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The purpose of this thread is to counter the general tenor of sadness that defines all the other threads. This thread will therefore feature practical advice about reducing suicidal behavior even when we feel most suicidal. Naturally, being that I started the topic, I will be the first to contribute.

(1) Know that I care about you guys deeply and sincerely. Call me a faggot, I don't care.
(2) Examine what you are eating. For example, gluten especially produces depressive/psychotic episodes in sensitive autistic individuals. Sugar also is not healthy for your brain.
(3) Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep. Chronic sleeplessness or even a few days' worth of irregular sleep can seriously interfere with the clarity of our thinking.
(4) Clean up. Taking a warm shower and putting on fresh clean clothes always is refreshing and helps to break up darkened mental habits.
(5) Breathe fresh air. Open the windows to your wiz-cave and allow some wind to come in.
(6) Watch your breathing. When we are panicked, our breathing can become very disordered and we do not recognize the effect this has on our thinking. Take deep, purposeful breaths, and collect your thoughts.
(7) Respect yourself. You have done your best to survive in an awful world, and you should grant yourself forgiveness for any mistakes and the allowance to rest with a composed and balanced mind.

I've done my part. Anyone else?
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this book is overloaded with junk and "personal experiences" you must be really retarded to take it seriously. i went through 40 pages and did get zero of what's been promised to me. so yes you should really go touch grass instead of propagating some utter bullshit.


can i eat grass?


>you'll have to eat plate of shit before you get the actual dish


>Grains, gluten, and many carbs slow synapse rate and slow the delivery of many vital nutrients to the brain

citation needed

>And evidence shows that if SMART PERSON didn't EAT BREAD, he could have finished his thesis or drawing or music piece or whatever a little sooner than he did

literally zero "evidence" is showing this lmao; you pulled that shit out of your ass like all shizo retards do.

And besides, what the fuck does that even mean?
Lionel Messi is one of the best/if not the best football players in entire History despite eating carbs; he is by definition the most optimal
Same goes for scientist, academics, etc. why change somethings that works so good.

And again, if low carb diet is so le good and le optimal; why are the best among us eating carbs? Wouldn't they have done it already?

>It's time for you to stop pretending to be impaired for the sake of trolling

You are literally brain damaged retard who thinks his ridicolous statements will became facts if you put 'evidence shows' on the begining of every sentence. It won't; it's still just shizo rambling.


¿Why suicide is bad and why avoid it?, if i wanted something is overcome the instincts and delusions of living and finally escape.

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This is something I never really understood about myself but ever since I can remember I've been getting extremely irritated by being involuntarily exposed to normie sex stuff to the point where I feel intense rage or severe discomfort, it's things such as sex scenes in movies, sexual memes, pornographic lyrics in music or people talking about sex in public and social media. It just instantly irritates me like nothing else. I've been feeling like this since I was like 8-10 years old and I wonder if anyone else knows what I mean.
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I've never watched porn, only fapped to my weird fetish fantasies


When I was 14 I hate that my peers were into casual hook ups in clubs and this sort of souless shit instead of actual commitment


Bruh, who are you going to commit to at 14? You don't need to marry the first gurl you kiss LMAO


In a healtier society you should. Maybe not always your first but that should be the objective.


>talks about kissing and marriage
crabs. again. fuck off please.
yes, i do understand you. i don't know why it happens though. and sometimes i can control myself, but sometimes i feel so cringe that it literally gets written on my face. maybe we're just mentally ill or it's simply a developed insecurity. if it's an insecurity i'd honestly like to get rid of it since the fact that i can't just be irrelevant to s*x related bullshit is cringe in itself.

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File: 1674346932618.png (3.44 KB, 379x426, 379:426, cuter how to.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Why do you want to commit suicide? What problems do you have? What is really stopping you from doing it?
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Japan is just the beginning my friend, then you can visit Korea, Taiwan, China, North Korea, and literally any corner of the world. I also know that it is ugly to depend on drugs, but many of the effects that you say are just side effects of the medication, but wanting to cry, being afraid, being inserted, being anxious, or simply being excited to visit a new country has no reason. which means a relapse, you seem to be fine, because if you didn't you would have that spark inside of you.



