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Do you think wizards are more suited to living in a medium/big city or the countryside?
I was more of a country guy but recently I began to wonder if living in a city wouldn't be better and would like to hear your opinion
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I moved to rural-ish suburb from a mid-sized city a little over a year ago. I can't say that I'm all that happy about it. Back in the city I didn't know my neighbors at all, but here they are very talkative and downright inquisitive of my personal life, especially the retired folks. Well, only the retired folks. Younger people simply wave or say hi and I greet them back. These old bastards want to stop for conversations every time you see them. At first I indulged them, which was a mistake, since they became to expect it from me. Then I stopped and now they give me unfriendly glares.


Your posts aren't clever, helpful or wise - they're very banal and you'd have looked better not saying anything.


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Are you saying that you do not have the reading comprehension to understand what >>185861 said?


File: 1638245101472.png (516.59 KB, 540x540, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Very strange interpretation of a very old meme.

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>no mental illness
>no major issues during childhood
>life has been rough recently but everything will be ok in a few weeks, hopefully
>cant fit in amongst groids, too weird for them
>cant fit in amongst changroids, no common interests, not an animetard
>cant fit in amongst robots, they are all degenerates and simps
>cant fit in amongst wizards and apprentices despite being a virgin
>cant fit in amongst the religious even, despite being obssessed with theology (hint: they are too social for my taste)
>could never really fit in forums
there is more, this is a weird position to be at, i have considered being a monk but im too afraid of being rejected there, not because of what they think of me, but the consequences that might come with that; joining an order is frowned upon if you are not doing it due to God's call (I wanted to join because I wanted to get rid of the necessity of communication by doing a vow of silence, for life, but that vow cannot be absolute)
i HATE this cross, but it is the lightest available apparently
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Being white means nothing in a white country.

It is only a halo in ethnic countries, and most whites are never going to move abroad.


half the idiots here are depressed or suicidal wageslave failed normalfag crabs

the other half are succcubi

no need to look for a group to fit in


What about the Discord? Lots of cretins who admit they are in direct violation of rule #1 and are here because they have nothing better to do than cycling between imageboards.


oh and just to clarify, i meant normalgroids and not negroids


File: 1638858405180.jpg (56.86 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 563796f8c540d079105846592d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1637421556549.jpg (9.76 KB, 194x259, 194:259, kaiki barbeque.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It seems to me that most wizards have pretty shitty relationships with their parents. However I sometimes see people talking about having good relationships with their mom, and often times there will be people saying they wouldn't an hero because they don't want to hurt their mothers. But do any wizards have good relationships with their dads?

My biological dad never lived with me or raised me, but I still saw him from time to time and have an overall good relationship with him. But he's really more of my uncle than my dad. So I wanna know if anyone who had an actual father in their life here had a positive relationship, and what that was like. How did they feel about your wizardry? Do they know?
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Mom earned the money while father constantly sat at home either fucking around with tools or reading books.
Tried to interact with him when I was a little kid, but he told me to fuck off and find out whatever I was asking about in a book. Also gave me various jobs like weeding the fields (had a lot of land), harvesting veggies and fruit or sanding a whole wooden building by hand, but never showed me how to do anything and gave me hand tools even though he had a few home depots worth of electric tools, still afraid of using those now.
It did teach me eternal patience and diligence, but I still have no clue on how to even change a bike tire at 28.
Both never really talked to me other than telling me to do something, so they were extremely shocked when they asked me at 19 what I wanted to do after highschool and realized that I can barely talk at all due to me spending my entire free time reading or studying, wasn't allowed to talk to succubi or make friends "because it will distract you from studying".


Strained I suppose. He always drank too much on social occasions but when he got a sepsis sometime when I was in grade school and couldn't even walk properly afterwards anymore, that's when it turned into flat out alcoholism. At least he wasn't the violent kind of alcoholic, he just slept all the time until my mother divorced him and he moved out. Then there were constant instances when I'd spend the weekend over and he would be drunk, getting into an accident because he was driving drunk, etc. Eventually I started stealing money from his wallet and buying toys and shit like that to cope I guess. Now as an adult, he still gives me shit when I do things he doesn't agree with even though he isn't really in any place to judge me (though at the very least he always made sure we were financially set). He doesn't know I'm almost a wizard I think, though on the rare occasions when the topic comes up I can sense he's trying to push me towards some kind of a relationship. Otherwise it's fine nowadays, needless to say I don't really care about him that much anymore but it's somewhat sad to see how much his health is deteriorating due to his alcoholism and the sepsis.


