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File: 1560493000791.jpg (117.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1551802832612-0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Internet browsing has been an enormously important part of my life. From my young teenage years through to my late 20s. I have spent a tremendous amount of time browsing all kinds of forums and archives. For me it was a great way to learn about the world, and these creatures called humans that inhabit it, from the safety of my room. Especially as someone with autism, reading countless anecdotes of human behavior has been valuable.

As I approach 30 though, in recent years I am finding myself growing disinterested in forums and discussion boards. Wizchan and some other obscure topic-specific forums are the only places I visit these days, and those visits are becoming more infrequent. Not to sound too romantic about it, but I feel like I'm in the "twilight years" of my internet browsing career. Although this place is special to me, if this trend persists then I may eventually stop visiting here as well. With this in the back of my mind I am savouring my time here. I'm savouring it because I fear that as I continue to age I will no longer browse here due to the lack of novelty and/or not being able to relate to the (on average) younger userbase.

Can anyone else relate to this feeling?

One of the things I treasure most about this place is that the attitudes here align with my own value system. It is a truly wonderful feeling to have your world view validated. There is no way I could ever find such validation in meatspace. To be told (indirectly/abstractly) that there is nothing wrong with me and that I'm fine the way I am. That is precious to me.

I don't know where I'm going with this but I just wonder how ephemeral this subculture is. Will it somehow disappear or will I eventually leave on my own accord before that happens?

What is life like once one outgrows the internet?

To be clear when I mention internet use here I'm referring to lurking in forums and discussion boards and the like. Not using the internet as a utility. Certainly I have many technical interests and the internet is a tool for that, but what I'm referring to in this post is distinct from utilitarian internet use.

Topics similar to this have been discussed here in the past so I apologise if this is a repetitious post.
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>Can anyone else relate to this feeling?


never felt a true connection to any internet forums except hobby related ones in my life.


I wonder why people like you always completely ignore the fact that Israel has exponentially more control over American politics and culture than Russia does.


because Israel is ally of USA while Russia is the enemy of USA


Holy fucking shit every single site worth a damn is dying. (((they))) took down 8ch, now 4chan is getting fucked with, and every other imageboard site are starting to get attention of feds despite being small. It's like they want to kill anon platforms completely as soon as possible and now I can't even imagine being on the Internet in a few years. It's gotten to the point where reading a random book is better, even if it's a shit book. Even worse is I have to travel back in time by 10+ years to find media to watch that isn't full of propaganda/poz.


I have depression and PTSD, about 2 years ago I was admitted into a psych hospital after a suicide attempt.

Now my parents are trying to get me to apply for disability, though I'm not sure how I could possibly go about doing that?

What are my chances of actually being given disability?


File: 1566862324216.jpg (30.64 KB, 700x523, 700:523, 173478-body-odor-man.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do any of you have BO issues? I remember in HS everyone (mostly teachers tho) complained about my BO despite showering every morning and using deoderant. I think that's why I became a socially isolated neurotic mess.


belongs in lounge


Use the catalog and find the hygiene thread stink-butt.


Try to keep similar topics to one thread

File: 1566613432879.png (821.69 KB, 960x720, 4:3, [Tsundere] Full Metal Pani….png) ImgOps iqdb


The corporate ass-kissing normalfags will be well-rewarded for their fight against all efforts to prevent the destruction of the biosphere. It's hilarious to me how upset people get about the mere insinuation that we need to stop fucking over nature and ourselves. Just one of many examples of normalfags shooting themselves in the foot in order to deny reality and feel like the world is safe and just and that nothing they do is ever wrong.


Most hilariously, they're going to allow the burning of the amazon because "we need to protect the corporate freedom of developers". This likely won't be the final event to end a livable earth, but people are just gonna let it go and it will continue, until even the amazon is not protected from human "advance"ment.


File: 1566554767376.jpg (14.46 KB, 463x480, 463:480, Screenshot_2019-08-21-23-5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


is there any wizard who had an eye surgery? I have astigmat and have peoblem with farsight and want my eyes burned with laser to get rid of glasses. I read some people reported that their eyes reversed the process and ended up having worse eyesight than they had, only now with thinned layer due to laser threatment.

sorry for my english.


File: 1565110635473.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 45904_anime_scenery_blue_s….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is paying attention the root of satisfaction?

