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File: 1713234167018.mp4 (109.13 KB, 500x336, 125:84, tumblr_lyxmx7Ekip1qmpg90o1….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


why is so hard to connect with people?
everyday it seems like im different from other people, as if im in a different dimension from them. its almost like i was incompatible with them. the way they act, what they say and etc. i somehow feel close yet really distant from them.

why is that?
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I am here to support and instruct newbies. My head is actually funnier than whatever is often discussed here.


Narcissism and autism fucked up my personality now I see myself as annoying


evidently autism is probably caused by genetic alterations causing higher resting levels of glutamate
NAC, magnesium, and ALA are good bets. You'd also want to raise gaba which gotu kola can do


avoid yeasts, dairy products, processed meats, various shiddy vegetables


This might be just a wrong subconscious coding. Try gettign more annoying on purpose while reprimanding whoever calls you out for being so (at least for w while) and let's see if that self impression vanishes.

File: 1714379516103.jpeg (36.22 KB, 677x453, 677:453, images - 2024-04-29T13531….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I try not to think about them. I don't know what's inside of me, that keeps kicking me. Like I have to go out everyday, cause I can't be a NEET, so lot of my time is sadly spent out of my house, and I like nature and seeing things.

But all I see all the times are couples, get my blackpilled views vindicated, which sucks cause blackpill is killing me. It hurts knowing that you're trapped in a chain. But it hurts even more knowing that there is no prospect of losing it.

And I find it hard to hold back tears when my coworkers and trainees talk about succubi, I just feel so inferior. Years of being mogged as a child has destroyed my confidence. I want to live myself and I can't even do it.

All I do is spend most of my time in the imaginary world that I have concocted in my imagination and it's killing me. It's truly killing me. I see no meaning of life, perhaps no one.

But I see the purpose of life, which is to continue itself, every creature does it.

I hate the fact that I will never have a son, I saw a man with his son on the back of a scooter on a mountainous road. I will never be able to pass down the tenderness of the old and wise to the young and brave. I don't know why I live and what for and why seemingly everyone is out to punish me online and offline. My biology and longing for companionship is killing me. I wish I was born earlier or later when there will be Android Femoids.
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Satan wants slaves. And you disgust me with your simping


File: 1714668430047.png (105.2 KB, 550x367, 550:367, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

There's better websites than this for you to spread this rotten ideological breeder nonsense. Fucking schizo.


Are schizos breeders?
>illiterate idiocy


none of that is what schiz looks like. A schiz will misunderstand literally everything you say and can't understand metaphors. They talk in a disjointed fashion with no logical connection between paragraphs usually. I hate this LE PILLZ LE SCHIZO meme so much.


dopa excess in the pfc
>flattened effect
receptor blockade from ap's, overstimulation of d receptors causing dieoff
>disorganized thoughts/speech
again pfc
prolly overstimulation of 5ht2a, which has been damaged by excitotoxicity
>reduced speech, lack of initative
again damaged d-receptor groups

It's a disease where your basic receptors all get blown out from too much nt, and if they ever get activated again in an abnormal brain even weirder stuff happens. Not some meme poster on the internet posting about ayyys or communism


Yall are using Maya wrong. I just leaned on a mean spirited insecure high class (smokeshow tho) exes body image, and improved myself while I got a fat chick fwb. She cracked under double delusions and now is carrying my ass financially and on the couch starting the day drinking a tub of ice cream. She's gotten slow and happy with anything, esp me and stupid and almost..sometimes…

File: 1696650723926.jpg (13.17 KB, 219x172, 219:172, 1544471175788.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Did your social anxiety ever get better?

The main reason we are wizards. As kids they thought we would grow out of it. But did it ever get better for you?

it is a legit curse that i thrash against every day. But it never leaves me. I did martial arts, sports, had jobs where i basically just was just barely able to act normal enough to not break down. Anyone could take advantage of me, ruin my week with an insult and i know it and it tortures me everyday. I often wonder what faculty actually controls it. But i never find answers. I am convinced i am oppressed by god or some other universal powers that be like nature. It's ruined my life.
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>anxiety is an easily, easily treated condition
I laughed


He is just meaning for his specific example. Dont take it wholly


Actually, anxiety is unironically easily treated condition when it's not a mental illness, but just your prejudices/inexperience/fixations/delusions. Just slamming the facts in your face cures it most of the time and quickly. But if your anxiety is a [i]medical condition, my wiz, I'm sorry for you.


I see people talking about cures for it all the time. It isn't one I've particularly looked into but don't consider it a major illness


Anxiety is simply.

The price to pay for knowledge of the future.

Neuroticism today is I'm finding largely mental exhaustion.

