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209276Dep Tell me why you're sad bros. Just let it out even if you don't know what it is.[View]
209174suicide mission mentality Has anyone started planning or actually did,any activity,hobby,or plan which requires loss of the fear of death,or stopping care about long-term ?[View]
209084 What's the thing you watch / play / listen to when you have the flu? The thing that feels the most comfortable? When you just want to forget about reality?[View]
208953Difference between schizoid and BPD How can you tell whether you're a schizoid or BPD? I go to this state sponsored psychiatrist and he has to write down all my diagnosis in a sheet to feed nationwide statistics, even if I don't ask for a diagnosis. I saw him writing down BPD once.[View]
208940 Hey /dep/. Has anyone here also have experience with psychotic disorders? I was diagnosed with psychotic depression when I was 13, and had to be set on antipsychotics. I kept hearing voices taunting me, numbers kept "repeating", and I heard numerous things. At night it'd get really bad, so my only escape was to play video games. Keep in mind this was before I got the diagnosis. I have had these vo[View]
208878 I feel confident making this thread because I've already told the mental health system, and they're not contacting the police. So I guess if they're not too worried, it's fine?[View]
208864The problem with joining an online forum There is already an established clique and you are joining as a newbie. If you don't fit in with them,or if you don't kiss their feet, you will be ignored.[View]
208588 Suicide thread.[View]
208347 How hard is it to get on disability for severe mental illness? I am going to kill myself if I can't. I could try to work but I'm pretty sure I'd collapse and be thrown into a mental hospital if I did. Even showering is extremely difficult so there's no way I can work. Been there done that. But I think I'd just kill myself before dealing with all that.[View]
208325Huge mistake at work Hi guys. I fucked up at work. I had a good idea how to make good service for our customers and I told some colleagues. It seemed they really liked it, and now I am called to explain (defend) my idea in a huge meeting with higher management. I know I can't do this. I am too nervous and anxious. I am thinking of quitting my job. What do I do? Help me please![View]
208267Battling your own mind Does anyone else have a defeatist self-pitying attitude?[View]
208057 Hello /dep/, I haven't been to wizardchan since two years. But this seems to be the best place for this thread.[View]
207876How do you enjoy something? I was riding in the train the other day and there was a very nice view of the city. I thought about how fortunate I am to experience this but then I wondered how exactly can I appreciate it. I tried to sense this feeling of contentment but I couldn't quite locate it. It makes me wonder if pleasure is something we chase for itself or if it's just an instinct. Or maybe I h[View]
207841 I know this question might be stupid, but is therapy worth it?[View]
207403End of internet as we know it Since the internet is as it was, a place for mistifts is in the great process of dying.. where have the actual misfits gone now?[View]
207386Depression Crawl Thread XIX Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
207209Loneliness Do you know what true loneliness is, anon? Somehow i dont think you do. Because even here i am not accepted, which would have been something.[View]
207015How I Finally Became Content Might not work for all, but thought I'd share in case it can help even one wizzie out. After years of suffering from depression, I finally went on antidepressants. Although they helped with no longer feeling suicidal, the feeling of discontent deep down within me remained. When I watched tv, movies, or anime I'd compare myself to the main characters. In real life I'd co[View]
206749Friendless I literally have not had a single friend since around the age of 13-14. This is literally true. I just turned 24. [View]
206724Just about ready to die At the ripe age of 20 I feel that I am soon ready to entirely and completely give up on life. I've suffered from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) my entire life due to losing my father when I was younger and being abused by my mom + her boyfriend and grandparents when I was young as well as a few near death experiences and a lifetime of bullying. I've only recently gott[View]
206660Health Anxiety Is anyone else suffering from it? Any time I read about someone getting ill from doing something mundane I start reading about diseases and worrying. Even if the experts say that the illness is rare it stays on my mind for a long time. Also any time I experience some pain or strange sensations I assume the worst.[View]
206386Discontinue Antidepressants So one week ago I have stopped taking Cipralex after taking it for about 5-6 months. The doctor recommended to taper off so it was already the lowest dose available (5 mg) yet it felt rather abrupt. In the past I went through Kratom withdrawals so I thought I was prepared for any negative side effects. Well the withdrawals itself were almost non-existent. The only thing [View]
206243Anxiety - getting birthday phone calls from relatives while being a NEET wizard Every year I get worried for a whole month before my birthday because of this shit. I fucking hate these calls. I've turned off my phone a few times in previous years but I didn't really like doing it and they just ended up talking behind my back about how weird I am for doing that.[View]
205910Depression Crawl Thread XVIII Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
205438 Does anyone else wonder what they did with all their time on earth so far? 28 years... and I know that the thought of feeling like you wasted your time isn't uncommon but usually it's on a higher level. Like people with jobs, who live on their own, maybe even have a family...[View]
204981My grandma is dying She's the one who raised me. Obviously I've thought about suicide before but now that this nightmare is happening I feel like there's not a single reason to keep breathing after she dies. Hasn't even happened yet but this dread I feel is enough to make life intolerable, can't even think about anything else or have any hopes for the future. Can barely even talk to her without cry[View]
204587Insanity Do you ever wonder if spending a significant amount of time alone is driving you slowly insane? Like finding it harder to separate daydreaming from reality, not being aware of things happening around you, changing the ways in which you react to situations and external stimuli etc?[View]
204330 Does anyone else treat what should be entertainment like a job?[View]
204136Wageslave General searching for a way out edition [View]
203409 What was the last good year of your life? 2012 is the last year I can say with 100% certainty that I was happy, everything ater it was only downhill. [View]
202214Real life conversation To have a ,,normal" conversation in real life you have to think quickly and reply in quickly way.[View]
201845body language I think my body language makes sometimes fake signs.[View]
199180Uniwiz General 2 This thread is for wizards who are permanent, unwilling students in highschool 2.0.[View]
195881Drinking general Who else drinking tonight by himself?[View]