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Voluntary isolation is the best thing ever. I got no one pestering me. I just keep to myself and people usually leave me alone.


We're all isolated, together!


Spandau Diary by Speer. He makes it sound very comfy


I feel the best when I am isolated with beer and video games.

File: 1672436382440.jpg (491.99 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, Romanticize.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you think it is healthy to Romanticize your life? Or should people try to be in as grounded a state as possible and perceive reality as closely as they can? Is reality too harsh for anyone to truly perceive? Do we all just cope? Should we cope or face the truth? Or is coping a healthy way of facing the truth?
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The suicidal person is depressed by his problems, and his mental illnesses, of course this may be part of childhood problems or traumatic things, but sometimes it is time to stop living in the past and start looking forward. Because it is easy to say "I am an autistic depressive who wanted to commit suicide because of my parents" and I do not deny that it is so, but it is your task as a man to fix the shit they did to you, not because it is fair, but it does not there is another, it is you against the world, and your problems.


>start looking forward
deppers have nothing to look forward to. If they make it to the end without killing themselves, they will largely be proven right about how miserable their existence was.


Pessimism is not good, it only destroys you inside. One has to look at life with an optimistic outlook, accepting all the shortcomings one has, but still always looking on the bright side.


Byung Chul Han's "Topology of Violence" has a lot to say about the violence of positivity. The people who want you to reject your shadow and refuse to integrate, and who take it too far into the realm of philosophical Idealism are the cancer of the world because they're infected with neoplatonic egregores. At best, they're fools and at worst, life-denying. In social science there is this principle of "defensive pessimism." A defensive pessimist is a good person to have around because they're preparing for bad things to happen and they can also spot trouble or a bad person long before the r-selected feel good bigot does. I would prefer a world of realistic, grumpy people to the cadre of nitwits and assholes who currently run things. The true believers are both sick and sickening.


YES. Why i shouldnt? Normies romanticize their trash lives all the time, why i can't romanticize mine?

Just keep things balanced, it is fine as long it makes your life better and tolerable.

File: 1671830849524.png (97.31 KB, 680x512, 85:64, brutal.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Ok, bros, just a simple question: are you ugly?

That's it, not hidden question or anything, just wanna know if you're ugly.
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I avoid people because of feeling of awkwardness. I don't know exactly what kind of ocd I suffer from but reliving all those awkward/embarrassing moments over and over could be count as ocd.


I can’t talk to succubi


Looks are superficial, but skeletal structure determines physical performance. Short men and tall men each have their own advantages in the ring of combat and even doing day-to-day tasks.


you are being disingenuous.
height is part of looks, as looks is your physical appearance.


And I explained my reasoning for the contrary. What's yours? Yes height is something that can be physically observed, but beyond that it has actual determining power over the man's physical potential (unlike superficial traits such as face symmetry and skin smoothness)

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File: 1672629045692.jpg (259.82 KB, 1024x774, 512:387, 70_0002.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you believe in supernatural things, like gods, daemons and spirits? Maybe you had some form of communication with them?
Atheism is religion too
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Most definitely. I progressed from atheism, to drug induced psychosis, to pseudo-Buddhist New Age shit, to Christianity.
During that process, especially while converting to Christianity, I studied Islamic and Judaic beliefs as well.
I was really just open to anything but landed on Christianity as the truth generally speaking, because from there i had to decide on a denomination.
In my beginning phase of Christianity i definitely syncretized a lot of my previous New Age beliefs into the mix, i was very Universalist but had no real interest in denomination, i was mainly focused on establishing a foundation with my relationship with God.
I was wrong but at least i can say i had good intentions.
From there, I became very adamant on the Orthodox Church being the one true church delivered to the world from God, i had just begun catechism and everything but that soon changed.
My main gripe with Orthodoxy is the icon veneration.
That takes me to where I am now, I know I am Protestant, leaning more towards Anglicanism or some kind of high church traditional form of Protestantism like Lutheranism, but still reading and searching for a place that I can fit in.
I dont know if there is a perfect physical church out in the world, im just looking for a place where I can practice my beliefs, even if some are not conventionally practiced by the congregation like praying to saints for example, and not be anathematized.


