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Death of the Uncool - End of the Wizards V

Watching Geekdom get absorbed into the monoculture over the last decade (and then some) has been a pretty demoralising experience.

Part of the process of commodification, streamlining and assimilation of geek culture into the all-consuming monoculture, is distortion and erasure of the original.

"These would be the successive phases of the image:

1 It is the reflection of a basic reality.

2 It masks and perverts a basic reality.

3 It masks the absence of a basic reality.

4 It bears no relation to any reality whatever: it is its own pure simulacrum.

In the first case, the image is a good appearance: the representation is of the order of sacrament. In the second, it is an evil appearance: of the order of malefice. In the third, it plays at being an appearance: it is of the order of sorcery. In the fourth, it is no longer in the order of appearance at all, but of simulation."

I'm probably using Baudrillard wrong, but I think we're either between phase 2 and 3 or on phase 3. We're at the point where we have "gamers" who don't like videogames as the faces of videogames.


File: 1700449520780.png (653.3 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Kick_me.png) ImgOps iqdb

Being a geek, before it got (completely) commodified, was essentially a branding mark and limited your social capital/credit to, I'd say, most in-groups. People who were branded geeks usually had limited social capital to begin with, and I don't think it would be too inaccurate of me to say that geeks generally had specific personality traits, you know the ones; social awkwardness, shyness, obsession with a topic, etc. It's recognisable enough that "The Geek/Nerd" is a stock character, usually played pitiful/sympathetic (or just pathetic), maybe an underdog-type or perhaps a mistreated/outcast villain.

Regardless, a lot of the time "The Geek/Nerd" has been portrayed as sympathetic because even in fiction produced for normalfags, constantly kicking down an outcast would be in bad taste and bring into question the morality of a normalfag, especially when a protagonist is "The Geek/Nerd".


File: 1700449871006.jpg (78.95 KB, 598x611, 46:47, 67cead6455de185.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is a somewhat of a problem for the normalfags and the machine. For the normalfags, self-identification with "The Geek" is a little difficult to do when it is so strongly linked with the outcast/outsider/loser/etc, not that it would stop the average normalfag if it gave them a social boost, but they still have to refer to the original image of "The Geek" however distorted it has become.

For the machine that processes subcultures for profit-extraction and absorption into the monoculture, the distorted image of the "The Geek" does not represent maximal profit extraction, it's still not completely accessible to every normalfaggot on the planet.

The want "ownership" of the image. To do that they would have to decouple the person/people behind the image. Like I said "The Geek" is strongly linked to the outcasts/losers/misfits/outsiders/etc, and quite a lot of the geek-orientated media, both by and for geeks reflects that; fantasical adventures of the sci-fi or fantasy kind with somewhat of a childish focus on making friends, finding a soulmate, and saving the world *as as outcast* who is accepted because of their faults or they find their people, away from the normalniggers.


File: 1700450964936.webm (1.09 MB, 720x576, 5:4, Nightcrawler - Autistic L….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Trying to change the underlying definitions of "The Geek" at this stage would be seen as heretical because the original but distorted image still exists, so what the current objective has been is to decouple and re-brand the would-be geek as something else, something "inherently" malevolent.

This is where the title of my post comes in: Death of the Uncool. It's kinda like the "War on Terror" in the 00s, where you're given an unreasonable ultimatum (You're either with us or against us) and a label is plastered on you if you choose "wrong". In the past being geek meant at best you weren't worth interacting with or at worst painted a target on your back, but nothing major on a societal level, just that you were uncool. Now (or soon enough), you are no longer uncool or a geek but a crab or a potential shooter, an entitled manchild, or some other negative label. Geek is no longer uncool, uncool is no longer geek. The outcast is no longer a geek, the outcast is no longer uncool. The outcast is [NULL], ready to be redefined to whatever is required, irrespective of what the outcast themselves think. In fact, you can go one step further and say uncool is [NULL] itself. Many things now are either "good" or "bad" (usually in the service of shilling some kind of product).


File: 1700451138907.png (1.53 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, I don't like them.png) ImgOps iqdb

For the last 10+ years or so, probably since a certain idiot fucking gentleman, there's been an effort to paint the would-be geek as a born misanthropic miscreant, whose isolated miserable life is a failing of themselves as opposed to their material circumstances and/or external forces acting on them. Sole blame lies on them, "They didn't try hard enough" and when they snap on occasion it's just proves that were a bad egg to begin with. IIRC, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but there was this bizarre attributing of frat boy/cool kid crimes (and sociology) to male geeks for a while in the early 10s and how male geeks/nerds/outcasts need to do better which eventually culminated in the "gamers are dead" fiasco and gamergate shit.


This final phase is probably not that far off, with what gen z outcasts falling neatly into two camps, either some kind of reactionary alt-right culture warrior or mutated, self-mutilating, self-hating tranny nerds on the other side of the culture war spectrum.


i am so retarded that i can't even grasp the meaning of what you are talking about. what do you want wiz me? i feel bad because of this thread.


Why normalfags will never understand true wizards

For a normal everything is group-dynamics, power-struggles, might-is-right, my clique-is right
When you speak up against their lies, inconsistencies, hypocrisies they shut down their brains. They don’t want to listen and immediately deny it and call you names.
They are always projecting their infantile “my clique-is-right” morality.
Only autists and intelligent true wizards are capable of surpassing this kind of thinking.
They believe we only care about wizardry out of spite to them, to gatekeep and hurt them, a scheme to be resentful towards anyone that’s slightly normal, but they don’t see that we, unlike them, want what’s best for the rest of wizards. It benefits all real wizards to stop cliquers from twisting the meaning of wizardry. Just yesterday, we had some redditor pro trans fool who claimed trannies are wizards. That is because for them, wizardry is like going to a bar, something that anyone can choose, even trannies or females. For a larper who can wake up one day and say “i feel like socializing” and check his normphone and pick the number of one of his friends and go to the appointment with no trouble, wizardry is seen like that, a mere choice, some funny label, a silly meme. This type of people will never understand wizardry or real wizards.

You want to know how I came up to this conclusion that we the real wizards will never, and this hurt me at first, be understood by normalfag cliquers?

Because for a normalfag cliquer, wizardry is merely a means to socializing, to create a social hierarchy, to form cliques, to be social. To be part of a real group, just like in real life. They want to replicate the same social dynamics you see in real life, because they are socially oriented creatures unlike real wizards. They cannot go one day without socializing. We real wizards are fundamentally different people.

This means true wizards will never be able and I mean never, be able to argue with this type of normies on a logical basis. Everything true wizards say will be judged through the lense of "victim vs opressor", because for them when we speak up against them we are merely trying to play a victim card, or rather
They will look for the why they’re being attacked and ignore the message entirely.Their worldview simply does not allow for any other outlook. Their worldview only permits evidence which prove what they want them to believe. They are biased towards true wizards.
They’d rather listen to what a female has to say than a true wizard thoughts. Their worldview shapes how they see us.

True wizards are the final Roschach test

What do you see in the true wizard post?
Do you see reasonable arguments or merely a schizo crab full of resentment and hatred? Normalfag cliquers will always say the latter. They will attack the messenger if it does not benefit them.
This is why you cannot argue with them. When you talk to normies, you are not debating facts, you are debating paradigms, worldviews, entire system of thoughts.

They don't process information like wizards.
They only care about the truth wizards speak when it benefits them, like if I were to make a post on the horrible nature of life, the cliquers will clap and agree. If I were to post about how horrible and depressing and foul humanity is, the cliquers won’t disagree. If I were to criticize society for its debauchery and advocate for a more prudish and celibate life, the cliquers will assent. All because they want to project an image of wizardry they originally never had. They adopt the wizard aspects that benefit their online persona to further gain approval from peers and make their socializing easier. This is what I meant when I say that normalfags never cared about the truth.

This is why normalfags are detrimental to wizard communities, because for them inherently they have to gain something from being a wizard. It's a means to an end, for them it’s social status, getting friends, being at the top of a hierarchy, bullying and making fun of wizards, etc.
For real wizards, WIZARDRY IS THE END.


sorry couldn't force the whole thing down my brain but you're wrong. it's not about normalfaggotry. it's about low intelligence. your description is something 95% of people meet and since normalfaggots are the majority the majority of low intelligence people are normalfaggots. you can find this pattern anywhere regardless of where you search. of course, if you don't define normalfaggot as brain damaged entity. there are very clever people who lived typical uni-job-family lives. like that dude https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wiles
he has fucking wife yet he's a very clever academic. is he normalfaggot? yes, because wife, and likely even kids.

you're describing typical dumb no brain faggots who infest this earth and are absolute majority. the only reason why no true wizard is such a faggot is because male virgins who are dumb are called crabs. wizards are enlightened by definition.


true wizards are probably 0.1 percent of the male population.


