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Most would agree the biggest societal peer pressure is to lose your virginity, and have offspring. But what about the pressure of losing your drug virginity?
I'm a loner, and I've never been to college, aka the breeding ground of all beginner drug addicts. I live in the city, and my entire family is full of drug addicts. I live alone now, and lately I've been itching to experience life a little more. The only social event that relates to interests of mine is live music, and that got me thinking. What if I was offered drugs at a music show? I've always been wary of peer pressure, but thankfully never had to deal with much of it, since like I said, I'm an unapproachable loner. From what I've seen, most drug addicts are insufferable normalfags, that want to spread their misery and get people hooked on bad shit. I'm a casual, I only want to try psychedelics and any other drug that you don't have to physically sell your entire life and soul to. Before this gets too ranty and personal, what do wizards think about taking drugs, and how should a wizard approach their very first drug experience?
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i quit smoking to vape
quit vaping because i dont have an income and it is a waste of money
i miss it but it's nice expeeiencing vanilla reality not on drugs or alcohol. boring but nice


No self-respecting person uses drugs, those are things for losers.


Kek, shut up you fucking nerd.


jews fear the truth


I took 75mg edibles last night and they never kicked in
All i got was a slight buzz as i jerked off for a couple hours
What do you guys think? Bad batch or rebranded cbd?

File: 1670861012984.png (456 KB, 720x888, 30:37, Screenshot_20221025-170732….png) ImgOps iqdb


I was forced to dance for some niggers
they laughed at me and filmed me
I think they posted me on tiktok
I can't find the vid
I don't use that chink Spyware anyways
Idk what to do
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File: 1674022786252.png (69.95 KB, 238x116, 119:58, 4575678456.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Necrobumping to say the same happened to me OP. In high school, some asshole spic put me on the spot for his dumbass youtube channel, and needless to say I made an ass out of myself since I wasn't naturally funny, and under pressure with no script. It was horrible, I was stumbling and red-faced embarrassed. He later uploaded it online as some sort of cringe comedy, and the whole school saw it and laughed their nigger asses off. Shortly after that I dropped out.


are you gay anon?


I'll never have sex so what does it matter?


wizards belly dancing


bro it hasn't even been a month, what site do you think you're on? lmao


I am 20 years old, and I constantly think of business ideas to be able to earn enough money and thus be able to dedicate my life to study, sports, or some hobby.
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I've never been interested in programming, I barely know how to use the programs on my computer, and I don't know what to sell it with. I like old school business.


I think that Argentine was a succubus


>he faps


stop giving sages to my threads


File: 1674185423011.jpg (49.54 KB, 604x403, 604:403, 0dfcd007118bf0e8853319e18c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1672824675098.png (1.77 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ooo.png) ImgOps iqdb


In all these long years, I learned that who will always be there for you, who will always support you no matter how hard times are, who, even though sometimes we have our misunderstandings, will never abandon you. The family is going to die, people come and go, but the only true friend, the only person who will really have your friendship, respect, and affection, is yourself.
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Self-love is about accepting both the good things and the bad things, and learning to live with them. You can learn from your mistakes and improve as a human being.


This is good practical advice and it's helping my mental state tremendously. Let the past go. Nice gondola!


Hating yourself is such a powerful feeling that I sincerely can't imagine life without it.
It stunts physical, emotional, and mental health to such an extent that I'm basically a middle schooler in an adult body. I guess I'm curious what kind of advice doesn't sound profoundly hollow to someone like that.


Hating yourself is a feeling of submission, and immense inferiority. People who do not respect themselves cannot expect to be respected by the rest of society. People like that are really pathetic people, and miserable people who will never achieve peace.


Thinking about the future is good, but it can become an obsession if you do it too much.
Imo the best thing you can do is to focus on the present, that's where you really are after all.

