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if this is true, wizards will go right to heaven. especially neet wizards. we have nothing to be prideful for.
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fuck you
if God does his best to not be proven to exist then why the fuck should i let him live in my head RENT FREE?
i doesnt fuckin matter if God exists or not because it wont change shit. rich get richer poor get poorer movies over fade to black the end. its all meaningless.


Could this explain wizard's hatred of religion and God?

>In his essay on Leonardo da Vinci, Freud remarks that "psychoanalysis, which has taught us the intimate connection between the father complex and belief in God, has shown us that the personal God is logically nothing but an exalted father, and daily demonstrates to us how youthful persons lose their religious belief as soon as the authority of the father breaks down."

>Freud makes the simple and easily understandable claim that once a child or youth is disappointed in or loses respect for his earthly father, belief in a heavenly father becomes impossible. That a child's psychological representation of his father is intimately connected to his understanding of God was assumed by Freud and has been rather well developed by a number of psychologists, especially psychoanalysts. In other words, an atheist's disappointment in and resentment of his own father unconsciously justifies his rejection of God.

Source: Paul Vitz - Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism.

The author lists famous atheist philosophers such as Nietzsche, Hume, Bertrand Russell, Sartre, Camus and Schopenhauer as having dead fathers, as well as Hobbes, Jean Meslier, Voltaire, Jean d'Alembert, Baron d'Holbach, Ludwig Feuerbach, Samuel Butler, Freud, and H. G. Wells as having weak and abusive fathers. He claims that Nietzsche invented the 'superman' concept as a replacement father figure for himself. Voltaire changed his name to 'Voltaire' to avoid using his father's last name in his name, and his first written play was Oedipal in nature.


>once a child or youth is disappointed in or loses respect for his earthly father, belief in a heavenly father becomes impossible
Maybe when a person develops some critical thinking he realizes his father is flawed and religion is bullshit at the same time, I don't think it necessarily means those two are connected.


wash your mouth with soap


Why not go back to reddit?

File: 1606086445911.jpg (59.65 KB, 1191x1338, 397:446, sad.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How do I get rid of this? It is driving me insane. It has been getting worse every year and now I am at a point where I no longer enjoy anything. And I see no way out, I see only how it will get worse. But I am tired of living like this.

Is there a way out of anhedonia?
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I think it's just our brains getting bored of consuming the same kind of media for years on end. Try another hobby like reading, or just lower your PC usage.


Reading is an interesting example because as far back as i can remember, i liked to read because i have an active imagination, so i could easily, effortlessly visualize very detailed charcters/worlds/sceneries from the books. Reading is extremely pleasurable to me in and of itself. Its meditative, relaxing, and its very satisfying to finish a book and reflect on it.


File: 1608772322029.jpg (56.7 KB, 768x432, 16:9, laugh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anhedonia is very complicated and has a multitude of reasons, I disagree with some of your statements. A significant amount of various neurotransmitters are created due to bacteria in your microbiome signaling cells to produce them. Certain foods and additives are shown to cause hormonal disruptions, significantly lower signaling of various neurotransmitters and more - this is the average Western diet, ripe in processed food.

I disagree also with the idea that anhedonia is a purely psychological problem, when a person is diagnosed with anhedonia, there is a reason why the first question the doctor asks is: are you tired? There are observable negative biological effects and these negative physical/mental effects go away when these neurotransmitters are altered to allow more of them. The real argument here that's important to ask is "What makes something sensually pleasant or emotionally rewarding?" and I believe that is based on two major things from my observation: your perspective and previous experiences (psychological) and the neurotransmitters (biological) - this is why people with anhedonia can take small doses of ketamine and upwards to a week feel significantly better but not be cured.

Almost all serotonin is produced by the gut, various neurotransmitters are as well. It isn't a magical interaction. There have been cases of schizophrenics being given antibiotics and for several days afterwards, becoming "normal" (not batshit insane) before eventually returning to their symptoms. When this was repeated, it didn't work for the most part. I agree with the psychological aspect of your argument almost fully if you didn't disregard the biological element. Let me use another example that will further my point.

When a patient is diagnosed with PTSD, they have an intensely negative memory of the event, certain things in the environment arises and it triggers a recollection of the event - our subjective feelings and the importance of whatever it is we're witnessing encodes that feeling into that memory of the event. When PTSD patients are walked through their traumas alone, very few improve. Why is that? I believe it's because there's still that intensely negative feeling attached to the event that occurs. When a patient is tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Towards the end you may come under the impression that I betrayed the biological narrative of anhedonia but I didn't, I figure I'll post in case it gets misconstrued. When you're in the sun, you get a a significant amount of dopamine and your body adequately regulates itself. It is unnatural to sit in dark rooms without the sun, the amount of Vitamin D2/D3 in foods aren't always enough to help your lifestyle. There's various bacteria in the natural environment that positively modulates serotonin and dopamine. The human race has destroyed the environment in large places on Earth, the same sort of bacteria that modulates serotonin isn't found in the soil in your lawn. Millions of Americans eating cheaply produced foods that are shown to negatively influence your body's ability to produce neurotransmitters, that cause various diseases in parts of the body, these are things that are widely propagated on TV and on the internet. How many children in Western countries do you think can name McDonald's before they can count to 10?

