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I see the /wage/wizzies, and the college grads on this board, and I feel absolutely useless. I've always wanted to work a nightshift security job, but the good ones are all hundreds of miles away from me. Janitorial seems decent, so I'll look at job offers online-
>Must be able to work as a team member effectively with other personnel!
>This job requires 1-3 years of experience, plus a business degree, plus social skills!
I barely made it out of high school. I hate everything besides music, but I suck at producing it so obviously can't excel in that. I'm a stuttering, socially inept, dumb as bricks fool. I'll never get an "always hiring!!!!" wagie job. A last ditch effort choice would be a factory job, but those seem so hellish, and the ones in my area all demand you bend to the whims of their schedules, which wouldn't work for me since I'm a night owl. All of these jobs demand you have experience, but how do you get the fucking experience?!
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Hey OP how old are you?


You are wrong. I used to be delivery truck driver. Shit pay but I drove a big truck, get stoned, drink coffee during the day. Night shift was retard nigger tier easy work. Show up to warehouse at 3PM and load a small amount of shit. Delivery at 5PM. Then do nothing until midnight because next delivery was at like 1AM or some shit.


sounds like it works well for you. i couldnt keep the schedule they need but i guess it does let you work alone. based.

i saved up enough working a tech job to buy a falling down house in the middle of no where (was like 40k usd.) it had no wiring, no working oven, no lights, a leaking roof, construction rubble everywhere… had to hire an electrician just to have power.

i moved in anyway to get away from my overbearing family. the place was actually so dilapidated i used to have to sleep under a bug net or id be stung by bugs while i slept. the whole place stunk of mould. honestly it probably wasn't even legal for me to live there… but you know what? it was the happiest ive ever been living there. it was in a surprisingly beautiful area. i had a fresh water stream that ran through my property and everywhere was green and lush with nature. ended up eventually leaving to be closer to civilization. i still miss it sometimes.

if it wasnt such a dump it would have been so perfect.


File: 1662543288594.jpg (209.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, cat stares.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sounds cozy tbh, I would have spent the rest of my life fixing that place. The bugs sound annoying though, but nothing a hundred bucks worth of insecticide spray couldn't fix.

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Noise pollution is Driving Me CRAZY
I feel like a lot of individuals don't know how much noise and vibrant sound waves their vehicles put off while they blast music or rev their unkept or overly beefy vehicles. I find that most culprits are Motor and truck drivers. If the trucks are used consistently for their purpose then I suppose I have less of an issue (i.e. hauling or moving stuff). But the loud music and bass is extremely disruptive. Why aren't people more considerate of strangers, especially in residential neighborhoods? I do understand and take notice that some individuals don't have the means to purchase quiet vehicles.
Typically, people who have excessively loud vehicles or listen to music at excessive volumes, don’t care about the effect it has on others. To them, the whole point is to make noise, as they see it as something cool. I hope there is a place in hell for such humans, I wish a horrible and painful death to every single Motorcyclist on this planet for how much noisee pollution they create.

As Albert caraco says: “The cities in which we live in are schools of death, because they are dishuman. Each one of them has become a den of noise and of stench, for each of one has became a chaos of buildings, in which we ammass ourselves in millions, losing our life’s reasons. Unfortunates without escape, we feel to have put ourselves, willing or not, in the labyrinth of the absurd, from which we will leave only when we will die, for our destiny is to continue to multiply ourselves, only to die in great numbers.”


Cities are truly anti-human and interestingly enough it has been proven that living in a city will increase your risk of developing schizophrenia and other mental health issues and one of the main reasons for this is the pollution and noise of vehicles, so there's even factual proof of what you're saying.



Subarashiki hibi, pic related cheked.


Chesterton has a similar quote on cities I like.

In the feverish summer of this fanaticism there arose the phrase that this or that part of England is being "built over." Now, there is not the slightest objection, in itself, to England being built over by men, any more than there is to its being (as it is already) built over by birds, or by squirrels, or by spiders. But if birds' nests were so thick on a tree that one could see nothing but nests and no leaves at all, I should say that bird civilization was becoming a bit decadent. If whenever I tried to walk down the road I found the whole thoroughfare one crawling carpet of spiders, closely interlocked, I should feel a distress verging on distaste. If one were at every turn crowded, elbowed, overlooked, overcharged, sweated, rack-rented, swindled, and sold up by avaricious and arrogant squirrels, one might at last remonstrate. But the great towns have grown intolerable solely because of such suffocating vulgarities and tyrannies. It is not humanity that disgusts us in the huge cities; it is inhumanity. It is not that there are human beings; but that they are not treated as such. We do not, I hope, dislike men and succubi; we only dislike their being made into a sort of jam: crushed together so that they are not merely powerless but shapeless. It is not the presence of people that makes London appalling. It is merely the absence of The People.

