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214848make me cry Make me cry, I can't cry. I want to cry, been having troubles. I am a worthless drug addict/alcoholic that can't fucking quit. I was 4 fucking days sober, I am back at it again.[View]
214830how to cope with having to cope I am at peace with the external world, I accept all my situations.[View]
214807 How does one cope with seeing other people who live average lives, with average amounts of happiness and sadness, and knowing this is almost statistically unatainable for oneself?[View]
214653Loss aversion Anyone else struggling with this hard?[View]
214581Very sick dizzy wizzy I stabilize my mood. Some months go by, I start dedicating time to hobbies. I relapse back to severe depression and suicide, stop hobbied and resume substance abuse. Decide to stop one day and improve. The cycle happens over and over again.[View]
214559 After years of being a NEET, I finally got a job interview tomorrow. And I had a sudden realization. What if not having a job and money is just the scapegoat for my depression? What if life is actually awful and no matter what I do I'll be unhappy, and not having money was just a dumb excuse? Then there's absolutely no reason to live at all.[View]
214527 i wish i would rot and wither away so my cosmic dust can go chill with genghish khan and caesar[View]
214489Feeling very bad I am feeling very suicidal again. I just think about it, planning it, when and how. I haven't had this feeling in a long time. I learned to value my life, now I've learned life is meaningless.[View]
214487 Good evening to all.[View]
214291Interesting stuff in the world. I feel like there is no interesting stuff in the world anymore. Science has no potential (no cool inventions in the near future), books\movies\games have the same ideas and stories. Programming\ML is a meme. [View]
214270I talk a Lot but i have nothing to say Almost every day when I with people I feel a urge to say or to interact with them to not be a waste. I not have any friends and i don't want either but I really like to talk.[View]
214266Getting in the mood Is there any way to overcome the self preservation instinct and get o a full suicide mood? I get temporary states where I'm full blown decided about ending it all then after I fall asleep I sorta lose the mood. I don't want to live anymore yet my instinct keeps messing with my determination to finally kill myself[View]
214224 My grandmother just went crazy, partially lost her eyesight (probably due to a stroke) and she'll probably die soon. I definitely will become homeless in the near future. And i'm not even searching for work. Because i can't work. Even though i have no money, not even a penny, friends, relatives, social capital, and any feeling of hope. So i'll just say the following. If you have work, financial re[View]
214115Nofap and suicide Guys,please try nofap before killing ur self.[View]
214006 So my money is running out and I don't know how I'll be able to pay the bills in a few months. Been trying to sell my home for more than half a year and not a single fucker came to visit it, been look for a wageslave-tier job for literally 2 years and haven't even gotten a trial.[View]
214000Please respond I am having intense alcohol and drug cravings. Right now. Been clean since last Sunday.[View]
213994It doesn't get better I thought it got better, I used to post here a lot about 3 or 4 years ago. I had a terrible wage slaving job at a factory and a hotel. Every day was terror, and I even assaulted my boss one day, then ran away to be homeless for a couple months until they caught me. After that I managed to turn my life around. I got a job that wasn't even that bad, and only got better after sta[View]
213953 >People treat depressives badly, and tell them to just get over their problems.[View]
213931What's your suffering? What's your current suffering in life fellow wizard? Besides being alive and mentall illness.[View]
213825Pro suiucide forums? Any one know some good pro suicide forums. That anons discuss their methods and help and inform each other. [View]
213724CO Poising in relation to the fellow anon who heroed using this method to produce Carbon monoxide. Here is the archive: https://archive.li/tT1Qs#selection-1271.18-1271.29[View]
213711UK Engand meetup for suicide? I'm looking for others who will like to end their life. I would have liked a painless drug induced death however i'm too dumb for the dark web and don't know where to get Any strong opiods in real life. However, I'm going to start starving myself. Ensuring that if i don't recieve the death i would much prefer. I will be dead in 2 months. Uk anons. We could work togeth[View]
213656Unjustified depression becomes justified? People talk about depression as if it was a cleary defined illness like a cold. But people experience it differently and the causes for it are unclear. A frequent advice is to try Psychotherapy. And from what I've seen psychotherapy assumes that your depression is mostly caused by bad thought patterns and habits.[View]
