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Do you guys realize that everything was better from 2006 to 2012, the world has gone to shit ever since then.
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It's also the first time I saw someone on wizchan flavoring their shitpost with chinese.


Yeah everything goes gradually worse, 2016-2020 was cancerous with omnipresent politics, acceleration of social decadence, divide and rule…But at least there was something to root for in the past, something exciting, even small… It looks like 2021-2024 there will be no such thing and the only hope would be a war where a significant part of humanity dies.


>Yeah everything goes gradually worse
Things were already bad by 2014, I don't know you'd consider 2016 to be a significant increase in "badness".


Was a great year for imageboards. Only that year.


Comparing high school succubi from the early 2000's to what they're like now are nearly polar opposites in my region at the very least. Even the mean ones back then were only mean to people who really deserved it, they were kinder and everything. Sure I still know they were talking in their groups etc.. But I don't care about that. Todays ones a little demons, in your face and abusing random people. I was just walking home from work once a few months ago and a student started filming me screaming "PEDO PEDO PEDO" because I was walking behind her like 10m or so..


This has to be some sort of wizjoke right? That level of stupidity is just too high.

File: 1605142892915.jpg (169.22 KB, 1500x1117, 1500:1117, RMS.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anybody else feel like we're near the end or that society is going to rapidly collapse as a result of climate change, neoliberalism, warfare, political instability, COVID, etc? I feel like these end of the world type scenarios are not sensationalist fearmongering anymore like it was in the past and that the end is actually happening.
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>Early 19th century
Malthusian economics
>Late 19th century
Yellow horde
>Early 20th century
Nuclear armageddon
Population bomb
Climate Change

These doomer scenarios come and go. The fall of rome was doomer af and we bounced back from that eventually, no need to be totally cynical fellas.


None of those things have stopped being a problem though.


Malthusian economics was proven wrong, population growth doesn't remain exponential necessarily and food output has made great gains. Dysgenics is still a problem but its a problem localized in certain areas and certain classes, Mormons for example are eugenic with their mating patterns, with higher class men and succubi outbreeding lower class men and succubi. Nuclear proliferation is moving at a snail's pace and has become a minor problem since the cold war ended. The population bomb is winding up to be a dud with even India falling rapidly into subreplacment fertility.

Things can change, in ways that people cannot plan for or expect. What wasn't thought to be a problem becomes a problem, and what was a problem can often become a non-problem.


I believe it will too due to mass immigration/race conflict, weakening of men, foreign powers like China, and inflation. We're in-between the 'good times' and 'hard times'.


Climate change is made up liberal propaganda, literally doesn't exist, you're getting into hysterics over made up conspiracies designed to amp up gullible normalfags to support liberal homoglobo agenda.

File: 1615752408549.png (699.55 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20 faces.png) ImgOps iqdb


i feel like I m empty of any thoughts almost always.
In most cases I can only copy other people behaviours or thoughts. I dont have many original thoughts of my own.
When I want to tell something Its hard for me to create sentences. It takes me time, too much time.
I m a very slow man. Even on imageboards when I want to express my thoughts I do it very slowly, because words comes out of my head so slow.
I wonder if I m not a little bit handicapped in some way.


I don't know, you seem articulate enough for me.


I can articulate enough, but it takes time in my case, homever most normies do articulate fastly, like robots


>In most cases I can only copy other people behaviours or thoughts.
Where do you think other people get their thoughts from?
It is truly rare to find an original genius who comes up with something fresh. Everyone else is just rehashing the same old shit trying to repackage it in fancy paper.


Yeah but most normies hardly say anything worth listen.


I didn't know I'd turn out like this when I was a kid. I was slim I was a decent looking kid with full of life. I guess my good fortune left me the day when my old school closed down and I had to go to a shitty school in 3rd grade. I got outcasted and bullied by my classmates for being the less talkative shy kid. After that horrible year I started to develop bad eating habits and then I started 4th grade with some love handles around my waist. Well 4th grade was even better then 3rd grade was, we got a new classmate who was kind of a weirdo. We weren't exactly friends, he.. one time he punched my front tooth out during one of his temper tantrum. I also became near sighted in that year (hereditary) but I refused to wear my prescription glasses due to not being an ever bigger target for my bullies. Years went by in that toxic environment and from a bright child full of life became a loser. Because of my bad grades I could only apply to shitty secondary schools. I chose one with a good IT past because I was into computer games (who could've thought). But the school was nothing like it was advertised. IT meant for them teaching ms office lol. So that was a waste of 4 years with moron classmates who made every single day hell for me, teachers were also doucheturds there. Then the finals came I completed it and and got shitty, almost worthless grades. I was 18 then now a decade later here I am a complete burnt out loser, fat, ugly, face full of scars and vitiligo, crooked smile virgin and looking at myself in the mirror I'm starting to accept the reality that maybe I'm not meant to be a person who will pass his genes to the next generation but maybe a celibate till the end of my time on this earth. And you know what? Maybe that's fine too. Maybe I meant to be like this. Thinking about how things might've been different doesn't help…
Well it was a long writing. Thank you for reading and I'm sorry for the shitty writing.


