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What are some of the biggest copes that goes around here?

>genetics doesn't matter

Big cope, like someone living under a rock and never heard about behaviroal genetics.
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nice copes guys


Humblebragging lying scum.


I can argue against anyone, it's not my fault people can't give me satisfying answers that would make their copes not seem like copes.
Calling anyone who disagrees with you a succubus doesn't make you right, it just proves you don't have any arguments to offer.

Like I said, it is hilarious how dogmatic some people here are, thinking they have the entire universe figured out and every question answered.


I see you continue the attempt at trickery, null segments and circular logic… apprentice… You merely adopted these tactics, I was born destroying them, I didn't stoped arguing and destroying succubus tactics until I was already a wizard… You have no power here! Begone unholy one!



File: 1651898058493.png (49.79 KB, 1000x640, 25:16, Looping.png) ImgOps iqdb


Wizzies, what mental techniques do you find effective at stopping the negative thoughts that creep into your head?

Please let's keep this thread to techniques that people PERSONALLY find effective at mitigating the pain. If you want to cynically state that it's hopeless over and over, please take it to the /dep/ thread on depression.
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I have struggeled a lot with ocd and intrusive thoughts that made me suicidal. The best way is to take ssri's, for me personally they helped significant, because i had alrready covered myself why those thoughts were irrational. Also I played a shit ton of hard video games like dark souls to keep my mind occupied


Meditation turned me from a typical channer to the happiest person I know
Also lifting weights keeps you motivated and gives you happyjuice hormones


I wish I started getting fit sooner, seriously…
I dropped porn, started exercising and fixed my diet this year. I don't lift though, I do a boxer style workout at home: cardiovascular focused exercises (jumping rope, burpees, jumping jacks) and bodyweight exercises (pushups, lunges, squats, crunches). I could barely do any of these but now I can do all of them with proper form. I lost about 10 kilos and gained some noticeable muscle, I'm fitter than I've ever been though I am far from being athletic-tier. My mental outlook and sleep quality certainly improved.

I would like to hear about meditation. Could you tell me how to get into it properly? I have lots of trouble trying to put my emotions under control, I guess it should certainly help me.


I listen to self help audiobooks.
The best ones are awaken the giant within, as a man thinketh, iron john, the war of art and also guided mediation called remove negative blocks.


Negative thoughts are very much cascading. I.e. if your day starts out shitty, you feel bad, or maybe something goes wrong: chances are that (undisturbed) it will just continue that way. You need to consciously think about something that makes you happy.

For example I love music and wiz rain. They are very comfy and beautiful. The idea isn't that a few nice thoughts are going to solve all your problems. It's to take back control over your mindset and let you know there are still good things to enjoy. Doing this can steer your mood back towards being happy since you're no longer dwelling on horrible shit.

Another way to break a horrible mood cycle is simply to physically do something that you like do. This is more involved than just thinking about stuff. Like you might do some gaming or something. Requires more energy though. But I have found if you're totally at rock bottom that drinking a shit load of caffeine is a good way to swing your mood out of the shit. The caffeine will give you energy, a mood boost, more focus for doing stuff, and then you can actually do something fun. It's simple but effective.

File: 1655163239681.gif (1.66 MB, 252x252, 1:1, 1655066334085.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Older wizards(+30), can you give some wisdom for newer wizards? I'm 28 years old now, what happen when you turn 30? How is life? Work? Things in general? Share with us, wizbros!
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I believe at this point you have to sort your worldview out if you're


going to try to make it*


The drive is an indicator of health, like an oil lamp which gets spilled once and again, destroying your health.

FAP must be tantric or better left for good. You might have an radier aging


Yeah but i don't really enjoy it anymore. Just helps me sleep.


File: 1661440463621.jpg (1.83 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Hail_thy_be_Anonymovs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Seriously? Someone wrote 180 pages on this? Goddam! Thank you for the file!

File: 1658879474351.jpg (42.65 KB, 506x652, 253:326, pino.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm 35 and have never worked a day in my life. Nor do I intend to, despite being overly qualified. Spend my whole day playing old vidya and reading manga.
I've only had 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shoes for the past 10 years, which I wash alternatively.

