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Tension without discharge is only purely unpleasurable when the prospect of satisfaction of the psychological aim is hopeless. To have to go on wanting what one cannot get is painful. Resort is then had to ad hoc tension-relieving devices, which, far from bringing pure pleasure in their train, are usually experienced as disappointingly unsatisfying, because mere decrease of excitation is not what is wanted and in itself gives nothing that can produce a sense of deep satisfaction. On the other hand, the mounting of the tension of desire is itself pleasurable when satisfaction is possible and expected… If tension qua tension were unpleasant in itself and the aim were simply its reduction, then any method of relieving excitation would be as good as any other, i.e. autoeroticism would be as satisfactory as object-love and much more easily come by. In reality the reverse is the case.

Guntrip, Harry Y.. Personality Structure and Human Interaction (Maresfield Library) (p. 134). Taylor and Francis.
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Still disagree that porn causes ed and the lie that its more stimulating than real sex. If it was true most men wouldn’t spend thousands on whores just to have sex , most men masturbates because its just cheaper, easier and less bothersome than trying to have sex with succubi. True problem for erectile dysfunction, I think is too much ejeculation and those normals masturbates before sex because they don’t wanna cum early so it causes ed


None of us will ever know the truth.


It's an ego thing for most normie men. They just want to feel like they've fucked just once in their lifetimes.
Even if it's 100x worse than jerking off and she smells like trash.

Primal human instincts are a very strong driving force. Even if those hookers cost 5000 dollars there would be plenty of desperate ugly men who would pay it just to experience it once in their lifetime.


>. If it was true most men wouldn’t spend thousands on whores just to have sex ,
What logic is this? Most men don't do that.In fact this logic supports porn because that is gotten easily for free and yet tons of people spend money on that. All those patreons and onlyfans make hundreds of thousands of dollars. You would make better money selling pictures of yourself being a whore than you would being an actual whore.


Looking at pixels is not the same thing as experiencing the thing in person. That's why some desperate uggos do pay through the nose for it.

File: 1655163239681.gif (1.66 MB, 252x252, 1:1, 1655066334085.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Older wizards(+30), can you give some wisdom for newer wizards? I'm 28 years old now, what happen when you turn 30? How is life? Work? Things in general? Share with us, wizbros!
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It's eerie how well your post echoes my thoughts and life. I'm only 32 though.
I'm a few pages into the linked pdf, and so far it seems legit. It's a strange feeling when the author deliberately states the book is for people closer to 50 and after, but you're still in the age bracket of the immediate danger zone right next to that "worst case."


That was written from the POV of guy who is plain alone forever but otherwise everything has been fine for him. He's financially stable and of sound body and mind. Reading between the lines he basically admitted to regretting that he simply didn't try hard enough on the romantic aspect.

He really drives home the point about prepping but admits has never actually endured the hardships he so fears. I mean this isn't a reply about being bitter. Most of his advice is good.

It's just that the years won't be so kind to a lot wizards as to him. He preps for scenarios as if he lives in a dump whereby everything is coming to get him any minute now. He says statistically most of us will never be a statistic ourselves. If you live in a shithole it's not a matter of if but when you will be a statistic if you haven't already been. Either by malice of others or shitty environmental living conditions.

Mental and physical ailments are not uncommon among wizards. This is a bit of an elephant in the room which I think a lot of us don't mention. Perhaps because it's all we've ever known. He says he'd just as soon check out than live with any health issue. LOL okay.

In short, he's privileged. Apart from his alone forever situation of course. There lacks the advice written from individuals who have faced the dire straits that await many of you young wizards down the way.

All in all his messages are sound if you're pretty much like him. Your life is otherwise fine apart from being untouched then it's not the end of the world that your teenage angst filled raging self has so convinced yourself of.

But he basically in a backhanded ways implies if you're not otherwise all together as he is then gg thanks it's over.


I turned 30 this year and I can say
>I'm definitely a lot more comfortable with "me".
I mean this like I have had a lot of time to spend with myself, so I'm pretty comfortable with my quirks and habits. Still a lot I wanna change but by now I have a good idea what's wrong


He would lose his mana therefore cannot be a wizard again.


