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I am in fucking army of r*ssia for 6 months already.
Imagine if you're forced to wake up by the same exact time, do the same exact bullshit, get screamed at for someone else's faults, hang around normalfags 24/7 without ANY opportunity to be alone, and everyone thinks you are the retard.
Fun facts: we dont have a store to buy shit, our cards are locked away from us so some cunt can just steal your money, normal phones and Internet are forbidden, and we MIGHT get access to 2000-s tier phone in the end of the week. And we also get paid (probably) 2000 in local currency (30-ish dollars) per month.


Just make sure you kill the best. Make sure they die by brutal headshot after you kill them.


lived 18 months in that conditions, the first months are the hardest, once you are past the 10th you enter in autopilot mode and stop being so sensitive to everything


It's called a job, especially a minimum wage job, and yes, I used to have one.


Moved to >>>/dep/233519.

File: 1590518697919.png (143.05 KB, 874x783, 874:783, tou.png) ImgOps iqdb


Not sure if this belongs here or on /dep/ but I'll take a shot here:
Do you have any tics? Just vocal tics, just motor tics, or maybe you have Tourette's Syndrome and have both kinds of tics? How has this affected your life? Have you been shamed and bullied because of it? Or maybe you don't have this problem but you've known people who do?

I've had tics ever since I was in grade school. Mostly vocal tics. One day I got sick, I had to keep clearing my throat, and then I would make a short "hmm" grunting sound to test if my throat had cleared. But I kinda just never stopped making these noises. Over the past decades I've lost some tics, gained some new ones, had old ones come back, just a never ending evolution of annoying sounds that I subconsciously feel are necessary to do.

I've never been officially diagnosed, usually this is diagnosed in kids, but my parents never could afford to take me to doctors for stuff. Instead they would just yell at me, or insult me, or mock me; I hate the mockery most of all, why did my shameful grunt compel others to imitate the grunt with a stupid fucking grin on their face? My parents, siblings, anyone nearby when I was at school, it's so fucking demoralizing. At least my parents didn't hit me when I did it (though my brother did). At this point as an adult, an official diagnosis won't really do anything to help me, not like there's a cure or anything.

I really don't know what to expect posting this here. I tried searching related terms but I don't think I found any mentions of this in any active threads. If you post about this anywhere else on the internet, literally ANYWHERE, there will ALWAYS be at least ONE person who says something along the lines of, "I hate people like you, you just want attention, I beat up people in school like you and feel no remorse, I would kill you right now if I could". Why does this incite such rage? Every single time I realize that I am making some stupid sound I hate myself. Every single time I decide "I'm not going to make that noise ever again" but then in a few minutes I notice that I'm doing it again. I'm constantly worrying if someone heard me make some stupid noise. Some people, like those who tell others "Just don't be depressed", refuse to accept or just can't understand that it's a neurological disorder, it's not just "a habit", it's not some little quirk we decided to adopt to stand out. They say "just stop making noises". It's an urge that will nevePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I have asperger's and one little eye-pointing tic that I do only a few times a year when I think about it. I remember clearly when it started in middle school walking outside one morning. Pointed my eyes far in one direction then felt the need to point them the other all the way to balance it out. Then I kept going back and forth trying to make it feel balanced.

I do pace a lot and sometimes do stereotypical autistic behavior shaking my head a bit. I used to pace during work even haha nobody said anything about it. I worked two machines and when both of them were busy and I had nothing to do I paced, 5 seconds every 20 seconds or so. When I pace I imagine that my brain waves are so strong they're going through my whole body.



How does it feel now?


Do you think Tourette syndrome can be caused by vaccination?


Will maybe eventually commit suicide, but I'm too chicken shit because I'm scared of going to Hell.


I have the exact same tic with the balance thing and it apply as well when i touch something i must touch it with my other hand to balance. Never took the test and my parents just ignore it when I talk about it I suffered from bully at school because of this. I am happy to see I am not the only one to have this type of disorder

File: 1607602900072.jpg (82.99 KB, 1200x771, 400:257, FragileXfeaturesPrf21-003-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do any other wizards here have Fragile X Syndrome? I have been reading about it and it explains my condition better than autism/schizophrenia syndromes though it does seem to manifest autism spectrum(ASD) traits.


If you haven't been tested for it I think it's foolish to self diagnose a genetic condition based on symptoms that can be explained by things you have already been diagnosed with.

Besides, I doubt it would substantially change or mean anything in regard to your overall life course.

