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Stoicism is a school of Philosophy with roots in ancient Greece. It is believed that its founder, Zeno of Citium, came to invent it after a unfortunate shipwreck turned him from a prosperous merchant into a very poor man. The story tells that after this unlucky event Zeno became an assiduous reader of the life of Socrates, and that instructed by the example of the old Greek philosopher he himself came to make philosophy on his own and teach it at the Stoa Poikile, a famous building of the city of Athens - hence the name of the school.

Sotoicism focused on the study of Logic, Metaphysics and Ethics. But, in contrast to academic philosophy how we know nowadays, they were only interested in abstract reasoning because they believed that their findings should resonate in behavior,i.e, in what means to live a good life. Having this in mind, stoics often stressed the importance of self-control, discipline and clarity of thinking: virtues that could lead someone to attain what they called atharaxia, which means "apathy", "tranquility", a state of non-perturbation in the psyché.

Stoicism became so influential that even among ancient Romans it was often practiced. Amongst the well-known roman stoics are the slave Epictetus, Nero's preceptor Seneca, and the successful emperor Marcus Aurelius. All of them have famous writings on the practice of stoa, from somewhat different practical standing points, as you can infer by their positions in Roman society.

I highly recommend to fellow wizards the hearing of this audio book from Epictetus Enchiridion. It has good advice indeed to deal with various occasions that can put us off in daily life. Sometimes difficult to attain, but the idea is not to become an ancient philosopher from day to night.
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Can you ever stop speaking for other people as if you were inside everyone's head for once? So now you know everyone's motives leading to their specific interests too? Will you ever get off your pedestal in heaven and join us mortals down here?
The problem is you want to reap the good parts of a system of thought without having to know it. You said to have surpassed Stoicism, which I find it impressive given you can't even tell the difference between self-restraint and Stoicism in the first place. You're a very awkward person to be able to affirm having surpassed a hole in the ground without knowing where the hole is in the first place. You didn't watch the movie but want to criticize it anyway just by looking at the title. I push you to define your terms, you say it's myopic, philosophical masturbation. How would you react if some guy came to you and said he wants to know how to read and write but wants to be spared of knowing the ABC? Because that's exactly what you're doing. In the meantime, you claim to know what's wrong with Western Philosophy, Psychological and Psychoanalitical practice, what people from the past and present think and feel about their own lives and I don't even know what else at this point.
It seems to me you're going back to front on everything. You're so eager to surpass and criticize you can't take a step back and consider you have to know the subject matter first.

That's a lot. I'll try to explain as briefly as I can what I think the ideas behind the aphorism are instead. In Stoic epistemology, there are 4 basic elements. First is Nature "things". Nature is always true (also in the logical sense), meaning Nature is always how things really are. Don't think Nature here as the animals, plants, rivers and so on. Nature in the stoic sense is an epistemological concept, it's more like the idea of matter, the things that compose and build everything and has its physical rules that create and run everything. Nature is its own thing, beyond the control of men, running its Natural Law forever. Now, for reasons too vast and weird to expose here, you have in Nature a thing called Reason and a creature with access to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Man are disturbed not by Nature but by his Impressions and false Judgements they form concerning Nature.

I hate these word games. You just took a simple concept that can be described in a sentence and dumped a tedious re-iteration just so you can use the special capitalized words that make it seem like everything's part of some metaphysical reality.

Activating event (Nature) -> Belief (false Judgement) -> Consequence (Disturbance)

There's nothing in your post that couldn't be said in a much simpler and practical way (like in my previous post). Many of stoicism assumptions are wrong from the standpoint of what we know about the brain and human psychology. Oh well, at least you took the effort to write out this tedium instead of dumping a book like last time.


