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what do you think would happen if wizards lived with eachother in a small town dedicated to them and the likes of them (otaku and NEETs)
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>what work
Maintaining the city's infrastructure, sir.


City infrastructure is meant to sustain masses of humans who would forget to breath if the television didn't remind them how. A wizard society would be medieval in execution. Outhouses, dirt roads, grow your own food, riverwater for tea… Electricity and internet would come from your crystal ball.


I thought we were being real, sir. The way you describe it we could as well have our crystal balls lol to clean the dirt and filth to keep place hygienic.




faggot roachmin

File: 1692552900847.jpg (43.02 KB, 600x392, 75:49, ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So I have a disgusting habit. When I go shit, I have to make sure my ass is completely clean. I stick my finger in, and it has completely clean. No shit at all. And sometimes it comes out dirty. I guess I’m used to the smell now. I am not gay. I am not into scat.This started from my mom making fun of me when I was 10, because she saw little streaks of shit on my underpants. Since then I am paranoid of shit in my pants.
I realize that this is unhygienic but I can’t stop it. I need to make sure there is no shit in me. What can I do to stop this?


That's gross. Just get a bide for your bathroom. It sprays high pressure water directly up your bum and cleans it.


If you stop ingesting caffeine and other irritants, your waste will be solid enough to barely leave anything to wipe. Your colon will also be completely empty by the end of toilet time, which should take like 2 minutes. The smell will also be minimized. So many people with modern toilet problems fail to make the connection to their modern diet. Slimy, runny, sticky diarrhea isn't normal at all and its presence in the colon causes an inflammation response because the body regards that type of waste as a foreign object and tries to expel it by force. Probiotics will help too.

>What can I do to stop this?

Just stop doing that, shitass. Don't believe whoever taught you that obsessive behavior can't just be stopped. You know what your doing is bad, you need to learn that it is dangerous, so you should have no reason to continue doing it. You developed the habit after one comment, you can stop the habit after some evidence that you're risking your health to satiate your senseless impulses. Every time you shove something up your ass, especially your fingers, you risk introducing bacteria and parasites which thrive in the dark depths of a man's ass. Agitating the intestinal lining via external trauma, overworking the expulsion muscles with no resistance, and provoking frequent immune responses is also a roadmap to incontinence.

Just stop it. OCD is a meme. Your mom was right to poke fun at you for not wiping up properly but that doesn't mean you need to dig your feces out of your intestines with your hand.


just wipe your ass with toilet paper, then check the toilet paper. If it's clean you're good.


This post hits the nail on it's head but is a bit brutal.
I would say your mother is abusive and it's somewhat understandable and natural that you developed this odd behavior.
If you come in terms with the initial manipulation, you can start pushing back on the negative emotion you get and the fear of being judged.
I had this issue with a sibling, who kept beating into me I need to wash my hands.
It made me so neurotic that the skin of my hands was so dry and bled constantly.
This kind of bullshit damages you in a deep way as a child and in adult life it is no joke and nothing to play down.


Moved to >>>/b/944190.

File: 1689435194326.jpg (75.57 KB, 632x464, 79:58, Psychiatry-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What's your experience with the psychiatric institutions?

Have you ever been in a psych ward? Or took psychiatric drugs?
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I already experience both as my anxiety triggers physically-painful convulsions.


>boomers trust the system
>boomers hate you
>therefore never trust the system
it's really fun because some rich fags in Europe lobbied for the right to be forgotten law. this way their crimes and scandals will be removed from online platforms.
but you dare think differently than a normie and you are permanently an potential enemy to them


>I already experience both as my anxiety triggers physically-painful convulsions.
Yes. I've also experienced depression as a horrendous physical feeling in the stomach area, as though satan himself is pulling me into the void
Perfect response to prove the comic correct. You've just never experienced real anxiety or depression


File: 1692222267826.jpeg (97.24 KB, 809x583, 809:583, CD956329-3F7C-4904-B360-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Anybody here ever been to the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum? I went in there like 2018 and the whole damn thing just felt so damn weird. I was the only visitor there at the time. I was in there for like 30 to 60 minutes.

I've also been to the "Big Blue" Church of Scientology which is across from L. Ron Hubbard Way and the Kaiser hospital I used to pick up my meds and meet with my psychiatrist and therapists at. Walked into the church in early-2008 applying for a job (I don't think they wanted me), and again like in early-2020 to take an IQ test. I think I ended up paying like $30 for a Dianetics book or something (they kept pestering me).