People calling themselves truwiz : 0.0000000253%
People who are truwiz : 0.0000000126%


>sorry couldn't force the whole thing down my brain
>but you're wrong
>it's not about normalfaggotry
>it's about low intelligence
lmao then on you go to say that normalfaggots are unintelligent, indeed your brain doesn't have the processor power to handle so much information.
>male virgins who are dumb are called crabs.
lel plenty of in cels are high iq especially the most autistic ones and actual research shows the more intelligent you are the more likely you will end up as an in cel.


>they are Jewish Communists.


File: 1700487176568.webm (1.51 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Silence.webm) ImgOps iqdb

It's just a lament of the state of geekdom, and an extension of the previous threads. Just trying to grapple with the fact that what was once our domain is now the domain of the cool kids. If you've read the previous threads even /d/-tier porn is in the domain of the cool kids.

Like >>285421 would-be nerds are now either alt-right patsies or tranny faggots, which is genuinely disheartening. Though it is interesting to wonder how life looks to zoomer outcasts who were born into a world they don't have a subculture of their own.


>successful academic
equals clever, because both achieved success on the favorite job and fulfilled your genetically programmed purpose
>successful academic
>bitter about it
not equals clever, because your academic success is merely a compensation for your other deficits which are apparent. crab by definition.
>successful academic/just a man at peace with himself
>not bitten about it
equals to enlightened wizard, the incarnation of godly intelligence and infinite mental capacity.

crabs are not to be confused with baby wizards who are still bitter as dictated by genes, but are on the right path to the higher wizdom.


>personal affront
back to /r9k/, crab.


>Though it is interesting to wonder how life looks to zoomer outcasts who were born into a world they don't have a subculture of their own.
It is like void.


>breeders with college degrees with lots of kids are clever
>source: my normgroid worshipper outsider ass
>also i hate crabs so much they live rent free in my head
are you the idiot who defends trannies on wizchan? You type exactly like him and you're esl.


There is really no zoomer outcasts as the word would suggest, the generation who grew up with smartphones are so socialized they always are part of a group online or find people with common interests no matter what niche they are into.


>personal affronts
you bitter crab leave me alone


You're the one derailing the thread with nonsensical anti crab rambling because that's all you can think about when it comes to wizards apparently. You're the one who brings up crabs in every one of your posts. You're pretty pathetic and now act like a victim lmao.


i tried to explain it to you in hopes you are baby wizard but you are hopeless. you have no mental capacity to do anything other that insulting other. i would understand if you have at least tried to argue. buy you haven't.


see, you're acting exactly like normgroid troll with hurt ago. i leaved a post and fucked off, but you are so triggered that you absolutely must derail this thread with meaningless stink, because there's nothing else you can do.


> anything other that insulting other
> hurt ago
>i leaved a post
You are literally a phoneposter or dumb esl who doesn't even bother to read what he writes before posting, what are you on about?
>you are so triggered
I'm actually watching anime on my second monitor and wondering if you're on drugs or something because you do nothing but cry about crabs in every thread.


Interesting viewpoint.



How can I possibly explain? You just kinda sit in front of monitor, watch these stupid imageboard "discussions" and wonder why are you alive. 365/24/7. You don't even know what you can possibly do that's not hostile out of the box. I have not been been able to find any places that wouldn't be infested with deranged aggressive-by-default people so far. I was even one of them back then when I was a teenager, until I realized how cancerous it is. This is worth a suicide, honestly.


Not him but that's what you're doing now. What's it like in terms of relations with other people, your interests, etc in the context of geek being super mainstream.

Like as a millennial, before the normalfags invaded, I could escape to the internet, my videogames, anime, etc, regardless of what was happening IRL, I had my own space and my own people and my own identity.


But then why is there a(n apparent) increase in social isolation? An (apparent) increase in involuntary celibacy from both sexes?


>that's what you're doing now
>What's it like in terms of relations with other people, your interests, etc in the context of
Sorry I do not think I understand what you are trying to say.


File: 1700532381264.png (1.67 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Here's a man who stood up.png) ImgOps iqdb

>an apparent
You know, I wonder if more and more people with lower social capital are just falling by the wayside?


>We're at the point where we have "gamers" who don't like videogames as the faces of videogames.
If gaming, comic books, anime etc all lost their coolness, would normalfags drop them like a hot potato?


It's the only logical outcome of consumpton-based "culture", no matter how niche.
Happened to Punks, happened to nerds, happened to otaku and it will happen again to whatever the cultural-industrial complex can get its hands on and sanitize for popular consumption, because the masses will inevitably get tired of their current toys and look for new things to play with.


I mean, is it possible to unbake a cake? A lot of fandoms and hobbies were niche because of the effort required to be part of them (in addition to them being uncool), now you can be an expert with google, youtube and wikis.


>8 billion people after absolutely extreme exponential population growth, catastrophic overpopulation destroyed the world's ecosystem globally
>lifestyles and environment completely divorced from what we are genetically fit for
i wonder why…


File: 1700741245547.webm (4.6 MB, 432x320, 27:20, Heights.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>and sanitize for popular consumption
They ruined gaming in the process, the sheer amount of microtransactions that normalfags are willing to pay for is insane. I remember normalfags used to make fun of WoW players for paying a sub to play a game (on top of making fun of them for playing an MMO) and now they pay top dollar for virtual currency and Nicki Minaj skins.


That means a global birth decline I'm assuming?


File: 1700918259012.webm (3.82 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1682732037007679.webm) ImgOps iqdb


This is from Akibas Trip isn't it? Cool, I remember it from that 'the road to hell is paved with audiophiles' skit.


my thoughts:
niches are inevitable. People will live their lives and find themselves in social circles based on their experiences. Even if theres some overarching agenda to shape the thoughts of the populace that simply trickles down into "soying up" niches with people who believe the status quo. I cant say exactly how I came to be posting here, or why you came to be posting here, but we are, and we've developed a culture that ties all those different lives together. There are things Ive missed out on, things you've missed out on, simply because our attention was elsewhere. Its just how it is.
I think this idea that every niche has to be open and relatable to all is a neurotypical phenomenon. The idea that a social group is completely inaccessible and unrelatable must be a harm to some people's mentality. Maybe not a big one, but one that tries to push the normal back into a space where he feels secure in his community. This leads to two options: ostracize the niche and call it uncool loser trash, or popularize it and call themselves a fan. Thanks to the rise of the internet, being a computer user is not a social filter anymore. And because of this online niches have become easier to access, which I believe creates the illusion of closeness/importance on a social level, which pushes the dilemma of accept or reject onto the normal. Thanks to corpo this dilemma is solved for them for the sake of profits. If a niche is big enough to milk for money then it will be popularized and pushed out to the masses. this leads to sterilizing for mass appeal, but also because of the nature of what they're doing to the niche. They want to sell a niche to people who already have lives. Its simply impossible for normals to put in the time and effort to care for a niche the same way those who put their entire lives into it, but there's always that desire to "fit in". so the normal and the corpo unite in shallowing out the medium, one for ego, the other for mass profit. both never really cared.
I myself feel this desire to hop in and be a part of various gamer niches, but I do not have the time or energy to do so. The difference is that I accept this, and dont need to protect my ego or profit margin by accusing the people who created and cared for a niche as "toxic" or "gatekeeping".


File: 1701175948377.jpg (43.21 KB, 716x837, 716:837, nahPanda.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This has, and will always bother the shit out of me.
I remember watching Serial Experiments Lain on my TV as an 8 year old.
Now anime is suck a big thing.
I feel like they fucking took it from me.


>I feel like they fucking took it from me.
You let them have it. You didn't gatekeep hard enough.


File: 1701533780675.webm (12.2 MB, 640x268, 160:67, Ad Astra - World Eaters.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Trying to figure out if >>285966 is a zoomer but for the life of me I cannot remember when that series came out.


But regardless, the mistake that the millennial nerds/geeks made was thinking that the increasing mainstream appeal of various geek hobbies and mediums was a good thing. It's an easy mistake to make in retrospect. I don't know if zoomers would understand but a lotta geeks wanted some kind of recognition of their hobbies as opposed to the ridicule you'd normally get, so this change in perception was a welcome one and meant more people enjoying what they enjoyed, so millennial nerds/geeks embraced it. I mean, who knew at that time that normalfags would just come in and plant their flag?


