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What are the most wizardly movies? I think pic related is one of them, looking for more
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this isn't boring, is it?



i saw the trailer and nothing about the main character is wizardly. he has a girlfriend


the only wizardly or quasi-wizardly film i have seen is crumb
it's not completely wizardly(no such film exists)
because all films are made by normal fags



and densha otoko

it's more crab-ish than wizardly


It isn't very wizardly if those daydreams and fantasies include romantic normalfag stuff. It is one thing to masturbate and to enjoy fapping. It's completely another thing to "create" a gf or adore the fantasy of some other man and pretend she is your gf. It is probably one of the most retarded things ever. Naive idealists who can't deal with succubi being cruel and amoral run to these childish wish-fulfillment fantasies.

I watched that, it was a torture to watch it until the end and I like art movies generally. Yes, it is boring and won't do much for you unless you romanticize Christianity.


Since the economy went to shit and is most likely gonna stay this way for a longer period of time and it's always been hard out here for a NEET, I'm wondering what a NEETs, poorfags and wageslaves financial survival tactics are.

Let's share our cheapskate and money saving wisdom in this thread.
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btw to expand on the last point more: I've done hiring before for engineers and I always ignore the degree. Any certs they have don't matter to me. Their job history: also doesn't mattern.

I am looking for what kinds of problems they've solved. I look for creativity. Passion. And technical aptitude. All of which can be demonstrated by quality side projects.

Any level of social skills or nervousness I also ignore. I've had literal geniuses that were nervous talking to me who probably wouldn't have been hired by a typical HR roastie. But I spoke to them about their side projects and learned insane details about personal area networks, micro-sensors, and really novel designs for monitoring the world. It showed me a high level of creativity and technical skill. So I didn't care that he was nervous in the interview. He turned out to be a top-tier engineer just as I predicted.


File: 1659149309394.mp4 (7.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, financialadvice.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Best advice I've heard in a very long time.

Not only learn to cook but have a rotating food pantry. Buy in bulk eating what you store and storing what you eat.

Doesn't take long and before you know it you've got a year or two of food for the same price you'd have spent on more convenient to prepare food products. Being able to deal with shortages and crises is just an added benefit.


>tech is for normies now
>not autistic shutins with no life

full retard


I am a developer myself with my own successful projects, of course there is a place for that, but you're talking about doing hiring for fintech companies and dealing with HR, that's really not on topic here


I was talking about getting a good remote job. The reality is most ways to make money online suck. I posted ones that actually pay well and ones that clearly don't. I think this is valuable but if people don't care then fair enough.

File: 1657753890365.png (1.01 MB, 785x591, 785:591, 5.png) ImgOps iqdb


Do you think it's a blessing or a curse to be a wizard? Do you wish you could be "normal"? What has made you accept your fate?
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>So apathy is the natural result of determinism?

Why not?


>You can clearly choose what to do
You provide literally no argument. "Clearly" my ass. All your comments are like this.


good post. normals are living miserable lives as well but they just have families and act positive all the time.


It leads to worse outcomes. If you adopt fatalism and just shrug if you are in a bad situation then you give up without a fight. Maybe if you tried to do something you could have made your situation a lot better. I know there were times in my life when I had to do something, otherwise my life would have turned out much worse.

Denying free will is like denying that you are even alive. It is so ridiculous, really what can you say to things like this? It's not like you provided any decisive argument either. Can you choose to reply to my posts or not? If you say you can't you are lying to yourself and to me.


Hey business owners, I am starting a podcast and I would love to interview small business owners to talk about their challenges and successes.

If yes, can you book a pre-interview call with me to discuss the questions you are comfortable with talking about?

Click here to schedule our preinterview https://podcastce.yodaddyapps.com/podcast-contact-form-9253 , where you can select the best time to have a conversation that works for you.

File: 1641952937200.jpg (29.18 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Blue_3_Ply_Face_Mask_for_E….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Wizzies, I have intense social anxiety and going outside makes me highly uncomfortable. I feel exposed, like everyone is looking at me (sometimes people do look at me just part of their own curiosity.) But since the covid pandemic people have been wearing masks everywhere. Since then I have noticed something amazing:

when I wear a mask I feel literally ZERO anxiety being outside. Masks are fucking god-tier for wizards:

>tfw being comfy behind ur mask

>tfw being safe from prying normie eyes
>tfw soft fabric pressing against ur face
>tfw fogs up ur wiz glasses so works to shield u from other people too
>hides your expressions so you don't have to fake smiles

I am very thankful for the covid pandemic. Hell, I hope we NEVER have to stop wearing masks. This is the most like myself I've felt in years. FUCK normies! and remember to ALWAYS wear your wiz mask! this post brought to you by the wizard institute.
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We should do this more often…


Especially for Autistic wizards like myself. Helps with the fact of feeling like you dont look abnormal to other people.


It feels like a catch 22 to me. With a mask I don’t have to emote, but my voice is kinda deadpan so I sound irritated even when I’m not so I can’t even flash a half assed smile to try and appear friendly. It was nice not having to look at people faces though.


