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I have nothing interesting to say and nothing interesting to show . How will you comment this ?


b r a i n f a r t


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Is anyone interested in virtual reality and the changes that will inevitable come about when VR becomes highly-developed and widely available to the average person?

I have a few predictions on the subject, which I'll post ITT if anyone wants to discuss, join in, critique etc.
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then do what you can to make vr and whatever come true. Make VR your ideology or scrot up and die: your two choices


nothing I or anyone else can do to speed it up.
It takes decades of well funded research and only the brightest minds are able to work any of this out.
Of course I'm not smart enough to assist with any of this.

>and die

we are already dead anyway, what future do you think people like us have?
you suicide or end up in some nursing home and croak there after 20+ years of incarceration and abuse.
In best case you live long enough that a house robot could nurse your ass but cmon how likely is this?


nice cope. the endgoal here is to make your existence bearable. ofc nothing anyone does has a significant effect on whatever fantastic science crap you make up for yourself. seriously try to become an ideologue so that your ookonance hierarchy is fulfilled and you don't feel shit about yourself or you could suffer the quiet depression of drugs, fapping, fast food, and intermittent retail jobs. that's your dichotomy


I don't think it will get this much more advanced anytime soon. We're reaching slavery, probably a caste system where you're either 1% or you're just a glorified tool and property of a mega-corporation like Amazon.


Virtual Reality as late as the early 1990s was just a hobby for nerds, with no real commercial value and involving the kind of hardware that now seems hopelessly out-of-date (e.g. sense-o-ramas). VR today, a two-and-half decades later, is a multi-billion dollar industry with probably tens of thousands of highly paid programmers working 9+ hours a day on developing VR and making virtual worlds more realistic.

In my opinion it is the future of video gaming for sure, and I think the current norm for video games (i.e. staring at a screen on which a 3D world is displayed) will seem laughably out-dated within a few decades. There is clearly an appeal to spend prolonged periods away from the "real world" and in a more exciting, fulfilling, entertaining virtual one. Within a few decades consumers will expect each new game to involve the player entering the virtual world of the game and being able to turn their head and explore their surroundings as completely as possible.

Google Maps, since improved by Google Streetview, will I believe be further updated by something akin to Google Explore where you can experience the world as a virtual tourist, walking around the streets of Lisbon with the surroundings existing not merely as 2D facades but somewhat realistic, high-resolution objects reflective of a real-world experience.

The main issue VR faces is how to populate a virtual world with realistic humanoid characters whose behaviour is realistic and whose capacity for dialogue is wider than mere stock phrases or a few alternative sentence options. How I believe this will be solved is with the help of things like novels, plays, field recordings and movies etc, which will be uploaded in their hundreds of thousands and analyzed by artificial intelligence in order to grasp regional dialects, the logic of an average conversation, the evolution of speech etc. All of this, I suspect, will lead to a person being able to inhabit, for example, a Victorian England virtual world for prolonged periods. In this space they will be able to find a job, speak to people, walk around - ideally without any video game-like narrative forcing them down certain behavioral paths.

File: 1557789060297.gif (5.12 MB, 400x222, 200:111, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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Trying to avoid overtime as much as possible edition.

Previous Thread: >>198096
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What the fuck is that gif from?


About 30 hours until my vacation ends. I don't want to go back


it's awkward talking to me.. "don't think people are all that interested" yea that's the conclusion i got to. Fellow wage slaves should keep to themselves like it's suppose to be, paranoia is not a bad thing me thinks. How do conversations usually go for you?


Hearing back today from a job I applied for. Really hope I get an interview.

It's 37 hours a week with a £17k salary.


>37 hours a week with a £17k
is it at least somewhat comfortable?

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I feel so depressed, empty and constantly lost in my thoughts that I can't even focus on watching a movie or a show anymore and I can't enjoy any activity.
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Depression isn't a choice you know.


Nice argument!
What if I told you it is?


Saying things doesn't it make it reality.


I agree. You should stop with this /dep/ meme. Being depressed IS a choice. It is in your head so you can solve it in your head if you want to. But it is always easier to just find an excuse, huh?


Depression is not pleasant. It is completely nonsensical to suggest people would choose something unpleasant. If it were pleasant, people wouldn't complain about it and there'd be no point telling people to change their "decision"

File: 1562607324873.jpg (49.56 KB, 500x666, 250:333, Armor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Many of us may not live in safe countries, cities or neighborhoods and I am one of them. Yet I live in what's seen as a beautiful country, safe, clean n green and outsiders typically mention how friendly and peaceful we are. I can assure you we are not. Assault and petty crime is through the roof, more organized crimes and murders are becoming increasingly more common and brutal and we are without means to protect ourselves, as we can get in more trouble than the criminal, also our police really don't care about us.

I've decided to wear combat gear in public, knee guards, shin guards and breastplates. I have a helmet coming in the mail but it seems most are simply not protection orientated, as I must admit I'm looking for something subtle and stylish to my tastes. I understand it's going to be looked at and laughed at, hell I am not even sure what you guys are going to say, yet I still want your input. Now carrying weapons isn't legal here, to my knowledge at least, I will check it all out. I think it's more like we can carry knives if we are on the way to go fishing or hunting or whatever, either way I'll dig around to find any legal way to arm myself when out in the general public. In a completely legal manner. I only stress this as my country has recently had a terror attack and now everyone is under super surveillance, and I've been searching military equipment and also ordered many, so I'm clearly being watched.

