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File: 1570413876103.png (568.59 KB, 650x650, 1:1, insomnia_is_a_suicide_cue.png) ImgOps iqdb


I want to talk about Hajime Ueda's works, even though he hasn't made a whole lot and has basically disappeared nearly ten years ago, he made a huge impact on me. He drew two pieces of manga:

- Q-ko Chan

What gets me is not the art style, but rather the how insanely detached his worlds are. Everyone in his manga says and does things this that would not happen in normie society AT ALL. For example, when Naota's friends (again, in Hajime Ueda's work in the manga) see his horns, instead of freaking out, they begin picking on him and drawing faces on them. Or Naota has his life flash before his eyes because he thinks he's going to die and he's completely fucking disinterested after his own demise. Whenever there's a "family around the table" moment it's done in the most fucked up way, with everyone acting in ways to fuck up a kid in the largest possible ways ("I just wanted to make models" if you remember the scene). Or how much of a "Fuck this place" look Naota has before he ditches school. I mean, I can't think of a more wizardly depiction of things.

If it's not a bother, I'd like to discuss a few more clippings from his manga that have really stuck with me, even though I struggle to say why beyond "I still remember them decades later." Something that bugs me is how, and I can't believe I'm saying this since I usually find this so snobbish when others say it, but how important the translations are. For example, in Q-ko chan, this lieutenant shows up at this mother's house, and threatens to beat the shit out of this kid, and the kid gets this dead look in his eyes to which the lieutenant thinks, "Huh, this kid must be used to this, that's no fun" (speaking of which, there are a lot of scenes in all of Hajime's works where the protagonist has this dead-eyes-while-leaning-on-a-wall-and-breathing-through-their-mouth look, and every single one is, I feel, so easy to sympathize with), but they don't have this at all in other translation. Or a scene Naota mentions how schools protects him from the perverts (in other translations they say "lunatics"). Or Haruko convinces Naota to skip school, and notes how you haven't really learned a city until you've played hooky.

The attached pic is one that's stuck with me, I'll post another in a moment. I've posted both of them quite frequently on this board…

I don't know what happened to Hajime, but I miss his works.


File: 1570413975683.png (131 KB, 640x400, 8:5, flclpiece.png) ImgOps iqdb

This clipping is one that stuck with me forever as well. I felt so fish-out-of-water reading someone so nonchalantly say, "Hey kid, it's alright to kill your father." Also, look at how glazed Naota looks; how completely out-of-it he is.


File: 1570414116117.png (52.58 KB, 170x320, 17:32, deadToTheWorld.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is what I meant by "dead-eyes-while-leaning-on-a-wall-and-breathing-through-their-mouth look"


File: 1570414315922.png (162.73 KB, 348x253, 348:253, idontcareanymore.png) ImgOps iqdb

That was from Q-ko chan. Here's an example from FLCL.


He's been working on some animation for the Monogatari series among other things OP

File: 1549379778911.jpg (84.49 KB, 1077x1053, 359:351, tired.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I feel so tired all the time. No matter how much sleep I get or how regular my sleep schedule is. Yes I checked for sleep apnea and any kind of deficiencies.

Coffee gives me nausea. Caffeine pills just make me anxious. I asked my doctor for Modafinil but he told me that he can only prescribe it if I literally fall asleep uncontrollably. I hope you understand that I don't know any people and I also don't feel like dealing with sketchy people online.

So what legal methods are there to make yourself more awake?
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This, but you need to make sure to actually use the energy that you get on something. Otherwise you'll just sit there and stew.
If you don't want to actually do anything with a non-fatigued life and just want to improve your mood or something maybe cut your masturbation in half or some other reduction.



I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'd be willing to bet the majority of male athletes do not have this problem and they do indeed masturbate.


They probably just have sex, not masturbate.


Caffeine and theanine.


try the mucusless diet for long time, combined with some fasting periods. Really food these days is done to make you feel like that.

Fasting at least worked a bit on me, so I keep trying it time after time.

