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What strikes me the most is those rats who gave up on female rats and take care of themselves only. this is clearly us, wizards.


File: 1714428337237.jpg (111.33 KB, 750x649, 750:649, wizpost - cheese.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

While I appreciate your intent for us, still being demotivated myself by this data being ignored by so many people out even if it is a plain replica of what's happening to us.

>oh yeah muh welfare state

>why wanna live in the woods?
>you must still pay taxes
>you need to likable as a vendor or rather wagecucked to have the money required
>it's not that hard anon
>you do not work because you don't want


My mother bought an arcade machine with 80s games on there. Like the gift she's a good mother.


She must be saving something inside the artifact.

File: 1707670801097.jpg (47.58 KB, 1000x1656, 125:207, 1707383938382.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I got my hands on the satanic Bible. I want to ask any wizard frens if I can learn magic from the book or not.
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all those books are fairly larpy as well my wizfriend.


The little bit of magick in the book is ripped off chaos magic.
Without discipline or underlying understanding within a occult framework I seriously doubt one would achieve any verifiable results with what is in the book alone.

Honestly better off just reading Rand or other objectivist writings if you want radical individualism and leave the theatrics to people in showbiz.


Isn't lavey satanism just atheism/humanism with an edgy twist?


It's always so nice to see someone reposting your jpg.
t. apprentice of 18 winters


It isn't really humanism at all, but it is atheistic.
If anything it's closer to a teenage interpretation of egoism plus a bit of the occult section of a mainstream bookstore.
Shit is embarrassing tbh.

File: 1683553071609.png (167.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, wikipedia.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Let's start with this interesting one I just found:

Previous thread: >>192836
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>waluigi effect
why do they give cringe name to phenomenon?


Is that question just your rhetorical way of saying you disapprove of the name? Or are you seriously asking as if anyone here is going to pull up an encyclopedia and tell you the exact reason?


I'm conplaning nerds and geeks give bad names go things and their children too



>According to the National Registry of Exonerations in the United States, 27% of those on the registry who were accused of homicide, but were later exonerated, gave false confessions.

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File: 1710783620538.jpg (105.8 KB, 738x738, 1:1, -.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I want to share my experiences of having an inner monologue and somewhat losing it later on.

For most of my life up until I was 17 I had an inner monologue. This was almost constant, always some kind of monologue occurring in my head. It was almost a little bit overwhelming, and while I was not diagnosed, I'm 100% sure I had OCD. Would constantly check stuff even though I knew it didn't have to, repeating things in my head to calm anxiety etc. - textbook OCD.

I remember at my "peak" I scored 128 on the Norwegian Mensa IQ test on the first attempt. Not saying that means I had that high IQ, but I'm mentioning it because nowadays I can't score more than 100-110 on the same test.

Anyways, when I was 16-17 there was a lot of fucked up personal shit I don't want to mention, but it was out of my control. I did not use drugs and I wasn't particularly irresponsible, not more than others at that age anyway.

I had gone to the doctor because I was experiencing fatigue. This was shown to be linked to low vitamin D (though it was had more to do with my home environment). The first day I took this supplement, my inner monologue quieted down. It was still there somewhat, but not as active. The next day I took the supplement again it was even quieter. I think I took for a month until I stopped because I didn't feel like myself, inner monologue was basically gone. Even though I stopped it did not return fully. This was compounded by the fact that I decided I needed to lose weight, so I did lots of water fasting, not eating for 2 days at a time. While fasting does provide some benefits, it is not recommended for someone who's brain is still developing. Malnutrition can have permanent effects on your development, which it did in my case. My inner monologue was basically completely gone at this point.

After awhile I actively tried to quiet my brain down because I had such an awful home environment, I would just watch YouTube videos with sound on full blast so I didn't have to hear what was going inside my head or in my living area (family issues). This was right before turning 18.

Ever since, things have not been the same. This was 5 and a half years ago, and things have never been the same again. I do not think as quickly, I don't "get" or understand things as quickly. Like if I read a text or hear someone say something, I may have difficulty understanding it (reading comprehension). This was almost never the case before. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>just ruin your life using meds and becoming dependent on it
lol I'm not taking your poison, look at your spacing.


yet the conspiracy is real


what do you think meds are? the way you talk about addiction as if taking meds is like smoking crack just shows your ignorance

what you are doing is spreading misinformation about things that could potentially make wizards lives easier and less stressful


>only MY anecdotal experience counts!
now imagine you had a bad experience, wouldnt you be writing against it? The other user just said "anxiety meds" so it's not even clear at all which drug theyre fucking talking about. It could be antipsychotics as often prescribed in eastern europe, which literally measurably shrink the brain within a few years or less.
My own anecodote: from my teenage years all through my 20s I was only prescribed SSRIs. They harmed me.
In my 30s, I was finally given beta blockers and benzos. They are very helpful, but benzos do permanently harm memory, and some people ruin their lives with benzo addiction, so i wouldnt outright recommend them to everyone. With all this in mind i'd say your comment is awful, dangerous, and low IQ.