Man those Scientologists can be manipulative. But, hey, at least the IQ test was free and I got the same result that I did when I took an IQ test with an actual psychologist (not free–it was like $700 for the IQ test and MMPI) in Culver City or Santa Monica back in 2016. I got "Above average intelligence" from both tests! Haha!

Still don't buy it, though. I mean, I stopped buying it after I actually paid up, so I guess the joke's on me.


It has now been 3 years, 10 months, 3 days, 19 hours, 5 minutes, 43 seconds since the hallucinations began. I won't have health insurance until at least next year. The cost for an initial consultation with a new psychiatrist to prescribe meds to me could be anywhere from $200 to $750 and the meds can be anywhere from $300 to $1,200 to pay out of my pocket. I'm broke.

File: 1689019926305.png (14.98 KB, 392x392, 1:1, 156545817478.png) ImgOps iqdb


Being positive is good. Being optimistic is good. So this is an optimistic thread.
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comfy fishie, fren!


File: 1690128100696.gif (792.94 KB, 500x281, 500:281, C26429DE-77F1-48A8-9F6C-C2….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I am become Lil Slugger

Destroyer of worlds


File: 1691078322890.jpeg (1.7 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, C84BC81D-A0B6-41E4-AD29-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



I like winter better.


This is probably the funniest video I'll see this entire decade


File: 1678803173963.jpg (94.07 KB, 1024x953, 1024:953, 1678734617318232.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How may of you are ACTUAL OFFICIALLY diagnosed with a mental illness? Not "I think I have mental illness", but a doctor officially told you that you mind doesn't work well.
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Yeah, and they all have dissociative identity disorders when all they need is get into Tibetan Buddhism if they want to interact with their own mind.
Speaking of which, I got kicked out of a Tibetan Buddhist center because I was at risk of my bipolar flaring up with tantric meditation.


It's your responsibility as a bipolar person to stay away from everyone but your caregivers.


succubi are mentally ill by default so no wonder


In such case I need caregivers and neetbux, that sounds comfy


I'm diagnosed schizoid personality disorder. Don't know how common is it among apprentices.

File: 1690955532884.png (455.96 KB, 568x568, 1:1, 1690949084899851.png) ImgOps iqdb


21 years old, in the confidence of my youth, been on wizchan since I was 15, and recently just became a NEET. I think I'm a pretty good candidate to be a lifelong wizNEET. I abscond from social interaction, I find participating in society and holding jobs to be empty and meaningless, I hate consumerism so I don't need a lot of money, and I'm too unattractive to get succubi. I will be getting pretty good bennies too.

I'm perfectly content just spending all day in my room on my computer. However, when I go online all the long term NEETs seem to be bitter crabs who caution against being a NEET. So I want to know if you long term NEETs have any advice to enjoying lifelong NEETdom and not turning into a jaded crab.
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save very cent you get, have a secret stash of money. just in case


this guy says he worked only for 7 years in his life including vacations



you are a succubi death fetishist, go away and leave this site


Since you asked, it's a good idea to have some sort of hobby or interest that gets you out the house and inspires at least moderate exercise for long term health reasons.

A totally sedentary lifestyle will catch up with you and the negative health effects will make life hellish after a few years.


Everyone needs money to survive. You literally can't eat without money. Can't get electricity without money, can't get internet without money. So you have to ask yourself, where are you going to get that money and how much of it will you be getting? If it is from the government, that is nice but it can end at any moment. If it is from a parent, that is nice, but it can end at any moment. The older you get the more you realize this basic fact, usually because of some life experience. Your parents cut you off so you realize that could happen again if you mismanage your relationship with them, or maybe just because their friends start putting ideas in their heads. The government could start making you go to "look for jobs" in order to keep getting bux, and despite your best efforts you may get hired and have no choice in the matter because saying no means losing your bux. Unless you are personally wealthy as a NEET (which can only reasonably be true due to inheritance), you are living in a very uncertain state.

You are also living with highly diminished freedom and abilities to enjoy life when poor. Want to buy a new video game or materials to build something? Sorry, you can't because you don't have any money. At some point you will have played all the free content that is any good. At some point you will have seen all the anime and TV shows that are any good. You are 21 so obviously this seems like a remote horizon for you, but believe me it happens faster than you think. What then are you left with to do that doesn't cost money? The older I get the more I find myself wanting to expand my horizons in order to enjoy life, but as a poor, I can't.

