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Kaczynski is the only relevant thinker of the last 50 years. Anyone dodging the technological question is a coward. What good does theory bring if it ignores the basic values and fundaments of our society?How is knowing how power operates or whether or not equality is something to strive for important when the basis for life - AIR, WATER, WEATHER etc.. and 'social' aspects such as human decency - is at stake? The future is bleak. It's either a full blown environmental cataclysm, nuclear warfare, humans gets replaced by machines, humans get re-engineered to fit in the ever complexifying, ever dehumanizing system… You get the gist.

Or it's all of this. Or it's something completely unpredictable, which is how technology works. We make discoveries, and we spend the next hundreds of years trying to fix the problems caused by whichever new technology appeared.

Technology causes a water drought. So we create more technology to solve it (In reality, no one can plan a discovery. If we're lucky we discover something to buy us a few more years) But then the newer technology causes more problems that requires more technology to solve.

It's a never ending race.
Kaczynski's works don't stop with ISaiF, his other books are incredibly insightful too.
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>Hunter gatherers also usually had more free time.


there is a study but I am not on my computer right now. Wait for few hours or google it yourself



Free time with nothing to do except hope your shit doesn't get fucked up any second now until that invariably does happen. Super fulfilling, the pinnacle of life.


Not only hunter gatherers, but also during feudalism. We don't have time since the industrial revolution actually. I am not defending Kaczynski's point, just being open minded here, the Industrial Revolution was shit, but we can't go back since there is a military technological competition between countries.

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File: 1565578679747.jpg (142.13 KB, 920x1200, 23:30, wizard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Wizards are always despicted with huge beards in media. Anyone here has experience growing one?

I live in a major city that receives a large amount of tourists all year around. These people don't have any shame and will stop anyone on their tracks to ask how to reach some tourist spot. I'd like to evade these encounters and I thought a wiz beard might keep them away.

Problem is that I'm disgusted by filthiness, a beard is another thing to take care of, and since it's so close to the mouth, I'm guessing it gets dirty easily.
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I always wanted to grow a nice wizard beard but sadly I'm too low testosterone for that so the most I can grow are some patches of hair and a pedostache.


ye, curly beard hair seems more common. I envy the image of straight-bear druids of old but its a hollywood picture. >>159291
Beards unkempt rarely look good.
If you want to look like a bum you need to smell the part too Wiz, I have a long beard myself and normies interact with me all the time.


Thanks for sharing your experiences I'll keep shaving.


I pluck all my facial hair out, beards are annoying, especially the lip part, I remember when I used to shave the lip part and then go outside and sweat it would be so painful


How is this different from the beard thread on /lounge/?

File: 1563332811417.jpeg (63.38 KB, 800x453, 800:453, 10E955AD-86FD-4859-8264-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Tell me everything I need to know about night shift security.

I’m a wizard with the works, asocial schizoid beta whatever you want to call it. I don’t like to socialize and I am choosing a night watch job because of it. Tell me everything I need to know so I don’t make a mistake or take the wrong job.
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How the hell do you guys even get jobs? Nobody will hire me in fucking Atlanta!


you are joking? right?
some of the biggest loser fits i ever worked with were hired as off the street walk-ins to fill immediate needs.
in apeloonta?
we had people that couldn't put out a new roll of TP.
one guy i know has all the personality and assertiveness of wet pasta yet he's done the job successfully for many years.


fits = f-wits. my bad.


idk, all the job interviews I went to the person interviewing me thought I was in highschool, then I tell them I'm 23 with no job history and no school past highschool, usually they interview for 2 minutes or so and they dont even call me in if I send them a resume. I'm convinced people with jobs must be like mega-normal looking/acting or they got something that they're hiding about themselves here, I wouldnt put it past people on chans like this to lie about their past saying they were neet for X many years and managed to get a job when in reality they actually worked a ton and they're basically normal, when I talk to social workers they think I have severe autism but it's just I have severe social anxiety, these job havers must not be afflicted with such things, most likely are pretty normal to normal standards, I dont think a person like me could ever get hired as a security guard, why would they hire a scrawny child when theres plenty of fat intimidating looking guys that probably apply and are even more socially apt than myself


child, some of the biggest f-wits i have ever met were security guards/patrolmen/watchmen.
it is not intellect that gets you hired it is ability to do the job.
i prefer fng's as new hires, they don't have a clue if anything. that means I can teach them properly. no crap instruction from me . it is not genetic engineering, it is more simple than mickeys d's by far. keep trying, let us know what happens ok?

File: 1547106980321.jpg (136.86 KB, 768x543, 256:181, cypherpunk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Size 177.96GB. I dare to say contains among the best books of their fields and are supposed not to repeat. It is a extremely well ordered collection by topic, and if you compare the size you soon see its value. Topics range from mathematics, physics, psychology, self improvement, survivalism, the best science fiction and fantasy literature, comics, magazines, and more. Magazines takes about 75 GB and there are many youtube videos, documentaries and conferences so you can exclude these if you want to. All books combined takes about 40 GB or so. But i really recommend downloading other stuff too since you can't really find it somewhere else easily. Did I mention is well sorted and contains only the best books?


