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Are we all a bunch of social outcast, weirdos, friendless, job shy, virgins? That's it? What's the genesis of such type of people… Like us? Sure as hell I remember since 14 that I was somehow different from the other kids.
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same here. with everybody getting with their clique every break, I felt pathetic being alone. and I tried several times making friends but failed.

looking back, I should have focused on my studies rather than relationships


> What's the genesis of such type of people… Like us?
I can't speak for anyone else but myself but for me it was a combo of nature and nurture.
That is, I have autism and had a load of fucked up childhood experiences.
Maybe a nerotypical person could have put themselves back together in a normal fashion, but I wasn't normal from the start so add on to that tons of abnormal life experience and the result obviously ain't going to be a normal person at the end of it.

That said in adulthood I feel less like a outcast and more that I just rather not. I don't derive enjoyment from social bullshit. I always feel fake and have to put on a act around other people to avoid negative outcomes. Which is tiring mentally and spiritually.
So it's less that I was pushed out and more that I left because I didn't like what I have to do to be included.


Jesus christ, never heard of this but now i'm thinking i might have it. I've always had bad gyno and a gunt despite not being that fat.


I used to think that people here were like me. shy. introverted but good people at heart. No. as more of your personal information seeps out in your posts you guys turn out to be petulant, irritable dweebs. some of you have issues. i wouldn't trust any of you in real life. you are not my brothers. you are my fellow prisoners


File: 1695451881289.png (32.25 KB, 1476x232, 369:58, Screenshot 2021-05-18 1251….png) ImgOps iqdb

>what is the genesis of such type of people
didn't you answer that by saying you are an outcast? you don't fit in thats all.


I was raised in a pretty normie family. I guess all families are normie. I had a Brad tier older brother who abused me growing up, a sister who was basically born to be a whore who hangs out with the dregs of society and one sister who’s just a regular normie.

What intrigues me is how normies can routinely get into violent arguments and then just seem fine afterwords. Like doing things that would make you very upset and traumatized for at least a few days will happen to them. And then when I cross their room they are just laughing on the phone with their friends and the other person who abused them shows no remorse. My dad got a new gf recently and they have some of the loudest arguments ever. One time I was one hundred percent sure my dad was killing her. Banging. Screaming. I have never heard anyone angrier And I was legitimately shaken sitting on my room wondering if I should do something like call 911 or try to stop him. But no. A few days later they are fine. Shes making dinner and doesn’t seem phased and neither does my dad.

It’s got me wondering. Do normgroids really have feelings other than selfishness and anger? Are they all sociopaths? I have zero faith in them. It just hit me earlier that to make them take their actions seriously would take a miracle, some kind of sudden spiritual third eye awakening to see how fucked up they are. Because it seems they would gladly die ignorant and just evil for lack of a better word.
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Why did god allow normies to look like us?

I mean, most people truly are soulless, they do not have humanity within them, yet they walk as we, they talk as we, and they sometimes easily deceive the otherwise ensouled and kind-hearted because they are a sort of concealed living evil.

Normies are false instances of humanity.


Normies are different iterations of a single sociopathic group-soul that I think in some negative way is telepathically connected.


It's probably better (for them)
They can get over stuff very easily and move onto the next thing.
is it them coping with minor or major negative things in life? Maybe without even knowing they're doing it, but it mostly works.

you can see something similar in normgroid conversations sometimes. They can be talking about quite an in depth topic that they appear really into, get distracted by something for 5 seconds then move onto a different topic like the previous one never happened at all.
When I see that happen I always wondered if they care about anything they talk about or are they just going through motions.