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File: 1695501243862.jpeg (61.04 KB, 913x318, 913:318, Screenshot-2022-01-28-at-….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Junior Wiz in training here. (Interned successfully since birth for Truecel Crab Corp. Ltd.) I find myself literally unable to go through life I am in a perpetual state of rage as a man.
It's just that I find myself incredibly bitter, not happy with my career, not happy with my life, not happy with my anything at all, I am trying to self improve but still, when I see succubi getting jobs like bartending, being a flight attendant, a hotel receptionist, etc. etc. it's a big deal in my turd world shithole, which sucks as well because the audience of this website is primarily from the first world so people here don't understand what life is truly like in a shithole.

Either ways, I want to give up the desires to be with a bitch, how can I do that? Whenever I see a couple I almost end up crying, knowing that its something that is never made for me, whenever I look up the profiles of my former classmates it depresses me to no end. I hate the fact that nobody talks about the financial impact of being a ugly man, I can never have a well paying job in the service sector in this turd world shithole that I live in.

And while I am struggling to literally have enough money to feed my stomach, succubi get jobs just by existing, because of diversity and yada yada. Now, I understand that I am not entitled to anything, but the least that normie world could do is let me have a job, that gives me a sense of purpose or something.

I hate it, I am angry all the time, I can't sleep, I rage walk all night, I have destroyed my hearing by listening to loud music, I have tinnitus now. Just because I am born with inferior genetics with regards to attractiveness doesn't mean that I have to suffer. I feel like I am literally going insane, I spend a good part of my day just seething. How do I stop this? I have started to bald, and watching a video related to crabs reminds me of the tale of a man, who was crazy and homeless, I made a lot of fun of him when I was in grade 3, I now fear that I might become like him, a crazy hobo, literally mentally ill. I am terrified, angry, and incredibly sad and lonely at the same time.
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It's bullshit we have to live like this, but you'll go mad trying to change a society that refuses to the bitter end to change, because the people who benefit see no reason to ever do anything else ever again. It's not something you can struggle against with any reason or intellectual trick. The people who engineered this have more information than you on the relevant matters, because you have a life to live and the people who did this make it their career and enjoy it. It's the only thing this sick race knows how to do with any sort of efficiency, and they're still lousy at it. They only need to be better at it than us, who would rather not participate in such a shitty and pointless world.

I never said "hate 24/7 and orient your life around the assholes". Nothing about life requires us to live like this for their sake. I do hate most of my life, but I'm an unusual case where I have to. I made railing against this beast my hobby, so I enjoy the hatred. Not everyone can do that or should, and I do take breaks and find pleasant things. Hatred puts all of the good in this world in a framework that makes the good that much more for me. If I didn't hate, could I have any passion for anything? That is my weakness, though. I think most of humanity hates this shit, and the people who think this society is a viable model for anything are sick fucks who should not have been allowed to hold this authority. Eventually, they won't. The people who really rule the world use "those people" as their weapon to cull the population while they sit in their castle and get to live in relative luxury, with slaves and shit. It really is that easy "up there" and they laugh at anyone who thinks this death cult they set up for us is normal or acceptable. They laugh at you so loud that it's a wonder anyone can go on with the farce without bursting out laughing at its absurdity. I would have thought Trump was the point Americans said "seriously" and wouldn't even entertain the farce they're doing. A good number of Americans did exactly that, will tell me politics is fake and gay, and it really is. But, the tea leaves have told us something about the next shit coming down the pike, and this is intrinsically interesting for paranoid me.

As for Fight Club, it was very obviously about the author being a homofascist at heart and thinking that this was a meme to spread foPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>If being ugly is your biggest problem, then you must be smart and socially skilled already?
That really depends on how ugly you are. If you're normalfag-tier, sure you can cope by being smart or by being a clown. But if you're a walking abomination, you won't even have the chance to develop social skill and being smart won't be of much use to you. I speak from experience.


As an older wizard, I have bad news for you. It doesn't get any better with age unless you're a conformist normalfag who managed to blend in with the rest of the cattle. It gets worst actually, because you realize that your best years are behind you and all that is left is decay. If you think you're full of hatred and rage now, wait until you get older.


It does get better with age if you take the effort to integrate your experiences. I'm an older wiz and am grateful for all that life has put me through, all the external hardships, damage, learning lessons and also internal happiness and beauty. This is the only place you will find happiness. The outside world is a desert, you are the fountain.


I agree with >>217390 on ways it can be better, but I'd also say that age doesn't cure it on its own. Really comes down to finding something you actually want to do in this world. I'm angrier than ever, but I'd rather be angry and hateful than live in the trap I was in during teens, or trying to deny it like I did in my twenties. As soon as I got out of the school trap I was trying to live some sort of normal life, only to see the whole country going insane - just as I predicted would happen since I was a child, and kept asking why anyone went along with what they were doing to the country.

