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File: 1710941869027.jpeg (175.81 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, queen ismat.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Im 29 years old and on semen retention, celibate streak. Even mental celibacy as much as I can ,but Im extremely aroused by, and attracted to, succubi in the 6-11 year old range. I feel so very bad morally and spiritually. Im 29, a full man, and lust after a 7 year old succubus or even 5 in some special, less frequent cases.
I genuinely feel like dying. What can I do? what do I DO now?
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Thoughts are just that. It's nothing to be guilty for.

>What can I do? what do I DO now?

Realise it makes no sense to berate yourself for something you were burdened with against your will. You're just part of nature and evolution doing its thing.
You could try following meditation principles to quiet the thoughts. Just let them come and go, like clouds in the sky. Acknowledge them and move onto whatever else you feel like doing or thinking about


Hope you understand many of those are honeypots as well.
Not to mention three letter agencies like NSA expending massive resources on wiretapping internet service providers to intercept traffic that comes from onion users and other sketchy people with man in the middle attacks.

I mean you could have gotten away with that in like 2014, but even googling that stock stuff is increasingly risky in the modern world no matter how well the user thinks they are protected.

If you live in the US, it's no fun being prosecuted for something like that.
People in the can or county jail will be a real threat to your life the moment you step in.


File: 1710954115249.jpg (1.59 MB, 1637x1158, 1637:1158, 91b968d3d904477e2bae92e74d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Learn how to illustrate, sculpt, model, paint, or carve succubi in the 6-11 year old range. Buy a loli sex doll. Little succubi are like animals in a zoo. Perfectly fine to look at and even to throw treats to sometimes, but don't ever touch. They're more afraid of you than you are of them.

And keep up the semen retention. Soon you will have lucid wet dreams of the loli. Such dreams are wizard fuel. Only through dream-ejaculation inside a dreammädchen does a wizard's orbs increase in strength.


Im not from USA.
No one in (my country) goes to jail for visiting pedo sites. you have to actively share, downloaded and uploaded content for police radar to start beeping.
Im sure 80% of 15+ yo guys here jack it off to 10 year olds if possible. Humans are shit, latinos are all pedos and succubi are pedos towards cute children too.


There's literally no reason to feel guilt. You bear no responsibility for your thoughts or feelings.

>>290339 said it perfectly

File: 1711096317776.jpg (62.02 KB, 1017x596, 1017:596, pokemon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you think growing up with video games ruined me?

I can't help but get angry at how life is a roguelike game with a randomly generated starter character you only get to play once. Fucked up your health permanently through bad decisions? Too bad you have to live with it even if you now have a healthy lifetyle. Found a new passion in life? Too bad you are now too old to pursue it. Want to study math? Well too bad you were born with a low IQ…

I just hate how you can get locked out of certain routes in life as time goes on or they were locked from the start. I hate how you have no control over what thoughts you get so you can waste your youth doing dumb shit only to realize it once you are an adult and the damage has been done.

I should just focus on what I can change and on the future but I can't help but feel frustrated over this. I can't help but feel envy towards those who managed to be in the right place and make the right decisions to end up with an amazing life and be frustarted at my past self for being so careless.


same, I am too low IQed to study math



I think only death can save me now. I don't give a shit about doing anything anymore. It's so frustrating. I just don't want to exist, fuck this bullshitteryy.

File: 1700760364690.png (278.83 KB, 412x578, 206:289, Sad Wizard.png) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone else often get ridiculed for their appearance by random strangers when going out for a walk?
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strangers calling me ugly was 10 times more painful than friends or ennemies at school doing the same


>Does anyone else often get ridiculed for their appearance by random strangers when going out for a walk?
I do. I don't know if people are looking at me or talking about me/make fun of me. it is a real problem. I am not confident when I walk and there's people crossing. I also have the 'virgin walk' like in the memes you see: I look the ground my head down when someone pass by me and when they're gone I raise my head. when sometimes I am in a panic because there's too much people, I walk lile a robot


I've got the 'group of succubi walks by you and then starts giggling amongst each other' happen time to me multiple times.

>Western big cities are the most status focused and shallow, not third world countries where people are much more accepting of someone looking a bit worn out or having a hole in their shoes.
Colombian here–the above is absolute fucking rubbish. Even in small towns (pueblos) people are just as shallow as anywhere else. This sounds like sex tourism propaganda.


i dont know why all normies have to be so fucking despicable. They all can' t keep their comments to themselves.


File: 1710998296883.png (832.04 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, HD-wallpaper-beautiful-sky….png) ImgOps iqdb

Im not going to read all this bullshit, maybe tomorrow.
The cope, delusion and trolling is at peak
You guys really need to somehow grow up

File: 1705540780638.jpg (164.68 KB, 1024x864, 32:27, 1571010945331.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I hate the world that I live in. It all feels inauthentic, meaningless, and boring. The only thing that really brings me joy is escapism. I read novels, manga, and watch anime and movies and get so attached to the storyline and characters and setting. But they all come to an end eventually. It's exceedingly brutal because I don't have anything going on in my life so I become significantly emotionally invested into these things. It's hard for me to move on. And then it saddens me when I realize the joy and fulfillment that piece of media gave me is missing from my life, and that I will never get to experience it for the first time again. I also worry about running out of good media, which would mean the end of my escapist copes.

