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File: 1591600048354.png (242.43 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 61B07536-1499-4A16-92AE-8F….png) ImgOps iqdb


Do you still watch/read the news?

Personaly I’ve stopped a few years ago. It’s not just that everything is depressing or thar I don’t trust the media. It’s just the cognitive overload. I’m not very smart and I easily get depressed. I dont want to know what happens outside.

I vaguely heard about the corona thing but it doesn’t affect me since I am already a recluse. Also heard about George Floyd but again I am white and EU so I don’t care.
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There must be other ways i can make a profit off normies by watching news 10 hours a day right? Pls


Well it's being going a decade to be fair it was before all these dopamine fasters, and anything that is aimed at rich educated people who pay for news is going to be pretentious. 2010 was even before everything turned to clickbait news do I think they are legitimate in saying they value the retroactive look at recent events.


you've heard about the only two things that have happened so far, you might be underestimating how out of touch you are.
i got sick of looking at weather reports myself, all you need to do is know roughly what month it is and thats a good enough predictor of what the weather is going to be like.


Nah, I stopped since it all felt so pointless in the end.


I spend practically all of my time reading about current events or history. I am extremely pessimistic about the state of Media and its effects on society. We are in a moment where the publicly accepted perception of reality is radically different from the genuine reality. This 'tension' is everywhere and it keeps twisting and turning in unexpected ways.

File: 1584056923335.jpg (66.73 KB, 1179x831, 393:277, WizardChan.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

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Wizchan was mentioned in a new CBS News documentary about far-right extremism.

From 3:10 onwards

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if the clown who did the interview is really responding here, it's nuts how unapologetic he is for projecting his own shortcomings onto a random backwoods forum, acting like a complete piece of shit during an interview for the purpose of smearing said forum and then trying to convince himself he was right all along and imageboards deserve to die because something something radicalization (oh no a couple mass shooters posted their manifestos to chans over nearly two decades of history).


I'm not projecting my shortcomings onto wizardchan if I am projecting anything it's towards the rest of the alt right movement. I was trying to trigger the asian guy which is why I used racial slurs. I had just suffered a major life altering disaster and felt like I had nothing to lose. So I wanted to take the opportunity to show that there is a connection between fascism and crabs.

Me saying all imageboards would end was just a flat out lie, it was something I said while I was angry in the intimidate aftermath and didn't mean it.

I do regret doing the interview and won't be making any comments about it further. I've stopped browsing this site and all other websites since the interview aired. I won't be giving any other interviews and have just fucked off.


This is the final comment I'll make in this thread. I won't be visiting this thread or this site any further. I'm taking a hiatus from the internet in general and will focus on getting my disaster of a life in order.


Since the interview I've gotten my own apartment again, got a job, and am seeking help for a variety of mental disorders.

This is my actual final comment.


ok i forgive you. i hope things work out for you. i watched the interview without any context from this thread a long time ago. i thought it was funny clowning on cbs, but i just wish you didn't mention wizchan.

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File: 1562258601371.jpeg (90.62 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, wikipedia.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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Let's have another one of these. Share interesting Wikipedia articles you've come across. Let's keep reading everything about the world to keep the world (and boredom) at bay. A small description about what you're posting is nice but not necessary.
Here's some to begin with:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olmecs - Earliest known major civilization in Mesoamerica

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gy%C3%B6rgy_D%C3%B3zsa - Man-at-arms from Transylvania, Kingdom of Hungary who led a peasants' revolt against the kingdom's landed nobility.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denis - Saint who's always portrayed holding his decapitated head.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montague_Summers - Clergyman who authored works about the occult.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyakumonogatari_Kaidankai - Interesting parlor game involving samurais and ghost stories.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girolamo_Segato - Man behind a lost study on petrification of cadavers.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_chain_of_being - Interesting theological concept.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus-eaters - A whole race of people sleeping in peaceful apathy.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sworn_Book_of_Honorius - Medieval Grimoire.
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Because the whole thing reads like a giant article from The Onion or Babylon Bee. And even if this did get published once, for academic reviewer to let shit like this get through multiple times really conflicts with what I know about academic reviewers.





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File: 1591536589494.jpg (61.66 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, OLD.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you guys already prepared for retirement?