I'm 33, nothing much changes, except I'm trying to eat healthy now and excercise from time to time, not because of lookism, but because you need to start taking care of your health in your 30s or diseases will start to show up by your 40s and as wizards, we don't have anyone who'll take care of us by that age.

File: 1655758164667.jpg (843.07 KB, 2364x2364, 1:1, ezgif-2-aaf66f20ee.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why is whenever the subject of automation comes up, it inadvertently turns into a bunch of nerds jacking themselves off about how blue collar workers will be rendered obsolete. They always think they're somehow immune for some strange reason because their work is "hard". That work isn't so much hard, it's that the human brain is shit at doing it and gets tired of doing it after 4-5 hours. The upper class needs to buckle up, because it's coming for you.

Automation is best achieved in a clean, sterile, environment without moving parts. Like an office. With physical robotics you have to do physical repairs due to wear and tear. The more diverse the movements you have to perform, the more expensive and often the repairs would be. An Asimov tier robot to replace a construction wagie would cost a tremendous amount of money to implement and maintain, an updated software package with machine learning capabilities would by comparison need little maintenance, and can be copied from system to system with ease. And that's not even getting into the fact that most blue collar companies don't have the capital overheads to even do basic automation, while for white collar it can be centralized into FAGMAN shit.

People have overdosed on science fiction, copium and cerebral narcissism. Just look at Dall-e 2 with the artcels, we were told that human creativity was the last domain on the chopping block by AI and the part that makes us unique. The same is coming in a good ten to fifteen years for all the low lying cognitive work.

Take coding, say an AI can churn out code for basic programs. Well then low lying codecels become proofreaders, and while we're dismissive of pajeet codemonkeys now, a pajeet codemonkey could certainly act as a proofreader for chump change. Suddenly a $150,000 year software developers salary becomes a $30,000 a year proofreader salary.

Society is going to have to deal with the utter devastation of the yuppie laptop class. It will a painful psychological adjustment to the fact that even if you're smart in this world, that leaves you on the level of a curtain cleaner.


File: 1655761824351.jpg (74.71 KB, 422x600, 211:300, ghost-in-the-shell-poster-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Never really seen that sort of conversation but I'm sure a lot of office jobs will be scripted away eventually as well, the trend's been going all throughout history. There's a large canal near where I live, it was hand dug in the early 1900's, hordes of people lined up moving bucket after bucket with rocks and soil, it took almost a decade to complete, nowadays the same job would employ one guy and a large excavator for a month probably.


>most blue collar companies don't have the capital overheads to even do basic automation
This is where the oligopoly comes in. Sci-fi predicted it too. The tech bro companies are working towards total complete integration into a handful of companies that own and control everything. Small companies will be merely middle men who rent, operate, or service the bots.

>their work is "hard".
Oh yeah there's so much hubris and so little self awareness. Coding is a 21st century blue collar job. They all want to act like they're the ones who invented AI algorithms themselves. In reality they're all script kiddies who import tensorflow and then feed it data.



There's hints of it with the Yangbros talking about how we have to coddle and look after the burnt out rust belt wagies who no longer have their coal jobs. It's all "muh truk drivers" and the like. Even with truck drivers there aren't that many of them, and it's too high risk to be rolled out until it's absolutely certain, the insurance liabilities would be a nightmare.

But like, even outside the yangbros. On certain parts of the internet you do see those types of cerebral narcissists who like to gloat.


People talk about legacy code, but nobody talks about legacy buildings. Much of the supermarket automation they all gush about is completely undoable with the current layout and set up of the buildings. You could automate construction maybe, if you changed all the city layouts and built generic commiebloc type shit. Asbestos hasn't been used since the 80s, yet asbestos removal is still a full fledged trade.

You could probably have fully fledged amazon robotic supermarkets in new suburbs in California, where there's the population density to justify the initial capital investment. But bumfuck small town Spain or a small tpwm in Australia would find it hard to justify all that capital investment when minimum wagies are still right there. Having to tear apart and rebuild every workspace to make it more suited for robitics, it'd be a slow process. I think maybe eventually the oligarchs would make moves to expand everywhere, but that's coming later.