The change in the psychological factor here is immense. We're creatures of habit, most of what we will do in our life are things we will not consciously choose. The things that you choose to pinpoint your sense of awareness at are constantly being manipulated by elites within society. Look at nearly any popular social website, that is purposefully designed to hook individuals into mindlessly scrolling. Propaganda and social narratives are pushed by a handful of incredibly wealthy elites that control most of social interaction in the modern age. These leaks into the subconscious, into our habits, into our thoughts, it gets us angry at certain things (an enemy country, political cases, viruses, etc) and the majority of people blindly accept this type of propaganda.

The hunter gatherer lifestyle is the best way to combat anhedonia that I've found. Drugs, diets and artificial goals will only get you so far. You are forcefully taking back most of the subconscious decisions and habits that were decided by people other then you a long time ago. There is no greater and more meaningful work then work to ensure your own survival on a day to day basis. Some others may be more suited for modern industrial society, this is merely my opinion and experiences before someone replies with a critique of a lifestyle like this.


theres no cure really, i have dysthymia so it sucks. Just gotta put in the willpower unfortunately and have the desire.

File: 1595662531572.jpg (81.34 KB, 782x490, 391:245, rogered.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


For the past 3-4 years I have not even been able to enjoy playing video games or watching movies/anime, and I think the past 1-2 I have not even had a sex drive so I can't even enjoy masturbating.

The light is fading, I feel like the next logical step in my life is suicide. I have been simply just patiently waiting to die for years.
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Is there anywhere us NEETs can live peacefully way from society?
I would happy to be doing some simple chores with like 5 other NEETs in a big house if i met i could be far away from normaltrash and never have to witness them again


>pic related
2007 was the start of famous porn websites like pornhub
Since 2008 it went downhill because of pigs in porn


File: 1600904356927.jpg (137.99 KB, 712x911, 712:911, EUSF7tsWAAEZjWh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OK, tards I am gonna repost a classic


File: 1604523885596.png (429.58 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, First Steps Research.png) ImgOps iqdb

Could you please avoid posting photos of crabs? We have defined rules to distinguish us from such pretas.

Death is guaranteed, so never mind. Let her come with serenity.

You… you dare to post here?

>get out of here with this primitive normalfag-garbage advice

xD. Gorgeous. Please forgive me if I am being such a spammer but ignorance about this, in addition to the crabness tainting the environment from the depths of /dep/ has triggered me into a xmas-tree syndrome about what I use myself against the typical symptomatology of the average wizard. https://wizchan.org/dep/res/230820.html#231299


fuck you

File: 1601949522914.jpg (70.9 KB, 588x800, 147:200, Dl-PLbPXsAAnhp7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I feel like i'm a miscreation , like i'm an abomination something that shouldn't be, i feel angry and i'm in dispair, i hate life and i hate humanity, people are poison and humanity a disease if god was real he wouldn't have made me Intelligent design is a farce most things are freaks of nature, mistakes that just wither and die

How on Earth are people maintaining even a quantum of happiness?
I find it unfathomable.

>:) hahahaha le unexpected twist xDDD
Once you heard 1000 jokes, the 1001st joke is not going to be very funny. Most jokes are derivative and predictable. John Cleese of Monty Python confirms this. His life evolved around comedy and now every joke is old and stale to him. Nevertheless most people seem to laugh at the most inane stories.

>will give you purpose
95% of jobs in 1st world countries are pointless bullshit jobs. I worked as a software programmer, helped get 2 startups off the ground. It wasn't fulfilling at all. Most software is either dumbing down the population, sucks the life out of users with dopamine treadmills (games, news, …) or replaces jobs, which are supposedly required for a fulfilling life.

>pass on le values to your kids :)
>We must procreate because.
Overpopulation is the humanity's #1 problem. Every species, that faced a population explosion like humans did in the last 200 years, ended badly. Somehow most people seem to think infinite growth is possible on a finite planet with finite space and resources. They seem to be prisoners of oxytocin, the "love" hormone that's especially strong in mothers. Yes, a child will keep you occupied and managing to raise it well is an accomplishment, however it does not solve anything at all. You're just passing along the problem to a new generation, creating new suffering.

