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File: 1718460166727.jpg (585.68 KB, 874x800, 437:400, 33.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any other Wizards deal with this borderline life ruining condition? I'm so sick of having this incurable disease that totally fucks my life; it's been 6 years now and the longest I've been able to maintain a decent sleep schedule (before midnight) is about a week. I know this is a total shot in the dark, but if anyone knows a way to combat this that isn't some meme-tier sleep hygiene advice it'd be much appreciated. Otherwise, please discuss your mental illness(s) and how they impact you in your day-to-day life.

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have you ever faced racism towards you or a relative you were with?
It hurts and you don't know how to respond and you feel weak.
how fo I be more confident and less vulnerable when someone says something racist or some contemptuous words they tell to you.
they make you feel like shit and be aware of responding to them they will sperg out like a down syndrome being
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File: 1717874143727.jpg (76.34 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1717850593515032m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

thank you wizzie, your words are precious to me


I don't think many people here will be able or willing to sympathize with you. Strange isn't it? We know ostracization from normals like the back of our hands but when you change the type of deviation ever so slightly, suddenly it's completely different. Sorry you had to face some racist dipshit anyway, wiz. Remember that their words have little bearing on your character, the insides of your soul, they are merely looking for an easy way to beat down on someone they think is beneath them.


File: 1718384484577.png (832.03 KB, 1300x1244, 325:311, 1718369495721.png) ImgOps iqdb

thank you wizzie


You know what I find funny? I was the one kid who stuck up for the Pakistani guy being victimized for his race and religion at school, while everyone sat around and watched. Yet at the same time, everyone called me racist and disgusting for saying Maoris got special treatment at school. I actually got punished for it at one point.

The Calvinists are absolutely right about human nature. People are utterly depraved, disgusting, hypocritical and despicable.

The truth of the matter is certain races get coddled due to going "WAAHHHHH" about mistreatment, like the african americans. While the races that look up to white people the most, like SEA and South Asians, get absolutely victimized at school.


do you live in new zealand? (because you mentioned maoris) also you're kind if you stood up for that pakistani guy. I wish you a good wizlife🧙. you deserve it

File: 1709282410655.jpg (100.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, f4d6dae2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Older wizzie here, I spend a good decade on psych meds and constantly trying to work past my autism. It doesn't work, here's some advice for you high functioning spergs that are suffering.

1. Make dealings with the fact you'll never have a wife, girlfriend and children, and psychologically accept it. The crab blackpill stuff with autism is 100% correct, it is harder for us than someone with schizophrenia. I'm someone tall and good looking enough to be asked out by succubi in the past, but it doesn't work out as they ghost you the second they work out what you are.

2. If you have to socialize, socialize with old people. They're more forgiving than younger normalfags. Retirement homes advertise chatting and talking to the elderly, if you need to get your social fix in, you could easily sate the urge with that. They won't be mean to you and they'll be desperate for your company. If you're an extroverted aspie who needs socialization, have a grandma/grandpa or two you go and see every second day. You will absolutely make their day, and you'll be able to talk to someone in a safe environment.

3. Get offline. Computer addiction destroys aspies, and we're susceptible to porn addiction and absolutely depraved coomery. If you're NEETing you can easily spend 12+ hours a day doomscrolling. We're all trannying out at rapid rates because we're susceptible to that brainrot.

4. A part time job where you work alone is preferable to NEETdom. But make sure it is alone, you must always find work where you're alone. You will be victimized because of your condition in hyper-social normie workplaces, guaranteed. Even if you weren't at school, you will be at work. Autists are typically fine at school but suffer at work to the point where 85% of us live on NEETbux.

5. Understand that there's nothing in the normalfag life that will actually make you happy. I did it all, I pushed myself to the limits trying to suppress and overcome my autism. I lived a life that for a while could be considered normie. It will not satisfy you and it won't make you happy. Find a healthy routine and stick to it.

6. Kacazynski-maxx if you can. If you can live in the countryside with a bit of land, do it. Having a small garden, going fishing, being in nature and having a dog will make you pretty happy by yourself. I was my happiest the less I used screens and the more outdoors I was.
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Name even one anyone can do without a highly specialized tech degree.

