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Wizards or apprentices still living with your parents, this is our thread.

How's your life situation? Do you have a job yet are unable to move out for some reason? Are you like me and been sitting on that college diploma for a year already trying to dodge the "when are you going to get a job" questions?
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They might lack money but they probably have friends or they have good interpersonal skills which gives them the ability to find places to crash, work part-time jobs and generally survive. In succubi's case, they'll just live with their partner.

The average person is capable of being on his own at 18. They might not have the best life, but they'll always be able to find shitty cheap places to live and shitty jobs to work. The one thing that can hinder you in this is the lack of interpersonal skills and lack of any social capital i.e. people you can rely on, which is usually the case for wizards.


normalfags are crazy psychopaths, they find ways to make money no matter what


>They want to move to the countryside and my dad even proposed to me to live with them and take care of the house, animals and possibly guests.
Thats sounds kinda great except for the guests part. Why "grow up" if you can sustain yourself like that, I dont know if you have siblings but if you are dependent on that little farm I sure your parents will inherit it to you.

Dont feel stupid living like that, thats what the majority of people in history lived like. Wagecucking is no virtue and you shouldnt look up to normalfags. You could even make it your normalfag killing farm with pigs after you parents die.

I dont know, this doesnt do it to me. Why am I not able to find some cheap entry job or a place I could afford?


also they take huge loans and spend 4 or 5 years in college without worrying about money



For third world people there is only two options for young wizard apprentices: study to be a military or study to begin a civil servant. Is almost impossible to someone without social skills leave parents home with 18 yo in third world countries because you will end up living at slums, ghettos or if you are a Brazilian like myself you will end up living inside a favela full of drug lords.
I think is easier for people in first world countries find a burger flipper job that you make money enough to pay the rent, but here in Brazil is impossible rent if you don't make about three times the value of the rent and have two guarantors that have a home totally paid.

I have 32 yo and have almost zero social skills, never had a bank account, still living with mom and I think when I finally have money, a bank account and money enough to leave mom's home I will be a 38 ~40 yo man. I truly envy how things are a little bit in first world countries, but I recognize that our suffering, the wizard suffering is the same and worldwide.


These are the three likely choices for most wizards if they can no longer be wizards or neets due to whatever circumstances brought upon them, which one do you choose and why? There are exceptions like inheritance, welfare and being rich though.
1: Wageslaving and being forced to interact with normies and living in a cheap, possibly shitty apartment for the rest of your days.
2: Packing up your belongings and living in a van or braving the unknowns and going with what you may or may not know as a homeless person.
Or 3: Suicide, simple as that.
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Please leave, groid


is the only option


But why? Just watching how apes turn out through the internet is funny


I work part time and it's still not enough unless you saved for a very long time which is what I'm planning on doing. It's easy as I'm not interested in much unless say my PC breaks down and I need new parts setting me back a bit. But anything can go south at any time in life, maybe your parents have issues or you have a major health problem that just be pushed under till even later in life. There's always that lingering "what if this or that happens?" doubt in my head that we never have as much time as we think.


The good news is I finally succeeded in the first one (after what? Five years?)

The bad news is, throughout those 5 years, I failed in the last 2..



>Of course the implied comparison with Christianity can only be taken so far. Christians are generally expected to humble themselves before their God, while believers in progress like to imagine that humanity will become God or, as in this case, be able to pat God fondly on the head and say, “That’s my kid.” More broadly, those of my readers who were paying attention last week will notice that the horrible fate that awaits the sinful is simply that nature will be allowed to go her own way, while the salvation awaiting the righteous is more or less the ability to browbeat nature into doing what they think she ought to do—or rather, what Bardi’s hypothesized New Intelligence, whose interests are assumed to be compatible with those of humanity, thinks she ought to do.