File: 1673406076814.jpg (1.35 MB, 1500x1181, 1500:1181, If you could would you bec….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This place is depressing as fuck, and yes this belongs here and not in /dep, why? Because I said so, I'm no dep, and I'm old enough to be a "wiz" and I've been long enough on this site and on the one before this one, that is now dead, I've been even longer on the net… in a way, it shaped me on who I am now more then I care to admit.
There is a name for this, for what we do here, I'm too tired to recall, but it's not interaction, it's something else, something to 'fool' interaction, and no, I'm not one of those, yes, unfortunately I'm still human, but no, I don't think interaction is the way to go, I think the way we are going will become the norm in a way in a couple of years, well it already did really, not noticeable enough for the masses to acknowledge, but I think it's pretty clear now, for anyone on the first world or that is hyper connected, yes, this is the norm now, and there is no coming back, why would we even want to? Even if we could go back, why would we? Would we disassemble the work of hundreds of thousands? For what? A misguided ideal of a imagined bygone era?
I don't think so, the people were even conditioned to accept this, not that they needed any encouragement, kek, I'm one to talk… All the work that went into this project would culminate into one single final logical solution. Yes solution.
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File: 1673818085613.jpg (87.02 KB, 406x559, 406:559, k2_items_src_c7fe4006e8f37….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It all depends on your perspective I guess, I try to no longer give advice's, but only reflect on ideas these days, so again, this is not a judgment or moral judgment, everyone is entitled to choose their poison… so it's a question of your beliefs, what is this happiness that so many of you so much speak of? I never bought the whole concept, but then again, I'm not a good reference, first of all I think, we should define the object of inspection if we are to dive on that, I honestly have no idea what people mean when they refer to "happiness", and no, that is not a language limitation, although I don't use english very often, my language has the same word, and people use it the exact same way, it's almost a perfection translation, as a matter of fact, in all the languages I know, there is such a concept, and I can't even pin point in my own mother language, as more as people talk about it, it all seems like a convention, like there is no actual meaning, for instance you make the distinction between pleasure and happiness in your post and if I'm not mistaken categorizes hedonism as a form of extreme pleasure, so again, what is happiness? A feeling, joy? Continuous joy? Tempered pleasure? Pleasure in achievement? Comfort?


OP can't express his ideas logically or explain anything he's thinking to people that aren't himself. It's like you just express a slew of bullshit that's totally dependent on your past thoughts but fail to list what those thoughts are. I hate people like that tbh. You just look like a rambling fuccboi.


We can argue what is happiness in theory but it's a concrete feeling. I'm pretty sure you felt happy too at some time in your life. To me it just seems like anti-hedonists are making their own life worse on purpose in order to brag about it to others and to get a hollow sense of superiority out of it. Well if that makes you happy, your call. I'd rather try to indulge in all kinds of pleasures before I have to die.

Buddhism or eastern religions in general were made exactly for weak-nerved individuals like you. Little flowers who are collapsing at the slightest amount of discomfort or ecstasy.


File: 1673833211789.jpg (129.09 KB, 960x501, 320:167, 0 JOHgtSoadXt8utZu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Buddhism or eastern religions in general were made exactly for weak-nerved individuals like you. Little flowers who are collapsing at the slightest amount of discomfort or ecstasy.
Thank you.
In my youth I would have argued that the existence of individuals such as yourself was a waste of resources, but looking now, with sober eyes… I only really thank the existence of people such as yourself, and how you are mass produced in more and more numbers, you bring me closer and closer to my goal.
See you again in 3 or 4 years weary traveler.


Not mass produced at all. Eastern religions are more popular than ever in the west. Ironically, you are the npc, man. Why are these religions so popular nowadays? Because the west is falling to pieces and it's dying. It's always when a culture is at its last breath when world, pleasure and self-deniers appear and start preaching. They are a sign of decay, just like stoicism and Christianity were the signs of decay in the times of the Roman Empire.

