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Guys do you know any underground websites for crabs or wizard or volcels or whatever the fuck there is that have some advices or informations about life or discussion places or looksmaxxing or whatever there is
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acne gets regulated through stopping starch and dairy into your tummy, fatness by keto and intermittent fasting, face issues through mewing

I am also delving now about microneedling scalp while using rosemary oil, to stop baldness, but that is still under research


You guys are unfathomably useless


why bothering to be useful for someone like op


I already had myself for the most acknowledgeable user around here without you trying to convince me that I am.


File: 1713687029549.jpg (87.46 KB, 420x420, 1:1, strabgelove-f1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm 22, I'm an asshole, and I've basically wasted my entire adolescence being a friendless loser who stays inside and online 14 hours a day. I also don't have any online friends, so I don't even talk to people during those 14 hours.

I've lived like this for so long that I don't even know how to start dating. I don't even know how to make friends. I have tried, but when I get closer I feel that they are somewhat annoying since they only tell their shit, or about things that they like regardless of what you have to say, so I end up giving up trying.

I don't want to waste my 20s the same way. I just want one friend, just one friend. I just want… any contact with someone outside my family, but at the same time I don't want it, and I prefer to lock myself in my thoughts, and although I can extinguish the feeling of loneliness with books, series, work, or learning new things, the reality is that it feels nice to share something with others, even if it is within an anonymous forum.
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Well, I still have internet at home. I don't try to do anthing new unless I really feel to and socializing would just be the last thing I'd shit myself with.

>I think that loneliness comes more than anything from rejection rather than from not socializing, and when the only company you have is yourself, when at times you don't like some actions, and you dislike your company, loneliness becomes present. It's a self-esteem problem, it doesn't usually happen often, and when it does it doesn't last long, but it does make you feel bad.

Speak for yourself, you can fake whatever the masses might love outside you'd still alone in depth.

>The point is to learn to forgive our mistakes, and try to improve as people, the problem is when you don't improve, and you remain stuck in a pit of shit for years.

Like staying arounf the same guys you do not even like just due to fear of isolation. I don't really get what you mean here but sounds like normalnigger cope.


A person can feel alone, but still have friends, a partner, etc., but they can feel that their friends do not appreciate them, or that their girlfriend is only for their money, or things like that, and that is what leads to loneliness, feeling rejected by those around us and not so much by the fact of being physically alone. That is why people who cannot be completely silent with themselves are because the noise does not really come from outside, but is found within themselves.
>I don't really get what you mean here but sounds like normalnigger cope
Loneliness is a feeling that comes from within, not from the outside, a person who is good with themselves will not feel rejection in the same way as a person who hates themselves.


Honestly, piss on the "course of honor". If you're out, why play that game? Friends aren't worth anything except social promotion. That's how they all see it. If you care about other humans, and I do care, you'd see that indirect contact is preferable to "friendship". There is no friendship in a world like this. But, through the world, through the proper way of doing things - a proper way that is constantly destroyed in this hellworld - it would be possible to find what friendship would have provided, if humans weren't demonic and obsessed with making others suffer. That has been the only way, and naturally, the society criminalizes anyone who thinks like that, or any of the decency that made anything in this world function at all.

At a basic level, human beings need a level of security. They don't need "friendship" as some vague substance. If humans were friendly, they would understand that human beings are human with wants much like their own. That concept is no longer admissible at all, and especially not for social outcasts who are marked for humiliation and destruction. But, there are ways to communicate. I'm doing that with you and everyone on this imageboard right now, and the imageboard exists for reasons. If not this board, then some board would arise on the internet because the necessity for such interaction is evident to enough people. It would take a lot of effort to wholly suppress us from speaking to each other, comparing notes, and seeing that the social engineers created an abomination that never should have been allowed to exist. We sought out this contact precisely because the society is intolerable. If society weren't evil, we'd have some hobby that was intrinsically interesting, and no real reason why such conversations would be suppressed. That's really what kept humans going - small things that made this life worth living.


>That is why people who cannot be completely silent with themselves are because the noise does not really come from outside, but is found within themselves.
Anything wrong about that?
>Loneliness is a feeling that comes from within, not from the outside, a person who is good with themselves will not feel rejection in the same way as a person who hates themselves.
I might need you to brainfart this a lil bit


Meh. You'll lose your life going after fools who do not deserve a shit of your attention just because you cannot override you FOMO disease within your soul.

"Chances" be spat upon, failed normie crap poisoning our daily lives…

File: 1713827763586.png (188.6 KB, 350x350, 1:1, necromoonfull.png) ImgOps iqdb


It wasn't until a year ago until I had a weird dream when half asleep. A lucid dream of some kind where my thoughts and each scene were separate from me and fighting them felt like I was being held down by a hand or something. As of I wasn't supposed to know or not ment to know. Other moments id have screeches in my mind talking about something I'm not sure what it was about but it id have a suspicion that it was trying to annoy me. Another one is where a clump of patterns would try to communicate with me it had some weird African pattern/aesthetic to it or maybe Mayan I'm not sure. But I get the feeling that some cultures, aesthetics, or whatever we make artistically expresses a spirit of some sort. I'm genuinely terrified of realizing this and I don't think I'm ready mentally for this.
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Symbols are essential for the human mind to express itself, specially the things that arent easily communicable by words. Carl Jung talks a lot about the role of symbols in the human mind. This is true even in occultism, see for example the works of Austin Spare.

