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File: 1628837767247.jpg (9.13 KB, 236x159, 236:159, wizcat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have a math degree and worked at a university before the pandemic hit, but for the past 18 months I've been NEETing it up. I know I have to get a job soon, but I'm dreading the cubicle grind and having to socialize with normies. Does anyone know of any good number-crunching jobs that can be done from home? If so, are there any other skills that would be helpful to acquire, now that I have the time? I was thinking about teaching myself SQL to get into data analytics, but I don't know how the "work from home" market is for that.

If anyone has any relevant experience, it would be most helpful to me.
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I assume he fell for the “math degree 300k starting” meme

Math is a useless field for the most part, you need to find a job that uses math to make things like programming or hardware components, or you become a teacher, honestly can’t think of anything else


OP learn programming good enough so that you could get a job with that even without the math degree. Then if you combine the with the degree, you can make a lot of money. Check out efinancialcareers.com (global) and cwjobs.co.uk (british but has remote jobs). Not 300k but probably over 100k.
The 300k starting meme is true but only for PhDs or at least masters from the best schools.


Why not become a statistician or an actuary? You could also try to get into cryptography and security.


I've personally tried to get into machine learning but I don't have the willpower to advance past intermediate in Python. That could be an option for you too maybe


From my research math degrees only become useful once you advance to a masters programme that applies math to real world scenarios. In fact, pretty much everyone will take math graduates despite their lack of field knowledge: Finance, Engineering, Comp Sci etc. Unfortunately with a math degree alone there isn't much you can do without selling it to your employer.

File: 1630929408469.jpg (72.21 KB, 768x910, 384:455, hermit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Religious wizards how did you become religious and gain faith? I would say I am a spiritual person and am no longer bound by the secular myth that the scientific method can explain the world.

I have prayed, I have read the bible and other religious texts but all for naught. I think there is more to the world but I cannot gain faith in any particular religion.

Please share how you gained faith please.


File: 1612464987367.jpg (231.26 KB, 840x599, 840:599, 190911_country-city.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you think wizards are more suited to living in a medium/big city or the countryside?
I was more of a country guy but recently I began to wonder if living in a city wouldn't be better and would like to hear your opinion
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The countryside definitely, if they can manage financially without waging.
Living in a city is just intolerable for wizard types. I live in an apartment building in a large city and at least once a month there’s some kind of city official, plumber/electrician/laborers, or police stomping around the building scaring the shit out of me and ruining the peace. I might just be oversensitive though — for some reason whenever I hear walkie talkies I go into a blind panic and can’t think about anything else until they all leave. Just now I had my work ruined by some people with walkie-talkies here to do something in another unit.


Argie here, hermano. In terms of economy, I heard Costa Rica offers quite good salaries in relation to South America; don't know about the government and the insecurity, though. In the safety aspect, smaller cities tend to have smaller amount of burglars; given the fact every Latino shithole is infested with burglar niggers, any small town anywhere might suit well.
However, I'd strongly consider how comfortable you feel where you currently are. Don't expect a huge increase in social factors when moving inside Latin America; keep your expectatives really, really low.


small cities in Sweden are basically dumping grounds for refugees since it is the only place that have housing


what about uruguay? they say it's the switzerland of south america or something


Thanks. But what do you mean by social factors? Do you mean all of Latin America is not conducive to the wizard's life?

I've heard that as well.

File: 1620674522702.jpg (89.25 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, __original_drawn_by_yun_li….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I recently started a new job, and I was invited out drinking by my normalfag colleagues. Normally, I'm pretty shy and asocial, but I've been trying to turn over a new leaf, so I accepted their invitation and went to the bar with them after work.

The whole time, they kept asking me why I was so quiet and tried to get me to speak, but I was only able to haltingly make small talk. Eventually, they asked me about my hobbies, and I started awkwardly telling them about the RPG Maker game I'm working on, and its fantasy setting that I've been worldbuilding since 2017.

At first, it seemed to me that they were really interested, but as I was telling them about my main character, Prince Jakob, I noticed them smirking and a few of the succubi laughing in my face. After that, they asked me a series of really condescending, patronizing questions while feigning interest. They thought what I was saying was really funny, even though I was seriously talking about something I really cared about.