Psychopathic, not sociopathic. But I agree.


normies living rent free in wizkids and mentally ill heads

File: 1687124321074.jpg (224.7 KB, 1023x1021, 1023:1021, 1670979301685.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What do you think of nofap, does it make sense or is it all a lie, is it worth abstaining from pornography, or is it not worth the effort?
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Getting away from porn is good.
If we had lives none of us would spend this much effort on the addiction, because we would have things to do. It was like that when I worked, simply because I had something to look forward to where I couldn't indulge in the habit, and I didn't feel like going back to Rosie Palmer immediately after coming home. Back then it was a once every few days thing.
Problem with that is that you would need some sort of life and investment in the world, some sort of attachment that feels right and isn't met with intense shame. I have now found the thing I want to do with my life, but the thing I want to do will bring me into conflict with the Satanic forces that rule humanity, and I will never be comfortable. It does wear on me, but I have to do this now. I won't go back to what they want me to be, because what they want me to be is a living monument to the victory of this eugenic religion, living to suffer. I have no reason to ever do that and if I did submit, they will just intensify the torture. It's what they do and what they are. Fighting them is the only thing that gives my life purpose and keeps me at all attached to the world. If I had to stop fighting them in any capacity and had the freedom to do so, I would kill myself rather than plod through life with empty hobbies, because I'm not allowed to even have hobbies that are worthwhile. That is forbidden for us now.


One difficulty with getting away from porn is that when you go out into the world, you see the stark class/caste divide. All of the pretty people are "off limits", all of the people in our caste are made ugly and degraded due to the toxic eugenic creed making us suffer. The succubi in my caste suffer too much and do not want me - nothing good can come out of that. And that's what the people who rule this world want - to make it clear that it will never, ever be different, and we are out. Forever. That's why people turn to porn in the first place, and why porn becomes more detached from reality as time goes on. I recall porn from older times was far less extreme and the acts were more normal. Now everything is exaggerated, and you can see the degradation of male performance in porn. Even in the fantasies, humanity is seen as degraded and weaker. Success and health are monopolized for those selected to live by eugenics. This is reinforced with every other lockout in society, and so the lockout policies in 2020 are the next step, planned decades in advance. It's things like that which drive people to indulge in some fantasy or another.

I see nofap serving the same sort of thing - it's put forward by these cults that want to rope men into the usual fascist ideology. You don't need "nofap" as an ideology to see that masturbation is the action of caged animals. It has long been known that autosexualism is at the root of so many psychological and social disturbances, and is at the root of many failed ideologies and political cults. It is because we are very visibly denied contact with the "valid" world that this happens, because it becomes a social obligation of the valid to reject us. More than that, the valid, the eugenic, march into our private lives, break up our families, take our homes, and place us under a permanent terror. The valid are taught to maximize the thrill of torturing us, and that this itself is the prime want of life.


my illness seems to be at its peak, so i couldn't get restful sleep. instead i spent few hours edging in my fantasies without even realizing. honestly, i was half asleep, so i thought that maybe at most 30 minutes have passed. i only understood that i've been doing that for hours when i felt unpleasant tension in the known place. crumpled somewhat when released it, now feeling much relieved. glad succubi with their tortures released me. i hope the day comes and i will gain power enough to oppose them making way into my head to cause me pain. don't edge for long, wizs.


i'm not too far from what nofappers call a coomer. but to be honest i have been on the fence lately on whether i should give up hentai and masturbation entirely. it makes me feel kinda dirty and guilty because i'm in love with someone (2d). i think i should just grow some wizballs and commit myself, but i find it difficult to take that step. i know i'm being a "manbaby" by hesitating and continuing to indulge in it. anyway, i don't personally think fapping is degrading to oneself, but it does defile a sacred bond.


pretty sure trannies take that stuff. it stops your testosterone from doing much at the level they take it, but at smaller it doses the same thing happens, just it only seems to stop your test from choking your hair follicles. could be wrong, but it seems complicated

File: 1684786660354.jpg (122.42 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 452a5a5374f7f9ca877a185103….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


a good wizard is always accompanied by his faithful companion, so do you have a pet?
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natural pest control, tbh.


