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File: 1571243776604.jpg (73.16 KB, 735x669, 245:223, slobodan-praljak-toast-pho….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am starting to believe that this world is a form of hell meant to torment a few select humans, wizard types such as most posters here, everyone else is an npc that exists to torture us and remind us of all we will never enjoy in life no matter the effort given while npcs get to enjoy thing beyond our understanding but within our observation. I have come to this conclusion based on how in my own life I have observed how all my suffering seemed to always be very targeted and timed at the right place and timing, at first I suspected narcissists and or other forms of sadists in my life might be conspiring against me but I have concluded most of the events targeted against my emotional, mental and physical wellbeing are too well timed and planned out to be organized by humans. Does anyone else feel as if the world itself is geard towards causing as much suffering to you personally? inb4:schizo.
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Life is literally the cause of suffering. In other words life creates suffering. You're confused because it's also the cause of other things besides suffering, but that doesn't change the fact.



That's like saying paper causes letters


File: 1575830869185.jpg (63.47 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, WDeRTZTEq3jmEDiEYaHcm8cLYu….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, in your analogy, paper would be the world/universe, and life would be the ink. If there was no life, there would be no suffering, it's not difficult to understand.


If you wanted someone to suffer why would you explain it to them to give them peace of mind that they deserved it?

It's actually infuriating that they're so foolish to behave. That's faggot enabling even if the abrahamic god DOES exist.

File: 1571508457828.gif (2.97 MB, 500x292, 125:73, 1464340034836.gif) ImgOps iqdb


No one likes me. I have no friends. My parents despise me. My black welfare caseworker is getting fed up with my excuses for being unemployed.
My heart condition is getting worse.
I can't stop eating crap food.
Diablo 3 doesn't work anymore.
What is the point of any of this? Why would the universe do this to me?
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*you're (putting yourself at risk)

It's just a defense mechanism and society runs of being reasonable. Fairness at the core of the system. Royalty has better blood traditionally, we still think genes are real, it never should have been this silly song and dance about how you can choose anything. Rocky the first is a good movie. He hates himself until he tries, then fails, it wasn't about winning. He wanted to know it wasn't his fault even if technically it was. Going the distance and actually succeeding is a terrible and immature sort of story, the movies that came after are dogshit and so are people that like them.

Just as an example to add to my line of thinking. I don't even like Rocky, but the first one was betrayed by the rest. The entire point was to do with self esteem. The semantics about having tried. Attempted. That's all you need to do is attempt it. Then you did it. It's your fault, but not your fault the world was so difficult. Either way you win, either way you lose. Who cares? You're still alive so you couldn't have failed that hard. Unless the secret goal all along was to die perhaps…

I'd personally be insulted by a second chance. I need no such insanity in my life. If I failed I accept that.


The world is a cold unforgiving place full of people looking out for themselves. Not going to pretend to know the answers just wanted to say good luck


just world fallacy


as I go out to buy thinks everyone doesn't look at me and I feel invisible, does it mean Im not alive?

the point is, is everythink agnainst you, just wait you have time, the fade comes if you want or not, not the religious fade, just the fade of live

and if you doesn't recognize it, than doesn't care, live is just a oportunity not a "must have"


too close to home

File: 1575948895965.jpg (866.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, noose.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


what's an effective way to end my life that doesn't leave a mess?

I'm not currently in a place where a length of rope is real easy to come by. Medical overdose is also likely out of the question since that is a regulated item.


Belt and a doorknob


how the fuck do celebrities do this?
I need a picture or something


>Inner succubus ended up fully swallowing the wizard's soul, leading him into self-destruction


I heard that you can gas yourself and it's a painless death since it puts you to sleep first. I can't remember what gas you have to use though. I think the kind for mini camping stoves work but idk. You just need to rid your room of breathable air.

File: 1574658077357.jpg (47.13 KB, 500x348, 125:87, 1444758731797.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't have any knowledge about anything; I barely know how to tie my shoes. I still have no idea how I managed to finish high school, everybody there hated me for no reason and my grades were pretty mediocre. If I remember right I think I repeated 3 or 4 years. I know nothing of culture, politics, literature, movies, music, basically everything. I'm still trapped in my child stage of life and I haven't grown out of it. All I've done so far in my life is play old video games and randomly browse the internet. I never felt and put any effort into anything requiring responsibility, and I still have an apathetic and lazy attitude towards everything.
I'm just a parasite now and I'll become something less and less human as the years go on, years and years of staying in my room with my computer have damaged my ability to empathize and communicate. I have no what idea what do or what will happen to me once my parents die which isn't going to take too long considering they are old and sick. My birthday was last week and none of them remembered. Or anybody for that matter.
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Practice fasting. Eating just honey with warm water for a week or 5 days, the wait a month and do it again.