You can't because you're all full of crap.
Even tech support has long been outsourced to India.



I work as a proofreader remotely. It's mainly tech literature and documentation, but my degree is in modern languages, not IT. I live in Europe, not the USA, but here there are also many bureaucratic local government jobs that are remote. Pretty much the whole civil service works from home.


This is good advice except getting offline is not necessary, just make sure to curb your addiction and don't become a victim of your habits. Even if you lived in a shed in a forest you'd crave for some external stimuli eventually, at least if you weren't always busy for surviving.


That's why I hate that meme picture that says you become free when you no longer yearn for entertainment.

No. Just no. Even Unabomber needed to visit people at a library or local store every few months or read books.

Even stone age people painted finger art for fun or carved intricate objects to pass the time and have a hobby.
A life that only consists of working and sleeping isn't a life. It's sad, depressing sustenance existence.


> I'm someone tall and good looking enough to be asked out by succubi in the past

I sincerely do not believe your advice will apply to me, as a younger guy with autism. As it turns out, being short, ugly and brown really does change a LOT of factors that neither you nor I can fully account for.


anyone close to the end who can give a little advice? i know i need to do this, i just can't bring myself to give up. I'm worried that i have some type of aimless hope to hang on to but i dont think it exists. how would you quickly flip the lightswitch?


come on, you punks


Has anyone ever gotten really drunk and just walked out to a cliffs edge in the middle of the night? Do you think I'd chicken out or…?


suicide generals got lots of info. perhaps you're just not coocked enough by life yet. also what do you mean by giving up. are you tortured or something

File: 1717332947488.png (47.21 KB, 641x673, 641:673, minesweeper fail.png) ImgOps iqdb


Have you noticed this. I have, and I'm generally pretty mellow and don't really care if other people look at me.

Say I order takeout and decide to eat at the parking lot. People nearby will literally stare at me while I take every single bite instead of looking at their phone or nature.
It makes me uncomfortable and almost choke on food because it adds to my self-consciousness.

Or I go to a market that's open 24/7 to get some night snacks. When I walk home random people shout at me or call me a retard. I haven't looked at them or paid them any attention.
What is it about normies that they just have to make you feel uncomfortable foe no reason?

For this reason I try to avoid normies as much as possible but every now and then I step into one. I have even run into a scenario where I parked as far away from a McDonald's as possible, and some weirdo drove into the parking lot and parked right next to me. And they kept looking at me while I was eating.

I wish I was just paranoid, but it's really happening and I have no idea why.
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There is zero way you can make a mess with an ounce of almonds.

A pizza or hamburger is a different matter.


It doesn't matter. Allowing for little exceptions to rules and adopting this "It's OK when *I* do it" mindset is why public transit is so horrible in the developed world. If you couldn't wait 10 minutes before stuffing your face and crunching loudly on nuts, then you're probably obese which is why people should be giving you the stink-eye everywhere.


>public transit is so horrible in the developed world
You ever get a ride in third world?


Never been shouted at, but I get looked at all the time when I eat my takeaway burger in a car. As in people who are nearby are blank staring at me while I take bites.

So I stopped eating in the parking lot and drive 2-3 minutes to the next nearest empty parking lot and eat there.


do you stand out? visually?

File: 1717683494593.jpg (56.45 KB, 850x884, 25:26, sample_665be2c6cde3f2316a4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I can not stand it anymore. I'm done. I don't know what to do. It's over for me. My whole will be shit and then I'd die and finally I'd be at peace.
When you think about your life, you must think the whole thing (your 40s, 50s, 60s, etc…). A thing that young people (29 and less) don't do.
secretly, your parents still believe in you. You just want to be cool. Are we posers?
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>I like philosophy and want to be a philosopher
book 3 chapter XV That we ought to proceed with circumspection in everything
ever paid attention to that?
>I found a blog about him, been reading since.
mind if i have a look?
>do you like philosophy?
haven't figured that out, because i don't know philosophy, not even what the word means. epictetus is useful though