You're missing the point, I'm not saying humans are some great force for good, they're not, but they have the capacity to make the planet less shit. In your mind what was this "initial harmony" then, 165 million years of dinosaurs, with toddler brains, walking around eating and shitting and gorging each other? That's not a good world, that's a pretty bad one, nothing harmonious about it, completely pointless.

Before say "welll erm ackchtuhally it can't be cruel because like nature doesn't have feelings" well guess what edgelord, I'm a human, with a brain, I have feelings, I can objectively understand that a zebra, with it's chest ripped open, walking around trying to push it's guts back in, scared and confused, is a bad thing. Sure, it's "just nature", and nature is disgusting.

Actually, and this is a very controversial take for some reason, I don't care if certain species go extinct. Conservationists are actually the egotistic ones, all so they can keep some dumb animals around to observe and feel good about because they're heckin' cute or whatever. Oh no this certain breed of tiger cant npc mode walk around and eat other things anymore, imagine the breadth of experience of being a tiger (none). It's all fun and cute to observe these things, but to actually be them? No thanks. You could say I'm projecting my human experience onto them, but I don't care.

>Kill or be killed is not disgusting because those who think it is die first.

I don't get what you're trying to say here, I assume you're saying, if an animal was born with a genetic defect that made them a pacifist, they would soon be deleted from the genepool? Uh, okay, much edge, not relevant if we're discussing the moral impact of humans on the planet, also, humans are the most successful animal on Earth, and all societies outlaw nondescript murder, or kill or be killed mentality, because it's objectively undesirable and bad.

Humans are just nature, extrapolated to both extremes, they can do insanely evil things (genocide, slaughtering billions of animals for meat (yet no different than your much acclaimed dog eat dog funland)), but also insanely good things (healthcare, veterinary, medicine). If you hate humans you must also then hate nature, because humans are just the end product of mother nature's tech tree.


I have two ferrets and they are the light of my life. I look forward to coming home so they can see me and smell my shoes. I take them on walks around the apartment and people are oftentimes happy to see them.
They are curious and very playful, almost to a fault because often times I simply don't have the energy to play. But it's okay.
When I'm sleeping and they want me to wake up, they run up to my face and sniff my nose and hands.

They make me incredibly happy even though they poop an incredible amount. And sometimes they chew on things their not supposed to.

I love them so much.


good points.

overall i'd say animal love is for normalfags cause normalfags are animals. i don't hate animals, i just don't care about them, cause i don't relate to them.


my cat died. wish i had the courage to kill myself.

File: 1689173279715.jpg (766.29 KB, 1200x733, 1200:733, Fiat-500-Cult-Review-Heade….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The old thread died and I'd like to discuss driving and cars more.

Do you have a license?
Do you enjoy driving?
What car do you drive?
And cool driving or car stories?

I don't like driving much, but I'm forced to do it. I have a tiny Fiat. It's orange, and I named it Asuka like in NGE ha ha. I've never really understood why people speak about driving being "fun". It's a stressful activity for me that I complete as a means to an ends. I don't find driving for its own sake fun, and I don't take joy rides.

People on the road are extremely hostile so if you have anxiety when dealing with people face-to-face, the same problems will follow you onto the road.
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The rules of paying for your meals?


What color is your car? Do you care much about your car's color?


pink fiat multipla


I dunno' about elsewhere but California offers at least two different types of photo ID: the regular ID and the DL. They both look almost exactly the same. I'm assuming that some restaurants would just ask for the regular ID if you don't have a DL. Others would probably have you wash the dishes or something. Maybe if they don't like your mannerisms they might call the cops on you. If for whatever reason my card gets declined; I just go, "I don't have any cash on me. What do I do?" and they tell me to leave some photo ID with them and to come back for it when I can pay for my meal.


