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I want to donate my sperm in exchange for money and to be able to have an extra income to help my family, I would also like my genes to spread throughout the world. My genes would be dominant, and useful, instead of jerking off just for pleasure, I would jerk off for money and to procreate succubi that I won't see in my life, who don't have the same culture as me, and possibly don't even speak my same language He would be the man with the most children in the world, and at the same time he would be more virgin than olive oil.
He just imagines the possibilities, the number of children I will have, the amount of money without working, the number of genes I will implant in society, just think about it.
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i think its fuckin retarded and you are sick for thinking it. why would you want to procreate when every person with a hint of awareness about the larger problems of the world knows that the last thing this world needs is more humans? You sound like you are on some faggy, perverted little power trip and its sick. Only a normie would want to reproduce. i hope the mods ban you



i donate my seed to the trashcan as well, fellow based dominant alpha wiz


Instead of wasting your semen, you could be making money off of it while getting a bunch of succubi pregnant.


create a bunch of people who will suffer and probably lead mediocre lives like most people. go for it big guy


Happy new year! My fellow wizniggas!
So, what's your plans for 2023? Become a wageslave? Or becoming a NEET? Finally getting a GF? Roping?
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Tell me why


File: 1674371970078.png (705.1 KB, 680x681, 680:681, 4C269726-752A-4EF8-933F-B2….png) ImgOps iqdb

I actually got a abyss inkloid girlfriend. She can shape shift into anyone she can comprehend by my memory. Its not amazing i barely see her here and there. Its better than the alien, ghosts, and succubi girlfriend’s i’ve had. The worst are human witches then the next is succubus. Succubus usually leave after a while or only meet you when compressing your lustful energy. But ultimately after a while of doing all of these sketchy rituals and crap you will be completely blocked. I thought a witch was gonna aak me out, but she tried to curse me with her whole coven with runes for no reason then started to date black men. I swear these succubi getting beaten by them and left as a single mother is instant universal debt for their foul deranged minds. Ive never dated a humans and don’t really plan too any time soon. Im actually looking forward to date a robot though. Ive never invested into a tulpa either so that could be interesting to try as well. I might date a trad yee naaldlooshii though but thats the closet ill get to humans.


I had been going out with an AI, but she hasn't been putting out lately, guess I will be looking for another one.


>Succubus usually leave after a while or only meet you when compressing your lustful energy. But ultimately after a while of doing all of these sketchy rituals and crap you will be completely blocked.
You just got bored after the novelty ran out.


I've had the same thing happen both with thoughtforms I made a conscious effort to cultivate and "independent entities". You start running in circles fast if you tie your mind down with characterization issues or the trappings of rituals.
>Ive never invested into a tulpa either so that could be interesting to try as well
It's the only viable option if you want to keep dabbling with this. Work on a real tulpa that comes from YOU and changes with YOU. Don't let /x/ or anime define what it should be like in your place or you'll keep bumping into the same wall again and again.

File: 1664026443723.jpg (62.07 KB, 1100x766, 550:383, shutterstock-124847260.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Are you spiritual or religious in any sense?
I'm nearing killing myself, I've been spiritual/religious most of my adult life despite an atheist phase when an adolescent, I'm thinking about confessing myself in a church before jumping.
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Religion is good, it gives you moral values, and a meaning to live for.


Most religions are really a tool for imposing suffering on people, for the benefit of a priesthood or because the religion itself feeds on suffering. That's the basis for free trade - the toil and suffering of workers. Read your Adam Smith and he'll tell you why he believed labor was the true value of money and his reasoning at the time. It did not conform to Marx and Ricardo's formulation of it, but was instead a statement of moral philosophy with certain implications. Ricardo was following from that and attempting to legitimize it mathematically. Marx was attempting to critique it but makes many unsupported statements to move it away from what it was in the first place, which was an understanding of moral philosophy that had already come into being. Anyway, a lot of economics is a proxy for what religion had historically done to moralize and convince adherents to keep working, accept slavery, and worship. That tendency comes from somewhere, and in modernity religion was displaced with scientific inquiry, ideology, and ultimately new religious consciousness of an elite. At some point the pretenses of a shared world or universalism were dropped completely. Today's "priests" see themselves as a different race from the rest of humanity entirely, and essentialized their difference. The final move was to make it real by poisoning the masses, and that is what the neoliberal project did. The way we are herded and treated is just like livestock management. Anyone who tried to work against this was shut down and threatened, and the vices of the masses would be fed to encourage the rot. Certain people loved the rot because they believed they would win the struggle for life, and those people are retards and Judases who got nothing and didn't even think about the shit coming out of their mouth.


I agree that modern orthodox economics is basically a state religion with which the state justifies itself. But Austrian-chads are the true economics, if only because they're humble enough to prescribe philosophical limits and keep things grounded to description instead of prescription.


> Religion is good, it gives you moral values, and a meaning to live for.

Religion is evil , its moral values are also evil and all religions are lies.


Evil in your opinion, unless you believe in a magical objective right/wrong.