Symbols are a powerful tool and we can say they carry a life of its own. This is why some people play a lot for expensive luxury goods of brands like Louis Vuitton or Chanel just because of a symbol they carry. Don't understimate the power of symbols and the impact they have in the human psyche.


I've had dreams where I realize some terrible and momentous truth only to forget upon awakening, this seems possibly related to me


Dreams aren't real. I have had many lucid dreams, and after a while was able to freely bend the reality of them and do all kinds of superhuman feats. You don't go anywhere when you dream, the people you talk to aren't real, the entire environment is simply a simulation of what your brain perceives normal situations to conventionally be like when the active thinking part of your brain is shut off. That's it really, do mental exercises in low consciousness states to create weird perceptions and maybe you'll have dreams where you fly around and shoot fireballs too.


Maybe you are atheist


I'm undecided but leaning towards atheism as being more likely

File: 1715543663271.jpg (107.29 KB, 950x1386, 475:693, 20240505_050605.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


everyone complains about lonliness and i just wish to be left alone, I am already a hard-core NEET-Hikikomori, but i still have to deal with family interactions, sometimes my mmm would come seat in my room for no reason and i start to get irritated and angry at her (i feel guilty about this, because she is not doing anything wrong or annoying whatsoever) my relationship with her is not even too bad, the fact she allows me to NEET is a thing that i feel grateful for everyday, i know i have it better than many if not most of the people here, i cannot explain why i am like this, i cannot stand the least bits of social interactions, i wish to be left entirely alone, i fantasize about living in a cabin in the woods with 0 human interaction for life (outside of what i get in the digital world)
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You fantasize too much. Without television, computer, or any other screen you wouldn't last 2 days.


>rotting with envy at the mere idea of that photo being minimally real
>kiwifarmer or similar was triggered successfully


what does biodecay mean? source?


I'm sorry they didn't teach you to not be conceited. By the way "fr fr" looks disgusting and degenerative.


Senescent cells.
Let me annoy you all remembering the texts about it: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/291067.html#291423

File: 1706010844896.jpg (102.04 KB, 776x795, 776:795, 1705364154866383.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So, I'm getting closer to 30, like, couple of months alway, anyway, I got this "flashback" of from my life since 13 or something, and I realized how bad I'm with female, I always being bad dealing with succubus my whole goddamn life, I stopped trying around 26~27, and somewhat accepted my lot, but still I wonder why I was so bad with female? I don't harbor hate, like crab, or "le beta nice guy" too, I was just awkward, unnatural around them, it felt wrong. Does one had felt the same? Now I'm almost 30 and the feeling isn't that strong for succubus anymore, but I got me wondering why? Autism? Some form of strong shyness?
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File: 1715433564977.jpg (57.84 KB, 619x776, 619:776, wizpost - powerful eldritc….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> It's better to pursue what you want in this life even if it's something silly, that way you have no regrets
You still have so much shit to watch hitting the fan, boy.

I decided to listen to my awkwardness, and stay in line with it. Then females started coming, but I just hated them for how much they just cared about manhood without regarding many other certain tenets within a person. The best thing was to discover how cringe their tactics were, how weak, how pathetic, they are even worse at flirting than men.

That's why they play the passive role, which always gives the power. After they found my schizo stance against them, many started to try and make me regret and the best they could was to play with some other men to see if I just grew jealous or something. The moral here is: be watchful of what you wish, you might be just starving for mirages.


Thats because you are a low value Man. There is nothing about you that makes a Vagina tingle, you are just some loser at the bottom of society that nobody wants or needs for anything.
Thats why no Succubus wants anything to do with you, they can instantly see what you are and they see that you have no potential and that gives them the ick.
like why would they ever bother with what in their eyes is human garbage?
at their fingertips they can get access to Men that are at the minimum 10 times better, more attractive, skilled, smarter, more social, richer etc.
So why should a Succubus ever be attracted to you? what do you realistically bring to the table? nothing.

The most pathetic part perhaps is that you couldnt figure this out on your own when one look in the mirror should be enough to put 1 + 1 together.


Some people are meant to be celibate, Whether you try to fight it off or not you will never succeed and i'm not blackpilling you but it's the truth. It's just that


>le heckin tcrabs are going around groping succubi
did you just come from a vice article?


Perhaps this isn't useful to you but I've begun treating these kinds of thoughts of succubi as I would any other intrusive thoughts. Obviously you haven't truly put them behind you entirely. So the question is why. As you go through your day and one of these thoughts relating them comes up ask yourself honestly how your life or situation or whatever you're currently doing would benefit from a succubus being with you. What I found doing this is that these thoughts are likely just a remnant of watching shows that contained romance plots and the like and that's why such topics bubbled to the surface of my mind sometimes. However I also realized that I am actually content with my solitary life and another person would only disturb that peace.
Best of luck in your journey.

