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Does anyone else feel like they're living in a world-sized play set? A lot of events in my life, the way they play out, follow each other and "coincide" simply makes no sense. Unless there really is a cosmic deity, or a number of them, simply being fond of throwing all sorts of hurdles before me and tormenting my mind for laughs.
And there's no escape, no matter what I do. I could stay at home, and then all the sinister thoughts begin creeping inside my mind. Should I leave it, the world immediately changes to mess with whatever plans, however little, I have.
It sounds like schizo ramblings, but I swear it's all too real and suspicious to not entertain such thoughts.
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don't need any field agents when you've got legions of brainwashed slaves now do you?


they are all around


File: 1562160104757.gif (497.94 KB, 400x300, 4:3, bobbo.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Today I had just come out of a depressed episode. Happened again. About a month ago my neighbor was taking down these massive trees on the edge of my garden. Since the trees were so old they had junk in them ( old fence, old fence wire ) and the neighbor put some of the junk in my garden and didn't take it away. I thought whatever that sucks but I will get rid of it, turns out at the exact same time my other neighbor had some plastic stuff blow out of his garden in to my garden. It looked old so I didn't think much of it. So his plastic building stuff was in the junk I got rid of, so today he talks to me and says that some plastic stuff must have blown in my garden. I'm 99% sure it's the stuff I threw away and I bet it was worth a lot of money, but now I have to tell him or lie which will unravel. As an anxious person that's not easy. THE DAY I COME OUT OF A DEPRESSED EPISODE THAT HAS LASTED SINCE MY LAST POST. These constant absurd small things that happen just in time to fuck with me, I hate it. Even if it's insane I cannot escape the feeling that I'm being punished.


Happened again. The day I come out of a depressed episode and clean the house, after I finish cleaning the kitchen the washing machine starts making an awful noise. I know from last time it's the propellor. The hose to empty the water didn't let any out, I open it, dirty water goes everywhere on the floor. There is some coins in there and thick string tied around it, so I spent 25 minutes untying and cutting this string as I sit on wet towels soaking up the water. I do it after much frustration and lean on a box to stand up, the box shatters and I fall to the ground fucking my wrist. So I lay there in dirty water staring at the ceiling. I just get sent back to a kid thinking that this is a horrible truman show.


Happened again. Today I did 6 hours of gardening because I felt better after being unable to since my last post, I lay down in the heat struggling to get to sleep, I hear a really loud wind and squeaking noise at 1am. It sounds like someone is dying or choking. I ask what the hell that is and actually my brother crushed his deodorant can in the footrest of his chair and this giant pierced can filled the entire house with the fumes. It smells everywhere even with the windows open and I can barely get to sleep because of the smell. Every time stupid shit fucking happens. Stop this show, just stop the show already.

File: 1537272435290.jpg (266.18 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, 4884385358848484.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What's your opinion on living in a van/car to escape the paying rent scam? It's something that I've been considering doing for a long time and it definitely seems feasible. I want to be able to escape society and to live more freely. I've lived in small rooms before and I'm naturally frugal so I don't think the transition would bother me too much. I also live in the US so something like this is a lot easier here due to the developed infrastructure then probably in other countries. Ideally I'd like to get a small fuel-efficient van and customize it as to make it livable. Could we have a general thread about this sort of thing? If you've lived in a vehicle before, please feel free to share all your tips here.
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i think i can accumulate 100k if i live with my mother and work a wage slavery job


My dream is to live out of a van but I have an insurmountable fear of driving. It's almost comedic that my aims are so low but yet I was still given this obstacle.


File: 1560120017582.pdf (4.42 MB, The-Complete-Book-of-Boond….pdf)


Yeah I can't drive, living with aging mother myself. We don't even like each other but put up with each other. I buy all my stuff, been working and actually saving since 2017 but I don't know how much time I have. It feels like some sort of freak disaster in my life can happen at anytime. If I make it to hit that 100k milestone at all later in my life if I'm still here my mind will be blown.


when you're living in a van, you don't even have to buy toilet paper or water

you can steal both from public restrooms


Does anyone feel like they reached some kind of enlightenment by being a hikki for years? Staying locked in a room for months was suffering and prejudice to my health but along with that I think I kinda lost the delusions and got more connected to my inner mind, now that I got a job I am back in the world again and every normie looks like they're so delusional and dumbly happy and unaware and stuck in a dumb Cattle life
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So wizzie, what is that supposed to mean? I don't understand. Disappointment? Doubt? What are you expressing with that groidchan-tier post?