File: 1596050097931.jpg (451.99 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, old master.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I recently become convinced i'll live to be very old,like 80+ and im scared or starled about it.
loneliness,possible damage to vital functions,the surely dystopian future,etc.

how can I prepare?how can I stop my body from degenerating?I started a series of anti-aging measures such as cold therapy and caloric restriction. Im 25 now,still live with parents.So i guess i will live half my life alone.
Im also considering taking the vow of brahmacharya, 12 years. If it works as planned i would have some decades to enjoy the glory brought by brahmacharya.
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I'd suggest to read the book for yourself if anyone is interested, I probably missed some stuff. Also, I meant to say fish twice a week, not day.


Let's pray for drug liberalization and cheap opioids my dudes


Why do you think you will be alone? In 10-20 years there will be many more people who are single and don't care and other kinds of relationships will form. Basically you'll have friends who are like family. Even now you can have online friends. I don't even care about meeting people in real life, except for a hobby but that is only for the past few years (I am 34). Before that I didn't speak to anyone. As you grow, the less you care about what other people think and if you have company. You will be also less afraid to talk to people. Of course, social anxiety may remain but not to that extent because your brain grows up. Teenage brains (up to 25-30) are very emotional and easily depressed.

Btw, I think a person your age can live to 120 or you can even reverse aging.


reseach autophagy from fasting I find it helps I look very very young despite treating my body like shit and probably because I fast quite a lot.


Over my 20s and now in my 30s I convinced myself little by little that I will commit sudoku, probably in my 50s, if I get there and don't die from disease/accident before. After years of thinking about it from every angle, I'm totally ok with it.

File: 1592876104660.png (266.65 KB, 547x519, 547:519, 1592569219639.png) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone else here completely okay with being a loser at life?

It makes no difference to me if I'm successful, have a good career, don't, have lots of money. All I care about is having a roof over my head and enough food in the pantry.

I spent years being miserable trying to have a career and get moving ahead in life. But once I realized that didn't matter to me, I suddenly became happier quitting my job and being a loser.
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I have absolutely no ambitions. And that's ok. I'm way happier since I accepted this.


>So what are the losers of the game supposed to do?
Generally "losers" are still useful and provided for in capitalist society.
The "winners" can't do everything themselves and often need hundreds of people to support and assist them to do their thing.

Look at the example of rock stars. Very few people will ever be the apex that is a rock star but for every star their are hundreds or even thousands of people involved in production of shows, distribution, finance, etc. of all stuff the rock star needs to do their thing and produce entertainment at a high level.
This expands out to the thousands when you include people like event staff, clean up crews, ticket distribution, warehouse workers for physical products, techs for digital distribution, etc. all cententered around one "winner" that has a highly valued creative product.

Now expand this out to hundreds of industries with thousands of "winners" and you end up finding that there is something useful and productive for ~95% of the population.
Just because you aren't the apex, aren't the "winner" doesn't mean that the system isn't massively beneficial to the vast super majority of people. For those willing there is work that will provide not only a living but often enough to have a financial surplus that can be used for the consumption of nonessential or for savings with proper financial management.

And for the 5% left over, because the capitalist system most consistently incentivizes and produces surplus, there is always enough left over to provide even the unproductive with a better standard of life then almost any other system for the long term.




I feel ya, anon.
Never been good enough for the outcasts, never been good enough for the normal people.
I just try my best to do whatever pleases me since I can't count on currying favor with anyone.
Probably doomed to just spend the rest of my life being all over the place like that. Hopefully one day I'll truly accept it and stop caring.
It's still nice to know I'm not the only one out there.


I too feel like an outcast even among outcasts, even here I see posts of happy, attractive wizards that get NEETbux, travel, have hobbies and enjoy their wizzie live to the fullest.

Meanwhile I just want to die, all the fucking world is in a much better position than me, I'm probably right there in the absolute bottom of society along with criminals, beggars and starving African kids.


For anything space related.
I remember in year 2015 when the satellite thingy arrived at pluto. That was awesome to see those pics.
Here is some cool video I found on youtube it comes with cool music too


>you have been chosen to be sent to the international space exploration program
>you will be sent to a faraway planet in a high tech space vessel to explore and report back home whatever you might find out
>it travels with 1000x light speed and has enough supplies for 100 years of life
>it also comes with a 4K camera, infrared, high speed internet connection and a surround system so you can play music to aliens you might find
>you are connected to Houston space station 24/7 for questions and you will be given an instruction into your new space vehicle
would you accept or decline, anon?

and more importantly, where would you travel to?
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>satellite thingy
it's a probe and called New Horizons, anon


It just seems impossible. It's not possible to travel past the speed of light and I can't think how you could connect to the internet.