I used to live next to a major bridge that had a bunch of industrial trucks come in/out of the city. Whenever I opened my window there very quickly settled on the windowsill a grey/black dust, I am sure it's horrific healthwise to breath in but no way not to. Just random dust falling off trucks/cars, let alone exhaust fumes and other things poisonings us as well. That and as you said everything with sound, there's a ton of just little things that eat away at you in areas like that. The people randomly increasing the issues by blasting music or having those showy engines just add insult to injury.


Don't look up black carbon exposure.

File: 1661032855036.jpg (49.23 KB, 600x683, 600:683, 1660943845508197.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm curious as to what your thoughts are about this type of content:

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I'm not going to watch the video because the title is self contradictory and will give me buttmad
Those are my thoughts on this type of content


Relatable to some extent but also pretty normish


i wish i could smack this faggot in the face
that's about it


It’s hard to trust people. Straight up the idea that being a videogamer was alienating around 2010-2013 sounds weird unless he lived on a farm. It’s possible for anyone to have extreme anxiety to shit but the idea it wouldn’t manifest during school is weird. 2010 professionals knew about anxiety and depression so I’d need to hear about his families reaction or attempts to help him.

The idea someone can throwup from the idea of being criticised by their coworker then handle social media comments seems weird. I had bad social anxiety too and made a lot of progress, I’m still a fuckup but can do more stuff.

I stopped watching but he said he got a succubus comment him or something. He might be fucked up but I suspect his girlfriend will help him and he’ll be normal in a few months.


It's hard to tell with these semi normie types who go through stuff, you can hardly tell if they are just temporarily doing bad or if there is something dark dwelling inside of them. On his other videos he seems quite normal and not really depressed or anything but at the same time these type of guys are very often able to keep up a facade and sometimes even up killing themselves seemingly out of the blue like that other streamer someone made a thread about earlier.

A really interesting guy was Ryan Bowers, he was an aspiring rapper and even got signed by Nick Cannon and he had friends and even a girlfriend at some point but he always has been extremely suicidal with multiple actual suicide attempts and extreme self harm and its quite surprising how he didnt die way earlier since he really did some bad shit to himself. This is the last interview he gave before he finally took his life by overdosing and you can see and hear how theres no life left inside of him. He's a good example of a guy who had good things going for him but at the same time never had any business being in this world in the first place.


File: 1661261155577.jpeg (86.67 KB, 626x800, 313:400, 3BC46818-2878-4F27-9885-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Who are the most depressing and pessimistic philosophers to read from? I wanna learn and study how shitty life can be.
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I'm not poking fun at you and Im not defending the zoomer guy but that really looks like a schizopost, how could you possibly recognize him based on these few posts he made


Go to a self help section in a book shop and pick up any book you like the look of. Read it and realize THIS person got that book published, printed and sold to others.

How much worse could any philospher be?


The depression is a capacity


>creepy as insult
Wizchan 2022
Normgroids are truly pest not so different from locusts, rats or roaches


I so fucking hate this american word. These nigger faggots call everything creepy. Can you at least use different words people? Like fucky, yucky, shitty, unnerving etc.

File: 1661097128289.jpg (2.03 MB, 2540x3200, 127:160, Chimp_Brain_in_a_jar.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Would any neurologist/neurosurgeon consider this a valid approach and accept a patient's wishes to remove or destroy part of the amygdala, for serious cases of fear phobia ?.µ
I wrote e-mail's and even called a respected universal hospital and so far they blatantly ignore me and when i call them they don't reply. I mean the procedure EXISTS so it's a valid option but somehow it's ignored.

My problem is in serious neuropsychological complaints/suffering, about self-aggression and severe form of anxiety neurosis,
in patients with epilepsy and patients with lesser intelligence who are self-aggressive, a procedure called amygdalotomy is performed, this affects the fear center of the brain.

Amygdalotomy was talked about on this board under anxiety. I was in that thread and said no willing practitioner would ever do it, besides you need doctor's referral which won't happen either.

I've wrote emails and made calls they just ignore me like some nutjob, nobody will do this, they just happen to do this procedure with epilepsy patients, in severe cases that is.
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Not effective for anxiety. Only causes rebound symptoms = worse anxiety once tolerance develops and it WILL develop.


