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Have any /wiz/ards spent time and effort and gotten fit? Has it changed your mental outlook at all?
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>I don't like the reality that I'm a loser and don't want to work towards being energetic, so I tell myself "I'm old" and "they're young"
Lol just fucking kill yourself in the kys machines europoor, your life in this frame of view is only going to get worse and worse jej. You literally work as a man who is paid to get better at social skills, even though people treat it like some one-liner gig. You probably make much more than I do because you aren't as racist or unhinged, and yet you have mild physical and serious psychological issues stemming from the results of "self love" and all it's wonderful side effects. Just stop eating and drink plenty of water, it's that fucking easy fatty.


Wtf are you even talking about, also you can build a shitload of muscles with calisthenics if you do it right unless you have a serious testosterone inefficiency or something like that. Do shaolin monks lift weights in a fancy gym faggot? Are guys like non-heavyweight boxers girly men because they are not as buff as rich piana faggot?

I can tell that you don't know shit about anything and you just live in some weird fantasy in which testosterone will suddenly cure your faggotry, go suck a bodybuilders cock if you worship that shit so much.


Not exactly /fit/ yet, but I've lost about 23 kgs since April with Intermittent Fasting + Keto following Dr. Fung's advice (video related). Went from size XXL to Medium/Small. It did wonders for my self-esteem and I've noticed improvements in other areas of my life because it made me understand that I can do something and reach a goal if I really put my mind to it and focus on the big picture and the long-term instead of fretting about the apparent lack of improvement in the short and medium term. Now I understand that to reach any goal that requires consistent effort I just have to embrace the inevitable period of pain and mediocrity that precedes success. I am also a bit more comfortable going out, less self-conscious about people staring at my fat ass and making fun of me.

I need to lose an extra ~10 Kg to reach my ideal weight and then I'll probably try to gain some muscle mass. But for now I'm just focused on shedding the fat.


>a real gym would cost $5,000 at least.
False, all you need is a Squat Rack/Power Cage or Barbell Rack, a bench, a couple of barbells and weights. Forget all the machines etc. You can have a fully functional home gym for $600, more or less. That's what I did so I can speak from experience.
A Squat Rack/Power Cage will cost you about $200/300 new, $150 used. A Barbell Rack is a smaller version without the safety bars and will cost you $100/150 new. You can also build one yourself with wood and spend like $50.
A barbell will cost you $40.
Weight plates can be made with concrete and a full set will cost you about $100/150. They will not be as pretty as the metal ones but who cares?
That's it, now you have a gym.


I'm working hard every day on my fitness. Starting to see results when I look in the mirror. Now tonight I am putting a trash bag over my mirror and going up on my bench. Also practicing long walks practicing for homelessness if it comes, God willing it WON'T

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File: 1663795852373.jpg (540.73 KB, 1250x834, 625:417, Discover Lapham Peak State….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Sexually I still get erections ( I don't watch porn btw), I have a libido but I don't care for sex. But romantically… I just feel fine being alone. Like maybe it's all these years being alone made me like this but this is just how I am. I have no romantically interests whatsoever. I feel completely fine with my own company.And I feel like I never see people like me out there at all.


I don't even think I know what romance is. I am not satisfied with being my own company but I don't find other people to be proper company either so its quite a predicament.

File: 1661802296443.jpg (33.59 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 1617672925193.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do you guys handle your stress? Every time something new happens in my life and fucks up my routine I end up making costly mistakes such as breaking something expensive or almost getting fired from my job. It's been this way since I was a teenager and I'm in my 30s now. It's annoying because it ends up being a subconscious thing too. All it takes is for one major change to happen and boom, I ultimately fuck something up that I would never even imagine being able to fuck up.
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your posts on this board sound very feminine amusingly enough
did you get banned from 4chan for ranting about kikes or niggers on /fit/?


Generally trying to distract myself, I've found a couple better ways to deal with stress now though.

Limiting bad food sugar/caffine/alcohol etc. Pretty sure I found some foods I have a kind of allergy to as well cutting those out have helped I think.

