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File: 1665363557879.jpg (190.4 KB, 2001x1125, 667:375, 105812-anime-anime-girls-w….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I love you all, you're the closest thing to genuine friends I've ever had and I genuinely care and worry about every single one of you.

I don't give a fuck if my feelings are unrequited. I still love you all.

My disdain for life has transcended to heights I didn't believe exist. I don't want to make keep living (again, for the 99th time).
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you too wizbro, here, have a mana potion


File: 1668535979960.gif (2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1668531189765639.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Cheers, man. Don't worry though, you aren't responsible for anybody. You are appreciated and you are special.


not in my nature to be sensitive.
it does feel nice to share a corner of the internet with other virgins.

i think it's the only corner left at that.
yeah, this is a unique place.

take care OP & wizzies & wizkids.


I love you too.
If I could give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I would. <3

File: 1671454333089.jpeg (78.54 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, sloth.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I spent the last years doing practically nothing all day. Usually when people say they are unproductive they mean watching tv shows, playing video games or partying. But in my case I am literally just wasting the most precious resource, time. I can't even remember what I was doing years ago. I think I was mostly browsing imageboards reading about topics I didn't even know nothing about like cars. I would read about cars when I have no license, a fear of driving and no money for one anyways. I kept reading surface level information about a topic that lead me nowhere. Like why am I watching a buyers guide video for a car when I can't even afford one? Or I read and watched reviews of retro games but never played any when that was something in reach thanks to emulation. Then I also played the same online trading card game while browsing imageboards or watching random youtube videos or rewatching a tv show for the nth time. Once I got a decent computer I also spent most of the time playing the same online fps but very badly since I only played it to pass the time so I never put in the effort to improve and I also played alone with no mic so I never improved on the strategy aspect either. Two years ago I also discovered twitch streams which makes it easy to have always something to watch without having to constantly look for new youtube videos or tv shows.

Now I feel super weird because I have this big gap in my life that I can't even explain. I can't talk to anyone because I got 0 life experience and only surface level knowledge of anything.

How common is this? I just feel exceptionally stupid for wasting my "best years" like this. Sure I didn't feel too great back then. I had trouble focusing and felt tired but now it's even worse. The silly thing is that I have a lot of interests but no drive and focus to dive deep into any of them. I feel like I am wasting living in the 21th century in a 1st world country with access to free knowledge and cheap tools for expressing creativity and creating stuff. Like I could have learned drawing, sculpting, electronics, programing and make cool stuff and maybe even earn money from home.
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File: 1673399638523.jpeg (94.21 KB, 1283x1276, 1283:1276, FheVpq8WYAIkr52.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I do nothing and read books a bit every day. The question of whether it's "productive" or not is retarded. Just live your life and ignore the seething of wage cucks.


I'm similar. It's literally just been mindless imageboard scrolling and news article reading for me. The only positive of that is that I am more informed about various topics than your average person because I spend so much time reading news, but ultimately this does not help me in any way.


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.


File: 1673569705166.png (659.85 KB, 1024x1023, 1024:1023, 1668210349568777.png) ImgOps iqdb

There's no such thing as wasted time. If you got your needs met then all there is to do is stay comfortable and find some pleasant distractions to pass the time.


Life is hard enough. Don't worry so much

File: 1673268781047.jpg (161.2 KB, 598x600, 299:300, 155802_600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>I don't want to read my books/manga
>I don't want to play video games on steam
>I don't want to do anything
>wizardchan is too slow to get entertain from it
>I don't want to watch tv
>I don't want to go out
>I don't want to start a new thing because I'm a brainlet

is this what you call depression?
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cope with the depression and unhappiness and never turn to drugs or booze like these predators recommend


Drink makes things much worse you can't concentrate on tv garbage so go into your own head instead


Why do low IQ normalcattle gossip so much? They have no honor nor respect and just talk shit about others to feel better about their own inferior lives.


Really, niggers?
There are many drugs far better than alcohol and weed. The only problem is, most of them are far overpriced. Try getting a prescription for Adderall, Dexedrine, or Ritalin. Stimulants + Gaming is the greatest feeling every.
>drugs or booze
Alcohol is a drug you stupid nigger.


If you feel like doing nothing, just do nothing then. Do nothing for however long it takes to get the urge to do something again, then add another day or two of doing nothing. And by nothing, I mean really nothing; sitting/laying in your dark room, alone, in silence, staring at the wall or ceiling, either keeping your mind empty, or letting it wander. Of course, don't forget to eat, drink, poo, or whatever, just don't actively seek comfort nor pleasure in these things. Eg. If you have a choice between having a burger and a bowl of plain oatmeal, pick the oats.
If you have responsibilities (lol sux4u), tend to them, but otherwise stick to doing nothing you would find pleasurable.
If you find doing nothing pleasurable, more power to you.