I don't think anyone really need to be a hikki to realize how delusion and false hope is a big part on why the rat race hasn't crumbled to pieces yet. But yeah I guess it gives you a nice contrast going back to it after being a hikki.

I did reach a good amount of realizations through solitude.


>groidchan-tier post
you can think of yourself and this place as some elite gentlemens club, but maybe we're still on an imageboard
Yes. Just like many of us you faced the "why should I bother if there's no greater purpose" problem. And you played the self-deluding card, which is um, not for everyone.
So, how long have you been "enlightened" already? Aren't you afraid of just getting bored of it?


>fictional religion
As if there is any other kind


ive come to the enlightenment that there is no enlightenment. the more you try to search for it the further away it gets. most people in this world always are trying to achieve something. and in so one uping one another. everything is exactly as it should be. there is no higher self or lower self. its just you. the only reason why people desire things and try to do shit is because the truth is reality is really fucking boring.

File: 1556332742596.jpg (21.52 KB, 526x436, 263:218, LkARIDr_d.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do you deal with this? My issue personally is that I'm very suspectible of normgroid behavior in public and I nitpick their behavior on their passive aggressiveness. I am a coward so I never really confront them unless it turns to an altercation which rarely happens. I get angry at very little things (i.e person at a stop light speeds off faster than me, leaving a place without receptionist person saying have a nice day, person laughs with their friend when I walk by and automatically assume they're making fun of me etc.). The reason why I'm like this is because I have trouble reading people's emotions and the constant backstabs I recieved has made me more suspectible of normgroid behavior to the point of never trusting them (even extended family members because they have backstabbed me before). I've read tons stories of anons getting teased by normgrouds so I know that normgroids WILL go out of their way to be rude to people just for the sake of it. People on imageboards say things like "It's all in your head wizzie don't worry but often times when I think of the worst common scenario, it turns out to be true. An example would be when I had issues with coworkers at my old job. Apperently some people didn't like me because of my attitude (he isn't quirky and LOVES his job like us wtf!!) but no one told me anything. Long story short, I got fired because someone reported me to management for my "attitude" but when I asked a couple coworkers what everyone thought of me, they said "lol no one badly talks about you" I'm quiet, shy, prefer to be alone, but apperently this pisses off normgroids to no ends. It doesn't help when I see a video on youtube about some guy talking to some guy in a white t shirt witha firm tone in public, and there's comments like "wow guy in white t shirt was so rude because of his tone I would've done x and y to him" where as I would've simply brushed off the guy in white t shirt and not think anything about his tone. This only feeds my paranoia of suspectible normgroid behavior and it's partially the reason why I became NEET for a few years. Sadly I have to wageslave again and I'll have to deal with this problem again. Fuck

tl;dr I assume people do certain behaviors in public just to piss me off or are plotting to be against me which has happened before
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Who uses Google these days when we have stuff like DuckDuckGo, Yandex & Startpage…


Is this some post-irony ya'll kids do these dayz


File: 1561591813565.jpg (163.68 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, soyboy-smile.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



It is possible everyone actually is against you. If you look at the true nature of human interactions and socialization you will come to realize certain key truths. Try looking at it from a more primal perspective. Normies are less cerebral and are closer to animals in their behaviors. They truly do hate and feel hostility towards weirdos or outsiders, and most of all they hate weakness. If you get the vibe that people are hostile or mean spirited towards you, chances are it’s not just in your head. Most likely you are subconsciously picking up on subtle tells.


not really

File: 1560633020318.jpg (6.71 KB, 280x180, 14:9, disgust.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone else view capitalism as being driven mostly by the human mating ritual? It seems to me that one of the main reasons people, men especially, try to achieve social status and earn lots of money is to attract a mate.

When men are trying to impress a succubus they will tell them about all their achievements and their job and spend lots of money on them and generally give the impression that they are rich and can provide for the succubus (and child). Until recently it was quite common for a succubus who was courting a man to not be able to marry him until he had achieved a certain position in society, like becoming a ship's captain or something instead of just a sailor. There was also a bride price in many cases and of course, the engagement ring, a stupid ritual meant to display the man's wealth and ability to buy the damn thing. Capitalism is inextricably linked to our mating rituals.