There's been some areas of blue collar that haven't innovated in almost fifty years. For scaffolding I think the last advancement was sissorlifts, way back in the 70s.


>if you changed all the city layouts and built generic commiebloc type shit
That was the Google "smart" city they attempted to do in Toronto. Basically they force fed the typical tech bro visions of future utopia bullshit. Underneath the thin veneer it was an attempt to instate total control of a section of the city. If they got their way it would have been some sort of autonomous FAGMAN zone where the people in there are living under Google everything.

Probably if they succeed at something like this. They could eventually starve out smaller cities. Same way they kill off small business competition in every area they touch. Either absorb through buy out or simply kill off competition through sheer scale.


Time and time again, people become isolated in their ivory towers and lose connection with the outside world. Positive feedback loops mean that they are all huffing the same farts, over and over again. It is one of the most common occurrences before something catastrophic. Arrogance and hubris is the result of building community bubbles and hiding away from the day-to-day. This happens with politicians, with businessmen, with cliques, etc. Eventually the odd-group-out becomes so divorced from the everyday, that the everyman kills them in droves. That is, if there is not some regulating body to maintain self-reflection. People always need to gaze at themselves.

File: 1654256584048.png (149.47 KB, 685x495, 137:99, fasting longevity.png) ImgOps iqdb


anyone here do this?

i do it for frugal reasons(to save money by not overeating) and to fix my goo brain
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File: 1655026142067.png (1.52 MB, 2048x1886, 1024:943, nuggets_mcdonalds_day_dark….png) ImgOps iqdb

It takes about 2 and a half to 3 days for your body to reach a point where a majority of your energy burning happens through the process of ketosis.

The feast or fasting method of eating makes some interesting points about the history/biology of humanity. It has many different versions but the most common breakdown I see is 5 days on 2 days off. I personally feel like taking a half week off eating at least once a month clears my head considerably now that our food supply is basically pills/drugs in the shape of food,


Damn, that's quite a long time. Idk if I can do that. I'll start by fasting for 48 hours to build myself up to 5 days.


can someone tell me if what im doing is retarded

- one day eat wtf i want
- next day eat nothing and drink lotta water
- repeat

today is my first fasting day and i feel really good


File: 1655790823131.jpeg (54.54 KB, 1145x688, 1145:688, 2B0996EF-E806-4840-A3DE-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

If you guys want to properly fast make sure you have a least one protein meal (Protein meal powder and other protein powders) and fish oil per day, You'll thank me later.


Low carb is expensive as fuck though. I read an article that said even the lowest cost low carb diet is 5-10x more expensive than the typical high carb high fat diet.

Though that's because we're used to paying nothing for food, since most people eat non-nutritious filler like white pasta, white bread, cheap oils and ready to eat TV meals, chips etc.

Being lean takes not just willpower but quite a bit of money. You can't just "not eat" or you will also lose what little muscle mass you have, adequate protein intake is very important.

The only good cheap source of protein I found was eggs, but I can't tolerate eating them many days in a row.

A proper low carb diet also has lots of fresh veggies, and some berries.
My grocery bill on low carb has so far been $150 for a week, back when I used to eat junk I could manage an entire month on 200 bucks.

File: 1649069849135.jpg (331.02 KB, 662x900, 331:450, wheel-of-life-or-wheel-of-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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The Matrix Reincarnation Soul Trap Theory states that life on earth is inherent suffering, and this suffering is harvested by beings called archons that trick souls into reincarnating on earth through different brainwashing tactics as well as a white light tunnel that lures souls into reincarnating, and wipes their memory., which makes the life experience a person gains mitigated. The white light tunnel is designed to keep souls trapped on earth forever and to make escape impossible.[1]

Although mainstream scientific consensus on life after death is inconclusive, there is a plethora of evidence to suggest that reincarnation is real, including verified cases of young children remembering past lives vividly and being able to pinpoint locations, names, etc.[2][3][4]