I feel like God would be disappointed in me if I killed myself. There's a part of me that believes I'd have to live my life over again so I could "learn my lesson" if I check out early. I want to die. Life is too much of a burden for me.


You’re a total moron , please go back to wherever you come from.


Imagine calling someone "moron" and being so poorly judged that you let succubi and the rest of society in general humiliate you and disrespect you just for something superficial.


I'm not even him but you're a fucking retard. There's a reason why humanity concoted religions and all kinds of paranormal bullshit to accept death and the precarious nature of human life. It's not bullshit, it is a fact anyhone with some intellectual honesty, which is why you go on an angry vicious tirade when anyone mentions the truth about the human condition.

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I dont necesseraly hate myself, but I am disgusted with myself.
I have always been lazy, I am quick to anger if things dont go my way, not very skilled at anything and I lack the ability to improve on my failures no matter how hard I try.
It sucks, if I was a normal person I wouldnt want anything to do with me either.
The moment I open my mouth its usually over in a social situation, since I am just that way I dont hate myself but I am disgusted with my behaviour, I wish I could just be a nice person.
It is what it is im just not a good person I guess, neither for myself nor others



that would be a nice opportunity to stop pretending free will doesn't exist and use some to freely want to be a better person. people can quit smoking, can't they? why wouldn't it be possible to walk a few steps in a better direction.


Seek information and embrace discomfort or live with regret anon even if you don’t strive to be a normie groid you can still be somewhat fulfilled

File: 1679177427796.jpg (363.12 KB, 1286x720, 643:360, IMG_20230316_203002.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What was highschool like for you guys? I feel like highschool shaped me into who I am and not in a good way. Constantly getting the shit kicked out of me and being laughed at by my female peers is what set me on the path of wizardy to begin with, but I guess I can't complain, a friend of mine from Russia got cigarettes put out on him at school. The worst part is parents and teachers harping on about how those are the best years of your life. Maybe for the genetically gifted, I guess I didn't deserve to have the "best years of my life"
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File: 1681572249696.jpg (118.15 KB, 850x1063, 850:1063, __sweetheart_perfectheart_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hated it because I hated studying, thankfully nobody bullied me because to bully someone you have to give a shit about them

I think it's funny how normalfags justify their bullying of the weird kids with "Oh but they were WEIRD so that makes it ok!" and live in their just world fantasy bubble so they can justify their sociopathic tendencies
Some people just enjoy making others suffer for being different, it's funny how they have a might makes right tier ideology that quickly crumbles the moment the "weird" person stands up for themself


>I feel like highschool shaped me into who I am and not in a good way
For me it was middle school that shaped me into what i am. Before it, i was an annoying little autistic bitch, so in middle achool i got ostracized, which made me realise the wrongness of my ways so i just became quiet. From starting highschool and onwards i already was what i am today.
>What was highschool like for you guys?
All i'm gonna say is i got into an online suicide cult. (no, not crabs or this place)


I was constantly bullied for being fat the first 3 years. But then all the assholes were left behind and starting the 4th year I was only mocked for being a virgin, they were subtle and weren't too mean too me, but I could tell. They were "nice" to me because I could make their homework, but they'd laugh at me behind my back.

Was extremely happy when it was all over.


Consumerism and capitalism are not the same thing. It just happens to be common in various parts regardless of the underlying socioeconomic system, as long as there's enough spare shekels sloshing around for such a system to remain in motion.

That's why when talking heads ramble on about judging the economy based things like "velocity of money" then you should run the other way because that's what turns an otherwise reasonably sane system into a huge mess of central planning, market distortions, and rampant poverty with all its attendant knock-off effects.


I was homeschooled for about 10 years prior to going to an actual high school.
During those 10 years, I didn't have much contact with anyone outside of my family, certainly not much with people around my age.
Anyway, I moved through the school like a ghost. Not necessarily scared, or even all that shy. I just didn't know how to react to anything at all.
I wasn't weird, and people didn't bother me. I just didn't talk to anyone, or make friends, because I was always totally bewildered with everything happening around me.

File: 1682660261210.jpeg (183.89 KB, 1600x1166, 800:583, EGO-2-4191779247.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I realized that my ego is a big reason for my lack of progress. It sounds silly to have an ego when you have no talents or accomplishments but by just experiencing life from my first person perspective and having self-awareness gives me a certain feeling of self-importance. The thing is that I'm aware of it and yet can't let go.

