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We have these threads every once in a while. What is your current worldview, philosophy, religion, opinions in general about life, etc? I think I'm not the only one around here who changes his worldviews or modifies them quite often.

In a few sentences: I'm an anarchist/left-libertarian, anti-materialist, I prefer asceticism over hedonism, I'm an atheist but I am interested in spiritualism, I believe in souls and free will and that death isn't the end, I reject reincarnation or the idea of eternal recurrence though. I think morality is subjective and that universal morals don't exist, I also think that people can't be anything but egoists. I reject hollow pacifism and believe that lots of bad things could have been avoided during history if people were more decisive and aggressive in certain matters, in other words I think violence has its place in life, we just need to know when to use it and against whom. I hold the belief that animals have souls too and indeed, everything in existence, even plants and rocks and artificial stuff. I view vegetarianism and veganism as feel good morality crap and since you can't exist without hurting other beings at all might as well enjoy our place in nature and eat meat. I am anti-racist, anti-nationalist and believe in equal rights and responsibilities for men and wymen. I have a soft spot for those who are weak or useless in the eyes of society but I have a burning hatred for persons of authority of any kind (teachers, doctors, policemen, politicians, religious leaders, lawyers, judges, etc) and privileged/rich people in general. I think our world is only a reflection of a higher dimension, including us too. Everything we can think of exists on a higher plane of existence and everything that exists in this world has a true essence that exists outside of time and space. I maintain that reason is only a tool in the end and that emotions matter more and our every choice and act is motivated by our feelings rather than our rationality.

What about you?
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Same, anon.


I write a website about my positions. Won't link it here but I get around elsewhere.

Honestly I don't want to rehash things I write about there and in that persona. I do have a life outside of that. That said, what most people think is "politics" is nothing of the sort, but ideologies they abase themselves to. They have no serious stake in politics and society, and if they do they're not playing that game except as a stall tactic.

I've had a long-time contempt for philosophy and especially the bastardization of science that has been promoted as "The Science" lately.

I got in a long argument with someone because he was triggered I mentioned being a Deist, not even bothering to read why I came to that conclusion even though I really didn't want to. Even here, the interpretation I hold is that this is a metaphor for something more complicated, and my belief is not because I would prefer to believe it is true or because I was indoctrinated, but because I needed an explanation for the regularity of religious thought. Most atheists aren't really atheists but are "religion of science" assholes who worship the empire and have varying degrees of Satanic practice in them. Some of them are really shameless about the fakeness of their "atheism". If you're making grandiose claims about the nature of science being eternal, you're far removed from an atheist. To be a true atheist in this world is very harrowing, because you're around people who are hypocritical and extremely deceptive about what they stand for and what they're praying to, what they worship and abase themselves to. It is my attempt to understand human deception and their seeming love for the death cult that brought me to the conclusion that there probably is something like a deity, but it doesn't conform to anything most humans are following. Ascribing to such a thing petty motives that are clearly motives of a person or an institution of mortals has always struck me as absurd. The whole thing can only exist because it is co-opting something real, that a few people have in their experience of the world encounter in the sense that such things actually exist. Ordinary people would have some spiritual thought - it is impossible for them to truly not - but there is a great game of herding people to follow cults, which hold hidden knowledge for the initiates about what the real plan is. Nothing about the major religions or their modern ideological equivalents is what it purports to bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


after growing up i realized i am purposeless too. life as a male is inherent to a collective. being a work drone as they say. it's what we are and there's no shame in that, it's what makes civilization.


Sad, disgusting and oh yeah, unironically kill yourself if you think the life you currently lead is of any value.

>life as a male is inherent to a collective. being a work drone as they say. it's what we are and there's no shame in that, it's what makes civilization.

The "most wizardly" sentence award this year goes to you, normal friend.


civilization of purposeless slaves

suicide is more rational


Happy Birthday to me. I can't believe i'm a wizard now. Now i will look forward years of continued deterioration. Anyone here hit 30 yet?
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Stop projecting.