Remote viewing or 'extra sensory perception' was developed in the 1970's by the CIA and was used for espionage purposes. Remote viewing is the ability of a human being to perceive information and imagery of remote geographical targets, regardless of time and space. The CIA has declassified documents that provide scientific evidence for Remote Viewing.[5][6] Remote Viewing research by The Farsight Institute, provides further evidence of a tunnel of light soul trap. In a project called The Death Traps, 3 highly trained remote viewers from the Farsight Institute were tasked to remote view what happens to the soul of a person when the psysical body dies. All 3 of them perceived the exact same scenario without communicating with each other, that the soul is confused, disoriented and ends up entering a tunnel of light which violently shocks the soul. Immediately after that, the soul no longer has the memory of who it was and where it come from. Here's where you can watch the trailer of the full video.[7]

In another Farsight project called The Escape, they have investigated how Earth has long been used as a prison planet.

Our consciousness doesn't just exist within our brain, it's collected somewhere else, and we assume there's involvement with the schumann resonance. There a combination of magnetic fields in some kind of alignment with the rest of the solar system. There are also a combination of magnetic fields churning inside our heads. photons and gravity are both involved. If the basis of what makes knowledge and clairvoyance and the "spirit world" possible is photonic and gravitic, then it's hyperdimensional in nature. Properties of primarily hyperdimensionaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I don't "point out" anything to you or don't offer rebuttals or "step into the ring" myself because that is exactly what I am criticizing. I think discussions like these are inherently worthless. Honestly I didn't read your posts all or even most of the posts itt, and it's not because you post these. I don't have patience for these endless paragraphs even if they are written by respected figures of philosophy. I don't take philosophy seriously and I certainly refuse to waste too much time on it nowadays.

I feel like I am a happy primitive caveman skeptic so I don't want to get into discussions like these. In the rare cases I do brainfart I do it in good taste, meaning I don't draw out things to be too long or academic.

By the way, how is your waifu, Illya? You are dangerously easy to spot. Maybe you want to tone down your vn and waifuposting. Mods may punish you for avatarfagging. Just a friendly advice.


File: 1655570929758.png (931.37 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2021-01-26_13.png) ImgOps iqdb

(Alright, hopefully I answer your questions and make this my last response here since I feel bad just dumping these long posts here that most aren't interested in engaging with, and just making this thread unnecessarily long and cluttered for everyone. Also to clarify, picrel isn't an avatar but something I'm making reference to in parts of this post to help further explain some points.)

>Could you please delve into that in further detail?
You mean about the specific questions
>such as whether the objects we observe in consciousness might not in fact be coming from some source outside consciousness, and whether that something is non-consciousness "matter" or just the content of another consciousness?
Or do you mean about questions in general? If it's the former I already went into that in two previous posts here. But I'll try to give a more structured and summarized answer here.

(0) We have already established from pure observation that there exists consciousness in the form of one's own personal finite consciousness, and objects constantly actualizing in this consciousness.

Now we want to answer the questions,
>are the objects we perceive in consciousness coming from outside consciousness,
>is there something outside consciousness, or something that is neither consciousness nor in consciousness, i.e., "matter", defined as "something independent of consciousness"?

(1) We make the observation that sometimes, e.g., when dreaming, the objects we perceive and their observable behavior is highly malleable to our thoughts, expectations and emotions, and that if we forget them or our working memory is overloaded, they simply vanish, or return only when we imagine them back.

(2) We also observe that in waking life the objects we perceive and their behavior is highly rigid and stable to being directly changed one's own thoughts, etc., and that even when we forget things, our forgetting does not appear to affect them in the least, i.e., that even when we completely forget about them, they may still come back and appear just as if they'd continued to exist all the while despite being totally absent in our consciousness.

(3) We also have the observation that oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>You are dangerously easy to spot.
That's mostly survivorship bias. You could connect the posts in this thread to a few others scattered throughout the ib, and perhaps one older discussion from some months ago in another board. But the vast majority of my posts don't even mention waifus, vns, and much less consciousness.

>I don't take philosophy seriously and I certainly refuse to waste too much time on it nowadays.

>I feel like I am a happy primitive caveman skeptic.
I mean, I actually agree with you. Although to me, your replies imply you still take at face value many fantastical concepts and assumptions. So I'd say you're more of a self-described skeptic who hasn't yet examined deep enough the hidden assumptions in his mind, and that anything that seems to imply they're false, or at least throw some doubt on them, is instantly suspected of.


