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Is that all i am doing anything for?
When i disregard other humans and turn to philosophy, is that just a cope by brain chemicals wishing to get some reaction from doing so?
Are these my true rulers?
Is the demiurge in fact the architect of my neurotransmitters?
Then there's the hormones
> Ghrelin
What the hell? I didn't ask for any of this and i don't understand what's going on
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Smoke weed (dopamine and serotonin stimulation and regulation and ghrelin mimicker intake) and inject oxytocin, internet socialize, problems weren't.


File: 1605598936245.jpg (68.88 KB, 564x675, 188:225, 1524248427624.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If u keep doing it. Taking it in a pure form orally there really aren't any serious negative consequences. Those arise when u run out or when u do junkie shit like iv it or snort it.
>a former heroin user


would you be willing to expand on your experience as a heroin user? any insights you would care to share would be greatly appreciated.


Yes. It's not a coincidence that most religions use a lot of aesthetical means in their rituals. In the end, all that shit comes down to brain stimulation so basically religions are just about worshipping the release of different brain chemicals. In ancient times they also used intoxicants in rituals as well as ritual sacrifices of animals, which I believe, is quite stimulating to experience. The Greek autists tried to replace common religion with math worship but of course that was fruitless.


actually, your code might produce the same result, but I find it interesting to point out that because of branch predictors, your code is going to execute differently every time you run in even on the same hardware. Detecting hot code paths is a huge problem in this space and the heuristics we have ended up with cause this seemingly weird state of affairs. I wonder if this can be expanded as a concept to the universe metaphorically.

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did you shave your head? My hair is terrible quality and rough and curls up itself, I also had a bad habit of touching/fidgeting my hair when thinking . I decided to just shave it today.
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Always try new things.

>madness is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results

>experiences feed imagination


I have a beard trimmer I use to get my hair short when they get too long. They're about 2cm long. The reason I do this is because I hate going to a hairdresser and I also save 10euro. (average price here)


Yes, been doing it for a few years now, makes life easier having zero hair, wish I could stop it permanent


File: 1605905470533.jpg (376.41 KB, 1117x1600, 1117:1600, MonasteryGarments_Oratory.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For me, it's the tonsure.


I get my mother to buzz cut my hair every month or so, it just becomes greasy and annoying when it gets long

File: 1595945397926.jpg (44.24 KB, 564x423, 4:3, li.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else want to get rid of material possesions,reject them in principle and not only in fact,and live as frugally as possible?
Im considering pulling it off,but combining it with travel,it will be hard,a lot of areas to work on,but I think its the right path for me
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Don't know if it's ocd. I know I can't control my thoughts which really unnerves me. I guess I have some mild case of compulsive thoughts. But there are weird thing which freak me out. Sometimes I just want to get rid of things, I think I get what you mean, wouldn't do something as extreme as destroy expensive electronics or something like that though.


Yes that would be ideal if I learn how to trade stocks for profit consistently. Just living in a small living space, maybe even an RV, with a computer, only working a few hours a week from home and spending the rest doing whatever I wanted. There are several people that I know of that do just that.


I just feel like that the more things you own, the more problems it creats especially if you're poor.


??? What if we want a minimalist lifestyle but we have one expensive thing every few years or so, like an expensive gaming PC every once in a while or an OLED tv?


Yes indeed. Selling all my retro games for big bucks to hipsters and just live as frugally as possible. It's a smart move.

File: 1590707864558.jpg (114.57 KB, 919x1300, 919:1300, 36170799-marionette-puppet….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Parents are trying to arrange a marriage for me because they want grand children and their genes to be passed on for generations. Any wizards with experience rejecting arranged marriages? How do I do it without upsetting my parents? I've told them I'm asexual but my mom has caught me fapping to anime tiddies before so I don't think it will work….. I don't want to be tied down by a three dimensional pig. They think that if I get a girlfriend I'll start wageslaving and paying for rent…. Any advice? I want to continue to be a lazy NEET without doing any normal productive things like settling in with a wife and a job, I find it restrictive and I won't be able to buy anime figurines if I have to support a succubus with my wage slave paychecks. I saw a few pictures of her and she's ugly as fuck.
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I'm anticipating the same thing from my parents in the future. Everyone I've described this to are in disbelief or confused and not sure what to suggest, so yeah OP I know how lonely a situation (even in this thread, people don't believe arranged marriages are real)
It's not something I'm outright despairing though, I can just decline, the only issue I'm anticipating is the awkwardness and conflict and the need to get my own place.


