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288553Liber Ne'et-em-dom I have been working hard on my clandestine PDF which talks about the ultimate neet lifestyle from a guerrilla perspective: How to mooch off, get free stuff, fake disability and welfare, and more complex stuff such as: find a squatting network, survive as homeless, go into the woods, dodge taxes, or a mix of all this.[View]
288487Self Acceptance Almost 30 y.o broke, unhealthy, virgin. For a long time I was angry at myself for not being good enough. [View]
288464came up with the solution to the diminishing returns problem putting this here cuz this is more like the brain side of this forum. I put all the knowledge of reality into chatgpt and had it come up with a solution for my life that requires negative effort:[View]
288454Anyone else suffer from memory loss, degradation of higher thinking ability, complicated by ADHD I won't even bother describing these problems in a detailed way anymore. I could 2 years ago decribe it rather succinctly to a friend, now my head is just spinning around.[View]
288354 Why do I have this illogical sense of entitlement to happiness?[View]
288206I got an answer to my purpose I remember a dream my dad had and it scared him. Basically it had me living in a run down apartment eating dog food out of a can staring outside with no thought behind those eyes. With how my life has been so far it doesn't surprise me, failure after failure at this point that dream sounds more like a luxury than a nightmare. If my mom passes what will I live in defin[View]
288066moving abroad to be a shut-in NEET Call me a retard if it pleases your bounty, but Im studying ways to migrate to a different country, reside there legally BUT never leave the apartment, dont work, study or interact with locals.[View]
287915Wizard, do you had problems in the circumstances of their birth My mother gave birth to me by cesarean section and having chronic anemia, I don't blame her, but that's where my autism came from, among other things.[View]
287665The job market in 2024 is brutal compared to 1964 Most boomer doctors would not do well in the MCAT today given the effort of studying they gave back then.[View]
287411 Ressurection sounds depressing it's like you're miserable without dying only limited to what you experience in this life is the only thing that is, that's it. It's like as if God doesn't care for desires and what is missing from us, what we get is only what we get. Yet what we desire is what God gives to noble blood. At least in this unperfected body I can dispose of it. I tried getting into Buddh[View]
287376Cycle of laziness, eagerness, and back again My default state seems to be "too depressed to want to do anything at all". [View]
287344Being the "weird" one in the friend group. Anybody else pushed their friends away and later regretted it? It's so tiresome to be a wiz, in the eyes of people you're the same as any other weirdo. There's something innately wrong with you.[View]
287251 2 months in almost three months, every month for three days it sort of comes back then my body goes back to numb again in tired of this living in constant fear. It's got to the point to where I'm thinking to get a colonstopy to make sure my bowls are not backed up causing more obstruction, and urostomy Constantly applying eye drops to make sure my eyes don't dry out. Barely eating too, not sure wh[View]
287139Waiting for a train, travelling alone Travelling alone, I always travel alone everywhere, it's kinda depressing seeing all the people on their journeys, while I only go to meaningless places for meaningless purpose.[View]
287086Is it better to be regretful or fatalistic? Anyone with a bad life has 2 things to blame for it, and both have pros and cons. You can blame your bad essence, nature, character. What you were born with. But fatalism can be fatal. It means you have a bad "you". You suck, you're bad, you're terrible. BUT its not your fault. You did everything you could with the hand you were dealt. Cue Robin Williams [View]
287061 "Every decent man of our age must be a coward and a slave. That is his normal condition. Of that I am firmly persuaded. He is made and constructed to that very end. And not only at the present time owing to some casual circumstances, but always, at all times, a decent man is bound to be a coward and a slave. It is the law of nature for all decent people all over the earth. If anyone of them happen[View]
286952 The closer I get to 30 as a virgin, the more lonely I get.[View]
286907Depression Crawl Thread LXII Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
286490Official Fuck the Holidays thread What are you dreading in the coming days? [View]
286308 I have nothing to live for. I just roam in this world. I do what people told me to do. I have not strengh to tell them no or tell them to fuck off. I am an empty shell. and when I show contestation it got reproof. this add to my ongoing depression. no one is on my side. everyone is against me. I don't even enjoy talking to people because I have nothing to talk about with them. I don't even enjoy t[View]
285983I feel nothing but anguish and I long for nothing I just graduated college, a few years after all of the people my age that I studied with in middle school and high school, I'll be 30 soon and, despite finally accomplishing "my" goal that I feel obligated to do because my parents wanted me to, I feel even more lost than I did when I got into college, it was pure torture for years, with a few decent[View]
285772 Have any of you guys tried to cure your depression with cannabis?[View]
285398 >diagnosed with NPD [View]
284454one wizpill you must always remember Normalfags hate virgins. [View]
284344Homeless I'm 23, have a good family, so i consider myself very lucky, but i guess all that doesn't cut it for me to be happy, i just keep making mistakes, failing at everything i do and feeling worse about myself[View]
282986Finding Hope in the Afterlife Anyone else believes that what await us in the afterlife is something good? Whether it's Heaven or something else. But I just feel like it will be better. [View]
281748semen retention is my only goal and skill So far, I have, Im having, wet dreams every 7 or 11 days. sometimes 2 in 10 days. so, its not TRUE Retention. I feel SR, the true deal, is my only goal, skill and boon.[View]
279075 >know succubus who was raped at 13 years old[View]
277615 It can and it will always get worse.[View]