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Look at this astroturfed band/video.

The guys are really fucking ugly and all the commenters are literally bot farms. Literally nothing on the internet is real anymore.

It's so fake and stupid. None of it is real.
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they played this song on the mutt radio stations for a while. thought it was alright.


File: 1651796999607.png (422.79 KB, 1024x331, 1024:331, bots.png) ImgOps iqdb

Depends on how sophisticated the bot is.


i used to unironically listen to kpop. i will explain for you why it's popular.

this is a form of "2D" in a sense. i usually compare it to WWE so that americans can understand.
almost all of the bands are scripted, like they literally recite lines from a script and have fake forced drama and emotional outbursts for entertainment purposes.
The ones that aren't scripted are at the very least censored so heavily that they might as well be. They have a very long list of topics that they are not allowed to discuss in any capacity. They are held to perfect Barbie doll angel standards and will be immediately terminated if they have sex, date somebody in secret, do drugs of any kind, leave the house while looking unattractive or tired etc.

Furthermore, i don't know how to say this politely, but they're one of the few media avenues in the world right now that isn't negrified. There are some bands that are full rap bands and have a black sound, but at the end of the day, the crime, filth and disgust factor of the nigger isn't present in any kpop group in the world.
The censors and sterile nature of the kpop prevents them from singing about sickening black topics and many of them value family and Christianity.

i do believe kpop really is that popular and that it isn't bots. it's because people are searching for something that isn't black and kpop is one of the few options available.


Black skin = crime, filth and disgust?


there are many elements that compose the negro, not just the color of his skin. he comes from a culture that values degeneracy and abuse. forever a contrarian to whitey he is paving his way to prison and depravity. of course it isn't some magical racial issue for why he chooses this path, but more-so a cultural and economic one.

File: 1651576647641.jpg (118.9 KB, 804x1200, 67:100, Dt1bDyeXQAA1J26.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Which countries/cities in Europe are best suited for the street bum life? There must be places where it's easier to get more money through begging, as well as free beds and food. Also places where you will be treated better by people and law enforcement. Post any information you have ITT.
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The pic is nice and all but it becomes just a cartoon when you see the tomes at his feet. The guy's a hobo and yet he manages to carry around archaic hardback tomes weighing up to 20 pounds? The artist clearly slapped some superficial icon there that breaks all the credibility to what would otherwise be a coold and perhaps original idea.


he's got a nice big prison pocket where he keeps all them books. or did you think living on the streets doesn't equal 24/7 surprise buttsecks?


If you were truly a wizard, you'd know about pocket dimension storage. Go back normgroid.


well a lot of hobos perform some kind of service for cash, and his service is raising the dead, so they are part of his hobo biz


Yes, it harms the composition of the image


how the fuck did he survive for 3 years?
expired food from dumpsters?
he found in utah
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i think i know how he survived. people like this gave him food


jesus christ you crabs really are psychopaths


How is he a wizard? He's a 19 year old.


probably older than the average wizchan user



if you are homeless dozens of people like this will give you food and supplies
especially if you look pitiful(mentally ill and look like you haven't bathed in weeks)

File: 1650841889358.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.37 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1650099147132.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


MOVIES, books and documentaries about wizardry, NEETs, and overall people that are considered loser in general.

That one that come to my mind is the forever alone trilogy.
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Bump for more recommendations


"A Certain Kind of Death"

I'm surprised that hasn't gotten posted recently. This is a wizard classic.


Bleak as fuck.


Are you new to wizardchan?

Ribbing aside, one should think about death frequently and be prepared for it. For whatever reason, I oddly didn't think of it as bleak. Maybe because it makes death feel so normal and routine that it's oddly therapeutic. The part that sticks out in my mind the most though, is when the detective is staring over this dead body, gets a call from her husband, and immediately goes into smiling "Oh, yup, I'll grab the groceries, see you!~" mode.


Only saw the movie. Really felt that bit where he's so out of it that he can't remember or really give a shit about where he parked his car.