Yeah I'm 31 now, got a license at 18.
For the most part I like driving. I really like smoking a joint while driving on highways at 2 am when nobody else is on the road. I hate driving during normal business hours especially in my tourist city because people here drive like ass.
I drive a Honda Pilot. I want a smaller car though.
One time I was driving a car that didn't belong to me during a massive ice storm that hit my city. Driving on the highway I was fine, no issue. I take an exit, and this exit is curved with a stop light at the end of it. The light is red and I stupidly hit the brake, and suddenly I lose control of the car due to ice. The car begins to spin counter clockwise as I approach the stop light, I immediately relinquish control of the vehicle, "let Jesus take the wheel" so to speak. The car does a complete 360 degree spin, and comes to a complete full stop right at the stop line, perfectly lined up with the white line on the road, as if nothing had happened. Almost immediately after the car stopped spinning, I grab the wheel, thankful to be alive and not had hit anything, and the light turns green and I go on my way.

File: 1685028397346.jpg (100.78 KB, 1200x809, 1200:809, scale_1200.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Consciousness has come to the point now where you know that you are alone. And only in aloneness can you attain enlightenment. I am not saying loneliness. The feeling of loneliness is the feeling that comes when one is escaping from aloneness, when one is not ready to accept it. If you do not accept the fact of aloneness, then you will feel lonely. Then you will find some crowd or some means of intoxication in which to forget yourself. Loneliness will create its own magic of forgetfulness. If you can be alone even for a single moment, totally alone, the ego will die; the "I" will die. You will explode; you will be no more. The ego cannot remain alone. It can exist only in relation to others. Whenever you are alone, a miracle happens. The ego becomes weak. Now it cannot continue to exist for long. So if you can be courageous enough to be alone, you will gradually become egoless.

To be alone is a very conscious and deliberate act, more deliberate than suicide, because the ego cannot exist alone, but it can exist in suicide. Egoistic people are more prone to suicide. Suicide is always in relation to someone else; it is never an act of aloneness. In suicide, the ego will not suffer. Rather, it will become more expressive. It will enter into a new birth with greater force.

Through aloneness, the ego is shattered. It has nothing to relate to, so it cannot exist. So if you are ready to be alone, unwaveringly alone, neither escaping nor falling back, just accepting the fact of aloneness as it is – it becomes a great opportunity. Then you are just like a seed that has much potential in it. But remember, the seed must destroy itself for the plant to grow. Ego is a seed, a potentiality. If it is shattered, the divine is born. The divine is neither "I" nor "thou," it is one. Through aloneness, you come to this oneness.
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Egotism is retarded.
Seriously… when people are ready to die, they really are done. They set their final affairs in order if they can or want to. The instinct is to do it alone, without regard to society at all. The egotists start crying about how selfish it is for people to do what they concluded was the only thing that could be done.
People do not suicide out of boredom or mere suffering, or even extreme suffering. They suicide because they conclude morally that continuing to live will lead to something worse than death, and suicide will prevent that. Shame by itself does not compel suicide by sentiment. With shame comes very terrible consequences that no one ever wants to live through. Those who know that level of shame will tell you that they wish they did kill themselves rather than continue on, but either out of stubbornness to live, a moral sense that there was something greater than themselves to live for, or purely to spite those who pushed them into the shameful life, they did continue.

Ultimately it really doesn't matter - absent a particularly good reason to die, we can endure suffering and keep going on. The point of the torture isn't to encourage death, but to maximize suffering to compel people to do things they don't want to do, at the cheapest cost possible for the torturer and to maximize the sentiment the rulers want, which is to torture for its own sake.