A worker and my job was recently assualted as he walked out to his car after work. Half a dozen street kids beat him up, stabbed him and stomped on his limp body. He ended up having multiple broken bones, his personal items stolen and his car stolen, thrashed and returned to him with a list of mechanical issues not worth fixing. Insurance didn't pay him out, despite his plan covering THEFT. There was some loophole they got him with, meaning he's down about 3 thousand dollars and he's a minimum wage worker, probably can save 150 dollars a week if he really budgets. Also the criminals were mostly let off free of charge, as they were minors they only got sent to a correctional facility, actually I think some just got suspended from school and that was it.

So that decided it. I'm wearing full body protection in public, I'm training how to defend myself and I will be armed to the teeth in every legal manner I possibly can.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Thank you
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While a cane is a pretty good self defence weapon in term of effectiveness and laws. It can makes you a target, because of perceived handicap, but >>203680 if you have walking pain anyway, no reason to deprive you of a good wooden cane.


File: 1562930114807.jpg (14.93 KB, 345x355, 69:71, 71bFUZDpzJL._SY355_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mobility > Armor

You can't have both I'm afraid. The best defense against getting shot or stabbed or bashed is not getting hit at all. Even modern armor like Kevlar is made so it mainly protects the torso's vital organs than the legs and arms for more mobility and flexability instead of covering the whole body like medieval knights of old which would significantly limit and weight down the armored person. There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel safe but its better to instead train your speed, reaction time and movement than relying on body armor even hidden one. No that doesn't mean you should learn martial arts just be prepared and fast enough to run away or take cover and hide if you're outside a vehicle. Common sense should protect you from getting into dangerous situations in the first place anyway but if you're that worried then get a vest you can hide under your clothes and a pistol you can pull out, aim and reload quickly.


that being said thick leather jackets or motorcycle attire can provide quite a great protection and can blend into "real" clothes.


For home defense, try getting a crossbow. Even in the strictest anti-gun countries they're usually still unregulated.


File: 1562936680074.jpeg (65 KB, 1024x615, 1024:615, c9502a_1024x1024.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Is it okay to keep the crossbow armed? I'm not saying to have the belt nocked, but in pic rel condition.
I would probably consider it for actual home defense over firearms for the reason you mentioned - you can just buy them, no need to put yourself on a police watchlist.

File: 1562617560527.jpg (18.5 KB, 474x266, 237:133, gruel.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't care how spoilt this may sound but that's how I feel and I wonder if someone shares this feeling.

My parents can only cook like the same handful boring meals and I myself lack the energy to cook anything. If I am feeling especially motivated I might cook a pre-seasoned, frozen, filleted fish with pre-seasoned potatoes that have to just be put in the oven and steamed frozen vegetables. But even that wears me out. Most of the time I eat pre-made meals and after years of trying out different ones I only found a handful that taste decent. But eating the same few meals all the time feels tiresome. Sometimes I go to a fast food restauraunt but again that food is pretty bland.

Once in a blue moon I might go to a proper restauraunt and eating something proper and novel feels revitalizing. I feel sated, yet not full. I don't know how to describe it but it's like the weight of the food is distributed evenly through my body when a bland meal feels like a rock in my stomach.

I don't know how people normally eat but when I see people buy food they buy a lot of different fresh ingredients.

Do you think this could be a major contributor to the feeling of depression? Through a quick research I found out that there are many different nutrients and I can't imagine I am getting them all from eating the same bland foods.


Not having the correct nutrients could certainly cause depression. But in addition I think psychologically we have evolved to prefer a wide variety of food. I think simular meals perfectly balanced with nutrition would get old and contribute to depression after a while. Of course a person's sensitivity to food monotony is probably highly variable so your sensitivity to it may just be higher than your parent's.


File: 1562621284379.jpg (15.37 KB, 474x314, 237:157, baked beans.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think I might just be sensetive in general. I tried eating some canned baked beans because they are high in fiber but eating them felt like a chore. Same with steamed frozen vegetables. Even with butter, salt and pepper added to them. Again I know this sounds spoilt but it's like a form of taste senseory deprivation. It's like the food and flavor is "low resolution". Like I can just taste that it's salty, spicy, sour, sweet without anything inbetween.


OP, do you smoke marijuana? I have a similar issue to you, although I smoke cannabis every evening. I assume my problem is from being "spoiled" by eating while high (food usually tastes better when you smoke marijuana), so when I'm not high everything seems a little bland and I dont have much of an appetite.


Nope never tried it.