After reading all your posts, and assuming your personality only through those and nothing else, my advice is, if you haven't tried already, to completely give up the intellectual/theoretical parts of the matter. It appears to me you have very little or none of the scholar's patience and you're not made for it. You don't give a shit for the most part, correct me if I'm wrong. You can't appreciate or understand the difference between concepts or how they lead to similar but decisively different paths from one another. Not only that but you don't seem to realize the amount of tranquility you can reach just by the process of trying to understand something inside out. Do you understand how necessary that is? Or spend days trying to understand the difference between two ideas that look similar but are not? And also I mean the actual physical part of sitting in a chair hidden away from the world and spend 6 months in a single work trying to figure it out all its parts. That is a source of great tranquility. The act of fully understanding a single concept of Philosophy, Science or Literature IS IN ITSELF the praxis. You don't get that at all, you missed because you're in constant hurry to beat everything up. You seem to (again, going just by your posts itt) be overly anxious about what is not in the article or book you're reading at the moment. Everything has to be consumed as fast as possible and into the pile partly and badly digested, part unread, part forgotten, most ignored. It's obvious to me you didn't take the time to fully understand a single idea from Stoicism. A SINGLE ONE. You keep drawing parallels between things you don't understand and don't care to understand either. You call it boring. Well, no wonder.

>There's nothing in your post that couldn't be said in a much simpler and practical way like in my previous post

Your post don't have anything about Stoicism at all, it's just you. Besides I was responding to a request. It may come as a shock to you but, again, your posts is not explaining anything about Stoicism.

>I hate these word games. You just took a simple concept that can be described in a sentence and dumped a tedious re-iteration just so you can use the special
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Tranquility isn't happiness
My apologies for the conceptual hop.

>a lack of suffering

This still leads to the same issue in >>158337 which could quite likely be extended to all emotional states, and lo, possibly much further as I hinted at with the Supersymmetry image.

To elucidate, it seems to me that emotional states of being sit on a spectrum. Removing one side is impossible, you can’t have one without the barometer of the opposing emotion, these things after all are quantities of chemicals. To some degree one can move the pointer along it’s positive axis, how one affects this desirable inclination is related to a combination of factors; genetic disposition, environment, and as you correctly state memory. We don’t have control over our genes beyond pre-emptive techniques and questionable crispr activities. Environment is sometimes out of our control especially for the unfortunate. Memory is something we can have a say in.

It’s my view that if we fill our life with good actions we accumulate a corpus positive memories increasing there probability of selection whence adhoc recollection occurs; this pushes the typical location the pointer toward the desirable side of the spectrum. Of course memories have differing strengths of imposition and in severe cases I feel introducing concepts such as thank-fullness and forgiveness in both the physical and metaphysical sense play out well.

I’m typically cognisant of not delving too deeply into discussing these areas as many people (including your past self) reject these types of ‘spiritual’ propositions, failing to see that at their core are cognitive models, techniques, practices, and ideas based upon several millennia of observational human study.

For example, the scientific community has rather recently understood the underlying mechanisms and benefits of fasting, of which society has partaken in as a spiritual rite for some time. It even feels weird to type fasting and science on the same line. The question arises what other overlaps exist in these arenas which have been sidelined, will prayer and meditation be future scientific revelations?


Perhaps this will help.


I feel that Stoicism without Buddhist/eastern thought mixed in for further insight and clarification is incomplete.

File: 1555509633353.png (344 B, 300x180, 5:3, 300px-Asexual_Pride_Flag.s….png) ImgOps iqdb

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Have any of you guys tried "forcing" yourself to become asexual? People on quora (https://www.quora.com/Can-you-become-asexual-by-trying) say that you're born asexual, just like you're born gay, lesbian, trans etc. and that you can't make yourself change your sexuality by you power of will.they also say that being asexual is a hassle in this oversexualised society, but wizards prefer a solitary lifestyle away from society, so it's not a problem for us, right?
The reason I'm asking is because I tried to do just that for the past few years. At first, anything that looked like a succubus or her certain body part would make me hard. But after reading some biology books, watching a few documentaries and through my sheer power of will I successfully managed to make myself not attracted to succubus boobs, 3d and 2d. They don't evoke any kind of response from me anymore, so it's definitely possible to "change" your sexuality and what you're attracted to. I still feel attraction to ass and wide hips and I'm working on that. If any of you guys successfully managed to stop being attracted to ass, please let me know how you did it.
Wouldn't it be nice to not feel any sexual attraction to succubi at all?
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I relate to this thread so much. Im an asexual too after masturbating.


so if you castrate yourself you become permanently depressed?