Nothing to do with treating anxiety.


May treat anxiety. You may need another medication or something like a mood stabilizer.

I think you're being very naïve and dismissive.

1. You are not a doctor and don't have the schooling of a doctor.
2. You are not objective enough to be your own doctor. Even doctors go and see other doctors.
3. Your judgement of medications is limited, seems irrational, and unrealistic. Psychiatric medication often requires trial and error. Have you done that?

If I were you I would go see a psychiatrist. Tell them the symptoms you are experiencing; How long you've been on your current medication and that it's not helping. Be completely open about your problems. Don't try to diagnose yourself because that's not your job. Don't try to interpret your symptoms - just tell them what they are.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


You're so out of bounds. All of the medication i take is under supervision of doctors and psychiatrists. I don't take antipsychotics for anxiety either but it helpt.


What makes you think the amygdala is the only area in the brain that impacts anxiety? You're not a neurowhatever.

Lobotomies used to be a thing. They stopped doing them, they don't work. You'll 100% guaranteed end up worse than before, there's a precedent of thousands and thousands of documented patients, what makes you think your case will be any different? For something as mild as social anxiety.

Just take a benzo and talk to a doctor, stop contemplating of things you know will never happen. Getting rid of a part of your brain to "get rid" of a psychiatric symptom IS a delusion, an unhealthy one.


It's not social anxiety it's much more than that. Ive read case studies and patients who had it done felt no fear, this is the same in animal test subjects. The amygdala has no purpose in the modern world.
As for benzos they are the worst way to deal with long term anxiety and cause althzeimers etc.


Psychiatrists and doctors differ in treatment modalities. Not all of them stay up to day on best practices or the latest advances. No doctor knows everything. One practitioner might know of a useful tool that another doctor doesn't. Conversely, they might know why an existing tool is harmful.

I don't think it would be hard for you to find another doctor who agrees benzos are harmful. Incidentally, you'll find them as one of the most feared drugs by addicts because of how damaging they are on the brain.


I am 28. My mom is 30 years older. I am severely mentally ill, my mom is mentally ill too but not to my extent. She's incredibly manipulative and I keep her away as much as possible.

I was going to do something nice and healthy today and she got angry because she simply didn't want me to do it. So she got into a verbal argument with me, belittled me and triggered me on purpose. Had a heavy mood swing. Spent a fuckton of hours stuck in my chair processing the situation.

I hate this succubus. People give you shit if they realize you hate your parents. People don't understand how abusive and violent parents can be, age doesn't matter. This succubus stopped physically abusing me only when it became physically impossible to her to override me. I vividly remember my last beating from her hand.

My father is just a clueless moron, I can't hate him for his stupidity and brash decisions, it's not on purpose. My mother on the other hand, everything is with malicious intent. Every single thing. She's nearing 60 and she's irredeemable, she will never change her behavior or realize why it's wrong. I am just an extension of her, and it's acceptable to belittle and humiliate me at any occasion.


Dont answer her back, dont talk to her, you're giving her power over you.


I went to sleep, just woke up, things have calmed down. My mom acts completely "oblivious" and dettached to what she did. I clearly stayed in my room instead of doing what was planned, she succeeded and she knows this. I don't want this to become a habit of her, she has rarely attempted to "ground me" as an adult.

I already stonewall my father. I will tone it down with him and tone considerably more the stonewalling with my mother, without being rude. I'll be cordial to her. I'll maintain a welcoming body language, I'll smile and laugh in front of her. But I won't engage her unless necessary.

Things are this bad I'm willing to off myself if I don't go back to living by myself soon. Just had a cordial conversation with my mother. I prefer to let her think she can still "manipulate" me without me realizing.

This succubus is so abusive she convinces other I'm just a loony and that my hate/resentment is unjustified because I'm a loony, that she's being a good mom because she "is there" for me. Whenever I've spoken about her abuses others just tell me to ignore it, to stop exaggerating or to stop being ungrateful.


Move out it's the only healthy alternative. If you cant she knows and cont the abuse.


Until you move out the only thing to do is reciprocate. Yell at her and pretend it didn't happen, gaslight until she gets the memo. It's childish but it's the only way to deal with abusers.


You gotta get out of there as soon as you are able to, keeping her at a distance will do magic for your well-being. Once you left you can try to call her from time to time if you want to stay in contact but if she keeps pulling the same mental games on you it's best to completely cut her off.

