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What do you wish for there to happen to your corpse after you die?
I personally wish for mine not to be cremated but to be eaten by animals in the wild or in a zoo, i think it's a huge waste of resources that i essentially have gone for 35+ years and consumed tonnes of food only for my body to get cremated and wasted
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I've wanted to decompose in the open air since I was a teen. Go somewhere very remote and blast myself.
That or be cremated and flushed down the toilet like Cotton from King of the Hill. Or cremated and tossed wherever. Just don't want to be shoved in an overpriced box. Don't want a wake or a funeral.


File: 1628016148240.jpg (669.01 KB, 1620x2288, 405:572, Katakombenheiliger_pankrat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Some cool possibilities:
- people should eat my corpse, drink my blood, burn my flesh, roast it, make it into some burger or sauce
- my corpse used as a sexual tool for some crazy lunatic
- taxidermy, stuff my body and make it into a piece of art
- body used as a tool of worship like the body parts of saints


your rotting pile of bones, organs and flesh isn't worth anything to anyone. Why eat old fibrous overmedicated neet burger when you can have a nice grass fed lamb. Why have an ugly failure as furniture instead of beautiful tiger skin?

We're all garbage - there are billions of us. we're not special enough for any of the "weird" shit you think of.


Go back to where you came from you retarded faggot. Being a cunt on the internet won’t fix your problems.


reality =/= being a cunt


Depression is luxury.

Affordable by first and second worlders.

Do you believe in that?
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im pretty sure the happiest people on earth are rich eurofags


what the fuck am watching


daily life of millions of animals since the cambrian explosion




This. Life is unbelievably good if you're a rich european or even a euro-neet.

File: 1628012702051.jpg (39.9 KB, 701x363, 701:363, sleep-genius-pic.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Whats the longest youve been awake? Did you trip?
Sleep deprivation SEEMS to be lethal so im considering going out in a flurry of mania and schizophrenia. According to ancient accounts 9 days are enough for a man to die of no-sleep. If I survive i might get a breakthrough,tho
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Such a schedule or day rhythm is only possible if you're rich (no need to work and still live comfortably) or in a country with neetbux (no need to work and still live comfortably).

It's not physically possible to pull off in any other situation because ordinary people are wageslaves.


I feel royal now


What about stimulants?


Being neet with neetbux is kind of like being royalty, since before the 19th century only nobles could live comfortably without working.

They didn't all live in palaces either, some barons and lords in the UK and France lived in apartments. They did have nicer furniture than a neet (unless he is an antique collector) but not necessarily a better quality of life.

Medical care, food, sanitation, overall safety was certainly worse back then. And they had no water toilets or tap water either.


Even if you were a baron in a nice 1500sqft apartment in London, you were still surrounded by the smell of horse and human shit everywhere.
Open your window, and shitwinds fill your home. There were no toilets so everything was dumped on the streets.


I live in Korea and it's still like 19th century London because the sewage system is horrible.

It smells while walking on the streets. It is horrible and I still am not used to it.

File: 1628015455275.jpeg (88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 956E4E42-44E7-4759-82AD-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


We’re you prescribed psychoactive medications as a minor? If yes, what age and substances, and do you think it’s part of why you’re here?


stfu nigger

File: 1627928261580.jpg (31.15 KB, 350x486, 175:243, kanchi-japam.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>can more or lesa be stopped if you change your mind
>Only hurts at first,gets you high afterwards
>testament to manly willpower,leaves a tragic-heroe vibe to the mourning

I have decided to fast till i die,the only problem is I live with parents with whom i eat daily.
Must I run away from home?go to calm rural area,or be homeless,to fast for the weeks needed before i die?
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OP has been making these brainfart threads for years. He is not serious about it, it's larping crap.


Do you have a Bone to Pick?


File: 1628004711907.jpg (59.53 KB, 375x383, 375:383, Justice.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

As I made clear,im not a masochist,but id like to prolong my suicide trough loops:eat once a week for 59 weeks,for example,then once a month. I would consume 1kilo of protein and some shakes each eating session
Daily i would take vitamin supplemented water.


Here's a fine specimen of the kind of thread the OP used to shit out on a daily basis.


File: 1626462730036.jpg (39.31 KB, 650x350, 13:7, 1624393716568.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anime is boring
Movies are boring
Vidya is boring
Books are boring
Coding is boring
Nothing entertains me anymore. Even porn doesn't give the same thrill as it used to. I end up just lying on my bed and eyeing the ceiling.
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I am a NEET for years now. Like I said, it wasn't really a sudden thing. First, crippling depression and then came the desire to change, but I wasn't happy all of a sudden. It took me weeks until I restarted my brain.

You have to understand, happiness is a choice. You can choose to be angry at normalfags because they don't live like you or you can ignore them because they aren't worth the energy you spend on hating them. You can worry yourself sick about the future or you can sit back and enjoy the now. You can complain about why your life sucks so much or you can be grateful that you have it much better than lots of people on earth. Your mind is a powerful tool. Eastern sages can starve themselves to death, bury themselves alive or sleep on sharp spikes, all because they realized how they could control their minds and therefore their bodies.


Judging by your posts I can say your mind is not a powerful tool.


We're on wizchan, we all have our own issues. I still use nootropics to function and psychedelics to temporally escape the monotony of life.


File: 1627943457827.jpg (12.12 KB, 243x190, 243:190, 12341235213512362.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

White collar job which can cause agony for the unseasoned.
Stuck in a box for the bulk of it.
Often I do dream of NEET life, and love anyone who is NEET, for they are the ones who inherit it all.