People on quora are idiots and asexuality doesn't real. If you have above-average you're hypersexual and if you have below-average you're hyposexual, and everyone has some kind of subconscious sexual response to everything even if it's so overwhelmed by negative reaction that it can't be consciously processed.

OP it was not your willpower that made you less attracted to tits, you just did exposure therapy. Reading about biology and watching documentaries let you understand them and took away the mystery which confused you into emotional reactions. The only place willpower applies is in making the choice to educate yourself.

You are wrong that boobs no longer evoke response from you though: it's just that the overall response is so small compared to before that you no longer consciously process it.

>If any of you guys successfully managed to stop being attracted to ass, please let me know how you did it.

I don't believe absolute stoppage is actually possible for anything, much like cancer, just gradual reduction into non-observable state. I would recommend you watch scat or something so that you will associate the buttox with the whole between them that disgusting feces come out of. The disgust you feel will be remembered and associated with butts, to overwhelm your instinct to covet child-bearing hips.

I don't understand why an article on cellulite would be considered unsafe for wizzies. Looking at realistic succubi is a great way to become a stronger wizard because you realize their ugliness better than the idealized glamor photos our media is often flooded with.

Forced education can work, just not trying to will something away as if wanting to not feel something worked. Instead: understand that something, dwell upon it in excess until it bores you, disgusts you.

This is exactly the reason I try to limit my reading of TV Tropes and reviews (spoilers) so that I can actually still enjoy my animu, because if I do that too much I'm afraid I will be less delighted with them and have less to live for.

You should only strive to ruin the experience of stuff frought with peril, like IRL succubi, not harmless fiction.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>when in a video game a female character will wear armor that is basically a bikini and have huge breasts. It makes it very hard to take the game seriously
You need to learn to compartmentalize, fren. Cope.

Since everyone has magic armor in most games why wouldn't it make sense to wear light shit that lets you sweat, especially with 2 fat-bags on you?

Honestly guys, just bite the bullet and try imagining yourself fucking your mom and try fapping to it. You'll experience the socially-conditioned disgust but if you can get past it, you probably will be less subconsciously interested in it, or worried about it.

Albeit, it helps if your mom is a disgusting landwhale like mine, this might not help guys with hot moms, but how often does that happen with wizards? I think ugly moms help create wizards, serving as an example of what succubi will soon become and why they are not a good investment.

>I found a lot of whining and wanting to be recognized as a group like the lgbt.
because it's all about posturing and trying to find a hobby
>they talk about how they have sex with their partners.
as they are either whores or hypocrites

The simple matter of fact is if you were only having sex to emotionally validate your partner, you are basically okay either with lying to them about enjoying it, or they know you don't like it but are okay with pressuring you to do it instead of finding a hobby you both enjoy or fucking someone else who enjoys it while having a non-sexual relationship with you.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Focus as hard as you can on their personality, the rancid fish smell and the semen they inevitably have still on them from earlier, the cellulite, and them pooping.

Think about their stinky feet, their bad breath, them playing on their phone not even being present.

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Way back when I was in middle school and we had to do volunteering, the principal suggested given my interest in WW2, I might like volunteering at the senior center. I was sour on it at the time, but actually it makes a lot of sense.

I've found that I relate to older people more, maybe its because I'm lost in the past and more interested in their century than our own. Or maybe because I'm a person of the mind not body, I relate to people whose physical side has worn itself out.

They are the only ones still alive who care about my aspie interests, the books and magazines I want to read at the library are only checked out by seniors.

I've never went to any events specifically for seniors, but I find that everything that I show up for from the Church to activism to discussion groups are always filled with older people, with not just me, but even my dads' age being the youngest one there.

But lately there hasn't been much going on in my town. And I was thinking of volunteering at the senior center. Give me something to do. Do a good deed. And maybe get a little human interaction in a non-normie way.
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Are you trying to pick up a GILF?