File: 1569846153637.png (854.59 KB, 734x392, 367:196, cityscape7.png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't know if this belongs in the wageslave thread, or if I shouldn't be making this because it sounds like 'bragging.' I left the city about three years ago to somewhere with a population <10k, and I have to say HOLY SHIT HAVE THINGS GOTTEN EASIER.

Constantly have to worry about someone breaking in? Nope.
Obnoxious normies at 2 in the morning? Nope.
Can I find employment? Fuck yes. Everyone else who is young left for the city (boomers amazed at someone simply knowing how to use a computer).
Cost of living? Cheap. The reduction in the cost of rent alone more than accounts for the decrease in any wage.
Meanwhile all the normies complain about "having nothing to do" in a small town just makes me think that I've made the completely correct choice.

It's just…I feel like a goddam human being again. The level of stress is so much less. I want to cry.

Anyone else leave the city?
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this is such a bizarre concept for me. I grew up in the city and I think its made me colder in regards to humans relations. If a stranger came up and said hi to me I would just force a smile and keep going about my day


i grew up in rural places, so it wasnt uncommon to never see another human (besides family) the whole day. never lived in "the city", the closest would be suburbs on the outskirts of cities

kind of sucks if you dont drive, you cant do anything or work, not that id really ever want to work or need to go anywhere though


Anyone in toro to


This is funny since I believe a few years ago, or just in the past in general, there was a city appreciation thread on either wizchan or wizardchan. I can't remember. It was also the opposite I think. The comfiness of the city was through how big it was and how you're no one in it, along with city asthetics.

I guess either one works since those benefits appeal to me more. I'd rather live cheaply to save money. It might affect income too much for some people though. I'm guessing you took both incomes, found the percentage you were able to save afterwards, and found it was worth it to live rurually?


I can certainly see why people would like living in a city but I just couldn't get used to it. Its like I was living in some bizzarro shadow world where I could see everyone else but nobody could see me. Maybe that would have been ok if not for the noise that everyone seemed to produce outside of my apartment at all hours of the day and night. I had no power to change anything outside my apartment which began to feel like a torture chamber. It ended up feeling like I was some transparent specter cursed to wander an immutable world inhabited by banshees screeching incoherently in another tongue.

Now I live on a decently sized property that I can shape to suit my desires like gardening. And it is reasonably far away from any kind of noise except maybe the occasional dog barking on the other side of the valley.

File: 1569916791840.jpeg (133.6 KB, 1008x435, 336:145, Internet.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


What are your realistic predictions for society in the next decade or so?

Will post mine below, and would appreciate any feedback or criticism.
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says who?


>we'll have moved onto 128bit cpu architectures

There is no reason to go beyond 64.


the universe if what we live is such a thing


but somehow there is something above, a something like a soul. and since it is above, not below, the material, it is probable it is eternal. testing it, we find no beginning. we also find no end. that is, its nature even cannot permit it. so we know it's eternal, unless our perceptions deceive us - but because such perceptions proceed from that which reveals otherwise than the material, its nature being above, not below, we can be assured we have a divine message in this. and we know that nature isn't cruel or dishonest to us, but is ever faithful, gravity going down, and chemicals always in accord with their composition, so that which is above we can trust more faithful.

thus the eternal soul.


I agree we already are getting there, you see its shadows of what's to come every single day. I bet some elites we don't see already have technology linked to immortality. I like this image board because it's one of the only places left that feels like it's inhabited by other genuine human beings. Much of the rest seems to be drowning in AI fueled, average joe approved totalitarianism. Those things are becoming one in the same. Enjoy the ride, we are in the middle of one intense sci-fi horror movie plot right now.

File: 1566698355193.jpg (113.86 KB, 543x800, 543:800, 1566698357513.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Can we discuss this figure? Do you believe he's real? Do you see him as a symbolic depiction or metaphor of humanity's doomed existence and suffering?

I don't know if such a being exists but the more I learn about the material realm and all we know so far about physics, it really seems that the entire material universe has suffering as a default feature on every sentient being. Evil and destruction is easier to do and more difficult to fix or reverse, even the smallest bacteria's life is defined by killing or being killed (or harming or being harmed) in some way
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"Let's Roll" is not the awakening of Jesus but of Thor.