And don't kid yourself, of course I still have bad days. I just make sure to have more days of joy than grief, out of spite - what use is the melancholy? There is none.
Remember your death, and that all of your anguish worked toward nothing.
So I am grateful for the few days left - frankly, I assume my life is already on a lease, and eviction will happen at any moment.
So one more good day is enough, has been enough for awhile now.

And I don't pretend that I know death either. Although one can only smile in its presence… of course it's scary too.


Anhedonia has no cure. Normalfags don't understand the sickness so they mistake it for something else and sound like morons.

File: 1587068974802-0.jpg (15.77 KB, 456x284, 114:71, anti depressant.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Anyone here tried those? What did they do.

My shrink prescribed me Wellbutrin for fatigue which I took for 3 months or so, but they didn't do shit except reduce nicotine cravings. Apparently it's also prescribed for smoking cessation for which it worked wonders actually.
Shrink didn't want to prescribe me other AD's because those have heavier side effects and she thinks it wouldn't be worth it since they usually make fatigue worse and are more for anxiouspatients.

I also tried a bunch of nootropics, but none of those did anything. If you have experience, share those aswell
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>At this point I don't really seek happiness
>Completely numb, not uncomfortably/anxiously depersonalized. It sounds cathartic, honestly
But happiness is lack of discomfort and anxiety. Comfortably numb is something you get from euphoric opioids. SSRI antidepressants only gave me an uncomfortably zombie feeling - worse than being on nothing.


>I thought it was pretty normal for people here to feel this way… This thread is weird, making me feel like I stand out between the loonies, that or you're all failed normals.
Of course some people feel like that and some don't


Well, I think I'm gonna try them out anyways. I guess these things have different effects on each individual (to a certain extent) and since I'm already kinda feeling this way, I'm probably either going to stay the same or get a little bit better, idk. Like this anon
Maybe he's lying, but maybe he's not, and it wouldn't hurt to try
Oh i know, i just thought this kind of feeling was pretty much a given for depressive people


Hey, I'm >>219430, Wellbutrin stopped working about 2 months later, I guess since I had tolerance it worked better, I stopped for 6 months and tried it again, but still have severe anhedonia.


I've been prescribed 50mg Seroquel XR, but I don't really want to take it. I'm just dependent on Clonazepam, which keeps anxiety at bay but doesn't do anything for depression.

It was either Seroquel or Lithium, not sure if I would have been inclined to take the other honestly.

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ive failed everything
ill never make money
ill never be good at anything
ill never be more than a burden to my family

god hates me clearly
but i was wondering
what if i went to a monastery
maybe he wuld get off my case
and i could just become invisible to most everyone
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Not OP but I'm in the same situation and I do this. It doesn't help. You will always be on the bottom of the totem pole because you're a loser. The more you help them, the more they hate you for being a worthless NEET. There's no way to win or gain respect.


agreed and bumping


>they chose to bring you to this wretched world without your consent
>feel bad about expecting to have some support for them
>becoming their personal slave in return
very wizardly indeed


This. If there is one, which I highly doubt, it's a narcissistic sadist who enjoys torturing the little buttons on the map he's created for his own amusement.

People project their wishes of benevolence onto "gods" because they hope if there is one, he is benevolent.
But all evidence of all things to ever have happened point to him either not existing, or being an absolute degenerate who takes joy in the suffering of others.


Don't bury yourself so soon. There is always the possiblity of changing for the better, no matter what people on the net say.
You only need the basic amount to survive and to enjoy your hobbies. Most rich people spend money on things they absolutely don't need.
>good at anything
You don't need to be good at anything, life isn't a competition, only normals think that it is.
>a burden to my family
They are probably just as much of a burden for you, right? They made you, they should at least support you.


No, stay away from those places. Same goes for military and anything along these lines. Living with complete strangers is hell itself. Not to mention your superior would bully you most likely, even in a monastery. You would be forced to work on stupid things in order to learn "humility" and would be forced to engage in boring social activities like common prayer, going to mass, etc. Even homelessness is better.

Gods do exist but the christian god is a demon you should avoid as much as you can. He is a bloodthirsty tyrant who freely disregards his own morals and does whatever pleases him while demanding slavery from every one of his creatures.
Walk the Path of Light along with the benevolent gods and wake others up from their deep slumber.


I mean it's bad enough the world is utter shit and I'm forced to slave my ass off for pieces of paper until I die but the mere fact i can't even see the efforts of my work at the end of the day, it's fucking mad!
I live in Jamaica and sometimes i just wanna end it. I'm 22, I work a regular 9 to 5 but yet I still can't do shit with my salary….all my money blows up on inflated utility bills and grocery prices….I'm lucky if I can renew an ongoing subscription or even get myself something nice by the end of each month.

From school till now, I just feel like I'm going through an endless cycle of survival.

I genuinely would rather to not work at all and just live peacefully but I want to leave this country so badly that it even overshadows the factor of work.

Seeing the minimum wage in the US and other developed countries discourage me so much, to the point I just wanna quit my job and runaway. For example. $10 - $15 an hour ismind-blowing to me, as the regular citizen here barely makes that, even after slaving for an entire day….in a single day american citizens are making what we make in 2 weeks, in ONE day.

I've even seen news headlines of Americans complaining about $7.25 an hour and I'm just like "fuck i wish the average citizen here was making that much an hour".

I always wonder why I was even born here to begin with, the world is so huge, yet I was born in a poor, crime filled, underdeveloped country…..like the world is already shit and requires way too much from us to simply exist but on top of that, i have to endure life in a third world country too???…..it's fucking depressing.
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Why? How is that suspicious?


He’s projecting his sex tourist fantasies.


Shit video, read Paul Cockshott.


posted the very same day 07/31
you made this didn't you?


>lone western man living in a south eastern asian country
most of them are degenerate.

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