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File: 1708017943662.jpg (33.34 KB, 500x500, 1:1, dethhh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


whats odd that while i have social anxiety surrounding all social situations in general, it seems that it gets worse around people i personally know or have to interact with more often. like i can tell strangers on chatrooms like omegle my life story or my most embarassing mistakes or secrets and not care much but i cant tell anything to people i wanna be friends with or people i know. like the strnager im talking to wouldnt care about me or probably wont remember or any of the shit i said to them and they wouldnt really tell others my most personal info coz im nothing but a stranger to them as well so it wouldnt be of worth. im most scared of being judged by people i know. anyone relate and does anyone know what could be the reason behind this?


my basic take is that you're more concerned with the consequences peoples perception of you has than what they think. its a reasonable enough fear to have and keeps people in line. there are dire consequences if youre exiled from the group the human animal knows this. now the average people deal with this fear also except theyre insulated with proportionate support and love type factors, and so they know even if some do judge them the consequences cant be so bad. for a wizard if you are alone and you lose maybe one person you had then now you are much worse off.

and its true because your mind knows on some level damn better not mess this up this one is actually important or i could end up in trouble. maybe your beliefs attitudes opinions being different enough from others that you anticipate judgement and its consequences and know its not good for you in particular not then being well fancied or liked in general.

one group is dependent on to survive in this world, another is almost interchangeable seemingly


File: 1708126833056.jpg (134.23 KB, 1200x762, 200:127, 1677012547278808.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

People that have known me since when I was a kid or at least younger, I have a worse time with because I have to pretend that I've not fallen into the abyss that I have.
While with strangers, I can tell them right away that I'm a mentally ill pessimist, and whatever.
It's years since I'm full-hikki now, though, so I simply don't interact with people at all.


Obviously family and friends will have normalnigger views. You'll never be able to change their views and nothing they say will change yours. It's pointless to talk to normalfags since their life wasn't filled with humiliation and failure at every step.


Yeah, I'm the same way. I assume it's because I actually have avoidant personality disorder rather than just social anxiety. Fear of being judged, embarrassed, disliked and rejected are stronger with someone you actually care about.


It may be a punishment from heavens, for caring about people without assuring first whether they be worthy of you or not.

File: 1708594515699.jpg (73.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lonely.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am here because I need advice from people older than me. I'm a 21 year old Mexican guy who only has 4 friends and has never had a girlfriend (like probably most people here). I make $100 a week so I barely make enough for anything, I hate my job and I have a hard time finding a job because I have rotacism. I have identity crisis as I like to create fake profiles everyday on shitbook but within hours of creating them I delete them. I masturbate frequently and I don't know what to do with my life. I would like to get feedback from you if possible.

Thanks a lot for reading
PS: I don't know English very well so I apologize if the text is confusing.
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My country is even poorer than mexico. If I were to get a job, which I won't, I'd make 32 us dollars a week, also barely enough for anything.


You probably want to post this on Reddit, and leave this site.


+1 for classic bruce banner image


Sounds like literal hell. I just spent $35 on takeaway food for Saturday.


Stopping the coom is the very first and most important start. You are lucky to be young so it's not late.
The no-fap tricks are: cold showers, intensive sport like lifting or calisthenics, avoiding stimulant foods like sauces meats cereals and industrial crap and coffee, removing your sight from succubi's bodies, fasting and breathing exercises.

You still have no choice than trying to get a different job. Don't let a sole wagecucker drain it all from you.
Unless you share… certain tenets, which make it better to not start things by yourself. Check here: https://www.thesimply.ca/blog/human-design-basics

Be patient. Some of them can still be rescued.


Living with parents right now. They were the one that plunged me into the pits of hell in the first place by interfering with my projects, aspirations, friendship, routines, etc (I already forgotten so much and trying to remember just makes my head hurt and wanna cry). I should've had finished college in time if not for their interference, now that I've graduated and lived with my parents, I simply can't structured my mind just to write a CV, I know this sounds faggy as fuck, but I simply doesn't feel at home here. Just did the "talk" with them and I feel I just wanted to end it all. I really need to gtfo away from them, but that requires me getting a job; which I can't bring myself to while still living with them. Not really asking for advice, simply need to write this somewhere to vent and keep myself from revenge hero'ing against my parents and sister.
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your best bet is a part time job
forget your degree, ANYTHING

then while you work there, apply for jobs that fit your qualification
>noeoee i gotta get away from my parents first


How old are you? No offence but you sound like an actual child.


Perhaps I am a manchild too immature to masked myself as a well adjusted adult in vietnamese basket weaving forum. Fuck off.
thanks for the advice. Yeah I realized gaining some semblance of independence is the way to go, though part time jobs aren't really a thing where I live, probably harder to get than a real job.



what did you graduade?


