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I used to care a lot about politics. I specially enjoyed studying political ideologies and geopolitics. It all changed some years ago when I was going through a hard but enlightening time. I realized emotions are the only true guiders of morality (and ethics as well. Ethics being the tentative of rationalization of morality). When you think this way politics become quite ridiculous. Discussing it, in particular, is the most pathetic thing I can imagine someone losing their time with. There's nothing to discuss but the way people feel about something in particular, but they try rationalizing it to the core. I would only begin to care about politics, ideologies and geopolitics again if I ended up as the dictator of my country. Because then my emotions would truly matter. But otherwise, what's the point?
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Hopefully as whites dwindle in number we'll see the average IQ start to rise to acceptable levels.


China shows that IQ tests don't really measure intelligence. They are born and bred to lack any form of critical thinking; they create horrific societies but can still do pattern matching.


>China shows that IQ tests don't really measure intelligence.
Aren't they the most powerful country atm?


>ccp jacking itself off online all the time translates to tangible power
maybe in shitting on africans and SEAmonkeys


Not by any stretch of the imagination.

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Do you regret the time when you enjoyed being left alone and just consuming media all day or are you in one right now?
How do you deal with out of honeymoon phase?
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As soon as I got a job I wanted to be a NEET again. Being around normies all day is hell.


I've been wage slaving for years and it never gets easier. Every week is a slog through hell. I was NEET for a few months and it was both incredible and terrible. Parents were on my ass screaming at me every other day. Wage slaving was the only way to get them to back off. But I still want to die either way. Life is truly a no win situation for a wiz.


I don't necessarily regret being a NEET but I do regret how I spent my time as a recluse. I played video games all day for over a decade. I have nothing to show for it. Had I spent my time reading books, learning a new language, an instrument, learning whatever really, I'd at least have knowledge. Instead I have nothing. My brain also seems to have deteriorated due to not using it. I misspell, I read words wrong, I omit words, I've just become really dumb.


this place is 100% normie now
you have no magic in your veins.


The only thing I hated about being a NEET was being forced to rely on my parents for everything. I am saving up as much as I can so I can retire by the time I hit 40 and neet it up till I die.

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This Pastor says Christians must accept Globohomo in order for the church to survive


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What do you do when someone asks you (e.g., your mother), "When are you going to have children, anon?" Have you ever wanted to have kids? Why? Have you ever thought about how fucked up your life would be right now if you had kids? About how fucked up your kids would be?
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A literally cope and religious idiocy of shitskins.
Its really thats it.
If this spiritual shit is real than this world is prison for souls, loosh farm and maybe something even worse.


Don't pretend you and your excuse for life is much better.
Your are not even landlord, just some subhuman wageslave.


Not him but I'm sure that it's not hard to have a better life than Gary. The guy does nothing but complain about life and get mad at people who don't understand his philosophy


Just have to say that "How is babby formed" gets me every time. I Have loved it since I was 12 and never will stop loving it.


In response to your post. What scaresme about having kids, is socializing it. Showing it off to family wherever you go, speaking with other parents, ensuring your child is not isolated like you. That scares me. I also feel like I have no energy to even function, i'm always drained. I see people laughing and moving around and I can't recall when I last felt like that, i'm always just so tired. Having a baby that you have to take places it out of the question.

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Hello, /wiz/. I'm not a wizard, but I've chosen to become one.
I'm 20, male, NEET, and I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which seemingly runs in the family: My late mother had it before me and so did her mother. That is why I'm here on Wizchan. I feel lost in a forest.
While it is a depressing matter, because of schizophrenic apathy, I'm not much distressed: Only a little, partially because I was never interested in succubi or men, though I admit I have a friend that I Platonically love; meanwhile, a doctor friend has told me that it's highly likely that I will pass it onto my my children, should I have any, and I've decided not to marry and not to have children. I don't want to burden anyone. I am a menace to myself and others. I was always aware something was wrong with me, but I never even feared it would be something so drastic.
I'm unsure what to think, say and do. I'm here for guidance, though I can't explain what that entails. All I feel is confirmed that I must remove myself from mankind: I am a menace to myself and others. I'm unsure what to think, say and do. Guide me, /wiz/. I'm the runt of the litter. I wanted to extraordinary, but all I've managed to become is unordinary. Please, guide me.
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File: 1638655367096.png (1.38 MB, 1080x897, 360:299, Rightful Order Bri shadow ….png) ImgOps iqdb

OO, OO! financial advice. I'm a neet, a hikki neet actually,so I don't have much sadly, but every time someone has troubles I always recommend this to em:

Maybe you could get into 3d modelling, and slowly model a shitload of assets and put em up for sale on sites like Sketchfab, and just get professional-tier skill in say, Blender for example and slowly build up your assets over multiple years until all combined you have a steady stream of passive income to take care of you. I dunno if this would work cause I never had to try it myself, but I'm putting the idea out there at-risk someone accuses me of, I dunno breaking some rule here or something by posting too much or something. I don't really know the customs on wizchan anymore, I haven't gone on here regularly since lik 2018


I've been taking anti-psychotic drugs for a few days now and I've been benefiting from them.
I am intellectually aware that I will die, but not emotionally, but even so, death does not seem so intimidating as does a life as such.
That is good advice, anon. I have a different idea, though: I plan to study CS and I am learning programming by myself. I love programming. Few things give me as much tranquility and satisfaction as coding and mathematics do.


>Maybe you could get into 3d modelling, and slowly model a shitload of assets and put em up for sale on sites like Sketchfab,
I tried exactly this back in 2013 to 2016. I had a few sales and even saw some of my free guns used in games, but the reality is that you're making pennies to the dollar. Creative asset sites take >75% in most cases, and when it's time to cash out, they insist on doing everything "by the book" in terms of taxes and filing gains and such. Unless you're making thousands in sales, it'll be hard to break the +1$ per hour working threshold. Additionally, the market for assets is so over-saturated that anything can be found already, and probably for cheaper and better than someone who has just gotten in to modelling could do. Regard markets such as Sketchfab more of a portfolio sharing website, where potential employers or commissioners can pay a small fee to download and deconstruct your work to get a better sense if you're up to their task.

3D modelling is fun though and there is money to be made, but in more creative ways. Rule34 commissions, funny meme animations for Youtube adbux, and doing the non-creative gruntwork like unwrapping and rigging on Fiverr.


File: 1638656224821.png (264.58 KB, 1548x2752, 9:16, Saloshai ''Telenar Teldior….png) ImgOps iqdb

>I've been taking anti-psychotic drugs for a few days now and I've been benefiting from them.
I am intellectually aware that I will die, but not emotionally, but even so, death does not seem so intimidating as does a life as such.
Oh perfect, you're benefiting from em. Yeah man when you said you were schizophrenic I was scared for you for a minute man. My mom was schizophrenic. Occasionally she had some really horrible times from what I've heard, but I didnt really know her she was, lol, a promiscuous drug addict haha.. I'm really glad she died early on in my life cause she caused alotta trouble and in death she could cause no more. Someday they might cure that shit man, hold out. Ya never know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Then you'll be left with nothing but your big heart despite the cruel world you were thrusted into

>That is good advice, anon. I have a different idea, though: I plan to study CS and I am learning programming by myself. I love programming. Few things give me as much tranquility and satisfaction as coding and mathematics do.

oooohoohoohoo, that sounds cool. Yeah I do some small game design stuff for Garry's Mod currently, my biggest pitfall is coding. You can do anything with coding man, pretty cool. I don't know anything about it and have no advice for it but go for it man! You're lucky to have a passion for something. I was unfortunate enough that the only thing I really ever significantly enjoyed was the occult but well, that's a completel clusterfuck and basically what I realized after half a decade in it was that it's basically just advanced lost technology and modern society just doesn't really have much to offer in that area


oh, that's sad, thanks for the advice. And yeah lol, "34". I remember making a Fiverr for Gmod playermodels a few months ago that I literally lost all motivation to maintain within a few days, but my motto was figuratively "I'll do whatever the fuck you want - keyword "fuck", but lol sadly Fiverr wouldn't allow pornographic content

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What can i do? I'm autistic homosexual that got bullied by everyone around me
I've always been an extremely shy and awkward child. I never dared to speak up or complain. One time in kindergarten a boy tried to drown me and i didn't even struggle out of politeness.
Does anyone have any advice on how to get over this 'judging' fear, or how to manage it? I know that the first step would probably be to just show something, but my anxiety flat out won't let me. How do I get over this extreme fear of drawing attention towards myself?


Familiarity breeds contempt. I know exactly the feeling you have. I have it too. But the more you are exposed to people, the less you will start to care of their thoughts and opinions of you.

Alternatively shut yourself off from them so you can be free in isolation. However this requires you to give up NEETing.


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Did he do anything wrong at all? I mean Casca liked it, so what's the problem?


He's dead, Jim.