File: 1645481499953.gif (812.32 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 1645202543015.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Does it exists a guide for a NEET or wizard life? A guide to help one maximize his well being despite being NEET or wizard? A pretty sure someone has written a guide like this.
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What sort of well being are we talking about here? Physical well being is pretty straightforward, but if you mean like fulfillment and shit, well good luck with that.


It’s pretty simple and so I’ll lay out my guide here. Have fun, stay childish, don’t concern yourself for adult things, just keep doing what you’ve always done and if you can’t handle it I’d say maybe you’re not suited to be a NEET. For example, ideally a NEET would do things like watch anime or play video games, whereas a person unsuited for NEETing would be concerned about politics, stock trading, or impressing other people in some way.


the discord is pretty dead but this is a good post


>written by a succubus?
No, the author of "How To Be Alone Forever" and its sequel explicitly states that he is a middle-aged man.


I think this video provides some good advice, not just for stay at home normies, but for homebody NEETs when it comes to managing their physical and mental health.

File: 1650475036614.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1633, 54:71, 283B00B0-EFDC-485D-ACD0-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


There is one place on this earth where our chastity is still valued. Roman Catholic and Orthodox religions still have monks. Mount Athos in Greece, an orthodox monastery, succubi are not allowed by law. I’m thinking of joining a monastery myself. I have always believed in god in some form or another but it has become clear to me now Christ and his holy mother Theokotos are the way.

My goal is to one day wear the Great Schema, pic related.
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GDP and technology are the only things that can be touched, felt and enjoyed, better than having good values in a cave

if anyone wants to live medieval values for real, the monasteries are still open


What are you talking about? There are tons of online communities that revere make chastity i.e abstaining from thottery, such as this one. Being a monk might be a good learning experience for a year or two, but fuck wasting your life like that


OK but if Catholicism accidently turns out to be true, you'll be even more damned to hell as vow-breaker than you are now


Correction, for the elite of Europe, like religious and political leaders and aristocrats. For the majority, enlightenment was very useful.

Agreed. When you don't have anything to eat or enjoy romantic concepts like morals and culture don't matter.

>if Catholicism accidently turns out to be true
Nobody has to fear that.


within 1-3 years you probably could stay in the trial period, avoid taking vows anyway and admit your uncertain, and they probably wouldn't want to push you out anyway having invested the time, and how down recruitment is now.

File: 1650993351744.jpg (63.65 KB, 900x549, 100:61, E6cOXo6VoAEI6u5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Are wizards born to become wizards or they are molded into one? Nature or nurture? Any scientific studies that point to either side?
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But think of people like Robin Williams. He killed himself, he found himself in a situation more despairing than any wiz who didn't dó it.


It’s not like he killed himself out of depression. He was terminally ill and basically euthanized himself. He had to go eventually and had an extremely full and happy life overall.


David Goggins is the ultimate outlier. Yes he had a fucked up childhood but pay attention to his story…

He had the self-awareness to realise he was a fuck up at a young age and started making changes to his life before he even left high school.

He was naturally athletic (negro genetics) and was a talented basketballer.

Joined the military as a teenager, was never a drop out or a crab of any kind.

Ended up fat by choice as he was into powerlifting and on a permabulk. He always talks as if he were some obese neckbeard loser, not the case.

His insane work ethic was instilled at a very formative age when his Dad made him work at the skating rink as a child. I'm not saying this is right but formative experiences massively shape a person.

Always had girlfriends and married a white succubus at a young age.

Like most outliers, he talks as if his achievements are purely down to the "power of the mind" and that "if I can do it, anyone can do it". The reality is that he inherited freak athletic genetics and probably a fair amount of tenacity from his sociopathic father. He is the ultimate NPC hero. It is impossible to relate to this man.


I don’t know the others but me being virgin at 29 is because of bad genetics.Low intelligence, small penis, man tits, assymetrical face,bad skin(acne scars) balding and boring personality.I have nothing attractive about me so its just nature.


>he was just fat from bulking
Oh wow, what a fucking scam artist. I never really looked into him, but I knew something about it had to be a lie.