File: 1673828226840.mp4 (917.73 KB, 408x720, 17:30, 19Fd_720.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


(Oh, oh) oh, succubus I'm gonna show you
When you're mine, oh, mine (mine, oh, mine)

Treasure, that is what you are…

File: 1673271957498.jpg (191.07 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, dt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


hey folks, it's my first post here. i'm enjoying this place in the world wide web. can i ask questions here?

the question is that what i don't feel valuable for myself. how can i change that? i suffer into finding job, i'm scared of not passing studies another time, but this time i try do it different (fx. i blocked sites, that are disturbing me, writing down things on paper, writing 15 gratitudes/day), but can't sleep well and have no stamina to do anything (i eat clean, workout, but i wake up at night 3-4 times).

thank you for being you
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When I had trouble sleeping I would watch an anime movie. Go to a psychologist, or a shrink to drug you with things to sleep, you must have a lot of shit inside your head that prevents you from sleeping, fix that and you can sleep well.


>i wake up at night 3-4 times
Make sure you don't have sleep apnoea or some other sleep disorder, if possible and you have access, go and see a sleep specialist. While it's possible that its anxiety or something like that, don't rule out other things. Everything that happens in the body has a mechanism.


You need to be more specific on your problems, too vague.


are you on any kind of drugs? have you tried otc sleep aids? sleep is the most vital part of the day, anything that makes you miss out isn't worth it



i would give meditation a try. a person not skills in silencing the racing thoughts has no choice but to suffer. once you have meditated a few times, you realize suffering is optional.

life is still as difficult as it was before you realized it but once you realize then at least you have a healthy way to respond to hard times and usually you can make it better. this power is already inside you, meditation is like the exercise that helps you use this muscle.

File: 1668693709063.jpg (60.41 KB, 664x335, 664:335, Greek.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Life is likely eternal. The Universe is fundamentally unstable as there is something instead of nothing. If there were total peace in the Universe (no dimension/force of time to create space and upset everything), there would be nothing instead of something. There are only so many ways for a big-bang to begin (or a massive hot energy release, maybe somewhat like light at first, because of the dimension/force of time (see #27 for a more thorough explanation of space/time) that eventually compacts and cools because of time and forms into all matter), so that is a finite number of variables. Because the universe is fundamentally unstable (likely because of the likely eternal/infinite force of time) it is likely eternal. What is happening is a finite number of variables (potential ways for a big-bang to materialize in response to the force of time) in an eternal Universe (the dimension of time itself, which may be physically impossible to not exist) at the very start. The big-bang can only begin so many ways, and even if there is a 1E100 in 1 googol of a chance of you, an evolved chemical computer, being re-assembled, it will happen. As soon as it starts, it is all pre-determined to make you no matter what happens due to simple cause and effect. Due to the expanse of the Universe (which may extend into an infinite multi-verse because there is likely infinite time beyond the big-bang itself as time, the fabric of space itself, presupposes the big-bang for more instability/big-bangs), each big-bang has somewhat of a high chance to create you even if it is very unlikely to be so. Do not live your life like this is a guarantee even though it likely is. Assume oblivion on death. This has been called Eternal Return. There are people that say 3 wheels can be set so they never synchronize in small systems, so it's possible for a finite number of variables to never recur, but the Universe is a very big system unlike 3 spinning wheels set to never synchronize, and the Big-bang itself likely has a finite number of ways to begin like lightning or fire, so there is extremely high potential for recurrence given an infinite amount of time and space as a byproduct of time.
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Did God did it because his existence was unbearable and he wanted to hide from his pain, or was it alright but he wanted to play this game for the sake of entertainment, like Hindus believe? If you go by Mainlander, it is truly a horrorshow. If you go by Hindus, it is a horrorshow with rainbows and shit.
Regardless, the fact is that even if you kill yourself, existence won't end. And that it not good. I would prefer to not exist, why all those difficulties?


It's funny how those religions had the right idea about celibacy but ultimately failed to make people stop reproducing, it was only with industrialization that allowed people to engage in sex but avoid its natural consequence that birth rates began to plummet. Maybe we should all be praying to the Almighty Industry, or AI for short.


Quantum teleportation is a possible way an afterlife could theoretically exist.



A guy who couldn't enjoy life projected himself onto the image of God. How typical.