Seeing it that way, I realize now that there are things to live for, and it sure as hell isn't anyone's ego. That shit is for petulant brats who didn't get enough beatings and weren't able to learn discipline. In this cursed society, we were never allowed to have that discipline. Any time we tried to assert it ourselves, we were beaten and "corrected" to be the cattle the rulers want. Any time someone else tried to impose actual discipline and authority, instead of this thrill of looking "tough" that took over the society, they were stopped. They don't want any genuine authority. They want to rule by torture and fear alone, where no one knows anything about anything. It really is disgusting that we were made to live for this - that this is all humanity was ever for, even though anyone with a brain warned the wise leaders that this wouldn't lead to anything good. They don't care. They think they can live in their special world and get us to kill each other on command. That's all they ever could do.


>continuing to live will lead to something worse than death
The thing is, they can't know something worse won't happen to them after death. That is why I won't kill myself despite wanting to cease to exist. What if it will be even worse?


Doesn't have to be worse to them psychologically after death, because believe it or not people care about something other than their pathetic sense of self. If you really only cared about yourself, then you have a paradox. You would literally have no reason not to kill yourself, seeing the typical ennui of life every pissant teenager knows and figuring that there really is nothing else from a selfish point of view. The flipside is that your selfishness won't allow you to see that without succumbing to a gruesome wank where you destroy yourself, and eventually you have actual reasons to kill yourself that you're too cowardly to carry out.
But, no one is purely selfish, and cannot be, so this is a fool's argument. Psychopaths are not selfish in that sense. They can recognize there is a world outside of them, often more than the general populace. Extreme selfishness is not a trait of psychologically disturbed people, but a trait of normies. Those people always abase themselves before the institutions or anything that looks strong, because the selfish are easily impressed and cajoled by the quest to attract to the power, or try to claim it in some foolish quest to be a heroic conqueror. The latter strategy is so transparent that such people are cajoled, used for their purpose, and spit out after being exposed as fools. The former is encouraged by schooling and every institution that is important, and the former is desired so much that they accept the latter more than they accept anyone who would think outside of this self-abasing lifestyle.

Me, I never understood selfishness. My wants are very simple, so I think primarily about the shit other people do to fuck with me. Anyone who actually thinks learns from an early age the greatest threat to a human being is other humans, and this need for security overrides most other basic and petty wants. We don't even fear starvation or disease for their own sake so much - we know we are going to die some day, and there are worse ways to die than that. Starvation is bad because humans see a sick person and see an opportunity to extract more suffering on average. Even charity exists only so far as people recognize that having poor people as targets hurts everyone in society in the long term, as this tends to lead to a death spiral where everyone kicks down to get ahead in a rat race. A child can see the futiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


As for contemplation about the afterlife - that is something people would consider, and you can't invoke FUD forever on that topic. I think if you do fear Hell, you know that staying under torture won't give you redemption. It would make Hell worse, because the living Hell is already present. Every torturer is well acquainted with the function of the Satan and eagerly embraces the Satan - it would be impossible for them to be effective torturers without this knowledge.


>The divine is neither "I" nor "thou," it is one
But what is the ego without the super-ego and the id?


How do you answer questions from people you interact with about what you "do"? I have had to answer these sorts of questions where people ask if you're employed and they ask what you do all the time or what you do with your friends and it is always a deeply unpleasant experience. I feel compelled to lie because I can't just say "I sit on the computer all day doing fuck all and I have no friends". I BS about "projects" and "working" for "organizations". I can't help myself and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The panic that they will ask deeper questions and expose my BS is always palpable. I think most people can kind of sense the reality of what I am and what I do after the first vague BS sort of answers I give and so they know enough to avoid prying, but it still sucks.

What is the best way to deal with this situation?
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My aunt asked me "So what are you doing now?" I answered "I'm eating pizza". She said "I see that", said some words about reasons of me not going outside, I finished eating and went to my room.


that shows you how powerful Russia is, Russia under a regime intentionally trying to ruin it, beats Germany under a regime trying to turn them into supermen


Muscovy with other millions of soldiers from countless occupied nations of the USSR, with soldiers from the Allies, and Lend-Lease from the USA.


A teenager's fantasy for sure


>What is the best way to deal with this situation?
Do stuff.

