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File: 1681186526496.png (99.86 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, sc.png) ImgOps iqdb


Hello wizards,

I am considering becoming a NEET. I have a psychiatric condition which will enable me to collect money from the government. I have a place to live, no issues. I have a supportive family. My questions are as follows: is there anything you wish you knew before becoming NEET? Is it terrible? Is it good?

Suffering has become the defining quality of my existence, and it has been the case for over a decade. I have been on many different medications, to no avail. The best that the medications do is stop psychosis, which is the least they can do. But I can't shake the knowledge that non-being is preferable to being, especially in today's "modern world." I wasn't meant for it. I am almost comically opposed to it in every way, in theory and function. That's a discussion for another day.

I have wanted to die for over a decade, even before the onset of my symptoms, and the only reason I am here is not because of anything keeping me bound here, but because I don't have a reliable method. It's gotten to the point that I understand suicides now. I used to think "but what about the family left behind…" I feel nothing of the sort now anymore. The only feeling I have is shame that my father's son, his only child, would turn out this way.

I'm wondering if NEET will help, to just withdraw from everything. I don't desire anything that society alleges that it can give (money, a succubus, prestige, etc.) I haven't had a friend since high school, and I have no one but my mother and father. I just want to read, write, and make art, and distract myself from my suffering.

Also, part of me wonders if I get my shrink to give me amphetamines, maybe that will help? But I think he will be stingy and claim that it may cause psychosis.

Thank you for reading this, and any input is valued.
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>crazy is a derogatory term
"Crazy" is not a derogatory term, sometimes it's better to explain your condition to dumb people with simple words.

>while neurodivergent is proper terminology

"Neurodivergent" is a meme word and not a recognized medical term. Autism is not a mental illness, I don't think we (psychiatric patients) and autists should be grouped together into a single word, for medical reasons. We require different treatment and care and it's important to make some distinctions, specially at some environments (i.e. workplace).

>So if someone kills himself from depression without a diagnosis or being inpatient, he never had severe depression
Suicidal behavior is actually indicative of severe symptoms/severe patients, not of meme depression.


>Suicidal behavior is actually indicative of severe symptoms/severe patients, not of meme depression.

Or someone who has rationally considered that life is miserable and not worth it. A million people kill themselves each year, it's not that big of a deal. Relax, it'll be over soon.


>Suicidal behavior is actually indicative of severe symptoms/severe patients, not of meme depression.
so your mental illness, suffering and suicidal tendencies are not real unless they're validated by some shmuck with a degree
boy for someone who's so eager to keep outsiders at bay you sure put great stock in their opinions
>"Crazy" is not a derogatory term
i assure you that the professionals you keep sucking off so much are more likely to utilize the term neurodivergent than the word crazy, fucking retard


You didnt answer the question.


File: 1682653440903.gif (301.5 KB, 498x205, 498:205, 12431412532463.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>You didnt answer the question.
What question? You wrote a bunch of idiocy that makes no sense and I'm not glued to wizchan 24/7.

>so your mental illness, suffering and suicidal tendencies are not real unless they're validated by some shmuck with a degree
Again, changing goalpoasts. Initially we were making a distinction between severe psychiatric patients and people pretending to be mentally ill. What you're discussing is irrelevant to the initial argument.

>i assure you that the professionals you keep sucking off so much are more likely to utilize the term neurodivergent than the word crazy

No professional uses the word "neurodivergent" for two reasons: it's not a medically recognized term, and you CAN'T group autists and psychiatric patients on the same category. Different patients, different needs, different treatment, different meds. Only special snowflakes from social media use such word.

"Neurodivergent" is a buzzword made up by people that don't really fit into the categories of "autism" or "psychiatric patient" but still want that special snowflake treatment. There's nothing offensive with "autism" or "psychiatric patients" and we shouldn't accommodate soft language to make succubi feel special and unique.

Please stop replying to my posts, you're a fool that doesn't deserve my time.

