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File: 1607821731493.jpg (24.02 KB, 277x272, 277:272, mindshield.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What tactics do you have for blocking the world out and protecting your mind? Protecting from hostile people, a hostile environment, your own emotions, and so on?

I have spent a long time training compassion for others and acceptance of emotions and it has not helped, it has made me weak. Please post videos or content that can help story caring, dismissing and devaluing normans, and protecting the mind from the world. All coping mechanisms welcome. It doesn't matter if it's true as long as it works.
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I was going to post both of these in this thread but they've already been posted. Zen Buddhism teaches invaluable coping mechanisms which have helped me with my own overwhelming feelings at times and understand them better. When this fails or when life becomes too much of a drag and my mind is stuck on ruminating suicide, I take small doses of ketamine. I've tried around a dozen NMDA antagonists and they all fall short of ketamine, for several days after a dose I get an afterglow and I feel at peace. I don't get angry or irritable much at all and my suicidal thoughts are gone. Knowing that I can change my body's chemistry and temporarily feel a state of bliss and leave pleasure makes the lows of life better. Meditation is invaluable.


To get into Zen, I'd recommend listening to Alan Watts. He has a solid Western-oriented grasp on Zen Buddhism, here's a video that discusses what he believes in and the second being a speech. You can find many of his lectures on YouTube. Shunryu Suzuki has a great book called "Zen's Mind, Beginner's Mind" that I would recommend, Thich Nhat Hạnh is another wise person.


File: 1608776850319.pdf (6.56 MB, Compiled and edited by Ste….pdf)


How do you deal with the guilt of letting go of others suffering. That truly letting go of the feeling of obligation and knowing feeling it sometimes makes you act against it, and letting it go may just mean not preventing others suffering. Anyone got stuff on that?



The real harm always comes from the inside. From how the soul tells your mind that reality is translated inside you.

Try holotropic breathwork, stop looking outside

File: 1609380521480.jpg (86.08 KB, 497x595, 71:85, 1609334112973.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So basically i rarely wanna get up from bed in the morning, only because of annoying chores, like i wish i'd just sleep till the next anime episode, then go back to sleep, that's how i feel. but i can't because no matter how high i get my body just won't let me sleep longer than 12 to 13 hours, and then during the day and especially toward evening i'm impatient to take a bunch of sleeping pills and peacefully dose of into oblivion. it's pretty sad but is it depression? anyone experienced this before?


no, it's called having a life that sucks.


what would be considered a life that doesn't "suck"?


well shit what a useless website and a bunch of assholes making passive-aggressive comments. have fun.


Yeah it sounds like the early stages of depression, there's a good website for your people called reddit. I think there are some boards about depression there.
Don't let the door fondle your ass on the way out.


It's called being aware of the horrid nature of existence.

File: 1600551821727.jpg (56.49 KB, 1493x1063, 1493:1063, lol.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>worthless polisci degree (2015)
>didn't work a job until 24
>have had 14 jobs and quit them all within a year or less
>haven't worked more than 2 months at a job since almost 2 years ago
>live at home, never paid rent
>never made more than 16/hr doing almost entirely what amounts to stocking shelves in grocery stores
>lack the natural affect and social fluidity that makes interactions with people smooth due to years of isolation
>can't stand interacting with people in a professional way
>get really anxious, feel panicky, etc
I got a job where I had to go into 711's, convenience stores, etc and talk to the store managers about shelf space for our candy bars and buying displays. I couldn't handle it. The idea of having to ingratiate and grovel to someone i don't want to talk to so some anonymous faggot company can make more profit just made me so angry. I ghosted after 2 weeks of training and one week of sitting in my car outside the stores to spoof the companies GPS on our tablet.

Is it over? Should I just move to some small town in the midwest and stock shelves at the local grocery store and hide from the vicious judgement and shame of the east coast yuppies who i was supposed to be a part of?
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Like i said, some people might care, others will not, it doesn't ruin your chances so completely as it is usually stated but once you are in you can expect to be paid and given shit tasks like a kid would of course. That would still be the same.

Theres nothing really valuable about hiring younger people, young people are a liability as they can be akward , inmature and unpredictable. The benefit is merely that younger people bargain less and are easier to swindle in contracts, a company could give less of a shit about age, just don't tell them you have spent last 7 years being a lazy neet or act all avoidant when asked, any sensible response would do.


Well, thanks, that does make me feel better. It was a terrible realization when I had it, it felt like the doors had closed in just as I finally decided to walk through them.


I have cousins that only started in their very first jobs in their early or mid thirties.

They excuse it to the companies saying they were simply focusing on extra education, traveling and starting their own bussinesses to gain experience and do volunteer work, yadah yadah, trutfully it was because they grew up wealthy and spend their 20s living in extended adolescence, they barely could even tie their own shoes, even today they live above their paycheck means and are subsidized by their parents but they are employed and doing ok in their positions.

You just have to show the company what they want to see,someone mature and responsible for the same price as a young one might be a good deal for them in an entry level job. Someone that acts all nervous and looks like he spent a decade selling crack before settling down is what might put them off.


