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I know i know sounds like schizo topic but for real don't u get feelings of being alienated and people like fucking robots, cogs in a monster machine and you ask yourself is everything real?
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People are machines but they are not robots. There are many gross misunderstandings of consciousness at a basic level, and the flagrant lie versions are shouted so loudly specifically so that any and all thought pertaining to consciousness, mind, metaphysics, and so on is limited to imitations of the past.


is it even worth going to get diagnosed with this shit? it wouldn't change anything about how i behave, might even make it worse since if you get diagnosed you can latch onto it like an identity


Diagnoses are only good for retardbux but other than that they are counterproductive


I deal with mild derealization I guess.
I sometimes feel like it's weird that I'm not dead. I feel detached from reality.
I don't know why it's hard to believe that this is reality. Maybe I'm disillusioned with it.
I don't feel like I'm lucid. My life is like a terrible dream. Everything seems mundane.
I just put food in my body and I keep living.


nothing is real we're all contained within the matrix

File: 1672090188228.png (1.13 MB, 1756x1383, 1756:1383, cirno.png) ImgOps iqdb


Im looking to take up Mental Diet ( a form of dopamine fasting), peacefulness, calmness and virtue as a lifestyle,as opposed to my current state. I dont commit any s-xual inmorality(nofap,noporn,etc)but I harbor grudges, Im unironically racist with IRL consequences, Im bitterly envious of richer people my age. I watch war footage \beatdowns footage,even gore,and listen to extreme violent music.
How do we wizs. embrace a Iyashikei lifestyle?
So far I think,for the next months:
>only animes allowed are Iyashikei ,precure series and ,Beyblade ,Digimon,etc
>only listening to classical, hindu classical music,or in general to nothing with lyrics, with guitars,or that sprung up from Revolutionary currents
>no cussing,no telling anyone that the poor are poor because they want to (I do this like 20 times a day)
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Also,I will eschew romantic content. no shipping cures(yuri), no character x reader fanfics…0 romance.
Im not trying to be life-denying or a religious ascetic Eyore. its more about breaking free from the cocoon


File: 1672095927642.jpg (88.32 KB, 640x643, 640:643, 1606836621548.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

dont bother. you will never achieve true comfy if you admit to enjoying in war, violence, gore, etc. i will continue fapping and being comfy because inside im a true buddha saint. you are a rotten little gremlin inside and will never feel satisfied no matter what meme lifestyle you adopt of however you style yourself


I've considered this sort of thing. I'll start doing something like this starting tomorrow until Friday. Think I'll swap manga for heavy textbooks.


“What is better? To be born good? Or to overcome your evil nature?”


No such thing as "born good", everyone either gives in to their evil urges or overcomes them. For example, I had to fight the incredible urge to murder people brutally for 13 years whilst working in customer service.

File: 1667788512432.jpeg (227.61 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, FB62D193-8298-4D02-9B43-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Well wizards, this might be it for me.
I normally hate blog posters but I just want to vent my concerns I guess. I’m at a crossroads in life, I’m a few months into college and I really don’t like it.
I’ve decided to drop out and go fight in Ukraine (family reasons etc not gonna get political).
Flight is on Tuesday evening, I’ve already been accepted (for military experience and such).
Have any other wizards been at war?
The only thing holding me back is how my family will take it but I try not to think about it.
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take your meds. and lay off the pdfs.


Thread theme song.


Not really, hon


This song is so good.


kill (((yourself))).

File: 1665932239358.jpg (354.71 KB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, 1494599514-17973612-138450….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I just want to know a bit about wizards and cruelty

>were you generally a cruel child?

>are you a cruel person now?
>are you kind to animals? are you vegetarian/vegan?
>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person? Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim?
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>were you generally a cruel child?
No, but I used to be slightly more indifferent, especially about the insects, because I didn't perceive them as being truly alive. I remember tearing off the limbs off a grass hopper, but this and similar things I did were out of curiosity and not because of sadism.