One of the guys said I needed to grow up and get my head out of the clouds, which I didn't have a comeback for and my eyes grew teary and I started blinking them and stuttering. This drew a big laugh from the succubi. One of the other guys told the one who made that comment to be nice, but I could tell he was also amused to see me flounder.

Since then, I've acquired a reputation around the workplace as the "weird guy", and I'm often casually bullied, excluded, and made to feel like shit about my hobbies. Sometimes, I'll be minding my own business, and a succubus will point me out to her friend and both will start giggling. When that happens, I just smile at them as best as I can and go somewhere else.

I'm always eating lunch by myself, which makes people think I'm even weirder, but when I sit with other people, I'm only bullied and made fun of.

I wish I could quit my job and become a NEET again. But I'm the sole breadwinner for me and my mom since she lost her job. I need other coping strategies to deal with this bullying. I try to not care, but I confess, the hurtful comments people make stick with me and I lay awake at night thinking about them.

Can meditation or another spiritual practice help me thicken my skin and shrug off bullying? If not, what else can help?
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same, its none of those normal boring idiots business what i do. i always keep the conversation short theyre weak compared to me anywaay.


this. normies don't bully me because i'm not a weak target. I stand my ground and don't share much info with them, plus their opinion means nothing to me.


normalnigger tier post


ok wizchad


> Got out with and trusted them with personal info.
There is your problem. Change job, it will not go away..

File: 1620458049368.jpg (45.62 KB, 900x518, 450:259, 1140-comparing-covid-vacci….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.179328[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What are your opinions, Wizards? I'm not looking to start a fight between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, but I'm interested if you're planning to get it, got it, only get it when they force you?
For now it's voluntary, but I suspect I'll be forced to get one as I work in a sector where it's "my way or highway" and this puts me in quite a pickle. I don't have a lot of trust to politicians, medicine as a whole, and I find it very troubling how strongly everyone is pushing for those.
I would like to delay it as long as I can.
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Same crabs, different bucket.


Never getting it. There's zero reason for me to do so. I would eagerly take a passive/free death if it as serious as they claim, and I never really go outside anyhow.


Since draconian measures have now been implemented, worldwide, to push the experimental injections on people, those that remain uncompromised are true dissenters. Only persons of conviction could continue bear the stigma that has been artificially constructed now that it inconveniences and destroys livelihoods. Since the ruling complex continues to push, even ramping up propagandic measures, the injections despite the remaining targets being their avowed enemies, it is likely that the injections are deleterious to one's health. Why would the rulers freely benefit the health of their opposition? And we have seen that the injected propagate the sickness as readily as the uninjected.

An alternative viewpoint is that the rulers recognize that their attempts at convincing fail, yet continue to broadcast their propaganda in order to justify future incarcaration and eventual liquidation of dissenters. By keeping the door open to destigmatization, in the form of these free injections, the tyrant's inevitable guilt for committing mass murder is nullified by the idea, "the door to purification is still open so you are forcing us to kill you." The scaffolding for the genocide of independent thinkers has been constructed. The thought has already arisen: why submit to survive when it implies surviving among a decrepit horde of bleating imbeciles in a giant prison camp? Maybe these treatments are entirely ineffectual except for an abnormally high (but not too high) injury rate, purposefully engineered to be low enough to be hidden under bluster and statistical chicanery but high enough to raise the eyebrows of critical thinkers and naturally distrustful independent types. I refer specifically to the mRNA shots. Combine with certain propagandic and psy-op strategies to isolate a certain stratum of people for elimination.

Evil is afoot.


I took the pfizer jab. The first dose was fine, after the second I had a high temperature with fever for 2 days and on the 3rd day pain was building up in my shoulder up to a point I couldn't sleep that night. It was more like pressure somewhere deep within my shoulder and I'm fairly certain it was a bloodclot. It quickly just stopped that very night, but I'm not taking any more of that shit and just hope I won't have consequences further down the road.


Hilarious to look back to the presidential campaign when Kamala Harris was saying she wouldn't trust the vaccine.

The attitudes of the mainstream media towards the covid vaccines changed almost overnight once the election concluded.