You might be able to go to a faraway planet within 80 years. I'm talking really far, but not really any measurement. I'm just going off a skewed memory probably. You'll be old and probably dead. You'll never find aliens on that planet anyways.

Also those cameras are actually meant to record you and put you on a comedy show. They'll record your entire life and laugh at your cringe.


File: 1606631290442.jpg (106.35 KB, 800x554, 400:277, voyager-one-solar-system.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not only that, but there'd be nothing to see.
Just some distant specks of light - never growing closer or distant, to the human perception of space and time.

I think the feeling of leaving the solar system and entering interstellar space would really be something though. You'd probably go insane immediately.
Imagine being on one of the Voyagers right now….


I was recently out scouting for comet 141P/Machholz. I slowly started scanning the southern horizon even though I knew that it would be after sunset before I could bag my game. But still, it is, after all, the thrill of the hunt that makes nailing your target that much more rewarding.
I was using a pair of 8X42 binos. In hindsight, that may have been an optimistic endeavor - I never did manage to locate it.

A funny thing about the discovery of Neptune is that it was served on a silver platter for the astronomer who would eventually be credited with the discovery. French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier publicly presented his calculations for his prediction of the planet's position on the 1st of June 1846, and astronomers throughout France responded with a resounding silence.
Two months later, Le Verrier took a proactive approach and reached out to German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle, who discovered Neptune the same day he received Le Verriers letter - within 1" of where Le Verrier had predicted it would be, and within one hour of searching for it.

In theory, any amateur with access to a modest telescope could have been the one to discover it.


Space is endlessly fascinating, but it terrifies me in a way that nothing else does. My scariest nightmares have always been about planets crashing into each other, or the Earth falling into a star.

I hope aliens are nicer than humans if they're real.

File: 1590745315970.png (6.12 KB, 412x122, 206:61, wizchann.png) ImgOps iqdb


What are your favourite wizchan threads of all time?
Link to the the archive/cached page of them
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Yeah I don't care, just tired of seeing retards claiming this place used to be some 30+ exclusive website which is total fabricated bullshit


>those negative reactions
Why does castration make people flip out?


The homophobic wizards probably have a clue or two.


well, succubus… you'd know if you had balls.


Hey, I remember that. My posts are in there, what nostalgia.

File: 1582687301486.jpg (28.67 KB, 512x341, 512:341, unnamed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Time has changed, and so has the internet and myself. Last week, I realized
that even though I have used internet to get my social fix to get away from
loneliness, I realized that I was only making that loneliness worse. You can not
hide from loneliness. I used to pride myself into being a hardcore outcast,
often rejecting potential relationships, friendships, missing out on invites, holidays
etc. and I realized that too much isolation can kill you. As a teenager, you think you can
conquer everything, until reality hits you in adulthood and you realize that you
need real compassion from a real human being. Video games, pornography, internet discussion,
and internet fights all seem fun and dandy when you're a teenager, but there comes a time
where those pleasures won't help you.

I've been getting therapy and I'm scheduled for a job interview this Thursday. 4chan, 8chan,
lookism, crabs.me etc. all have taught me something and that is that being miserable and
having a pessmistic view on life only causes more suffering, not less. There is
no reason to suffer. We humans often try to rationalize everything, but sometimes all we need is to experience is life, and love.

Change is possible, and I hope every single of you wizards find happiness at some
point in your lives. Wizchan was the last chansite I browsed, as it wasn't as edgy as 4chan, and I could find some meaningful discussion here, but alas, it can not replace real human

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Win my bro <3


>human connection
lol failed normalfag


File: 1606975602549.png (390.85 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1596398205381.png) ImgOps iqdb

You'll be back.

Therapists only care about you the minute you pay them.


This random post leads me to believe you have a complex.