File: 1562932649976.jpg (34.29 KB, 700x350, 2:1, hydration-guide-main-image….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've found that doing a 24 hour water fast once a week makes all foods taste better and more satisfying so I don't need to eat alot anymore like a pig to feel content unless I choose to let myself regress. Fasting like that allows the digestive system to rest/reset while reaping in other benefits e.g more willpower and control,detoxificiation and the first successful one will make you feel great so it's not something that you need to do for a long time just to start getting any benefits. In fact one time is enough for most people to judge if they need to water fast or not. Just remember when you break the fast don't eat too much and heavy foods because the digestive system was "sleeping" and it will instead get suddenly woken up and work above 100% and make you feel worse so it's better to slowly and safely wake it up. A small salad is fine or if there should be meat or junk foods then a small fraction e.g 1/4th of the usual portion you eat should be ok. If you're overweight then try to use the after days to lower the ammount of calories you take instead of jumping back to old habits or worse eating even more to make up for the lost day.

File: 1562707910383.png (799.15 KB, 416x746, 208:373, Robert Walser.png) ImgOps iqdb


It's seems like in the end, there are a few who have never been happy, will never be happy, will die and have never enjoyed their lives. A few of them are sitting here together apart.
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What's the tldr?


Circumcision causes anhedonisa now?


Anhedonia, sorry


I don't know, that's why I'm asking. All I know is that I am mutilated and never feel happiness.


Oh ok. I'm uncut and I am close to anhedonia. My default state is boredom. I can occasionally take pleasure in small things, but it's fleeting .


>Tell them we are gone… dead… and gone

I really enjoyed watching this little mini-series and I thought the last episode & ending especially were quite well done. The atmosphere positively exuded with strong feelings of entropy, hopelessness, and total degeneration. A bunch of half-crazed men, withered & lost, barely clinging to what little life they have left, where everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Couldn't help, but think of Wizchan often while watching, frankly. I love shows/movies/books/art that illustrate this sort of thing. That inexorably, slow decline into madness & death. What an accursed nightmare this all is.


The best part is a good portion of this more or less actually fucking happened.



Yeah. I actually wasn't even aware of it until after I watched the attached video covering its historical accuracy, in regards to what actually happened.

I also watched Aguirre afterwards, knowing it was a similar sort of story, but it really wasn't as good and kinda sucked actually, which disappointed me. Way too goofy & needlessly meandering, plus the dub was terrible. Almost felt like watching a cartoon at times, given all the ridiculously stupid shit that happens (like the guy who keeps talking even after his head gets cut off). Maybe that was the point, showing the maddening absurdity of such doomed endeavors, along with what a brutal joke life itself is. I don't know.

The pessimistic rawness of this show just felt oddly refreshing to me. A doomed voyage to nowhere, ships full of the walking dead. It's all fucked and there's no way out and yet, even in spite of that, there's still a calm resignation to be found in oblivion. A yielding to the cruel whims of this world. A warm embrace of death & the void of eternity that follows. Tumbling into nonexistence like a pleasant daydream. I'm romanticizing it, yes, but, in an ideal sense, it all sounds so lovely & freeing.

Enh, I don't even know why I made this thread. Just rambling about nothing. Same old, same old.


It's literally just death. No need for romantic words as death is a huge part of wizardry, true wizardry at least.


File: 1562736701302.png (623.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Terror.png) ImgOps iqdb


Yes, indeed. I just liked how the show, at times, reflected the sense of peace thinking & fantasizing about death often brings me as, of course, I'm sure it does for many others here. Relaxed resignation is a very pleasing sensation to witness & experience for oneself.


Thoughts? Is he right? does your depression become such a part of you that you are unwilling to let it go?


I almost died of cringe watching this.

The thing is, everything he said may be true, worth saying, important to understand - in a reality show called "healthy life".
Meanwhile real life is a slaughterhouse, depression is just a state when you finally see the slaughterhouse.
Possible actions:
- die
- live in horror (if you can't unsee)
- delude yourself (if you can unsee)

The "unwilling to let go" is some retarded overthinking.


I rewatched the video three times and still cannot understand what was really the point of it all. Maybe you can see through the "lies" and "irony" but I can't, nothing in the video makes sense to me. Can anyone explain?


I didn't watch the video but yes, if you have depression for a long time then you start thinking it's part of you. You start thinking you aren't depressed anymore and rather it's just your personality. One of the first steps to get rid of depression is to stop thinking like that. Depression is not your personality, just a chemical imbalance.


pseudo failed normie, at best, just regular youth angst in reality, attention whore for patreonbux at worst. Target audience are 19 year olds, who had their girlfriend leave them, or lose their virginity at 21, or still have friends, a job, know how to drive, and reasonable wealth.

File: 1553001878894.jpg (99.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, thumb-1920-879152.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Australia has banned 4ch and now I am feeling listless and devastated. How do I cope?
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There is absolutely nothing to do in Canada besides sit on a computer and perpetuate despair.


Sorry, eh?


Just use a free vpn like mysterium.network or sentinel.co


I suppose most of users here are right and the best option in this case is using Veepn.com for example. It's forbidden in my country too, so it helps me. I would be really feeling listless and devastated too if I hadn't access here


File: 1562620801995.jpg (659.03 KB, 1920x2651, 1920:2651, 1554399543981.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>hunting, fishing
>ATVing, snowmobiling

Hiking and going for walks is fun. I spend most weekends drinking, getting high, and playing video games, just the same

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