>was a good thing
I don't think all of those who were at the forefront thought to themselves "this is a good thing", it was more like they, at least some of them, realized that OGs were ageing and that it was time to "adapt or die" and get new blood. The cynicism that being an honest to god outcast brings surely made some of them at least bring up the possibility of things going south for the core activity or hobby itself, but it really wouldn't have been that hard to see it coming if one were also into politics and sociology, which coincidentally is also correlated with what imho means being a non-failednormalfag or someone who gets into hobbies for the social aspect alone. I think what happened to the Catholic Church would have been the most readily available and easier to understand example of what happens when you basically throw standards out of the window and let everybody and every new idea or project in. The purists are doomed to die early on, during the height of it.

It's unfortunate that no amount of "quality" from a work of media will ever triumph memes and mouth to mouth diffusion. I always had an interest on "psyops" and "mass psychology", the stuff that tries helping you understand why things are the way they are. One of the tookaways from reading into that was that the short, quick and low energy will always win over the elaborate, time and energy consuming. In other words catering to the lowest common denominator always "works" if by work you mean getting people to like and spread your ideas/works. Even if you gatekeep your niche as much as humanely possible, being aware of these dynamics is important for knowing what to expect in the future, they say "change is the only constant" so that's that.

I've been a metal enjoyer all my life, but I was never into the community, "fandom" aspect of it. Over the years I couldn't help but notice how Black Metals popularity in specific has skyrocketed. This of course coincided with the gradual acceptance and merging of the far more accesible Shoegaze subgenre during the early 10s (in addition to all the concessions and watered-downs that had taken place during years prior). I swear to God the amount of unironic trannies into it is enormous. But the other metal genres have been just sort of limping around since then. Maybe it wasn't so much that other metalheads gatekept hard as they should, but that the core sound was simply too far off the "normalfag friendliness" mark, after all being pissed-off is indeed very exhausting and not a very social activity at all. And so those at the metal frontlines, the musicians and "music journalists" (LMFAO) saw it as pointless to even entertain the idea of adapting to newer audiences and generations, deciding to let it all die instead. Important to note here is that as another Wizzie pointed out earlier, zoomers being the hypersocialized generation they are they just cannot stand any form of metal, except modern "black metal" which bears little to no resemblance to the og.

But I really think that there is a point to be made here that it is these, eager "for some kind of recognition" hobbyist geek folks can sometimes be the niches worst enemy down the road.

There is an awful amount of implied and unimplied political implications here. The core human social workings and needs have and will keep being subverted and weaponized for nefarious gains, "geekdom, hobby or niche" being mere vehicles towards this endgame. I seriously mourn the loss of technological literacy amongst newer generations, I think we all realize how bad this can play out but choose to deny it. Well, not a lot we can do about it at this point in time.


File: 1701972441159.gif (2.84 MB, 300x278, 150:139, Less smile.gif) ImgOps iqdb

For some reason, I don't know why, but I thought the outcasts of Japan would be immune to the erosion of geek culture. (BUT I guess the hikis are already a kind of casualty of their economy.)


>would-be nerds are now either alt-right patsies or tranny faggots
It is still wild to me, even as someone who has a massive folder of trap porn and murrsuit porn (and NOW kigurumi porn which seems to be mostly dudes instead of succubi), how porn-addicted, how lacking in self-esteem and self-respect the zoomer "would-be" nerds have become. This tranny shit has spread like wildfire. It's strange, it's like there's a collective nerd/geek consciousness that's been psychologically scarred that's somehow transferred from the millennial generation to the zoomer generation, because the sheer amount of trap porn is massive now and many of the tranny/trap pornstars are nerds. I did not have this much choice of trap porn back in the 00s, it was literally just brazilians and thai ladyboy porn, hell even trap hentai was rare back then.

It's like they've collectively given up and became their own gf. The hell happened?


>It is still wild to me, even as someone who has a massive folder of trap porn and murrsuit porn (and NOW kigurumi porn which seems to be mostly dudes instead of succubi)
>massive folder of trap porn and murrsuit porn
>and NOW kigurumi porn
>how porn-addicted, how lacking in self-esteem and self-respect the zoomer "would-be" nerds have become
your reap what you seed


My thoughts exactly. Pot not just calling the kettle black, but wracking its brain trying to figure out how kettle got that way while pot himself is still standing in fire. Both are full of cum too, hot cum.


He's a degenerate millennial porn addict but that doesn't explain why there are so many zoomer tranny *nerds*.

I have my own theories though.


succubi live easy lives, thats all there is to it.


>simplistic and reductive
I'm sure that's an element to it but that's a simplistic and retarded post.


Life is simple man.
That's all there is to it.
Holes always win.


>confirms retardedness
Claiming you are a female does not *make* you a female. The pluses of being female won't transfer over to a fake "female". I mean, lets just say you can somehow pull off looking like a succubus, how long before people notice the stubble? You can't have kids, an anus isn't a pussy, and in all likelihood you aren't actually gay but jailhouse gay, so how long can this bizarre illusion last?

They're nerds, or would-be nerds, so why are they not thinking critically?


>death of the uncool
>tranny discussion
kinda aligns with the name of the thread. keep it up, truewizs. when do you plan to join trannies, huh? trannywiz, the true form of wizardry.

i remember a mod said trannies are banned just because they are trannies the other day, somehow i don't see this mod around anymore it seems


>Claiming you are a succubus does not *make* you a succubus.
Sure? But the motivation for trannoids to do that is still the fact that succubi have an easier life.


Are you a tranny or something? Did you get offended?

Before the hrt epidemic most nerds were involved in some sort of "craftsmanship", maybe not the right word, but some kind of hobby that required dedication and time like a diorama with hand painted figurines, or trains or something that normalfags that would shit on at the time.

Now all that energy is placed into destroying themselves. It's a sad sight.


i don't like tranny discussions
>Now all that energy is placed into destroying themselves. It's a sad sight
i don't remember any single person on internet ever saying 'hey look it's all right!' there is always something wrong for you, always something not the same, always something getting worse. so i just don't take you seriously anymore. if being tranny is a trend today, let it be, who the fuck even cares, amount of offensive you receive is as high as always that is as fuck.

but no you keep fostering this tranny holes win discussions in an infinite loop pretending it makes the site or the world better or actually changes anything.

and you do it *here*. ok i'm not gonna mess with rules and brag about what's wizardly and what's not but i am so alienated towards cancer discussions like this that i'm just not gonna loose my chance to call these potential evil troll bait posters fucks as long as rules permit me to do so.

trannies do not belong here. fuck whoever pollutes discussions with trannies. I DISAGREE


I don't think this thread is for you. This is a part of the discussion whether you like it or not, it's like pretending that normalfags haven't invaded geekdom.


>Before the hrt epidemic most nerds were involved in some sort of "craftsmanship", maybe not the right word, but some kind of hobby that required dedication and time like a diorama with hand painted figurines, or trains or something that normalfags that would shit on at the time.
>all that energy
Something important to keep in mind here is financial scarcity. HRT is free and encouraged even in many places, on the other hand good luck getting someone else to fund your >$1,000 3d printer or >$2,000 top-end gpu for amateur AI research, or fuck, even a $3,000 Civic beater. It's just so much easier to passively consume, and more and more media seems tailored towards succubi these days. When males without much going on for themselves are bombarded with these factors
>money filtered by hobbies
>have less and less media that targets them, having to settle instead for gachashit or anime for succubi
>forced to watch how only succubi get treated nicely
It's no wonder they fall down that rabbithole. Having money, something so "simple" yet impossible in todays world factor would be a gamechanger, but we can't even have that. I sure as hell would have enjoyed getting into mountain biking, go-karting, range shooting, even gaming beyond the same repetitive titles would have given me and many others so many social outlets. Even getting shitfaced for no reason would have helped. And it's not that most men are so broke they literally can't afford those things. They can, but at the expense of basically everything else. it's either or, not both. And this makes guys incredibly apprehensive regarding how they'd spend their time and money. Better hop on discord and let the inevitable happen right?


>financial scarcity
I just keep thinking about those raspberry pi, cheap tinkering computers, being sold out or overpriced because they're selling most of their product to big companies. The computers were supposed be a cheap way for kids and adults to learn how to code and tinker with computers.


your civic duty is to attend city hall meetings so your library can become a homeless-person-hostile maker space. libraries have 3d printers now.


File: 1703612603040.webm (2.9 MB, 592x320, 37:20, Alka Seltzer.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Somewhat tangentially related to the trannies and increasing popularity of /d/-tier niches amongst other things, is the popularity of v-tubers. There's a lot of specifically otaku-esque forms of entertainment that I can't quite get a handle on why they became popular. Is there really a loneliness and isolation epidemic that's starting to spread amongst normalfags? Or is it just one of the things they've laid claim to when they invaded geekdom and are just consuming it for the sake of consuming it?

