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I've been using english speaking internet sites since 11 years already, im 29. My main language is spanish, and to navigate english based internet was certainly an advantage. The problem is that i've became disappointed and tired with the english speaking crowd, its really difficult to find communities that are not conditioned by anglo culture, and all the things that encompasses (consumerism, ruthless competitiveness, hollywood-style pretentions, politics, virgin hate, etc).

I want to explore new horizonts. I want to learn a language that lets me find more wizard communities or navigating sites that are more aligned with the wizard philosophy. From what i know at the moment, finland can be sort of there.

If you are a non-american wizard, do you think your country has internet communities that have better discourse than english ones, or even more wizardlike sites? And if not, which countries do you think are the closest?
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I've never watched the anime so I can't speak for it, but back when I played the VN it was very enjoyable, I'd recommend people to at least try it once if they want media with an autistic hiki MC.


>failed normies growing these days? was it always like that?

Psychosocial conditioning is ignored to be such.
>muh losing opportunities to be happie and stuff
>giving importance to being seen as a loser
>many other degeneracies
People still fears our ways, our solitude.



Im argentinian. I doubt about latinamerican and african wizard communities, as these places are far too technologically illiterate, if a imageboard is set up, then it will become crab infested and normaggot infested, basically the mediocre popuplation.

But contrary to what you say, i can definetely see the posibility of european wizard communities, even in places like spain and portugal. Romance countries are usually seen as normie central in the media, but they are first world countries, and first world countries develope vast ammount of under and outcast subcultures. And of course the rest of europe is well known for being reclusive and autistic.


18, Brazil


Search for xenforo forums.

File: 1673404087429.gif (3.44 MB, 200x112, 25:14, 1649459861032.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Hello everyone,

A little about myself first. So not that long ago I turned forty. I have poked my head in every year or two to this imageboard.

I remember years ago a big thing about getting sort of wizardly powers and certain things happening that never seemed to materialize. So now I am forty, I want to step back and inquire if I missed something or is something going to happen now that I am forty or is it more of the same? Thank you.
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which online site do you use? i only have crappy ones, yours seems great.


That is so beautiful, thank you for this post.


I had to buy the house and 82 acres from my fathers company when he died. Half was my money and maybe half inheritance.


18 brazil


you're still a virgin right?


I live a very simple and minimalist life as a wiz. I do not have a job due to my autism, nor do I have any friends. I do not leave my house or speak to people. I spend most of my time in my house by myself. And I love it this way. This is my dream life sort to speak. For the first time in my life, I finally feel at peace. I feel free from the burdens of the world. I feel complete, and finally happy. This started thanks to abstinence which I thought was a meme at first. Now I see it is a form of mental training for wizards. It can help you build up mental fortitude, and make you more resilient when it comes to dealing with temptation and other evils. Abstinence can also help you practice self-control in other areas of your life, such as how you spend your time and your money. It can be a great way to build confidence in yourself. If you can stay faithful to your goals no matter how silly or small it might appear to others, then you will feel better about yourself and you will be more likely to achieve them.

By practicing abstinence, I can prove that I'm strong enough to resist temptation and focus on my wizard grind. You can also learn to trust yourself more, and feel more confident in your abilities as a result. When you know that you can resist temptation and completely ignore succubi, it's easier to say no to things that would otherwise tempt you. You become more disciplined and accountable for your actions and have a better life full in the wizard path. And finally, you can use abstinence as a way to build self-respect—which can make you more likely to be proud as a wizard. I no longer feel bad about myself or pity myself I know I'm in control and it's up to me to be happy.
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you're more wizardly than anyone on this site


I agree, the degenerate low impulse control coomers are annoying


I agree. The less I indulge in any pleasure, the better I feel. The only pleasure I have is writing this post & listening to music. Anything else I don't care. I don't watch porn, don't masturbate, nothing!