Your brain is occupied with subtle crap, substances that do not let the hormones act normally…

after doing that 4 or 5 times in a year you should start to feel some changes.

It seems to work to me, yet I sometimes take longer time to repeat than I should…


I have only felt motivation to do anything when something makes me extremely upset/angry. When I saw the ending of MLP I got so angry at the writers that I made my own version of the ending. Despite me never wanting to write or even having motivation to write I churned out 30k words in the span of 2 days. It just doesn't happen very often but experiencing the world or feeling really attached to something is where motivation comes from.


This is one of the few things I suffer with that I don't blame myself for in any way. The world in recent years has been so geared towards instant gratification that it was bound to have problems for many thousands of people and it does. Even normies suffer from this shit to a lesser extent.

I'm also stupidly easily influenced though, in that essentislly whatever a character that I like in a movie/tv series/whatever media is doing I want to do it too. Never to the extent that I actually pursue it though, just enough to research it online for hours on end and do nothing about. Of course after that I feel like I have wasted so much time on nothing after cramming my head with useless shit I will never use and will forget when a character in the next thing I consume does something different.

I just wish I had one thing to aim towards. I remember my dad having one "heart to heart" conversation with me in my life and it was about needing a dream to strive towards. I ignored it at the time because I was already planning on killing myself by now but now that I am still here I wish I found something, anything, to cling to.


Do you want to improve your situation, or are you content as you are? You don't seem content, so maybe it's time to change. I know you may feel isolated and helpless because of your lacking of knowledge, but I think you may be able to turn it around. Firstly though, I want to say that you're not stupid or worthless because of your grades in high school or because you had to repeat high school or because your knowledge of the outside world is lacking. I feel that way too about college, and even though I made it through high school, It's been the same way for me in college. I've been in college for 6 years with no degree at all. No associates, even. I've repeated classes that I should have been able to complete because of laziness because I too have an apathetic view of learning too.

If you think you may have a learning disability, you may need to get actual professional help with that, but if you're just very apathetic, you can just start by doing a little research every day on the things that irk you. I know it's annoying because I don't like working, but playing video games, but you're going to hurt unless you do the things that cause you to hurt in the first place. A small amount of effort each day will be nothing compared to the pain of what you're going through now, and I know that personally. I've not fully healed, but I feel like I'm at least evolving a bit each year, slowly, just by doing a few things per year.

If you're on okay terms with your parents, even if they've forgotten your birthday, I'm sure they know of your impending fate if you continue this path, so maybe talk with them for help.

With all that said, happy birthday. And don't forget that despite everything, you'll always be a human, no less, no matter.


Congrats anon, acknowledging one's ignorance is the first step to wisdom. Aquiring a hobby that you are passionate about can't hurt either.
Stay away from the internet and social media for awhile.


I understand depression in private but when people make it out publically especially on videos and streams I can't help but cringe. Like why would you bring your whole viewership to this? Does depression make people selfish? Especially big YouTubers and the such cause I can't help but cringe when I listen to them talk about their depression. Anybody else?
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File: 1575957008771.jpg (20.33 KB, 363x207, 121:69, cirnohmm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>read first half of post
>its sensible and relatable
>read the last paragraph
>turns into full retard

Your parents are right. If you make $400 in 3 days of work and spend $500 weekly it's all your fault.


File: 1575957710910.jpg (13.6 KB, 250x255, 50:51, 1489795415566.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm trying to be normie so I can one day have a family


Oh give him a break. We can't all be desireless wizmonks.


No. I mean, it's cool you are trying to change your life, but putting down others isn't


Yeah, everything you see on social media is a lie
If you're actually having a very intimate moment of introspection you don't just share it with the rest of the world for likes

File: 1574832013684.jpg (143.21 KB, 473x355, 473:355, petmd-puppy-weight.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Have any of you ever considered curing loneliness with a pet? Since I got a puppy all my suicidal thoughts have gone and taking care of my puppy has taught me to take care of myself. I've had a few smaller rodent like pets as a child but somehow I never managed to bond to any of them as much as with dog puppy.
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I don't want to be forced into giving up 4 hours of every day for the following 15 years.


I'd like to but I know nothing of how to care for them or train them, what to do if they get sick etc.


