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just asking if anyone here ever did get better or feel better (at least for awhile) with the help of improvements from better living conditions, better health (better eating,sleeping,exercising etc…) and so on?

I've been stuck with the "truly dont wanna wake up but don't really want to die just yet" status for almost 5 years. Still I believe depression and other mental illness can be cured or eased with the help of other factors (good health, good social life etc…)
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Thats just gambling like a fool.

Ok, OP. What so you exactly want? Do you have a recognizable cause for depression?


I reflected so much for years and found nothing reasonable or even probable for me to be in this state, and that's also a source of pain and misery to me.

my upbringing was unusual but I got family and love and care and luckily I don't have to face real financial issues (yet) but I still feel very hellish at times.

Went to the hospital they wanted me to take pills instead of therapy but after weeks of googling and asking/looking around I want to try to beat it without meds first.

I just want to feel like waking up and being able to experience good emotions man. right now I'm alive but I'm just existing instead of living.


The difference between several years ago and now is pretty big.
I've never eaten badly but I more actively avoid sugar and eat less carbs
Sleep a bit longer and more regularly
Started getting fit, massive improvement here because I no longer get any pains that I used to get, feel better too now that I'm no longer skelly
Take breaks from computer a few times a day (never used to)
Go outside a bit more often, there's a park right by my house no one uses.
I will never go back to doing nothing like before, it hasn't "fixed" major issues but if you take away a bunch of minor issues you have they start adding up (health wise)
I would definitely recommend doing some of these or whatever you have in mind, sleep and exercise were probably my biggest changes since those were the worst for me before
Word of advice don't do many changes all at once because you'll give up and never do any.


Yes, stopped going to restaurants and stopped eating frozen meals. I "cook" but I'm not really good at it, I just make basic things like ground beef and rice, plain potatoes, steak, eggs, or milk.
It's not everything, but I really think that cutting down on takeout and food in boxes and replacing with simple ingredients you cook yourself helps a lot.


>just asking if anyone here ever did get better or feel better (at least for awhile) with the help of improvements from better living conditions, better health (better eating,sleeping,exercising etc…) and so on?

Yes. Improving your physical health improves mental health (keyword=improves, not to be confused with "cures"), it has nothing to do with self-improvement normie stuff or looking better.

Being overweight or underweight, having a poor diet, oversleeping or not sleeping, and being sedentary affects your body and mind heavily. If you're mentally ill, your brain is not only dealing with mental illness, but with the bad effects of having bad physical health (they feed each other, break the cycle). If you're physically normal, it's easier for the brain to just deal with mental illness.

It's hard at first. Once you get a single healthy habit as part of your daily routine, other good healthy habits will follow fast and easier. I go to the gym alone, I go running alone, I throw my football alone, I meditate while I do these, they're part of my routine and I enjoy them most of the time. Even if I don't enjoy them, I do them, it's about discipline, consistence and stability.

My mental health is easier to handle and I'm severely mentally ill. I've gone to the point I'm completely independent, I buy my own meds, I go to therapy, I cook my meals, I groom myself because it's fun for me, I dress up everyday for wagecuck, the list goes on.

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What is the most easily accessible poison? SN is banned in my country, I don't know of many other substances.
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Do Americans really?


You can get cyanide on eBay, but it is a very bad way to go.
Kind of, yeah. I used to drink a 2L a day of diet soda. Eventually I switched to preworkout powder because it got too expensive and destroyed my teeth. Most people switch to coffee at some point in their 20s, but I hate coffee.
Looking it up the national average is 2 cans a day, but I think it’s more like most people have it only at restaurants once a week and a minority of people with heavy overlap with NEETs drink it instead of water.


Are you talking about AgCN? How is he supposed to use it


How is SN banned in your country?
at most it is just restricted but that is not the same as illegal.
The website imtimecuisine.com ships the SN as sodium salt, aka it's disguised as salt, almost no one cares about sodium nitrite anyways and they dont check for it really.
P.S: The hard part of SN suicide isnt getting SN really, it's getting the metoclopramide and propranolol, you can buy pentobarbital if you have $1200+ lying around it is illegal but it's disguised as some facial cleaning product last time I checked


Do you have access to cassava? If you don't know what it is, it is a root that is used as food. But before it is edible, you need to cook it for a long time because it contains a lot of cyanide.
One way of making cyanide is to crush it while raw to extract its juice.