True, it is so much easier to pass as a well adjusted member of society. Mask + hat has ended up with people just coming up/turning to me in public and socializing. They think you are part of the club and treat you with respect and care. It just confirms that anyone with physical or social or emotional ugliness are living in hell. The leper with a bell never went away it just became more obfuscated. Then they become furious when the designated bad karma dumpheap ruins the visual appeal of their cohesive happy social fantasy. It's almost as if they would rather ignore reality than just give outcasts some outside place in society, whether that's monasteries or farming or something, the issue does not go away if you ignore it.


It doesnt have to go away, but to be ignored. This is not r9k

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>The standard feral horse band consists of a stallion with a harem of two to seven mares and their immature offspring. Stallion-and-harem bands occupy a home range, and stallions fight one another, fiercely, for control of mares and territory. After the young males are expelled they form loose associations called "bachelor bands," which lurk at the edges of the home range of an established stallion. Most bachelors are unable to challenge mature stallions or keep mares successfully until they are more than five years old. Within established bands, the mares are arranged in a social hierarchy led by the lead mare, who chooses where the band will go during most of the day and leads it in flight if there is a threat, while the stallion guards the flanks or the rear. Mares are therefore instinctively disposed to accept the dominance of others, whether dominant mares, stallions—or humans.

Wtf horse and human social behavior are remarkably similar.

We're the "bachelor band" of the human race.


You could have just gone with chimps. They're a lot closer to humans


Moved to >>>/b/807136.

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How to come with the terms of being a wizard, and then how to find happiness in being a wizard? How you do you find happiness In your wizard existence?
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It's perfectly ok to steal from normies and other living beings.
Fortunately most other humans have morals or I'd have too much competition.

It's one of the most comfortable ways of making a good living. Also, never use violence or get caught.

I can only describe the feeling as an euphoria, when you find a cash stash of $10k dollars or pawn thousands worth of gold and effectively earn that for a few minutes of effort and risk.

Also, there is nothing wrong with taking from old people.
If they have alzheimers they wont even remember that gold chain, ring etc. they left in a drawer decades ago.
Taking it to survive and live comfortably hurts nobody. It basically teleports that item from their custody to yours.


This is the dumbest shit I've read.


I hope he's being facetious.



Stealing from annoying normals and rich people is virtuous and perfectly acceptable. But kind of risky. Only do it if you are sure you can get away with it. The police is the lesser one of your troubles, the dangerous part is if you get caught by the person you stole from.

I'm not a thief because it can be dangerous, though I stole a few times in the past when I was a teenager or a child. I can confirm it gives you a really big high and satisfaction, kind of like orgasm.

File: 1632257089603.jpg (63.5 KB, 409x516, 409:516, Comfy loneliness.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do I go about becoming a hermit? I want to live in a forest far away from everyone. The lockdown in my country has taught me that I am the happiest when isolated. I am aware that survival in nature is no small thing but it beats the shit out of having to be a waggie and being around normies. Also what are some comfy places I can live in without having to worry about taxes, socializing, etc?
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soil isn't delicate. plants only use like 1-5% of elements as they grow. for example you have soil containing 100 units of potassium, they only use like 1 unit of it throughout the plant's entire life. and as the plant dies most of it returns to the soil. something like 95% of a plant's mass is obtained purely from air+water+sunlight, soil to plants is like a vitamin/mineral pill, not their actual food. you can also just mulch the ground with leaves, simply piling leaves in an area, and this will basically act as mulch and become a nice soil as it breaks down


raw meat isnt harmful when it comes from healthy animals grazing outside. slaves cook their meat because a lot of raw meat these days is toxic due to how it was raised with antibiotics and drugs and such


Hi dude what location and price range would you suggest fellow britfag wanting to hermit maxx on neet bucks


Ebtmaxxing/food benefit maxxing and living in a tent seems
Like the only way to do this


No idea. I have an online business, but if you're on neetbucks its impossible. No country will give you a visa unless you show you can support yourself.


Newfag here, just wanted to know about who is a wizard and the all the culture of wizard on which the board is about.


This is not an easy question and there a lot of schools of thought.

Meme/Anime tradition - a wizard is a male virgin that reaches the age of 30 and gains magical powers!
Practices: semen retention, larping about magic

In-cel tradition - a virgin male that is incapable of getting sex and forming romantic relationships
Practices: lay down and rot, NEETing it up, female expertise (evopsych redpill ideologies)

Nuwiz tradition - a virgin male that is not interested in sexual or romantic relationships with real (3D) people
Practices: chilling out, enjoying life as much as you can, finding values outside of the social world

Woke tradition - a virgin of any gender that willingly abstains from sex and romantic relationships
Practices: pretending you're a guy, gay erping on /b/

There is also one fringe movement that could destroy our very conception of wizardry as we know it - the so-called "wizards that FUCK" or WTF for short. No one truly knows anything about this shadow organization but they are out there. We have no direct evidence, but the website slows to a crawl of Fridays for some unknown reason. In order for it to make sense, the existence of Wizards That Fuck is a pre-requisite in the equation.