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File: 1624834248301.jpg (100.5 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, adventure_time__rest_time_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


For me life, and I believe for most of the user base here, life has no grand purpose or meaning. Life is something that happened to us and basically we have to figure out the best way to deal with it.

For me, the way to deal with life is to find a way to enjoy it, but i impress myself everyday with my inability to enjoy my existence. I'm bored or upset 24 hours a day, always having anxiety about every aspect of life you could possibly imagine, simply put I have been in a bad mental state since my teens, your usual depressive chan user.

I'm 25 years old and I believe my mental health will not improve, should I continue to live in this state of suffering or simply put an end to something that really doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things ?

I think the only reason I haven't kill myself yet is because of fear, I mean anxiety is one of the major reasons I want to off myself and thinking about killing yourself is extremely anxiety inducing, let alone actually performing the act.

Death seems so conforting right now, I just wanna rest, it would be good, ironically it seems like the only way i would be able to breathe, truly breathe and rest, i'm so tired.

Sorry for this huge chunk of incoherent text, english is not my first language and my mind hasn't been very sharp for a very long time.
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ALL words are worthless in the long run becuze its only made up theory
>Why can't we just do the usual while keeping the eternal in mind?
becuze divide and conquer, the people in charge need wars to keep us busy and Trump made it even worse, now stupid people have "opinions" too, its crazy man, i hate you all.


we are living in a second dark age.


not me, i live in happiness and freedom, becuze i dont let other people decide about my state of mind you know. sure, i dont have much more than loneliness and an infinite source of rice, hell im thankful for things though


Using my food stamps card because I'm a neet and getting whatever I want to eat. Getting some taco Bell tommorow hopefully


prove it

File: 1626873155918.jpg (224.17 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, daria-watching-recommendat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's horrible to see how everyone fawns over-educated academics and their titles, thinking education means one is intelligent, mature and wise.I got to know a professor of literature on /lit/ and he was just your basic, entitled, tantruming 4chan poster with little insight on human life beyond his own experience. This opened my eyes.Doctors are the worst. They worship succubi and get all the glory in society, but the hidden truth is that med students are the biggest party animals and worst turbo normies. They enroll in med school to get status money and pussy. That pretty much says all about their character. Smarter people choose math and physics. But not even a degree in physics guarantees you're an actual seeker of truth. I'm actually an ex physics student so please take that into consideration before you think it's clever to mention Dunning-Kruger.

I'm not posting this out of arrogance or a false sense of superiority I actually think I'm some sort of a brainlet That's exactly what makes me sad beyond words to see that everyone I've ever respected turns out to be more emotional and more prone to logical fallacies than me. It's like there's no hope. All my life I've wanted humans to be smart so bad Only people who have almost died seem to have grasped actual wisdom Education has nothing to do with it.

As a Wiz. do you think you're smarter than the average normalfag despite not doing good at school?
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A lot of these college grads not only fail to get a better job but are also stuck with loans. Often a lose lose situation


actually its the opposite. more jobs are hiring without a bachelors since its so oversatured. most jobs are bachelors preferred now.


My greatest regret in life was completing high school.


I'm a STEM graduate and I think my "intelligence" is more akin to autistic savantism. I am in every respect, with the exception of my ability to manipulate mathematical expressions and program code, an idiot. My fluency with language? Another form of savantism. I am like one of those language-model AIs that superficially appear like intelligent beings at first glance.


And yet she manages to jump over to fuckboys' dicks

File: 1630242322780.jpg (125.75 KB, 628x477, 628:477, wssss.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What do you do for a living?
Did you get a degree?
How do you like it? Is it wizard/aspie friendly?

I worked in a call center and wanted to kms every day.
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I've been trying to make myself dev games for the past probably 15 years but I never actually do anything. Even got a bachelor's degree in CS. Nothing changed. My life feels like a cruel joke.


File: 1630253008848.png (2.23 MB, 1300x957, 1300:957, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

wizchan 2k21
the poor dropout forced into stocking shelves was always a joke


Why are you buttmad?


