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Getting popular lately. This is the opposite of a poor peasant's diet. Feudal lords ate mostly meat. Mongols had two food groups, meat and dairy, and they ate both of these raw & fermented.

Today I finally told my mom I will be making all my own food from now on, as I've been lazy and weak and have eaten junk food she buys. I'm in control of my diet now though. I'll eat a tiny amount of non-animal products when I feel like it, e.g. garlic, spicy peppers, dark chocolate, maybe mushrooms.

I noticed today that my teeth are looking much better. Spending hours eating beef belly probably took off tartar. It's difficult to rip off pieces when it's raw, lots of pulling. I ate it fresh one day and ate it fermented for one day the next. There was ammonia or something on the bottom, just like in that fermented shark stuff. I don't even feel so insecure about my teeth that I need to hide hide them anymore. They're still quite yellow and some are see through a bit. Pretty much okay if someone doesn't examine them closely. When I ate lots of meat and ate S.A.D. food, when I didn't brush my teeth at night I woke up and I had lots more plaque or something on my teeth than normal. I think vitamin k2 mk. 4 and vitamin d together might cause calcium to get into my teeth and make them white again. I'll report in a month or two. If that happens I might try eating bones a bit harder than fish spines and chicken wing tips.

Looking forward to receiving lamb brains this week. I hear when they are fermented for a while they taste like stinky cheese.
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Vegan kang should be skinnier, more hairless, and with horrible skin.


vegan is one of the most fattening diets it's all grains and starches


wasn't the aristocracy much taller and healthier because they hunted and ate meat?


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>pissed in a bottle again
how do i stop? i can't go to the bathroom because thats were the bathroom demon lives at night.
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Try to let it drip for a little while afterwards before trying to squeeze the remaining portion out.



Back when I lived in my parents I pissed in a bottle to avoid interacting with anyone.


I just let my underwear absorb the piss drops


My undergarments have a thick stench of piss but no one in my family has said a word I consider possibly I am hallucinating the smells because they do not fret to remind me of everything else wrong being my fault.
>wizzie we have ants in the kitchen
I live in my room and do not use their dishes or their food but blamed on me this wizard abuse neeeds to be stopped..


File: 1605800542524.jpg (784.77 KB, 1140x655, 228:131, jerk-it.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why do lusty people tend to be kinder and loving, whereas puritrons tend to be bitter and hateful?

Scientifically speaking, here are the medically known side effects of masturbation and porn-watching:

- Zero.

If you have a pre-existing mental illness, you will feel depressed, anxious, lethargic, abulic, etc., no matter whether you jerk it or not, so might as well satisfy your basic needs while seeing a therapist.
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>Nofappers are as insufferable as vegans.
No fappers aren't walking the streets naked splashing buckets of fake cum on people


I kinda wish they would, that sounds hilarious.


There's an increase of men under 30 reporting ED, where do you think this is coming from?

I'm 29 now, I used to be the same as you. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Imagine militant nofappers going to porn conventions dumping fake cum on attendees.


>where do you think this is coming from?
Microplastics, poor diet, and lack of exercise.

If only nofappers were this based and not just projecting. The only people I know on nofap are major degenerates: one's a self described "futa addict".

File: 1611452382253.png (1.4 MB, 907x582, 907:582, outside.png) ImgOps iqdb


Any wizzard living the hermit life? I know of the thread about a cabin in the woods but I'm considering buying a small house and I wonder if any wizzards that live like that have any tips. The house has electricity, is in one piece. It's a bit dusty but that can be cleaned. Because it's on the outskirts of a small town it's both completely secluded but close enough to get to town to buy the food and stuff you cant grow/make. Because it's old, in the middle of nowhere and secluded from others normal people wouldnt want to live there because of the lonlelyness but I think that would be perfect for me so the top bid is only 25 thousand dollars and it's remained like that for a while so it doesnt look like anyone is willing to bid more. I have around 5k saved up and a passive income of around 500 dollars a month. If I take a loan I can pay back 230 dollars a month and then have money over for wifi and food. Any thoughts?
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got friends who live in french guiana and land is mostly state owned. also its not really suited for agriculture because of the soil acidity. same in the congo forest.


