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I'm not religious, but I frequently see myself pondering about it. Every time I'm around (truly) religious people I feel at ease. I don't call myself Christian because I find the Christian theology hard to believe, as many other religions, but following Christian morals seems to lead to a truly happy life. (Truly following, not using as a pretext for prejudice and aggression as many others do). I remember very well some simple and Christian people I've met, they were so pure they made me jealous, I felt like a degenerate near them, those people would never imagine something like "hentai" existed, lol.
Note that I'm talking about Christianity just because I live in a Christian country, I'm aware lots of religions share the same values as the Christian morals.
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Not really, in the past year I spent some time around my family and I kind of think that most people are unbelievably degenerate right now.

I have a cousin who was a cute little kid who now has a nose ring, those degenerate chest tattoos, and most of the young people seem to be struggling more than I felt I did at their age. I do feel like the young guys are becoming wizards more than what was common in my generation. The succubi just seem completely whorish to the degree that a typical succubus these days is much worse than what would have been considered the town "bicycle" in my grandparents or even parents generation.

I feel like wizards are probably the purer of the bunch. Even the pornography today just feels bizarre compared to growing up. Before it was either typical porn, the humiliation porn (which was the edgy porn back then), or weird arthouse porn. Now it's step-siblings and step-parents and tranny stuff which just seems almost non-sexual in its strangeness.



Seems like they had nofap in the victorian era, control-f and type continence


Religious people are at peace with themselves, but they still trample on the world and piss on the suffering of others just the same as everyone else. I act the same, but I am not at peace with it. They tell me to just accept these things. It's repulsive to hide behind fake theology and arbitrary morals. I despise this road in life, it's too self serving.
Close but untrue. It's designed for group functionality. You rely on it every single day for as long as you belong to a group, which you do. Morality is the reason your life is as tolerable as it is and you'd beg for it to return should it disappear overnight.


Brother/sister, only God can give refuge and peace, don't go to churches that is paganism, buy or look for a Bible, read it and learn from the teaching of Jesus (God). Also pray from your heart (and not to figures, that is idolatry), pray to Jesus and ask Him for faith and His holy spirit and seek Him through faith, good works and reading the Bible. I hope I have helped you.
God bless you, amen.


Thou have despised the skills of tantric mana preservation and it's pitiful.

Better if only the original Boss is prayed. The Bible claims against idols yet many believers ignore this, praying to saints and stuff…

Your image of something may not represent that something with exact display, think about it. Think always about everything you do not see.

File: 1632589400687.png (Spoiler Image, 197.55 KB, 365x474, 365:474, cipiran09-26 02.51.23.png) ImgOps iqdb


Hi, this is my first post (obviusly) and here i learned so Many things, my sincerely gratefull wizards.
This time i come to asking about someone Who relates, or know about the Magic in the Life of San Cipriano. (And the day on Christian calendar remember that Celebration.they Accept the Magic?).not a seriusly thread of Legends.


Bible regards sorcery as a sin


Look up Cornelius Agrippa. He figured out more than anyone.


This isn't a cool place to hangout kid, we're not something to aspire to.


Tell me something useful that he came along with.

File: 1632324486677.png (1.17 MB, 1025x687, 1025:687, 1381420565106.png) ImgOps iqdb


wizchan is my favorite imageboard but it's kind of slow, so I only come here about once a week and spend about 1-2 hours reading everything I missed or maybe reading some old threads. Sometimes I even forget it for a month or so, then come back and spend like 4 hours reading everything and it's very comfy.
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When I'm at my most miserable usually. That is to say stressed out of my mind, putting off studying because it just makes me even more stressed.
Either that or when I feel like engaging in actual thoughtful conversation like in the religion thread.
Also when I have time like on breaks I don't really do anything so I hang out here and on /hob/


A couple times a year. It's comforting to visit every so often, and the history feature makes it nice to remember what old posts I made and see what the replies have been to them (although, regrettably, I switched to a new ISP recently, so I lost my post history). Quite often I come here when I'm feeling especially depressed, and I try not to stay here too long by that same token; I do start to feel worse when I linger around for too long.