sounds like loserspeak

File: 1605920355366.png (637.62 KB, 506x800, 253:400, Enneads.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why do wizards here appear to be well versed on Gnostic Christianity but never mention Neoplatonism? I find it to be a valid alternative to Gnosticism because it encourages intellectual contemplation and asceticism without connoting matter and the physical world as a pernicious source of evil. Unlike in Gnostic theology, the Neoplatonic Demiurge isn't a demonic entity, but merely the divine craftsman of the universe, the physical realm an imperfect copy of the higher intellectual realm, and human souls generally take part in a collective world-soul to which individual souls can ascend by pursuing an ascetic lifestyle, experiencing the universe as a whole oneness through negative Apophatic theology and practicing introspection on a daily basis.
I'm not quite articulate and my post may appear confusing, but I recommend every interested wizard to take a look at the Enneads, here's a passage that i'd like to share to give you a taste of what Neoplatonism is about:
>"Nevertheless, how will you discover the beauty which their excellent soul possesses? Withdraw within yourself, and examine yourself. If you do not yet therein discover beauty, do as the artist, who cuts off, polishes, purifies until he has adorned his statue with all the marks of beauty. Remove from your soul, therefore, all that is superfluous, straighten out all that is crooked, purify and illuminate what is obscure, and do not cease perfecting your statue until the divine resplendence of virtue shines forth upon your sight, until you see temperance in its holy purity seated in your breast. When you shall have acquired this perfection; when you will see it in yourself; when you will purely dwell within yourself; when you will cease to meet within yourself any obstacle to unity; when nothing foreign will any more, by its admixture, alter the simplicity of your interior essence; when within your whole being you will be a veritable light, immeasurable in size, uncircumscribed by any figure within narrow boundaries, unincreasable because reaching out to infinity, and entirely incommensurable because it transcends all measure and quantity; when you shall have become such, then, having become sight itself, you may have confidence in yourself, for you will no longer need any guide."
There are plenty of philosophers which through late antiquity contributed to the development of Neoplatonic theology, but I prefer sticking to Plotinus and Damascius because I'm not Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Saturn does have some dark occult meaning but most importantly he will test you, let you eternal return your life until you get it right. Whats to be afraid of? Just get it right, try to better yourself at least once in your life fuck.


There nothing benevolent about him and his knowledge will only help you to descend towards darkness.
And you demonstrated that by your prideful, cringeworthy behavior.


>i've never been to reddit
And this is why you are acting like redditor, you are lying or simply belong to this site but to some mistake you decided to stick to chans instead.


You are mistaking some evil and malevolence for test, you are suffering stockholm syndrome, or you are just satanist defending his vile master.


And my point is that all of this doesn't actually matter as long as you are happy yourself. You stop caring about suffering the moment you achieve happiness of some sort. Life isn't a math game
> oh there is more suffering in the world than happiness in total, well see ya guys better kill myself
Only retards think like this.

>Yes, I'm sure Proclus, Plotinus, St. Augustine, St. Valentine and Arthur Schopenhauer were losers… They're not taking value from the world, they're trying to add value to it.

I don't know all of these people but they were losers in the sense that they failed to find happiness. Only wretched and sick people turn to asceticism, as a last resort when they absolutely don't know how to be happy.

If they end up being depressed or as suicidal drug addicts then something wasn't right in their lives. They were weak maybe or they were lacking in something in the end.

Life isn't trash universally. You can throw all the esoteric memes around, that won't change the fact that happiness is possible in this life and on this earth. Asceticism is the lazy peoples' solution.

File: 1605315479439.jpg (254.08 KB, 1399x2125, 1399:2125, thikig.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This movie is absolutely amazing, one of the best I have ever seen. Even after watching the book it managed to impress me, despite knowing the plot and ending.

This is both an amazing film and also I feel Charlie Kaufman's pinnacle as a screenwriter, almost a goodbye at the end of his career.

Focusing on the movie, it is so well written. There are so many details that could only be displayed in the film format (e.g., the shot late on of a hand on the wheel and the succubus's face as though she is driving) and also as typical of Charlie Kaufman there is the referencing to his own movies and career, including Adaptation (the notion of a "twin" who is living out one's fantasies of success - the guy who "gets the succubus" in the romantic movie within the film,), Eternal Sunshine (the idea of memories but also the shot from above of the car in the snow top-left of screen, like the ice with the crack in it from the Eternal Sunshine… movie poster), Synechdoche (with the "stalker" who is actually the character from the future stalking him throughout the movie). It is fucking fantastic.

The risk he takes in allowing his characters to read out poems, to recite verbatim a movie review which is relevant to this film as well as the film that the review was about in real life (the character himself is viewing his life back as though it is a movie). At the beginning of the movie Jacob says that his girlfriend is "ideal", which is obviously true in two ways, and then says that he will read out this poem about an idealised succubus and says "It goes like this…" or "I'll read it, it begins like this.." and then she interrupts him and the rest of the movie is the poem about this idealised succubus (i.e., an idealised life, in part) being recited in the form of actions and memories.