Second best and far easier way to deal with it is to politely move the conversation along with small talk while not addressing the question in any detail.
Takes a little practice but isn't too hard. Much easier then actually doing stuff though.

File: 1683733132232.gif (160.73 KB, 499x427, 499:427, 1680076446389312.gif) ImgOps iqdb

 No.206648[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I know a guy in his 30s that only had sex with 1 succubi and kissed like 3 succubi in his life, can he be considered a "honorary" wizard or wizard "adjacent"? I think that are a lot of man out there with little sexual experience, not actual virgin like us, but borderline like us in behavior and all, how can we go to treat those fellas? I'm very sympathetic to those guys, I think there are almost like us in way.
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how is this shit thread still up


I think many will find some interest, but they know they can't act on it in that environment and nothing good can come from it. Basically, unless you're horribly deformed or completely incapable of appearing human behaviorally, there might be a succubus somewhere who smiles at you. You can't take that to mean anything more than it does. One of the succubi remembered me from when we were very little and so it was more about friendship than that.

The real test is when you have to join the parties, not the initial interest. That's where you get weeded out, and it is a brutal game. They don't tell us who are left out any of the secrets, and the succubi who aren't yet inducted into the club just muddle through things until they're eventually picked up. It always happens even with the succubi who are really cast down. The succubi who are "like us" are treated like animals and become rightly fearful of any man, and the nastiness takes hold of so many men. It becomes strange to believe there are nice men, and niceness does not last in society.

In any event, I've been specifically warned that if I ever were with a succubus, people would break that up. It's one of the lines of defense they use to make sure those who are not allowed in don't get anywhere, and to make sure participants in the game keep playing by the rigged rules to make everyone nasty. No one, no couple, can survive against that for too long. If you stay out of the game, you are denied promotions, kept out of the loop in society, and eventually face hardship, while those selected to rise get jobs handed to them and laugh at the losers. That will wear down anyone, and it's all by design. Knowing that, relationships on the basis of kindness are not tenable, and eventually people who get into relationships learn the hard way how this works.

If that isn't enough, you have to think for a few minutes about what marriage really is, and the institutions that enter your life as a result.
Usually, schools fucking with kids is the breaking point for a marriage. If someone is not in the club, schools will shit on the kids of any "unsanctioned" union, will make endless insinuations if you aren't paid up with the club and don't play by their rules. They, like any mafia, will make sure everyone is on the take. That's where I've seen so many decent men, men who are normies, learn thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Why is this thread still up


that "i know a guy" plausible deniability shit is so transparent it should not fly here


can escortcels be wiz?

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File: 1684649360065.jpg (648.86 KB, 2865x2026, 2865:2026, SzPD1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


We had a schizoid thread some time ago. I thought I'd continue it again because some of the conversation there was pretty interesting.

Basic intro… Schizoid != Schizophrenic.

Schizoid chan image will explain what it is in the next few posts here, but:



I can see why normies would label it a 'disorder' (because it is considered bad by normie success metrics), but I don't think I buy that it's 'bad.' Do you think it's bad? If you consider yourself schizoid, is there something you're trying to do to 'fix' yourself?

Anyways, SzPD general, I guess.
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half truths


They're typically idyllic, no person irl can hope to even come close.
Rather than succubi, It's probably better to think of them as angels that come from the collective sea of creativity given that they're literally dreamt up as an ideal with traits desired by men without the imperfections of 3DPD.

Just looking at 3DPD fills me with disgust because of their nature.
2D doesn't come with the baggage of an ugly past, their own agency, questionable loyalty, laziness, "female logic" etc.
I'm aware that I've got hopelessly unreasonable standards but it's impossible for me to "fall in love" with human beings because of them.
I can simply turn off 2d when I've got things to do, I'm not burdened with the commitment of a relationship. I can retreat into solitude at anytime.

