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File: 1644554820570.png (410.3 KB, 850x303, 850:303, iu.png) ImgOps iqdb


What are some ways to budget/conserve money as a poor wizard? What should I eat?
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Where I live, your gross income must be three times the amount as monthly rent. It makes no difference if you earn enough and are good at saving money. You have to pay for those applications too so if you get denied kiss your money goodbye. One might almost say it’s criminal. It certainly feels that way.


>What should I eat

For a shopping list, have potatoes, brown rice, carrots, rolled oats, onions, two 1kg bags of frozen greens, and a bulk meat pack from a butcher consisting of pork,chicken and beef. With these staples get potatoes in a solid 10kg bag, get a few kg of carrots, two kg of rice. Go by price/weight ratio, staples are basic hence you can go by weights. Don't buy bread, don't buy milk. Bread is a shitty carb compared to potatoes and you inevitably end up buying spread. You just need cheap carbs as fuel, a proper serving of veges and two servings of meat. The carbs are dirtcheap and 50%+ of your shopping bill will be on meat, but meat is important to be healthy, so try and buy in bulk. Shitty "meats" that poorfags buy are often a meme, like precooked sausages because they're often half padded with mystery stuffing and you're actually not getting your proper serving of meat protein. That's why things like supermarket pizzas are also a waste of time, the carbs part is 80% of the pizza and the carbs are worth like 40c. Make sure your frozen vege mix is only greens like peas and brocolli, carrots are cheaper separately in the produce section and corn is garbage. The cheaper vege mixes are just like 70% corn and its gross. Corn is basically a shit carb and you're getting fuck all nutrition from it.

Foodbanks FOODBANKS FOODBANKS. Don't feel bad, in first world countries 90% of the people there don't need the foodbank, they're just sociopaths that are entitled. Go there, explain that you're in poverty, they'll make you say what you're doing to get better, use the excuse "trying to get stable enough to hold down a job and stop having dark depressive moments". Don't let them shame you out of being there, if it's not you it's going to be some normie who's callous and entitled getting the food package, or it's going to the dump. Hit the foodbank once every month, don't turn up every week. Rotate around a bit but not too much, they communicate with each other. If you're actually in financial hardship, go every week and be honest.



-Churches have different food-drives. Email every church in the city with a burner account, turn up, get food. Churches don't communicate like government food banks, so you can get food from any and all of them.

-You can literally put on a high vis vest, wear a mask, walk into a large supermarket or retail store, head out back and beeline for their lunch room and just eat the free food there. Everyone will assume you're with another sector (logistics, merchantisers, etc). You can just gorge yourself on food and leave. They often have nice nuts, crumpets, chips, etc. Carry a CV with you in a bag and if you ever get caught out, just say you were applying for a job and you thought it was fine to have the food here. They won't bother calling the police over it and you'll just be treated like a retard.


File: 1650869010796.png (280.41 KB, 1548x789, 516:263, cost of food.png) ImgOps iqdb

>What should I eat?
Oatmeal, potatoes, and watermelon


where do people get this data from?

i would like to see a comparison between all countries

File: 1637899374267.png (1.63 MB, 3300x874, 1650:437, 089.png) ImgOps iqdb


any tips on how to stop browsing 4chan? the pain is actually affecting me physically at this point, not just mentally
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>tfw ywn browse the golden age of 1990s 4chan


Get a job.


>-has a mind of politics and culture war, the "sjw commie" this is his mortal enemy, his adversary.
But if commies win we won't get netbuxx, those commies are enemies of a bunch of people.


conservatives threw a fit when the modern SJWs included a platform for welfare for those "unable or UNWILLING to work"


bbs is what they used to call those ;-;
t. nagging wife
ah no mere brutes but thinkers, scholars perhaps? when "wizards" call for the destruction of a semi comfy system then you found something

File: 1640471019665.jpeg (135.25 KB, 570x530, 57:53, 657CD79E-8D91-458D-97ED-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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What is your life philosophy in as few words as possible? What is your primary rule for life, your compass and lantern to guide you when times are foggy and dark?
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File: 1645381344137.jpeg (25.91 KB, 179x349, 179:349, received_745817322979296.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

The Throne awaits all Ascendants with enough Will and Spirit to take it.

Mind not the faceless masses of the Black Bramble reaching upwards in vain.

Through Theorem to Understanding, Through Understanding to Doctrine, Through Doctrine to the Throne.


I do whatever I want as long as it doesn't get me my ass kicked.


I agree. What’s YOUR maxim though wiz?



hikki hedonism- always run life at a profit, put less outputs than inputs into it, which in my case means keeping inputs/effort down to near 0

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File: 1643656016102.jpg (4.03 KB, 135x119, 135:119, images(3).jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't know if any other wizards have ever had to fight. I've been in several, 2 because my rage meter boiled over and once because I got baited into it. I have never won a fight and at this point I'm willing to use any dirty tactic possible.