>What do you do for a living?
>Did you get a degree?
>How do you like it? Is it wizard/aspie friendly?
it was okish when i started, small team with lot of independence but the team tripled its size and now i spend half of the day on useless calls and everything needs to be discussed very tired of the dynamic


A thread covering general employment is currently open


File: 1626975021801.jpg (526.51 KB, 2000x1324, 500:331, 1612676274220-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm not religious, but I frequently see myself pondering about it. Every time I'm around (truly) religious people I feel at ease. I don't call myself Christian because I find the Christian theology hard to believe, as many other religions, but following Christian morals seems to lead to a truly happy life. (Truly following, not using as a pretext for prejudice and aggression as many others do). I remember very well some simple and Christian people I've met, they were so pure they made me jealous, I felt like a degenerate near them, those people would never imagine something like "hentai" existed, lol.
Note that I'm talking about Christianity just because I live in a Christian country, I'm aware lots of religions share the same values as the Christian morals.
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I used to think I'm degenerate because "dude masturbation bad lmao", but I have a normie relative and her stories fill me with utmost disgust and realize that Wizard way is just so much easier on the nerves. "Normal" world just can't revolve without cheating, STDs, abuse, rapes and what hurts - prejudice and contempt towards Wizards. She's a single mother too.


Not really, in the past year I spent some time around my family and I kind of think that most people are unbelievably degenerate right now.

I have a cousin who was a cute little kid who now has a nose ring, those degenerate chest tattoos, and most of the young people seem to be struggling more than I felt I did at their age. I do feel like the young guys are becoming wizards more than what was common in my generation. The succubi just seem completely whorish to the degree that a typical succubus these days is much worse than what would have been considered the town "bicycle" in my grandparents or even parents generation.

I feel like wizards are probably the purer of the bunch. Even the pornography today just feels bizarre compared to growing up. Before it was either typical porn, the humiliation porn (which was the edgy porn back then), or weird arthouse porn. Now it's step-siblings and step-parents and tranny stuff which just seems almost non-sexual in its strangeness.



Seems like they had nofap in the victorian era, control-f and type continence


Religious people are at peace with themselves, but they still trample on the world and piss on the suffering of others just the same as everyone else. I act the same, but I am not at peace with it. They tell me to just accept these things. It's repulsive to hide behind fake theology and arbitrary morals. I despise this road in life, it's too self serving.
Close but untrue. It's designed for group functionality. You rely on it every single day for as long as you belong to a group, which you do. Morality is the reason your life is as tolerable as it is and you'd beg for it to return should it disappear overnight.


Brother/sister, only God can give refuge and peace, don't go to churches that is paganism, buy or look for a Bible, read it and learn from the teaching of Jesus (God). Also pray from your heart (and not to figures, that is idolatry), pray to Jesus and ask Him for faith and His holy spirit and seek Him through faith, good works and reading the Bible. I hope I have helped you.
God bless you, amen.

File: 1620170152610.jpg (439.58 KB, 651x1000, 651:1000, __nakahara_misaki_nhk_ni_y….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't mean physical weakness, although that can be a part of it. I mean being unsuited for life. A weakness of spirit, or will, or a deficiency of the life-force or whatever, beyond apparent factors like looks, means, intelligence and social aptitude (secondary factors engendered by a primary weakness) seems to me to be the essence of wizardhood.

Like, maybe the reason we're virgins is because we don't have in us the capacity to be as forceful and brutal and cunning as is necessary to succeed in the arena of sexual competition.

When I see men flirting with succubi, I'm often shocked at the forcefulness of their words and gestures, it's as if they are trying to box the succubus in, preventing her escape, leaving her with no option but to give herself over to the man. Only words are used, but it's not that far from the state of nature. It's difficult for me to imagine myself doing the same with a succubus, I didn't even realize it was permissible for a man to say such things.

Wizards tend to lag in all departments of life, not just in the romantic or sexual ones. They often have a difficult time at school, don't obtain a very high level of education, find it difficult to hold down or find jobs and are consequently often NEETs. There is a tendency towards avoidance, of tasks in the form of procrastination, and of confrontation, that results in a chronic lack of success across the board. Also a lack of "common sense", an affinity for niche topics and impractical concerns, the absence of a lot of behaviors and developmental markers that are considered "instinctual".