Good post. The mental remnants of normalfag programming must be removed from our psyche.


just revisited this and this makes a lot of sense. psychologically, its easier said than done, but a worthwhile endeavor

File: 1608619212860.jpg (199.75 KB, 724x482, 362:241, iStock-528978742[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Imagine you didn't have any mental illnesses. No, I want you to actually imagine it. Imagine you could actually just do whatever you want. Imagine you had motivation to accomplish anything you wanted in life. Imagine you didn't care what people thought of you and you just exuded a confidence about anything you did. Imagine you woke up every day glad to be alive. The entire world would be yours. You could do anything you wanted. Imagine what it would like to just be normal. It seems so freeing.
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You've never read his book have you?


me not agreeing with his argument is not a possibility that even crossed your mind


No, its that your post indicates you didn't understand what his problem was.
>in fact i don't know how much technological industrial society even harmed Ted's freedom since he was perfectly free to fuck off to a cabin like he did
This is an example of completely missing the point
>Having access to high tech plays zero part in my own problems
This is an example of completely missing the point.

Anyway, I'm not saying your issues are because of technology I was just correcting the record. If you really want to know what Kaczynski thought you can read a little bit of his thesis Industrial Society and its Future, perhaps you will learn something. It isn't a super long or complex read either, it's a short article that he blackmailed the FBI into submitting to the morning paper.


I know what he says, industrial society will destroy the planet or wipe us out from AI. Personally I dont care if we get wiped out by AI, I actually think it would be a good thing, an AI would be smarter than us so it could discover more things about reality, not will it diseases like organic beings. Robots are the next stage of evolution.


That's not what he says either.
I've completely derailed the thread though which isn't good, I suppose if you want to know more then you should read ISaiF or ask somewhere on /lounge/ but I don't think you are really too concerned about the topic.

File: 1608100852228.jpeg (151.46 KB, 1000x899, 1000:899, A0CFEE3E-E829-4208-AD30-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Man I don’t want to hear the voices anymore, I don’t want to hear the voices anymore, I don’t want to hear the voices anymore.


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Voices are really misunderstood. Every person with a brain has a voice in their head. That's is called thinking. Some tend to overthink and that escalates and doesn't stop so they call it "hearing voices"
People overthink when they don't do anything and just imagine about doing a lot of things.


As someone who does hallucinate I can assure you that the voices you hear are different from thinking because they are audible and not thoughts although you can have thoughts that do not seem to even be your own also.


fellow schizo says: make friends with the voices it's the only way


or do what they say as long as it's not kill yourself. and even if it is can you not at least discuss it with them


Try the classics at least once: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/230576.html#q234175

Specially the ones from Nagumo and Perlmutter. At least once before giving up under inner ghosts.

File: 1603142584007.jpg (266.77 KB, 869x1234, 869:1234, opioids.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How can I hack my brain out of depression?

"It would indeed be extraordinary if - alone among the neurotransmitter systems of the brain - the endogenous opioid families were immune from dysfunction. Enkephalins are critical to "basal hedonic tone" i.e. whether we naturally feel happy or sad. Yet the therapeutic implications of a recognition that dysfunctional endogenous opioid systems underlie a spectrum of anxiety-disorders and depression are too radical - at present - for the medical establishment to contemplate. In consequence, the use of opioid-based pharmacotherapies for "psychological" pain is officially taboo. The unique efficacy of opioids in banishing mental distress is neglected. Their unrivalled efficacy in treating "physical" nociceptive pain is grudgingly accepted."

im considering fasting and two very long icy showers a day. I would eat high meat as only food,but as long as my parents are around I cant put meat in a jars and eat it when its "rotten"
foods,supplements,keep it legal,but share your advice.
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I tried all this shit. The only thing it did in the end was feel worst when I fell back to my old routines. The ultimate mindhack is to remove the mind aka suicide.


There is no way to hack the depression out of you, with something on the same tier as diet and showers
They will help most definitely but the main point is to break the negative feedback loop and thats where the diet and showers come into play
If you cant break that loop you will forever be in the same situation, only slightly improved
I can't tell you how exactly but thats something you have to work towards, maybe these diet changes and the other stuff will give you the improvements you need to continue breaking out the loop


You can’t unless you believe in God in my experience.



It worsened because of such belief, in my experience.

I still believe. The horror perpetuates until the Doomsday and I seriously despise and feel sorrow about anyone who loves religion after knowing what was based upon.

Existentialists say things like "death creates time to destroy things and make them suffer". They are noobs, and then here comes the blindness of someone who looks towards religion with hope: unthinkable!

This guy must be a christian. Their version of semitic monotheism is just like a path of flowers…

Leviticus. Deuteronomy. The surreal horror.


File: 1609354048051.pdf (483.03 KB, Horace Fletcher.pdf)


Fasting required persistence (if not in extension, always in frequency) and also deleting starch from your diet and applying other techniques. These are some jewels I found in my "pilgrimmage":

>"Mucusless Diet" by Arnold Ehret

>"Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter
>"One day, one food" by Yoshinori Nagumo
>"The Tao of Sex, Health and Longevity" by Daniel Reid
>"Healing by Fasting" by Alexei Suvorin

and this little one I attached here. All of them have lots of things to be learned, specially for intoxicated brains like the ones who roam Wizchan.