I looked a Krav Maga and saw that throat chops, knee kicks and groin kicks are the best way to end the fight quickly. Problem is, I usually have my attacks blocked and I can't even get a hit in. The last fight I was in, a chad pinned me down on the concrete and choked me out. I even tried to chew his arm to get him to release me but it didn't work.

What's the best way for wizards to combat chads? Also, is there a way to get out of being pinned because that shit is humiliating and I don't want to go through that again
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just spit on their shoes, then if they try flinching just hit them. What? You thought there could be a misunderstanding and you acted to protect yourself. The key is to make that first move a TACKLE not a punch. Just duck down and run forward like Naruto like you're going to bite their dick, wrap your arms around them and take them down. They wont be able to do shit but slam down on your back which won't hurt as much as anywhere else


If American gun maxx
If non American Run maxx


File: 1650333786709.jpg (211.4 KB, 636x699, 212:233, 1497209220035.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well, as someone who has grew up in a place full of niggers, southamerican niggers, my consuel is to learn how to avoid fights rather than how to win fights. My ass is still unbeaten and i was the white dude in a public school full of them, so i think it works well enough. Said that, if you still want to kick some ass, my consuel is to look at some fights, people who loose ALWAYS do the same, and generally people who wins follows some patterns (not talking about people who really knows how to fight like boxers or martial artists, just normal dudes who know how to defend themselves). Faggots who attack without thinking, with the strong arm forward and moving like monkeys always get their asses beaten. You just stand the best you can, keep moving but just the necessary, and keep the distance with your oponent, if he isn't a Tyson you will be ok, or at least not humilliated. But my counsuel is still to avoid it, you never know if the dude is a beast.
Don't fight someone bigger than you, do not be rætard.
Or just buy a knife and learn how to use it, better than that, learn dumb tricks with it, if you look imponent you may avoid stabbing someone.


File: 1650411932564.png (176.21 KB, 255x383, 255:383, Minecraft_cover.png) ImgOps iqdb

has anyone ever "minecrafted" your attacker in self defense?

tell us your story


kill yourself

File: 1647755698432.mp4 (678.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, chaos reigns.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I'm uncomfortable with adopting the label of "wizard" because I don't want to be a part of a culture created by someone else. I don't want to be the product of someone else's imagination. I dislike people that idly accept the label of "wizard" because these people are generally unthinking in most other aspects of their lives. These are people who would passively accept any ideology that floats within their cognizance. The same people who zealously believe in the religion enforced upon them in their upbringing. I hate the way you all act. I hate the memes. I hate the way you reflect eachother's oratory. You are so dull. You are so empty and without character. If I were to build a culture, it would show you all as strong and intelligent! It wouldn't celebrate weakness and poor choices. What do you all think of my viewpoint? Am I a heretic?
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This is no different from when normies whine about how racist 4chan. The problem is you can only view anonymous posts as a singular entity rather than the reality, as individual people. All you have to do is ignore the posts you don't like. Otherwise you don't belong here.


I like the ideal of Wizard, and would be happy to conform and follow it. But I feel like most members of Wizchan don't live up to that ideal, idk if its the ideal wizard ideal, or just my personal vision of it. But I don't think these are flaws in Wizard per se, but in coming out of chan culture. I love the wiz, hate the chan


You sound like a faggot


before i came to wizchan, i would have thought being a volcel, neet, anti-natalist, gnostic, hermit were the defining features of myself. but seeing so many of the type on wizchan, and yet being so different from them, and disagreeing on such crucial issues. makes me realize those are important aspects of me, but not the defining


Isn't that was Fredrick Brennan did? I mean how would that even work with his crippled penis of his

File: 1639440000109.jpg (97.39 KB, 503x600, 503:600, 1422081619112.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


for me it's around 2012, after that it's all kind of the same in my memory. Sometimes I still have a feeling that last year was 2011.
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The last 15 years or so of my life are all a blur. Basically, as soon as I was done with school, there were no new significant memories. Just living as a shut in and shit posting and playing vidya, mostly forgettable garbage. It's like my life was flushed own the toilet (it has been).


19 after taking SSRI because of the muh "chemical imbalance" it took 4 years before i woke up wtf where did the time go.


For me (m22) it's 2014.
2015 still feels like next year to me. 2022 sounds more like scifi than reality to me.
The whole rise internet politics, the downfall after 2017, corona and the accelerating technology feel unreal. When i watched the news 2 months ago, the shameless distortion of information and presenting style left me derealized, i felt like i am an actor in some trash tier end-of-the-world movie like "the day after tommorrow" or smth


For me, it was 2015. That was the year I quit my only ever full-time stable job, and I've been a NEET mostly ever since (worked a couple jobs since then, but only for a few weeks and 2 months).

I've been in stasis since then. Everything is the same for me now as it was back in 2015. I can't recall a single notable event between those years, and all my lesser memories can't be pinpointed with much accuracy.


time is going aster since 2015 …. its like 4 hours are missing or fast forwarded every day. it feels unreal and surreal, that 2015 was 7 years ago…feels more like 3-4 years

File: 1641625818585.png (214.15 KB, 348x468, 29:39, 1629183955545.png) ImgOps iqdb


Was anyone else socially retarded, perhaps not unlike a child, up until their mid 20's (or more)? I felt like my ability to interact with others was always way behind the curve. Every conversation I found myself in was like I was part of a play I didn't know the words to. I'd just say whatever sounded "normal" and get it over with as fast as possible, and generally was and am a very quiet person.