File: 1680652885859.png (623.34 KB, 732x549, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


I miss being a pothead so much. All day chilling and feeling good while listening to music… I miss that. I can't smoke weed anymore because I think I developed schizophrenia after a psychotic episode I had after sniffing some shitty cocaine (ended up in a mental hospital for 15 days). Every time I tried weed after that episode, I didn't get the usual effects, just felt really awful, confused and paranoid.

I smoked for one year, been sober for 5 years and I still crave it every single day.

If you can still smoke, then smoke it. Smoke it everyday. Life is awful. There's nothing wrong with getting high 24/7 to forget your problems. I'm sober and it's not worth it. I'd do anything to go to the time when I was a pothead. It was the best period of my life.

Some people suggested drinking to cope, but I hate alcohol. It's not the same thing.
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Getting high sucks when you're alone. So is drinking.



nobody likes a sage, everybody likes a mage. sages just want to sit crossarmed in front of the computer, point out typos and shave twice a day.


why the fuck would you need people to enjoy drugs such as alcohol and weed? wtf is this normiechan?


>It's legal in quite a few states now, so even socially retarded virgins have easy access so long as they are over 21,
A lot of people also get weed and other drugs through DW.
Access to recreational drugs among socially inept recluses isn't so restricted anymore.


Doing drugs and alcohol alone can be very lonely and depressing, it's sometimes interesting when you have one friend or two, having a friend doesn't stop you from being a wizard.

File: 1678754786528.jpg (21.04 KB, 231x211, 231:211, ajsoprano.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The last time I actually felt happy was when I was 8 or 9. Everything I consider "good" is only good by virtue of being marginally less shitty than everything else out there. The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because I'm scared of death and want to believe I can be "happy" again. Weed is probably the closest I will get to that childlike feeling, but it makes me even more miserable and retarded when I'm sober so I know I have to stop smoking it
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u only seem to feel like you're retarded when you're sober yet u still blame the weed, kek


This will probably sound lame, but the only parts of my life that I can remember genuinely enjoying were boy scout camping trips. I have gotten pretty intense euphoria from drugs too, but it's not the same as actual happiness.


I'd say around the time I was four or five years old. After that I think I became aware of how my life would turn out.




so true

File: 1682531058071.png (263.2 KB, 635x352, 635:352, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't like games. I don't watch Youtube. I read once in a while, but most of the time books bore me. Movies bore me. Music bores me.

Yesterday I slept all day and when I woke up, I stayed in bed doing nothing. Today I just shitposted all day, but even shitposting doesn't bring me as much joy as it did when I was 16 (I'm 25).


File: 1682531867920.jpg (76.78 KB, 850x400, 17:8, boreddom_Leopardi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Boredom is the greatest and most potent sign that man is not at home in the Universe.


All the things you mentioned are mindless consumption, Wiz. If you have been doing it so long of course media will lose it's luster. I started losing it from only watching TF2 sfms and grand strategy vidya so I started doing something more substantial like getting into programming, video editing, instruments and yoyo's. Aside from the $10 dollar yoyo and $100 electric guitar the rest of those you can steal/ are free. I feel overwhelmed with the things that I can learn and do as I have plenty of things to choose from and when I don't feel like doing any of those the games movies books and shitposting all start being enjoyable again because it's not all I do anymore. Find a creative hobby or useless skill to learn Wiz, constant boredom will drive you insane and amp up the NEET brain drain

File: 1679377253403.gif (4.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, e-honda-street-fighter.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Any of you work out or exercise? Lets have a discussion about it

I used to be pretty into it as a teen. I was never very fit mind-you, was always a bit sickly, but I enjoyed doing it.
Been watching a lot of Sumo wrestling and that got me pumped-up to try exercising again…

It wasn't as particularly fulfilling as I'd hoped.
I basically have to drag my ass to the gym and don't feel any better after doing it.
On work-days it means I get home 1hr+ later than usual too.
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I go for a lot of walks if that counts
Just me alone with my thoughts


who says anything about thinking differently about yourself? It has to do with how people treat you which affects how you feel. If people treat you like shit you will feel like shit. People treat anyone they think doesn't have their shit together worse. They are extremely shallow and judgemental and act on instinct to treat people who look ugly or unkempt worse and people who are beautiful fit and well-groomer better. How people treat you will affect how you feel.