I hate that these copes are so transient and fleeting, and I hate how boring real life is.
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Life IS waste of time as far i know.


I'm the opposite, I use anime as a cope for the youth I never had. SoL is probably my favorite genre.

This. I'm in the middle of building a massive world, even going as far as using Excel to record data and build the main city in tiny detail.


Watch an anime where the main protagonist is a loser who doesn't have a love interest and friends then?


Value in existence will always be subjective and arbitrarily assigned. If we seek objectivity, only death can (maybe) grant it. Otherwise, we're just killing time in personal fancies.


Im gonna try and get the 2024 ipad pro oled and copemaxx with watching anime on it

File: 1710159032391.jpg (100.1 KB, 800x962, 400:481, 45745785.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm cursed. I have physical and mental disabilities that make life impossible.

I have no way to cope, I don't use drugs, I don't believe in god, etc…

Suicide might be my only option but I don't know how to do that, I risk to suffer even more. For example if I stopped eating they would put me in a psych ward with artificial nutrition. I thought about drowning myself but what if I just end up with water in my lungs.

I feel like I'm forced to live, how to escape from never ending pain? I'm the living proof of why people shouldn't have children.
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This user is a drugpushing faggot and / or female who wants to see men suffer. This user needs to kill himself NOW.


How is being in chronic back pain better than taking some painkillers and watching a movie?


nice try


Just jump off a fifth floor,that suicide method and hanging are the most painless


Aaahg,h,g this is just how retarded this life is I want to belong to somewhere so much I wish I was never born

File: 1709712102420.jpg (8.29 MB, 7633x5165, 7633:5165, Sir_Peter_Paul_Rubens_-_Da….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


As Wizards, do you think we suffer a lot more than most people? Recently, I've been having antinatalist thoughts that all humans and animals were born to suffer, and that everyone probably suffer to similar degrees no matter how shit or awesome their lives are.

I used to think most people have much better lives than me, because they have friends, loving families, careers, sex, etc. but, no matter how much better their lives seem to be compared to mine, I've never once wanted to BE them. If I could trade my sorry existence away and live the life of some famous super celebrity, I wouldn't make that trade. Partly as an ego thing, and partly because I think I would be taking on their suffering too, so it would be pointless.

We all know of celebrities who killed themselves despite having fame and fortune and things we could only dream of having, but how are their lives any better than that of Wizards who an heroed? Wizards kill themselves for being on the spectrum, and being ugly and unwanted, while those celebs suffered from none of those things and had everything we ever wanted but they ended up killing themselves anyway. I think it's a mindset thing derived from the circumstances of our lives. Those celebs would never worry about the same things as a Wizard would worry about, but having celebrity status exposed them to different sources of suffering like needing to maintain their looks, avoiding scandals, contemplating the dicks they need to suck to stay relevant. It seems to me like it doesn't matter if you're normal, a wizard, homeless, or a celebrity. You're always gonna have your own set of worries to make you feel sad and depressed. I'm starting to think all living things were born to suffer equally.

My coworkers are as normal as can be. They're married, have kids, and socialize with each other every day. Meanwhile, I'm the opposite. I'm single, no kids, and keep to myself. Of course I get sad about this sometimes, being the only KHV in the office, but when I overhear them rant about drama regarding their family and friends, I feel grateful that I don't have to deal with those things.
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Nothing. Society would be in a state of anarchy without such copes.

Even atheist societies need copes, they just tend to be physical in nature instead of spiritual (movies, porn, alcohol, drugs, cheap sweet or fatty foods).


Buddhism began as a religious movement among the nobility and many early monks were literate and the cultural elite of their day.


I agree. In fact most religions were spread primarily through the elite (in India's case the brahmin caste).
Even a Roman emperor was one of the first advocates of early christianity.

It doesn't change the fact it is at the core a tool of power to keep the unfortunate and poor content or even happy with hunger and owning nothing.


You didn't even know how Buddhism began a couple a post ago and now you think you know the core of it. You don't know anything, anon.


The belief system itself is a cope for poverty.

It being originally spread by the filthy rich doesn't change that.

File: 1703767277006.png (522.74 KB, 903x993, 301:331, cringe.png) ImgOps iqdb


i just realised if i bothered to search and know all the pop culture icons and slang with quick internet searches i could have faked my way through my social awkwardness, i didn't know who vanilla ice or anything about whitney houston songs for example.
Everything in life was alien to me because it was schizo tier conversations between normies with an understanding in their shitty tv media meme culture.
Instead i learned about wojaks and pepes.
15 years later i still have to learn shitty normie popculture now and its so dumb
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You made no effort to understand the problem before you jumped in with your braindead assumptions in order to offer your braindead 2 cents "advice". No, faggot, the problem is not that I simply didn't know that you should text your auntie back and that this would lead to a better social relationship with her. To think that you felt so smug about writing that shit… You are either painfully retarded or you're deliberately acting like this in order to provoke a reaction and feel smug as an armchair psychologist that learned what "ego" means yesterday.

