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So be cruel to them, never fucking help them. I'm so fucking tired of normalfags trying to use me as a resource. The only thing I will ever give them now is my raw contempt.
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how do i make it stop
>guy on IRC who calls everyone bud
But multiple norms do it


I don't think it means anything buddy


I know exactly what you mean, wiz.
Every normal I've been forced to talk to has always tried to pawn me, or use me as a laughing stock. It's embittering; knowing not a single person in your life has seen you as human, actually appreciating your presence. But I guess that's just how normals are, right? Their fundamentally unchanging tribal animals. It's like theirs a zoo that I'm walking into when I go outside. Just chimps tolerating each others existence. And then snarling, gawking, and throwing shit when they get back to their friend group in private.


My life played out similarly but now I have extremely keen judgment of people's character from it. It is very painful to think about the past however.


It means it's paranoid

File: 1652097688060.jpeg (338.31 KB, 1125x609, 375:203, 1C1919E4-6B45-4CB1-B0EF-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I’m genuinely extremely surprised I went as far as I did “straight edge” the point of considering becoming an hero before even considering touching narcotics for the first time, not even weed or hash.
I suppose I might have arrogantly thought that my issues would overshadow the effect of the drugs as I’m fully aware thoughout the experience that no problem is actually being solved in my life and that I because of that would not enjoy it.
I were very wrong. While I of course know with every fiber of my being that it’s not “real” that feeling of everything being alright and like a load lifted off my shoulders for the first time in a decade was unlike anything else. I can see how people could end up like crack whores or heroin junkies now.
Any other wizards chocked by how long they went straight edge? What made you turn away from that? How was your experience like and what did you do?
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Where is this? I love tramadol but never been somewhere that it seems common at all


The worse part of Stockholm, Sweden.


That's literally all of the city


I reluctantly agree with this post. Ssri pills were the only way I could solve chronic stress and anxiety. I tried therapy, talking myself out of it, religion, but none of those seemed to work.


This one part is THE bad part that all the rappers and such sing about. Might be fun to sing about but less fun to live with fucking rats outside in 2022. There are good parts of Stockholm with basically no crime

File: 1652034122726.jpg (93.36 KB, 962x642, 481:321, 4C8C48F700000578-5761375-P….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


A thread for those experiencing chronic everyday pain, what is it like, how do you feel, and how have you come to accept the innate suffering of being alive?

I am 25 years old, working a part time warehouse job, not heavy lifting just very repetitive crouching/squatting, A year ago, one day I suddenly with no warning began to feel a pressure that would build in my upper back between my shoulder blades, not particularly painful, but very tense and stiff in my muscles, noticeable and very uncomfortable. No amount of stretching alleviates it once I start work and moving my body. I am in agony every single day.

5pm-6pm I work cautiously, fearing the pain I will for certain endure in the coming hours all the whilst feeling the slight muscle stiffness that indicates the pain is just coming.

6pm-7pm The pain is in the mid-phase, at this moment I am trying everything I can think of to alleviate it, I change the pace of my walking in hopes that going slower will lessen the stress on my back, I walk and move more rapidly, more loosely in hopes that I can push through and ignore the pain through sheer concentration on my work foremost. I alter the different methods I use to bend down: squats, lunges, going on one knee, bending sideways. Nothing works for long and anything I do for too long just makes the pain flare up.

7pm-8pm, My mind goes to the time, If I can just get to 8pm I think to myself I only have to endure one more hour, at this point I can't do anything about the pain in my spine and all over my back now, I must endure it whatever level it has reached now, no matter what I have done successfully or not to mitigate it via my movements.

8pm-9pm finish, starting from 8pm I must use some sort of pain relief, deep heat only lasts for an hour at the very best, I save using painkillers for only the worst times. I do not want to make it a habit of taking them too frequently for fear they will lose effectiveness when I really need it as well as the fear that by not being able to actually feel the pain I'll be doing more damage to my body without realising it. 9pm finally comes, although my work constantly asks for overtime, I make it known I cannot do it. How long they will accept my broken and decaying body is uncertain, I used to be the best worker they had, the fastest, most reliable for overtime. Now I am useless, The flame that burns twice as bright lasts only half as long.

I go home, my back paiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What's so funny?


The fact that you take pride in being the best little serf


nigga that is some baby torn muscle shit not chronic pain try having fibromyalgia


That sucks man. I’ve had chronic back pain for over a year now. It’s in my lower right back. It’s probably two bulging discs. You should definitely see a doctor and get an MRI, that’s the only scan that can properly diagnose a chronic back problem with certainty. You may need surgery, like I most likely do. Don’t let it scare you because being in chronic pain is no way to live. Good luck to you and all of us living in hell with shitty chronic pain.