File: 1718140093718.gif (992.34 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 165160078995.gif) ImgOps iqdb

this quote?
>XV. You have acquired many beautiful things, you have many vessels of gold and silver, you are rich. But you lack the best good: constancy, submission to the orders of the gods, tranquility, freedom from trouble and fear. As for me, poor as I am, I am richer than you. I don't care about having a patron at court, I don't care about what people will say about me to the prince, and I don't flatter anyone. This is what takes the place of all goods for me. You have vessels of gold and silver, but all your thoughts, all your desires, all your inclinations, all your actions are of earth

here it is: https://mediterranees.net/litterature/epictete/pensees.html
sorry it's in french but you can translate using google trad or translate the whole blog. so you have les pensées (thinkings) and then book 1 to 4. for now I've only read the thinkings

>I don't know philosophy

you're wiser then me haha. like said plato: I know that I know nothing. which is wisdom. I bet on you may understand philosophy better then ma haha


>this quote?
actually, the first passage. beings with
>In every act consider what precedes and what follows, and then proceed to the act. If you do not consider, you will at first begin with spirit, since you have not thought at all of the things which follow; but afterwards when some consequences have shown themselves, you will basely desist (from that which you have begun).
this has struck be right in the balls when i first read it
>sorry it's in french
frenchwiz? you seem oddly familiar, just can't remember where i'd seen you before.

why'd you start reading philosophy? i just kind of stumbled upon a (really short) quote somewhere on imageboards and that was it. it's kinda skill of eloquence in action. not skill of platitudes, which seems to be overly common


>frenchwiz? you seem oddly familiar, just can't remember where i'd seen you before.
I was talking to a half french, half black on /lounge/ on the neet/hiki thread. I even shared my manga collection. maybe this is werr you heard about me


I like to think of it as an inversion of Lovecraft's "The Outsider"

File: 1700449170883.jpg (59.24 KB, 1264x945, 1264:945, There's no one here.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Death of the Uncool - End of the Wizards V

Watching Geekdom get absorbed into the monoculture over the last decade (and then some) has been a pretty demoralising experience.

Part of the process of commodification, streamlining and assimilation of geek culture into the all-consuming monoculture, is distortion and erasure of the original.

"These would be the successive phases of the image:

1 It is the reflection of a basic reality.

2 It masks and perverts a basic reality.

3 It masks the absence of a basic reality.

4 It bears no relation to any reality whatever: it is its own pure simulacrum.

In the first case, the image is a good appearance: the representation is of the order of sacrament. In the second, it is an evil appearance: of the order of malefice. In the third, it plays at being an appearance: it is of the order of sorcery. In the fourth, it is no longer in the order of appearance at all, but of simulation."

I'm probably using Baudrillard wrong, but I think we're either between phase 2 and 3 or on phase 3. We're at the point where we have "gamers" who don't like videogames as the faces of videogames.
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nerd/geek/gaymer/weeb are the most cringe group of people that came to be in popular culture. only normalfags and youtubers call themselves like that. for 'otaku' it's still special because I associate it with only japanese population


gamers are insanely gay they take all the fun out of games. i came to play so i can do my share of escapism not to compete with anyone. competition as recreation is the most disgusting and filthy thing you can do as group activity. i still despise teachers that forced me to participate in this nonsense bullshit


File: 1718204361543.png (127.55 KB, 600x642, 100:107, 1717929229967.png) ImgOps iqdb

I agree with you


What point is there arguing? I remember a time when being called a geek or a nerd was an insult (sometimes if you push a millennial or older normalfag enough they might still use it) and it was a label the cool kids stuck on you to denigrate you. Then nerds started using it the same way black use the world nigger. Then when geek culture started to become more valuable normniggers started to describe themselves as nerds/geeks.

>only normalfags and youtubers call themselves like that.
Were you born yesterday?