I volunteered to be a buddy for old lonely people. Because I sometimes read stories about oldfags laying dead in their homes for months without anyone noticing. My expectations where that I would help some very lonely old people but the reality was that I was hooked up with a shallow widow who had plenty of social contacts already. I gave up disappointed. I guess the serious cases of old people will not even consider getting help at all.


It really depends on the person, some come across as bitter like the world stopped making sense and they will openly judge you for not checking off items on the life checklist.
I like talking to old hippies though, they can be cool.
This thread makes me feel bad though, there was an old succubus who was really nice to me when I still had a job and I told her I would write her and never did. It's been over a year, is it too late?


It's only too late if she's dead.


you would prefer what, the WW2 who thought dying to fight our German brothers to form Israel was a heroic thing?

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I know most people would ask why would anyone want to be a laughing stock town fool of the internet? But way back to childhood days, the only options I ever had were to be an ignored quiet mouse or a loud wacky cartoonish entertainment monkey. Mouse or Monkey thats it. And so I became a local celebrity of my school days. Sometimes I would get resentful that they were laughing at me, not with me, mocking me, teasing making fun. Like the lolcows of the internet. But after trying to be serious in college, and just being totally ignored, I realized that attention beats isolation, and its the only means of socialization I know. For the last few years I've retreated back into my mouse role, and have had almost no human contact.

Its just seems like the cringe lolcow role of the internet, is basically like being the local clownish celebrity that I spent my whole school years being. Its a way to turn the strange weirdness into a commodity. I see folks who are less weird and less comedic getting audiences of millions. Maybe I could do it. Although I have the flaw of speaking in a way thats so cringey its boring, rather than so cringey its hilarious. But it just seems like my old weirdo class clown cartooning but with an audience of millions. Maybe it was my calling.

And then some of these guys actually make money on this shit through youtube ads and patreon, being a cringe is literally their full time career.
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I was always the laughing stock of my group but I accepted it because it was either this or having no friends whatsoever
I know the only reason they hang out with me was because they could feel better about themselves and have someone to shit on who won't talk back


>These things happen you shut in retard.

Its clear you identify more with public normies who share your views, than with the Wizard lifestyle.


I'd off myself if I had to endure what some of these lolcows have to endure from groups like KiwiFarms. I just want left alone honestly. Most of the people they document are failed normalfags and wizards that don't have enough self-awareness to watch what they say online. I don't really feel bad for them, but I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.


Is it possible to make $30,000 a year being a lolcow?


apparently weird YouTubers can certainly make some money.

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File: 1567060562498.jpg (235.85 KB, 1300x1181, 1300:1181, an-infant-rhesus-monkey-ma….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is it possible to be happy without social contact of any kind(including posting on 4chan or wizardchan) as a human being (social animal)?

i think the real enlightenment would be to live happily and content without anybody. if you can do this without becoming mentally ill or depressed, you're a god among men

i am socially isolated but i still have wizchan or 4chan so i am not completely socially isolated. i have enough social contact to prevent me from losing my mind
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>getting an upvote or (you)
A redditor and a 4channer walk into a bar. "Fuck off, attentionwhore" says the barman.


I have no TV, radio, or any form of social media. My only outlet to the world is via internet chans and Steam. I've lived this way for most of my life and I'm 24 now and in law school. I only leave my room when necessary i.e to get food or do required tasks like getting school textbooks.

Longest I've been isolated was 6 months only leaving my room to get haircuts.


Get some hair clippers and you can cut your own hair. Kneel into a plastic sheet (cut from a trashbag) and it collects the hair. Hoover afterwards.


>law school
That entire profession is the polar opposite of reclusion, right?
Not to mention the stress and responsibility.


Hey I just want to let you know what I think is the reason for this.
Yes even on wizchan. It is no special than anything else on the internet. Not 4chan, not reddit, nothing.

People are lazy and sad. Thats why they do this. Having a real conversation even through comfy text is not something they consider.

Best bet you have is to find online games that are not fully mainstream, or if they are you need to find a guild or a nische inside them.
When you have your special corner of a game where online chats and chat groups are aviable with your character in a game then you can start having some conversations with SOME people in that nische.
And that is where you would find honest conversations.