It's hard to tell where I am because I live in gentrifying/gentrified city where they've been clearing the poors out for years.


People love their idolatry: religion, idols, pop stars, celebrities, etc. Vtuber culture is just an offshoot of all that. I don't doubt loneliness and isolation have a part in it though.


why are you acting like you cant get a cheap computer? if anything the popularity of the raspi helped make the market viable.


File: 1703899738729.webm (17.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Idiocracy - Ow My Balls!.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>People love their idolatry: religion, idols, pop stars, celebrities, etc.
I don't doubt that but it's like, how much autonomy do normalfags in their personal tastes to be consuming "loser" entertainment. Will realdolls eventually become palatable to normalniggers once "the machine" figures out how to market it?


An interesting theory, I've always supposed that there was an economic factor to the "hrt epidemic".


Why is everything on discord, reddit, youtube and wikipedia? I know the answer but why are zoomers not capable of long term thinking? All of those sites could easily be deleted or shut down when the owners don't think they're making enough profit or the owners change hands or they just fuck it up and TBs of important/useful data and knowledge would be flushed down the toilet.

Oldfags used to say the internet is forever but searching for old things now, especially things that used outdated/defunct software it's clear that that's not true.


Who cares if it shuts down? The nature of life and the internet is ephemeral. I mean that’s the whole point of anonymous imageboards.


>Who cares if it shuts down?
uuh, anyone who enjoys using it, dumbasss


>retarded zoomer
Are you okay with libraries burning down?



File: 1704123923296.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Peace out.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Some nerd 15-20 years made a wish with a monkey's paw.


>I seriously mourn the loss of technological literacy amongst newer generations

Are zoomers even aware of this tech illiteracy? They were branded and seem to believe they are digital natives.


When complexity is removed from a process that used to take effort and knowledge i.e. phone apps that reduce everything down to a single button, you too would think you're digital native.

>Better hop on discord and let the inevitable happen right?
It only happens because there's collective reinforcement from others in the same situation.

Delusion seems to be the key theme of zoomers.


File: 1704510762680.jpg (312.61 KB, 1680x726, 280:121, An 'uncool' geek girl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Trying to change the underlying definitions of "The Geek" at this stage would be seen as heretical because the original but distorted image still exists, so what the current objective has been is to decouple and re-brand

Pic related; a trope(?) that's been going on for a while, the """uncool""" geek. It's not that she's black that irks me, it's not even that she's a succubus that irks me, it's this…shifting of the underlying grounds beneath. She's a techno-wiz "geek", living in Japan in an apartment with "tech" junk lying around, able to speak japanese, "logical", eating ramen and drinking brand-name japanese beer, the absolute thinnest veneer of the stereotypical features of a geek and the bare minimum at that, but it doesn't align with how she looks, sounds or mannerisms. The on-going attempt to separate the geek from the image of the geek.


File: 1704548869037.png (488.85 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

cancer pic, but related in how succubis affects and influence normalfags.

Google is so shit i can't find a fucking shit comic about a guy sawing his legs over "shorts guy kinda cute" or something.
<Memes about groups of people might be disturbing or hurtful


File: 1704549389149.png (1.68 MB, 1366x1454, 683:727, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

And I still need to force my region to US because Google ignores the keywords, only show SEO bullshit, spam and unrelated shit from my country because is not US



tbh even those guys are chads, they do look like nerds in glasses, and it just shows how many points glasses deduct. even though it just shows you that he reads a lot which is a good trait.

its just so caveman evopsych. glasses are a bright red sign saying i have inferior traits, even if in the modern world one can do great things still while wearing glasses.


File: 1704554562161.jpg (97.35 KB, 540x800, 27:40, MV5BMTQ3MDU4MTI3NV5BMl5Ban….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They mean they're attracted to attractive guys? What a shocker. This picture reminds me of a good movie called Zero Charisma about trad nerd vs new nerd and there's even one scene about sexy nerds which this picture aludes to. Fun movie, if you like rpgs it's a must watch.


Yeah that was the most wiz film i ever saw, never even an attempted at a romantic love interest, and the whole gatekeeping nerd culture and fake nerds, is a good allegory for wiz cultures and true wiz


>They mean they're attracted to attractive guys? What a shocker.
I mean, if that's all that it was, I wouldn't mind so much. It's dismantling and absorption of geek culture into the monoculture to where it can no longer be retrieved as a separate identity.

>Zero Charisma
Feel-good or feel-bad movie?


feel bad for normies, feel good for having such a realistic representation on film.

i consider it a happy ending


File: 1704984019846.jpg (121.1 KB, 777x1024, 777:1024, 1700592678879562m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The on-going attempt to separate the geek from the image of the geek.
What is left at this point?

I mean, look at this fucking image. It doesn't even make sense for NGE to be popular with normalfags. And yet they're using to it promote army recruitment.


its kinda funny that adult swim is constantly bombarded with army ads


They are now coming after niche electronic music, bullet hells / STGs and even erotic roleplay websites. Normalfags have completely usurped Internet culture and turned it into one glorified drama farm. The balance must be restored and the only solution is to bar them all from accessing these places. But how does one even go about such a task…?


What if they're just able to function normally in society but also share your interests? Have you ever thought about that instead of thinking they stole something from you? Why can't hobbies be appreciated from people of all walks of life? Happy to help you work through your problems.


Wizard meme has become so popular there are even normalfags who care so much about projecting a "wizard" image but aren't wizards at all. Especially when they act like your average normalfag on social media, sharing pictures of food, travels, selfies, always chatting about their normalfag lives. Poor soulless creatures.


anyone who can function well in this society is my enemy



enough parasites, passengers, and Yoko Ono types will lower the level of quality and market incentive/support for the people who actually make worthwhile things. No undertaking can survive too many parasites, even luxuries.

They're normalising bullet hell? Can you provide an example? I don't doubt it, just not familiar with this facet of decay.


What a normalfag response. Also it was speculated in the previous threads with cavets.


Hey wizards, just wanted to find a place to vent. I'm new to this, and I don't know how many times you've heard this, but… I'm 23 and haven't had any romantic relationships. Over time, I've become more and more withdrawn, and on top of that, I've been dealing with a serious FAP issue. I've tried reaching out to the few people around me, but they're busy with their own stuff and just keep drifting away.

I don't want to check out from this world or isolate myself; I've accepted a life of solitude, but that doesn't mean I want to self-destruct. I want to grow, I want to feel like I've achieved something before I kick the bucket! If any of you are going through the same thing, I'd love to hear what you're doing to overcome it (or if it's been discussed here before). That's all I wanted to say.


welcome to adulthood little dude enjoy the ride


Go try out, get a job if you don't, get a hobby and principally an outside one. You're young, don't fall for the solitude trap, everything is easier if you have hands to help out. Remember, being a man is hard enough, being an excluded man is difficult, being an exiled and alone man in society is nightmare. I'm older that you and I'm done, can't get a job, no one to indicate me, always refused, no matter the place, because everyone got his job for knowing people or they are really good with perfect resumes, social to impress the HR succubi, no gapes; don't let that happen to you because having a job is the bare minimum and everything else you get going outside


Go back to your grooming discord zoomer.

>But how does one even go about such a task…?
You don't. If these threads have proven anything, it's not salvageable.

The fuck has that got to do with the thread?


File: 1705017534075.jpg (98.97 KB, 1134x756, 3:2, Makes me sick.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The go-to article when referring to the subjugation of a (geek) subculture. Here are two more:

"Social Gentrification" on geek culture:

Though his conclusion:
>is for the greater good.

is dog-shit because he's trying to convince himself that his political viewpoint is the correct one despite the rest of the article clashing with his conclusion.

is much broader and about the death of subcultures in general.


love the positive advice wiz, not to intrude and feel free to ignore my question but how old are you / when do you hit the point of no return? its a scary though and the main reason i dont stay homeless despite it being plenty fine quality of life for me


That last one gave me a lot to think about and I think answers the overall question.

There was a point, in our lifetimes, when doing "uncool acts" was actually *difficult*. The market had not been saturated with easy on-ramps (Steam,consoles) and central data sources (Youtube). Finding, learning and mastering something was an undertaking with no actual guarantee of success with the resources that were available. Now however, until you reach in to serious exotic/expensive equipment, anything can be learned, practiced, and most likely there is an advertising funded specialist making the best possible content (or will be soon) for people to emulate.

So then, as per that article, where is the adversity to make a community resilient and defined? Where is the filter for competence? Where is the *challenge* that people can *fail*? Solely through the social side, and that was never going to hold up among people who started as recluses.