>Were you born yesterday?
no but those take proud of calling themselves like that

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File: 1717919658512.png (601.81 KB, 800x784, 50:49, e1e5a5b93620f93f0e4594dd76….png) ImgOps iqdb


I would like to be with a being with whom I can share everyday moments, to have a being to worry about, in which I can capture the most beautiful part of my being, to whom I can show my vulnerable parts, express my deepest emotions, and show them really who I am. But who am I really? Even in an anonymous forum, I would say he is a great guy, who went through some things, but who despite everything never gave up, someone who always wants the best for others, and who has an optimistic vision even in the most difficult moments. hard And although in a certain way the above is not a lie, the reality is that there is an uncivilized being inside me, someone so disgusting and unpleasant that I don't even like to admit that we are the same person, and hypocritically, whether consciously or unconsciously. , I pretend it doesn't exist. But this is an undeniable reality, and although it is something that can be hidden, it is something that I would never share with anyone, much less voluntarily. I prefer to be a hermit secluded from all social contact rather than show this part of my being. I'm not going to lie to you, life alone is not the best thing in the world, and it has some associated problems, but it is not something completely bad either, and it helps to value things, self-esteem, one's own thoughts, and leave aside vain issues. like social norms, or what someone outside of us may or may not think of us.
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>i know i know, being a crab



>lacks basic wizard knowledge such as the fact that crabs are amazing
>it's oblivious about the coconut crabs who are the greatest and biggest land-dwelling arthropod chads

You should come back when you have something to offer besides your butthurt, kid.
Chad Wizard Coconut Crabs Are The Kings of The Wizard Land Cracking Open The Skulls of Normalniggers Like Coconuts.

Yep, crabs won.


crabs have only "won" the mortal battle, which is outside the domain of magic. you just kinda flooded in and that's it. that's why you're so hilarious. i just sit here up my tower of high sorcery and look down at you while throwing some sticks for you to chew. think hard about your victory, what did you gain as prize? now nobody stops you from lamenting about not getting laid. nobody will now prevent you from being unhappy. great victory indeed, and worthy of such as you!


Toads are better. They protect the home from all kinds of insects, from cockroaches, mosquitoes, to rats. In my house we had many toads, but they died from the cold.

File: 1718209235349.png (30.45 KB, 474x244, 237:122, anything goes!.png) ImgOps iqdb


atheist wizzies: what's stopping you from being as EVIL as possible for the sake of your own interests?
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because evil is bad and makes you suffer


That's based.


File: 1718226480239.jpeg (755.46 KB, 800x970, 80:97, CAB6B2F8-EBB9-4BA1-9AFB-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Only IQ and lack of repercussions advance someone.

You could be Amon-Ra, a God Pharaoh if you were smart and ruthless enough, but you aren't and neither am I.

The world has few such people. Putin is the closest. We'll soon see whether his ambitions run into repercussions or not. If not he can become Lord of Europe in 10 years.


sorry to upset you but in 10 years he's gonna be dead of old age. also it's not healthy to bring up politics outside the dedicated thread


the NAP

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This place is swarming lately with fools who still yearn about fapping being natural and good, probably demonic kwiifarmers who got bruised as hell by some random stuff here.

The userbase should really wake the F up, so these psychos rot even worse knowing we are not fall into ignorance about this.
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my post confirms that you can be unfit khhv while not being a crab, i don't give shit about your post please stop ban evading
>Which is why it boggles the mind why that user was banned.
because he is a crab, and you are likely a crab as well. just take your females the fuck out of this site. you're so fucking hopeless. all your fucking problems boil down to not having a pussy and when you finally and justly get banned you seethe like all true crabs do. go back to whatever is the central crab forum right now


so you admit in your posts to be abused, traumatized, unfit, thin, small, depressed, a khhv with neurodevelopmental issues, a fucked up body language and face, having difficulty speaking, on wellfare and living with your parents, but you have the gall to lash out at wizards when they say that they wouldn't be here on dep if they didn't have any of those problems that they share with you. You are either not being honest or simply lying. I respect them more for being truthful. I cannot respect someone that lies and attacks wizards.


i lash out at crabs who have conceded to being depressed over not having a succubus. you're always so keen to call me a liar but as a matter of fact i didn't lie. if they turn to wisdom and proceed to ascend from being crabs to become wizards, i have no trouble with that. but so far their mind is firmly set on being unhappy about not having a succubus.


Nobody said anything about succubi. You can be depressed over poverty and hideous looks even if you want nothing to do with them.


are you really that blind

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