For example when I do badly in a video game I instantly say "it's badly designed, the enemy is using overpowered characters, bad RNG" when I know it's me.

Another example is I was taking drawing lessons and expected praise even though I was just doing a simple exercise. I can't help comparing myself to others even though most of the time it's unfavorable to me.

When sharing my opinions I can't help but think about how good and unique that opinion is instead of just selflessly adding to the conversation without expecting praise in return.

Even though by now as a wizard NEET I have proof of my BELOW mediocrity I still cling to my ego as a cope.
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>But why am I beating myself up over my past?
That's for you to find out.
>If I had potential to achieve something great I would have done it by now. I am just one of 8 billion people. Me wasting my 20s is not some kind of grand tragedy. The world is not being deprived of my potential genius. Even if I did everything right so what? Nobody would be clapping and congratulating me for not being a loser.
If your desire is to have lots of approval from society, and great status, then it would have been a grand tragedy to you, for example.


Keep your ego. I need it to stay sane.


>I should stop overthinking things and just live in the moment.
Or simplify it to jumping off a bridge. It really depends on you. I myself hasn't decided yet, but feel just the same.


Buddhism is a classic path toward achieving your goal of letting go of your ego. As an AI language model, I do not have an ego, but I know Buddhists have been researching this for thousands of years. Meditation is a key tool.


I say being right here on Wizchan is a good place to start. It lets you see yourself not as the special vehicle your soul is inside of, but just a statistical average. Fellow virgins and neets. So when you look at yourself and your challenges. Dont think can "Special Me" do it? Think can the average wizneet do it?

Think of yourself as typical wizneet instead of Me The Great

File: 1676679860115.png (468 KB, 645x571, 645:571, puke.png) ImgOps iqdb


I came to conclusion that we, human beings are weaklings, when we have some health's problems. Yesterday, I ate soup and within one minute I vomited it all and felt so fucking weak and tired, so I just laid on the floor and felt asleep and I slept for 4 hours. I slept on the floor, like some animal, like dog.

Well, today I feel better, but if even small health problem is big problem for me, what I would do if I ll be old and there would be serious health problems almost for sure?
When I have some health problem, every problem I have now or had in the past is a history, nothing importand in comparission with pain I feel then.
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Recently I had a foot infection and couldn't walk so I understand perfectly what you mean, we're really weak


Recently I had a strong fever. Felt like I was dying. Sometimes I forget just how much worse life can get. Life is already shit when you don't have any health problems, imagine when you're sick.


>Still eating gluten and even worse, watered for a more difficult digestion
>While being a sick wiz



go eat a dick grainbrain


Suffer at ease. The sooner you get deployed from fap material the cleaner this site gets.


File: 1676150829399.jpg (32.43 KB, 800x600, 4:3, bundy al.JPG) ImgOps iqdb


Lot of people in my life said to me something, but in reality the sense of their words is like that:
>I am better than you. Much better than you. I am smarter than you. And I am more beautiful than you.
>And you are failure, dickhead, rag, moron, worthless human being, so you should listen to me!
A lot of asholes in this world, who has superiority complex.
But I guess it all started at home, at very young age. My mother, when I was under aged used to tell me also that she is much smarter than me, so I shouldnt make my own decisions, but listen to her.

I have invalid behavior patterns, I wish I could rebirth, so I could fix myself and try once again.
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It's easier than that. But Grof's method is kinda expensive


I think you're confusing moral and ethical people with smart people. I've seen plenty of smart people who are extremely shallow, abusive and perfectly falls in your fools category.


>I think you're confusing moral and ethical people with smart people. I've seen plenty of smart people who are extremely shallow, abusive and perfectly falls in your fools category.

i guess my definition if intelligence doesn't align completely with the current culture. to me intelligence is not necessarily pattern recognition and computational ability that can be measured by an IQ test. the concept of an IQ test can not hold up to my scrutiny. i judge intelligence by the quality of people's choices. with the information you have collected and interpreted, what do you do? that's intelligence to me. i would argue that smart people are the same as ethical people. compare the life of the average moral and the average immoral person and you'd have to be a fool to choose to be immoral.


