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I need stereotypical computer genius images can you please send some if you have


this aint google gramps


Moved to >>>/b/773769.

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To wizards that are happy or content with life, what did you do to overcome overwhelming depression (suicidal ideation etc)? Please tell me how you achieved happiness.
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I became obsessed with money and material objects. I'm not introverted anymore because of it but don't have sex purely because I haven't already and I don't care for it anymore after the college years of never getting it.


Multiple attempts mean you're either a fucking retard, or an effeminate attention whore. Kek.


Theravada Buddhism.


File: 1648483746388.gif (675.23 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 4gg33.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Money and stability are what make people happy.

When you have money and stability, everything else is easier to handle and "depression" is just another one of your moods that easily passes because you ultimately have nothing to worry about.

When I'm feeling down, I just think to myself about any problems I currently have and if I don't have any, I instantly snap out of it.

If you have serious problems in your life, such as having a crappy job, no money or stability, then depression is warranted and will not lift until you fix your problems. If you problem is unfixable, then this problem will haunt you for eternity, always in the back of your mind and will put a damper on your entire life.

Try not to acquire permanent problems.


sounds nice except for the mosquitoes


Do they exist here or they've already off themselves? If they do exist here, what piece of wisdoms can you give for a better NEET existence?
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33 year old Neet here. I guess I'm close enough. The worst vice is advice but since you asked allow me to share some tips, in no particular order.
Learn about FIRE(Financial Independence Retire Early) movement. There are plenty of books, communities, blogs, videos about the subject. But it basically boils down to living very frugally and investing in boring index fund/bond compositions that does not bring yo abysmally high returns but will net you roughly 4% to 7% on the long run, and if you withdraw less than 3-4%ish of your capital you can retire for a lifetime. There are however some caveats that every neet and wizard must consider. I will refrain from minute details but one major example is "retiring" right before a financial crisis. Plenty of boomers capital got destroyed due to their panic sells in 2008. Again one must read about this subject, everyone is different.
Take care of your body as it is the last station on the line. You can afford being an obese fuck in your 20s, you will feel miserable but you can bear it. It gets more and more difficult as time passes on. I do think your final peak years will be late 20s. So plan accordingly. Brush your teethe, cut off soda you don't need to be fit by you are 30 but you should decide whether you want to live 10 more years or 40.
Make peace with your family, if that is possible. I understand not every family is worth doing this but oftentimes As you grow older you make peace with yourself, this is also true for your family. If you have bickering parents your 30s will be much milder as they will be in their acceptance stage in grief. You also get to appreciate them more given it is often their final years.
You will realize video games,anime,movies do not appeal to you anymore. You probably felt that in your mid 20s but it will only get worse. Accept it gracefully by having a good archive/download/torrent links of your childhood/teenage interests. Many millenials look fondly to early to mid 2000s and I think it is early 2010s for zoomers. Try new things but also appreciate the good nostalgia feel.

I think as long as you have your finances in order you don't need to worry about anything else. Health is a long term concern that once should take precautions early but the priority of a 30something neet should be its finances.


I'm 34 and I feel like I'm taking notes on what you're saying.


>just invest

Okay I will take all the money I earned from not working and invest it in the stock market. Yay my life is now perfect. Why didn't I think of this before?


I'm 33, Depression and skin issues made me hide in my cave the last 11 years. I had a job in my early 20s, but I almost got bullied to death by my coworkers and bosses, it was worst than highschool because in a job you always are afraid of being fired and having coworkers blaming everything on you because they don't like you makes you feel like shit. My parents are going to retire this year, so I'm gonna have to find work soon in whatever I can get.


Thanks anon you are too kind.
Of course it is a case to case basis. I am under no delusion to say that poverty trap doesn't exist or that living paycheck to paycheck is something uncommon.
But what I want to tell is to think long term. Can you support yourself long term? Be it neetbux or your family. What kind of precautions you take to sustain your neetdom? Be it inheritence, welfare, disability checks, you should start looking into them right now so that you don't wake up to an unpleasant surprise in the feature.

File: 1642877934740.jpg (16.86 KB, 500x262, 250:131, Angler.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I had a very intense lucid dream experience last night.

In my dream I was flying around looking at landscape below - almost all of my dreams are like this - where I'm a detached observer.

I suddenly fell from the sky and hit the ground. I landed on a solid concrete floor, and there were fences around it. My right hand was mangled and deformed from the impact.

I saw a person I recognized on the other side of the fence. I approached him and he asked me some questions, like "how are yoy doing?". And "what are you doing here?".

He was very friendly, and inviting. He listened to me carefully, and it was is if he radiated geniality and goodwill.

As I explained the situation it began to dawn on me how strange the circumstances were. I told him "I don't understand how how I got here. I fell from the sky, but I don't even feel any pain" I showed him my deformed hand. I began thinking very hard to figure out how I ended up in that place, I tried to remember what events led me to that location and what I last remembered doing. My mind was working in overdrive trying to recall anything that I could remember from the day, or the day before, to make sense of the circumstances.