We're entering a new age, where babies will be coded, anyway, and born in artificial wombs. So the battle isn't even over succubi, but ovoer scientific knowledge. Won't it be odd, when you know you just need to smuggle in some eggs and you can have a baby, as a guy? And soon enough, you'll likely be able to use an animal egg, and simply download female dna, which you will be able to customize.

And robo-nanny isn't too far off either. If you can accept a four-legged nanny, then it's extremely close (recognition and handling of babies by robot arms is not far off. One thinks of digital Romulus. Or perhaps just a dog engineered to be able to nurse and tend a baby. it's not an impossibility.

It's so strange to live at a time when those in charge don't even know what's happening.


>We're entering a new age
Probably not. IVF has been around for ages and it's still not responsible for even a fraction of births in Western countries, let alone globally. The technologies you're talking about will be prohibitively expensive and impractical.


i think it's inevitable, actually. your conclusion about expense is not based on production systems. the cheapest one is the artificial womb. the west blocks research, but china and north korea don't have moral rules, and they'll perfect it.


animalistic behaviour
the opposite of animalistic behaviour


So plants, fungi, and protists are good?

File: 1565309624892.jpg (18.88 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Amazon-Logo_Feature.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone on here order things online? Does anyone use amazon? I always wanted to try an Amazon gift card online but never got around to it.
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if everything goes well i should be getting neetbux soon, then i can rent somewhere my myself and get fast food delivered every single day, paradise


> and get fast food delivered every single day,
How much money do you think you are getting to afford that?
Also you will make yourself really sick if you do that long enough. Get actual groceries delivered once a week. It is cheaper and make you feel a lot better in the long run then surviving on overpriced greasy junk food.


Yes, I recently ordered some stuff for gardening to give myself something to do
I also worked mTurk for a while and earned like 100 dollars


another pro tip: generally avoid "amazon choice" - it's crap that's been selected by corrupt chinks and poo in the loos.


File: 1570908181741.jpg (2.96 MB, 2405x1603, 2405:1603, justin_trudeau_yearbook_05.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>liberal commies


I don't think the Wiz Commune will ever happen as it involves a social community-building and pooling of resources and living in close proximity that most Wizs probably aren't suited for.

A more realistic idea could be of building a Wiz neighborhood, street, even apartment block.

We just pick one small town in the USA and the EU and make it our Wiz HQ that all Wizards aspire to move to. Since most Wizs live our lives on the internet, location in the middle of nowhere doesn't really matter.

Wiztown USA

Wizburg, EU
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I notice we already have a thread on the topic. The key is we have to own the land, and make it wiz-only


I wouldn't mind the wiz trailer park, if I got my pc, enough space to make a nice little room for myself, a kitchen with at least an oven and flat top stove, and it's not completely rotting/falling apart then I'm happy. I over the years actually thought about this., feels like the life for me.


I've passably considered using my measly savings to buy an old airstream or school bus and slowly renovating it into a home. To be honest I wouldn't mind having introvert neighbors. This is all fairy tale talk though. There's a million reasons why that wouldn't work, starting with buying the land you would need. Also the very idea of wizards living in a community is unwizardly. Pleasant ideas like that never really happen.


Oh, don't worry, there are only 13% of them in the population. What could possibly happen?


13% of a town being Wizard sounds good, we dont want to completely dominate it and have to run it ourselves

File: 1535574223231.jpg (54.57 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ac6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Who are your heroes? My heroes are the kind-hearted souls who are passionate with their modest hobbies and live a life of eternal adolescence. Think the guy who lives for anime or the collector or the toy train enthusiast. And who are so genuine gentle and not of this world that they are seen as fossils to the outside world.

