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Normies are evil and fake.

When you re alone face to face with one normie he will most likely act normal, not be rude neither aggresive towards you.

But when that particular normie will be in group of people he will start acting like some animal fighting for domination. He will act stupid, say stupid things and sometimes even be aggresive, nasty.

I hate them. I was always an outcast and I will ever be. I wish I could get neetbux and never get close to normies anymore.

But thats not possible.

If you re different from normies and you are in some place that requires socialization, then you re fucked
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Some say a comet will fall from the sky
Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves
Fallowed by fault lines that cannot sit still
Followed by milllions of dumbfounded dipshits


So you reject the behavior and find it aien and unrelatable…even reprehensible. Why then think about it, internalise it and give it so much power over you?
You are far better out there among normies in a place that requires socialization then you are alone on NEETbux. The way you think and feel about them and how much you think and feel about them is your choice


>Normies are populists, often changing their own mind, their opinion.

Someone who never learns and is never able to change its own mind is the real idiot.


but these idiots can change their mind in 5 minutes.
thats distinction


You say that like its an objective fact,that is your opinion, plenty of people are exploited out their by the machine those that cant excel fast enough are tossed,NEETBux is anecessity for some so you are mistaken if youthink everyone on it needs it and therefore are better off without it, being a social pariah and resentment is not a choice its an imposition

File: 1548528837432.jpg (135.15 KB, 800x1043, 800:1043, 1522805925422.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Posted it in another thread but I feel it deserves it's own thread because of the subject matter.

>Wizards, and social retards/reclusives/outcasts, are a dying breed. It took me a while to figure that out, I don't know if we're being breed out OR that the modern state of the internet has opened all doors for self-improvement and congregation for people who would be us (I think it's the latter). Cos on 4chan people are always complaining that "reddit is leaking" or "it's so reddit in here", it's not. It's that the "zoomers" that have replaced us, come from a much more socially inclined background by default and most, if not all, of internet (and geek) culture has seeped into the mainstream.

>Those of us that did not fully commit to a fandom or a passion, are now left with no real identity. I think in a certain sense it's a lot harder to be a loner now, like, you can have a giant anime figurine collection but the internet these days will always remind you that there are other people who also have the same hobby, but are enjoying with other people who take it to different places they wouldn't have dreamed of on their own. Basically reminding you that *your* giant anime figurine collection are just lumps of shaped plastic.

Turn 30 this year, and it feels like it's the worst era to become a wizard. But on the flip side (and maybe it's some sort of underlying mental illness) I've been feeling upbeat for the last 2 weeks cos it feels like there's nothing left to lose now.
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File: 1566889639533.jpg (16.66 KB, 400x287, 400:287, phantom-kitty-arm.thumbnai….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Those who ruined it is very connected and they - the problem, should be addressed and addressed till it gets more and more clear. Else this topic wont even exist the first place.

People aswell should stop being so damn "topic rigid". This too helped ruin internet experience. This is a normie behavior aswell.


>People aswell should stop being so damn "topic rigid". This too helped ruin internet experience. This is a normie behavior aswell.

So you don't actually know what the thread topic is and you just want to LARP as someone from the good times?


Dont mind the guy. He is low ioying naturally annoying.


you're confused the definition of wizard with the rule of this specific site


>On a brighter note, with the increasing prevalence of autism, i'm sure we'll have a fresh batch of socially inept hikki zoomers in the coming years.

I really doubt that's going to happen.

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File: 1567879349418.jpg (26.98 KB, 506x960, 253:480, xpx8zau7hcg31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you know what true loneliness is, anon? Somehow i dont think you do. Because even here i am not accepted, which would have been something.

I chat with one other person maybe once a week for no more than 10 minutes, even though i want to talk, go out and have fun constantly. There is just not a single other person out there i can do that with. Everyone either hates me or doesent know i exist. I have been banned from all my usual places - clans in games and such - a couple months ago, so now i dont even communicate with anyone in games.

I forget the sound of my voice. Im constantly drunk and crying. Send death.
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File: 1568005084842.png (54.09 KB, 860x450, 86:45, thumbnail_3245-editada.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well, I have zero friends but I still have many family members. Guess I haven't experienced true loneliness yet. I think having friends is useless. At least if you have a girlfriend you can use her for sexual pleasure, but what do you even do with friends? I think people who have male friends are closet homosexuals. I have nothing in common with anyone else. Even on the internet I find it difficult to find people I can relate to. I'd say I feel alone sometimes because of that, but not lonely. I wish many things, but having friends isn't one of them. I consider myself a nihilist, but I still indulge in art, music, literature. I hate small/trivial/pointless talks. 90% of normies' conversations consist of gossip. They love gossiping. They love talking about other people's lives and I find it disgusting. I don't care about anyone but myself. I don't even watch the News because I don't care about what happens in the world.