>There’s plenty that could be said about the biophobia—the stark shivering dread of life’s normal and healthy ripening toward death—that pervades this kind of thinking, but that’s a subject for another post. Here I’d like to take another path. Once the notions of perpetual progress and imminent apocalypse are seen as industrial society’s traditional folk mythologies, rather than meaningful resources for making predictions about the future, and known details about ecology, evolution, and astrophysics are used in their place to fill out the story, the next ten billion years looks very different from either of Bardi’s scenarios. Here’s my version or, if you will, my vision.

I had recently found out about this story and this blog through obscure forums. Even through the writer of this blog has been indulging in occult bullshit recently, his blogs provides one of the most reasonable and realistic portrayal of the collapse while being grounded on history and reason. This story is also few of the stories that actually understands Cosmicism instead of falling into nihilism and defeatism which is why I found it standing out from other stories with a similar theme.


Thanks for the link. That was an interesting read. Will explore the rest of his stuff soon.


>Ten years from now
>A hundred years from now
wish there was something in-between


No problem. I thought that the main demographic of wizchan would love these stories.


Yeah but this story is sort of a parody of another story.

File: 1562347436503.png (217.54 KB, 1242x643, 1242:643, invention_process.png) ImgOps iqdb


Throughout the vast majority of history, as a species we have simply existed like other animals. Eat, breed, survive. Norma. Then came religion and philosophy, which dictated how to live. It regulated social relations and explained the unexplained, but it was still about survival.

However, somewhere at the end of the Middle Ages a different approach to improvement began to emerge in Western Europe. Not to survive, but to improve, to check. Change for the sake of change, not necessarily. This new way of thinking developed slowly and exploded with all its might in the 19th century. Eccentric people, inventors, crazy people discovering something became "pop stars". Inventing and discovering became fashionable. This lasted until the middle of the 20th century and became commonplace.

In my opinion, inventiveness is not fashionable nowadays but only desirable to satisfy consumers, so in part we return to thinking from before this revolution only at a different level. We expect that there will be inventions, but the people who design them are not famous, and these are just another anonymous work that we do not worship but demand.
Admittedly, there are universities, pop culture productions promoting slogans: "all the time forward", "don't give up", "it's up to you", "you make your way", but how many people listen to them?
There is no longer such pressure on these slogans and I am afraid that we are entering another period of stagnation, so much so that at a higher level of development, which in turn is more difficult to maintain in the case of "misfortune".

What do you think about the present imperative of the progress that our civilization has made. Why was it possible to create it? What do you see its origins in? Is it really burning itself out or has it just changed its form? And if not, how far will we go with the fumes?
Or do you think that it is a feature of our species and we were condemned to technical development?
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Exactly, society is inefficient. With the technology and automation we already have, we could probably give every citizen their own house and free food, literally. Instead you have individuals sitting on billions of dollars, which is totally absurd and ridiculous. No one deserves that kind of money unless they have cured cancer and aids. As a matter of fact, most billionaires probably deserve to have a bucket of acid poured over their heads, as all they've done to get rich is finding a way to take a larger piece of the cake for themselves. They haven't created this value out of thin air, they have re-distributed wealth into their own hands.

Why are worthless athletes worshipped in society, why do we encourage sports and pour billions of taxpayer money into sports infrastructure? Whether team X or Y wins is a bucnh of irrelevant crap. We should be worshipping intellecutals and encouraging science instead. Imagine how much the lives of normal people would improve if this change took place. Instead we worship worthless cunts doing a pointless activity. What good does that do for me and you?

I mean, society is just crap. You hear about progress this and that, but we still live in a pile of shit anyway. Nothing good will probably ever happen, this species is just too retarded and doomed to fail.


>Instead you have individuals sitting on billions of dollars, which is totally absurd and ridiculous.
Most of that money is completely fake though, and is driven by astronomical amount of debt, accounting trickery, and assets inflation. While the social and political power they derive from the massive amount of money out there is very real, they can't actually use it to do real material stuff, without causing Zimbabwe level of inflation and destroying the economy.


no colonies left to exploit


File: 1562987417183.jpg (20.91 KB, 480x357, 160:119, Homerclones.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> worthless athletes worshipped in society, why do we encourage sports and pour billions of taxpayer money into sports infrastructure? Whether team X or Y wins is a bucnh of irrelevant crap. We should be worshipping intellecutals and encouraging science instead

Not that I disagree on an ideological level, but this is the type of 2deep4me "i love science" crap that I (used to) see 15 year olds re-posting all the time.