I was speaking my thought process aloud to him, then I concluded: "The more I think about this, the more certain I am that this isn't real. I am sure that this is a dream"

The moment I said those words, the atmosphere shifted. The person I was talking to stopped smiling and instead of being friendly I detected intense hostility and malicie coming from him. A voice in my head loudly proclaimed something indecipherable, it was a singly syllable word. Even though it was not in any language I know, I still somehow understood the meaning at once.

I wish I'd written it down while it was still fresh on my memory, now I can't remember, but it was some sort of hostile intention. It had multiple meanings simultaneously.

I felt like something dark was reaching out for me rapidly, and I forced myself awake before it could catch me.

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What and opposite to what?

The Yoga of dreams (Which one BTW?) and Castaneda do not talk about "lucid dreams"


Dreams have a touch of the Divine in them and you are foolish to not realize this. They can be used as powerful tools to anaylze yourself, learn and grow, and improve yourself. I cured a recent health problem thru dream analysis


>Dreams have a touch of the Divine
All of them? Exasperating, maybe, just a little bit?

>and you are foolish to not realize this

Am I? Or maybe I wanted you to have a better take on what you a trying to convey, but you've dropped it. So was it worth to start talking in the first place?

I just don't think this topic is shallow and obvious, it requires depth and genuine interest. You can not just shove people into it. Also when I read what people on the internet practice as a "lucid dreaming" I can't believe it.

>tools to analyze yourself

I don not see lack of self-analysis on wizchan. Most wizards have very deep and profound insight in circumstances and factors of their situation. In fact I'd say that opposite is true - so called analysis paralysis, when so much details is on the table, you simply can't figure out what to do about it, buried by heap of details. What is lacking is a vision of any alternative and a spark to move there.


File: 1648679911301.jpg (74.35 KB, 800x600, 4:3, floating-chess-board-10220….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sounds interesting. I'm almost envious of that experience; even what others conventionally see as "nightmares" are exciting to me. You said that it was some forgotten single-syllable word, and to forget the more intricate details of dreams is universal. I wonder if that word held any actual relevance to your own psyche or circumstances.

I don't lucid dream anyway though. I constantly have various dreams ranging from completely feasible scenarios to the more surreal, but I was never "aware" that I was myself in them. I could feel and sense things in dreams, but it was only in the vein of a simulation, where I experience the sensations of someone else from first-person, I had no control over them.

Any sort of dream, even nightmares, are some of the most entertainment I've ever had in my life. I feel like being able to lucid dream would accentuate the sense of enjoyment tenfold.


I am also a lover of dreaming. I sleep a lot for that exact reason. It's strange, I forgot all about this dream until just now when I came across this thread and remembered writing it. Theres a short story by HP lovecraft about a man who loved his dreams and left the real world behind for the dream world. That has always been one of my favorites. It spoke to my soul in a way few things have. I could truly relate to it, escaping this reality into something more sublime.

Theres also Yume Nikki, which I somewhat love for similar reasons. The theme being dreaming and exploring the limitless world that exists in the mind.

File: 1638128018310.jpg (39.87 KB, 478x332, 239:166, crab-kill-with-knife.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Do many wizards here think that its not the normies/chads who are the problem? I find most well-adjusted people actually pleasant to talk to, however its always the crabs who judge people based on their sex/private life. Most of these crabs were crabs for many years and they just lucked out on some average succubus, so they now feel entitled to judge everyone on the basis whether they had sex or not. Nothing really triggers me more than some crab trying to put down everyone around him because of his weird mix of insecurity and grandiosity. Actually, 4chan /adv/ and /soc/ boards consist mostly of aforementioned crabs, regular people or wizards do not frequent these boards because they do not crave companionship or have their needs satisfied by real-world acquaintances. As a wizard, a crab or a crab is not my friend - I have found them annoying, self-centered and not focused on improving their lives whatsoever, blaming everybody around them. Their lack of companionship stems out from just sheer failure - they have the same needs as normies, they are just very dysfunctional and failed ones. The circles where crabs socialize are just as pathetic as them and feed more into their seething. When I see a crab killing himself or people around them, I feel zero sympathy for them - the emotional attachment to needs of sex and unhealthy relationships which they can't fulfill and lash out is what disgusts me - a truewiz has moved past these petty attachments and seeks higher purpose. Crab bans on here should be strongly enforced.
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There's a prolific poster on here that accuses anyone who disagrees with them on any social issue as being a crab.
>a truewiz has moved past these petty attachments and seeks higher purpose
Oh, I found him.
All you seem to post about is crabs. At least, I never see an effort post or thread with your posting style that *isn't* about crabs. Why is that?


> a crab is just unhappy with his place in the system
Says more about the anti-crab mindset than crabs themselves if you think it's only possible to dislike the current state of sexual social dynamics if you're on the losing end.