We should better say exactly which stuff we are taking each one of us, so we may compare effectively.
>don't fall in this trap that dumb conspiracionists preach.
Ok, this was just enough to suspect you are a faggot trolling us all.
>just trust me bruh

File: 1710967697026.jpg (348.86 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, bad teeth.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any other wizards deal with bad teeth? How do you manage? I don't have dental so I don't know what to do.
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I have this. When my anxiety is worse my mouth is so fucking dry. Seems like I get bad breath within an hour of brushing my teeth and theres nothing i can do about it. I tried SSRIs and they were awful for me


(this only happens in some periods of my life, directly my anxiety level)


File: 1711600758555.jpeg (900.08 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 169.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

You're thinking of bedside manner.


This. Because your insulin peaks also have influence on cavities.

Also there is already a thread for this issue: https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/216960.html


Saliva is not enough when bacteria hace constant reserves of food just right there. There is an old exercise from Mantak Chia I use sometimes after using clove, it's using my tongue as a cleaner, moving ti thoroughly upon teeth, to generate this specific type of antiseptic saliva.

But I wouldn't ever dare to rely just on this, such craziness.

File: 1705059916396.jpg (67.39 KB, 625x500, 5:4, 58yr9i-4286540216.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I lack the "social thirst" and have an avoidant personality so isolating myself felt like the natural thing to do and the only thing that bothers me is how the lack of connections prevents me from having a successful career. With all the drama and the demanding upkeep that comes with relationships I felt like I was doing the right thing but then I read some comments about how the lack of life experience from current zoomer writers results in boring stories and in an argument online I was told my opinion on topics related to society doesn't matter since I am like an alien with how isolated I am and that hurt me at my core. I've shared my philosophy before and got told I need to "touch grass" because it reveals how autistic I am.

Do you think that's true? Are our views on human matters irrelevant? I want to make art but I worry that my autistic perspective will make it speak to no one as my lack of life experience will be visible through it and the ideas I will be communicating are not in touch with what people feel.
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I can make it short and omit the social commentary and say - society is fucked, even if you wanted to "be normal", and looking for some marker of proof that you can do yourself is the classical Sisyphus trap. When they get you hooked in to the drip of information and revealed secrets if you do this next thing, and the next, to attain the degree that is all on you, they have a sucker who will buy "a piece of blue sky". It's a very basic thing that many cults do, because it works on the way we have understood society and the threats to our existence. The social details of our recent history are just the environment these hucksters operate in, and they would find a way to adapt to any society, any situation we exist in. You can't tell them to not do this, even though it would have made this world a lot easier for everyone in ways that are obvious that most people, even mean people, will do basic things.

Anyway, you're experiencing life now. The rare moments where we can touch something of the world that is genuine, or at least two people can speak to each other without the most flagrant lying that is sadly the rule today, are things to treasure - and things to fear, because this connection is exactly what the liars who make the world into this exploit. But, I think you can make standards of comparison. If you sense that the society is fucked up and you're alien to it, you already have enough sense to know much of what humanity will bring. The world is better than that, and really, most people, even if they do normie stuff, are better than that. There's enough suffering in the world and the vast majority of humanity, ourselves included, knows that this doesn't work and has never worked. Certain people keep insisting we have to accept it because they've been rewarded, but simply by refusing to play their game - resisting their efforts to make the singular institution that tells us what we are and what we are allowed to be, when that institution is clearly ruinous to anything we would consider good - we're doing more than all of the promises such people dangle in front of us. The people who do this see the whole world as a torture chamber where they're constantly fed a reward stimulus, and this is where the utilitarians come from.


>I want to make art but I worry that my autistic perspective will make it speak to no one as my lack of life experience will be visible through it and the ideas I will be communicating are not in touch with what people feel.
This only matters if you want to make trending popcorn art which you can only do if you engage with the normie world but if you don't then you can actually make the art you like and that might even end up catching the interest of others as well.


> Kids have no understanding of the world or human life and most are stupid
which doesn't apply to those who browse here
we were different as a child already


>If you're forced to interact with normalfags, just get good at making jokes. That's the only interaction worth having with them.


Your error was to expect they were smart enough to handle them, stop chasing people.

File: 1714242899341.jpg (225.89 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, IMG-20240426-WA0019.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Dear wizz
Im having a serious problem with my mind, this is happening usually but like 5 time in 2 weeks.