There's no need for commitment in a trial period of being Uncool (TM), nothing significant to lose, no *price* outside of the dollar value and so anyone can be part of it, regardless of the non-dollar value they bring or detract from the undertaking.

This I think is where nano-cultures will start to proliferate, hence Discord in the purpose it was originally for (apparently). Curated communities of a hundred or less people with a specific objective that overlaps with multiple subcultures. Maybe this is the way forward - the right boundaries, the right gates and a clear goal actively shared.


File: 1705065750692.jpg (606.45 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, look at this fucking shit ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Never quite got the complaint about this. On one hand I still can't believe something as goofy shit as Iron Man appealed to so many people to the point of making billions of dollars through movies, on the other hand I don't know anyone else besides myself who enjoys comic books, still niche as always. Hell, try to talk about it here, you'll see how many responses you get (fucking none, that's how many). The popularity of "nerd things" is skin deep and it didn't affected me in any way as far as that area of my life. Even stuff like they trying to make the X-Men about trans people I don't consider to be the result of the popnerd effect. Nobody gave a shit about capeshit comics and then Marvel/DC hired writers that were popular webtoon authors and they managed to make capeshit EVEN MORE unpopular, the latest issues of X-Men in continuity is selling around 10k to 20k copies. Compare this with the millions of copies they sold in the 90s. If anything, at least judging the comics industry, it is as far away from becoming popcool as ever. You can enjoy Judge Dredd or Savage Dragon like you did 15 years ago before the movies and the shitty toys (which were always shitty).

Then video games. Maybe the only inconvenience I have from popcool incorporating gaming is having to navigate through garbage peripherals advertised as "gamer" when purchasing a new m100 logitech mouse to replace the old one. The community of gamers I interact with (SS13) is still about the same size and it didn't see much of a change in the past 15 years. If popcool wrecked your AAA shit game community, you have only yourself to blame, these massive companies, their games and the casuals orbiting around them were always garbage and it will be always garbage. You were already on the wrong side of the fence in the first place. And then games going pop is nice in the way of piracy communities becoming huge and comprehensive now and I don't have to purchase any game ever again. It's great.

Next is roleplaying games. Now this one, specially in the last few years, saw a massive surge in popularity after famous and attractive youtubers began pretending to play DnD by acting from a script. This made DnD massively popular and it did indeed changed the face of the community… again, at a skin-deep level. If you go to roll20 right now and get into a group playing 5e, chances are high this group will fall apart in a month. Why? Because the people in that group saw Critical Roll and thinks rpgs are just like what they watch on YT but then they quickly realize it's NOTHING like that and stop showing up. Again, this is partially your fault. You KNOW 5e is filled with casuals, so why go for a 5e game right off the bat? Want to find a decent group with people actually passionate about the hobby? Look literally for ANY other game, chances are you'll find a decent group. I found my current group (bunch of old dudes playing this shit for 2 to 3 decades now) while looking for AdnD games. If you can't find a decent group, it's because you're filtering yourself out through ignorance.

As for anime it was always not very good to begin with, even though people will never admit it. Manga is the heart and soul of that particular industry and there's zero change in that, how some moron wearing an anime smut shirt at the grocery store affects anyone's enjoyment of reading Hatarakanai Futari or watching Lain is beyond me.

tldr; I read your complaints and they don't hold any water. You are not really interested in specific hobbies, you are concerned with your projected image in society. The second article on >>287842 is particularly hilarious because the guy is obsessed with more people associating with the stereotype he associates himself with and that makes him uncomfortable because "they" stole his persona. lol Absolute casual normalscum talk right there, it's pathetic.

tldr2; Your shitty hobbies will NEVER be stolen from you if you actually love your shitty hobbies. I'm reading the responses on >>284879 and it's ridiculous how some people insist that they don't enjoy video games anymore because BD3 is not as good as casuals say. I mean come on, you can't be this dense. Can that really be a thing? Someone stops liking video games because what people are saying on social media? I refuse to believe that's a thing that can happen. It's insane.


Don't know about the other topics but videogames did not survive a full contact collision with normalfaggotry. The sheer amount of microtransactions, on-disc/day one dlc, skins that cost the same price as the game itself, lack of upkeep on games that require "live service" even if they're inherently offline games, death of mid-tier studios, the drying up of certain genres (RTS comes to mind) except for revivals of individual franchises, indie game studios that emulate an "indie" as an asthetic as opposed to an idea, games that are bloated in disk space size, etc etc etc

Sure you can emulate everything that's worth playing, but aside from a few gems here and there, gaming as an industry is ruined. Which may be a good thing if it leads to a collapse.


Not actually normalfaggotry, but Asians. Hyper microtransactions and hyper player exploitation was and are really popular at Asian market, it started on f2p mmorpg and later morphed into mobile, the catch is: the western companies learned this while making business with Asians and after realizing they were milking dry trillions from cheap p2w reskinned games while western companies were spending trillions and years for at best profit of 300% on an unique single purchase game; the worse part is the western is only catching up a little to appease Asian shareholders like Tencent and other because western companies are actually good Samaritans, literally doing charity and wasting too much money potential in Asians's eyes, compared to them because they are truly predatory and evil. The most concerning thing about are the whales, the acceptance of the "I rich, you poor" mentality in regards expenses on f2p games and it becoming normal at western society, and raising the expected profit bar for a game and solidifying as a de facto standard, as a sage once said "don't you have phones?"


look this talk, literally a baby excited about his first steps. The exploitation is much deeper and this is only the iceberg tip


Everything is becoming more Asian. Hikikomori is a Japanese phenomenon first.


Are hikkis also a casualty of economic forces? Cos I heard about them since the 90s and there was some sort of economic crash in the 90s I think. There's apparently a MILLION of them in Japan, and if western society is mirroring what happened in Japan…


Pretty much a first world problem coupled with economy crisis. In a heated economy, any weirdo, socially inapt or plain retarded can get a decent shitjob to sustain himself, but during a crisis the job requirements piles and people line up, most jobs are filled by friends and colleagues, little to zero chances to a random normalfag, furthermore a socially inapt with no experience and work gape. The parents who are living off the past economy boom can afford expensive things like computers and consoles to their children, the life quality raises up and they move for a better place, no chance to playing outside or develop social skills since mostly are playing inside, the kid will grow up alone, probably isolated in school too. If this kid get addicted to games or depressed or for any reason not lay on college, which is an excuse to getting the first job later, and parents do nothing, the slipknot will get him, times flies and he's past 18 years old, not friends, no relative or parent's friend to indicate him a job like 90% of people get their jobs and job hunting, which is pretty hard enough being enough, during a crisis, it's hard to have a beginning. You see, it's really easy to be homeless or hikikomori


This isn't some attempt to make normalfags join the army. Its meant to attract autists into the army. I doubt some normalfag would have much interest in computer but has an interest in shooting guns and kicking in doors. While some autist is probably more interested in computers than shooting guns and kicking in guys. The commander of the recruiting station probably has heard of NGE since its popular now, and figured if they can get some cosplayer out there in NGE cosplay then they can attract some autists, the recruiters there probably didnt want to be there, keep in mind they view recruiting as a mission much like its a mission to shoot people in a warzone, and its on a weekend and they are missing out on normalfag time with their families.
Keep in mind this is just a VERY generalization.


There is not one single person in all of human history who has ever concerned themselves with the inner life, internal experiences, and emotional throughline of an adult male virgin, save perhaps for the fleeting chance of gaining social clout by quotemining Elliot Rogers' autobiography. You will not be forgiven for being "unbitter" about it and it is pathetic to spend time attempting to devise this moralistic theology of purpose to justify larger society's use of glib reflexive labels as means to denigrate people who share your own sexual status. At that larger social stage outside of this single specific and particular imageboard this is reflective at best of the Narcissism of Small Differences, no different from the narcissistic rage often expressed towards homosexual or sexually perverse or even racially different virgins existing on this same site.
It is also impossible to exist as a human being without bitterness towards some, any, possibly every aspect of culture and society that ever interacts with you. There is no heterosexual normalfag man in the entire human race who is unbitter about succubi, about work, about the intersectionality of the two, including each and every one of his past hookups and past personal failures to hook up. Not one. The inexpression of this bitterness is considered a virtue only in the normalfag, however. Any similar inexpression is considered further cause for contempt for any virgin.
>but normalfags say this historic figure
–who is safely dead. Tesla is dead. He is gone. There is no obligation on them to offer the social mutuality or respect that he obviously died without receiving in life.