Sports are worshipped because that's what appeals to the lowest common denominator. It's entertaining, it's physical, it's social. The world isn't full of Einsteins or Teslas, it's full of Homers. Homer doesn't care about science. If "science and math" were to become celebrated and monetized to the same degree as sports, that would mean majorly dumbing them down and ornamenting them to make them more accessible. This is (I hear and intuit) already the case in programming due to the coding-meme.

Furthermore, the types of people who spend their lives researching and advancing science, unlike sports Chads, aren't the types of people who want to be adulated by the masses to begin with - which is for the better. Unless you want to see more phoney pompous charlatan "science celebs" like Elon Musk or Bill Nye running around, cashing in on their twitter fame. Is that what you'd like?

There's nothing wrong with scienes being a marginal interest of the masses, the degree and type of intelligence required to access interest and focus in it is a necessary and well-placed barrier-to-entry. I think it's just a matter of to each their own, and water tends to find it's own level.


File: 1563628970108.gif (1.54 MB, 300x225, 4:3, my reaction.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I think I'm too stupid to understand the scheme on your picture.

File: 1552004215208.jpg (1.21 MB, 1280x853, 1280:853, cyberpunk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Post your current worldview…

1. There is no free will anyway.
2. There is no hope to survive for a lot time (anti-aging is a meme).
3. It's really hard to get a career or a good job now, still no confidence to keep own job position in the future (even if you are skilled).

So, I just live own life each day and I don't care about anything. No ambitions, no wife\children. I play games, watch movies, code some stuff, drink, live as I want.

What is about your worldview?
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File: 1562876863669.png (316.15 KB, 670x330, 67:33, 1562765867418.png) ImgOps iqdb

You rely on projections and assumptions way too much.


It is the literal truth. The anti-natalist 'true' wizard hates his own life but doesn't have the courage to change it or end it. Therefore he comes here and shitposts about the value of anti-natalism. By the way, using the word 'projection' in your post isn't an actual argument.


My world view is this:

People need to prove they understand an academic to the researchers of that field.

Neuroscience did not very well define intelligence and anyone claiming to be superior is not and probably never opened any academic reading.

People that are suffering and desperate lie to themselves and everyone else.

Overall research and strive for awareness makes what is meaningful and factually doable more valuable than happiness, but being helthy is better.

Personal belief is more like music, you tell yourself soothing things.
You never rely on it for action when necessary things are needed.

For instance you all write through technology admitting its existance.

It means you either admit science in your believes or you do not act upon them when replying :)


An academic standard* whoops


File: 1546922797455.jpg (113.07 KB, 1280x824, 160:103, 79d7b517aa346c04650a05d25d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Part of the reason why I have avoided real life social interaction is my disdain for how people seek validation and acceptance from each other. They bully, brownnose, backstab, and make a whole circus performance to get other people to acknowledge them. I hate that and I want to be free from that so I stay away from them, social validation is a weakness that'll make you suffer when you don't have it and make you a jester slave in fervent pursuit of it in stead of something more meaningful. However, my natural social instinct always bring me to an alternative form of social groups, anime subculture, meme subculture, and now wizchan. But even that is starting to bother me. Even on wizcan there are many qualities of real life interaction that repulse me, the scramble for hierarchy, validation, and ego when neet wizards, wageslave wizards, uni wizards, political wizards, nihilist wizards, religious wizards, marginally social wizards, happy wizards, suffering wizards all throw their shit at each other in a war of supremacy. Even if you can get pass that and establish yourself as someone who truly belongs and feel connected to the site, all you have done is to give yourself a dependence. The website will be gone one day, it may change just like how old wizardchan allowed crabs, or maybe it is you who will change. And when that happen what will you do with your need for validation, are you going to look for another place, struggle and fight to worm yourself in, and repeat the cycle anew?