The only reason I don't reproduce is because it is such a chore with all the laws and such about childsupport and responsibilities. I'm too lazy to try to have sex or have children, I just jerk off and play some video games instead. It has nothing to do with morality or caring about bringing another existence into this bad bad world.

Celibacy for everyone has always been a stupid idea because most people won't ever keep it. "Those religions" (assuming you mean Buddhism and Christianity) didn't aim at stopping people from reproducing though. In fact religions all over the world always supported big families.


If the hedonic treadmill is a thing, doesn't it make sense to purposefully make yourself miserable as much as you can because resource-wise it's easier to stay in a state of misery than luxury?
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I'm a fan of the buddhist understandings of advancement of practice, named jhanas/dhyanas – especially the way you split contentment and euphoria. there are closed loop / stable state / causes-it-self mind states, and the first two feel like an oscillating or glowing joy in the chest eminating out towards the body, and the other one is like a subdued calm stable contentment. The joy of sitting on a hillside in a nice temperature, and the wind and the beauty. Substitute with your own memory of joyful equanimity.


Pleasure is anything that gives you joy. It can be reading a good book, listening to stimulating music, taking a warm bath, masturbating, lazing around on the sofa or drinking some alcohol. ETC. This includes practicing "asceticism" if you enjoy it. Well I wouldn't call that asceticism like I said above since by definition someone can't enjoy asceticism. That should be the purpose of self-denial.

If someone by nature doesn't like to drink alcohol for example, the fact that such a person doesn't drink alcohol isn't asceticism. It's just the way he is. Yet many people confuse their different preferences and tastes in pleasures with asceticism. Also, the standards of asceticism nowadays are really low, anyone noticed this?
>bro I regularly work out at the gym, I'm a total ascetic badass lol
>bro I don't carbs anymore, I'm a monk
>I spent all my night playing X game to get all the secrets, I'm ascetic as fuck
>I didn't jerk off for a week, look how much of an ascetic I am
You think I'm joking? The stoic meme is as popular as ever.



I'm not reading what an Australian has to say



There is no such thing as "pleasure" that is reducible to fungible units. Nor can pain be described so. Seeking pleasure or avoiding pain is pointless because any consideration of moral or ethical value is necessarily contingent on an actual world. What you feel subjectively would be something that is conditioned from experience, and usually an appropriate reaction to whatever you sense. When society shouts "die die die" at you every day since childhood, you should act as if society is out to kill you, because it is. While most decent people do not do this, the vocal minority that does has been enabled and given total impunity to act, and they have driven conditions for the past century and a half with untrammeled authority and a total abandonment of even the idea that law matters. They are able to do so because the technological means to secure themselves and project their force were available for the first time, where before it was possible to hide. Everything since has been the gradual invasion of any place we could hide to escape this unlimited terror. It's the rationale behind lockdowns and internal barriers to tell us we are not allowed to have food or basic things.

If you want to chase after a phantom, usually one provided to you by a public relations ghoul to circumvent your own thought, go right ahead. You'll never be happy and you'll never be one iota closer to the good. If you think about what you actually would want, if you weren't influenced by society and whatever education or material needs you have, you'd probably realize pleasure is a pointless goal. I can make myself happy by being alone and stimulating myself to experience narcotic sensations. This is a very bad habit, but it has brought me far more happiness than any of the things society presents as "pleasure". If I want to have something constructive and good with my life, it has nothing to do with pleasure, and it has nothing to do with following directives given to me or directives natural to me. To speak of happiness implies a level of comfort with the environment, which means I would need at a minimum security against other fucking people and their bullshit. I don't get anything out of some ideology of self-improvement, in which models of social and political sucPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The hedonic treadmill won't exist in the far future. Genetic engineering will make it so that people can be genetically engineered to have the maximum possible happiness.

File: 1673196219396.png (332.6 KB, 442x438, 221:219, Hands.png.3670f9bf9d337275….png) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else have this? How do you deal with it? Also general health problems thread.


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