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282192Dying Parents The only person in the entire world who knows me, the only soul i've ever cared about is dying. I cannot imagine life without them, how do wizards who have experienced the loss of a parent cope? [View]
282173 Does anyone here wish the axis won, not because "haha le evil jews and minorities stoopid." But because of how depraved this world is. How depraved people extend their depravity onto their kids, its funny to see people who mindlessly call you fascist like its a bad thing for bringing this up will follow science until it explains genes and behavior that goes against their agenda, then use a conspir[View]
281884 What would you do with your time if you only had 1 year left to live? [View]
281796What is depression? Despite trying to treat it as early as when I was in school I still don't have any clear idea what depression is. There are so many general symptoms that it sounds like anyone going through a bad time can get diagnosed. I don't feel a sense of community from depression forums because everyone experiences is totally different. Some can't get out of bed, are all alone, while other[View]
281659 I don't know what to do to pass the time. I've realized I don't like doing anything anymore.[View]
281406The weight of responsibility There are few things as annoying as being responsible for things, even things for myself.[View]
281383Have people told you that you give off strange vibes? At least 5 different succubi have told me that I give of serial killer vibes. Strangely enough, no one told me that I give off school shooter vibes, hm. What could this mean? How do I come off as a serial killer? I think I act pretty normal in public, hide my emotions well. I’m just an average joe, and yet people supposedly see though the curt[View]
281100I am so pathetic Can I just vent for a moment?[View]
281055Hell has no basement I just moved out by myself, basic conditions, ugly place. My room just flooded because of poor infraestructure, I just lost money I can't afford and I tagged myself as a whiny problem neighbor just for trying to solve the issue. [View]
281041Depression Crawl Thread LVI Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.<br/><br/>Previous: <a onclick="highlightReply('279036', event);" href="/dep/res/279036.html#279036">&gt;&gt;279036</a>[View]
281027GIVE UP FOREVER WizChan-Kun, please and kindly give up. [View]
280968 How should you deal with the realization that someone you thought cared about you actually doesn't really care about you at all? How do you move on from a broken friendship that you spent years of your life on?[View]
280899Overwriting personality? What do I do if I hate my personality? My personality is who I am including my thoughts. Who do I listen to? How can I know which thoughts are right and which are wrong?[View]
280838Day in the life Of me being NEET. dicking around on the web behind my locked door while my dysfunctional family argues with eachother daily. The house is destroyed by dogs and smells like shit, piss and vomit. Gas, electricity and water routinely go out. theres 5 cars here and only 2 of them work and are reserved for my dad and sister who will very reluctantly let me use it from time to time. I can[View]
280796anchor general The only thing that is keeping me Around are those who depend on me. If I were to die their lives will Deteriorate and some would die an early death. Does a anyone else stick around only for others sake?[View]
280701 What am I holding on for?[View]
280573 I found my mom's journal from 20 years ago. She is still alive but I take care of her because she has been basically an invalid since about 19 years ago. I haven't told her about it and I kinda doubt she even remembers it exists since she forgets lots of things at 72.[View]
280559 Can you be forced to eat and drink if you're homeless? Or does no one give a shit? I just realized i'll probably die of hunger and thirst after my parents die since i don't know how to function. I don't mind at this point but i'm scared i could be force fed.[View]
279310Psychosis and depression How about a thread for those of us who are literally psychotic ON TOP of being depressed? Like, actual hallucinations 24/7. [View]
279191Antinatalism Why isn't this philosophy discussed more here? Seeing as we're all celibate and have miserable lives it seems like a natural fit. Personally this is a religion for me, I wear a graphic T that says "birth is the beginning of damnation". Whenever someone asks me what that means, it gives me an opportunity to spread the bad news and use street epistemology to question them on whether they[View]
278835USA Disability advice? Come here to ask how to just give up and be a NEET. I've tried to be a regular member of society for 15 years and failed horrendously time and time again. Felt like I was set up for failure from the very beginning because I didn't get official confirmations of my mental illnesses until this year. I've spent many years failing over and over, getting into debt, I have absolutel[View]
278412What can't we blame our parents for? We are the sum total of Nature + Nurture [View]
278363 I just realized something about myself but don't know how to use this information to improve.[View]
277810Wageslave General not caring edition [View]
275086Never had a chance If don't have social skills and aren't good looking, you are doomed at uni and work.[View]
273993Last Time You Were Happy The last time I actually felt happy was when I was 8 or 9. Everything I consider "good" is only good by virtue of being marginally less shitty than everything else out there. The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because I'm scared of death and want to believe I can be "happy" again. Weed is probably the closest I will get to that childlike feeling, but it makes me[View]
272278Asholes who speak with superiority Lot of people in my life said to me something, but in reality the sense of their words is like that:[View]