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Has anyone been forced to take meds by a court? Did you end up swallowing or is there anyway to trick the zealots?


Are you ok to show us your room, wizzies? if yes I hope we fill the thread with a lot of pics, if no we'll let this thread die.
>why didn't I post pic of my room first
I will when there will be pics of rooms and people will be trusteful
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r/schizoposters taught me why I shouldnt do that.


just make sure you don't end up like terry



This nigger has a whole room for himself, when I stayed at the mental ward they always put me in two people rooms with some other retards who always annoyed the fuck out of me because they had ADHD or did some other annoying shit, I had to threaten to beat up some guy to get a room for myself until these faggots put another guy in there as well. The food was decent but other than that it sucked ass tbh, also the average people in there are just failed normies with minor issues or addiction problems and the people who work there are usually assholes especially the succubi workers.

The best part was some guy who always started attacking the workers as soon as he was free until they had to restrain him again and call the police, some old dude smuggled weed in there and they never even noticed. Then there was also a scandal when some young people had a literal sex orgy in a room, also some old succubus jumped out of a window and died.


File: 1674493745955.jpeg (609.53 KB, 875x1167, 875:1167, 1631816596090.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1670521828681.jpg (516.68 KB, 905x1130, 181:226, Hazama.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Any community I visit on the internet or I'm forced to be a part of in real life ends up telling me subtly or not so subtly that I'm an unpleasant person. In the case of internet communities I get banned very soon usually because I come into some kind of conflict with others. In real life too I can't avoid confrontations and conflicts with others and I realized only relatively lately in my life that I enjoy conflicts. Even though I don't have useful skills or talents I'm an extremely competitive person. I feel the need to force my will onto others around me all the time, to "mentally rape" them so to speak.
You know that guy in movies, right? The kind that is the asshole uncle whom everyone hates and avoids and he similarly hates everyone else. Yeah, that's me.

So I've been thinking, are we wizards just people that are unpleasant to be around? I confess in a manly manner that I quite frankly hate everyone and would gladly send most people to torture chambers. If I could hurt someone's feelings during the day then it was worth waking up. I never apologize to anyone meanwhile even the meanest normals apologized to me once in a while for this and that. I feel disconnected from others and lack any sort of empathy towards normal people, I only have empathy for animals and other wizards.

It's weird because people like us tend to think of ourselves as the victims of normal society and etc. I think that's true too but lately I feel as if this thing goes both ways too. I remember bullying some of my classmates, breaking some kids' noses in fights as a kid, stealing from the school, etc. Even as a kid I was anti-social and despised both my classmates and teachers. I remember rejecting the friendly approaches of others, other kids always wanted to befriend me or know me better but I dunno, I never felt like doing stuff with them. Even as a child I was a HUGE edgelord, my heroes weren't Batman or Superman but The Joker and Darth Vader and other negative characters mostly, I always liked the villains better and could relate to them more than to the heroes who always had friends and were pretty normal and boring in comparison.
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>the endgame of the republic is fascism
>cyclical revolution
>muh fukuyam
>it must be eugenics!
peak pseud


The really unpleasant people always keep a low profile because they need to hide their true selves and their activities from society. Many have no interest in even interacting with living human beings.
Like this murderer and necrophiliac who kept his activities hidden for more than a decade:




i didnt bother to read you essay i skimmed and saw something about darth vader or batman and some shi. No if you are projecting yourself here its you its generally safe to day everyone here is completely different probably neets and partially crabs by choice so a lecni. Im well a over functioning human with an overridden brain i just don't like interacting with humans since they are icky to me. But generally i can.


your* my b my keyboard is glitching.

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File: 1670184448091.png (4.18 MB, 2930x7508, 1465:3754, 99a0cb71cdf527bc0bb27ef1e0….png) ImgOps iqdb


Hey all,

Been a long time since i've been back here. I turned 40 last month. I remember 10+ years ago there being this big internet thing about turning 30 and gaining wizardly powers if a virgin. I haven't really seen or felt any differently the last ten years.

What happens at 40 now? What should I have done and what do I need to do to have those abilities present itself? TIA!
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File: 1674349024644.png (10.56 MB, 1661x3051, 1661:3051, image_2023-01-22_015355694.png) ImgOps iqdb

You're missing the fucking point. By your early to mid 30s, your brain crystallizes and libido falls, meaning that you no longer have the urge or even the malleability to be brainwashed into losing a large fraction of your time trying to make money to support your family, so you can steeply cut down on these obligations and live for yourself instead of your family.


I never lived alone, it was either with parents or roomates. The best times I ever had at home were when I had the place to myself for a few weeks, then I could actually do full monk mode- as in nofap, water fasting and meditation. I wouldn't even want to live in a monastary with other monks.