You really think someone who makes a post like that here has a job or wife?


Job yes


I mean he projects his delusions on others. He's not entirely wrong, but he's not right either.


Still far better than the non-virgin who sees himself as really special.

File: 1664576637152.jpg (23.96 KB, 236x471, 236:471, 1656282676256.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you have friends or are you all alone? of course beside your family. What happened? Be honest, you're anonymous here.
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Its a relief and a load of to remove our mask and act true to ourselves. Good job, wizzie


>the other person would brag at me incessantly and basically use me to try and gratify their own ego
This often happens when you constantly whine to that person, is this the case? I'm not saying it is, just a question.


takes off your vr goggles
in reality you and I are the janitor from I'm thinking of ending things


/b/ is my only interaction with others besides my breeders who wage slave all day. last time someone introduced themselves (was buying food) forgot you are suppose to say your name too, right? for a moment there I was expecting the oblivion dialogue options to pop up but my program stopped responding


No friends or family. I live in an abyss of loneliness and mediocrity. Please let me die.

File: 1669315386887.png (1.78 MB, 1160x861, 1160:861, ok i pull up.png) ImgOps iqdb


Do you think that being ironic about everything is a sign that someone is insecure?

Perhaps they are trying to avoid the possibility that their ideas/jokes/statements may not be liked but it doesn't matter because they were "just being ironic"

It seems like there has been a huge decline in sincerity. Should people be more sincere?
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I heard this shit all the time from you people but I've never seen this. Am I too autistic for not recognizing irony when I see it? What are some examples of these ironies anyway?


No the opposite is actually happening. Everyone thinks that zoomers are being ironic when they aren't. That is why sincerity is dead, since boomers think everything is just ironic now.


Infinite Jest is a must-read of the modern day


hey fag, fuck off. if youre a zoomer, go to a restaurant and leave youre number. no consequences right? keep going until you find the butter eater succubus who gives you your menu and food, and then just do it. do it. do it zoomiel.


We started it, then the zoomers discovered our internet. I'm not saying I'm a zoomer you illiterate fucking nigger.

File: 1669639187324.jpg (32.6 KB, 1000x914, 500:457, wizard.webp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any tips for evaluating your life and finding things to be proud of? I *think* I can handle being a forever alone autistic faggit but I hate the idea that I have nothing to show for my life.

Any advice is welcome


>I have nothing to show for my life.

Show it to whom? All alive humans will be dead and nothing in some years, future humans will die one day too, all memories will be gone. Even Elon Musk will be food for worms one day, that's life and entropy. The less serious you take life the better. Living the comfy NEET lifestyle not giving a shit it's a heroic feat by itself.


>Show it to whom?
Himself of course you monkey?
Who doesn't want to be able to wake up every morning without having to avoid your mirror in the bathroom to take that top of the morning piss, just because you can't look at yourself, smile and pat yourself on the shoulder. >because you're a piece of shit that never worked on himself but only for himself
>any tips for evaluating your life?
yeah meditate.. and that goes together with working on yourself. I mean shit what do you think most Hermits throughout time did? And with the work the things to be proud of come naturally. Go do it wizfam yoga chi kung meditation buddhism daoism whatever the fuck


who wakes up proud in the morning? why would you think that what you did yesterday justifies your existence today?


Your comment starts off glorifying some sort of hierarchical ego trip, then you finish by recommending schools of thought that argue the exact opposite and that holding onto and stroking such ego is a mistake. You seem very confused.
You write like a retarded teenager.

Btw, no reason to look in the mirror and call yourself a piece of shit if you see through the illusion of hierarchy and ego. An enlightened person doesnt even play that game. If you cccept who you are, you don't suffer in an endless striving trying to be "proud"


i am not experienced enough to say, but an enlightened person (someone with persistent, non-self sensory experiences) they would not even get distracted with wanting to be or being proud. but a practiced meditator can go to many different regions and cause themselves to feel anything, probably proud, though I don't know of any pride-growing meditations.