The way age helped me was to have a worthy target for rage, to understand better why humans turned out the way they did and how it really was their fault. We had the misfortune of living in a Nazified country where "project, project, project" was violently imposed, because they had all of this wealth accumulated by better men to loot and destroy. All of that shaming and all of the ideology exists purely as a cover for them to keep stealing everyone's shit - all of it. There's no great secret or purpose to any of it, and it was particular to our time. In another time - say I were born 30 years earlier - I would have reached middle age just as the country and the world went full Nazi insane, and would have been among those purged by the "boomer remover" trend, if I could live that long. Since I know of Boomers who knew everything they lived through was a travesty, and the worst of them prevailed, I have enough standard of comparison to know how it goes. The millennials did the same thing but much worse, just as they were trained, and like the earlier generations, the victims were made to suffer all of the costs. The aim of the looters is to tell you "this is all there can ever be", but history doesn't work the way their theories insist it does. They have to edit history to sell their idea, and when that doesn't work when people retain a few brain cells, they have to produce hitherto unknown volumes of shit, and then forcibly drug and destroy the mind to make this plunder a thing to sell. The past was hardly "good", but there were actual struggles and a concept of class mobility. By the middle of the 20th century, class mobility was effectively destroyed, and the aim of thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1703393389192.jpg (359.35 KB, 1079x814, 1079:814, 1703277512795627.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Holy shit, got this really awful epiphany in the middle of the night, I'm a 30 years old man that never had sexual experience, by now, a man at my age has like maybe 14 years of sexual experience and relationship experience under the belt. I know, sex isn't everything, but still, it dawn on me that I never had some (in theory) fundamental aspect of human experience, or something. Honestly, I just don't know if I'm either sad, mad or just don't care. Feels like a door has closed to me.
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You mean that it's a doggy-dog world?


> being gaslit since childhood about the reality of darwinistic society.
you're supposed to learn the truth by yourself, wiz.


If you haven't woken up, now's the time!


It's pretty clearly "don't care" but you haven't come to accept that so much of this shit was always a lie. For what it's worth, I've heard enough horror stories to see that "experience" isn't all that great. All of the "real sex" is in the secret societies and clubs anyway. The "normal experience" was to get the bad news that it was all a lie, and be a sucker - and then be told you were obligated to enter a fake marriage to be a wageslave, and no one was happy with any of it or got anything out of it. When there were no more jobs, because the rulers never wanted us to live, the outcome is obvious.

If you really want to "know", I can tell you - this is something I reverse engineered and a few men have told me - there is nothing you would learn at 16 that you couldn't learn at 30 or even 40. We were given this ideology which said our life had to pass by us, that we were "on rails". That "on rails" life only led to the slaughterhouse, and the people who insisted that is what we should be have laughed that they made us obey that. It's a joke to them.

The point being - I do not believe in encouraging men, but if you really want "the experience", you can go out and try to find it. You'll find "the experience" is regulation rejections, until someone takes pity on you and you get this paltry and sad thing, knowing the whole time that she's probably been to the orgies. The succubi who aren't part of that usually find a man early specifically to have an excuse to participate less / separate themselves from the entire affair. The remaining succubi are either committed to having nothing to do with men, or are retarded succubi who don't have any "experience" to give you. Most of those are afraid, and even if you did fuck them, they're retarded. You would feel icky afterwards, and she will be unhappy, and nothing good can come of that. She knows it, and if are yourself retarded, you'll know it too. It would be better to let her find happiness, and these days the "retarded" succubi are expected to fully sterilize themselves. They do a lot of hysterectomies, and birth control is straight up chemical castration and practically mandated. They push the injections which last years very aggressively, basically treating the succubi they threw away like sex offenders. That's the sort of "experience" you'd get. There's nothing good there.

If you are Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Poor thing if you allow succubi making you regret what you are just because you did not fulfill their standards.

They rule you.

File: 1705533702116.gif (8.41 MB, 424x498, 212:249, 1704402048282.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone here did a welfaremaxxing and now are living the good life away from being a wagie?
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Not sure what you meant with that, but I can conceive of wizards living pretty much anywhere. Anyways, I'm quite used to people not even knowing this little country exists.


that sounds really grim so what are you planning on doing now? Do you live with your parents?


File: 1714593212009.png (2.71 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lucky first world fuckers. I wish I could live comfy by leeching off the government.