Here's an experience everyone here has had:
distractedly watch a "good" movie - don't enjoy yourself
attentively watch a "bad" movie - enjoy yourself
This is extremely apparent when you watch a movie you didn't enjoy the first time while paying closer attention.

It seems anything that's satisfying is something you pay attention to. What is something that's satisfying that you don't focus on?

The question then becomes: is it possible to exploit this to our advantage? If we hyper-focus on our meaningless boring jobs, do they suddenly become satisfying? Is the goal in life to just have a clear mind about everything?

Another experience everyone has had:
thinking about past mistakes, embarrassing moments, etc.
worrying about future failures, pessimism, thinking about worst outcomes, etc.

If you analyze any given moment of your life it's not that bad. Almost all negative feelings come from thought and not focus.

Anyone reading this thinking that their life is shit right now, think about your current status, emphasis on current. Why is your life bad right now? Literally right now reading this post. Why is it bad? I can guarantee it's almost exclusively going to be about past / future thoughts. So your life isn't actually bad in the literal present.

I'd like for people to critique this base idea. I'd rather not talk about meditation specifically in this thread, I want to keep it more general. Do you agree with me or not?
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>Is paying attention the root of satisfaction?
No. Doing things you like while relaxing is the root of satisfaction. ie not binging


I think about this topic a lot, I no longer chase satisfaction. That is something that never worked for me. The most satisfaction I get is making a web of connections to a said thing in my life and use it as a mental safety net of things if that makes enough sense that I use to move forward with my day to day life.

I also notice the most dread and negativity comes from future focus no matter the scale. It can be good but when you lose the moment everything in it becomes a mountain to climb. Stuck there right now, it's harder said than done especially when it's something crucial to your life. But you don't know what's gonna happen the next day, never mind a week or more ahead. Your life is subject to change and you can be somewhere else doing something completely different in a day or two.This brings me too attachment, it's also always best to only have as much you need at the current time, no more and no less than you're ready to take on.


Depends on the individual. I've heard not paying attention and going through life aloof can bring satisfaction as well. Paying attention to things I enjoy can bring me satisfaction however. It's hard to say. My job is a balancing act. Pay too much attention and I become stressed out and exhausted. Pay too little attention I get scolded and make a lot of mistakes.


mindfulness and paying attention to everything is pretty central to zen, maybe check it out while thinking of it in this way


You are absolutely right. Its always your judgemental part of your mind that makes you sometimes feel good, sometimes bad… examine this a bit closer and maybe you will find the true meaning of this life

File: 1566242234385.jpg (137.86 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Biene_beim_Pollensammeln.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Most therapists are delusional normans, too trapped in their own complexes to help us. I google different forms of therapy and try them on myself. Most don't work, but they're fun.

4/5 Dream journal
I've done dream journaling and dream analysis to interpret my unconscious desires and fears.
At lest one dream a week tells me something new about myself. Most dreams are fluff.

Depth Psych
2/5 Build imaginary world where you imagine different parts of your personality as people and debate them. Most of you already do this without realizing it. Sometimes I get useful insight. Most of the time, my personalities tell me to "work harder" or "go to the gym". They're assholes.

MBTI Myers Briggs 2/5
More or less astrology. Take personality test. Get 4 letters. Different tests give different results. I'm INTJ/P. I used to go hiking every 2 or 3 days, after taking the MBTI, I embraced my INT nature and stayed indoors for a week straight.

CBT 1/5
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or McTherapy is the second most popular psych scam after big pharma drugs. Suppress your natural emotions and thoughts with positive thoughts. Leave therapy cured. Wait a month for everything surpressed to explode. Go back to therapy. *rubs hands

Mindfulness CBT 2/5
The Whole Foods version of CBT. Mindfulness makes you calmer. Most of your problems are caused by other people (and systems that have not updated to the current world) so just thinking positive won't change the outside world.

What therapies have you tried?
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therapy is a scam through and through, I've been severely depressed for over a decade, no quack is going to just talk me out of it



I've had some success with it but it's incredibly difficult to apply on yourself because of the massive skill curve. The framework is probably the best I've seen from researching different therapies and modalities. It seems to able to integrate and explain the effectiveness of most therapies and it offers a very good evidence supported theory of change. It's based on the newest research on memory reconsolidation which is the brain's only known process for updating and erasing long-standing memories.