As someone who has no interest in mating, the whole thing seems abhorrent, mainly because it causes everyone to try and exploit and enslave each other and rank each other in strict hierarchies as it's through this process that wealth is created and obtained. Everyone wants to be the boss man telling people what to do while taking the biggest cut and the succubi are attracted to that because it means they've learned how to game the system in their favor and get a bigger cut of the wealth, no matter if that means they're attracted to qualities of evil. It motivates everyone to work like a dog and that work, done aided by energy provided by fossil fuels is destroying the environment.

Everyone will use whatever tool is available to them to get a leg up because it's all one big dick measuring contest. Everyone is trying to prove they can provide and raise a child to attract a succubus, even if they don't realize it. The gangbanger wannabe in some lowrider car and gold chains is doing a display like a peacock flaring his feathers saying, hey choose me choose me, I am a good mate, I have the ability to get all this so surely I could one day get the things needed to raise a child. All he knows is he wants pussy and succubi like bling because it's instinct.

The whole thing has created an insane world when combined with the technology to let everyone get a large amount of resources. The population exploded like crazy and humans polluted and polluted more and more and destroyed the natural world more and more without care all just to get sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Context indicated you were talking about amerindians, not pajeets.


wonder whos pulling the strings


Everyone anti-nazi is obviously a jew.


>no reading comprehension


Didn't know that was your diagnosis.


I don't think the Wiz Commune will ever happen as it involves a social community-building and pooling of resources and living in close proximity that most Wizs probably aren't suited for.

A more realistic idea could be of building a Wiz neighborhood, street, even apartment block.

We just pick one small town in the USA and the EU and make it our Wiz HQ that all Wizards aspire to move to. Since most Wizs live our lives on the internet, location in the middle of nowhere doesn't really matter.

Wiztown USA

Wizburg, EU
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the wiz-trailerpark fucking lmao


I notice we already have a thread on the topic. The key is we have to own the land, and make it wiz-only


I wouldn't mind the wiz trailer park, if I got my pc, enough space to make a nice little room for myself, a kitchen with at least an oven and flat top stove, and it's not completely rotting/falling apart then I'm happy. I over the years actually thought about this., feels like the life for me.


I've passably considered using my measly savings to buy an old airstream or school bus and slowly renovating it into a home. To be honest I wouldn't mind having introvert neighbors. This is all fairy tale talk though. There's a million reasons why that wouldn't work, starting with buying the land you would need. Also the very idea of wizards living in a community is unwizardly. Pleasant ideas like that never really happen.


Oh, don't worry, there are only 13% of them in the population. What could possibly happen?

File: 1561075183813.jpg (14.77 KB, 285x177, 95:59, chill out.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I was googling photos from an old strongman to mimick his tricks but i found several legacy,find a-grave and memorial sites.
I was deeply shocked;how, IF, will I be remembered when i die? what contributions will I have made,or at least personal victories?

i couldnt help but judge people based on their faces,bodies,and age at which they died. linkedin,twitter, (not instagram cause fuck instagram),sometimes I end up a rabbit hole of analyzing stranger's lives.
I dunno, i just wanted to vent. i feel like a creep but also vulnerable

File: 1559711618695.png (170.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, AllBusiness.png) ImgOps iqdb


I would like some advice on how to do this from anyone who has experience with it and can give some vague guidelines. I am currently getting welfare bux and the government will reduce my bux if I earn income, so it seems pointless to try because I will only be able to get minimum wage shit jobs not worth my time. There is also a problem with asset limits (though I am nowhere near that, so it won't be a problem for a while) because if you exceed them, they cut off your bux. Apparently this is much higher for people classified as disabled (which, honestly, I am, from anxiety and depression) so I hope they will recognize my disability so I won't have to worry about that limit any time soon.

I did think of a possible option though: when you run a business, when they consider whether to garnish your bux, they base it on your net income, not gross income. Subtracted from the net is business expenses, and I figure if there are things I want to buy with my bux anyway (computer, fitness equipment, gardening supplies, toys for pets) that perhaps it would be smart to try and set up a shitty fail-business and when I buy those things, call them business expenses, and then I can count them against what I earn.