Is it just me? I was told I wasn't stupid by some. After all, I managed to obtain a degree in. Probably not very smart, but not stupid either by society's standards. Still, I feel dumb, because….
Ever encountered wild animals, like a deer? It doesn't seem to suffer from existential questions, and doesn't appear to be less happy without Facebook, the latest mass-produced movies, or a car.
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>Every species, that faced a population explosion like humans did in the last 200 years, ended badly. Somehow most people seem to think infinite growth is possible on a finite planet with finite space and resources.



if you "shouldn't be" then you wouldn't be. Freaks of nature are the entire reason why we're here, why a species survives and why any living thing evolves. ALL living things wither and die, and there's no creatures that are mistakes, because genes are just mutating without being aware of the environment which they'll need to match in order to continue. Its luck of the draw whether they fit the ever changing conditions of the environment. And for any creature to be a mistake the conditions of the environment would have to be "correct" and not a mistake, when its neither, the environment just is what it is.

You don't get to decide the nature of reality, as none of us do, obviously. Its a power way bigger then us, you can only chose to accept it and let go, or not, it won't change reality either way


File: 1605308657695.jpg (38.21 KB, 336x565, 336:565, sanitizing soap.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Take purge, my man: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/230820.html#231299

remember that only the methods higlighted with a * are crucial.


>like a deer? It doesn't seem to suffer from existential questions
and yet it still suffers like the rest of life forms, it just isnt self-aware of this suffering, but some of us(non-brain-dead-normalcattle) are aware of it and are depressed. ……….
………life was a mistake


you have to go back then kys


Going out at -30 celcius, windy, drive to the woods, as far as possible, nobody around to "save you" and turn your life into an amputated freak, get super super drunk, undress, start walking, alcohol makes it not feel cold, feeling sleepy, lay down for a bit…. blissful peaceful sleep, no more pain, no more sorrow, closest thing to heaven if that kiddy bullshit even existed. How feasible is such a way to go?


I researched it years ago and it seemed like a great method for a certain kind of person.

The only risks are being saved or the temperature unexpectedly rising. I read a lot of stories about people who came close to freezing to death and they often mention how calm and resigned they felt toward the end.


File: 1608787373932.png (69.34 KB, 360x450, 4:5, manly tears.png) ImgOps iqdb

>how calm and resigned they felt toward the end


It seems like a good way for a timid, depressed mage to die. It doesn't require much energy. And you don't have to do anythihg violent to yourself.

File: 1606411157494.jpg (640.3 KB, 1920x1594, 960:797, 1920px-Orestes_Pursued_by_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


My mother is such a stupid oblivious incompetent cunt, i fuckin hate her

She doesn't have a fuckin clue about anything she just walks around with her fuckin head up her ass
She doesn't understand when people don't like her or want to talk to her, she constantly fucks everything up

She drank durning pregnancy and she doesn't even have a clue, i addressed it but she just blatantly ignores it like everything in her life.

No wonder i'm a complete retard with a dimwit of a mother, i want to hurt her but i can't and i have to prentend i tolerate her.
I need to find a job and move out asap and break contact, first i need to do some job training it takes too much time
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My mother has BPD and I have it too. She has gaslit me, neglected me, and abused me at every point. She has gotten me hooked on various drugs, even. We haven't talked in a while and it's likely to stay that way. Nobody in this society except you guys could ever understand just how fucking evil succubi can truly be, and I thank God every day that I have this place to talk with my wizard compardes. All of it culminated in me trying to kill myself in front of her, the bitch didn't try to stop me. succubi can be heartless demons and my mother is one.


any wiz notice how, once you take a deep dive into reclusive nature you start to test the waters of the relationship 'that was meant to be' between you and your mother? first major shock from my memories was when I understood with my whole being that she can not sympathize with me at all and that I was lying to myself when I was thinking that she can tell what I am thinking or feeling when she needs to, so the 'mother knows best' house of cards started to rapture at an early age. After that I had a much more brutal and painful swim in the disturbed waters so to say, I started doubting any and all biological/social/environmental inheritance I have, meaning manners, ethics, beliefs that come from a feminine source, problem with that is that I feel like this is where I was sort of placed out of convenience if that makes sense, for example if I believe I have a lot of things in my genetics that I view as a part of my self that were not put there by my mother once I was a child, but embedded deeper and from another source like my grandfather or even a distant relative, from whom I might have a trait or virtue - I feel like when I am 'deleting' something imprinted by my mother I am messing with the order of things I consider to be me - that's been fucking with me for a long time, but obviously it's very hard for me to put into words. do you think we would be better off without any succubus related 'data' at all in our self? a more relatable thought would be - do you think we should be disregard it - not only the mother or sister but all of it, maybe there are impulses that came from a female source we should consider not to kill off, and will it have any effect on the ones we should not be reconstructing, to maintain a 'human design' close to original?

