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File: 1592809461045.jpg (52.3 KB, 719x405, 719:405, plasma-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


As a depressed neet soon-to-be wiz I'm broke as fuck, I never tried selling plasma since it's usually ghetto as fuck and I thought I wouldn't pass the tests, but I'm desperate now. Have bills to pay. In retrospect, I should have just started when I began neeting.
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Can't you get a bit of cash for donating your jizz as well? Might be a bit more comfortable than plasma.


It's still not the same thing.


They don't take semen from depressed autists.
If they do, it ends up on the news.


The requirements are strict


OP It hasn't been that bad. But I'm really peeved since some other guy on /wiz/ said he's getting paid 600 a month for his plasma while the most I can make is like 300-400 at best.

File: 1591731276303.jpeg (31.76 KB, 197x256, 197:256, B2DFCE9A-B20B-459D-B78F-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Alright, I’m proably on the edge of rules but I’ll take the risk. Do any of you have dakimakuras (or other non-anime body pillows) that you hug when you sleep? How does it feel like? Does it relieve the stress or the sadness?
I’m still sleeping with a teddybear like a fucking toddler but I really like the feeling. I tried to stop but Ijust can’t.
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2 way tricot is the standard for a good daki, you can't really go wrong with it.


I guess it's 2 way tricot of some kind for the absolute best fabric


I never liked stuffed animals.
They couldn't stop my father from hitting me and yelling and shouting while banging his hands on the metal kitchen counter from 10 pm to 6 am, preventing me from sleeping at all.
And I had a lot of them, too.



File: 1594058887297.jpg (5.8 KB, 260x194, 130:97, ciao ciao itaaalia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lucky man, the only Footy worldcup mascot I ever had was the Italia'90 one which would have been the lousiest onahole ever. It was also the last world cup I ever followed.

File: 1593827919387.jpg (20.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 2flapiq82ph31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Depression is a state of constant denial about whether life has meaning or not, but the truth is that the meaning of life is nothing more and nothing less than dying, dying as soon as possible, because you realize that nothing has sense and there is nothing to live for (especially if you have non-white genes in your DNA)

So it is no use taking life seriously because it does not make sense, when you are alone you think and think about many things to the point where you realize that suicide is the best option, of course there are exceptions, but those exceptions are only for the 1% of the world population that can have what they want, for the rest the only thing we do is constantly suffer to continue feeding the fortune and lifestyle of the 1%.

In conclusion, life is simply a state of constant suffering that only serves to satisfy 1% of the population, the solution is suicide since it is the only way out.
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And your "eternal peace" is somehow more meaningful others' reasons to live because…?



>then impose it on others
you need to actually quote the relevant passages where you claim that a view was imposed on anyone. vague normalfagisms aren't proof of anything.


A tip for you, search for the truth


>it's how every day has to be
It doesnt have to be though. It IS but if you put in some effort to get rid of some negative assumptions and train your brain to stop beating itself up it could be better one day.

It's good that you are "plodding away" though. But, you could "plod away" MUCH BETTER if you didn't have the burden of being in mental pain all the time.

Depression while plodding away is like working when you have an injury. You can do it but, its not ideal.

Anyway, I think its good you are focusing on your goals though. Just if you have some spare energy/time you could spend it on addressing the thoughts that are giving you pain as well. At the very least so that you can work more efficiently on your main goals.

File: 1593128889200.jpg (32.98 KB, 544x435, 544:435, angel-crying.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone notice that it's ok to make fun of below average people as long as they aren't TOO bad?
For example, nobody makes fun of cripples or blind people as that would be too mean, but normans find it ok to make fun of someone who is too skinny or has crooked teeth (got bullied with both of these as a kid).
It's like you're bad enough to be mocked, but not so bad to be pitied. It's the worst zone to be.
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It's simple biology.

Chimpanzees will bully a lower ranking chimp when they feel stress, and it will make them feel measurably better.

We do the same shit. It makes sense, if you are scared that something bad might happen to you, fuck over the person beneath you just as much and your "rank" will be secure.

Obviously this is horrible for society, but great for the bulliers so ofc it evolved. The only solution is to murder ppl who do things like this so they don't proliferate.


this explains 50% of the posts on wizchan


Interesting. However, does this explain anonymous bullying on imageboards and elsewhere on the internet? There is no consistent identity so there shouldn’t be any consistent hierarchy.
Maybe you are right in that the innate chimp instinct still kicks in even though it is not actually securing any real rank in the anonymous online world.