Those recruiters could have just as easily been into anime themselves. A lot of people have pointed out the guy in the foreground is pretty tubby. What they're really looking for is cyberwarfare boys like you said.
Good post.


>Those recruiters could have just as easily been into anime themselves.
I mean, everyone is into anime these days and cons these days are just giant advertisements, the last one I went to the hall was ridiculously covered by movie promotions by something like two thirds. But I've never been to a con pre-normalfag invasion.


File: 1705366460883.png (231.37 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>the popularity of "nerd things" is skin deep
This is true. And personally I am not into "nerd" things for the most part. There were a few pieces of the "nerd" collection that I liked and many that I actively disliked. I never understood why being a computer enjoyer and pulp scifi reader meant I was also supposed to be a comic book buyer or an anime figurine importer or a jrpg player or a D&D friendsgroup celebrator or a toy collector or a fursuit orgiast.

However I think the issue of inappropriate or artificial audience demographic shift is worse than you think it is. There is a thing that I was never and will never be into that was made into a movie recently. I have no right to care about this, at all. It was the Barbie movie. It was recommended to me by an adult man. An adult man wanted to appropriate Barbie. A human male who had passed 30 years of life on this Earth was attempting to get another single weirdo freak loser outcast to pay money to support taking FUCKING BARBIE away from little female child creatures. Out of spite. The movie had apparently fumbled its confused message and is subject to a hundred conflicting clickbaiting interpretations including some highly popular MRA youtube garbage. Therefore if human adult men wrest FUCKING BARBIE away from child creatures by pretending to like it for subversive political intentional misreadings then that will be some sort of great victory to sing drunken songs about for the next thousand years. It was obvious that his intention was to damage Barbie's capacity to be Barbie just as My Little Pony's capacity to be 1980s Ponies has been damaged. And just as ponies and barbies get stolen from literal children by cynical adults it is entirely reasonable that 'bad' adults can get removed from 'good' things for the sake of a nebulous next generation of children. I felt palpable disgust at the idea of joining the next cynical ironic-brony wave. I hope perhaps that succubi might also feel disgust when asked to extirpate weirdo freak loser outcast inbred morons from their dumb child comfort food trash fursuit isekai nonsense or their "ahaha anime succubus actually loves you gross-kun" eroges. But I suspect they do not.


>I felt palpable disgust at the idea of joining the next cynical ironic-brony wave.
Good news for you, that is probably not happening with barbie. That MLP shit happened what? 2010, 2011? It was a specific moment in time that probably won't happen again.


Now anon, you point out something very interesting that I think about it often myself. A lot of people are now complaining about the woke invading several areas of nerd space, your pic is an example of that in Star Wars. And they're right, this is happening. However I'm also very aware of the fact Star Wars was some goofy shit to entertain children first and foremost. One classic example of that is comic books. Marvel and DC characters were primarily children entertainment but it became more and more adult oriented and those characters have been effectively stolen from the intended audience.

Here's the interesting thing though, children are still reading tons of comic books, they just don't give a shit about Marvel and DC anymore. Pretty much any comic Scholastic puts out outsells everything Marvel and DC puts out literally more than 10 times over, even if you combine their sales. Every issue that comes out of Dog Man sells close to a million copies while X-Men can't sell more than 20k. Marvel/DC forgot their core audience (children) and now they went from being big two to being less than the dust beneath Scholastic. Young adults are now reading manga and kids are reading Scholastic stuff. Marvel/DC are done. They'll continue to fight for meager and meager scraps as time goes on.

So if some retards want to "steal" Barbie from the kids, some other product will replace it in the power vacuum created and Barbie will just die, pretty much like MARVEL/DC did.

This is happening right now with DnD. Hasbro fucked the game big time and now we just play something else. They can't steal anything from you it's my point. This whole "normalfags are stealing my nerd identity" going on itt is rather ridiculous.


It's not even just geeky stuff, EVERYTHING is awful now. Books, movies, games, comics, it's all drastically declined since the 90s. Even sportsball for the normies has had the soul sucked out of it.


I am not that anon but I would like to say that this post cleared things up for me. What you are saying is that Nerd identity Is less about the medium itself, but the attitudes oneself has towards a medium. I agree, however I can understand retaining sentiment for a venerable hobby that gets flooded with normals. It might be hard to "move on" from something that one has invested their lives into and I cant blame those itt for lamenting about it. Although you could argue its merely a social issue of labeling the ingroup/outgroup, which is a neurotypical sentimentality. BUT such corruption by the masses may also invoke feelings of disrespect within the nerd. Either way the inevitable nature of the situation demands a transcendence of these emotions.
I believe nerds in a hobby shouldn't waste their energy raging against the tide, but to find ways to filter out what they don't like. nerd hobbyists have and always be a niche, but now its become recursive. the hobby itself isn't the niche anymore, but participating in the hobby in a specific way becomes the niche.
Take something like warhammer. If you don't like new eds you can always just play the old ones. Sure there will be less pf a playerbase, but that's no different than when warhammer was a niche itself now is it?
Finding a different game to play, playing by old rules, or simply finding a community that feels the same way you do. We may not have gone full circle, but this spiral has past its starting point and the struggle to find kindred spirits to enjoy delving into nuances together with begins anew. The struggle is the same, but instead of the trial being finding a space amongst social ostracization, its filtering out the shallow, commercialized mass appeal slop to find people who care as much as you do. It could even be argued that things are harder now since mass appeal slop becomes a honeypot to trap developers as well as newcomers who have potential to be a nerd, but get blunted on the popular hobbies being so shallow.


File: 1705423891458.jpg (1.85 MB, 1264x1920, 79:120, Escapade X-Men.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes and you'll notice nobody itt is actually giving specific examples on how their hobbies got ruined. They're concerned with normalfags stealing their perceived nerd identity which is silly. Now to be thorough >>285659 gave a concrete example of WoW but honestly WoW was conceived as a cashcow from the very start so I'm not sure it has anything with popularization of the game. And >>288063 gave EVA as an example but I don't see how the anime, manga or toys suffered any because of it. EVA still there exactly like it was when it came out. >>287989 talks about video games getting ruined but I simply disagree with that statement. There's simply too many games out there now for you to enjoy. Why bother with cashcows games? It's like looking for reasons to get upset. Nobody will ever convince me games were simply better back in the day, old games have faults just like the games of today. I just finished one of the most entertaining games I've ever played called RoboCop Rogue City and that is from 2023. I doubt anyone who play that will have the courage to tell me games nowadays are all shit. It's simply not true.

I'm one of the first ones itt to actually give a concrete example with the X-Men. Now I fucking love the X-Men and I can understand having something you liked getting wrecked by politics and popularization. Like I said, recently they made the X-Men about trans people, it can't get any worse than that. But it's not like comics are dead to me now. There are still good stuff coming out right now that you can read. Ice Cream Man for example (of course pretty much nobody gives a shit about it because it's actually good) and pretty much everything getting put out by Millarworld Limited which to me it kinda became the successor of good capeshit now that Marvel/DC is pretty much dead. And who knows, these waves of popularization are usually temporary, once they finish driving Marvel to the ground and move on to other things the people who really love comics will go back to it and pick it up again. We'll just retcon the past 10 years of garbage and go from there.


>Yes and you'll notice nobody itt is actually giving specific examples on how their hobbies got ruined.
Honesty compels me to say that Linux was ruined by Red Hat / IBM in ways that will be obvious if you've paid attention to scientific linux (incl. the wayland problem with cross-compositor sl applications). But the community was also seemingly independently damaged by various political thrusts into the community, with most of the damage coming from the larger and more powerful faction of liberals who devoted themselves to ousting leftists (Torvalds' father was a Communist, Stallman is a well known libertarian-turned-socdem). The emphasis on mainstreaming Linux by Valve et al to "expand the community" became a drive to drive out the politically and economically disagreeable community of people who had made it, in many cases the specific individual people. Targeted tone policing and rhetorical sniping conducted for the sake of an imaginary "normal people community" conducted in such a way that I cannot help but imagine someone at IBM spent some of their 5 billion quarterly redhat income on COINTELPRO operations. I'm sure you've heard most of the folklore. I would say that Linux as a hobbyist desktop is specifically a hobby that was appropriated from adults for the sake of imaginary children as a counterexample to comic books being appropriated from children by adults.


File: 1705491550867.jpg (64.5 KB, 851x495, 851:495, hrt epidemic.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've read it before and I've said it before: This trans shit is a psy-ops on nerds, the last group of people with revolutionary thought. TPTB found an exploit in (non-wiz) nerds in their ">no gf" and porn addiction and used that exploit to the fullest.