File: 1660420760151.jpg (174.55 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, roh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Breeders are low IQ scum. Daily reminder that there are no benevolent (or intelligent) purposes invented, to bend the fact that DNA life (biological life) is a catastrophic experiment of unintelligent design that does not need to exist. It is acknowledged forthright, that DNA life has no ends and no means - DNA is doing nothing but wasting everything and everyone who is ever forced into it, while being fueled with astronomical levels of agony and horror. And this experiment known as DNA life is being conducted by a malignant, broken, mindless universe. EFILism is a final call to action, for the world to stop lying to itself and stop obeying the selfish gene… as we are the only species that can realize this broken unqualified experiment and engineer the end of it. In our world there is only two rules: might is right and kill or be killed. Everything besides = bullshit.

UNIRONICALLY I think we should destroy the universe with a collider or something else. just to destroy all living things is stupid, but to destroy matter (mother) would be right. no reason = no effect
Fuck this endless horror global RTS without players
I don’t think that people will come to such conclusions and decisions; rather, AI will be created in the future and analyzing the reality, AI will destroy everything and itself

The Universe, the vale of pain and tears should be destroyed by us or some sort of futuristic AI. THAT’S the final goal of our species.
>dude weed money hoes lmao
that's fine but you can still die of cancer in torment, or in an accident due to a drunken redneck or a young nigga. Actor, Rich rapper or CEO of Apple…does not matter. Everyone suffer from pain (cancer, bullets or mental illness)
Death and cosmic pain…EVERYWHERE
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What is normal nowadays is that normal people instead of having children resort to antinatalism to justify their blind hedonistic life.

As for you, you are just coping to feel better about yourself. You are a virgin either way, it's not like you had to escape from succubi who wanted to make children with you. Delusional.

When did I say be yourself? You don't have any arguments against me, that is why you deliver epic green text one liners.

Morality has always been popular among those who don't have any unique traits or talents. It's an easy way to feel superior to others. What is easier than not reproducing for people like us? We are virgins anyway, it's not like the antinat wizzies here had to decline succubi who asked them out on dates or anything. It's the typical turn your defect into a virtue line of thinking. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin, just to clarify what I mean. But the antinat wizards use their virginity as an easy way to feel superior to others.

Weak and ill-constituted…isn't clear as you think these terms are. We aren't fit for reproduction or making it big in the normalfag world but that doesn't mean we should feel shit about ourselves.


File: 1660819136603.png (246.43 KB, 472x405, 472:405, FaVpqMWX0AA8M9B.png) ImgOps iqdb

>As for you, you are just coping to feel better about yourself. You are a virgin either way, it's not like you had to escape from succubi who wanted to make children with you. Delusional.

Nigger i just entered this whole discussion right now with this post only >>263548

Stop projecting shit on me, you unbearable twat.


t. smug polcrabs smirking at each other
mods will delete this post but not the crab suggesting wizards should breed


dude weed money hoes lmao


in god we trust

File: 1662282334513.jpg (2.09 KB, 123x125, 123:125, 79.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>that feel when you want to express your opinion on wizchan
>but you dont do it, because you are afraid that you'll be banned for what you want to say
No, calm down. I m like you, a virgin with no purpose of getting sexual intercourse.


This need a thread because?

File: 1658906201095.jpg (113.28 KB, 1100x640, 55:32, __katsuragi_misato_and_aka….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>be brainwashed all your life since day one by everybody (family, society,etc)
>be intentionally encouraged to fuck up by normalfags because they hate you
>go to therapist, he also brainwashes and lies to you
>ff today
>life is shit
>"it's all your fault and nobody else, buddy"
Did this happen to you?
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You are a normalfaggot and I have no empathy for you. Should've realised the schizoid life is the best early on. I did in my teenage years, and ever since I've felt like I've been in full control of my life.


The guy you responded to is based


t. the guy


How I can kill myself when Misato exists?


misato doesn't exist.

File: 1647798846629.jpg (41.98 KB, 1320x1320, 1:1, shotgun.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.256350[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hi, I have a few questions about the shotgun method. Obviously you should use 12 gauge and buckshot or slugs? What about recoil? You put it in the roof of your mouth?
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I'd kms too, if I lived in Slough.


are there any OTC antiemetics in the US that will work for SN method? i wont be able to get this kind of prescription


Is suicide via hypothermia realistic? I read about a guy that had passed out drunk while outside and froze to death. It gets very cold where I live during winter so the temperature shouldn't be a problem.


>It gets very cold where I live during winter so the temperature shouldn't be a problem.
Jealous of you anon, that's one of the "comfiest" ways to die plus even if u survive, you won't be a vegetable or anything so you could try it again sometime.


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