I have a dysfunctional family.
I love them but it's toxic.
It was way worse when I was growing up.
My dad was there for us that is for sure. But he didn't bother to teach me about being a man. Perhaps he wasn't a strong figure either and he couldn't be the mentor I wanted him to be.
My mom is an overpowering bipolar. Maybe borderline even. Growing up having an unstable mother was difficult. They stayed together but I wish they got divorced instead. I'm also the youngest so she kept me in a dependent state, even as an adult I can't do "dangerous" stuff so I have to do it in secret.


Because you people might have some potential. And they fear it in some way.


What potential and why would (they) fear it?

File: 1637815494658.jpeg (5.79 KB, 224x224, 1:1, clicheasfuckclipartquesti….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Let's say that your government offers $2k/month neetbux in exchange for males getting a "maintained" vasalgel injection/succubi getting a "maintained" norplant injection (by "maintained" I mean imagine you're essentially sterilized for the rest of your life). Would you be in favor or not of such a policy? If it was a _requirement_ to get neetbux?

I'd assume the answer to this would be yes if the previous question was…but would you get the vasalgel injection?
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yeah minimum wage fucking sucks ass. so many hundreds of hours per month of shit work… equals simply having balls sterilized? that's absurd to me. super good deal for poorfags


Absolutely! I've got no reason to want kids.


I make money by donating sperm so no


Well however nice it is to fantasize about, its one proposal that is impossible to imagine happening. to one side it is nazi eugenics. And to the other providing a full salary to good for nothing lazy loafers. Hard to think of any proposal, in this polarized age, that would be seen as so bipartisanly devilish from both sides of the political spectrum. Rather than a basis of compromise, it is the nightmare vision of what both sides see as most evil.


No. It would make me too bullish on the price of unvaccinated sperm. Governments having such policies makes it more likely that the covid vaccine will have intentional consequences on sperm quality

File: 1636999993949.jpg (70.35 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, de2osg0-3c70c1c1-f26e-486a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hi wizards I wanted to ask how life is going for you right now.Did you do anything fun recently,are you happy or sad with your life.How are you feeling about your life right now?
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>normies wageslave cause they love being normies and want to fit in
I thought they did so they don't starve. Nice angsty insight you got there


Hello fellow wizard, thanks for asking. Well life is not going too bad, finished uni, found related job at walking distance,also part-time so i also have time for my projects, property home, savings increase… Almost 40.Wish all of you best of luck.


I'm completely alone and can't muster the energy or drive to do much of anything but overall things aren't too bad.


I'm becoming incapable of communication with most people, especially people on our very crabchan 2022

Trying to climb out of the cave, seeing some light, don't you want to see the Sun too? No, no, no, you know nothing!


File: 1637882005263.jpeg (62.71 KB, 750x1095, 50:73, 6EDFD7C2-591B-4B5D-B494-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

the sun died, nobody knows why it stopped shining. earth shrouded in darkness, not a day goes by without violence. crabs like this world so much that they don't want to be taken away to the void


I want to share some of my thoughts about sitcoms. Ultimately, I want to get to the ones I find good, and what I find oddly disturbing about the evolution of sitcoms; but I know of course I have to start by talking about Big Bang.

I hate Big Bang. That should be no surprise. I imagine most here do as well. What surprises me is how well is shows and exemplifies the late stage of development of the craft of making a sitcom. How you can have a show so devoid of plot, comedy, emotional impact, any uplifting structure, and hold up its edifice SOLELY with laugh tracks, basic acting, and the common development tricks and cliches of a sitcom. It really shows just how much you can polish a turd and sell it as a product. Just as the "pet rock" is to marketing, is Big Bang to making a sitcom. At its core, there's nothing there.

Of course, that's true of most, if not all sitcoms; but there's something else that's always disturbed me about Big Bang, and that's how compared to other sitcoms, it's so depressing. In Big Bang, you have some people who are on paper incredibly intelligent. Nobel-prize-tier winning physicists, a fucking astronaut, etc.. They all have to room together in the same apartment. They aren't exactly able to afford anything nice. I don't know whether they can own a car, really. They eat in a common cafeteria. From outward appearances, their lives are not glamorous at all. It's a really, really depressing show.

Compare this to The Andy Griffith show. There, the biggest issue was the neighborhood kid accidentally painting the wrong fence. The biggest 'drug crime' was ONE alcoholic who locked himself up at night. Everyone had a life and standard of living that was leagues above Big Bang, doing jobs that were more "meager." I like it just because it's so utopian, so peaceful, so idyllic. I almost think it was Cold War propaganda. Like we'd hope the Soviets would see it and think that's how American life was like. Another comparison in this theme was The Jeffersons. It was actually positive and uplifiting. It was a story about people who had made it.

Why do I have to go back to the 50s to find stories that aren't so fucking depressing?
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Those types of metropolitian techies do live like that though. IRL versions of Leonard and Sheldon rent mediocre apartments and outwardly appear broke, but are sitting on six figures of saved/invested income. In the show it shows that they have no problems splurging on whatever product they want to consoom.