Take this gentleman for example. Imagine if all those cds were ps1 games. He could ramble for 15 minutes minimum on all the great memories he had in each, the pros, cons, takeaways and nostalgia of each. Like a dedicated coffee drinker, he knows his stuff and dedicates his existence to it. And oblivious or defiant to the social pressure of groidbreeders, he proudly wears his traditional japanese kimono with pride. These heroes in the shadows are too invested in their own beautiful little inner worlds for you to take notice of them, unless you seek them out, perhaps he visits his local comic book store twice a week or attends a humble midwestern convention once a year. Perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of him picking up a pizza at 11pm in anticipation for a long night of gaming. These small town heroes are part The Big Lebowski, but that character was a bit too tryhard and social and ungenuine. These guys don't need to put on an act to go outside, they are as genuine as can be and make no excuses over preferring a night of pizza and JRPG playthroughs than going out and peacocking and attempting to breed. I salute all these small town heroes, wizard or not, who give hope to us all and make all of our existence a little less darwinian.
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what you speak of is something we all already know. But don't know how to address or never bothered to in a positive light.

i know exactly what you are saying. These people are the envy of people like me and i've spent my life trying to be like one. The first one i met when was i was very young (under 10) he was my brother's friends brother. He was about 13 at the time. He was unattractive, fat and probably socially autistic. Now that i think about it my brother (who was HIS brothers friend) may have been his only friend. Not that i'd care. In those days i looked up to him. Just seeing him brought a chill and relaxed vibe. He left for japan a long time ago and i've never seen him since. And although i may have just been some annoying kid to him. He was one of the coolest people to me.

i definitely have been chasing that dream. You may call me out saying that i'm holding some ideal that i can never reach because you can never truly be satisfied with life. But my life is a total horror show. I am the opposite of chill. My whole life i've been not only highly neurotic- that is sensitivity to negative emotion. But i grew up in and still live with the family who has tormented me.

but the real fantastic thing is. That despite all that, despite all the neurosis, brutal abuse and self torment i still come off to other people as that very guy you are describing. How do i know this? Well here is one instance.

in my freshmen year of HS (i'm out of hs now, mods) The guys who sat at my table were at the door. I overheard one say "yo, anons so chill, man like hes so calm" to another. He said it again when we got downstairs and i corrected him saying that i'm never calm. But he said thats how i come off. Which sparked introspection in me.
Yes i am that guy to other people. But perhaps my calm demeanor is only mirrored by my disturbed inner self. This may be the dark thuth to these people. They seek solitude and comfort to try and treat their tormented souls.


Funny how this thread is possibly the only recognition these guys have gotten outside of cringe culture


I see that guy and his mom at every PPV, i wonder how rich he is. I do think he is kind of a masochist to watch such garbage wrestling product.


Yeah, and he fucking rocked it if you didnt know. No niggas laughing at that excellent voice.


Ulillillia, uxwbill and Henry Darger.

File: 1552442266941.jpg (66.25 KB, 1068x534, 2:1, are-nootropics-safe-1-1068….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So recently I've been looking into nootropics, I've never held a job and I'm a HS drop out, so I really hope this is my saving grace. I am hoping they help me study something productive like programming so I can actually achieve something.

Have any of you tried any nootropics and how well did they work?
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I've tried a few different ones, my take:
currently taking, i'm not sure how much of a difference it makes.
Maybe slightly helps with anxiety.


also currently taking(3x a day 500mg), I think it has a subtle effect on focus.
Before taking it I would mostly think about food all day, now I can fast the entire day and not even think about food.


it seems to just make caffeine less pleasant, I enjoy the mania and it feels like it tampers it.


I have to take like 3g or I don't feel much of anything.
It gives me a very strange but kind of pleasant buzz/feeling and does help with anxiety.
Also seems like downing acidic things like coffee makes the buzz stronger but also upsets your stomach.
I wouldn't consider it a nootropic though


I didn't notice much of anything, I only took small doses though.


Hey, I think I’m sensitive to electricity too. I get a sharp burning feeling when resting my hands against my metal laptop often, and I sometimes get a similar feeling from metal while also touching electronics.


I'm going to try BPC-157. Its not really a nootropic though, its a peptide mostly used by bodybuilders and athletes when they want to recover faster from an injury. I would want it to help my dopaminergic system to heal.


Uridine didn't do much for me in terms of healing dopamine receptors but I was still abusing drugs so no wonder. But in theory, uridine should work too


Sleep 7-8 hours a day.
CBD before bed. (Calm by wellness gummies)
16:8 intermittent fasting cycle. (Use the zero app to track).
Meditate 15 minutes in the morning.

