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225613Doubting reality and losing perception Someone might relate to this experience. There are so many things that went wrong and keep going wrong in my life and sometimes in such bizarre ways that my mind starts to doubt reality more and more. I'm at a point where I honestly wouldn't be surprised if some doctors came up to me and told me that this is all an experiment or if someone secretly planned out[View]
225535 I wonder if there are people with similar circumstances[View]
225443 I have so much time being death, inside me there is nothing i am just another body dragged by the violent wind alone.[View]
225387Hippity Hoppity, Thomas Ligotti Is it possible to meme yourself into suicide?[View]
225368Cathars, Bogomils What are your thoughts about the Bogomils, Cathars and other religious and secular groups whose fundamental principles argued that the material world should be regarded with indifference if not contempt?[View]
225304help me kill myself ppl r racists and twisted here, i work 6 days a week until noon and i help do the house[View]
225118Death By Car Fumes How old does a car need to be in order to kill you from it's fumes? I'd like to run a hose from the muffler into the car. I have a 25 year old shitbox but I'm not sure if that's old enough. I know that after a certain era they made it so you can't kill yourself with the fumes.[View]
225015 why do they try their best to prevent suicides? do they enjoy our suffering?[View]
225013Lost Life Lately I feel a lot of emptiness in myself when thinking that I am nobody in this world, I am not known by anything and I have not done or will do something important neither, practically my complete existence will probably be forgotten a few years after my death for a few people, without having done something relevant with this life ... the true death is that nobody remembers you.[View]
224763Online gaming anxiety I avoid team games because I'm not very good and get anxious as fuck when my teammates curse me. Sometimes I find a game or server where people are chill and don't care about winning, but most of the time everyone is hypercompetitive and I hate letting others down. So I quit playing these kind of games because I can't deal with it. I hate to use SJW buzzwords but I find online[View]
224734No creativity I have no creativity at all, I try to write something and I can't think of anything to say, the words don't come easily. I try to brainstorm ideas for a creative video or game or something and I can't think of anything. Even in school when we had creative writing assignments I could not think of anything and my writing was never more than a paragraph. I think this is an autism thing [View]
224651consuming media i literally cannot stand most media for reasons i can't put into words[View]
224521Birthdays Anyone else hate birthdays? [View]
224441I'm a double digit IQ pathetic male attentionwhore, give me attention or kill me 1- What can a parasite NEET do when their mother dies? Please give me precise instructions. There's this apartment and another but renting isn't enough to pay half of the bills. There isn't welfare here. How long would it take to sell one apartment or what else should I do. I'm afraid of being hacked and losing my inhe[View]
224335/wraith/ I have been at the lore.wizchan.org lurking, it surprised me to see that virgin ranks do not stop at 30, yet there exists even a master level (80) [View]
224157Sense of aimlessness I've read the thread about the sense of uselessness and I've thought about posting one with another kind of feeling that is often paired with it, the sense of aimlessness.[View]
224098 >apply for manual labor job[View]
222184A misguided wizard To start off, I am a 21yo apprentice wizard living in a third world country.[View]
222048The last song If you were to kill yourself within the next few minutes (by any method), which would be the last song you would listen to?[View]
221601 I want to believe that my negative view of my self and the world is wrong, but it just keeps getting proven right over and over again. [View]
219466 if you have a pharmacy at your disposal, can you make something that'll off you in a neutral way? just like going to sleep, minimal effect on brain receptors.[View]
218943Wiz childhood How was your childhood like? How was your birth? How was the health of your parents? At what point you "realized" you were no longer a kid and society had expectations of you?[View]
218306If you could be guaranteed death, what would you do? Let's say you could arrange a deal that on 1st Jan 2021 you would cease to exist, what would you spend the rest of the year doing?[View]