You cannot escape from the need to earn money unless you are born lucky, and the longer you put it off the harder it gets to do. Imagine trying to explain to potential employers why you have no work history or references on your resume as a mid 30's man. Welcome to the hell of long-term NEETs who suddenly are forced to earn money.

So my advice to you is to figure out how to obtain money for yourself while NEET. In reality this is probably impossible because any sort of money obtaining enterprise could be defined as a job and will require work, but you can probably figure out how to earn money on the internet on your own somehow without having to slave for an employer. Make some shit and sell it on etsy or start buying and reselling stuff on ebay. Maybe get into 3D modeling or get into makPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1679666912742.gif (318.22 KB, 380x270, 38:27, HCf0NW4.gif) ImgOps iqdb


are there any wizards here who live completely alone? without any friends or family, free of personal relationships?
i've been fantasizing about living this way a lot in the last few years and i'm interested in hearing how it feels in reality, directly from the horse's mouth
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File: 1691976532488.jpg (23.21 KB, 323x454, 323:454, purpose.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've actually wanted to make a thread about this:

Are there real benefits to being alone? I realized that a lot of my issues can be explained by having spent most of my life in solitude.

I thought that being alone and having time to think allowed me to explore myself and life more but with no experiences and no one to check my thoughts I ended up ruminating and being stuck in mental loops and developing unrealistic views on life.

A big reason for failing college for me was not having friends to motivate me to actually go to lectures and to study together with.

In a lot of areas, even in ones where you can work alone, people emphasize how important for their success it was to work with others. To spread the work out, let others specialize in something and benefit from different view points.

For me solitude was something I ended up in out of seeking comfort in the moment rather than a deliberate choice. I thought that avoiding relationships is smart because people end up cheating on each other anyways and you waste money on dating and presents just to break up. Even people you think are friends could betray you. And just being around people is exhausting to me.

But now that I am 30 and a solitiary NEET I wonder if this was the right path. I feel like solitude is reserved for actual geniuses with a strong inner drive, intelligence and ability. Which I don't have. I'm just a pleb.


File: 1691982336411.jpg (55.4 KB, 960x540, 16:9, wiz kaz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wiz I have some thoughts I want to give to you on this. I think for one, humans aren't meant to be alone. Not completely and not all the time. Secondly, people like us, who are chronically alone, eventually forget why we have embraced loneliness. Loneliness is almost always a choice. It means that any of the previous relationships we formed did not leave lasting positive effects. We do not seek out people because we have been pushed away ourselves, hurt by others in some manner, or simply lack the tools by which to communicate with others in a pleasing or comforting way. Normal people truly aren't like us. Being with other people is not a chore, doesn't hurt them, doesn't make their skin crawl around and throat swell up. For them it is therapy, it is happiness, it is community. And maybe you are lonely simply because you have not found the right people, but most of us have stopped trying for aforementioned reasons.

I'm only 25, but I have grappled with whether to be alone or not my whole life. And it is often that when I am around others I simply am not me. I cannot let go and feel free the way most people do. It doesn't bring me much happiness or community. So I say to you two things. One, if you have changed your mind, then you can in fact go out and find people. Either online or IRL, it's never too late. But secondly, consider if it does really make you happy. If you're like me (which odds are you are, cause we are both weirdos who have found each other on this one thread on this one dead imageboard on this day on this year) then it is possible that socializing just isn't for you. Some people are just like that. Loneliness is where their comfort lies. And modulating your loneliness to people ratio is how you find happiness in life, I think at least.


people have brought me nothing but pain, misery, and made me regress, the only periods of my life in which i was motivated to live and improved myself as a person were when i was as close to isolation as possible
this is my experience therefore i can come to no other conclusion other than solitude being most beneficial as it makes me feel free and allows me to accomplish things that i otherwise never would have, which grant me satisfaction
as a substitute for socialization i use places such as this, online games with brief interactions, not extensive ones (for example i dislike MMOs and prefer fighting games) and fictional characters from various media


Same for me. I have been successful while working entirely alone. Periods of my life when I could not be alone were fraught will failure, pain, degradation and disorganization of the mind. In my early 20s I struggled with something like loneliness but now in my 30s I experience nothing of the sort. Isolation gives me clarity so I can produce work, enjoy nature and read.

Almost all posters here are still in the struggle phase. There is little reason to be on this toxic website once you move through it.

