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235588sdfsd fsdfsfasfasfassdsdsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsf[View]
235572 how to accept and understand that we were unlucky, our lives have always been shit, present is shit, future most likely wont be great[View]
235344 I don't know what to do anymore. People disgust me. There's no amount of information or distraction that can save me from the toils of life. Uncertainty of the future, having no control over anything, now that is a real nightmare. I could die tomorrow and never get the chance to live in a heaven like bliss when the singularity comes, then I would be stuck in an endless loop of suffering. I often p[View]
235263Boredom How do you deal with boredom?[View]
235223 Whenever I try to watch entertainment for an escape I just get reminded of how much more talented and skillful the people who made the media are than me and feel depressed again. Like if I watch a movie I see that the director and actors were all younger than me when they made an amazing film and I've done nothing and have no skills, or I watch an anime or read manga and see how I couldn't draw an[View]
235195getting rejected from the military im 18 years old and in the confidence of my youth went to my local recruiting center to join the us army. i was born with a bone problem in my feet/ankles that basically turns them sideways and so to be able to walk i have to cope with a really weird gait. i cant run without pain in my ankles and knees so they told me to beat it.[View]
235175Probably I m not quite normal Since I was born I was not normal. I was always treated diferently.[View]
234927 This housing market is utter bullshit. Not sure how it is in your country though. I am so fed up being locked up in this tiny shit apartment, constant noise disturbance and paying a big chunk of my paycheck in rent to some overlord who barely even put on heating. I am just dreaming of a small house, but that is unachievable today. I am not even near a large city. I think the last train went about [View]
234926What do you do when you have no options left? >applies for jobs left and right[View]
234835 today I turned 30 and became officially a wizard.[View]
234725Rant I am a guy from a country with a stupid education system. I am currently doing an undergrad degree in a major I hate(don't ask why, the system here is fscked) and have tons of academic failures. I am somehow trying to pass slowly and clear my stuff. However my mental health problems and the fact that society treats us here worse than criminals makes it worse. Not to mention my seriously bad lu[View]
234057 I've been a polydrug addict for 4 years, the amount of physical/mental/financial damage they've caused me has been immense. How do I quit? I've spent nearly every waking moment for the last 4 years high. I'd say, more then half of these highs weren't pleasurable, yet I still reach for any drug nearby. I'm reading into cognitive behavioral therapy, I never was one for therapy but I like the idea th[View]
233057Increase your chances to have Cancer Cancer seems to be the most painful chronic disease that someone can have. Its pain may last for enough long time, and its treatment, if it ever works, is even more painful. So how to increase your chances to have Cancer, given the fact that the radioactive solution is not available, technically I am far away from any Radioactivity zone. [View]
232557Cope with simulation The games I play to pretend I’m succcessful. I’ll never be a real normie. Nobody knows that I play these games to feel better and that I have this folder but it really fills my life to know that every day I can wake up and attend my virtual job while the wage attends his real job I wish I had a real job but I can’t have a real job because I’m unable to have a real job [View]
232154 If the government handed out free, painless, 100% effective suicide kits, would you use it?[View]
231333Tulpas I heard everyone on wizchan is genuinely unhappy[View]
231132Wageslave General getting annoyed by stupid coworkers edition [View]
228511Insomnia thread I decided to start this thread to post about our experiences with insomnia and maybe to log during our insomniac episodes. I had thought about making a thread like this several times while scrolling wizchan at dawn. But I figured since it happened again now is right. [View]
227273Ever take revenge on a bully? How did it go? Or maybe you were a bully yourself, though I doubt it.[View]