File: 1712835327832.jpg (22.47 KB, 474x677, 474:677, Our Lord.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is there ONE SINGLE COUNTER EXAMPLE against the gnostic claim that the entirety of this reality isn't inherently evil?

Right now I can't help but think God made a huge mistake with this retarded creation, I basically resent Him for creating me. I grow even more resentful for the fact that He will never cease my existence, instead, driven by my own hatred, I will end up rejecting Him and condemning myself to Hell if I don't come to terms in time.
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the only part that i find absurd about what you exposed as gnosticism is that everyone has a divine spark, i still accept that we are weaker than God and angels and that me and satan are almost on the same page, except he would love to torture me too
there is too many idiots in this world and im one step away from locking myself out from the rest


satan must be laughin his ass off after watching you compare yourself to his inmortal, undrainably evil presence.


satan just hates everything, thats it, and he is probably pissed i still haven't subjected to his retardation
despite the bitterness, my intelligence is unaffected


Tbh Gnosticism is more so an attempt to create an abrahamic version of Buddhism. The idea that the world is evil is in line with the idea attachment is suffering. The labels of god being evil just fall in line with the Bible. It’s just an extension of a religion that already was established. Similar to how Christianity was an extension of Judaism.

Ultimately all mysticisms are about the same thing, connecting with oneness. This ability to connect with oneness is present in all of us but our egos keep us distracted from realizing this. We are attached to our egos and identifying with them rather than the true essence of our being, which is oneness. So attempts to reshape our relationship to our ego to nullify it are created in the form of religions, mysticism, etc.

A cool way to look at Gnosticism is that the demiurge is a metaphor for the ego. It should make more sense if you view it that way. Especially when you consider your ego is what shapes your reality.


I've come to the conclusion that this world is a prison or a place of punishment since everything here is centred around suffering. A lot of spiritual free thinkers eventually come to this conclusion one way or the other.


How is it people create something so warm and complete while my shit always ends up cold and soulless.


He's talking about shit, how he's shit is so soulless and cold, not warm and complete


Embrace your gift, find its usage and improve it as it is, not as you would like it to be.

Otherwise, you do not have much choice. See the way it is a gift.



File: 1715461958243.jpg (470.63 KB, 1080x2400, 9:20, Screenshot_2024-05-11-19-1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


369 from Tesla is just saying AUM so hum with a spoon in your mouth and your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. Do this laying down and nose breathing. Congrats. Tesla coil. You are now a genius. Nice trick.


There is enough treachery, hatred, violence,
Absurdity in the average human being
To supply any given army on any given day.
AND The Best At Murder Are Those
Who Preach Against It.
And The Best At Hate Are Those
Who Preach LOVE

Those Who Preach GOD
Those Who Preach PEACE
Do Not Have Peace.
Beware The Knowers.
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Moved to >>>/b/987008.

File: 1715251780760.jpg (2.15 MB, 3000x2239, 3000:2239, von-braun-team-1961.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I will start by saying that I don't know if this post belongs here or is better suited for /lounge/. I trust the mods will locate it accordingly.
Inspired by a song (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=sIXYPjIWPGY) of the musician Aphex Twin and a poem by Arthur O'Shaughnessy of which a few lines the electronic song echoes, I'm looking for a community of people who are somewhat removed from the current zeitgeist.
I'm looking for a community whose members are somewhat removed or to a certain degree unaware of the present (both online and offline) cultural atmosphere. People who don't keep up as much as possible with social media, news or popular imageboard culture. Such a community might be centered around a particular hobby or interest, but it's not really up to date to some cultural aspects concerning that hobby. People who barely found out yesterday that Trump was president, they might not have heard of TikTok, they don't know what a crab or a libtard is, that there is a war in Ukraine/Palestine, the interest rates or how large language models are going to take people's jobs. It's fine with me if something of the mainstream culture happened to reach the ears of some members of such a community, but all remains an abstraction. These people are so involved with their own lives, interests, passions and dreams they don't know what's going on in the world (online or offline). Living in the world is natural for them to be affected by some of the cultural changes, but they don't really engage with them on deeper levels (they might see the prices rising as a result of inflation, but don't read articles on what Jerome Powell has to say, they might not even know who the chairman of the Fed is).

This is the result of their seclusion, not because they are mentally retarded. They are coherent intelligent individuals, but they are just removed from the flow of culture to a considerably large degree.
Naturally, this sort of people or communities would be hard to reach, being somewhat off the grid (the Amish), but I'm looking for online communities. They could be religious in nature, I don't mind, but I'm looking more for people who are so focused, that culture just passed them by. They is no fear of missing out on anything, they already missed out a long time ago and they are not even aware of it. It doesn't matter to them and it doesn't bother them.

I'm askiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There's no such thing as a disconnected online community. You might start looking into 90's forums and the like. Autistic hobbyhorse interests and cool obsessions used to be the grist of wizardchan, that seems to have completely died at this point


i admit i had a laugh


i rate this 7/10


"This is the result of their seclusion, not because they are mentally retarded"

but are they?


A community like this generally works, but you need to understand that it will eventually become a clique at some point. The only exception may be imageboards but those are dead.

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