Wiz was a mute all through school and made no friends because of his face

Wiz was depressed most of his life, never having the opportunity to live like the rest or be accepted by other humans

Wiz was bullied and rejected for his looks and developed depression

Wiz liked videogames because it did not involve other people who judged him and made him feel miserable

Wiz liked videogames so much that he created a youtube channel dedicated to it

Wiz youtube channel dedicated to videogames was a success(1 million subscribers)

but Wiz never showed his face

Wiz have no need to, Wiz was funny and people liked him

then one day

Wiz did a face reveal

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File: 1708173908352.jpg (167.8 KB, 1200x930, 40:31, verify me @TwitterGaming. ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So uhh… How do y'all explain Ricky Berwick (pic related) who looks just as unconventional face-wise as MittenSquad and Dizzy but gained 2 million subs over the past year?

Dear GOD/GODS and/or anyone else who can HELP ME (e.g. TIME TRAVELERS or MEMBERS OF SUPER-INTELLIGENT ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS): The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN formerly of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER. I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body! Thank you! - CHAUL JHIN KIM (a.k.a. A DESPERATE SOUL)


> How do y'all

Ricky is a self deprecating absurd comedian that is deformed which gains him views for shock value alone. That's his entire appeal and why normalfags watch him, to laugh at him.


>Ricky is a self deprecating absurd comedian that is deformed which gains him views for shock value alone. That's his entire appeal and why normalfags watch him, to laugh at him.
He also strategically chose the 'based and redpilled' sphere like any grifter/niche personality.


I am glad for him.


He plays a character. The other guy who died was being himself.

File: 1709809020364.jpeg (30.19 KB, 508x267, 508:267, Junji.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Hey Wizards! Lately I have not been doing very well mentally, I have been thinking about quitting my job but if I do that my parents will be mad at me plus it is hard to find a job for me.

Why was I born this way? With such a negative outlook on life? With this way of acting different from others?
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Join mental institutions then ask for disability


I did that and now I'm living on savings. It's really nice being able to NEET and do whatever I want, but I don't know what I'm going to do when the money runs out. I can't handle interviews or social situations at all, before, during or after, it feels like sprinkling extra trauma on an already broken human being. Wouldn't matter if I could pass off as normal, but no one will hire me because I'm a walking red flag.


dont quit job
this is a test

it is fine to get fired, but dont quit

just stop giving a fuck


>I have been thinking about quitting my job but if I do that my parents will be mad at me plus it is hard to find a job for me.

I suppose that you're very young. That's how it started for me; the next step was to admit my "depression" to my parents (didn't have a better terminology at the time, and it's not needed to talk to your parents anyway), then I did some years of psychotherapy, then psychiatry, etc., with no result of course, but they were needed to prove the "mental illness".

And now I have NEETbux. It's a very long way to go, but it's the only way.

Unless you are not that bad and you can keep holding on like most normalfags do in their lives.


Are you exhausted or just some failed normie?

File: 1709833357310.png (1.28 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1703239244570184.png) ImgOps iqdb


I just want to be human. Every day I wake up and it goes the same way: pre-made meals or super low effort food, same 1 video game I keep playing, browsing imageboards while watching a stream… at the end of every day I am so disgusted by how dull it all was that it feels impossible that I will spend another day like this only to repeat it. Now I am suddenly 32 and it feels unbelivable. I feel regret only to then realize that I can't deviate from this routine. The other day I FINALLY unboxed the console I bought 4 years ago and that actually took me mental effort. I don't even think I have autism that could excuse this. I have things I want to do but doing something that won't give me any instant gratification feels simply impossible. Could it be because of anhedonia? I tried to read a book I bought but reading it I feel nothing even if it interests me. I could honestly just lie in bed all day. Thinking about doing anything, even something that should be entertaining doesn't excite me. Without anything I am physically passionate about, things I have a deep knowledge in, life experience I just don't feel like a person.
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free will exists. you can prove this to yourself by turning off your pc


i can't free will myself one million dollars to be happy


turning it off would be a result of *your* message


A lot of people wouldn't frame it as squalor. Satisfaction of your belongings depends on what you chose to value, really.


I live this way and I like it.

Piss off.


Oh no, why? It is the world which doesn't offer worthy things.



Almost every single major fuck-up in my little life, and every long-lasting consequence I still suffer, is due to media: Watching m*dels in magazines when I was like 5, or when I was 6-14 in dr's waiting room, social media, hollywood shit, hours and hours wasted on vidya. Being a weeb\nerd due to anime, and even I watched the shitty ones. PMO, of course for pete's sake.
I can't change the past but how do I stir the boat in the good direction now? Do I make a "bucket list" of media to consume (anime, netflix cartoos etc) + an alloted time per week to use internet for new media of those series? I want to literally stop using the internet, netflix\TV or vidya. Just be ALIVE and LIVE.
How do I even start accomplishing this? I want to be a real human, for once.
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>real world
>real humans
chan of wiz, now.