Quit acting like 2tuff4u ghetto trash

File: 1646700292472.png (2.93 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, Random screenshot.png) ImgOps iqdb


If you know anything about the next generation and there similarity to ours you’ll know most of them aren’t having anywhere near as much sex drugs and whatever the fuck boomer highschool movies show teens doing.
In real life your seeing teenagers with jobs, spending all their time either labouring or studying for entrance exams more and more than the grade after them had to while admission averages tend to inflate as time passes more and more since they get more desperate for a chance at not being homeless. And that’s just the beginning then you gotta put up with the cost of well every nonconsumer thing, like health insurance housing utilities you get the fucking point that can cost like fucking 92k if your in a developed country everywhere else it’s even more expensive.

What you get is a generation of obviously overstressed teenagers that barely understand how sex works or anything about life in general piling up more and more grades, degrees, internships, taking on whatever jobs they can find and saving whatever they can pointlessly before it’s all anihillated by whatever new stupid and likely self inflicted economic crisis decides to hit or simple shit like inflation and then it doesn’t become a surprise to anyone why constant reports of mass freak outs, workers finally realizing how disposable they actually are and resigning in mass and millions of reported stress based deaths and injuries keep rolling out every year. When’s the breaking point in such a planet gonna hit and finally kill such on obviously parasitic cycle, ffs your hearing countries like Japan China and the USA try forcing population increases but not fix the way they treat both their experienced and their newest generations and unsurprisingly their economies start eroding more and more yet no one in charge gives enough of a shit to do something that involves actual change
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>What you get is a generation of obviously overstressed teenagers

they seem pretty relaxed to me, playing around with their tiktoks and what nots, and they seem to have plenty of free time to troll and disrespect their elder wizards with inane absurd "humor"


>Ok, so what's happening to the normalfags in this equation?
there's not going to be a revolution of the sexual proletariat. normalfags are aware that they are being fucked, but they are too stupid/passive nihilist/cucked to take a stand. i hear them complain in a joking way all the time about how alone and depressed they are and how succubi don't like them, but they become enraged when you say something that challenges the status quo. i dont think that they will ever change, because they are exposed to so much propaganda and narratives with their phones and social media that it's impossible for them to think for themselves or go against the grain. social media is manufacturing consent among normalfags for their succubi to have sex with other men. look at how much propaganda got to the zoomers about the war in the ukraine. they are too young to remember that just 20 years ago, the US was doing the same thing in Iraq. stupid fucking lemmings lmao.

the good news is that there will be an end to our era of sexual inequality. when artificial wombs and sex robots are invented, men won't need succubi to have relationships or children. so the balance between men and succubi will return to equilibrium and low status men will be able to have love and companionship like they once did.
the bad news is that this isn't going to happen in our lifetime. so we are just going to have to find some way to cope through our miserable lives, one of the only times in history when circumstances should have it that low status men can't find female companionship. what a fucking joke our lives are lol



Normies won't see a significant change in their sex lives. People who already were going to hookups will feel more comfortable about it and more succubi will feel encouraged to take part in it.

We also have to consider that a lot of this hypersexuality is just white noise and a lot of people especially succubi just act in sexually suggestive ways to get attention or money.

What all of this hypersexuality does to the younger generations is yet to be observed, I think it's all gonna have a major impact on the sexual development of people.

There's a lot of things being normalized and I'm not sure if this is a good thing. Look at the trending TV series "Euphoria" for example, it's major audience are 17yr olds and it depicts succubi of the same age engaging in various sexual encounters (all of them sleep with 8+ guys) and doing drugs. On top of that they have several scenes where they show guys dicks, theres even a whole scene where it zooms on each guys penis in a locker room/shower and most of the guys have above average and big dicks as well. They also been doing things like this in other movies/shows and it's clear that this will have an impact especially on young people.

I think after all it's gonna lead to a lot of problems, even Billie Eilish spoke out against porn culture recently and described how she regrets a lot of sexual experiences because porn messed her brain up same time you can't blame the guys since all the trending porn they saw turns them on.



>What all of this hypersexuality does to the younger generations is yet to be observed, I think it's all gonna have a major impact on the sexual development of people.
It'll be interesting to see what happens.

File: 1636985338420.jpg (9.63 KB, 259x194, 259:194, online forever.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I had always felt like an other online but it wasn't until 2017+ and especially the past two years I feel old online.

It seems as if my fellow netizens all vanished and everyone is a teenager or talks like one. I do not socialize but when viewing comments on youtube or on other websites including sadly here I will notice strange use of language that is similar to baby babbling and doesn ot express more than a single idea.
>finna mad cap
For example is repeatedly posted on the interweb and I do not understand what any of it means.