>u just w8k up 1 morning&ur liek
>lol this is so fuckin epic
>and that's how u know u became an enlightened being
>and that's when you realize u literally just became a wiznormie
>and literal Hell ensues
>and honestly warlocks have it the best
>>dear alchemist pls look up stravt410n
>also "trying not to be quirky here but I'm just so fucking new under the face of the sun.

>>"lole u guyse r'e so fok3ni6 epik mane"

>u damn rite
and that's how u do an le epic winrar.exe!

>inb4 kek

haha lol i'm a battlemage am i doin it rite guys?
>you can tell he's been observing the normies to the point where he's practically indivisable from them..
>$$mo n0rm135$$mo m0n135#K3K

and that's the lay of the land, turn that into sharkfood for me will u? kthx.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is this a cheap AI or a 13 year old I can't tell


even worse, a brazilian


Moved to >>>/b/854239.


Moved to >>>/b/854245.


Threads on /wiz/ should aim to encourage discussion.
For some reason even /b/ doesn't want this one.


years ago, wizardchan made a list about what wizzies learn through their years of knowledge about diverse thing they learned about. but alas, I lost it. does someone knows what Im talking about, can someone have it?


Bumpy for the info, I got interested too.


Is classical greek on that list? I need to know


bumpy for answer


File: 1669117345417.jpg (140.19 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, Alberta_Canada_road.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


As long as I can remember all I always wanted is to rest, give me a fucking break I'm 32 years old, yes. if I do it, it will likely shatter my mom, and be a blow to siblings, but why should I care? I know that seems heartless to ask and stupid, because I do care, but my point is, why should I bare all of this weight? Jesus fucking Christ, all I want when I go to sleep is to not wake up, yes I've done therapy, took medication and what not, it's not wrong, I'm not sick, I just don't see what the big deal of life is, everything is a distraction, an illusion to deviate you from the truth, you, me, and everyone else is a byproduct of exposure and environment. I'm not a lonely, angst teenager, I just don't want it, it's fine, there is people that likes life, I don't. I just don't see the point, and no, this is not about being a wiz, if anything, in many regards being a wiz, saved me of a lot of unnecessary headache.


if you've got any money saved up maybe you should move away from your family and cut off contact with them, maybe you will enjoy life more that way because you won't have to suffer the stress that is caused by worry of your actions affecting a bunch of individuals that have been forced upon you by life
if you disconnect yourself from them you also won't find it as difficult to not think about their feelings on your suicide, if that's the avenue you choose


what is your templeos-like project before you die

File: 1668922932098.png (67.19 KB, 800x800, 1:1, OPM622_Nokia_105-4G_Black_….png) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else hopelessly addicted to using smartphones? I hate it, I feel like it makes me dumber, it undoubtedly lowers my attention span and disturbs my sleep.

I smashed my iPhone 7 earlier today in a fit of rage. I'm thinking about buying a dumb phone. Has anyone on here made the switch to a dumb phone?
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And so you're now doomed (?)


Programming and technical writing are pretty creative imho, but other creative pursuits are good and better than internetting purposelessly


>pretty creative


you coulda used the wizphone as the thread image… such wasted wizpotential


I made the switch about three years ago. Modern dumb phones can still browse the internet like smart phones, they're just harder and shittier so you learn not to bother. You can even look at porn on them. Sometimes like once a week I'll read something on wikipedia on my dumbphone like when I'm waiting for an appointment.

You instinctively go bring out your dumb phone and try browsing the internet for the first six months. You'll try and get bored, and eventually the habit dies away entirely.

Unlike desktop computers where there's some benefit to having them, you do come to see smartphones as pointless over time and don't really miss them.


Am I the only one that actually attaches a sense of weight to the word 'friend'. Like for fuck sake a friend isn't just literally anyone you interact with socially regularly. But I guess we all got that pampered into us as kindergartners the adults see us playing together and they're like aww wiz has a new friend.
And as we go on to school we just mimick that like those three are friends because we hang out at recess. But I feel like friends should have a connection, a deep interest in each other. But what most le 'friendships' are, is just for fucking mutual entertainment or social status. Idk I just call them buddies, just like drinking buddies are gone when the booze is, so are these 'friends' gone when the entertainment or the status is. Just like in modern relationship - when muh sex is gone, you get it.