Why call yourself a volcel? That implies you have a choice in being an outcast, which is clearly false from what you've written.


Maybe. No doubt it comes naturally and comfortably for some people, and with time some others will come to the conclusion it's an acceptable way for them.
But it will never work for me and I'm tired of pretending otherwise.
Even though I'm already a wizard by definition it never got any easier for me, in fact it's been getting much worse recently. I suffer so much I can feel my body physically giving up under the strain. I've had enough of trying to ignore the hurt, staying quiet about the stuff that truly bugs me, passively respecting all the written and unwritten the rules of the whole wizardry hermit monk LARP copium.
I don't even want to ever pretend anymore that loneliness isn't the central issue of my entire being, I just don't know where else to go.
But there's no place for people like me anywhere. No one could help, even if they wanted to. I'm at an age and place in life where only literal magic could fix anything. The loneliness and hopelessness is unbearable, all that's left of me is grief for a wasted life and mourning over youth I never got to experience.
It's not so bad for some people but I sure wasn't built to be alone. I just don't work that way. I'd never willingly choose it because it's poison to me.
I tried to fight this state of things but fighting all alone was an impossible struggle, while many awfully unfortunate events and environments were pushing me into living my worst nightmare that never seemed to end.
When I was still young I thought it couldn't continue forever, that at some point I'd overcome, bounce back and bloom late but beautifully. That brighter days were ahead, that spring would still come, the hardship would be compensated and patience rewarded. God, I wanted to bloom. To be a buried treasure just waiting to be unearthed. To be found. To be worth. To be cherished.
I yearned for warmth and dreamed of the sun but there was never a limit on the bad, no rock bottom to hit, was there? It's only going to get worse… always was.
I can't bear the thought I had no intrinsic value, no potential to be unleashed. Nothing to be loved for. The world has demonstrated these facts to me again and again but I can't… just can't.
It's too sad, too cruel. This isn't right. I feel it's not right for me to accept it.

If you are there.
God; that you made me, I curse you.


crab cope tier


How compelling, what articulacy. A master wizard.

File: 1610970733411.jpg (66.55 KB, 482x549, 482:549, Im starting a collection o….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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The type of people who complain about having to work for low wages and long hours to pay for dogshit food and rent rat infested apartments are the same type of people that would be be first to get enslaved in the medieval era. The average person only needs to feed clothe and shelter themselves and if they're too stupid to address those priorities first so they can have a blanket of security if money gets dire then it's no surprise as to why millennials and zoomers advocate for communism while actual employers view their staff as low iq disposable shitheads that literally couldn't feed themselves without needing their precious salaries every week to month while people who live independently in developing nations could use that money far more usefully towards aiding those around them, hate paying for food then grow your own, hate paying every month for an apartment go buy a small patch of land and build shelter or fuck just buy a trailer, hate buying clothes then repurpose old clothes or ffs make your own. My god I despise poor people.
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Being a NEET is god-tier and anyone who has been for any anount of time worth a damn knows that we need to support our wageslave bros out there. Shit's hard out there man, we all need a release valve. This thread shoulda been deleted kek. Sage for low quality post


Report it for rule 5 and 4. He is showing contempt for our wagies wizards.




good post zoomer very informative hahaha kill yourself retard


The fact that this thread is still up almost 2 months later is an encapsulation of wizchan 2021. It is such obvious bait
>hate paying for food then grow your own
In the city? On my balcony I can grow only minor things like garlic and spices and 1 bag of potatoes which hardly goes enough to live of.
>hate paying every month for an apartment go buy a small patch of land and build shelter or fuck just buy a trailer.
Any piece of land big enough to live off completely, as there are no jobs in the countryside, costs more than I can afford to save up in many many years. Also you need to pay property taxes so you still need a job to pay for those massive fucking taxes each year.
>hate buying clothes then repurpose old clothes
Only sound advice and I think literally everyone whos not a richfag here does that already without even thinking about it.
I know he does not actually think these things but some people hold similar beliefs so I still wrote it out, really I'm just mad at the state of the chan where this sort of thing almost seems like it could fit in. In case he responds surely it will only be an insult, mark my words.

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File: 1611252168739.png (210.91 KB, 1024x798, 512:399, technological-singularity_….png) ImgOps iqdb


The singularity will not only be the salvation of humanity, but the salvation of all living beings on Earth from pointless toil. The singularity will establish a heaven on Earth for all beings and it will be beautiful.

This heaven will not be like the superficial and one-dimensional heaven mentioned in the bible and only reached after death, this heaven will be as real as anything else and not some thought up dream that was written down on crusty old paper by mortal conmen. This heaven will be the creation of the brightest minds in existence, the most intelligent and it will be the creation of an amalgamation of unrelenting hard work and dedication.