This movie really left an impression. It deals with regret, haunting memories, the inability to accurately remember people to the point where their characters are rather absurd or like patchwork quilts constructed from their various periods and other smaller memories associated with them. The fact the movie also suggests early on that it is a classic horror movie, and retains that sense of dread and the possibility that is a horror movie and then reveals it is in fact a horror movie but not the kind we are used to. An absolute masterpiece.
9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


It's okay to not get it


I liked the movie. I didn't "get" it, but I was never bored. I felt like I was losing my goddamn mind when little details kept changing, like the bandage on the father's head. The scene with Jake feeding his decrepit mother hit too close to home. It's very well made. I have no idea what it was "about" or "trying to say," but I liked it a lot.


The movie is about an elderly man who presumably has never had a girlfriend and dropped out of society (beyond having a janitorial job) in his 20s.

The narrative in the movie itself takes place within the elderly man's imagination, as he pays one last visit to his memories before he dies. Alongside him is a succubus, who is both his anima (in Jungian terms, every person contains an Anima and Animus, male and female component), and also an idealised girlfriend he never had (he describes her early on as "ideal", jokingly).

They drive through heavy snow and she sees a brand new swingset in the garden of an abandoned home, and this suggests the following scenes are going to be a similar mix-up of memories, their chronology confused. Jake takes his girlfriend to the family barn, where he mentions that his father found these pigs which had been rotting for a long time without anyone knowing, eaten alive by maggots. This is both a significant memory for Jake, but also symbolic of his own later life, where he goes about his daily life but is rotting inside, eaten alive by the maggots of regret and despair etc.

The family scenes in the farm house shows us that Jake is somewhat autistic / avoidant and that he is nonetheless caring towards his elderly parents as their health deteriorates. It is also suggested IMO that Jake is a momma's boy, both because his mother is there on stage at the end of the movie clapping and also because in the farm house his father says to the girlfriend that she may want to put on some of Jake's mother's lingerie so she and Jake can fuck - this suggests an oedipal complex Jake wasn't able to transcend or overcome, essentially remaining a semi-childlike guy throughout his life.

The basement I am not quite sure about, but it is tempting to think of it as Jake's subconscious, a part of his psyche which he may have repeatedly tried to enter in the past to find out what was wrong with him (hence the scratches) or may have since taped up and locked (hence the selotape on the door) because it is too painful to confront the truths of his life. In the basement is the revelation of who he is, beyond the fantasy that the film represents. Here is the fact that the paintings his "girlfriend" claimed to have painted are in fact his own, a product of his own repressed side, or his anima, an ambition he never had tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks for the detailed breakdown of the movie, it makes a lot more sense. I still have a few questions, though, mainly how it seemed like there were multiple points where Jake was being made to seem like an abusive boyfriend, even to the point of the young succubus herself talking aloud in the car about how he isn't a monster and doesn't beat her. He has all of these little qualities that make me think it's intentional, like how he corrects her, dismisses her, and the whole "baby it's cold outside" scene. What's the deal with that?


No problem, and this is just my interpretation so it's not objectively correct.

The abusive or controlling boyfriend aspect of the relationship can be interpreted in a couple of ways. The first is that if the succubus represents in part Jake's anima, or a part of his psyche which he repressed most of his life (e.g., his artistic side, his romantic side) then his behaviour towards her can't be portrayed as wholesome and gentle, because that is not how he treated himself. An example is his behaviour at the dinner table, where he regressed somewhat to being a rather moody, autistic son and he controls what his girlfriend says by nodding at her to allow her to speak etc.

One theme which isn't as present in the book, but which I think is a good idea for Kaufman to explore further in the movie, is the idea of an idealised succubus, i.e., a figment of Jake's imagination, coming to realise she is dependent on him for her existence and trying to break free from that as any reasonable succubus would. An example of this is also found in the novel The Broom of the System by David Foster Wallace, where the protagonist of the novel (Lenore Beadsman) finds herself in a relationship with the controlling Dick Vigorous, a book publisher and writer, and this control is reflected in the idea that the author himself writing the story is controlling her, which is a kind of post-modern plot technique that Kaufman himself enjoys a lot (as is evident in his other movies). So the Baby It's Cold Outside argument / disagreement is the succubus both trying to make it clear how unhealthy it is for Jake to simply spend his entire life controlling these idealised succubi in his imagination, but also in my opinion the succubus trying to rebel against what at this point in the movie is the approaching decision that Jake (the elderly man) is going to kill himself. So when she says again that she wants to go home, and Jake says "to the farm?" her look of horror and insistence that it is to the city she wants to return, to *her* life, is both the plea of an imagined, idealised girlfriend to escape the romantic fantasies of a lonely perhaps rather creepy guy, and also a last-ditch effort from a part of Jake's psyche to escape his decision to commit suicide.

Not sure if that makes sense or not. Basically, it is important for both the novelist (Iain Reid) and KaufmaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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