Warlock raging in a nutshell
Individuals used to be protected from harsh bullying due to law of the jungle tribes, but now bullies can operate below the radar of retaliation, which compounds the low status male stress, resulting in what we have seen.


In real life, it's mediated by laws/expectations of relative politeness, but online people don't face any backlash. It's always weird to think if I've seen any of the more aggressive imageboard people irl and they were just hiding behind a meek facade of civility.

File: 1593738823874.jpg (85.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Sodium-Nitrite-TN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


30 years old, I'm about to order my suicide method (sodium nitrite, plus maybe gun). Continuous chronic headache the last 7 months plus headache almost every day for 5 years before that. Plus lots of other problems.

But I want to try ordering a psychedelic and using it for headache and other problems first (I've used weed and LSD over 5 years ago) Does anyone know of any good psychedelic research chemicals vendors(I'm in US).

I think I'm too much of a brainlet to figure out darknet markets right now (or when I tried in the past), I can't concentrate.

Thanks for any help.
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Found rarechems.com


Hey NA, stay strong brother, as long as you have people around you that care for you, a way forward will present itself :)


No wiz you just unlocked your superpowers



That's right anon, fight for your life

File: 1593701301825.jpg (145.32 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, Depression.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't know how to start this. I don't post very often and I'm not good at writing.

I started a new job recently in social work. Out of the 28 people in my team, I am the only male. I'd been having a hard time getting along with the succubi in my team coz I'm a social retard and don't really know how to talk to people.

The clients I look after are extremely toxic and regularly abuse me when I try anything that could help them get "better" as improvement is seen as them potentially seeing a reduction in their benefits. To add to that we're heavily policed about the way we talk to our clients, to the point where individual words and sentences are dissected by management.

I've just been pulled up by my boss whom I've struggled to get along with. She identified a specific line in an email I sent. Since then, what was a fairly innocuous relationship, has turned in to one where I'm now being grilled for everything and it seems like she's doing everything she can to get me out of here.

If I do anything well, it's not appreciated. If I make any mistakes though I receive the harshest punishment allowable for that mistake. Everything is recorded and I feel like my boss is trying to get me to quit, or otherwise build up a strong enough case to fire me. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells and if I don't perform perfectly then I will be caught by her and disciplined.

I see the other succubi make mistakes and they're coached. For me, if I make a mistake it's a straight disciplinary action.

It's eating my up inside wizzies and I'm extremely depressed.

I don't get along with others but I need money to survive.

Please help me.
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“ It sounds like you have valid moral grounding in your behavior, since you're not actually doing anything wrong it should be easy to defend yourself if you quit fearing her. The worst thing she can do to you is take away your job that you hate, that's not too bad.”

Thank you for explaining it to me like that.

I feel more at ease and relieved, knowing I’ve got nothing to lose.



Brother my degree is in engineering.

I don’t even remember applying for this job tbh.

From memory, I only went to the interview because it was in the same location as another job which was for becoming a ticket checker on public transport.

I took this one because it paid more.

I deeply regret my decision. $50 more every week was not worth the price of my sanity.


Why can't you find other places that will treat you better?

Surely if you got hired in one place, an equally good place is better?

I know applying is a huge pain, but so is living in a shitty job over and over.

The trends are changing, theres research that shows being a dick to your employees LOWERS productivity so more and more companies are realizing they have to be nice to their employees. Try to find a better place. Also I think smaller companies are typically better for this reason too, its only the "big old companies" that can survive even though they have a toxic work environment.


become a transexual and act like you belong


Look at cringe Cafe users, does it seems like counts love mtf transgender? Spoiler:No

File: 1593673407535.jpg (87.56 KB, 600x891, 200:297, 1551830977739.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


There is something, even if it's vague, do you like to do?

>I had a keyboard since I was 15 years old but I not played with him for more than 10 minutes since I bought

>I want to be capable to read more than one sentence of any book before I get lost in my train of through
>I want able to separate part of my time to write down all the stories that come out of my head
>I miss my 2018's morning walkings
>become less internet/Imageboard dependent

My Plan: Wake Up at 6am > take a shower (it is hot where I live) > a short walk to buy bread(40m) > eat breakfest > read something(20m) > some internet > lunch > play a little keyboard(20m) > more internet > try to write something(20m) > sleep at 22h
I going to start with 20 minutes with each one.