What do you think, is the need for social validation and belonging something inextricable from human behavior or is there a way to be free from it? Have any of you achieve it? If yes how, if no why not? The ideal of a man free from this entrapment would be a traditional hermit like Christopher Thomas Knight or that Vietnamese man from the other /wiz/ thread. Do you think the fact that these people live away from society and technology means that true independence from social needs can't be achieved as long as you live in midst of society? I'd like your thoughts on this.

TLDR see subject title
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Maybe in the future when my life gets worse i will try meditating and think about it before sleep to see if anything happens. Ill get out of it if it gets too real. that should be safe. the forum
looks stupid and larpish but reading stories like yours get me kind of intrigued


Maybe he doesn't mind it? Maybe it doesn't make him miserable?


well, i hope it won't get worse for you mate.


Enjoying something doesn't have to make it a dependence. You're saying, 'I can have something, but not forever, so I'd rather not have it at all'. Where's the sense in that?


I love being alone and hate having any kind of company, but I'm terrifying of making people angry/ disappointed.
Does this happen to any of you?

File: 1560197122007.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.71 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1461804879421.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I heard something interesting. I heard this mortician say something along the lines of "accepting death does not mean that you don't feel pain after a loss, the acceptance of death is the ability to feel that pain and not be weighed down by existential questions"

i think this statement has psychological depth and relevance to wizards. Most of us are very stoic and "emotionless" as normals would say, could this be responsible for our philosophical depth?

think about that statement again. When someone loses a loved one to death, the expected reaction is for them to break down crying. But wizards or i at least wouldn't do that.
how do i know? Well when i walked in on my mother after she committed suicide i didn't feel sad, i felt a bit frightened but not sad, i didn't throw a fit or break down crying. But i felt a very separated feeling, almost like something you would feel while in deep meditation. I didn't really care because i innately knew that nothing is ever truly gone. But that is far from the only potential stressor in my life. As you could guess my family is highly dysfunctional and i am highly neurotic, this constant onslaught of negative stimuli from my family has drove me near insane sometimes and i often question why i don't have it in me to fight back. where is the innate rage? When will it swoop in and save me? Why am i so defenseless? and even more repugnant, why don't i care?
those questions that arise out of that innate heightened consciousness have caused me infinitely more pain and suffering than any traumatic event could ever hope to achieve. Existential suffering is among one of the worst. And i have yet to 'escape it' per se.

all i know is that i prove what that mortician said. All though i can't say it's an entirely bad thing. I know there are certain special opportunities and insights that come from this existential mindset.
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File: 1560201409839.jpg (99.61 KB, 533x306, 533:306, dafuq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


slavic yam yam. vampiric entity that strangles it's victims with it's neck before drinking their blood. Targets alcoholics and domestic abusers.


I also don't feel much to anything like that outside of some initial shock and some disgust. Being aware that nothing is ever the end is what could definitely do that. I don't like the death culture we have, funerals and the like. There is no reason to drag that on anymore than it needs to, it's both disgusting and gets no one anywhere but further down. No reason to buy into the game emotions like to play with you if you don't want them. Feel what you feel and that's all you need to feel. It's something terrible that happens and it's never easy but keeping a soul level perspective neutrality with a lower spin from you psyche is what I think the best way is. You can be too high, to soul literally everything is acceptable. Doesn't care about time, doesn't care about what happens because it's all valid to it and it can cycle through millions of lives untarnished with what is gained from those experiences no matter what happened. I've come to think that this world is nothing but playing the role of what you are but knowing that it's just a temporary game. We probably came here to experience something unique and learn about consciousness in the restriction of our bodies and what happens those things clash with others involved too. Enjoy the ride!