Does anybody else find most media very boring and not entertaining? I can't get past two episodes of something on Netflix yet other people love it. Makes me nervous not having to pass the day.
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Why do you force yourself to watch shit? Maybe seek and search for something that is worth your time. Fuck, idiots like you who can't even occupy themselves piss me off. Being bored is a sign of low IQ, I swear. I never watched anything related to Netflix or anything in the last 10 years that normals think is cool or good. You people like scratch the bottom of the pile and you whine when you end up with shit. Dig deeper and discover things with actual value.


That's because it is, Sturgeon's law; "ninety percent of everything is crap", sounds pretentious but it's true. Netflix and other streaming shites are generally bottom of the barrel, they don't have much except for maybe a few good series, the rest is unoriginal run of the mill poo (most anime) or offensively bad hostile shit made by people who hate you (most shows). If you don't like something just drop it, it's like listening to new music, if a track doesn't grab you in some capacity fairly quickly just skip it and try the next one - there's too much trash out there to waste time on things that are only mediocre at best.

I'm not saying it's easy, it's both a blessing and a curse to spend all your time consuming media - you'll acquire a much more refined taste of what you do and don't like but what you do like will become more esoteric and hard to find. This is why normalfags can just sit and watch whatever Shartflix shoves in their face as they stay in the shallow end of whatever media they consume and never get bored because they play or watch flavour of the month stuff for a couple hours a week at most in between working or whatever other normalton functions they perform on the regular. Therefore most never develop a proper sense of what's good or bad (but act like they do, which is why you see so many terribad opinions or "takes" everywhere) or develop standards for their entertainment, thus perpetuating the cycle of shit content.

Most of my time is spent playing games so I hit my media cap with that years ago but I still occasionally find a new game to play, it's rare but it happens I just usually have to put some effort in to find them.


Anime is pretty much all the things you criticize about Netflix, some things are even worse, anime can make the exact same SoL moeshit with characters of different hair color again and again and again and people will keep asking for more each time.


When you get to a certain age and intelligence, it's like the veil has been lifted and you see the repetitive patterns behind everything.

When a show does something entirely cynical, cynical in the sense of doing something that's clearly a desperate cater to get views, I lose all interest. Like for example, I remember years ago watching some show about gods existing based on how many people believe in them, and every episode had a sex scene go on for five to ten minutes in graphic detail. It had nothing to do with the plot and it was clearly just trying to draw in desperate coomers.

I like old shows like Columbo and Mission Impossible because they had no pretentions about what they were. Just dumb silly entertainment meant to pass some time at night, nothing to take too seriously.


samefag mod


Who else is a NEET here? I'm only asking because I think a NEET lifestyle correlates to being depressed. I don't want to be alone in this situation. I wish I wasn't a NEET. Can the NEET's report in? How is life for you?
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I agree with you but I wouldn't call being a NEET a "lifestyle". That sounds like we chose to be NEETs and I think that for 90% of NEETs that isn't the case.


It's a lifestyle where you value free time and low stress over money and normalfag accomplishments. Maybe if you have social anxiety or agoraphobia, it might tip your hand in one direction, but ultimately it's a conscious choice, nothing stopping these people from applying to jobs and schools if they really wanted to.


I've been a NEET since 2013, probably one of the longest on wizchan




2012 for me. Hello fellow Senior NEET

File: 1659294568480.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_20220607-152809….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It's funny when people call you crazy made you that way, to the point where everything you say and all the abuse you suffer is deemed as a fabrication of your crazy mind.

>anon those people aren't mean to you, you're just imagining it.
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>you are intelligent
>it's easy to socialise, you just have to train it
>you are not funny and no one cares about what you say
>anon, why are you so quiet all the time?


>Yes but it extends if you're labeled as "crazy" that's it, even your relatives will think you're always wrong or delusional. Don't ever get yourself admitted or admit to seeing a psychologist.

This whole psychologist pipeline along with the complete non-understanding from the family is most likely the cause for most actual mental health issues, no one can actually shape a personality or stable mental state in such a situation, it will make you question everything you do and they diagnose you will all kinds of irrelevant stuff.


So what? Take measures and backlash those same arguments against whoever out there. Do not rely on them


Not sure what you mean by that specifically, call them out on mental issues ? Heckle them back ?


Tickle their prostate.

