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267837 Is anyone else planning to go out(die)but only after having done\die due to, a riotous mix of steroids,supplements,and benzos? or even drugs?[View]
267429Confused Is anyone else here just confused by life all the time? I don't particularly feel "existential" angsty-faggot type depression or nihilism. Instead I have the sense all the time that life would make sense if I knew certain things, but I have no idea what they are and will never access them. It's like I know I should be spending my time a different way, but no clue what that is, or like I on[View]
267385Public holidays are changing my life I am in the middle of lots of public holidays. I went to my parent's place of origin in my country. Our country is tropical and this is one of the few cold, mountainous places we have.[View]
267317 I live in an urban city in the third world. We are having a fuckton of public holidays, no wagecucking.[View]
267312Last Wishes How would i leave a will or short last request for family in case i die. I have it on my Phone. How do i make sure they do right by me. [View]
267222Affects of failed attempts I overdosed on 100x the lethal amount of sodium nitrate a year ago. Roommate heard me hit the ground and puke. Got taken to the hospital and barely made it. I suffering a lack of oxygen made me dumber, I used to be incredibly creative before but overtime I've found new ideas are difficult for me to come up with, when they used to come naturally to me. Ive made a lot of i[View]
267183Existential dread / nihilism Does anyone else hate existing "without any particular reason"?[View]
267117parents are retards at money and disdain my advice I told them like 100 times already that we(I, and them)have to cut expenses liteally to the point of danger (no private hospital service, only bland cheap food,etc).it will be a huge sacrifice for a kinda long time,but its the only way to sell our house+the extra money ,and thus get out of this shithole district we live in.[View]
266930Robert Adams What do you want to say about this passage?[View]
266268the abortion of one's former mind and its consequences I have no doubt this subject is not unheard of here. [View]
266183Depression Crawl Thread XLVII Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
266004 Unrestricted internet access has fucked me up in multiple ways.First is me finding porn, and that messed me up. Just like the good ol story goes, kid finds porn and as time goes on he progresses into worse and worse territory. Eventually I moved on to straight shota and loli. From there to omegle, and getting groomed. But I knew I was getting groomed, that is what aroused me. And from there, peopl[View]
265599Extreme boredom Does anyone else suffer from boredom here?[View]
265537NO BATH Has anyone felt so depressed that personal hygiene and daily clean habits are too much to deal?[View]
265134Tired all the fucking day getting 10-12 hours of sleep, but still feel really tired all day,[View]
265131 I applied for a computer science scholarship where they teach you everything and make you job-ready in 9 months. I got rejected because I'm too dumb or something like that, I just didn't pass the interviews.[View]
264826Parents put me back on track to suicide I am severely mentally ill. This is painful to write.[View]
264658Wageslave General I just have to get through this week edition[View]
264286 The cage we are bound into is causality, time, space and the will. We are subordinates to the will, we may say that the cage is a beautiful thing but in fact this beauty is an illusion that traps us, like the light that draws the simple-minded insect towards it. If I see a beautiful succubi, I know that it is not her as a cousciouss being that entrances me, but her sexual dimorphism and genetics -[View]
264232Psycho parents Need to get my parents booked into therapy or something, these psychotic cunts get into full fucking screaming matches over the smallest most retarded fucking things that any sane human being could resolve by just talking and being patient with each other. It's gotten worse and worse since my older sister moved out, she's the only one they occasionally would listen to and respect as [View]
263863 Is anyone else here ugly?[View]
262244I locked my savings in Chainlink Anyone else fucked themselves over into bagholding for at least a few years by spending their savings on crypto? I spent over $2500 total since Dec 2020 with shit return so far, wish I sold in May/December 2021 everyday. I've made myself a poorfag, and now everything costs at least 10% more too, so I can't even fucking cope with a new GPU or something.[View]
262117 I was doxxed about one year ago and I am losing grip on my life and reality.[View]
262110 i am so fucking tired of seeing people around me succeed. like i am jealous but also annoyed by everyone having a job - doing some charity/ volunteer - having their own house - money to pay all that shit like. all the life is seeming to go past me.[View]