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been working for a couple years now in manual labor and feel like shit all the time because of it. couldnt care less if i get paid well my health is invaluable compared to work. How can a wiz manage to live without having to work? or at the very least work as little as possible in a job with little to no stress? welfare? office job?
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If you have got neetbux were you able to survive on it?


Never work for waht you thing your worth.
Always sey more. You cant loose in this strategy.


Starting an office job tomorrow. Will see how it goes.


do tell!


you need to have capital before you can invest

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Any wizzies that used to be atheists but stopped? If you are willing to share, what made you change?
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Yeah whatever, maybe after you die you'll reincarnate into a giga ultratron chad and become god himself, but only if you keep crying like a fucking faggot like you're doing right now, keep fighting the good fight brother.


I'm not pretending at all. Again, that's you fags lol. You're so utterly convinced that magic and miracles exist. I've yet to see any. Tards think god is talking to them by seeing symbolism and synchronicity in everything. I'm sure someone will provide the stellar article of evidence for this stuff from crystalboomerspiritscence.biz, which is totally better and more reputable and rigorously reasoned than Science™ merely because it isn't that.
It's the conclusion I came to weighing all the arguments I've seen. It's ironic when people here complain about something being the default, normalfag, redditor belief because that's attempting to force their own consensus. You also reveal that you're contrarian for the sake of itself. You're very emotional about your spiritual beliefs to the point that you can't put forth a real argument and just emptily bitch. Funnily enough, the majority of my country is religious in some form, so I guess that makes you the normalfag…?


so youre arguing that dreams arent real solely because when youre awake things are different, cool.


tard tossing bait


there is no such thing as the nothingness that atheists love to preach. im convinced now that atheism is just another tool of demoralization capitalizing on the human spirit and its infinite curiosity for death and god. There is always life and those that reject the life god gave them are doomed live the worst lives possible denying nature and spirit and struggling against that which would lead to happiness


Thought about digging a mine or occupying an abandoned one to live inside it instead of the streets.

What should I carry with me?


A picaxe, a hatchet, a tinder box, a fishing net, a shield, and your choice of single-handed weapon (sword, warhammer, mace)

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How do I completely rid myself of any attatchments to the normalfag world. I've already accepted love doesnt exist, that the world was created to generate suffering to feed the demiurge, Im losing attracting to 3dpd as well, but still how do I become truly deattatched to the normalfag world.
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Fuck other people man. Yust work, always say more, look for job on daily basis. Somebody want to pay mor go his way. what you cant loose?


IMO there isn't anything that properly captures the wiz experience at large. maybe that's a good thing though. all kinds of history has been repacked into ironic, shallow meme knowledge. becoming some normies ironic joke wouldnt be fun.


Thats true vast majority of new entertainment contaims normalcy and females.


> vast majority of new entertainment
All entertainment is like that because it is the human experience for 90% of the population.


If I had the energy or proper talent then I would have done so already, believe me.

It is interesting because it is so uncommon. We have trash like the 40 years old virgin made and such to mock people like us but normals don't really understand us at all at the end of the day.

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This board is fucking dying, what happened to half of the user base here? killed themselves???
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why dont you just go to a bar and chat up some ppl


Normalfags and succubi post about "crabs" because they can't attack the two groups they obviously belong to. The change on the site to attacking male virgins "crabs" is enough proof that the real users left long ago. All that's left are the two groups who didn't belong here, but now run the site.


I'm still on this earth for a while longer but I raid crabs on sight to try to buy you wizzos time to retreat and gather supplies for a counter attack and make safe the website


I didn't ask for your input succubus.


Moved to >>>/meta/62685.


Wizards who lived with their parents until they died, how did your life change once they were gone?


I would suicide. Still haven't figured out whether dehydration or starvation is the more painful way to go. The sole reason I'm sticking around in this hell is that I owe them care in old age as they sacrificed a lot for me despite my failures, and they treat me well enough (well maybe not my dad so much, he still argues and pushes me to become a normie), especially my mum, who hugs me once in a while after each time I vaccuum the whole house (even though I pretend to be stiff to not show that I enjoy the oxytocin release). We're from a culture where parents don't kick out adult children even if they're unable to find employment as long as they at least help out with chores and don't cause trouble, and the children are expected to look after the parents at old age.