File: 1659550877226.jpg (182.4 KB, 720x1179, 80:131, true defeat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I feel the world has no secrets left,,due to social media, mainly. The roughest slum in this or that country?well, a youtuber went there.
A vampire nazi sect like tempel ov blood/attomwaffen? Hehe, here is their protonmail and publishing house.
Every episode of World's Deadlist Roads is depressing because even in the wildest nature,there is the hand of man building roads and shit.
even top-secret cult stuff like mormon-temple rituals are being made public by spy cameras.
there is no secrets left.


those military-memory pages provide basic info on "so secret" military groups, like delta force ,the range regiments,or even documentaries are avaible.
When I had FB I even asked a kaibil(guatemala special forces)a couple of questions about his tests..the literal taliban post memes on twitter and narcos use tiktok

File: 1656014048770.png (610.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hom.png) ImgOps iqdb


Watching fma made me realize something. I realised that most people have sins (sometimes these attributes are stronger in some ppl, sometimes they are weaker, but they always are)
To properly function in the society, in this world you must adapt some of these sins (I mean mainly wrath, greed and pride) If you lack these 3 main attributes, then you are very easy target to attack and they can destroy you.
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>your ideals are too good to be real, therefore I prefer to remain conformed in my shithole
Enjoy paying taxes so that the gov pays the healthcare of some nigs that steal your jobs and your succubi
Are you really advocating for communism by saying it's the best system for loosers and parasites like us?
>Your libertarianism is nothing but slavery while pretending to be free.
Oh yeah, because having to pay for stuff you want is literally slavery, right?
>Give me free stuff, man.
Fucking nigger mentality, this is why commies are such a joke.


File: 1658658219645.jpg (38.81 KB, 635x628, 635:628, The max bait.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>a normal paradise
Get out this place.
>where everyone can make do without getting wagecucked
That's what you still dare to call antiwizardly. Huh…
>wiz friendly are authoritarian…
Get out to the heck already!
>NEETs would benefit the most in those places…
Completely ignoring that taxes and mendacity existed there and even harder, where social greed and hypocrisy means that outcasts are to be treated even harsher
>Who cares about taxes
Usually people too weak to have a job, like wizards, while also needing to have a haven to safely sleep so they do not have to do it in the middle of streets


Read what I wrote again, carefully. I mentioned communism or authoritarian systems in general if you happen to be lucky with them. Anarcho-communism is another matter entirely.
>Oh yeah, because having to pay for stuff you want is literally slavery, right?
Yes it is, if you want to NEET.
>Fucking nigger mentality, this is why commies are such a joke.
Do you even know what site you post on? Most people here would like to live on bux or are already on it.

Anarcho capitalism or libertarianism is anything but a system where you can "make do without getting wagecucked". That is why I'm arguing against it exactly.

Taxes matter for people who, I dunno, pay taxes?? If you are a NEET taxes doesn't matter at all. Authoritarian systems can be wizard-friendly if you happen to be lucky and can enjoy the privileges of the ruling caste. Capitalism is pretty much the most anti-wizardly system there is. Either work or die, the system. Anything is better for wizards.


I am not even bothered again to give proper attention to such a filth of a speech.

As if some photo showing diarrhea was posted, that is to be trated


Yes that is what the Seven Vices are.

File: 1659448234539.jpg (396.13 KB, 933x551, 933:551, The_Tao_of_Sex_Daniel_Reid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is any of these features likely to you or not?
Beware of whoever makes claims against the no-fap… it's not a random thing that people here be calling wymen as "succubi"…

It's not only about no-fap, that is just the first step.


Moved to >>>/b/808807.

File: 1648562019098.jpg (8.69 KB, 241x209, 241:209, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Help me get out of this nightmare.

I'm a 26 yo neet that wants to kill himself. The reason is that i suffer from different kind of pathologies but mainly i suffer costant migraines that last the whole day. I basically tried everything and i want to die.

The problem is that as a european i cannot get a shotgun.
So the first two methods of suicide that came to my mind are: partial suspension and cutting the wrist's veins.
Also, throwing myself off a building but my little town does not have public high places (i also cannot drive) and my building is not enough high to grant me sure death.