I make sure to stay healthy and that is it. I'm 25 y.o soon to be wiz. I'm not working, but I was working I'd be a butcher as butcher = cheaper meat (I eat a carnivore diet). That's it.


coomers porn watchers can't be wizards so you're on the right path and more of a wizard than half the users here.


high iq OP

File: 1675451996290.jpg (27.17 KB, 504x276, 42:23, 1673601000922134.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have an idea, we should create a rumor and spread it to the internet and watch it grow


alright, whenever someone mentions african economy or something like that, try and give a factoid about how madagascar is the top animation producer of the african continent, something how it's like the 'japan of africa', if you will

this is nearly impossible to actually google to verify because all search results bring up the madagascar pixar movie thing


Moved to >>>/b/881859.

File: 1669955467582.jpeg (33.36 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1-767371056.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I used to browse here years ago and being a wizard seemed so far away. I thought that as I would get closer to 30 for sure a drive to achieve SOMETHING will awaken in me but nope. Now I'm 30 and it seems so surreal. I have not changed at all in like the last 7 years except I feel even more low energy and anxious now. I remember reading how as a wizard you stop caring but I feel like I care more than ever now. I keep noticing the ages of accomplished scientists/engineers/ceos/artists and it scares me how many are 30 or younger. Or just people who have a good job and live by themselves and not with parents which is like most people my age and younger. I still feel like I'm 20 when it comes to life experience. I have no idea how day after day I managed to get 0 progress. Now if I want to learn something I am at a point where the teachers are likely to be younger than me. But I got no wisdom to show for all these years. I don't even know how to talk to people when there is this big hole in my life resume that I can't logically explain. Confronting this reality just makes me want to withdraw more into distracting activities which is not sustainable and makes things worse. I just want to stop feeling this anxiety every time I think about how old I am. Any advice?
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I never was a "teenager". Those years are best forgotten. There's just a big nothing where most people go on to live a life. I'm outside the stream of acceptable development. Really, I gave up on the idea of reaching societally approved benchmarks when I was a kid. Around 40 you really do feel the effects of physical age, sometimes a little earlier or later.

I really don't think about being really old as much different from now. I'm in bad shape as it is and probably won't make it to 60. Quite a few of us die young for some reason or another. Knew a few guys who had fatal strokes in the 40s after living troubled lives.


>Any advice?

yeah. it is possible. that's my advice.


I'm not saying I was normal or a normal teenager. That's just sort of where my emotional development largely got stuck, and I still barely feel like a real adult. But the crazed intensity has given way to more of a mellow old man who's given up on the idea of fighting or trying for anything.

Fortunately my health is still relatively good aside from being relatively fat, weak, and tired these days. Oh well. I was really only planning on making it about this far anyway, so the rest is pretty much just killing time. I have long had the impression that the decline of sufficiently advanced age tends to psychologically prepare humans and animals for their eventual demise.


I feel you. I'm 34, I already have gray hairs all over my body. I've always tried to hide my age to look a bit younger, because the though of getting old mortified me. But this year I've decided to shave my head and rock a goatee full of gray hairs. I look like a battle-hardened motherfucker, you'll never expect me to be a wizard if you would see me. It's usually until I open my mouth that people realize that I got issues.

But yeah, growing old as a wizard sucks, because your body gets older, but you have no experience or emotional growth to show for your years. The only good thing about it is that once you hit 30, the "spotlight" most people put on you in your late teens and 20s is no longer there, so you feel more free to do what you want instead of what's expected of you. People stop gawking at you and you become sort of "invisible" because now you blend in with the rest of the "adults".

If people ask you about your life, you can come up with any lie and they have no reason not to believe you. Usually when normalfags ask me if I have a gf/wife I just tell them that my last gf cheated on me and I haven't had a relationship in years, they believe me since at this point most people expect you to have some sort of experience when it comes to dating and stuff.


We do grow, we just become alien to humanity out of necessity. All their stories about growth and accomplishment are a lie told to get us sucked into their latest fad. Look at how accomplished these people are - succubi who are made to make themselves available for their bosses to get ahead in the professional world, men who are cuckolded, assholes at the top who did nothing but run the world into the ground and annihilate anything we'd actually want in society. That's your "personal growth" ideology. They don't want anything to grow except people like themselves, and then they declare that anyone who isn't a vicious predator like them is retarded and exists to be robbed in broad daylight. They don't want a world with anything else, and they want anyone who produces anything to be a slave.