Ar you a poojeet OP or just a very bad troll?


Normalfags who used a dating app to find their spouse had an arranged marriaged, they just don't realise it.


Basically what I'm saying is, your situation is no different to being coerced into using dating software (something that happens to loads of software)

Also this thread is full of retards who are flipping out at the concept of arranged marriage, like it's totally unprecedented. I would've though wizchan would have little opinion on forms of courtship.


Demand of your parents that they provide you with a lawyer to write the most ironclad prenuptial agreement known to man. Make the terms so horrendous that only an illiterate person would sign. Have her sign it, have her inevitably violate it, profit???

File: 1580549305128.jpg (11.43 KB, 157x255, 157:255, woodwoz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone have any advice on fantasy world creation?

I'm getting into visualisation, drawing and character writing, but i'm more talking about literally living in a fantasy world of your own creation.

It's my hope that in the future my four walls will be covered in imagery from this fantasy world i create and i won't know the difference any longer between the outside world and my imagination.
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>each of my mood swings being a different world since everything feels different int it

Is there a medical term for this? Same thing happens to me as well and I've been wondering.


That wizard who sells public domain books on Amazon should try selling these. Maybe who wizard will get a youtube documentary video on his works one day.


Holly hell! They say people are impressed by things they could not do themselves, well damn am I impressed.


File: 1605839281305.jpg (64.75 KB, 960x720, 4:3, example-plushies.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i'm schizophernic and this is why i'm a lifelong neet, can't get into real life. i wouldn't wish this on anyone.


your life is more real than real life. "real life" is just the delusion that is being shilled by gangster government and gangster MSM to turn people into nigger cattle.

File: 1600607975510.jpg (49.64 KB, 734x960, 367:480, wegguck.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do you feel about the current re-education of the gerneral population into isolated social retards? Clubs and bars will all die and human connection is on the verge of basically being criminalized. When this conmtinues for year, which many "experts" are predicting, what you are left with is a complete numb population who is even less likely to repoduce and more likely to be manipulated and controlled. I find it very ironic that the likes of me who never fitted into society have always been living the life of the absolute poster-child of the NWO. Now society is adapting to me by force and I find myself in the weird position of trying to rebel against my own lifestyle.
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germany? thats the only place I know of where night life is still a thing, in UK, AUS and US night clubs have been passe long before covid


"night clubs" perhaps but bars in major cities were certainly not in want of rich, high status customers before covid…


>I personally haven't been to nightclubs or bars forever
When's the last time you went to a night club or bar?


File: 1605839394763.png (1.01 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, donald_trump_PNG55.png) ImgOps iqdb

nothing will happen because the vax is coming out soon, so everything will go back to normal.


i'm going to guess if he is on this site he never has.

File: 1603607099443.png (902.81 KB, 709x687, 709:687, 1493235792960.png) ImgOps iqdb


What do you think of this? Do you believe there exists a plot centered around preventing supposed outcasts from causing havok in a social sense?
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Doesn't CIA want to MKultra all outcasts?


Why (((they))) got mad at some fratboys' internet joke? And why some other people took it seriously too?
What a mess.


Not really. They are all about information control over trying mind control again. MKUltra was a real shit show. One they really don't want to repeat.

Hell, now days they just pay, blackmail, and threaten people to get them to do what they want. Usually all at the same time.


I think several things, they are rambling and in no particular order because I can't think straight any more:
>There are more men of breeding age than there are succubi in almost every country in the world, including in the West. This means the rose-tinted "promise" that many men seek of a wife, home and family will not be available to them, especially in the modern world of promiscuity, hypergamy and divorce. So another means of control is needed.
<succubi are definitely given multiple advantages in life. This can in part lead to succubi holding key positions of power which will make them less reliant on men.
>I think feminism has definitely has an effect on men, the constant bombardment that everything wrong in the world is men's fault and succubi getting education, career, social and relationship advantages is demoralizing in a world where "equality" has been hammered into you. In education, politics, courts, media, etc, you are screamed at about "toxic" masculinity, you will be blamed and convicted, while succubi are praised and encouraged to their best potential.
<There is definitely a trend to feminise men and make them look like fools to make them more meek and less authoritative, in everything from how they are portrayed as oafs on TV to banning "brutal" sports like rugby and wearing skirts in schools.
>The fact that half of all men are now brought up without a single male role model in their lives does encourage this. succubi get custody the majority of the time, most teachers in schools are succubi. It makes them not only easier to control by succubi, but also removes any guide to help them in more masculine matters, making boys growing up feeling more lost and confused. Another point to add to this is young boys are now often given drugs to "calm" them down, as if the natural active and energetic state of a boy is shamed and somehow bad.
<I think much of the harassment men get is just pure bullying from normalfags. Same way they bullied "losers" and people who are different in school, they find it acceptable to demean men who dare to not follow society's norm and do something like going their own way. "You MUST consume, you MUST pursue succubi, you MUST put succubi on a pedestal, you must NOT criticize succubi, or else youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