Hot baths to get sauna effects, try to get body temp to 101.3f after seeing reference to this
In a randomized, double-blind study of 30 healthy adults diagnosed with depression, participants who were exposed to a single session of whole-body hyperthermia in which core body temperature was elevated to 38.5°C (101.3°F) experienced an acute antidepressant effect that was apparent within a week of treatment and persisted for six weeks after treatment.
I find myself pretty calm for the next couple days at least, super calm right after even if i'm crazy on edge before and nice to listen to a podcast or something during.

Have a nice park I can go on a walk in nearby, if the weather isn't great I don't see anyone. Try to go everyday to keep my sleep regular, and also generally trying to keep a consistent sleep schedule/general daily routine like reading. Every morning I try to wake up at 6, have coffee, if I have energy to read, if not play jrpgs. Has helped be more consistent having fallbacks like that.

Removing stressors, anything with an algorithmic feed like youtube/twitter is designed to agitate you and keep you on edge, I used to try to be in online communities like on discord but those just do it as well. The way I think about that is anything demanding my focus when I'm doing other stuff, if you have the desire to check something that distracts you from other things it's probably bad and making you more anxious.

Journaling can also be useful to organize my thoughts and make them less overwhelming though I've stopped doing that and probably need to get back to it.


File: 1663414869716.jpg (166.55 KB, 728x1029, 104:147, 19.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>you're like feminine or something
>is it because you frequent /fit/ and are racist/antisemetic?
Sure, I hate all literal and metaphorical faggots because I am a little girly boy with man-tits who takes it up the ass; much in the same way that all arachnophobes are quite literally themselves spider-controlled husks of what once were human. It's true, I've both seen and felt it to be true. I've met very many top government officials who fall into this category in fact; those that haven't been taken control of by reptilian and lyran entities respectively. Your post has only further exposed the essence of what I truly am, and I'm ashamed to even show my manga picture face here any longer.
For me, all social media dopaminergic feedback loops were the main "trigger", along with some video games which hyjack the part of my mind associated with self-growth as a person. This post made it more obvious; pisscord and even simply bringing your internet phone to work can wreak detrimental effects on the human psyche, not to mention on 4-6 hours of sleep for example.


File: 1663637904356.png (790.71 KB, 716x1085, 716:1085, 512312622.png) ImgOps iqdb


>if you have the desire to check something that distracts you from other things it's probably bad and making you more anxious

Imageboards are like this too. I want to get down to 1-2 times a day checking the board.


I do this too. Get back into it, it's fun! Try dream journalling too

File: 1638417586045.jpg (133.9 KB, 466x1306, 233:653, 1582577647828.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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after recently discovering that this disorder existed and just so happened to exactly describe the hell I've been living in. I began to wonder if any other wizards are suffering from this as well.

furthermore, if any of you do suffer from this I want to know how you deal with it?

>inb4 hurr schizo tread hahaha.

just for the record (and anyone who does not know), schizoid personality disorder is nothing like schizophrenia, no voices, no hallucinations, nothing like that.
the disorder causes a person to withdraw from life via the usage of maladaptive daydreaming, normally leaving them as a husk of a person.
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Checking in.

Got diagnosed at 15. At this time my parents couldn't understand why I didn't show any display of affection towards family members or friends. I was not resenting then and there was nothing wrong. Precisely, I felt nothing for them. I didn't wish them harm but I didn't want to be around them either. Being skyizioid is basically seeing people as objects. You may like some for their usefulness, aesthetics or simply out of habit, but you do not get attached to them in a emotional way.

I don't have trouble making friends but keeping them is almost impossible because I do not feel the need for interaction. I never text, never initiate contact and feel extremely disturbed if they call or invite me somewhere when I didn't plan for it. I also don't care about their problems and emotions and can't relate when they try to get sympathy. The most difficult aspect of being schizoid is not being alone or not feeling anything, it is seeing people around you being hurt by what you are and not understanding why.

It was especially hard with my mom. Sometimes she cried when I told her I didn't care about anyone (which I shouldn't have done, but I was young…) and she sees that I respect and like her out of gratitude and habit, but I don't feel anything more.

To me, this a blessing. It negates the effects of loneliness to a great extent and keeps me from being too depressed by wizardhood. I have a theory that SPD is in fact a coping mechanism for the brain for lonely people. I've read that it can come from negative reinforcement during childhood if social interactions are perceived as undesirable for various reasons (abuse, neglect, bullying, betrayal…). I don't really fit this profile but I find it interesting.