Best drugs in the world, me happy wiz.



I just did two days, five days last week. Also found the Zero app to be fun to use. I can't compare the amount of clarity I got past day 3 to anything else- I've read that's when the real benefits start to kick in for the brain. 6x stem cells or something? Anyways, better than any nootropic research I've seen.

For CBD:

I was taking Charlotte's Web for a year, but this stuff is completely different. First time I saw a warning label on a CBD bottle. Plus, they have a dosing guide- your body adapts to CBD so the optimal dose is actually less and less over time. They say use a little until it changes from bitter to sweet, I barely need a drop a day these days. I've been taking it in the morning though, I think your idea of taking it at night sounds better, I'll try that.

Also, diet, obviously, is huge. I've been getting these 5 buck packs of mussel meats and some cod liver oil pills, eating eggs everyday. One meal a day has been my normal for a while now, I don't even remember what more than that feels like anymore.

For fasting, don't go into it until you've gotten your diet down to either a mostly-fat or low portion sizes. Your stomach literally bloats when you eat, and this makes you hungrier later.
So make sure not to binge eat or whatever the day before, avoid what sugars you can to make it easier on yourself. Took me about a half a year of attempts for my body to get used to it, but I feel like a totally different person when I fast.


I came to this realization very recently.

I'm literally getting withdrawals from not having internet and even dreaming about them, but I know it's for my own good.
I've played games virtually every single day for over twenty years now, and they've ruined many aspects of my life.
Internet pretty much ruined my life. I have no attention span anymore for anything unless I'm drunk.
Apart from that: the internet offers way too much information and sites like this is mostly negativity. It drains energy.
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I guess it's slightly blasphemous but I'm starting to believe that the idea of internet introverts who prefer online communication is negative. One on one conversation with an interested party is superior and group public conversation online is deprived of anything meaningful. This is all people consuming what they want it to be and it's a perverse environment. It still may be impossible in a situation to find people who aren't Norman or that don't flare up misanthropy, but the internet should be considered less than finding a calm philosophy reading group for example. I've been online 16 years and used to consider myself an internet introvert but it is a maladaptive coping mechanism, when you achieve a mental calm and can engage with the world leaving online culture is advisable. I try to add much as possible but come back when depressed.


>One on one conversation with an interested party is superior and group public conversation online is deprived of anything meaningful.

I couldn't agree more. after a while, all group chats become a popularity contest. Those who are less popular or who have niche demands and expectations from the group chat get ostracized immediately. Moreover, in a one on one context conversation are more engaging, and what you say matters a lot more compared to what it would look like with 5 other people also talking.

The internet just got old and disappointing. All the good communities are destroyed, every site is a shell of what it used to be. I pretty much only use it now to watch anime and play vidya. I'm going to try and quit reading anywhere but here, and I will probably leave wizchan in the future. I have already said all that I wanted to say, I have nothing new to say now, nor do I care to say something new or develop myself in order to be able to say something new. Talking on the internet is not much different than screaming at a staircase; a few people who don't know you might hear you, and then everyone forgets about the interaction.Do you remember anything you said 3 years ago? Maybe one or two extremely memorable moments which lost their charm a long time ago(if you're lucky) and that's it.

Contrary to OP's problems, I find the internet disappointing, old and unfulfilling now. The only reason I still use it is that I don't have an alternative.


easily solved. turn your whole screen grayscale, also use invert colors. only use color when it’s a special area of interest that can’t be a time suck. like if you are studying a topic, over the year, as a new year vow, then only have color them. another might be language learning.


ALL WEBSITES ARE WEAPONIZED AGAINST US, like lootboxes, fb, google, twitter, try to suck us in with crap. alternative viewers can help, but consider “recommended” to mean “i hate you and want to ruin your life”, because that’s what lrecommended” means.


even here on wizchan i got banned for shitposting so i can't even post on imageboards anymore


i get banned everywhere for just having opinions. i’m accused of trolling. it’s all so tiresome.

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