>The problem :

It started when i was in a late night cyber cafe, i was chilling as usual, smoking and use my computer. Then a voice in my mind launched a very loud mechanical voice like a train or a washing machine
> i said : wtf
>my mind :*started to remember a past memory that didn't even exist but it seems familiar to me
>my head start getting warmer and warmer and my vision gets blurry >i runed up a notes software ( it was NotePad+++) ig
>i wrote what i remembered and my mind telling me ( just the main ideas cuz i wasn't able to see)
>keywords : god - tech - flapjack - owl - craft - 20 - 6703
>suddenly an anon touched me and said
Did you need help i saw that you dropped you pc in the floor
>me : what flo..
*see what anon told me*
>me : im fine tysm
>anon : you need take a rest
>laying down to get the pc
>walk in the cafe lookin for the good anon that helped me
>is not there
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1713992720096.jpg (27.85 KB, 735x475, 147:95, 0c9ae705d7d0a185cd988e5fe7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I stop stimulating my mind races with so many thoughts rapid firing to weird familiar things from my childhood clustered into one thought. There was one where it showed SpongeBobs texture on a fence. Another was a succubus mixed between my grade 1 science teacher and my mother. Another one was homer Simpsons mouth as his entire face holding corn on his upper teeth. Is my subconscious fighting back or am I slipping into a psychosis state. Sometimes I'd have words pop into my head in talking almost like a whisper, except I know it's not real voices. It lasts for a few seconds but it's usually random. There are microseconds of realization that my mind wandered off into a dream state. I'm genuinely scared.
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ho tell this a psychatrist, if you're lucky you can neet on neetbux




Yeah, That's what you say about a former doctor who also has youtube posts about this.

>embed link



whatever you do, do not go to a psychiatrist unless you have serious problems.

Take ibuprofen - cuts glutamate
Take Melatonin -cuts dopamine
Take Taurine - neuroprotective
Take NAC - neuroprotective
Take magnesium (inhibitory)
Take iodine (thyroid problems may be the root)
Take a B-complex (methylation)
Take ashwaghanda or guto kola (stress relief)
Stay away from psychoactive drugs
Stay away from glutamate
Stay away from dopaminergic substances

Whatever is going on with op is definitely a problem but in most cases isn't normal. If you're young you may have sz, but it is highly unlikely and the medical community does not have a good understanding of how to treat this disease. Most importantly, the body should be able to naturally calibrate neurotransmitter and receptor levels if you are able to stabilize your inputs and leave it alone.

If you don't get symptoms relief from the first two items on the list, it's something deeper than a neurotransmitter problem. hypoThyroid may be the root. Get a blood test. The other pathway for this seems to be brain infection…. take lysine and black seed oil for at least a month


oh, and EAT MEAT because this could fix a bunch of latent problems related to iron deficiency, lack of minerals etc

File: 1713999033334.jpg (111.34 KB, 563x751, 563:751, wizpost - forbidden fart.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you miss the old time when greentexts made imageboards funny? Not a joke but here goes something:

>be me

>stressed for not finding a job after doing a grade I hate
>suddenly le wild job offer spawns
>great factory with different zones, quite complex
>they require someone with certain knowledge I had, casually
>I quickly get into there, everything looks fine, job is boringly easy, they don't fit their nose in my life etc…
>all workers have lunch time inside a stenchy kitchen with TV on, but the window is open so I don't bother much.
>a week passes before my boss (not the owner) starts playing games at me
>he asks me what a thing is
>I kindly answer
>he gets angry af, claiming I disrespected him etc etc
>does this several times, I am getting confused
>starts insulting me at lunch, making filthy jokes
>we do all the work, this little boss just smoking and playing shit online, even if he is also suppossed to work along with us

>I start feeling really sick

>he constantly threatens me with firing me no matter if the job is well done
>he makes me hurry even my times are fine and job is done perfectly
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


bravo, wiz. wonderful to read. crush all normies.


wizards…we just won another war, we're too powerful. hood job wizzie


>this little boss just smoking and playing shit online, even if he is also suppossed to work along with us
based wizard boss puffing a cigar and gaming like a neet wiz.
> another worker from adjacent workshops tells me how all normies from where I was got fired, only the boss is there, now he is working alone the entire day
He won, OP. That other fired worker was clearly coping with a false story. That wiz boss will abuse his workers and got them fired to get extra money himself and then fire new people to bully as his slaves. He is a neet boss who hates wagies.



Yeah, he won. A one way pass into wagecuckery after being used to load his work on others.

>the other worker

Oh no, he was not one amongst the fired. All other workshops remained intact.

>wiz boss

He was not the owner, no extra money. Just less time and maybe some shortage due to deceiving the owner into thinking other workers were really needed and he was not a virgin.


All of these jobs have pecking order bullshit attached to them. It's like the most normie thing ever, since advancement is tied to social value rather than worth in most cases and the manager types coast off other people's labor while asskissing. I've seen this sort of infighting in all of these occupations.

The one trick is to document abuses and go above the middle managers to the real boss at the top, who is in many cases a nice guy who actually cares for his workers and won't tolerate this sort of thing

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