The approach essentially incorporates this process and deliberately aims to update/remote implicit emotional learnings that produce symptoms in the present. Instead of trying to "counter-act" symptoms like most therapies i.e. CBT, it uses experiential techniques to find the coherent reasons for the existence of the symptom, trying to find the hidden purpose of the symptom that makes it such a compelling "solution". It seems that even painful states like depression or low self-esteem have a coherent purpose to them, they are essentially the lesser evil of some dilemma and by reacting in that way, you avoid another much worse dreaded suffering. This kind of learning gets created through experience and torments people by creating symptoms in the present which are consciously experienced as negative but outside of awareness they have a hidden useful purpose that the person can verbalize with some effort and exploration. Once you bring this into awareness and integrate it, you have the power to actually transform it through the process of memory reconsolidation.

If you're interested, read "Unlocking the emotional brain". It covers the neuroscience research and overall approach, but I recommend reading the case examples in order to really understand it. This type of approach has transformed the way I think about my own emotional responses.


Insightful. I downloaded the book you recommended and am reading it right now.


File: 1566265072089.jpg (100.01 KB, 600x894, 100:149, Kagaya_the_universe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It sounds to me like you are doubting the legitimacy of Astrology, and I would have to challenge you on that. It was actually my earlier interest in the MBTI which transformed into an interest in the Enneagram of Personality, which then became an interest in Natal Astrology which led to to draw and study my chart.

alot of people these days don't like to beleive anything unless it's being spoon-fed to them by a government-approved egghead in a white-coat. Or an e-celeb. (lol.)
Beyond this I know this Astrology has a bad reputation due to it's association with succubi that use it in that vapid, superficial way that centers around sex, love and relationships and takes only the sign-position of the Sun into account.

If you are willing and cognizant to sift through the cheap fluffy material on the subject, you can learn a lot of cool, inspiring and perhaps valuable information by studying Astrology and your natal chart. In the previous couple years I have spent a considerable amount of time studying my planetary positions and aspects, and have not only seen how my chart accurately explains my personality, but witnessed the effects of planetary transits in the form of major and minor events in my life. I can vouch for it's legitimacy. While the majority of the fun of astrology does come from the navel-gazing and often false sense of inspiration or grandeur, it's not all junk and can be used quite practically from a sober viewpoint if you so wish. It's perhaps the most effective psychological science there is; as above and so below.

Maybe it's just not for everybody. For anyone who is interested I'll post some links off the top of my head to the actually good astrology sites I have come across:

Drawing a Natal Chart

General Information & Aspect/Position Delineation
http://www.rosicrucian.com/ssa/ssaeng01.htm (a good overall introduction)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


> http://www.rosicrucian.com/ssa/ssaeng01.htm (a good overall introduction)

Very sorry, I actually meant this one https://www.rosicrucian.com/mos/moseng01.htm#chapI

Since I am making another post I may as well include this too. http://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/astrology.shtml
It's an archive of Dane Rudhyar's works on Astrology. Neat little books I would classify as "Extras". Of the bunch listed there, I'd recommend starting with "The Practice of Astrology".

File: 1565513985897.jpg (543.05 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, JzsH5vwn4bZ4g5MtfLKL6M.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Like does it have any real reason to exist? What really, is its sole reason of being? Without intelligent life, the universe doesn't have a chance in hell to make sense of itself.

Are there any popular theories out there? This is driving me crazy. I just think it's so easy for nonexistence to be the natural state of things, that the existence has to have a cause.
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So you start with an assumption and then do nothing to explain it and then pretend you wrapped it all up nicely? There's good reason this explanation isn't in wide circulation and acceptance yet that's for sure.


>There's good reason
and that reason is?
You made absolutely no point yourself and merely implied that there is a reason without providing it whatsoever.