So it's unlikely that only a single material factor, such as looks, or height, or frame, or autism, etc., can be held as responsible for the life outcome of the average wizard. There must be some unifying a priori factor, a basic, metaphysical weakness that leads the wizard to fare so poorly in all spheres of life. You may choose to identify this weakness with genetic weakness, I am unsure whether to. In my experience, genetics aren't a good enough predictor of whether someone will turn out to be a wizard.
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wizards are just a byproduct of living in a highly developed nation in world without war

if anything wizards are hidden potential society hasn't found a used for yet because the current life progression system is still outdated.

the current elementary -> high school -> university -> job -> career is shit and the lack of branching options at every tier sets people up up into failure snowball. not letting people fail high school and not letting them have any options to branch into "low tier" jobs results in crime and academic inflation. Those without a HS diploma are seen as unemployable and the rest are then funneled into getting a college degree in which they don't even need. Lets be honest, most people have no business in being in college and the
boomer parroted "you must get a college degree to get a good job" made college become high school 2. Any notion of a university being a place for academic pursuits and those inclined for academia has been lost. Everyone then now has to pay obscene amounts of money for a college (high school) degree and those who fail out have even less job opportunities with a huge level of debt.

This system and how society perception of it is all fucked. People are purposely taught and reinforced to proceed on a extremely rickety bridge to success on a river that'll likely drown you because that's the "only" way to get there. The bridge could collapse at any moment because of any slight deviation of your movement or it could all come tearing down not even because of your own volition or a random act of nature. You try finding other ways across the river but all other avenues of success are kept hidden and inaccessible because of a huge toll. And when you refuse to cross the rickety bridge you're seen as lazy or a coward by society.

this is really more about NEETs/Hikki's but i suppose it could it apply to wizards as well


being raised as anxious young men is one enviornmental factor, lots of people have genetic retardancies too on top (autist, adhd, more severe stuff possibl)

for example in the uk the aspergers employment rate is 15%, which is shockingly low imo as most spergs seem at laest average enough people intelligence wise

apparently i just read 10% of people autistic are virgins which could account for a lot of this website

im not autismo just adhd, but i feel other people are kind of dirty for some reason (probably not ocd or autism tbh maybe just as i dont like getting close to people), but also i never grew up around succubi so i literally never cared about relationships so avoided the trap a lot of young virgin men do

sometimes i wonder if its just latent anxiety that stops people doing stuff, maybe you just got burned out with pleasure goriwng up and instinctually felt no reason to pursue improvement growing up and if you were overprotected never got to see the rewards which would motivate you to lead a somewhat normal life, i always imagined a lot of people study in school etc. to keep up with their peers even if subconciously or to impress others

i live alone now and prefer the solitude, and learned how to travel, cook, clean etc. by myself even if it took a little time getting used to (worsened due to shitty chronic health issues)

although i do have a adhd diagnosis i wonder if its more environmental in the way it causes me to function awfully, your bitterness is way worse than i ever got though, tbh its always weird now to read these stories from younger users too (im only 25 but still)


I think I'm somewhat deficient and maybe it is somewhat genetic. I have almost 10 male cousins and siblings; none of them have had kids. In contrast, all of my female cousins have had multiple children. This is despite having cousins who are highly educated and siblings who are financially successful.

I think weakness is possible. I think deficiency might be a more accurate term. I don't think wizards are able to transcend this; it isn't just a matter of lifting, getting plastic surgery, buying the right clothes, or having the right car and the right house. I know from genealogy that there were a few wizards in the past and that might be a trend going forward. It's just ironic that a grandfather who had so many children will have so many childless grandchildren.

I figure the future will just be succubi having bastards with chad. We'll have to see how that goes.


What does being suited for life mean when its hard-coded into life to be replaced by the next generation and rot away from cancer to make room for them?
You think living to 80 and dying of heart disease is successful survival just because it's all we're here for?


Do you travel alone for recreation or for something else like work? I think it would be nice to travel alone a bit in my home country but for some reason I'd feel really weird going to places alone, even though I'm always alone. Maybe it's some kind of a hang-up I should get over.

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