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211081 Been on a drug/alcohol binge since thursday night. Haven't relapsed to hard drugs or stimilants, but I am using more frequently after almost a year of moderation (limiting myself to using only once or twice a month). [View]
211001Career options for wizards On the long run, dealing with people everyday can be stressful to say the least. When i was young i got myself a cozy janitor job that paid terribly but always went well, but it had to get a better paying job after that, stuck in an office environment seems to drain everything out of everyone ,(even the "well-adjusted".[View]
210914going to amsterdam this summer i have very bad ocd and depression and have heard smoking pot does wonders for you, like one wiz said he tried it once and all his depression and anxiety went away just then. is it a good idea to go smoke some dope so i can get these intrusive thoughts out of my head?[View]
210644Non Normie Depression Books Any books that are about depression or suicide that aren't normie tier. I.e Not the protagonist gets better or suicide isn't the answer, Its a wonderful life type shit.[View]
210628Patience How do you develop patience?[View]
210611 i could just fucking give up and live a completely hedonistic life of smoking and playing video games for the remaining years my parents have left and then kill myself[View]
210587what do you look like i am facially.deformed from a fire accident from a child which i attribute my wizardry, what about you [View]
210535ADD Does anyone here have experience with attention deficit disorder as an adult? I have read the symptoms catalog and it seems like I fit in the category. But I don't have the hyperactivity as I'm much more dreamy and forgetful. I especially refer to ADHD-PI [View]
210460Destruction is genuinely honest There are 3 things.[View]
210425 Am I the only one who can't find the willpower to improve?[View]
210384 It terrifies me that there are people aware of my existence[View]
210303 what to do when you are on the verge of suiciding but can't afford to visit a psychiatrist[View]
210188 I'm a chronic alcohol and drug user, 25. Shy, lonely. Everyone that knows me outside wagecuck know this. Everyone see me pulling myself up together only to fuck, and repeat over and over again.[View]
210092 I don’t know how common autism is amongst wizards. Because there are many self-proclaimed “crabs” who look down upon autists (ie mentalcels) and people in general just sort of seem to frown upon people with autism. I have aspergers and I have many problems with processing empathy, because people with autism can’t register it the same way NTs do. I would personally consider anyone who doesn[View]
209997Wizard autistic appearance Do you look different?[View]
209962 >decide to start exercising [View]
209907How to convince your parents to give up on you Has anyone here had any success convincing their parents that they're not going to get "better" and become a normalfag? It had seemed like I was getting pretty close, they hadn't mentioned anything for years and just let me rot in peace but then they started trying to get me to be a wageslave again and then when I lost my shit and told them I'm never g[View]
209889 /proxy/ thread [View]
209850 The day mom died, what should I do if I do not have the courage to commit suicide?[View]
209776 Recently I discovered that the only friend I had has been lying about everything to the point where the person they presented themselves as to me is mostly fictional, my whole family has npd and has been lying and gaslighting me my whole life and most other people I meet in public or had met in school always ignored me or treated me different, as if they put on a mask only when interacting with me[View]
209601theft / gaslighting by cohabitants Roommates, landlords, family, family's guests? Am I alone? I want to know what others have experienced. To not feel so alone in being victimized like this.[View]
209191The End of the Wizards This is kind of a follow up to the previous thread "The end of the wizards?", I thought about making a direct continuation but there's not much left to be said is there? (Plus teen LARP'ers plague these type of threads).[View]
208610Fellow Wizards, you are my last hope, somebody please be out there First of all my stats:[View]
208382 How do I explain to my parents that after 10+ years of social isolation, touch starvation, untreated depression, you know the whole deal ... your batteries are not fully charged and you're not ready to take on the world? Because that's what they seem to be thinking.[View]
208342 Were any of you ever spanked as children? Do you think it influenced you becoming depressed?[View]
208139Successful and failed organisms Have you ever considered by what process we become what we are, that is to say, failed organisms? A successful organism from a purely biological perspective, is one which reproduces itself many times. That's not to say there's any real value in that, there isn't; but there is evolutionary utility. How does a 90 iq street thug produce many offspring between prison inc[View]
208040 Do you guys ever wish you were more autistic? Like to the point where you stopped having anxiety and depression and just didn't give a fuck?[View]
207554Stranded on Earth Do you feel like you simply are not meant to be here on Earth?[View]
207404Neets/Hikikimoris are lucky, whether you admit or not People that are neets/hikis and live with others with no backlash for their lifestyle are really in a comfortable spot. Compare that to me who is living with my parents I'm always scared of leaving my room due to the fear that i'm just gonna get scolded for my "laziness", parents have been on my back for college while I just want a wagie job tha[View]
206895 Any wizards balding? Just noticed my hair has thinning lathes all over my head. I've ordered finasteride medication and a hair growth shampoo but I'm not hoping for a miracle. Any others experience the same? Did you fight it or just shave completely? I was hoping to have a long white mane of white hair when older to go with my wiz beard[View]
206333Beauty, Vanity and unreachable Beauty Standards Ugly anons, tell me about the impossible beauty standards you wish you could fulfill, how you wish you could look like and why, what you would do with your life if you managed to look like your ideal selves. [View]
206234Life after death Does anybody know of or experienced being dead for a short time and came back alive? Did you see anything or feel anything? I’d really like to know because it creeps me out. [View]
205042no point in posting anybody else fail to see the point in posting anything anymore?[View]
182063 Well fuck... it appears that I did not win the Mega Millions jackpot, or anything. [View]