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File: 1535574223231.jpg (54.57 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ac6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Who are your heroes? My heroes are the kind-hearted souls who are passionate with their modest hobbies and live a life of eternal adolescence. Think the guy who lives for anime or the collector or the toy train enthusiast. And who are so genuine gentle and not of this world that they are seen as fossils to the outside world.

Take this gentleman for example. Imagine if all those cds were ps1 games. He could ramble for 15 minutes minimum on all the great memories he had in each, the pros, cons, takeaways and nostalgia of each. Like a dedicated coffee drinker, he knows his stuff and dedicates his existence to it. And oblivious or defiant to the social pressure of groidbreeders, he proudly wears his traditional japanese kimono with pride. These heroes in the shadows are too invested in their own beautiful little inner worlds for you to take notice of them, unless you seek them out, perhaps he visits his local comic book store twice a week or attends a humble midwestern convention once a year. Perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of him picking up a pizza at 11pm in anticipation for a long night of gaming. These small town heroes are part The Big Lebowski, but that character was a bit too tryhard and social and ungenuine. These guys don't need to put on an act to go outside, they are as genuine as can be and make no excuses over preferring a night of pizza and JRPG playthroughs than going out and peacocking and attempting to breed. I salute all these small town heroes, wizard or not, who give hope to us all and make all of our existence a little less darwinian.
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File: 1556281263303.png (654.14 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, autism.png) ImgOps iqdb


The guy in your pic is actually a normalfag and is married. 4chad trolled with his pic during the japanese nuclear disaster in 2011 reporting him dead and his wife complained in social networks. IIRC the guy isn't even a weeaboo he was wearing the kimono just for a photo

sorry for breaking it OP


what you speak of is something we all already know. But don't know how to address or never bothered to in a positive light.

i know exactly what you are saying. These people are the envy of people like me and i've spent my life trying to be like one. The first one i met when was i was very young (under 10) he was my brother's friends brother. He was about 13 at the time. He was unattractive, fat and probably socially autistic. Now that i think about it my brother (who was HIS brothers friend) may have been his only friend. Not that i'd care. In those days i looked up to him. Just seeing him brought a chill and relaxed vibe. He left for japan a long time ago and i've never seen him since. And although i may have just been some annoying kid to him. He was one of the coolest people to me.

i definitely have been chasing that dream. You may call me out saying that i'm holding some ideal that i can never reach because you can never truly be satisfied with life. But my life is a total horror show. I am the opposite of chill. My whole life i've been not only highly neurotic- that is sensitivity to negative emotion. But i grew up in and still live with the family who has tormented me.

but the real fantastic thing is. That despite all that, despite all the neurosis, brutal abuse and self torment i still come off to other people as that very guy you are describing. How do i know this? Well here is one instance.

in my freshmen year of HS (i'm out of hs now, mods) The guys who sat at my table were at the door. I overheard one say "yo, anons so chill, man like hes so calm" to another. He said it again when we got downstairs and i corrected him saying that i'm never calm. But he said thats how i come off. Which sparked introspection in me.
Yes i am that guy to other people. But perhaps my calm demeanor is only mirrored by my disturbed inner self. This may be the dark thuth to these people. They seek solitude and comfort to try and treat their tormented souls.


Funny how this thread is possibly the only recognition these guys have gotten outside of cringe culture


I see that guy and his mom at every PPV, i wonder how rich he is. I do think he is kind of a masochist to watch such garbage wrestling product.

File: 1553829459107.jpg (34.82 KB, 379x200, 379:200, Testaments.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone dealt with this issue before? My mom wastes hours of my time asking me to review documents like these only to completely ignore the problems I highlight in them and completely puts her trust in some fucking stranger who just wants to burn the retainer she gives them while not carrying out her wishes in the slightest. She even admitted she didn't even read the thing when I asked what had been changed: she didn't know, besides having name the backup executor.

Here's an example of some of the text in this thing:
>I GIVE, DEVISE AND BEQUEATH all of my property, both real and personal, of every nature and kind, wheresoever situate, including any property over which I may have a general power of appointment, to my Trustee upon the following trusts:

>(a) To pay out of and charge to the general capital of my estate all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses

>(b) My Trustee shall pay out of and charge to the capital of my general estate as if the same were debts of mine incurred by me during my lifetime all succession, estate and inheritance duties or taxes whether imposed by or pursuant to the law of this or any other jurisdiction whatsoever
>(c) I DIRECT my Trustees that without imposing any trust or any binding obligation on my Trustee, it is my wish that my Trustees dispose of the remaining articles of personal, domestic and household use or ornament, including any automobiles, other vehicles, boats and accessories thereto, in accordance with any existing or future memorandum that I may leave.

