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240960Did anyone ever recover from depersonalisation/emotional-numbness? It's a very long story, but to sum it up, antipsychotics/antidepressants made me depersonalised, I did not know who I was, and the only feelings I could feel were extreme stress and anxiety to the core for around 3 years, I also got carsick all the time, felt like i would puke but I never did, and I could not enjoy anything at all, [View]
240840Seraphim Rose In a post-nihilist world we live in, is redemption -election- of the normies still possible? [View]
240771 Nothing is enjoyable anymore. I dont feel anything, I have no amazing ancestral lineage, I dont have any achievements, I dont even find anime or vidya enjoyable, I cant stand living anymore, the only reason I havent killed myself is because of my parents and I believe that if I do I will be forced to live the rest of my existence in a plain between life and death to fulfill my karma. [View]
240729 I think I have lived long enough at the age of 20, most animals would die before reaching my age, and many die in horrendous ways. I don't feel a drive to live on, but I can't die, because I don't want my parents to grief, and I still fear death, instinctively. Each passing day I see the chaos and farce of humanity, and I am aware of the relatively vast and endless cosmos outside our world. I hate[View]
240632 How do i get over nostalgia for old times when i lived at my parents house along my brothers who moved away[View]
240511life problems I want to be a truck driver. So, last November I started my Permit application. Then, being the moron I am, I went to the truck driving school and paid them 100% up front for tuition. Then I got depressed and blew off my Permit until yesterday. Now the Permit is only valid until next November, when (if done correctly) it'd be valid until next May. Also, the trucking school needs 25%[View]
240259Effective? Make a crude clear bag with a small breathe hole that’s secured to my neck (zip ties not too tight), set it up semi comfortably so I can sleep with a small hose coming up against my neck beside my cheek connected to the CO2 canister etc.[View]
240034 >28 year old virgin[View]
240004I'm sick of it all I’m so sick of presumptuous false advice such as 'bruh just go out and talk' or the infamous 'firm handshake'. They are so laden with wishful thinking meant for functional human beings to whom it comes without obstacle. The solution just won’t come if you're not wired properly, and will put you in a sea of toxic thought.[View]
239982 I declined a promotion not even one week ago to be escalated to a better position, I declined due to the fact I'm working from home, I can goof around almost all day since my pc monitor is right next to my work monitor, Im in my room with AC, I make more than enough to live a comfortable life, I can get up and go to pee whenever I want and its great can wake up, work, sleep, play, work, Im able to[View]
239967Anger about missed childhood Hello, i am still bitter and pissed about my childhood and teen years which i missed out on by being mentally ill and bullied. the only memories i have of what should have been the best years are my life is being in hospitals and sitting in the corner being called an alien. how do i get over this pathetic mindset?[View]
239908 Is it normal to want to do the bare minimum everyday to not die?[View]
239863If God exist, I am it's personal buffoon I live in pain, my skin constantly itches, my body is covered in wounds, some deeper than others. My family owns an evangelical church, So I was raised being controlled by anyone who my family thought was of trust, gliding overall there was the idea of ever getting control of my life, but never could. I couldn't have friends because there was a strict moral [View]
239854Beating myself up for things I had no say in How do I effectively seperate my mind from my body, im tired of living in this disfigured, frail and old body. Im tired of my ancestry of being frail old priests and such, and I want to pride myself as an individual not as a collective.[View]
239705 When did you find out the game is rigged and that you will never break out of your social class?[View]
239671Low self esteem I had a dream tonight where people were regularly asking me to do stuff with them after work/on free days. [View]
239655OCD Any fellow wizzies suffer from this? Mine used to be more mild, and I was able to -kind of- function in school and life, but now repeating thoughts dominate my life every day. How to get better?[View]
239596No more home I have lived in the same little apartment for 12 consecutive years and never missed a single rent payment.[View]
239548 alcohol withdrawals cause itching. it happens to me real bad if ive drunk a lot[View]
239538 Did somebody read "psychologihal self-help" by Clay Tucker-Ladd? Did it help you? [View]
239533Tinnitus Do you have tinnitus? How did it start? Anything that helps?[View]
238411any of you guys have bad experiences with infinite content pools? I end up spending all day on youtube and constantly refreshing forums holy fuck I hate it just reblocked youtube, it's horrible how these sites are designed, my fucked up brain may have something to do with it though.[View]
238401 Normalswine have no souls. They feel comfortable in a crowd. They are forced to work 9-5 jobs to survive because they are absolute normalswine scum and lack the ability to create anything themselves. They see the person next to them working 9-5 and think "they're doing it too, so it's okay" and their train of thought stops there. They cannot stop and reflect on their situation. It's impossible for[View]
238214 Lost my job because libtards said I was a racist and provided no evidence and been homeless before, not doing it again.[View]
238053Things to do before you kill yourself What do you want to do before you kill yourself?[View]
237916Depression Crawl Thread XXXIV Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread[View]
237788 My older obsessed sister tried to "raise" me to be an effeminate sentimental submissive castrated white guilt liberal faggot. I try to clean and fix myself from it but the ghost is always there. I'm 24 and feel like she (and my dumb degenerate brother) stole my life[View]
237613Is wizard depression caused by social isolation? If so, why don't we enjoy socializing? I'm sure everyone knows the studies on monkeys in isolation and how they become depressed and unmotivated, how humans are social creatures and most people rely on social interaction to feel fulfilled, how solitary confinement in prison is seen as the most severe punishment for a prisoner, the thing is, if social[View]
237340Nostalgy What a irony. [View]
237143Suicide General The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.[View]
236861Walking cadavre Anybody else feels like this? I am alive but I'm dead. Life has no sense for me and every thing I dreamed of is completely impossible. No mattee what I do nothing will ever change, even if I manage to do better there are outside things that make everything impossible and worthless, even worse now with this coronameme thing. So I just have no hopes nor anything, life in the past was [View]
236479/BPD/ Borderline personality disorder Making a thread for BPD discussion since the last one we had here has died.[View]
235552Low oxygen after waking up Every morning I feel terrible because my head feels like it lacks oxygen, tinnitus is very loud, head feels heavy, empty, bare of emotions, slow and disoriented. I always have to breathe consciously and very deep to feel somewhat better again though it takes time till it adapts to a normal level every day.[View]
235417Leaking urine and diabetes Started leaking urine drops today, can barely put pressure on my bladder and urethra. Back injury did this.[View]
235149What even is the point in doing anything? What's the point in doing anything if we are all going to die, I mean if I were to die right now my life "experience" would be exactly the same than if I were to die at 99 after curing cancer and creating space colonies, to be precise, I would experience nothing, the end result of life is the same no matter what you do while alive, non existence. The king a[View]
235017Best cope for being dumb as hell? So an incident in my life has lead me to become deeply introspective of myself and one thing that I've realized is that I'm dumb as hell. Like, my intelligence is so minuscule that I won't ever master any kind of skill, whether that is mastering a game like Age of Empires 2 or learning and mastering coding languages. My memory and critical thinking skills are just [View]
234800 >Shunned by "friends" /any group I've ever tried to be apart of[View]
234695 What is the most depressing movie you've ever seen? Threads and Leaving Las Vegas for me.[View]
234683 How do you guys deal with the fact that suffering, evil, and hardship is rampant within the universe?[View]
234379Suicide Note: For or Against It? If you lost a loved one to suicide, would you want to know why they did it? [View]