I wouldn't mind working more in that case (if I got to keep everything) and who knows, maybe I'd even do well at a shit business and be able to make money that way instead of a job. I'm not sure what kind of stuff to do though. If you just wanted to do something like walk dogs, mow lawns, shovel snow, could you declare that you needed to buy a computer to be able to market your business and communicate with customers via e-mail?

I'm looking for clever ideas of stuff that would make sense to buy for yourself anyway, but which it would be even smarter to regard it as a business expense. Farming seems like one of them: if you grow your own food then it would reduce the money you pay for food in stores. Even if you can't grow enough for 1 person, you could say it was your intent to do so (and heck, sure it is, who wouldn't want to be a Harvest Moon god?) and the eventual goal is to be able to pay the rent with garden vegetables sold at a market or something.

Another I'm wondering about is hunting. If you said you wanted to run a business hunting deer and then selling the meat to people, would that cover getting stuff like a truck / gun / firearms training as a business expense? I mean hell… I'm even willing to give it a try, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Most of the stuff I know about works best if you have local connections and have marketable skills, and yes it really is work not ease money.
There is selling things (flee markets, frequent garage sell, online/ebay, rent stand space, etc.). Selling ether something you make, stuff you find and clean up/fix, or retail style flipping if you ether have a cheap source or spendy market (I personally have sold candy and drinks walking around with a mini-cooler shoulder bag just outside of events for huge mark up, but still less then what they could be bought for inside the event.)

Another thing you can do is offer your labor and doing odd jobs for under the table pay. How much you can make doing this depends on how valuable the labor you can provide and the contacts you make. I don't know you so I don't know what you are good at. If you are physically able you can at the very least do general labor stuff, but it usually doesn't pay that well.

The most important thing when hiding shit to keep your bux is minimizing a paper trail (duh) and dealing mostly is cash and trades. Unless you strike it rich (very unlikely) and get really spendy odds are you will not attract the attention of the authorities to the point of being audited. And even if they do, if you did things right and properly hid your assets while not leaving behind a paper trail then they can't prove shit. Knew a local drug dealer that had been audited 5 times and they still couldn't get him. No, what got him in the end was a succubus shooting him over relationshit drama that had nothing to do with his drug dealing.

Selling food and animal products is hyper regulated so odds are the motherfucking state agents will eventually be all up in your business even if you are careful and only sell to people you trust. You might be able to stay on the down low if you stick to farmer markets but even those have been raided around here before.


It is only good business if you don't have to pay for the land and the plot you are farming is fenced in. It also takes good attention to what the market is doing and finding intrested buyers that are willing to pay way more then what they can get from their normal supply chain. Basically you have to learn how to grow and sell specialty crops that don't put you in competition with subsidized "real" farms.


File: 1560711041340.jpg (75.55 KB, 353x362, 353:362, Soul and Possibility Contr….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>when/if the IRS audits you, they will make the final decision about what counts. As you can guess, they are pretty strict about it.

Any idea what sort of problems arise? Like if you buy a phone plan for business but then use that line to make calls to family, can they revoke your claim?

What about computer? If you say you buy a computer to check business e-mails and do business calculations but then use the computer to watch anime and e-mail family, can they say the computer isn't a business expense?

>I made an LLC that collects the money and I don't pay myself a salary. So, my income is under the limit for disability and I can still get paid for disability

Sounds like a good plan: build up the capital of the business so that if you ever get kicked off disability, you have the business to draw income from (or sell as an asset). Plus in the meantime while still on disability, you could use the business' income to buy "business assets" like computer/car/storage/telephone/internet which would offset your casual expenses since you could use it for casual stuff too.

>I do have to pay taxes on the money the business earns, however.

Isn't that basically nothing until you reach a certain level though? I don't expect to make much income (I have no business plan) and I'm not sure how many thousands you need to make annually before they start to charge tax on it.

Is that different from income tax? Like they would charge once on the money the business makes and then again on any salary you draw from the business? I thought they stopped doing double taxation like that.

> passive income does not count toward your limit. I own four houses in my city that I collect rent from to pay for the mortgage plus some extra and this is perfectly fine/legal

That wouldn't fly in Canada, maybe laws are different in US or wherever you are? It's only your primary residence which does not count towards an asset limit (extra properties would be counted towards 40k asset limit for disability) and income you receive from renters counts as income just like a job here.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1560711059485.jpeg (31.42 KB, 240x240, 1:1, homeland.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Another thing you can do is offer your labor and doing odd jobs for under the table pay.

