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220345 What's your story about your bad parents? After all they're the reason we live in this fucked up world.[View]
219966 If you’ve ever unironically and directly used the word “crab” on this site without referring to an 8 legged animal with eyestalks kill yourself[View]
219820Feel general "unworthiness" because of mother So my mom divorce raped my dad when i was barely 10 years old. She married my best friend's (at the time) dad. My mom tried to get child support out of my dad, but thankfully he is a lawyer so he negotiated that she take half the equity of the house instead. My step dad then unilaterally bought him out of his half of the equity; robbing him of his wife [View]
219679 Nobody loves me and I love no one. I'm a one man clan.[View]
219388 Mostly placid human experience. Mostly placid human experience. Mostly placid human experience. Mostly placid human experience.[View]
219260 You were another's normie dream and love. You have never amounted to antything, only ruses and deceptions. Not that it matters.[View]
219231Lost brain cells I think i've lost a lot of brain cells in the last year. Pretty bummed out cause now i feel and act dumb. Been taking lexapro for a year now. Took a year of studying too so haven't used my brain for a long time. Thanks for reading my brainfart blog thread. [View]
219172how do I get rid the feeling of wanting friends I hate felling down for not having anyone to talk to, I just want to be alone in my room doing my thing, but depression is getting the best of me and I have no one to vent to irl so I tend to feel lonely. How does one go about getting rid the feeling of not having anyone to talk to?[View]
219124How long have you ideated about suicide? I've been doing it over half of my life. I have super low pain tolerance so I'm too much of a pussy to do it proactively. This isn't a "shape up instead and live a real life situation". This is a "welp. it's a matter of time before I end up on the streets and dying that way," thing. I'm not capable of doing or learning anything worthwhile, as in I usually g[View]
219064 how to go without leaving behind a rotting body? it does all kind of disgusting stuff even within a few hours after you die and i care about how people will think about me when i'm gone.[View]
219057i Want the world to be my oyster I somehow use suicide ideation as a powerful means to motivate myself:i tap, TAP into the energy of death and direct it towards creativity.[View]
218992Angry at your parents for not being rich? My dad is a semi-aspie mostly friendless pseudo-intellectual. You would think from the stereotype of the unathletic awkward nerd, that he could at least be a white collar STEM engineer, professor, accountant etc. But noooo he was a garbage man. Eventually he got promoted and worked in the office. I'm not complaining about being poor. I was born in an apartm[View]
218812Cancer Cancer is the best thing that could happen to someone like me. You hear the usual story of those who contract it while they're in the prime of their lives and it's oh so very sad for them and all involved. And yet someone like me who endures and despises every moment of my existence will probably molder and rot for decades, while never having the supremely good fortune to receive any sort o[View]
218808 Been feeling paricularly sad and suicidal for the last few days. My mom caught me off guard in the living room, all lights turned off. We started speaking and I just started mentioning all the things making me sad and suicidal. I mentioned regret about some things.[View]
218726please talk to me Can any wizard start up a conversation with me here? Text conversation.[View]
218593 From primary school they, normies taught me that they are the best and the smartest, while I was the worst and the stupidest.[View]
218467 The only thing stopping me from crying and cutting is vodka. The only thing stopping me from gameending is cowardice. Dont reply to me. Just be comforted by the fact that someone feels as bad, or worse, than you.[View]
218453Anyone else short? It fucking sucks getting towered over by people. I get really intimidated by anyone taller. It triggers a lot of anxiety.[View]
218365Psych drugs have destroyed my brain Has anyone else here been though something similiar?[View]
218301Nootropics/Prescription Stims Who has used either? Basically, my brain isn't going to improve on its own, but tbh most of the racetams are really subtle. There was N-Acetyl-Semax but it got discontinued since the card processors cut off the company making batches. I did feel more alert and a bit smarter, but it was expensive as fuck and it needed to be refrigerated.[View]
218282Worst suggestions for NEETs from other people What have you gotten so far?[View]
218262 Got one precancerous mole entirely removed from dick. Got second potentially cancerous mole removed from hip. Got third precancerous mole removed from dick but results say doctor has to remove more of my dick.[View]
218182 drain is the ultimate wizard music [View]
218015Unending studies Anyone here stuck in the student life infinite loop?[View]
217683Dealing with a wasted life, and mental illness **As a bit of a prologue to this topic. I sort of disturbed all these feelings up recently after learning a favorite youtuber of mine, who I thought was much, MUCH older, is actually currently 18 and started making passionate and amazing scientific research videos at just 14 years of age. And now with that aside...**[View]
217292 Write about your physiological triumphs, times when things went even better than you expected, periods when you came through trials and tribulations even better off. [View]
217110Physical illness thread What is your experience with physical illness? It's one of the things that ruined my life. When I feel sick I can't do anything or even think. For the last 5 years I've felt like I'm dying or seriously sick for long periods of time, sometimes months. I thought I had muscle dystrophia, because of muscle weakness, then spine breaking down, because of head spinning, numbness, p[View]
216998hollow men I want to be a hollow man who shows up for an easy 9 - 5 office job 5 days a week, not minding the people I work with but declining any invitation they give me to go out with them while living in a comfortable, cozy house/apartment where it's always dark and gloomy with overcast, enveloped with rain and snow during their respective seasons, with full bookshelves and slightly dusty but ot[View]
216767Is anyone else just like hopelessly clumsy I really hate doing most physical things because I have like very imprecise control over my movements. Even though my eyesight is fine, my movements are always shaky and I have poor balance. For most people, walking about is just smooth and automatic, but I have to be conscious of every step I'm taking.[View]
216255Callousness Does anyone feel a lack of affection for people who love you? I think that not all wizards had violence in their family, so there should be anonymous people whose parents treat them well.[View]
216070how messed up has life been to you? how messed up has life been to you? What's your story?[View]
216031 Anyone else starting to feel more and more alone on the internet?[View]
215777Magical Thinking So to be honest, as true wizardhood approaches, I realize I have sort of always been engrossed by magical thinking. I was always aware of the factors that would lead to my lack of functionality but I had always been taught to try to overcome them. Some false positives occurred from time to leading me to believe I was special in some sense when in reality I didn't bring any value to[View]
215713I was younger than Satou when I watched NHK Now I'm way older. It's basically full circle. In retrospect, it sucked because he just ended up getting off his butt and doing menial labor/same with the MMORPG guy.[View]
215457Suicide General The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.[View]
215181I don’t know why I’m still alive I barely exist. Haven’t done anything the past 10 years, I just sleep all day and look at uselss information on the internet. I’m a net drain on society and generally unpleasant to be around as an individual. I don’t know why I exist.[View]
215115I have Sodium now. I now have acquired Sodium nitrite. I only need metoclopramide. And i will kill myself. I can't find any though. but i will keep on looking. [View]
213947Failure Accumulation Overload I'm continually tormented by my past failures. Whenever I try to pick something up again, I just get paralyzed by my past and I feel like I can't move on.[View]
213571Unable to communicate I don't really have much to say. That's somewhat the problem. I'd rather not say anything, but the feeling of wanting to vent so as to relieve the pressure of my thoughts/emotions is still there, despite the fact that I can't find anything to say about them. [View]
208567Anhedonia. What has been your experience with it? Another shitty anhedonic riddled day to get through. Great. One of my most sincere wishes, and perhaps, hilariously enough, I'm alone in feeling this way even on Wizchan, but I really fucking wish I could just enjoy getting lost in modern entertainment again, specifically video games. [View]