Your description sounds more like psychopathy to me, since you seem to lack empathy


Schizoidism would be God Tier if I could enjoy myself. It would be the highest form of the ascetic lifestyle.


No. Psycopathy includes lack of guilt and self-preservation instinct, impulsiveness and is often associated with self-destructive or harmful behavior. SPD is not.

A psychopath may want to harm someone and feel fun/pleasure in doing so. A schizoid wouldn't because he wouldn't get a reward from it. Although I could argue that schizoids may make excellent executioners or hitmen because of their lack of empathy.


I've never been diagnosed with anything, but I can relate to everything you've said. I can't ever see myself making friends and having to interact with them daily for years.
I wasn't like this from the start though, at age 10-12 I had to spend months at a time trapped in my house, I would speak less than 10 sentences a day when I wasn't, mostly relying on nodding and shaking my head to get my point across, I got dragged to several psychiatrists and was humiliated on a daily basis for years, to the point I was thinking of killing myself every day from the humiliation alone. Then at age 14-15, when the trauma had properly sunk in, I just completely stopped giving a shit what people think and lost my social anxiety simultaneously, and I have not once tried to initiate social contact willingly since then.

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File: 1661118915140.jpeg (19.3 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I've been using english speaking internet sites since 11 years already, im 29. My main language is spanish, and to navigate english based internet was certainly an advantage. The problem is that i've became disappointed and tired with the english speaking crowd, its really difficult to find communities that are not conditioned by anglo culture, and all the things that encompasses (consumerism, ruthless competitiveness, hollywood-style pretentions, politics, virgin hate, etc).

I want to explore new horizonts. I want to learn a language that lets me find more wizard communities or navigating sites that are more aligned with the wizard philosophy. From what i know at the moment, finland can be sort of there.

If you are a non-american wizard, do you think your country has internet communities that have better discourse than english ones, or even more wizardlike sites? And if not, which countries do you think are the closest?
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Learn Japanese, I don't know about wizard communities but it still has far more communities that a wizard would like than any other language.
>do you think your country has internet communities that have better discourse than english ones
Fuck no, 99% of Turks on the internet are teen retards who spout reddit memes or literal children, the remaining 1% are 30something year olds who beat and rape their mother and spend their day fucking around on the net all the time. I'm literally the only semi-sane Turk on the net.


I will be learning german and finnish. Nice places.


>If you are a non-american wizard, do you think your country has internet communities that have better discourse than english ones, or even more wizardlike sites?
none, maybe some niche board but there's no popular one, and that's why i like western internet more, because there's couple of website where i can be accepted as mentally ill loser.
browsing western internet is best cope i've ever had, there's almost nothing that remind me of real life stuffs here(i'm from japan by the way)


How different is Eastern internet to its Western counterpart?



Isnt 2chan closer to wizchan than 4chan?

File: 1653776670738.jpg (54.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


We were rejected by society
No one took us seriously
Invading our soul with humiliation
Hitting us harder than any kind of pain
They even tried to changed us
Religion, meds, "morality", propaganda
And even if they did, the truth is
we are and always will be
And as one, I may do my true purpose someday
Thought I would kill myself
I had enough of clowns in this world
I decided I should inflict my suffering on others
They'll get what they deserve
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he had some nice philosophy videos on youtube i remember watching 5-6 years ago. idk how he became the manbaby intellectual pseudofather figure for so many people and started giving out so much life advice


This guy looks like a Jew, not a muslim.


They all look the same.


I get the feeling the people around here just hate peterson because he's popular which makes the lot of you annoying hipsters. Or if any of his ideas are brought up its as a ridiculous caricature that shows the poster actually doesn't understand anything peterson said. like 'wash ur penis.'

kidiots and neckbeards seem to excel at attacking people's credibility because they're not smart enough to attack their ideas. peterson himself points out how retarded this general attitude is. he said: 'imagine you read a book by […] and find something you dont like in it. you dont throw out the book. you learn what you can. its […] (referring to a great philosopher.)' this is the kind of low iq thinking you see on image boards though. 'i can't take that persons ideas seriously because they're a […] they believe […]' the list goes on. just shows you're a moron tbh.