File: 1602488956982.jpg (526.96 KB, 640x4340, 32:217, time travel pleasure.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm not sure if I would accept it, on the one hand infinite pleasure for entirety seems appealing, but I'm also not sure if it would be the "right" choice. I feel like it would deny me the possibility to figure out the true nature of reality and consciousness and what our purpose is, if such a thing is even possible. I feel very conflicted. Ultimately this dilemma makes me question my own life, as a hikiNEET who spends all day on the computer watching anime and YouTube. Am I denying myself the possibility of finding true meaning and the answers to reality? Is that even possible or am I just delusional? I recently came across a series of scientific papers that claim that consciousness is able to interact with reality in non materialistic ways, many of them have participants try to predict the results of an RNG computer, and they find that they are actually able to predict it with statistical significance! It really is quite incredible and it sparked something within me that I had not felt in many years, wonder.

My first intuition was that this could prove that the mind in a way creates its own reality and outcomes (aka. Law of Attraction), as many of you may know, there is a concept in quantum physics called the multiverse theory, the idea is that since electrons move randomly around an nucleus of an atom, then there is universe for every possible outcome that could result from the location of the electron (aka. there is an infinite branching of universes at every moment as an electron has a choice of an infinite number of points it could land on around the nucleus of the atom, think of a circle, there are an infinite number on possible points on the circumference of the circle, an atom has a "sphere" of probability surrounding it that determines the location that the electron can land on). Now if consciousness could actually influence random events, as these studies conclude, then could it be possible that we could determine consciously or subconsciously which multiverse worldline we end up in? Could we end up in a better worldline just by believing we will? This is basically the law of attraction.

Anyways to get back to the original question, I guess I won't take the robot's offer, I want to learn more about my consciousness.

>Correlations of Random Binary Sequences with Pre-Stated Operator Intention

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1605304573214.png (40.28 KB, 452x386, 226:193, types of euphoria.png) ImgOps iqdb


No that's not true, they've shown that tolerance to drugs tends to hit a ceiling at some point, for example in heroin it tends to be around 1800mg per day through IV, all they would have to do is have enough of some drug like heroin just being injected at all times.


pure pleasure would suck, I know, I've experienced it on high levels of psychedelics. The euphoria becomes almost painful because it's so overwhelming. If they were offering to plug me into a fantasy world I'd be okay with that but not just feel good chemicals being pumped directly into my brain. We already have that on Earth, it's called drugs, not everyone is a drug addict because pure pleasure is empty of lived experience. You're not even a real person in a state of blind euphoria, you're just mindless blob of feeling. How is that any different from death if you never have any experiences or thoughts?


Such a fantasy tends to be appealing to people who long for death on one level but are deathly afraid of it on another.
The fear the pain of living but also the pain of dying.
So something like in OP eliminates both fears.


Yeah euphoria is pleasure that displaces the conscious awareness. Bliss maintains the conscious calm with a dulled but beautiful warmth that allows one to experience,understand, and act within permutations of information; rather than euphoria displacing all gradations. A machine that creates religious bliss experience is superior. TechnoBuddhism will be dope.

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I know most people would ask why would anyone want to be a laughing stock town fool of the internet? But way back to childhood days, the only options I ever had were to be an ignored quiet mouse or a loud wacky cartoonish entertainment monkey. Mouse or Monkey thats it. And so I became a local celebrity of my school days. Sometimes I would get resentful that they were laughing at me, not with me, mocking me, teasing making fun. Like the lolcows of the internet. But after trying to be serious in college, and just being totally ignored, I realized that attention beats isolation, and its the only means of socialization I know. For the last few years I've retreated back into my mouse role, and have had almost no human contact.