The problem is that regarding the previous two methods i don't think i am enough kwoledgeble to assure me that i will do it correctly ( if you have any tips or guides please share), but most importantly i live in a home with a lot of people that is never empty. My mother especially is paranoid, and always checks on me even at thee slightest sound (i'm not kidding). Basically, i think i am incled to cut my veins but firstly i'm not sure that i'm capable of doing it correctly and also i'm not sure i will be able to do it silently (i read that if done correctly will cause death in a minute and half, is that true?). I' also veery scared at the fact that anyone that tried says that is eetremely painful and i think it also doesn't have a high success rate. partial suspension should be better, but i kno for sure that it causes muscular spasms and that would allert my family. Also, i'm not sure i have a point where to secure the rope.

If any of you have any tips, guides or even better an alternative way of suicide, please share, i cannot take in anymore. Thank you.

Btw, i also thought to enter some random building i'm pretty sure i cannot get to the roof, and i am also very scared if someone would ask me what i was doing there (i obviousl have very bad social anxiety):
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Fist of all try a radical life change (been stuck in a life that you don't like does that to you) start with something like dropping all and going on a very long trip for example and/or try drugs, both legal and illegal like all types of psicodelics.

If all that fails, the classical south Korean method of asphyxia by carbon dioxide is simple enough, the bag over the head with a gas tank and regulator connected to it is also popular and you can get it on the internet and substances like a Barbiturate like Nembutal ( what they give to your dog in the vet to kill him) or any fentanyl variation will do the job relatively painless. This is what they are doing in countries were euthanasia is legal. Research that.


Because its my main problem, not my only one. Again, it has caused me so many other problems than resolving it wouldnt fix my Life completely. Its not a difficult concept to grasp.


Spend more time at the gym.


File: 1657745562990.pdf (7.87 MB, Ehret Mucusless Diet.pdf)

You tried everything?
What is everything?

Just give this a look, in case…


Roofer here, basicaly meaning i climb roofs for fun.
Most of the times when people ask me why im going up there I say i just want to take some pictures.
And yes, most roofs are locked, some are open, some you have to fiddle arround with some screws to get on them but its doable.
One other option would be abandoned buildings wich almost always have open roof acces

File: 1655829635364.jpeg (57.86 KB, 732x440, 183:110, doog.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.260790[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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Remember the posts. Where the healthcare section at endchan, lots of PDFs.
>Ehret, Nagumo, Reíd
This is the start: To cleanse the brain, then the mind follows. It takes time.


I believe everyone can do it. But it requires a big change of attitude and mindset. You have to accept that this world can't provide happiness to you. Stop relying on it. You have to rely on yourself. Make yourself happy.

But first of all, ask yourself: do you even want to be happy? Or would you rather stick to your desires and ego? Desires that attach you to this unreliable and unpredictable existence, are you ready to get rid of them?

Do you want to be "perfect"/"healthy" or happy? That is the question you should ask yourself. To be happy you have to let go of your goals and plans. To be happy means you are content with who you are.


File: 1658592801893.jpg (498.22 KB, 1500x2000, 3:4, 79511717_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i wish i had a chance. i didnt live my life. im different, im very lucky to have been made like this. but also i was born in a very deep abyss, a prison or a torture cell. its like i never existed even though i did. i dont know, i dont know how to express myself. i wish i could start it over. i wish there were something after death. i wish my essence wont be destroyed by death. i wish i could reincarnate in this world or another, i wish i were free. i dont know. i had a purpose but i did not fulfill it. i had a life but i didnt live it. im very lucky, very very lucky, i won the lottery of lotteries when i was made like this, but its like i never got to claim the prize. i dont know. im afraid of death. i dont want to die. i hope death isnt the end. im afraid. i want to live my life. i want to show whats inside me. its infinite and it can do anything. i want to share it. i want to be myself. i dont know. i cant express what i want to say. im sorry. sorry.


For a long time I believed that achieving good health and being the perfect/best version of myself would lead to a permanent state of happiness. Probably naive in hindsight, I don't need to be perfect to be happy. I was born with this body, with this mind, I should, at the very least, learn to accept myself for who I am. I don't have many friends but I could be a very good friend to myself, if I tried.
Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out.


I slurred my speech again on alcoholic drinks. Anything I can do to cope I guess. God I'm a degenerated fuck. In a funk I think. Declined on meth but regretting it, anyone else defo addicted and trying fo stay clean?. No more booze tonight…. god damn whisky knocked me on my ass again, just now coming down off, no librium or nothing

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