I start working blue collar job from 21 until 31 Y.O.
Actually I hate my jobs but I also have no skill for other jobs. Always feeling down and depressed when I work. Also I'm social retard and have no friend in my working place.

Frequently I think to quit my job but I need money to support myself but it seems I can't working more than 3 or 5 years again since its make me always think to end my life.
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I have almost $35k saved but I'm already over 28.5 years old. I will probably try to buy land and put a trailer/mobile home on it if possible. I will live really frugally and just sock away as much of my earnings as possible. Eventually, my parents will leave me a substantial sum of money.


Make molds and cast the silver into something in demand as a luxury product. Basically just add time and labor to increase value. It is extra steps that I rather not have to go through, but if it came to that I have the working knowledge to do it.

It is hard to tell when exactly SSI could/will collapse and how old I will be when it does.
Ether way my retirement plans don't rely on SSI so if I do get SSI it will just be bonus money for however long it last.


You sound like me, although I'm not a vet. UBI and living in the woods sounds so nice…


You've made my day, thank you and congratulations. Seriously now tho, my only hope to ever stop working is a possibly large inheritance that my grandparents have in store for me, along with some apartments that i can rent out to families. That'd allow me to live off rent and interest and not have to work a day anymore. The bad news is they probably wont kick the bucket for another 10 years or so, and even then, its my parents who'll get the money, and I don't think they'd just willingly give me some to start living without working.


Good joke.
I'm gonna be a drifter, or suicide one of the two.

File: 1590801183624.gif (209.3 KB, 232x377, 8:13, John Lennon.gif) ImgOps iqdb


alot of them act like they are put down in society. my best guess is there emulating TV but why is it on the tv in the first place?
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isnt there a crabchan or somewhere you can post instead of here?


isn't there like literally every other website where you can be a normalfag punching down on asocial people?


what animutation is that .gif from?



Because there's a vague mystique, some kind of cool uncoolness, in (pretending) to be a wizard, at least to some psyches.

File: 1591285149452.jpg (1.13 MB, 4096x1974, 2048:987, EZhJl2FU0AIi_AX.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I unironically think there is nothing wrong about "mindless" hedonism or seeking pleasure after pleasure. In fact, normalfag society is the one which hates these concepts, and promotes the "meaningful" meme. In a materialistic universe, as modern Physics says it is, all activities are meaningless. Seriousness is kinda a construct, it's an illusion created by our DNA to enslave us.
Negative hedonism is gay bro
Its better just hedonism
If you are not going vegan or ascetic there is no point in negative hedonism
It's LARPing
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> loveless sex, partying and pub-crawling are less respectable
What? You're at this degree of self delusional already?


>>169541I think this is in the running for worst post of the year
Absolutely idiotic and no redeemable qualities


How about you try that one again buddy


None of those are wizardly or reclusive activities, so in disparaging them and offending you I'd imagine it's more of a delusion on your own part that you see them as respectable. All of those reflect badly on your character and exemplify a mental and/or emotional dependence on others.


File: 1595814462540.jpg (5.04 MB, 3074x1822, 1537:911, 1319753_daikazoku63_youmu-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1585412183814.png (312.92 KB, 584x779, 584:779, w58zq41w9p541.png) ImgOps iqdb


any Wizards into Gnosticism here?
I think its the perfect life view for the wizard I don't really believe in it but I like the view that claims the world was created by an evil god and the goal is to escape it I first heard about it in the manga Eden its an endless world pic related it's filled with gnostics themes and references I do recommend it to all of you
if I had to choose a religion to follow I do go to Gnosticism

and here is a good book about Gnosticism I recommend to all newcomers https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/392722.Gnosticism
you can find it on Libgen.
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come on,dont be mean
what effort is it for you?


That's Eden, a fine seinen manga.


I think Gnosticism is attractive, but not necessarily enlightening. Mainline Christianity sort of relies on the belief that humanity and life in general are mostly good, but partially corrupted. But when you can see nothing but suffering around you, it is tempting to believe that the Creation is the actual evil, as well as the Creator.

It does just about as much as Christianity or any religion in general. Gnosticism was a Christian sect to begin with, so yes, it is faith. It just focuses more on abhorring the material world, while mainline Christianity doesn't believe Creation is evil, just partially corrupted.