I am unsure if age is entirely a factor and it could be the isolation that causes this feeling of being out of touch because I have stumbled across older people talking on reddit getting along fine.

People do not seem to want to have discussions anymore online and instead post a meme or use a few words to express themselves.

I cannot be the only one who is experiencing this phenomenon.
I think social media is the cause because a lot of us have been terminally online for decade(s).
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Every man alive is a bastardization of Adam


The amount of fake tough guys on 4chan now is insane. If the navy seals pasta came out now people would say it's 'based' instead of just laughing at it.


>All of the outcasts were pushed out by normalfags.

I genuinely don't understand where they could have possibly went.


Im 31 and burnt out on message boards there's nothing new to disguss anymore. I occasionally lurk and post here every 3 months but thats it.Im getting too old for these places.


>I'm getting too old for these places.

Thing is though, I remember a lot of older users on forums. Hell there were a lot of 30-somethings on SA forums. And right now it's probably mostly 40 and 50-somethings since almost no one new comes to SA anymore.

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File: 1649364641214.jpg (39.11 KB, 600x399, 200:133, Fuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I didn’t think crabdom or what you see about guys like me in the media was actually accurate or could exist. I just thought I was slow or something compared to most normal adults around me only to come to the realization that I’m lonely, boring as shit and would be considered mentally I’ll by the average person and afraid of sex.

I feel like a failure at everything, I still don’t have a liscense despite how much I fucking despise driving due to the amount of retards on the road, I’m still unemployed and the only thing I have left is some random degree while my family is gone to god knows where and I live by myself. I’m fucking terrible
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Objectively false if you just read the comments here


When did I put words into others' mouth? It's exactly you people who misunderstand me and try to put words into my mouth.

Okay, holy hell, I can only laugh at the stupidity here. Give me a minute to recover, I'm holding my sides.

First, "psychopathic personality" doesn't exist, it is a bogus term, most of psychology is made up of these pseudoscientific definitions. There are people who make bad, shit decisions and there is nothing to justify them.
Also, many people had traumatic childhoods yet not all of them become murderers. I would even say most people who had bad childhoods never commit murder. People with similar backgrounds and circumstances make different choices all the time.
>past experiences determine
You are the typical determinist, using determinism and the "no free will" argument only justify why you are the way you are and why you shouldn't try to change. This is the comfiest worldview, it lets you put the blame on others always.

Bullshit example. Pitbulls and other animals blindly follow their instincts. Humans are different (again, duh?). We can choose how to behave in situations and how to react to things. If you deny this you are simply deluded, there is nothing more to say.

Your choices matter because you can influence yourself, the world and your environment with them (duh?). For the 100th time I feel like explaining things to retarded people with braindamage. If you have an enemy you can choose to try to kill him, whether this will succeed or not is questionable. But you are free to choose. You can also choose to ignore him simply, which is usually a much wiser choice.

Like I said, if you don't even try you won't have any success at all. If you don't try to get food when you are hungry then most likely you will starve to death. These are pretty logical things and not that hard to grasp or understand.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Your choices matter because you can influence yourself, the world and your environment with them
Can you? How could you know that? What if the outcome remains the same regardless of what you choose? You would surely need to possess divine power to guarantee otherwise.

Causation is a realm beyond our control. This is obvious when it comes to the extreme example of attempting murder, because of course you can't control your environment's reaction to that; but we are not in conscious control of our body and mind either. Thus the same can be said of actions as simple as taking a step or uttering a word. There have undoubtedly been countless times where someone chose to move or speak while being physically able to do so, and yet was prevented for whatever reason by their unconscious.

It may well be that a lot of the time what we choose ends up aligning with how our corporeal form influences reality. Unfortunately for you, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prove that these alignments are anything more than coincidence, because that is all they are.


Your problem and other free will deniers' problem is that you think free will means being able to do anything, like some god. That is not free will, that is omnipotence. You can will something but at the same time you can't accomplish said thing because of certain circumstances, this happens many times. But the will itself is free. You can try to commit murder if we use our previous example but maybe you will find that you won't succeed because your victim fights back or because of some other circumstance. However, that doesn't mean free will doesn't exist. You willed to kill a man and tried to carry out the deed but you failed for one reason or other, most likely because your would-be victim fought back (because he chose to do so).

I never said you will always get results or even that the results will be what you want them to be. However, if you decide to try something, you can influence things. You have complete freedom in a realistic meaning to influence things.

>What if the outcome remains the same regardless of what you choose?