Right, but you can't deposit the money or else you need to fake an explanation like "someone gave this to me as a gift". ODSP allows you to accept up to 10,000 in gifts, but if you get a lot of weird gifts they might suspect you are hiding income and require whoever gifted you stuff to give an interview, I'm not sure how that works.

So odd jobs would be a good way to get extra spending money (for stuff you like) as long as you are able to hide when you got the thing. They usually only count liquid cash (bank accounts) as "assets", so you can just say like you already had your new computer / new video game system / new rifle / new waifu pillow and hide that you bought it with under-the-table cash.

One other good use of odd jobs, is you can actually declare some of is (so long as you stay under exemption limit) to maximize the amount of money you can deposit, say if you aren't paying full rent but say you are (like if a relative says they will charge you 300 but only makes you pay 200) you could say you earned 100 from odd jobs to explain why you were able to deposit that saved 100.

>The most important thing when hiding shit to keep your bux is minimizing a paper trail (duh) and dealing mostly is cash

In the above situation though, it is good to create a paper trail to explain why you are able to deposit more money ("it's from odd jobs") just so long as it isn't high enough for them to garnish your assistance. You should always get as much as possible for rent even if your rent is lower, so you can pocket the difference.

> If you are physically able you can at the very least do general labor stuff, but it usually doesn't pay that well.

Probably not much more than minimum wage, the incentive for employers to risk paying you under the table is to save on money after all. It means they can't claim your salary as a business expense, so paying you out of pocket w/o claims means it has to be for less than they would pay you legally. The mutual benefit is they have lower expenses and you get income that won't garnish your assistance.

>odds are you will not attract the attention of the authorit
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


1. You wouldn't likely be making enough for them to care about your pathetic account activity doing labor odd jobs.
2. They usually require a warrant or some other excuse to even look that deeply into your personal shit in the first place
3. Banks are pretty shit and if you are worried then stop using them
Current intrest rates are total dog shit for savings anyway.
4. If it is below large amounts you don't have to and shouldn't explain shit

File: 1529157843769.jpg (193.81 KB, 1240x775, 8:5, HOMELESS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.144352[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Inspired by the long popular and useful Absolute Homelessness Survival thread (archive link here - http://archive.is/FSyGj) and thriving interest and ongoing utility of the topic, a general thread about homelessness and survival in the harsh, sometimes cruel world is in order.
Feel free to share hard won knowledge, ask questions, and discus the topics of homelessness.

Remember to be good to each other here. Trolling and shitposting is not acceptable and will be reported.
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>>158874 you do not own things, they own you!
a man's happiness does not consist of the things he owns.


pretty cool stuff thanks man


File: 1566984067916.jpg (93.74 KB, 652x900, 163:225, 683d8204de3fbf5c7c47f34e48….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Living without money

>Tomi Astikainen

>Kenny Flannery
>Jamie Bowlby-Whiting
>Nomad Wiki - General survival guide for Nomads
>Nomad list - City guide to Nomads around the world
>How to live in your SUV
>Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki


It’s my pleasure, the links are now on the post above. I had to fixed the post.


I've reached a point where being homeless seems preferable to continuing to live with my family.

Of course, I'm scared as all hell. I'm a pampered NEET and living on the street seems insurmountable.

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File: 1560347698707.jpg (98.08 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1558966285935.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Im being forced by the circumstances to give private english lessons in my spanishphone country.
this is stressing becuase I have to interact with strangers i dont know, and go into ther houses(here its normal,you put a flyer with your data and get a call,then you go to the house and give the class every week)
im very stressed about the stranger interaction,and at the same time afraid of not getting any calls to work.
the end of my neetdom is at hand.


I don't know what to say, but I feel we are brothers in our struggle.


Shit, I am also being forced to apply for English tuition jobs right now. In fact, I was just putting my certs into order before reading this post. I haven't the job so I can't give any advice. I don't feel much pressure though. I don't give a shit about this job. If I get fired and my family get pissed at me then I say let it happen. If I cause trouble to other people then all the better, or so I'd say but I'll probably sperg out and cower on the job anyway but what can I do? I hope you can calm down OP. At least in my country, teaching tuition can potentially be a high paying job.

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