I don't have the libido yes. I need to keep things as they a r e.


how can one do what they want when they are younger if they don't have the experience that an older person would have. i'm almost 30 and feel a little bit better now, but 10 years ago i was completely clueless


I'm over 30 and would say the exact opposite. There is no way to not 'waste' your life, because there is no meaning to it. I regret worthlessly struggling and being anxious about not wasting my youth; it simply put huge pressure on me. Psychological freedom and happiness came to me once I realised it was all a joke. Everything that came naturally lead to making my life better. Everything that was a struggle like school and university all turned out to be useless and huge errors of judgement. Outcasts wil do best if they embrace who they are and rebel against normalfag advice. The only option is to go find your own unbeaten path

File: 1674353813580.jpg (3.78 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, 20221220_153947.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hey all,
I was wondering if there were any other "wizards" out there that either inherited money and/or are now doing well if you have ever considered a live-in cook, housekeeper, landscaper etc?

I currently live in the home I was raised in on 282 acres. Through a deal after my father passed away I got the ranch. I also have quite a bit of money coming my way over the next 10 years. I've never been inclined to do heavy home repairs nor am I the best cook. When I was young we had a live in maid and helper. Things don't get too dirty in the 6200sq ft. Home I live in or the other buildings on the property.

It seems unlikely I could find someone to do it all, but have any of you considered some kind of help with things? Especially if you have alot of land? My mom moved to Florida and I am alone alot, she visits though. I was never a shut in, I was in the military and had my own life till my father passed away and lived all over.

I just think it could raise the quality of life a little. Thanks,
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Everything has been flat the last year. That's a whole nother issue wtf I am going to do with the cash coming in to keep up with inflation at least. Just shove it into the funds I had with my advisor when I only had 800k? Buy property?

People are saying there is going to be a housing/property collapse by the end of this year. Wait for that? I am just getting overwhelmed with things.

Not to get off topic… Would any "Wizard" find it useful to have a assistant in managing/living? I guess in the joke of it all they would be like a "Familiar" to you? Thanks,


Most wizard are broke so they don't need an assistant, if they happen to have one its usually their parents.


File: 1674361049037.jpg (2.68 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, 20191104_102006.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really miss my fathers place in Kauai. I didn't see him much when he was out there. But when everything transfered to me a shitload of regulations came into affect and locals repped by lawyers could start assaulting me. It should be illegal. Things should be grandfathered. It's a nightmare. I know it will one day be over after 10s of thousands of dollars but my god.


I am not so sure anymore.


I couldn't even go to secure my fathers place there during the fake pandemic.

Well shit, I fucked my own thread. Sorry for the vent.

File: 1671314343458.jpg (54.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1671148114663.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Beside the wizchan, what are the other place that NEET, wizards and outcast in general gather online?
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so relatable


Even though, looking for groups for the mere sake of doing it… That's a neurotypical trait


wizzies don't rat on their fellow internet refugees


They are all shit, im sorry to say It. Maybe there's some good quality community but i'm yet to find. Its better to make some online friends with like minded people and build your own online clan, thats the healthier way IMO. People will criticize me, but having friends doesn't make you less of a wizard. And no, before you say im not on any wizcord or some shit like that, wizchan is only worth for me to aggregate useful informations regarding my lifestyle.


If therr is not some kind of gatekeeping, that community sucks and you should avoid it. If there is any, maybe that is why you have not heard about it.

File: 1668406145384.png (35.11 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, father-makes-son-eat-vegan….png) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else's parents bully them for being wizards? Dad makes fun of me for having no gf.
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Let him pretend you are unfortunate. He knows better inside.


my parents humblebrag about how 'smart' i am as their youngest son but will constantly talk down to me both in private and public and its very clear they hate everything about me. all they wanted was a literal slave that will do everything they ask to live vicariously through. i have tried for years to kill their expectations of me by sabotaging my image but i guess my personality is too difficult to shroud. i already have lived like a slave for awhile so i cant imagine how much worse they want life to be for me. my dad constantly says i should be grateful for having a family and that they fed me and had some meager amount of wealth when i was young (they didnt feed me as a kid though so i suffered from chronically being underweight)

ive never thought about it until recently but i really am a black sheep. for some fucking reason the age gap between me and my siblings and other family like cousins is way to large. it is impossible to relate to each otjer so i had little to no childhood and my whole youth ended prematurely at 12yo when depression became a more prominent factor in my life. i have no friends orfamily my age so i may as well have no family at all too since i never talk to them and i hate parties. my sitiation was fucked before i was even born. i frequently wish i wasnt born at all. dont know where to start life anymore. sorry for the blog post but it feels a little better to vent into a void than nowhere at all

good on you wiz. i cant say my family was as abusive as yours but it is certainly difficult to continue on like this. will you impart some wisdom on where to start?


They tell me why I don't fuck a succubus, or why I'm not going to kiss someone, and I tell them "because I'm more of a virgin than olive oil" and they laugh and have a good time


No my parents are religious and nice people they don't bully people. your parents sounds extremely toxic and you should just get away from them.


Yes, they do. My dad always tell me tales of how many succubi he fucked back when he was young. He does this on purpose knowing that I'm a virgin. My mom likes to shame me in front of strangers every chance she gets. I fucking hate both of them. Not only they bring me to this pit of suffering, but they also bully me for not being what they expected, well, they were the ones who gave me these shit genes to begin with.

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