Elaborate? The only reason I can think of to dislike curent sexual dynamics is if you're either very religious and thus want everybody to only have sex in marriage (and breed and pray etc.) - or if you're crab and bitter that you can't get girlfriend.


GO AWAY CRABS!!!! Why do you have to poison everything you touch?!


What’s wrong with believing people should love each other?

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File: 1644173801824.png (586.99 KB, 1318x1968, 659:984, Screenshot 2022-02-06 at 2….png) ImgOps iqdb


what do you think about artificial wombs?
it might actually become reality.
also it may be possible to create eggs from male cells
>Krisiloff also had a specific interest in the artificial-egg technology. He’s gay, and he knew that theoretically, a cell from a man could be turned into an egg. If that were ever possible, two men could have a child that was genetically related to both. “I was interested in the idea of ‘When can same-sex couples have children together?’” says Krisiloff. “I thought that this was the promising technology for doing this.”
>Today the company Krisiloff started, called Conception, is the largest commercial venture pursuing what’s called in vitro gametogenesis, which refers to turning adult cells into gametes—sperm or egg cells. It employs around 16 scientists and has raised $20 million from well-known tech figures including…
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>right nutrients
The thing is, many of the vital nutrients needed are produced in the various organs of the mother, even as high up as the brain. To properly replicate a womb we'd need to first replicate all of the other components of a mother's body.



I see no inherent purpose in reproduction. It's done to create more people, but quantity of people isn't necessarily a good thing, it's just neutral. That said, people being able to be produced without vile acts like sex isn't a bad thing.
No one. He's underage 4chan diaspora, like everyone who uses that straw man greentext template. They're making a very deliberate effort to run the quality of discourse here into the ground.


And it's literally that wojak screaming normalfag meme, just without the pic.


Then why do these people rape babies, worship trannies, etc?

File: 1632017553258.jpg (65.25 KB, 749x742, 107:106, E6d-faTWQAAdXkO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Has any other of you a wizard because is too childish for their age, I am 25 and for the most i almost think as i am 10, also i spend most of the time thinking about when i was a child and freaking out cause i dont know how i will end up!
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I feel younger in a lot of ways, especially compared to succubi my age. succubi seem ancient; they've done so much more (in bad ways) like drinking, drugs, bad relationships, etc and I haven't done any of those. For all intents and purposes, I think I'm mentally still in my early teens.


I do feel childlish at the top of my 28 years of existence. It doesn't bother me tbh.

In just 2 years, i'll go full bankai.

W-what ?!
I learnt about masturbation from other kids when I was 13.


When i first started masturbating i didn't know what masturbation was, i used to do it because it felt funny, i was like 5 or 6 years old


same, i've always had childlike wonder and liked being stoned and just thinking happy thoughts playing happy games. adulting nwas never for me.


yeap its just like religion. its a thing they tell people so they fall in line and follow the rules.

File: 1649020318056.jpeg (152.67 KB, 641x432, 641:432, 8420BD8E-FF8E-440B-A7D2-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


No job no money and my teeth are so fucked I’m afraid to talk or smile at job interviews in order to solve my first two problems. What do you all do when you have severe dental problems? I just want to be able to live without shame


1. Get a job
2. Save up money
3. Get teeth fixed
4. Start brushing and using mouthwash everyday

Do those four things in order and you're set.


what exactly is wrong with your teeth


You're going to have to make a fake teeth and put it in your mouth

File: 1647630470364.jpg (176.18 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 2wizard2010 029.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does exist a guide like that? Not the "Forever Alone series", one that have a more positive outlook at the wizard's life.
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Read Nietzsche. Seriously. That's all you need. Maybe Schope too.

Ignorant failed normal, you have a long way to go. The wiz life teaches us how to rely emotionally on ourselves only. It teaches us how to live alone and how think outside the box.


Well I just spent a few hours reading it and it mostly seems like normie shit. Like the job section has no advice whatsoever for a 30 year old who has never worked. And a lot of it surprisingly entertains the possibility that you might have a girlfriend or friends who are succubi. Doesn't seem like it was written for neet types at all.


I don't understand the core concept behind this thread.

WTF is the "wizard's life"? Without sex you can still do whatever you want with your life

Nobody can just give you a book that tells you what to do with your life. This is insanity.


A lot of people here share life experience which happen to also mean they're virgins. The interesting thing about wizchan was that it was mostly virgins who didn't talk about sex or succubi. People who wanted a space like that had things in common. You have a large number of people who are outcast and struggle to find the motivation and drive in the available cultural outlets.

Most advice and things like book expect a certain integration in to society and community that many people here lack. The more general culture has perverted things like Stoicism and you'll see major podcasts listened to by millions talk about how Stoicism can help you get laid and invest in cryptocurrency.

There is always a hope that someone can tailor things that inspire or help wizards live a meaningful life that they haven't found in culture so far. It's been many years though so probably not.


Culture is not your friend, and I think it actively unhelpful to subscribe to ideology for advice from some imageboard for virgins

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