>are you a cruel person now?

Not at all, I even avoid hurting insects if possible.

>are you kind to animals? are you vegetarian/vegan?

Yes, but I don't go out of my way to help animals. I'm not vegetarian but I used to be for a few years during my teens.

>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person? Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim?

Yes. But, I also learned to not let it affect me because there are a lot of horrible things happening every second, about which I can't do anything.


>were you generally a cruel child?
My family was somewhat cruel to me as a child so I grew up timid and lonely, and though I did have a lot of anger, I rarely ever took it out on others.
>are you a cruel person now?
No. If anything, I would argue I'm too kind, a bit of a pushover honestly.
>are you kind to animals?
Yes, I love animals. Even the dangerous or "ugly" ones are still fascinating to me.
>are you vegetarian/vegan?
>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person?
Not really. I would describe myself as more of a sympathetic person than empathetic.
>Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim?
Yes. I often see myself as the result of what I call "pain without purpose" as I feel that most of my struggles in this life have been pointless, by which I mean that I didn't really learn anything valuable or grow from my pain. I was just made to suffer for the sake of suffering and became angrier and more jaded as a result. So when I see similar cruelties done unto others (pain without purpose) I find it upsetting as they will have no opportunity for growth, rather they will just have a piece of themselves chipped away, just like what has happened to me so many times before.


I am facing the normans' and soyciety's physical and psychological cruelty from 6 up until 28 years old. This had a huge impact on the fact that I will be celibate from womb to tomb. The animals were also cruel to me. I am carnivorous in moderation. F u c k my parents, man. Only a few things in this goddamn life give me pleasure anymore.


>were you generally a cruel child?
>are you a cruel person now?
>are you kind to animals? are you vegetarian/vegan?
I don't have an animal. No, me like meat
>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person?
I don't go out of my way to be mean. I am neutral
>Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim
I don't really care. I don't enjoy seeing cruelty doe.


>were you generally a cruel child?
no child is cruel
>are you a cruel person now?
dont know but ive been wanting to destroy sth beautiful for the past few days
>are you kind to animals? are you vegetarian/vegan?
yes, but i dont like treerats. Gorillas, Bonobo and orangutans are bros tho.
>would you consider yourself to be an empathetic person? Does the occurrence of cruelty bother you, even if you aren't the victim?
yes i would but recently ive been trying to desensitize myself watching gore



follow me on tiktok wizzies
itll b really funnnnnnnn


Moved to >>>/b/868746.

File: 1651249371740.jpg (55.99 KB, 1198x804, 599:402, slavnigger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I am a slav from eastern europe so yes i hate being a 'slav', why couldn't i be born in a country with actual achievements like france, america, spain, italy or even korea
when i go outside my shithole and when some other people recognize I am from an irrelevant eastern European shithole they just have nothing to say and sometimes they look down at me.
god i hate being myself, at least Wizards and NEETs in other countries can take pride in being a certain nationality.
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dont bother being ashamed of something you have no control over, like your country of origin. but likewise dont pride yourself on it either


i don't really care tbh.
i am neither ashamed nor proud, the Lord decided i would be born in that specific state.
i could have been born somewhere else, it's not something i can control.


The grass is always greener on the other side….


File: 1672282934510.jpg (169.63 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Castle-of-Bojnice-1024x768.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like Slovakia!
Better to be a slav than an anglophone monoglot!
The an hero flag is pretty funny!


3rd World Wizard here.

I don't think about my nationality. I'm 24/7 thinking in survive.

