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274797xanax OD? been thinking about committing suicide via xanax overdose but i haven't found been able to find reliable sources when it comes to how much i should take. i currently have 20mg (strip of 20 pills, 1mg each) on my hands but i'm planning on picking up at least two more strips (so 60mg altogether). i also have the opportunity to mix it with alcohol, ketamine, and crystal MD[View]
274660 itchy skin....................................................................[View]
274617 My current life situation has turned to the worse, suddenly. I managed to be stable for around 6 months, I've been slowly regressing to worse and more frequent symptoms.[View]
274587Tech Addiction Making Depression Worse I was thinking of an old post I saw on here a while back. The wizard who wrote it took a 15 month cold turkey break from electronics because he felt his brain was destroyed after spending practically his whole life on his PC. He spent his entire days reading and eventually studied Japanese and came back to make one last post because he started having these man[View]
274500 Sometimes I just wish I could forget certain things.[View]
274482How to start doing something? I think I've heard all advice there is by now on discipline and self-improvement but I have yet to manage to take the first step.[View]
274422Question to the autistic wizards I am, just like a lot of people here, on the spectrum, but unlike most people I see on the internet, who say that they suffer from autism, I sometimes see or hear stuff that is not present, have the feeling that others can hear my thoughts or feel haunted, if I do not take my medication, which I take, I have to. My doctor said that psychotic symptoms are quite commo[View]
274391 I get depressed when I don't have my rush of dopamine given by fast replies to my comments or threads.[View]
274386Wizard for Financial Reasons I always disregarded succubi because sometime when I was young I sat down and did a bunch of accounting and realized that there was no way I could ever afford gf/kids, that I'd have to save everything I could just to survive myself, and built my life around that.[View]
274334The high school uselessness For real that it's getting me tired trying to think how to educate young wizards about how to make a future for theirselves without falling for the scam of high school and rat race since high school is just a cattle breeder jail where minds and enforced into submission and swallowing useless crap, remaining unprepared to battle against a future doomed with wagecuckoldry [View]
274280wizardchan makes me depressed Knowing wizardchan is missing the point and imageboard being aimlessly hole makes me depressed.[View]
274263Im scared I am amazed at what the mind can cause, I haven't gone out for a few weeks, just depressed in my room, and it seems that my body is paying consequences that it had never had before.[View]
274228 I hate being constantly tired it ruins everything.[View]
274170Suicide travel Have you ever thought about disappearing instead of simply killing yourself? This would be to reduce the pain of people who would be eventually affected by your suicide. It would also offer you an opportunity of wild fun before the end.[View]
274135I tell you my experience after a year taking antidepressantsith antidepressants About a year ago I went to a psychiatrist to treat my anger issues, I really didn't care what drug they put me on as this is a serious problem. But they diagnosed me with a major depressive, not a mild, or moderate, major one, which would put me in the same category as all those people who want to kill themselves, who h[View]
274106Shouldn't have watch Tokyo ghoul This urge has been killing me for years, the innocent strong willed soft male who cares for others. Finding love with a succubus who's also strong willed but tough. They meet once more as kaneki goes back to his roots to reconnect with an old friend who cares deeply about him. With all he went through and stood through unleashing that tear of relief. Got me second g[View]
274089 I need help because Im addicted to "futa on male" porn.[View]
274048 I fail at everything I do.[View]
273885Academic failure Last September I applied to several universities. English isn't my first language and it was one of my favourite subjects at both elementary and high school and because I never had any friends I grew up reading a lot, so I wanted to major in English Studies to become a translator or something. My parents thought otherwise so they forced me to put a medical university as my top choi[View]
273758Don't do hard drugs please Just dont it's not worth it. Lying on the floor as fake spiders crawl all over you is not fun and when that hell is over you have a pounding headache and wanna throw up just don't stick with weed or shrooms I'm begging you[View]
272799covid vax mass deaths We all know the covid vaccines are killing a shitload of people and making even more people sick and disabled. Share stories ITT of people you know who either died or got very sick after taking the covid vaccine[View]
272558Wageslave General stuck in limbo edition [View]
272126Talking to AI Some of you might call this "cope" or gay but I found some value in interacting with AI personalities. [View]
271654 Why not become a drug addict?[View]
271512 >As a kid everyone thought I was a good boy with a bright future but then....[View]
271167Suicide Yes, another suicide thread.[View]
271007Started caring about money with age? I feel like I trolled myself. [View]
268033 Race-mixing selects for autism. When you cross DNA, what ends-up happening is masculine faced (low forehead/eyebrow) men look hideous to feminine faced (high forehead/eyebrow) succubi as the DNA is no longer the same race. The feminine faced, high-forehead/high-eyebrow men (who are also naturally higher IQ) become preferred. And the feminine faced succubi become too feminine for the men as they ar[View]
267805I want to die but don't know how I'm too scared. Just the thought of it makes me feel fear. I'm scared of dying AND death. I'm afraid of dying painfully. And I'm also afraid of death itself. The thought of non-existence and not being able to think is incomprehensible and scary to me.[View]
264168Natural born passivness and lack of assertivness? I turned 28 years old this year. And feels hit me. [View]