to any wizz that relates, it's a messed up place to be, I know.


it s a conspiracy

all a goddamn conspiracy to flip me upside down because i have so little energy to catch up with anything and my school is somewhat a holygrail thats beeen given to me and i made no effort or whatsoever to make back anything

basically im a worthless existence and all that i give is never fuckin enough until i deep in the holy water orbsomething
and bring my fam to fly evwrywhere because thats all that matters as their respinsibilitys are done!


you can't change anything it was all predetermined


predetermined to make this post


I am in fucking army of r*ssia for 6 months already.
Imagine if you're forced to wake up by the same exact time, do the same exact bullshit, get screamed at for someone else's faults, hang around normalfags 24/7 without ANY opportunity to be alone, and everyone thinks you are the retard.
Fun facts: we dont have a store to buy shit, our cards are locked away from us so some cunt can just steal your money, normal phones and Internet are forbidden, and we MIGHT get access to 2000-s tier phone in the end of the week. And we also get paid (probably) 2000 in local currency (30-ish dollars) per month.
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>2000 in local currency (30-ish dollars) per month.

pretty scrimpy

american soldiers get like $1800 a month minimum in addition to having all of their living expenses paid for



Have you suffered dedovschina 'grandfathering' yet?



It's not wage, nobody even pretends to be able to live on it.

It's given so conscription/prison labor does not formally count as slavery.


Yes, and at same time 3rd world will be burning in civil war.

Burgers complaining about sjws and adoring assorted shitholes is like man suffering from hemorrhoids envying somebody whose colon was cut out. But yeah, no more itching. Just leaking shit and waiting for inflammation to kill you.


Soviet habits die hard


Is there a more hellish existence than having any sort of brain damage? Every time I watch or read something on memory loss or other brain related illnesses I am horrified beyond belief. Imagine being born every 7-10 seconds like in this documentary, knowing absolutely nothing about where you are, who you are speaking with, what age you are, seeing a human being for the first time all over again. "No dreams, no difference between night or day, it's like being dead".

If you can't remember something, did it even happen at all?
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What does AI have to do with this?


>He died earlier this year IIRC.
Thank God he's not suffering anymore. I would not wish that existence on the most normal of normalfags.


File: 1607627395181.png (1.28 MB, 800x4280, 20:107, human depository.png) ImgOps iqdb


Consider yourselves luckier you never received concussions & never need to buy/use insulin & never need to buy/drink psychiatric medicines. I wish my country never had notoriously porous borders/airports.


This is the next step after eating the bugs and living in the pod.
All the billionaires are in cryo on Mars while their toys run a grey-goo scenario on Earth.

File: 1600510917162.jpg (4.9 KB, 226x223, 226:223, download (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb


My parents are getting older by the day. My mom is 61 and my dad is 65 and I still live with them. It's been recently crossing my mind lately that they're going to die eventually and then I will no longer be able to rely on them for food and housing. Is there anyway a /dep/ user can prepare to live on my own despite me having absolutely no real world skills? I've been working a wage slave job without a college degree ever since I left high school.
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Yeah, I am hitting 30 within days so this has been hitting me hard lately.


If you inherit a home it might be easy. My one parent who is still alive is poor, so I'll be out on the street within a month or two of their deaths. I can't drive, but if you can look into van living. Walmart parking lots are good spots to stay a few nights.


I can't drive as well. Otherwise I'd consider it. I'm in the same situation.


Same situation. Only I have nothing to live for once my mother goes, so I will be finding a way out myself. Comfort is so important to humans, especially men I think, and once that goes and you are alone, there is nothing left.


Best of luck to you.

File: 1607067366224.jpg (409.97 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, the-dark-fantasy-art-of-ig….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Cancer seems to be the most painful chronic disease that someone can have. Its pain may last for enough long time, and its treatment, if it ever works, is even more painful. So how to increase your chances to have Cancer, given the fact that the radioactive solution is not available, technically I am far away from any Radioactivity zone.
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How come you ignored this question op?
>Do you enjoy life because "life is suffering?


I hope there is not honestly a societal expectation that young wizards who visit favelas at night get raped.


Why not go to prison for something that the other prisoners will hate you for? You'll have the constant fear of death without having to go years with some medical method from an imageboard that at the end might not even work?
Anyway, eat blue food dye, smoke cigarettes, go swim in dirty rivers, go work in a factory with chemicals and sabotage the gas mask they give you, work in toxic waste disposal and don't wear gloves and a mask, live in an industrial city, smoke pieces of plastic in a bong, get an x ray and remove protection the doctor gives you a second before it starts, stay in the sun with no sunscreen, tanning beds, chew betel nuts, inhale diesel fumes etc…


I am sorry bro, you are right, I do


These look like the words of someone who have actually tried a lot of things

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