Why should I try to scavenge the few reasonable things he (may have) said out of his billions of shitty monetized youtube videos when I can just do literally anything else? It's a waste of fucking time listening to vaguely "right-wing" self-help teachers when I could be reading an actual book instead. And the only one's who even need to be told shit like "clean your room" are literal children.


I am curious about the things you guys would change in your life if you could. I had a relatively shit start in life. Poverty, family drama. It left me fucked up. and even in my 20's and late teens I just felt old. I am in my 30's now and feel really old lol. I never got to go to college because I never had the time or money. I have just held down a series of low wage jobs. If I could change anything it would be to go to college and get a decent job.
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I would change it so that I was not born at all.
If that doesn't work as a valid answer, then I guess I would change my parents so that they aren't literal subhumans. I was locked up home everyday until 11(save for school) and suffered hallucinations, had imaginary friends, constantly felt like somebody's watching me, etc. and lost all social ability because of their incompetence. Were it not for them I would have just been yet another normalfag though, so maybe it's best this way.


Not being fat as a kid. I would maybe have come out normally if it weren’t for that.


If I have to have a job I wish I at least had some goals and took some enjoyment from it. It's sad to think most of my life is devoted to what is essentially feels like a total waste of my time. If I was invested in my work I'd be so much better off both mentally and financially.


I would choose to get more enjoyment out of things.


OP if I were you I would move in back with your parents and then learn a useful skill to make more cash. Possibly an apprenticeship or something like that. IDK your situation though - might not be possible.

File: 1657124525434.png (89.35 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1594607101986.png) ImgOps iqdb


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File: 1662880256082.jpg (42.31 KB, 652x425, 652:425, existential risks.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


We're somewhere inbetween the indefinitely long torture of all humans/sentient life stage right now.


File: 1626873155918.jpg (224.17 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, daria-watching-recommendat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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It's horrible to see how everyone fawns over-educated academics and their titles, thinking education means one is intelligent, mature and wise.I got to know a professor of literature on /lit/ and he was just your basic, entitled, tantruming 4chan poster with little insight on human life beyond his own experience. This opened my eyes.Doctors are the worst. They worship succubi and get all the glory in society, but the hidden truth is that med students are the biggest party animals and worst turbo normies. They enroll in med school to get status money and pussy. That pretty much says all about their character. Smarter people choose math and physics. But not even a degree in physics guarantees you're an actual seeker of truth. I'm actually an ex physics student so please take that into consideration before you think it's clever to mention Dunning-Kruger.

I'm not posting this out of arrogance or a false sense of superiority I actually think I'm some sort of a brainlet That's exactly what makes me sad beyond words to see that everyone I've ever respected turns out to be more emotional and more prone to logical fallacies than me. It's like there's no hope. All my life I've wanted humans to be smart so bad Only people who have almost died seem to have grasped actual wisdom Education has nothing to do with it.

As a Wiz. do you think you're smarter than the average normalfag despite not doing good at school?
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A person must have an above-average IQ to enter into the highest academic settings, such as university, where intelligence acts as a baseline minimum. That cutoff generally orbits around 110 IQ points for most university degrees. Nonetheless, it does not follow that everyone who excels at university necessarily does so due to being the most intelligent, let alone that a high IQ unconditionally translates into academic achievement. Conscientiousness, meekness, neat handwriting, emotional stability, and even a willingness to engage in "questionable" extracurricular activities outside the reach of men in general and wizards in particular all play a role.

The very graph you have uploaded shows a >130 IQ points (98th percentile) student with the same GPA as a 90 IQ points (25th percentile) one, an equivalence that doesn't shed a very positive light on the educational system's capacity to select for intelligence.


Notice how the top marks are 110 IQ? That's pretty much where the most intelligent succubi seem to cluster as they have a lower standard deviation for IQ than men.