File: 1566152019022.jpg (29.7 KB, 686x143, 686:143, 1313132132123.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>There's good reason this explanation isn't in wide circulation and acceptance yet that's for sure.
The concept of Unconditional Reality is actually very widely circulated in the realm of Philosophy and is considered a cornerstone of Metaphysics. Let's also not forget that the theory itself pertains to the fundamental beliefs of pretty much every organized religion on the face of the Earth that involves any "supernatural" elements.


ah, but compared to be around normies and fwits day in and day out it is a most excellent choice an existence! no tv, no shitty muzak blaring out 24-7-365, no car-tard's/harley-tards rev'n their motors say and night. peace quiet low level of idiocy (not count'n ultra UL'rs and eco-freaks),


say= DAY durrrrrrrrr…

File: 1534825450722.jpg (20.09 KB, 270x270, 1:1, sum_41.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.147750[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

How do you look back at the early 2000s now? Specifically the years 2001-2006?
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I feel my life is also too corrupt and it's too late for any decent hobbies anymore. I hold a small journal myself online but it doesn't get much because my mind feels broken most of the time. Almost paralyzed now often, I don't know how to describe it well besides that. A perpetual state of shock? It's the most I can do now, pretty happy just making it to one comfort or another every week that grounds me a little.


This is actually pretty endearing and somewhat poignant at the same time.

The "Good night (my) Nigga!!!" at the end made me laugh out loud, the word "my" written in ink as an afterthought in particular.


You real want to go back to the 2006 internet? you want to go back to broadband or ADSL?


I still not only have ADSL for over 10 years now, I have worse download speeds than I had at the start of this decade, probably because more people live in my area now, but there was 0 progress regarding internet infrastructure. And in 2010 I thought that by 2015 we would all be on Fibre optic, and look at me now.


for me the early 2000s was
>anime boom
>yugioh cards
>pokemon games
>hip hop becoming mainstream
>internet becoming mainstream
it was a nice time but in retrospect you only see the good things

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File: 1554510427990.jpeg (645.15 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Cell-karyotype-exhibiting….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm wondering how much of our condition is genetic.

I have an uncle who is clearly a sperg, he doesn't do eye contact, he stims and flaps his hands, he isn't social and ignores his family (except me because he's known me since I was a kid).

Although unlike wizards he is obsessed with programming and hobbyist technology (soldering etc), he has a GitHub at 65 years old and his job is repairing commercial refrigerators. Anyways, do you have any family members who you suspect are wizards?
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I think my parents were virgins until they were both almost 40, they married, moved out (they lived with their parents until then) and had kids. I don't thing they ever had sex after that, I've never seen them perform any kind of affectual act towards each other but it's not like the would divorce either.
I believe they got married because of social pressure from their families, my father told me how my mother's sister talked to him into asking her for marriage. I found some old letters from my father where he talked with one of his cousins about my mother not wanting to get married.
They are not reclusive but they very rarely speak with anyone outside their family, they don't have any friends.
I'm fairly sure my sister who is in her late 20s and has a lot of mental problems is also a virgin.


We were forced to socialize as kids since our parents were close. It's not like we did it out of our own volition.
I agree that having friends is not wiz like but he was a blood relative. At 28 I have never made a "friend" on my own accord. So please spare me your purist bullshit.


Well definitely not my case. Absolutely everyone in my dads side of the family are too much into prostitutes and cheating on their wifes, even having TWO families at the same time. They also suck at lying you see. They all have trouble with their marriages and divorce. They are all alcoholics too. Shit, even my old man. Onless you have actual assburgers Wizardom isn't a genetic thing


I'm far and away the most asocial and sedentary person in my family, possibly the local area. Older brother used to be (as I'm told) quite similar but he's since melded into a conventionally normal lifestyle.


>I'm wondering how much of our condition is genetic.
pretty much most of it
a chihuahua will always be a chihuahua. He can do as much coaching as it wants but it will not transform him into a bulldog

for me the family tree goes:
>father is your typical spineless beta faggot
>mother is mentally ill suicidal shizo
>uncle (mothers side) is alcoholic good for nothing who lives off welfare, has had 3 years of work history of his entire life. He is 66 years old now btw and has been living his entire life in an appartement that his mother gifted to him.
>aunt (mother's side) diagnosed shizo, batshit insane
>uncle 1 (fathers side) is a typical arrogant and rude guy, does not talk much and has a history of being a troublemaker all his life
>uncle 2 (fathers side) is your cliche chad. had a successful business, had succubi all over him, alcohol and parties was his bread and butter. died early, probably STD related
the list goes on and on but the tldr is that my entire family is subhuman trash specimens.
if the axis won WW2, there would be no unhappy subhuman loser people on planet

This is why I prefer my DNA to die out with me
nothing good comes out of this

>family members who you suspect are wizards

my cousin in canuckistan is pretty much the typical anime neckbeard but I heard he had a gf at some point

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