Stop posting this shit and thinking you are being helpful. If I write about stuff here, it is to vent, express myself, perhaps find the one other person that relates to my emotional dilemma. What RPG stats were you leveling up after this conversation? What the fuck was even the point of you responding and making me feel worse and even less inclined to share anything? If you want to play armchair therapist, then learn how to listen and establish rapport before you tell the client he should just stop being neurotic, do the thing and then pay you double for your services.


this was a great reply which i thoroughly enjoyed reading and even laughed. i haven't laughed for several days thanks guy, and sorry that you're having a rough time, me too.


text auntie


I'll work up the strength for next year. I promise, lads.


Absolutely right.


This is probably not big news, but you have much worse chances of getting anything done in life if you are not social. From jobs, to housing, to money. If you are trying to do everything alone, you will not be as successful. Except you have a godlike family and upbringing. But I suppose nobody here had this.
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>staring at my 'puter in my stained boxers is for high IQ neets ONLY!!1

>The mental gymnastics and self-deception among wizzies is at truly epidemic levels.

the guy said you need to be high iq to enjoy it. where did you get that idiotic take from, or are you all the way down on bipolar scale of depression feeling angsty and irritable and have to be disagreeable. damn i can't blame you that must suck. hang in there wizbro.

those people you mention in your little example where you went off on a tangent to attack before bothering to comprehend because the point of your post wasn't the discussion and it wouldn't have mattered who said what, so long as you had something to vent on. well those people, they're not enjoying their neeting. they're attempting to distract and don't last very long, require drug and alcohol etc.

read first then post, check internal state. mindfulness meditation, you are not your thoughts, crazy i know. lets foster some self-awareness.


you're delusional and actually low iq.


youre making a satire of yourself


If you're too dumb to read a few paragraphs stick to lurking. Stop posting.


Make me.


I used to be obviously depressed. I knew I was miserable, and it showed.
I've grown accustomed to my loneliness or something, but these days I'm mostly fine - I get on with whatever I'm doing, and am usually pretty content.
this can go on for weeks, I'm fine being on my own, then some sort of trigger event happens
then suddenly, I'm as miserable as i ought to be. I'm a 32 year old, friendless, khv with no prospects, zero drive to do anything worthwhile, just marking time. i realize how awful this is, and how awful the rest of it is going to be
and im crying, whinnying and my thoughts are racing at 4000mph and im going to kill myself - this time i'm actually going to do it, i make screaming noises and sometimes i punch myself
and just as quickly as it came on, i'm back to normal
it feels like stepping out of a sauna. very sudden relief
the box gets slammed shut and im completely fine again

i am fine, but i feel like one day i'm going to explode
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>not being tied down to a nag machine is "rotting"
wtf are you doing


Normalfags, despite what they say about their IQ and hard work, actually do things naturally because they have support networks, friends, nepotism, etc.


>i have a dumbest shittiest family i know
>i am the biggest loser i know

>a person who can tell what they want, who has career and gf and shit

>look up their family
>it's a normal good family

I think I just lucked out on spawn, my family gave me bad genes and brain damage when parents divorced.


some of my first memorys are of my parents being violent toward eachother


me too. i can literally remember by father hitting my mother against the wall, them throwing stuff at each other, i remember when cops were called. i remember that fear of being alone with the father, of being noticed by him. i have some good snippets of memory too, but they are mostly connected to escapism and being by myself, like watching tv or playing vidya or some other shit. simply epic. i think we've genuinely been screwed, friend.


Almost every single major fuck-up in my little life, and every long-lasting consequence I still suffer, is due to media: Watching m*dels in magazines when I was like 5, or when I was 6-14 in dr's waiting room, social media, hollywood shit, hours and hours wasted on vidya. Being a weeb\nerd due to anime, and even I watched the shitty ones. PMO, of course for pete's sake.
I can't change the past but how do I stir the boat in the good direction now? Do I make a "bucket list" of media to consume (anime, netflix cartoos etc) + an alloted time per week to use internet for new media of those series? I want to literally stop using the internet, netflix\TV or vidya. Just be ALIVE and LIVE.
How do I even start accomplishing this? I want to be a real human, for once.
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The problem is there are no real Humans any more, it's all been replaced by phone addicted zombies


>real world
>real humans
chan of wiz, now.




>Just be ALIVE and LIVE.
You mean being a normalfag?


Just read again and again this anon:
and accept that your brain is wired differently.
Reality and people for us are boring and depressing.
Life is not for everyone.

If you don't feel like that's the case, and that you can be a normalfag, then start by abandoning this site, get a sport and a job, and start getting out more, and you will automatically stop using media because you will feel that you don't need it anymore.


this, have you been outside? I rarely look at my phone whe I was outside, but it turns out I'm the weird one since everybody is on their phone. Well seems bird watching people is not for everybody.

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