File: 1615262497777.png (1.88 MB, 1135x637, 1135:637, cesko.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

i'm aamazed by how many /wiz/ homes you have in czechia. those are small cabins and usually seel for a 30000k maybe a bit more


Usually the very people who want to live off the grid are already wageslaves and want to escape the rat race, so they dream of these retarded cabins in the woods, not knowing how much work is involved in having a solitary lifestyle.


work I am fine with, I enjoy carpentry and stuff like that. If you just want to be in your room all day you can always NEET, nothing wrong with that.


Sounds like a dream. In a decade or so from now I'll be able to do the same. Hopefully I'll have some passive income for the bills and basic needs, too.

File: 1617714367159.png (433.82 KB, 565x289, 565:289, 81BD05D4-5410-485E-BFF1-A4….png) ImgOps iqdb


What do you prefer using?

Personally, I think phones receive too much flak. Yes there are a lot of things you can't do, but being able to browse the internet while laying down in my bed under a weighted blanket is amazing. I can take my mind away from the fact that I'm eating alone by doing something mindless.
For gaming, I do use my PC though.
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I only use my computer to download stuff basically. I have flash a drive where I put stuff to watch on my TV.


pc for power use
phone for urbanised degenerates with friends to call on the side


First half explains what a phone is like for normies.


Computer for when I am in my room.
Phone for everywhere else.
Computer is powerful and comfortable.
Phone is portable and practical.
Both fill different use cases.

While I prefer and enjoy computer use more, for practical reasons I actually need a smart phone, while a computer home computer is more of a luxury.


i have 2 computers, a laptop for in bed and a proper rig at my desk

so i would say i prefer to use my computers…

however, its a lot more convenient to use my phone for looking at memes and shit while lying there.

i guess it depends on how depressed i am, if i dont wanna move and consume content i'll use my phone, but if i want to be more productive/talk with people i'll hop on one of my pc's


At the beginning of this year, I started to make a concerted effort to avoid all news I possibly can. The moment I see a thread or post that has an inkling of currents events, I fly to the 'hide' button before I can finish it. The moment I see a word or two of an article, I actively throw my eyes away and close the article. I started it just as an experiment out of whimsy, but I feel genuinely better and more positive about the world now, and I'm starting to do some projects that I guess I was feeling too nihilistic and black-pilled to even get started with before. It makes me think that if there's a whole month to people being dedicated to people trying to avoid porn and fapping because they're convinced about the large personal benefits, then why isn't there a whole month dedicated to actively trying to be ignorant about world events? I mean, you aren't going to be able to change things that big, news nowadays is almost surely hyperbolic and negative, and the personal impact seems to be incredibly psychologically uplifting.

Am I wrong here? Why haven't I tried something like this before? Going full hermit seems like a pretty logically wizard thing to do.
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>I really think this is THE major social problem
Don't delude yourself. While many things you said were true, what you're talking about is just one aspect of a greater "thing".


>I think one thing would be greater ‘media literacy’, there are multiple video and lecture series online that claim to promote this but they’re all highly ‘pro establishment’, focused on teaching people to be critical of online fake news but to see the MSM as an authority. If people online started educating one another on techniques to control the psychology of needing to ‘keep up’ with news and with approaching what news people do consume with skepticism, etc it could make a difference.
You know that Star Trek episode "Symbiosis"? It feels like we live amongst the Ornarans who think that they desperately need felicium (where, to keep my analogy clear, I'm thinking of as MSM/social media) to survive. Imagine you were one of the few people who knew it was a hoax, and that you knew if was the drug was what was causing the illness (because psychologically, there is a lot that's similar between how various drugs and addictions work and the clickbait/dopamine cycle that MSM/social media abuse). With the problem being planetwide, I don't think a 'literacy' campaign would really do much. If anything, it'd just be immediately squashed.