File: 1682133618571.jpg (19.19 KB, 720x431, 720:431, you.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If people treat you like shit you will feel like shit.
This is why I think the poster/s who can't fathom how a guy would exercise to feel better physically and mentally, are in fact female. Look at how the quote was typed:
>"YOU will fell like shit. YOUR mood depends on outside validation from strangers"
It's a juvenile, feminine projection. The user doesn't say "I will feel like shit. MY mood depends etc etc", but instead insists that the guy he's replying to will be a victim to those irrational emotions. He's taking how he personally feels and making it out to be normal, the only way one could feel, without bothering to consider that men and our personalities vary in such far-reaching ways that there could possibly be someone who doesn't exhibit his own inferior, feminine traits.

No, dirt-eater, WE will not feel like shit if strangers don't treat us like kings. WE will not have our emotions authored by random nobodies on the street. YOU might, and that's unfortunate, but know that when you're on a male-only forum, your irrational emotional dependency on other humans is not the norm, so projecting your own emotional vulnerabilities on to other users here doesn't make any sense. You once again failed, for the 14th time now, to rationalize why "succubi don't smile at me :( and guys in the coffee shop dont compliment my hair :( :(" should effect a single synapse of the wizard's brain. Because you're oversocialized and can't comprehend the basic human concept of feeling good because you enjoy how you look, feel, and perform as a result of hard work and discipline. You are a teenage female in spirit and need to just stay out of these trheads already.

Imagine going in to a thread where men are trying to improve their mental and physical health and trying to convince them that they will forever be sad if random fucking Stacy of all cunts doesn't approve of them. What a astronomical faggot.


>If people treat you like shit you will feel like shit

I treat them like shit right back and feel pretty good


I've been having trouble keeping up the exercise lately. I've been feeling more depressed lately and I've been binging on sugary foods while going days between exercise. I'm fighting the urge to go deeper into a negative spiral. I am finding it hard not to just sleep all day.

File: 1682330904550.png (130.09 KB, 657x576, 73:64, imagen_2023-04-24_07082499….png) ImgOps iqdb


I see that there are many people here who hate themselves, who want to stop suffering and end their existence once and for all. Well, I was reflecting a bit on what is the best method, and I came to the conclusion that among all the methods that exist, this is one of the best, if not the best, since it is free of all pain, since you lived a lifetime in pain doesn't have to mean a death in the same way. Returning to the topic of interest, these are medicines, pills that you can get anywhere, but mainly pharmacies, although there are many people who sell them without a prescription because it is something common. That yes, they can be expensive but a small cost for a great benefit. If you really want to stop suffering, allow yourself to feel some emotion, end your conscience, and everything you are as a person, then I highly recommend it. that you take "citalopram", it depends a lot on the person, but in general with 40mg you can end everything at once, but if you add an enhancer like oralzapine there if it is a lethal dose for your person, half the pill will suffice the lowest dose. Of course you're going to need a prescription from somewhere, and money, but it shouldn't be a problem in your situation, just go to any mental health doctor and tell him about your problem, he'll prescribe it like candy, or whatever. In any case, he will recommend other powerful drugs that fall into the SSRI category. With this method you make sure that you are not yourself, that you are dead in life, where you are "alive" on the outside, but what is your person, your being, and everything that makes you die, including your problems, fears. , anguish, low self-esteem, etc., but empathy, happiness, any aspiration you have will also disappear, it is in definition the death of the person. You will basically live like a carefree dog that just eats, shits and sleeps.
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the great Schopenhauer said its the only way to go


Yes, over the course of months of dealing with hunger pangs you will feel nothing

Because it's denying the will to live through indifference and isn't an "active" act of will like hanging yourself or jumping off a building, not because it's painless.