File: 1568012941631.jpg (23.14 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 1512560549069.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Do you know what true loneliness is, anon?

I know way too good.

>Because even here i am not accepted, which would have been something.

Same, here you go.. someone with similar situation. This too would be something for me to feel like I somehow belong on this site but it's mainly just relating to some things on /dep but not most people and most people here are trolls (polacks/crab snobs/larpers/zoomers) anyway.


It's ok, that means it's obviously not your fault. It's theirs. You are a victim.


yes, thats correct. And that loneliness is something that you actively create in your mind and choose to believe in and live in


It's true, there's an element of self-deception there. Despite the bitterness of that reality, it also holds the comfort of knowing you don't have to try. A part of it is constructed from true experience of alienation but the rest is merely a convenient presupposition. If there is truly nothing out there, then there is no need to seek and one can at least be content with the perceived certainty of it. Many of us would rather have security than a true bond.


For the last few years I want to move out of my parent's house.
But the thing is that the comfort zone is killing me, my mom is making me food and I don't have to bother with rent so I have extra money. But as the time goes by, I mentally suffer.
I can't get my shit together in order to move out, I'd most likely get to rent a room and live with some people under one roof. But as long as I have my own room I think it won't be so bad.
I simply don't know how would I function, will I be able to maintain my "good habits" to not feel like shit etc.

I really want to get out of this place. I will soon be 27, already gave up on "normal life" just wanna live in peace with myself. But I can't push myself out there. Has any of you gone through this transition successfully?
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Similar here. Lived alone or with room mates for about almost 9 years and it totally was not worth it. All I have learned is that I can function alone and do housekeeping on my own. The very few moments where you actually are happy that you are by yourself are not worth it at all.
On the other hand I think you can only truly appreciate living with your parents once you have lived by yourself for a while. Before that you feel dependent on them and if on top of that your family situation is stressful then you will wish to move out. But I can say that living on your own is very stressful as well. You have to do everything by yourself and can't expect any help from others and when you don't feel good it can be hell because house chores don't solve themselves. It's a delusion that you gain true freedom once you move out from your parents house in fact you become even more dependent and have much more things to do.
However it all depends on your relation to your parents I guess. Luckily my parents don't really mind me as long as I do basic daily chores.


File: 1569006643477.gif (495.83 KB, 500x373, 500:373, 6482374923942938.gif) ImgOps iqdb


I've got a fairly secure situation myself, at least insofar as the long game is concerned. That being in regards to the point at which both of my parents have shuffled off their mortal coils, since, fortunately enough for me, our house is paid off & will be left for me to remain in. Being that's the case, I'm still really not looking forward to it. My mother, in particular, does a lot of things, both large & small, (like cooking my meals, being concerned about my health, talking to me when I'm feeling down, etc.), that would be really shitty to get by without. Every day brings it closer & closer however, so sooner or later I'll have to face it. Will it be enough of a blow to have me want to kill myself as a result? Possibly, but I feel like my fundamental security would have to be at stake to really push me over the edge, which would, naturally, need to take the form of losing the house somehow, along with my NEETbux & facing the imminent prospect of homelessness. Again though, the prospect of shuffling along grief stricken in this dusty old house, totally alone & adrift in the world minus my parents, isn't exactly appealing to me either. In other words, no matter what happens, I'm basically on the losing end of this. It'll certainly be interesting, that is when the time comes, to feel the sensation & experience of what it's like to know that there's no one left in the entire world who loves me, or even gives a single, solitary fuck about my existence. Not even a cat, since we have no pets. I can only imagine the briefest glimpses of it now and it always manages to terrify me & fill me with dread.


>considering the fact that I have zero life skills and don't even know how to pay a bill.

I worry about things like this as well. Next to paying bills, what will I do when the shingles on the roof need to be replaced, or other maintenance related tasks that might come up? What about if something else goes wrong? Like with the plumbing? I won't have the money to pay a plumber, plus I'm so autistic & stupid the guy could probably try to swindle me somehow and I wouldn't even know it. Mowing the lawn or getting groceries are also issues, but I could probably just pay sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I know exactly how you feel…trapped by the fact that I can live whatever way I want, in as much comfort as I want, because I don't have to pay rent or pay for anything, food will always be put on the table and I'll never be pressured to move out. Its one of the biggest things, if not the biggest things thats held me back. I always have the option to sleep in as long as I like, retreat into my room for as long as I like, leave the house as little as possible, etc.

I think moving out should be a goal for people like us even if that means living on your own, but as others have mentioned not necessarily a good idea as a permanent situation.

What I think is much more important is developing basic life skills, independant living skills like cooking and cleaning for yourself, doing chores around the house, doing your laundry, ironing, gardening, having a schedule of things that you actually do for yourself and around the house.