I like Malcolm in the middle because it's a genuine "slice of life". I don't think any show captured the feeling of living in a lower class white trash family. Simpsons tried the same thing but it was too satirical.


Neither Malcolm or Simpsons were really white trash, they were mediocre families but there wasn't enough drugs, abuse or absent fathers to push into that white trash area


Honestly the show seemed terrible when I first heard of it but I watched alot of it with my dad and it is alright. Certainly not worse than the big bang theory. Which I didn't mind either but that's because I watched it in my late teens in the earlier seasons. Seinfeld is the peak of sitcoms though, except maybe the IT Crowd.


You forgot Peep show and Arrested development.

Seinfield is best sitcom I agree.


Not particularly.
By sitcom rules I mean the universe is structured around narrative causality where the tropes and conventions of a television sitcom takes precedence over the basic laws of reality.
Like how in a comic book superpowers are just a thing that works, and cops never think to just shoot guys like the Joker.


At the beginning of this year, I started to make a concerted effort to avoid all news I possibly can. The moment I see a thread or post that has an inkling of currents events, I fly to the 'hide' button before I can finish it. The moment I see a word or two of an article, I actively throw my eyes away and close the article. I started it just as an experiment out of whimsy, but I feel genuinely better and more positive about the world now, and I'm starting to do some projects that I guess I was feeling too nihilistic and black-pilled to even get started with before. It makes me think that if there's a whole month to people being dedicated to people trying to avoid porn and fapping because they're convinced about the large personal benefits, then why isn't there a whole month dedicated to actively trying to be ignorant about world events? I mean, you aren't going to be able to change things that big, news nowadays is almost surely hyperbolic and negative, and the personal impact seems to be incredibly psychologically uplifting.

Am I wrong here? Why haven't I tried something like this before? Going full hermit seems like a pretty logically wizard thing to do.
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yeah i fucking hate when web browsers, apps, operating systems, websites, etc try to include news

they try to make it seem as though it's not just bullshit and it's personalized JUST FOR YOU but it's all lame


Even on wizchan, one cannot escape the news and those who consume it habitually.


I don’t see news anywhere that I go or ever got any on my phone, maybe my brain just ignores it but I don’t think it’s that big


This thread is right, news is such a waste of time. You could replace every report with a clip from a nature documentary showing monkeys screeching and flinging shit at each other and you'd get the same effect. You're not going to get anything from watching the daily record of trivial events, if you want to be "better informed" then read philosophy and literature and you'll learn everything essential. I consider even a wizard who knows nothing other than video games and anime more enlightened than the habitual news watcher.

I remember being blissfully ignorant of the propaganda in 2012 and I really want to return to that state. A few months ago I had a moment of despair and lost my focus, so I wandered back to /pol/ for the latest round of psyops. It's disgusting. It will take years to decontaminate myself and attain true wisdom.


If you set up your life right, you can do that; but it's not by default.
>I consider even a wizard who knows nothing other than video games and anime more enlightened than the habitual news watcher.


Why do normalfaggot simps put so much damn effort on finding a succubus to have sex with, wasting a bulk of their lives (and in most cases, even their money) on dipping their dicks inside of some wet hole? It's astronomically sad how Western society has pedestalized casual, non-propagative sex to the point of people thinking it's a completely harmless activity, when it's the very thing that has been degrading Western culture for arguably the past century now.
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Western culture (which is now basically all culture) is a really fucked up mix of over sexualization and sexual repression. Everyone is constantly exposed to images of sex and sexuality, but most people have no way of actually engaging in it or are actively discouraged from doing it, mainly men. So they basically spend their whole lives being teased and horny. And since most people never think about why they act the way they do, they're slaves to it.


>Everyone is constantly exposed to images of sex and sexuality
Western culture existed for hundreds of years, said exposure started in 1990s, or 70s, or earlier according to severe puritan niggers.
Dont care about the debate, was just passing through and decided to voice the obvious


I never see anything about sex unless I specifically look something up related to it, so I don’t get what you’re saying, it isn’t hard to not see porn/whatever if you don’t want to


>most people have no way of actually engaging in it
Uh, no, more than 99% do it


The true threat or fear to the “International Cabal of the Illuminati”: Information. Words are weapons.
Of course, all official establishment organizations, firms, and institutions strictly want people who are
only so smart, but stupid enough to be controlled. Knowledge is power. If the individual knows too
much, they have too much power and cannot be controlled. Information, data, words, ideas are
weapons. Information, data, words, and ideas, are guns. The right combination of information, data,
words, and ideas, are bombs.

Their goal of course is to control the future non-white leaders of the United States of America, and
other Western Countries. These acceptable puppets serve as ironic symbols of American Imperialism of
Global Order so that all world identities may be assimilated into the American and Western mould.
Western and American leaders such as Barack Obama are in fact a symbol of White Supremacy,
Colonialism, but most importantly, American or Western Imperialism and Domination of all global
racial identities.