I argue that for men, if you're getting top tier GPA score you either have Asian tiger parents that are forcing you sacrifice your life for grades, or there's likely something fundamentally wrong with you on a psychological level. Men shouldn't be happy or satisfied rote memorizing that shit pointlessly without context. The most motivated and ambitious healthy men seek mastery by actually doing things. While a succubus will rote memorize formulas and do the test, and then quickly forget everything, men will stubbornly seek out problems online and test themselves against it. Take a look at any successful man like Linus or Elon Musk, at a young age they were playing with what they learnt and had a natural curiosity. They set goals and went for them, they didn't passively do nothing but regurgitate an arbitrary curriculum.

To break into the top 90%+ grades for many subjects, you've basically got to hover around the teacher and consoom nothing but the school material on the subject. As someone who does independently learn I've been burnt by this a few times. I've noticed in a lot of places the marking schedule only accepts narrow definitions which match the marking schedule to a letter. I lost points on my essay once and got a big question mark in red when I wrote about Russia declaring peace with Germany in 1917, why did this happen? Because the school textbook on World War I didn't include that event, and the teacher herself didn't know a thing about it. It's that sort of shit that burns you if you try to independently learn.


We have to be very careful about defining "intelligence". Strictly speaking, the intelligence judgements are political rather than "natural". We assume intelligence is hereditary, which lines up with assumptions we held for a long time, but ultimately the intelligence measurements concern what is politically useful. You can have a lot of processing power, insight, and adaptability while being useless politically, and if you're not willing to play ball, your IQ score goes away. Membership in the high IQ club means you will be expected to adopt the creed of the "smarts" against the dumbs. If you don't see yourself at war with your class enemy according to the religion, you must not be "smart".

I really think humans are taught in such a maladaptive way, and humans are not in the main intellectual creatures at all. We're just smart enough to spit words out of our mouths and do a few things. The primary education method is traumatization, and we are lied to about everything education entails on purpose, so we don't learn or adapt or grow in any way like we could if we had an education plan oriented towards actual learning and development. You can even see the difference because American education is uniquely destructive compared to global norms. Education in the Soviet Union produced far better outcomes on average. This had the caveat that you had to get along with the Soviet system and its ideology, and if you were at all a mental invalid, they did not want you in their society. They put people like me to death and they will say this to your face if pressed, and they will say that this is how it should be before telling me to get the fuck out of their sight forever. That said the Soviet system didn't go out of its way to invent categories of mental defect, and made something out of relatively stupid people as you can see with Russia today. You just couldn't be markedly retarded or politically insane, basically like here but less overtly eugenicist. They couldn't afford to just destroy people the way the American system could, and that was one of the downfalls of the system. People fear and respect the terror, it's the only thing that has effectively ruled societies.

So many people think that there was a time where retards were actually tolerated. In the old days, if you were seen as retarded, you were beaten down and kept as a slave and never really allowed to enter society proper. Believing it was going to be different was the lie, though thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I find it cute that people are bragging about 110 IQ. That's basically nothing. Of course the tests are so lazily administered that they don't really test for anything. Most people act dumb because of course they don't want to give any more to this shithole society than they have to. Mostly the IQ tests turn into a just-so story to say the people who were selected because of their lineage were naturally intelligent and deserved to rule, and then they poison people and dumb down normal education enough to ensure that the prophecy becomes true. That way they can feed a slightly-better-than-substandard education to the few selected to be anything, while telling the majority of people they are retarded like Trump.


File: 1663394197768.pdf (2.37 MB, underground-history-of-ame….pdf)

I'm also going to leave this here because it's required reading if you want to talk about the American situation, or damn near close to it because I haven't found a better summary of just what this is.

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Spent the day drinking, eating pizza, and watching Battlestar Galactica.

I eagerly await the manifestation of my new powers.
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That is so fucking accurate. I've also noticed that once I hit my late twenties people stopped having patience for me when I would make mistakes or not have a certain life skill mastered. In your early 20s you think that you're as fucked as a reject in his 30s, but people assume nothing when you're single and doing something by yourself. By your late 20s is when you become the weirdo loner and it only gets worse by your 30s.


Happy birthday dear wiz.

Have some tendies on me.


good thread. i love u wizzie. have a good life.


You sound paranoid. I bet most people don't care about you at all, no offense.


don't forget companies won't hire you as you hit 30: many job offers go up to only 28 years old

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