Its just seems like the cringe lolcow role of the internet, is basically like being the local clownish celebrity that I spent my whole school years being. Its a way to turn the strange weirdness into a commodity. I see folks who are less weird and less comedic getting audiences of millions. Maybe I could do it. Although I have the flaw of speaking in a way thats so cringey its boring, rather than so cringey its hilarious. But it just seems like my old weirdo class clown cartooning but with an audience of millions. Maybe it was my calling.

And then some of these guys actually make money on this shit through youtube ads and patreon, being a cringe is literally their full time career.
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I've been thinking up schemes to become e-famous. the morons who do it make it look so easy.

I've become much more honest and realistic with myself in realizing I suck.

But I guess the last pillar to fall is to admit that I'm boring, not interesting, exciting or funny. I feel like Im but thats just because I'm me. Even on Wizchan I can't match the wit of a funny green text reply. So even if I did hatch some scheme to get eyes on my content. I don't have any content worth watching.


During my time online I have come across some E famous individuals and usually they are interesting in some way even if it is people enjoying how fucked up they are.
Why do you want to become known wiz?
Why do you think you are boring and can you communicate well with others online?
If you have social skills then in reality it does not matter how little you actually do in life because you an talk to others and share your perspective which people can enjoy.


I guess i want to be famous so it feels like i existed before i die.

I dont think I communicate well online. even wiz-types seem to find online friends. But I always feel like the odd man out even on e-communities.


>I guess i want to be famous so it feels like i existed before i die.

I am surprised you did not say it is so you exist after you die and seek fame as a form of death denial.
Communicating is a skill you can hone :)
Would you like an online friend wiz?
Even wiz types wont generally be accepted by e communities but they can find others highly appreciate their perspective and gain respect that way.
Do you ever use omegel? it is peak normalfag but you could train your social skills there or even elsewhere.
What would you like to be famous for wiz?


>It's a lot of effort to be a lolcow. One thing all entertaining cows have in common is that they are prolific content creators. CWC claims to have invented sonichu around 2000, and he wasn't even noticed til around 2004. That's 4 years of making terrible content, plus nearly 15 more years after that to keep the internet interested in him.

I've been thinking about this 2018 comment. Its true. Any project to produce content and try to be e-famous. If you just look at it from an economic cost-benefit analysis, its not a rational investment or gamble. You're putting a ton of energy and effort and hours into something that has only a slim chance of attracting an audience, much less enough of an audience to financially sustain you.

So really if you're doing it from a cynical pragmatic view, its just not worth the effort. Its only worth it, if you have a genuine passion for it. And then maybe its not all for nothing and you get lucky. But you enjoyed it even if it was for nothing and nobody.

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File: 1604932989142.jpg (60.11 KB, 500x375, 4:3, rua_dos_douradores.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hey Wiz,

I'm writing a novel about virtual reality at the moment, where the main character considers whether he would rather live in an idyllic artificial world of his own creation, with the help of a company who profits from allowing such an experience, or in the so-called "real" world which we all inhabit where he feels out of place, depressed, full of regret, and so on.

May I ask whether you personally would sacrifice your life in this reality, as depressing as it may be, for a life in your own necessarily solipsistic but more comfortable reality with the aid of technology?

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts / justifications either way.
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>Is it an option to forget that you are in a simulated world at all?

My idea is that VR reaches a stage of development at which the mind lacks the ability to distinguish "reality" from VR. When it reaches this point, government policy insists that all VR experiences must include a "time out" warning so that the user does not die of dehydration etc IRL. These warnings at first begin to arrive in the form of subtle prompts like a letter delivered to your home / workplace, or a subtle news broadcast on the radio, and then become more and more obvious as the VR world attempts to wake you up, e.g., strangers passing on the street saying "wake up" while in conversation with someone loud enough for you to hear it, and then if the user somehow becomes aware that he is in VR but insists on remaining there (effectively committing suicide) the VR world itself becomes more surreally hostile to its presence and billboards begin reading "wake up" and so on. However there is the idea that such policy can be ignored or overcome. There is also the issue of how a user would be made aware that his kitchen was on fire IRL while in VR experience (perhaps by suddenly smelling smoke in VR).

