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202576Caring for disabled family My mother isn't quite disabled, she's mentally ill. Mumbles to herself on a near constant basis, hears things through the TV, thinks people are planning to kill her and kidnap me etc.. She's also dangerously stupid, which I can't pin on her as a person or her mental illness. She's not able to think or talk about anything other than food or clothing. For example, she can't[View]
202436 So wizzie, I have reflected on my life and know only torment and pain. The only thing which had helped me fully cope with this was vidya primarily. I would go on the computer 24/7 just to play games. Wouldn’t even sleep sometimes. Of course I would eat and shit but afterwards I would continue to play games. This continued especially after highschool. And I didn’t care for anything else but the[View]
202410Uncertainties How do I stop worrying about small uncertainties?[View]
202341cold shower therapy This may seem like a meme for some of you but I tried it and it really works.[View]
202303anyone else in debt? I wanted so badly to prove to others, but most importantly myself that i could make it through college. But now all ive been left with is the debt...[View]
202251 Life doesn't feel real anymore, I feel like im stuck in a cycle of nothingness and my only saving grace is being a loser couped up in my house away from all that upsets me. Why?[View]
202223 My entire family hates me and thinks I'm a failure. I can't get a job, as my town has one of the worst employment rates in the US. I am not considered mentally ill enough to get disability, yet I was declared too mentally ill to buy a gun and end my miserable existence. I hate living with my mother as she constantly berates me, but I can't afford to move out due to the lack of employment. I al[View]
202099General Happiness Thread /#1/ Are you happy every day wizards? What makes you happy? Depressed pessimists please stay out of this thread, only happy people encouraged to post.[View]
202045Non-Suicidal Self-Injury I am planning on learning how to conduct minor surgeries on myself. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with self-harm / cutting and could give me some tips on how to avoid dying (ie avoid arteries/veins so I don't bleed out) and avoid stuff like infection.[View]
202007Becoming a better Wizard as cure for depression Becoming a better Wizard as cure for depression[View]
201751Anhedonia Has anyone found a way to somehow deal with it?[View]
201726 Anybody else taking care of their parents until they die and then to kill yourself? That's basically my life right now, I feel like I'm already dead and my "life" is a dream of me in the coffin before the final shut off. I've felt like this since I have memory, actually[View]
201666Feeling like being pulled apart Is there a name for this kind of feeling?[View]
201628 I feel like I'm the biggest loser on the planet. In my life I met many shy people that had trouble socializing but no one was ever even close to being on my level. I may not be the person with the most social anxiety on the planet but it wouldn't surprise me if I was in the top 100. I'm so awkward I can't even interact with my mother or my other family members. suicide might be a pussy move when t[View]
201619 I can't ever seem to just get a bit ahead. Any time I think I can turn my life around, stop drinking, start trying to at least get in a bit of shape I always have to get blindsided by some major fucking thing that just threatens to ruin everything.[View]
201390 There are many things that fucked me up as a kid, but in retrospect perhaps the worst thing was hearing one too many times the line[View]
201305 >bored of watching youtube and TV all day [View]
201215I hate waking up I always wake up in a state of anxiety. My heart starts racing as I realise my dream is over and I'm back to my dreadful existence. The first seconds awake are usually the worst but then the anxiety gets consumed by depression and I go on with my day. This causes me to have trouble falling asleep because I know this is bound to happen whenever I wake up. I wish I was on a permanen[View]
200999Depression Crawl Thread XIII Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
200901A music gift for you First of all, I want to clarify I browse this board out of the other boards 90% of the time and you're the people I speak with the most, so instead of deleting my post, just move it to the appropriate board if it has to be done. But my message is specifically targeted at you.[View]
200736Depression checklist? Does anyone have a checklist of things to check out to make sure your depressive symptoms are not caused by physical problems?[View]
200573 My mom just got out of the hospital today. My anxiety was so bad while she was in I couldn't sit at my computer or eat, and that's normally about all I do. I'm terrified, really thinking of what I'll do once she is gone. I have no other family. What are fellow NEETs and hikis going to do when they have no place left to hide?[View]
200517Is Anhedonia the key to all this? I kept trying to explain my lack of productivity with depression, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so on but now I wonder could anhedonia be the sole explanation? I was always low energy but years ago who when I played an engrossing video game or found an interesting thread I could stay up for 24 hours. Now I'm bored by everything even if my mind says its intere[View]
200372Balancing Fatigue and Anxiety I haven't seen anyone talk about this yet.[View]
199852 I'm tired of waking up inside the nightmare again and again. During the night there are up to 10 such cycles. Did anyone have something like that?[View]
199394 Has any of you ever came to terms with the fact that you can probably get out of the depression trap on your own, but you're too lazy and/or have given up to act on it? I don't mean to be condescending towards people who believe they can't help it so that's why I'm specifically asking it to people who are more or less leaning towards the idea of self-salvation; are you being honest to yourself?[View]
195495 Imagine that you are a 35 year old wizard from Australia who has spent the last 21 years playing video games and lurking the interwebs all day and you suddenly realise that your parents will probably die soon and you'll be left to fend for yourself. Remove suicide as an option for now. How would you go about sustaining yourself with no social or work skills?[View]
194186 How do you cope with the crippling loneliness?[View]