilization yes, but execution is too far. At least in a theoretical moral stance. And before people whine about bodily autonomy rights, reproduction is the ultimate form of forcing something on someone. I'm not anti natalist, human life and existence is beautiful if the right people express it. But many undesirables corrupt it and over inflate it into meaningless slop.

If natalists have the idea that we initially want to progress and feel the experience of life, then they can also assume everyone wants to be beautiful and competent, living the fullest to what their potential has to offer. Otherwise you aren't natalist, you are just egotistical and don't really care about your own ideology, but believe in something just because you feel threatened.


I have never felt this "happiness" and no longer consider it a value worth pursuing. Yet, I see so many people who are better than me, whose lives are miserable, and they know they're miserable. Simply by avoiding that, I'm "happier" in a way. Mostly I have asked since I was a child why the people let themselves be like this, when we could just… not. There's nothing to gain, nothing to work for. The money is all fake, tokens of your suffering. The children will never be yours. They belong to the state and "society", now, always defined as something alien to your existence. The only people who are happy with this are sadists who love torturing others, and that's the world they want to make for us. For all of us.

Then again, I'm not ugly in the face, and that does me some favors. You should remember that probably a third of humanity, most of it male, gets absolutely nothing and has been used to this. The difference now is that we live under the threat of new torture and death if we fail to meet this eugenic guideline, whereas in the past, if you were useful enough as labor or fodder, it was possible to live - maybe. In the past the chief eugenic function was war and that old favorite, ritual sacrifice. What they don't tell you is that a lot of infant mortality in the ancient world was pure eugenics or parents getting rid of unwanted sons. Fathers are always sadists - it is mandated by the human race, a failed and Satanic race. If they show any decency, it is only temporary or a naive sense that is abused and mocked. Humans are incapable of any goodness and are irredeemable. Only the world required them to do good things, for a time, and they always shirked things that would have been basic, even if only done out of self-interest. Humans love to torture things too much.

Sure, fathers tell themselves they're going to be different, that they won't repeat the cycle - but when it's their turn, they learn the hard way that there are forces in humanity that will not allow you to refuse. That's what humans are, that is the world they build, the representation of the human spirit. It is torture. The only difference now is that what used to stop it in the past no longer stops its expression, and it has been perfected with technology. Now, humanity will freeze in place as the Satanic race it always was, and history will end. This is what it was all for. It's really sad and pointless.

Maybe something will happen in the future - I expect soon. For the near future though, the trajectory of history has been set. The inertia is too great, the Germanic way of life went on for too long. If it wasn't ruthlessly destroyed after 1914, it was never going to go away. You'd have to make the world 1984 for that to possibly happen, and probably kill off most of humanity in the process. But it would be better than this.


Good to see my post was removed


>the way of Germanics
well, the nazis did not educate people properly into the real need for eugenism, being fond of making things forced from an authoritarian point of wiew, so the people just had no time nor calling to assimilate the deep tenets by theirselves… so when the lies got spread they just thought eugenics was a matter of racism, instead of saving it as deeper cultural tenet.

Metapedia does little thing if no one shares what it has to communicate, and even worse the damn woke mobs around the world are ready enough to harass whoever dares to so it has to be done very carefully, even if it is for the sake of inviting the masses to plan it better when they decide to bring the next generations of wizards into this planet.

So we might have helped our fellow wizzies even before birth, and the less people suffering here because of shitty genome, the better. Less weaponry given to autist harassers against us all.


I think this is a much better way to put things, it's better that ugly people die, but we the normies, we will not treat you with basic human decency, however we encourage suicide through our behaviour with you.

Man fuck the normies.


But shouldn't people just treat ugly people like people? I am not staying ugly people are owed or entitled to relationships. But in other aspects like work, school, and life in general.


File: 1716208098920.png (124.18 KB, 256x256, 1:1, HesitationMarks.png) ImgOps iqdb

This ideology is the result of fascism. It is the speech and the tongue of the wretched Nazi menace. According to the reactionaries, something is either beautiful or it is evil. There is no such thing as inner depth or context or meaning, everything is purely face value. This is why they destroyed paintings that may not have been a boring landscape or a river, but had genuine meaning. They preach the existence of an "Ubermensch" that is above all others, one that is both beautiful and perfect, inside and outside. And anybody who does not subscribe to this revolting belief is not human, and must be exterminated. Your classmates are quite literally arguing in favor of eugenics. You should ask them if disabled and poor people should also be sterilized and banned from having children. I can guarantee they will say yes. This is because they are nazis.


>This ideology is the result of fascism
> It is the speech and the tongue of the wretched Nazi menace.
yep, you are retarded and not a wizard.


No shit I'm not a wizard, I'm only 20. Apprentice Wizard at best. I'll be a Wizard a decade from now.


