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205825Assisted suicide Hey guys level 1 wizard. This is my first and probably last post. I think it's time for me to leave this world. I'll spare you the details of why I wanna die, all I need from you guys is quick painless methods of suicide that don't involve guns and will work. Thanks.[View]
205737Pls respond Level 25 wiz here. How should I handle my current situation?[View]
205645Hi Hi. I’m Carson, I recently turned 19. Forgive me if I do or say something outside of the norm here, I’m new to wizard Chan and image boards in general. I suffer from severe depression and I am a kiss-less virgin (almost what I guess you call an “apprentice wizard”?). I dropped out of school in the 8th grade at my parents request and I have spent the last several years of my life at home,[View]
205588 I told the police and doctors I planned on killing many people before I killed myself, and that it would happen over the next few days. Nothing came of it and they sent me home[View]
205313trapped in my head since a few years back i grew to despise the situation i am living in. im a teenager and living with narcissistic parents. i am also politically incorrect and study in a very,very leftist school,with almost no freedom in my life.[View]
205175daydreaming >And what loving-kindness, oh Lord, what loving-kindness I felt at times in those dreams of mine! in those "flights into the sublime and the beautiful"; though it was fantastic love, though it was never applied to anything human in reality, yet there was so much of this love that one did not feel afterwards even the impulse to apply it in reality; that would have been superfluous. Every[View]
205148 Does anyone remember the story of Livecorpse: the flash animator from Newgrounds who killed himself in 2004? I don't know why but I just randomly thought about it today. Here's the link to his email he posted before he killed himself.[View]
205115How to beat comfort addiction? I was reading a thread about drug addiction and someone said that you never stop being an addict and the only way is to stay away from drugs as it only takes one taste to go back to using them. Many agreed.[View]
205072Hemlock and stuff. Hello board. I dont mean to bother anyone, but id like to know if anyone has any experience with water/poison hemlock. Every resource brags about Socrates like they are the first to notice this "interesting fact" but no one specifies what sort of drink he used. Many say that they failed to game end themselves after trying to ingest parts of hemlock. I dont want to make any mistak[View]
205050I think I've reached a point in my adulthood that's just as bad as my childhood. People die when they no longer breathe and when they are forgotten. But when I was little and went through hard times (like any aspie) I always told myself that this life was just going to get itself over with. Meaning that all the weight of the pressure and emotional pain gave me no reason to look forward to the futur[View]
205037Coping How do you deal with the fact that you're going to die alone? Whether by your own hand or by circumstance.[View]
204998 How to get rid of the materialism that comes with selling your workforce[View]
204820 NEETs who got a full time job: how would you describe your free time compared to before? What do you do with it? Does it feel more rewarding now?[View]
204635Revenge vs fighting back I've been getting harrassed by someone for more than 3 years now, but since we live in a world where apparently hurting succubi is bad (even though they hurt you much worse) yet not vice versa, nobody wants to help me.[View]
204531What a joke Talent isn't just a pursued interest. It's an inherent advantage to pursue an interest successfully.[View]
204496 Do you think playing video games with depression is a bad idea?[View]
204355Friends Is "friendship" just like religion? I mean, just like people pretend to believe in God to get in a certain social circle that they can use to advance themselves, is there a similar game that occurs when two people call themselves 'friends?' More generally, when people say 'social skills,' do they really mean the set of Machiovellian skills of choosing when to deceive or trust other people[View]
204288 To someone who is also:[View]
204286 The worst thing my parents did was to never take me to a shrink as a kid/teenager despite me being obviously fucked up. I doubt this would've fixed me in any meaningful way, but I would've gotten proper documentation for NEETbux at least.[View]
204120Finding a job without a college degree ~5 years in college. Exams, but most importantly, insufferable college normans. Sounds like hell. Also, education quality is rather low here in my borderline third world country[View]
204058The Egg Prison Part I;[View]
204052Depression Crawl Thread XVI Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.[View]
203907 Does anyone else feel like an old rusty machine?[View]
203642 Is it possible to get a job as 24yo neet with an empty resume and no qulifications at all? I'm an ugly kv so jobs that involve customer interaction are probably out of question as my looks would drive customers away.[View]
203543I feel lack of meaning in my life. what is the meaning of life if you are not exceptional in any way, if you do not look exceptional, if you do not have exceptional talent, if you were not born in a unique place, you don't have any unique skills, or you don't have a bigger goal in life?[View]
203257 Anyone else realized to late that there parents fucked you up and abused you in there early childhood and this is the main reason your life went shit before started and broke up with thme later. How did your life turned out after this?[View]
202958 >leave store without buying anything[View]
202792I'm overflowing with envy and hatred I listen to music and feel envy instead of amazement. I think "They're lucky to make money by only doing what they love. I too have lots of creative energy and even some musical skills and talents, but no one needs that. My parents don't want to support me", etc[View]
202551No willpower I just can't get over how little willpower I have.[View]
201555Resolving negate thought spirals? I don't know if there is a name for it but here is how I feel.[View]
200654 Why am I getting punished when they should. Why am I on the receiving end of the penalty. Why am I the one getting attacked, getting stolen from. I'll kill them in spite. I will kill them. White people are the true villains. Whites are the ones who are degenerates, who must be cleansed from the gene pool. They are inbred. I have woken up. They cheat they lie they manipulate they conquer other coun[View]
200576post-SSRI thread I'm 4 days being totally off my SSRI per doctor's orders after tapering for about 2 months. The main thing I notice is not the physical side effects, but how my emotions have risen from the dead. My libido too. I just had a nice, good crying spell. I was browsing the internet and saw this poor son of a bitch trying to dance at a club and getting shamed for it, and the look on his f[View]
197755Psychiatric hospitals are full of normies I made this thread because I want to share my experience, since I'm pretty sure that some of you made the same experience with the other patients in there. [View]