>what to do if they get sick
take them to a vet


Do not think about doing anything before you can take care of yourself first


Yeah it really depends how dysfunctional your depression makes you. I get too depressed to change my cats litter trays ( thankfully it only lasts 5-8 days at most ) and have sat there with them begging for food for hours before, but my family can feed them they just can't change the trays. I'm ashamed of it and I wouldn't get pets for myself( mine are family pets ). I however have severe dysfunctional depression where I become a total retarded goblin, for a lot of people who have depression that responds to positive social interaction and positive interaction they can work. When my depression lifts from severe goblin status having pets and caring for them is fulfilling.

Maybe volunteer at a dog place to see if it works, but if you're both a dysfunctional and a caring person it's very distressing to see yourself fail to look after an innocent and caring animal. I only have experience with cats maybe dogs are more emotionally reactive.


so how did you cut wizzies react when you found out about circumcision and its effects on the human body. I personally was sent into a rage than dread for some time realizing what had been done to me and how I couldnt of done anything because it was done to me like many as a newborn. Later I did find out about foreskin restoration but I am too poor for any of that. Even though for the most part the foreskin can be replaced or healed, it is impossible to replace the frenulum and other parts. Plus the mental trauma on babies caused by circumcision on babies is significant.

Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJst3JJngXs


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It’s not that bad of a thread so keep


Studies typically show that masturbation is the main thing that loses enjoyment with male genital mutilation, so I'd say it is a crime against wizards in particular - it most punishes those who dont have sex


It means dick soft, and these guys don't turn me on so let them die.

It's an inflammatory political psyop. So /b/anish.


Moved to >>>/b/426068.

File: 1566940437981.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1566922227666.png) ImgOps iqdb


What keeps you going in life?

My life is shit, my goals and dreams are impossible to reach and I'm tired. I hate having to strive and work so hard to achieve what most people have so easy.
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We're all gonna die calm down


>what keeps you going
When I watched Star Trek as a kid I felt something beautiful and unexplainable.
The memory of that feeling stays here, come hell come high water.
It keeps me going. A better world awaits, somewhere and sometime.


I don't even know anymore. If I'm being honest it's probably because it's easier to just stay in the wake up -> go to work -> come home, hate myself self and sleep loop than it is to attempt to change it. It's actually easier to stay in my loop than to kill myself… I keep waiting to hit rock bottom in the hopes that it will force me to change something, but I've been waiting for so long that I don't even feel anything anymore. I don't know if things can even get worse at this point, but I'm hanging onto the hope that they do so I can at least feel something again.


I still don't see what's so great about all this
The only thing i can think of watching this stuff is that i hope i work up the courage to kill myself before it becomes real


no way out

File: 1568913498782.gif (20.44 KB, 90x90, 1:1, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb


I'm almost 24 but can only like succubi 8 to 13 . I correctly see this as a problem and I thus asked for help:my doctor will give me bupropion
Is it true that this will make me suicidal?he said it will help stop obsession over children
Please help me,I don't want to become a child-linguiere catalog collector
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At Brazil, legally a adult can have sex with a 14 years old teen, but its not uncommon to have adults in the school door boyfrinding kids with 11, 12 years old when i was with 11 years old in the school, a succubus in my class already had a boyfriend, living together and he had 20 years old, if i remmember right, he was a drugdeller or something involved with theft. Does the reason? Motorcycle or car. The hipergamy is brutal, even kids with 11 or 12 years old already are just interested in men with money. Of course, this thing happens more with poor people, because a real bandit culture is praised.


What? This is crazy, has a chance to pedophile to be genetic.


How hard is it to find cp anyways? And what are the risks involved?


Part of this place being for wizards means bullying isn't something you're supposed to wish on other wizards. Yet you do. You're just projecting your anger that you got molested as a child, aren't you? Get raped by a thousand niggers you fucking normie.


Its fucked up. But controllable. You treat these thoughts like a big dump. I even synced it up so I only fap when shitting then wipe my ass and forget about both of these things until the next bathroom time.
In time I mostly dissociated RL stuff with it, mostly not being aroused by it if it pops up and my life is mostly without problems with this disgusting demon shit.
t. wizard who only faps to violence


I am feeling an intense feeling of depression and being dead right now. Things had gotten stable for a few months, I've just realized it's been two months since I started spiraling back to my recurrent state. Level 25.

I've seen and done too much. I've "tried" and succeded to some extent. I regret ever trying. I wish I was a blissful, ignorant NEET but I can't even have a conversation with my parents that doesn't end up with an act of violence.

I've tried and I am tired. I am tired of this life. Christmas eve. Everyone talking about love. I just want to be alone but I can't. I am stuck in a rented rat cage with two other idiots I hate. I hate my wagecuck job. I hate planning, executing and failing a suicide.

I feel a connection to this site and all wizards and it's just a stupid fantasy. We aren't friends. We will never meet each other. Even if we did we'd probably hate each other.

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