>(d) I DIRECT my Trustee to divide the rest, remainder and residue of my estate into as many equal shares as may be necessary to give effect to the following:

>>i) I DIRECT my Trustee to deliver FIFTY (50) of such equal shares to my son, OLDERBRO if he shall survive me for his own use absolutely and to be held for him upon those trust terms set out herein.
>>>PROVIDED if OLDERBRO shall fail to survive me leaving issue surviving him and living at my death, such issue shall take and if more than one in equal shares per stirpes the FIFTY (50) equal shares to which my son, OLDERBRO, would have received had he survived me; and
>>ii) I DIRECT my Trustee to deliver FIFTYPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Saying you don't deserve success/girlfriend isn't cuckolding, not sure why you chose that term.

It is when they help others find people but don't for you when they could. No one said anything about love or not loving.

Alright then, enjoy posting long winded posts about wills so that you can, what, criticize everyone?


I'm right now in the process of trying to get my parents to change the beneficiary of the will as when my mom passes it will only go to my dad. I'm trying to get it changed to both of us.

I have a similar fear as you but less of a concern - Why would my dad give a fuck about me once he is no longer bounded by law to my mom? There is nothing holding him back from evicting me, changing his will in the future and putting his resources on another person, leaving me to cope with nothing.

Does your mother have a husband? If not you and your brother have stronger influence in her decision making. You both need to convince her in secret to change her will so she will be less concernt that doing so will hurt her relationship with your aunt and pther relatives.

Both of you together might have enough to get this done, good luck.


this entire situation sounds hellish.

I might have to deal with something similar someday. I hate my family so much though that the pain of having to negotiate this sort of thing probably isn't worth the reward. My parents and extended family hate me, and my only sibling is extremely manipulative, so it's unlikely that I would end up with any inheritance.

In my perception of reality I've already concluded that I will receive no inheritance, therefore all my plans and expectations are built around that. If I do by some miracle receive an inheritance, great I guess.

I apply this thinking to most things in life. Always expect and plan for the worst outcome because it's usually what will happen.

Anyway OP I'm eager to hear how this situation is resolved and I hope that you and others will post about their experiences in this thread.


source of that pic. i remember seeing that game before


looks like a nippon ichi game, maybe one of these non-disgaea tactical games they released on the ps2

File: 1559542866647.jpg (87.26 KB, 320x626, 160:313, OnuphriusByzantineIcon4thC….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


this is what hermits looked like in the early days of christian monasticism

they wore leaves as underwear
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Not the guy you're asking but to each of those pillar saints there were a small community of other monks living close by to daily arrange and send the guy basic necessities such as food and water, usually using a basked and some rope.


Did he have a bucket to poop in or did he just squat over the side of the pillar?


Interesting question, no idea. I can tell you though, at least in Saint Simeon's case there was a bunch of people visiting his pillar daily all the time, some times huge groups of people would gather around the pillar. So I don't think he would just squat and take a shit like that. Those guys would eat like once every 3 days, whatever stool their miserly bodies would produce was so little and dried out it probably looked like camel stool, just pick it up and toss it like a stone. But I don't know. Probably a bucket, yeah.


Did he speak to all the gatherers? Or was it a kind of vow of silence asceticism thing?


To be honest I like the notion first protestants and puritans on American continent had: that booze and dancing were sinful, among other things.

File: 1553293598694.jpg (85.95 KB, 620x637, 620:637, army.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does the thought of having an army, or being part of a giant army, give you comfort?

I've always tried to embrace this idea of standing alone and the self-sufficient notion of the man as an island. Embracing the attempts to find refuge in my mind and let the world wash over me; to stand apart from the crowd and treat them like another chaotic and undirected force of nature. Being content with my own company and living with my own worldview. However - it seems there is one unresolved issue I have.

This is not a political post, or a post about actually joining other people, but a discussion on imagination and imagined beliefs. Pretending we have an army or are part of a large machine which is probably impossible to have in real life. Coming in to contact with the increasingly popular "right-wing" culture I have felt the slight intoxication they get from the language and idea of being part of a large group, of a defined group with shared interests, and having an army behind them. I find my mind sometimes dragged to it in a form of role-play despite no interest in their actual politics. This ability to be at war with groups who are against you and to know you have a group behind you.

Despite all my work on my own tranquillity of mind I think my mental vulnerability makes it clear how much others can dominate me. I have a weak mind and others actions do have significant affects on my mind. I also grew up in a situation where my family were the victim of lies and authority figures asserting things I knew to be falsehoods, undermining much of my trust in them; as well as general bullying scenarios and experiences of being an outcast wizard. I presume I have never been able to get over the knowledge that the crowd will come for you and an individual is very weak against the crowd. The myth of the individual with power never rooted in me.