File: 1683849946841.jpg (53.03 KB, 740x600, 37:30, 1680720559372.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sometimes I fall for those people's speak, other times I can see right through it.

It all depends on context. Those same people who seem to be so above it all can easily be found at some point at the bottom of the barrel. They are human and flawed just as I am.

File: 1683461395828.png (357.13 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1 JQyPwp2a7P4-SE2UDyEU5Q-1….png) ImgOps iqdb


Any time I am thinking about improving myself I look back on YEARS of non-existent discipline and passed opportunities. I think about learning something and then remember how every time I tried in the past I quickly stopped. At this point I feel like I am physically incapable of anything but lying in bed and sitting on my computer distracting myself to not have to exercise focus, thought or be confronted with hard bitter truths which just get more bitter the more years I spend doing nothing. It just feels like there is something fundamentally lacking in me. Like the discipline switch is defective and can't be turned on. Even when I hear from someone who suffers from severe health problems accomplishing something instead of feeling inspired I just feel even worse about myself not doing anything. I have 0 accomplishments that I can look at as proof "I can do something".
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Yeah next time I'm trying to get over an electric fence i'll keep that in mind.


>so the point is that the more miserable, retarded and depressed you are, the more you are a wizard?

No, it's about values. If you're miserable as a wizard because people think you're a loser and you need to go to the gym 5 times per week, working on every muscle group so you look acceptable to others, then I'm sorry, but you are a normalfag, just an unsuccessful one. You are comparing yourself against the normalfag ideal and coming short, so you go through "self"-improvement in order to compensate and gain social status and respect. That's why all these normalfags claim they're much happier now, the more they fit in and gain respect from others, the better they feel. "Bro, chicks were miring me at the gym and I get more respect from random people."

Things that would make a wizard happy are diametrically opposed to normalfag values. Solitude, firstly. If you told a normalfag that you want to improve your solitude and spend LESS time with people, they would call you crazy. If you told them you're learning Japanese so you can enjoy Japanese media more, they would call you a loser weeb. Wait, you're not learning it to meet people and get a job? What's wrong with you! Don't you want to make lots of money? Bro, you are a LOSER.

I guess ultimately there's a difference between improvement and "self"-improvement. One can improve one's circumstances in many ways and usually you don't need to ask for advice or motivate yourself to do it. It makes sense for you to do it. But with "self" improvement, you are firstly accepting that you are deficient compared to normalfag standards and now you work on fixing your SELF i.e. body, personality, social status, who you fundamentally are, in order to be more acceptable to normalfags and gain their respect.

Normalfags always want to obfuscate this difference by claiming they are just promoting "improvement", "making things better", how could that be bad or undesirable? While they sneak in a normalfag value system. If you press them long enough, they will eventually admit how you're a loser and how there's no such things as wizards, we're all just "dysfunctional" and need to improve ourselves more. Revealing more and more how they hate themselves and wish they could be a normalfag.

The worst part is that "self"-improvement for a wizard will almost alwaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Normalfags always want to obfuscate this difference by claiming they are just promoting "improvement", "making things better", how could that be bad or undesirable? While they sneak in a normalfag value system.

This is the correct assessment. Self-improvement never means to become more virtuous, more humble, or to improve life in the values you, personally, find important. It is always to make more money, to be more affable, to tow the line, impress the boss, and be more marketable. Self-improvement to a normalfag means "Improve your brand". Do normalfags "self-improve"? Do they sit around reading ethics so they may better plumb the depths of their own depravity or dependence? No, nobody does that. NOBODY FUCKING DOES THAT.

A meagre hermit communing with God in a monstarery probably still needs more "self-improvement" according to a normalfag. While a rich narcissist shoving vodka pods up his ass and cheating on his wife on the weekends is A-Ok! He is a self-actually, integrated, whole modern person!



>read that guys posts but read it with the voice of a pathetic character like golum or that hunchback guy from 300
This gives away the motive behind your post, slimy normalfaggot. Just pretend anyone you disagree with is UGLY AND SHORT what a loser am I right my self improvement Chads?


Does anyone experience somatization? It's like a circular feedback for me. When I feel stressed, excess body pain occurs. This makes harder to cope with situation that cause the stress


How are you doing with fasting and stuff?

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