Modest inheritance + don't spend too much. 50€ a month in food give or take, 10-20 running water, 15 internet. Thank fuck I don't pay for energy, I bought solar panels and batteries a long time ago.
I don't eat much because I have my sugar spikes under control and am not too tall. Most days I just eat a few eggs and some veggies. I try not to overexercise in order to eat less, too.
24 eggs = 4 euro here -> I eat 150 eggs a month, which means I spend 25 euro in eggs, that's half my protein
chickpeas are 2 eur a kilo, I eat 3 kilos a month, which means I spend 6 euros on chickpeas
This with olive oil is over half my calories and all of my protein, and I still have around 15 euros to spare on leafy greens and nuts every now and then, when they're cheap because they're about to go bad. When I do eat meat I spend a bit more than 50 though, but I eat it rarely.

I have an old PC, I only play old vidya, But I try to get as much out of them as possible.
Same few games for ages:
Fallout New vegas
TES: Morrowind and Oblivion
Project Zomboid
Darkest Dungeon
Hollow Knight
M&B: Warband + mods
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So Wizards will gladly accept defunction when there is no longer support.
Why not then just kill oneself if your statement is true?


When one fulfills their destiny, or is unable to proceed on their great work by the insolent meddling of the masses, then and only then will he abandon his life in this form.


So essentially wizards are just meme distributors?


what held me back is not having a cellphone and not having a car
these things make your job prospects limited. i don't want to pay 40 dollars a month for a fucking phone. that's like a day of wage cuckery

i also don't want to pay car insurance for a car


No, there are wizards in every species, meme distribution is just a consequence.

File: 1661257661355.jpg (296.33 KB, 1080x1410, 36:47, Ss.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have been accepted as a sperm donor. Any other wizards donors as well? How would you go about raising a son/daughter as a wizard?


Disgusting. I hope this is a bait thread.


Artificial insemination is wizardry. Those normanshits will have no idea they are raising a wizard.


So this is a blood sacrifice to the Archons? What do you get in return? I guess there are NE Wizards in this place, fascinating yet absolutely horrific


Moved to >>>/b/813148.

File: 1660183914712.jpg (135.87 KB, 680x693, 680:693, 1640962659918.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The revelation of modernity is that nature has no inherent values. All the sacred precepts and eternal truths that the masses cling to, all of their lies, are revealed to be nothing more than delusions. And while the majority find this too much to bear, there are a few who are able to find liberation from the realization that "everything is permitted".

Nothing that the people say has any value. Their morality, their ambitions, their parades, their life and death, all are meaningless. We are all just actors, playing our part that has been derived from the desires that have been implanted in us from nature. And I intend to play my part well!
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What you are denying now is basically that imagination and thoughts exist. Aren't you a thinking person yourself too? Ideals exist, I don't know how some people can deny them.


Does a thought exist?


File: 1660994151016.jpg (90.5 KB, 490x490, 1:1, 1632667971069.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Rational intuition cannot be proved because it deals with abstract realms and things.

>You ask me whether I can prove that sense perception is absolutely correct and I cannot. I ask you whether you can prove that rational intuition is absolutely correct and you cannot.

Looks like we're just going around in circles here. Are you getting it yet?


Do computer games exist?
The answer to this questions answers your question aswell


Yes, they do. That is why we can have this conversation to begin with, because we have different thoughts on things.

The senses can be deluded easily. But with rationality you can still deduce what is the truth. Just like how you know when you see something you shouldn't or can't see thanks to either hallucination, drugs or plain tricks. For example you see a "magician" cut his assistant in half and put her back together. You perceive it to be real but your logic and rationality tells you "wait, this can't be true".

File: 1595743335297.jpg (88.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 6832473-A-Nenets-boy-after….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Getting popular lately. This is the opposite of a poor peasant's diet. Feudal lords ate mostly meat. Mongols had two food groups, meat and dairy, and they ate both of these raw & fermented.

Today I finally told my mom I will be making all my own food from now on, as I've been lazy and weak and have eaten junk food she buys. I'm in control of my diet now though. I'll eat a tiny amount of non-animal products when I feel like it, e.g. garlic, spicy peppers, dark chocolate, maybe mushrooms.

I noticed today that my teeth are looking much better. Spending hours eating beef belly probably took off tartar. It's difficult to rip off pieces when it's raw, lots of pulling. I ate it fresh one day and ate it fermented for one day the next. There was ammonia or something on the bottom, just like in that fermented shark stuff. I don't even feel so insecure about my teeth that I need to hide hide them anymore. They're still quite yellow and some are see through a bit. Pretty much okay if someone doesn't examine them closely. When I ate lots of meat and ate S.A.D. food, when I didn't brush my teeth at night I woke up and I had lots more plaque or something on my teeth than normal. I think vitamin k2 mk. 4 and vitamin d together might cause calcium to get into my teeth and make them white again. I'll report in a month or two. If that happens I might try eating bones a bit harder than fish spines and chicken wing tips.