File: 1655719159355.jpg (25.74 KB, 540x540, 1:1, b847b6d4ce644bba650380df81….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>subjective reality requires objective reality
Sorry I meant objective reality requires subjective reality.

Thanks for answering my questions, I came to a similar conclusion while thinking about it - overall as humans were just creating our own systems to describe the objects we percieve. It seems more likely that im a finite soul part of a greater soul, then any other system of thought. Ultimately our theories will be put to the test once we die, I hope to meet god or brahma or whatever. I'll bring up some more theories and questions I have.


>So I'd say you're more of a self-described skeptic who hasn't yet examined deep enough the hidden assumptions in his mind, and that anything that seems to imply they're false, or at least throw some doubt on them, is instantly suspected of.
Brainfart this one to me. I mean elaborate a little.

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My family legit hired tutors on me and I studied every week and every day but I still turned out to be 5 ft 5 and ethnic - which means betabuxxing won't even work at this height. JFL if I was 3 inches taller like my brother I would have at least gained SOMETHING out of studying. Instead I'm forced to cope or rope.

Can't betabuxx man… stop coping, shame that I actually had doctor parents.
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I want to be a cuck but can't


what's with all the 4chan retards these days?


what does height have to do with your ability to learn? and isn't "betabux" about having money? and why did you just randomly insert that ridiculous formatting in the middle of your post?

the brainfart threads are getting fart-ier lol


>and why did you just randomly insert that ridiculous formatting in the middle of your post?
dumb reddit gen z meme


Moved to >>>/b/797983.

File: 1644276805303.png (77.89 KB, 282x300, 47:50, 1643059228650.png) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone here have studies or books about…well.. us, research about our personalities and psychology in general, like what psychology phenotype lead a person to become a NEET or a wizard? Why and how? It's a fascinating topic to dissect.
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this is more like a depiction of the histrionic pd
succubi + pop psychology = pure cancer
please don't post this kind of content



I know this is an imageboard so there will always be a level of irreverence but Jesus Fucking Christ, Gen Z has no ability to be serious everything has to be behind at least one layer of irony.


Schizoid pd is about the furthest thing from histrionic pd, retard.


my point was that the person who made and self inserted into this is histrionic, retard.


You get used to it. Or, maybe I'm too far-gone.

File: 1651607972414.png (27.97 KB, 774x301, 18:7, Hm.png) ImgOps iqdb

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>Unlawfully arrested for refusing to wear a mask
>The arresting marshal committed a felony against me in this criminal act
>No one cares
>Called the FBI
>Called the local police
>And nobody is helping me

>Have a couple of lawsuits I can file against Walmart for a collective $1M USD

>They would take 2~3 years to probably complete
>Again, nobody is helping me
>No lawyers would help me
>I had to study everything about law myself to even begin this process
>This isn't even mentioning the issue I had with getting arrested
>I feel like nothing will happen anyway

I would probably be a wizard by the time my lawsuits are done, including whatever I would have to do with my unlawful arrest, and I am really starting to question if I should even bother. This country, the USA, is so incredibly unfair, unjust, and anti-Christian that I just want to say fuck it and run away.

I know I am right in these legal situations that I have brought up. I know that I should get paid out for stomping these retards in court. I highly doubt that will happen, though, after having to deal with these people personally. It feels mostly like I am talking with people that don't give a fuck, and one judge even had the audacity to mention that he could charge me with contempt of court.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why isn't this thread on /b/?


Because OP isn't being ironic or shitposting.


I'm not so sure about that. Regardless of that, retarded thread. Waste of space.


File: 1655570049234.jpg (62.07 KB, 500x485, 100:97, 1654997748386.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am a man. There is zero "irony" or "shitposting" in wanting to be free in Christ, wherever you are. I do not ask for donations or anything like that, either.

My only wish is that more men did what I did, but if I have to do everything alone, so be it.