That's not an example of how your hobby got ruined anon, that's a general statement I would have to verify from other sources and I doubt you even got to experience Linux prior to Red Hat 30 years ago. I'm interested in knowing what you absolutely can't do now in/for a Linux system that you could do prior to the IBM acquisition of Red Hat, in other words, how it got ruined for you personally.


not that wiz but redhat was the driving force behind systemd, wayland, pulseaudio and pipewire. the move from OSS to ALSA was understandable because the idiot decided to make OSS paid, as was the transition from xfree86 to xorg, that one being due to a change in license so not that understandable. the results of those changes are software incompatibility, for example, try to run quake3's original binary or try to compile doom's source-port as is (it has some bugs but the audio driver has to be rewritten because it uses OSS) and even some widgets as found in window maker, those are the old ones, the later ones mostly impacts user experience since systemd presents a different structure to work with than the one people was getting used to, pulseaudio did in fact improve ring buffer handling in a manner that makes sound driver defects doesn't affect the sound quality, as in, there will be less stutter due to buffer oddities, but the manner that sound input and output is configured changed, not to mention some fragmentation in audio software. some argues, and i don't disagree with them and yet i find them an exaggeration, that the extra layers of abstraction brought by systemd and pulseaudio/pipewire provides a wider attack surface, leading to a greater chance of an exploit appearing. wayland brings some level of fragmentation since old software might not work that well, older hardware already presents trouble running wayland by just showing a black screen (might have been fixed, who knows, i haven't tested) which might not be important to you but it is definitely important at third world public schools, where computers doesn't get replaced very often (personally i would rather have schools without resources because computers are only there for students to watch porn, still a major impact regardless)


Prior to IBM acquisition I could use CentOS. Now I can't.


Once you lose your sex desire for succubi, just use it as a ladder to go volcel, and throw away the ladder

or fap to trees and planets or something


Wait, so you became gay because you hate succubi? I didn't know this is possible. Usually the guy just becomes a raging misogynist but that doesn't alter his sexual preference, I mean not usually.


>wizchan 2024
Not even trying to hide your crabiness.


Once you go gay you cant be called crab, cant crab what you dont desire. gays are even more free of being called copers than asexuals or volcels are.


*Copypasted from someone else*:

>Why? What's happened?

Various political coups because big companies were getting their lunch eaten by open source software, almost all based on linux (for example rtos and qnx are almost entirely replaced by linux on pseudo-embedded/edge devices, all cloudware lives on linux, docker on non-linux platforms is slow as fuck because it is a VM with linux on it, while on linux it's a lightweight linux container using kernel APIs, etc.)
The battle is being waged on multiple fronts. IBM and redhat were angry that linux users could mix and match software so it's impossible to force vendor lockin and decreases their profit margins because they can't sell solutions for crapware that people are forced to use (people will just move to something else). Thus they came up with crap like pulseaudio and, more recently, systemd. Now it's nearly impossible to run a non-systemd linux systems, but systemd is a broken piece of crapware that has over 9000 severe security vulnerabilities "on purpose". Everytime a security flaw is mentioned, it's CLOSE-WONTFIX'd because fuck you.

Another aspect is license. This affects GNU software more than linux software (but linux without GNU is still fringe). GPLv3 means you can't even tivoize, which makes companies seethe because they have to release the source of their changes. Compare what sony and netflix do to freebsd (namely: they pay $20 to be marked as sponsor while they make billions and trillions off of it, never sharing any code or bugfixes back).
This battle is waged with go and rust (rewrite it in rust movement in particular, note that virtually all rustware is MIT-licensed, which is commerce-friendly)

The third angle is linus torvalds himself. He used to be mostly anti-corp and made it hard for corps to install badware (including obvious backdoors but tinfoil hat aside, generally taking over the direction linux is going) in linux. Continued in the next post.


*Copypasted from someone else*.

So linus is renowned for his explosive characters. When he sees a bad commit in a PR he goes on a tirade. This time they used a troon submitting a bad PR as an excuse to call him transphobic and to #cancel him. He was not allowed to interact with the linux kernel for 2 weeks, after which he made a public apology and never again refused corporate code (and been very careful since then about how he phrases disagreement with commits).

In related notes, Some major contributor whose name I don't remember (Tso I think?) initially was verbal about being against using intel hardware prng as the sole source of entropy in the kernel. He was promptly accused publicly of being a sex offender. The accusations thankfully didn't stick, but sure enough, 3 months after his objections, it was revealed that the hardware prng was not outputting random numbers. This is an example of an attempted push for a backdoor in the kernel that is now no longer the kind of stuff the linux brass can prevent.


*Copypasted from someone else*.

Stallman was also cancelled for a while. His uncanceling, unlike linus's, was completely silent. He was removed from the fsf and the gnu foundation both.
His crime?
He said that epstein was a disgusting rapist creep pedophile, but not a sex abuser because the victims were willing. His argument was that by claiming he was an abuser, it diminishes the pain and weight of what the victims of actual abuse have gone through.
The real reason he was cancelled, of course, is to try to kill off free software and GNU in particular, for the aforementioned license issues.

In conclusion, modern linux is:
- Slow
- Unreliable
- Full of increasingly large backdoors
- Increasingly buggy
- Almost fully vendor lockin'd.

In addition, specific distros have gone out of their way to become increasingly "commercial". For example centos is no longer free (you need rocky for this), ubuntu now has a "pro" tier and you can't get updates without it except for personal use (for now…), suse is community-supported only, Ian from debian killed himself after being a victim of the political manipulations I described above, arch is no longer minimalist, etc.


That is an observation that always catch flak now that the ones in power in nerd circles usually become trannies.


Being a fag does not absolve you of normalfaggotry.


>unwiz to the core


Stallman's cancellation was actually even dumber than that. He was cancelled for saying that Marvin Minsky should not be labelled as a sex abuser, rapist or pedophile just for having performed the institutional obligation of accepting a large donor's invitation to a mixer during which Minsky refused, ignored and rejected propositions from Epstein's employees. Stallman said that Minsky had no reason to assume that an international criminal ring was operating or that he was being targeted by said ring, since he only attended Epstein's invitations out of aforementioned institutional obligation re: large donors. His defense of his personal friend and mentor, Marvin Minsky, is frequently mischaracterized as some sort of defense of Epstein to whom RMS feels no obligation or affiliation whatsoever.

Also, whoever this person was missed a fairly significant development that came out at that same time - a massive wave of focus on policing communities, contributors and developers through adoption of extralicential Codes of Conduct. As an example Notepad++ declared that no-one who supported certain rightwing political positions is permitted to use, modify, redistribute etc. their source or compiled binaries. I am not sure if it was actual-nazis or "call trump supporters nazis" nazis, I use leafpad like a normal person. The funny thing about that is, Notepad++ had its trail blazed on the path of rescinding license access by the noted extreme online personality "mikeeeUSA" - aka Mikhail Kvaratskhelia, outspoken on his fascist political alignment (real fascism not just a Putin supporter) who is most notable for wallposting tirades against Age of Consent laws worldwide. MikeeeUSA blazed the license revocation trail based on conduct and beliefs that the liberals were then attempting to follow. A pincer attack on the GPL, I'd say.


I mean Esptein is a bad dude, but paying consenting 17 year old succubi for sex and company, isn't on the scale of kidnapping innocent little kids from the suburbs for blood rituals that hes been built up to be.


What does all this mean for the layman?


>I felt palpable disgust at the idea of joining the next cynical ironic-brony wave. I hope perhaps that succubi might also feel disgust when asked to extirpate weirdo freak loser outcast inbred morons from their dumb child comfort food trash fursuit isekai nonsense or their "ahaha anime succubus actually loves you gross-kun" eroges.

I mean, furries have essentially destroyed an entire sub-genre for kids haven't they? Like 15-25 years ago this degenerate fandom was in background, some weird thing that you'd actively have to search for or be unlucky enough to stumble onto on page 30 of google image search. Now you have grown ass adults latching onto cartoons literally made for little children (see:Bluey) and seeing lust where there is none and building fandoms on top of that lust. It's probably almost impossible to protect kids from this shit thanks to retard-friendly internet, the ever-permeating reach of social media and evil view hungry (and money hungry) influencers/artists who keep reaching deeper and deeper into the abyss to draw viewers to their "content". *Shadman* and his art was trending some years back on mainstream social media.


To a layman who is currently unaffected? Well there are speculative downstreams that we're kinda taking bets on at the moment.
Libreboot, for example. The GNU foundation no longer has a coreboot alternative due to purely political disagreements with what's his name. Libreboot so far still exists, but exists in contention with others and intends to turn to a weaponizable license instead.
Asahi Linux shows a lot of signs of similar mental illness meaning that it is entirely in scope for linux users to in the near future lose support for Apple m1/m2 processors, which has downstream impact meaning that owners of apple hardware will be unable to repurpose their machines once apple cuts off official release support.