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Anyone else feel lucky that they went through school before phones with cameras became popular? I've always hated having pictures taken of me, whenever someone tried to take a picture I would always put my hands up to block it and people understood that usually. Nowadays I feel it would be too hard to get away with that.
Another thing is I did a lot of cringy stuff and I'm glad none of it was ever filmed, wereas if I was in school today I would probably be filmed being bullied and end up on youtube or some shit.
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I was in the final year of school I attended when the iphone came out and facebook was a thing people started using. What is odd is that we have had phones that could capture pictures and video for years but they were only ever used for recording school fights.

No one could be online back then without a PC pretty much.
The internet was so much better.
The moment social media came around in conjunction with phones being able to go online a whole heap of drama was the result.


I graduated in 2007. Right before the smartphone revolution.
Come to think of it now it was weird. Phone was something that you used to text, call (both being very costly to highschoolers so we often just called and hang up) or maybe just maybe take very shitty low quality photos or voice records. The most "smartphoney" application was to listen to music or radio occasionally.
I remember reading books, magazines in the class. Computer was something I never ever thought of having. I guess in some ways youngsters are lucky as they can play games, browse web et cetera at moments notice. For me internet/games were something you do at your home sat in front of a pc.

I'm still like that, I never use my "smart"phone for games browsing web etc unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. I never understood "phoneposters" in imageboards either. Plenty of discussion were made about them and decline of quality due to phoneposting so I will not say anything.
Wonder what is the statistic of this image board, I think many of us are a bit old who still cling to their old habbits.


>Wonder what is the statistic of this image board, I think many of us are a bit old who still cling to their old habbits
Others would be like myself and not even own a phone because there is no need to own one when you dont talk to anyone and you don't go outside.


I used to do that except with trains, had an entire folder I would carry around and show people.


Nah, would have been the same shit no matter what era I attended.


I'm a 26 year old male from western Canada. It seems that reality has finally caught up with me, and I'm 2 weeks away from being officially homeless.

My parents owe me money, and I'm also owed a significant amount of money from my grandfather's passing several years ago, but my father is the person responsible for carrying out their will. It seems I won't be seeing any of this money anytime soon, and I'm already completely out of cash.

This is what my current plan is:
> Cancel cellphone plan
> Discard/sell unnecessary belongings
> Rent out storage locker for 2-3 months
> Take out loans and max out credit purchasing food, shelter, shoes, warm/athletic clothing, hiking backpack
> Carry 3.5-inch blade for opening packages of meat
> Remain physically fit; shadowboxing, calisthenics, walking/running
> Shower/wash clothes at 24/7 gym
> Travel on foot/wheel or possibly use public transit
> Steal whatever I can get, or dumpster dive
> Break in and lock myself in rooms with my own padlock if I need to sleep

I'm not worried about jail, and I will avoid prison at all costs, but I'm prepared to do whatever I have to do to survive.
Not trying to LARP, just looking for solid, honest advice for surviving the streets from wizzies who may have been in a similar situation.
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Without money those people are just old decrepit corpses.

Hence again, everything boils down to money. The world is an extremely boring place.


File: 1637784178863.jpg (83.53 KB, 744x492, 62:41, just joggin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>This doesn't make sense to me. The safest and best spots aren't shared with others, why on earth would they be?
pic and however many thousands of other examples of cuntery related. Unless you're able to go and camp out in the countryside, if you meet any nice people in an urban setting, stay with the nice people. Simple as that.
>They aren't going out of their way to fuck with and rob homeless people
There's no mention of robbing or fucking with in that post. It is a matter of coersion/persuasion and getting acquainted with an active criminal, which is one of the worse ideas if you are trying to stay off the radar. I worked with two moonlighting dealers who were mirror images of this complex, and they are to be avoided at all costs. You seem somewhat defensive about this topic which is of no issue if you intend to purchase some product from a dealer, but I don't think the reality of the trade should be overlooked. Also, of course you'll want to avoid homeless users, this goes without saying. They're all batshit insane once they are out of sauce.


We don't have many blacks where I'm from in Canada. Mostly asians, some indian gangs. I'm not defensive about this topic, I've already mentioned several times that I don't plan on making friends with any human beings (that includes buying drugs from them).


File: 1638388293125.png (127.48 KB, 465x465, 1:1, x10.png) ImgOps iqdb

My parents caved and paid me the money I was owed. I won't be homeless for the time being, but I'd like to thank everyone for their help & advice.

File: 1638381705428.jpg (149.82 KB, 782x709, 782:709, readin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


brainlet here, i feel like braingroids have left the internet or they are hidden somewhere now, i wonder how we find them since i am too dumb to create or find spells on my own, its all regurgitation of the same ones over and over
we need a plan to get them to spill their beans again


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