It's very difficult to speak of these spiritual concepts in the current environment, because there is an oppressive movement jumping in front of any understanding that is inimical to the current ruling ideas. The current ruling ideas want to split humanity into groups with very different mindset. For the large group to be disposed of, who are selected to die, the most vulgar "humanism" is presented with its pseudo-science and a pantheon of lies and sayings, all of which are intended to terminate any thought that would change their position. The people spreading these memes (and the "meme" concept is specifically pointing to the injection of ideas that terminate genuine thought and understanding, which is the whole point of Richard Dawkins' ideology and approach) do not want us to have a single thing to call our own. That's what eugenics and the imperial virus does. The people in the higher classes are given spiritual beliefs appropriate for them. The fanatical soldiers are just screaming Satanists at this point, and that's the only god they will actually believe in. The intellectual elite are given the belief that they're going to be Luciferian gods in their own right - this is what the "million points of light" bit from Poppy Bush pointed to - and give the masses a fake version of this as some sort of self-improvement ideology, which is intended to sort them into their intended social position and caste. Those at the top know it's a bunch of bullshit and enjoy all of the luxury they reap from the cattle/slaves. Their own actual beliefs are an idle game they play, with the caveat that they will always make sure the exploitation is maximized. Their end goal is to make their position permanent and unassailable, and to keep the world in perpetual ignorance. To do this, they must disconnect people first from the material world, and then from any intellectual or spiritual understanding. Only then can the rulers substitute their gods, their ideology and theory, thus constructing public opinion and shattering forever the idea of any democratic society or politics that would be inimical to the most abject slavery. The favored slaves will be brainwashed and told they are happy with their slavery, but inside the slaves will know they are living a lie and it eats away at them. Those who are following the current brainwashing see this, and part of the maPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1673046104818.jpg (70.47 KB, 510x755, 102:151, M0010007_into_great_silenc….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How I envy your faith. There's really just one thing stopping me from believing in God and that is how life is structured. It's fraught with suffering, disgrace and pain. In fact, those things are not only unfortunate accidents, they are essential parts of how life works and develops. Seeing a dog in shrieking agony over the side of the road with its bottom half turned to jelly is really something that makes you think. What could that dog possibly do to deserve that? His suffering can't possibly be related to Adam's disobedience, animals don't have free will to disobey its Creator and yet here we are, with all animals, including us, in a deep state of endemic suffering and destruction. And for nothing, really. Basically, an honest observation of how life and nature works really excludes the idea that this is the creation of a loving God. It's fundamentally incompatible, there's no other way around it.

Then, many years later, I read how Buddha also saw how this world is fucked and he doesn't beat around the bush or try to pretend it's actually pretty cute, like Christians would do. He just acknowledges the fact and say there's a way to end your own suffering, by a multitude of spiritual practices that basically makes you detached from all this horror. That lies more in line with my own, honest observation of reality. Of course, Buddha assumes individuals get fucked because of some shit they did in a previous life, basically blaming the victim, and that doesn't suit well with me because I can't observe people's past lives, I can only observe life here and from here all I can see is many people and animals getting fucked over completely random events, unrelated to their moral standing. So again, it takes a leap of faith I can't spare. Maybe I'm really just arrogant, thinking I'm smarter than all those guys. I wish I could lose that but so far I haven't made any progress.

So there I have it, on one side Abrahamic religions trying to tell the world is a product of a loving God, which is absurd, and on the other side I have Buddha saying yes the world is fucked but shit happens because of shit you did in the past, which also strikes me as absurd, so I'm pretty much stuck in between, I can't honestly embrace these doctrines, even though I would really like to become religious. I like the idea of having faith, but observation of the world arounPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


In my opinion, Gautama Buddha and Lao Tzu are prophets.
Coming from a time and place where it was literally impossible for them to know the one true God, they still sensed him through nature, and preached what they knew.
Some is false prophecy but a lot is true, its easy to see from an ex-Buddhist turned Christian point of view reading back Buddhist and Taoist teachings.
You can tell that the sacrifice Christ made is the completion of the things the Buddha and Lao Tzu foretold.
I also believe that understanding Buddhism from a Christian perspective would 100% be what you need to reconcile suffering in the world with the existence of a loving God.