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File: 1627176559116.jpeg (37.2 KB, 620x248, 5:2, reddit.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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Why does 4chan hates reddit so much? Sure 99% of the site is garbage but there's some good stuff in there once in a while (just like 4chan come to think of it). You can't even mention reddit without 5 posters telling you to "go back", it's really annoying.
For the record I've been on 4chan since 2009 and only really started browsing reddit about 3 years ago, and don't even have an account. But I'm of the opinion you should enjoy good content no matter where it comes from. If some gay SJW with pink hair cured cancer, I would be thankful for it even if he's a retard.
What is wizchan's optinion of reddit?
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Here's a trick. Sort by old/new then it'll be almost like an old fashion forum

It's interesting that wizards care about some internet points. My downvoted comments have more replies than upvoted comments, if you mean they would just passive aggressively downvote


Saying "nigger" makes you so much more edgy and anarchist and free speech platform, yeah right…fuck off.

In my opinion wizchan can be a lot worse than reddit is. Wizards cannot exists on reddit and only on this site? Bitch please. If anything, I can see a lot more "normies" here and non virgins and even underage.
Wizchan, as a platform, is no diferrent than others. It is the same shit essentially. I do not identify with particular platform or forum and I don't need some edgy teen to tell me what is wizardry an what is not.


by posting in this thread you reject the Talmud


>it's da jooz


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File: 1666903428034.jpg (162.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, j1vb5stcc0p61.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any misters here have experience or knowledge of tapering off antipsychotics?

I (the legit tru wizzie) got put on them following a psychotic episode. Now that I'm off, I have kind of a lightheaded brainfog and it's clear I'm not exactly operating at baseline anymore. Pill-pusher claims it's high dopamine

Mister, Haaaaaaalllp!!!
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The thing is, that many of us have our brains bogged with somatic resulsts of inadequate schizo dynamics and this hidden forms of accumulated stress turns out into somethings that needs to be cleansed materially.

Know the warp wanings, what wizards need to know to get rid of their miserable mental and bodily health: https://endchan.org/pdfs/res/326.html


antipsychotics like risperdal shrink the brain on the long term.

if you have taken some for one week or so, there won't be brain damage. but if you have been on them for 5 years, your brain did take a solid hit.


antipsychotics don't help, they are neurotoxic snake oil.
I have unreal hatred for disgusting faggots like you.


Nuspeak for heresy or demonic possesion.
Shut the fuck up, no one asked you, faggot.


Literal nigger or whitetrash.

File: 1671748293218.jpg (53.49 KB, 750x577, 750:577, 1c1e338123123e5fb22debb528….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


As far as I have been reading, I find quite little differences between schizoids and aspies. Not to mention that r/aspergers could totally replace this site except for how much failed normies they also have inside there.

Why do you run away from these lost, clueless souls? Do you like the crabs around here better? Please take note that crabness is not allowed (or at least not seen even from afar) there in r/aspergers
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You are just a faggot with no willpower


Yes normalnigger. Bootstraps and live laugh love and in no time you'll be laughing in a night club with the normals like in one of those sitcoms


nothing has anything to do with live laugh love, night clubs or normies, just stop being a whiney faggot. im not even that guy but you are really a dumb faggot if you delude yourelf into thinking that discipline and phyisical health wont improve your life

as a matter of fact, you are the "live laugh love" guy because you rather not do shit and just consume electronic entertainment all day or do some other dumb shit that wont get you anywhere


Wow coach, you are sure, i can be a linebacker too??!


>whining about whining
I hate normalfags and their retarded shit.


I don't know if is this the right place but do you people know of any studies or non fiction books that talk about people like us? I'm really curious about the topic, but I never found anything.
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>Huurr Durr cope

Actual dumb nigger can't understand what was requested.


File: 1670529170829.jpg (10.72 KB, 191x293, 191:293, 51CqPXMmhkL._SY291_BO1,204….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alright so this is the best I can do on this topic. Read the chapter on demons


OP wasn't saying about real magical stuff, but I think sociological, psychological and ethonographic stuff.


(I know that)


Almost everything about autists, schizoids and aspies is intended to trap you into useless neurotypical dynamics. Do you exactly know what you wish to find in those books or are you eager to share anything?

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