File: 1673474579527.jpeg (31.92 KB, 414x544, 207:272, charly.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Healthcare is in a global collapse. and more to the point;in a national collapse for me in here. Private one is a rich thing,I CAN afford it,but why should I HAVE to make such a significant sacrifice for it?
what are some "beer money" and back-alley surgeon ways to prepp for health survival?
antibioctics?torniquet equipment for blunt trauma? what about slashes\cuts? Dental health?
please understand the dire straits im in.
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dental isnt that expensive as long as you can afford a couple hundred bucks on the chance you need a filling put in, seeing a doctor isnt that expensive either out of pocket, you'll only be screwed if you need a major surgery or develop a chronic disease that requires expensive daily medication, the best thing to prep for no healthcare is probably preventitive measures like staying relatively healthy which shouldnt be that hard if you cook your own meals and take a walk once a day, I would say also practicing fasting is a good way to stay healthy as well and costs nothing


shut the fguck up


oh and nearly forgot, get a hard collar for neck injuries that is size-adjustable. You'll also need a stretcher if you're planning on doing transport although I suspect you're not. If you ever get a possible spinal injury you absolutely have to know how to do put one on and prepare for transpory you're going to ruin somebody's life. Actually based on the spirit of your op I think you're better off just making sure the patient doesn't move head and waiting for the ambulance because they'll know how to do this stuff


i just went to the urgent care today and it was filthy and there were bed bugs on the floor. i smashed a few under my shoes and the nurse said "please don't step on them." to me.
i live in arizona. nobody discusses this for some reason, ive never seen arizona acknowledged much online.
but make no mistake that arizona is basically chicago or detroit now.
one of my normalfag coworkers wont even eat at restaurants because he's scared of the meth addicts and coloreds.

well, just a funny healthcare decline story i felt like i'd share.

File: 1670352719036.jpeg (85.16 KB, 459x550, 459:550, AN-ICON-SHOWING-BASIL-FOO….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Im literally mentally handicapped so Im stuck living with parents for a while(pls fuck paying rent)
I have asked ,by myself,my parents to help use internet only 90 minutes a day. I will NOT use that time for forums\social media\shitposting..just for anime ,comics,webnovels etc
Im also trying to perfect and limit my sleep to strict 8 hours,not free-running.I sleep 10 hours and its bad sleep.
I am declutterning,organizing,giftin away, my stuff as proper in each case,and tyring to get rid of all my rooms furniture.
Im also working hard towards holding a Qualified job,and once i get it,excelling at it

am i doing it right?how do I proceed?what pitfalls must I avoid?

I also should shower twice a day(as soon as i wake up and before i go to sleep) and shave after\while i shower daily. I like to collect my nail clippings and play with them,until they get lost and then I wait for nail growth again. this is extremely gross,i know..i should stop.
I also memed myself into developing an energy drink addiction,which I need to Adress and im -slightly- overweight. 2 hours a day of healthy,vigorous excercise is needed.
also monies ;saving,or investing,or spending a bit on some salutary fun item or activity. I already faced reality:I wont be able to buy my own house,IF i survive my parents ill just inherit theirs ,where we all live together now. Rergarding us living together:I now close my door when I go to sleep,however I feel this is too much temptation as im recovering from PMO. I seek literal and strict celibacy,even of the mind. so maybe open door sleep is best.

im trying to re-organized my life and put it all o working,functional order within 63 days.
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what mental handicap allows you to still be organized enough to lead an independent life? can people with downs do that?

also is it worth it going so hard to earn like, 25k a year? doesn't disability at least match that? push some carts around in a parking lot and get made fun of by normies, i guess…


>normies make fun of cart pushers
WTF shithole do you live in?
here no one cares about other's job,we are all busy minding our own problems


the real world, where people get bullied all the time, especially retarded and ugly people


That doesn't happen. You have a victim complex.


Nope, you're just normal.


Everyone here is extremely self-aware of their symptoms. But people are only vaguely aware they are mentally ill.

Most of you complain about boredom, depression, apathy and stuff like that. Barely no one specifically talks about clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or BPD.

Why is that? What's the purpose of identifying your symptoms and whine about them instead of seeking treatment and improvement? If you had diabetes wouldn't you want your health to improve? Mental health is no different and is more serious than stuff like diabetes.
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>succubi don't understand men and vice versa
That's BS, it's easy to understand succubi, they're like children that never grow up.


If you want to understand the average succubi then you just gotta look at the world with the view of a shallow and superficial human being who can't be passionate or dedicated about anything and seek validation all the time, you gotta base all your decision making on impulses and also be childish as you already wrote since the mind of most succubi doesn't develop past 18/19. That's how the mind of most succubi works.

>Inb4 some feminist faggot calls me crab for stating something that even the biggest chads who fucked a lot of succubi agree with


You're quite the expert on succubi!



Most mental illness, especially depression, is a normal symptom for the way that life is. If you're not depressed, anxious, or anything at all then you're most likely either 1. extremely indoctrinated or 2. deluding yourself.