I play a game where only some 1k players are online at peak and of those there are only a handful or more i consider of my "clan". Then of those a couple i can talk to whenever they are online about whatever I want.

And that is coming from someone who have been on the internet since 6 and im 28 now. Playing games and joining forums and chatgroups my whole life.

In special small corners of online games you will find someone to talk to. That is it.

Wish you well.

File: 1549379778911.jpg (84.49 KB, 1077x1053, 359:351, tired.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I feel so tired all the time. No matter how much sleep I get or how regular my sleep schedule is. Yes I checked for sleep apnea and any kind of deficiencies.

Coffee gives me nausea. Caffeine pills just make me anxious. I asked my doctor for Modafinil but he told me that he can only prescribe it if I literally fall asleep uncontrollably. I hope you understand that I don't know any people and I also don't feel like dealing with sketchy people online.

So what legal methods are there to make yourself more awake?
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Don't take health advice from anyone on a fucking imageboard.


Energy levels correlate with health. My guess is you masturbate and eat improper combinations and ingredients resulting in energy loss through digestive stress. Cease both immediately.


How many times do I have to say it? Quit fucking jacking off. Entirely. Quit the habit. Masturbation hurts the nerves, hence why you feel like your head is fucked, and you also have anxiety. Weakness of the nerves due to masturbation. Cease it now.


Tyrosine is ok, but that is simply masking the symptoms instead of attacking the root problem. A human should normally be awake and full of vigor.


Depends where you live. Speed can be really cheap and it will keep you geeked for 5-8 hours plus 2 hours extra of coming down


I would like to know my fellows' experience with dealing with these categories of people in your life. I've had encounters with all 4 (separate individuals) at various times in my life and found them upsetting in various ways. They've all let me down. I've never felt loved by any of them. I feel like I'm the inherent target of all of their hatred, that they all wish I was dead. I'm angry at my mother for her poor choices and not being choosier and holding higher standards. I listed in them in order of encounter. Each is more awkward than the last. Each is less sane and stable than the last. Each is more violent than the last. Each is more NPCish than the last. I feel like I get pulled into conflicts, manipulated, used as a buffer, when as the person who choose to bring them into our life, my mom should be the buffer and should not be obligating me to interact with them.
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he;s been a psycho assaulting people and robbing people and listening to nigger music since before the car accident btw. so dont go "omg poor baby, the car wreck ruined his life. be his friend ! :)" no. he's always been an 80 IQ nigger boy.

the car accident happened a year and a half ago. he was literally fleeing from police after multiple drug sales. i wish he had died but unfortunately our family has thick skulls.


dude should rot in prison tbh LOL scumbag human trash


>siblings' dads


I've only had one father and he's been mostly absent, he works the majority of the waking day even while I was younger.
We get along decently but I find him kind of annoying and boomerish.
He did fuck all for raising me(neither did my mom) but he doesn't bug me for being a neet so I guess I can't complain.
I have a brother with schizophrenia and brain damage, he's a handful and he just bothers me.

I feel like being raised with no real attention paid to me from family and no friends made me into the hermit and I guess
I don't mind. But once my dad retires or dies im probably going to have to commit suicide.


Boomer as hell but what this guy says does seem to fit what I observed myself growing up in the 90s in a not so great area. I was lucky in that my father was mostly decent and made a effort to stay in my life after the divorce but all around me I saw families and our community fall apart and how bad it fucked up so many young guys.

File: 1568528484702.jpg (175.56 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Ireland.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.

adding some text for character limit


Moved to >>>/b/389553.