>Just be ALIVE and LIVE.
You mean being a normalfag?


Just read again and again this anon:
and accept that your brain is wired differently.
Reality and people for us are boring and depressing.
Life is not for everyone.

If you don't feel like that's the case, and that you can be a normalfag, then start by abandoning this site, get a sport and a job, and start getting out more, and you will automatically stop using media because you will feel that you don't need it anymore.


this, have you been outside? I rarely look at my phone whe I was outside, but it turns out I'm the weird one since everybody is on their phone. Well seems bird watching people is not for everybody.


You sure it was because of these things you are the way you are. Anyway, it's pathetic to see all these failed normies whining all for the same stupid normie deceits outside there…


I used to be obviously depressed. I knew I was miserable, and it showed.
I've grown accustomed to my loneliness or something, but these days I'm mostly fine - I get on with whatever I'm doing, and am usually pretty content.
this can go on for weeks, I'm fine being on my own, then some sort of trigger event happens
then suddenly, I'm as miserable as i ought to be. I'm a 32 year old, friendless, khv with no prospects, zero drive to do anything worthwhile, just marking time. i realize how awful this is, and how awful the rest of it is going to be
and im crying, whinnying and my thoughts are racing at 4000mph and im going to kill myself - this time i'm actually going to do it, i make screaming noises and sometimes i punch myself
and just as quickly as it came on, i'm back to normal
it feels like stepping out of a sauna. very sudden relief
the box gets slammed shut and im completely fine again

i am fine, but i feel like one day i'm going to explode
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Normalfags, despite what they say about their IQ and hard work, actually do things naturally because they have support networks, friends, nepotism, etc.


>i have a dumbest shittiest family i know
>i am the biggest loser i know

>a person who can tell what they want, who has career and gf and shit

>look up their family
>it's a normal good family

I think I just lucked out on spawn, my family gave me bad genes and brain damage when parents divorced.


some of my first memorys are of my parents being violent toward eachother


me too. i can literally remember by father hitting my mother against the wall, them throwing stuff at each other, i remember when cops were called. i remember that fear of being alone with the father, of being noticed by him. i have some good snippets of memory too, but they are mostly connected to escapism and being by myself, like watching tv or playing vidya or some other shit. simply epic. i think we've genuinely been screwed, friend.


Drink your own tears, always.
Also, focus on something that may enrage you, this might compensate such schizoaffectivity.

If none of these thing work, you can always try the shock therapy and go in for all: https://www.holotropic.com/holotropic-breathwork/about-holotropic-breathwork/

File: 1710159032391.jpg (100.1 KB, 800x962, 400:481, 45745785.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm cursed. I have physical and mental disabilities that make life impossible.

I have no way to cope, I don't use drugs, I don't believe in god, etc…

Suicide might be my only option but I don't know how to do that, I risk to suffer even more. For example if I stopped eating they would put me in a psych ward with artificial nutrition. I thought about drowning myself but what if I just end up with water in my lungs.

I feel like I'm forced to live, how to escape from never ending pain? I'm the living proof of why people shouldn't have children.
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nice try


Just jump off a fifth floor,that suicide method and hanging are the most painless


Aaahg,h,g this is just how retarded this life is I want to belong to somewhere so much I wish I was never born


Can't you hide your fasts?
Artificial nutrition would into blood so it makes your digestive system rest, it might count as detox. Those are the keys against chronic diseases: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/291067.html#291423


Painkillers are a thing… but the thing is to not set up ourselves for feeding permanent diseases inside us.

File: 1705540780638.jpg (164.68 KB, 1024x864, 32:27, 1571010945331.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I hate the world that I live in. It all feels inauthentic, meaningless, and boring. The only thing that really brings me joy is escapism. I read novels, manga, and watch anime and movies and get so attached to the storyline and characters and setting. But they all come to an end eventually. It's exceedingly brutal because I don't have anything going on in my life so I become significantly emotionally invested into these things. It's hard for me to move on. And then it saddens me when I realize the joy and fulfillment that piece of media gave me is missing from my life, and that I will never get to experience it for the first time again. I also worry about running out of good media, which would mean the end of my escapist copes.

I hate that these copes are so transient and fleeting, and I hate how boring real life is.
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I'm the opposite, I use anime as a cope for the youth I never had. SoL is probably my favorite genre.

This. I'm in the middle of building a massive world, even going as far as using Excel to record data and build the main city in tiny detail.


Watch an anime where the main protagonist is a loser who doesn't have a love interest and friends then?


Value in existence will always be subjective and arbitrarily assigned. If we seek objectivity, only death can (maybe) grant it. Otherwise, we're just killing time in personal fancies.


Im gonna try and get the 2024 ipad pro oled and copemaxx with watching anime on it


Do you at least know what you want?

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