I suppose 2D at the end is just emotional (also physical) masturbation, if you succesfully manage to compartmentalize your mind, you'll be able to receive all the love and lust satiation without any of the negatives.
So I can see why the truly ascetic wizards among us cannot tolerate 2D succubi, it's still a sign of clinging to some form of humanity rather than transcending it to become actually independent.
Unfortunately not everyone is capable of taking that final step.


File: 1694387816837.jpg (106.12 KB, 648x648, 1:1, 79bc4fe6a2b4db12cacd7cc740….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Rather than succubi, It's probably better to think of them as angels that come from the collective sea of creativity given that they're literally dreamt up as an ideal with traits desired by men without the imperfections of 3DPD.
that's a very good way of putting it, wiz.

>I suppose 2D at the end is just emotional (also physical) masturbation

that's a common misconception, but they're just as real as anything else, just like how dreams and waking life are the same thing rearranged. if we already walked away from the path of normalcy, we should also free ourselves from its constrictive ways of thinking, like that dreams and imagination are somehow fake and the waking world is the "real" reality.

>Unfortunately not everyone is capable of taking that final step.

for some of us it was the other way around.


>this comes from some Japanese pamphlet
I'd like to see the translation without the memespeak and smug condescension.


>Anyways, please tell me what do you think of 2D succubi.

I used to be very into anime but somehow, despite not really maturing as a person since I am home all day and make 0 experiences, I grew out of it. The saccharine depictions of 2D succubi feel like drinking a soda to me. I used to drink nothing but soda, finding water bland, but now the sweetness and artificial taste makes me sick.

2D just lacks any detail and subtlety which is so important for attraction to me. Perfection is boring.

File: 1694687606390.jpeg (27.52 KB, 500x345, 100:69, d72-4001056784.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I've been a hedonist most of my life but lately I've grown tired of formerly pleasureful activities like eating, fapping, movies, tv, video games, shitposting, twitch streams, silly youtube videos… I don't know if it's just depression but I feel like I want some meaning in my life. I thought about art but idk the fact that what you create is not practical outside of maybe making someone else feel bothers me. I dream of AI and robotics improving but I'm way to stupid to meaningfully contribute to it. I tried going to college for it but my brain is just too slow and I lack the creativity to innovate which is how you make advancements in this field.

What meaning have you found that drives you?
Are you searching for it too?
Or do you think having a meaning is not necessary?
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Disagree a bit, the person who spent a decade just smoking weed and watching tv is probably the best candidate for just waking up at 30 and changing things. If you’ve never tried you don’t know, like heroin addicts who bounce back and live good lives in their 30s. The real done for bozos are those who are 30 and been trying to no success.


>the person who spent a decade just smoking weed and watching tv is probably the best candidate for just waking up at 30 and changing things
you dont have any idea what you're talking about.


My meaning is intrinsic: building stuff on the computer and watching it come to life for my sense of achievement.


he might have a point. those who never tried at all, might have relatively more % hope, than those who have been constantly trying and failing.


I'm kind of the opposite I always ad a drive to learn about stuff, or to learn to do stuff. But I never go in very deep, I lose interest at some point, I get filtered because I'm a certified brainlet, or I get distracted with something else.
Lately I find no interest in anything that I used to like so much. I've been trying all of the topics that always pulled me sk bad: weiqi, geometry, programming, and a bunch others. I try and try to dive into them but I always find myself not interested, not a bit, and I just feel like I NEED this in my life, I need to read and to study, I find myself pen in hand the way I always liked to do, or trying to get some inspo from online conversations on the topics I like, but to no avail: I am not interested anymore. I am left grasping for something to entertain myself with, and "passive" entertainment such as literature, movies or videogames have never done it for me (only literature but that used to be when I was younger and not so much anymore). I keep browsing the internet to combat this boredom but the internet sucks a million dicks, at least the "social" spots such as imageboards where I find no interesting conversation whatsoever.

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