>In a lot of areas, even in ones where you can work alone, people emphasize how important for their success it was to work with others.
In some fields you can do this just by reading, writing, e.g. coding on github

>A big reason for failing college for me was not having friends to motivate me to actually go to lectures and to study together with.

I cant relate to that. I was at university for many years and the only time i failed was when some of the other students tried to befriend me and every lecture turned into a nightmare where I couldnt concentrate because they were incredibly distracting.

> with no experiences and no one to check my thoughts I ended up ruminating and being stuck in mental loops and developing unrealistic views on life.

You should probably try consuming different content and writing to yourself to try to organise your thoughts. Writing is a powerful tool for thinking.


File: 1692191478096.jpg (52.13 KB, 941x694, 941:694, 1529442912428.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've lived alone for about 6 years. My only interactions are done remotely due to my job and the odd phone call I'll have with a family member.
Living alone is the only way to be an unencumbered hermit. When I lived with family I was often thinking about whether they were worried about my isolation. They may still be, but now I never give it any thought.

File: 1689426910004.png (592.48 KB, 640x469, 640:469, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Do you believe in fate or destiny?

> Fate is the future scenario, which cannot be determined by decisions an individual will make. However, Destiny is about the present, where every decision an individual has made has led them to their present scenario.

For example, it is the destiny of the chain smoker to suffer from poor health. It is not their fate.

I see many paths I could have taken in my life. Sometimes I work hard in one direction to no avail. However, I suddenly see great success in something else I wasn't even particularly paying attention to. This makes me feel very out of control of my life because it seems I'm the plaything of coincidences and events beyond my control.
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I 100% believe in fate because of >>209993. I find that if I stay in my destined lane, I have a bit of leeway and can do what I want and live my life reletavily peacefully, but should I ever try and get out of my station in life (and I have tried several times), it's like God Almighty Himself would give me a swift and hard kick to the balls.



Yes. Everything is predetermined, everything is perfect and goes according to God's plan. No radical change of life circumstance is possible, unless it was destined to happen, and even then it wouldn't require much from you, it would happen effortlessly. Effort, attempt to change something in your life, believing you actually can if you try hard enough is a mistake that leads nowhere. No successful artist, inventor, businessman has ever put actual gut-wrenching effort to achieve something - they were led by things like being interested, enjoying doing something so much in something so much it affected their actions. If you are not given a intense interest in something in life, than you can't change it no matter how much you try.


I can't even tell if you're being sarcastic anymore.

FUCK solipsism syndrome and hyper-predeterminism.


You were just pre-determined to say that, so I have no reason to believe your reasoning.


There is no point in thinking about it because you can only make that observation after the fact.

File: 1691355406134.jpg (75.96 KB, 553x582, 553:582, IMG_9030.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Once you peek behind the curtain, and see what drive people behavior most of the time,and you realize that what drive people is just pure self interests 99.9% of time, you don't see people as good anymore, you see them as bunch of meat machine wanting to maximize their utility and fitness over this earth and over other people, and even you too is moved by those instinct, we are just that, meat machines driven by thoughts though before "you" though yourself, what are more but a slave of the darkness that come before?

Some dream of a God with a power to know everything, so he knew before hand that his creation would do sin and yet he let them do it in the end still condemn them to life of eternity of torture. To me those people are dumb at best, mentally ill at worst for believing something like that, in another word, religion is a form of cope for desperate people with simple minds.
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This post at it's time my grandma her sons treated her like shit. she passed away and everyone at funeral was like not seeing me or I am shadow the irony is many of them are losers and don't work. just because I am NEET but what to do I have to attend those nazis only care about self interests. I don't know If it is a hate or deep jealous.
Thanks for post Anon it's good one.
Hope those scums burn .


What drives them is evolution ultimately. Both genetic and memetic. The teachings are passed down and then those teachings are applied by the child and the outcomes either reinforce or make him reject those teachings and seek out new ones. Whatever works is what is selected for. If you have a type of personality that is able to prosper in the current environment, then you will prosper and your genes and teachings will be passed down and become more prevalant in society as a whole. If you don't due to the RNG of genetic luck, then you will suffer and not reproduce and not pass down your thoughts and those like you will become less prevalent. This is how normalcattle are formed. What "works" is normalfaggotry. Normalfaggotry does not care about logic or reason it is simply an evolved way of being that provides optimal social and reproductive outcomes. It is littered with delusions, fallacies, and contradictions, but most of those delusions actually serve to make people materially better off somehow on the average.