I think Gnosticism is a somewhat sensible response to the discrepancies between the Old Testament and the Gospels, but it also relied on deliberately fabricated texts to assert itself.


> Gnosticism was a Christian sect to begin with, so yes
Most likely christianity is a corrupted/spin off version of gnosticism. If you look at Jesus' life his teachings and actions make more sense in a gnostic way than in an abrahamic/biblical one. In fact he pretty much contradicts the old testament which is pro-world so to say

>had no kids

>rejected sex and "the flesh"
>encouraged getting rid of anything material
>encouraged a simpler life
>the world is wicked and with his sacrifice/second coming it will be purified/destroyed and renewed
>"just be like the poor lol"
>"give the other cheek"

His philosophy is pretty much anti world and "renounce-ist", he makes more sense as a gnostic invention than a continuation of biblical/jewish tradition


File: 1591582743766.png (411.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I prefer cybergnosticism.

File: 1590745315970.png (6.12 KB, 412x122, 206:61, wizchann.png) ImgOps iqdb


What are your favourite wizchan threads of all time?
Link to the the archive/cached page of them
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File: 1590916900228.jpg (189.9 KB, 2835x494, 2835:494, 1423289282921.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



A snapshot from last year.
Pass: wizardsonlypls


Nice, it would be good to have one of these for each year


so much this


>Japan Homeless Bike Wiz Thread
>Brazilian Homeless Knife Wiz Thread
Those were the most exciting that had me checking everyday for updates. Wish we had an archive of them..

File: 1583035810995.jpg (21.61 KB, 225x225, 1:1, anger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


For the wizzies who don't have the privilege of being alone all the time, how do you deal with expressing your distaste for people?

I'm in a position where I am constantly angry with the people I'm forced to be around, but when I'm physically with them I always end up playing it calmly without aggravating the situation. I don't tell them off, insult them, or call them out on the things they say.
But then when I'm alone, my mind keeps reeling with all the things I want to say, things that are very combative and that would make it clear without any shadow of a doubt that I am extremely furious and dislike them.

I just don't understand why I can't come up with that combative speech when it's actually relevant, I only come up with it when I'm alone and had time to simmer on what has happened. It's very frustrating that I don't outburst then and there. I've thought about the positives and negatives if I did outburst.

The negatives:
-Some of these people are co-wageslaves so I'm afraid I might get fired.
-I've bottled up all the little infractions and when I do outburst it might seem like I'm overreacting and overly dramatic towards a single tiny thing, when actually I'm just pissed off at everyone in general.
-Can just cause more drama.

The positives:
-It would feel so good to just rip into them.

I've concluded that the positives far outweigh the negatives. I don't care what they think of me. I have nothing to lose. But when I'm there in the moment I can't seem to lash out. I'm planning on practicing by slowly being more outwardly hostile.

Any other wizzies felt like this?
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how are you doing currently?


I, too, have issues with confronting people. It's good you're getting it out now and not bottling it up. Ignoring the memes about lashing out violently, you'd be hurting yourself eventually, by either quitting the job (depriving yourself of potential income), coping with drugs/food/escapism (leading to physical healh issues), or lashing out verbally in such a way that you inadvertently spread your misery to someone who does not deserve it, maybe a hidden wizard like you. For me, the only way I can confront people I hate is to nip an issue in the bud. As soon as they do something I don't like, I calmly explain what the problem is and how it makes me feel, and what they can do differently. It's hard for normalfags to argue against how you personally feel unless they're real mentally ill assholes, which is surprisingly rare. If they have a shred of empathy then they will remember to not affect you in such a way again, at least temporarily until it slips their vapid memory, at which point it's hard to fault them or be angry because they're sort of just animals.
>when it comes to our environments only we personally know what would work and what wouldn't
Yeah, I agree, this just works for me and I'm probably lucky that the majority of normalfags I've met back in school or group therapy are pretty empathetic and willing to compromise their behavior. Still, the odd antisocial or narcissist really throws a wrench in becoming assertive. One fuck up can get you in serious consequences, no matter how nice you tried to be.