It has only one seeder left right now. Used to be many more months ago. Would you kindly share this torrent on places like demonoid, piratebay and other imageboards too? That would be good.
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I lost my JSTOR library I spent months building and organizing


File: 1559196674051.png (491.58 KB, 800x770, 80:77, 1543451116711.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just use libgen to find the specific books you want. No point in downloading 200 GB of random books someone else curated that you probably won't ever read.


Downloaded a small part of it.

A good thing about this is being able to just open a random book when you don't have anything specific in mind.


178 GB, that's a lot. But there's something in me that doesn't allow me to not download it.


wow anon thank you for telling me something like this exists! This thing is amazing!

File: 1564459136208.jpg (154.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, wizardry.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Well tonight is the night guys, I get my wizard status tomorrow. Wish me a happy birthday, maybe. I don't feel happy.

Any fellow wizard here? How do I soften the psychological blow of this meme becoming my waking reality.
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File: 1564607002124.jpg (217.6 KB, 501x1000, 501:1000, HvVt6Yy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1564652302450.gif (139.1 KB, 126x126, 1:1, 1457396913654-0.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Happy birthday, you have realized the legend.


Haha happy birthday xD


I became a wizard in April, I find that only if I think about it dose it become depressing but otherwise IDC ,I do feel like I missed our on something when I was young but I like being alone anyway.


happy late birthday, have a nice masturbation


I've been thinking about how I blame my parents for my lot in life. And yet at the same time the normie answer would be "you're a grown adult man, stop being a crying snowflake, and take responsibility for your own life".

Its a weird philosophical conundrum how we are individuals with our own personality, character, free will, and yet we are just robotic products of our parents' nature and nurture.

Usually we focus on the genetic determinism aspect of parents. How we are just robots for their selfish genes. But even if we look at the nurture and environmental side. Who does the nurturing? Who picks the socioeconomic environment for us? You look at the schools you go to, the values you are raised with, the quality of the neighborhood, your religion or lack of it. All choices of the parents. So basically all your environmental factors up to at least your teens and maybe beyond are the choice of your parents.

And yet society doesn't look kindly on a 30 year old man who says he can't function because he got dealt a bad hand from his parents.

To me it seems like life is mostly set in the genes. And to the extent there is an environmental influence at all that was also picked by the parents.

I don't relate to normies who are so loyal to their genes, and feel their purpose in life is to spread them. They don't feel like my property. To me it feels like my genes belong to my parents and I don't want to look out for them. My DNA has brought me nothing but misery. I look on my DNA as the enemy.

But of course there are many examples of children very different from their parents, who reject the values of their parents. Good parents with bad kids and vice versa.

Obviously parents can get very angry at their kids, especially when they are NEETing. And its not like they philosophically reflect "I'm just getting angry at my own nature and nurture"
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Blaming your parents is regarded as bad, because it's easy to scapegoat them when you're unwilling to make improvements in your life. It is the same as blaming genes.

I'm not arguing that your upbringing and your genetics are not almost entirely responsible for your current state. They obviously are. However, maintaining the idea that they are entirely to blame puts you in a mindset where you're unwilling to make any improvements on your life, because you believe there is no way out. Your parents may have done some good things and you may have some latent intellectual abilities that just haven't been used to improve your life yet. Somebody with learned helplessness may realize that things could improve if they kept trying.

The main point is to continue strugglibf when it seems as though you are doomed by fate. You aren't necessarily doomed, even if that is how you perceive it.


>existence itself is the root cause of all evil and no single person can really be held responsible

truly scary shit


The blame is for all up until now. It includes all continued attempts to improve. Worthless improvement that it is.


File: 1564898495633.jpg (160.7 KB, 944x531, 16:9, 111111-the-perfection-of-w….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is one of the tenets of buddhism, conditioned generation. Existence is suffering and it goes on a never ending chain of events that go beyond your own birth


>I often spent entire nights standing with a knife outside my biological parents bedroom debating intensely whether I should go in and kill them as they sleep for the unforgivable crime they committed by forcing me into existence
And this is another reason antinatalism is good. Imagine having a psycho that can kill you as a son a be killed while you sleep

File: 1564167367090.jpg (357.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1564028739649-0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How would you reset your brain ?
Depressed, tinnitus, eczema, fear of death and obsessions … all appeared fairly at the same time, while a part is for sure due to my genetic predispositions and my poor way of living, I wonder if psychedelics,lucid dreams and such could help me ?

Any thoughts or stories are welcomed, even if it's bro-science, if you have some cool science papers to share or if you think it is useless
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>drug user
Wizchan 2019.