The standard of euthinasia in the US for old people is to both starve and dehydrate them to death, and then what they do is give the family a little finger-sized sponge to keep the mouth moist because it's super painful when that dries out and so the family can feel like they're doing something nice. In reality, the patient is on a crazy pill cocktail to try to numb the pain, keep them in a coma-like state, and stop the natural spasms that accompany death from dehydration. It's a terrible way to go, but it funds the medical industry and gets an old person dead sooner than later without drawing it out and with an official excuse for the family so they don't have to feel bad about letting "natural causes" or whatever do the dirty deed.

I had one grandfather who straight up refused to eat once he decided he was done and didn't want to drag things out. He out and gone within a week, but he had wanted to die, and the last time I spoke with him that's what we talked about. He said he wished more people would respect him enough to let him die in dignity at his point of choosing. So talk to them now if that's what you're worried about. You might find yourself some day having to make a decision without them having any say in the matter.

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And no this is not only me, I've talked with a lot of magic practitioners and warlocks in the past, this seems to be a recurrent theme that is hard to admit. A lot of us procrastinate copious amounts of times, when most of the time all you have to do is take the spell or craft and start using it… No amount of book procrastinating will ever replace the practical side of magic. I get angry with myself often because of this. Why all of this irrational fear? All you really have to do is to practice magic to get good at magic.(And disregard female (it goes without saying it)).



Can you give some advice were to start?

> No amount of book procrastinating will ever replace the practical side of magic

What would you recommend to do first in practical terms?


Socially isolated, out-of-shape, mentally deranged men looking for magic fixes, when there are often clear low hanging fruits for improvement. No quick, easy fix.

The magic comes from becoming, then being. Not from faggy sigils or whatever.

No one is afraid of learning magic, people are afraid of things that get results, like guns and government "help". Believing in magic is just delusional thinking, schizophrenic.

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I am a slav from eastern europe so yes i hate being a 'slav', why couldn't i be born in a country with actual achievements like france, america, spain, italy or even korea
when i go outside my shithole and when some other people recognize I am from an irrelevant eastern European shithole they just have nothing to say and sometimes they look down at me.
god i hate being myself, at least Wizards and NEETs in other countries can take pride in being a certain nationality.
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If you're smart enough to recognize your defects then you're not that bad


Slavs are the greatest civilization because they will destroy humanity soon


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dye your hair and wear it as a symbol of shame, so 195694 won't set the dogs on you lol


bro you've been brainwashed what good does having piss poor self esteem about your national origin, read some hero stories about that ethnicity for christ sake mate

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It's a waste of time and money, it doesn't solve or help me with anything, it's a nice buzz, but too short lived.
I never had any "insight" I didn't already know before hand.
It doesn't really help with work or study, the nights I drink to get drunk end up with me listening to music, watching a movie and sleeping it off, the occasions I did work on something were very rare and I would probably have done better if I had just napped before or drunk a cup of coffee.
There are a couple of drinks that I like, but from now on I'm not getting drunk anymore, at least for me it's pretty stupid and useless.
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>enjoys being drunk
really thought that was true for everyone. why else would one drink?


update: i just demolished a 12 pack and now I feel bad and I'm still a virgin. you were all correct.


>I feel bad and I'm still a virgin

oh no :(


Why not drink to numb the pain?

>he doesn't take benadryls


If you get a hangover, it's because you weren't drinking enough water.
I'm 29 and still don't get hangovers simply because I drink one or two glasses of water with each drink.

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A lot of wizards will likely get dogs to fight the loneliness. Please do not. Dogs are terrible creatures that regularly maul children. They are also noisy and disease-ridden. "A dog is a man's best friend" is just marketing from yhe pet industry to get you to waste money on an animal that only sees you as a food source.
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ah yes lets have more racist posts instead, because an animal that eats its own shit is so heckin based compared to those black people amirite


dogs and eating meat aren't political. youve just become mentally ill from the 2016 elections.


birds are rats with wings they should all go extinct


>the pet industry


>he doesn't know

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