This book is key. It is an essential read for any former Daoist or Dharmic believer converting to Christianity or any Christian with Daoist or Dharmic sympathies:


Thanks, I'll take a look at it.

File: 1672643036763.jpg (23.07 KB, 690x460, 3:2, cat-scared.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am the cat anon of this thread

Yesterday I gave up on my cravings and did something really bad. I wanted the hurt a cat really bad without killing it or it being obvious by an outsider who might invest. I brought a little milk to this cat who is very human friendly because she was fed in the campus regularly. This particular bitch doesnt like me and bitten me a few times in the past which my friends found funny. Yesterday I pulled her with a treat then grabbed her by scruff. I carried her to this toilet nobody would use at 11 pm and forcefully opened her mouth. I got scratched a little but was feeling too good to actually release my grab on this cat. I brought a sizable tweezer and with it I ripped this cats tongue off. She twitched uncontrollably as if having a seizure for like 50 seconds. I cant explain how good it felt, like popping a 50 year old pimple or shitting after two weeks. I was dripping profusely and kind of scared so I released her in the ventilation which she quickly ran away. She kept meowing and squirming, wasnt quite in balance like tripping.

Today I woke up, I feel extremely bad but I know there is more to come.
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I really like this guy, he taught me how to give my cat medicine orally the right way, and because of that my cat got better within a week. Hs has a youtube channel if you're curious, just type "How to give medicine to cats" on youtube.


Psychopathy, retard
Sociopathy is not following retarded and insane norms normalfags or some jew made up.


guys I can't stop abyusing my pet yukkuri. I think I'm turning into an internet sociopath. Just today I was trying to make breakfast when an obese Deibu came up to my sliding door window and started begging to be let in. Almost at once it started berating me
So I kicked it a couple of times around the room like a beach ball and then threw it in the bathtub where the fat thing can't get away. Normally they have kids and breed like lice, this one had already ate the kids so I guess half my troubles are already halted. I plan on steaming it in a big pot like a crab next


File: 1672957920627.gif (2.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, spy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Holy shit


Decent bait tho.

File: 1672180011757.jpg (78.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Guys there really is no easy way to say this.

There are sevral cats living around my university. I am a cat person and usually feed and pet cats a lot. Only reason I dont have a cat is because my family absolutely hates it.

Recently I got this strange urge to abuse cats. I thought it would go away as long as I spent more time with them playing and feeding but no. It got a lot worse. I started little casually scaring cats and what not. Then it got to trapping them in closed spaces and chasing them like in a hunt game. Then I started picking them by scruff and hurl them in the air. Pull and spin by the tail. Things like that.

But I am not satisfied. Right now I am in the campus and its night time. I brought a plier. I want to first lure a certain cat who is very docile and trusting in a confined space. Then I will shut the fucker up with the duct tape I brought.Then I will proceed to crush each limb bones/tails and what not one by one with the plier. I am thinking first cripple it a little then shoot the fucker as he tries to escape with a sling shot. I really really want to hear this cat squirm in pain but this might lure in people.

I know I am sick. I repressed these feelings for so long. I have been bringing this exact set of tools I described plus some cat food with me for a year now. I cannot sleep fantasizing about this at night and I get the must pleasent rush from thinking it. My teeth are clasped and I am ready.

Tell me something anything to sway me from this disgusting thing that is about to happen. I am writing here because I have been bullied a lot when younger and this seems to be healing those wounds. Yes I am KHV.
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File: 1672921423167.jpg (36.46 KB, 599x693, 599:693, e450753e4f36ee1e5ca47cf8ac….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't be mad at me, I just wanted to contribute to the thread


mate the people im specifically talking about love to start fights, the meat is a benefit, yes, but they don't give a damn about the environment, permits, conservation, animal welfare. they have told me themselves they do it for sadistic reasons


also im not unfamiliar with the benefits of hunting, and the harms of neglecting our place in the ecosystem. that doesnt make all hunters lacking sadistic motivations, thats asinine.