I wanna kms everyday


I stop whenever I fell like my life is getting better, but turns out it was a lie and I was just deceiving myself. And here I come back.


Sometimes I visit every day until I disappear for months.This website is slow but I like it that way.


Ever wondered what normies think of celibacy? According to them you can have sex and still be celibate.
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Don't forget that sex and marriage were publicly connected for many centuries. Sex outside of wedlock was very frowned upon, contraceptives were out of reach for most, abortion highly dangerous, and if someone got pregnant then they had to get married. I guess as marriage has decreased in importance as a social institution and normies have become more liberal with sex, the word "celibate" has changed with that.


We have our own definitions


That isn't always true


thanks for your valuable input, normalfag tourist phoneposter.


Not saying what you said isn't true, but maybe you shouldn't construct your ideas of reality based on literal reality television.

File: 1632017553258.jpg (65.25 KB, 749x742, 107:106, E6d-faTWQAAdXkO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Has any other of you a wizard because is too childish for their age, I am 25 and for the most i almost think as i am 10, also i spend most of the time thinking about when i was a child and freaking out cause i dont know how i will end up!
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> I've always just assumed I'd eventually kill myself so why bother trying to do anything anyway
this so much.


People will ask me if I'm done with highschool yet, I'm 24.


I genuinely didn't learn most grammar properly until I started posting online a lot. Not because I couldn't learn, but because I had no interest, and it all seemed like needless ritual to me. I wouldn't use punctuation marks or proper capitalisation at all, because I just didn't care and couldn't see the point. I would always write the version of a letter that I liked, rather than the one that was correct, so my sentences were full of random capitals just sprinkled wherever. My attitude was that as long as I could read it, that was good enough, and teachers are annoying for asking me otherwise.


I pretty much got bullied into taking lessons, and then just kept taking lessons for five years, because I had no intention of taking the test, but also didn't have the confidence to tell my instructor I wanted to cancel the lessons.


same, it was worse with the masks on though, lowered my looks-age from possibly around 19-20 to 15-16 year old. I had an embarrassing doctor visit a couple months ago where I was getting buttered up like I was a shy kid before she asked what grade I’m in, felt awkward being told I’m a growing boy and such and such when I’m 26, even if I’m mentally stunted

File: 1632123799404.png (64.35 KB, 397x281, 397:281, klkk.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


hello wizards how are you doing with focus, can you read a book? or learn a new skill or create something. I haven't been able to do it for a long time really would like to but internet is so flooded with stuff that i dont know what to do first
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I'm trying. Lots of small things that improve - exercise, enough and regular sleep, quitting YouTube (seriously, get an RSS feed and quit that shit). I try to meditate but it's a fucking pain in the ass. Generally abstaining from dopaminergic activities where you just veg out like binging shows all day or mindlessly grinding a game is going to improve things. I am able to read a lot better than a couple of months ago but progress is slow. I still don't retain a ton of information but I can at least follow whatever story is happening.


Retard, you're forgetting about neurotoxicity and other side effects. Yes, habit and motivation are different one is because of the basal ganglia and other is because prefrontal cortex. Drugs aren't going to magically make you more productive without the intention of changing.


Kind of this, except I’ve had better long-term results with racetams and rarely modafinil than adderall or nicotine.


2-FMA is cleaner than caffeine.
>Drugs aren't going to magically make you more productive without the intention of changing.
Nobody said that you nigger. What I'm telling you is how to use modern tools instead of being a retarded amoeba trying to force your brain-machine into doing something through "willpower". You're suggesting to keep bashing wooden pegs into wood with a rock instead of getting a hammer and nails.


>2-FMA is cleaner than caffeine.
Can you clarify what you mean?