Wizbros I tried.. I really fucking tried. Probably very abnormal here as I am (well it's declining with my isolation in adult life) swuave and very handsome, the succes love me, and I think that's the only reason I am here.. you learn a lot more about the normfest socializing with the succubi. Well they're all trailer trash and the men are worse in my opinion.

I grew up incredibly talented, but relentlessly bullied in school by the entire class. I don't think there was a single day where the whole class weren't playing 'run from wizzie' in recess. It's like tag except these fuckers just run from me hhahah..
Idk why it didn't make me want to massacre them it just made me want to kms so they'd know how I felt.
Well for some reason I still tried my absolute best socializing. And all of a sudden puberty hits like a truck. Of course my class are still being niggers because that's what niggers do they nig and nig and nig. So the succubi from the class above me start talking to me, so the succubi from my class start talking to me, so the guys from class try to get really close to me. Oh yeah up until this point I had a 'BF' who'd just treat me like a dirty rag because he needed someone to hang out with, and we'd barely hang out. But all of a sudden whole school knows me(close knit school) I'm super popular everyone wants to talk to me, they find out I'm super hilarious my class already knew I was gifted. Do you know how that feels? Not a single one of these motherfuckers GENUINELY want to talk to me and get to know me they're just fucking opportunists. I didn't realize this yet though so kept socializing just could never get to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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it's even worse now, you join a discord and see 5-7 people sitting in voice chat for hours
you already know they have no reason to ever talk in text in main channels again


I don't understand - what do you expect? People tend to want to be around people that have potential to add to their life, people who look nice or are funny. Sure it's vain and self-indulgent and narcissistic but unfortunately that's how people operate, you and me included, it's very rare for someone to be unconditionally and genuinely empathetic. This upset me for a while because I was as superficial as everyone else despite my inner contradictions and disgust at the gay earth dog eat dog setup going on but there's literally nothing you can do about it. You could go down the whole "er my gawd they don't really appreciate me for who i am INSIDE" "im lonely even though i have tons of friends and relationshits" normalfag rabbithole if you want but there's literally nothing to extract from that, it's a baby first world tier "problem". I don't doubt these schoolkids were rote and vain but like, you sound very arrogant and think you're really funny, and they did to, so what's the issue? Are you not funny, is that not part of your person? If you had cool hair, you styled it, doesn't that make it you? If you're so attractive and wicked and nihilistic just go find some other people to hang around with and you'll probably be alright, just don't try so hard you get burnt out. Maybe you're more of a sperg than you're letting on in which case I sympathise, if not, and people readily accept you because you're so cool and epic, then just deal with it, drop the pointless nihilistic front, and try getting some exposure and positive stimulus.

It's like whenever someone tries to say winning the lottery would be bad because suddenly everyone would treat you differently (better) in exchange for money or to siphon your newfound status.
1) wouldn't be a problem for me anyway because I don't know anyone
2) just have some boundaries so people don't take advantage of you / learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff

I understand the dilemma, think about someone like Mark Zuckerburger, surrounded by complete yes men and leeches (his wife primarily) - the way everyone chastises him for being a sperg lizard person, he's basically a tool, literally and figuratively, to most people. The social contract of the human psyche is gross, but again, what are you gonna do about it? Adapt or die etc, this is present in all relationshits, but at least someone liking you for your appearance or humour is ostensibly more "you" than your status. Now if yPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yeah, I totally lost it after 2 paragraphs.


kids 'frirnd' ppl on discord, steam, etc and so the concept of friendship is being devalued


>be me
>have literally 0 attentionspan, I mean 0, I can't concentrate on anything for more than 10 seconds
>read this entire thing
This is probably the highest level of praise I can give someone on this site

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