In everything that one consumes in one way or another there is death and exploitation, both animal, environmental, and human. If you want to have a cell phone, you have to exploit the workers by paying them miserable salaries, if you want to have food they have to cut down hundreds of thousands of hectares for new farmland, killing all the fauna along the way, not counting the poisons that contaminate the water. that end up developing very serious problems for those who consume it, and that's how it is with everything.



please die

File: 1672720525434.png (893.25 KB, 1163x770, 1163:770, Alfie Odd Job.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


A lot of you Wizzies need to follow in the steps of Alfie here, and get yourselves on the Odd Job Freelancer Style, riding a tandem bike around and offering your services. You'd be a benefit to your community and feel like your life has meaning then.

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>low trust
back to 4chan


Sad but true


all those comments below are so cringe and disingenuous

>Such and inspiration, people like this are hard to come by, what a legend 👏 you will go far with your work ethic.

no, you go far based on what you're born with, who you know and which idiots you can swindle


this is amazing bait, I typed out several paragraphs, I'm going to save them and make a thread about it in a few days


It literally is who you know


I get back pain and inflamed ribs whenever I start lifting aggressively. Between the shoulder blades and my left/right ribcages in particular resembling costochondritis. Also flares whenever I turn my torso aggressively left or right. The problem is basically tight muscle fascia rather than spinal to the best of my knowledge.

Any wizanons have advice on stretching routines or books on this topic? I have checked the mcgill technique and didn't find it particularly relevant for this sort of problem
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don't lift agressively?


why are you lifting aggresively ?


Training must be done slowly and it also recommended to leave at least one day without workout for muscles to have their rest.

A wizards body is not for warrior training.


Succubi! Haha!


fyi this only really becomes an issue when I do high intensity cardio The ribcage fascia itself is too tight and starts to rub against the sternu

File: 1664833259771.jpg (48.35 KB, 720x744, 30:31, 1658260667068685.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So, wizbros, what's your life story? Are you "odd" since you're young? Trouble with family? Drugs? Never actually fit in? What's your story?
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Completely normal until a traumatic event around grade 4, and then I started to have SA.




>did drugs and killed myself
>came back to life as soul incarnate
that's the whole story


Abuse, trauma, and neglect by family and by everyone I've ever met now I'm a bitter shut-in the end



I use the internet a lot, I post photos of my food, photos of my dogs, of my achievements, of my failures, of my dreams, my opinions, and many things, and people in general tend to be kind and pleasant, they support you, and they give advice, or in the worst case they are sincere and post their true opinions without filters.
It will be 6 years since I found the image boards, these being my first contact with another human being on the internet. I tried using forums like reddit, discord, facebook groups, but in general people are crap, and it's full of censorship, apart from the fact that your posts never have many comments.

And you contribute by being a good user on the internet, providing your well-founded opinions, being respectful, and supporting the ideas of others, or you only dedicate yourself to giving sage and posting pornography
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Redditnigger tourists trying to disprove OP's point. It still stands; forums and boards are filled with kind friendly people. :)


>>Personality disorders are not horoscope shit
>That's exactly what they are and anyone with enough insight can see that psychology is just bullshit as it is.
I was just thinking about this yesterday and earlier today. I would feel like a LARPer if I told someone that I have a personality disorder.


Maybe we'll have good things somewhen in future again. Maybe.


>I would feel like a LARPer if I told someone that I have a personality disorder.
I think this alone isn't enough information, but it would be intrusive of me to know whether you do or don't qualify for a personality disorder.

If you live a happy, regular, functional (in your own terms for all three), then it's hard to really even care to begin a search for an unlikely personality disorder.

Most people don't start to try and decide if a head shrinker is "worth it" until they are in turmoil, and for the best – they usually harm you more than they can help.


The people here are good and real.

>It's ridiculous how you come to imageboards and then complain people are crap
Dude you have shit reading comprehension please read my thread back

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