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245586 Since gun laws in my country sucks, I'm been thinking to go to a shooting range and kill myself.[View]
245028How to obtain a CPAP mask without a prescription So I'm trying to buy a CPAP mask without a prescription for obvious reasons now the problem with this is that you can't buy a CPAP mask without one you can only buy the parts but I have no idea what parts to buy and what is compatible with what if anyone has a list of parts with links on Amazon that would be fantastic.[View]
244977Risking death trough sleep avoidance Whats the longest youve been awake? Did you trip? [View]
244944Wanting to give away what others wish so much for One thing that has depressed me is the bunch that wanted life and could not get it.[View]
244938Suicide I'm finally done, I think I'm going to do it tonight. No more shit. Freedom.[View]
244915Fasting unto death >can more or lesa be stopped if you change your mind[View]
244871 One thing that really saddens me is the fact that i will never be able to live on my own. I have a decent relationship with my parents but im aware that my life lacks a lot of freedom. I have no room to pursue my hobbies, im constantly being bossed around... its like living in purgatory where i will never be able to live my own life and make my own choices.[View]
244790Your corpse What do you wish for there to happen to your corpse after you die?[View]
244475 ive failed everything[View]
244340 Depression is luxury.[View]
244263Good Bad and Ugly Good people can call for the death of an innocent man as revenge for a criminal dying.[View]
244164Do your normgroid parents support your hobbies? Both of my parents can't go on a few days without telling me to ''get up'' while I sit on the computer playing vidya or watching something. Annoying fucks[View]
244026Everything Is Boring Anime is boring[View]
243994CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE Friedrich Nietzsche described well what the journey of life looks like for the rare and very STRONG men who dare to SYMPATHIZE with MGTOW. For the few men who dare to break free from the slavery imposed on men by society and succubi.[View]
243730Is suicide really ethically bad in the current environment? This stupid skit (embed related) still gets to me. That's me. I'm that loser, in-the-way, mediocre, never-going-to-invent-shit guy who's in front of you counting out change when you're getting your groceries. I'm that fucking idiot who awkwardly can't decide where he's going nearly causing an accident and holding up a bunch of people wh[View]
243706 Can medications really save one from suicide?[View]
243468ostracised and despised everywhere I go in every community I have tried to fit in with I wasn't really welcome especially if I didn't act particularly reserved or spoke my mind/ was "myself".[View]
243227There's no escaping the universe Even if humanity were to colonize the universe, it would all be meaningless. Yes, there are other planets with resources and stuff. So what? How is that special? How is that unique? How is that significant in any way?[View]
243109 It might be a bit redundant to ask on a page like this, but let's assume you had access to a button that immediately kills you. No pain, just instant lights out. Would you got for it or already have pressed it? What would it take to make you press it?[View]
243022Living in a poor country is hell I mean it's bad enough the world is utter shit and I'm forced to slave my ass off for pieces of paper until I die but the mere fact i can't even see the efforts of my work at the end of the day, it's fucking mad![View]
241810Psychotic Depression Wondering if any other wizards suffer from this, so here's a General thread for depression with psychotic features and other psychotic/quasi-psychotic disorders. [View]
240717Suicide General The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.[View]
240390 Anyone else have physical deformities, illnesses or sickness, rancid farts, tinnitus, partial chronic pain. Any solutions ? Also fuck off /cow/[View]
240376What holds you from killing yourself? Why do you still cling to this disgusting existence you endure wizard? What hold you back?[View]
239492Question Has anyone else here survived a suicide attempt? My cognitive skills are a little worse ever since but what hurts more than anything is my soul[View]
238821 Will anyone cry when you die? Will you have a funeral?[View]
238227Life is Hell Don't even try.[View]
233017Suicides caught on camera Please share links and footages of people suiciding and caught on camera...it would be better if it is made by teens.[View]
232283edgy degenerate How i do stop being a complete edgelord? most conversations i have devolves into goth tier loathing and in the few voice chats i tried forcing myself to join i could only say slurs and make everyone mad at me. at least part of it is due to the fact that one of my only dopamine sources is unironically watching gore videos and sometimes masturbating to dead succubi. i have practically[View]
218735Anti-Depressants Anyone here tried those? What did they do.[View]