I don't think about the crowd consciously but I've noticed this imagination and role-play of having an army behind me gives me a comfort. It answers a lack I felt about this subject that was always slightly there in the background. I keep the army undefined and formless in my mind but imagine it there behind me. If I'm trying to bridge it to reality I just say I will have this army in the future, and as such it is there but I can blend imagination and reality pretty easily. The confidence that comes with having a group. Maybe I am just weak and cannot maintain this individualism and maybe this iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There is no "group". There are only individuals who, for a long or brief period of time, share the same economic interests. It doesn't matter whether they call themselves the "proletariat" or the "aryan race", the "aristocracy" or the "financial capitalists". The only thing you should concerned about is your own well-being. If fitting into a "group" can serve your purposes, great; otherwise, don't bother.


No, it really doesn't. I'd like to get along with people and do good, but there's no "society", there's no "we". It's just an abstraction we create to feel like there's some order to the universe, instead of the chaos and viper's nest that human societies actually are.

In any event, so far as I recognize groups, I never saw any particular reason why I have to hate on black people, foreigners, etc. to pump myself up. It couldn't be more obvious to me that this is simple divide and conquer. The way I see, people have every right to do whatever they need to do to survive and live with some semblance of happiness, and the greatest obstacle to that is that some rich people hoarded a greater portion of the food and resources to control others, and a strata of middle management goes along with it so they get comfy digs and status symbols. That's what I'm really up against, and why we're all pretty much fucked (because, aside from the common thread that we're all getting fucked by the rich, there's not a basis for the various classes and groups in society to stick together, and from a political economy point of view, teachers and similar skilled laborers are fundamentally not the same thing as your ordinary factory worker or janitor, which blows Marx's theory of the proletariat being the revolutionary subject out of the water).

My strategy of "try to get along with as many people as possible" isn't really adapted for the current environment, but it keeps me out of trouble and keeps me from mainlining the ideology to my bloodstream. It's good enough as long as I keep aware to never fucking trust anyone or expect to work with people. It's a hell of a lot better than believing in some autistic shit from right-wingers, or joining some Commie cult, or reposted liberal shit memes.


>leading an army
Total war© games are literally about that. They're pretty good.


I always dream of being part of a righteous and badass group of soldiers. Or even just a group that gives me acceptance and sees past my innate flaws. A group with guns and an enemy.


>I presume I have never been able to get over the knowledge that the crowd will come for you and an individual is very weak against the crowd

no shit sherlock. In all real life storys and all fiction the individual is shown to be capable of only so much. Every cool rogue character is almost never a juggernaut. Even the most experienced who could take out 20 men in one go stick to the shadows.
Their attacks and when they show themselves are always intricate and deliberate. If you are afraid of being overwhelmed then your fear is valid. Those people and characters just do their rogue thing so well it seems as though they are holding back. When in reality they are vulnerable. Not to say they aren't a threat.

i think you are a sell out to yourself.

File: 1557765513812.jpg (18.35 KB, 675x250, 27:10, industrial-painting[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.157013[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

If any wizard here wishes to obtain independency one day (as in moving away from your parents home and having enough steady income to live a decent life), I urge you not to enter college or uni and pursue a degree. The job market for these types of jobs is very oversaturated and extremely competetive, since the whole "go to college and become something"-meme has gone way, way overboard in mainstream society, already many years ago. It is also extremely nepotism-driven, since the jobs themselves are about 50% nonsense, so people will obviously hire friends and family, when there barely even is a job that needs to be done to begin with. For this reason it is also very social.

Assuming you have the physical health/condition to do manual labour, you should pursue a "career" in a skilled labour job that few people want to do, such as being an industrial painter or something. Even if you are a fucking genious, you should do this. The job market is destroyed, this world is completely destroyed. I shake my head when I read about wizards being in university or college, knowing what fate most of these people are in for.
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File: 1558812021364.png (456.16 KB, 910x746, 455:373, asdf.png) ImgOps iqdb

True. Let's just wipe humanity out and be done with it.


Are you sure? The last "AI winter" was more than 20 years ago.


>Which is better because it separates the castes

It means only jews and jew like individuals can advance through life through nepotism. It just fuck you over even more. Imagine having to go into debt so you can just then become a wageslave.


i am going to live a frugal life in a vehicle. i just need to figure out how to bathe. If i were a millionaire i wouldn't bathe at all, but i need to for a job


>the line between wiz and crab is about wanting sex, which is consistent with the wizardly doctrine of disregarding succubi

What does disregard meme? I don't ignore them, it's important to be aware of succubi so you can avoid them or else they'll say you tried to rape them or something and get their thirsty followers to beat you up.