Humanity, technology, and the unrelenting human spirit to move past our human forms as mere evolutionary animals and merge with the human creation of technology and live forever in a heaven like state all made possible by the minds of humanity is the greatest goal to be attained.

I'm on the side of eradicating suffering, death, and futility. I will not accept the cosmic slaughterhouse and death will be conquered and humanity will prevail.
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Better others suffer than myself. The road to heaven is paved with corpses.


File: 1613057789000.jpg (100.21 KB, 1147x956, 1147:956, byaku.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We enter Epoch 3, armed with a brain. Surely this is a new epoch, the brain says to itself, in an inevitable chain of epochs leading to the universe itself becoming a brain.

Intellect is the criterion by which to judge our place in the evolutionary ladder. Consequently, once the cosmos has been metastasized by intelligence, intellect as cancer, there can be no Epoch 7, 8, or 9. After all, that would be inconceivable.


With absolute order comes absolute knowledge and with absolute knowledge comes absolute morality.

Absolute morality is only possible through artificial general intelligence.


File: 1615420911024.png (214.09 KB, 600x741, 200:247, clippy.png) ImgOps iqdb

>and with absolute knowledge comes absolute morality
Assuming there is such a thing as absolute morality in the first place


I think the existence of absolute knowledge is a bigger stretch.

File: 1614953591705.jpg (126.91 KB, 850x484, 425:242, 1e43ee806d0e9a48c72c405dcd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am reading Elliot Rodgers My twisted world and an idea came to me I observed how he cherishes his childhood and was happy as a child and could not relate myself as my own childhood was fraught with misery and already present mental health issues so I am curious if other wizards were happy as a child?

The only happy memories I can recall was getting a pokemon game or something of that sort but other people seem to have many happy memories and not have mainly awful memories.
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I had horrible social anxiety as a kid, and I was always quiet in class because I was afraid of my teachers screaming at me for talking to the other kids. That might be part of the reason why I turned out so socially stunted and am a friendless loser today. I also hated my physical appearance, and hated the way I looked after I was forced to get a haircut. My dad always acted like this syrupy, saccharine beta faggot with the personality of Barney the Dinosaur. I also went to a Catholic school, which I hated. When I was 10, I seriously considered converting to Islam, since it seemed like a far more macho, manly religion that gets rid of degeneracy.


Not really,more often than not I got into fights mostly because other people would make fun of me and the only happy memories I had was when I played my guitar and when I watched anime


heh I had the same thoughts as OP reading it too.


File: 1615380878346.jpg (83.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It has always been hell from day one. Between my parents contantly trying to kill each other and being bullied at school, lets just say that I didn't enjoy my childhood much. I grew up being poor so I didn't even get the cool toys that people post in nostalgia threads.


Same story here. I also have brother that bullied me a lot, now he mildly buillies me. Though the only difference between us is that he's older, more fit and have more money.

File: 1615146188903.jpg (114.05 KB, 735x769, 735:769, smolensk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What a irony.
When I was young and I was in school I wanted to end school as fast as possible, because I was unhappy then and I thought that when I will be older, my life would simply be repaired and better.

Now when I m older I mention often old times when I was a child. I know that my childhood was sorrowful and there were periods of time, when I was depressed, but I think if then I would direct my life differently, then my adulthood would be much better now, and also I didnt appreciate then I dont have to work, that I had a lot of free time during vacation.

Also when I think about old games and old music I feel good kind of nostalgy.
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Do you have a crush back then?


no I just remember the days where I had no responsibilities I just had to go to school and then come home and I could play video games all night long


When I was a child I already sensed that my adult life would have sucked and so I didn’t want to grow up. I also loved the fact that I was the youngest child in my family. I see that I was right now.


When I was a young I was really gifted and everyone expected me to become some kind of brilliant scientist now I am just an hikki, my childhood was really shitty because I was bullied all the time but I still miss the times when everyone had such high expectations of me


I love video games and tv shows from my childhood and miss the days where people weren't zombie addicted to twitter on their smartphones, but I wouldn't say I miss being a child.

File: 1609797068152.jpg (21.85 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1597255627546.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why can't I just accept that I'm a boring, worthless person that has never and will never amount to anything in life?
Life would be so much easier if I just did.
And yet I keep clinging to false hope. "Things will change", I keep telling to myself.
Why am I like this?
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I'm at peace with it, no problem living a completely mediocre life, as long as I have food, a roof and a bed.


There is no problem with that. It's just that life still sucks after you accept that. Literally nothing changes. It will only get worse.


It does matter for the stained carpet absent in your image.
A wise man said once that no clear moves should me allowed there.



File: 1615141361427.png (975.33 KB, 954x643, 954:643, youreunderarrest.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1615031273017.webm (1.19 MB, 578x384, 289:192, Gondola feels.webm) ImgOps iqdb


Post sad webms screen caps and stories.
I have not seen a classic feels thread for a while please avoid posting normalfag shit gondolas for extra points.


KC bear it return

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