In my case there is no doubt. Anyone who talks to me for any length of time sees right through any pretense I would maintain about getting anywhere with succubi. The only people who cared to insult me over it are the scum of humanity, barely better than me. I've had people just say out of the blue that they envy that I'm never going to have to put with it. There really is nothing there, anyway. Ideally you'd make babies and then do whatever else you were going to do. It would have been nice if fathers could actually raise their children, but the state wants to take your kids and raise them to be screaming maniacs, and there's no getting around that now. It's insinuated itself for too long. I don't know why, because this model for society has always been a dismal failure every time it has been tried. Everything in the past century has been the slow decay of all the virtue that was built up when the Empire produced men worth a shit. It has long been known that ultimately the strength of a society is most of all premised on the virtue of its succubi, so training succubi to be eugenicist harridans with no soul is part of the new slavery.

File: 1675236274557.jpg (42.65 KB, 850x1221, 850:1221, 1675236082778.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


is the desire to be a cute little anime succubus a common side-effect of the wizard lifestyle?
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Nigga is a pedophile


being a tranny doesn't make you not male


See the post above the one you replied to to understand why trannies aren't welcome here.


>faggotranny wants to BE a loli in his own words
>retards go "omg le pedo kys/based!"


we know who this mfcka trooner is anon, he's a pedophile


I think this board could use some inspiration, especially the younger apprentices. Let's discuss the following:
>What made you become a wizard? Was it life experiences, enlightenment or a specific happening?
>How do you deal with the societal pressure?
>Do you stay as a wizard intentionally for a greater cause or you're just rolling with life?
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tfw too intelligent for pussy and money


Trolls be seething because someone is born more intelligent than them.


The Wizlife chose me



>It's the default, although one important reason to be abstinent is that I never want to have children, and this assures that is the case.

You know you can have sex and still have no kids?


There are also people who smoke three packs a day and live to a hundred, but not smoking would still help if you want to be a hundred years old.

File: 1675329940524.png (124.81 KB, 709x593, 709:593, mod_is_experiencing_butthu….png) ImgOps iqdb


>retard logic gets called out
>n-no ur butthurt
>bans+full post history deleted
>ignores faggot, pedophile, tranny and generally sexual garbage on listed boards
>th-this website has endured for 11 WHOLE YEARS!!1 e-everything is going fine, j-j-just ignore the rapidly diminishing engagement which has nothing to do with anything…
Just about the only value left in visiting this shit-heap is to see exactly how low it can sink. I've seen countless better boards die long before this point. Quite literally, intestinal parasites run this place.
And that's the only reason I'm called an "outsider": actual wizards are outsiders on this gay sex chat for failed normalniggers. If you did a little Jonestown kool-aid tasting with your discord ERPmates, the world would probably wind up about 4.18% better. I can imagine that I'm not the only one who would celebrate your suicides.
Clean it up, autistic faggot.


you complain so much about this place but you still come back every time. truth is you don't give a shit about the community, you're just addicted to negative attention and have a lil smirk on your goblin face every time you get banned.


Clean it up janny meme and autistic insult. I hate the sex stuff mods allow but I would also also hate this place becoming like modern aggressive 4chan, which you do ooze.