I'm getting closer to 30 now but I feel like I can somewhat blend in, if only by studying normies for so long and trying to copy their behavior. But I still only say the bare minimum necessary, and anymore than that I feel I to slip up again.

Any other wizzies who can relate?
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value/worth as in getting a job, having money?


There's just nothing going on inside my head. Watching other people it's like everyone has a script by I don't.

I've had people become enraged because I don't have anything to say to them. Some times they've blown up and made a big scene. Like chill the fuck out. What's wrong with /you/.


I don't think I have social anxiety or anything like that but I always try and end conversations as quickly as possible so that probably makes me come off as standoffish or rude. I'm not sure why I do it, I think I just don't like talking to people.


Value could also be Genetics and social smoothness.


Genetics is a no-go for some of us

File: 1640860523753.jpg (132.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 13312fdsafsdf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do I completely rid myself of any attatchments to the normalfag world. I've already accepted love doesnt exist, that the world was created to generate suffering to feed the demiurge, Im losing attracting to 3dpd as well, but still how do I become truly deattatched to the normalfag world.
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Not if your philosophy is built around the search for knowledge, wisdom and truth like Plato and Socrates claim. But this is just my opinion.


I don't think it's possible without removing yourself from the flow of civilization. This means you will get getting rid of internet along with any other media you are consuming.

I'm not really sure what you'll be doing with your time instead. Perhaps creating your own works. Would probably be easier to pull this off in the wilderness.


You can be a 30 yo NEET who never leaves his room and still be unable to escape the normalfag world. Your life belongs to them. Accept it and deal with this realization like I do, by not thinking about it too much.


you remove cancer it will hurt for a while but take some drugs or cope while the pain is new


Indeed. To be honest we can be HikiNEETs in peace because we got some support, even if a passive or shitty one from family and society (laws, order, NEETbux). Maybe it sounds cool larping online as an "strong & independent hikineet monk" but if we are not rich we pretty much depend on normalfags for our lifestyle and comfy stuff.

File: 1648147879529.jpg (380.84 KB, 1200x1491, 400:497, bentu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


any brazillian wizards knows the cheapest food i can live by? today im only eating cream crackers and drinking milk (in powder), seems to be cheaper than cooking at the moment and i don't have a fridge, but i have doubts over the nutritious value, i am calculating a spending of 5 bolsos per day in food in this manner.
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File: 1649111964032.png (334.1 KB, 1274x725, 1274:725, price per calorie.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's another one


Milk and nothing else.


sustaining off breast fluid isnt very wizardly


Cheap noodle max with meat and veg


ty anon

File: 1648486726171.jpg (569.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 495639-ruin-nature-anime_g….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any1 feels like this? I thought of myself for a long time as someone who lives life on auto-pilot and normals are the ones who are living life to the fullest. Recently however I had this revelation: I am more of a human than them. All they do is work and partying, their lives are painfully repetitive and cliché. Most of them don't even have hobbies besides hanging out with the bros or getting laid. And if they do, they don't do their hobbies because they enjoy them first of all, but only to show off to the herd how talented or unique they are. They are so deluded it is both funny and sad.

While I or other wizards or wizardly characters have the gut to go against the flow, to stand our ground against society and pressure. We dare to spit them in the face and live differently, disregarding their entire value system. I was watching the news about the war in Ukraine the other day, some succubus told they were very anxious, they don't know when they will be able to work or live in peace again and I smiled. Because it "only" takes something to go out of the ordinary and their entire system is done for. No more comfort zone. No more mommy society protecting them. Now they know what life really is like. As a wizard there is nobody aside from my family who takes care of me so I'm used to feeling desperate and angry and frustrated. But normals aren't, they bark and talk big but you know what? They are extremely weak, because they depend on someone (the system or their leaders) to tell them what to do or think. I noticed this during covid too, that normals are so fragile it's laughable.

Most people don't live, they just experience life as an illusion. They are happy in their little bubbles they built around themselves but once that bubble pops then oppps, hard reality slaps them in the face. I'm glad I am a wizard. Because it toughened me up. I feel I am one of the few remaining humans on a planet full of robots. I have thoughts, emotions, desires, passions, not just memes circulating through my head. It's strange, now that I think about: I had more vitality than others all along. I was never low-energy, it's the opposite, I live in solitude because society can't handle me, being full of life and vitality. I have the strength to resist and struggle, normals lack the will to fight.
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its about experiencing the full range of human emotion, not experiencing everything.



if i lived on my own and not with my mother, yeah

currently, no.
not having the money to buy your own food sucks. you have to eat the food your mother buys


>self-hating wizards
If we removed /dep/ the overall quality of this website would increase tenfold.


why don't you just hide threads from /dep/ ? if it bothers you that much.


No it wouldn't.

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