mods c'mon it's not that scary


just looks like some fat furry to me

File: 1562423993365.jpg (130.85 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1280px-Clogmia_Albipunctat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I've lost a moth fly yesterday. I don't know where it could have gone and to my own surprise the case is making me concerned and I keep going back to it, trying to figure things out. I had, until yesterday at least, a moth fly in my bathroom. It's a tiny bathroom and I can close it hermetically, to the point not even light can come throught it. The door shuts in pretty good with virtually no space left between the door and the hinge stile, and the casing is so tight you can hear the air running in and you feel it getting stuck if you close it fast enough. I asure you I have analyzed my door intently and there's no way any insect could get in or out when that door is properly shut and I shut it properly every time. I know I do because if I don't other insects will come in from outside like butterflies, bees or ants. I can't allow that to happen, they eventually get stuck between the lamp shade and its canopy and waste away going in circles. I can't imagine what a horrible death that is, even if the light is off and you're not slowly burning up. I'm currently considering not having a lamp shade at all but it's better for everyone if I just avoid their entrance altogether.

In the moth fly case is different. It's not an insect from the outside coming in, not knowing any better, that moth fly was born inside the drain of my sink. It belongs to the bathroom as much as the shower head and the toilet. The other ones belong on the outside, they know the outside. All that moth knows for a world is the bathroom. A big part of the reason I'm concerned is because I might have made it sick. What happened was, every time I take a shower (once a day in the morning) I let the bathroom's window open, otherwise the plaster from the walls won't ever dry properly and become all yellowish in appearance and ruined over time. Even after I'm done with the shower I keep it open for another couple of hours so the whole bathroom will dry properly. After that I close it down and reopen again in the morning. Now, a couple of days ago I must've been distracted because I accidentally closed the window while the moth fly was standing on the window sash outside. I must add that outside pane is the farthest those moth flies ever get from the bathroom. I didn't realize this until the next morning when I opened the window again and it hopped from the sash to the stool. It didn't fly at all, it just leaped a little bit which is weird. Usually they just fly pretty quick out of danger. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hi wiz, I liked your post. It made me want to write about the spiders in my room, specifically one spider that lives above my bed I haven't named him, not because I don't want to but because I just haven't thought of a name that suits him.

He is a 'Daddy Long Legs' I don't know if it has that name in other countries, I have heard that this moniker is used to describe several insects. This particular creature is a very tiny spider with long hair-like legs. I have several of them in my bedroom from when I opened my window a few months ago. They barely ever move, conserving energy no doubt due to their nature as ambush predators. My favorite is the one that sits directly above my bed, he is the first thing I see in the morning and I often talk to him before I summon the energy to get out of bed. I am worried though, he seems to me as immutable as the wallpaper of the light fixture but I know he is mortal and needs food to survive. I want to find insects to put in his web but it's the middle of winter and the only insects to be easily found are bees and wasps. I feel bad that he has found his way into my room and robbed himself of the opportunity to live well in nature instead doomed to starve to death in an insectless habitat. At he same time I don't want to deprive myself of my only pet and friend and I don't think he will do better if relocated outside since it is so cold this time of year. I'll keep trying to catch something that can't sting me or him, perhaps a lure of sugar water in a bowl will work.


pretty inspiring post. appreciated anon.


This is a very good post and I also felt something similar happening to me also these days.


Maybe it went to the gym.


File: 1563036518023.gif (1.44 KB, 44x74, 22:37, 1451278084421.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Very nice post, anon.

File: 1541407881793.jpg (175.35 KB, 1024x888, 128:111, Ho-Van-Lang-laughing.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


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I was worried about it until I realized the fact I was a Catholic and could just be a priest or monk.
Since I'm just introvert and not timid be a priest will be easy, but I think the monk life seems more interesting to some 32 yo wizard like myself.


you can be both,monasteries have their own priests


you go into the jungle


Keep in mind i'm not talking bare hands,Bear Grylls style.You have a multitude of modern(or less modern) tools that can aid you,it's totally doable .and there are many people doing it


There are people living in IglOOs in the arctic, wake up sheeple

File: 1560726526829.png (291.23 KB, 620x500, 31:25, old.png) ImgOps iqdb


When people talk about their sufferings and hardships. They tend to do it in an exalted way. They always tell it as it is and- almost as to accept it, wear it as a badge, laying it bare before the listener.

but please tell me. Who on earth would want people to know of their sufferings? Well. They like to use them not to show how weak they are but as a testament to their fortitude. But i've noticed that these solemn, self proclaimed conquerors of adversity are always either false to themselves or the listener and almost always fall into two distinct, gay categories.