I can't do that here. My family or doctors would force me to eat in my country.


the time it takes between swallowing a bunch of pills and dying is enough to get a response from your monkey brain trying to "save you."
same thing here tried to end it last month
but i ended calling the ambulance (it hurt a lot). Healthcare is free here but this shit is on my record. It ended doing more bad than good and now im here broke and whit no one whit all the pain still eating me. If u want to do it just grab a gun bullets and done. ez, quick and no pain.


my personal plan was always either jumping off a high bridge head first into the water or charging head first into a speeding train, whatever is nearest when there comes the moment i have no way out but to end it.


If anyone wants to see a suicide livestream here's one. It's from 2018. Enjoy everyone.

File: 1681929164196.jpg (71.64 KB, 401x449, 401:449, 21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Have you ever had normies passively aggressively mock/tease you for your misery? When i worked at this asian grocery store my fucking coworkers always had to point it out. Fuck them, hate that shit. Its the mental health equivalent of a rich/well off person laughing at a homeless person. in an ideal world people who do this should be publicly humiliated. AND they stole my last paycheck. i really oughta burn that place to the ground but their shitty business went under already
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If they have I'm probably too socially retarded to have realized. Mostly people have been kind but insincere with me. They're nice but avoid me and minimize contact to only the bare minimum



I'd guess it's hard for people to tell what I feel based on what my face shows.
Felt like the only kid in class that didn't laugh at anything when everyone else was.

I don't think anyone besides my family has ever made a comment on my apparent mood now that I think about it


Social convention dictates that you smile for the benefit of others regardless of how you feel. They don't necessarily take joy in your misery, they're just acknowledging that you aren't fitting the social mold.


Yes but different from casual remarks from strangers, I had normans fucking with me to the point of insanity or suicide and all for a retarded reason. They were hostile and wanted to humiliate me at every turn, it didn't help that I was in active addiction at the time and had months long psychosis. They knew that and the normal cunts did it to get a rise out of me. It took me to regain my sanity and literally not pay mind or fucks to their mental games but it caused major suffering with lingering trauma to this day, I let it go though for a long time I had murderous dreams of retribution but gave it to God and forgave them so I could move on with my life


Only in some countries

File: 1681706258528.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, autopilot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


It keeps happening to me. I have a moment where I am in shock over how much time I wasted or I get into an argument with my parents . I keep asking myself: "how could I have let things get this bad?" and then I realize it's because I then go back to my routine and distractions without changing anything. Of course this will keep happening like this.

What's scary is that I remember having this realization first 10 years ago when I failed the first year of college. And then I just kept failing every year and having this moment every year with nothing changing. I had intense arguments with my parents where I ended up crying and thinking "I can't keep living like this I need to grow up and move out". I watched a moving film about someone wasting his life and it felt impossible to go back to doing nothing after that. And yet…

Now I'm a 31y NEET and I feel like I fast forwarded to this point. After all how could I have let it get this bad if I am conscious and have control over myself?

Every time I feel like THIS IS IT I recognized the problem and I have the power to change it but it seems like that feeling is an illusion. While I am still in this moment how do I keep myself from going back to my routine of distracting myself with instant gratification activities?
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>"I can't keep living like this

funny, this has become my common mantra that I repeat many times every day involuntarily like a crazy person every time my brain becomes full of fuck to try and escape



Don't use a generic term like anxiety when describing your feelings. Replacing the negative thought with a general term like "anxiety" is another cope that distances yourself from what is causing the emotional response. Why are you anxious? Are you afraid of other people perceiving you as a loser? Are you afraid of failure? Why? Why do you care? Don't respond to me, don't use google to see if other feels that way, this is all you. Ask yourself those questions. Do what the guy you are replying to did and lay in bed and reflect hard on it. Allow yourself to feel like a piece of shit. That is the feeling that you are trying to avoid, and that avoidance is what is preventing you from jumping into action.