No matter what I will always come with a excuse to not finish my life no matter what situation am in.
Since I don't gonna die to my own hands, I hope to make the life I'm living a little more bearable and fulfilling.
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I like your grammatical errors, they are comfy for some reason


>Very limited and arbitrary scale but so be it. This will not work unless you have an exceptional memory and know yourself very well and you are used to dismissing emotional bias as much as you're able to.
You can use more objective scales if your mood experience cannot be tracked easily. There are things like the PANAS and POMS scale which are psychometric tests which have shown some evidence in being able to differentiate between moods, they're worksheets. There's things like https://www.moodscope.com/ which use PANAS measures I believe, ignore the social aspect.

You can also use the behaviour observation idea of that you can't track your mood easily so you observe objective behaviours that indicate a different mood, such as feeling anger, eating more, or something like that. And there are of course phone apps with different features along this line.

I really struggle to track my mood so I made a system to track my "mood" through a 9 category scale, each scale going from 1-6/7, and having 6 questions or so for each category to test specific objective actions/thoughts. Every morning I have to test myself and see where I am, and then respond as necessary. That has helped me go from barely able to move to bottom level of functioning doing chores every day.


Well it is guess work in the sense of experimentation but that is acknowledged in the process. If this is your primary focus of trying to identify if there's a cause within your environment that you can effect you record mood for a period. You try to see if there are patterns where the mood changes regularly each week, or at a specific time, and then see if there are regular events associated with it. It's about timescales really and there may not be any identifiable situations - as the other poster mentioned he felt a lot worse after specific social interactions which are easily trackable. There are situations where response to events and emotions create longer mood spikes, which is the case for a lot of people, then it is actually quite easy to track that after certain social interactions mood drops severely.

You're making an assumption that there is a high level of chaos with mood and that the smaller events you describe are regular and create large prolonged mood responses. Psychological experiments about how the smell of lavender or something cause people to choose different answers on a test create a disproportionate idea of background chaos I think. These techniques observe and claim that there isn't that much random mood related noise and certain experiences have a disproportionate mood affect which can be tracked separately from the general background noise, especially as human creatures who normally keep thinking or ruminating about things through language that prolongs emotion/mood.

Different types of depression exist and it's true ones depression may be caused something in the water supply so this would be useless, people have different experiences of what works. I personally haven't found much success with it but others do, some of them just benefit from a narrative of why something happens, whereas others test it against changing behaviour and find progress when they get an accurate cause. Communicating with depressed people isn't very fruitful because the severity of depression isn't really correlated with the complexity of the solution, it's all a mess. I was just commenting that there are attempts to find "objective" measures of mood to account for subjective bias and background noise.


Thanks anon!

I'm glad you understood what I was saying pretty much perfectly.

>Before I went to school I used to watch the news with my parents, but that habit only mode me anxious when leave home because of the crime rates of my city. When I noticed that I stopped watching. This only one pattern I could notice in me.

Yep this is exactly what I'm talking about. I used to listen to a lot of depressing music and I forced myself to try and listen to some other music too. I still listen to sad stuff, just not going overboard with it 24/7.

The internal stuff is really what helped me a lot. Like I was VERY VERY VERY paranoid about fucking EVERYTHING. I think what helped was "fuck it, I've been doing this same paranoid shit for TWENTY+ YEARS and bad shit still happens sometimes, this analyzing is pointless." Ofc analyzing stuff is fun, but just go and analyze something else. I used to really believe "Hope for the best but PREPARE FOR THE WORST". And that shit is just fucking toxic, there is no point in preparing for the worst, because the worst only happens like .001% of the time, and those kind of things are unpreparable. And even if you don't prepare it won't be that bad not even close.


I literally used to blog about how people if they get depressed should kill themselves because they are likely to get depressed again, and you prob have some genetic disposition (I got my DNA scanned so I know I have those genes).

But that's all just fucking bullshit.