1. The liar.
This person does not tell the story as it is. They tell it the way they tell it to themselves. Like a polished ball of shit. They brush over important parts or details and try to make it sound pretty almost. Hiding the real nature of the situation or event, they often do this to gain sympathy whilst staying morally innocent. The point is that the event or situation was actually too hard to bare for them so they don't tell it to its fullest because they don't want to look like a retard or loser. They tell the fanfiction version they created.

2.the hero
These people were never in any real danger to begin with. They were well equipt to deal with the situation so they are perfectly fine telling it truthfully. Often as not a depressing story but a cool one. They aim to be revered because of it, paint themselves as some sort of underdog when in reality they were on top the whole time.

i don't tell my tales of trauma or hardships because there is no rectitude to be salvaged from them, you as a normal person would get no catharsis in placing yourself in my shoes, no, in fact you would find it repugnant if not frightening. It would make you use that awful buzzword "yikes". You would leave wishing you never heard it because it tampers with your world view and to top it off i still am a loser. But even if i wasn't. Even then you would feel that chaos and evil had one. But you'll never hear it. It would be absolute torment for me to repeat it.

if there is a point to all this posting it is that there is no such thing as a real life reflection or autobiography. There are always things too embarrassing for people to recall and there are always things left out, things that the author hides even from them self. No autobiography is 100% true. It is all embellished. tweaked. and manipulated to sound just.

but what about when things are justPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sensory experience is as close as we can get to "reality" and its fundamentally what your mind uses in order to build, update and verify your internal models. It's an input, but like any machine, you are blind to your operator. You trust experience because it is useful, but even such tools can break down and even be counter-productive, as any sensory impaired person can tell you.

>This alone proves to you that truth is real

This was never in dispute. Truth exists, it's simply out of reach and can only be traced vaguely through imperfect sensory information received through biological instruments which serve the purpose of survival. Even before experience reaches our ideas, it is funneled through our limited biology, stimuli is discarded in preference of utility, our mind cannot process the entirety of reality and therefore only allows us to "experience" a tiny subset which you call the "real" world. You are no closer to the objective world than an ant or perhaps an amoeba.

Nonetheless, I agree that experience is something concrete which sets a boundary on the creativity of our models. The less the ideas are tied to experience, the more inane the concepts become. In an effort to be "objective", philosophy has only become more inane when it ceased to be informed by the subjective experience and dug itself into a hole of abstraction which no man can save it from.


Bitches lie about rape quite a bit to get sympathy


>Truth exists, it's simply out of reach
Except that I just showed you it isn't. It's right there. It's no whole truth, nor is it important, but it is there.


But if it isn't "the whole truth" that implies person A cannot understand it in it's entirety, and so it is possible and even likely that person B will understand pieces person A doesn't and vice versa and so their truths will be different. Which one then has the "real truth"?

To me, as long as your truth is based on the same foundation as mine, even if they differ we both are correct for there is no way to determine which one is more or less "true". If you say the sky is azure blue and I say the sky is sapphire blue, as long as we both agree on the science behind why the sky is blue in general, then both of us are right, or at least as right as we humanly ever could be.


Thanks for your elaborate response, but I am having troubles understanding your angle.
Are you the same Wizzie that the one who posted these?
If so, then how come you argue for absolute truth and subjective truth to be real at the same time? How can there be more to the truth beside it being a tool of cognition? Arguing otherwise is contradictory.

Wish I could reply with something better but until I understand you I cannot discuss.

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