At first, being on the internet at all was for abnormal people.
Then, it was a matter of place/topic — early (2009-2013) crypto was for abnormal people, odd single-purpose phpbb forums, 4chan to some extent.
Then there was at least programming.
Now everything feels infiltrated. NFTs and “crabs” are mentioned on SNL. Everyone is not just online, but aware of all of the subcultures and dialects and technologies that I am aware of. I can’t tell if I’ve been stagnant and just lost touch with fringe things, or if every fringe has been saturated and homogenized and disappeared.
There’s nowhere left to go.
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File: 1644064702144.jpg (17.01 KB, 327x408, 109:136, 1623548016777.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

did you make this same thread on uboachan titled "where did all of the losers go?"


not him, nor is this related to uboacan, but there is a similar thread on tohno


i was hopeful about crypto and then someone hacked my account and stole 3k worth of crypto.
coinbase probably took part in it because they locked my account(knowing that someone hacked it).
they locked it but they didn't stop the guy from selling my crypto?

this is why you should not have thousands of dollars in your account


that f2a authenticator is a piece of shit and doesn't prevent hackers from hacking your shit. it's false security


lol. Nobody is going to use a serious vulnerability to steal 3k, even if they got into the account already and saw that they wouldnt bother taking it, so you must have done something stupid

File: 1651158267514.jpg (55.98 KB, 1024x510, 512:255, 1650877059745.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Wizards that have to work, what do you do?
Is it manageable?
How do you cope with being force to wage?
Im turning 29 and have a combined barely 3 months of work experience
However I managed to somehow get an interview for a warehouse job.
Im Incredibly anxious and have no idea what to tell them


lie and say you worked reatail or something


We have a wageslave thread you know. It's on /dep/,

That said I work on a ship. It's alright work by itself, not too stressful. It does suck having to work for months at a time, but in return you get to not work for months at a time. I'm going to have to give it up soon though. It's not practical for me to rent an apartment if it is going to sit empty for consecutive months and so I live at home. But I can't fucking take living with my family so I'm looking for land jobs that will allow me to live by myself again.


Welp I will absolutely have to lie, but honestly I don't know what they do and don't check for
Do they call those companies and ask if anon worked there?
Yeah I know about the general, although I am yet to become a wageslave
My dad worked on a ship like that, 6 months in 6 months out.


Can you even pass as normal after neeting for so long? I've never had a job before either and people that interact with me think I'm mentally handicapped and don't take me seriously at all. If I had to guess what kind of job I would get if I sought one out it would probably be menial labor because I have zero social skills to do anything else


File: 1650392101463.jpg (507.37 KB, 2000x1430, 200:143, caged pie background.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I feel as though I am unable to fully communicate with human beings. When I talk to someone it just doesn't seem the same as the way I see other humans talking to each other. Like the transfer of information is more efficient between the other humans, I am lacking some kind of transmitter or wavelength, part of their speech is on some other frequency inaudible and irreproducible to me.

and when the information does get through to me, I find it was synthesized in a completely different manner. A different point of view, a different orientation and configuration. Part of me thinks this is natural, that everyone should perceive the thoughts of others as foreign because they are, but it doesn't seem to bother other people like it does me. They can still digest it as if it came to them naturally. I still can't take it apart like they can. Is it a skill? Do you learn to do it? Or is it just innate talent?

Even when I find someone who seems like me, or that they transmit on the same plane, it never is quite the same. I am posting this in /wiz/ because 1. I personally dislike /dep/ and don't find my writing to be a depressing matter and 2. I think this is why I am a wizard. This kind of wrong socket I have is what makes me unable and uninterested in relationships, and I'd like to know if others (ironically) feel the same.

Pic was a toss up between pie or furry art, unrelated.
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Is there any escape from noise?


File: 1651028287769.png (28.56 KB, 1224x1197, 136:133, 1638911180334.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Most humans have never really valued truth.
the truth of what exactly? introspecting and understanding why they are here? the reason the universe exists? if so then yeah, most normies i have encountered haven't even thought about those things and seem to dislike going deeper into the subject


>Replying with monogatari's pseudo philosophical babble.


Why don't you like monogatari's dialogue?


File: 1651085899940.png (157.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

meant to include this

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