He was doing some potions man


Psychedelics are perfect for this in my experience nad others. See this video. It uses the metaphor that the brain is an operating system and psychedelics reboot it. It is accurate in my opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c8an2XZ3MU

Meditation is also strongly recommended. If you're irrationally afraid of drugs then do that. The hardest part is just committing fully to doing it everyday. Try to schedule it and set a timer for 20 mins. Just focus on your breathing and senses and try to quiet your thoughts


Where do you get your drugs?


From his normie dealer friends

File: 1564139856324.jpg (64.34 KB, 640x495, 128:99, germs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am somewhat of a germaphobe but it's also coupled with lack of energy and money. So even thought I want to clean everything thoroughly and regularely I find it too exhausting. But I have yet to get sick (knock on wood) except a cold once in a while.

From time to time there are these articles that talk about how covered in germs everything is. For example about how dirty your keyboard is. I only wipe my keyboard like once in a while with a rubber alcohol cloth. I know I should disassemble it and clean each key but that sounds like a huge pain.

Another article talked about how flushing the toilet sprays germs everywhere. I leave my toothbrush uncovered and I only rinse it quickly before brushing. I saw that there are cases with UV light for toothbrushes but I can't just spend $100 on something like this if I don't know it's absolutely necessary.

I started carrying hand sanitizer but a long time before that I would eat a burger and fries without washing my hands and with no issues.

This make me wonder: have I just been lucky or is the immune system stronger than I thought even though I lead a sedentary lifestyle with a bad diet that doesn't strenghen it?
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If you're eating decent food and taking vitamins your immune system should be able to fend off most things. You should still take basic precautions like not touching public doorknobs, handles, touch screens, toilet seats. Keep hand sanitizer around.

Immunizations are shit, I always seemed to get sick if I got them.


Not all germs are the same and quantity isn't always the most important factor.
The keyboard may have more in number but the ones in the restroom are usually far more dangerous.


>Immunizations are shit, I always seemed to get sick if I got them.
isn't that the point? you trigger an immune response with inactive or dead stuff to develop resistance to it in the future


some fucker coughed at me today while I was grocery shopping. the one time a month i go outside and this piece of shit is there. anyway we'll see in a few days.


File: 1564672983771.png (23.63 KB, 1760x144, 110:9, fatlink is my hero.png) ImgOps iqdb

It may well be shit considering I am a two time survivor of Sepsis (only due to getting to the emergency room in time to load me up with life saving IV antibiotics) which is pretty much 100% fatal if not treated immediately ie it is said it can kill a person in as little as 12 hours.

In anycase one of my health care providers has recommended Vitamin C, Zinc and Sellenium pills/supplements for me to hoepfully bolster my immune system and prevent this from happening to me ever again so I hope it works.

File: 1564589058680.png (707.52 KB, 714x556, 357:278, stars.png) ImgOps iqdb


Someone recommended this to me on r9k. How do you guys like my stats?

>turned 30

>virgin, never had a girlfriend or come even close
>no education
>just started uni as my last effort at any kind of life
>anxious as hell about starting uni 10 years too late
>see no meaning in my life, haven't enjoyed life in as long as I can remember
>you can't relate to any other human being
>everyone you ever talk to seems like a privileged NPC robot incapable of comprehending where you come from
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More like hypocrisy


Subhuman scum go back to r9k with your tranny friends


every post you quoted is nauseating christ


>Ironically, most of the retards here will shit on you for not being a volcel despite the fact that you may very well be one of the only actual 30 year old wizards on this site. The culture has warped and changed, don't bother. It's a shitty site for posers, larpers, and 20 something kiddos to argue about who is the least loser of the losers.

>I have no say in it. I'm a virgin involuntarily



I'm noticing great decline in quality of posts after the vegan posted links to wizchan on r9k

File: 1564319803338.jpg (15.91 KB, 424x283, 424:283, con man.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


lets extract expenses(and be) comfy heroes.
Im making this thread to discuss online-begging from normies trough gofundme or similar online plattforms.
I personally don't advocate lying in the fund but I honestly think begging may do the trick-
for example"im about to become homeless. Please donate so i can go to a housing proyect"
i've seen many selfish and stupid gofundsme receive 50 or 100 dollars.

Some wizzies live in the third world so every dollar counts!


For legal reasons; I'm not advocating for this, I'm just evaluating a hypothetical:

E-Beggars have it much better if they are left-wing. Despite having great problems with unifying under a single banner due to purity testing, politically active left-wing individuals like to show solidarity to one another. So they will donate to a politically active leftist if they are e-begging.

Right wing people on the other hand (and especially American right-wing people) operate with a "you deserve every bad thing that happens to you" mentality. So a lot of them may refuse to donate a person in need. In my opinion this is kind of ironic because many capitalist thinkers advocate for private charity.

The thing to deduce here is that if someone were to lie about their situation for internet donations, they would probably pose as a minority leftist who is in need of financial support asap simply because that would make more money

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