To a casual layman who is currently affected?
Expansion and push for permissive-license cuckoldry has done irreparable damage to the human race. The existence of non-GPL software on github has fuelled every single job loss or restructuring documented in all of http://layoffs.fyi and there is no sign of stabilization in the low tier junior level development economy. The right of AI to destroy the jobs market for junior devs slash the unemployed could have been wrested with a strong, unified, GPL-centered Linux community but instead for twenty years corporations and educational establishments have promoted BSD/MIT permissive licensing and trained developers to think of open source as a mere educational or developmental advancement tool rather than a reflection of human dignity and Stallmanist ethics and so conditioned themselves with libertarian phrasings to enjoy getting cucked. Furthermore there are changes in project focus that make life miserable for categories of end user, particularly in the scientific linux space but those also have extensive effects for everyone who bought into the home server meme (RIP centos, sayonara rpi-centos-stable piholes). This also has effects on the web browser market due to linux centality in alt-browser usershare. Witness the decline of Mozilla, the increase in permissive licensed alt browsers (a domain once completely dominated by GPL) and the coincident rise of closed source highly unethical corporate browsers such as Opera (if not literal criminals then chinese cyberpatriots which is about as bad), and Vivaldi - meaning that rivals to Google Chrome are no longer meaningful alternatives and that Google's dominant position in the market means their ability to dictate standards can, will, and already has been weaponized against your web experience a la manifestV3. Additional technological transformations in focus are occurring as linux development moves to a gaming centered ecosystem thanks to Valve's introduction of normalfags to the system. For a decade it was possible to run a contemporary version of Microsoft Office on my linux desktop since a functional windows environment was the focus of the project, but by the first servicepack or so of Windows 10 it became impossible and any complaints about tax software, office software or professional needs being unrunnable under wine and this being worse than contemporary software was runnable tend to be dismissed and criticism of this fact tends to get met communally with "eh, GAYMES run better now than ever before."


Some e-personality – a tranny I think – once said "nobody ever really wanted mature, intelligent, grown up animation. They wanted other people to call Naruto a mature and intelligent cartoon so they could feel comfortable being adults who watched every season and arc, filler included."
That tranny was right, whoever he was.


it's a result of the class/castes mingling


>…Now you have grown ass adults latching onto cartoons literally made for….
>…so they could feel comfortable being adults who watched every season…
In my murrsuit folder, in one of the vids a murrsuiter has paw patrol pillows and a toy in the background. The murrsuit video couldn't have been made more than a couple of years after the series came out meaning he was a grown ass adult who bought a kid's duvet set for his bedroom.

Sometimes I just watch the videos not even for beating off but just to analyze them. All these trap, murrsuit, kigumuri videos, and how far they've come along in quality, niches within niches, collective delusions etc, it's like I don't think this massive quantity of high quality niche porn would have been possible pre-2010.


There’s a shift people haven’t really connected to yet, about 20 years ago spending all your time online and calling the internet home was an escape from the normalfag world.
Now the “mainstream” social spheres of the internet are completely normalfagged, even places like this have a steady influx of people socialized by massive user base Web 3.0 communities. They are incapable of nerd and geek community solidarity in any form, the average user here is more likely to be making abusive comments under a geeks YouTube video calling him fat and ugly, than engaging in anything.
I’m saying this with 100% seriousness, you will find more actual outcast nerds and geeks on Facebook or at your local game shop. The normalfags have taken both ends of the worlds, they dominate the social sphere of the internet and the traditional world. There’s only a weird middle space between them left. The internet has become a social world where they consume others, like the average normal in the real world. Nerdom exists in the middle space now. They might use the internet but they’re not of the internet.


Mostly agree except for one thing: geeks/nerds never had a safe haven because "jock" and "nerd" have never been polar opposites. EVEN BACK THEN male losers who retreat to the virtual world as escapism were being mocked.
Just look at Wizchan itself, have you seen the gatekeeping? us who post on /dep/ are being piled on by the rest of the board. There are several people who just want admins to delete this board and ban us all.
The difference between then and now is the nature of mockery: now it is mostly feminists who mock us under a veneer of political respectability.


volcel jocks giving crabs swirlies in the wiz locker room


This is a zoomer post if I've ever seen one.

>geeks/nerds never had a safe haven because "jock" and "nerd" have never been polar opposites. EVEN BACK THEN male losers who retreat to the virtual world as escapism were being mocked.

…that doesn't disprove that jock and nerds aren't polar opposites, (not that they necessarily are polar opposites). And mocked by who? There were many, many decently sized insular places where the outside world didn't give 2 shits about were nerds/geeks went about obsessing and detailed their favorite videogames, anime, sci-fi series, comic books etc. We used to have multiple dedicated forums to only one show.

>some crap about wizchan

This is WIZchan, not WIZARDchan, just read into how this place and *it's* particular rules came into being. Not to mention that wizchan, apart from a few threads is mostly a dead board run by God only knows who.

>The difference between then and now is the nature of mockery: now it is mostly feminists who mock us under a veneer of political respectability.

Mostly feminists? I'm mostly sure that zoomers don't experience physical bullying as much as millennials did because this is such a bizarre assessment to make.


Nice try but I'm a millenial.
> …that doesn't disprove that jock and nerds aren't polar opposites, (not that they necessarily are polar opposites). And mocked by who? There were many, many decently sized insular places where the outside world didn't give 2 shits about were nerds/geeks went about obsessing and detailed their favorite videogames, anime, sci-fi series, comic books etc. We used to have multiple dedicated forums to only one show.
I agree that there were more tight-knit insular communities in the past but when it comes to mainstream sites, mockery happended just as much as now.

>This is WIZchan, not WIZARDchan, just read into how this place and *it's* particular rules came into being.

I admit that I wasn't on wizardchan and don't know the site's history. Any resource to share? How would that history explain the current level of wiz infighting that I see?

>Mostly feminists? I'm mostly sure that zoomers don't experience physical bullying as much as millennials did because this is such a bizarre assessment to make.

I'm not talking about physical bullying here.


>but when it comes to mainstream sites, mockery happended just as much as now.
I don't really know what you mean by mainstream, if someone made a fool of themselves online, they made a fool of themselves online. Unlike now where being a fool online can destroy you IRL.

>I admit that I wasn't on wizardchan and don't know the site's history.

Zoomer identified. You didn't have to be on wizardchan, you didn't even need to be on an imageboard. It's one of the key moments that put one of the final nails in the old school nerd coffin. (Gamergate).

>Any resource to share? How would that history explain the current level of wiz infighting that I see?

Nothing that wouldn't get me banned.


> I don't really know what you mean by mainstream, if someone made a fool of themselves online, they made a fool of themselves online. Unlike now where being a fool online can destroy you IRL.
Only on social media. Most websites are pseudonymous, and on these sites there always have been bullying.

>Zoomer identified. You didn't have to be on wizardchan, you didn't even need to be on an imageboard. It's one of the key moments that put one of the final nails in the old school nerd coffin. (Gamergate).

You mentioned wizardchan specifically, not GG in general. Ofc I know what GG is. I'm a millenial. I saw the movement grow. In what way exactly did this event affect wizardchan in particular?


Not that anon, but goddamn do you sound like a zoomer.

>In what way exactly did this event affect wizardchan in particular?

The event put it's foot through wizardchan (in addition to a bunch of other shit that I wasn't around for, I only came to wizardchan just before it died). Go look for yourself it's documented decently enough.


>The event put it's foot through wizardchan (in addition to a bunch of other shit that I wasn't around for, I only came to wizardchan just before it died). Go look for yourself it's documented decently enough.

Ok, I understand that Wizardchan was a big player in GG. But how does that effect what I said about wizchan erlier?
Particularily this part:
>Just look at Wizchan itself, have you seen the gatekeeping? us who post on /dep/ are being piled on by the rest of the board.


>But how does that effect what I said about wizchan erlier?
What part of "it could get me banned" don't you understand? The dude spelled it out as clear as he could without crossing the line.


> I doubt anyone who play that will have the courage to tell me games nowadays are all shit. It's simply not true.
No one said that. That's a strawman. You don't believe that games are in a bad state, fine, but to state that nothing is wrong is insane.


File: 1708458022094.png (433.69 KB, 519x517, 519:517, 1706882193574.png) ImgOps iqdb

2014 seems to be the endpoint of all things geekdom and internet culture related. Things might have started dying 2008 but 2014 seems to be a fixed point.

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