File: 1636980927949.jpg (37.97 KB, 327x500, 327:500, 213sadsad.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I assume the majority of the sit is white, which I have no grievances with - but I was wondering if there were any non-white wizzies that post here? Im an Indian Wizard but im thinking about moving to the country side and staying there permanently.


there may still be the indian wiz thread up.
we had one with lots of replies. what is it like being a indian wiz?


I am also of the colored races. What about it?


>lets talk about racial stuff on a anonymous imageboard where race doesn't matter and only comes up in the form of insults and race baiting
I don't see how this could ever lead to productive conversation if I am being honest.
What is there even there to talk about?


File: 1635748751538.jpeg (58.92 KB, 888x450, 148:75, 29AD8169-A11D-4BEB-9981-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Are your teeth super fucked up? Have you had any replaced, root canals, bridges, etc?
Obviously only really applies to older people.
Around my late 20s mine just kind of disintegrated.
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File: 1636666419938.jpg (8.18 KB, 275x183, 275:183, coconut oil.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I use coconut oil to keep cavities under control. It has quite a reputation but… time will say.


I can’t imagine what mechanism could allow coconut oil to fight cavities.


This. It's one of those old wives tales shared on Facebook. Wizards shouldn't be so dumb as to fall for these.

Fluoride and xylitol prevent and fight cavities, that's it. There are no other 'magic bullets'.


Use coconut oil everynight for a mouthwash to at least stop that issue from going bad to worse.

Also in the morning, the mouth is full of bacteria.

>lauric acid

>butyric acid
>some other weird components inside that oil
>I use it for both brushing and mouthwash (oil pulling)
>it has such a fame amongst naturists


File: 1636921956488.pdf (3.14 MB, The Fluoride Deception - C….pdf)

What are you even doing here, bluepillers? Go pull your big pharma shills elsewhere

File: 1636307402828.jpg (43.63 KB, 448x481, 448:481, 1630886890191.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Walked kilometers and kilometers of sand, barefoot and shirtless. While being incredibly high. There was no sun, it was in the morning, it was cold. My plantar fasciitis pain instantly disappeared as soon as I stepped on the sand. It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. I can't describe the feeling with words, the gray pacific sea, the cold, the gray sand, the silver clouds, the golden sun hiding behind.

While I was walking and walking on the beach it felt so peaceful, UNTIL I stepped on the tourist area, and there I was surrounded by normies, succubi and their hellspawns. And I started feeling a deep hatred I wasn't feeling for the past 24 hours. And I remembered I am a wizard and will always be one.

Go to the beach, it's more fun than being locked up in your room crying or watching porn. Got 0 regrets and I'm looking forward to doing it again.
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Nice OP! Walking along an empty beach is so liberating. Almost makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. Unfortunately it's incredibly difficult actually getting an empty beach. I've tried at midnight and at sunrise and there's always normies there to ruin the atmosphere. Fuuuck.


When I was a kid I had a load of fun at the beach and went there many times with family. Even when we were broke and had to sleep in the car I still had plenty of fun and enjoyed my time.

But every time I've gone as an adult has sucked.


File: 1636881241597.png (569.98 KB, 2048x1534, 1024:767, extra_large_afded439ccb03b….png) ImgOps iqdb

Mountains are fucking cool


Nice pic. Agree. Mountains, blue sky, few clods, peace, quiet.
It makes me calm


one of the best days ive had was at the beach too, i was walking along it and found a big vinyl seat that looked like it mightve been from off of a boat. i dragged it up just above the beach and laid there in the sun listening to the waves. it also only takes about half an hour of walking to get to a place where no one will pass by for at least an hour or two so thats nice.

File: 1636668092542.jpg (41.57 KB, 558x558, 1:1, IMG_20211111_210922_689.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any tips to larp better as a mentally ill person , i am far from normal but still people think i am pretending to be crazy… I want to improve my larping


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