Yes, I live with my elderly mother, I don’t know what to do. I really try not to think about it. The funny thing is that it is very difficult for me to find a job. If I find her, her salary will be 250, at best 300 dollars. And it will be very hard physical work, like unloading cars with coal with shovels.
I meant that there are people who live and enjoy life. And there are people like me who simply exist in the circle of hell

File: 1713958981525.jpg (49.84 KB, 560x701, 560:701, 1593975520_082895_15939764….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


There is a lot of talk here about what normality is, about how normal people live, and all that, and the reality is that normal people are mired in miserable jobs, immersed in a fictitious reality and completely consumed by social networks, where They are told how they should behave, what they should yearn for, and what trend they should follow, completely dominated by hedonistic pleasures such as masturbation through pornography, which is becoming more and more degenerate. In the best of cases they will have sex, but not before dealing with imposed insecurities such as penis size, height, appearance or money. And all this without talking about social shit, where false friendships, deception, and increasingly worse communication due to social networks, is the daily bread, completely destroying the sense of camaraderie, and self-love. since the normie prefers to always be in company, no matter how bad it may be, rather than being alone.
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Is that just a photo you took of some other Indian guy? What is it relevancy to the thread?


File: 1714058445990.jpg (25.79 KB, 400x628, 100:157, 9d97hcg4bh921 (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Latin normie is a happy, violent, and good-natured being. The Yankee normie is immersed in drugs, junk food, and the internet, who hates everything and everyone.


Plz lurk more imageboards boomer


God bless and assist you inside this crapsack world and whatever comes further. Stay safe


>if you don't agree with my (insert le perfect ideology here) you bad

some crabby wizzies cope with spirituality (self-deception) and expect other wizards to do same thing. and if they detect slightly materialist wiz, they squirt shit all over the place. just don't give a f.

File: 1711665643431.png (470.6 KB, 605x567, 605:567, Cute Jell-O.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


I realized that having a lot of experience with succubi, having succubi pine after you, and sexual experience simply isn't a true reflection of your character, but something society constantly tells you is. Life can just be that unfair and that's ok. Some people just have that come constantly without any effort. Some people claw at the chance of a relationship their whole lives. I have found comfort in realizing that I can do the best for myself, work on my own personal interests and endeavors, and still be a kind person regardless of what everyone else says I should be.


✅ Wizardly


And they will hate you for not selling your soul to their idiocies and manias, indeed.
>your journey has not even started there


huh. never thought of it that way…


I've reached a part in my meditation where I'm found having conversations with beings but everything is such a blur that it's difficult to get details on them or what happened. On one of my shifts at work I took a small nap on my desk having a conversation with a being in my half baked dream, it was the most I've felt connected to anyone, by the way it was going it was as if I was somewhat more well spoken but after I woke up, there were parts of that could be remembered but it was gibberish non sense/remember it differently Or I forget it entirely. I get god doesn't discriminate but is it possible our build keeps us away from being connected. I'm not smart, and have bad memories.


god doesn't exist…yet


This is a big warning sign and I recommend you stop whatever you are taking that agonizes the 5ht2a receptor. Dreams are just in your head, I've been completely lucid in them and proven it over and over. They're not real


Do you wish to reach lucid dreaming to just to remember dreams? It's said that making efforts for the second ting is a step to the first


Take galantamine if you want to lucid dream


There is no "god" in the sense of an all-powerful oneness. Any such entity, even as a metaphor, would be inherently Satan, false, and a way to destroy the mind.

You might talk to a "god" of some sort, but such entities are not what any religion purports them to be. They don't exist as anything like us with a mind or will, and so they're not going to give you words to tell you what to think. Again, that sort of thing is Satanic. Such "gods" are stand-ins for human aristocracy.

I'm guessing you have invented entities to talk to in your meditations and time apart from the world because this substitutes for dialogue to understand the world, and refines your understanding in some way. I had to do this because I was locked out of any friendship for a long time. I could only have sporadic conversations with others, and I had to do something to practice how to talk/write since they were making me "autistic" and insisted I had to be ground down and destroyed. They don't want us to have anything. I was luckier than many, but not lucky enough to break free from the beast and become valid. No one survives that without being scarred forever.

You shouldn't see those "conversations" as something other than what they are. It's a way to integrate knowledge of a world that has been stripped away from us, where we know we need to communicate with other humans to survive but have been locked out. This is different from how earlier societies understood "god" to exist. For the most part, common people never had any reason to believe in "gods", and common people always rejected mass religion in their true thoughts. They were forced under threat of death to pray to the right god, and for most of history, fealty to the "gods" was an act of obedience to the state.


What strikes me the most is those rats who gave up on female rats and take care of themselves only. this is clearly us, wizards.


File: 1714428337237.jpg (111.33 KB, 750x649, 750:649, wizpost - cheese.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

While I appreciate your intent for us, still being demotivated myself by this data being ignored by so many people out even if it is a plain replica of what's happening to us.

>oh yeah muh welfare state

>why wanna live in the woods?
>you must still pay taxes
>you need to likable as a vendor or rather wagecucked to have the money required
>it's not that hard anon
>you do not work because you don't want

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