You don't have to believe things that AREN'T TRUE. You just have to choose to remember the thoughts that are true and make you feel better. For example: Are you fucking starving? No you fucking aren't. Are you in danger of physical harm? No, we killed all the fucking tigers, and if you're in a 1st world country you just won't get attacked in a war. You MIGHT have an abuser in your life that might harm you, but I'm pretty sure most of you don't anymore at least.

Like I got bullied at school but the bullies are gone now. One thought that helped me is "99.9% chance I will never get into a fist fight ever." That shit is just completely illegal in the adult world, and you are probably a shut-in anyway.

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Heh, thanks. I am trying my best to be comprehensible, but I glad you enjoyed.


>For example take a nightmare - it's contents will haunt you for the rest of the night even if you forget nearly everything about it minutes after reaching wakefulness. Perhaps you dreamed of a humanoid creature with long and thin worms for it's hair using them to choke you as you feel them entering your mouth, nostrils, your ears and eyes. You forget the overwhelming majority of that almost as soon as you wake up. Not longer after you go and for example make spaghetti. You love spaghetti and eating it would usually make you happier, but tonight for a reason you cannot comprehend (because you do not remember) the noodles feel disgusting, as if they're somehow wriggling in your mouth and throat, and you choke on them. The meal that should've made you happier, has instead made you confused and disheartened, and the reason for that is long gone. What conclusions do you draw then? "Eating spaghetti, my favourite meal, shortly after waking up has a significantly negative impact upon my mood."? Don't forget that because spaghetti is your favourite meal, you expect to enjoy it - the fact that you didn't makes the negative impact even bigger.
I don't know if was the intention but this example reads like a psychollogical thriller, I like a lot. Don't mind I steal this concept, right?


Lost my job a few months ago and and recently lost my neetbux due to gambling. For the second time after 24 hours. I don't even have enough money for booze.


Kill a meth dealer, and steal all the dope from him, and cash if he/she has any.


sell plasma op. it's around 200-300 a month if you go in twice a week(limit).

though some guy on fucking wiz said he's making 600 and i don't fucking get it. that really pissed me off.



sorry Anon. i dont regret being a NEET at any time. I do regret that i didnt just work insanely hard right out of high school, invest every penny, and then live off the interest from that. This pay check to pay check hell is torture


>lost my neetbux due to gambling.

whats the problem?

File: 1591776503755.gif (2.42 MB, 499x214, 499:214, 6432E4C9-9A14-4D25-A084-AC….gif) ImgOps iqdb


Not just politics but anything intellectual or truth related

Losers have no identity outside of our opinions, hence the obsession with perfecting them to reality

So our entire interest in truth is illegitimate, it was forced on us. This is the ultimate truth, the most relevant truth anyway.

Once I stopped denying this I legit went from a politics junky to extreme apathy and depression in less than a month
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No one who regularly uses imageboards should be allowed to hold political thought. They aren't able to form anything coherent in the first place.
The last ten years have only proven this to me. These places produce nothing but psychotics.


I agree with everything anti-politics in this thread but:

> Once I stopped denying this I legit went from a politics junky to extreme apathy and depression in less than a month

You don't have to be apathetic and depressed now dude. Do something else that makes you happy.

Fuck if politics makes you happy somehow do it even though its a loser hobby, we are all wizards and kinda losers.


It's already being managed by a higher intelligence, you think all of this is by accident?


Anything that has purposely set up the current state of affairs is hardly what I’d call an intelligence.


> it was forced on us
Only if you conflate the news with politics. Actual political study is certainly not forced upon anyone, quite the opposite (by denying that certain things are political).

File: 1591104987828.png (249.67 KB, 400x408, 50:51, 1a0d822c4c11862f3485fbf940….png) ImgOps iqdb


Those who have had trouble living in the moment, what techniques, tips or remedies have you used to cope with the huge amount of overthinking and worrying?
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Managing to-do lists, dividing my day (or week) into a parts where and I allow myself relax, and when I should deal with smth.


tbh i barely do anything to cope, i just sit and try to suppress those thoughts


'dont think of a pink elephant'


not really. i'm quickly overwhelmed by thoughts even while doing other work. constant traumatic memories replaying in my head and "damn this is what become of my life" like squidward or any depressed shitjob character on the simpsons


When I got on antidepressants (specifically welbutrin and zoloft together) I found that the thoughts that swirled around in my head constantly were much much easier to suppress and eventually I no longer really had a problem with it really.

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