Looking forward to receiving lamb brains this week. I hear when they are fermented for a while they taste like stinky cheese.
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File: 1658064407013.jpg (114.03 KB, 395x395, 1:1, classy adolph with dogwhip.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hey OP, have you tried the rest of stuff aajonus say,besides the raw primal diet?
hot baths to detox the toxins, getting yourself fat for a while to recycle and get rid of toxins,etc.


File: 1658073238048.jpg (14.56 KB, 299x169, 23:13, aztec priest-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think I want to achieve the ultimate high:the more fermented the meat,the more high the high it will be.
Will 1 year be enough? the same chunks of meat mixed with eggs ,let to ferment and evolve every day,for a year.


hey OP you still alive?
Im planning/prepping everything to start raw primal diet myself


lol, lmao even


i really like the texture of raw chicken

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File: 1660781595185.png (405.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1652811696123.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why are you a wizard? Not asking about free will or other philosophical stuff, just plain simple reason of why are you a wizard. Me? I just can't deal well with succubi in general, maybe a little autismo, who knows. I'm 28.
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These two reasons.


I can't maintain focus when talking to people so I zone out and miss the entire conversation. Groups of people talking at once are incomprehensible. I can communicate through reading and writing so most of my socialization is done on the computer while I'm alone in my room.

No. I'm not going to take amphetamines just so I can communicate with normies. Judging from what I've read of their phoneposting chats, they don't have anything worth saying anyway.


I'm an odd case. I'm not ugly or socially dumb, I just simply never felt like socializing or going anyhwere. I'm comfy in my room smoking weed. Just an odd case I never fit in with anyone else either, not even other stoners.


Theres nothing for me outside, not now, thats why i dont get out.


Unchangeable temperament. At best, I could larp as a normie, and constantly be wanting to kill myself or lash out at people. By single-digit age I knew I was different, and by high school, I knew putting myself 'out there' would never lead to any plateau of contentment unlike solitary hobbies, unsupervised internet access, and introspection would.

File: 1660040982245.png (1.39 MB, 1500x1396, 375:349, 1659409717089467.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Why the hate against inc*ls? Never truly understood why wizchan has a hate policy against inc*ls, why can't we get along? From my point of view wizards are inc*ls, for they don't have any sexual experience just like an inc*l, so why create a fake dichotomy for basically the same thing?
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>because i said so
Thats not how it works.


>Wise people
>starting families or be obsessed with sex
Wise people cannot hold same beliefs as cattle masses, because otherwise they would not be wise.
Think a bit, before you post.


They also learned that there more to this life than banal, bland, boring, normalfag shit.
And starting family is not self improvement, but waste of time and money, no matter how you delude yourself on this topic.


>Wise people learned there's more to life than online virgin circle jerks and decide to invest their time else where.
Certainly and they are right to do so.

>Some of them even end up having families once they stop being dragged down by other crabs telling them any self improvement is a waste of time and effort.

Inzel exposed. Into the gas chamber with you.

Yes, I agree. So give some evidence already to support your claim that true love is real or fuck off.


> Most volcels started out as inxels
>most volcels started as crabs
lol this crab thinks he is a volcel lol
that's like saying ugly people with developmental problems can turn into beautiful well adjusted humans.
crabs who "turn" volcels are still crabs just with a different idea to how approach their crabdom.

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File: 1660617469896.jpg (47.05 KB, 226x199, 226:199, age of m8tology.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


If someone is an apprentice but suspects they are becoming a normalnigger, do you think they should fight these tendencies or simply "b themselves"?


Normalniggers have no souls and thus are deprived entirely of free will. Giving advice to these objects is meaningless.


Since normalniggers are the majority I'd give the advice that you first try the wiz path as it is something unique and a hidden path in the video game that is existence. Most people don't even believe wizards exist. The wiz existence is something rare and delicious because of it.

You can't fight fate anyway. You will become whatever you need to become in the end.


You're either normshit or you ain't, no such thing as becoming. Just be yourself and the world will remind you of your place.


File: 1660656859346.jpg (35.68 KB, 640x345, 128:69, f2127a565b5fb92d8111570041….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe some people see both sucks, There is normfags slaves, and free wizards, wizardry is a gift from gods, it is better to be wizard than normfag slave working 9 -5 job scumbag can't afford shit with a fucking succubus wife and kids need to feed them, full on debts, except you are gigarich chad fraud like elon musk thats different thing and ofc he is not normiefag


THIS, normalcy is genetic, its not something you could turn into.

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