Even the simplest of things, like showering at least once every day, brushing your teeth, keeping your room clean, making sure you've got clean clothes to wear. Those really simple little things seem inconsequential and pointless and insignifcant in the face of depression and your problems, ie irrelevant to your situation and helping you, but really, you will be suprised about how much of a difference these things will make for the better, compared to when you're not staying on top of them.


just get them then, get the life skills. Go to the doctor and tell them you believe you had attention deficit disorder since its highly likely that you do anyway, and by giving them a rundown of your situation and history they will probably agree and give you a prescription for ritalin. That is going to give you the ability to do these things which you currently can't initiate and/or sustain for long enough because of dopamine issues. You've most likely damaged your brain from technology usage, porn and masturbation, and just not developing the right routines and responsibilities when you were growing up.


>Go to the doctor and tell them you believe you had attention deficit disorder

*have attention deficit disorder. And no there's no issue with doing this as an adult, it happens all the time. My doctor mentioned people who were 40-60 years old finally being diagnosed and getting medication.

File: 1563307562975.gif (590.86 KB, 500x210, 50:21, rtidjei.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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searching for a way out edition

previous >>200881
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So I'm getting this job for a liquor store, but he said while hes training me I won't be getting full pay I'll get 6 dollars an hour under the table, and he said hes gonna train me for a month.

A fucking month for 6 dollars an hour and not a full wage? Is this dude trying to fuck me over?


are you sure you actually want a way out? because I can tell you that being a long term NEET is much, much worse. So whatever your "Way out" make sure it has nothing to do with being a NEET.


I classify break time in three periods. Early, normal and late.
During the early period, there's few people, usually 0 and when there's some they eat quickly and leave without talking. So there aren't any conversations or obnoxious people.
Normal period has the most people, the place is full and there's lots of talking. It's not pleasant but the amount of people makes it possible to pass the time without anyone talking directly to me. Half of the time they'll talk about work, and the other half about private life.
Late period is the worst, this is when my boss and other heavy talkatives concentrate. There's usually no more than 3 but they are louder than the normal. They will always start talking about work and then move onto their private life, trying to include everyone in the conversation.

There's no time to mentally rest during normal or late periods, I like to take my break early by myself. But a new obnoxios person joined recently and took my early spot. A talkative person followed up joining him between the early and normal period. This created a continuous obnoxious 'break' time thats draining me even more than before.

My hair started to fall off, I don't know if it's from turning older or stress from this kind of life I effectively spend 12 hours a day between work and commuting.


Why do I wake up and drive to an office building to shuffle papers around every day when what I really want to do is go to a gun store and buy a shotgun to end my miserable, meaningless and pathetic life? I ask myself this everyday on my morning commute.


she abuses it because it is her only chance to show/have value in this life.
trust none of them ever !
document everything save all copies!

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I know this question might be stupid, but is therapy worth it?
I'm at a poibt in life where I genuinely believe that if I continue like this I'd never be happy ever again.
On the other hand I don't believe in therapy.
How could talking to a stranger ever help me with my problems?


not really, I go because it makes my parents feel better, I don’t see how it would be helpful unless your problems are really shallow


It can 'help' some people I've heard through the act of venting alone and nothing beyond that. What you're doing is essentially paying someone to be your friend for an hour. Talk therapy can 'work' with anyone as the listener; you don't need to take a degree to listen to someone. I would advise you on accepting that you'll live your life unhappy. No one can fix your problems, probably not even you. Learn to live with yourself and your measly lot like the rest of the world. Escapism is the usual crutch for humanity, but i'm sure you're already aware of all that.


Only if you're an extroverted normalfag.


I'm on a similar boat, I go because it makes my parents feel better, but I don't think it actually "helps" me aside from being able to vent to someone irl.
I think therapists are more accostumed to handle "normal" problems and they feel lost when they get your average wizardchan neet/social recluse.
I would still not discard it OP, you can always try and see what happens.

File: 1566204302576.jpg (3.7 MB, 3200x4000, 4:5, Fyodor Dostoevsky.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.

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>Had a dream last night where mai waifu

Grow the fuck up.



Get the fuck out of here. You're the human trash making this place worse.


>Nowadays, everyone is expected to be a genius master at something. Food for thought, perhaps.
Probably because education system demands you having a predesposition towards something, like serving people in a hotel or programming face recognition software. But if you haven't figured out what you wanna do before school ends, you're royally fucked.


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File: 1552483418811.gif (407.88 KB, 624x554, 312:277, 1547998610375.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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Are you addicted to something?

I believe that you can never fully overcome an addiction.

Alcoholics who manage to quit have to go to AA for life and still talk about not drinking every night after they've been sober for 30 years. Sorry but I can't see that as a success when you've made your entire life about sobriety.