213639 'Permitting oneself to be dehumanized, to be robbed of one’s autonomy, is in itself no lesser sin than participating in the dehumanization of others; it entails permitting oneself to become an instrument in the realization of ends posited by others.'[View]
213590Sharing wizard knowledge I've acquired wizard knowledge through the years, I want to share it for wizards that still suffer, it might help you. Feel free to rebute what I say.[View]
213555Mental health thread Thread to discuss mental health issues.[View]
213537FUCK I feel that I'm so stupid, so inherently fucking retarded that I don't deserve to live. I fucking hate being alive and i see no reason to do so beyond obligation to perform busy work[View]
213458 The fact that certain things can happen in the world, combined in such a way that causes very specific types and intensities of suffering to some specific people. I just can't get over this.[View]
213453 January 18th, my birthday. Who fucking cares, fucking waba grill. My fucking herd of a family stumbled in and literally screams that it's my fucking birthday today with childish grind on their faces, as if humanity actually cares lol. The entire staff of waba grill literally sung me my birthday in the middle of this dingy ass restaurant surrounded by Asians pretending not to stare. And my family w[View]
213242Mediocrity Has anyone here experienced the pain of being completely untalented? I dream of being something, of being a genius, but I'm a fucking nobody. In my post, I'll not even write about any success. I'm ready to be an ugly, pimply, fat guy with no social life, but an amazing brain. My mother is a stupid optimistic cunt who adores children. Typical succubus. Disgustingly. I didn't inherit anyth[View]
213118Things to watch while depressed What do you guys watch when you're absolutely fucked, stuck in bed, but still bored as hell and need shit to consume? Most anime, movies, any form of media just makes me feel more like shit since it's all fantasy worlds that I will never be able to live in, or it's nonfictional about people with better lives than me. I can't watch anime without wishing I lived in it'[View]
213054Wizardry and personality disorders I am curious,from a research point of view, it seems more wizards either have Borderline or Schizoid Personality disorder.[View]
212817Depression Crawl Thread XXIII Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
212504 Does anyone else feel like their body sabotages their mind?[View]
212196Wageslave General end of the fucking decade edition[View]
212090How often do you actually feel sadness/melancholy? I have come to realize I may have a bit of break contrasted to most wizards - I almost never feel sad. Haven't for years. It still get existential dread, boredom, all the mainstays of wiz life, but I no longer actually feel melancholy, nor that bitterness, that almost acidic feeling of deflating sadness in the body.[View]
211640Cancer I have a skin disease called Vitiligo, I have white spots around 30% of my body at 25. I live in a very sunny and hot country and it's sunny all day long. The sun burns me easily.[View]
211534Too much thinking. i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one here who tends to think "too" much on the simplest things, too much it just irritate others, even family, makes things harder for them as they say.[View]
211324 Does anyone else waste their time in the most inane way possible? Like watching reviews for things you even afford? Reading threads discussing a video game you never played? At this point when I manage to watch a movie or play a singleplayer video game it feels like an accomplishment even though for others that's what they consider wasting time. I have no topics to talk about with anyone. Obviousl[View]
211117I'm so empty I don't have any knowledge about anything; I barely know how to tie my shoes. I still have no idea how I managed to finish high school, everybody there hated me for no reason and my grades were pretty mediocre. If I remember right I think I repeated 3 or 4 years. I know nothing of culture, politics, literature, movies, music, basically everything. I'm still trapped in my child stage o[View]
210061Fucking hate my mom I hate my mom, i never stood a chance because of her, she's mentally ill and emasculated and feminized me, ive suffered so much because of her. i fuckin hate my sister and my mother. anything I've done she shuns me,[View]
209668depressing images Post nothing but depressing pictures. You can add depressing text, personal anecdotes, et cetera to your post, but each one must contain a depressing image. preferably grayscale and "artsy" but any "blackpill" pictures suffice. I am in the mood to expand my collection.[View]
204478 Normies are evil and fake.[View]
194691The end of the wizards? Posted it in another thread but I feel it deserves it's own thread because of the subject matter.[View]