That criticism being said though, I'm still all for it, give it a shot, because I don't have any alternatives.


one of the most based episodes


I really appreciated this post. Despite the fact that I enjoy reading about the world and finding out about current events, I'm also frustrated with TV news and MSM news in general. They never provide enough information to develop your view of the world, only to tantalize and get you invested, then they hop onto the next story. There's a total lack of growth, or of substance, the people who have the need to keep up are given a very surface level look at how the world actually operates. So in a sense, it lures them in with a psychological need that is not necessary (the fear of missing out), and then also deprives them of becoming informed.

I particularly agreed with your point here:
>People who increasingly don’t have friends or connections IRL resort to their “fox and friends” for banter and belonging. It’s sad but these consumers are also sort of obnoxious, they get off on ‘owning’ others IRL and boxing you into a corner where they can label your position etc, and the people who consume MORE of this media have more knowledge of the issues they force you to discuss - this is a big normalfag thing, like people who love football treating you as an alien if you don’t know anything about it - in part it’s often because that’s the field they can move conversation onto and feel ‘ontop’ of the conversation.

The terminus of reading the news/keeping up isn't to actually be informed and to use this information to guide your life. You could easily skip all this unimportant nonsense and live for years without ever encountering a problem that would have been avoided by watching the news. It makes nobody's life easier, and it solves none of your problems. It only makes you equipped to grandstand and posture like yet another talking head, and to butt up against other amateur TV hosts who are hooked on the same substanceless narratives that you are on. The only practical use that people have for the news is to brag about how much they know about the news later. Not to mention how utterly pointless it is to have "debates" between laypeople who have no real power or expertise, but still fight as if the world hangs in the balance.

I agree with you that it's a lot like porn, the way that the "news product" is jammed into us as if it will answer the dissatisfaction and absurdity of modern life. The world doesnPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This sounds stupid, but:
- I just found out uBlock can be installed in Brave, too.
- I just found out the "block element" thing that let's you just click on the area of the page you want to block.
This has made StackOverflow a million times better for me. So many sites, holy shit.

Also, millionshort.com and curlie.org have been great.

I really have to emphasize that my mood has improved dramatically since the beginning of this year. I think as a consequence of that, I've been trying to learn more technical things and programming. And, it makes me realize that that's probably how the MSM is intended to work. It's _supposed_ to make people depressed so that way they susceptible to a toxic codependency with MSM.

Tl;dr, uBlock and millionshort is fucking amazing.

File: 1579413705058.jpg (129.04 KB, 700x450, 14:9, powerball-lottery-tickets-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Well… I didn't win it, again. Nobody has won it tho, and third time is the charm.

That being said, any other wizzies trying their luck and fantasizing about winning the lottery? Would you like to win the lottery at all? How would you deal with your newfound wealth and fame? My favorite pastime is to daydream and since I've been daydreaming about this all day everyday for a few days I thought I'd make a thread.
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I really don't like the idea of winning it. It's a lot of money together earned from nothing, I don't know what I would do with so much money, I don't know where to invest it, or what to do with it.


Put it in dividend giving ETFs that are recommended by a financial advisor that has a good track record then live off the dividends after inflation and tax until you make up your mind.


File: 1618075405602.jpg (4.74 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, youareawinner.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No lottery but I did $1600 on slots in Vegas in February. It'll make you feel pretty good for the next 24 hours. Free drinks and hotel room for me.


>here's this obsurd conspiratorial claim
>hahaha fucking sheep I'm not gonna spoon feed you do your own research
Kill yourself.


Nice, hope you had a great time.

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File: 1613481073201.jpg (71.39 KB, 283x283, 1:1, cyber-touhou-patchouli.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyways, my stepfather is going through cancer right now and its got me thinking a lot more about how I'm going to handle this sort of stuff when I get older. My stepfather has family and friends he can count on to drive him around and get him things. I am most probably not going to have this. I did have a great aunt who died in solitude, and to the best of my recollection, so basically went into a nursing home of her own accord when she got her terminal illness diagnosis.

Any advice?

Also, just general advice and things to take into consideration about the solitary lifestyle.

P.S. I remember another wizanon wrote a book on this. Does anyone still have it?
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To be more specific:
- What do you do when you're stuck in the hospital and need to get X?
- What if you need to get surgery but you can't drive back home on your own?
- What if you're stuck at home in bad health, how can you get groceries?
- Is there a good point in time you should plan on killing yourself?
- Do wills mean anything for wizards?