On a related note: if a 30+ male virgin only wanted to fap into a turkey baster and then jam that baster into a vagina to impregnate succubi to pass on his genes, would wanting to sexually assault succubi using a turkey baster instead of a penis still qualify as wanting to have sexual intercourse? Like what if this hypothetical guy hated all succubi, but still saw some value in securing a future for the white race by impregnating them non-sexually to compete for the government welfare state so that lack of funds will prompt people to stop pushing mass immigration? You don't even want to fap, but you have to, to secure a future for the Aryan race.

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File: 1558449734909.jpg (43.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, bootlicker.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I wanted to take a moment to discuss the topic of popularity. As a child I noticed that all the popular kids all followed the same trends. They used special lingo, they dressed a certain way, had common interests, they were basically walking memes. Whatever was trendy was what the popular kids were doing and that was influenced more by the culture outside of them, the artists and musicians, designers, etc all pushed the bleeding edge of culture and the quicker you were to pick up on it, the cooler you were basically. By the time the lowest of the nerds finally started doing something, all the popular kids would have moved on to the next thing. Watching this process as a child it always seemed so ridiculous. I was watching these people just appropriate portions of pop culture as parts of their own identity out of what seemed like nothing more than an instinctual desire to follow the herd. I always said fuck it and just ignored all the trends because I thought they were so stupid.

Now looking back on the matter as an adult though, I've come to see the social utility of this whole thing. I very much believe in evolutionary psychology because I believe in evolution and I started to think to myself, what purpose does this type of behavior serve? Well clearly, social networking is fucking everything in human society. The person who is best at social networking literally rules the whole damn society, others are at the elites, always networking and climbing the hierarchical structure of society. They make connections with people and leverage those connections to get the things that they want. The more people you know, the more you can make them like you, the better off you will be in life.

Now think about what it takes to be up on the latest trends. The trends are set by the elites, so to know about a trend early on indicates that you have social connections with the elites. It's kind of like an advertisement to people saying that you're a good guy to know because you know all the right people. The nerd only learns about the trend after it is dead because he is not in the right crowds and doesn't hear about it until it has trickled down the social ladder. Therefore the way we act, the things we wear, the lingo we use, all serves to differentiate social status from elites to untouchables. The trends that happen in high school never go away, they rule all of society.

Honestly this is why I hate normies, it's all just so fucking stupid. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


And I am hiding the image because it is fucking disgusting.
I was eating dude.


I would say money is thee bottle-neck. "Popularity" is just a fluffy kid term for power, which breeds respect, and powerful people cement their status as such by their ability to afford "the look"; nice clothes, vacations, cars and pricey accessories…


npcs exist. We all just have to be patient with that sometimes.

File: 1555951559735.png (3.45 KB, 236x221, 236:221, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb


You've shunned succubi.
Have you shunned femininity in general?
Or does the gentle, deceptive, chaotic and mysterious naturally repel wizards?
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If we liked reality, we wouldn't have hobbies


nothing wrong about it. if you don't like something, you are free to discredit it completely. very useful is you ask me


succubi don't go near me and don't talk with me. I am considered very ugly and feminine


It littrally is a form of sophistry. Yes there are a lot of things wrong with it. And how you feel about something doesn't change the validity.
Reals over feels.


Don't know about other wizards, but i do find it repulsive


Any wizzie here looking to get a tiny home?

Here is a great playlist of different ideas.

I'd love a tiny home on wheels to just travel all over the world.
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tiny homes are a rip off. a lot of them cost as much as an actual home you can get in a rural area


Stupid hipster bullshit. How the hell is this any better than living in a trailer?


They are cheap for a custom built house, but they are not the cheapest housing option unless you build it yourself and use recycled materials in your build. But then odds are it won't fit building codes in most places.
If you do have the skills to build your own then they are a superb option to build your own house without putting yourself in debt.

Also a whole lot of things count as tiny houses and the price varies quite a bit.


we're being forced into tiny houses because we can't afford normal ones anymore, doubly so for singles like us
the 'tiny house' movement is only going to grow, it's a facade for our lack of other options to own our own property
like another poster said they aren't the cheapest option, but people will go for these to save face "haha guys i actually really like how tiny it is…" etc.


I always saw it as more for the kind of people who love custom stuff, and wanted a custom house, but weren't rich or willing to go into debt for decades.
There are also the minimalist and artsy people who really do love efficiency.

I will say that from the growing trend and the loosing in housing regulation there will be slum lords that will take advantage by building cheap barely livable shacks and call them tiny houses for poor people.
Once that happens it will probably kill the fad.

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