>being able to be an anime gurl and be happy with waifu

My idea at present relies on the creation of countless "characters" in VR which are produced by means of the company importing millions of novels, plays, transcripts, movies, anime, etc and developing a computer which is able to identify speech patterns, regional slang etc to the point where each person in VR other than the user is the synthesis of countless "characters" from media relevant to that region. Having learned the way in which words evolve and languages evolve, it can then form new slang words within the VR world for example which make sense and would not seem out of place in the "real world". So if you live 50 years in VR, the younger people would not be still using slang that they use in "real life" at the point at which the VR was developed, but will speak in ways that evolved within that solipsistic universe. Your waifu, for example, would be a synthesis of many idealised waifus, with the only downside (one I think is significant) being that she has no authentic past, and that the language she uses likely comes from some novel or moviePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>May I ask whether you personally would sacrifice your life in this reality, as depressing as it may be, for a life in your own necessarily solipsistic but more comfortable reality with the aid of technology?
I can think of a thousand arguments for and none against.

Even in the ultimate fantasy world, there would still need to be some kind of reward/punishment system to prevent it eventually becoming monotonous (though preferably one not nearly so harsh as in the real world). Some kind of progression system where actions have meaning, inaction has meaning, and different actions have different meanings.

That kind of VR system could only ever be developed by people who would misuse it, but I'm too much of a sucker to pass up the temptation anyway.


Well thought out and clearly you are able to conjure and entire world down to its small details.
If the VR is realistic as you mention than should not the NPC like your waify be effectively conscious beings?
I love how you thought about slang.

Your book idea seems like it would be a better experience as a TV series.
It is a shame that it takes so much capital and thus not just anyone can make something in that form of media.
I always thought 1984 could have been longer.

Fantastic! I have ideas for short stories but the process to creation is harder than I imagined.
Good luck.


>That kind of VR system could only ever be developed by people who would misuse it
An interesting point, thank you.

>If the VR is realistic as you mention than should not the NPC like your waify be effectively conscious beings?

If I was to write a novel about this, the issue of the waifu's personhood would be discussed. For example, it would in theory be quite difficult to discern whether a "person" in your VR experience is "conscious" or not. They would essentially be a being created y means of synthesising the identities of countless fictional and non-fictional "characters" from the "real world", meaning their dialogue etc would all e "sourced" from characters and people relevant to the geography and time period you find yourself living in. Their reactions to pain for example would e based on the likely reaction as estimated y comparing tens of thousands of similar people / characters in the real world to a similar kind of pain, so in that sense it would e the reaction of a conscious being. However when the character talks to the waifu or another person for a while, they begin to notice that some of the things they say are quotes from elsewhere, and it becomes rather strange. Although appropriate to the conversation, they are not their own words, and when the character wants to find out more about their lives and history, he begins to suspect it is the history of someone else, of a fictional character, and his eventual realisation that he is in a VR experience, however enjoyable, makes him question whether he can truly feel intimate and sympathetic towards a person whose life story is not their own but has been generated out of necessity to make the experience more plausible. I also had the idea that the character is initially not aware of himself being in a VR reality, despite knowing what VR is and working for a company which produces virtual experiences and realities, ostensibly (at first) for benevolent reasons (e.g., allowing a disabled person to experience walking, allowing elderly patients to spend their final days in the company of a deceased spouse, allowing people with phobias to confront them in a threat-free environment). The business becomes so lucrative thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


For example, a minor detail may be that the company encourages those who are "lifers" in VR to reduce their lives in the "real world" to as minimum as possible so that their mid / will focuses all of its energy on the virtual world and is not tempted to believe it is a simulation. They may be encouraged for example to soundproof their apartment (like Proust did in order to focus his imagination when writing In Search of Lost Time), to limit their diet to a kind of basic flavorless slop (like ascetics who consume very little to avoid being led astray y worldly temptations) and even to turn around the mirrors in their home to avoid their brief returns to the "real world" from causing an existential crisis (like borges did when he grew old and couldn't ear to look at his reflection any longer, or like The Portrait of Dorian Gray). Eventually the "waking" periods would consist of waking in a semi-conscious state, performing the routine of washing one's body (perhaps in very dim lighting), eating the slop delivered to your door on a regular basis, and then returning to VR. A big fear about all this however is that will read similar to Snow Crash or a similar VR-focused novel which, while interesting and entertaining, tends to lack any human, relatable story due to amount of tech wizardry etc employed.

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