Considering how low fertility rates are in the developed western world, this kind of thing will hardly be strictly a wizard problem.

Also, even people who do reproduce may end up alone in their elderly years. Or worse, their kids try to take advantage of them financially or fight over the inheritance.


Yeah, and considering we're unlikley to have things like social security or retirement homes in the future, we're bound to have shitty times ahead if we make it to old age, even more so if we cut ties with relatives. If countries like japan or italy already have trouble today with their elderly population, it will get very ugly everywhere very soon. Heck it already is with the manufactured corona panic.
People talk shit about third worlders, esp africans, breeding like rabbits, but you can't blame when it's all they have as an "investment", that's not so unreasonable when you consider it that way. There's that saying "children is the only wealth the poor have got". Well it's debatable nowadays I suppose? it's more like of a damned if I do, damn if I don't kind of deal now.


File: 1618072970738.jpg (145.5 KB, 1057x602, 151:86, fertility-rate.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>how low fertility rates are in the developed western world

in most of the World except most of Africa and a few spots in Asia.



Being around here a lot, there's a lot of media that often gets repeated across multiple threads in multiple discussion s in multiple ways. Everyone has their particularities, I'm aware, but these seem somewhat more 'universal' in that they tend to get repeatedly brought up by different posters at least once a year, and every time it does, it always resonates with a few other posters. I wanted to try to list all of these media, catalog them, and see if there is any pattern to them. Here would be what I have encountered so far:
- Pat Benetar's "Better to Never Have Been"
- Schopenhauer's On Pessimism (Schopenhauer gets mentioned a lot, but it seems to me that it's specifically mentioning this one essay of his)
- Notes from the Underground
- Yokohama Kadaishi Kikou
- Mushishi
- Natsume's Book of Friends
- Yume Nikki or imagery from it.
- The magnetic resonance of Jupiter
- Satie's Gymnopedie
- Nujabes' Aruarian Dance
- The background noise on loop from Bladerunner (attached)

If anyone else has anything else to add or cares to pontificate, please do so.
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cool response retard


These are good suggestions that I agree are often repeated:
- The Book of Disquiet
- Un Homme qui Dort
- Ligotti's Conspiracy Against the Human Race
- The Trouble with Being Born by Cioran
- Unabomber Manifesto by Theodore Kaczynski


The ones I know that are often repeated are:
- Taxi Driver
- The Seventh Seal


the wizard canon is basically the same as blackpilled/pessimism canon, maybe slightly more focused on loneliness


By the way OP, it's David Benatar, not Pat

-Lonely are the Brave, as well as pretty much any western that focuses on an outlaw/drifter type
-The King of Comedy, which is basically the same story as Taxi Driver
-Falling Down


Her 80s rock song challenging The Demiurge to hit her with his best shot

File: 1593833050013.jpg (266.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, homercar.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Any low IQ or middling IQ wizards out there? How is your life going? Do you believe you are worth less than those with greater intelligence? Does the way a high IQ wizard spend his time and live his life differ drastically from that of a lower IQ?
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Have you been screened for a nonverbal learning disorder? They often have great rote memory skills. But they start to get into trouble academically when good grades begin to depend on more than simple memorization.


an autism diagnosis if thats what you mean, not sure what non verbal means
I mean sure, I couldnt care less about school and the things they were teaching but the things I acomplished elsewhere (like paper-craft, had an episode where I went 2 nights without sleeping constructing a mechanically functional with feeding, bolt locking and shell ejecting 1:1 AKM) stemmed not from intelligence but autistic manic obsession that I look back on and cringe at rather than feel proud.


i'm just scared to finish the test, half way through when the questions get harder i just give up
i know i'm probably very low on the scale and it doesn't help


I got 148 when I was really, really young, but there were no algebra equations on the test for people that age, or at least not many that I remember. As of now I'd probably land somewhere around 110. I've never taken another test though, to spare my self-esteem, so I can't confirm.


I score around 110 but my verbal is 135 and my math is 90-something

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