Western Society fears and views the informed, intelligent, intellects, the clever, the innovative, the
creative, the imaginative, the too smart, as a threat to the corrupt rule of the International Cabal of the
Illuminati. This is precisely what chokes the U.S. and Western Economy, this is what robs America and
Western Society blind, the mismanagement and deliberate sabotage of human capital in Western
Society and the United States of America.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


We are time and space. In the 1970’s we saw the springboard of environmentalist terrorism targeting
major Corporations & Governments. What if this were possible today against different types of
institutions that are relevant to today’s issues? What if the French Revolution occurred in our
demographic climate? There’s always conflicts and factions in society; this is something that’s always
been true since the French Revolution and even before that.

What should the punishment be this time? Let’s look at the previous outcome of international justice in
a major conflict with the International Cabal of the Illuminati & Secret Societies. The U.N. Nuremberg
trial was the last major event in mainstream recorded history that cemented their power for a
significantly period up to this day. To this day the very powers that backed Western Society against the
Nazi Regime are the very ones that rule society today. Now that Adolf Hitler and the Soviets are gone
the problem has become worse; the tentacles of ICE, the International Cabal of the Illuminati now
encompasses control globally through familiar methods of international banking, now that the
Communist threat of the 20 th century is over. The Neo-Liberal Western American Machine of
Imperialism had already won and dominated the planet, humanity, the human species, and the world,
just before the millennium. I ask in return – what is the proper punishment for such a crime?
The United Nations is nothing but a phony non-democratic and elite mouthpiece for the International
Cabal of the Illuminati & Secret Societies. One needs to only do a quick 5 minute internet search to
unveil the nature of the establishment in the United States and Western Society. The United Nations is
nothing but another tool of Western Imperialistic Hegemony of “Human Rights” and other values to be
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


We should be in charge of the next U.N. Nuremburg trial. The informed direct democracy of society,
and not hegemonic or non-democratic positions of society, should take the role of judge and prosecutor.
When we consider all the sins of warfare and conflict in history: enslavement and forced labour of
others, groups that have been experimented on, rape by foreign armies, extermination, destroying
cultural values and memories, creating poverty and hunger, brutal torture and execution of enemy
forces, and all inhumane acts, we should consider our decision. What does the Neo-Liberal Western
American Machine of Imperialism deserve? What do its members deserve?

History speaks for itself. If there’s proof for anything, the more advanced technology gets, the more
brutal warfare and punishment becomes. Caesar was stabbed to death by “The Order”. King Richard III
was betrayed by medieval warfare infrastructure, and “The Order” at the time. The French Revolution
is known for invention of the guillotine and once again, the Revolution itself was a plot of the
Illuminati to depose the French Monarchy. World War 2 is known for usage of gas chambers and
electrocution in torture and punishment of the Jews. What technology or method will be used in the
next great conflict, the next great punishment, administered by FIRE?

The next great conflict is over world destiny. Who is the great leader and teacher to the human race and
human species? This role had traditionally been assigned to the United States of America. Who else is
the hegemonic imperial power of the world? In this role the United States of America teaches its values
to the world as a leading model to be copied, when this is what the world despises. We merely speak
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1624834248301.jpg (100.5 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, adventure_time__rest_time_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


For me life, and I believe for most of the user base here, life has no grand purpose or meaning. Life is something that happened to us and basically we have to figure out the best way to deal with it.

For me, the way to deal with life is to find a way to enjoy it, but i impress myself everyday with my inability to enjoy my existence. I'm bored or upset 24 hours a day, always having anxiety about every aspect of life you could possibly imagine, simply put I have been in a bad mental state since my teens, your usual depressive chan user.

I'm 25 years old and I believe my mental health will not improve, should I continue to live in this state of suffering or simply put an end to something that really doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things ?

I think the only reason I haven't kill myself yet is because of fear, I mean anxiety is one of the major reasons I want to off myself and thinking about killing yourself is extremely anxiety inducing, let alone actually performing the act.

Death seems so conforting right now, I just wanna rest, it would be good, ironically it seems like the only way i would be able to breathe, truly breathe and rest, i'm so tired.

Sorry for this huge chunk of incoherent text, english is not my first language and my mind hasn't been very sharp for a very long time.
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we are living in a second dark age.


not me, i live in happiness and freedom, becuze i dont let other people decide about my state of mind you know. sure, i dont have much more than loneliness and an infinite source of rice, hell im thankful for things though


Using my food stamps card because I'm a neet and getting whatever I want to eat. Getting some taco Bell tommorow hopefully


prove it


I miss quite a lot the peace my "empty" life the past.

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