Failure is a part of life but you used your free will to try to get what you wanted. You have options to choose from. In our example the man who tries murder and fails will get killed by the other guy in self-defense or he will get arrested and sent to prison. It was his choice to attempt murder. He could've just continued living his life, without making bad decisions for himself that led to his ruin.

Regardless of the results and outcomes you have free will. Other people can use their own free will to oppose you and even accidents can happen that can fuck up your calculations and plans. But your will is free to will whatever it wants to will.


> i don't know that many will appreciate it on this sub tho
go back to reddit. dunno if this is bait but I'm betting it's not. this place has been flooded by normoniggers from reddit. fuck off.

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File: 1650074288939.jpg (133.68 KB, 743x1101, 743:1101, 246-2462820_big.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I was thinking maybe the reason why I feel so miserable all the time is actually because everybody else seems so cold, detached, unfeeling. Automatons. Sometimes even passive-aggressive, or antagonistic.
Maybe I just never grew up, and I could never deal with the fact that "life is unfair" and other people are naturally not going to care about you anymore. I can always change myself (little by little I'm trying) but I can never change other people or the world around me. Am I just delusional? Is it all in my head? I can't find any peace.
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That is the only way to state that morality never changed through history. You said people always lived by these morals and I pointed out morality isn't a set-in-stone, constant thing but something that changed with cultures and eras. Otherwise it can't be understood what you mean by saying that humanity always lived according to "morals".

Your whole worldview is a mess, boy. I suggest you ditch the whole morality part because it isn't compatible with anarcho-capitalism at all. Good day to you, now that you ran out of "arguments" this is the part where I win. Sayonara.


consolation prize: they're all unwittingly just there to help each other


Not much of a prize



>I was thinking maybe the reason why I feel so miserable all the time is actually because everybody else seems so cold, detached, unfeeling. Automatons. Sometimes even passive-aggressive, or antagonistic.

So nobody thinks of you as a 10 year old kid and lets behave like a manchild?

>Maybe I just never grew up, and I could never deal with the fact that "life is unfair" and other people are naturally not going to care about you anymore.

Good analysis, so you know you're an liability

>I can always change myself (little by little I'm trying) but I can never change other people or the world around me. Am I just delusional? Is it all in my head? I can't find any peace.

Other people are changing, you're just last in the line. You'll get the hang of it


I think you're reading into things that aren't there.

File: 1649681415110.jpg (28.63 KB, 460x460, 1:1, 80261724.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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I always knew that Koishifags were the most mentally ill people. Every single Koishifag I've ever seen has fit the bill. What is it about her that attracts these people?


I prefer Koishifags to Kaguya posters who roleplay as a bodhisattva every chance they get


I don't like this.


File: 1652113906233.jpg (611.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1641454731496.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am not able to socialize which makes me even more depressed. I'm always silent especially when I'm in a group and can't figure out a reason/topic/story/reply to talk about or share, even if I had any, I ruin it with my lame narrative and stuttering.


>mfw we've had problems

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File: 1644445558177.jpg (35.19 KB, 600x484, 150:121, 1537327574909.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I want to die but I don't have the courage to do it

Sometimes I think about buying a one way ticket to sweden and getting euthanized. I could go through with it if it was painless and like going to sleep.
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Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't go in to tourist areas to commit suicide, especially since there are usually many people walking around. its uncomfortable.


One thing holding me back from suicide is that pesky quantum immortality. I have a feeling I would survive any suicide attempt and it would not be pleasant. I have had uncanny luck in the past and a handful of times where I nearly got killed in accidents only to survive by the skin of my teeth.


I which I was brave enough, don't know why I'm such a pussy I can't stand the pain and every suicide method looks painful
every time I see a sharp knife I think I should just end it but no… I can't
there should be a "safe" way to die


I believe in reencarnation, and that quantum inmortality thing annoys me, I believe that your best situation is testing if quantum inmortality is real with a revolver or any weapon.


Isn't it a bit hard to come by these days and didn't they start to lower the CO dose years ago?

File: 1649542862751.jpg (38.67 KB, 615x343, 615:343, 1642320029995.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I can't find any information on sites that list other serious markets for interesting things. How am I supposed to find the .onion of interesting sites?
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It doesn't take much to die from fent. You can do it any way you want, it only takes a little to OD.


Ok, where can I get fent?
Every single market for drugs doesnt sell fent, 0, none.


If you dont want to tell me here you can tell me on wickr, maklongish is my name. If you want you can tell me via a different way


Shifty eyes and general appearance most of them have a certain 'look'


Psychedelics are fine but I wouldn't fuck with shit like H. Even if I was buying it from the streets

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