By going the opposite direction. I deal with my hatred of people by trying to be better than them. I try to be incredibly kind and selfless in my interactions with these fucking animals. I don't do this out of kindness, but because I want them to feel inadequate compared to me. I want them to feel bad for being such a piece of shit. If people don't like you, you cant hurt them.

Nine times out of ten when I hear anyone speaking I feel anger. I just hate constantly. I see their eyes looking at me trying to make direct eye contact I just want to stab them in their eyes.


It seems that your problem is that you are forced to be around people you dislike for too long. I also have this problem with friends or family members. I have a certain tolerance for interacting with them and can occasionally enjoy their company but when I get past a certain amount of time with them I can't stand them anymore and every little thing they say or do infuriates me. It gets worse with time and of course you can't act on it because it would not be socially acceptable or even understandable for them if you snapped at something insignificant on itself.

So, to avoid that problem I tend to isolate myself as much as possible. I limit my interactions with coworkers to the absolute minimum required, I decline invitations when I know I am not capable of withstanding the period of social interactions that ensue and I always, at least whenever possible, keep the initiative as to when and where I meet people.


OP I feel you. I'm also sick of being shit on my others. My mother does it to me and has all my life. My last boss would look at me with disgust when I would ask him simple questions. I would screw smalls things up and get the same look. Eventually I had no more willpower to care for my boring job.

I'm not the smartest person and I guess that makes me a target too. I try my best and nothing seems to matter. I'm at the point where I'm ready to stop taking people's shit whether it would be petty to do or not. I'm on the edge and I feel the anger building up. Money is not worth my self-esteem and it's not worth yours either. I'd rather be dead then to work for scum or deal with my parents who scapegoated me to everyone else as the bad child.

Some people don't deserve any fucking sympathy or kindness.

My mother does this. She makes herself the victim. If this person does it more than once then you should believe that she's full of shit and is the type of person to never take responsibility for her own actions.

File: 1582687301486.jpg (28.67 KB, 512x341, 512:341, unnamed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Time has changed, and so has the internet and myself. Last week, I realized
that even though I have used internet to get my social fix to get away from
loneliness, I realized that I was only making that loneliness worse. You can not
hide from loneliness. I used to pride myself into being a hardcore outcast,
often rejecting potential relationships, friendships, missing out on invites, holidays
etc. and I realized that too much isolation can kill you. As a teenager, you think you can
conquer everything, until reality hits you in adulthood and you realize that you
need real compassion from a real human being. Video games, pornography, internet discussion,
and internet fights all seem fun and dandy when you're a teenager, but there comes a time
where those pleasures won't help you.

I've been getting therapy and I'm scheduled for a job interview this Thursday. 4chan, 8chan,
lookism, crabs.me etc. all have taught me something and that is that being miserable and
having a pessmistic view on life only causes more suffering, not less. There is
no reason to suffer. We humans often try to rationalize everything, but sometimes all we need is to experience is life, and love.

Change is possible, and I hope every single of you wizards find happiness at some
point in your lives. Wizchan was the last chansite I browsed, as it wasn't as edgy as 4chan, and I could find some meaningful discussion here, but alas, it can not replace real human

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Imagine getting interviewed meaning you're getting a job though lol. Haha. To be frank, I've been to interviews where it went well and I knew the answers, and they humored me and then I got rejected anyway.


You can't prevent your own suffering, love is bigotry, evil, suffering others and consensual slavery. Theres no happy ending its deprivations that get released, you are taking risks to be rewarded with conditional love, and punished for mistakenly pursuing genuine love because no one can love you for who you are, and no one cares about your problems its about circumstance, compassion isnt unique to only humans that doesn't make it any less brutally competitive, you are basically saying just love yourself , well no shit but to think we cant all make it some have it harder than others, you think youre gonna win this game you're just going to get bored and upgrade your friends and partner eventually, if you think playing the lottery irl is cool but its irrational to think people more unfortunate ,mentally ill, than you can do the same.


You'll be back.
>Don't forget, you're here forever.


File: 1591443548873.gif (3.59 MB, 344x499, 344:499, FU cocksucker.gif) ImgOps iqdb

you where never lonely or failure faggot


>job interview
>all we need is to experience is life, and love

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