A wizard is whatever you want it to be! this is a non-binary happy safe fun space for people of all races, cultures, religions, shapes and sizes and walks of life!
Welcome you are now wizard!


A wizard who fucks is a wizard who loses virginity in 30s or later by some foul unnatural ritual, yet still has the unshakeable personality from years of adult virginity. Fits in nowhere and is truly doomed to the null-space


Please read the FAQ and lurk moar

File: 1640107786622.png (974.69 KB, 1039x581, 1039:581, biden-anime.png) ImgOps iqdb


Any1 here feels bad about how much time they wasted on philosophy, religions, or generally on seeking the "ultimate truth"? I can't take it seriously anymore. It seems to me like meaningless word-plays, all of it, politics, philosophy, everything. So much shit that doesn't have anything to do with my life, you know what I mean? Should have just read 07th expansion VNs or watched cartoons/movies instead of wasting my time on trying to become an intellectual or wise person.
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There are 4 types of people:
1. The one which doesn't care about philosophy at all.
2. The one which reads philosophy.
3. The one which writes philosophy.
4. The one which lives philosophy.

In my opinion, 1 and 2 are both morons. 3 is kind of enlightened but 4 is what you should strive for.


Hard to accept when I'm more of a specter, a mere spectator in this life.
So "living" anything is a distant fantasy.
How do you "live" philosophy? What is philosophy in your view? The first guy is living in ignorance. Ignorance could be a form of philosophy of life.
The second that reads is an observer, his philosophy of life could be that he is here to experience the world and aspects of the universe presented to him in his unique way.
The third could very well be me writing my nonsense here, which could be seen as moronic rather than enlightened.
So why would number four be one to strive for?
Striving is inherently meaningless in my view as most things in this world seem to simply "be" rather than "become".


You are still alive, right? Then you can live philosophy. What I mean by this is finding some philosophy which suits you or making up your own and living according to it. From what you wrote it sounds like you are something like a taoist.

>The first guy is living in ignorance. Ignorance could be a form of philosophy of life.

There is a difference between someone who actually thought about the deeper things of existence and decided it's not worth bothering with them and your average man who never even questioned anything.
>The second that reads is an observer, his philosophy of life could be that he is here to experience the world and aspects of the universe presented to him in his unique way.
The 2nd is just swallowing the ideas of others, nothing more. This is pretty much people who think they are so wise because they read many books relating to philosophy, while actually they are parroting the ideas of other men and don't know how to think for themselves or how to come up with original thoughts.
>The third could very well be me writing my nonsense here, which could be seen as moronic rather than enlightened.
You wrote down your own thoughts, that's never moronic.

4 is the best because it combines intellectual pursuits with pragmatism. If you can't live according to your ideology then you are a living contradiction to me. Like Schopenhauer or Nietzsche for example, the kings of roleplaying. I consider the ideal philosopher to be someone like Diogenes.

Striving is fun. Shaping yourself is also exciting. At least to me. Man is in the process of becoming always, unless he takes control of himself and becomes something that he sticks with. I can respect this kind of endurance and living according to what you preach.


The only truth I found that matters to our actual living is that all motivation and emotion is an expression of the desire to cease experiencing said motivation and emotion. All else is superfluous, including what you choose to do with that information. My initial assumption was that this means that resolving your everything is found in losing the capacity to feel and the most reasonable path to that is currently death. Something I am too irrational or too incompetent to seek out (depending on your take on free will).

Now narratives are not philosophy but philosophies are often used as narratives. These can be useful just to provide yourself some soothing salve and allow yourself to be a worse person to yourself and others under the sultry justifications. Something I think we all use to a certain extent at least. Narratives used for positive reasons I haven't heard of. I imagine if it had such positive results you wouldn't need to be told it was good.

And lastly there is the practicality of the simple joy of solving problems which is inherent to all study so obviously also philosophical study. Organize that information, make sense of it. Feels good. Time passes.


Cioran was right all along

File: 1654151113260.jpg (218.75 KB, 1827x1058, 1827:1058, 1654085911360.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Tired of waiting for authentic community, love and adventure…

Tired of waiting for the end of money and forced work…

Tired of looking for new pastimes to pass the time…

Tired of waiting for a lush, rich existence…


From Middle English tiren, tirien, teorien, from Old English tȳrian, tēorian (“to fail, cease, become weary, be tired, exhausted; tire, weary, exhaust”), of uncertain origin. Possibly from Proto-West Germanic *teuʀōn (“to cease”), which is possibly from Proto-Indo-European *dewH- (“to fail, be behind, lag”). Compare Ancient Greek δεύομαι (deúomai, “to lack”), Sanskrit दोष (dóṣa, “crime, fault, vice, deficiency”).[1]


Because waiting will never bring those things to you.


In order to have what you never had, things must be done as you never did.

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