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File: 1650284396369.jpeg (4.88 KB, 299x169, 23:13, 1ykk.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

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After hanging out around here for probably too long, and continuing to watch anime, etc., there are a number of pieces of cultural media, fora, and movements that appear to be coalescing together into the same idea that I wanted to point out. In particular, I've been looking at:

- This forum
- "Herbivore men" in Japan
- "Aroace" in certain Western circles
- The fo xi or Tang ping or "Lying Flat" movement in China
- The "Sampo Generation" in South Korea
- Freeters
- Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
- Isekai genre -> Iyashikei genre

I'm going to start with the latter items first, because there's an interesting aspect of the Isekai genre that I don't think is noted upon, and is easier for me to note when I point out the Kobayashi franchise. Kobayashi _could_ exercise extreme amounts of power, and accumulate a lot more than she has. E.g., at any point she could've asked Tohru for a shitton of gold or to start conquering shit for her. However, she recognizes the problems in doing so, and she doesn't want to. And this also seems to be a theme in a lot of the isekai genre. E.g., that "I maxed out my level" show. She _could_ conquer the world if she wanted to, but if anything she wants the exact opposite of that. A lot of the time, Isekai characters tend to be OP Mary Sues that don't end up being Mary Sues because they refuse to use the full extent of their abilities. They're characters that want to be left alone, and just want to be able to enjoy life, ffs. In this way, a lot of the Isekai genre appear to be Iyashikei in disguise. YKK is a classic Iyashikei anime where although the mc might not be all-powerful, she shares a lot of the same goals and aspirations, and she definitely has the ability to be a lot wealthier; but her desires are much less than this. All she wants is an idyllic life.

A lot of the generational movements I've listed above have the same themes. Yeah, you _could_ work a lot more, climb corporate ladders, conquer, etc.. But why would you do that when you realize that what you want is so much less than what those lifestyles offer? Marriage and kids? For what? Should one be a STEM meme degree holder earning $100k/y in a city with $90k costs and a debt of hundreds of thousands, or a wagie getting $20k/y in Bumfuck, Iowa with $10k costs and no debt (please understand I'm exaggerating the memes a bit for humor's sake)? They all point out the trappings of life with no bePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah I agree with that. I don't think there are a lot of people here who actually hate life, I think most people are just misanthropic which is far more understandable.


there is no great resignation. people are just choosing to exchange jobs at a greater rate


File: 1655480398309.png (41.63 KB, 386x469, 386:469, 20220617_10h38m45s_grim.png) ImgOps iqdb

Found this chart on the NEET wikipedia article. Don't know how much it's changed since then. Japan is at the bottom.


I’m from T*rkey and neet so yes its accurate and I hate this shithole

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File: 1655361288403.png (639.44 KB, 595x386, 595:386, 1652106831472.png) ImgOps iqdb


"I'm gonna turn my life around tomorrow"
How many of you have been saying that all your lives. So why didn't it work?


I'm a 5'5'' truecel ethnic


low iq, straight white male and ugly, probably.


File: 1655370476187.jpg (69.86 KB, 640x633, 640:633, 1591037623846.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

it's a nice fantasy. my particular brand was reading up on psychology literature, trying to figure myself out, get to the heart of it all and end up an epic winner at the end.

like, oh man, i get anxious a lot, maybe if i figure out the mechanics of that kinda thing, i will magically be able to feel calm in every situation. and i started seeing everything in this psychological lens where if things didn't work out, there was some mental issue impending your ability to do the right behavior or have the right attitude. i started second-guessing every thought, impulse, instinct and it didn't really work because i was already self-conscious and i was adding another layer of meta-awareness to it and spending even more time in my head overthinking while normtards just do the first thing that pops into their head and if it works out, great, and if it doesn't, no biggie.

i don't know, i drove myself crazy with it. ended up reading the entire psychotherapeutic cannon, read research papers at 3am, trying to piece together another half-baked theory on how everything works and how i will dig myself out of this hole. years later, i haven't changed a bit, still the same neurotic mess. my situation got a lot worse in some ways, not the mental aspects, but just my external circumstances that i neglected more and more because i just didn't see the point if i couldn't change my core as a person.


high iq, gay male and handsome and good looking, probably.


Moved to >>>/dep/260433.

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