No, you have a chip on your shoulder about me specifically when you can find similar behavior to mine in pretty much every other post on this faggot den. You create every excuse and deflect to anything and everything for why your landfill of HIV needles sinks down the gutter more and more every day. Zero fucking accountability and self-awareness. It's obvious that there is also no impartiality. Pet-posters and mods are allowed to be as annoying, cynical and gay anyplace on the website as they want to be.
Given that, how you can expect anyone to feel obligated to follow any rules is braindead, but I don't even get banned for anything besides the most arbitrary and vague rule of them all. I can't even recall having posted gore here, let alone racially-motivated gore. All I'm guilty of is making a mod perpetually butthurt strictly within the rules. Go fuck yourself retard.
>abloobloobloo 4chan
Blow it out your ass. Same trite excuse everybody accuses each other of over the smallest details across every board every single day. You can distance yourself from 4chan as much as you want, but you're still posting on a board that is entirely derivative of 4chan at the end of the day.
There is good autism and bad autism, and low-functioning bipolar spergs fall into the latter category and most certainly shouldn't be moderating shit. They should be euthanized lol.


Based. The Janny cannot defeat the VPN and once you make that clear usually stops being such an insufferable faggot. Wuzchang is DEAD


Moved to >>>/meta/63389.

File: 1675278754271.png (32.25 KB, 1476x232, 369:58, Screenshot 2021-05-18 1251….png) ImgOps iqdb


ITT: Post any and all wizdoms about the struggle between so called autists (the real humans) and normalfaggots (the sociopathic NPCs)
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File: 1675304642118.jpg (147.66 KB, 1280x592, 80:37, Anon normalfaggotry theory.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I made a graph. no artist but i did what i could


I need that you precisely define the terms you are using


I mean obviously that dichotomy is wrong but it was entertaining all the same


i get what you're trying to do
place the extremes of social illness as opposite to antisocial illness
but nothing beyond that makes sense

but it is ultimately your own idea and no one else is ever gonna use that so it doesn't matter what i think


because autists have next to 0 shits about other people they are obsessed with other things which makes them interesting to talk to. naturally they are more pure due to being less involved in worldly matters and are talented with magic because they were born free from the ignorance befallen by the normgroids.

Normies are born with way to much agency within themselves with little consciousness and because of that they are prone to strong emotions due to their ignorance. they are quite literally wired to be bad people. they do have a human intelligence however which lets them distort the world in cruel ways.

the scale is actually ignorance vs enlightenment with anyone off the scale being mystics. animal vs human. good vs. bad. light vs dark.

File: 1673351867688.jpg (358.4 KB, 726x1024, 363:512, 1673196869850125.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


how do NEET wizards who live alone do to get income enough to live in a house/appartment?
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Quite a silly view to have. You need money to invest and to have made significant gains from Bitcoin requires iron hands.

The ironic thing about investing is the people who are in the best position to invest properly are also the ones who least need it (rich people.) This is because they can throw in some spare change and then forget about it because it's like nothing to them. But a poor person cares much more about their money. If they have any at all to invest (they don't.)


Not everyone invested in crypto, I remember it being discussed 13 years ago on 4chan and most people back then disregarded it as a weird libertarian pipe dream. It was literally derided as buttcoin back then, and people mocked it with memes of bitcoins coming out of bums. I personally thought it was mediocre as a currency (its original purpose) due to its fiat nature, and it being a store of value is just a post ad hoc justification for its leap in value. Nobody back in 2010 was talking about holding onto bitcoin as a speculative investment, people were talking about one day being able to buy pizzas and buy steam games with it, and escaping the federal reserve system.

And most people that invested in crypto cashed out when it went to $100. I'm actually privy to a few people that made it big from crypto and they cashed out between $100-1000, barely anyone held it the entire bullrun. Which is still okay, one normalfag guy I know made a solid six figures from it, but he blew through it buying new cars and partying.

I think you're trolling.


>But a poor person cares much more about their money.
Poor people are only poor because they do not care about their money. They blow it on things like menthonicotine breathables and pre-sliced pork.


Idk in my instance raising my income basically made me not ooor. My spending habits are pretty inelastic.

There are some poors that are genetically predisposed to be permanent poors due to having no impulse control. It's like how most black millionares that make it through sportsball end up broke again.


>Not everyone invested in crypto, I remember it being discussed 13 years ago on 4chan and most people back then disregarded it as a weird libertarian pipe dream. It was literally derided as buttcoin back then, and people mocked it with memes of bitcoins coming out of bums.
yeah, they were and still are right.

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