It's not a thought, it's a feeling. It can be connected to thoughts but I generally recognize those to be irrational because they are unlikely even if possible, but knowing that my thoughts are irrational does not make the feeling go away. You cannot just think it away. Trust me, I have dissected this shit in reflection for a long time and I understand the source of my anxiety perfectly well, but that simply does not make it go away.


Sounds to me like you're internally conflicted. Anxiety itself shouldn't stop you from doing things, the whole purpose of emotions is to provide you information about the world and to motivate you one way or the other. If something really made you anxious, it would be a constant reminder to pay attention to it and fix it. But, in your case, you have something else pushing you the other way so you end up feeling like you have no control over yourself. The thing that's stopping you in your tracks is something other than the anxiety itself and is probably much more subtle but powerful enough that the anxiety itself becomes preferable to doing /that/.

For example, you get anxiety before social situations and you interpret your anxiety as "I'm anxious because people will think I'm weird" but if that were the case, wouldn't that motivate you to not act weird and to try your hardest to seem cool or socially acceptable? Most people experience anxiety and it doesn't stop them in their tracks, it just serves as a signal that this is important to them. But your mind works differently, because whatever you need to do to stop the anxiety is for some reason very disagreeable to you, perhaps so much that you don't want to think about it and the anxiety you feel about negative social attention is the perfect excuse to not do it.

Consider an example for procrastination. The thought of failing an exam is making you anxious, so you avoid studying for it and distract yourself. How does that make sense? It doesn't. The anxiety is preferable to you to the actual thing you need to do to fix it, because you are conflicted. Perhaps when you try to study, you experience some kind of unwanted thoughts or images. Perhaps you see yourself studying, putting in all this effort and just ending up with a D and this clashes with your identity of being a smart kid up to this point. You'd rather feel the anxiety, the incessant reminder that you should study, then come face to face with this unwanted perception of yourself.

Anyway, the gist is, your emotions are not what's stopping you, they are fundamentally about motivating you to take action, which is why they are so annoying when you have a powerful reason not to take the required action. Consider what would be the solution to your anxiety or particular feeling, they signal something to you. Yet, you are conflPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



You don't think it away. The entire point is to truly feel the core emotion. People are driven by their emotions, not logic. Logic is typically used to justify or suppress an emotion, and emotions are created by your needs and sense of self.

It seems like there is still a block that prevents you from truly expressing your emotion. If it you are the OP it sounds like it is your parents. You may want to change because of your parents, not because of what you feel. If the drive for change doesn't come from within then it is hard to make it happen. Maybe the first step is getting away from them and not having them be an influence on you anymore?

File: 1681611756772.png (59.23 KB, 1279x618, 1279:618, DigitalWaveform-1708036433.png) ImgOps iqdb


This is the reason why I can't get anything done.

For something to even register as joy for me it has to be extraordinary but even then it doesn't last long. I used to get joy from the novelty of discovering new things but after all these years I can't find anything new enough to feel excitement. Just consuming things doesn't give me joy anymore.

Anything that I imagine could give me joy now would take a very long time to achieve and without immediate satisfaction I don't have the motivation to do something. I've cried because I sat at my computer and had no ways of feeling any immediate joy.

I had the hope that maybe anti-depressants could lower this joy threshold but nope.

How can I learn to enjoy the ordinary day to day journey on the way to potentially reach an exciting goal?
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Wait til your tolerance gets higher.


weed makes me feel shitty and bored, I don't think it works for everyone


you smoking the wrong stuff


It doesn't work for everyone.
t. witnessed someone have a very bad trip on a small amount of weed.


I'm in my late 30s, how much longer is it going to take?

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