>These are the main basics of physical warp waning. Need to be carefully studied and practiced with persistence.

>Mental warp waning has different methods.

File: 1604773791959.jpg (34.48 KB, 480x480, 1:1, kelvin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i have never left my country before (Denmark) well technically i did but that was RIGHT across the border to sweden and germany, so i don't really count it.
I want to travel and see something new but my anxiety is extremely bad and i often have to shit like crazy when i do something new. Like last year i had to go to the capital and on the way there i had to drive over to shit on the side of the road.
anyone else have it like me?
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just drink coffee


>before my driving test i shat like 5-6 times beforehand
Guess how I can tell you are a fat fuck that eats too much food.
How do you shit so much?
Often I only shit every 4-7 days.


i'm not even close to being fat, my bowels are just very active


this does not make sense unless you eat a ton fatwiz.


I get nervous bladder so I kind of relate.

I like traveling alone though.

File: 1606203875581.jpg (95.3 KB, 600x750, 4:5, Anxiety.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I've been suffering from terrible anxiety for the past seven years now. Initially I was anxious about particular things, now it's just about everything, a constant feeling, the only solutions I can think of for myself are being almost permanently intoxicated or suicide. I'm just trying to push through it and still do the things I need to do rather than get paralysed by it because that won't help.

I primarily suffer from anxiety rather than depression or anhedonia, I experience the second two as a result of the first. I just thought I'd make a thread about this as there doesn't seem to be as many posts about it compared to depression or anhedonia.

Anybody else going through something similar?
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File: 1608931746150.png (11.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, phenibut.png) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone else here take phenibut for anxiety?


Does it work? I know it also has a stimulant effect too right?


Get microwave meals, toast and cereal so you can spend a minimum amount of time in the kitchen.


I took it occasionally, it is one of the worst drugs you can take for anxiety. Don't medicate anxiety. Look up allostasis, you are changing your mind's chemistry to rely on this substance to fill in a gap that your mind normally would have did a half-assed job doing. When you don't have this substance, you will experience worse anxiety and this won't be some long off future with phenibut. It will be very soon, most people recommend taking a dose and waiting a week. Benzo withdrawals are hell.

Try eating more zinc/B6 into your diet, if you're deficient, supplementing. It helps GABA production, which is the main thing benzos target, it's responsible for making you feel relaxed. Having a nice cup of white tea helps the natural production of GABA. Avoid benzos, you will regret it. If you've just started and are taking phenibut more then once a week, stop. See how you feel. That's just a baby taste of what's to come.


File: 1608889464603.jpg (21.13 KB, 471x347, 471:347, 153890227043911874.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I think about my life and I realized something.
Years 2008-2009 were the worst years of my life. But 2010 was much better than 2008-2009.

At the end of the 2020 year I realized that 2018-2019 were very terrible to me (just like 2008-2009). Just exactly 10 years passed and history repeated themself. Yet 2020 year was much better. In years 2018-2019 I had terrible job - I felt so exhausted both mentally and physically. Now I have a job that isnt that much tiring like my previous job.

I wonder - was it just a coincidence or life does keep on repeating - if 2018-2019 years were tragic - will the years 2028-2029 be tragic too?


If by repeatability you mean things get worse every year than yeah, but other than that I can't seem to find any repeatable pattern.
I think you are reading too much into an almost mystical view of chronology instead of just noticing the events themselves.


Yes, I often notice the brainfart threads repeat.


What's weird is that on July 8, 2013 there was a terrible storm in Toronto which resulted in mass flooding.
And I remember reading conspiracy theories about how the meteorological charts looked like clouds were being concentrated into the area through geoengineering methods.
Then exactly 7 years later on July 8, 2020 Toronto has the worst storm since then and floods again.



What is strange is that we rarely have storms this intense which result in mass flooding and yet it happened on the exact same day.

File: 1605728813782.jpg (116.84 KB, 602x543, 602:543, 926996.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


And none of it works.
Exercise, diet, sleep, hobbies.
Gimmicky shit like cold baths, not masturbating, 'meditation'.

Amount of time spent doing them isn't even an issue, I've been fit and healthy for years.
None of it works.
I still wake up everyday, barely crawling, wanting to kms but never having the balls to go through with it.

It doesn't help, but it's this bullshit is the only advice people give… There's no step past this.
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Well did you try taking requisite (not sure if is right word) chems? Like run down to the pill mill for functional drugs. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps too. Administered by a cutie with a booty usually, too. Or hit a bottle of rum if you don't care to try at all. Might be the rum. It helps. Your medicines. Little puff of weed probably will too.
Eat more and better food, get paid, mindfulness takes like two years to learn.. and meditation is involuntary for most..


christianity is the normiest of dumb copes


Happiest I've ever been is when I had adderall.

Drugs>friends, family, acheivements of any kind, social status, money


Fuck off pharmafag


clean your room,
your room is an extension of yourself

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