Smokers that "quit" smoking never really quit, the cravings are always there even years later, and once in a while they give in to them. Statistics say that 97% of smokers aiming to quit fail within 8 days.

Fat people are the same, they go on a diet, they put weight back on. They can never just change lifestyle and maintain their weight because when they walk past a fast food joint and the smell hits their nose they can't resist.

You can get the addictive substance out of your body but the psychological addiction is hardwired and can't be undone. If you've had a cigarette with your coffee every day for 10 years, when you quit, even though you may not have any nicotine in your body you will still feel like something's missing.
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'Soberfag'. Jesus tap dancing fucken christ off yourself you weak spineless shit lmao


Impressive. Now i want to try to quit choking my chicken and smoking trash that makes you feel good doing nothing. Kudos to you wizbrother i have quit meth booze tobacco, and sexy pronz but i am like autist wizard above who loves spanking it in his office cubicle


File: 1568663681087.png (345.44 KB, 670x578, 335:289, 1568659247755.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a coomer


File: 1568682353689.jpg (2.32 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, aaaf.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I'm addicted to zyprexa 20mg /day, gabapentin 300 mg 3x /day, bellsomra 20 mg/ day, and kratom (3 x 2tsp, 12:00pm, 5:00pm, 12:00 am). If I don't smoke weed within 24 hours I get the hershey squirts, so I guess I'm technically also addicted to weed.

I have had problems with alcohol and benzos inthe past.
All the shitty pharmaceuticals are required for my survival at this point since I can't sleep (up to ten days at a time) without them.

I can guarantee you that I will be some sort of addict the rest of my life. It's always external chemicals keeping me in line.


daydreaming. I cant stop. I daydream every minute I am awake

and also faps but that I got under control, much easier than I thought.

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File: 1568636662764.webm (759.25 KB, 384x288, 4:3, 1562162635423.webm) ImgOps iqdb


There are two explanations for this – someone is offing these cops, or these cops are, in actual fact, offing themselves.

I think that you have to have a certain level of IQ and a certain kind of a soul to even contemplate the idea of committing suicide. Case in point – you will never hear of a sheboon committing suicide, ever. You’ll hear about Asians who have been humiliated committing suicide quite often. And nowadays, all you hear about is some White guy in his 40s or 50s (never Boomers, natch) who just committed suicide.

Concerning cops, I suppose you have all these former soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan on ‘roids and heroin who are sad about being called racists while on patrol by uppity blacks.

Honestly, who even cares tho.

Literally everyone except the Boomers is feeling suicidal presently. We’ve got a society of Doomers running around from all ages <55.
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Back to reddit


>Literally everyone except the Boomers is feeling suicidal presently. We’ve got a society of Doomers running around from all ages <55.

normgroids larping on social media about "feeling suicidal" isn't the same as actually feeling suicidal


It's capitalism Jim.


>knew it was fake
what was fake?


All the propaganda being pushed. One of the most common ways to break a society is to offer fake stories and then punish any one who calls it fake. It creates self loathing in a man when he knows something is a lie but can't speak the truth from fear of punishment. He comes to see himself as a coward.

File: 1564505816310.gif (197.42 KB, 400x289, 400:289, spongebob every day is the….gif) ImgOps iqdb


I kept wondering how come I have these frequent moments where I feel like I woke up from a slumber and wonder how I could have let myself go so badly. Then I get the motivation to improve myself but soon I go back to my routine until the next "wake up" moment in a few months. How come all this time in all these years I didn't manage to improve my life even a bit? It has been like 9 years by now. More than enough time to improve yourself. It's quite shocking.

But now I realize why. Because I just don't have the discomfort tolerance for any kind of change. With some motivation I might start exercising but then comes a day where I just feel like I have no strength to go out so I stop the exercises for a day. Then for the next day. And the next. And quickly I forgot I've been exercising at all and go back to doing nothing. And same thing happens with any positive change I try to start like eating healthy, learning a language, reading, not spending so much time online…

Do I just need to keep at it? People keep saying that it gets easier but I haven't made this experience. Or do I just accept that this is who I am? A weak willed spineless worm?
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i want you to make a decision for me. should i take ssri and all the medical help i can get? i'm dead either way.


First get a diagnosis, then if you get diagnosed some severe disorder by all means take them(or whatever they prescribe you). Otherwise, avoid them at all costs, for taking them without needing them causes a lot of troubles.


have several already, main issue being crippling anxiety and social phobia.


then yes, take ssri and get medical help.


I am struggling with this as well. I just don't want to be so unhealthy. It has nothing to do with how I look. It feels bad to be out of breath and in pain after jogging five steps and being tired all the time even when doing nothing and having my thoughts flow like treacle. I can sometimes get myself to do one workout but never can manage to chain them together consistently. It's been years now of wanting myself to do it and then myself not doing it. Idk why I do this.

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