I should add that since humans are social creatures, much of the behaviors that have evolved are actually behaviors that benefit the group because group competition creates pressures that select for these behaviors. So if you are wondering why someone is acting like they are and there is no clear evolutionary benefit to the individual, you can sometimes see how it makes sense when the overall society which the individual lives in is considered. If the group does not function well as a whole, it will be out-competed by other groups which do function well as a whole. What this looks like in the context of human history is you being killed and your succubi raped. You can see that in times of group competition, social dynamics change and people become more united, the more pressured they are by their opponent, the more unity they display, and in times of peace they are less united as they turn on each other to maximize their wealth and position. The traits that are selected for, the ones that "work" are different in times of war in peace which partly explains the cycle of war and peace that humanity goes through.


>Normalfaggotry does not care about logic or reason it is simply an evolved way of being that provides optimal social and reproductive outcomes. It is littered with delusions, fallacies, and contradictions, but most of those delusions actually serve to make people materially better off somehow on the average.
Very well stated. It's basically a subhuman way of being; when the masses of follower-types accommodate the prevailing social expectations regardless of if they're right, wrong, dishonorable or whatever, the current state of things is the natural result. Normalcattle have to be disregarded since they're just symptoms of a greater disease, but unfortunately this can mean isolation and 'maladaptation.'


File: 1691806667301.jpg (76.85 KB, 1609x571, 1609:571, worldview.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

goodness is a myth to normgroids and a means of attaining higher social status (virtue signaling) at best. They don't really believe in good per se to them goodness is a case of economics (how many bad things you did vs good things, moral presuppositions that are in actuality, totally arbitrary and have nothing to do with goodness).

They don't believe in goodness because they are totally selfish in a spiritual sense. They ignore truth in favor of boosting their egos up. That is they aren't honest with what they know is wrong, they ignore their heart. ideas of purity dumbfound them. "But you need to do that to get ahead in life, its ok to argue, bully, exploit and abuse eachother"
They don't get it. Those presuppositions i was talking about are the ones taught to them by Christianity and society. religion tells them that being good has to do with actions like giving to the poor. You cannot end poverty but thats besides the point, you can do good deeds and still be evil in your heart- it means nothing. Now society tells them that being nice means smiling and obeying whatever your region's customs are. Dressing properly, fake smiling, ass kissing. This doesn't mean anything either. It's totally relative and has nothing to do with your actual purity.

File: 1690634163632.jpg (626.46 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Tar_sands_in_alberta_2008.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have a premonition that resource scarcity is going to hit within the next 3-7 years.

I know Malthusian niggers have been going on about it being inevitable with their extrapolated models for 200 years now. Every time this happens, a technological advancement or change in circumstance comes along and throws the whole thing off. But I just feel like this time it's going to hit.

>US shale plays peaking at the moment, Permian Basin likely to peak next year

>Next shale plays pretty inaccessible due to instability in Russia and Argentina
>Copper ore in mined rock down 20% over the last 10 years, going from 0.5% to 0.4%
>India and Vietnam rapidly developing to join the industrialized nation club, following in China's footsteps
>EVs turning out to be a gigantic meme as there's not enough copper to electrify the grid

I guess there could be some new invention that throws this out of balance. Like some new wunderfuel. But I just don't see it happening.
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China has been running low on grain.
Earlier this year they implemented their "trees to farmland" plan, which is bulldozing trees, orchards, and cash crops to make way for rice. They bulldoze whole mountains and turn them into terraced steps of dirt for planting. It's like it's right out of the Great Leap Forward. Heavy rain early this year ruined the wheat crops because they were germinated early, and no longer fit for consumption. That's not even mentioning the mountains of grain that are just left to rot in non-climatized storage all the time. And now Typhoon Doksuri has displaced over 100 million people and washed away every single terraced piece of "farmland" right off the mountains. I'm sure whatever grain being stored in Beijing or anywhere in the path of Doksuri is also gone. They've had to lift their ban on Australian goods (like grain) in the past week.

While the potential impending famine in the Chinese heartland doesn't necessarily effect me, it still fills me with dread. I don't enjoy suffering of any description.



dude thats such a massively exaggerated amount, where did you hear that?


Ah, my bad.
I was probably thinking it's about 100 million in the path of Doksuri. I don't know when someone is considered officially "affected" by it.




where did you hear about the vast acres of crops being destroyed

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