File: 1672258805648.jpeg (93.66 KB, 720x720, 1:1, artworks-fioXs8BaO9OzQH7A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I decided I will pull off a "fast from sleep" of 72 hours,every 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks, I wont sleep for 3- days,then probably take 2 days of 10-hour sleep, and then resume my 4 hour a day sleep schedule.
Anyone else here ,have exp. with creative\spiritual sleep abstinence?
I feel its even healthier to do this. And I crave to do it,since it seems you can astralmaxx in all sorts of ways trough this practice.
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Stop lying.


you watch a bunch of overpaid arrogant niggers bouncing a ball around? lol


you are very smart


I have a hard time forcing myself to stay up for even 12 hours lol


Why would I lie?

File: 1671031765501.png (128.6 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.

Previous: >>267681
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My life sucks yet I keep going
I don't have the balls to commit suicide


Because he can't enjoy masturbation, being a crab and all that he feels envy and bitterness that prevent him from enjoying any kind of sexual content. Resentment mentality.



File: 1673519575833.jpeg (16.35 KB, 238x454, 119:227, cruc caesar.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate atheists but sometimes I really struggle to keep having faith in god
makes me want to become a closet atheist and even keep giving some donations to the church because the building and statues are so beatiful

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File: 1672945936937.jpg (32.08 KB, 640x624, 40:39, FB_IMG_1668900383641.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I finally did it, I managed to get COVID positive. How can I weaken my immune system enough for this to kill me? I have enough access to viral load because my grandparents are sick. How can I end it finally?
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Don't eat deffinatly don't drink and go to get fully clothed with jumpers etc on

(Not sure about this one) Perhaps drink spirits neat too not much liquid but will make you even more thirstey beer deffinatly won't work too much liquid

When I got my jab I didn't drink that night collapsed in the morning and got taken to hospital where I remained for a few days


File: 1672954879679.jpg (131.47 KB, 735x880, 147:176, 1234235564765.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> How can I weaken my immune system enough for this to kill me?
Abuse drugs that depress the CNS and alcohol at the same time while having COVID and do not treat the COVID symptoms. Easy. This is your best possible choice for two reasons:

>you get the thrill of living the rest of your days on pure bliss (mixing opiates, benzos and liquor)

>you very likely won't die the first time you use, but if you use every single day you'll randomly die one die without even noticing

You get to enjoy the rest of your days with no stress and you'll just randomly die, it's not something that you have to force yourself into. You might die within a week, maybe within days, maybe within a month, the point is the COVID and the specific CNS depressor drug abuse at the same time will kill 100% you.

Honestly every other choice is just retarded, there's no point in killing yourself without trying to enjoy your last moments, and there's no need in rushing suicide/your death into something instant and immediate.


Get the COV-VAX and all 6 boosters. You'll be dead in days.


legit. Go on a very hard workout right after doing this oppo


Sadly we're dealing with omicron so the most you'll do is some minor damage to various organs. Over enough time with cumulative infections it might be enough to kill you, but you would need to get sick a lot and it's more likely to just cause chronic but survivable health issues.

If you want the medium well in this image in a restaurant you have to ask for medium rare


I can't handle this anymore.
I don't think I can keep on living.
I'm sick of being so unsuccessful and unskilled at everything in my life, of losing to others even when I do something for a longer time than them.
I'm sick of being ugly.
I'm sick of the severe bullying that I went through in school and the fact that noone stopped it or cared.
I'm sick of getting older and feeling more and more unaccomplished.

I'm sick of having to be careful with what I write online because the internet is more public than real life.

I can't hide how I feel anymore these days, I cried in the streets today like a loser. All I do is cry.
Fuck everything.
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It's not about material conditions its about perspective.


perspective is fickle, temporary, and above all else subjective. Why would you end your life for something like that?


I am also unsuccessful, unskilled, and unaccomplished. I also cry almost every day.
Everything I've tried has ended in failure and the future looks bleak. I feel like I've been digging a hole my entire life and now I'm in so deep the only way out is to kill myself.
I don't have any advice for you, anon. Being alive is pain and the rare instances of joy you can eek out from existence is like some kind of sick consolation prize.
Maybe things will be better in the next life.


because life sucks is a perspective sage for obvious fact


It's subjective, like everything else. How should I know how much is your tolerance towards things and what misfortunes you have to put up with? You have to decide for yourself when to quit, like everything else in your life.

A "no possible solution" type of situation for me would be going homeless, getting cancer or some other painful illness that can't be cured or simply having to wageslave a horrible job for most of my free time just to stay alive for another wretched day. For me, again. I'm afraid you'll have to trust your own perspective. You'll know when to quit. You wouldn't ask me this question if you were already in such a situation. When living is such an extreme hell for you that you can't enjoy anything, then yeah, it's time to switch trains. Your negative emotions, anhedonia, depression, anger, frustrations…are all signs telling you that something is wrong and you need change asap. So try to change. If you can't, sudoku. Clinging to some foolish optimistic hope about things suddenly getting better or changing for the better all of a sudden will just bring you more suffering.

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