I understand that expressing one's disdain for memes is perhaps a highly peculiar thing to be doing on somewhere like an imageboard, which is completely antithetical to the whole experience, but hear me out for a second. You'd most definitely see a greater variety of thought provoking or genuinely funny memes (more OC too) thereby making the signal to noise ratio relatively high. But, in my view atleast, this has led to an incubation of a progressively elitist culture in various parts of the internet. This whole notion of "I know this funi imag and you dont!!" is propagated everywhere, from imageboards to fucking reddit. It's no longer a form of "art" like it used to be (in the sense that you could have a single image sum up an incredibly complex societal issue), but rather an "oopsie" (or whatever kids call it these days) that some faggot with millions of subscribers on youtube made (pewdiepie, however good a person he may be, is a perfect exemplification of this). More importantly, its the newest form of social signalling, and its prevalent absolutely everywhere on the internet, the blatantly contrarian or edgy for the sake of being edgy memes given the most priority.

It's most akin to the downfall of universities and academia as a whole. 30-40 years ago, universities truly were a place where one could educate themselves and feel comfortable in doing so in any school. Now it's all about where specifically you went, what sort of degrees you were doing (whether you enjoy it or not is irrelevant), etc. It's only purpose really is limited to social signalling now. If you want to educate yourself, you can do so off the internet very easily (like that dude who taught himself the MIT Computer Science & EE course in a year off the internet, OSSU, et al).
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Agreed, but that wasn't what I wrote. Care to develop that point a little?

Were you the one shitposting earlier? I thought it was funny. What made you so upset?

Why do you let it bother you? I'm curious, >>160099 asked OP the same question and didn't get a proper response.


I've never much liked memes because they're just short term entertainment at the cost of long term quality. People find memes funny and spam them which in turn destroys the noise to signal ratio. Most communication is sub intelligent by nature and memes just push that to the extreme.


>Why do you let it bother you? I'm curious, >>160099 asked OP the same question and didn't get a proper response.

OP here, sorry if you felt my previous response wasn't sufficient, I'll try to reiterate what I meant.

Why do I care so much? Well the answer is quite trivial, the internet has become my source of entertainment, information and "refuge" so to speak, and honestly I don't think it'd be far fetched to compare my thoughts about the internet the same way an animal thinks and cares for his territory, an almost primal instinct. I don't share the same level of complacency and general indifference toward a construct I have interacted with extensively for the vast majority of my life that you may have. I'm assuming everyone here knows about the "eternal september", because that phrase gets dropped around this site very frequently, but as a consequence of the increasingly trivial nature of technology and the lower barrier to entry I feel the internet as a whole is nearing peak degeneracy. The previous generation always thinks of the next as less intelligent, sophisticated and cultured. But only a fool can disagree with such a sentiment now, we can genuinely see a massive difference between people like us and the young of today. A decade ago, only the outcasts had the time and dedication to access and use the internet frequently (given the substantially higher barrier to entry as previously mentioned), because they were desperate to find an aggregate of like-minded people, and not the cesspit that was the real world and the associated social minutia.

Now any child can hop on their Samcuck or iJew devices, open up a botnet like chrome and search up whatever regressive and degenerate shit catered specifically for them. And I'm not only talking about memes. Mainstream social media has fucked us all, and this shit seeps out everywhere. From virtually every online game to even this site. They've already taken over 4chan years ago in their attempt to find garbage to put on r/greentexts, xD! Teenage succubi can send titty pics from the comfort of their bedroom. And all 30 year old succubi need to do to is turn on a webcam and stream minecraft, exposing their breasts very slightly and voila. They'll have hundreds ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


OP I agree with everything you're said so far. We live in the society of the spectacle. I think a better way to look at it is that the internet going to shit; it can motivate you to pick up hobbies. I've started painting and reading a lot. Maybe try to find new forms of escapism? Just a thought


nothing in life just happens, nothing is inevitable. It is all a reaction and someone can subvert it if they try hard enough.

File: 1567455587468.webm (3.3 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 25c216cfafe7aebd4208d0b81….webm) ImgOps iqdb


I really miss being a kid, lads. I'm a bit of an oldfag and grew up before the internet and smartphones dominated our lives and I just have feels when I think of the innocence and optimism that will never, ever return to me.

Tell me about your childhood lad.
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Things are really fast moving these days, if you arent on board with it then prepared to be an outdated model.


i look the same what the fuck?


me too, truwiz genes restrict chin development


i require further explanation


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