>Your classmates are quite literally arguing in favor of eugenics. You should ask them if disabled and poor people should also be sterilized and banned from having children. I can guarantee they will say yes. This is because they are nazis.

Well this does not mean to be necessarily chasing genetic failures to death. But indeed the need of constantly cleansing the genepool is ever present since failures are always trespassed for the sake of egoist pleasure intertwined to the normalfaggery which is fear of solitude.

>You should ask them if disabled and poor people should also be sterilized and banned from having children

The future generations, if someone were to truly love their children, deserve better than their parents have. That's a minimal decency moral when it comes to loving offspring.

But you do not see breeding as anything evil, do you? As anything that creates new sensitive life exposed to this world's potential miseries anywhere anytime, and even less if it is for the sake of some genetic failure having the whim of "deserving to be loved and sheeeeeit". So the cycle repeats and leftards harm theirselves and their own kind without even intending it. Idiocy is so many times worse than dire hatred….


The problem is that ugly people don't advocate for their rights since sense of beauty is objective. Ugly people like the people here side with the normies, they rather not have ugly kid than have a society where an ugly kid could be happy. You're right my friend, although I doubt anyone here except me would agree with you.


File: 1717148150415.jpg (66.94 KB, 736x736, 1:1, IMG-20240531-WA0000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>> ugly people shouldn't have kids

Just ask them what they mean by ugly. Taste is obviously subjective and while there may be some social trends in regards to ugliness they are ever changing.
Just look at the Venus… That is what cave men thought of as sexy. Or just look at some medieval paintings of succubi with shaved foreheads. They thought that it made them look smarter because their head was seemingly larger.
Tastes change and there is no actual reason why ugly people shouldn't breed. Avoiding suffering is a retarded argument since we live in a society where you must suffer in order to eat. (you must work in order to live)

Anyhow from a purely "evolutionary" point of view genetic diversity is good for any species. Also Eugenics doesn't work as proved by the fact that ze Aryan Übermenschen got beaten by the "lesser races" twice.

Having said that morality is obviously relative so the choice is yours of you care about what they have to say or not.


Your stupid classmate can't determine who can and can't have children.


Your classmate is a fucking idiot.


if ugliness affected you badly what do you think it will do to your kids, something completely different? by having kids you are betting on minuscule chance that they will inherit an unlikely alignment of recessive genes that will make them look better than you did. you can of course choose to do this out of selfishness but it's cruelty inflicted upon someone else.


File: 1717241997598.png (14.79 KB, 1118x838, 559:419, Bait - is this.png) ImgOps iqdb

Whoever relies on kids to be happy is internally sick, how could you doubt that genetically flawed people must stop breeding once and for all?

A little flaw, another there… in the end it just brings truly unfortunate offspring who will bear the burden of each flaw just because their ancestors and parents were too mentally deranged to live alone without being in despair under the grasp of desires.

Such people, aren't they utter egoists? They could never be called good parents since they harm their children even before birth!

>I find myself of the opinion that if an ugly gut gets a chance he should have children. He too deserves all the happiness of having a child.

May God save us from you and your kind. Were you not a failed normie you wouldn't spew such brainrots

>And who knows maybe due to the randomity of universe the child turns out to be Chad or Stacy

So they become even worse as a plague, having the flawed genomes within, hiding, waiting for the next generation like a pack of wolves after a lost sheep!

>I feel grateful at times.

Were you to even know what "grateful" means you would fiercely become eugenic without doubting.


The best thing about you two, is when you get naturally shunned by healthy beauty standards, so you may rot in your rage while unable to keep your misery flowing forwards in time.

Who's gonna blame any kids with parents like you, when he curses them?

>Anyhow from a purely "evolutionary" point of view genetic diversity is good for any species. Also Eugenics doesn't work as proved by the fact that ze Aryan Übermenschen got beaten by the "lesser races" twice

So that's what means to you losing war due to numbers, in a time span short enough to not even bring any visible effects on their genepool. With this is obvious why many lefties still insist on holocaust bring real despite knowing the alt version


OP is right. Ugliness is not a disability. Most humans are ugly or plain to look at and yet they reproduce en masse. There is nothing remarkable about billions of people either and yet they have kids.

Superficiality has worsened because modern society is obsessed with appearances and looks, vanity has done nothing but increase as a result of social media and celebrity worship.


Still undesirable. Also reflecting inner traits of the individual


This discussion is so nonsensical. Nobody deserves happiness, nor people choose to be happy or sad. Under the materialistic thinking, it's just a consequence of your choices and your enviroment. Your classmate, however, is a moron. He must leave a pretty meaningless life for claiming that ugly people shouldn't have kids.


*What I meant is that there's no such thing as "deserving to be happy".


Most of the world's procreation happens in third world countries where succubi are illiterate and the general IQ hovers around mental retardation.

In the west fewer and fewer succubi are having children, and even fewer men.


>peaking retardation
leave those meds

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